Famous chinese couples: From Reel To Real: 5 C-Drama Couples That Found Love On Set


China’s Celebrity Couples That Were Couples in Dramas/Movies

In any entertainment industry, its everyone dream that the actors they seen together as a couple on screen would be a couple off-screen. Today, I’m gonna be sharing China’s celebrity couples that costarred together as lovers in dramas/movies that blossomed into a real romance and got married. This article will also cover the couples love story and their family life now. 


  • Only couple that actually are married and are still together today
  • I’m just sharing the ones that are most prominent in the Chinese entertainment industry currently. Of course there are more that are also popular that aren’t on my list but I did include one in the Honorable Mention towards the end because I really wanted to add them but this article would have been be too long if I type in the whole story haha


Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin dated each other briefly in 2013 when they filmed Agent X but unfortunately broke up. But fate brought them together again as they were once again collaborating on another drama, Princess Weiyoung which was a highly popular drama during its run where the two played as lovers. During filming, sparks rekindled between them and they started dating again. The two were always rumored to be an item as they already collaborated in 4 dramas at that time. It was confirmed by the duo themselves that they were indeed in a relationship on December 6th, 2016 on Tiffany’s birthday, Luo Jin posted on Weibo a photoshopped picture of him and Tiffany when they were children. With the caption saying, “My shoulders are always for you to lean on! My dear, happy birthday!” In 2017, it marked their 5th collaboration with the drama; The Way We Were. On October 28th, 2018 the pair announced they were officially husband and wife and had a fairytale themed wedding at Vienna, Austria. On September 19th, 2019, after a long time rumor that Tiffany was pregnant, the couple confirmed that indeed she is. Congrats to the couple’s upcoming addition to their family!


Sun Li and Deng Chao dating history is not clear, but they were first spotted dating in 2006 after they starred in the drama Sweet Honey. They officially tied the knot in 2010 and had their wedding on June 7th, 2011. They have a son nicknamed Deng Deng Deng and a daughter nicknamed Petals. The couple is well-known for expressing their love in public in goofy and adorable ways on Weibo and loves to post pictures of their kids. In an interview, Sun has stated that Deng was the one who helped her fix her relationship with her estranged father. It’s because of his advice that she was able to mend her relationship with her father. In 2015, the couple starred in a movie together, Devil and Angel, directed by Deng himself. The movie was well received for its well acted comedy from both stars. In 2018, the couple collaborated again on the film, Shadow. Shadow received critical acclaim not only in China, but internationally, with critics worldwide praising the story, the acting, cinematography, action sequences, and the visuals. This couple without a doubt is dominating the Chinese cinema world!


Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin were first longtime friends before they transitioned to a romantic relationship. Wallace had once said that he had a crush on Ruby for 10 years. He started to develop feelings for her when they were filming Sounds of Color. But he didn’t have the courage to confess to her at that time fearing it may ruin their friendship. Little did he know that Ruby also had feelings for him but for the same reason, hid those feelings to keep their friendship. They collaborated the 2nd time in The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. After years of the two being in the friend zone, they finally confess to each other and began dating in January 2016 and confirmed their relationship to the public on May 20, 2016. Shortly after, they tied the knot and their wedding was held in Bali, Indonesia on July 31, 2016. Then on January 6, 2017 Ruby gave birth to a daughter. During a Chinese talk show, Ruby flat out told the audience through talking directly to the camera, “Marrying Wallace Huo was the happiest thing that has happened to me” aweee. Recently, on December 26, 2019 which was Wallace’s birthday, Ruby posted on social media a photo of the two celebrating his birthday together with the caption, ”Happy Birthday my dear……Love you”.



Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu met when they were filming the hit drama, Scarlet Heart. Both of them played each other love interest in the drama. Nicky has stated in an interview that he was attracted to Cecilia during the filming of Scarlet Heart but didn’t pursue a relationship as he wasn’t sure if the feelings he had for her was actual true love or just the characters they portrayed in the drama had good chemistry. It wasn’t until they were filming the sequel to Scarlet Heart; Scarlet Heart 2, that they were sure about their feelings to each other and announce they their relationship in 2013. The couple eventually got married in Bali, Indonesia on March 20, 2016 with lots of their Scarlet Heart costars in attendance. On April 2019, they welcomed a baby boy nicknamed ”Bu Bu” based on the Chinese title of Scarlet Heart ”Bu Bu Jing Xin”. The couple is often caught being really affectionate towards each other in public and recently was spending quality time together in Shanghai Disneyland with their son.

FUN FACT ! Nicky Wu and his Scarlet Heart male costars Justin Yuan (13th Prince) and Kevin Cheng (8th Prince) all became dads in 2019 with all three of them welcoming baby boys haha


Our newest wedded celebrity couple Zanilia Zhao and William Feng. These two met on the set of the 2018 Chinese movie, The Monkey King 3 and dated soon after it was done filming which was in 2017. The couple continued their relationship during the filming of the Story of Minglan where they play a married couple.  On October 16th, 2018 the whole internet was going wild when the couple announced their marriage. Although many speculated that Zanilia was pregnant due to her announcing earlier in 2018 that she’s taking a hiatus from filming, she denied all the rumors. But, the rumors turned out to be true as on January 1st, 2019 on New Year, it was confirmed that the couple was expecting their first child. On March 8th it was announced to the world that Zanilia had given birth to a baby boy.  Although the couple is always facing the media speculations that they have marital issues due to their partnership being sudden, the couple never let the media bother them and their relationship is still going strong with them recently taking photoshoots together to promote the Chinese New Year H&M China Collection.


Michelle Chen & Chen Xiao

The Romance of the Condor Heroes

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10 Asian Celebrity Couples Who Called It Quits In 2019

As fans, we all have our favourite stories of how our celebrity couples got together and fell in love. With 2019 coming to an end, we look back at some of the heartbreaking splits amongst Asian stars over the past couple of months.

Some celebrity relationships just aren’t meant to last. Many of these couples’ courtship were short-lived. Nonetheless, they still took us by surprise.

1. Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo

  • Married in October 2017
  • Divorced in June 2019

The “Song-Song” lovebirds were the perfect couple on “Descendants of the Sun”. K-drama fans couldn’t be happier when Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo’s onscreen romance progressed into real life. Sadly, their fairy tale-like wedding didn’t last for more than 20 months. You can read their statements here.

2. Fan Bingbing and Li Chen

  • They were engaged for 2 years.

Hours after South Korea’s famous Song-Song couple announced their split, Li Chen (李晨) and Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) delivered another blow when they took to Weibo to deliver their separation. Funny thing is, the actress was seen auctioning off her former flames’ gift online.

Fan and Li went public with their relationship in 2015 after filming the 2014 drama “The Empress Of China” together. The pair announced their engagement 2 years later as Li proposed to Fan on her 36th birthday.

3. EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie

  • Reportedly started dating in October 2018.
  • SM Entertainment confirmed their break up on 25th January 2019.

K-pop fans managed to trace Kai and Jennie’s alleged date in the City of Love. They both posted photos of sight-seeing at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Ultimately an insider claimed that “they both concluded that they had to focus more on their work, and chose to break up. It seems like a decision made for their teammates, fellow artists, and fans.”

4. Da Mouth’s Aisa Senda and Zhou Ming Fu

  • Married for almost 3 years

Love alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. The former front-woman of Taiwanese band Da Mouth (大嘴巴) – Aisa Senda (千田愛紗) – took to Facebook on 12th February to confirm that she and Zhou Ming Fu (周洺甫) were splitting up. This came about after Aisa found out that Zhou had an affair with a female friend.

5. Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma

Source: Ming Pao

Jacqueline Wong made headlines all over the world when she was caught cheating with Andy Hui in one of the biggest scandals in Hong Kong entertainment industry. While Sammi Cheng eventually accepted Hui back, Kenneth Ma has chosen to move forward. Wong recently returned to Hong Kong and gave an emotional interview after living abroad for 8 months.

6. Etta Ng and Andi Autumn


  • Tied the knot on 8th November 2018

Things didn’t end well for Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter Etta Ng and her former flame Andi Autumn. Netizens first suspect that their queer couple’s marriage was on the rocks after Andi posted a lengthy vent on her Instagram story. Things became obvious when the pair deleted each other’s photos from their respective social media.

7. Alvin Chau and Mandy Lieu

  • Started dating in August 2014
  • They have 3 children together

Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) made decision to call it quits with Alvin Chau (周焯華) after his refusal to divorce his first wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲). It looks like it was an amicable breakup because the Macau billionaire paid Lieu HK$300 million (RM158 million) as a “breakup fee”.

8. Fish Leong and Tony Chao

  • Married for 9 years
  • The couple have a 5-year-old son named Anderson.

Fish Leong (梁靜茹) admitted that she and her Taiwanese wine merchant hubby Tony Chao were no longer an item after her show in Taipei a few months ago. There have been plenty of speculation (whether he cheated with a female Internet celebrity or could be a closeted gay), but the singer has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

9. Aliff Aziz and Bella Astillah

Source: Viral Purba

  • Married in 2016
  • They have a son named Ayden Adrean.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” But what if it’s more than three times?

