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Change the end of the story with FriXion Colors, the erasable COLOURING pen from Pilot.
Change your mind, rewrite your story…follow your heart!
Using FriXion Colors you can let your creativity run free to draw and colour. If you don’t like the direction it’s heading, simply erase with the attached eraser stud and start again.
The unique ink responds to heat generated by rubbing with the eraser and goes clear, allowing you to colour or draw over again (or leave blank if you have cleaned up where you strayed over the lines).
Frixion Colors pen is like a magic wand that lets you change the end of the story. Fairy tales or ferocious dragons? Wise cat or catfish? With this set of 12 colours, listen only to your inspiration and transform your drawings infinitely. Your imagination is the only limit!

With a number of practical everyday uses, FriXion Colors is much more than just a felt-tip colouring pen.

As well as drawing and colouring, FriXion Colors is also perfect for marking up notes or reference points in textbooks and is great to create your colourful bullet journal.
The 2.5mm polyester fibre tip gives a 0.69mm colouring stroke. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Not to be used on official documents.

1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Black – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Red – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Blue – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Green – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Lime Green – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Light Blue – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Pink – Medium Tip

1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Baby Pink – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Orange – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Yellow – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Violet – Medium Tip
1 x FriXion Colors – Felt Pen – Brown – Medium Tip

  • Unique felt pens for drawing, colouring, erasing and restart to create, again and again, without limits!
  • Thanks to the thermo-sensitive ink: Colour or draw, Erase and start again!
  • Eraser on cap.
  • Writing width : 0.63 mm
  • Tip size : 2.50 mm
  • Ink Colour : Assorted colours

Best Markers for Coloring Books and Pages (2020)

The best adult coloring markers

Looking for the best adult coloring pens or markers that don’t bleed for coloring? Read below our review of the best markers for coloring! We include a variety of professional artist pens, cheaper alternatives, alcohol based and felt tip markers that you can use for coloring books or sheets.

There are so many amazing markers for coloring pages and coloring books on the market today and that it can get overwhelming on which to choose.

We have put together this easy list of the best colored markers.

You will find them sorted into easy sections, like best artist pens and best alcohol based marker, so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

So read on to find out what are the Best Markers For Coloring Books!


Best Markers For Adult Coloring Books


1. Best Art Markers For Coloring


Faber-Castell Pitt Pens

The Faber-Castell Pitt Pens are one of the best markers for artist that you can use in your coloring book too.

The quality is amazing; they maintain their tips and you shouldn’t expect problems with smearing or bleeding.

The fact that these pens tend not to bleed through paper makes them my go to markers for coloring on double-sided books.

The paper still needs to be good quality so do a small test patch first to check. These are wonderful artist pens that should be in everybody’s must have list.

Get your Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen Set here!


Tombow Dual Brush Pens

With a brush tip at one end and a marker at the other these make great color markers for artists as well as for use in notebooks.

They are very popular amongst bullet journal lovers because not only they come in an array of gorgeous colors and you can also blend them without worrying about bleeding – they are safe water-based pens.

You won’t be disappointed with the Tombows, they are one of the best brush tip markers available, you can read my further in-depth review here.

Order your Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets Now!


Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens

These pens produce a stunning watercolor effect. It’s easy to add water if you like too.

They are fantastic for coloring and shading as well as using for calligraphy which makes them one of the best coloring markers for adults.

With a very competitive price, you might be the best option is you are on a tight budget.

Get your Arteza Real Brush Pens with 96 Markers here!


Sakura Koi Assorted Coloring Brush Pen Set

I love these dye-based pens and they make great marker sets for adults. You can change the thickness of the brush strokes by simply altering the pressure you use on the nibs.

They come in really vibrant colors and the tip quickly returns to its original shape so you will get long use out of them.

You might get a little bleeding though if you saturate the coloring page, so best for coloring books with patterns printed on only one side of the page.

You can add Sakura’s Koi Colorless Blender Set to easily blend these pens too.

