Fans that spray water: Lava Aire Italia LAI-AVIATORX2-WHITE-EL Aviator X2 Misting Air Cooler Fan : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Содержание Lava Aire Italia LAI-AVIATORX2-WHITE-EL Aviator X2 Misting Air Cooler Fan : Patio, Lawn & Garden

The Lava Aired Italia Portable Indoor/Outdoor Aviator X2 Evaporative Cooling and Misting Fan. Like winds sliding downward from the snow-capped peak of Mount Etna over Catania, the Aviator X2 will send cooling breezes throughout your back yard area. Inspired by modern day turbo jet engines, JR Zionis Italian design team jumped into the future with this beautiful, high tech evaporative cooling and misting fan. The unit does double duty with the power of wind and water. The Aviator X2 Evaporative Cooling and Misting Fan has a compact 15-inch diameter blade that provides serious wind power (1,700-RPM), while the centrifugal misting system further cools the air, dispersing fine mist particles (10-25 microns) throughout the coverage area. People worldwide are enjoying this revolutionary cooling product on decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool and spa areas and virtually anywhere that needs a temperature drop. The Aviator X2 Evaporative Cooling and Misting Fan’s 25 gallon water tank provides up to 16 hours of uninterrupted cooling. The Aviator’s integrated water line connection allows for continuous operation and it also includes a built in water float control mechanism to prevent overflow or water spillage. Further increasing this unit’s versatility is its 90-degree oscillating fan head with coverage up to 600 sq. ft., reducing temperatures by as much as 30 degrees. The entire unit is made of industrial strength, high-density polycarbonate and high quality aluminum alloys. The Aviator X2 Evaporative Cooling and Misting Fan’s anti-corrosive materials and UV protection will withstand sustained use without compromising performance. The Aviator X2’s 5 commercial grade casters and convenient handle allow easy mobility. The Aviator X2 is extremely energy efficient, using a mere 320-Watts and producing a powerful 1,700-RPM on a 120 Volt/60Hz electric circuit.

Power Source: Electric Power – 320Watts
Coverage Area: up to 600 sq. ft. area
Water Tank Consumption Rate: up to 16 hours
Package Includes: Water Line Adapter, Packing Materials and Owners Manual
Remote: No
Batteries: N/A
Assembly: Partially Assembled
Construction: Industrial strength high-density polycarbonate & aluminum alloy
Safety Features: Protective Plastic Grill.

The 9 Best Misting Fans 2021

Staff, Courtesy of Koonie

Rather than simply blowing around warm air, misting fans add moisture for extra cooling, and they’re particularly effective in arid climates. Options are as varied as any regular fan you might buy, including corded, battery-operated, and rechargeable fans, and styles such as pedestal, wall-mounted, and ground fans. There are even mini handheld misting fans that are great for the beach, and models with clamps to attach to a desk or exercise equipment. Whether you’re looking something affordable that’ll get the job done or want a high-end misting fan for your patio, read on for our top recommendations.

What to Consider

The first decision to make when shopping for a misting fan is whether you want one that attaches to a garden hose or has a reservoir. You’ll want to look at specs that include square feet of cooling space, the number of cubic feet per minute, or CFM, of airflow, and, in some cases, the maximum distance of mist emitted. Fans typically have three speeds and some feature adjustable mist settings whereas others are fixed. Depending on their design, some oscillate or pivot vertically.

How We Chose

All of the misting fans we selected have average ratings of four stars or more. We selected options in a range of styles as mentioned above, and cover price points ranging from budget to splurge-worthy. Features are often specific to a particular fan’s style, but we highlight the most important for every fan we review, including specs like area of coverage, dimensions, weight, and runtime for models with reservoirs.

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Editors’ Choice

Geek Aire Rechargeable Misting Fan Geek Aire


We love the Geek Aire for its reasonable price point, good performance, and lineup of convenient features. The 16-inch cordless rechargeable fan has a 15,000mAh detachable battery, plus three nozzles to spray cool mist more than 11 feet away and an airflow of 2,300 CFM.  

You can pivot it nearly 360 degrees vertically on its stand—making it ideal to mist plants in your garden in addition to cooling off dining space on your patio—and it’s said to run up to 10 hours on a fully charged battery. 

The fan connects to a standard garden hose and is made of coated ABS plastic, so it’s waterproof, rustproof and fade-resistant, plus it’s lightweight for its size, weighing in at 13 pounds.


Our Value Pick

SPT 18-Inch Oscillating Misting Fan SPT


If you’re looking for a basic, affordable misting fan, this one is an excellent choice. The 18-inch oscillating pedestal fan features five blades, with a hub of three rust-resistant brass nozzles and three speeds, and connects to a standard garden hose. The control panel is on the front and it has a wide base, and the fan stands roughly four-and-a-half feet tall and weighs about 17 pounds. Several customers say that the misting function works well and that the fan is easy to assemble.


A Step Up

NewAir Pedestal Misting Fan NewAir


With a bit more to spend, this 18-inch misting pedestal fan offers 2,800 CFM of power to cool off spaces up to 600 square feet. It features wide-angle oscillation, elegantly curved metal blades, and three fan speeds, plus it’s said to lower the temperature by 10 degrees in arid environments. The fan connects to a standard garden hose, stands about 4.5 tall, and has a built-in GFCI plug for extra safety. 


Our Premium Pick

Cool-Off Oscillating Misting Fan Cool-Off


This high-end oscillating misting fan features a sturdy wheeled base with a safety break, plus it can hold 12 gallons of water and is said to have a 12-hour runtime. You can adjust the amount of mist it puts out and it features three speed settings, along with automatic water pump shutoff and built-in power overload protection. Another highlight is its copper motor, which runs smoothly to cut down on noise and vibration, and several customers say that it’s quiet. The fan is a whopping 6.5 feet tall and has a 10-foot power cord. 


Best Portable

XPOWER 3-Speed Misting Fan XPOWER $163.00

$135.00 (17% off)

It may be small, but this compact misting fan is mighty, with four misting nozzles that are said to cool down arid climates by 25 degrees. It features three speed settings and 135-degree rotation, plus it generates 600 CFM of airflow and runs off 1.2 amps. It also has a sealed motor that prevents moisture and dust from getting in. The compact misting fan weighs about 10 pounds and is roughly 15 inches tall, with a seven-foot-long cord. 


Best for Desks or Exercise Equipment

Koonie Misting Fan with Clip

Need a little cool-down while you work or break a sweat on your treadmill? This misting fan has a two-inch-wide clip to attach to your desk or exercise equipment. The cordless misting fan features a continuous and intermittent mode, with a tank that holds roughly seven ounces of water and a detachable 10,000mAh battery that can be used to charge other devices. It also has three speed settings and rotates 360 degrees horizontally, plus it’s easy to clean, as the front grate pops open. 


Best Handheld

HandFan Portable Handheld Misting Fan,

This handheld misting fan will keep you cool at the beach or on the dance floor—and it’s a customer favorite, with an average 4.6 stars from nearly 2,000 reviewers. There are three speed settings, with  a button to activate the mist. 

I’ll automatically stop after 10 minutes, which is a good thing since it only holds a half an ounce of water, plus there are seven different nightlight colors for fun in the evening. Another highlight among features is that it’s foldable, so you can throw it into your bag or prop it up on a table.


Best Wall-Mounted

HydroMist 18-Inch Wall-Mount Oscillating Fan HydroMist


With an average 4.8 stars, this fan also gets rave reviews for the quality of its materials and overall performance. The 18-inch oscillating outdoor misting fan has an appealing, industrial-chic design and features four blades and three speeds, with a tilt ratchet on the fan head. It has all-stainless steel construction with a black finish, and a handheld controller on the cord for easily switching speeds, plus it comes with mounting hardware. The only drawback is that the misting kit is sold separately.


The Splurge

Hurricane High Velocity Misting Fan EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans


This granddaddy of a misting fan stands at about six-and-a-half feet tall, with an airflow of 7,100 CFM that effectively cools areas up to 1,500 square feet. It’s encased in durable, weather-resistant plastic, with a tank that holds 26 gallons of water said to run up to 10 hours depending on the misting level, which can be adjusted incrementally from low to high. 

Another major highlight is that the mist is created from a spinning disk in the center that runs at 3,500 rpm, so there are no nozzles that could potentially clog. Also, any extra water that isn’t dispersed into the air gets recycled and flows back into the reservoir.

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The Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2021

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Do you love the idea of cooking and relaxing outside during the summer but find yourself wilting under the combined heat of the sun and the grill, scurrying for air-conditioned safety when you’d rather be outdoors? 

A good misting fan will help you keep your cool, no matter how high the mercury climbs, and, as usual, we’re here with a breakdown of some of the best models on the market.

Our top five best misting fans

1. Best Overall – RYOBI 18-Volt Bucket Top Misting Fan

We’ve chosen the RYOBI as our best overall misting fan because of its utility. As well as the standard hose attachment, this fan comes with a special foot that allows it to pull water from a 5-gallon bucket. 

This means you can use it without a water hookup, so you can take it camping, to the beach, the pool, or just anywhere you need a little extra cooling. 

The fan itself runs on a Ryobi 18-Volt One+ battery, which is compatible with other Ryobi products.

There’s a Hi/Lo switch for adjustable fan and misting control, which gives you about 2.5 hours of run time on Hi and about 7 hours of run time on Lo. 

If you’re going to be spending the day somewhere really hot and want to have it on Hi for longer periods, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a spare 18-Volt battery.

At 7.6 lbs and measuring 15 x 12 x 13 inches, the RYOBI is small and light enough to be properly portable but powerful enough to take the sting out of even the hottest days.

What we like:
  • The lightweight construction, compact size, and 5-gallon bucket attachment make this battery-powered fan very portable.
  • If you have other Ryobi tools, you can switch the battery packs between them as they are interchangeable.
  • The misting function can be turned on and off, so you can use as a standard fan.
What we don’t like:
  • 2.5 hours of use on Hi means you’ll probably need a spare battery to get the most from this fan on the hottest of days

2. Best Oscillating Misting Fan – HydroMist 18-Inch Oscillating Misting Fan

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated outdoor cooking and relaxing area and want a way to cool it down without having to stack 5-gallon buckets in the corners, then this fixed position fan by Hydromist might be precisely what you’re looking for.

This 3-speed fan comes with a wall mounting bracket and connects to your water supply via a ⅜-inch high-pressure hose, making it ideal for residential use.

While the fan can be connected to a water tank or even a bucket, you’ll need a 1000-psi pump to move the water through it. 

This lack of an internal pump, combined with the fact that it weighs nearly 28 lbs, means it’s not really portable, and if you’re looking for something to take to the beach, you’d be better off with the Arctic Cove.

However, if you’re looking to cool the area around your built-in grill or that sweet backyard bar you’ve built, this is precisely the fan you need.

What we like:
  • The sturdy stainless steel construction makes the HydroMist ideal for mounting outside.
  • With three speed settings and the ability to oscillate, the HydroMist can cool a large area with ease.
What we don’t like:
  • The high weight, combined with the need for an additional pump means this fan isn’t really portable.

3. Best Wall-Mounted Misting Fan – Ecojet by Joape Hurricane 660 Wall Mount Outdoor Misting Fan

The Ecojet wins our pick for the best wall-mounted misting fan because of the innovative and low-maintenance way its misting function works.

Most misting fans use spray nozzles that spray a fine mist of water in front of the fan. Those nozzles can get clogged, particularly in areas where they use hard water, and can be challenging to clean, especially if the fan is wall-mounted and out of arm’s reach. 

