Fake football kits: Replica Football Shirts products for sale

Authentic vs replica football shirts – the main differences

Authentic and replica shirts both have an awful lot going for them. But what’s the difference between them and which shirts offer the best value for money?

It’s time to jump back on the shirt bandwagon. 

Awesome new football kits are dropping all over the place right now, with the delayed release dates helping to build the hype and get us all a little overexcited. Brands are going bigger and bolder than ever before, taking more risks in a bid to get their designs noticed and (presumably) to sneak their way onto our list of the best shirts of the year…

This sense of innovation and fun has led to some absolutely outstanding shirts already, and we’re seeing a real surge of experimental kits as clubs seek to freshen things up a bit. When you’re addicted to buying football shirts, this is absolutely terrible news for your wallet, while deciding what to spend your money on is bound to induce a major headache or two.  

To make matters worse, you’ll also need to decide which version of each shirt you want to buy, since most of the big clubs will release both an authentic and replica edition. You probably already know that one is far more expensive than the other, but what exactly are the main differences between them?

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Authentic vs replica football shirts – what’s the difference?

They might look incredibly similar on the surface, but there are some huge differences between authentic and replica football shirts. Authentic shirts are worn by the players on the pitch, while replica shirts are a cheaper option produced for fans to wear at home. Simple. 

However, you might be confused by what these differences actually are, as it’s not immediately clear what you’ll be getting for your money. Things will typically differ a little between brands, but you can usually tell these shirts apart by looking at five main areas: materials, embroidery, fit, price and, of course, the name of the product

Let’s run through what you need to look out for.


Image from adidas.


Authentic football shirts feature materials and fabrics of the absolute highest quality. Brands are always looking for ways to make their shirts more breathable, lightweight and comfortable for the players out on the pitch. By bagging an authentic player-issue shirt, you’ll be experiencing exactly the same innovative tech as the pros. 

The ultimate aim of these shirts isn’t just to look good (though that’s always a bonus), but to enhance player performance. They’re designed to keep players cool and calm, typically featuring some kind of premium fabric which keeps them as comfortable as possible when running around. Honestly, the technology brands come up with these days is absolutely remarkable. 


That doesn’t mean to say that replica shirts feel like you’re wearing a swatch of sandpaper, and these takedown versions still boast some impressive features. For example, when looking at the new Bayern Munich home kit, the authentic shirt might feature adidas’ ground-breaking HEAT.RDY tech, but the replica version still has the impressive AEROREADY system. 

However, there’s no doubt that replica shirts just don’t quite have the depth, detail or insane match performance of the authentic version, regardless of which brand you’re looking at. 


Image from Nike.


Since they’ll be worn by some of the best players on the planet, every major brand wants to keep their shirts as light as possible. This involves reducing the weight of the logos and crests used on the shirt, with the likes of Nike, adidas, Puma and New Balance all using heat-pressed logos on their player issue shirts.  

This means they feel smoother and more synthetic, but also involve a greater amount of care when sticking them in the washing machine. A peeling club badge is enough to bring even the strongest man to tears. I speak from experience. 


In contrast, replica shirts tend to feature embroidered logos, and these sewn-on badges are obviously a little heavier and more durable. You might also notice very slight differences to the overall design of the shirt too, with certain features tweaked to make the authentic version more breathable and, ultimately, lighter. 


Image from adidas.


This is probably the most important thing you need to consider when splashing your cash. Authentic kits are built for professional footballers so, naturally, they feature a more athletic cut which feels a lot tighter around the body. No more shirt-pulling for you, Mr Ramos. 

This isn’t necessarily a problem, but I’d always recommend going a size up when buying an authentic shirt, particularly if it’s from Puma or adidas. The curved hem is designed to improve movement, but there’s always a chance that authentic kits will just feel too tight for you, especially if you’re just planning to wear it around the house. 


Featuring a much looser fit, replica shirts are the best choice if you’re just wearing them casually. They might not be as aerodynamic as the proper player-issue shirts, but they offer a much more relaxed fit which is specifically designed for comfort. Ideal for the everyday football fan, especially if you’re not really into slim-fit clothing. 


Image from Nike.


When new kits are first released, authentic shirts typically cost around 50% more than the replica versions. For example, you can get the replica 2020/21 Chelsea shirt for just under £70, whereas it will cost you around £100 to get hold of the authentic player-issue version (at least, at the time of writing)

Of course, prices will fluctuate and you can always shop for deals on FOOTY. COM, but even in the event of a huge price drop, authentic shirts will generally cost a hell of a lot more. You might gawk at the price difference to start with, but remember that this could always be a fantastic investment for collectors. 


It’s worth noting that, while replica shirts are definitely cheaper than authentic, they can still cost more than a pretty penny. Obviously, I’m now going to point out that you can compare prices with FOOTY.COM to save some extra cash, but you probably already knew that. 

Compare Prices on Football Shirts

Product Name


Image from FOOTY.COM.

Depending on where you’re shopping, it’s not always completely clear which shirts are the authentic versions and which are replica. The fact that brands tend to name them both a little differently certainly doesn’t help things, and shirts which are cheaper or more expensive than expected can also cause a little confusion.  

When shopping at FOOTY.COM (and in most other cases), an authentic shirt will always have something in the product name which points it out as player-issue. For example, adidas shirts will include the word “Authentic”, Nike use “Vapor Match” or “Player Issue” (pictured), and just about every other brand will make sure their match shirts are clearly labelled somehow.  


Image from FOOTY.COM.

However, the word “replica” has become a bit of a dirty phrase, often used by chancers on eBay and Depop selling cheap fakes. You can check out our full guide on how to spot fake football shirts here, but for now you just need to know to be careful whenever you see “replica” in the product title, as this might mean it’s not the real deal. 

Of course, you’re perfectly safe when shopping with reputable retailers and brands, so there’s not always cause for alarm if a shirt is labelled as “replica”. Nike opt for the phrase “Stadium” instead, but a lot of retailers will just avoid it altogether and simply list the name of the shirt (as pictured above).

When you’re just seeing the name of the shirt (and there’s nothing to indicate whether it’s authentic or replica), then you’re looking at the replica version. 


There’s no question that authentic football shirts offer superior fabrics, technology and overall quality. However, it’s up to you to decide whether they’re worth the extra money, since the cheaper replica versions are still made to an incredibly high standard and won’t simply fall apart after a few wears. 

Authentic shirts are the ideal choice for either those who play football in them, or avid collectors with a bit of extra cash in their back pockets. Replica shirts, on the other hand, offer the best value for fans just wanting to show off a particular design, whether you’re heading to the terraces or sticking the match on the telly. 

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Either way, you can always save a chunk of extra cash by shopping around for the best deals. Compare prices at FOOTY. COM today, and find huge savings on an enormous range of authentic and replica football kits!


Shirts: April 9, 2021

It dawned on me the other day that despite writing for a website that sells football shirts that I haven’t got anything planned list wise relating to shirts!

After all that’s the main reason why most of you are here, browsing potential purchases before procrastination takes you over to the dark side of the site and you think to yourself ‘what the hell am I reading this for?’

Collecting shirts is a wonderful hobby to get invested in and while some of you are seasoned pros, some of you are just starting out.

Hopefully this list comes in handy for both novices and veterans.

Welcome to cultkits.com and here are 10 Helpful Tips When Starting a Football Shirt Collection.





You can’t own every shirt, it’s impossible. While the idea of owning thousands of shirts is a tempting one, it’s just not practical. So before you begin spending you need to assess what it is you want YOUR collection to be.

Do you want long sleeved shirts from the 90s? Do you want all of the Total90 Nike shirts from the 2000s? Do you want rare shirts? Pink shirts? Black & white striped shirts? The possibilities are endless!

So before you start spending yourself out of house and home, at least try and formulate a plan as to what will make your collection unique to you.





LET ME STRESS, SOME MYSTERY BOX SITES, ARE GOOD, DON’T GET ME WRONG. However if you are struggling to figure out where to start with your collection and you feel like something #omgsorandomlol might give you some inspiration, just reign it in a wee bit.

