Fashion blogspot singapore: 10 Top Fashion Bloggers in Singapore


10 Top Fashion Bloggers in Singapore

One of the biggest advantages of living in sunny Singapore is the pleasure of only shopping for one season. With 365 days of sun, there’s no question that Singapore has become a fashion blogger haven. While autumn and winter do offer great fashion looks, the summer season provides versatility. With Singapore’s Instagram-worthy locations, here are some of the country’s top fashion and lifestyle bloggers you should be following!

Singapore Fashion Bloggers: 10 Bloggers You Should Be Following Right Now


Viola Tan-Co

Viola Tan is considered to be one of Singapore’s most popular influencers. Wanting to be a lawyer or novelist as a child, life had a different plan for Viola. With that, she started a company called Love, Bonito. As one of the three owners of Love Bonito, her style is edgy glamour that still maintains that elegant sophistication, inspired by the people she meets and different cultures.  

Instagram: @violaerin

2. Nicole Wong

As one of Singapore’s most popular influencers, Nicole didn’t start her career in the fashion industry. Instead, she was a graphic designer. But after covering for Seoul Fashion Week, everything changed. Since then, she has become an important contributor to Buro 24/7, Her World magazines, and NYLON Indonesia. Nicole’s fashion sense focuses mostly on leather jackets and jewelry inspired by the ’90s. 


Instagram: @ncwong

3. Christabel Chua

After graduating from university in Australia, Christabel is now in South Korea. She describes her fashion sense as preppy and girly, heavily influenced by the LA-based fashion blog Song of Style. Her popularity stems from her girl-next-door attitude, being more like a friend than a celebrity and is considered as one of the best bloggers in Singapore.


Instagram: @bellywellyjelly

4. Jessica Ho

Owner of Jess the Grrl, Jessica Ho is also a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist. Jessica stays in trend by playing with bright and playful colors, taking on a refreshing and modern take on fashion. 

Instagram: @jessthegrrl

5. Fatiha Faulzi

Fatiha started documenting her daily life and style back in 2010. Her aesthetic is a combination of feminine and elegant styles. She hopes to encourage her followers to explore and enjoy their own personal style.

Instagram: @fatihafaulzi

6. Crystal Phuong

Despite starting her blog in 2006, it wasn’t until 2012 when Crystal Phuong realized she wanted to take her online journey, changing her online diary to a personal style and travel blog. Crystal’s blog, CrystalPhuong,net was nominated four times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012-2015, her blog was also voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in SG 2013.

Instagram: @crystalphuong

7. Velda Tan

Velda is a fashion influencer with nearly 150k fans. She is known for inspiring her followers with her simple and classy looks. In addition, Velda is also the founder of Collate the Label and Our Second Nature. Her designs have captured the hearts of young Singaporeans, helping them achieve a stylish and fashionable look without having to break the bank. 

Instagram: @belluspuera

8. Nellie Lim

Recognized for her mismatched style, high street looks, and killer heels, Nellie has built her brand through a keen eye and for finding the best locations around Singapore for the best #OOTD. If you’re looking for some serious fashion inspiration and some wanderlust, be sure to follow her account!

Instagram: @nellielim

9. Andrea Chong

One of the top fashion bloggers in Singapore, Andre Chong’s style is a mix of girl-next-door, casual fashion, and sophistication. Andrea believes that it’s the confidence that is key to looking good and not expensive clothes. Because of her sense of style, Andrea has been voted as the Fashion Icon of the Year in 2015’s Singapore Social Media Awards. In addition, she is also the founder of DC Creative, a digital advertising agency. 

Official website:
Instagram: @dreachong

10. Rachel Lim

Final member of Love, Bonito, Rachel’s take on fashion is a bit edgier than that of the Tan sisters. Rachel gets her inspiration from fashion powerhouses, resulting in a combination of elegant and simple styles with statement jewelry. 

Instagram: @ms_rach

Trendy Fashion Bloggers from Singapore to Follow

With 365 days of summer a year, it’s no wonder Singapore has become a fashion blogger’s paradise. Don’t get me wrong, the winter and fall have some great looks, but it’s easier to build up an amazing wardrobe when you only have to shop for one season! And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Singapore has so many Instagram-worthy locations. Here are eight stylish bloggers to follow for all the latest trends.

After graduating from university in Australia and a brief stint with The Smart Local in Singapore, Christabel is now in South Korea, the make-up capital of the world. She describes her style as preppy and girly, heavily influenced by LA-based fashion blog Song of Style. Her popularity comes from her accessibility and girl-next-door attitude; fans appreciate that she seems more like a friend than a video host and celebrity.

A stylish mix of casual, girl-next-door, edgy and sophisticated, Andrea draws upon influences from an international array of fashion magazines. One of her major appeals is her goal to show that you needn’t always shop in the most expensive stores, but rather the key to looking good is confidence. Andrea is also the founder of digital advertising agency DC Creative and was voted Fashion Icon of the Year at the Singapore Social Media Awards 2015.

One-third of the trio behind Love, Bonito, Viola is one of the leading fashionistas on the island. The team from the local boutique curate the largest blogshop in Singapore and are the innovators behind what many Singaporean girls are wearing. Viola classifies her look as classically sophisticated with accents of edgy glamour, often inspired by the cultures and people she meets on her travels.