Get your Sakura Koi Assorted Coloring Brush Pen Set here!


2. Cheap Markers For Coloring


If you are looking for some good cheap art markers then it is hard to go past Crayola markers.

There are so many but a few of my favorite are:


Crayola Bold Line Markers

These are great basic coloring pens, come in lots of colors and are one of the best markers for kids too.

Water based, non-toxic and with the quality we come to expect from Crayola, you can never go wrong here.

You can also use these pens for easy bullet journal fonts and brush lettering.

Get your Crayola Washable Broad Line Markers here!


Crayola Supertip Markers

These fine tip coloring markers are the same great value but are better for finer details.

Crayola supertips also come in vibrant color sets, all available on Amazon.

Get your Crayola Super Tips Markers here!


3. Alcohol based markers


Alcohol based markers tend to blend together much better than non alcohol based, but they are not meant to be used in a journal or paper printed on both side because they will bleed through.

Alcohol markers soak and saturate the paper fibers making it easy to fuse the color because there is enough ink within the paper to mix.

If you enjoy doing some stand alone drawing then they’re great for coloring! You can use them to practice shadow on drawings and blending technique.


Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpies are always a favorite with stationery fans as they come in so many beautiful bright colors and the price is fantastic.

Although they are smooth to color and super fast to dry, Sharpie marker sets for coloring are solvent based and may bleed through depending on your paper. So always test first!

It is best for single sided coloring sheets or very good quality sketching paper. Here are some doodles I colored with some of these pens.

Get your Sharpie Pens here!


Chameleon Pens

These pens are amazing and some of the 

best alcohol based markers! Not only can you blend colors but by using their special mixing chamber you can go from light to rich jewel hues with one colour or with two.

You can get shading effects, color graduations and more. It’s easy to get 3D effects in your coloring with these techniques.

Get your Chameleon Art Set here!


Prismacolor Art Markers

These are great pens and a bit cheaper if you are looking for fine quality pens but aren’t ready to invest in the Copic markers that are next on the list.

Not only it comes with rich pigments and offers superior blendability they are also dual-ended markers, featuring both fine and chisel tips.

Since they are alcohol based, you should expect bleeding unless you use them on 200-300gsm paper.

Get your Prismacolor Double-Ended Art Markers here!


Copic markers

One of the best colored markers for artist. The ink is so vibrant and you can produce great blending effects.

These pens aren’t cheap but they are fabulous top of the line products. They are also refillable and you can replace damaged nibs which are great features.

They are amazing for blending and you can build colors beautifully (if the 380+ colors available aren’t enough).

Since they are alcohol based they will bleed through almost anything and you definitely need to look for you a notebook with marker paper.

But with the right paper these are excellent choices and one of the best markers for drawing, illustration and other artwork.

Get your Copic Premium Artist Markers here!


Caliart Marker Set

Caliart marker set is designed specially as adult coloring book markers for books which are printed on only one side.

They are really ergonomic which is great if you are coloring for relaxation and to avoid muscle fatigue. They colors blend well and the price is good too.

Get your Caliart 100 Dual Tip Art Markers Set here!



Coloured Felt Tip Pens


Some of the products above come in felt tip nibs but here we are talking about fine tip pens.

Even though not necessarily coloring pens these can be used for fine detailed work like in Mandalas and work just as fine as broader felt tip markers depending on the kind of pattern to color.

So read below for the best pens for adult coloring books.


Steadtler Triplus Fineliner

One of the best fine tip markers on the market. These pens are super fine and quick drying which is great for preventing smudging.

They also make perfect fine point markers for coloring as you can color larger areas easily. One of my favorite features is that even if you (or your child) forget to replace the cap they won’t  dry out!

They also make fantastic pens for doodles.

Get your Staedtler Assorted Super Fine Water-Based Markers here!


Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens

These are really versatile pens and come in so many colors. They are great to write with as well as use as no bleed markers for coloring.

If you use them on glossy paper be sure to let it dry for a while as they can smudge.

Get your Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens here!