The surprise element of the concept is fun and exciting, what’s not exciting is the fact you pay through the nose for the gimmick, and the shirt you receive is more than likely from the back end of one of the more popular shirt retailers.
Again it’s not always the case, but if you want the surprise you know what you do?





Sure. Not every family is going to have shirts knocking around in their loft, but it’s worth a shot. In fact if you do find something that’s ‘retro’, keeping it in the family is not only going to hold meaning to you but there’s a higher chance of that shirt being valuable as it’s more likely to be genuine!

As for special occasions, asking your friends or family for a shirt for things like birthdays and Christmas and saying ‘get me anything’ will probably make it more surprising than any mystery box you could ever order. At least your mum or your brother know your likes and dislikes which probably increases your chance in getting something that can put your collection in the right direction.





May sound like an obvious one but you’ll be amazed at how many great deals you can find in the sale section of a shirt website or a Christopher Walk-In store… shut up I liked it.
Every shop will have deals and discounts and for first time buyers you’ll be amazed what you can find.

That’s not even mentioning things like Black Friday, Christmas again and of course, the end of season sales. Shirts that you may have wanted at the start of the season drops in price and save yourself BARE STONKS on a shirt that once it’s gone, may go up in value!





If Ellis Platten has taught me anything, it’s 2 things; Waterfall by The Stone Roses IS A TUNE and if you want to find some unbelievable gems, charity shops are the way forward.

If you really want your money to go far (which in today’s financial climate is a bloody understatement) then charity shops will be your preferred destination.

You won’t find shirts in every shop which is why this method can be tedious, but when you find what you’re looking for it’s a genuine feeling of joy.

If you want to see how much hard work and how rewarding it can be, check out the aforementioned Mr Platten in his football shirt hunting series on YouTube.

Also you’re doing your bit for charity, so gold star for you.





eBay will be your friend, eBay will be your enemy but when used correctly eBay will make your postman your new BFFF4L!!

It is a whirlwind of people trying to sell anything and everything for a bit of quick cash and football shirts are no exception.

Of course there are an abundance of great tutorials out there on how to get the most out eBay so I won’t ramble on over here but if I could give some quick tips.

Make use of your saved searches and your saved sellers, get creative in your searches as people don’t always call them shirts and don’t be afraid to misspell the word ‘shirt’ because that happens, BELIEVE ME.





After scrolling through eBay or visiting every charity shop in the country you may feel like there are more fake football shirts in the world than there are people. However, Sam the Man is here to save the day.

Obviously some shirts are going to be so fake that they’re almost impressive which, if you want to buy it go ahead no one’s stopping you, but for those shirts that look almost too good to be true, keep your eye out.

Google every product code, long number and label for proof, assess the way the shirt’s been made, IF IT’S GOT NEW TAGS ON AN OLD SHIRT, SELF ISOLTATE FROM THAT SHIRT AT ONCE.

Again, there are more in depth discussions out there on fake shirts, but if this list can stop someone from buying a fake shirt, I’ve done my job.





Running another garage sale! 👕👕👕

Everything here is available (except the stuff that’s marked, that’s already been snagged by my supporters on Patreon 😉).

Please DM me if you’re interested in anything. 🤗 pic.twitter.com/rcc6XLxWlr

— Phil Delves (@phildelves) March 30, 2021


Social media can be a cesspool at the best of times but the football shirt community online is actually brilliant to be a part of. Instagram has some of the most aesthetically pleasing displays of shirt collections out there. Reddit has even more discussions about everything I’ve talked about already AND MORE. As for Twitter, that is probably the best place for being a part of the community.

From reviewing shirts, trading shirts, helping yourself and other people find the best deals on shirts with discount codes and reminders of when things go on sale, it’s wonderful.

We all look out for each other, make sure people aren’t getting ripped off by fakes and making the community better by the day.

Hell, I got into writing for this very site through social media. It works trust me.




Joe Johnston/@GlobalObsession – Source: irishnews.com


Hopefully by now you’ve gathered enough info to make a blueprint on how you’re going to get your collection started, but remember once you’ve started to genuinely have fun with it.

Hobbies are meant to take your mind off of life and focus your energy into something you enjoy and when done right, collecting shirts is really enjoyable.

When you start trying to turn your depop or eBay in a business sometimes the enjoyment levels can diminish and the thought of buying a shirt may make you sick to your stomach. Always try and have fun with it. Share the worst fakes on Twitter, showcase your best deals on Instagram, start discussions on Facebook. Just enjoy yourself, it’s very important.






This applies to most hobbies, but considering some shirts you may want might cost you an arm, a leg or sometimes both, this is the most important.

There is nothing worse than selling yourself short because you spent your rent money on a football shirt. Never put yourself in any financial risk at the expense of a Fiorentina shirt from 1995, it’s not worth it.

If you see a shirt you want and it’s £300 and you have a £100 monthly budget, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Don’t spend £200 that you don’t have or shouldn’t be spending because it’s needed for other things, save your budget and buy it at a later date. It will mean so much more to you.

Like I’ve said throughout the list, this is a hobby to be enjoyed. To be involved with a community of people that are wonderful human beings who are here, not only for each other in helping them with their collections but in their lives too, is a great thing. But you can’t overspend.

It is exciting buying shirts and getting your collection off the ground, but when it’s not fun because you can’t afford to do anything, let alone buy shirts, that’s when the old saying comes in.

When the fun stops, stop.

And that’s the list; did I miss any tips and tricks out? Let me know about them on Twitter (@daykahill_sam_p) and on Instagram (_sampalmer95). Get your collection started here on cultkits.com where you’ll find some of the best shirts on the internet and you can even see me showcasing my shirt collection over on Instagram (centrecircleshirtcollection).

Get collecting and until next time. ..

love to you mothers.


Words by Sam Palmer





World Cup warning over fake football kits | UK News

Football fans are being warned about the risk of inadvertently spending big money on fake kits and counterfeit memorabilia as fraudsters seek to take advantage of World Cup fever.

Local authorities across the UK have recently undertaken investigations to tackle the sale of such items to unsuspecting supporters, with one operation resulting in the seizure of more than £240,000 of fake football shirts.

The tees were stopped from entering the market by trading standards officers at Leicestershire City Council, who uncovered them at East Midlands Airport not long before the big kick-off in Russia earlier this month.

In total, council officers there have prevented the sale of 12,000 football kits across 27 incidents since April.

England supporters have been gripped by the World Cup

There have been similar operations led by Newport City Council – with a couple recently found to have been running fake eBay accounts to sell counterfeit shirts – and Dorset County Council, which discovered a £1m haul of fake memorabilia, including a shirt with a false Wayne Rooney signature.

The owner of that business will spend more than five years in jail after being found guilty of fraud and money laundering.

With excitement over the World Cup set for a further boost when the knock-out stages get underway on Saturday, the Local Government Association (LGA) has issued shopping advice to fans to avoid further cases of fraud.

Items bought in person should be checked for copyright and accurate signatures, and those buying online are urged to do their homework on the seller – such as looking up reviews and other feedback.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Rooney: Better if England come second in group

Cllr Simon Blackburn, who chairs the LGA board tasked with promoting health and safety, said: “Councils work extremely hard to try to prevent scams in our communities.

“Online fraud is now the biggest type of fraud, with thousands of people reporting scams each month, resulting in millions of pounds being conned from people across the country.

“Scammers are cunning and opportunistic, so the World Cup fever gripping the nation provides a way for them to callously try to exploit people’s enthusiasm for all things football.

“People should always do their research when buying football memorabilia and replica kits. Check the reviews of online sellers, and bear in mind that if something is really cheap, it’s likely to be fake.”

The first last-16 fixture kicks-off at 3pm UK time on Saturday, with France taking on Argentina, followed by Uruguay vs Portugal at 7pm.

England are back in action at 7pm on Tuesday, when they face Colombia.

