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A farewell party is a very special moment for a person to whom it is being given. A farewell party is given to a person or group of individuals to convey them the message that they will be highly missed by others. Such a party or event needs high precision during planning and organizing. Thus, it is very important that you should consult with an experienced organization before throwing a farewell party for your loved ones.

Why should you choose NJ Party shop for planning your farewell event?

Well, it has been seen that unlike other events which are very glittery and joyous, farewell events are much calmer and sophisticated. So, to throw a successful farewell party which gets remembered for a very long time, you have to choose an organizer who has high experience in this field of work. This is where we, NJ Party shop come into existence. We, at the NJ party shop, have a vast pool of highly experienced event organizers who have been working in this profession for a decade now and have experienced and organized some of the most high-profile events across the country.

Apart from this, we also provide most of the props and decoration items which will make your farewell party talk of the town.

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We, at NJ Party shop, consider customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal and keeping this particular objective in mind, we provide our customers with some of the most innovative and creative ideas which are both simple, sophisticated as well as economically viable. We understand the concern of our customers and provide them with the best deals for the packages in the entire event organizing market. So, if you are going to plan a farewell party for your employer or your teacher or any other special person, come to us and give us the opportunity to serve you for the mentioned event. We guarantee you that here at enjoy party shop you will get some of the best deals across the market and you will not return unsatisfied.

50+ Pretty Balloon Decoration Ideas

Balloons can be one of the most inexpensive and simple decoration for any party, weddings or holiday celebrations.

So you might be looking for a creative and unique way to set them up. Here we have tons of awesome balloon decorations, which would add more style, color and flair to any special event from weddings, baby showers to birthday parties and more. Take a look at all these most creative decoration ideas and give your favorite ones a try for your next party!

Giant Confetti Filled Balloon

These beautiful giant confetti filled balloons are sure to add the wow factor to any party! notonthehighstreet.

Balloon Wands Unicorn Birthday Party Decoration

These beautiful balloon wands can be unicorn birthday party decorations or used as party favors! More details via source.

Meri Meri Glittered Balloon Party Kit

Tie Balloons to Favor Bags

Neat and simple idea for a party! Just tie balloons to favor bags! They will be festive party decor, plus everyone wants to take home a balloon! source.

Glowing Balloons

Put a glow stick in balloons before inflating them – really cute idea for an outdoor party – provides fun lighting! .

LED Balloons

Balloon Cupcake Toppers

Love this idea of balloon toppers for cupcakes! You can not use real balloons, and just cut some paper in the shape of balloons and attach them to your cupcake or any cake using some paperclips. Awesome idea for any party cake decoration! See details via source.

Heart Balloon Backdrop

Mini Pom Pom Decorated Balloons

Mini Ice Cream Cone Balloon Sticks DIY

Floral Balloon Arch

Giant Balloon Wrapped in Tulle

Amazing Spiral Balloon Columns

Making amazing spiral balloon columns is easy with this how-to. Make yours in any colors or theme for a birthday, baby shower, graduation, prom…source.

Double Balloons & Tulle

Clear balloons on outside, school colors on inside. tie with tulle or cute ribbon. source.

Adorable Balloon and Streamers Backdrop

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

DIY Emoji Balloons

Hot Air Balloon Basket Photo Booth

Large Pink Confetti Balloons Decoration

Beautiful Qualatex Swirl Design Deco Balloons

DIY Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch

Paper Flower Decorated Balloons

Multi-colored Balloon Backdrop

DIY Balloon Garland for Engagement Party

Black and Gold Balloons with Gold Ribbons

Pretty in Pink Balloon Backdrop Decoration for Birthday Party

DIY Flower Balloons

Hot Air Balloon First Birthday Photo Shoot

Embellished Balloons for Party Decoration

Modern Party Balloons Decoration

LED Flashing Light Balloon

Gold-Brushed Balloons

Turn the simple balloons into the upscale party decor just with a few strokes of gold paint! Super easy! See the instructions via source.

Balloon Covered Bottle Centerpieces

DIY Balloon Wreath

Pink Themed Balloon Decoration for Birthday Party

Money Confetti and Candy Inside Balloons

Adorable Floral Balloon Decoration

Valentine’s Day Balloon Heart

DIY Balloon Centerpiece With Vinyl Letters

Tassels on the Balloons

Geronimo Style Big Round Balloons With Streamers

Giant Balloon Christmas Lights and Ornaments

Fun Way to Decorate Balloons with Pretty Foam Balls

DIY Confetti Balloons

Balloon Decorated With Paper Raindrops for Baby Shower Decor

Filled With Love Mini Balloon Wands

DIY Gold Splatter Paint Balloons

DIY Glitter Balloons

Wall Decor with balloons in Different Sizes

Use balloons in different sizes and just taped them to the wall! This can be a great and easy decor for any party!

Sparkle Balloons with Rice Lights

Organic Bubble Strand Balloons for Entrance Decor


Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives – Balloons Blow

There are many alternatives to balloon releases. To avoid unintentionally littering with balloons, you can instead have fun, celebrate, and remember with environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Let your imagination soar and who knows what creative, one-of-a-kind idea you might come up with!

*Unsustainable alternatives* 
Sky lanterns: (Chinese paper lanterns) are

not an environmentally-friendly alternative. Leaving a fire unattended is against fire code. Sky lanterns have started huge fires, caused serious burns, and have killed animals.

Click to enlarge

Butterfly releases: Lepidopterologists warn butterfly releases are not good for the environment. They also promote the breeding and exploitation of animals. Click here or here for more information.

Dove releases: Wildlife rehabilitators advise against the release of all domestic birds. Casualties are still common even when a professional is used.

 They also promote the breeding and exploitation of animals. Click here for more information.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Click to Enlarge

Plant in remembrance – A great way to honor and remember a loved one or an important issue is to bring more life to our planet. By planting a native tree, flower garden or butterfly garden you are not only giving life to that plant you are also providing shelter, resources, and clean air to all kinds of wildlife and people. This remembrance will last a very long time and you can visit your tree or flower bed as much as you want and create more life by doing so!

Flowers and trees can also be used at fundraising events as incentives to donate. They could then be planted in a public area, perhaps taking on different shapes or words, or can be taken home by participants to be planted elsewhere as a living memory. Here’s a great place to find trees: GiveTreeGifts.com. There are urns to plant as well. You can also help reforestation with memorial, celebration, or pet loss trees by visiting The Trees Remember.

Flags, banners, streamers and dancing inflatables – Many businesses are realizing the benefits of using reusable eye-catching signage. Colorful streamers, flags and banners save money and time over balloons, ribbons and helium. They are also weather resistant, save Helium, and can be reused again and again! Here are some great companies:  Ribbon Streamers, Custom Made Flags, Fort Myers Banners.

Ribbon dancers – Instead of giving kids and guests balloons at parties or events, why not give them something a little more engaging? Balloons will simply sit tied up or be gone in a flash if released (not to mention harm wildlife and deplete helium resources). Ribbon dancers are beautiful and require people to move around and have fun!

A group of people spinning and twirling with a colorful long ribbon following their every move is surely a sight to see.

You can even have guests make their own ribbon dancer, decorations and all!


Kites & garden spinners – Vibrant fabric that dance in the high winds or eye-catching colors spinning in the garden. Unlike balloons, kites and spinners can be enjoyed for years. Here’s a couple awesome places to find both, and more: Zephyr Kites, Lainie’s Way, Fun with Wind. Kites can be a great prize to give people who donate and can then be flown to draw attention. Here is an example of a successful group that uses kites for fundraising.

Bunting – A great way to decorate for parties and celebrations is bunting! These beautiful waves of fabric can be made at home and uniquely designed with different patterns, shapes, and colors. They are also reusable, fun to make, and are sure to light up the party! Here is a link to learn how to make your own bunting.


Pinwheels – With flashy colors fluttering in the wind, pinwheels are sure to catch many eyes. They are great for attracting attention to businesses, awareness projects, birthday parties and more! Kids can have fun making their own, find easy instructions here. Click here for printable patriotic pinwheel. Here are examples of pinwheels making a point: Pinwheels for Prevention, Pinwheels for Peace.