Another member of the Love, Bonito team, Velda is a fashion icon in her own right, with near-150K fans following her for inspiration. And her own style? Simple looks and high-quality fabrics that leave her looking very classically fashionable. She chalks up the success of Love, Bonito in part to offering designer looks to young Singaporeans – without the hefty price tag.

The final member of the Love, Bonito trio, Rachel’s look is a bit edgier compared to the Tan sisters. Her signature style combines elegant, simple pieces with vibrant, statement jewellery. Getting her inspiration from fashion powerhouses, especially in London, Rachel’s mantra is discover and pick clothes and styles that best fit your body shape.

You may recognise Nellie from her signature pairing of purposefully mismatched designer and high-street looks with killer heels. She has built her brand through a keen eye for street photography and finding the best #ootd (outfit of the day) locations around Singapore. Following her account will lead to serious wanderlust and clothing envy!

Starting her career as a graphic designer, Nicole eventually got her break into media when she covered Seoul Fashion Week a few years ago. This opportunity gave Nicole the chance to work with influential Korean brands and has led to her becoming a contributor to NYLON Indonesia, Buro 24/7 and Her World magazines. Skipping out on the more popular girly styles you often see in Singapore, her look is all leather jackets and 90s-inspired jewellery.

An up-and-comer in the Singapore fashion world, Rachel’s signature look is feminine and fun – think classic clothing pieces decorated with exciting accessories. Her advice to Singaporeans is to be more daring with colours and patterns; she sees too many women dressing exclusively in monochromatic styles.

20 Best Fashion Influencers To Follow for Unlimited Style Inspiration

Everyone is a fashionista and loves to look beautiful. In this era of Facebook and Instagram, things have changed up. There is a transition in almost every walk of life including fashion. Since the advent of internet technology and social media applications, people now look for fashion bloggers or the influencing personalities that influence them to pick the latest fashion trend. This has been in contrast to conventional times when fashion magazines and catalogues were the only sources of knowledge. Today, thousands of fashion bloggers post on Instagram and other social media platforms regarding different fashion trends. Thus, here is our list of the best fashion bloggers you should follow in Singapore without further ado.

1. Christabel Chua


  • General Asian fashion 
  • Fashion products 
  • Travel content

Instagram ID: Christabel Chua

Christabel Chua tops our list of the best fashion bloggers to follow in Singapore for many reasons. Firstly she comes from Singapore and understands the needs of the Singaporean or Asian fashion freaks. She graduated from Australia and has worked with ‘The Smart Local’ in Singapore.

Her posts seemed to be inspired by the LA fashion industry that is known for trends and innovations. She herself is girly and preppy making her the perfect fashion blogger to follow. Her girl next door attitude is making her quite popular amongst the Singaporeans and other fashion freaks around the globe. Currently residing in the make-up capital of the world, Seoul, Christabel Chua uploads content that inspires all nationalities. She more seems to be a friend motivating the viewers in her videos despite her celebrity status. Thus do follow Chistrabel Chua and her quality content.  

2. Andrea Chong


  • Casual fashion 
  • Sophisticated fashion  
  • Cheap and quality fashion products 

Instagram ID: Andrea Chong

Another fashion blogger originally belonging to Singapore. Andrea Chong is a lively woman who believes that beauty and fashion are for everyone despite their financial status. Her posts are mostly inspired by expensive fashion magazines that are not accessible to all.

She posts inspirational content prioritizing the confidence overlooks and fashion products to look beautiful. She was awarded the fashion icon of the year in 2015 at Singapore social media awards function. You will find every fashion content on her Instagram account ranging from the casual fashion posts to sophisticated fashion posts. She has been a role model to many and following her will bring a positivity inside you that will urge you to enhance your lifestyle. Hands down one of the best fashion bloggers in Singapore to follow, and a personal favourite of mine!

3. Lisa Gachet 


  • DIY makeup   
  • Latest fashion tricks 
  • Quality fashion products for skin type  

Instagram ID: Lisa Gachet

Lisa Gachet is a fashion blogger who belongs to Persia. She just started her fashion blogging career a few years back but most of you would be aware of her name. Also, she runs a small company making limited budget clothes for all people out there. She believes in equality and fashion for all.

When you go through her Instagram profile, all you will see is colors and positivity about life. And a good fashion blogger always spreads positivity. Following Lisa Gachet will not only give you an insight about different fashion trends but also bring a sense of positivity in your personality. 

4. Viola Tan 


  • Innovative clothing    
  • Makeup tricks  
  • Depicting different cultures  
  • Store posts (Love Bonito) 

Instagram ID: Viola Tan

You might have heard the brand ‘Love Bonito’. But ever wondered who are the brains behind such an exquisite brand? Viola Tan is one of the brains that is carrying the legacy of the brand through her wonderful thought process. Along with running the brand, the gorgeous lady has another responsibility of educating people about lifestyle and fashion trends.

When you go through her Instagram wall, you will see that the lady is no less than an artist. Trendy fashion posts and talking about a standard lifestyle, Viola Tan thinks that everyone is capable of looking beautiful. In fact, many people take her name when they are talking about innovative fashion trends in Singapore. Do follow her and get the latest updates about clothing, fashion, and lifestyle. 