Cost and quantity of replica kits keeps going up but so does demand | Football

The kits are alright. OK, maybe that’s subjective. In some people’s eyes the current generation of replica sportswear could be said to be garish. Or too tight fitting. And almost certainly too expensive. But there’s no doubt they’re enjoying a late-capitalist flourish.

For a sense of where we are at, take the news this week that the RFU was punting out a new England shirt, their 12th in four years. The sell was quite something. According to the manufacturers, Canterbury, the shirt was inspired by “white noise” (an aural not a visual phenomenon if you recall) and incorporates titanium and platinum colouring that “symbolises the strength of those metals”. There are also a variety of St George’s crosses stitched in to “reflect patriotism” and, practically speaking, it has a collar that “reduces neck pump”. This little miracle is all yours for £95 and will be out of date by the time Eddie Jones’s men play next autumn’s World Cup.

England are pretty good at this sort of stuff. Their last round of releases (in the misty past of 2017) included an away kit “inspired by distraction principles”. Each shirt also came with its own ‘commemoration plaque’, which meant paying the equivalent of a decent bottle of single malt to get one was quite the bargain.

The RFU is not alone. The Premier League is hardly going to be outdone in a race to over-design peripheral materials and so this summer included a series of quite fabulous kit launches. Manchester United forced poor Bryan Robson to work in a pretend newsagent to create a narrative around a new pink strip. The story went that United – and their partner, Adidas – wanted to pay tribute to the once beloved and now long defunct Football Pink newspaper that told fans the results in the days before phones. The fact that pink, which in this case was actually more of a gentle fuchsia, is now a fashionable colour for young men was very much by the by.

Chelsea, meanwhile, had an even better wheeze. Their new third kit (ie one that will barely be worn) not only featured a “dynamic textural print [which] appears at first glance to be a contemporary pattern” and was in fact various close-up shots of the cladding on Stamford Bridge, but it also became the first football shirt to feature ‘NikeConnect’ technology. By ‘technology’ they meant a QR code and by ‘connect’ they meant download bumf, but the revolution was very much real.

Chelsea, and the RFU too, have a nifty pricing arrangement for their new outfits. You can buy the basic, bog-standard dynamically textural shirt for £65, no questions asked. But for a mere £24.95 more you could buy the Vapor Match edition of the shirt, aka the exact same one worn by Ruben Loftus-Cheek were he to be selected in the matchday 18. Chuck in £24.95 for the ‘stadium’ shorts and £15 for the socks and you’re looking at the best part of a jeroboam of champagne for a full kit.

Hard-pressed parents have by now become so accustomed to groaning at the sight of expensive replicas that they have internalised the noise into a form of wind. But the fact is that most replica shirts are sold to adults and their appetite for the stuff is growing. Athleisure, the portmanteau market to which replica kits belong, has been growing in the UK ever since the Stella McCartney-designed Team GB kit sold out in 2012. Last year, it was estimated to have grown by 8% on 2016 to a total value of £2.5bn. That’s the price of a significant stake in AB InBev, the multinational drinks company.

This, as you may have suspected, is not entirely to do with the nation going physical exercise crazy. People wear sportswear even when they’re not doing sport, so they say, and it seems safe to assume that they do so partly for comfort. As the trends move from wearing jogging trousers to those legging things that give everyone the buttocks of a slalom skier, they will start to keep the heat in too.

But one of the latest reasons for wearing sportswear – and replica shirts especially – is one of the oldest ones. It is about identity. Replica shirts are only a relatively recent development. One study by the University of Sheffield suggested replica football kits were not purposefully manufactured until 1959. Back then the identity associated with the shirt was almost always simply that of place. Nowadays, club colours have become brand identities that individuals appropriate for themselves. They come to represent periods of time too. One of the side products of this summer’s England football fervour was young people snapping up the training shirts that evoked an original effort from the 1982 World Cup. Kits as act of unremembered nostalgia.

For a certain type of awful hipster, replica sportswear is also an expression of sophistication and I’m afraid I fall into that category. On holiday this month I bought myself a Lecce goalkeeper shirt (the arms are short, no pads, you’d never know). It is turquoise with the bronze silhouette of an olive tree on the right flank. There is yellow and red tape across the shoulders and a cartoon image of a whale on the chest. On the rear end there is an advert for a cafe. Half of these elements look like they’d fall off after a wash and despite assurances from the salesman I have no clue whether it is official or not. It cost me €65 regardless. It was an absolute snip.

The Arsenal 21/22 Kits | Official Online Store


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Premier League kits for 2021-22 season; Ranking the new jerseys

Plenty of new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season have been released, so let’s have a look at the fresh jerseys for next season.

[ MORE: Full highlights, analysis of PL season  ] 

Premier League clubs have started to roll out their new kits and some have even worn their shirts for next season already.

Based on those previews and the newly-released kits, we will have a go at ranking the best of the bunch.

Remember: there is no right or wrong answer here. It all comes down to taste.

Luckily, ProSoccerTalk has a lot of that…

Latest Premier League news

Anyway, below are the new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season which have been released, so far, and we will update this over the summer with more rankings and thoughts.

Ranking new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season
1. Manchester City

Let’s go 21/22! 🙌

Tap below to shop now! 👇

🔷 #ManCity | https://t. co/STUnh8tRZX

— Manchester City (@ManCity) July 15, 2021

Came through drippin’ 💧💧

🔷 #ManCity | https://t.co/axa0klD5re pic.twitter.com/V7YRtOHtfS

— Manchester City (@ManCity) July 29, 2021

What an absolute beauty both the home and away kits are. Starting with the all blue home kit which is just pure. The white panels on the ribs also add a really nice touch. City have kept it simple, like a lot of teams this season, and the end product is sensational. Note to all kit suppliers: simplicity is underrated.

City have kept it simple with their away kit too and the crisp white kit with a hint of purple and pink is a lovely addition from Puma. Well done. Top of the Premier League last season and top of the new Premier League kit rankings this summer.

2. Liverpool

Getty Images

Simple but with a touch of class, this Liverpool home shirt is a beauty. The slight diagonal lines through the kit are beautiful, and so too is the orangey-red trim. Their away kit pushes them up in our latest rankings, as it is a nod to some of their past away jerseys and is extremely stylish. You can wear that away number with some jeans out at the pub.

Crafted in stone, celebrated in style 👌

Our new @nikefootball away kit 🔥

— Liverpool FC (@LFC) July 8, 2021

3. Everton

Getty Images

Gorgeous third and away kits from Hummel, who have a nod to Everton’s past. The Danish brand are back in the soccer game in a big way and they’re doing a fantastic job to update some of these retro looks. Everton’s fans are happy. With their kit.

As for the home kit, well, a lot of Everton fans were underwhelmed as it was released after the away kit but it is still very nice. Hummel are fast becoming one of the go-to kit brands.

Our new 2021/22 @hummel1923 home kit has landed. 🤩#AsOne 🔵 #EFC

— Everton (@Everton) July 9, 2021

Introducing our 2021/22 @hummel1923 third kit – available now! 🤍

— Everton (@Everton) July 28, 2021

4. Arsenal

Getty Images

A lovely retro look to the yellow away jersey. The logo is a throwback one too, and I love how huge it is! This shade of yellow is also fantastic and really takes you back to the 1970s. Which, with a retro design, is precisely what they’re trying to do. Well done. As for the home kit, it’s okay. Nothing too special about it, but it’s not bad either. The blue trim and sponsor stripes is a nice touch and looks like the kits from the glorious mid 1990s. The third kit is lovely too, with a retro feel to those mid-1990s JVC kits.

Where we belong.

Our new @adidasfootball home kit ❤️

— Arsenal (@Arsenal) July 16, 2021

🆕 Our brand new third kit has dropped!

