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50 Sincere Goodbye Messages to Write in a Farewell Card

Goodbye messages to coworkers can often be the most difficult ones to write. After all, how does one even begin to sum up the weeks, months or years that you’ve worked together, and the myriad of emotions they’ve inspired in you over all this time, or all the memories that you’ve shared?

Saying goodbye in person is hard enough, but having to write these goodbye messages in a farewell card to coworkers can be a daunting task indeed. It’s a bit easier to write goodbye messages to coworkers that you had a good relationship with, but, what if you weren’t particularly fond of the person? Or didn’t know them nearly enough to form an opinion?

None of that seems to matter when those farewell cards start to circulate in the office and you’re expected to write flattering and thoughtful goodbye messages to coworkers that you may not even have really known. Whatever your predicament, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of goodbye messages to coworkers that you can use to appropriately express your sadness, mixed emotions, or even low-key indifference as a colleague retires or leaves to greener career pastures:

P. S. Stan is our fictional colleague in these goodbye messages so be sure to change this to your actual colleague’s name before writing in a farewell card. The last thing you want to do is to screw up your colleague’s name on his last day!



01“Farewell, old friend. The office won’t be the same without you, At least I know you’ll be happy somewhere planting your garden, traveling the world or whatever it is that old folks like you love to do 😊. Goodbye Stan. All the best!”


Image from Canva – under one-time use license


02“I envy all the free time you’ll finally have but I’m mostly just sad to see you go. Whatever you decide to do now and wherever life takes you, I wish you all the best on that journey. Goodbye and good luck with retirement.”


03“You made coming to work each day such a pleasure. It’s not goodbye by any means, but I’m certainly going to miss you around here. All the best with retirement. I’m right behind you!”


04“Retirement sure looks good on you Stan. Enjoy it! Good bye and all the best!”


05“We’ve started taking bets that after one week home, you’re going to be begging to come back to us 😊…at least, that’s what we all secretly hope. The office sure is going to be incomplete without you. We’re just happy you finally get to sit back and relax. Enjoy retirement old friend. You deserve it!”


06“The office won’t be the same without you Stan. You’ve been a breath of fresh air on even the dreariest of days. Good luck and goodbye for now. We’ll be seeing you around!”


07“Friend, coworker, mentor – these are all the things that you’ve been to me. As you move on to this new chapter in your life, I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. You’ve certainly made a lasting impact. Farewell for now! All the best.”


08“Of all the coworkers that I’ve had, you have made the most lasting impression. You approach life and work with such contagious zeal, that, being around you, it’s impossible not to feel the same. I know you’re going to go into retirement with that same spirit so, goodbye for now old friend. I wish you all the best.”


09“You’ve shared so many words of advice with me over the years and I’ll certainly miss being able to call upon your wisdom. Still, I’m happy to have had the honor of working with you and wish you the best in retirement. Farewell for now and good luck.”


10“I think HR’s data may be compromised…there’s no way a young thing like you could be retiring! But, since you’ve convinced everyone else, I guess there’s nothing else to do but say goodbye. I’m gonna miss you around here, Stan, but I wish you all the best.”


11“In moments like these, I truly understand the meaning of the word bittersweet. It was my absolute pleasure being able to work with you, and now that you’re leaving, I feel so sad for the loss but so happy for you at the same time. Enjoy retirement Stan! You’ve certainly earned it. All the best.”


12“Stan, over the years, you’ve been more than just a coworker to me. You’ve also been a close friend. I know how long you’ve waited for this day and I’m so happy that you finally get to experience it. With all the free time you now have, I hope you won’t forget me because I certainly won’t forget you. Goodbye for now and all the best!”


13“I hate having to say goodbye to you, Stan. You’ve been so many things to me in the time that we’ve worked together. Coworker, confidante, friend. I know you’ve been looking forward to this moment, though, so I wish you good luck and hope we keep in touch.”


14“It’s sad to say goodbye, but I’m thankful it’s not final. I’ll be seeing you around so all the best until then.”


15“It breaks our heart to see you go – you made work such a breeze with your sunny outlook and warm disposition. Good luck as you sail away onto the seas of retirement. You’ve certainly earned it! Goodbye, old friend.”

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16“Things will definitely not be the same here without you, and though we feel a sense of loss, we’re also happy as we tell you goodbye. Your retirement awaits! Go forth and enjoy!”


17“We know this is not a final goodbye, yet somehow, the feeling of loss is tangible. You are indeed a treasure that we feel honored to have found. Though it pains us to say goodbye, say it we must. Farewell coworker, and good luck with retirement!”

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18“While in retirement, do take up a hobby. Don’t show up to all office functions 😊. We love you Stan! Goodbye for now and enjoy all the perks retirement has to offer!”


19“Goodbye is hard to say, especially to those so dear. We’ve known this day was coming, but nothing could prepare us for how hard it would be to let you go. Though the moment is bittersweet, we are overjoyed for you and wish you all the best as you retire. Good luck!”


20“People wait so many years for this moment. Now that you’re here, I can’t imagine how overjoyed you must be. You will forever be etched on our memories. Goodbye and good luck as you retire.”


21“I do feel bad for the unlucky son of a gun who has to replace you…those are some huge shoes to fill! I won’t say goodbye, but I do wish you good luck. Have a blast with retirement!”


Image from Canva – under one-time use license


22“All the best fellow coworker. As you retire, we want you to know that you have inspired and motivated so many just by being you. Good luck and goodbye for now.”


23“You’re retiring on paper, but, for us, you’re still a part of the gang. It’s sad to say goodbye but we wish you all the best. Keep on being phenomenal!”


24“Many seasons have passed as we’ve worked together. Now that you’re leaving, we can’t help but be sad for the great friend and coworker that we’ve lost and happy (a bit envious too 😊) for all the free time you’ve gained. All the best and farewell!”


25“You’ve finally answered retirement’s call! I know you’re equal to the challenge. Good luck my friend and farewell for now!”



26“Your time with us has ended much too quickly. We hate to see you go, but know you’ll do well wherever you go. Farewell comrade. Good luck as you take on this new challenge!”


27“You’ve brought greatness with you into our midst. You’ve made your mark here, and the memories you’ve left behind will never be forgotten. Goodbye and all the best in this new role. We know you’ll totally dominate!”


28“I feel like a member of my family is being stolen. That’s how much you’ve come to mean to me. Despite this, I am so proud of you and I’m rooting for you as you move forward in the direction of your dreams. Goodbye my coworker. Goodbye my friend. I wish you all the best.”

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29“Watching you leave is hard, but know that there is always a space here for you. Good luck on your journey and goodbye until I see you again.


30“You have sparked a flame in each of us with your determination and iron will. Your absence from our presence with surely bring sadness, but this is only temporary. The inspiration and the mark that you’ve left behind will last forever. Goodbye for now and good luck on your new job.”


31“Today is not just a day when the team loses one member, but also the day a valuable friend has spread their wings and aims to soar. Though this is goodbye for now, know that we support you in all that you do and wish you all the best.”


32“As you step boldly into your future, know that the mark you’ve left behind can never be erased. We know you’ll got out there and wow others just as you’ve wowed us, and, even though this is goodbye, we wish you good luck and much success. All the best!”