5. Wendy Nguyen


  • Relating fashion to music, art, and culture  
  • Inspiration about life  
  • Supporting orphans and foster children   
  • Item reviews 

Instagram ID: Wendy Nguyen 

Wendy is often regarded as a fashion blogger with a golden heart. A lady who not only connects people to fashion but also knows how to connect fashion to culture, art, and music. People love her lifestyle and the way she took up the challenges in her life to where she is standing. Singaporeans also respect Wendy and take motivation from her struggle.

From being a foster kid to a law graduate, fashion blogger, and helping foster children, Wendy Nguyen is indeed a great influencer. Talking about the fashion blogging page of hers on Instagram, you will see posts regarding different cultures and promoting the beauty of different colors. This not only increases the mutual respect for different cultures but also depicts the purity within the lady. Thus, we would suggest you follow Wendy Nguyen and adopt her ways of life even when living in Singapore. Truly one of the best fashion bloggers to follow in Singapore today!

6. Tami Reed


  • The fashion of Hollywood and other countries   
  • Equality of races
  • Motherhood   
  • Fitness  

Instagram ID: Tami Reed

Singaporeans are already a huge fan of this lady because of her fascinating personality and aura. This lady along with being an entrepreneur is a great inspiration for all the mothers out there who want to adopt a fitter and healthy lifestyle. Already Tami Reed is a big name around the globe and her fashion posts including the element of humor, wit, and equality are helping her getting more fame.

Going through her Instagram wall will make you feel that you are going through the wall of an old friend who is conversing with you during the whole time. You will smile and laugh along with getting an insight into the latest fashion trends. A major proportion of her followers are Singaporeans and if you are not following Tami yet, go and follow to get the latest insight about fashion and lifestyles.  

7. Velda Tan


  • Latest trends   
  • Fashion for elegance 
  • Lifestyle    
  • Importance of family life   

Instagram ID: Velda Tan

Our top 20 list would have been incomplete if we would have left out this elegant lady. Velda Tan at 7th number in our charts to follow as a fashion blogger. Her fashion blogging is unique and to be honest one of the best in the country.

She generally talks about everything through her Instagram posts. You will see a post regarding the importance of family life or motherhood, but the lady is presenting herself in a way that you could extract a lot about the latest fashion trends from her looks. She always emphasizes that fashion is not to make you beautiful but fashion is merely a tool to increase the elegance of her personality. Go and follow this elegant lady to get the latest updates about fashion, beauty, and elegance. 

8. Nellie Lim


  • Luxury fashion 
  • Fashion around the world  
  • Lifestyle    
  • Luxury accessories    

Instagram ID: Nellie Lim

Nellie Lim is a go-to fashion influencer if you are a brand-oriented person. Where all other fashion bloggers post about regular fashion trends, Nillie is a lady who talks about luxury fashion trends. She herself is a traveler who travels around the world exploring fashion and styles of different countries.

You will feel yourself in those countries when going through her post. Furthermore, she also motivates you to feel good and her luxury brand accessories reviews are considered to be the most authentic ones. Love Nellie and indeed one of the best Singapore fashion bloggers!

9. Willabelle Ong


  • Mixed color and texture fashion 
  • Designer label  
  • Mixed up with high street style     
  • Luxury accessories 

Instagram ID: Willabelle Ong

Willabelle is another fashion blogger that insists on the usage of mixed high street style and luxury accessories for bringing innovation in your attire and sense of dressing. She has been posting different fashion related stuff on her Instagram page including the reviews of accessories by some famous brands.

If you are a DIOR fan, you will find reviews of a lot of fashion accessories introduced by DIOR on her page. But she believes that beauty is within the eye of the viewer and luxury accessories might bring an essence of luxury lifestyle but can never replicate beauty.  

10. Ashley Bei 


  • Casual fashion  
  • Blended color dresses 
  • Soothing       
  • Travel and lifestyle  

Instagram ID: Ashely Bei

If you are looking for a fashion influencer who focuses lively and emphasizes a colorful lifestyle, Ashley Bei is one to follow. Her posts are mostly about the travel lifestyle and fashion trends in different countries.

In addition to this, she also promotes daily day casual fashion for simple women and girls. Ashley Bei is also a great supporter of comfort overlooks. Her posts are mostly inspired by the bigger brands but she also supports the medium level and small fashion brands in some of her posts. 

11. Rachel Wong  


  • Personal fashion   
  • Simplicity  
  • Relaxing        
  • Makeup tutorials  

Instagram ID: Rachel Wong

If you pursue fashion in your free time, then you should follow Rachel Wong. A great personality along with her aesthetic looks, Rachel is definitely one of the most followed fashion bloggers by the Singaporeans.

Going through her Instagram wall, you will realize that she promotes calm and peace in life and emphasizes the importance of mental and physical health. She realizes the importance of simplicity and preaches the same through her posts. Moreover, she also teaches the young girls to use different makeup accessories to look gorgeous on a simple office day or a fancy party night. 

12. Elaine Jasmine  


  • Fashion according to mood    
  • Floral and colorful clothing   
  • Simple and Casual clothing 
  • Physical fitness   

Instagram ID: Elaine Jasmine

Physical fitness is key to health and good looks. Elaine Jasmine is a fashion blogger who not only tells the followers about different ins and outs but also tells different ways to keep yourself fit.