Shop now at Arsenal Direct 👇

— Arsenal (@Arsenal) August 10, 2021



A fresh look for 2021/22! 😎

⤵️ Check out our new @nikefootball home kit.#THFC ⚪️ #COYS

— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) May 24, 2021

Keeping it simple is sometimes the best thing to do and Spurs have done that. The result is this elegant number, and it will be a huge favorite with the fans. The sleek look and pure white design is classic and this is retro with modern touches. Will Harry Kane be wearing this kit, though?

As for the away kit, well, it’s out there. The cosmic theme is definitely different and you know what, I kind of like it. There’s a lot of negativity around Spurs right now given the Kane saga, taking a long time to hire a new manager and more, but they’ve had some fun with this away kit. It’s so different that it works.

😍 A true 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗰 at home.
😎 ᴜɴʀᴇᴘᴇᴀᴛᴀʙʟᴇ on the road. pic.twitter.com/kEPtqbABIQ

— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) July 22, 2021

🔬 Under the microscope. pic.twitter.com/Cw459uXh9h

— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) July 22, 2021

6. Crystal Palace

𝐶𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑏𝑟𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 160 𝑦𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑠 𝑜𝑓 𝐶𝑟𝑦𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑙 𝑃𝑎𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑒.

Introducing our third kit for 21/22 📸#CPFC | @pumafootball

— Crystal Palace F.C. (@CPFC) July 26, 2021

Our 21/22 away kit is now in-store 💛

Shop online and our three club shops:

• Selhurst Park
• Centrale, Croydon
• The Glades, Bromley#CPFC | https://t.co/utMcYSDkhb

— Crystal Palace F.C. (@CPFC) July 7, 2021

It’s time.

Introducing the 2021/22 home kit 𝐟𝐭. 𝐍𝐚𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐦 ❤️💙

Pre-order now 👉 https://t.co/Piz0kwJMDf#CPFC | @pumafootball pic.twitter.com/HRWoAbu7jj

— Crystal Palace F.C. (@CPFC) August 3, 2021

Crystal Palace have a few beauties here. The away kits and both spectacular, especially the third kit. That retro blue and white number is majestic. The home kit is solid and Palace are worthy of being in the top six of these rankings.

7. Southampton

It’s in our DNA 🧬

Thoughts on our new @hummel1923 home kit, #SaintsFC fans? 😍 pic.twitter.com/NcNuRLJICW

— Southampton FC (@SouthamptonFC) May 27, 2021

Now, there’s only so much you can do with red and white stripes but this is a great first kit from new Saints kit supplier Hummel. After several years with Under Armour, who experimented a lot with other designs, Saints moved to Hummel from this summer and are back in their famous red and white stripes.

Hummel were their kit sponsors throughout the 1980s and early 1990s and surely there will be lots more retro kits to come. Only gripe: could we have red and white stripes on the back of the kit too? As for the new away kit, well, that’s a beauty. Lovely all-black kit and changing the sponsor to red is epic, as too is the blueprint of the two stadiums in club history being printed on the jersey.

It’s all in the detail 😍

What do we think, #SaintsFC fans? 🖤❤️ pic.twitter.com/D8YCVINsKx

— Southampton FC (@SouthamptonFC) July 9, 2021

8. Manchester United


Our iconic new 2021/22 @adidasfootball home kit, available now.#MUFC

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) July 15, 2021

No respect for impossible.

➡ Introducing our brand new 2021/22 @adidasfootball away kit, as narrated by @Official_JCC.

Available now: https://t.co/WnxSFYJQmC#MUFC pic.twitter.com/hrlpcH6CpX

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) July 30, 2021

What else would we hunt? 🏆

Our iconic 2021/22 @adidasfootball third kit has landed. Get yours: https://t.co/12ej2wnYuC

🎙️ @Official_JCC#MUFC

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) August 12, 2021

The Red Devils have played it safe with the home kit, and the retro look is very cool. The big change is that Chevrolet are no longer their main shirt sponsor and have been replaced with TeamViewer. A plain red shirt is underrated and United’s fans will be snapping this shirt up, probably with Jadon Sancho’s name and number on the back. As for the away kit, another retro look but it isn’t the best and the same can be said for the third kit too. Let’s leave it at that.

9. Leeds United

#DifferentByDesign#LUFC x @AdidasFootball pic.twitter.com/4moAMUTWMM

— Leeds United (@LUFC) July 21, 2021

🙌 All Leeds Aren’t We#LUFC x @adidasfootball pic.twitter.com/yRBh5d5vMw

— Leeds United (@LUFC) July 30, 2021

This home kit is pretty cool. Leeds have kept it simple and the only issue is the sleeve sponsor sticking out massively. Other than that, love the fresh, clean look. All white kits and Leeds United go together like fish and chips. It’s just how things are meant to be. Well done. The away kit is solid enough, although some fans want a return to the yellow away kit.

10. Burnley

We are Forever Claret.

Introducing the new 2021/22 home [email protected] | @UmbroUK | #UTC pic. twitter.com/HioTRBX9w9

— Burnley FC (@BurnleyOfficial) July 21, 2021

Really like this from Burnley. The sleeves are very snazzy and this changes things up a little from previous jerseys. The classic look is also a winner with the round neck a winner too. Good job, Clarets.

11. Brighton

Getty Images

Well, see above. Further along the south coast, Brighton have also gone back to their traditional stripes. Last season they played in blue and had small white pinstripes, but their new kit, which they debuted in the big win against Manchester City in their final home game of the season, is what you would expect. It feels like Brighton have had this same exact kit about 45 times in their history. Still, there’s only so much you can do with stripes.

As for the away kit, well, that is a beauty. Love the turquoise and it really stands out from other away kits out there.

And here it is, the 2021/22 away kit! 😍

😅 What are your thoughts?#BHAFC 🔵⚪

— Brighton & Hove Albion (@OfficialBHAFC) July 14, 2021


Aston Villa

Aston Villa’s 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭/𝟮𝟮 home kit is available in-store and online now! 🙌

— Aston Villa (@AVFCOfficial) July 14, 2021

Inspired by 𝟮𝟲𝘁𝗵 𝗠𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟵𝟴𝟮. ⭐

Aston Villa. 𝗔𝗪𝗔𝗬. 2021/22. ⚪ pic.twitter.com/9RD2vBPpoN

— Aston Villa (@AVFCOfficial) July 30, 2021

Lovely little tartan-esque print design on the home shirt to make it a little snazzy. Only so much you can do with claret and blue. It’s okay, but I think Villa’s fans were expecting a little more. As for the away kit, that’s a lovely retro kit and very clean. Like it a lot. Only problem: Jack Grealish is gone. But new signings Ashley Young, Danny Ings, Leon Bailey and Emiliano Buendia will look good in these new kits.

13. Newcastle United

🔍 A closer look.


— Newcastle United FC (@NUFC) July 10, 2021

🥁 Introducing our 2021/22 Castore away kit! https://t.co/vXkNDgjG4B#BetterNeverStops #ANewBetter pic.twitter.com/0aGDLjbviA

— Newcastle United FC (@NUFC) July 30, 2021

The Magpies have switched to Castore as their kit supplier, and the result is this classic look with a rounded collar for the home kit. The buttons are a hallmark of plenty of Newcastle kits in the past, but it doesn’t quite work here. Still, not bad at all. The away kit is a beauty and the gold is a nice touch.

14. Brentford

𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝘀 👕👀

Our @UmbroUK Replica Kits for the 2021/22 @premierleague campaign.

Take a closer look ➡️ https://t.co/AmhEyFIVvs#BrentfordFC 🐝 pic.twitter.com/rHT2Lj3UIl

— Brentford FC (@BrentfordFC) July 16, 2021

A very decent effort from Brentford for their first-ever season in the Premier League. The home kit is sleek and exactly what you would expect from the Bees, but the yellow away kit is the real winner here. Lovely design and it definitely stands out. All in all, a solid first go at a PL kit for the west London club.