The Ecojet creates its mist using a spinning disk mounted in front of the fan, so there are no fiddly nozzles to get clogged.

The ultrafine mist produced by this system can cool the air by as much as 20 degrees, and the fan covers an area of up to 1,500 square feet.

Powered by a 110-volt motor, the Ecojet plugs straight into a standard outlet, and, despite the power of the fan, the noise levels don’t go above 67dB. Water is supplied by a ¾-water hose (purchased separately) that can be connected directly to an outdoor tap.

What we like:
  • The unique misting design saves on water and means there are no nozzles or filters that need unclogging.
  • The ultra-fine mist means you won’t get wet if you are standing directly in front of it.
What we don’t like:
  • Unlike the HydroMist, the Ecojet doesn’t oscillate, so you’ll have to spend a little more time figuring out where to mount it for best effect.

4. WINDCHASER Outdoor Misting Fan

The main benefit of the WindChaser is that it can serve dual duty as both an indoor and outdoor fan.

The four misting nozzles can be fed through a connection to a standard garden hose and, combined with the 16-inch-diameter four-blade oscillating fan, can cool the air by as much as 25°F.

The sturdy construction of the WindChaser is both rust and UV resistant, so it won’t suffer from being used outdoors.

The motor is shower-proof, so you don’t need to be worried about the mist blowing back over it, but it should be kept out of the rain.

If the day isn’t quite hot enough to warrant the use of the misting function, or you want to use it indoors, the WindChaser works perfectly well as a 3-speed indoor oscillating stand fan, making it useful throughout the year.

What we like:
  • The powerful misting action and 3-speed fan can cool the air by as much as 25°F.
  • Works just as well indoors (with the misting function turned off) as it does outdoors.
What we don’t like:
  • Some user reported that the electrical cord is quite short, limiting the placement of the fan.

5. NewAir AF-520B, Outdoor Misting Oscillating Pedestal Fan

One of the things that put some people off purchasing a misting fan is a concern about mixing water with electricity, especially if you want to leave the fan unattended. 

The NewAir AF-520B is a versatile and lightweight oscillating pedestal fan that solves those issues by including a GFCI plug and built-in water cut-out that work together to cut the fan off from both the electricity and water supply if it develops a fault.

In addition to these extra safety features, the AF-520B’s powerful fan provides around 500-square feet of misting coverage that cools the air by as much as 15°F. 

The fan uses a standard plug connection and 0.75-inch garden hose attachment, so the AF-520B is easy to set up and, because you can adjust both the height and tilt, lets you easily get that 500-square feet of cooling air and mist exactly where you want it.

What we like:
  • Great for the safety-conscious with both water and electricity cut-offs in the event of a leak.
  • The fan and mist cover a large area and are easy to angle, making it simple to set up and ideal for outdoor usage.
What we don’t like:
  • The mist produced by the nozzles isn’t particularly fine, meaning you can get a little wet if you sit too close to it.

How do misting fans work?

As anyone who lives in a hot country will tell you, a fan on its own can only do so much to cool the air. Most fans work by moving air around the room, creating a wind-chill effect that allows the sweat on your body to evaporate faster, making you feel cooler. 

They do not actually cool the room at all.

There is a common misconception that this is also how misting fans work; by spraying you with water, which evaporates off you like sweat. However, this would just leave you dripping with water all the time.

How misting fans actually work is by taking advantage of an effect called flash evaporation. When the fan sprays the water into the air, it does so in the form of a fine mist. This fine mist evaporates much faster than water droplets, completely disappearing before it reaches your skin and drawing the heat out of the air as it does so.

This is why, depending on the fan’s size and the fineness of the mist produced, misting fans can reduce the air temperature around them by as much as 10-20 °F, without you getting all wet.

Do misting fans do a good job keeping you cool?

Misting fans are an excellent way of keeping cool outdoors as, unlike a standard fan, they can actually cool the air around them. 

This also applies to semi-enclosed spaces where traditional air-conditioning, which requires a closed system to function and is normally very expensive to fit, isn’t an option. Misting fans are also easy to install and use, with most connecting to standard electrical outlets and garden hose attachments.

What are the different types of misting fans?

Misting fans come in various models with different operations, and selecting the right one for you should be based on what you’re planning on using it for.

Portable misting fans

Portable misting fans, like the Arctic Cove, don’t need an electrical hookup or a hosepipe connection to work. They usually run on a battery and can be mounted above anything that you can store water in.

This makes them ideal for taking with you on your travels as they can provide cooling at places like the beach or when you are out camping.

Wall-mounted misting fans

If you have an outdoor cooking area or patio you want to cool, then a wall-mounted fan allows you to position your misting fan at the optimal angle and have all the cables fixed in place, so they are in the way. 

Stand fans

Stand fans are what most of us think of when we imagine an eclectic fan. They come on an adjustable height stand, hence the name, and the misting function can be often be turned on and off, meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Oscillating fans

Oscillation is normally a feature that can be applied to all of the fans above. Oscillating just means the fan swings from side to side, increasing the area which it is capable of cooling.

Wrapping it up

Unlike a standard fan, a misting fan will actually cool the air around you, making it an excellent way to enjoy the sunshine without baking in the heat. This is especially true if you’re planning on firing up the grill, as that fine mist can save you from becoming as seared as the stakes you’re cooking.

If you’ve got some advice on getting the best out of a misting fan, or you own one that you think should have made our list, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

Promotional Hand Fans & Misters

Personalized Misting Spray Bottles, Wholesale Mini Hand Held Fans & Personal Misting Fans in Bulk

Our personalized hand held fans, promotional spray misters, and combined personal hand held misting fans with logo imprints are great summertime promotional products for nearly any business. They can be used for cooling off at desks, while at ball games, riding on public transportation, or while in the classroom or working outdoors. The following section goes into a bit more detail regarding our promotional mister & wholesale fan giveaways, so if you’d like to know more about what we have to offer, read on and get your “Mister’s Degree” in promotional hand held fans & customized misting spray bottles.

  • Different Types of Wholesale Hand Held Fans for Giveaways

  • Personalized Misting Spray Bottles

  • Personalized Misting Spray Fans

  • Different Types of Wholesale Hand Held Fans for Giveaways

    Company logo printed hand held fans are excellent promotional giveaway items during spring & summer. However, they’re also useful year-round, coming quite in handy when temperatures rise a bit too high indoors and one needs a refreshing way to cool off. We offer many different types of personalized hand held fans, several of which we’ll introduce to you in the following paragraphs.

    Custom Personal Hand Held Fans with Flashlights

    Our wholesale personal flashlight fans are great for after-dark projects. Not only will they help to keep users cool, but they’ll also come in handy when small items such as screws are dropped and need to be recovered quickly. They’re also useful for overheated car passengers, who can use them to cool off or to locate items dropped between or under seats.

    Custom LED Message Fans

    Looking for a unique promotional hand held fans? We suggest our wholesale programmable LED fans. They’re the epitome of modern-meets-classic, providing a way for users to stay cool while showing off up to 6 different programmed messages, displayed via LED lights, for all to see.

    Promotional USB Fans

    If you’re looking for the best promotional products for computer stores, colleges, or tech firms, our customized personal USB fans will meet your promotional needs and then some. When students and/or employees are hard at work on their laptops, they can plug these fans in for some much-deserved relief, all the while seeing your personalized company logo design. We also carry promotional USB hub fans, providing both a source of cooling along with multiple USB charging ports. These make for perfect promotional iPhone fans.

    Wholesale Light Up Hand Fans

    For a great promotional product for company picnics or other outdoor promotional events, buy our personalized battery operated light up fans in bulk. They can truly put on a show. Rainbow strips of bright colors occupy the fan blades, which twirl around for a mesmerizing effect once the sun goes down. A brightly colored company logo imprint on the handle of these fans ensures that your brand will be just as unforgettable as the light shows its products provide.

    Customized Mini Fans with Lanyards

    Looking for the best cheap promotional hand held fans for weddings or other lengthy events? Our promotional mini fans with lanyards are here to answer the call. These can be worn around the neck or held as wrist straps for a conveniently portable promo product that’s perfect for nearly any warm weather event, or even just taking along on a hike or trip to the beach.

    Personalized Misting Spray Bottles

    A quick spray of water to the face is a great way to revitalize & re-energize during a hot day or extended work session. That’s just what our wholesale spray bottles provide. Our custom imprinted spray bottles offer a cooling rush of hydrating mist to all who use them, both at home and away. They’re ideal promotional products for nearly any business, including department stores, discount stores, amusement parks, state/national parks, beaches, and construction companies.

    Custom Logo Imprinted Misting Water Bottles

    Everyone loves to get two great promotional gifts for the price of one. Few products make this more evident than our personalized water bottles with misters. Bulk handheld spray misters offer a custom logo imprinted squeezable water bottle that also has a misting spray button at the top. Whether your customers are looking for a thirst-quenching drink or a refreshing mist to the face, this product easily allows for both options.

    Promotional Fine Mist Spray Bottles

    “Easy does it,” is a phrase that can carry great meaning. It’s certainly applicable to our fine mist wholesale face spray bottles. When catering to a crowd that just wants a light little spray here and there, buying our fine mist mini spray bottles in bulk is a can’t-fail advertising strategy.

    Personalized Misting Spray Fans

    At this point, are you trying to decide between our wholesale hand held fans or our business logo imprinted spray bottles for your next promotion? Who says you have to choose just one? Certainly not us; that’s why we provide several different types of bulk hand held misting fans. These combine the cooling powers of wind and water to alternate between refreshing sensations whenever desired. Our custom printed wholesale fan misters make great promotional products for sporting events, concert venues, hardware stores, pool supply stores, beachwear outlets, convenience stores, and nearly any other business imaginable.

    Misting Fans | Outdoor Patio Cooling Fans

    We carry portable cooling fans to keep you cool with a refreshing fine mist of water wherever you go, from your backyard to your business. Our mobile patio misting fans are available in several sizes, from small, personal fans to heavy-duty, 48” outdoor misting fans.

    With one of our portable outdoor misting fans, you can get cool relief and humidity control wherever you need it. Cooling fans can lower temperatures as much as 30 degrees, allowing you to be more comfortable in hot weather. Our patio misting systems are great for:

    • Backyards
    • Patios
    • Walkways
    • Barnyards
    • Athletic fields
    • And so much more!

    You’ll be impressed with our selection of patio misting fans for sale. Advanced Misting Systems carries the top names in cooling fans, including: Aero Mist, Aqua Breeze, Aquality, TPI, J&D Mfg., KoolFog, Cool Draft Blue, Mobile One and Port-A-Cool.

    We also carry several smaller models of personal cooling fans. With your own personal mister, you can enjoy the refreshment of cool water whenever you’d like. Our mobile outdoor misting fans give you the flexibility to work and play outdoors, even when it’s blazing outside. Check out our assortment of patio misting fans. Our misting system, misting fan / cooling fan, and evaporative cooler / swamp cooler can be useful as a cooling system for the following:

    • Backyard Misting Systems
    • Patio Misting System
    • Portable Cooling Fan
    • Barn Cooling
    • Horse Cooling

    Misting Fan System With 1000 PSI Pump

    Starting at $1601 for an 18″ fan kit.

    – 18″, 24″ or 30″ fan sizes
    – Choose between 1-12 fans
    – 1000 PSI pump (Direct Drive, Enclose, Pulley or VFD)

    Build your 1000 PSI Misting Fan System »

    Water Spray Electric Mist Fan 24 Inch Big Oscillation Angle With Wider Range

    Water Spray Electric Mist Fan 24 Inch Big Oscillation Angle With Wider Range


    White Color Portable ABS Materials Electrical Misting Fan


    High Lights:


    1, Larger centrifugal disc, wider range with more atomizing.