33“I feel like it was just the other day that we met and already we’re saying goodbye. It hurts to see you leave, but you’re moving on to bigger and better things, and that makes me so proud. You will always be more than just another coworker – you’re family. All the best as you move to higher heights.”


34“I’m told that you’re leaving. If it were up to me, I’d keep you here forever. Since some crazy person has already okayed this, I guess it’s time to say goodbye. Make me proud out there! Good luck!”


35“Through the tough tides you were aboard our ship, facing challenges but never losing grip. Now that the seas of life are steering you elsewhere, we bid you goodbye, good luck and good cheer.”


36“Losing you as a coworker will be a lot to process, but seeing you progress makes it easier to bear. Goodbye and good luck on your journey…there will always be a space for you here.”


37“When I heard that you were leaving, I didn’t want to believe it. The selfish me wishes you would stick around for a while longer, but, since you’re leaving to greener pastures, I’m happy for you. It was my pleasure being your coworker and though things will be different without you, I’m happy that we met. Goodbye and all the best.”


38“Having a coworker like you makes work so much easier. I envy the lucky office that can now call you their own. Goodbye my friend. Go out there and kick ass!”


39“Higher heights are waiting out there for you to reach, and though this goodbye is bittersweet, I wish you all the best both personally and professionally. I’m truly going to miss you coworker. You’ve made your mark.”


Image from Canva – under one-time use license


40“You, my friend, are irreplaceable (that’s not gonna stop HR from trying though 😊). You have made a mark on me that will not be forgotten anytime soon. It saddens me to have to say goodbye, but, your destiny awaits. Good luck old friend!”


41“I remember your first day here. Instantly you were like a magnet that drew us all to you. Now that you’re leaving, it’s like someone has drained all the energy from us. It’s hard to see a wonderful coworker like you leave, but, we know you’re advancing in the direction of your dreams so goodbye, good luck and all the best in everything that you do.


42“It’s quality over quantity on our little team, and you were one of the best. It feels hard to lose you, but we know you’ll do us proud out there. Kick ass on the new job! We’re proud of you!”


43“I wish I could meet your new boss so that I could tell her the gem of a human being you are. If your coworkers ever slip up over there, you’ve always got a home right here. I miss you already! Goodbye and all the best as you go forth.”


44“Those poor fools who’ve hired you don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. Don’t worry though – there’ll always be a space reserved here for when they find out just how crazy you are 😊! All the best and goodbye for now.”


45“Is it selfish for me to want you to stay? Even if it is, I don’t care. You made my days here so much brighter and I envy all those new people who’ll now have you to themselves. I miss you. You’re more than just a coworker…you’re a dear friend. Goodbye and all the best.”


46“Your departure will forever alter the atmosphere here. We take heart, though, knowing that amid this painful goodbye, you are one step closer to the future you have envisioned for yourself. Take good care and all the best on your journey.”


47“Good coworkers are hard to come by, so watching you go isn’t easy. I know wherever you go, you’ll add spark and flair. Godspeed and good bye.”


48“Coworker to coworker, please check if there are any vacancies at your new job…working here is going to be unbearable without you 😊.”


49“Telling you goodbye is like sending my kids off to college…so bittersweet. I’m glad you’ve finally landed the job you want, but a selfish part of me just wants to keep you here with me. After all, you’re more than just a coworker – you’re family. All the best!”


50“You put the ‘co’ in coworker. I can’t imagine having to walk by your empty desk each day, or to see it filled by some cheap imitation of you. It was a pleasure learning from you and collaborating with you. Congrats on the new job, goodbye for now and all the best!”


Goodbye messages to coworkers in a farewell card do not need to be long. As long as you speak from the heart, anything you write in your goodbye messages will be well received.

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Fanatics scores big with baseball card deal and Leo Messi

The buzzy sports apparel startup Fanatics will become the new exclusive licensee for Major League Baseball cards, taking over from Topps after its deal with MLB ends in 2025, a source close to the company confirmed to CNN Business on Friday.

As a result, the more than 80-year-old Topps pulled the plug Friday on its plans to go public through a merger with a blank check special purpose acquisition company.

The MLB deal is the latest splashy coup for Fanatics.

The company also fortuitously opened a new store in Los Angeles in May that focuses on apparel for the popular Paris Saint-Germain soccer team — which made tons of headlines this month through the blockbuster signing of Argentine legend Lionel Messi.

Fanatics had struck a 10-year merchandising deal with the PSG team, which also has top stars Neymar and Kylian Mbappé on the roster, back in 2020. The company plans to open more PSG stores, which could mean big bucks for Fanatics though the sale of jerseys and other goods featuring Messi and his new number 30. (Messi was number 10 on his old team, Barcelona.)

Fanatics runs PSG’s shopping site, which currently offers a host of Messi items for sale beyond his jersey — including a T-shirt with his name and number in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, as well as one with the club’s slogan ‘Ici C’est Paris’ and the date of Messi’s official signing with the team.

The company declined to comment on reports that it’s looking to set up a new trading card division at its company for baseball cards and potentially other sports like basketball and football.

Fanatics making big moves towards possible IPO

A source close to the company also confirmed to CNN Business that Fanatics just raised a new $325 million round of financing from Jay-Z, Major League Baseball, Silver Lake and other investors that values the company at $18 billion. That’s up from its previous valuation of $12.8 billion.

Fanatics, led by top shareholder Michael Rubin and veteran e-commerce/tech executive Doug Mack, has clear aspirations to become a giant of the sports business world.

Beyond the new baseball card deal and its growing clout in the apparel business, Fanatics is getting ready to dip its toe in the lucrative world of sports betting — taking on the likes of DraftKings.

Fanatics lured away Matt King, the former CEO of DraftKings rival FanDuel, in June to lead a new sports gambling unit.

The company also has big plans for the burgeoning business of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs: digital assets that have become a big part of the sports collectibles world as of late.

Fanatics recently launched a unit called Candy Digital with crypto entrepreneurs Michael Novogratz of Galaxy Digital and Gary Vaynerchuk. In July Candy Digital sold its first NFT, a digital version of the famous “Luckiest Man” farewell speech made by Yankees great Lou Gehrig.

Fanatics also hired former IAC chief financial officer Glenn Schiffman last month, a move that is likely to increase chatter that the company is looking to go public.

™ & © 2021 Cable News Network, Inc., a WarnerMedia Company. All rights reserved.

Fanatics scores big with baseball card deal and Leo Messi – KION546

By Paul R. La Monica, CNN Business

The buzzy sports apparel startup Fanatics will become the new exclusive licensee for Major League Baseball cards, taking over from Topps after its deal with MLB ends in 2025, a source close to the company confirmed to CNN Business on Friday.

As a result, the more than 80-year-old Topps pulled the plug Friday on its plans to go public through a merger with a blank check special purpose acquisition company.

The MLB deal is the latest splashy coup for Fanatics.

The company also fortuitously opened a new store in Los Angeles in May that focuses on apparel for the popular Paris Saint-Germain soccer team — which made tons of headlines this month through the blockbuster signing of Argentine legend Lionel Messi.