Click to find out more about our favorite stationery supplies. 


Did we include your favorite colored pens? Let us know if we missed some and we will be sure to include them.

We would also love to hear your personal experience with these markers. What do you think are the best pens for coloring books?


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Best pens for adult coloring books

Graph’Peps Felt Tip Fineliner Pen Sets by Maped

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  3. Fineliner Pens
  4. Graph’Peps Felt Tip Fineliner Pen Sets

These extra-fine . 4mm felt tip fineliner pens are great for writing and drawing no matter how colorful your mood! The ergonomic triangular barrel prevents rolling, the pen body and caps are color-coded for easy visual identification and the metal nib protects the tip when using rulers, templates and straightedges.

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HX749150 10-color Set HX749150 $8. 99 $7.99 $8.99

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Fibre-tip pens | STAEDTLER

When armed with the right fibre-tip pen, it’s not just children who get a lot of fun out of colouring. Adults will also really enjoy using this medium, as the brilliant colours make fibre-tip pens an attractive option. Since the ink is water-based, it washes easily out of most textiles. In our range, you will find a great selection of fibre-tip pens for all sorts of applications – for amateur artists both big and small. Browse our range of products to find the right high-quality fibre-tip pen to suit your individual needs.

What are fibre-tip pens?

The fibre-tip pen has been around since 1952, when it was invented by Sidney Rosenthal in the USA. Originally called a “Magic Marker”, it remains exactly that to this day for many artists big and small. Fibre-tipped pens are now available in countless bold and pastel colours, and even neon shades. Users have come to appreciate fibre-tip pens for their particular characteristics:

  • High colour intensity
  • Wash easily out of most textiles
  • Wide choice of colours

How should I store fibre-tip pens?

It is best to store fibre-tip pens horizontally. Our STAEDTLER Noris fibre-tip pens therefore come in a classic wallet and are available as a set in packs of 6, 10, 12 or 20 pens, for example. Our premium triplus color fibre-tip pens are available in a stand-up STAEDTLER box in packs of 6, 10 or 20 pens or in a metal case in packs of 15, 30 or 50 pens.  Fibre-tip pens are usually able to withstand significant variations in temperature. You can therefore take them on holiday with you for your children to enjoy or pop them in your bag to pass the time creatively.

How can I make fibre-tip pens colour again?

If your fibre-tip pens have run out, the frequently suggested trick of filling them with water will not do much, unfortunately. However, our STAEDTLER fibre-tip pen range offers long-term stability, which means that you will be able to buy replacements of your favourite colours any time.

What can you do if your fibre-tip pen has dried up because you forgot to replace the cap? In this case you can try to revive it with a little water. However, this doesn’t always work. Always make sure you replace the cap properly when using your pens so that you get to enjoy their intensive colours for a long time to come.

Tip: STAEDTLER Noris fibre-tip pens, as well as our triplus color pens, feature the special Dry Safe System. These fibre-tip pens can be left uncapped for days without drying up.

When can fibre-tip pens be used?

Fibre-tip pen



STAEDTLER Noris fibre-tip pen

  • Colouring
  • Writing
  • Available in a classroom pack containing 144 fibre-tip pens in 12 assorted colours
  • Pressure-resistant tip
  • Dry Safe
  • Up to 24 bright colours

STAEDTLER Noris jumbo fibre-tip pen

  • For use by children to colour large areas
  • Also available as a class pack
  • Pressure-resistant tip
  • Washes easily out of many textiles

STAEDTLER triplus color

  • Pressure-resistant tip
  • Dry Safe
  • Washes easily out of most textiles
  • Available in the practical stand-up STAEDTLER fibre-tip pen box
  • Up to 48 assorted colours

    Tip: STAEDTLER triplus color pens have a triangular shape. This allows the pen to be optimally held between your thumb and index finger. In this position, minimal effort is needed to hold the pen securely. Triangular fibre-tip pens are therefore particularly suitable for those learning to write and colour, as well as those who do a lot of writing.