After being caught in a string of cheating scandals, Bella Astillah and Aliff Aziz divorced with a single ‘talak’ before Syarie judge Izzat Syazli Mushid at the lower Syarie court. Since their separation, the Singaporean singer-actor has found himself in other scandals involving the law.

10. Sultan Muhammad V and Rihana Oksana 

Everyone thought that it was a royal romance between Sultan Muhammad V and Rihana Oksana. The fairy tale soon turned into a royal scandal when the former Miss Moscow’s past came back to haunt her. The former Agong made the decision to step down from the throne and later divorced Rihana with “triple talak”.

Since then, there has been plenty of back and forth regarding the identity of Ismail Leon.

Which of these celebrity break ups were you most surprised?

Top 10 Famous Chinese Couples With Huge Age Gap

You may think that 10 years is already a huge age gap between older husband and young wife. But you’ll be surprised to see some famous Chinese couples who don’t mind even over- 50-year gap in their romance.

1. Sun Yat-sen & Soong Ching Ling  孙中山与宋庆龄

Age Gap: 27 years

Sun Yat-sen was a well known Chinese revolutionist and first president of the Republic of China. He was an old friend of Song ‘s father. Song and Sun were married in Japan on October 25, 1915. That year Sun was 49 year old, and Song at 22. But Sun did not divorce his first wife Lu Muzhen due to the opposition from the Chinese community.

2. Chen Ning Yang & Weng Fan 杨振宁与翁帆

Age Gap: 54 years

Chen Ning Yang is a Chinese-born American physicist who received the 1957 Nobel prize in physics. Yang at the age of 82 married his 28-year-old young wife Weng Fan in December 2004, who was called the “final blessing from God. ” by Yang .

3. Yu Qiuyu & Ma Lan 余秋雨与马兰

Age Gap: 16 years

Yu Qiuyu is perhaps one of the best-known Chinese cultural and literary figures in China today. He married his young wife Ma Lan in 1992. Ma Lan is a renowned Huangmei opera artist from Anhui province. Yu is 16 years older than Ma.

4. Lu Xun & Xu Guangping 鲁迅与许广平

Age gap: 17 years

Lu Xun was one of the major Chinese writers of the 20th century. He married his student Xu Guangping, who was 17 years younger than her teacher Lu Xun.

5. Jin Yong & Lin Leyi 金庸与林乐怡

Age Gap: 29 years

Jin Yong is a modern Chinese-language novelist. His wuxia genre fiction has a lot of fans in Chinese-speaking world. He married his third wife Lin Leyi, a part-time waitress, in 1976. Jin Yong loves her so much that he always take Lin Leyi with him when he attends meetings, lectures of other social occasions.

6. Li Ao & Wang Zhihui 李敖与王志慧

Age Gap: 40 years

Li Ao is a writer, social commentator, historian, and independent politician in Taiwan. He is considered as one of the most important modern Chinese essayists today. He married Wang Zhihui, a nursing school student in 1992.

7. Chen Kaige & Chen Hong 陈凯歌与陈红

Age Gap: 16 years

Chen Kaige is a Chinese film director. In 1996, Chen married Chen Hong, a Chinese actress.

8. Zhang Xueliang & Zhao Yidi 张学良与赵一荻

Age Gap: 12 years

Zhang Xueliang was the effective ruler of northeastern China after the assassination of his father. On July 4th, 1964, 64-year-old Zhang Xueliang and 52-year-old Zhao Yidi officially got married.

9. Qiao Guanhua & Zhang Hanzhi 乔冠华与章含之

Age Gap: 22 years

Qiao Guanhua was a politician and diplomat in the People’s Republic of China. Qiao Guanhua re-married in 1973 with Zhang Hanzhi who is 22 years younger than him.

10. Antony Leung & Fu Mingxia 梁锦松与伏明霞

Age Gap: 26 years

Antony Leung was the former Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong. He married Fu Mingxia on July 15, 2002 in Hawaii. Fu is a top female diver, multiple Olympic gold medalist and world champion. Leung is 26 years older than Fu.

Top 10 Famous Sports Couples in China

Though Chinese athletes are generally discouraged from dating teammates or fellow athletes, an increasing number of athletes have made their relationships public. Here is a list of the 10 most famous Chinese athletes couples.

1. Li Na & Jiang Shan 李娜-姜山 (Tennis)

Li Na is a Chinese professional tennis player. Li has won 7 WTA and 19 ITF singles titles. Li won the 2011 French Open singles title, becoming the first player from Asia to win a Grand Slam in singles. Li also won Grand Slam singles titles at 2014 Australian Open. Jiang Shan married Li on January 27, 2006 and became her personal coach and he is one of the important motiving factors in Li’s career.

2. Lin Dan & Xie Xinfang 林丹-谢杏芳 (Badminton)

Two time Olympic badminton champion and five-time World champion winner Lin Dan tied the knot with his former teammate and long time girlfriend Xie Xingfang, also a badminton star. They got married in the year of 2012 in Beijing.

3. Yao Ming & Ye Li 姚明-叶莉(Basketball)

NBA star Yao Ming got married to his long-term girlfriend Ye Li in Shanghai in 2007. Yao is a former Houston Rockets star, and his bride Ye is also player on China’s national women’s basketball team. Yao met Ye in 1999, when Yao was playing for the Shanghai Sharks. Their romance went public when the two were seen walking hand-in-hand at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

4. Shen Xue & Zhao Hongbo 申雪-赵宏博 (Figure skating)

Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao are Olympic gold medal pairs skaters. They were married in 2007 in Beijing. In 2010 at the Olympics, they won the gold medal in pair skating. The couple also opened a school in Shenzhen, China to train ice skating coaches.

5. Pang Wei & Du Li 庞伟-杜丽 (Shooting)

China’s two-time Olympic shooting champion Du Li and her husband Pang Wei won the 2008 Olympic Games in the 10-meter air pistol event. They got married in 2009.

6. Tan Xue & Wang Jingzhi 谭雪-王敬之 (Fencing)

Both Tan Xue and Wang Jingzhi are top contenders on the Chinese fencing team. Their romantic love story has touched a large number of fans. Each time Wang Jingzhi wins a match, he kisses the ring on his hand, the symbol of his love for Tan.

7. Liu Guoliang & Wang Jin 刘国梁 – 王瑾 (Table Tennis)

The head Ping Pong coach Liu Guoliang met his wife, Wang Jin, during a training camp in Hebei. Although the team was still very strict in issues about romantic relationships within the team, it did not stop Liu and Wang to see each other and continue with their relationship. With two having their own successes, their relationship started to come out to the open and finally Liu Guoliang and Wang Jin tie the knot in Beijing in 2006.

8. Zhu Fangyu & Hu Mei 朱芳雨 – 胡美 (Basketball and Gymnast )

Zhu Fangyu is a famous basketball player in Chinese men’s team. Zhu met and fell in love with beautiful rhythmic gymnast Hu Mei at Athen Olympics. They got married after the Beijing Olympics in 2008. (They are already divorced now).

9. Zhang Qiuping and Wang Yifu 张秋萍 – 王义夫 (Shooting)

Wang Yifu and Zhang Qiuping are the legendary couple of the Chinese sporting world. The two met in 1983 and both competed in the Seoul Olympic Games as sports shooters in 1988. They got married in 1987.

10. Wang Na and Cai Yun 王娜 – 蔡赟 (Swimming and Badminton)

Wang Na is a synchronized swimmer, and Cai Yun is a badminton player. They tied knot in 2010.

6 Asian drama couples that married after co-starring together

Sparks often fly between actors that work together. Here are six Asian celebrity couples who fell in love on set and got hitched after starring in a drama together. <3

1. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo: Descendants of the Sun

The Song-Song couple of hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun (2016) got married on Halloween this year. Those intense kiss scenes in the drama weren’t for nothing!

2. Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun: Blood

Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun, who played the leading couple on Korean vampire drama Blood (2015) got married last year after one year of dating. They registered their marriage in May 2016 and opted to donate money to a hospital in lieu of holding a wedding party.

3. Ki Taeyong and Eugene: Creating Destiny

Ki Taeyong married his co-star Eugene in 2011 after starring together in K-drama Creating Destiny (2011). When they officially announced their engagement, Eugene wrote on her website, “The drama Creating Destiny actually created my beloved destiny.


4. Hawick Lau and Yang Mi: (A few drama together)

Famous Chinese actress Yang Mi got married in 2014 to Hong Kong star Hawick Lau. They have starred in a few dramas together including Ruyi (2012), A Clear Midsummer Night (2013) and The Four Scholars in Jianghan (2014).


5. Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu: Scarlet Heart series

Actor Nicky Wu married his co-star Cecilia Liu in 2015 after they worked together on the hit Chinese drama series Scarlet Heart (2011) and Scarlet Heart 2 (2014).


6. Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada: Binbo Danshi

Japanese stars Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada began dating after working together on the drama Binbo Danshi. They married in 2012 and currently have two children. 


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The Most Famous Celebrity Couples From 1979 to 2021

From the free-loving romances of the ’70s to present-day Hollywood power couples, we’re taking you for a walk through the most famous celebrity pairings, each year from 1979 to 2021.