Fanatics had struck a 10-year merchandising deal with the PSG team, which also has top stars Neymar and Kylian Mbappé on the roster, back in 2020. The company plans to open more PSG stores, which could mean big bucks for Fanatics though the sale of jerseys and other goods featuring Messi and his new number 30. (Messi was number 10 on his old team, Barcelona.)

Fanatics runs PSG’s shopping site, which currently offers a host of Messi items for sale beyond his jersey — including a T-shirt with his name and number in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, as well as one with the club’s slogan ‘Ici C’est Paris’ and the date of Messi’s official signing with the team.

The company declined to comment on reports that it’s looking to set up a new trading card division at its company for baseball cards and potentially other sports like basketball and football.

Fanatics making big moves towards possible IPO

A source close to the company also confirmed to CNN Business that Fanatics just raised a new $325 million round of financing from Jay-Z, Major League Baseball, Silver Lake and other investors that values the company at $18 billion. That’s up from its previous valuation of $12.8 billion.

Fanatics, led by top shareholder Michael Rubin and veteran e-commerce/tech executive Doug Mack, has clear aspirations to become a giant of the sports business world.

Beyond the new baseball card deal and its growing clout in the apparel business, Fanatics is getting ready to dip its toe in the lucrative world of sports betting — taking on the likes of DraftKings.

Fanatics lured away Matt King, the former CEO of DraftKings rival FanDuel, in June to lead a new sports gambling unit.

The company also has big plans for the burgeoning business of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs: digital assets that have become a big part of the sports collectibles world as of late.

Fanatics recently launched a unit called Candy Digital with crypto entrepreneurs Michael Novogratz of Galaxy Digital and Gary Vaynerchuk. In July Candy Digital sold its first NFT, a digital version of the famous “Luckiest Man” farewell speech made by Yankees great Lou Gehrig.

Fanatics also hired former IAC chief financial officer Glenn Schiffman last month, a move that is likely to increase chatter that the company is looking to go public.

™ & © 2021 Cable News Network, Inc. , a WarnerMedia Company. All rights reserved.

90,000 Letters and postcards. A real lady. Rules of good manners and style

Letters and postcards

Despite the fact that the times of carrier pigeons and ornate explanations, written by hand, have replaced modern means of communication, letter and postcard remain a form of communication and information transfer.

Everyone is pleased to receive a postcard for the holiday or a letter with a profitable business proposal. A letter can be a great help in rebuilding a relationship, an apology, or a way to continue an acquaintance.The form of composing the text of a letter or postcard in the modern world of etiquette has undoubtedly become simpler, but it requires compliance with forms of politeness and respect.

The letter begins and the postcard continues with an appeal. To strangers or business partners, as well as people older in rank and age from the words:

“Dear”, to friends and acquaintances – from a friendly familiar greeting: “Hello” or “Hello”.

After the greeting in the official form of the letter, you must indicate the name and surname of the recipient or his name.patronymic (surname), in a regular letter – name. with possible additions to express feelings: “Dear Mr. Sviridov!”, “Dear Olga Petrovna!”, “Dear Nikolai Antonov!”,

“Andrey”, “Dear Olenka”.

Frequent communication between friends allows a short greeting (“Hello”), but mentioning the name always has a positive effect on the recipient. In a letter to the head, it is enough to address by name: “Pavel Vasilievich”.

In the context of the letter, you should not use the now historical forms of address: “Let me tell you” or “Will you be kind”.

The content of the text of the model “I am writing to you, what more …” also remained in the past. Today, it is desirable to present the request and the proposal in an accessible and concise language.

At the end of the letter, and especially the commercial proposal, it is advisable to summarize and formulate the purpose or request for which the letter is written, for example: “Based on the listed advantages . ..”

Finishes the letter with a farewell phrase. In official correspondence this expression is “Sincerely …”, “I wish you …”, “I hope for fruitful cooperation.”In a friendly message: “Bye.” “Waiting for an answer”.

An important point of the letter can be the postscript postscript, that is, a small addition after the farewell phrase. The postscript is placed under the signature and highlighted with the letters P.S .. then a short text of an additional message follows, beginning with an explanatory phrase, for example, “I almost forgot” or “I would also like to clarify / remind you” … The postscript is also convenient to use to highlight brief information.

Personal letters should preferably be written by hand, corporate letters are printed, but personal names and appeals are best entered with a pen.The picture on the postcard, the accuracy and handwriting of the filling reflect the sender’s face and his attitude towards the recipient. When buying a postcard, you should pay special attention to the design, text and picture. A birthday or wedding message shouldn’t offend the recipient. It is advisable to arrange a greeting card in a high-quality, beautiful envelope. It is worth remembering that the recipient’s response often depends on how the letter or postcard is designed.

A postcard in honor of a birthday, anniversary or wedding can be an independent congratulation or an attachment to a gift.In this case, it is important not to forget to sign – from whom exactly the congratulation came. Holiday cards are allowed to be decorated with colored inscriptions, official ones – in blue or black. A letter or postcard is handy if you cannot attend the celebration or are in another city. In many European countries, it is customary to send themed postcards from the places where you spend your vacation.

The card can also be used as a token of gratitude for an invitation, a holiday you liked, or a service rendered.In this case, a postcard with the words “Thank you” is used.

Postcards and letters are also used to express condolences. A postcard or letter is sent if you will not attend the farewell ceremony. In this case, the appropriate, pastel design is selected, the letter is written on white paper. The postcard is supplemented with the text: “Please accept our (sincere) condolences”, “We express our deep condolences”, “We grieve with you.” In the case of a letter to a relative, it is permissible to express your feelings with sincere words of loss.

This text is an introductory fragment.

Continuation for liters

After leaving work – Important events – Congratulations

There is no such concern anymore
Get up early in the morning
And hurry quickly from work,
To have a rest.
Congratulations on your dismissal,
I mean, on an indefinite leave!
There will be changes in favor
For health, that’s for sure!

We will miss you,
We were glad to work with you!
After all, honestly, only by loving,
We were glad to fill up with work!
But then a farewell breeze blew,
And you, like an autumn leaf swirling,
After reading this farewell greeting
You are leaving, having served so much with us.

“Seven feet under the keel! Fair wind! ”
And I’m unemployed now.
To prevent me from returning, my former director
Locked the door behind me.
I just don’t know what to wish for myself!
Should I go get some wine?
I love wine. Although, no! I wish,
So that the wife does not wash it down!

Congratulations on your dismissal
It will be better, I assure you!

Today is such a beautiful day
And seeing your clear, clear gaze
The gift of speech can be lost,
But we came not to be silent!
We wish you, honey,
Always win in the fight,
The same bright, kind to be,
And don’t go with the flow!
We wish you a lot of ideas,
A family, your home, a crowd of children,
(or – “To love, raise your children”)
And so that you, a good person,
Do not forget us – your colleagues!

Colleagues, are you ready,
Say a goodbye word !?
After all, deep down I know
That you are not happy to part!
I wish you a happy stay,
And I promise to remember you!