Fashion bloggers are themselves sort of influencers and Elaine uploads different posts while exercising, jogging, stretching, etc. to influence her followers. Moreover, she uploads stuff about simple fashion, casual clothing, and the importance of colors in life. Thus, do follow her if you are looking for some lively content on your feed. 

13. Eunice Annabel


  • Highly incline towards brands  
  • Expensive hotels    
  • Expensive clothing and fashion brands  
  • Travel and fashion around the world    

Instagram ID: Eunice Annabel

If you are influenced by a luxurious lifestyle and love wearing branded clothes and makeup, only then follow Eunice Annabel. She started as a fashion blogger but also entered acting so her content is mostly based on her hi-fi lifestyle.

Traveling and displaying fashion trends of other countries also constitutes a major part of her content. You can find highly attractive beachwear from her content. So, if you can afford brands and a luxurious lifestyle, the best fashion blogger to follow is Eunice Annabel.  

14. Francesca Tan


  • Tomboy looks 
  • Feminism 
  • Simple and easy fashion 
  • Low volume clothing     

Instagram ID: Francesca Tan  

Some Singaporeans have that slight inclination towards tomboy looks and prefer to wear fewer volume clothes. For people with these preferences, Francesca Tan is a must-follow fashion blogger. Moreover, she promotes simple and easy to adopt fashion in her posts and is greatly liked by Singaporeans. Do go through her Instagram wall and follow her to give her a try. 

15. Tanesha Awasthi


  • Confidence boosting 
  • Clothing for chubby people 
  • Motherhood 
  • Family life     

Instagram ID: Tanesha Awasthi 

For all you curvy females out there, your body type is the best and don’t give an ear to all those body shamers. Tanesha Awasthi is a fashion blogger from South-East Asian origin and is blogging to instill confidence in chubby females.

Awasthi’s posts are not only telling about different brands, fashion, and clothing but also empower the women who are body shamed. She prioritizes comfort over style. IF you are looking for an inspiring and empowering influencer to follow, Tanesha is exactly that!

16. Chriselle Lim


  • Product reviews 
  • Equality of color, race, etc.
  • Motherhood      

Instagram ID: Chriselle Lim

A fashion blogger who equally prioritizes the elimination of racism and motherhood. Chriselle Lim is an inspiration for many and you should also follow her content that is unique and targets all walks of life including fashion.   

17. Rachel Su En


  • Wardrobe styles  
  • Sophisticated and elegant fashion  
  • Traveling  
  • Branded products      

Instagram ID: Rachel Su En   

If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated fashion blogger who is cool and vibrant as well, then Rachel Su En is a must-follow blogger. Her posts are related to wardrobe styling, personal care, and hygiene, travelling, and branded products. She suggests wardrobe styles according to body type and their colour according to the complexion. 

18. Diana Horsfall


  • Different fashion weeks 
  • Eastern style of fashion  
  • Asian fashion  
  • Sunglasses      

Instagram ID: Diana Horsefall  

Diana Horsefall is editor in chief of a famous fashion blogger magazine. That depicts the importance of this personality in the fashion industry. She is also a part of different fashion shows occurring around the globe. Asian and Eastern fashion styles are her favourite, and her posts also focus on stylish sunglasses according to facial textures. 

19. Rozz 


  • Skincare  
  • Traveling 
  • Eye makeup  
  • Motivational     

Instagram ID: Rozz

Rozz is a DJ, traveller, and fashion blogger. Her Instagram wall is full of motivational quotes, skincare routines, and different types of makeup. She also travels around the globe capturing the beauty of the world and fashion around the countries. If you want to improve your mental strength along with visual appearance, do follow the Instagram page of Rozz. 

20. Danielle Bernstein


  • Wardrobe focused  
  • Low volume clothing
  • Swimsuits      

Instagram ID: Danielle Bernstein

The final fashion blogger on our list is Danielle Bernstein. A wardrobe focused blogger who focuses on swimwear and low volume clothing. She believes in the comfort of the body and soul rather than superficial things. But one thing’s for sure, that she has a great clothing and fashion sense and can be a great influencer.

Everybody wants to follow the latest fashion trends but sometimes, you cannot make choices for your body type, complexion, and latest trends. That’s when fashion bloggers come into play. They choose the best for you according to the trends and influence you by their posts. We have shortlisted the best fashion bloggers to follow in Singapore. Go through their Instagram walls and shortlist the ones according to your fashion taste and preference. 

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8 fashion influencers to follow in 2020

In the past, we would scour through magazines for our favourite fashion looks. Today, we are no longer limited to the option of fashion magazines thanks to Social Media. We now have an unlimited range of outfit inspiration we can look at with a simple scroll on our phones. Therefore, we have chosen some fashion influencers that might interest when you surf the net.

Singapore fashion influencers: #1. Yoyo Cao

Firstly, we have Yoyo Cao (@yoyokulala), who is very well known in the fashion industry, be it locally or internationally. Currently, her Instagram has 385K followers, which makes her one of the most followed fashion influencers in Singapore.

Yoya is best known for having impeccable taste in fashion. She is not afraid to pair her outfits with unique jewellery. From street fashion to luxurious looks, Yoya is capable of coming out with all kinds of outfits.

