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How to Use Sharpies on Fabric

Anyone familiar with Sharpies, a popular brand of permanent markers, knows that they work on a wide variety of surfaces, fabric included. While they are not specifically designed for use on fabric, Sharpies can be used in place of fabric markers with success. However, there are some best practices that you need to follow to properly prepare the fabric, to execute your design idea and to make sure it lasts. It is best to experiment on scrap fabric before moving on to items such as clothing, home decor and more.

Preparing Your Sharpie-on-Fabric Project

If the fabric item on which you are going to draw with Sharpies is washable, then wash, dry and iron it before you start the project. New fabrics are often treated with sizing, which will prevent the Sharpie ink from penetrating the fabric and needing to be washed away.

For the best results when drawing with a Sharpie on fabric, the fabric should be held taut. You also need to make sure the ink doesn’t bleed through to a second layer of fabric underneath the one on which you are drawing – for example, the back of a T-shirt or pillowcase. One way to keep your fabric taut and prevent bleed-through is to attach it around a piece of heavy cardboard using binder clips or clothespins. Another is to secure the fabric inside an embroidery hoop.

Drawing Your Design

Depending on your artistic skill, confidence level and the complexity of your design, you can either draw freehand directly on the fabric with Sharpies, or you can start with a pencil or fabric-pencil outline. Either way, it is a good idea to perfect your Sharpie design on paper before working on fabric.

For design transfer, you can trace the design onto fabric using a light box or window and placing a paper copy of the design behind the fabric. Stencils, whether purchased or homemade, are a great option too. For simple geometric designs, use easily removable painters’ tape as a guide.

Create Special Effects

You can create some beautiful effects on fabric by applying rubbing alcohol over Sharpie ink. The rubbing alcohol dilutes the ink, causing it to bleed. With a single Sharpie color, this technique results in softened, feathery lines; with different colors, the inks blend together and create a tie-dye or watercolor-like effect. Draw your design first and then use a paintbrush or eye dropper to apply the rubbing alcohol to the fabric.

Make it Last

Sharpies are permanent, but there are no guarantees that a Sharpie design on fabric will last with laundering. If your design doesn’t need to be washable – for example, if you made a piece of wall art or decorated a pencil case – simply press the fabric with a hot iron after your design is complete. This will set the ink sufficiently for those kinds of items, although some fading over time is still likely. If you want to be able to wash the fabric multiple times, purchase a color-fixative product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

BIC razors, Purex, bath tissue, ketchup :: WRAL.com

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Colgate Toothpaste MaxFresh Clean, Mint or Knockout, 6 oz, $2.75 – $2 DG digital coupon = $0.75

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School Supplies

2-Pocket Folder with prongs, or iMagine school glue, 4-5 oz, or glue sticks, 3 count, $0.25

Composition books, 2 count, $0.50

Crayola Crayons, 24 count, Colored Pencils, 12 count, $0.50

1-Subject Notebook, 70 count, select, $0.50

BIC Mechanical Pencils, 10 count, Comfort Grip Pens 5 count or BriteLiner Pastel 4 count, $2 – $1 DG digital coupon = $1

BIC Gel-ocity, Quick Dry Blue or Black 2 count or 4 COlor Pens 1 count or PrevaGuard Clic Stic 4 count, $2.50 – $1 DG digital coupon = $1.50

Office Hub binders, select, starting at $1.75

Office Hub Multipurpose Paper, 200 count, $2.50

Backpacks, select, $5


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Dollar General Coupon Policy

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* Dollar General does not take competitor’s coupons

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Dollar General Digital Coupons: Dollar General is now offering digital coupons that can be redeemed in stores. Sign up on their website and add the coupons to your account. Once you go to check out at the register, enter your phone number on the keypad at the register and your digital coupons will be applied. Digital coupons are available for one time use only.

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You can see the full coupon policy on the Dollar General website.