Days go by, years go by.
You stay young.
You do not age a single gram,
You do not feel gray.
And therefore you remained young,
That you did not give up in heart and soul,
You did not stop believing in yourself,
You did not forget your friends, and the doors that you open for them
Always friendly, hospitable,
Just like you, you are the best in the world!
And you know it better than anyone else,
That anything can happen in life,
Dreams do not come true right away,
Problems cover abruptly,
But only friends, whom you will not forget with your heart and soul,
You will be understood, always supported, because this is such people,
Who will not leave in trouble, just like you,
They will always support and help without asking,
They will show the right path,
They will serve as a strong support.
Your hour will come, and you will reach
What you have been striving for strongly,
And in the days of dawn and success
Your affairs will go smoothly!

May luck always be with you,
It’s a pity for all of us to part with you!
But we know that you will be happy,
And you will work with a soul!
We wish you in a new place,
To be successful, to grow in your career!
And we hope you will not forget,
Our close-knit, large team!

You are leaving work –
This was your choice.
And new worries –
So be ready for them
. We need changes –
It’s so boring to live without them.
I wish you luck,
And do not be sad at all!

We will miss you,
We were glad to work with you!
After all, honestly, only by loving,
We were glad to fill up with work!
But then a farewell breeze blew,
And you, like an autumn leaf swirling,
After reading this farewell greeting
You leave, having served so much with us

And neither bonuses nor benefits
They could not keep you –
You quit your job ,
They chose to be free.
We understand, a valuable frame
Home and family were chosen,
What is undoubtedly more important
For those who live in love!

Achievements await you in the future,
Many new impressions,
Leaving work, the beginning of a new path,
The beginning of new impressions,
And do not be sad about the past,
We congratulate you,
Happy new day,
And congratulations to you, our congratulations
At the end of his.

You were fired in vain,
Don’t worry, life is great!

If you were fired during a crisis,
Time to test yourself!
Give up, you will lose everything!
Good luck will forget you!
Cope, then you are the best.
There will be something to tell everyone.
Maybe later a memoir,
You will write about it!

We will always respect,
Remember the name all the years!
It was very comfortable for us
Working with you!
We wish you success,
Dream come true!
Let your incomes grow,
You deserve it!

Leaving work – joy or misfortune?
It’s not for us to judge about everything …
And I just wish you happiness,
You always remember one thing:
That there is a family, friends, colleagues.
We will never forget,
Our career successes,
We will remember you forever!

So you left work,
Congratulations! You are hero!
Both problems and worries,
All were left behind.
Away from everyday routine,
Running and hustle and bustle,
Gray labor picture,
You are free again.
New plans, as before
Ahead is your new path,
Take hope with you
And do not forget your luck!

If this happens,
So, so be it.
Who suddenly leaves work,
Don’t go to work.
You can lie in the morning
On the bed, and then
Do not rush, do not scatter –
Low start and exactly at seven.
This is all in the past
Congratulations on this.
At first it will be difficult,
After all, the habit is above us.
And you will find yourself in another
Cause important for people.
And you will come to visit us
Let’s drink tea without any fuss.
Congratulations for making your decision
In our difficult, not easy age
You were in a hurry to find yourself,
Well, we are for you – a mountain!
To summarize,
Sending congratulations!

Don’t lose your inspiration,
Congratulations on your dismissal!

Well, guys, I’m leaving,
I’m calm about being fired!
But I sincerely feel sorry for our team,
After all, over the years I got used to it!
Work successfully and, of course, amicably,
Call if you need something,
And you all do not forget about me,
And, if you want – visit!
I will be glad to meet anyone,
For everyone I will always find a word!
And I’ll treat you to tea, or maybe something stronger,
And we’ll all live – great!

Farewell SMS to your beloved man, in your own words to tears

  • It is better for us to part now than live and wishful thinking.
  • Our break turned out to be inevitable. I don’t want to resist the will of fate anymore. Goodbye!
  • No matter how hard it is for me now, I will write you this word – Farewell!
  • Though you don’t order your heart, I will make it forget your features! From now on you no longer exist for me!

Farewell SMS to your loved one, in your own words to tears

When there is a continuous draft in your soul – this is not love! You do not need to try to change something in yourself in order to restore the relationship to its previous level.Send your beloved man a farewell SMS and on that he a big “hello”! The author very accurately expressed the idea in his own words so that after reading it penetrates to tears.

  • Our sailing ship of love no longer rushes along the waves of high feelings ((From today I am leaving to sail freely!
  • I am no longer afraid of the wind of changes in my personal life! Now you are only an ex for me!
  • I don’t want put an ellipsis at the end of our love story

Let’s not pretend it’s okay. True love relationships between people are not at all like ours. May I go to someone else and I wish you a worthy pair!

  • We have become like two opposite poles, but this, according to all the laws of physics, alas, does not attract us to each other ((
  • The fruit of our love has not ripened ((This is already a rotten carrion!
  • Now I will admire the sunrise The sun without you ((Such a decision will be the most correct, because the fire of our passion has already extinguished ((

Farewell SMS to your beloved to tears

No insults and offensive phrases! A cultural farewell SMS will make it clear to your beloved that you are no longer with him.Perhaps the subtle lyrics will touch him for a living, to tears. It’s okay, let him cry!)

  • The pattern of our love is not destined to be created. The threads are over and it’s goodbye!
  • I choose loneliness instead of unhappy love with you!
  • Life has blocked our river of love with a dam. There will be no more the same strength of feelings as before. Today will become a point, and I say to you – goodbye!
  • A beautiful melody no longer sounds in my soul ((there is a dull silence.I’m leaving you forever!
  • Feelings that were once seething with colors have now turned into dirty grayness ((We are no more!
  • Our current relationship begins to oppress me and every day more and more. I don’t want to be led by the wrong choice. Farewell!
  • No matter how hard we try to renew the old feelings, but it won’t lead to anything good in the end Don’t call me again and don’t look for a meeting!Forget about me and do not disturb my soul!

Farewell SMS to the guy, in your own words

When everything in the relationship has become annoying and you already want to get off the train called “love”, a farewell SMS to the guy will solve the problem. I copied the text written in my own words, sent it to the number and forgot the name of the unworthy one.

  • As much as I would not like to scream out of hopelessness, but I firmly decided – we are parting and there is no need to look for meetings with me!
  • Now at night a blanket will keep me warm, because there is no more room for you in my bed!

I have no desire to talk to you in person, so I am writing to you briefly, but meaningfully – this is the end!

  • In a sensual relationship between a man and a woman, there is no place for chilly cold.This means that this is not love and there is no point in meeting any further!
  • During our meetings, I got to know you well and realized that you are not my half. Look for another passion!
  • Love can be merciless, and I do not want to bring everything to the boiling point, but in our case it is inevitable. So goodbye!
  • When a small crack appears in a relationship, it is already inevitable. Let’s not try to glue things that won’t stick together anyway. The word “love” is now inapplicable to us.Goodbye!