Her popularity has also reached mainstream media. Many magazines such as 8 days, Nylon and Elle have featured her on their front covers. She has also been awarded several awards for her contribution to the fashion industry. For instance, the New York Times awarded her the ‘The Golden Peacock’ Award in 2015 and 2017.

To add on, Yoyo has also worked with many big brands throughout the years. Amongst them include In 2015, L’Officiel, Bulgari, Mont Blanc, Tiffany & Co and many more.

Singapore fashion influencers: #2. Rachel Lim

Secondly, we have Rachel Lim (@ms_rach), who is one of three girls who founded local blog shop, Love Bonito.

In fact, when Rachel started the blog shop (which was initially called BonitoChico), she was only 19. Today, her blog shop has expanded not only beyond e-commerce (it has several physical stores in Singapore) but has also expanded beyond Singapore. What used to be an online-only blog shop now sells in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Hong Kong.

With the success of her blog shop, she has made it into the Forbes ‘30 under 30’ Asia list. Do check out her Instagram to see her in some of the latest outfits from Love Bonito!

Singapore fashion influencers: #3. Velda Tan

Thirdly, we have another Love Bonito sister, Velda Tan (@belluspuera) who is also the founder of Love Bonito.

Although Velda has now left the company, she has formed her own label Collate the Label and continues to be a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Apart from her business, Velda is also a mother to her adorable 2-year-old.

She is often seen on her Instagram in matching outfits with her daughter. From classy dresses to girly headbands, her little one can be found on social media in adorable outfits. Therefore, do check out her Instagram if you are interested in children wear.

Singapore fashion influencers: #4. Nicole Wong

Fourthly, we have Nicole Wong (@ncwong) who is another local fashion influencer. Nicole’s effortless style has made quite the headlines on social media.

She has graced the pages of CLEO magazine several times. Just last February she appeared on the magazine for an interview. She also often posts her looks on Instagram. Whether it is monochromatic looks, earthy tones or interesting cuts, she pulls it off easily.

Apart from being a fashion influencer, she has experience with photography, graphic design and event marketing. This perhaps explains the distinctive shots she displays on her Social Media accounts.

Singapore fashion influencers: #5. Daniel Boey

Moving on, we have Daniel Boey (@danielboey), who is no stranger to the local fashion scene.

Not only is he a fashion consultant, but he is also a producer as well as a judge for the TV show, Asia’s Next Top Model.

You might be surprised that despite his widespread fame, he is not a fashion designer. However, he has made significant contributions to the fashion industry. He often champions for recognition of Singaporean designers and models. To add on, he has also worked with fashion designers from all over the world. Amongst them include Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.

To add on, Channel News Asia even did a write up about his contributions to the local fashion industry.

#6. Ashley Bei

Next up, we have Ashley Bei (@ashleux) who is another fashion influencer known for her chic looks.

A quick scroll on her Instagram would reveal simple yet great looking outfits. With her monochromatic looks and simple cardigans, Ashley manages to dress up her outfit with simple pieces.

Her Instagram is certainly a must-see for those of you that enjoy these effortless looks. Besides, there is an additional benefit of her outfits being less challenging to recreate! Therefore, if you want her effortlessly chic looks do check out her Social Media accounts.

Singapore fashion influencers: #7. Andrea Chong

Our next fashion influencer is Andrea Chong (@dreachong), who has achieved remarkable levels of fame both online and offline.

She is a blogger, Instagrammer as well as a YouTuber who specialises in lifestyle and fashion. She also has experience working with several brands such as Superga.

If you are interested in how office wear can be fashionable and comfortable, do check out Andrea’s Instagram where she is often seen in formal get-ups that are at the same time wearable for casual occasions.

Singapore fashion influencers: #8. Olivia Eleazar

Lastly, we have Olivia Eleazar (@elkantlers), who is 26-year-old fashion influencer as well as a visual designer.

To add on to her list of responsibilities, she is the creative director of popular body jewellery label Ask & Embla and a freelance stylist and photographer.

A quick scroll on her Instagram would reveal that her account is a rather unique one. She does not appear in many of her photos. The unique way in which she creates her content and presents them on Social Media has allowed to gain fame online. Her full black outfits along with the edgy accessories really help to accentuate the style she is going for.


To sum it all up, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, by the same logic, fashion is subjective. This is perhaps what makes it interesting, the ability for a different interpretation when it comes to fashion. We hope that these 8 fashion influencers provide a good variety for your social media fashion inspiration.

If you are interested in learning more about influencer marketing, do click here. There are also related articles which showcase some of the top influencers in each respective category.

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Top 38 Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore: Most Trusted in 2021

Looking for the best lifestyle blogs in Singapore to give you fresh insight into the island and life on it? Well, look no further, because we’ve found the very best Singapore lifestyle blogs for this roundup!

These lifestyle Singapore blogs were picked by dint of being the best-written and best-managed blogs of those we surveyed. They offer content that ranges from eye-popping to sweetly sentimental, from thrilling to thought-provoking…

But no matter what the topic, these lifestyle Singapore blogs are always interesting, and they’re always relatable.