    2, Low equirement of water source, no blocking, low maintenance cost.

    3, Using three panel aluminum alloy casting blades, in 24 inch big size with large air volume

    4, Using high quality gear box, big oscillation angle, reliable long service life.

    5, The large capacity water tank, provides 8 hours use with one fill, in addition, the automatic water inflow system offers long term water supply.

    6, With easy moving on four universal wheels, it gives you a satisfaction on application in various environment.





    * Decrease temperature: At least 3-8℃ within short times.


    * Increase relative humidity.


    * Reduce dust effectively.


    * Purify air.


    * Occasions: Outdoor restaurant& cafe, garden, bus station, walking street, play ground, or any

    place which needs cooling. Can be used in hospital for sterilizing.


    * We keep on making improvement for the existing products and developing new products so

    as to meet the market demands.


    Technical Data

    Model Power Volume Noise Effective Area Water Capacity Water Consumption Fan Size(mm) N.W
    (kw) (m³/h dB(A) (m2) (L) (L/h) L*W*H (KG)
    A-4C 0.32 2450 ≤ 67 95 94 6-8 700 700 2000 56
    A-4P 0.34 2450 ≤ 69 95 94 7 700 700 2000 58
    WT-4C 0.33 2450 ≤ 67 112 6 6-8 470 635 1166 30
    (Automatic inflow)
    D-6C 0.27 15000 ≤ 69 80 60 5-10 670 750 1880 48
    DW-6C 0.27 15000 ≤ 69 80 6 5-10 670 586 1065 24
    (Automatic inflow)


    High rate permanent magnet submersible pump : IP*8CE made of environmental-friendly materials, low noise , widely use for fountain , waterfall and evaporative air cooler
    Ball-bearing motor : lifetime of ball bearing motor with resettable thermal fuse is 1.5 times of oil bearing motor, ensures the motor works well during the lifetime of the product
    Aluminum alloy misting disc : Casting with aluminum alloy ; Anodized surface, anti-corrosion ; Dynamic balancing , low vibration ; The mist volume is large , while mist diameter is small
    Aluminum alloy impeller : Pressure casted aluminum alloy , excellent and stable performance ; Static and dynamic balancing , low noise , low vibration. Changeable angel to adapt different voltage and frequency
    Colors optional : green , blue , purple , black for your choice



    About US


    Founded in 1996, Foshan Nanhai Popula Fan Co.Ltd has been headquartered in Nanhai District for

    more  than 20 years. Centralized in R&D, production, sales and service, it has been a high-tech and comprehensive enterprise which is integrated in environmental protection and ventilation equipment

    in the field of industrial fans.


    Its factory covers 115,000 square meters while standard workshops covers 100,000 square meters

    with more than 1300 staff. Many of its products have successively passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certifications. CCC.CE, SASO.QS, fire safety certification. And it even has acquired 10 invention or utility model patents at home and abroad.


    After years of running, it creates a subsidiary corporation–Guangdong AMX Electric Appliances Co..,

    Ltd., which specializes in Misting Fan, Ventilation Fan, and Fresh Air system production. Nowadays,

    many of these both companies’ high quality products have been exporting more than 70 countries

    and regions around the world and have won a lot of customers’ heart in domestic and oversea.




    10 Best Misting Fans Of 2020: Great Cooling Option For You

    Summer is a time to go out and enjoy the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. However, sometimes the temperatures may get so high that it’s next to impossible to stay outside and inside as well lest you get a heat stroke. But that shouldn’t be the case when you have a pedestal fan or misting fan that will give you that much-needed breeze to bring the temperatures down around you.

    Just like how sweating releases water droplets on our skin that evaporates to keep our skin cool on a hot day, so does a misting fan operate. Some people imagine that this type of fan will spray you with water once you stand next to it. On the contrary, it operates in a quiet yet intricate manner to utilize thermal dynamics that evaporate to provide a cooling effect around the area.

    Not only do these cooling fans save you from hefty power bills, but also come in a portable design so that you can place them wherever you want to sit and relax. You will often find them on the patio, near a pool, at the gazebo and other strategic outdoor spots. However, there are a number of factors to have in mind before picking a particular appliance to add to your summer items. In this review, we have reviewed some of the best misting fans out there that will provide you with that much-needed breeze in an efficient manner.

    Top 10 Misting Fans Of 2020 Reviewed

    1. Lasko 1827 18″ Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

    Lasko has been in the appliance business since 1906 and is reputable for crafting durable and functional items. One such product is this pedestal fan that comes with three quiet and energy efficient speeds which allow the free standing fan to offer a cool breeze on a hot summer day. It also has an adjustable height design that let’s move the height between 38 and 54 inches while the tilt-back head design allows you to direct the breeze to the floor or ceiling.

    The fan also boasts of a widespread oscillation that allows the breeze to cover a wide area. For increased safety, the fan has an inbuilt Blue Plug Patented Technology that has a fuse that automatically protects the appliance from any power surges. It also comes with simple instructions which make assembling it easy and fast.


    • Easy assembly
    • Widespread oscillation
    • Inbuilt safety fuse


    • Noisy
    • The high-speed setting may be too strong
    • Most of the parts are made of plastic

    2. Lasko 20″ High-Velocity QuickMount

    The floor mount design comes with three speeds that are ideal where high-velocity cooling is necessary. The pivoting head strategically moves to point the breeze where it’s needed which makes it act as a cooling and ventilation appliance. It has a quick mount design that lets you easily convert it from a floor fan to a wall mount fan. It has built-in rubber pads to help it last for long and doesn’t require tools for the assembly.


    • 2 in 1 design
    • Easy to assemble
    • Ideal for busy places


    • Fan is loud
    • May have a funny smell
    • The speed levels may not be different

    3. iLIVING ILG8E14-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Fan Best Wall Mount Design

    Air movement is a critical part of a misting fan and this comes with 14-inch curved blades that optimize air circulation producing an amazing cooling effect. To keep moisture away, its well lubricated industrial motor is sealed and doesn’t need to be removed for further lubrication. It also has a chain that you pull to adjust the speed which can move at three different revolutions.

    On purchase, it’s a normal fan that doesn’t produce any mist just a dry cooling effect. However, you can turn it into a misting fan by connecting the iLIVING ilg-250 Hi Pressure Misting Kit that’s sold separately. The product is ULF tested and comes with a wall mounting kit. The fan can be used both indoors and outdoors.


    • Powerful blades for optimal air movement
    • Both a normal fan and misting fan
    • ULF tested for safety


    • Doesn’t cool a large amount of air
    • Lower speeds may be faulty
    • Misting kit sold separately

    4. SPT SF-1666M: 16″ Misting Fan Best Oscillating Design

    With three adjustable speeds and the option to oscillate in a fixed position or 90-degree position, this misting fan is perfect for your outdoor entertainment. The misting hub has a 4 brass nozzle that is resistant to UV rays and rust. The cooling capacity here is 40,000 BTUs which helps efficiently cool an area of 640 square feet. You can also adjust the height of the fan to between 47 and 56 inches. There’s also an allowance to connect it to a garden hose or spigot.


    • UV and rust resistant
    • 3 adjustable speeds
    • Adjustable height


    • Can’t be used indoors
    • The low/med/high speeds are pretty much the same
    • A bit noisy

    5. OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan Best Hand Held Design

    Have you always desired to own your very own personal misting fan that you can easily hold and feel the breeze right on your face? Well, OPOLAR has designed this handheld misting fan just for you. It has two operating modes where you can use batteries to power it or connect it using a USB port. It comes loaded with a rechargeable battery that has a capacity of 2600mAh and can provide power for up to 14 hours when on a full charge.

    Designed to operate as an air conditioner, this mini misting fan comes with three unique speeds that can be adjusted to your preference. It also has a 55 ml water tank that provides similar cooling as an air conditioner. It’s also a useful gadget for women who can use it as a personal humidifier once they are done applying makeup. You can also use it as a desktop fan for those hot afternoons in your office. It’s noise-free where the fan produces noise of fewer than 40 decibels which is very minimal. You also get a one year warranty with this mist fan/ humidifier.


    • Multiple operating modes
    • Portable
    • Minimal noise


    • Only one speed for mist
    • Overfilling the water tank may spoil the motor
    • USB jack is flimsy

    6. Luma Comfort MF26B High Power Misting Fan Best For Large Spaces

    There’s no denying that cooling a large area can be quite tricky. However, you don’t have to worry about that with this high power misting fan with a heavy duty construction and has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial spaces. It has a cooling capacity for an area of 1,000 sq ft and can easily bring the temperatures from a high of 30° F  and 45°F.

    The misting fan is the most powerful from this brand and uses a high velocity centrifugal misting system that consists of a powerful water pump that doesn’t clog the nozzles. The large water tank can hold up to 4.4 gallons of water which can help power the system for a period of 4 hours at high speeds. Its fans feature three adjustable speeds and have a 90-degree oscillating fan head to conveniently cover large areas. The fan also comes with integrated carrying handles and rolling casters for easy portability.


    • Easily portable
    • Covers large areas
    • Large water tank for prolonged cooling


    • Takes time to assemble
    • A bit noisy
    • Some had issues with the misting system

    7. Misting Direct Wet Location Fan 18 Inch Best For Wet Areas

    Coming in beautiful oil rubbed bronze color, this misting fan is UL 507 approved for safe use in wet and damp areas. It uses a thermal protected industrial motor and acts as a commercial grade fan for heavy duty use. The blades are made of aluminum making them light and well balanced for efficient air circulation and cooling. The body is made of corrosion resistant material that has been coated with an exquisite epoxy finish. It also comes with three adjustable speeds to suit your preference.


    • Powerful cooling system
    • Safe to use in wet areas
    • Three adjustable speeds


    • Lots of imitations in the market
    • Doesn’t come with mounting brackets
    • Some say that it rusted

    8. Hurricane Stand Fan

    The Hurricane Pro series is designed to provide high-velocity air movement which gives you a nice cooling effect. This particular fan is made to stand on a heavy duty stand that is easily portable for added convenience. The height is adjustable to a height of between 39 and 54 inches on a sturdily built base. It comes in a sleek black finish and is ETL listed.


    • Stable base
    • Adjustable height
    • Durable


    • Not for outdoor use
    • Oscillation is jerky
    • Not waterproof

    9. Dynamic Collections Outdoor Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

    Equipped with an inbuilt mister, this oscillating fan will help cool down those awfully hot summer days with its cool breeze. The 19-inch oscillating head comes with three adjustable speeds of 900, 1100 and  1280 RPMs which can cover an area of 500 square feet. To withstand the outdoors, it’s coated with a UV resistant paint that doesn’t rust or fade.

    It also has a weighted base for improved stability. It also comes with a CFI standard plug that works efficiently with a 120V 3-prong outlet. It’s also been rated ETL safe for wet areas. The telescoping neck can be adjusted to a height of between 40 inches and 51 inches. No tools are necessary for assembly and you just need to connect it to your garden hose and are good to go.


    • UV and rust resistant
    • No tools required for assembly
    • Rated safe for wet areas


    • May leak water if not well fitted
    • Mist nozzles may clog with time
    • The base could be sturdier

    10. NewAir AF-520B Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

    Built to outlast the harsh outdoors, this misting fan has a durable construction and a thick housing for the blades and motor. It has a cooling capacity for an area of close to 500 square feet which is adequate for your backyard area. It also has a widespread oscillation that allows for cooling and misting of a wider area. The push button controls are user-friendly and allow you to easily operate the fan. Its head tilts and height adjusts to conveniently meet your cooling needs.