Tissue Paper Pompoms – For some color burst at parties or celebrations, tissue paper pompoms are spectacular! These pretty, colorful poof balls can be easily made at home and are reusable. They are also fun activities for kids to make too! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to make your own pompoms.


Drumming – The drum has been called the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Using drums to celebrate does not create waste or cause danger to wildlife. The beat brings people together and can be used for any occasion. Here is a great example of how drumming can replace harmful celebrations.

Get flocked – A flock of pink flamingos brightens everyone’s day. Fake flamingos can be placed on the lawn of one’s choice for a donation, where they will stay for a few days before moving to the next scheduled location. They can be reused for years of flocking fun. Here is a great example.

Floating flowers – For some, the upward drifting of balloons gives them a sense of letting go, and at the same time thinking the balloon will eventually reach their loved one. Because remembering a loved one by potentially killing another life isn’t exactly the best feeling, there are many alternatives. Floating flowers or flower petals down a calm stream can give you the same sense of letting go. You will be able to be in nature and feel the energy of your loved one and all the life that surrounds you! Be sure to use native flowers and not let go an excessive amount.

Wildflower seed bombs – A great way to give a gift that grows is by making your own flower seed bombs! It’s important to only use native seeds. These little pounces will spread life-giving, beautiful flowers. Learn how to make your own seed bombs here. 

Jump rope for a cause – Jump roping is fun, good for your body, and a great way to get people together! Using jump ropes to bring awareness to a cause engages participants and will bring attention from others who see. Here is a cause that has been very successful using jump ropes to bring awareness and funds to a growing issue.

Environmental Fundraising – Fundraising with Earth-themed and eco-conscious products. Raise funds and keep the environment clean of wasteful plastic straws. Fundraising with glass straws or here.

Ten eco-friendly fundraising ideas – Green Child Magazine has a great post.

Birthday parties without balloons – Birthday parties can be festive & exciting without boring, wasteful balloons. Here are some great examples.

Lighting candles & Luminaries – A great way to remember a loved one or welcome new life is by lighting candles. On the anniversary of the passing or the birthday of new life, everyone can light a candle and remember their loved one or wish and be filled by the light of the candle. This can be a lasting, and comforting connection between you and another life! Luminaries are beautiful at night and can be used to line sidewalks or placed in a group. Learn how to make a frosted Mason jar luminary. You can also find luminaries with designs on them here.

Blowing bubbles – Blowing bubbles is always fun; watching them bounce around towards the sky and twist with the wind. It also requires you to exhale and breathe. This is a great way to release your feelings as well and just let go. Imagine the spectacular sight of a countless number of bubbles floating away into the sky with a piece of every person that have gathered together! Here is a quick homemade recipe.


Giant bubbles – We love bubbles! And the good people at Dr. Zigs can get you started on creating your own giant bubbles. They ‘strive to be a sustainable company and are driven by strong ethical and environmental principles’. These bubbles are a sight to behold and fun

for everyone. Easy-to-use wands allow anyone to blow their own. Let the breeze carry them away! The Bubble Bus is also exciting for events, celebrations, fundraisers or parties. Millions of bubbles big and small will surround everyone with joy! Make homemade bubble wands to create your own big bubbles here.

Mass Gathering – Having people come together to create a shape, word, or image can be very unifying and beautiful! This has been done to bring awareness to an issue/cause, for memorials, and celebrations. Everyone gets to participate to be a part of something bigger than themselves!


Memorials for beloved pets – Turn your pets cremations into nurturing memorials that will encourage more life. Planting native trees or wild flowers is a beautiful way to perpetuate your pets memory. You can find great alternatives here and here.

Origami Whales – Make your own pod of whales with origami whale instructions. Bring awareness to these gentle giants instead of harming them with balloons. Here is an example of how children can come together and make a difference.

Colored lights – Colored lights catch attentions during parties, holidays, and even on certain issues! It can replace a normal white light year-round at a business or be used temporarily on special days. Here is a great example of how colored lights can be used to bring awareness to an issue.

Races, walks and organized games – Engaging your audience is a key to a successful event. Fundraisers and awareness events can have racers, walkers or players donate to participate, all while attracting positive attention to the issue and having fun!

Marches – It is hard to pass by a large organized group of people and not wonder what brought them together that day. Marches are a great way to bring attention to a pressing issue or honorable individual from local people to large media networks!

Book and food drives – There are many items that can be collected by holding a drive like books, nonperishable food, art supplies, shoes, clothes, etc. All of the items gathered can be used to directly help provide to others in need and spread awareness at the same time.

Flying Wish Paper – Write your wishes on these thin pieces of paper, roll them up, light them, and watch them rise. There is very little ash left and way to get the floating effect without harming the environment. Check them out on Flying Wish Paper.

Shaved heads – This look can bring a lot of attention when a group of people are willing to shave their heads for a cause or person. This alternative is used at outreach events and memorials and can catch on fast with participants. The press is sure to pick up on the unusual look that so many people choose to wear.

Farewell Going Away Moving Party Hot Air Balloon Party Printable Invitation

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Balloon Fiesta 2019 wraps up with Farewell Mass Ascension » Albuquerque Journal

. ……… ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ……….

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The 48th Balloon Fiesta said its annual goodbye to Albuquerque in spectacular style Sunday morning.

Wind at the field was light, and officials raised the green flag for this year’s Farewell Mass Ascension shortly after the 6 a.m. pilot’s briefing, just as the glowing shapes of Dawn Patrol balloons lifted into the dark morning sky.

Warmer conditions meant fewer heavy coats and blankets as spectators flooded Balloon Fiesta Park to get their last view of Albuquerque’s most colorful event.

Temperatures at the field were near 45 degrees Fahrenheit as the sun rose above the Sandia Mountains, more than 10 degrees warmer than the last few mornings, according to Balloon Fiesta weather reports.

Sunday was the seventh morning out of nine in which balloons were cleared for take off in a mass ascension during this year’s fiesta. Launches on opening day and Thursday were canceled due to wind.

During a mass ascension, pilots lift off in waves, filling the Albuquerque sky with hundreds of brightly-colored balloons.

Sunday’s balloons floated southward in a clear-blue sky toward the heart of the city, creating a stunning farewell view for onlookers on and off the field.

Sunday’s scheduled events
6:00 a.m. – Dawn Patrol Show
6:30 a.m. – Morning Glow
7:00 a.m. – Farewell Mass Ascension
8:00-11:00 a.m. – AIBF Chainsaw Carving Q&A

More pictures

Slide show: Balloon Fiesta through the years: Pictures from 1972-1991


Stories from this year’s Balloon Fiesta

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Why balloon releases don’t honor your loved one the way you think

When people we love pass away, it’s only natural to find ways to stay connected.

And for many, balloon releases have become a cathartic symbol of love, hope, and letting go.

Yet while releases are increasingly popular & their symbolism can be touching, the reality of this ritual is both heartbreaking and gruesome.

What really happens when balloons are released

To their credit, most people don’t realize what happens after their balloons float out of sight. It’s easy to think that they simply disappear, because in the moment, that’s what they do.

But unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

After they’re out of sight, 90 to 95% of latex balloons rise to an altitude of five miles. At that height, both the temperature & atmospheric pressure fall dramatically, which causes the helium in the balloon to expand. Eventually the latex also freezes, shatters & falls back to earth – along with any string & plastic attachments.

The remaining 5 to 10% of balloons that don’t reach that altitude either burst into larger fragments or float many miles before descending back to land or sea semi-inflated.

The damage they cause

When balloons return to earth, they are indiscriminant not only in where they land, but in who & what they impact.

When the string lands in trees, wires, and poles, birds and other wildlife can become tangled & strangled.

The following videos demonstrate a sampling of the kind of trauma balloons can cause:

When they land in water, they tangle birds and mammals, which can prevent them from feeding, strangle them and/or drown them. They can also look like jellyfish. And because some sea turtles feed almost exclusively on jellyfish, balloons are easily mistaken for their regular meal. Once ingested, the ensuing damage can become fatal if not caught early – if it’s caught at all.