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9 Asian Celeb Power Couples In Hollywood That Are Absolute Relationship Goals

We’ve all heard of iconic duos like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds or Beyoncé and Jay-Z, but Asian celebrity couples don’t always get the attention they deserve.  

Well, get ready to simultaneously say “awww” and weep because these stunning Asian power couples will definitely make you feel single AF.

1. Henry Golding & Liv Lo

Sorry to break it to you but the real-life Nick Young is happily married and his wife is quite the catch.

Liv Lo is a 33-year-old Taiwanese-Italian TV host for Fox Movies Asia, model, double-certified yoga instructor and founder of Fit Sphere. The two met on January 1, 2011 at a friend’s birthday party where Lo noticed Golding looking at her but didn’t introduce himself. To grab his attention, she even tried dancing on the speakers that night but Golding still hadn’t made the first move. As she was leaving the party, her future husband walked behind her, which is when she turned around and said: “Hi, I am leaving and you’re never going to see me again. Five years later, they tied the knot in Malaysia.

2. Hasan Minhaj & Beena Patel

The former “Daily Show” correspondent met his wife when they were both attending UC Davis and the couple got married in 2015. But Beena Patel is much more than just a wife.

Patel received a Doctor of Public Health from UCLA in 2013 and she is currently a management consultant at MedAmerica. Before she moved to New York, she worked with homeless patients in Los Angeles.

3. Steven Yeun & Joana Pak

Joana Pak was still in college when she began dating “The Walking Dead” actor Steven Yeun, but the couple soon fell in love. After some time, the two had to switch to a long-distance relationship as Yeun had to relocate to Los Angeles for work. However, they kept the flame going during this period and eventually tied the knot in 2016 after being together for seven years.

Pak graduated from Columbia College where she took classes in graphic design as well as working editorial internships. Although she is currently busy taking care of her adorable son and expecting baby number two, she still has a flourishing photography career of her own and owns a California-based freelance photography service called Jo Pakka photography.

4. Ken Jeong & Tran Jeong

Actor, comedian, former physician and an all-around great guy, Ken Jeong reportedly met his wife Tran Ho, who is also a physician, at a happy hour for young doctors where they immediately connected. The couple got married in 2004 and they have twin daughters, Zooey and Alexa, who seem to be just as hilarious and talented as their parents.

Jeong told ABC news in 2015 that his wife was undergoing chemotherapy when he was filming “The Hangover.” To make his wife laugh during one of the toughest periods in their lives, the actor sprinkled inside jokes within the movie for her to find. Now, if that isn’t the epitome of couple goals, I honestly don’t know what is.

5. Harry Shum Jr. & Shelby Rabara

“Crazy Rich Asians” and “Shadowhunters” star Harry Shum Jr. and Filipino-American actress and dancer Shelby Rabara started dating in 2007. In 2015, the two got married near Costa Rica during a romantic ceremony and they are currently expecting their first child together.

Rabara is known for her roles in “17 Again,” “Goliath” and “Steven Universe,” as the voice behind Peridot.

6. John Cho & Kerri Higuchi

John Cho met his wife Kerri Higuchi at the University of California, Berkeley, but they started dating a bit later on when they both moved to Los Angeles. Cho was drawn to Higuchi’s confidence and the two got married in 2006.

Higuchi is a Korean-American actress and director known for her roles in “Enough”(2002), “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Flashforward.” And according to Cho, she’s an amazing mother to their two adorable children as well.

7. Ali Wong & Justin Hakuta

Ali Wong married her “Asian Unicorn” husband Justin Hakuta on November 27, 2014, and the two welcomed their baby daughter Mari in November 2015. Fun fact: Mari’s name was actually inspired by the Japanese decluttering guru, Marie Kondo.

Hakuta is a successful Filipino-Japanese entrepreneur and vice president of a tech company. He has a bachelor of arts from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He reportedly also likes cooking for the family (cue the “awww”). Wong told The New York Times in an interview, “I make fun of him a lot, but the truth is he’s a VP at a multimillion-dollar tech company.”

8. Randall Park & Jae Suh Park

“Friends From College” actress Jae Sue Park and “Fresh Off The Boat” actor Randall Park, aka “Asian Jim” from “The Office,” tied the knot in 2008 after just a year of dating.

The Korean-American acting couple first met in 2007 at a nonprofit theater fundraiser, where they noticed each other from across the room but didn’t have the nerve to introduce themselves. A couple of days later, they ran into each other again at an audition. They were stuck in a waiting room together for an hour and hit it off immediately, but just as Randall got the nerve to ask for his future wife’s number, she was called in. A few more days after that, they saw each other again, this time at a different audition — at this point, it’s probably safe to say this was fate. Randall invited her to his birthday party and promised it would be a casual event with friends dropping by his apartment throughout the day. When Jae showed up, she was greeted by Randall and two of his male friends playing Atari. Randall later confessed that he spent that night worrying she would get bored and leave. But Jae stayed and after two weeks of dating, they realized they were in love with each other. After a year of dating, he proposed and five months after that, they got married. Today, their marriage is still going strong and they even have a daughter together.

9. Kunal Nayyar & Neha Kapur

  • Diana Kuryshko, Yashan Zhou
  • BBC News, Kiev-Hong Kong
  • Hundreds of men from China come to Ukraine in search of wives.

    Author of the photo, Maks Mei

    Pidpis to the photo,

    Chinese Max May married a Ukrainian girl Dasha. Now he helps other Chinese men to find a wife in Ukraine

    A businessman from China Tsai (name has been changed) in search of his future wife went on 80 dates at home, but they all ended in nothing.A 29-year-old resident of the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu met his bride in Ukraine.

    19-year-old Anastasia has already moved to China, is learning Chinese and is preparing for marriage.

    Tsai’s story is not uncommon. And although it is difficult to count the number of such Ukrainian-Chinese couples, the growing interest of Chinese men in women from distant Ukraine is discussed in marriage agencies both in Ukraine and in China.

    Why Ukrainian women attract men from China, why the Chinese are looking for a mate so far, and how they treat Ukrainian women in China, BBC correspondents in Ukraine and China found out.

    In China, the shortage of women

    In China, the long-term policy of one child in the family has led to an uneven ratio between the sexes. Parents preferred boys, and when they found out that there would be a girl, they had an abortion.

    Author of the photo, JOHANNES EISELE Getty

    Signs to photo,

    Men in China far outnumber women

    While poor rural men are trying to find wives in neighboring Vietnam, wealthy Chinese go to the West for their wives.

    “This is a sign of status, that they can afford it. Interracial marriages were not common among Chinese in the past. More often than not, Western men married Chinese women. However, now Chinese men have more power and money,” says Sandy Tu, a Hong Kong teacher. Baptist University, dedicated to research and analysis of marriage in China.

    According to her, today in China it is considered “prestigious” to have a “tall blonde” nearby.

    The Story of Max May

    Tsai, whose business is related to real estate, and whose annual income is about $ 150 million, paid about $ 45,000 to find a bride in Ukraine.dollars.

    This is exactly the amount of his annual membership in the dating club Ulove.cn, which was founded in Ukraine by another Chinese businessman – Max May.

    He lives in Kharkiv, organizes Chinese trips to Ukraine, their dates with Ukrainian women, and gives advice on how to win their hearts.

    Tsai came to Ukraine four times, met with Ukrainian women, until he met his fiancée.

    Author of the photo, ulove.cn/cases

    Signs to the photo,

    Max May posts photos of Ukrainian-Chinese couples on the website

    The cost of an annual standard membership in the May club is about $ 145,000.dollars for men, and 15 dollars for women.

    Photo author, MR. MEI

    Signs to the photo,

    One of the meetings at May’s dating club

    Chocolate fountains, champagne and women in evening dresses. Smiles, dances and communication with men – this is how the evenings of meetings in a dating club look on the video. May posts videos of these evenings on Chinese social networks.

    Actually, social media has become the best advertisement for May’s dating business. For example, photos and videos of his Ukrainian wife Dasha, sometimes very candid, attracted the attention of many Chinese men.Users asked him how he met “such a beauty” and if he could help others with this. As a result, Max May has a million subscribers on the Chinese social network Weibo and tens of thousands of video views on YouTube.

    Over the two years of its existence, May’s club has organized dozens of trips for Chinese men to Ukraine, resulting in the creation of 40 couples. Their photos are posted on the club’s website. True, the faces of the men are shaded on them. The club says that they protect the privacy of customers in this way.

    Photo author, ulove.cn / cases

    Signs to photo,

    Photos of established couples are posted on the club’s website

    In social networks and Chinese media, May is from time to time accused of pimping, as well as that he helps wealthy Chinese men to use Ukrainian women who only strive for a better life.

    The 38-year-old businessman flatly refused to communicate with the journalists of BBC News Ukraine, however, he spoke with our Chinese colleagues. In an interview, he denied the accusations of pimping and assured that the clients of his club are looking for a mate at the call of their hearts.

    At the same time, he declares that he does not give guarantees to anyone that the matter will end in a wedding. The club also does not know what kind of relationship will develop between clients. Therefore, it is not known how many of these 40 Ukrainian-Chinese couples had successful relations.