    • Durable construction
    • Widespread oscillation
    • User-friendly buttons


    • Faulty mist jets
    • May cause large spills
    • Needs loads of modification

    How to Choose the Best Misting Fans: The Ultimate Buying Guide

    It’s always good to step outside and enjoy the outdoors during summer. However, at times the temperatures may sore to very high degrees that it becomes a nightmare to even think of laying out in the backyard. But with a misting fan, you will get to enjoy a controlled breeze that will help you kick back and enjoy your summer. So effective is the cooling effect of these fans that some have found them better than air conditioners.

    How Does a Misting Fan work?

    A misting fan applies the same technology as sweating where water droplets evaporate leaving a cooling effect. They are usually fitted with a high-pressure pump and has tiny nozzles that spray water creating a mist. The fan powered by a motor then circulates this water which then mixes with the warm air causing evaporation and creating a cool breeze.

    Benefits of a Misting Fan
    • Versatility – Unlike air conditioners, misting fans can be used anywhere and placed at strategic positions in your backyard, commercial enterprise or even industrial spaces.
    • Convenience – Misting fans are portable and can be moved from one location to another whether indoors or outdoors.
    • Power consumption – Compared to air conditioners, misting fans bring down your electricity bills significantly and don’t come with high maintenance costs.

    Factors to Consider When Buying a Misting Fan

    • UV Rating – Ensure that the fan has adequate UV resistance since most of these appliances are used outdoors where there are harsh weather elements.
    • Type of fan – Depending on your taste and preference you may opt for a free standing fan, a wall mount fan, a tower fan or a desktop fan.
    • Placement – Depending on where you want the fan located, you may opt for one with a lengthy cord for hard to reach areas.
    • Cooling Power – Fans use airflow to provide a cooling breeze. The air flow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Depending on the size of the fan and the settings, some may have a cooling power while some may not have much-pushing power for the air.


    With a misting fan, there’s absolutely no reason to remain indoors during summer due to unbearable temperatures outside. Misting fans are the answer to your heat problems and will leave you leaving refreshed and relaxed. Hopefully, this review has provided some insight on the best misting fans available in the market and given you pointers on how to land the right one for your summer needs.

    Ensa ENSA LC002 Domestic fans

    • Spraying: 0.25L / min • THREE speeds • Area: 25 m2 (138 m3 / min) • Sprayer: 26-66 cm (fan) • Distance: 8-10 m / n • Tank volume: 42 l • Power: 160 W • Voltage: 110/220 V • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    COOLING AND FOGING SYSTEM of the trade mark “ENSA”.

    A reliable method of eliminating the heat pressures that air conditioning provides using an evaporative cooling process, our systems create the finest cool haze in any room.
    – for cooling summer areas and open gazebos in restaurants and cafes,
    hotel courtyards;
    – near the sun loungers on the beaches and pools;
    – in wine cellars, greenhouses, myceliums;
    – in supermarkets on vegetable and fruit counters; The
    can be configured and controlled using a memory device.

    In addition to decorative cooling effects, the fogging system is ideal for
    elimination of unpleasant odors and dust, solves the problem of air pollution with carbon dioxide
    , ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and methane.

    Air humidification in open areas
    No need for installation
    Without the use of chemicals
    Minimum electricity consumption

    Silent fan
    Large tank capacity

    There are situations in which familiar devices, albeit of very high quality, turn out to be completely useless. For example, fans and air conditioners in open areas. The former raise dust, the latter simply do not work.In such cases, water spraying devices such as the ENSA LC002 fan will help. It was made specifically for outdoor terraces, gyms, restaurants, summer beach clubs, exhibitions, wedding tents, greenhouses and other outdoor spaces. The plus of this invention is the capacious water tanks, which means the productivity will be impressive. ENSA LC002 is mobile, it can be easily carried from one place to another, turned on in any weather, and most importantly: it significantly reduces the air temperature.What you need for hot days.

    There are many things that can be adjusted in the ENSA LC002 to adapt to different requirements. For example, a height within 30 cm. If humidification is not needed, it will only drive air – fast or slow, depending on the settings.

    Portable Water Spray Fan ENSA LC002 is equipped with a large 66 cm diameter propeller that rotates at 1450 rpm and delivers about 8000 m? cooled humidified air per hour. Such a strong appliance will cool a medium-sized room even on a hot afternoon.And it will do it very economically, consuming only 160 watts per hour.

    The ENSA LC002 has a special disc that sprays the smallest drops of water and a self-contained 42 liter tank. This is enough for four hours of work in the maximum mode or eight in the medium mode. Working not only as a fan, but also as a humidifier, the device is especially valuable in public places. It easily precipitates street dust and neutralizes tobacco smoke, providing visitors with the most comfortable conditions. In the ENSA LC002, a lot can be adjusted to accommodate different requirements.For example, a height within 30 cm. If humidification is not needed, it will only drive air – fast or slow, depending on the settings.

    The fan with humidification function ENSA LC002 has many advantages. It is portable, multifunctional, flexible and economical. Interesting compact invention for open spaces

    A fan with water spray or a fogging system will help you to reduce the air temperature in the summer heat, increase the humidity (create comfort) in the place you need.The system also precipitates dust and tobacco smoke. The advantage of the systems is that they do not require reconstruction of the premises, electrical networks or water supply systems. The fogging system consists of a pump, filter, piping, fittings and spray nozzles. For work, tap water is used. The water spray fan consists of a large fan with a diameter of 660 mm, a 42 liter water tank, and a grinding disc

    Special Features:

    • Powerful fan

    • Large tank capacity

    • Water flow control

    • Atomization: 0.25 l / min

    • THREE speeds

    • Area: 25 m2 (138 m3 / min)

    • Spray: 26-66 cm (fan)

    • Distance: 8-10 m / p

    • Tank volume: 42 l

    • Power: 160 Watt

    • Voltage: 110/220 V

    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Fogging and low pressure systems in barns

    Low pressure system in barns

    The most popular and easiest option for cooling air on a farm, also called an irrigation system.The advantages of irrigation systems are the relatively low cost of equipment, ease of installation and customization of work cycles. The mode of operation of low pressure systems alternates on-off of the system every two minutes, but in order for the air in the barn to cool effectively, the operation of the low pressure system should be adjusted using the controller, temperature and humidity sensors or the THI index (we will talk about it below).

    The main thing to consider when using low pressure systems is that there should be accelerating fans at the spraying site to create air movement and renew the cow’s airspace.The use of low pressure systems without booster ventilation threatens to create a “greenhouse effect”, which is even worse than heat stress. In addition to overclocking ventilation, if the air exchange rate is insufficient in summer (the most common problem in Soviet cowsheds), you may need to install a mechanical air exhaust. Finally, the use of irrigation systems involves reconfiguring the operation of manure removal systems (scrapers) to remove collecting water and solve possible problems with hooves in cows.

    Installing a fogging system is a more costly solution for cooling air in a farm room, but it has a number of advantages. With the correct calculation and configuration of the equipment, you can achieve greater efficiency from the operation of this system. As part of the fogging system, a high-pressure pump and special nozzles are used, and the calculation of performance, setting the operating cycles and installation, require a specialist visit to your site.The use of the fogging system avoids problems with the formation of excess water on the floor by using high pressure nozzles that spray smaller water droplets (mist).

    Why is it necessary to use an automation system when installing a humidification system?

    Here we would like to discuss in more detail the THI (Temperature Humidity Index) or “Temperature and Relative Humidity Index”.

    Air temperature and relative humidity index: what do you need to know about it?

    Temperature Humidity Index (THI) is a measure that has been in use since the early 1990s.It takes into account the combined effects of ambient temperature and relative humidity and is an easy way to assess the risk of heat stress.

    Where is THI used? Research has identified THI values ​​above which heat stress begins. These THI values ​​vary with livestock species. Typically THI is used in animal husbandry, both dairy and beef cattle. Cows are very susceptible to the effects of high temperatures and suffer greatly from the effects of heat stress, which has serious consequences for their productivity and the quality of the final product.This is because most of the energy obtained from food is used to maintain a constant body temperature and therefore is not intended for other activities (milk production, growth, pregnancy, fattening, etc.).

    How to calculate THI? Heat stress is caused by a combination of temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, air movement and precipitation. Most research on heat stress in livestock has focused on two major environmental stressors: temperature and relative humidity (RH).

    There are various formulas for calculating, but one of them is the simplest and most common – the following:

    THI = 0.8 * T + RH * (T-14.4) + 46.4

    where T = ambient temperature or dry bulb temperature in ° C and RH = relative humidity expressed in proportion, i.e. 75% moisture, expressed in 0.75.

    High air temperatures combined with high humidity are hazardous to the health of livestock.The concentration of water vapor in the air is of great importance, as it can drastically reduce the ability of an animal to use evaporative heat loss through the skin and lungs. Cattle can tolerate higher temperatures with lower relative humidity, as the cow’s body is able to efficiently dissipate excess heat during perspiration. However, in hot and particularly humid conditions, the natural ability of cattle to dissipate heat is impaired by the reduced ability to use evaporative cooling.Using a fogging system, without a ventilation system, will turn your object into a greenhouse in which animals are contraindicated to stay. Thus, the use of fogging systems under the control of automatic devices working with the THI index will not allow the nozzles to work when a certain humidity indicator is reached.

    The key to efficient operation of the cooling system is to irrigate the cows with water without exceeding the moisture values. It is difficult to achieve this using a low pressure system with a large droplet size, due to the constant evaporation of water from the floor.The fogging system can be set up for a shorter cycle, but with more repetitions without changing moisture readings. Correct operation of the system involves the use of not only specialized technological elements, but also the placement of nozzles at a certain height, adjusting the direction of the water supply and setting the operating modes of the controller. system.

    Need to equip a dairy farm? Call +7 495 229 39 03, write [email protected]

    Modern technologies and equipment for dust suppression – Fixed assets

    A variety of methods and equipment are used to combat dust – from sophisticated stationary exhaust ventilation systems, cyclone separators and electrostatic dust collectors to sprinklers, water monitors and fog guns that spray water, chemicals and foam.The topic of this article is dust suppression methods used mainly in the mining and construction industries.

    There is research data that when dust intake exceeds 58 kg / ha per month, the effect of inhibition of the vital activity of most plants and animals in this area is observed. Inhaled dust causes acute upper respiratory infections. Particles with a diameter less than 10 microns (μm) (according to the designation PM10 adopted in the USA), as well as less than 2.5 μm (PM2.5). For every 10 micrograms (1×10-5 g) per 1 m 3 increase in the concentration of these particles in the air, the number of patients in hospitals with chronic respiratory diseases increases by 7%, of which 3.5% are acute respiratory diseases and 3 % – for cardiovascular diseases, and mortality from lung cancer increases by 8%.

    As the researchers have established, dust, and specifically PM10 particles, plays an important role in the formation of clouds of smog that hangs over Moscow and other large cities every winter.Blown dust sources supply 92% of the total PM10 particle content to the air, with 28% of all blown dust coming from dirt roads and 23 to 30% from construction sites. A certain proportion of PM10 particles are also emitted into the air by powerful diesel engines.