15. Wolves

🇲🇽 R J 9 🇲🇽

Pre-order your home kit 👇

— Wolves (@Wolves) July 15, 2021

Presenting our Castore away kit for 2021/22!#TheHuntForBetter

Pre-order now 👉 https://t.co/sRMfVSYApP pic.twitter.com/X203RwwU0L

— Wolves (@Wolves) August 5, 2021

Castore have also taken over making Wolves’ kit too and this home kit is a safe, but uninspiring, design. It is absolutely fine. Nothing more. Nothing less. The away kit isn’t great, at all.

16. Chelsea

Chelsea yellow is back!

Introducing our 21/22 @nikefootball away kit, with pinstripe hoops nodding to the past, brought into the present by a striking black colourway! 🟡⚫#ItsAChelseaThing pic. twitter.com/CiAZZeBTYZ

— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) July 29, 2021

Getty Images

Now, Chelsea are out there with their kit designs and there is a little too much going on in the home kit for me here. Lots of different types of patterns and I’m not a fan of the yellow stripe up the side. Keep it simple with a nice blue version of what Tottenham had. Fair play for trying something different, but probably best to stick to a classic design.

As for the yellow away kit, that is quite nice. The horizontal lines probably aren’t needed though.

17. Norwich City

A closer look at our new home threads 👀

🤝 @lotuscars @JomaSportUK @JDOfficial pic.twitter.com/C3WxWSifaH

— Norwich City FC (@NorwichCityFC) July 10, 2021

⚫ 𝗜𝗡𝗧𝗥𝗢𝗗𝗨𝗖𝗜𝗡𝗚 ⚫ pic.twitter.com/G2FnwTJigW

— Norwich City FC (@NorwichCityFC) July 30, 2021

A touch of 𝒸𝓁𝒶𝓈𝓈 pic. twitter.com/Z5JnIarENC

— Norwich City FC (@NorwichCityFC) August 7, 2021


Quite smart on the home kit, but there is a lot going on here. Maybe just a plain yellow shirt would have been better? Anyway, it is tough not to like Daniel Farke and his players. The Canaries will entertain this season and their away kits are a much better look.

18. West Ham United

Introducing our 2021/22 Home Kit… Inspired by the kit Di Canio wore when scoring our greatest ever goal ✨

🛒➡️ https://t.co/P7NltbDU2g#BringItOnWHU pic.twitter.com/BWEMUuY8tJ

— West Ham United (@WestHam) July 15, 2021

Our 2021/22 @UmbroUK Away Kit is AVAILABLE NOW! 🔵⚪️

🛒 ➡️ https://t.co/EUuf3pOZcP#BringItOnWHU pic.twitter.com/iWoisAmulR

— West Ham United (@WestHam) July 22, 2021


I’m all over recreating a classic (this focuses on Fila home kits from the late 1990s and early 2000s) but this just doesn’t quite work. I quite like it at a glance, but when you start to stare a little more, it isn’t a grower. The away kit is just, well, what can we say about this?

19. Leicester City

Getty Images

Our brand-new adidas away kit is here! 🤩

— Leicester City (@LCFC) July 28, 2021

Thoughts on our new third kit, Foxes fans? 🔥

It’ll be available from tomorrow 👉 https://t.co/R0ANXZBwNy pic.twitter.com/w4igKCoN2n

— Leicester City (@LCFC) August 12, 2021

In the nicest way possible, the home kit looks like a template kit from the lower leagues. The sponsor logo is huge and doesn’t really fit the shirt, and the spotty design just doesn’t look good. Sorry, Foxes fans. The away kit and third kit’s are slightly better but there’s still a little too much going on here.

20. Watford


Our new 2021/22 home kit is available NOW online and in-store. @KelmeUK | @Stake

— Watford Football Club (@WatfordFC) July 22, 2021


Our 2021/22 away kit is available NOW online and [email protected] | @Stake

— Watford Football Club (@WatfordFC) July 29, 2021

Well, these aren’t great. On the home kit there’s a lot going on with sponsors, the faded lines and it’s all a bit too much for my eyes. I have a bit of a headache looking at the home shirt. Sorry, Hornets’ fans. The away shirt isn’t bad at all.

Follow @JPW_NBCSports

Mamelodi Sundowns and PUMA unveil 2021/22 home and away kits featuring

Mamelodi Sundowns together with PUMA have unveiled the club’s new exciting home and away kits ahead of the upcoming PSL season.

Masandawana’s home kit is draped in the traditional colours of yellow, green and blue, with each shirt featuring a unique traditional hand-printed treatment inspired by African art and fashion.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the new Sundowns home and away kits

“Sundowns are known as Bafana Ba style, as they always lead the way in pushing both the football and style culture,” said Brett Bellinger, Marketing Director at PUMA South Africa.

“We believe the striking new kit will ensure Masandawana remain the envy of many fans and provide a strong statement about Mamelodi Sundowns FC African roots, aspirations and achievements across both South Africa and the continent.

“The playing kit features the latest PUMA tech as seen on the recently launched Manchester City and AC Milan kits and is made from 100% recycled polyester to ensure PUMA’s continued focus on sustainability follows into football kit development.”

“We are excited to reveal the newest kit for the 2021/2022 season. This unique football jersey pays homage to the natural greatness that is found across the African continent.

Looking at the individual elements on the design; they depict the rivers, deserts and mountain ranges found all the way from the North right through to the South.

Mamelodi Sundowns spokesperson Alex Shakoane added: “Our supporters can expect to wear a trendy jersey that stands out amongst the crowd and is a proud statement of African excellence.

“The launch of this unique shirt marks the 5th year anniversary of Mamelodi Sundowns’ CAF Champions League victory; it represents the clubs’ ambitions to become the best on the continent and share our African artistry with the world.”

90,000 Replica, original, fake, how to determine the quality shape?

At the moment, the Internet is flooded with low-quality fakes of football uniforms. We have prepared for
You will find a small article to help you understand the issue and buy a quality form.

All football jerseys produced by official manufacturers are always divided into two types
quality, Authentic and Replica, Nike has the names Vapor match and Stadium.

The Authentic form is a form that, in terms of material and technical features, is completely
corresponds to the form in which the players play, as a rule, it is in this form that the manufacturer
uses the most advanced materials, only a T-shirt from such a kit costs about 110-130

The Replica shape is a simplified version of the play shape, in terms of design, all elements
preserved, the main difference is the use of a simpler material, usually this
materials that were used in Authentic T-shirts only 2-3 years ago. Mike from this
the kit, which is made for the European market, costs about 60-80 euros.

Our store sells Replica and Authentic quality kits that are made for the Asian market, they
produced with less high quality tolerances in factories located in countries
with lower taxes and wages.

This kit costs 20-30 euros, depending on the season.

In terms of material and design, the Asian replica fully corresponds to the European one, the difference is noticeable
only in the evenness of the seams, because production tolerances are not so high, there are cases of small

When buying a form, always check whether its elements correspond to a European replica, in
Recently, cases of selling cheap copies have become more frequent, which at first glance are similar, but with
close examination, one can easily notice serious differences.

Read how your favorite team’s uniform should look like in reality. Below is a comparison of the form of the season 2019-2020, comparing the photos taken by us, as well as those taken from the official sites. You can compare the quality of the current season’s uniforms yourself in our store, or ask the seller to send detailed photos, just call us.


Link to the original Link to the original

Replica Nike Dri-fit material, high quality, thin
polyester, with increased perspiration properties, allows you to maintain optimal
body temperature in any situation.Authentic shape is made from advanced
Nike Vapor Knit fabric is lighter, more breathable, wicks away moisture better, but
use greatly increases the cost of the form.

Reference to the original Reference to the original

The emblem is made in stripe format, more reliable option, in contrast to the chevron,
which is used in an authentic form, where the comfort of a football player is at the fore
play time, not the durability of the structure.

Link to original Link to original

Each T-shirt has a patch with production information, if the patch is “silver”,
then there is a replica in front of you, if “gold”, then this is an authentic product.