So for an authentic look into the lifestyle of a Singaporean today, let’s delve into these blogs. Here are the best lifestyle blogs in Singapore:

1. Mitsueki

Mitsueki’s content covers a wide range of topics including food, fashion, beauty, travel, and even some random things about the author.

It began as a marketing platform for the author’s accessories store so she started getting known as one of Singapore’s fashion bloggers. As she loves to share her interests and post them on Facebook, she captured and gained the attention of some followers.

Since then, she has transformed it into a lifestyle Singapore blog that covers a wide range of content. She has a strong following among fashion-savvy blog readers.





If you are a parent who would love to get some insights from a fellow mother, Shubhada Bhide about parenting, lifestyle, and food, RainbowDiaries is one parenting blog in Singapore that you should definitely visit. 

Aside from sharing with her readers her first-hand experiences as a mother, she also posts reviews for kids stuff, events, beauty, other lifestyle items, food, etc. which is deemed helpful not only to parents but to other types of audiences.




Mums And Babies

Mums And Babies is owned by Pooja, a mother of two who passionately shares her personal journey as a mom and their experiences and adventure as a family who travels, cooks, bonds, etc.

The blog has been featured and acknowledged quite a few times by various companies as well. So if you are a mom who needs some tips from a fellow mother especially regarding cooking for children or handling kids while traveling, you’d most certainly enjoy browsing Mums And Babies’ posts.



4. The Smart Local

The Smart Local is one of the most followed lifestyle blogs in Singapore. They have been serving both locals and tourists with street-smart tactics for a while that help them live and spend wisely.

Practicality and quality are the two main goals of this blog. The official website is partly editorial and community-based.

Therefore, readers will be able to explore different perspectives on how to make smarter choices in life. The articles are categorised by topic, with topics like travel, things to do, local, “adulting”, and reviews.

Absolutely one of the most interactive lifestyle bloggers in Singapore with a strong following.



5. Parka Blogs

If you’re looking for a creative blogger in Singapore then Parka Blogs will be the perfect website for you! It features reviews about a variety of art books and art in different forms such as animation, movies, and comics.

This is also a good product unboxing blog. What’s more, they provide reviews of the things they unbox.


Instagram: https://www.instagram. com/parkablogs/?hl=en

6. Luxury Haven

Luxury Haven is managed by an ex-flight attendant whose passion is travelling and enjoying the beautiful diversity of all cultures.

In this blog, readers will be able to know all about the food, culture, traditions, and even the way of living in different countries.

If you’re going to have a long overseas vacation with your family and friends, you might want to peek into this blog and find out if the country has been covered by the blog. This is one Singapore blogger that can provide a lot of insight into your destination.

The blog also features product reviews, cooking recipes, luxuries, DIYs, and tips. Giveaways are also provided often.



7. Cheekiemonkies

Cheekiemonkies is a parenting blog website by the author of ‘Got Kids, Go Where?’. The author is an active father who promotes responsible and dedicated parenthood.

With this blog, parents will discover many of the latest, most enjoyable kid-friendly places in Singapore. The articles are categorised — you can choose indoor activities, outdoor activities, travel destinations, and parenting tips.

Many are attracted to the unique point of view and perspective of this blog. Because unlike most lifestyle blogs in Singapore about parenting, this is created and written by a Singaporean fathers point of view.

For those who just became parents to their newborn or who are struggling to find the right balance in their new parenting life, this might be the ideal content creator to follow!



8. The Wacky Duo

The Wacky Duo is a family-owned blog; hence, readers will be able to see the different points of view between the parents and the children writing here.

This is a lifestyle blog that covers events, hotel reviews, parenting, and product reviews. They’ve been recognised as one of Singapore’s best family blogs thanks to their candid, often-touching articles.

The Wacky Duo is definitely one of the few lifestyle websites in Singapore that provides reviews seen through the eyes of all family members. 



9. Hpility

Hpility belongs to the list of the blogs that feature a broad variety of content topics. It also started a decade ago, which makes it one of the most established credible lifestyle blogs here.

Throughout the years, they have become an award-winning website as they continue to earn numerous awards from prestigious institutions.

Today, the portal consists of timely updates about the current trends and events in Singapore, as well as travel, fashion, entertainment, cafes and restaurants, gadgets, cosmetics, and health products.

Website: https://www.


10. TechieLobang

TechieLobang provides the most recent news about modern technology for the readers to stay in the trends of the digital era.

This blog will help you choose and decide on what would be the perfect brand and product for your current needs and preferences.



11. Katong Kids

Katong Kids is a food, lifestyle, travel, staycation blog with a tinge of parenthood! They have reated this blog to share the interesting journey of parenting that most of us face. Be it good or bad, as parents, they are well aware these experiences will make other parents learn a lot as well.



12. Vivian Tian

Vivian Tian’s blog may be quite simple compared to those of other lifestyle bloggers, but once you’ve read her blog posts, you will definitely be staying for a long time.

She does not add anything fancy or filter her reviews and experiences. This makes her articles very relatable for many readers.

To go with her travel adventures, fashion and beauty tips, and food reviews, she also shares her thoughts about a variety of topics. Readers commend that they always find a friend through her posts, making the blog a place for comfort and warmth.



13. PassportChop

Passport Chop is a travel blog that shares the lifestyle in a certain country through reviews of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

For over a decade, they have received awards from global blog communities. Due to their engaging and exciting travel experiences, they also collaborated with famous companies in the tourism industry.