    Dust impairs visibility on the road, increasing the risk of accidents and reducing driving speed. Accumulation of explosive and combustible dust in the air creates an explosion or fire hazard. An increased amount of dust has a negative effect on the condition of the equipment.In addition to purely mechanical wear (the ingress of abrasive particles into rubbing parts), malfunctions of machine control systems are possible, since an increased amount of dust enters the electronic control units. The service life of engines operating in dusty conditions is reduced by 2–3 times. Exposure to dust increases the intensity of the corrosion process, maintenance and repair of equipment becomes more difficult and time-consuming.

    Therefore, dust suppression is extremely important and is used in many industries.Dust suppression is a very broad concept. We will consider in this article only a part of this issue – a set of methods and means for preventing air pollution by dust in the construction and mining industries by reducing dust emission and deposition of dust from the air.

    Dust sources

    In the process of mining, dust always forms – during crushing, blasting. Ash and slag dumps of metallurgical plants and thermal power plants, as well as open mining pits, emit into the atmosphere from one hectare to 2–5 tons of dust per day, dust is spread by the wind over long distances.A lot of dust gets into the air from open ore and coal warehouses in ports.

    In open pits and construction sites, 19% of dust is due to wind erosion of the soil. Vehicles and special equipment moving along technological roads raise 52% of dust into the air. As a result of the pressure and movement of the tires at a speed of more than 20 km / h, small stones on technological roads are destroyed, and the resulting dust is lifted into the air.

    A considerable amount of dust is also generated during construction work, such as excavation.During finishing work, circular saws and grinders create the most dust. If a huge building needs to be demolished, the surrounding area should be carefully protected from dust. Dust suppression and protection from fumes in hazardous waste landfills are very important.

    This is just a short and incomplete list of dust sources.

    Methods and equipment for dust suppression

    Most experts agree that there is no single solution to all the complex problems of dust control and a universal, completely safe and productive method of dedusting.In each specific case, these issues are resolved individually.

    When developing a dust suppression method, it is recommended to analyze the following questions: what is the main source of dust formation and where is it located, due to which process is the greatest amount of dust that gets into the air, and where are the zones most sensitive to airborne dust located?

    Irrigation with water, sprinkler systems

    For a long time known generally accepted method of dust suppression is irrigation by spraying water with stationary and mobile sprinklers (sprinklers) and water monitors.

    Stationary sprinkler systems are used as the main method of dust suppression during the operation of roadheaders. Many harvesters are equipped with their own sprinkler systems – they wet the rock surface. For premises and underground technological roads, sprinklers are used on the ceiling or walls of the adit. Long-range sprinklers are used for dust suppression of stacked materials. A lot of flying dust is generated when dump trucks are unloaded into a crusher hopper or waste rock heaps.To suppress it, it is recommended to use an irrigation system, which is mounted “on the stop of the rear wheels” of the unloading dump truck and during unloading intensively moistens the unloaded material.

    Sprinkler systems include an injection water pump, a metering pump (supplying an additive to the water), pumps for supplying water or solution under pressure to nozzles, nozzles and a control system (sensors and control panel). Sprinkler systems are operated manually or automatically. A sensor measures the amount of water in the tank and the pump automatically supplies water when the level decreases.The dosing pump will stop running when the chemical level in the tank drops to a critical level. If, for example, the loading of rock mass into the hopper stops, the sprinkler system automatically stops working.

    Traditionally, dust on industrial roads in quarries and construction sites is fought with the help of specialized irrigation machines with sprinklers. Sprinklers with tanks of various capacities are also used, which can be installed in the bodies of mining dump trucks with a rigid and articulated frame.The quarry sprinkler can be equipped with a cockpit-controlled water jet that accurately sprays water up to 50–60 m. The tank volume control function allows you to set the amount you need so you don’t have to carry extra weight if you don’t need a lot of water on a given day.

    Disadvantages. Sprinkler equipment maintenance, energy costs and labor are not cheap. Delivery of water for sprinkler systems can be a major problem in arid, waterless areas.But even if water in a given area is an easily accessible and cheap product, it evaporates (and with it the money spent on dedusting) and allows you to suppress dust only for a very short time, which depends on the type of soil and climatic conditions, so the process of moistening a dusty surface is endless. as well as the cost of it. For a crusher, the use of water can be problematic if used in the quantities necessary to completely suppress the dust. The crushers generate such fine dust that if you try to bind it with clean water, the screens can clog up and the unit will have to be shut down for service.In addition, water with stone dust acts as an aggressive abrasive, wears out equipment and increases repair costs.

    And one of the most important disadvantages: irrigation is ineffective in suppressing inhaled dust, that is, it does not reduce the concentration of dust hazardous to health in the air, since the droplet size is from 200 to 600 microns, which is much larger than the particle size of inhaled dust ( 2-10 microns).

    The mechanism of dust deposition from the air is that water droplets, combining with dust particles, increase their weight, as a result the dust settles on the ground.However, studies have shown that if the size of water droplets significantly exceeds the size of dust particles, dust particles will move around the water droplets together with the air streams flowing around the droplet and will not combine with water (see figure-diagram). Thus, if enough water droplets of about the same size as dust particles are introduced into the air, the probability of collision between water droplets and dust particles is very high. In addition, the following factors affect the intensity of the connection between water droplets and dust particles: the tendency of dust particles to dissolve in water, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity (ability to wet), the presence of hygroscopic salts, the electric potential of dust particles and water droplets, temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, presence and influence of electric fields.

    Mist Generating Systems and Mist Generating Cannons

    Fine airborne dust can be deposited with water mist. The use of water mist, which is generated by various types of equipment, is another modern and evolving dust suppression method. It is recommended to use fog machines where sprinkler systems cannot be used or do not sufficiently suppress the formation of dust, for example, to create a fog curtain near crusher bins.

    Stationary and mobile. Mist-forming equipment can be mounted on a stationary base, for example, on a column (“mast”, if it is necessary to spray mist from above onto the treated area, preventing dust and odors from rising into the air; dust), as well as on wheeled carts, truck bodies, sprinklers and even on the boom of a telehandler.

    Stationary fogging systems are used in places of constant dust formation, for example, in the production of building materials, at a conveyor belt that moves bulk materials, etc.These systems consist of high-pressure pumps (up to 120 bar) that pump water into spray nozzles (so-called “hydraulic” ones, in which the pressure is 10–20 bar), the water is purified by filters that prevent the nozzles from clogging.

    Ultrasonic fog generators are a relatively new technology; water and compressed air are simultaneously supplied to the nozzle at low pressure (2–5 bar). The system consists of an air compressor, injectors and a power supply control system.The nozzle of the ultrasonic fog generator is designed according to the whistle principle: compressed air is accelerated in the narrowing channel of the nozzle and then expands in its expanding part, falling into the resonator chamber, which amplifies the effect of waves. As a result, powerful shock waves are generated, fan-like propagating at the speed of sound. Water or other liquid introduced into the field of these waves is crushed into small and uniform droplets of the order of 1–10 microns (smaller in comparison with “hydraulic” nozzles) and with a low speed of movement, which better precipitate inhaled dust without additional use in process of other moisture.Water is consumed relatively little, and the surrounding objects and soil are not moistened. By changing the air pressure, the droplet size can be adjusted.

    Studies have shown that another physical phenomenon operates in the operation of an ultrasonic fog generator: an effect similar to the action of an electrostatic dust collector occurs. It turned out that dust particles mainly have a negative charge, which depends on the nature of the dust and the effect of the environment. The mist droplets generated by the nozzle have a strong positive charge.As a result, the probability of combining droplets and particles increases many times, and the number of droplets (and water consumption) required for dust deposition decreases accordingly.

    The advantage is that the nozzle has no moving parts, the water is supplied at low pressure, the nozzle opening has a large diameter, which makes it less likely to clog. The system can be supplemented with a special purge valve, which, after the installation is finished, blows out water from the nozzle, thus significantly reducing the amount of deposits that fall out during the evaporation of water.Such systems are inexpensive and cheap to operate, while being highly effective in dust suppression. The disadvantage is the need to supply compressed air as well.

    Experts believe that the use of fogging systems in rooms in some cases is much more profitable than using ventilation: fogging systems consume about 5% of the energy of a conventional ventilation system, and the cost of installing a fogging system is only 40% of the cost of installing a conventional ventilation system.

    Dust suppression guns are more mobile equipment, rather focused on periodic, temporary work. They are commonly used to suppress dust and create “fog screens” on large open-air construction sites or in quarries.

    “Cannon” is a guiding casing that contains a powerful electric fan. The nozzles are located around the edge of the casing on a special ring. They generate billions of tiny water droplets that are swept up by the air flow generated by the fan.The ring can be composed of separate sectors, the position of each of which is adjusted separately, so the shape of the fog cloud can be adjusted as needed.

    To increase the performance of the gun, there can be two or three rings with nozzles. The fan impeller can also be double. The distance of the fog jet propagation depends on the fan power: from 15 to 250 m and more in length and 15–20 m in height. The casing with a fan and nozzles can be fixedly installed, the tilt angle can be changed from 0 to 50 °, or the gun can automatically reciprocate around a vertical axis in an arc up to 360 °, distributing fog over a large area.One such installation can cover an area of ​​more than 12,000 m with fog 2 .

    The water supply pressure in the cannon – fog generator system can be different. Most of the systems presented on the market operate at nozzle pressures of up to 10–20 bar, but there are cannons with an operating pressure of 70 bar, due to which the installation is equipped with a much larger number of nozzles than conventional fog generators. For example, instead of 30–64 injectors, and some installations – three rings with a total of 156 injectors.The plant can also be equipped with a metering pump to supply water additives to suppress harsh odors or surfactants to increase the binding of dust particles.

    Using nozzles of different sizes, shapes, types of spraying and performance, with holes of different diameters, it is possible to select a mist for dust particles of any size and any working conditions. It is possible to install nozzles on swivel joints to change the direction of the jet, as well as to adjust the water pressure, also to change the trajectory of the jet.All nozzles in a given installation must be of the same size in order to generate fog droplets of the same size. The nozzles can be made of brass or stainless steel and can be easily dismantled and cleaned with a simple tool. The use of steel reduces wear and corrosion and provides years of maintenance-free operation even with poor quality water.

    Power supply and drive. Stationary installations are usually powered by a three-phase mains supply or can have a universal power supply – from any standard voltage.Mobile units can also be connected to the local power grid or equipped with an autonomous diesel generator.

    Control of modern fogging equipment can be carried out remotely through a computer or from a remote control, with which you can set the range of angles of rotation of the gun, depending on specific conditions. The control system may include a pressure sensor at the outlet of the nozzle and a water flow meter, an hour meter, a security system that turns off the unit in the event of a lack of water.

    In order to optimally meet the requirements of each client for fogging equipment, modern manufacturers develop modular designs that allow you to assemble exclusive plants from serial components.

    Since fogging equipment is constantly in contact with moisture, all its metal parts must be made of corrosion-resistant materials and have a high-quality powder coating.

    Features and Benefits. The droplet size in the fog can be adjusted from 0.1 to 1000 microns depending on the size of the dust particles.Mist-forming systems, in addition to suppressing dust, are able to neutralize unpleasant odors, suppressing the activity of pathogenic organisms that cause it. Aerosol clouds are used to protect plants from pests, control flies and other flying insects. During the transformation of water from liquid to vapor, energy is absorbed, this allows the air to be cooled by means of fog.

    Despite their high performance, the “guns” need only minimal maintenance: for example, the fan bearings are recommended to be lubricated every 10,000 hours, the motor, which turns from side to side, does not need lubrication.The fogging equipment has a low noise level. A number of manufacturers offer explosion-proof fogging equipment, with a pneumatic drive.