Link to original Link to original Link to original

Photos are taken from the official website:

Manchester United

Link to original Link to original

Replica material Adidas Climalite, high quality, thin
polyester, with increased perspiration properties, allows you to maintain optimal
body temperature in any situation. Authentic shape is made from advanced
material of Adidas Climachill, it is lighter, more breathable, better wicks away moisture, but it
use greatly increases the cost of the form.

Link to original Link to original

The emblem is made in the chevron format, as in the authentic form.

Link to original Link to original

Design elements such as minutes of goals in the 1999 Champions League final in full

Link to original Link to original

Photos are taken from the official website:


Link to original Link to original

Replica material Adidas Climalite, is a high quality, thin
polyester, with increased perspiration properties, allows you to maintain optimal
body temperature in any situation.

Link to original Link to original

Authentic uniform is made from advanced Adidas Climachill material, it is more
lighter, more breathable, better wicking away moisture, but its use greatly increases
cost of the form.

Link to the original Link to the original

The emblem is made in stripe format, a more reliable version, in contrast to the chevron,
which is used in an authentic form, where the comfort of a football player is at the fore
play time, not the durability of the structure.

Link to original Link to original

Photos are taken from the official website:
store. juventus.com


Link to original Link to original

Replica material Adidas Climalite, is high quality, thin
polyester, with increased perspiration properties, allows you to maintain optimal
body temperature in any situation.

Link to original Link to original

Authentic uniform is made from advanced Adidas Climachill material, it is more
lighter, more breathable, better wicking away moisture, but its use greatly increases
cost of the form.

Link to the original Link to the original

The emblem is made in stripe format, a more reliable version, in contrast to the chevron,
which is used in an authentic form, where the comfort of a football player is at the fore
play time, not the durability of the structure.

Photos are taken from the official website:


Link to original Link to original

Replica Nike Dri-fit material, high quality, thin
polyester, with increased perspiration properties, allows you to maintain optimal
body temperature in any situation.

Link to original Link to original

Authentic fit made from advanced Nike Vapor Knit material, lighter,
more breathable, better wicking away moisture, but its use greatly increases
cost of the form.

Link to the original Link to the original

The emblem is made in stripe format, a more reliable version, in contrast to the chevron,
which is used in an authentic form, where the comfort of a football player is at the fore
play time, not the durability of the structure.

Each T-shirt has a patch with production information, if the patch is “silver”,
then there is a replica in front of you, if “gold”, then this is an authentic product.

Link to original Link to original

Photos are taken from the official website:

Real Madrid

Link to original Link to original

Replica Adidas Climalite material, high quality, thin
polyester, with increased perspiration properties, allows you to maintain optimal
body temperature in any situation.

Link to original Link to original

Authentic uniform is made from advanced Adidas Climachill material, it is more
lighter, more breathable, better wicking away moisture, but its use greatly increases
cost of the form.

Link to the original Link to the original

The emblem is made in stripe format, a more reliable version, in contrast to the chevron,
which is used in an authentic form, where the comfort of a football player is at the fore
play time, not the durability of the structure.

Link to original Link to original

Photos are taken from the official website:


Link to original Link to original

Replica Nike Dri-fit material, high quality, thin
polyester, with increased perspiration properties, allows you to maintain optimal
body temperature in any situation.

Link to original Link to original

Authentic fit made from advanced Nike Vapor Knit material, lighter,
more breathable, better wicking away moisture, but its use greatly increases
cost of the form.

Link to the original Link to the original

The emblem is made in stripe format, a more reliable version, in contrast to the chevron,
which is used in an authentic form, where the comfort of a football player is at the fore
play time, not the durability of the structure.

Link to original Link to original

Each T-shirt has a patch with production information, if the patch is “silver”,
then there is a replica in front of you, if “gold”, then this is an authentic product.

Link to original Link to original

Photos are taken from the official website:

How to determine the authenticity of a football shirt?


With the onset of New Year’s bustle, we strive to acquire the best gifts for our loved ones. And among these loved ones there are probably football fans for whom the official uniform of their favorite team will be the best gift. As in other lucrative industries, there is always a certain probability of acquiring a fake, albeit of good quality. But you must agree that the official merchandise will be much closer to, and will also support your favorite players.

Perhaps the most obvious factor in determining authenticity will be the cost of the form. Also, do not forget about the terms that the manufacturer uses for original products.

First, let’s define the basic concepts. In the official sale of teams, two variants of T-shirts most often prevail: authentic – match or stadium – play. The authentic version is more expensive than the game version. What is the reason for this? The authentic uniform is an exact replica of the one worn by the players themselves at matches. They use the same technologies and are lighter than gaming to reduce the burden on the player.Game jerseys are more suitable for frequent use, while they also belong to the official merch of the team.

Next, we carefully study the details of the product, pay attention to the fabric. For example, Nike on the bottom of their T-shirts uses patches that are dyed gold. Other colors betray a fake. Try on a T-shirt if possible. It should fit snugly on the body, not loose. The emblem of the football club is most often glued to the shirt with a special compound, and not sewn.Also on the shirt, holes are made in the back, pectoral muscles and armpits for better ventilation. Be sure to check the label. What is the fabric made of? It is usually thin polyester. Other fabrics are currently not used to make athletes as comfortable as possible. If you are a true fan of the team, then you probably know about the special details on the form. Check for their availability. Usually symbols, phrases, logos are located on the sleeves, tags, inside the shirt collar.

Based on all these characteristics, one cannot help wondering how technological products can be.The technology in the professional sports industry can be compared to the production of software or electronics. Every detail must be carefully checked and tested so that your favorite team’s footballers can perform at their best. Unsurprisingly, the cost of a soccer kit is so high. We hope that the choice of a gift for football fans will not be overshadowed by the purchase of fake products.

How to distinguish an original football shoe from a fake one?

A lot of manufacturers suffer from counterfeiting in the world.Everything that is in demand is counterfeited. The more famous the company, the higher the chances that its products will be counterfeited and sold.>

Football shoes are a tasty morsel for fake manufacturers. What is the danger for football fans who take the risk of going out on the field with fake shoes? Manufacturers invest huge amounts of money in technology, they are scrupulous about every little thing. From how to position the laces more conveniently, to the insoles, which are made in close cooperation with specialists in the field of orthopedics.All this in order to play comfortably and safely, and the risk of injury is reduced. While the use of a fake is fraught with various dislocations, God forbid, fractures, as well as calluses and even flat feet.

Asian craftsmen are capable of forging boots, centipedes or futsals one-on-one. Outwardly, it will be difficult to distinguish them from the original. Immediately fake and not recognizable. This is especially true for distance selling, because Before buying the product, you cannot hold it in your hands, it remains to be guided only by the photo and rely on the honesty of the seller that he is not dissembling when he declares that he is selling branded goods.Therefore, we will give you recommendations on what you need to pay attention to and how you can distinguish not only by visual inspection, but also by the picture, the original product from the fake one?

Before buying, it will be useful to go to the official website of the manufacturing company and see on its page how the branded product actually looks like? And how the name of the company is spelled also needs to be remembered. In order not to buy any: “Naik”, “Adibas” or “Pumma”. For fakes, a logo similar to the corporate logo or design solutions can be used. Indirect signs: deviations in color, design already indicate a dubious origin, but not a fact, because the site can display photos of new products, and sellers also sell goods from previous collections. Hence the conclusion – buy football shoes in company stores or from trusted sellers.

Next, we look at the cost of production. Natural leather or modern synthetic material is used for the manufacture of the shoe upper. The outsole is the embodiment of cutting-edge design ideas and technological advances.It can’t be cheap even with a discount. On average, a fake is up to half the cost of the original. But, if you are lucky to get to the final sale of a sporting goods store, in this case, low prices for branded goods are possible. In addition, do not forget about lesser-known brands that are familiar to a narrow circle or win over their consumers. The reduced price of their products can be part of a promotion strategy.