Tip: If you are following the current mandala trend, along with a few pretty images for colouring, you will also need the right accessories: from  coloured pencils and  graphite pencils to  fineliners, which writing instruments you use ultimately comes down to personal preference. Fibre-tip pens are also particularly suitable for mandalas, as they allow very precise colouring. They also have a high colour intensity and uniform colour gradient.

How are fibre-tip pens made?

  1. The casing of the fibre-tip pen is made from plastic granulate and is formed by being pressed into the desired pen mould.
  2. The pen name, manufacturer and colour type are printed onto the barrel of the pens.
  3. A soft core, which acts as an ink reservoir, is inserted into the pen casing. The pen’s tip and cap are also fitted.
  4. A machine injects around 1.5 g of ink into the reservoir. Very specific regulations apply here: the ink must be non-toxic. This means that children will not be harmed if they happen to put the pen in their mouth, for example.

The cap fitted to the pen prevents it from drying out.

Markers: Brush Pens, Marker Sets

Acrylic Markers, Single Color – Pack of 3 (more colors available)

Bright & Vibrant Colors – Our acrylic markers feature noticeably vibrant colors that provide artists with great coverage & blend effortlessly  Convenient Packs of 3 – Enjoy creating with 2 large markers with a chisel and bullet nib and 1 fine marker Transform Most Surfaces – These unique painting markers work beautifully on most surfaces, including glass, cardboard, canvas, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles, ceramics, plastic, & rubber Individually Labeled – Each acrylic paint marker is clearly labeled with its color name, color number, & nib information, for your convenience  Low-Odor & Acid-Free – Our art markers are quick-drying, low-odor, acid-free, AP-certified non-toxic, & feature water-based ink making this a great set of artists of all ages Arteza’s three-pack of premium Open Stock Acrylic Markers offers artists three of their favorite acrylic paint markers for one affordable rate. Our three-pack of open stock acrylic paint markers includes two big barrel markers (with chisel and bullet nibs), as well as one small barrel marker with a plastic nib. This pack of three offers artists true diversity in their acrylic painting makers. Our paint markers come in a variety of bright, pigment-packed colors, allowing artists of all palette preferences to find their perfect set of three Arteza paint markers. These are the best acrylic paint markers we offer, they allow for smooth blending and feature quick-drying, kid-friendly, water-based ink.    Our acrylic paint markers are each AP-certified non-toxic, acid-free, and feature low-odor ink, making this set suitable for artists of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Each marker is individually labeled to make creating on the go a total breeze. Our paint markers are for metal, wood, canvas, cardboard, paper, glass, ceramic, plastic, and rubber surfaces, allowing artists to create on a wide range of surfaces. For best possible results, shake each marker well before initial use or to reactivate the marker, and work on primed surfaces. This set of professional-grade acrylic markers will allow painting to be as approachable and easy as working with markers!    Set yourself up for success for the new year by upgrading to our three-packs of acrylic painting markers. Each set of three will encourage you to create limitlessly! Our acrylic makers are perfect for artists that are just learning how to paint, as well as trained professionals. This advanced and versatile tool allows you to create stunning paintings wherever you go. Painting with markers allows for more control over your medium, making this a great set for anyone looking to elevate their craft. Restock your art studio, creative corner, or designing desk by securing a set of our three acrylic paint markers today!   You can watch a tutorial on how to replace the marker nibs here

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Art Supplies – Art For Kids Hub –

We love art supplies! I get asked by almost everyone, “What supplies should I buy my kids?” I hope this page will answer any questions you may have about the fun and awesome art supplies we use. Even though this can seem overwhelming, a simple pencil and piece of paper will work just fine for most of our lessons.

We participate in Amazon’s Associate Program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Drawing Supplies

Most of our lessons are drawing lessons, so these are the supplies we use the most. For these projects your kids will need a Sharpie (or black marker), don’t forget they don’t have to use a marker. Read this post if you’d like to know why we love using a marker instead of a pencil. They’ll also need a sketchbook (spiral-bound are easier to use) or just plain white printer paper. At the end of these drawing lessons we always color, we’ll either use oil pastels, colored pencils or markers.