Postcards for Forgiveness Sunday – the last day of Shrovetide Postcards

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Cards for Forgiveness Sunday – the last day of Maslenitsa

In this category you will find free cards, pictures, animations, congratulations and poems for Forgiveness Sunday.
Download for free or share via social networks. Do not forget to congratulate and ask for forgiveness from all your loved ones, friends and relatives!
The Orthodox life implies certain traditions, which a believing person can only fulfill with joy. For example, an important day in people’s lives is Forgiveness Sunday. It is important not only for true Christians, every person on this day should think about their actions, words and even thoughts. One way or another, we all constantly commit sins, sometimes even minor ones.
According to the established canons, the last day of Maslenitsa, with its stormy daring fun and noisy festivities interspersed with delicious food, falls on Forgiveness Sunday. Also, this day foreshadows a great test for every Christian – the coming Great Lent.
In 2016 Forgiveness Sunday falls on March 13th.
Forgiveness happens like this: people bow to the belt, ask each other for forgiveness for all kinds of offenses and kiss three times on the cheeks.
In the modern world, not everyone adheres to this rite, but in almost every family on Forgiveness Sunday the phrase “forgive me” is sure to sound.

Free Postcards Postcards for Forgiveness Sunday – the last day of Maslenitsa Postcards.

You are in the “Postcards” gallery.This category is described by our visitors as follows “Postcards for Forgiveness Sunday – the last day of Shrovetide Postcards”
Here you will find a lot of pictures on the theme “Postcards for Forgiveness Sunday – the last day of Shrovetide Postcards” online. You can download any postcards, pictures, animations to your phone, tablet, computer, laptop for free and send them to your friends, relatives, relatives and share them for free via social networks or WhatsApp (whatsapp).

Farewell techniques.- Psychology of a Happy Life

Very soon, one of the most mystical and mysterious holidays of the year will come. In the USA it is known as Halloween, in Scandinavian countries as Kekri, and in Ireland and Great Britain as Samhain. Having penetrated into the essence of the holidays, you find an amazing relationship. Both Kekri and Samhain and Halloween are the holidays of the transition to winter. In Finland, the amazing word “Kekri” means all the last and all the first. This is the beginning, which marks the end of something, and the end, after which something begins.Samhain, Kekri, Halloween is a natural transition from one stage of life to another.

If Kekri reminds us of the cycle of life, that after the end of one, there is always the beginning of another, then Samhain is a moment of timelessness. This is a kind of epilogue of the year, the epilogue of life, at this time the results are summed up.

Allow yourself in this period, when nature seems to be dying, preparing for winter, to take time for yourself – to stop and think about the past year, to realize what lies dead weight, and let it die.

Here are some techniques that you can do yourself. First, set aside a time that is convenient for you. Provide yourself with peace of mind. No interference, no distractions.
And if you’re ready then let’s start.

1. “Letter of Sensations” (D. Gray). Prepare a few sheets of paper and a pen. Focus on the feelings you want to write about. On the person with whom they are associated. Start your letter by addressing the abuser. And then let go of yourself, let yourself be spoken out.Don’t think about censorship, about control, about grammar, don’t choose expressions. Let yourself go, let yourself be spoken out: write about what saddened you, what you feared, what you regret, describe your grievances, fears and worries. Express claims, ultimatums, accusations, fears, etc., even if you don’t say anything like that in your life. Don’t be afraid to offend anyone with this letter. This letter is your confession, The meaning of this technique is not for the addressee to read the message, but to speak out about the painful one. The main thing is to express your feelings and not go into spatial reflections.Do not hold back your feelings while writing, if tears appear – let yourself cry.

This technique involves writing a response letter, which we write to ourselves on behalf of the offender.
Reply letter.

Let there be exactly the words that you want to hear, even if in reality this person does not say them to you. Take the following phrases as a basis: I have read your letter and now I am answering. I thank you for opening your heart to me and sharing your experiences, feelings, fears.I understand and realize…. I’m sorry … I was afraid and cowardly … I want you to know … Forgive me … I dream … I love you … I forgive …. I feel confident … I feel grateful … You are the most (most) … You deserve … With love, …

Perhaps one letter will not be enough, and the changes will not happen instantly, perhaps after a while you will write another letter and another … Each time you notice that there are fewer negative emotions and it has become easier to thank.

There are many options for this letter:
– a letter about something intimate, about which they have been silent until now, something that – for some reason – remained unspoken.
– letter – gratitude. For example, Professor Martin Seligman offers to write a letter in order to say “thank you” to another for everything he gave us in life. It takes courage to write such a letter.
– letter of apology / repentance. You may have offended someone and want to apologize, but there is no way to do it in real life.

2. Technique balloon
Take a balloon and, inflating it, exhale all the hurt and pain from yourself. Imagine that this ball is your resentment.Release it into the sky and watch how it gets smaller and smaller as you move away!

3. Technique “Farewell card” (Baer U.)
“Before you start creating a farewell card, close your eyes for a while and think about who or what you would like to say goodbye to. It can be some kind of feeling, your usual demeanor or some other quality of you … It can be a person who offended you, whom you offended … It can be a place of work, place of residence, desire, illusion or something else that now seems important to you.
Create a farewell card using any means available …

Remember how you send postcards to friends from places where you travel. Usually there is a picture on one side of such a postcard and text on the other. So it is on the farewell postcards. When your picture is dry, turn it over and write on the reverse side the text, a few lines, facing the person you would like to say goodbye to …
To make the card reach the addressee, they write the address on it and stick a postage stamp on it.But, in this case, your postcard can only reach the addressee in your imagination. You can’t throw it in the letterbox, but you can make an envelope for your postcard or wrap it any way you want … Choose the right packing material (paper, fabric, etc.) from what is available and come up with the right one packaging for your postcard. Write the name of the addressee and the name of the sender on it. Then you can do with her as you see fit …

For example, conduct a fire ritual.

Ritual burning brings completeness to your work. When you see how your words turn to ash and fly away with smoke, something important happens … “

Knowing how to forgive and say goodbye consciously, not just for a tick or a word of mouth, is difficult, but important for the further way forward. This skill will give you the opportunity to stop making plans for the past, and look at the present in a new way.

As Udo Baer writes in his book Creative Therapy – Creative Therapy;
“Forgiveness allows us to end the story of grievances, say goodbye and bury the time when we felt like a victim … Forgiveness is the hope for a new, better life.Many of us would like to start life “from scratch”, white as freshly fallen snow, but this is impossible. A person, allowing something new to arise in his life, always leaves behind something old, something that was “written” before: successes and failures, experienced grievances and gifts of fate … Sometimes he is forced to “burn bridges” to the past, but this does not mean that he should spend the rest of his life on the ashes, sprinkling ashes on his head … Once upon a time this ashes were our experiences. Now this is our life experience.Ashes are good for the earth, meaningful experience can be an excellent fertilizer for the growth of new ideas and beginnings. But, it is impossible to grow something new on ash alone, and if a person wants to move on, then sooner or later he must decide to leave the old roads, find a new path and go … “You will never know where this road leads, if you will stand still … “

Patience in your endeavors! Do not forget that the road will be mastered by the one walking!
And Happy Halloween!

Farewell techniques.

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90,000 Farewell GIFs. 35 GIF animations of farewell forever

People converge and part, this is natural and irreversible. As sad as it may be, sooner or later the time comes to say goodbye and let the person go. You need to make room in life so that someone else comes, who suits you much more. Our collection of Goodbye GIFs will help you say that word and end your relationship once and for all. 30 GIF animations to choose from, which you can send to social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Wotsapp or any others, as well as simply download for free.