Check out Chex’s story below:

What you can do

So, does strangling & drowning wildlife sound like a fitting way to honor your loved one? I’m just guessing here, but that’s probably the opposite of what you had in mind.

If you didn’t know about the realities of balloon releases before, you’re not alone. But as Maya Angelou once said, “when I know better, I do better.” 

And once you know the damage caused after balloons have been released – regardless of the intent behind it – you can’t unknow it.

Now, the question is, “what are the alternatives?”

Luckily, there are a number of options that involve togetherness and honoring the memory of a lost loved one in ways that are meaningful without being destructive. Here are 5 quick ideas to get you started.

Organize a memorial walk or hike

If the person you love loved the outdoors, why not hit the trails as a way to honor their memory?

If you’d like to keep it small, and you only want to gather as a tightknit group of 5 to 10 people, then you won’t need to do any special organizing beyond what you’d normally do to gather your friends & family together.

If you think you’d like to do a larger-scale family event, perhaps with 20+ people hiking along the trails, then you’ll need to check with the organization that owns the land as it may qualify as a “group event” that will necessitate a permit or other coordination. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be granted one, it only means that at that size, you (and they) will need to consider parking issues and whether other groups may be using the trails that same day.

If you plan to do a larger-scale community event, then you’ll need to be sure to contact the local town about specific ordinances and necessary permits and insurance so you’ll be covered. But if you’re up for the challenge of organizing a memorial event, it can be a great way to raise funds and awareness, as well as honor someone who loved to be active outdoors.

Plant a tree

Rather than release litter into the air, why not plant a native tree in someone’s honor?

If you own land, planting a tree will be an easy task. But if you want to plant a memorial tree on conservation land, be sure to work carefully with the organization that owns the land to be sure that doing so falls within their policies.

When it comes down to narrowing your choice of species, always work with a local native nursery to help you choose an appropriate tree and/or talk with a local extension forester or naturalist who can provide some guidance. Not only do you not want to plant an exotic species that will cause native species harm, but you want to be sure that what you DO plant will have the best chance of survival.

That said, keep in mind that as living things, trees can fall victim to disease, insects, weather, and other struggles. And planting a tree does not guarantee that it will survive. If you’re willing to accept that risk, then a memorial tree may work well for you. But if it would break your heart to see that “your” tree had been toppled, then another option might be better for you.

Donate time or money in their honor

Was there a cause that your loved one was passionate about or that you knew they always loved? Balloon releases can be expensive, so why not invest that money into something meaningful?

You can take the same amount of money that you would have spent on a balloon release – or any amount of money you’d like – and donate it to an organization that touched them.

If donating money isn’t feasible – or it doesn’t feel as meaningful – roll up your sleeves and donate your time to an organization in need of some help. Just remember that becoming a volunteer is a commitment, so if you’d only like to volunteer in the short-term, it’s better to find a one-off opportunity such as a trail-maintenance day, volunteering at a 5K or another event to satisfy this connection.

Practice random acts of kindness

Though they may be gone from the world, your loved one’s legacy is in those they leave behind. And if you’re looking to release anything into the world, let it be kindness – not balloons.

Need a few ideas to get started?

  • Pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you, or for someone’s meal at a restaurant.
  • Donate your gently worn clothes to a violence prevention organization for victims of sexual assault to wear after leaving the hospital (often their clothing has to be kept as evidence)
  • Prepare a meal for your family or for a friend who could use a hand
  • Offer a mom friend or a friend with an ailing parent some assistance so they can get out of the house to run some errands
  • Leave a generous tip
Reconnect with the living

Rather than releasing harm into the world, you can choose to create a living memorial by connecting with those who are still with you.

All that’s needed is a commitment to reaching out to the people in your life with whom you want to continue cultivating a relationship or perhaps that you haven’t been in touch with for awhile. And make a point to connect with them more regularly.

For example, perhaps you commit to yourself that on Monday evenings, you’ll send one message to someone. Maybe it’s the same someone for now, or maybe it’s someone new each time. Whatever your commitment, it provides you with an opportunity to foster your social connections – which not only honors the person you’ve lost, but also restores the power they bring to your life.

Finally, what if your family really wants to release balloons?

If you’ve lost a loved one, or are honoring an anniversary of their passing, it can be difficult to see past your own grief to reason with others.

If you’re feeling pressured, do your best to note the points above – that releasing balloons won’t honor them the way they think. You might consider sharing a photo or video, and if necessary, be very frank about your feelings around life and death.

For many of us, seeing someone we love suffer either as a result of a physical or mental illness (or both) is heartbreaking. Watching them disappear little by little, knowing how much they’re hurting, takes a little piece of us with them. And we’d never wish that on anyone else.

Neither would they.

Yet that’s precisely the type of suffering that balloon releases cause. Because when animals ingest latex and plastic or are caught up in strings, they don’t die an instant death. They languish for days, even months if they aren’t found by a predator first.

Though we don’t see it happen, it’s important to understand that it isn’t a peaceful death. And it’s a direct result of our actions when we choose to release balloons.

If you end up giving in because you’ve lost the energy to fight them, that’s okay. But if you can, do your best to advocate for one of the many alternatives, all of which offer a much kinder and gentler memorial to the life your loved one lived.

For more ideas and information about balloon releases, visit BalloonsBlow.org.

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]]> 90,000 Poems about balloons

Poems about balloons


Angela Betsko

The ball is bursting into the sky from the hands:
– Are you my friend or not my friend?
If a friend, then let go
And tell me after: “Fly!”

If I let go of the ball,
I’ll load it right now,
Because on a lace
I hold the sun in my hand!


Anna Arkanina

at birthdays, at a holiday,
when by the end of the corporate party –
people let balloons into the sky
and do not rush to leave afterwards.

they take off into the sky different –
carrying dreams, hopes, dreams.
and the sky continues to celebrate
dangerously close to pine trees.

they are like messengers, messengers –
headlong into the clouds …
kettles boil in kitchens,
while everyone is freezing up their nose.

they see people – soldiers
from distant cloud peaks …

… so people release balloons
from the depths of an open soul.


Anna Vishnevskaya

We bought with mom
The ball is blue.
He was very small,
And now the big one.

Tied thread
And we went for a walk.
There will be a wind with a ball
Play blue.

The ball is torn from the string,
He wants to fly away.
Clouds and sun
Look in the sky.

Very hard ball its
I hold with my hand.
I won’t let him walk,
Even though it is big!


Anna Alferova

In our children’s park
a lot of kids,
And always at the entrance
sell balls.
One hundred air balloons
i can lift,
Let go to heaven,
and then catch!
I am a strong man, three years old –
I can handle everything!
Raise the whole bunch,
if I want!
I will untie from the rack,
I will free them,
Thanks for the balls
I’ll tell aunt …
Untied! Look!
I’m not kidding.
Oh! Catch the balls!
I’m flying with them!


Vasily Rosov

Red balloon, frolicking, rose
Into the sky, into the clouds!
He probably stayed there …
Goodbye ball.Until.


Vasilisa 5

I will also inflate the balloon
And I’ll put air in my mouth,
What would a balloon give me air,
I’m blowing hard into the ball … – “Help …”

For some reason, my air escaped
And my ball is empty again …
And daddy blew him up quickly,
Dad made a big ball.

I took air with my mouth and nose,
Swollen cheeks like a hippo,
And I didn’t bring air to the balloon,
He fell into Sofochkin’s stomach.


Viktor Gvozdev

Ah, what a wonderful balloon!
I want this for a long time!
I’ll take it by the string
Yes, and I will fly to the sky.

The ball is bored alone, curls.
He wants me to take it.
And my heart is beating,
I can’t live without a ball.

There are no two coins!
To make my dream come true.
There is no happiness! There is no happiness!
Although there is beauty nearby.

The ball curled, curled, curled …
But then the wind came in time,
Agreed with the seller,
The ball took it and flew away.