Links to purchase these supplies on Amazon:

Cutout Supplies

Some of our drawing lessons add an element of cutting and gluing. For these projects, we’ll use construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick. Shown above is are adult scissors, but children scissors are preferred. Children scissors will fit your child’s hand better, plus they’re much safer. Also, I prefer a glue stick over bottle glue. Glue sticks hold quicker and are a lot less messy.

Here are my affiliate links to purchase these supplies on Amazon:

Painting Supplies

We don’t paint as often, but when we do having the right painting supplies makes all the difference. You can use regular printer paper, but I would highly recommend getting watercolor paper. This paper is design to get wet; it’s much thicker than regular paper. Your kids will also need two paint brush sizes, small and large. I don’t recommend using the brush that comes with a watercolor set; they are the worst 🙂 In our painting projects we’ll either use watercolor or acrylic, Tempera is ok, but I prefer acrylic. There’s two different types of watercolor, dry cakes (in the image above, it’s on the left) or tubes (top right, these are full of concentrated liquid). Tubes are more expensive but make watercolors so much more fun, because the paint is brighter and richer. Acrylic paint comes in big bottles, which can make getting a lot of colors expensive, but they’ll last a long time.

Here are my affiliate links to purchase these supplies on Amazon:

Origami Supplies

We love origami! For these lessons, your kids will need origami paper. I’ve found there’s two different kinds, standard origami paper (left) and cheap origami paper (right). The cheap origami paper allows you to get a lot more for your money, but it’s usually thicker and colored on both sides. If your kids love origami and are a bit obsessed, get the right stuff. You can buy different styles of paper, solid color, pattern and even metallic. It also comes in different sizes. I usually get the largest size…but the super small paper is a lot of fun too.

Here are my affiliate links to purchase these supplies on Amazon:

Sculpting Supplies

There’s something about grabbing a piece of clay and shaping something into life. Your kids will love our sculpting projects. You can use any clay to do these project (even Play-Doy). I recommend using Crayola’s Model Magic because it’s easy for little hands and doesn’t crumble. It also dries when they’re all done making their masterpiece. I only buy white, so we can paint it after it dries. But Model Magic does come in all kinds of colors. Play-Doh is ok, but I don’t like the smell. It also crumbles and makes the biggest mess. Oil based clay is perfect for older artists, and it never dries out. Air dry clay is also great for older kids especially if they want to let it harden.

Here are my affiliate links to purchase these supplies on Amazon:

Marker pens sets 6-24 colors, water markers for children, markers for drawing on fabric, air, magic

Sets of markers for drawing in 6, 12, 18, 24 colors, gift sets, children’s water-based markers, thick markers for toddlers, markers for drawing on fabric, double-sided markers (thin and thick), markers, brushes, markers -stamps, erasable markers and other markers with a variety of effects.

For the little ones we offer water-based markers – washable markers. The ink of water markers does not contain toxic substances in its composition, it is easily washed off with water from hands, various surfaces and washable from fabric. In our catalog there are water markers of famous brands: Erich Krause, Centropen, Silwerhof, K-I-N.

Felt-tip pens for drawing on fabric – felt-tip pens for decorating any kind of fabric. The paint lies flat on the fabric, does not blur and is easily washed off the hands.The finished drawing can withstand washing several times at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Magic Pens are sets of several colored markers and one or two white activators that change the color of the rest of the markers or erase them. If you drag the activator over an area filled with some color, a line of a different color remains. Or vice versa – you can write a secret message with a colorless activator, which will appear if you paint over it with one of the magic markers. There are other techniques for drawing with Magic Pens.

Unusual effects are achieved with air markers (bloopers). To draw with these markers, you need to blow into a special tube – paint from a rod under an air stream is sprayed onto the paper in small colored drops, creating images from dots. Colors can flow into each other and mix. We also offer air markers with stencils.