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Best Paint Markers for Canvas, Ceramic, Glass, and More – ARTnews.com

Want to do a little painting without a lot of mess? Try a paint marker! Unlike regular markers, which are filled with various kinds of ink, or watercolor markers, paint markers or pens lay down opaque colors that sit up on surfaces like paint. The paint marker was first patented in 1926, as a “fountain paintbrush” with a sponge tip and a reservoir filled with paint. Nowadays, paint pens take the form of a marker with a felt tip available in a variety of widths and a barrel containing either oil- or water-based paint. Paint markers are great for using on paper, of course, as well as glass, wood, stone, plastic, and ceramics. Most of these pens require activation by first shaking them and then pressing the tip to paper to make the ink flow. The best set of paint markers for your next project is probably listed below.


1. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Markers

Arteza’s set of 20 acrylic paint markers are great for marking on rocks, glass, pottery, plastic, and canvas. The smooth, water-based paint is opaque, and the fine-point tip on the reversible nib is ideal for precision detailing and painting. Available in a full range of colors, the low-odor, nontoxic, acid-free ink is quick-drying and waterproof. The set also comes with 20 replacement nibs, each with a fine and a chisel point, and a set of tweezers; just change them when they wear out and continue using the pens until the paint runs out.

Buy: ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Markers $27.99

2. Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens

With this set of paint pens, you get twice the options. While one end of the double-ended markers has a 5mm tip for making bold lines, the other has a 3mm chiseled tip for precision work. The acrylic paint is both water- and UV-resistant, as well as nontoxic and opaque. Included with this set are 28 pens in a range of vibrant colors and a convenient nylon zip pouch in which to store them all.

Buy: Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens $25.90

3. Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens

These medium-tip acrylic paint markers are perfect for glass, ceramic, porcelain, wood, canvas, metal, plastic, stone, and paper. Water-based and quick-drying, the ink goes on opaque and glossy. Unlike other paint markers that leave streaks, this paint in these pens goes on smoothly in true-to-color pigments. Our pick includes 28 assorted colors as well as extras in white and black. Your purchase also includes a tutorial e-book with step-by-step instructions on rainy-day or class rock painting projects. Be sure to pump the tip to start ink flow before you take off.

Buy: Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens $35.99

4. Sakura Pen-Touch Paint Marker

The only oil-based paint marker in our roundup, this 1.0mm fine-tip pen leaves raised, bright color on just about any surface, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, paper, and stone. The odor- and Xylene-free paint dries quickly, so smearing is not an issue. The pens are ideal for signing or marking on glossy photographs, tear sheets, or postcards—their waterproof, fade-proof ink will ensure your signature, message, or doodle will survive. Be warned that these markers are extremely difficult to remove from most surfaces except glass or ceramic. This 7-piece set includes yellow, red, purple, green, blue, white, and black markers. Replacement nibs are available if you want a finer or bolder line. Shake well to mix the pigments and start creating!

Buy: Sakura Pen-Touch Paint Marker $18.61

5. Posca Paint Marker Set

These felt-tip markers lay down ultra-opaque paint that’s removable from nonporous surfaces like glass and mirror and permanent on porous materials such as wood and paper. With this set you get pens that have a medium-sized nib ideal for coffee shop or restaurant signs, or for any other application that requires lettering. Unlike the ink in most paint pens, the ink in these markers is matte instead of glossy. Our pick includes 20 pens in all shades of the spectrum, seven markers in “natural” colors like Sky Blue and Coral Pink, and one each of metallic silver and gold. Although the paint takes a bit longer to dry than the paint in other markers, the final result can’t be beat. If you are ready to upgrade, splurge on this premium set.

Buy: Posca Paint Marker Set $52.00

How to mend … bleached clothes | Live Better

If you have ever accidentally splashed bleach on your clothes in a cleaning frenzy, then you will be pleased to know that all is not lost. There are several ways to rescue your clothes, depending on the size of the bleach stain and the colour of the clothing.