When it comes to their food venture, they have explored Asian, Europian, and Western cuisines. Their reviews include hotel facilities, dining, technology, transport, art as well as some helpful travel tips.



14. Viva Woman

For the women out there who are highly interested in skin care products and beauty cosmetics, you can rely on Viva Woman’s product reviews and beauty tips.

Taking care of our skin takes up a large part in our wellness. The blog consists of skincare, haircare, organic beauty and even the most popular theme in this generation, K Beauty.

And, since a healthy lifestyle would not be complete without a nutritious diet, the blog also has cooking tips and food reviews. Truly all you need for your beauty regimen!



15.  Aspirant SG

Aspirant SG is known for promoting commercial and business purposes. It started with independent management but as they continue to rise in the industry, it switched to professional, and they are now being managed by The Influencer Media.

Their goal is to connect with both professionals and entrepreneurs through engaging lifestyle content that includes food reviews and travel scenes. The blog also encourages the tourists to explore the beautiful culture of Singapore and the locals to value the history and traditions of the country.

What’s more, they feature a guest blog whereas readers can view distinct perceptions and opinions from many different people on various topics.



16. The Ordinary Patrons

With its name, The Ordinary Patrons, the blog focuses on making relatable reviews of local and international dining places. When it comes to their content, they share the entire experience including the cuisine, ambience, services, affordability, and accessibility.

At the end of each post, they conclude with honest feedback. They live up to their brand by consistently providing unsponsored and unpaid content.



17. Lester Chan

Lester Chan’s blog produces content that will surely trigger the interest of tech-savvy people. If you want to keep up with the gadget trends, you should follow his blog, for it contains a wide scope of reviews of gadgets, devices, and even software.

Everything related to the digital world is here in this blog. It also provides content about entertainment, fashion, dining, and attractions.



18. The Occasional Traveller

As the author of The Occasional Traveller is a full-time professional, she aims to inspire her readers to always have time to take things slow and be relaxed despite the busy life.

Through the blog’s content, you will be able to learn some tips on how to maximise your time and use it wisely.



19. Working With Grace

Working With Grace is an award-winning lifestyle blog that features business content where the author shares valuable interviews with successful entrepreneurs and start-up business owners.

With these stories, readers will know the struggles and hardships that come with managing a business as well as the rewarding moments. All of these articles stand as essential lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The blog also often shows people that there are endless possibilities outside of a full-time office-based job and that life is not always about your career status. Instead, the author says it is about how you live your life and how you will make it through.

Website: https://workingwithgrace.

20. Expat Living

Expat Living delivers content that informs the locals about the current happenings in the country. For those who are planning to move into Singapore, they also provide helpful information that will assist you throughout your everyday life.

Their posts are both relevant and delightful to read and are also categorised by education, business, environment, homes, travel, dining, fashion, beauty, and fitness. They also have an online shop where they sell digital and printed magazines.



21. Home and Decor

This blog caters to those people who will be having a house renovation or relocation. They provide home tips, house tours, lists of top interior designers, renovation tips, and recent housing news.

From the locations to the interiors and furniture, up to the upholstery and house prices, they will guide you throughout your journey. They also have a list of designers and contractors to help you find the right partner for your renovation.



22. Icefrost Diary

Michelle from Singapore started Icefrost Diary in 2009 when she was committed to starting a beauty blog. With the rise of social media and an influx of social media content creators, she sets herself apart from writing / creating content on brands that she loves, products that she actually uses on a day to day basis, and travel and makeup tips she picked up from all form of platforms.



23. Social and Style

Social and Style is one of the most active lifestyle and fashion bloggers in Singapore. For aspiring fashion bloggers, they can learn a lot from the author, particularly her reviews.

Despite being born in America, the author mainly features South Asian fashion and has extensive knowledge about Singapore. The blog has been acknowledged by many famous magazines and brands.

Reviews on this blog are created fairly and based on the author’s experience. Apart from these, stories of motherhood are also told through the posts.



24. City Girl, City Stories

City Girl, City Stories is a Hong Kong and Singapore lifestyle blog, where you can read happy adventures ranigng from great food to interesting places to check out and from shopping to nature. This space also acts as a diary for its owner, Kylene, to document her journey in two awesome cities as she explores them.





Charlene is the author and photographer behind Singapore Lifestyle & Travel Blog, missuschewy. She shares her thoughtful insights into what sizzles a couple’s relationship in the form of tested and proven dating ideas, travel experiences & Singapore staycation reviews through her blog.



26. Life’s Tiny Miracles 

Life’s Tiny Miracles is a lifestyle, parenting, and travel vlog which mainly highlights the life of a family living in Singapore. Angie, the owner and writer, shares her first-hand experiences exploring the world and making memories with her beautiful family.

In her blog, she covers various topics that will definitely help parents nurture their relationship with their children. She shares stuff like play moments, learning moments, foodie moments, holiday moments, a lot more.

Website: https://www.


27. Little Big Red Dot

Little Big Red Dot covers a wide range of topics featuring the most interesting stuff in Singapore. From food to shopping  and event business and parenting, all of those are highlighted in one of the country’s leading lifestyle blogs.