In the ProdLit online store you can buy sets of felt-tip pens for drawing at lower prices than in retail stores.

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A set of markers for a child – how to choose?

Markers are the constant companions of little creators. Children love felt-tip pens because they draw so bright and colorful compared to pencils. And using felt-tip pens is much easier than using paints. Therefore, it is their children who most often order their parents for a gift.

Selection of markers for children

So, which set of markers to buy for a little artist?

One of the main selection criteria is the number of colors. So, in our online store kanc-magazin.ru kits for 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 colors are presented.Perhaps the best choice is a set of markers for 18 colors. It contains all the main colors and their most common shades. The 6 color set includes only the primary colors, while the 36 markers set, on the other hand, includes all existing colors and their many shades. You can follow the link and see all the sets of markers for children presented in our store.

Service life is an important characteristic of any product. The set of markers is no exception.In this particular case, the durability is determined by the parameter “letter length” – that is, the length of the line that the felt-tip pen can draw. The standard value is 800 meters. As you can imagine, when drawing on A4 paper, this is very, very much. Often, babies forget to close the cap of the felt-tip pen. In our childhood, in this case, the felt-tip pen dries up in 1-2 days. Modern species are able to “survive” without a cap for up to 60 days!

The composition of ink is a significant parameter, given that a set of markers is purchased for a child.So, almost all modern felt-tip pens draw with non-toxic ink, which is absolutely safe for the environment and children’s health. In addition, many manufacturers make products with washable ink. Everyone knows that little fidgets, even after 10 minutes of drawing, will get their hands dirty, and sometimes their clothes with ink. It is not very convenient to wipe them off with alcohol, as was done before. Nowadays, Erich Krause ink, for example, is easily washed off with cold water.

When choosing a set of markers, pay attention to the width of the writing line.Some can draw very thinly, while others, on the contrary, leave wide lines when drawing on paper. Choose the ones that best suit your baby.

Modern manufacturers of markers strive to bring their products to perfection. So, for example, the ink colors of the Kalyak-Malyak markers correspond to natural natural colors, this contributes to the formation of the correct perception of colors in children. Centropen Perfect markers have a special triangular body with an ergonomically designed place for the not always obedient fingers of young artists.And Bruno Visconti products have cone-shaped tips made of synthetic fibers that do not deform when drawing.

On our website you can order a wide range of felt-tip pen sets – from various European and domestic manufacturers. We offer our customers not only retail, but also favorable wholesale prices for the entire range of products. The wholesale offer to parents of schoolchildren can be used by buying stationery for the whole class.Thus, you will save up to 40% of the average market price of the product. Profitable and convenient!

We deliver orders throughout Russia – by courier in Moscow or St. Petersburg and by mail to more than 90 other cities of the country. In addition, residents of the capital will be able to pick up their purchase on their own from our warehouse.

Happy choice!

Sets of markers codes of TN VED (2020): 3304200000, 9608200000, 9608500000

Eyeliner-marker for eyes DIORSHOW ART PEN, including from cosmetic sets and sample samples 3304200000
School supplies for children and teenagers: markers, 9608200000
School supplies for children and teenagers: markers 9608200000
School supplies for children and adolescents, including sets: felt-tip pens, 9608200000
School supplies for children and adolescents in sets and individual items: felt-tip pens, marked: Chupa Chups. 9608200000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and as separate items: markers, 9608500000
School supplies for children and adolescents in sets and individual items: markers 9608200000
Cosmetics for eye make-up: Graphik Ink Liner, 3304200000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and as separate items: markers, felt-tip pens, 9608200000
School supplies for children and adolescents, including sets: felt-tip pens, markers, pens, liners, blooms, rollerballs, rods, ink liners 9608
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and as separate items: markers 9608200000
School supplies intended for children and adolescents in sets and individual items: ballpoint pens, fountain pens, gel pens, capillary pens, liners, rollers, markers, felt-tip pens, pencils 9608
School supplies for children and teenagers: felt-tip pens, markers 9608200000
Toys for children over three years old made of plastic, polymer material, with elements of metal, rubber, textile materials, paper, without mechanisms, including a set with watercolors, felt-tip pens, caran 9503007000
City Style eyeliner, t.m. “tianDe” 3304200000
School supplies: markers 9608200000
School supplies for children and teenagers: markers, felt-tip pens, 9608200000
SCHOOL WRITING ACCESSORIES (STATIONERY) intended for children and teenagers: pens (ballpoint, gel), markers, felt-tip pens (including washable) – in sets and as separate items. 9608200000
School supplies for children and teenagers: markers in sets, 9608200000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and as separate items: felt-tip pens, markers 9608200000
School supplies for children and adolescents, including sets: markers 9608500000
School supplies for children and adolescents in sets and individual items: markers, 9608
School supplies for children of preschool, school and adolescent groups, in sets and separate items: markers, felt-tip pens, 9608200000