Removing or erasing the bleach stain

Bleach effectively removes the colour from the cloth, so trying to remove the stain is difficult, although not impossible. If you have a couple of small spots, on a dark coloured garment, then it is worth trying the method below.

You will need:
Clear alcohol (gin or vodka)
A cotton wool ball

1) Apply a good swig of alcohol to your cotton wool ball.

2) Hold the damaged area and rub the stain, and the area around it, with the alcohol-soaked ball. The original colour of the garment will spread into the bleached area. Keep rubbing until the colour has spread across the area.

3) Rinse well in cold water.

Bleaching the whole garment

If it’s a big stain, then you could always bleach the whole item of clothing. You could be forgiven for thinking that would just involve dunking the whole thing in bleach, but the bleach continues to work even after rinsing, and will eventually cause the fabric to rot. It is therefore necessary to use something to neutralise the bleach such as hydrogen peroxide.

You will need:
Rubber gloves
A large sink
3% hydrogen peroxide
An apron

1) Fill the sink with cold water, and soak your garment in the water.

2) Put on the rubber gloves and apron (to prevent any more mishaps) and add a cap’s worth of bleach to the mix – it is better to start off with less, and add more if needed, than be too exuberant in the beginning.

3) Swoosh your garment around, until the desired colour is reached (you can always add more bleach if necessary).

4) Let the water drain out of the sink and rinse the garment well in cold water.

5) Refill the sink with cold water, add the garment, and then add about 50g hydrogen peroxide for every 4-5 litres of water.

6) Allow your garment to soak for about half an hour, before rinsing again and drying.

Colouring in the bleach stain

Sharpie produce special Rub-a-Dub laundry pens. If you have a black garment, and again, if it is a small spot, then this would be a quick and easy fix. You can also use regular Sharpies (available in a wide range of colours) but need to “fix” the pen colouring on to the fabric (ironing on low, or tumble drying on low will usually do this).

Incorporating the stain into a new pattern

You can tie-dye using bleach, or you can use stamps dipped in bleach, to stamp a whole new motif on to your damaged clothing.

You will need:
A rubber stamp with a design of your choice
A small Tupperware tub
Kitchen roll or flannel
Rubber gloves
An apron
An old cereal packet
3% hydrogen peroxide

1) Place the cardboard in between the front and back sides of your garment. This prevents you accidentally bleaching both layers at once.

2) Lay your kitchen roll or flannel in the bottom of the Tupperware tub and add just enough bleach to soak it.

3) Pop on the gloves, and then lightly press the stamp into the bleach-soaked kitchen roll.

4) Press down firmly on to your garment, and lift cleanly.

5) Repeat as desired. Once you are happy with your design, neutralise the bleach by following the instructions above (see “bleaching the whole garment”).

Covering up the stain

A good old-fashioned patch can be a good way of achieving a “visible mend” and making a feature of the damaged area. You could try out patching with small hexagons to create a patchwork effect, or hand sewing a vintage fabric doily over the afflicted area.

Interested in finding out more about how you can live better? Take a look at this month’s Live Better challenge here.

The Live Better Challenge is funded by Unilever; its focus is sustainable living. All content is editorially independent except for pieces labelled advertisement feature. Find out more here.

Spotlight on Nock Co. – Goulet Pens Blog

We have another awesome “Goulet Guests” to share with you. In our final interview from the Atlanta Pen Show back in April, Brian had the opportunity to sit down with Brad Dowdy and Jeffrey Bruckwicki of Nock Co.  Nock Co. produces handmade fountain pen cases that are made in the USA.