GIFs for goodbye

The princess leaves beautifully

A man and a woman say goodbye, there are trains between them. Forgive, goodbye …

The girl goes into the distance, without looking back

Love messages are burning under a cold “Goodbye”

The girl says goodbye and leaves, wagging her round buttocks and thereby creates a special tragedy of the moment for a man

A girl leaves in the rain, turning on goodbye

I’m running from love, from happiness, from a dream … From you

Rain knocks on the window, leaving wet, cold drops on it.It’s a great time to say goodbye to a person forever.

Forgive me, my love. Goodbye …

The girl is crying, but nothing can be done. You need to say goodbye with love

Farewell on the frosty platform

Misunderstanding ruined another pair

Farewell, my unfulfilled hope. Goodbye, my love …

If it is difficult for you to speak, but you need to

A girl asks forgiveness for parting

A girl in tears leaves her last love

A soldier hugs a girl on the platform goodbye and looks into the distance

Farewell, my love forever …I will never forget you!

This GIF can be answered if you were sent “goodbye”.

Don’t bother the subscriber, he is happy without you. That means unwillingness to communicate and goodbye forever

A man lacks his beloved female lips

Come on, leave

Parting near the railway. With a light hope …

Let go and forgive

GIF with a girl in the rain and a poem in which the word “Goodbye” is repeated 4 times

Goodbye.The paths diverge forever and ever

Forgive me, I will never come back

A GIF that alternates between various scenes with the words “Goodbye”

A book in which the words of parting are written forever

A man watches the train after a difficult parting

A couple hugs , because they are waiting for eternal separation

GIF with the inscription “Goodbye forever” and a girl in the rain waiting for the train

GIF of rain with a farewell inscription. We hope that you will not say goodbye to us and will look at our gifs again.But to another, more joyful collection. For example, this one.

© Lifeo.ru

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Voice for the post – a plus in karma! 🙂 Loading …

Farewell postcards Sunday greetings. Sincere words on the day of Forgiveness Sunday in bright pictures and postcards

On Forgiven Sunday, pictures and bright photos will help you find the right words of apology for all your loved ones.This is the time when everyone can admit their mistakes, make peace with those whom they unwittingly insulted, with whom they have been in a quarrel for a long time.

Every day we unconsciously offend our loved ones, thereby hurting them, while not always realizing in time that we have made a mistake. It’s great that there is a day when you can say to everyone from the bottom of your heart: “I’m sorry!”

Beautiful pictures or short poems with photos are simply irreplaceable on such an important holiday. After all, it is very difficult sometimes to convey everything that lies in the heart with the help of words.A properly selected image will do the job much better.

Forgiveness Sunday, the last day of Shrovetide. It is celebrated on the eve of Lent, followed by the lightest Orthodox holiday – Easter. This is an opportunity to cleanse oneself from sins, get rid of the heavy burden of committed mistakes, apologize to everyone with the help of bright postcards with forgiven Sunday.

It is not difficult to make them on your own, and if there is no time for this, then it is just as easy to download those you like from our page, upload them to social networks, to your friends’ guest house, to the forums.Indeed, the selection contains only the best images for any occasion and situation.

Here you will find a text of apology for your beloved mother, wife, husband, verses for a friend and girlfriend with a request to forgive, and even unusual wishes.

On Forgiven Sunday, pictures and photos can not only express an apology, but also simply congratulate you on the holiday. Everyone will be happy with warm, heartfelt words on such a day.

Pick up a beautiful postcard, put in it sincere congratulations on forgiven Sunday and give joy to your family. Tell them that in their lives, thanks to such a wonderful Russian tradition, everything will definitely be fine!

Forgiving each other, we become better, cleaner and stronger, because asking to forget all grievances is not always an easy decision. Sometimes you have to overcome yourself to take such a step. Of course, if there is a long-standing quarrel with a person, it is difficult to come up right away and say: “Sorry.”A great way in this case would be on the day of forgiveness resurrection sms, photograph, or verse.

Short messages with ready-made text will help overcome the barrier that arose long ago. They will definitely have the desired impact, the result will not be long in coming. The sender will send a reply in a few minutes: “And you forgive me.” Everything will fall into place, relations will improve.

About insults
All offenders
By this you can
That God
will forgive You!

If you are yourself,
Peace will always be with you.
If you live honestly,
serve God with faith.

Do not offend anyone,
And forgive everyone’s offenses,
God bless you,
He will forgive you all your sins.

Forgiveness Sunday,
Accept, brother (friend), congratulations!

God teaches people to forgive
And not hold offense,
to open to Mercy,
Pray with a kind heart.

To be unforgettable,
To live with a clear conscience.
Forgiveness Sunday
Give out congratulations!

Pictures and photos on the Day of Forgiveness are an excellent opportunity to congratulate all relatives on a wonderful holiday. Colorful, animated, with iridescent glitter, depicting angels, saints, great temples, accompanied by the most important words – what could be more necessary and useful?

With their help, even those who are not nearby at the moment, in another city, country, on the other side of the world, will be able to feel the care, love and respect of their relatives.There is nothing more valuable than moments like these.

When everything is forgiven and forgotten, then the soul immediately becomes easy, the mood rises, you want to rejoice, laugh and share your fun with everyone.

Please, forgive me for everything,
How have I offended you,
Perhaps I didn’t see my fault
Once upon a time I didn’t see.

And I will forgive you in return,
Let it be on Sunday
Forget about offenses, the light,
Summer will come in hearts!

Sunday has come,
It’s time to ask forgiveness
From a friend, mom, brother,
Sisters, beloved, matchmaker!
Accept you too, forgiveness
On Holy Sunday!

Spring in the shower!
Pancakes for a treat!
And I apologize for everything, for everything!

On Forgiveness Day I light a candle,
forgive me as I forgive you.
Life is fragile in reality,
There is little strength in our body,
We cannot overcome everything,
But according to God we can live:

Love everyone and forgive everyone,
Help everyone in the world,
Pray to God faithfully,
Do not be angry and not get angry!

God can be obedient,
And with people – magnanimous,
To act as the duty commands,
God will forgive us too!

And it is not always necessary to wait a whole year to make a step towards a truce. You can give each other pictures, photos or short sms with the words “I’m sorry”, “I’m sorry”, “I’m sorry” every day as controversial situations arise.And then life will become much brighter and brighter.

An important date in the Christian calendar is Forgiveness Sunday. It coincides with the beginning of Lent, and among the people it is considered to be the last day of Maslenitsa week. During fasting, a person cleans not only his bodily shell, but also his thoughts, spiritual essence.

On Forgiveness Sunday, it is customary to ask for forgiveness from your friends, relatives and loved ones. To remind a loved one about this date, you can give a handmade postcard. Nearest Forgiveness Sunday falls on March 10, 2019.


From the heart
with a rose


How to make a postcard for this holiday

It so happened that traditionally this holiday does not have a fixed date, but the exact day can be found on the church calendar. If you make a product for your loved ones with their own hands, then they will appreciate this gesture. Perhaps this will become a family tradition.We also advise you to save yourself and find out everything about.

To make your own postcard “Happy Sunday 2019”, you will need:

  • colored or white cardboard;
  • colored pastel paper;
  • several ribbons;
  • braid;
  • lace;
  • paper glue;
  • colored pens, markers;
  • buttons;
  • beautiful beads, rhinestones.