The sense of smell will help to identify a fake. The cleats are made of various materials, so they have a specific smell. But when you open a box with a fake, then the bouquet of smells of cheap components (rubber and chemicals) is many times stronger, it is impossible to make a mistake. These shoes can be toxic. Pay attention to the labels that are sewn on the inside of the shoe or on the tongue. They contain information about the model, manufacturer, place of manufacture, size and article. If you enter the numbers of the article (model code and color) in the search bar of your browser, you will find a picture of the product you are interested in.The absence of a label indicates that this is a clear fake. If centipedes or futsals are stitched, then the threads on the shoes should be of the same type and color, and the stitches should be neat.

Now about the visual differences that are clearly visible on the example of popular centipede models.

Take a closer look at the Nike Mercurial Victory TF centipedes. As they say, find 10 differences (see photo). They are visible, you just need to look closely. The material from which the top of the shoe is made differs.The sole is different, it resembles the brand one, but it is not made neatly. This can be seen from the marks in the photo. There are obvious discrepancies in design and color.

Similar pattern to Nike Hypervenom Phelon TF centipedes. For fake centipedes, the sole does not match the original. The crater texture of the top is different. In addition, the fake does not have a sock stitched like a branded centipede.

To buy or not to buy fake boots, centipedes or balcks is everyone’s choice. Think, with a high degree of probability we can say that the counterfeit will last less than the original.Fake products don’t care about protecting the athlete’s feet. Spending less money will turn out to be a bad investment. It is irrational to pay money for a fake when you can buy branded products at an affordable price.

Differences between authentic and replica forms tips and tricks

The uniform of your favorite football club is always a welcome purchase. But the quality of the purchased products is not always pleasing, although it would seem that a lot of money was given.

The whole question is that it is not so easy to buy a football uniform made to match the original.Many low quality counterfeits are still present on the domestic market. While many of the replicas are of pretty decent quality and compete with the authentic form, it’s worth seeing their differences. Even for the sake of not overpaying for inappropriate quality. Football uniforms for adults and children must meet all the requirements: hygienic, sanitary, and aesthetic.

What is a replica and how is it different from an authentic form?

The modern concept of “replica” is not a cheap Chinese fake, which in the 90s was full of any clothing market.Today this is an official, but more affordable football uniform, in Minsk such are sold in many sports stores. This form is produced by the same company as the original things, but they are sewn using a different technology.

It is almost impossible to recognize where is the replica and where is the authentic form, without the advice of a professional manager. Let’s take a closer look at their differences.

  • The main difference is the price.

The main thing that distinguishes an original item from a replica is its cost.In sports stores it will cost $ 60- $ 90, the same authentic uniform will cost about $ 150.

  • Product marking.

The authentic form is denoted by: “player cut”, “performance cut”, “match jersey”. All other labels were invented by marketers to attract attention

  • The technology by which the form is sewn.

You can tell in more detail about this tip using the example of three popular manufacturers: Nike, Adidas, Puma. These brands have long been making custom-made soccer jerseys for many of the world’s leading clubs.

Nike suggests looking at the patch at the bottom of the shirt. The authentic shape has a noticeable golden patch, while the cheaper counterpart has a silvery tone. And this is typical even for those T-shirts that have the Authentic inscription. Plus, you can evaluate the fit of the shape to the figure. Authentic T-shirt fits tighter at the waist and in the middle of the sleeves. The replica will lie more loosely over the shape.

Although the company produces both T-shirts using the same technology (Dri-FIT or others.), on the authentic counterpart there are holes on the sides and on the collar, due to which better ventilation is carried out. Since 2016, Nike’s authentic uniform has been applying the logo and emblem with a thermal patch. On replicas, these elements remain embroidered. Nike is one of the few companies using the same technology for the original and replica, so the difference in quality is minimal.

Adidas is making a uniform that has more noticeable differences between the expensive and the cheaper option. For example, the club emblem is pasted on the authentic brand uniform, but it is embroidered on the replica.The mold is produced using different technologies. Expensive models are based on AdiZero technology (with improved ventilation and a lighter texture), and Climacool is used in replica sewing (no additional holes). Like the original Nike uniform, the Adidas fits tighter and the replica is traditionally looser.

Puma sews forms with a clear difference. The emblem is embroidered in a replica, but pasted on the original game kit. POWERCELL technology is used to tailor an authentic fit for a more snug fit.Believe that you can’t go wrong by touch and by fitting, where is the original and where is the replica.

If you are looking for a really high quality adult soccer jersey, it is best to order from specialized stores. At such points of sale, even a replica will be of excellent quality, and the cost is even lower.

How to distinguish an original football shoe from a fake

Football shoes have become the most popular among counterfeit ones, they are a “diamond” for fake manufacturers.What is the danger of counterfeiting and what is the threat to football players?

Manufacturers strive to invest the maximum amount of technology in original football shoes and are very sensitive to its production. They are very attentive even to the location of the lacing; together with orthopedic scientists, they develop an insole that will be inserted into the product. All this is done so that the footballer can feel maximum comfort and avoid injuries. If it is a fake, a player at any second can get injuries of all kinds of severity, not to mention calluses and the likelihood of developing flat feet.

Often a replica has a one-to-one appearance with the original. We can give you some useful tips so that your feet do not fall into the “hands of fakes”. Before you buy something, carefully examine the online store of football shoes, pay attention to how the brands are written – this is also very important, otherwise you will buy Adibas or Naik products. The replica can also use the original design and company logo.

If you already know what color the original is and how it looks, it will be easier for you to recognize a fake.The price of the product plays an important role, the low price category for the original boots can only be if the sale is 50%, but not otherwise. A product that has innovative designs and top-level quality cannot be cheap!

It is very easy to identify a replica using one of the senses – the sense of smell. Football shoes made of artificial fabrics have an unpleasant odor. But, when you open a new box with replica shoes, specific smells of cheap rubber or some other materials will come from it.

Be sure to look at the tag on the soccer shoe, it will be on the tongue or inside the model. The label will indicate the article, size line and country of origin. If you enter the article in a computer search engine, then a picture with this shoe model should appear. If there is no label, then you can rest assured that this is 100% fake.

If soccer shoes are stitched, carefully check the color of the thread (uniform over the entire length) and whether they are evenly stitched. For some fakes, you can initially detect several differences that are visible to the naked eye.For example, the shade and design may differ, the sole is made sloppy and, in general, the material of the shoe is different.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to buy original football shoes. But such shoes do not care about protecting the footballer’s feet and will last a short time. If you go shopping or look at the sites of online stores, it is possible to buy an original model at an affordable price and of high quality.

How to distinguish an original football shoe.

People are already tired of talking about the quickness and resourcefulness of the Chinese light industry in the press, and the fact that the electronics market is littered with a pile of low-quality products on the topic of “IPhone” and “Nokia” is no longer surprising.But progress, as you know, does not stand still, and enterprising inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom began to master new fields of activity of eminent foreign brands. Now their gaze has fallen on the soccer athletic shoe market.

The reasons for the expansion are quite understandable – the number one sport in the world is a tasty morsel of the sports goods market. Pioneer companies spend huge sums of money to develop and market new high-tech products that are benchmarks for only a short period of time, due to the constant development of the industry.The fact that such football equipment and shoes cost good money does not surprise anyone, because every pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly football boots, in addition to ultra-expensive materials, falls a part of the costs spent on their development.

So, we have come close to the main topic of the article: “How to determine the original.” On the Ukrainian sports footwear market there have been products similar to branded sneakers for a long time, and this is not news to anyone. But our consumer began to get acquainted with this kind of football boots of world brands relatively recently.So football shoes of dubious origin have become, appear in the markets and a number of unscrupulous online stores. As a store with high quality standards, we would like to shed some light on this situation.

Hazards to face.

To begin with, let’s figure out what the average consumer is facing when buying “tricky” Nike or Adidas football boots. It would seem, what could be wrong in acquiring a non-original, outwardly almost indistinguishable from the original? In fact, there are enough pitfalls:

  • Quality: at least half the service life.

Before buying shoes of dubious origin, it should be understood that, unlike branded factories for the production of football boots, clandestine production neglects quality control. Handicraft shops are not able to provide a high-quality and full production cycle, which accordingly directly affects the service life of such football shoes.