Since it is a community blog, you can also share your own write-ups free of charge. You can write anything under the sun as long as it’s not inappropriate and the team will gladly have your post featured.



28. Seedly

Seedly is quite different from other lifestyle blogs. It features posts about financial matters to help you make the wisest decisions and avoid complications.

They have a mobile tracking app that lets you stay updated on your expenses. Combined with the blog, they can guide you throughout your financial journey.

Their topics include savings, investments, insurance, loans, career, dining, education, life hacks, and the like.



29. Myfarrahdise

Lifestyle, food, and travel are the main topics covered by Myfarrahdise. She features places to visit in different Asian countries like Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, etc. and its local food to try. While she shares some recipes in her kitchen that you can also try at home.

Her blog also has some articles on beauty and wellness, fashion, DIY activities and the likes that are perfectly suited for the young and young-at-heart.



30. Elaine Heng 

If you want to keep up with Miss Singapore International World 2008 winner Elaine Heng’s life as a beauty queen and career as an image consultant, makeup artist and hairstylist, her blog can be your window. There she shares with the world her own collection of fashion-related items as well as the events she visited that highlights beauty, fashion, modelling, etc.

She also features reviews on some establishments she had first-hand experience with like salons, fashion houses, local restaurants, spas, etc.



31. Dawn Chan 

Having created a blog in 2012, Dawn Chan, a Mass Communication graduate from Republic Polytechnic, is a Singapore Lifestyle Blogger and Digital Marketer. The content released by the blogger are mostly about beauty: “If You Have Oily Skin, You NEED This – Cathy Doll Oil Control Film Pact”, events: “Where to buy birthday flowers and other gift ideas”, food (New restaurant Mpire launched at 77 Amoy Street”, and travel (5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Maldives in 2017″.

If these topics pique your interest, make sure to check her blog out!

Website: http://www.


32. Easy Travel Recipes

If ever you are travelling and in need of some cooking tips, why don’t you check out Easy Travel Recipes? They’ve got it all prepared and ready for you.

It is most suitable for couples, for the blogs are created to enhance the honeymoon experience. The couple running the blog is on a mission, and it is to spend every day like it’s Valentine’s Day and every travelling holiday like it’s their first Honeymoon.

Therefore, they will be sharing all of their experiences and tips about where you can go with your loved one, as well as what you can cook for your partner. With their blog, you need to make sure that no matter what you’re doing, you’re both enjoying yourselves!

Website: https://www.


33. Spring Tomorrow

If your interests include cooking, food, and travelling, then you’ll surely enjoy Spring Tomorrow’s feature articles. Started by Geri, a huge food lover and certified wanderlust, Spring Tomorrow brings the readers the best recipes to try and the best places to go to in all of Singapore.

The lifestyle blog documents Geri’s experiences and adventures in life for her to keep as memories, and for you to try along with her. With all the amazing things she’s discovered, Spring Tomorrow will surely spice up your day and satisfy your curiosity.



34. Bel Around the World

If you’re looking for travel tips, then Isabel’s blog can help you. Charmingly named Bel Around the World, this blog detail’s her independent travels since 2015.

From Europe, to New Zealand, and then Japan, Isabel has tried many hotels and tours along the way. With her help, you can spend less and travel more– no matter the destination.



35. Chapters of Escapism

Enjoy blogs about food, travel, and art, with Chapters of Escapism. It’s owned by Alvin, an aspiring artist who’s contributed over 50 amazing features and reviews since 2018.

From the photos to the writings, you’re sure to enjoy every bit when scrolling through Chapters of Escapism’s website.

For collaborations, tasting, or even advertising, drop by his email account and talk over the details!



36. Our Parenting World

Our Parenting World is a lifestyle blog that is run by a team of parents covering a wide range of topics from Parenting Advice & Tips, Products, Food, Beauty, Travel and Entertainment.

If you want to know the latest F&B, Beauty, Product Reviews and other offerings, events to go, fun and leisure activities in Singapore and around the region where you can go with your family and loved ones, check out their website. For collaboration, partnerships and advertising, please email the team.



37. Pinggo Diaries

Singapore has a diverse food culture, one that is fun to explore. That, as well as their passion for food, is the main idea behind Pinggo Diaries.

Pinggo Diaries is a food blog that explores all the food Singapore has to offer, from street hawkers to gourmet restaurants. If you’re looking for food to try, there’s no better place to read but their website.


Facebook: https://www.

38. Smart Wealth

SmartWealth has a different approach to creating content. Knowing that personal finance can be complex yet is a core component in one’s life journey, they strive to create financial information that is simple to understand.

They go further by ensuring the content they create are factual and based on research so that readers are well-equipped to make better financial decisions.

The topics they cover include savings, investments, retirement planning, insurance, and more.


That’s it for our best lifestyle blogs in Singapore! Whether you’re looking for an influencer or thinking of turning your blogspot Singapore into a full professional blog, we hope you found this list helpful.

So, tell us, did you find the blog you’re looking for above? Or do you think we missed a blog in the list — if so, let us know which one it is and why it’s great!

And remember to give our other blog roundups a try if you’re looking for more blogs to follow online. Check out our list of the best food blogs in Singapore, for instance!

Top 40 Singapore Lifestyle Blogs and Websites in 2021

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