    Why Ukrainians?

    But why do the Chinese go to Ukraine to look for women and how are Ukrainian women treated in Chinese society?

    “On the street, in the subway and in the store, they come up and say – how beautiful you are, they ask you to take a photo, even if I have no makeup at all”, – this is how Ukrainian Anna Ivanova talks about her experience of life in the Chinese region of Macau.

    A 26-year-old woman, originally from the Poltava region, has been working for Melko for about a year.

    Author of the photo, unian

    Several other Ukrainian women who live and work in China told about the extraordinary attention to themselves to BBC News Ukraine.

    “Ukrainian women are beautiful girls who do not need to pay for marriage. They are homely, they will love and respect their husband. They are very happy to get out of Ukraine.” Alexandra, who spent four years in Shanghai, faced such an attitude towards Ukrainian women.

    On the website of his club, May encourages Chinese men to try to find their “love” in Ukraine, noting that he himself did not have to pay a dime to the bride’s family during the wedding, moreover, he even lived with her relatives.

    In China, upon marriage, the husband pays a certain amount to the bride’s family and must have housing for the future family.

    May’s success on Chinese social networks and his well-established travel organization may be one of the reasons why Chinese come to get acquainted in Ukraine, said Yashan Zhou, a reporter for the Chinese Air Force, from Hong Kong.

    Author of the photo, unian

    According to her, in China, Ukrainian women are really considered very attractive, although, the journalist notes, there are also prejudices due to stereotypes about Ukrainian women engaging in prostitution.

    But blogger and traveler Yekaterina Wang, who has been living and working in the Chinese city of Qingdao for two years, calls the popularity of Ukrainian women in China a myth.

    “A foreign woman is more for fun. For a Chinese, marriage is an important decision in life.There is much less love here than here … The Chinese mostly marry Chinese women, and most marriages are a kind of agreement between families … Therefore, if this is a Ukrainian, then there must be a very serious reason for marriage – social status, appearance, youth “- says Wang.

    Marriages with Chinese. How many there are?

    Ukrainians are increasingly marrying foreigners, and this is a sign of the times, admits Lyudmila Slyusar from the M.V. Ptukhi.

    She cites the following statistics: if in 2002 there were 10 thousand such marriages, then in 2017 already 14 thousand citizens of Ukraine linked their lives with foreigners. However, this is only 6% of all marriages in the country.

    Photo by Andrew Wong Getty Images

    Among the reasons, according to Slyusar, are globalization, as well as the fact that Ukrainians have begun to travel more around the world, and foreigners come here more often.

    “There is a tendency to marry foreigners because there are more opportunities for acquaintances,” says family psychologist Svetlana Panina.

    According to her, sometimes there is a basic need for security behind the desire to marry a foreigner.

    “Ukrainian women are simply looking for a better life in China, where the economic recovery is now. Some Ukrainian women are changing their habits, culture and moving. I know both the happy and difficult results of such relationships,” says Svetlana Panina.

    And although now the number of marriages of Ukrainian women with Chinese remains low, the trend is obvious: this figure is growing rapidly.

    According to the Institute of Demography, 28 such marriages were registered in 2002, and already 90 in 2017.

    Photo by unian

    In most cases, these are marriages between Ukrainian women and Chinese men, sociologists say.

    However, we are talking only about marriages registered in Ukraine, and how many of them were in China or in other countries is unknown.

    In 2017, about 11 million couples got married in China, 250 thousand in Ukraine.

    How do Ukrainian women perceive Chinese men?

    The fact that the Chinese are increasingly looking for brides in Ukraine is also said in marriage agencies. But how do Ukrainian women relate to the Chinese?

    Natalya Koval, the owner of the marriage agency Marrige by Natali, which has been operating in Ukraine for over 20 years, recently collaborated with two Chinese agencies, for which she selected profiles of Ukrainian women.

    Photo author, Lucas Schifres Getty Images

    A woman says that Ukrainian women are cautious about dating Chinese:

    “The attitude towards men from the Far East is very cautious because of the difference in mentality, they have no common themes.Our girls sometimes look down on the Chinese, there are even some manifestations of racism. “

    Natalya Koval talks about a 40-year-old businessman from China, whose meetings with Ukrainian women have not yet brought the desired result for him. His search continues.

    ” Chinese people have high expectations for girls – to be with the character of Mother Teresa and the appearance of a model. So that she doesn’t go anywhere and give birth to children, “- this is how Koval describes the requirements that, in her opinion, are put forward by clients from China to Ukrainian women.

    The fears of Ukrainian women in relation to representatives of Asian countries are confirmed by the owner of another Ukrainian marriage agency Anna Chernenko.

    Her company Annabel Matchmaking has been operating in Kiev for over 16 years. Thanks to this mediation, dozens of men and women meet each year and leave their profiles here. On average, the agency receives about five weddings a year. However, there have been no marriages with Chinese citizens lately.

    “It’s not about the country, it’s about finding your man.But for our girls, Europe is of the greatest interest – Germans, Swiss, Spaniards, “says Chernenko.

    The agencies say that sometimes when a Chinese man marries a Ukrainian woman, his friends also pay attention to this country.

    Author of the photo, Getty Images

    Signs to the photo,

    “The Chinese mostly marry Chinese women, and most marriages are a kind of agreement between families,” says a Ukrainian woman who has lived in China for several years

    Meanwhile, 31-year-old Olga (name has been changed), an accountant from Kiev, told her Ukrainian-Chinese love story.

    She met a man named Wei through the agency Marrige by Natal. At first, they talked for a long time via Skype and WhatsApp, then there were meetings in Ukraine, where Wei came to get acquainted with Olga’s relatives, and she went to Australia, where he now works.

    “It is important to feel that the person is mine, and what nationality he is – it does not matter. If it is comfortable, there are common goals, there are feelings – this is the main thing,” the woman says.

    There is hardly any cultural difference, she adds.”They eat with chopsticks, and we eat with forks. That’s the whole difference.” The couple are planning to get married this year.

    Tsai and Anastasia are also due to get married in 2019.

    My husband is Chinese: pros and cons

    Sukhoretskaya Anastasia

    It is difficult to name marriages of Russian girls with Chinese. This is facilitated by the positive image of China in Russia, created by the media, and the growing power of the PRC, and the strengthening of bilateral relations, and simply the image of the Chinese husband as a devoted and caring person.However, cultural differences often lead to quarrels in inter-ethnic marriages. A journalist from People’s Daily Online spoke with Russian girls married to Chinese, who agreed to share interesting stories from their married life.

    We are happy together

    Girl A., married for 3 months: “He can solve absolutely any problem, if he doesn’t know how or doesn’t understand something, he will always figure it out. I knew for sure, no matter what happened, he would always be there, I was bribed by his firmness of intentions, the ability to achieve goals.I knew that I would definitely not be lost with him. He also has a great sense of humor. ”

    Girl S., married for over 7 years: “He lived for 8 years in France, an interesting conversationalist, traveled a lot, knows a lot. He has a calm character, balanced, not jealous, he has a good sense of humor, he always knows how to make me laugh. ”

    Almost all of the girls participating in the interview noted that the separation of duties around the house was a positive moment, that the Chinese husband would not demand to “cook borscht” every day.Also, almost all girls’ husbands either studied or lived for a long time abroad: in Switzerland, France, Great Britain, USA. For such couples, European-Asian cultural differences are minimized.

    A joke, not life

    Despite the above-described advantages of Russian-Chinese married couples, cultural differences make themselves felt from the first period of relations. Many brides find it difficult to get used to Chinese cuisine and Chinese drinking traditions, and some cannot find a common language with their husband’s relatives.

    Girl I: “My husband’s relatives from a village near Wuhan moved to our apartment, in Beijing, to live for a while until they were given housing. Parents did not know how to use modern technology and even brought with them from the village a chicken that lived in our home. ”

    Girl A., married for 3 months: “It took me a long time to get used to constant conversations about food. Did you eat? What? When? Why didn’t you eat the meat? Why did you eat only meat? The Chinese have a real cult of food. My favorite expression at the table is “I myself,” because I don’t like cold goose entrails, fatty homemade sausage or soup made from ingredients I don’t understand, and I’m not even going to try. ”

    Girl O., married for 5 years: “It was difficult to learn how to communicate with her mother-in-law. In her understanding, coffee, sweets and all that are not useful, and I had to drink coffee in secret. Although now she drinks it with me. We speak Chinese with my husband’s parents. At first, it was difficult with my parents: I understood them, but they didn’t. It was difficult to express your opinion, in the family your voice seems to be lost. But it got better over time. ”

    Girl B., a mother of three and has been married for more than 15 years, complained that her husband’s parents at first did not allow her to raise children: “Chinese parents seem to think that we gave birth to children for them, and this is their concern from birth.But, thank God, they gave in to education a little, and for the first three years I was with the children myself. They helped immensely but were not completely replaced. Now the children are adults, but they are also strongly attached to their grandparents, their presence has a strong impact. ”

    In addition, despite the fact that Russia is known for its alcoholic culture, girls find it inappropriate in China to drink a lot of “baijiu” at feasts with unfamiliar people.