To make your work more fun, you can involve children in this craft.

  1. Cut a rectangular blank for the product from cardboard. The size can be selected individually, depending on your preferences. The same goes for the shape of the postcard: it can be rectangular, round, square. We will choose a rectangular shape, and the size is 15 by 20 cm. The edges can be rounded or left sharp.
  2. We take several colored ribbons or braid, the field of which we carefully glue around the perimeter. You can braid the ribbons with a pigtail, or make several bundles out of them.The edges must be well coated with colorless glue so that the edging adheres firmly to the paper.
  3. Using a colored pen, write the text of the postcard in the center of the product blank. These can be the words: “Forgive me for everything”, “I apologize for all forgiveness”, “I beg your pardon”, “Happy Forgiveness Sunday 2019”. The letters can be decorated with beads or rhinestones. The size as well as the shape of the font can be thought up, or downloaded or copied. The letters should be comparable to the parameters of the future image on the postcard. That is, not very large, but not small either.
  4. The dove is a symbol of peace. On colored paper, you need to make a sketch, cut out the bird, then glue it to the cardboard. In its beak, the dove will carry a laurel branch. It must be carefully cut out of colored ribbons, and then glued. Also, motives for decorating postcards for “Forgiveness Sunday” on March 10, 2019 can be spied on for free in craft magazines. Images of angels, bouquets of flowers, animals and birds will do.
  5. Under the inscription you can draw an angel and a bouquet of flowers.These symbols are perfect for this bright day. Beautiful bright beads, rhinestones will help to complete the design of the piece.

It remains only at the bottom of the product, under the inscription: “Happy Forgiveness Sunday!” sign the date – 2019. Such a gift can be made with your own hands, which means – free of charge and by showing your creative skills. Using threads and needles, you can decorate cardboard with small beads.

What can be shown on a postcard?

Forgiveness Sunday in 2019 fell on March.On this day, it is customary to glorify Christ, Angels and the Holy Spirit, who flies to earth in the form of a dove, with congratulations and postcards. This day symbolizes the beginning of Lent, which ends with the bright holiday of Easter. All events glorify the faith and mercy of God, his love for all people and compassion.

Christian symbols can be placed on a postcard to ask for forgiveness for all your sins. This day of the Christian calendar is associated with spiritual cleansing, so the image of candles, fire, flowing water and other natural elements will give the card a light and peaceful mood:

  • it is better to execute your postcard “Happy Forgiveness Sunday” 2019 in bed, muted colors;
  • for those who do not know how to draw, you can download for free and print the image on a color printer.Biblical stories, flower motifs, images of children, animals are suitable;
  • it is best, albeit not as brightly as in the printed picture, to practice and draw the symbols of this day yourself.

The nearest Forgiveness Sunday will only be in March 2019. By this time, you can practice your creativity in order to please relatives with a wonderful postcard.

Decoration of a holiday card

In order to please your loved ones with a homemade postcard on March 10, 2019, you can perform biblical stories on it.Relatives will be pleased with the design made by hand.

Of course, images downloaded from the Internet and printed on thick paper will look juicier, brighter, but they will not have a soul. DIY decoration will give the product a more homey, cozy look.

The postcard itself can be made in any shape: rectangular, square, round. You can show your imagination and make a three-dimensional image. Only skill, diligence, as well as the taste of the performer determine the form and content of the craft.

  1. Beautiful letters for the Forgiveness Sunday 2019 card should be centered. It is better to choose an unusual, beautiful large font. It can be antique letters, or a sentimental font with curls. In any case, the inscription should be well readable and also stand out from the general background.
  2. The edges of the postcard can be finished with braid, ribbons, lace, beautiful buttons.
  3. The image inside the card can be cut out of colored paper. Ribbons and transparent glue, if you put in a little effort, will make unmatched spring flowers.This is relevant, since usually the holiday falls on the end of February – beginning of March.
The history of a bright holiday

This event is the oldest Orthodox and everyone’s favorite holiday. The custom of asking your relatives for forgiveness can be called a noble and purifying tradition for the soul and thoughts. On this day, faith grows stronger that the Lord will forgive us all sins, if we ourselves forgive everyone around us. This holiday came to us from the Egyptians and is honored by believers to this day.

In the Christian world, Forgiveness Sunday is famous for the fact that by getting rid of bad thoughts and forgiving their loved ones, a person is thus purified before Great Lent. On this day in ancient times, according to Christian customs, believers went to church to confess and turn to the clergy. All family members did not go to bed that day until each of them asked each other for forgiveness.

Years passed, but in the 20th century, the traditions of Forgiveness Sunday were observed even by monarchs.In Russia, on this day, the tsar personally issued a decree, asking for forgiveness from his subjects.

For Orthodox Christians Forgiveness Sunday is a special day. It precedes Great Lent and is designed to cleanse the soul of every believer from sin (after all, sometimes we can offend a person without even wanting or noticing it), and also remind us of how important it is to forgive one another.

The day has no fixed date and is celebrated on the last Sunday of Shrovetide. In 2018 it will be February 18th.

There is also no single recipe for those who want to cleanse their souls. The clergy are unanimous in the opinion that the main thing is the believer’s sincere desire and repentance for his deed, regardless of whether the offense was intentionally inflicted.

It is customary not only to ask for forgiveness on this special day from those with whom you are in a quarrel. Often, even loving and close people can hurt each other by word or action. Therefore, it is worth sincerely asking for forgiveness:

  • from children and parents;
  • from relatives and friends;
  • from friends and acquaintances;
  • from teachers and neighbors;
  • from unfamiliar people whom you could inadvertently offend.

Also, on the day of Forgiveness Sunday, it has long been customary to ask for forgiveness from those who are not with us by visiting the cemetery, or lighting a candle in the Temple.

How to ask for forgiveness correctly?

Unfortunately, more often people think about how to beautifully ask for forgiveness, inventing the most extraordinary ways. But, in the eyes of the Almighty, first of all, the awareness of one’s wrongdoing and sincerity on the part of the one who offended and the willingness to take a step towards a meeting on the part of that matter matters.Who offended. As practice shows, it is to take this step not externally (in front of people), but inwardly (in front of oneself and the Lord) that turns out to be the most difficult of all.

We invite you to listen to the Priest’s advice on how to learn to forgive and how to properly ask for forgiveness on Forgiveness Sunday.

Of course, the most correct and correct way will be a personal meeting, a sincere conversation, strong hugs and sincere forgiveness.

But what if there is no way to meet in person, or emotions prevent you from putting words together in a beautiful and correct phrase? We will help you by offering many original versions in poetry and prose, as well as beautiful postcards, pictures and videos that can be sent to family and friends on Forgiveness Sunday in 2018.

SMS for Forgiveness Sunday

The most common on the last day of Maslenitsa are short phrases and rhymed lines asking for forgiveness, which can be sent via SMS or via any messenger (Viber, Wats App, Telegram).

On this Forgiven Sunday

I want to ask my friend for forgiveness

For a bitter word, for thoughts, for a deed

Zv everything that has been aching in my soul over the years …

I love you – you know that yourself

And for communication we are not looking for dates

May we always have peace in our souls

I kiss and remember always – I am with you!