Brian, Brad, and Jeffrey discuss the challenges of making handmade products in the US, how they chose their pen case designs, and how they came up with the name ‘Nock’. Here’s an overview of the questions they talked about:

  • Can you give us a little background about who you are?
  • Can you tell me a little bit about Nock and how it got started? How did it all happen?
  • So you guys didn’t know each other previously?
  • How did you come up with the name Nock?
  • You’re pretty passionate about “made in America”, how important is it to keep everything made in American here?
  • Does manufacturing in the US create any challenges for you?
  • Can you take me through the process of what it actually takes to manufacture these things?
  • Since you are manufacturing everything in house, how do you come up with the product designs? What is that process like?
  • What are some of your most interesting failures that you’ve had in your design testing?
  • Why did you guys settle on nylon?
  • What are some of the most popular colors in your designs?
  • What does success look like from this point? Where do you wanna go in the next 3-5 years? What is the end goal for Nock?
  • Are you anticipating having to raise your prices once you get to a retailing point? Or have you factored that in to your existing prices?
  • So I don’t know much about sewing, is it just as easy to design a backpack as it is to design a pen case?
  • I have some experience with leather pen cases and I find that most leather makers are making things like bags and coats and the pens are an afterthought. What are your thoughts on that?
  • What’s the best way for people to find you, follow you, and buy your stuff?

Be sure to follow Nock Co. on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! You can also find past Goulet Guests interviews here.

Let us know what you thought of the the interview in the comments below! Have your eye on any of the Nock Co. products?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

10 Best Permanent Markers Reviewed and Rated in 2021

Most people, who desire the writings and drawings made on selected surfaces to remain still for a long time period, must have been disappointed in regular markers. Their normal ink will be wiped away at ease with an eraser or intense weather impacts. So, what could probably be the best solution to this issue?

In my opinion, permanent markers are possible to live up to this expectation. The permanent ink is known to dry quickly after being applied without fading or smearing later. It ensures high resistance against water and rubbing, so a lot of customers worldwide have been relying on these markers for multiple tasks.

Moreover, their ink is applicable to a wide range of different surfaces with bold vibrant shades. Whether it is at home, school or work, I can guarantee that everyone can manage to benefit from optimal writing supplies like permanent markers. So among the thousands of permanent markers out there, I have filtered out the best permanent markers currently available.

Best Permanent Marker Reviews of 2021

1. Sharpie Permanent Markers

The very first introduction I would like to make is a permanent marker pack of 12 counts from a famous art supplies brand – Sharpie. It comprises the most vibrant and pigmented ink shades to add some bright color touches to your documents and art projects. It has a stiff fine point tip for better sustainability.

This permanent marker is certainly AP certified for being safe and free from acid or other toxicants in its ink material. It can perform smoothly on most types of surfaces such as paper, plastic, metal, wood and glass, etc. The permanent ink dries out quickly after being used and stays waterproof on such surfaces.

Moreover, the brand offers to purchase from 1 to 4 packs at once with reasonable pricing, therefore you can grab the markers in large quantities as wish.

I am genuinely pleased that there has not been any customer grievance about the manufacturer defections of this permanent marker from this brand up until the present. In contrast, this marker has been receiving lots of trust from users around the world thanks to its diversity and durability in enabling creativity in art.


  • 12 highly pigmented ink colors.
  • Sustainable hard fine point tip.
  • Has AP certification.
  • Works nicely on most surfaces.
  • Dries rapidly after being applied.

Providing high precision in writing and drawing by its fine maker tips, this set should be seen as one of your first selection for best permanent markers.

2. AmazonBasics Fine Point Tip Permanent Markers

When it comes to the office and school supplies, the famous shopping website Amazon has been providing it online customers with their originally permanent markers. There are 24 packs of these pens in a black hue at a fair price, where each of them is conformed to the ASTM D-4236 for being non-toxic.

The AmazonBasics fine point marker pen is sustainable for extended office use, creating bold writings without smearing on surfaces like wood, photos, glass, cellophane and metal, etc. Not only is this minimal marker applicable to office purposes, but it can also add a great touch of black while doodling and decorating.

Its black ink is both waterproof and quick-drying on all mentioned surfaces. The brand ensures that external impacts are not much of a big deal due to its fade resistance over time. I can tell that the intense black filled inside this pen is more visible on canvas of white and other light colors.