Balloon with a dream

Victoria Doroshenko

The dream flew away, clinging to the balloon.
I ran after her, stumbling and falling again.
Everything seemed – I would grab, carry me to the sky, like a sail …
But the dream flew without me, throwing off the burden of the shackles.

The balloon hovered high, enjoying the freedom of flight,
Substituting a spinning side to the playful wind,
And the blue paths of the sky attracted him …
Only joy and happiness!
Yes, only a sudden pop –
And not a ball on a thread, but scraps with a dream in an embrace
On the lattice of the window … And a nail sticking out from somewhere.
A ball with a dream turned into an invisible dream in a moment.
This time I did not have time to fly. And, alas, it did not come true …

Inflatable heart

Galina Dyadina

I carry on a string
Inflatable heart,
And it is angry
Beats in the wind.
And does not want in any way
Fly after me …
Well, what a heart
A gut tether?

Letting go to the sky
Inflatable heart –
Surprise someone
Will be on the moon!
But it doesn’t want to!
Curls over me . ..
Maybe attached
All the same to me?


Violetta Tokar

Mom bought me a balloon,
Bright yellow like a flashlight.

But the wind suddenly rose …
The ball snatched out of his hands.

Flew to the very roof,
And then – higher and higher.

Upward ascended to the heavens.
And disappeared behind the clouds.

I wave my hand,
Mom will buy me another!

From the life of a balloon

Elena Lipatova

Inflated! .. –
Growing up,
Grow up !…. –

Inflated! .. –
Now he is
COTTON! – and ..

Flies away!
Fly away! ..

No way
Lop …


Irina Busygina

Here is a simple balloon,
We buy and put it in our pocket.
And it doesn’t pull, it doesn’t seem to interfere –
The question in my head: “Why do we need it?”
But…. a day comes to the mood
We inflate a balloon –
On a holiday or children’s birthday,
They amuse us, they make us laugh.
We are happy to play throwing them,
Will fly up and fall again.
It seems the trajectory is oblique,
But sometimes they will definitely hit!
Crowd immediately revives
Boring faces and half-asleep eyes –
From ordinary cotton
In this miracle that the gas was filled!


Irina Gurina

I had a ball.
As bright as a flashlight.
The ball was wow and ah!
And then he’s like bang!

Sat down on the button: once and – BAM!
In general, the balloon burst itself.
And there were scraps
Unprecedented beauty.


Irina Krisanova

The ball rushes to heaven:
The wind plays with it itself,
Twists like scalded . ..
He was presented to me !!!


Irina Morozova 4

The balloon is flying in the clouds,
Thread – I hold the tail in my hands,
The ball is torn to the wind for a visit,
I’ll let go of the ponytail.
I’m not sorry, fly away,
Play with the wind in the sky.


Klara Zhabova

Was a nondescript petal –
We fooled him,
And his rope
Tightened tight.
It became round,
Became light –
Easier than anyone else in the world.
We are for his birthday
Gave the wind!


Koval Tatiana

Could not hold the ball in her hands
Now he soars in the clouds.


Ksenia Valakhanovich Golub

No better for playing,
Than balloons.
I inflated as many as three
With the wind – your own – inside!

I’ll grab them by the strings . ..
I’m flying!

Ball in the sky …

Lana Grieg

Nothing lasts forever under the Moon,
and we are not eternal.
The painted ball takes off
dear Milky,
Tightens the thread tighter,
aiming ever higher.
Do not hold back, do not obscure.
Almost inaudible
Farewell cry, last call
goes into fiction.
Keeping the Foundations Unbreakable,
we look at the sky …
While the hand is in your hand,
not at all scary
To melt into a haze in the distance,
like yesterday’s day …


Leonid Chernakov

“Goodbye, earthly sphere! –
An inflatable ball shouted.-
I’m flying over the clouds.
Do not lose me! Bye … “

Balloon my friend

Lyudmila Firsova-Sapronova

Light balloon, dear friend,
You are torn from my hands.
I’m catching up with you,
You can’t be alone.

I’ll look after you.
You fly, I will catch up.
It’s easy for me to dream with you,
How I fly high!

My air friend, my balloon,
Sky blue fire,
I dreamed about you in a dream,
We flew high.

Ah, what a beauty –
Clouds and height!
I see the whole country from above,
I see my mom!

I shout to her and everyone: – Hello!
Soon I will be five years old!
And I’m flying high,
Because I’m growing!

Air balloons

Max Merlev

Pull up! Overhead
Air balloons with a garland.
Letting go of the strings with you,
Let them fly somewhere
Above the veranda …

Let them fly past the floors
And they strive after the clouds.
Joyful Pink Life
With bright, laughing eyes!

To make it more fun,
Color the day with good words
And imagine that you are higher than the poplars
You rush
Follow the clouds!


Marina Terentyeva

The ball melted somewhere in the clouds,
It is no longer in our power to return it.
And it seemed to me that in my hands
He finally found peace and happiness!

After all, he was quiet, did not break the tight thread,
To fly away for a walk in the sky.
And I didn’t try to change anything …
He became tame, did not strive for freedom.

But I, having relaxed my fingers, understood,
That I made a terrible mistake.
The abyss took him forever.
But everyone looked at the flight with a smile …


Marina Terekhova 2

I am a balloon,
Oh, naughty.
I happen to be different:
Blue and red.
For kids –
I’m a wonderful friend.
I fly into the sky
Where I play with the wind.
Any desire
I do it.
Cherished desire
You ask
And only then,
Let me go.
I’m with the breeze
I will fly to the clouds,
For a FRIEND desire
I will bother you!


Molchanov Vitaly Mitrofanovich

If you wanted to fly,
And instead of wings – ordinary hands,
Don’t worry, you need to get the ball
Red, beautiful, huge, resilient.
To fill it with solar gas
And so that it was tied with a strong ribbon.
Feel free to grab, jump and – again! –
Fly into the sky – loudly aikai and oikai.
Above trees and above houses,
Butterflies, birds, pilots to envy.
Just look, come back home –
Do you remember the lessons left for tomorrow?

Three balloons

Nadezhda Radchenko

Walking well
In the summer, light.
Three balloons
I hold it in my hand.

Three balloons
Rushing to the heavens.
The wind flutters the balls,
Like sails.

I’m running after the wind,
I laugh out loud.
Until then, I’m having fun,
I’m about to take off!


Nadezhda Radchenko

They bought me a blue ball.
It was light and airy.
Oh, how beautiful he was,
But terribly naughty.

He was always torn into the sky,
I didn’t want to be submissive.
And as soon as I gape,
He took the ball and flew away.

I’ll wave my hand to him,
Though a little sorry for him.


Natalya Zaraiskaya

Light ball,
Almost weightless.
In games jaunty,
A good friend of mine.

He is on holidays
In the spotlight.
Will burst….Oh!

All upset pending
Blowing into a new object of adoration.


Natalya Merkushova

I’m walking, in my hand
Balls on a leash!

There is scarlet and red!
Blue is beautiful!

Orange! Green –
Well, just like a maple leaf!

I could bring home!
There they are – under the ceiling !!!

Here, they are sitting on the ceiling!
Only strings in hand!


Natalya Tata Zubareva

I have a balloon,
I take him for a walk,
So that he does not fly away,
I’m holding the thread.

I was running along the alley,
My ball was running after,
Suddenly caught on something,
“Bang!” – and the ball is gone!

Mom and Dad explain:
Like, knots are sticking out everywhere …
Explain something explain,
And where is my ball – they are silent!

I understood everything: and about “bang!”,
About “bitches” and about “everywhere”,
One thing I don’t understand – where is my ball ?!


Natasha Iva

They bought me a balloon!
Bright, light, naughty!
All day I walk with him,
I won’t let go of myself! –

I gape slightly,
The ball will rush into the clouds!
The ball will fly, fly…
I will roar, roar …


Nelly Vakhrusheva

Balloon in the hands of a girl,
Swam across the sky on a long line,
Air was her toy,
The face shone with a smile,

Like a sky ball, the same color.
Were running along the footpath,
Suddenly a breeze rose from the branches,
And they missed the thread of the palm.