Beloved mother, you are dearer to me than all

You are my ray of sunshine in life, but still

My tongue is sometimes prickly like a needle

From my heart I forgive – forgive you child.

Forgiveness Sunday is a special, glorious day

An Orthodox Christian must purify his soul on this day.

I ask for forgiveness honestly, sincerely before God,

And let all our insults sparkle.

Let adversity go out in a moment

All with anxiety shaky.

And peace will come in the soul

Illuminating his face with a smile.

If I offended you with anything

By deed or by word.

Know, in my thoughts I had no

Nothing bad.

And let’s sit down together

We will sit at the table and a mug

Together for the family we will raise

Joyfully and amicably.

Let’s let go of all insults in a moment,

Let’s dispel all sorrows

And we will learn to forgive,

As the Lord forgives.

In the light moment and the hour of forgiveness

With the help of the Lord

I ask you to forget the grievances

Becoming free from sins.

Let the ray of God’s Grace

Disperse the clouds in the soul

And all of us in the world are sinners

Teach to love, to forgive.

You are like my dear mother,

God is the witness of this.

I am not a gift, but I know

You are my virtue.

Sorry, I ask

On the day of this Forgiven.

Let peace in the soul give birth to

God’s ray of light.

I beg your forgiveness

On a special day – on Sunday.

On this day, the Lord forgave

And he also bequeathed to us.

Let’s forget all insults

And hug, friends.

Whatever happens in life

I can’t live without you!

Forgiveness Sunday – salvation for the souls of sinners!

The Lord will give us a chance

Ask everyone for forgiveness,

And save us from confusion

Our thoughts, lives, souls,

What would words not just in the ears …

So that everyone could forgive

And what it is important to ask

About forgiveness not from God

But from relatives and friends

Or just people.

And then the Lord will hear

Who and what in the world “breathes”

And will send blessings

And success and enlightenment!

Being able to forgive is an art too

When goosebumps on the skin

Resentment creeps up meanly

And it launches darkness into the soul.

Open the window towards God

And step by step, little by little,

Get rid, my friend, of resentment,

What hurts in your heart and soul.

Forgive the one who hurt

Though understanding, though involuntarily.

The Lord forgave and ordered us

To do more good deeds.

Catch congratulations by mail

On Forgiveness Sunday

I don’t even have grudges

And I don’t cherish evil in my pocket.

I highly value our friendship

And when going to the Temple for the service

I ask you to forgive me in response

And not hide grudges in my soul.

Let a ray of the spring sun

Wake you up on Sunday

After all, there are many things to do on this day

It’s time for forgiveness has come!

The Lord today bequeathed

To forgive people and forgave himself.

Gave the hope of salvation,

Without remembering the sin.

Shake off the shackles from the soul

You smile at the one with whom you are in a quarrel.

And feel peace in your soul

From such honest joy!

Excuse me and forgive me, loved ones, relatives,

Ahead of us with a test is waiting for the weekend.

I congratulate you on Forgiveness Sunday,

And I wish you all a spring mood.

Winter will come to us now in a year,

We smell the sun and spring.

Inside every soul sings,

From the anticipation of spiritual beauty.

I congratulate everyone on Forgiveness Sunday,

Let the birdsong sound in your hearts,

We ourselves create a mood around us,

Putting meaning in the words spoken.

You can speak, but people will not hear,

Shout, but no use,

Or speak as quietly as possible,

And the words will prick like a needle.

Learn to speak and understand others,

Happy People, Happy Forgiveness Sunday!

Do not forget to congratulate loved ones and relatives on this day,

I am not an ideal person, there are many mistakes and misdeeds,

We offend loved ones not out of malice, distributing negative like a sponge.

On this day, we need to think about it, and understand what has been done wrong.

Because only Forgiveness Sunday sends a sign from above.

There is a custom for Forgiveness Sunday,

Ask for forgiveness for everything,

Pray to God in church,

And forgive anyone who offenders ourselves.

Let in 2018, troubles and misfortunes do not disturb,

Be sure to congratulate your relatives on the holiday,

You need to act carefully.

There are no days off for kindness.

Happy Holidays! Happy Forgiveness Sunday!

Saying to each other: “Forgive me”,

By raising the mood for yourself,

By distributing happiness a small percentage of particles.

Wonderful holiday – Forgiveness Sunday,

Observing tradition, we ask everyone for forgiveness.

There is no other way, if people are baptized,

And you cannot do such things as hastily.

We are rushing about in search of salvation,

And we are looking for advice from people.

But there is Forgiveness Sunday,

Prayer will warm your soul.

Congratulations to everyone, I wish you only happiness,

Smile more often from the heart,

To make your heart beat with love and passion,

Rejoice in deeds small and large.

The air is clean and spring

In the house, in the room, everywhere,

I am on Forgiveness Sunday,

Congratulations to my family!

They ask everyone for forgiveness in the morning,

And do not hold evil at all,

On Forgiveness Sunday,

I wish you to live without troubles and without problems.

The sun’s warm rays,

Beat drops on the glass,

Let the day of Forgiveness Sunday,

Bring special meaning.

We are like a storage jug,

We collect everything good and bad,

Our life is like an exhibition of paintings,

And it is either modest, or luxurious.

Insults scream from within like birds,

And rush in your soul.

Leafing through some pages of the past,

What would you like to forget about.

Try to act differently today,

Ask for forgiveness from God, from people,

On Forgiveness Sunday, be saved with prayers,

Opening hearts like doors at the door.

Bitterness and resentment pull us down,

Everyone is trying to break hope from the inside,

Only you do not give in, and on Forgiveness Sunday,

Tell people about forgiveness.

Do not throw memorized phrases,

Do not dust with sly words,

Better to say it slowly,

And show love with deeds.

The Lord makes it possible for us to become purer,

Get rid of the blackness of resentment,

Therefore, pray for Forgiveness Sunday,

If the understatement sits inside.

Great holiday and great day,

When you can’t refuse goodbye,

I say, and you hear me:

– Forgive me, for Christ’s sake, you are me, friends.

Good morning! – I will tell the city,

In the church for the family “On health” I will order,

I will call my relatives,

For insults I will ask both past and past.

Happy holiday, people, with Forgiveness Sunday,

Only in sincerity will we be saved.

Widely with an open soul,

I say to everyone “Happy Forgiveness Sunday!”

There are people who offended me,

And there are those for whom I am guilty,

But in order to ask for forgiveness,

There is no reason or obstacle.

Therefore, on Forgiveness Sunday,

I say: “Forgive me everything,”

And those who grieved me,

There is no evil at you in my soul.

A soul free from the severity of offenses sings,

On Forgiveness Sunday I repented to God,

It is impossible to live when it sees inside

That feeling similar to heartburn.

Friends, take the burden off your shoulders,

Call your relatives and friends,

Tell them what you wanted to tell them,

And all of you will respond with a warm word in a moment.

Teach children to go to church,

Do not be lazy to explain simple things,

So that on Forgiveness Sunday,

Do not pull forgiveness “for ticks”.

To keep order in the head,

To make families stronger in children,

To have more happiness in their fate,

Teach to be kind from childhood


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