    Foam application

    In some cases, spraying a foam covering the material is more effective than water mist. When foam is supplied to the places of destruction of the massif, the access of air to the source of dust formation and the possibility of the breakthrough of dust particles into the atmosphere of the mine are reduced. Foam can be applied, for example, to large boulders entering the crusher, so that the end product is already processed, as a result, less dust is lifted into the air at the outlet of the plant.Foam generators are used to generate foam with special nozzles that spray water with a foaming additive that depolarizes the water, creating millions of small foam bubbles.

    Some people mistakenly believe that dust suppression is when rare jets of water are sprayed through the air by a large fan. This is absolutely not the case. Dust suppression is a science that includes many technical issues to achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

    In the next article we will look at the use of chemicals for dust suppression

    90,000 why is it hot in the apartment in winter

    With the onset of summer, they are faced with the problem of heat in the apartment, especially on the upper floors. It can be hot in winter as well. But here everything will depend on the heating system in the apartment. There are many ways to normalize the temperature regime in any room.

    Methods for stabilizing the temperature regime in hot weather

    If the apartment is hot, then the air in the room is rather dry. This can not only have a detrimental effect on the general temperature regime, but also on human health. In order to avoid this, you can use special air humidifiers, which have several functions:

    • humidify the air;
    • will ionize it;
    • stabilize the circulation of air masses;
    • create a favorable indoor climate.

    Advice. Air humidifiers can even be used in a children’s room. This will only have a beneficial effect on the baby’s health and create a pleasant microclimate in the room.

    Air humidifier for a children’s room

    There are other ways by which you can create a certain temperature regime in the apartment during the heat:

    • using a fan;
    • installation of an air conditioner or split system;
    • glass tinting;

    Using a fan

    A more affordable and acceptable way to fight heat in an apartment is to use a fan.It is not only able to cool air masses, but also to promote their circulation.

    Today, manufacturers produce such devices with a heating element. Very often, with the onset of heat, users simply forget to turn it off and thereby further increase the temperature in the apartment. Before using the fan, you should carefully read the instructions for use in order to avoid problems with settings in the future.

    Modern fans are whole.There are not only the functions of space heating and cooling, but also air ionization. It is a kind of disinfection and enrichment of air masses with ions, which have a positive effect on human health. It is especially important to use such systems in the summer, when the body is not too protected from the effects of various bacteria and infections.

    Sometimes there are fan models in which containers for liquid are provided. This is very important, because, no matter what quality such a device will be, it can still dry air to some extent, and the liquid simply will not allow this to be done and the air humidity will be normal.This is especially important in the summer.

    Fan, spraying water

    The fans have a swivel mechanism that allows wide use in rooms of any size. The main thing is that it has the required power.

    Advice. If the room in the apartment is more than 18 squares, then you need to use a fan with five switching speeds. It is considered to be very powerful and will be able to stabilize the temperature regime even in a large room.

    Advantages of fans:

    • practicality;
    • can be used 24 hours a day;
    • small amount of electricity consumption;
    • mobile (it is possible to install in any room and move it).

    Fans are a low cost alternative to air conditioners. If the apartment is hot in winter, then they can also be freely used to adjust the temperature in the room.

    Using the air conditioner

    A comfortable microclimate in the rooms in which he spends most of his time is very important for a person. It is much more pleasant to be in a room with fresh air than in a hot room. This can be achieved by using an air conditioner.

    There are certain standards for the content of oxygen and other minerals in the air. Any deviation threatens to violate not only the microclimate in the room, but also the entire temperature regime. With the help of special climatic equipment in the rooms, you can maintain a favorable atmosphere with fresh cool air. Today there are a large number that contribute to the regulation and circulation of air masses.

    What is an air conditioner? This is a special device that creates and automatically maintains the temperature regime, air purity, its humidity and air circulation rate.Air conditioners are suitable for creating favorable conditions not only in offices or other institutions, but also in apartments.

    Read also

    What to do if it is cold at home

    Advice. For the bedroom, it is best to give preference to air conditioners with low noise levels.

    Advantages of the air conditioner:

    • high efficiency;
    • practicality;
    • simplicity of design;
    • easy installation;
    • the ability to create any temperature regime.

    The air conditioner can only cool the air in the room. There are different types of air conditioners and each model has its own properties, functions and noise level.

    The only drawback of using an air conditioner is that it does not have the ability to supply fresh air to the room. It circulates and cools only those air masses that were already in the room. From time to time during the period of using the air conditioner, it is worth ventilating the room in a natural way – opening the windows and creating a draft.Thus, the room will constantly have fresh and cool air.

    Properties of air conditioners:

    • air cooling;
    • air dehumidification;
    • air purification;
    • support for one temperature mode.

    If the apartment is hot not only in summer, but also in winter, then the air conditioning system can also be used in winter, but only up to a certain temperature outside. Typically, the temperature threshold for using the air conditioner can reach -10 degrees.

    Air drying will be needed at a time when in the summer, before the rain, there is stuffiness and humidity rises. The air conditioner is able to adjust the temperature regime at this moment and stabilize the level of humidity. This will only have a beneficial effect on the microclimate in the apartment.

    Scheme of operation and comparison of a conventional and inverter air conditioner for an apartment

    Ventilation in the room

    It is very important for a beneficial microclimate in an apartment to create high-quality ventilation ducts.They are present in the bathroom and kitchen. In other rooms, there is no such system, and many are trying to create natural air ventilation systems.

    Drafts are created with open windows and balcony doors.

    Natural ventilation of the apartment

    Advice. Indoor ventilation with open windows and doors will only be effective when the windows and doors are open at an angle.

    The only drawback of this ventilation method is that it is ineffective if the windows are on the sunny side.When the apartment is hot in winter, you can open the windows. Warm air will escape very easily, and cool air will enter the room rather quickly.

    If there are some walls moved or removed, then in such a room there is no way to create natural ventilation. You can correct the situation and put special hoods with control on the ventilation ducts. They can be turned on at full power – then the circulation of air masses will begin. The scheme of natural ventilation of the apartment

    Glass tinting

    The first thing you need to pay attention to is the windows in the apartment.They must be sufficiently sealed and protected from the influence of infrared radiation and UV rays. Protection is provided by applying a special protective film to the glass, which will largely save the room from warming up, especially if the windows are on the sunny side. The film also has other properties that will become indispensable in everyday life.

    Windows with a mirror thermal protective film

    Today, many in their apartment use only metal-plastic windows.They have their own advantages:

    • tightness;
    • practicality;
    • durability;
    • easy to install;
    • different sizes of double-glazed windows.

    With this type of window it is possible to create natural ventilation. Windows open at different angles, if you have a certain headset. If in winter the use of metal-plastic windows has an excellent effect on the microclimate in the room, then in summer this type of windows is very often exposed to heating under the influence of sunlight.They do not let them through, but the surface of the glass unit can be heated to a large extent. As a result, stuffiness and dryness appear in the room. You can open the window and let in fresh air, or you can use it to stabilize the temperature regime of the split system.

    When an abnormal heat sets in, we become limp. The body cannot withstand high temperatures and humidity and fails. We feel lethargy, constant sleepiness, excessive fatigue from the usual activities. Let’s try to figure out what needs to be done so as not to become limp and out of order.

    Is it possible to go on vacation early?

    Remember, maybe you have a few days off, or one of your colleagues owes you a day or two. Or maybe you just have a good relationship with your boss and you need to tell him: “Stepanych, I need to take a break, or I’ll burn out at work. Well, at least a couple of days! ” And go where there is no heat. To the village to my grandmother. And not necessarily to yours – your friends probably have relatives in the suburbs. And if your wallet allows you to give up on a ski resort in the middle of summer, then you are your own master.Take your pick. The main thing is to get away from the heat and change the environment in order to reboot.

    What to eat, so that energy is added?

    Nutritionists recommend to refrain from starchy foods and meat on hot days. Eat vegetables and fruits. From three or four fresh vegetables, you can prepare a wonderful light stew in 20 minutes, tasty, not burdening the stomach. Treat yourself to a fruit salad. And you don’t have to rush to the supermarket for pineapples. What’s closer is more useful. Two or three different fruits, plus a spoonful of sour cream and a pinch of sugar, may be enough to make a delicacy.

    Don’t drink from the barrel – you will become a kid!

    Drink plenty. Just do not rely on clean water – it will flush out the salts involved in metabolism from the body. It is better to add a little juice or tea to the water, or squeeze out a slice of lemon. When it is very hot, it is good to drink kefir, yoghurts. But watch out for the optimal storage temperature. They can turn sour from the heat, but you can turn sour from cold drinks. Chocolate lovers will love the cool cocoa on hot days. Prepare it overnight, bottle it and refrigerate.Say thank you to yourself. And tasty, and invigorates and refreshes. But it is better to refrain from buying cold draft or keg kvass on the street. For several hours under the scorching sun, such kvass becomes dangerous to your health. Be patient and buy the same one, but in a supermarket in a plastic bottle.

    What to wear to undress?

    On hot days it is better to wear clothes made from natural materials – cotton, linen, viscose. They allow air to pass through well and allow the body to breathe. While synthetics create the effect of a thermos, they often heat up on their own and can release toxins or odors from dyes.And put on your hat! It is better to seem like an extravagant thing to colleagues than to collapse from the heat. Moreover, the temporary change of the image has not done much harm to anyone. A hat with a wide brim, or a man’s hat, but with a flower, a skullcap, a chuck, a bandana – choose what suits you.

    Mice wash their faces early in the morning at dawn …

    Take a shower whenever possible. But not cold and with gentle shower products – so that the skin does not dry out from frequent bathing. In the morning, in the evening, during lunchtime – who will stop you from wiping yourself with a wet towel?

    And beware of air conditioners.They dry out the air in the room, which can lead to dryness of the mucous eyes, nose and throat – and as a result, you will become highly susceptible to viruses, which, unlike you and me, feel great in the heat.

    Everything is good in moderation. Despite the fact that “the heat of the bones does not ache,” in winter it is too hot, and, consequently, dry air brings discomfort. In addition, there may be problems with the skin, hair, and sometimes the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.Overheating in summer is fraught with even more serious health problems.

    How to prevent the problem

    In many regions it gets hot during the day in the end of May, and the house does not have time to cool down during the night. Discomfort both at night and during the day interferes with normal rest, the heat “exhausts”, deprives of strength and efficiency.

    If the thermometer reads more in your home, it is better to take simple measures to correct the air condition than to apply a lot of products to moisturize the skin, fight dry hair or other more serious health problems.

    Curtain the windows

    To reduce the penetration of sunlight into the room, you need to curtain the windows. To do this, use:

    • foil;
    • light dense curtains;
    • special reflective curtain.

    The foil on the windows will reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the interior cool. A light, light-colored fabric is best suited for summer curtains. Bright or dark fabrics will absorb, rather than reflect, the sun’s rays.It is necessary to choose a material of persistent color: it will protect the house from hot rays, and also will not allow furniture or wallpaper to fade.

    Insulation of windows from heat

    A simple and easy way to reduce the temperature in the house is to use mirrored windows by purchasing a special sun-protection film (it has an adhesive surface) with the effect of reflecting the sun’s rays. This option cannot be called very affordable. It is even easier, but much more economical, to use regular foil. For example, take a 15-meter roll package, it is enough for one window.It is enough to moisten the inside of the glass with plain water and you can mold the foil. Surprisingly, it will last quite a long time. You can of course add some tape around the edges.