Began to retire very quickly,
Was a light balloon, air,
Clinging to a branch with a thread,
He’s just obedient to the breeze,

The girl ran to the trail as soon as possible,
I pulled my hands to the ball,
I was looking for a thread with my eyes,
Laughing loudly.

I didn’t want to part with him,
The ball from above smiled at her,
Higher, higher climbed,
I said goodbye to the girl in the sky.

Almost merged with the clouds,
His dream of freedom came true,
But the girl’s laughter stopped,
He hastened to return soon.

Balloon in the hands of a girly,
Swam across the sky on a long line,
Air was her toy,
The face was beaming with a smile.


Nikolay Bodrov

You cannot give a living.
A stroke on a sunny picture.
A ball flies into the sky.
The ball is red. The ball is blue.

On the day of rest. Goodbye day.
The firmament is empty and clear.
A time of disappointment.
The ball is blue. The ball is red.

Everybody on the road someday.
There will be such an aching day.
We all visit God …
Here he is – kind, real.

Only tears on the handkerchief
For some unknown reason.
Dots disappear in the sky.
The ball is red. The ball is blue.


Platon Andreev

Dad bought me a ball
Pink, airy.
He floated on a string,
My ball is obedient.

I looked at him,
The sun was shining.
He was the nicest of all,
I dreamed about him.

There is music and laughter in the park,
The kids were frolicking,
Only I am happier than everyone else
Spun around with a ball.

Blue ball

Prosto Yoshka

I was given
today Balloon
Blue blue.
Not obedient!

Wants to fly into the sky,
Wants to watch from above
To my house and cars,
To our city and valleys.

Wants to touch the sky,
Wants to smile at the sun,
He wants to play with the wind,
He wants to get lost somewhere.

I won’t keep it,
Let him fly to the clouds.
And from there, right above.
May he give us joy!

Air seller

Semyon Ostrovsky

On the market,
Where there are always people,
There is a clever merchant.
In a beautiful package.
And it can be seen,
So good
Its a colored product!
I am
Penny –

Air balloon inflated

Tamara Vtorova

Air balloon inflated –
Got more importance,
But puffed up like a bubble,
The ball ran into the pin . ..
Pshshsh …
And from the importance of its
There is nothing left!

Walking with a ball

Tatiana Gette

Somehow an inflatable ball
Decided to take a walk with me.

I did not mind him,
Supported the proposal.

We went first as friends,
On the left is the ball, on the right I am.

And then vice versa.
We walked without worries,

But we were tired of each other
Soon we really are.

He rushed up! “Bang-bang!” –
Rumbled in the clouds.

The situation is familiar …
Eh, it would be better to sit at home!


Tatyana Dergunova

The red balloon flies away, flies away.
Both young and old are looking after him.
How the sky-high heights attracts!
And you won’t shout: “Come back! Stop!”
Tired of being on a leash
and rushed to freedom light.
He is airy, naughty, lonely
and with space an unstable player.
Who can predict whether the flight
will be long where the wind tears the clouds apart?
But you and I will be able to understand it –
there was a happy moment of cognition of heights.


Frida Polak

Kisses Mommy gently,
“Good morning! – I say. –
I love balls very much.
Do you want a RED present? ”


Yulia Zazimko

Do not keep the balls on a leash,
Let them fly over the clouds and higher.
Eh, fate, at least somehow take it out.
Whoever has ears, let him hear.

Let go of the balls without pity.
Open your hands and believe me,
What is the loss of this little thing
Will be the only one in the world.

Make a wish for them,
Not holding a grudge against anyone.
A bright date lasts with childhood,
Until the balls are out of sight.

Let what is entrusted to them come true,
And dreams will not be in vain.
Release balls confidently
Blue, green and red.

That’s all for now, the collection of poems will be replenished.

A special “farewell” report was filmed about the giant ball near Kimry


23 February 2021
The regional championship in practical air pistol shooting was held in Kimry
The regional championship in practical air pistol shooting was held in Kimry. More than 50 athletes from Moscow, Moscow, Ryazan, Kursk and Tver regions took part in the competition.

According to the terms of the tournament, shooters between the ages of 11 and 20 must quickly and accurately hit targets, some of which were in motion. For Tver athletes, who had been preparing for the match since the beginning of the year, it was a struggle not only for medals, but also for sports categories, and places in the regional team.

According to the organizer of the competition Kirill Udaltsov, the regional shooters performed successfully, winning prizes in all categories.In addition, 9 people fulfilled the norms of the Unified All-Russian Sports Classification.

It is planned that this year there will be three more tournaments for beginners and adults. Tver shooters will also prepare for the Central Federal District, the championship and the championship of Russia. And the main task of our athletes is to get into the national team of the country to perform at the World Championship in 2022.

Source: GTRK Tver Read more

22 February 2021
Kimry athletes won prizes at prestigious grappling competitions
On February 22, in Moscow, at the Ivan Yarygin Wrestling Palace, the traditional grappling and grappling wrestling tournament “Blood and Sweat 37. Opening”. Athletes from Kimry became its participants.

According to the results of the competition, the Kimry athletes Nashikyan Varazdat and Matvey Komkov from the Challenger club took second and third places.

The tournament “Blood and Sweat 37. Opening” in Moscow has been held for several years. A large number of athletes from various Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling clubs take part in it, as well as representatives of other types of wrestling – freestyle wrestlers, sambists and judokas.

As noted by users of social networks, athletes from the “Challenger” club often go to these competitions, regularly winning prizes there.

Source: Caravan Fair Read more

21 February 2021
The Denis Kokarev Cup held in Kimry was won by Polar Bears
Young Kimrian hockey players won all seven matches of the interregional tournament.

On February 21, the VI interregional ice hockey tournament “Denis Kokarev Cup”, dedicated to the memory of the honored coach of Russia Ravil Urmancheev, ended in Kimry, Tver region. Traditional competitions brought together eight teams of boys aged 8-9 years (born in 2012) on the ice arena of the “Arktika” sports complex.

The hosts competed with peers from Tver, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Roslavl and Velikiye Luki.

For four days, the rivals played a friend with a friend in a round robin system.With an absolute result, the victory in the tournament was won by the Polar Bears Kimry team led by coach Oleg Frolov. The hosts beat all rivals in turn and scored the maximum possible amount of points – 21.

Silver of the tournament was won by the Alpha team from St. Petersburg. The bronze was taken home by “Dragons” from Moscow.

We add that this Cup was established by a pupil of Tver hockey, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, world champion and two-time Gagarin Cup winner, striker Denis Kokarev. Since 2016, the tournament has been dedicated to the memory of Kokarev’s first mentor, Honored Coach of Russia Ravil Urmancheev, who passed away in the fall of 2015.

Author: Andrey Krylov

Source: Tverigrad.ru Read more

19 February 2021
Police helped young hockey players who had an accident on the way from Smolensk to Kimry
In the evening on January 17, 2020, during a heavy snowfall on the 95th km of the M-10 “Russia” highway, employees of the Moscow Region State Traffic Inspectorate assisted the bus driver and pupils of the children’s hockey team, who were heading to the competition in St. Kimry, Tver region.

An organized group of children, accompanied by the crew of the road patrol service, was moving along the route Smolensk – Kimry, but on the way there was an emergency stop of the vehicle. In the most difficult weather conditions, the police ensured the transportation of the bus to the parking lot for troubleshooting.

While awaiting backup transport, traffic police temporarily placed the children and their attendants at a roadside cafe.In cooperation with the State Traffic Inspectorate and the Administration of the Klin city district, the young athletes were taken to the local children’s health center, where they were fed dinner and left overnight.

In the morning, the young hockey players went to the competition in the city of Kimry, Tver region, in reserve vehicles.

AUTHOR: Press Service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region

Source: MIA media Read more

Samara City Polyclinic No.

6 Industrial District News

A sad time! Charm of the eyes!
I am pleased with your farewell beauty –
I love the lush wilting of nature,
Crimson and gold-clad forests,
There is noise and fresh breath in their canopy,
And the heavens are covered with a wavy haze,
And a rare sunbeam, and the first frosts,
And distant gray winters are threats.