    In conclusion, after listening to many stories from Russian wives of Chinese husbands, we can only say one thing: everyone makes a choice for himself whether to enter into an interethnic marriage or not.“With a lovely paradise and in a hut,” says the Russian proverb, the main thing is love, and the rest will follow.

    90,000 45 Surprising Facts About China

    If you are going to study in China and think that you already know everything about this country from numerous articles and travel shows, believe me, China still has something to surprise you.

    We at Hotcourses.ru have collected for you 45 of the most interesting facts and curiosities about China.

    We assure you that after reading this article you will finally be convinced that Chinese culture and traditions are truly unique, and sometimes even defy logical explanation!

    Chinese cuisine

    1) The Chinese use an average of 45 billion chopsticks a year.For this, about 20 million twenty-year-old trees are cut down annually.

    2) Every year, about 4 million cats enter a special Chinese dish, which is considered a delicacy here.

    3) Oddly enough, it is China that takes the 1st place in the world for the consumption of red wine.

    Population and traditions

    4) China is the most populous country in the world with 1.38 million inhabitants. And this is almost a fifth of the world’s population!

    5) Surprisingly, as many as 100 million people in China live on less than $ 1 a day.

    6) Since China has a one-family-one-child policy, thousands of newborn babies are left in the country every year. First of all, we are talking about girls.

    7) There are already 30-40 million men in China who cannot find a wife. The fact is that there are much more men among the inhabitants of China than women. This is due precisely to the massive refusal to give birth or upbringing of newborn girls.

    8) In 1973, China proposed sending 10 million women to the United States to increase the country’s population.

    9) In China, girls who remain single in their early 20s are traditionally rewarded with derogatory epithets and openly referred to as “abandoned”. Despite the fact that modern youth are increasingly striving for freedom and financial independence, in China there is still great public pressure on women who have not married before the age of 27-30. In the public consciousness of the Chinese, this signals that something is clearly wrong with the woman. In other words, a single woman in China starts to “depreciate” from about 24 years old.

    10) The connection of generations in China is maintained at the state level. In this country, if you have a relative who is over 60 years old, you are required by law to visit him regularly.

    11) China has the largest number of Buddhists in the world. In total, there are about 244 million people, which is 18.2% of the total population of the Earth.

    12) The most popular name in China is Wang. More than 93 million people of this name live in the country.


    13) China is the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in the world.

    14) In just three years (from 2011 to 2013), China used more cement in construction than the United States during the entire 20th century.

    15) In China, all cosmetics are still mandatory tested on animals.

    16) The Chinese are hardworking, but this quality has a downside. According to statistics, about 600,000 Chinese die each year from overwork problems.

    17) The government of China owns the world leader in tobacco production, China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC).At the same time, the Chinese themselves occupy the third place in the world for the consumption of Cuban cigars, second only to the French and Spaniards.

    18) According to research company Hurun, 29% of all billionaires in the world are of Chinese origin. Many of them live in China itself. At the same time, there are more and more people who do not inherit their wealth, but themselves achieve unprecedented financial heights, doing business in the field of technology, retail and real estate.

    Culture and sports

    19) Table tennis is a real national sport in China.In total, more than 10 million people play table tennis in the country. At the same time, 53% of all Olympic medals in table tennis were won by the Chinese.

    20) PlayStation is banned in China. Xbox, Nintendo and Sony have only been allowed in the past five years.

    21) China can be safely called one of the most materialistic countries in the world. Keep in mind that success here is measured by what you have.

    22) There is a strange trend in China. It is customary here to dye the fur of pets in such a way that they look like other animals.For example, dogs are often painted “tiger-like”.

    23) Twitter and The New York Times were banned in China in 2009, as was Facebook.

    24) I must say that all these prohibitions work rather on paper. Currently, over 95 million people in China are registered on Facebook.

    25) China became the first country in the world where Internet addiction was officially recognized as a disease. There are even special clinics in the country that treat “Internet addicts” of all ages.

    26) It is prohibited to use puns and puns of any kind in advertisements and television in China.


    27) In China, about 40 million people still live in caves. Cave houses are passed down from generation to generation, and many people who have left to work in large cities return to live in caves after retirement. There are villages in the country that consist entirely of cave houses. These villages are far from civilization, but some of them are still equipped with modern amenities such as electricity.

    28) Despite the fact that China is a huge country, the local authorities decided that there would be only one time zone throughout its territory. Therefore, in some regions of China, sunset comes as early as 10 pm!

    29) The city of Datang in Zhuji province is known as the “city of socks”, as every third pair of socks in the world is produced here.

    30) Every five days a new skyscraper is being built in China.

    31) In China, there are four megacities with a population of over 10 million people.This is more than in any other country in the world.

    32) The deadliest earthquake in human history occurred in China in 1556 and killed 830,000 people.

    33) In Beijing, one million people live underground, in basements or bomb shelters.

    34) According to a study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology , most of the air pollution in American San Francisco comes from overseas, namely from China.China generates about 70% of its electricity from coal-fired power plants, which leads to significant air pollution with particulate matter. Ocean-crossing dust storms carry these particles across the Pacific Ocean to the United States, particularly to the coast of California.


    35) In Chinese universities, the number of female students significantly exceeds the number of male students. Therefore, many universities illegally introduce special quotas and facilitate the admission process for male students.In some educational institutions, this has already led to certain difficulties in enrolling female students, who in Asia are often more in need of quality higher education in order to build a successful career. However, girls still account for over 50% of the total enrollment in graduate and doctoral studies.

    36) In China, you can get a real prison term of up to 7 years for fraud in the process of entering a university or studying. The government took this measure because of the common fraudulent practices used by students to avoid passing entrance and other exams.

    37) Until now, no one has achieved the highest score in the entrance examinations for Chinese universities. The national university entrance examination, commonly known as gaokao, is compulsory for admission to the vast majority of the country’s universities. The exam lasts up to 9 hours and takes place in 2 days. By the way, some universities in Australia, Canada and America also accept the results of “gaokao” when enrolling students in their programs.

    Other interesting facts

    38) Due to political stance, the film “Seven Years in Tibet” was banned from screening in China, and the film’s actors Brad Pitt and David Thewliss were denied entry into the country.

    39) You can get higher education in bra manufacturing in China, and this is undoubtedly one of the weirdest curricula in the world. It is offered at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

    40) China has one of the strictest censorship policies in the world. In fact, even the word “censorship” itself is censored in China.

    41) Business leaders and others in charge in China may be sentenced to death for fraud.

    42) In China, there is even a unique practice of hiring a figurehead who will be arrested for you – “ding zui”. This service is very popular among wealthy Chinese people.

    43) China is home to all pandas in the world without exception.

    44) Toilet paper was invented in China in the 1300s. True, it was only available to the emperors.

    45) The bat is a symbol of good luck in the country.

    30 Chinese learning sites

    How to learn Chinese in China?

    90,000 Baby Tour: Why Chinese Women Go to the West | Articles

    Every year the number of Chinese tourists going abroad is increasing.At the same time, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire go abroad not only for impressions and luxury bags, but also for children of “foreign production” . Against the background of the current ban in the PRC on the use of the national sperm bank by unmarried women, the fertilization service by foreign donors is becoming more and more popular. At the same time, Chinese women who voluntarily decided to become single mothers prefer that the fathers of their children were people of Caucasian or Caucasian blood , and not at all Asians, even if this option is available.

    Look what the girls have in mind

    At the beginning of the year, 28-year-old Chinese woman Alan Zhang (Alan is a pseudonym) came to the attention of Chinese social networks: desperate to find a husband, the girl decided to give birth for herself and made a request for donation on the Internet. To date, no one has responded to her call, but Zhang’s efforts have given birth to the non-governmental organization “Family Diversity”, advocating a departure from the dogma that the social unit is certainly “mom, dad, child.”

    There are many women in China who will not marry and therefore cannot fulfill their fundamental biological mission. But I felt that there had to be another way, and I found it, ” another Chinese woman, 39-year-old Xiaogongzhu (this is the nickname she uses in social networks), told the South China Morning Post the other day, who, unlike Zhang, has already become a mother. alone.

    90,008 Photo: REUTERS / Jason Lee

    Xiaogongzhu is one of the rare unmarried Chinese women who openly (apart from unwillingness to give her real name) admitted: her 9-month-old baby Oscar is the fruit of a successful trip to a California sperm bank. At the same time, women like her, who have learned the joy of motherhood without marriage and even a personal acquaintance with the child’s father, are by no means unique in China.

    Without a complete family – incomplete happiness

    As a result of the decades-old birth control policy (its most famous manifestation was the slogan “One family – one child”) a serious gender bias has developed in the PRC. The traditional belief that a son is much better than a daughter has led to a veritable oversupply of 90,368 men.Often they simply got rid of girls in the womb (because, by the way, later in China, doctors were forbidden to tell future parents the sex of the child). As a result, the number of Chinese men now exceeds the number of women by 40 million.