    Advice: when it is very hot outside, leaving the house, you need to close all the windows, otherwise the heat will be inside the room. It is worth ventilating only if the temperature outside the window is not much higher than room temperature. Ideal ventilation in summer is at night.

    We use modern technology

    A modern way to combat high air temperature in a room is to use an air conditioner and a fan.But, despite the fact that progress does not stand still, more and more air cooling systems appear, they have many opponents. Air conditioners and split systems are accused of being the source of various diseases. Is it really? If so, how can you reduce the risk of getting sick under the air conditioner?

    Pros and cons of air conditioners and split systems

    It is impossible to imagine modern shops, efficient work in offices, coolness and comfort in houses and apartments without air conditioners.In addition to their main purpose – to optimize the air temperature, they can clean the air from dust and exhaust gases, decontaminate the air by trapping microbes, and move the air in different directions-schemes, excluding drafts.

    But, at the same time, the air conditioner can cause illness if:

    • the technician did not pass the technical inspection and preventive cleaning of the indoor unit in time;
    • people are in close proximity to a continuously operating air conditioner for a long time;
    • The equipment operates under conditions not recommended by the manufacturers.

    Coolness from the fan

    Many people prefer to use the fan instead of the air conditioner. Sometimes this device is the only one available at a cost. Modern modifications have “bells and whistles” in the form of sprayed the smallest particles of water. A traditional fan does not cool the air, but drives it around the apartment, creating a breeze effect. It’s better than nothing than no air movement at all. When using the device, you also need to take precautions, do not fall asleep under the flow of air from the fan, do not approach steamed, coming from the street.The greatest effect can be achieved if:

    • Large pieces of ice are laid out in front of the fan. Cool air will spread throughout the apartment.
    • to blow a breeze from the fan on the hanging wet cloth it moisturizes and cools the room well.

    A proven way to cool the air in the house

    Be careful with the fan: studies have been carried out, as a result of which it became clear that at temperatures above 35 degrees, the fan threatens unpleasant consequences for the body.Hot air directed at a hot body does not cool, but causes dehydration. This is how heat exhaustion occurs. This is a painful condition caused by overheating.

    We use a humidifier

    Modern humidifiers are excellent helpers to maintain an optimal indoor environment, a healthy ratio of humidity and temperature. The most popular are ultrasound models. They are the most efficient, at the same time compact, and economically consume electricity.The traditional cold steam humidifier has its pros and cons. The saturation of the environment with moisture during the operation of such a device occurs due to a special filter of cold distilled water. Another type of air humidifier is a steam model that operates on a pair of electrodes immersed in water to heat and evaporate it.

    Ultrasonic household air humidifier

    Which device to choose is up to you. The efficiency and durability of use are directly reflected in the cost of the humidifier. In case of heat above 30 degrees, a humidifier is not an assistant.The reflective roller blind does not help either. Air conditioner only.

    We arrange open water in the house

    But not always and not everywhere in a country house or in the country it is possible to install an air conditioner. When it is very hot, a simple and well-known method will help to combat the main side effect of high air temperature – its dryness. You need to put several buckets or basins of cold water in the house. It will have to be changed as it warms up. Cold water lowers the air heating temperature.

    Advice: water frozen in plastic bottles can also cool the room by a few life-giving degrees. Such ice can be spread throughout the apartment – it will become cooler. The thawed bottle can be put back in the freezer of the refrigerator – this source of ice in any season.

    And it can be hot in summer at the dacha

    In the conditions of a city built up with concrete highways and high-rise buildings, the summer heat is felt especially hard. It is good if there is a country house where you can go during the hot period.Working townspeople are more likely to go out of town on weekends, and here you can also face a problem: it can be hot at the dacha too, especially during the day. To keep the country house cool for your arrival next weekend, you need to curtain the windows and leave the containers with water in the room.

    When you urgently need to cool the room, but there is no air conditioner, you will have to spend precious rest time to create a comfortable microclimate, using ice, a fan, wet fabrics, and washing floors with cold water.Or you can dive into the pool, take a shower several times, or plunge into the river. Here, too, you need to not overdo it. Doctors believe that too steamed you can not abruptly immerse yourself in cold water.

    The problem of stuffiness and heat in the apartment is very actual, especially in summer. Stuffy room does not allow a person (child and adult) to rest, sleep, relax or work calmly and productively. Why is this so? Alas, our body is much easier to tolerate cold than heat.This is how it works.

    Overheating of the body is very harmful, it is not as noticeable as moderate cold. People feel especially bad when it is very stuffy 90,088 and is hot in the apartment , who have a tendency to high blood (arterial) pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system, old age. What to do then at home, if you are in a stuffy room: an apartment or a private house? Let’s talk about this …

    What to do if the apartment is very hot and stuffy in summer

    The problem of heat in an apartment can be troubling both in summer and in winter.In summer, the heat is caused by the sun, and in winter, excessively hot batteries. And with that, and with the other cause of the heat can be quite successfully combated.

    Fan will help to escape the heat not only in summer, but also in winter.

    One of the most effective ways to fight the summer heat – air conditioner ( split system ). It is able to cool the air in the room and maintain the desired temperature.

    Of course, this method has disadvantages – the air conditioner requires a complex and expensive installation.However, you can purchase a mobile air conditioner that does not need to be installed.

    If it is not possible to purchase and install an air conditioner, you can use another device – fan . With its help, the hot season is much easier to bear.

    When the windows of the apartment face opposite sides of the house, you can open them and make a draft . But you need to remember that being in a draft for a long time can be dangerous to health.

    Need to restrict penetration indoor sunlight .If curtains or blinds are not effective enough, mirror reflective film can be used by attaching it to the window. It will reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays. This film is especially effective if your windows are facing the sunny side.

    Heat in an apartment is harder to tolerate if air indoors dry. It needs to be moistened . You can use 90,088 wet towels for this. or bed sheets by hanging them in the rooms.You can also find 90,088 humidifiers in stores. which will maintain humidity automatically.

    Continuous inflow of fresh air will help to endure the heat more easily. Of course, open windows partially help in solving this issue. But there is also a more efficient and technologically advanced way – to install supply ventilation valves . They will ensure correct air exchange around the clock.

    What to do if the apartment is hot in winter

    In winter, some houses have very hot radiators.The air conditioner is powerless in winter – the outdoor unit must work at positive temperatures. But he is able to help in early spring, when it is already near zero outside and the radiators are still hot.

    The most effective way to deal with excessively hot batteries – installation on them thermostats or ordinary shut-off valves . With their help, you can adjust the water flow. As a last resort, just block it.

    If this is not possible, you can open windows .But in winter it is fraught with the danger of catching a cold. If you open the windows for a short time, then after a while the air in the room will reheat and the heat will return.

    Radiators can be covered with damp towels or bed sheets . This will humidify the air and lower the temperature of the batteries. There is only one drawback – sheets dry quickly and need to be constantly wetted.

    Another option is to wrap the battery in a thick blanket . It will act as a heat insulator and help lower the temperature.And next to the battery you can put a jar of water , which will evaporate, reducing the dryness of the air.

    The management company is responsible for regulating the temperature of the water supplied to your home. You can contact her with a request to reduce the temperature of the coolant. If your request is ignored, you can file a written complaint with Rospotrebnadzor.

    Comfort in summer and winter!

    Summer. Blessed time! But many complain: it’s hot outside, it’s very hot in the apartment! What to do, how to be saved? And really, are there any ways to escape from the incredible heat? There is.And we will tell you about them.

    What to do if it’s hot

    If possible, try not to go out under the scorching summer sun from 11 am to 4 pm. Choose clothes made from fine cotton and linen, loose fit and light colors. Do not go outside without a hat – it will protect you from direct sunlight. Drink slightly chilled but not cold drinks. When going outside, grab a bottle of chilled water. Apply it to your armpits, neck, under your knees. In these places under the skin there are large vessels and it is possible to cool the blood.

    Back in the room, wash and cool your elbows under cold water. If there is an air conditioner, do not set the temperature too low – you can get sick from a sharp temperature drop. Set aside stone and metal jewelry for a while. Due to their rapid heating, they contribute to overheating of the body. Try to avoid public transport. The best transportation in the summer heat is the subway or a leisurely walk under the shade of trees.

    Do not get carried away with antiperspirants, at this time it is better to stop at deodorants, which do not stop perspiration, but only eliminate the smell.Smoke less. It is known that nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels, which turns into an increase in blood pressure, which already rises in the heat.

    Is it hot in the car? Hang sun blinds on the car windows, and cover the windshield with a mirror screen. Only install the screen outside, otherwise, the heat will remain in the cabin.

    Is the apartment hot? If you haven’t got an air conditioner yet, try covering the windows with wet sheets to act as a screen for the outside heat.Don’t get tired of washing your hands, neck and face with cool water. Put on a cold rinsed and wrung-out T-shirt. Is it impossible to sleep because of the heat? Take a cold shower before bed. Cover yourself with a damp sheet.

    What to do to keep it warm outside? If you intend to stay outdoors for a long time, take 75 mg of aspirin as a preventive measure. The drug thins the blood, thus helping to lower the temperature. Since aspirin is irritating to the stomach, take the tablet after meals.Stock up on wet wipes, they pleasantly refresh the face and body, the smell maintains a good mood.

    What to drink in the heat

    Due to increased sweating, the body’s moisture reserves are quickly depleted, which weakens the vascular tone. The necessary water balance is maintained by drinking plenty of fluids. A list of approximate water consumption at various temperatures looks like this:

    • 21 ° C – 1.5 liters per day;
    • 26 ° C – 1.9 liters;
    • 32 ° C – 3 liters.

    The best drink to quench your thirst is lemon water. Juice from one lemon per bottle of still water. You can drink mineral water with mineralization – 9 g / l. Water should be consumed throughout the day in small portions. Once in the oral cavity, carbon dioxide stimulates salivation, the feeling of dryness disappears, and with it the feeling of thirst.

    It makes sense to use unsweetened juices – quince, apple, plum. Sweet juices are not suitable for quenching thirst, since sugar is very quickly transported from the blood into cells, “taking” water with it.The thirst only increases.

    Fogging systems for cafes, restaurants, summer terraces and gazebos

    Using fogging systems for summer cafes, summer areas of restaurants, gazebos, terraces or verandas, you can solve several problems at once:

    • Relative humidity control
    • Air cooling due to the adiabatic effect
    • Suppression of dust in the air
    • Increase in traffic (in the case of commercial use of such premises).Achieved due to the decorative effect that attracts the attention of guests and visitors.

    Fogging systems at such facilities are operated seasonally (during warm seasons), so they can be both stationary and mobile.

    In the first case, high pressure nylon tubes are installed around the perimeter of the perimeter of the gazebo roof, terrace shed or summer area. On these tubes, at regular intervals, high-pressure nozzles are fixed, spraying a mist – a water aerosol with a droplet size of less than 15 microns.For large areas, fog fans can be used to help spread fog into the guest space, which are also installed under the eaves.

    Portable or mobile fog systems for terraces and gazebos with a capacity of up to 8-10 l / h are used in small areas (up to 50 m²). Technically, it is a wheel-mounted fan with an integrated pump module, a filter (connected to the water supply) and several nozzles.

    Are there alternatives to fogging?

    Ceiling fans can provide coolness in summer cafes, gazebos and terraces, but they will not provide protection from dust and flies, and, at the same time, the air will remain the same dry. In contrast, fog systems for gazebos and terraces will make you feel more comfortable even on objects located near the road or highway. Moreover, such systems are not difficult to install and can serve both small and very large spaces.