What are sketch markers? What is their difference from felt-tip pens? Overview.

Sketch markers are gaining in popularity every year among professional artists and those who have just started their sketching training. The reasons for the popularity of paint markers may not be obvious to everyone. There are so many other tools and materials for drawing – watercolors, crayons, charcoal, oil paints. So today we decided to take a closer look at the benefits of sketching markers.

Painting Material

We suggest starting with an overview of the design and essence of sketch markers.Sketching markers are professional counterparts to children’s felt-tip pens, but sketching markers have a much wider palette of shades, better build quality for the body and nibs. Of course, it is possible to replace children’s markers that your child draws with professional markers for sketching, but for an artist, simple markers will not work at all.

In the photo you can see how sketch markers and children’s markers look in comparison.Sketch markers almost always have two nibs, these are art marker pens that allow the sketcher to fill large areas of paper with color or work out details with a narrow pen.

Color palette overview

If we talk about markers for sketches as the main material for drawing, then of course one of their main advantages will always be the color palette. Most sketching marker manufacturers create an intuitive palette based on the color wheel.In the palette of markers for sketching, you can usually find from 120 to 500 shades, among which there are solid colors, such as bright yellow or cadmium red, and halftones of various saturations.

For example, using the 48-shade “TouchCool” sketch marker set, you can see how the sketch marker manufacturer composes the colors. While browsing the palette of such a set of Japanese sketching markers, pay attention to the number of colors – the first letters indicate the color direction of the marker, and the number indicates the tonality on the chiaroscuro scale.

In palettes of professional sketching markers there is always a fairly large gradation of warm and cold gray shades that are extremely important for artists and designers. You will never find these colors in a kid’s cheaper set of markers. This is partly the reason why artists and aspiring sketching illustrators choose professional sketch markers.

Creating color transitions with markers for sketching

Another advantage of sketching markers is the convenience of creating a color gradient at work, which makes the finished sketch more photorealistic and professional.Most brands of sketching markers have a colorless blender marker in their range of markers.

See how the blender marker with sketching markers works in the photo above. Sketching markers blur quite easily with this special alcohol marker into beautiful color transitions. A blender marker for sketches can be used both over the drawing with colored alcohol markers, and vice versa, before starting to fill the paper with color, you can process the area with a blender.

Easy to use sketching markers

In addition to all the listed features of professional sketching markers, there is another important advantage – practicality in use. Unlike oil paints or other tube paints, sketch markers do not get your hands dirty when working. If you accidentally scratched your hands with a marker, the stain will be washed off the first time you wash your hands. Although, when painting with oil paints, you would have to wash your hands with special agents or solvents.In general, sketching markers are one of the least dirty drawing materials after graphite pencils.

Also markers for drawing are quite convenient in storage and transportation. To go to nature, you do not have to collect a huge sketchbook with a lot of weight. Sketching markers are lightweight and compact for maximum travel comfort and quick sketching.

Summary of sketch markers review

To summarize our review of sketch markers as one of the materials for professional sketching and drawing, I would like to point out that they really are a tool worthy of respect and popularity.

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