    It would seem that in this situation there should not be any shortage of suitors for Chinese women. But if there really were no problems with the number of problems, then with the quality of the grown up, but remaining spoiled “little emperors”, questions arose . And a lot of girls in China of the XXI century didn’t want to get married in principle .Since 2014, the number of divorces has grown steadily, and the number of marriages has fallen rapidly: already in 2018, according to the Ministry of Civil Administration of the PRC, there were only seven people getting married for every 1,000 people.

    Photo: Depositphotos

    At the same time, however, the Chinese women did not want to have children. But this simple human desire in the PRC invariably came into conflict with state policy – the authorities have always consistently nurtured the model of a complete family and never encouraged the birth of illegitimate children.And they even punished for the walking offspring. Until 2016, single mothers were deprived of the right to receive a so-called hukou for their child – a document essentially similar to the Soviet residence permit, giving the right to a free kindergarten, school and clinic.

    – The maximum difficulty of illegitimate childbearing was one of the measures to limit the birth rate. In principle, premarital relations were not encouraged, and if a child eventually appeared, it was always considered a serious offense, for which a man could easily be punished if his paternity could be established, ”Sinologist Vasily Kashin from the Institute of the Far East told Izvestia.

    Without the support of domestic producers

    In recent years, realizing that birth control has turned into an aging problem, the Chinese authorities began to gradually slow down in demographic policy . Several years ago, certain categories of citizens were legally allowed to have a second child (before that, families paid substantial fines for the second offspring “out of quota”). In the last couple of years, the government has completely moved from prohibitions in the field of childbearing to encouraging fertility.

    But the emphasis on family values ​​and the inviolability of a complete family remained in force.

    With an estimated 40 million infertile people in China, sperm banks have gained immense popularity in the country . It’s funny, by the way, that last year one of the donor centers in Beijing added another unusual condition with a purely Chinese specifics to the list of conditions for “contributors” of biomaterial (who cannot be bald and have genetic diseases).All donors were obliged to “love the socialist homeland, support the leadership of the Communist Party, be loyal to the cause of the party and be decent, law-abiding, and also free from political problems.” This note has sparked a lot of bad jokes on Chinese social media and Western media.

    Human Sperm Bank, Shanxi Province, China

    Photo: Global Look Press / c40

    But it was not at all funny that the fact that only officially married couples have access to a sperm bank in China.Unmarried Chinese women, regardless of their financial well-being, are not allowed to enter this institution. And those who turned out to be better off began to solve the problem abroad – in foreign sperm banks.

    – We do not disclose exact numbers, but it is true that the proportion of Chinese clients seeking help from sperm donors outside of China is growing rapidly, – the executive director of the company Cryos, based in Denmark and the USA, told Izvestia ( private bank of sperm and eggs) Peter Reslev.- This is partly due to local legislation, since single women and homosexual female couples do not have access to such procedures in China and are forced to turn to the gray market, that is, look for donors through friends and social networks, or travel abroad for verified donors free of sexually transmitted diseases and genetic diseases.

    One of the most curious facts – getting abroad, Chinese women who give at least 200 thousand yuan ($ 28.5 thousand) for a “test-tube baby”), rarely place bets on domestic “manufacturers” . But not because there are no ethnic Chinese in foreign sperm banks, although there are really few of them – one person per hundred donors.

    At Cryos, according to Peter Reslev, donors are mostly either Danes or Americans, although there are also representatives of other nationalities, since many foreigners live, work or study in Denmark or the USA, where Cryos has laboratories.

    Photo: Global Look Press / Ranwen

    Caucasian donors are the most popular.In general, a child with mixed ethnicity is considered prestigious in China , summed up Peter.

    With the growth in the PRC of such phenomena as feminism and the financial self-sufficiency of women, and with the persistence of vowel and unspoken restrictions on motherhood alone, it can be assumed that the number of small half-Caucasians and other “half-breeds” will slowly but surely grow.


    China hopes that lifting the ban on the third child will help demography – InoTV

    As part of the fight against the aggravating problem of population aging, the Chinese authorities decided to allow families to have a third child, writes the South China Morning Post. However, many users of Weibo, the Chinese counterpart to Twitter, said they believed the policy change would not inspire couples to have more children, especially given high property and education prices and long working hours.

    Chinese authorities will allow each couple to have three children as part of a major overhaul of their policies, writes the South China Morning Post. The decision was announced after a meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), chaired by Xi Jinping.

    A statement by the PRC authorities that has appeared speaks of the need to take serious steps to address the aggravating problem of population aging.

    Supportive measures will be taken along with the policy allowing the couple to have three children. This will improve China’s population structure of 90,316, ”the statement said.

    In October 2015, China replaced its one-child policy with a two-child policy, but some researchers have suggested that these changes will have only a marginal impact on population aging unless other measures are taken.

    Other proposed measures include raising the retirement age and conducting campaigns to educate young people about marriage and family values. The statement highlighted upcoming improvements in areas such as childcare services, maternity leave and childbirth insurance. 90 011

    Meanwhile, many users of Weibo, the Chinese counterpart of Twitter, said they did not believe such a policy change would inspire couples to have more children, especially given high property prices, long working hours, intense competition and high prices. education in China.

    As noted in the article, the current decision of the Chinese authorities was made just a few weeks after the publication of the census data, indicating a further decline in the birth rate in the Celestial Empire.

    Chinese demographic expert Yi Fuxian believes that the announcement of this measure shortly after the census results suggest that there may be other highly disturbing data that have not been released to the public.

    Maybe this is because the real population data is too frightening.And if they were not published, then they probably scared decision-makers , ”said Yi Fuxian.

    He said he looked forward to further statements on population policy at the CPC Central Committee meeting at the end of the year and at the annual legislative sessions next year.

    The National Bureau of Statistics of the Celestial Empire said that Chinese mothers gave birth to 12 million children last year, and in 2019 – 14.65 million, i.e. over the year, the birth rate has decreased by 18%. And this figure continues to decline to nearly sixty-year lows.

    The birth rate in China, as noted in the article, is 1.3 children per woman, which is below 2.1 – the level necessary for stable reproduction of the population, writes the South China Morning Post.

    90,000 Best beaches in China. Sanya, Hainan and other Chinese resorts

    When you want to relax at sea, China does not immediately come to mind. But this is an excellent beach destination – unusual and inexpensive. In addition, it is easier for residents of Siberia and the Russian Far East to get there than to Turkey.

    There are beaches in China for every taste. Luxurious and budget, secluded and partying, with white sand and bright yellow. Skyscanner shares tips on where to surf in China, where to go to the sea with children, and how to relax on a first-class beach and not go broke.

    China Beach No. 1: Yalong Bay (Yalongwan)

    Sanya City, Hainan Island

    Yalong Bay is the emperor of all beaches in China. Here there is fine fine sand, smooth entry into the sea, calm and clear water – this is how a paradise should be.In addition to a beach holiday, Dragon’s Bay also has a lot to do. Learn to dive and admire the colorful corals. Play golf. Get rid of stress and extra inches at the spa. Practice yoga or qigong. Also, be sure to try all the local seafood.

    Hotels in Yalong Bay are expensive and luxurious – like the Ritz-Carlton and Pullman. If you want to save money, stay in Sanya City or Dadonghai Bay, from which you can get to Yalong by bus.

    Beach season at Yalong Bay: In “Eastern Hawaii” the gentle sun shines for more than 300 days a year.The average annual air temperature on the island of Hainan is +24 ° C, the water is almost always warmed up to +26 ° C. The ideal time to relax in Dragon Bay is March – May and October – November.

    More on the topic: 9 ways to remember Seychelles forever

    Party & Nightlife: Dadonghai Bay

    Sanya City, Hainan Island

    It is only a couple of kilometers from the center of Sanya to Dadonghai Bay, so this beach cannot be called deserted. But there is gentle sand, turquoise sea and green palm trees.

    If you like solitude, come in the morning – take a dip, enjoy a massage with stunning views. Tired of sunbathing – go boating, banana or jet ski. In the evening, go shopping, listen to live music in open-air cafes, and chill out in local bars to remember for the next year.

    Beach season at Dadonghai Bay: As in the rest of Hainan Island, you can relax here all year round. The dry season is in winter and spring, and the wet season is in the summer, which in these parts lasts until November.


    DO NOT NEED to go to China

    If you don’t want to bump your elbows on the beaches and pay triple the price of accommodation, avoid traveling to China on these dates:

    Chinese New Year. The celebration begins on the eve of the first day of the lunar month and lasts for at least a week. Dates of the New Year in China for the next three years: in 2017 – January 28, 2018 – January 16, 2019 – February 5.

    National holiday. The Day of the People’s Republic of China is celebrated from October 1 to 7.

    _Other Chinese holidays are limited to three days and do not result in such crowds. But to be on the safe side, always book your accommodation in advance and buy tickets for planes, trains and buses in China . _

    5-Star Holidays for the Price of 3: Khaitan Bay

    Sanya City, Hainan Island

    Khaitan Bay is a long strip of white sand 30 km from Sanya. In five years this beach will be filled with tourists, but for now all the beauty is just for you.

    There are few hotels and most of them are five-star. But this is the case when it is worth coming to the resort before it becomes popular, to live in exquisite rooms for just $ 100 a day. One thing: choosing between Kempinski and Sheraton will not be easy.