    The dispersion of the droplets that make up the water mist is so small that they evaporate before reaching the floor. That is why there are no puddles and water drops on tables, equipment and clothes during the operation of the fogging system. Evaporating, water turns into mist, absorbing heat from the air, and there is always a cool feeling in the area of ​​operation of the fogging system.

    Fog system like street air conditioner

    Fogging systems are often referred to as “street air conditioners”.With standard summer climate parameters (65% air humidity and a temperature of 30-35 ° C), a fog-forming system located in the gazebo or on the terrace will provide air cooling by 3-4 ° C. If, at the same temperature range outside, the moisture content in the air is about 10%, the effect of adiabatic cooling, provided by the operation of the system, will allow you to feel a decrease in temperature by 15 ° C!

    This property of fogging systems allows them to be used for humidifying and cooling air in spaces without a roof or canopy, including in the coastal zone and on beaches.

    Composition of fogging system

    If you buy a fogging system for terraces and gazebos as a set, it will contain:

    • High pressure pump (70 or 100 bar) with 5-25 µm filter, timer and floor or wall mounting options.
    • Nylon line (sometimes the length of the section with nozzles and the length of the section from the pump to the first nozzle are indicated).
    • High pressure nozzles (indicate their number and diameter of nozzles).
    • Connecting elements for assembling the system and installing injectors.
    • Mounting brackets.

    Fog systems for commercial and domestic use are sold both in sets and piecemeal (for DIY design and assembly). Instead of a timer, a programmable controller can be used that works in conjunction with humidity or temperature sensors. It is purchased separately or comes with Premium Fog Systems.

    If you have any additional questions about this air humidification system or you want to order a miscalculation of the system, call 066 238-7777, Vitaliy.

    Humidification and air purification

    Humidification and cleaning air.

    Humidifiers are currently on the market air of the following operating principles:

    1. ultrasonic nebulizers are harmful impact on people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.Require distilled water, otherwise quickly break.

    2. Thermal evaporators , using a significant heating or boiling water. It is known that water heated to 42 degrees C and above, changes its structure dramatically, i.e. it simply becomes “dead” water. As well as humidification creates a “steam room effect”. In addition, this type of humidifier it has a significant consumption of electricity.

    3. Cleaners-humidifiers (air washers) – probably the most successful on the market today humidifiers.

    Combined use of these principles + additional air purification with various filters. Usage filters creates the effect of “dead” air, because deprives him negatively charged air ions. The use of additional air ionizers is also does not have a positive effect on a person, i.e.because only aero ions of oxygen, but electrically charged droplets of water – harmful. In addition, all of the listed humidification-cleaning systems air have the following disadvantages: low productivity (not the required level of room humidity is ensured during the heated period – take a moisture meter and make sure), the need for regular filling of the tank water, the need for regular cleansing (washing). It should be noted that stagnant water is an excellent medium for growing disease-causing bacteria.

    4. Atomizers. Free from the above disadvantages, but have a high cost (from 4000 Euro), create unacceptable high noise level during operation, which does not allow their use in residential or office premises. They are only humidifiers, but do not function air purification.

    Having suffered with standard (see above) moisturizers (especially annoying regular washing) and never received in an apartment with an optimal humidity of 60% (at a temperature of 22 gr.C) made and tried 2 models which do not need washing and really moisturize air.

    1. The structure of the humidifier-air cleaner consists of water spray nozzles and 1-2 air fans. The subsidiary element is a water level sensor (to exclude an emergency – flooding the room when the drain pipe is clogged). Water through electric valve (using a water supply valve from washing machines or similar), is fed through a thin hose to the nozzle and sprayed inside the duct.Directly air is supplied to the nozzle by a fan. So the air is intense mixed with water aerosol. Heavy (large) water droplets run down drain pipe to the sewer, fine water-air mixture blown out of the duct by a fan and humidifies the room. Besides the intense air purification and humidification such a design has one more undoubted advantage: water droplets, when moving rapidly through the air, give rise to negative air ions, just as they are born in natural conditions during rain time (A.L. Chizhevsky). The current layout of the described humidifier showed high efficiency. The air is really good moisturized and cleansed. All unpleasant odors are removed. Performance nozzles – 20 l / h. In this case, it is optimal to turn on the humidifier for 30-50 minutes 4 once a day in a living room or for 5-15 minutes every hour in a large office.

    The only drawback of this structures: noise generated by the nozzle and fans.

    2. Try hanging a large wet sheet in the room. After a short time, breathing will become much easier, unpleasant smells.

    The structure is as follows:

    On the wall (if it is pasted over with wallpaper) we fix the sheet transparent oilcloth. From above, on a thin aluminum tube, we hang a beautiful tapestry, the lower end of which is lowered into a shallow decorative tray (in as a last resort, a balcony flower box is suitable).

    We supply water to the upper pipe with a thin ( D = 6mm) transparent hose. Water wets tapestry through small holes evenly drilled along the entire length of the pipe. Excess water is drained into the pan and then with a small pump periodically is drained through the second hose into the sewer. There is enough width for a room of 20 sq. M. tapestry 1.5-1.8 M with a height of 2.2-2.4 M. It is possible to reduce the size tapestry. But, so that the moisturizing effect does not decrease, you will have to organize the blowing of the tapestry with a fan (fan – source noise).

    Perhaps someone will think that this design ugly. But try taking a piece of any colored cloth and wetting it. Notice how much brighter the fabric colors have become? Now remember what is the progenitor of modern wallpaper? That’s right, tapestries. Or, instead of tapestry, you can take a great variety of hemp ropes and decorate them with different colors and etc.

    Like the previous design, this the humidifier does not need to be washed (tapestry wash).Enough 1-2 times a day not just dampen the tapestry, but pass excess water over it (open the water supply valve for 5-10 minutes) and, as practice shows, all the dirt accumulated during the day will be washed down the drain. In normal mode The dampening valve supplies water periodically (as the fabric dries). It turns out roughly like this: 10-15 seconds. water supply, triggered corresponding humidity switch, pause 15-40 minutes (pause duration depends on primarily on the intensity of ventilation and space heating).The only one the source of noise is a drain pump, but it turns on 2 times a day for a very short time.

    Both designs of my humidifiers have pressure and drain hoses. The very presence of these hoses turned my wife sharply against the construction humidifiers. But, the hoses are really very thin and can be easily removed under skirting boards and decorative thresholds. Time consuming? But you really get a working air purification and humidification system, which will create the most favorable climatic conditions in a city apartment (in combination with adequate ventilation and heating).Or do you prefer not to improve the conditions of my life now, but to be sick and still, in the end, spend much more time and money for medical care?

    Is it possible to build a more perfect systems? Yes. This is a well-known construction: a wooden house in taiga.))

    Very successful experiment:


    Branches of coniferous trees are attached to the fabric of the humidifier, forest moss.All this smells good and does not wither .

    United Arab Emirates |

    United Arab Emirates

    With the permission of the author, we will cross-post new reports by Artemy Lebedev. The last trip was to the UAE, as always laconic, capacious and interesting.

    In front of each seat on the Emirates aircraft there is a built-in monitor, on which, in addition to a wide range of movies (no worse than a pirate’s tray) and computer games, there are two channels with broadcasting of images of external cameras directed downward and forward.You can watch it at any time, including takeoff and landing. A self-respecting Russian pilot will never tell which one he is in the queue for takeoff – wait as long as necessary. In the west, the commanders are much more sociable, they will tell you about the weather, about what the dispatcher said. And then they will show.

    Initially, visiting the Emirates was not part of my plans, I didn’t even have a visa. It was just that there was an intermediate landing between Johannesburg and Moscow. On the way to southern Africa, I just whiled away the time in the airport smoking room.Smoking rooms at airports are always particularly sophisticated gas chambers. The only exception is Sheremetyevo, where you can smoke at designated posts. The more progressive the airport, the nastier the smoking room. Especially Domodedovo and Riga are distinguished by their undisguised hatred of smokers.

    On the way from Africa, I decided that it was stupid to somehow fly past the UAE and not go out to see. I went to the links to find out what happens. If you read Russian sites, you won’t be able to learn anything useful – everyone reprints idiotic advertising brochures from each other, or quotes some press release from Rostourism.The English Internet immediately brought the result: a transit visa can be obtained directly from the airline or hotel.
    As a result, I just bought myself a ticket a day later, and showed it at the counter in the Emirates. Here I am in Dubai.
    It was about 6 am, just dawn. The airport door slid open and a complete nightmare began. The temperature at that time was already somewhere around 30. The camera and glasses immediately fogged up. In addition, fans that spray water are mocked at the equipment.

    Throwing my suitcase at the hotel, I went for a walk around the city.It turned out to be a pointless exercise for two reasons. First, the temperature is about 40 degrees. Secondly, I’ll tell you a little later.
    First, I went to the pharmacy to buy a cream from combustion. In Africa, it was not needed – there, above 25 degrees, the air does not warm up at this time. The only salvation here is air conditioning.

    Drank coffee at Starbucks. I went to get a haircut at the Indian barbers.

    Money in the Emirates creeps out of their ears, so it is not surprising that some cafe chooses a Hummer as an advertising vehicle, not a Mini.The boys should be offended.

    Money and road signs will help you learn real Arabic numerals. The diamond point is zero. And what looks like zero is a five. The sign is attached to the post in 10 places.

    What a blessing that the Arabs, at least for themselves, do not confuse a period and a comma to denote the decimal separator. The reader cannot imagine the degree of irritation of the pedantic designer at the sight of the inscription “Sultan Ibrahim at 15.90 dirhams per kilo.” In the Old World, only 15.90 – and nothing else.

    Most of the benches have bulging advertisements. Then the cup was tilted, and the tea remained parallel to the horizon in the photo studio.

    There is no universal dress code in the Emirates. Who wants to – walks in a suit with a chador.

    Doesn’t want to – runs around naked.

    Men too – some in a jacket, some in a national costume consisting of a white cape, a scarf, a ring for pressing a scarf and a mobile phone.

    At some point, it finally dawned on me that there was no one on the streets of Dubai.Only me and endless builders, dressed in overalls, although the street is already 45 degrees.

    The second reason why it is pointless to walk here is the distance. Dubai is not designed for walking at all. For example, to this famous hotel in the form of a sail, if you look at the map, it seems that it takes about ten minutes to drive from the other end of the city. In fact, not less than an hour. This hotel is not only located in the ass, but also completely uninteresting up close.

    All tunnels under the flyovers are decorated with pseudo-mosaics of rectangular tiles.

    In Dubai, more or less only one street has been completed, it is shown in pictures all the time. On both sides of the road, skyscrapers stand in one row very close to each other. There is nothing behind them, except for a faceless one-story building.

    Here is a typical house in an expensive area – boring, like all architecture from 3D editors.

    The purpose of the arrows at the ends of the waves remains unclear. Why the swimmer is calling for him is not clear. And why is he wearing a sweater?

    There is absolutely nothing to do in Dubai.There is only expensive real estate under construction. Shanghai is still very far away.

    And many shopping centers where you can buy all the same expensive real estate in the process of construction.

    And the whole city is busy moving through traffic jams in air-conditioned cars from one expensive air-conditioned property to another with arrivals to air-conditioned shopping centers. The hypertrophied ideal of a regular reader of glossy magazines is an elite apartment and shopping, shopping.
    One day is more than enough. Goodbye, Dubai.

    By the way, I wonder why the emirates are united and the states are united? In English, both are united.

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