This is an excerpt from a poem by A.S. Pushkin’s “Autumn”, written by him in October 1833 in Boldino. September 27-28 at the employees of the city polyclinic number 6 in the framework of the social program “Traveling together!” another weekend tour took place. We had a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of Pushkin’s creativity for a short while by visiting the A.S. Pushkin’s “Boldino”.
The journey began on September 27 with a visit to the capital of Mordovia – Saransk.Saransk is one of the oldest Russian cities in the Middle Volga region. Despite the rather modest population (about 300 thousand), the city is actively developing its infrastructure. Since 2004, Saransk has been participating in the All-Russian competition “The Most Comfortable City in Russia”.
During the sightseeing tour of the city, the staff saw a number of attractions. The first thing we saw was a funny “Fox Bridge”. The bridge with decorative railings, located in the recreation area, has a sculptural insert in the center – a chanterelle with a bushy tail and a sly muzzle.Rub the nose of the chanterelle – wait for good luck, stroke the tail – you will get rich. The highlight of the “Fox Bridge” were the “balls of predictions” installed along the edges of the bridge. You just need to spin the balls and find out your future … Of course, no one left the bridge without rubbing the chanterelle’s face and tail, and without spinning the “balls of predictions”.
An extraordinary impression was made by the Cathedral of the Holy Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov, which is one of the symbols of Saransk. A monument to the family is erected in front of the Cathedral, probably the most “large” symbol of the family in Russia.We admired the embankment of the Saranka River, beautiful singing fountains in the main square of the city. We walked through the park of culture and recreation named after A.S. Pushkin, were photographed at the monument to A.S. Pushkin on the Fountain Descent leading to the park.
On September 28, the group left for Boldino. Museum-reserve of A.S. Pushkin’s “Boldino” is one of those “talking” passages that will tell more about the life of a famous person than volumes of his biographies. Here time turns back, and you find yourself in the era of Pushkin.Even cloudy weather did not prevent to see and feel the charm of these places, which inspired the poet to write many literary works.
In Boldino, the original house has survived, which houses the literary and memorial exposition “Pushkin in Boldino”, and the 19th century manor park with secluded gazebos, ponds and centuries-old trees, which were known to more than one generation of the manor residents. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the poet’s birth, the stone church of the Assumption of the 18th century has been restored in Boldino, which we had the opportunity to visit.
In 2005, the restoration of the manor house in Lvovka was completed. It housed the exposition “In the World of Belkin’s Tales” dedicated to Pushkin’s heroes. The guide of the museum complex gave an interesting excursion, after which everyone wanted to re-read “Belkin’s Tale” by all means.
On the way back in the bus we were shown a film about the museum-reserve. The administration and the trade union committee of the polyclinic express their gratitude to the Paradise-S company for the impeccable organization of the trip.
See more photos here

12.05.2001 Flights … not in a dream, but in reality: aeronautics in Germany | Culture and Lifestyle in Germany and Europe | DW

In 1783, the French brothers Mongolfe made the first air walk in the history of mankind: their balloon rose over the market square of the town of Annonay and, after hanging in the air for several minutes, sank to the ground. Aeronautics since then has achieved very significant success, and balloons – balloons have remained the same as they were more than two hundred years ago, in the days of the Montgolfier brothers.

Usually they rise into the sky either early in the morning or at sunset and float like fantastic giant soap bubbles towards the rising or falling sun. As I now know, sunrise and sunset are chosen for the launch of balloons because at this time the wind tends to blow, and the balloon is easier to control. Despite the fact that almost all balloons are decorated with colorful advertisements of various companies, most of them belong to private individuals – balloon ballooning enthusiasts.There are more than six thousand of them in Germany. Herbert is one of them.

When rolled up, the balloon, together with a basket – consisting, as in the old days, of tightly woven ratan rods – is placed in an ordinary tent-covered trailer for a passenger car. The ball is laid out on a green meadow – the main thing is that the ropes do not get tangled – a gas burner is ignited, and a shapeless cover made of canvas soaked in wax solution begins to fill with hot air, gradually coming off the ground.The principle, which Archimedes spoke of in the third century and which Leonardo da Vinci used in the fifteenth century, who, on the birthday of Pope Leo the Tenth, made the figures of saints made of paper rise into the air, filling them with warm air.

A quarter of an hour – and the balloon is ready for departure.

Farewell kiss, the command to give up the mooring lines, and the ball begins to slowly float in the direction perpendicular to the earth’s surface. “Now we are free,” says Herbert with satisfaction.

    – We are now at an altitude of 800 meters. From here, the unevenness of the relief, hills and valleys are no longer very visible – it seems that the earth is becoming more and more flat.

Bergischesland – literally “Mountainous country” – located to the east of Cologne, is one of the centers of German ballooning. About fifty balloons are permanently registered here, more than two hundred fans of this sport are united in four local clubs, more than a thousand starts are held from March to October.It all started in the 70s, when two hot air balloon fans appeared here. Picturesque landscapes and cheerful temperament of local people contributed to the flourishing of this slowest of aeronautics. By the way, it seems to me that the word “aeronautics” is appropriate for the balloons, the balloon floats in the air. By the way, fans of balloons never use the word “fly”: they don’t fly in a hot air balloon, relying on the mercy of fate, but ride.

    – By measuring the direction and strength of the wind and changing the height, we can, to a certain extent, influence the movement of the balloon.This requires experience and good knowledge of mathematics. By going up or down a few meters, you can get into a faster air stream or change the direction of flight. It is very similar to sailing: only we are sailing not in water, but in streams of air … Air behaves almost the same as water …

Starts are carried out both one by one and in picturesque air regattas, as, for example, now, when in the air, in a rather compressed space, there are about fifty balloons at the same time.It’s strange to talk about the cramped space between heaven and earth, but still: is there a danger of collision:

    – No, all the balloons are controlled by experienced pilots, they know perfectly well how to behave in the air. So the risk is minimized.

Indeed, according to pure statistics, hot air ballooning is one of the safest modes of transportation. An ordinary highway trip is a statistically more risky undertaking.In all thirty years of Cologne aeronautics, not a single fatality has been recorded. Broken arms and legs, it is true, were, but one of the first air passengers, the famous rooster of the Mongolfe brothers, broke his leg while landing …
On June 4, 1783, a giant crowd gathered on the square of the town of Annonay near Paris. More than 130 thousand people gathered to see the unprecedented miracle: local magicians-Kulibins, brothers Jacques and Joseph Mongolfe, announced that a material object would rise into the air, contrary to all logic and common sense.

And at 12 o’clock a miracle really happened on the market square of Annonae – the balloon, however, without a basket, rose twenty meters above the ground. The rumor of a miracle quickly spread throughout France, and King Louis the Sixteenth wished to see him personally. On September 19, in Paris, a balloon flew into the air with the first passengers on board: they were a duck, a goose and a rooster, which, according to legend, broke his leg during the not very soft landing of the balloon.
After this outstanding achievement, France fell into a veritable air fever.The first start with people on board was immediately planned for November. Initially, two prisoners sentenced to death were planned for this unenviable role, but at the last moment daredevils-volunteers were found: the Marquis d’Arlange and the Comte de Roquefort. On a November morning of the same 1873, they rose from the Versailles lawn and, having flown over all of Paris, safely landed on the ground in Compiegne, eight kilometers from the launch site, thereby becoming the first balloonists in the history of mankind …

On board a hot air balloon it is customary to address each other only on you.This is an old custom of aeronautics. The basket is quite crowded: three passengers, sandbags (ballast) and four sets of air heating equipment: these are the safety rules, if one set fails, then at least four more remain in stock.
For all the meditativeness of ballooning, it is also a kind of sport, and sport is always a competition. What is the competitive element of balloon riding?