  • Materials: short-lived and unsafe.

For manufacturers of football boots of dubious origin, one goal is always in the first place – this is profit.There are several ways to increase the profitability of production – cheap labor and cheap materials. Since all global brands, one way or another, locate their production in regions with cheap labor, counterfeit manufacturers have to compete by reducing the cost of materials. A large company gets quality material at the best prices due to large volumes of purchases, and “pirates” have to use all the cheapest in production. Unfortunately, such materials are often hazardous to health due to their toxicity.

  • Health Hazard: Risk of injury.

As you know, playing football, like any other sport associated with running, implies increased loads on the musculoskeletal system. The task of any high-quality football shoe is to compensate for jumps and jerks. For these purposes, special materials are used – “foam”. The danger that can be expected from football boots made in artisanal conditions is either the complete absence of this material or a low-quality analogue that will sag after several games.A bunch of troubles can bring a crooked molded sole. We are not even talking about an elementary instep support, the fact is that a sole molded with a defect may have irregularities that will directly contact the foot, which, as you know, has a huge number of nerve nodes and endings. Running a pair of these boots can be worth the increased fatigue and even occasional numbness of your toes!

  • Spoiled mood and wasted money.

As we can see, the desire to save money does not always lead to positive results.The cost of shoes of doubtful origin, as practice shows, is 60-70% of the cost of the original. This difference in price is unlikely to be worth the hassle you might face.

How to distinguish the original?

Whether or not to acquire a fake is a personal matter for everyone, but we will now figure out how to make sure that an unscrupulous seller does not sell you shoes of dubious origin under the guise of the original.

I would like to start with the fact that the quality of football boots does not depend on the country in which they are produced.The main production facilities of the world’s leading brands are located in the Asian sector, where the bulk of footwear of dubious origin comes from. The difference lies in the high technological equipment of production and quality control, for which the brand is fully responsible, first of all, with its good name. So, the main thing is to get a really real original football shoes.

The most common “victims” of underground factories are the most popular models of entry-level football shoes (expensive models are faked much less often).At the moment, the Mercurial Victory from Nike and the F10 from Adidas can be distinguished against the general background. We will look at what are the main differences between low-quality shoes and the original on the example of the model “Nike Mercurial Victory II IC (gray / zippers)”.

So, before you buy yourself a pair of high-quality and, accordingly, not cheap football boots, go to the manufacturer’s website and scrupulously study the model you like. We do this in order to easily find the “7 differences”.The first thing that should catch your eye is the suspiciously low cost. But it is not right to fight against the natural desire to save money, and we find the most attractive offer in terms of price. Further actions to incriminate the seller in an attempt to pass off the “palivo” as the original is to inspect the boot from the outside and from the inside.

External view.

Boots of dubious entry-level origins, such as the Mercurial Victory, often bear the characteristics of more expensive models.So in picture # 1 (fake) vertical embossed stripes are visible in the direction from the sole to the lacing (zone # 3), they imitate “traction” as on the older model of the Mercurial Superfly series (picture # 3, zone # 3). The surface of the original Mercurial Victory has a smooth texture (figure # 2, zone # 3).


The lacing of the branded model is made with a blind loop in the area of ​​the first stitch (picture No. 2, zone No. 2). This detail is absent in the photo with non-original boots (picture # 1, zana # 2).


With regards to the sole, it is necessary to pay attention to its shape. So, in the branded product, the configuration is formed in such a way that there is a significant narrowing in the area of ​​the inner part of the foot (picture No. 2, zone No. 4). In the case of counterfeit products, there is no narrowing of the sole (picture No. 1, zone No. 4).

In the area of ​​the toe of the original shoes, the sole is stitched with nylon thread, which gives the boots extra strength (Figure 2, Zone 1), on a “questionable” pair the sock is not stitched (Figure 1, Zone 1).

Indirect signs.

Seemingly insignificant details such as smell and general appearance can also help you identify a fake. Often non-original boots have a characteristic smell of cheap rubber Chinese slippers, and their appearance is suspicious in itself.

That’s all. We hope that this material, prepared by the team of the site 4football.com.ua, will help you not to fall for the tricks of scammers and to buy yourself a pair of decent football boots that will bring a lot of positive moments on the field, bury your health and serve for more than one season.Good luck!

How to distinguish an original Nike futsal from a fake one?

If you buy futsal shoes not in brand stores, then there is always a risk of encountering unscrupulous sellers who are ready to sell fakes under the guise of original shoes. And you may be lucky if they sell you a high-quality replica, and not Chinese consumer goods, which is often the case when buying shoes in online stores. Today, China copies Nike futsals with special zeal, since the most popular models from the eminent manufacturer are immensely popular all over the world.If you take a closer look at the sports market, then a considerable share of it falls on fakes, which, unfortunately, sometimes have to be worn by gullible buyers.

Why is buying a fake dangerous?

If you are not lucky enough to buy Nike fake futsals, whether intentionally or unintentionally, then be prepared for:

  • minimum lifespan of athletic shoes;
  • poor quality materials that quickly lose their presentation;
  • 90,227 injuries that can be sustained due to the lack of quality futsal;

  • Bad mood when you find out that your legs have not been honored to run in the original product.

It is a well-known fact that manufacturers of fake shoes, in their relentless attempts to reduce the cost of production, save on literally everything. The main task is to provide the most identical appearance, similar to the original, and they don’t give a damn about everything else. If Nike is interested in the impressions of its customers, for whom they, in fact, are trying to produce high-quality shoes, then the Chinese are only interested in the mass marketing of products with the maximum benefit for themselves.Of course, they are not responsible for a bad mood, disappointment in buying and injuries.

The main signs of counterfeiting

So let’s get to the heart of the article. If you have the opportunity to inspect and try on Nike futsals before buying, then you should pay attention to the following points:

  • appearance;
  • sole;
  • lacing;
  • some indirect signs.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.


It is worth remembering that the Chinese copy only the most popular and new entry-level footwear models, which are subject to great excitement from buyers. Therefore, if you buy some kind of rare, slow-moving model, then the risk of falling for a replica is minimal. In other cases, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the bumpers, which must first be carefully examined on the manufacturer’s official website. All Nike futsals have their own exclusively original design nuances, which the Chinese are simply not technically able to repeat.This is especially clearly manifested in the texture of the material of the new models, in the direction of their embossed stripes, as well as in the arrangement of design elements, and the Nike brand name itself.


Firstly, the fake is clearly betrayed by the shape of the sole, which often suffers from a lack of narrowing in the central part of the foot. It should be understood that Nike branded futsals have an anatomical basis of the sole, when the manufacturers of fakes do not bother too much about this.

Second, pay attention to the material of the outsole.Cheap rubber with a characteristic nasty smell, as well as low-quality rubber without a hint of elasticity, is a clear sign of fake.

Thirdly, the sock of the original shoe is, in most cases, stitched (the firmware is not present in all models), when the Chinese get by with the usual gluing, after which there are still traces and glue drips.


Remember that original Nike futsals have invisible eyelets in their lacing structure in the first stitch area.This, of course, is not typical for all models, but many of the latest models are equipped with such loops for more comfortable lacing of bumpers.

Indirect signs

You know, when you pick up a fake, everything inside turns upside down. Well, and such signs as a bad smell, uneven seams, traces of glue or the cheapness of the material, which can be seen from a mile away, are something that immediately catches the eye and such moments cannot be ignored in any case. A suspicious look at futsal? In this case, it is not recommended to rush to the purchase, but it is better to compare with the photo of the original shoes, which can easily be downloaded on the net.

Always try to feel and visually evaluate the bumpers before buying, and if you buy them through a little-known online store, then do not hesitate to demand a photo of the product, taken yourself and from the indicated angles, so that you can consider all the details of interest.

We hope that our tips will help you avoid buying counterfeits, which in no way can match the original product that is ready to work wonders on the football field.

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