    Beach season at Haitan Bay: Even in January – February, the coldest months on Hainan Island, the water in the South China Sea is never colder than +23 ° C. Under the refreshing rain on the beach of Khaitan Bay, you run the risk of hitting from May to October.

    Surfer’s paradise: Riyue bay

    Wanning City, Hainan Island

    The Bay of Sun and Moon Zhiyue is a place for those who miss the wilderness and romance. There are few restaurants and hotels, low prices, relaxed atmosphere and wonderful white sand. Package groups arrive for half an hour a day, and the rest of the time the entire beach is at your disposal.

    Hear the sound of the surf, sip Chinese tea and soak up the Rhiyue Beach. Or invite an instructor from your local surf center and learn how to get on the board and catch the wave.

    Beach season at Jiyue Bay: Swimming and surfing in the Bay of Sun and Moon is good all year round. But from May to October, Hainan Island is hot and humid, so swimwear and sports equipment will take a long time to dry.

    More on the topic: 7 ideas for outdoor activities in Russia

    Recreation and Recreation: Beidaihe

    Qinhuangdao County, Hebei Province

    If you are looking for a quiet and inexpensive seaside holiday in China, take a look at Beidaihe.The resort is not as luxurious as in Hainan, but it is cheaper and fewer people there. You can also improve your health in Beidaihe. Those who stay at the Qigong Sanatorium will receive Chinese massage, acupuncture, herbal baths and qigong lessons from true masters. In hotels, you will not be bored either, especially if you choose accommodation with a swimming pool, its own territory and a massage parlor.

    When you soak up Beidaihe Beach, head out to explore the area. Visit the zebra at the zoo or the penguins at the aquarium.Make your mark on the Great Wall of China and experience the healing power of hot springs. And for dinner, order carp: the sauce is such that you will lick your fingers.

    Beidaihe Beach Season: The best time to swim and sunbathe in Beidaihe is June – September.

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    Busy Day: Beach on Gulanyu Island

    Xiamen City, Fujian Province

    The beach on Gulanyu Island is good for sweet treats to local attractions. First, come to Xiamen, walk along the waterfront and feel the rhythm of the big city. Then get on the ship and go to Gulanya, just do not forget your passport: he will be asked as soon as you dock.

    On the island, wander the narrow streets and see the colonial mansions. Immerse yourself in a bygone era at the Piano Museum or Organ Museum. Dive into a riot of tropical flowers at Shuzhuang Gardens and meet the sea lion at the Aquarium. And finally, choose the beach to your liking.Expose your body to the sun, ride a scooter, or take a boat trip around the island. By the way, there are no cars or motorcycles on Gulanya – only rare electric cars, so nothing will distract from the local beauties.

    Gulanyu Island Beach Season: Tourists come to this picturesque island all year round. The most pleasant weather for a seaside holiday on the beaches of Gulanyu is usually in May, July and October.

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    Holidays with children: beaches in Weihai

    Shandong Province

    “Crystal clear!” – everyone who has visited Weihai speaks with one voice. There is also a lot of greenery and a beautiful beach, which is great for families with children. Let the little ones build castles from bright yellow sand, and you rejoice in the gentle sun and warm water.

    When you want variety, rent an inflatable boat, spin the pedals of a catamaran or squeeze all the horsepower out of a scooter. Take a trip to the thermal springs and then to the safari park to see a white tiger and take pictures with a Himalayan bear. And don’t skip the waterfront trainers: you want to come home with abs cubes, do you?

    Weihai Beach Season: The city has a temperate monsoon climate.The whole family can swim in the Yellow Sea from June to early September. By October, many restaurants and cafes are already closed for the winter.

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    Escape the Metropolis: Cheung Sha Beach

    Lantau Island, Hong Kong

    Photo: Pete & Brook, CC BY-NC-SA 2. 0

    If you’re in Hong Kong and want a break from the skyscrapers, hop on the ferry and head to Lantau Island.There Chashan Sha beckons with white sand – the longest beach in this area. A beautiful promontory divides it into two parts: lower and upper, and both are calm and not crowded. Walk barefoot along the water’s edge, dive into the refreshing sea and take selfies against the backdrop of wooded hills.

    If you want a drive, master kayaking or windsurfing. And when you’re hungry, sit on the Stoep veranda and order lamb steak and homemade cereal bread. Try boboti, a meat casserole native to South Africa.

    Beach season in Hong Kong: The climate on the Hong Kong island of Lantau is tropical. You can relax here all year round, although the seasons are still different. Spring in Hong Kong is warm and humid, summer is hot under +30 ° C and rains, autumn is sunny and pleasant, and winter is dry and cool: in January-February, the thermometer can drop to +14 ° C. Tropical cyclones and thunderstorms with squally winds fall mainly in May-October, and typhoons are frequent guests in September. Therefore, the ideal time for a beach holiday on the Chashan Sha beach is late autumn.

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    90,000 After a couple – Mir – Kommersant

    Thirty years ago, the Romanian people received a strange and eerie Christmas present.On December 25, 1989, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, the rulers of the Socialist Republic of Romania, who had lost their power, were shot. Kommersant’s observer Alexei Alekseev visited Bucharest and Targovishte and saw what memory remained in Romania about the Ceausescu era.

    Romanian Juche

    Among the European socialist countries, Romania has always stood apart. Already in 1958, Soviet troops were withdrawn from the country, and in 1968 the Romanian army did not participate in the invasion of Czechoslovakia. In Romania, books banned in the USSR were published, she conducted active foreign trade with capitalist countries.There was no compulsory study of the Russian language in Romanian schools. Soon after the election of Nicolae Ceausescu as General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party (RCP) in 1965, Romania began to demonstrate the greatest possible independence from the USSR and friendliness towards the West, however, it seems, did not find examples to follow either there or there.

    In 1971, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena made an official visit to the PRC. Elena drew attention to the great authority Jiang Qing, the wife of Mao Zedong, enjoys.In 1972, she became a member of the Central Committee of the RCP, a year later – a member of the executive committee of the RCP, in 1980 – first deputy prime minister.

    The visit of the Ceausescu spouses to the DPRK in the same 1971 was also very valuable in terms of acquaintance with the best practices.

    Apparently, they were impressed by the cult of personality, unlimited power and the transfer of this power by inheritance, a powerful army and an all-powerful special service, the country’s economic independence from the outside world relying on its own forces (Juche).

    It was easy with the personality cult. In the Brezhnev era, residents of Soviet Moldavia could catch Romanian television broadcasts.

    Against the background of the “genius of the Carpathians” Nikolay and the “mother of the nation” Elena, Soviet leader Leonid Ilyich, with his hero stars and memoirs, looked like an example of modesty.

    Romanian media were overwhelmed with praises addressed to the Ceausescu spouses. All photo and video materials were carefully censored. There was an order to shoot Nicolae Ceausescu (height – 165 cm) when meeting with foreign statesmen so that there was no noticeable difference in height, and Elena should not be photographed in profile because of her large nose.

    For the construction of the People’s House (currently the House of Parliament), by order of Nicolae Ceausescu, a fifth of the historical center of Bucharest was demolished. This building is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the second largest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon)

    Photo: Lionnel Cirroneau, AP

    The eldest son of the ruling couple, Valentin Ceausescu, was interested in physics, not politics.He was even sent to study in London, and his mother decided to make Nick out of her second son the heir to the throne.

    The activities of the Securitate political police can be judged by the fact that in Romania there was no noticeable dissident movement and prominent opposition figures comparable to Lech Walesa in Poland or Vaclav Havel in Czechoslovakia.

    In order to ensure economic independence, it was decided that Romania would pay its foreign debt in full. For this, saving measures were introduced.

    Citizens were allowed to have one 15-watt light bulb for each room in the apartment, too powerful electrical appliances such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners were banned, food and gasoline cards were introduced.

    But even with ration cards, it was possible to buy food only after standing in queues for many hours.

    Of course, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu did not save on themselves.

    They lived dearly and happily

    Three years ago, the former mansion of the dictator on Primaveria Boulevard was opened for visiting in Bucharest.The flow of tourists wishing to visit it is so great that a place in the excursion group must be booked in advance.

    Until December 1989, ordinary people were prohibited from visiting the Primaveria area, where the mansion was located, let alone approaching the house. The boulevard was teeming with people in civilian clothes, guarding the peace of the ruling couple. The guards were only outside the house. The list of those who could get into the mansion besides its owners was extremely short. A couple of times a year, close relatives were admitted, in individual cases – high-ranking party leaders.Even 12 servants were in the mansion only from six in the morning until six in the evening. From dusk to dawn, the house remained at the complete disposal of the head of state, his wife and three children – Nika, Valentine and Zoe. When the children grew up, they also moved out, although Elena had to persuade her to give the go-ahead for a long time. Nicholas, of course, ordered decent housing.

    Although the building is sometimes called the Spring Palace (“primavera” in Romanian means “spring”), it does not attract a palace, especially in modern times.But for a rich mansion – quite. It was built for the first communist ruler of Romania, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Deja, but he died before the completion of the work. Therefore, the house went to Ceausescu, who was elected the new general secretary. Elena Ceausescu immediately ordered a rework, acting as the chief designer of the new design project.