    – The competition is to achieve the set goal.Of course, it is better to do it faster, but the main thing is not speed, but accuracy. There are competitions for flight range, for example, in 1999 the Swiss Breitling Orbiter made a round-the-world trip in a hot air balloon, flying from Switzerland to Egypt. Our goals here, however, are more modest – we fly 20-30 kilometers …

    – In addition, the ability to handle all this equipment has a sporty character – after all, in the air, together with the ball and the basket, there are almost three tons of various equipment.And everything needs to be kept under control …

What strikes the top most of all is the absolute silence, the complete absence of any extraneous sounds and noises. This silence is broken only by the quiet crackle of a walkie-talkie and the hum of a gas burner. Isn’t this silence and serenity that draw and plunge people into an almost drug addiction, forcing them to take off the ground again and again in this archaic-looking aircraft?

German hot air balloon enthusiasts have created an excellent infrastructure of pages and reciprocal links on the Internet.It is worth typing the word Ballonfahrt – “riding in a balloon” – and you can easily get information not only about where festivals and mass starts are held, but also about how and where to repair your balloon, undergo technical inspection – this should be done at least often once a year. There is an intensive exchange of information on the most interesting routes and impressions on the forums (real photo reports are often published). There is also an auction, where you can buy both spare parts for the balloon, and whole used balloons.Prices – from 40-50 thousand marks. Who can afford such an expensive pleasure. Herbert explains:

    – Most of the balloons are purchased through the club with the support of sponsors who then advertise on the balloons. It is, of course, cheaper. But my ball belongs to me personally, I paid almost a hundred thousand marks for it in installments, as for a very expensive car. Well, you have to pay for the pleasure …

In order to at least partially recoup their expensive hobby, many owners of balloons are engaged in taxi services: a romantic air ride can be made for two or three hundred marks, however, only in the role of a passive passenger.In order to obtain permission to fly in a hot air balloon, you need a pilot’s license. The training lasts two years and ends with an exam. Those who successfully pass it receive the right to fly sports planes and balloons. After that, every flying season you need to make at least ten starts – otherwise the rights will not be extended. This strictness is understandable: after all, the balloon is a full participant in air traffic – just like airplanes, helicopters and gliders, and even stricter traffic rules apply on air streets than at earth intersections.

    – Of course! Here, look: a Boeing 747 is flying over us, it is landing at the Cologne airport. Of course, we should not get confused under his feet …

The regatta of balls slowly floats over the ground, over green hills, over cars scurrying along the roads, over seemingly toy houses. Only what is here, above, seems real and large: a ball, clouds, sky. The slowness, unhurried majesty of this flight seems to be the complete opposite of their earthly vanity… How fast are we flying? – I ask Herbert.

    – We are flying at a speed of 5 knots, which is about 9 kilometers per hour. Excellent speed, optimal for a balloon. You can, of course, faster – up to 10 knots, but why?

The flight is nearing its end. Herbert, with an experienced glance, notices his wife’s car below: she is heading for the meadow where the landing is planned. Herbert cuts the flame of the burner, and the ball begins to slide down smoothly. The descent continues for about fifteen minutes, and now the basket is already rustling on the grass.“We landed softly like a heap of dung,” Herbert says with satisfaction. The ball falls to one side and withers before our eyes.
But that’s not all: the most important part of the ritual follows. Those for whom this trip was not 806 in a row, as for Herbert, but the first, are symbolically knighted: again according to tradition, because the title of nobility was once granted to the Mongolian brothers by King Louis the Sixteenth.

    – From this moment you become a noble. You have rights and responsibilities.You are obliged to always, in any situation, help every balloonist who will need your help. For this you will own all the lands, reservoirs and forests over which you flew today. True, departing a centimeter from the surface level – taking into account the features of the relief …


“No one can be sad if they have a balloon!” – said Winnie the Pooh, and I completely agree with him. And to make it more fun, I want to share a few stories describing funny situations with balloons.All stories happened to our customers in childhood or a little later.

The first story about how fatal balloons decided the fate of ninth graders. Eerie, even somehow.

“It was at school. Ruler, finished 11th grade. Hurrah Hurrah!
There are happy schoolchildren in anticipation of a fairly mature holiday, but before that, it is necessary to perform a ritual of launching balloons. Someone’s balls flew away into the distant bright future, and some got caught in the trees.One classmate, Sergei, joked that it was we who were stuck in this village. Everyone, of course, laughed, not attaching any importance to it, and immediately forgot. But we remembered this cruel joke, when, after the exams, it was those people whose balloons did not fly away, were able to enter only the local technical school and stayed in our village forever. It’s been 25 years now.

The second story is about how the Goths got to the children’s camp.

“I worked in a children’s camp, it is located in the forest, 370 km to the nearest town.At the end of each shift, as you know, there is a farewell concert and a royal night. For such events, balloons, confetti and other decorations are always used. We order all this in bulk through the online store of balloons. On the penultimate day of the shift, we suddenly discover that the balls are over, and they are needed both for decoration and for contests, in general, there is nothing without them. Faster we place an order, one of the counselors goes after him to the city, I remind you that the camp is in the forest, and almost 400 km to civilization. Arrives 4 hours before the start of the concert.We open the box and see that all the balls are black! Tinsel, garland and even confetti are all black! The person who made the order did not choose the color. It makes no sense to go back. Suddenly, someone comes up with an idea: “Let’s hold a concert, and then a disco in style is ready?”. All at once: “No, no! What are you! These are children! ”, But agreed.

So the children were delighted! They liked the idea very much! They remembered this night for a long time. True, the parents were a little shocked. ”

The third story is about a little girl who can still become a nutritionist.

“It was 17 years ago. My daughter once busily asked me: “Dad, do you know why long balloons are called sausages?” I answer: “Well, probably because they are as long as sausages?” “Oh no!” – She proudly declares, – “They are sausages because when you eat a lot of sausages, the same folds grow on the sides, like these figures from a ball.

She is already 24, she is married. And we regularly remind her of this funny story. ”

The fourth story about the heavy burden of a nurse’s daughter.

“My mother worked as a nurse in the hospital, we lived in the village, there was little money, but like any normal child, I wanted a holiday. And all my childhood, instead of balloons, I had … air medical gloves.
I inflated them, painted them with felt-tip pens and decorated the house with them.
Balloons-gloves are convenient to play, you inflate yourself and play with it like with a ball. By the way, I often exchanged these gloves with other girls from the street for a while: many have a ball, but only I had an air glove.

Even in the summer I liked to make water bombs from the same gloves. Oh, it was fun. True, I didn’t want to clean up after myself, but my mother forced me.
And the new year, my mother and I were creative and made a Christmas tree out of gloves. They built an air pyramid, glued together, put on tinsel, and beauty!
As a matter of fact, I also learned to milk a cow using these medical gloves, before that, having already filled them with water. Imitates udder very well, I can tell you.
This is my story) ”.

The fifth story is about a girl who buys a helium balloon to buy a helium balloon, not to change her voice.

“Who among us has not had fun by inhaling air from a helium balloon? That’s right, everyone was having fun. Except for me.

The fact is that my usual voice, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the ligaments, is in itself very similar to the one that people get thanks to helium. I had a lot of complexes about this, but now it’s not about that.

And ironically, now I work in a company for organizing holidays, I really like it all, giving a holiday to people is cool. But I often have to make orders for various goods, including helium balloons. This is where I ran into a problem. I have never been sold right away. Someone does not take me seriously and with the words: “Very funny, girl. Goodbye, ”hangs up. The questions have already become classics of the genre: “Do you really need this product?” or “Maybe you have enough?” and barely audible, snide hee-hee.Already it amuses itself. You can do statistical research on how people react to my voice. That’s how we live”.

And finally, the sixth story about a guy who no longer listens to loud music.

“And you were frightened in childhood with the phrase:“ Don’t listen to music loudly – you will go deaf ”. Me here all the time. But somehow I didn’t really care about it in 4th grade.

I want to tell you about my worst case from childhood.
I played with friends, fought as a joke, argued, proved something to each other.And suddenly a deafening pop: a ball burst right under my ear. At that moment, I thought it was the end, and I lost my hearing. I look at my friends: they are standing around, with a worried look asking me about something, but I don’t hear a damn thing. I begin to cry, and then I hear, tearing the air, laughter. These insolent people just opened their mouths, and I really thought that I was deaf.