Nevertheless, it seems that the most frequently occurred issue with the permanent pen is its inconsistent ink flow. A certain number of customers have claimed that they could not draw a smooth line without stopping for a while. This certainly affects the writing process.


  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236 standard.
  • Non-toxic, water and fade-resistant ink.
  • Being smear-proof on a lot of surfaces.
  • Suitable for office writing and drawing.
  • Clearest display on white blank canvas.


  • Interrupted ink flow while using.

Troubles related to ink flow are the most common to permanent markers but it should better be adjusted by the brand. With its minimal and lightweight design, this pen has decent value for home, office and drawing in a set of 24 packs.

3. Sharpie Permanent Markers

You may think that chisel marker tips are mostly engineered for highlighter pens, but the brand Sharpie has made a bold decision to produce permanent markers with this type of head tip. This pack of permanent marker pens includes 8 counts which have firm design and shorter length than other marker models.

While delivering broad permanent lines on multiple absorbable surfaces like paper, plastic, wood, glass and metal, etc. its ink also resist against water and fading. These marker is fully AP certified for non-toxic ink material that is safe for extended use. It can quickly settle on the mentioned surfaces.

I once read a customer complaining that this marker set lacks a proper case to store them. It is understandable when people ask for attached bags or cases as they do not want to waste time collecting them. Even with an inexpensive price, I still think it is better to include a decent case.


  • Made of special chisel pen tips.
  • Has short and solid marker design.
  • Produces broad and fine lines.
  • Water and fade-resistant ink.
  • Responds to AP qualifications.


  • No free storage case included.

This permanent marker set would have been flawless, had it come with an additional bag for storage. Apart from that, there appears to be no other dissatisfaction with this marker. It is interesting to experience chisel pen tips because it includes two different line widths at once.

4. BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers

One of the most reliable brands with 36 vibrant counts of permanent markers is undoubtedly BIC. The pen is made in assorted shades and its fine tip is capable of preventing quick wear-down. This entire set is gathered inside a durable plastic case for a neat arrangement. Additionally, these markers work on multiple surfaces.

I appreciate the construction of this permanent marker for offering a soft and anti-slippage grip to help users gain more control. You would barely feel uncomfortable while holding the pen to draw or write. Its special snap cap has a vapor seal mechanism, which ensures a strong ink lock from drying out too soon.

Its ink is guaranteed to be acid-free and does not make odors. so customers are highly protected against health issues. Furthermore, the marker ink is fade-resistant and will last for a long time on applied surfaces. You can use it at home, school or work.

It appears that the ink colors do not match the marker caps because they tend to run on the darker side. This statement comes from a quick test by its past customers. In my opinion, the detail concerned is not major but it can still lead to users’ dissatisfaction. The brand should improve it for better precision.


  • The pen tip avoids wearing down.
  • Packed in a handy plastic case.
  • Comfortable non-slip marker grip.
  • Unique vapor-resistant snap cap.
  • Acid-free fade-proof marker ink.


  • Pen colors do not match the caps.

Although the color of snap cap is mismatch to its colors, I believe that this products still able to do a nice job with your paperwork, art projects, pin labelings and so on.

5. Shuttle Art 30 Colors Permanent Markers

With 30 high-quality permanent colored marker pens from the brand Shuttle Art, you can to experience a type of ink that dries quickly and enables resistance from water, fading and smearing. All of the shades are bold and vibrant, through the fine tips they can create a marvelous artistic impression.

In brief, this marker is a recommended choice for coloring, writing, marking, doodling and scrapbooking. Most drawable surfaces like metal, paper, wood, plastic and stone are ideal for applying the marker from Shuttle Art. Due to restricted safety reasons, it is best to give the set to children from 3 years old.

I feel safe to purchase a non-toxic permanent marker like this as it follows the ASTM D-4236 & EN71 standards for acid-free pens. The marker cap also protects its tip from external impacts. Though the tip makes loud noise on paper, it has a comfortable grip. Hence, I believe with those features, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this pen.