    Even guidebooks and guides are confused with the number of rooms in the mansion, but there are definitely more than 80 of them. While the Romanian people were building socialism under the wise leadership of the Ceausescu spouses, the ruling couple in their own house enjoyed all the achievements of capitalism that they could afford.And she could afford a lot: Murano glass chandeliers, Portuguese floor tiles, furniture set in the style of Louis XIV, Sevres porcelain, Italian sanitary ware, a ventilation system made in the USA.

    The mansion has rooms for almost any purpose. Bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, lounges – for each family member, a chess room. Sauna, jacuzzi, shower – all imported equipment. A room for watching movies with a Philips projector.Barbershop. Four gardens – winter, summer, autumn and spring. Accordingly, the first one is inside the house, the rest are outside. Dressing room – Elena had about 3 thousand dresses.

    The mansion is full of trinkets and souvenirs. Carved ivory crafts are a gift to Mobutu Sese Seko, the great leader from Congo-Zaire. Chinese vases. Iranian carpets. Old French tapestries. In the former room of one of the sons in a bookcase – volumes of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, second edition.

    The most socialist and most Romanian building is the home pool.Its walls are covered with a huge mosaic, over which local craftsmen worked, with signs of the zodiac, the sun, peacocks, doves, flowers – all of very bright, joyful colors. The paintings on the walls are also Romanian artists.

    Wherever possible – carved wood, columns, carpets, marble, gilding. There is a lot of gold color. The bathroom of the spouses-rulers is covered with gold leaf.

    Elena Ceausescu apparently had a special love for statues in the classical style – nude female figures made of marble and bronze are found throughout the house.

    After the revolution, the house was guarded by the army and state security forces and was not looted by the crowd, but part of what was inside, mainly gifts from foreign colleagues-leaders, the new government nevertheless sold at an auction, and the money received was sent to some noble goals.

    Shooting Christmas

    Nicolae Ceausescu made his last visit to the Soviet Union three weeks before his death

    Photo: Yuri Abramochkin / RIA Novosti

    The change of power in Romania in December 1989 also proceeded according to its own scenario, which was different from the neighboring ones.At the beginning of the year, Nicolae Ceausescu proudly declared: “It is more likely that the Danube will flow backwards than restructuring will take place in Romania.” In early December, he was on a visit to the USSR, met with Mikhail Gorbachev. What they talked about may never be known. One of the interlocutors is dead, the veracity of the second is in doubt, the translators have a nondisclosure agreement.

    But, judging by the subsequent events, Ceausescu did not want to leave his post alive, calmly surrendering power, as the general secretaries of neighboring countries did.

    The Romanian revolution can hardly be called velvet. The death toll as a result of the December 1989 events is 1166 people. About three quarters of those killed are civilians, the rest are military and law enforcement officers. Most died on December 23-25.

    Many historians and political scientists doubt that these events should be called a revolution, and not a “palace” coup or a conspiracy of the secret services.

    It is two hours drive from Bucharest to the city of Targovishte.

    In Targovishte there is a former military barracks, now a museum. Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu spent the last three days of their lives in this building.

    The asphalt at the Targovishte railway station is spattered with sunflower husks, the railway tracks are littered. The museum is located not far from the station. There is a portrait on the entrance ticket. But not Nicolae Ceausescu, but another local ghoul who became world famous – Dracula.

    Visitors to the museum are much less than in the Bucharest mansion. I and a Chinese tourist who managed to somehow get here, despite the fact that neither at the station nor in the museum, no one speaks not only Chinese, but also English.

    But for some reason this barracks makes a much stronger impression than the mansion on Primaveria Boulevard. In one of the rooms there are three army bunks, refueled according to the regulations: two for the arrested, one for the guard. Table with aluminum plates, mugs and spoons. This is not Sevres porcelain.

    The room where Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu spent the last 4 days of their lives

    Photo: AP

    In the former office of the commandant, the bookcase is filled with books: the collected works of Ceausescu, the fascinating volume “Ceausescu, Romania, the world”, the most interesting biography “Ceausescu the Revolutionary” and so on.

    In the room where the court session was held, which promptly sentenced the Ceausescu spouses to death, there are government chairs and tables, as in the Soviet school of the Brezhnev era. There are signs on the tables explaining where the presiding judge sat, where were the members of the tribunal, where were the two defendants. There was even a lawyer who gave Nicolae Ceausescu wise advice: to declare insanity in order to save his life. “Genius of the Carpathians” did not want to admit that he was a nutcase. And finally, the courtyard. Commemorative plaque on the wall. Two silhouettes on the asphalt, outlined in white.And bullet holes in the brick. You can touch them.

    The room where the Ceausescu’s trial was held

    Photo: AP

    As often happens in such cases, at some point there were rumors that the real, legitimate rulers managed to escape, but shot and buried someone else. But the rumors were denied by a DNA test taken from Nicu Ceausescu.

    Five years ago, retired Colonel Ionel Boyeru told The Guardian newspaper that before his death Nicolae sang “Internationale”, and Elena swore in bad words.

    A volunteer firing squad was prudently formed before the trial. Boyeru believes that it was he who killed the Ceausescu couple. The second shooter hesitated, and the third did not switch the Kalashnikov assault rifle from single shooting to burst shooting.Everything was happening too fast. The cameraman, who no longer needed to think about Nikolay’s height and Elena’s profile, also hesitated and filmed only the last seconds of the shooting. Boyer admitted that many years later he was still worried about what had happened.

    Hellish events

    After December 1989, Romania again went its own way. In the spring of 1990, before the first elections since the overthrow of Ceausescu, students and professors of the University of Bucharest staged a protest rally of thousands in the center of the Romanian capital. The main demand of the protesters was a ban on the participation of former members of the Communist Party in the elections.>

    Former member of the RCP Central Committee Ion Iliescu called the protesters hooligans, robbers – “golani”. This is how the term “golaniada” arose – after the model of Daciada (the national sports games held during the reign of Ceausescu, the local version of the Olympics). Having won the presidential elections, Iliescu suppressed the protests by force, using for this not only the police, but also the proletarian miners from the Jiu Valley who were called up to fight the capital’s intelligentsia.Miners armed with rebar staged a massacre. Four people were killed (minimum score), 746 were injured – not only protesters, but also bystanders. There were also mass arrests of protesters.

    The use of miners in the political struggle was called “mineriada” (“miner” – translated from Romanian “miner”). There were six mineriads in the history of new Romania: three in 1990, one in 1991, and two in 1999. The leader of the miners, Miron Kozma, was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 1999 for the first mineriad.This provoked the last, mineriada in February 1999, during which 100 police officers and 70 miners were injured in clashes with the police, and one miner was killed. In 2004, Cozma was pardoned by President Iliescu, but due to public discontent, the amnesty decree was canceled. In 2005, after successfully challenging the decree abolishing the amnesty, Kozma was released, but soon received a new sentence for the fourth mineriada. In 2007, he was finally released.

    As is known, there were no similar events in other former socialist countries.And in Romania, in turn, there was nothing that was happening with its neighbors – lustration and opening of the archives of the special services.

    Bucharest Syndrome

    Thirty years have passed since the execution of the Ceausescu spouses. Residents of Romania can buy any food without cards and queues and easily fill up the car with gasoline, use water, gas and electricity at home without restrictions. Nail polish is not a luxury item for Romanian women, as it was in the last years of socialism and after the collapse of the Ceausescu regime.Judging by the terrible traffic jams on the streets of Bucharest, even a car has become an affordable purchase.

    So, has life after Ceausescu become better and more fun?

    In November 2018, data from a survey conducted by CT Research, commissioned by the Black Sea University Foundation, were published. The majority of those surveyed recognized Nicolae Ceausescu as the most significant statesman in the history of the country.

    In second place in the poll was King Mihai I, who was awarded the highest military order of the USSR “Victory” for Romania’s transition to the side of the anti-Hitler coalition in 1944.The third is King Ferdinand I, who ruled Romania from 1914 to 1927. Ceausescu was voted for by 26.6% of respondents, Mihai I – 21.4%, Ferdinand I – 11.6%.

    A poll conducted by the Romanian Institute for Public Opinion Research Isogep in December 2018 showed that 64.3% of Romanians have a positive attitude towards Nicolae Ceausescu 29 years after his execution. The incumbent president, Klaus Johannis, received the approval of 50.7% of those polled. The rest of the presidents of post-socialist Romania had approval ratings below 50%.

    Nostalgia for communism has arisen in Romanian society for a long time.

    In 2010, the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy conducted a survey in which 54% of respondents said that life was better under socialism, and 49% called Nicolae Ceausescu a good political leader

    In 2014, 25 years after Ceausescu’s execution, 44 , 4% of Romanians, in a survey conducted by INSCOP Research, said that living conditions were better during the socialist period. Another 15.6% answered that they have not changed.There were slightly more people who believed that Ceausescu played a positive role in the history of Romania than those who considered his historical role negative – 47.5% versus 46.9%. Also, 68.

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