I haven’t listened to music loudly since then, just in case. ”

That’s all the stories. A balloon is a symbol of fun, celebration, joy.But sometimes even with this seemingly completely harmless subject, funny, or not so, stories can happen.

Arsenal issues Emery’s farewell letter

Unai Emery / Photo: © globallookpress.com

Unai Emery, after his resignation as head coach of Arsenal, left a farewell letter addressed to the club, fans and players of the team.

– I was honored to lead Arsenal.I want to thank the club’s fans from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand and feel the greatness of Arsenal. Everyone who supported us from all over the world, everyone who came to the Emirates, everyone who waited in the rain and cold just to greet me after the game. I want to tell all of you that I have worked with passion, responsibility and diligence. I didn’t want anything as bad as getting better results for you.
I also want to thank all the Arsenal staff for the way they treated me.The greatness of Arsenal lies in each of its directors, managers, employees and assistants.
In particular, I would like to acknowledge Ivan Gazidis, who met me at the club, as well as Raul Sanlehi, Edu and Vinay Venkatesham for their support. Until the very last minute, I was treated with honor and respect. And, of course, I am sincerely grateful to the Kroenke family for their trust.
It was a year and a half filled with emotions, great moments and some sad episodes. But there wasn’t a day when I didn’t think about how lucky I was to work in this club with such professional and talented players.They have always respected the T-shirt they wear. They deserve your support.
I have already learned a lot in football, but I really enjoyed it here, I learned a lot in England and the Premier League about respect for professionals and the purity of football.
My best wishes, – said in the text of Emery’s open letter.

As a reminder, Emery took over Arsenal in July last year. Under his leadership, the capital club took fifth place at the end of the last season of the English Championship, gaining 70 points, and also reached the Europa League final.

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90,000 White balloons were fired in honor of 130 victims of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The author of the letter is our colleague from Kaliningrad Alena Mikhailova, who only now, at the festival screening, was able to watch the play, which was interrupted then, to the end:

I went to this for more than 10 years.

In October 2002, my husband and I, being in Moscow on a business trip, bought two tickets for the musical “Nord-Ost”, because “Two Captains” was the main book in my life.I grew up on it, the motto of Sanka Grigoriev is “Fight, search, find and not give up!” became my life principle too.

Leaving our nine-year-old son at the hotel, we went to look for the recreation center on Dubrovka. Throughout the first act of the play, I scolded myself for not taking my son with me, because what I saw and heard struck me in a way that I could not have imagined. It is impossible to imagine the best production! Text, stage solutions, young actors’ play, costumes, dance coherence, lighting solutions and stunning voices, musical material, live music… Some kind of bright holiday, a return to childhood! During the intermission, we walked around the hall, read how the musical was created, about the expedition to the North, looked at the photographs.

And after the intermission, our life and the life of hundreds of spectators, actors and simply employees of the Palace of Culture, and our loved ones outside the “perimeter” changed forever. Like the whole country, perhaps. Because there has never been such a CRIME in our history. 58 hours of horror, misunderstanding of what is happening, the illogicality of the terrorists’ demands, the courage of everyone sitting in the hall – this is another story…

Immediately after the first shots, during the dance of the pilots at the beginning of the second act, the children-actors were put in our hall, as were some of the musicians from the orchestra pit. After it was announced to us that we were hostages, time passed slowly, like thick jelly. Everyone experienced this tense silence in the auditorium and fear in their own way. To my dismay for my 9-year-old son left at the hotel, alone in a strange city, as well as a one-year-old baby in my native Kaliningrad, was added, oddly enough, irritation that the story about the two captains had been torn apart.For us, the audience, the holiday was spoiled, that’s why I “interrogated” the actors sitting in the hall in front of us: “And what will happen there next.” At first they were restrained (the situation was clearly not favorable), and then they talked more and more emotionally about the plane in the final and other bright colors of “their brainchild”. I quietly, but eagerly spoke words of gratitude and admiration, and even managed to get autographs for the program. On the same pages, later, my husband and I wrote our farewell notes to our relatives – in the hope that they would be passed on later… when it’s over. And Vasiliev (Georgy Vasiliev, one of the authors and directors of “Nord-Ost”, who was also in the hall – ed. ) wrote “Come watch the 2nd act!”

When I woke up after the assault in the 13th hospital, I remembered nothing: neither about Moscow, nor about the musical. I just kept asking about my children and my husband. I learned about his death later, on the plane on the way to Kaliningrad, from a local newspaper. The whole city was waiting for us all this time …

In all my conversations with friends and family, with journalists, I repeated that I wanted to watch the musical.For me, after the experience, it was the goal. It was important to me. Nobody understood me – why? How can you talk about this when you have just escaped from the clutches of death, lost your loved one, lost your health yourself. (My right hand didn’t work for a long time, and for more than a year I had very big memory problems. For example, I still buy the same products, because my memory doesn’t keep what I’ve already bought. And I also don’t feel the time at all. : dates, hours, I constantly write everything down so as not to forget.) And I needed it: it seemed to me that if I watched the final, then everything in my life would change. It is as an important point, as a proof that Life is going on, that there will still be. There will be LIFE, as before the terrorist attack. And there was also a dream – to go into the auditorium and leave it with your own feet, and not in unconsciousness, as it was after the assault.

Alena Mikhailova with her son Maxim. Photo: From personal archive

Hearing that they had made a traveling version of the play and the musical will be shown in Vilnius, which is not so far from the enclave Kaliningrad region, I strove there.But my relatives did not let me in: I was in the hospital, at home – children, with memory and mental problems. I was hoping that “Nord-Ost” would be shown on TV, but … I found the site of the musical, wrote there with a request to send a cassette with the recording. Later on the 3rd anniversary of the tragedy (and this was the only trip to Moscow in 10 years!), I agreed that I would be allowed to enter the hall. I remember how during the funeral meeting I went through the hall to the hall and, despite the reconstruction, I literally found our places with my hands, by touch, from memory. There, as I sat in “my chair”, my memory brought back a few more moments from those three days.She came back to me in pieces, bright flashes, from similar smells, sounds … For example, once at an entertaining performance in the House of Arts in Kaliningrad, she threw me a picture: when in October 2002 we applauded … terrorists – in response to their the decision to let several children go. They thanked for the mercy as best they could … In a spectator’s way.

I walked around the stage among the boxes with decorations on which “Nord-Ost” was written, and I remembered what I could not remember until that moment.Then I was presented with two branded discs with the audio recording of the musical. But I had to watch him exactly! And at the festival, almost 11 years later, I saw the musical again. Only now – from start to finish. I watched it with my laptop connected to the TV on the big screen. Again with Maxim. Only not with my eldest husband, Maxim Mikhailov, but with our son, 12-year-old Maxim Maximovich.

Homeless children, the commune, the first meeting of Sasha and Katya, the flying school, the war, the plane on the stage, the North, the hook from St. Mary, the ice floes … Fantastic sight! What emotions are raging! Max goes to school early in the morning, but he bravely watches “Nord-Ost”.Hooked – it means that now he will definitely finish reading Kaverin! I slipped him a book he loved since childhood several times, but, apparently, he was still too small, now – that’s it! He hates Romashov out loud as fiercely as I once did in my childhood. We talked about the war, about the blockade, about courage, love and betrayal, purpose and character. This was an important and necessary conversation for us! My eldest son (he is already 22) also managed to watch this recording with his girlfriend, because for him Kaverin is also a reference book, by which you learn to evaluate the actions of people, set seemingly impossible goals and win.

Very strong sensations during and after watching, as if you were sitting in the hall. Very high-quality video and excellent production based on Russian patriotic material, brilliant game, music, everything is on the nerve, enthusiastic, and so professional and high quality! What a pity that the full version of the musical is not shown in theaters! Seeing him on stage is my next dream, as well as getting a videotape as a souvenir. For my large documentary and video archive about Nord-Ost. Because this is my memory, fate and life.”Fight, search, find and do not give up!”

I am a radio operator, I make regional news on Russian radio and Mayak – such inserts in federal broadcasting.

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