One minor downside of this brand is its ink flow. A user complained that the ink bled through his drawn surface and it made him feel unpleasant about the situation. I think its ink flow has not been optimized and currently needs to be so.


  • Being water, fade and smear-proof.
  • Applicable to all creative activities.
  • Performs well on multiple surfaces.
  • No acid included in the pen ink.
  • Goes with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • The marker ink might over bleed.

The matter of interrupted or overflow of ink has always concerned permanent marker brands, therefore the manufacturer needs to work on a better solution to this. Overall, the marker still works out fine on most surfaces with fine lines and vibrant colors.

6. Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

If you are looking for a permanent marker that has a powerful resistance from multiple kinds of intense weather impacts, then Sharpie is the right one for you. Four counts of permanent marker pens worth much less than their actual values, enduring over 96 hours under extreme UV radiation without fading.

Its better adhesion is an extra feature for the marker ink to hold on longer than other competitors. Even with harsh snow, mud or rain, this permanent ink rarely gets affected once applied. Moreover, its durable fine tip allows people to get creative and perfect their works with 4 bold shades.

This marker also enables width varieties so you can write or draw lines from around 0.9 to 1.1mm. You should label personal properties with your name in permanent Sharpie ink when you participate in public events to identify them easier. Its nib is advanced to have higher porosity so the pen will produce more ink.

Unfortunately, there is a complaint about the marker length to be shorter than stated of 16 inches. I think adults will find it a bit more difficult to hold and use these pens. The manufacturer should improve this feature.


  • Withstands 96+ hours under UV.
  • Enables much higher adhesion.
  • Makes lines of 0.9 – 1.1mm wide.
  • Better porosity for ink produced.


  • Shorter pen length than declared.

Despite an undesirable length, many users admit that this marker line is just live up to their expectations in enduring weather impacts without fading quickly. It truly deserves your experience for once.

7. Shuttle Art Fine Point Permanent Markers

On the contrary to the colorful Shuttle Art permanent ink pens set above, the brand also strives to offer their customers with pure black markers in 30 packs at a reasonable price. This brand supplies have always succeeded in pleasing me for their completely non-toxic and acid-free ink of ASTM D-4236 standard.

Its pigmented black looks stunning on some of the most bizarre surfaces to draw like pumpkins, ceramic, eggs and stone beside the regular paper, wood, metal and glass. The permanent ink which this marker produce is claimed to be both quick-drying and waterproof so that it can last for long on mentioned surfaces.

I like how this ink is not prone to smearing as well so my artworks would not be ruined by an inappropriate amount of ink flow. The brand also has offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this black permanent marker. It is your choice to use the pen for doodling, drawing, writing or scrapbooking.

Though this marker has a lot of fascinating functions, it is not really pleasant to know that the pen tip tends to dry up really fast even with a protection cap. I understand that no customers would want their marker ink to vaporize quickly just after several uses. They should figure out a better way to preserve it.


  • Responds to the ASTM D-4236.
  • Performs well on a lot of surfaces.
  • Acid-free waterproof marker ink.
  • Smear-proof consistent ink flow.
  • Has a satisfaction guarantee.


  • The ink might vaporize quickly.

A great set of 30 black permanent markers like this one from Shuttle Art is really beneficial because of its inexpensive price. The pen package can be shared among a classroom for students to draw or an office department for employees to write. The applications of this permanent marker are diverse.

8. Crayola Take Note Permanent Marker

If you are a frequent user of office and school supplies, you probably have used or at least heard about the famous brand Crayola. They tend to manufacture high-quality crayons for children, but now adults can approach long lasting markers as well. They offer a set including 12 counts in assorted colors.

With its fine point tip, the marker is capable of creating slim and smooth lines. This marker ink stays permanently on a wide variety of surfaces like photos, fabric, canvas, wood, metal and coated paper, etc. I like how it also produces a really low amount of odor to prevent ink from smearing all over the selected surfaces.

All of the vibrant permanent colors would be more than ideal for writing, crafting, doodling, drawing, labeling and so on. Plus, the brand has listed each name of the marker shades on the barrel for quicker searching. It is considered as a great thing about this marker. Additionally, its permanent ink is non-toxic and the marker grip is promised to be comfortable.

Sadly, a past customer had tried and commented that these markers are not meant to write and stay for long on plastic and cardboard. The reason is its ink was too light and came right off of those kinds of surfaces. To me, this is not a huge deal since they are not too typical for daily writing and drawing.


  • Makes smooth uninterrupted lines.
  • Applicable to a bunch of surfaces.
  • Low-odor and smear-proof ink.
  • Color names listed on the barrel.
  • Provides a comfortable pen grip.


  • Not for plastic and cardboard use.

Unless you seriously need a permanent marker to write on cardboard and plastic surfaces daily, then I believe this product would not be a bad choice.

9. AmazonBasics Fine Point Tip Permanent Markers

Here is another recommended permanent marker pack from AmazonBasics and instead of the black hue, this set contains 24 different colors that work best at home, school or the office. After a quick settling down on targeted surfaces, the marker ink enables a strong waterproof function.

I believe that this marker would be a wonderful permanent marker for vinyl, wood, photos, plastic, glass, metal, cellophane and stone, etc. The number of surfaces it can handle is impressive and the ink will neither smear nor fade on them. On the other hand, this marker cap has a clipping design to be easily clung on notebooks.

The fine point tip is good at creating thin, sharp and clean lines in vivid shades. The tip is also durable and tough to break in extended use. Regarding its applications, you can take advantage of this marker for casual writing, doodling, note-taking, decorating, drawing and pin labeling, etc.

The most noticeable disadvantage of this permanent marker is that there is nothing to tell its pen colors apart such as numbers or labels. It results in extra inconvenience for customers to make a color chart in order to find the accurate one in this set. The brand needs urgent repair on this.


  • Quick-drying and waterproof ink.
  • Being fade-resistant on surfaces.
  • Convenient clipping marker cap.
  • Delivers sharp and clean lines.
  • Serves writing and art activities.


  • Unlabelled marker pen shades.

The AmazonBasics permanent marker in assorted colors would become optimal if each of the pens includes an indication of its tone. Aside from that, a series of daily applications are available for you to use this marker with. Its non-smearing ink will guarantee a clean and pleasurable experience.

10. Avery Marks-A-Lot 3 Ultra Fine Permanent Markers

Last but not least is a rising brand on the market with a minimal pack of 3 fine tip permanent marker pens – Avery. I am certain that this pen can deliver thin lines of high precision in a dark black shade. The brand promises that its point tip cannot dry out even when the permanent marker is left open up to ½ hour straight.

It is already ACMI certified for being non-toxic so this marker is safe for both grownups and small children to use regular at home, the office and school. In terms of application, the marker is an awesome choice for writing, doodling, bullet journals, sketching, labeling and a bunch of other creative tasks.

These markers produces a low amount of odor and highly resists water and rubbing, therefore its long-lasting ink will succeed to stay on most surfaces like cardboard, paper, metal, plastic and glass, etc. I would love to see the 0.5mm ultra-fine point tip glides smoothly on top of these surfaces.

One of its previous customers suggested on an online shopping website that the marker body should be improved for better length and width. They thought it is a little short of expectations compared to the price required. This is a sign for the brand to try building their markers larger to contain more permanent ink.


  • Cannot dry out even without caps for 30 minutes.
  • ACMI certified non-toxic marker ink.
  • Suitable for a series of activities.
  • Ensures a low chance of ink odor.
  • 5mm ultra-fine point marker tip.


  • A bit smaller compared to the price.

Its compact size could not be more perfect for most of the office and school tasks since people can store them neatly in desk drawers. Plus, you needn’t worry much about ink vaporizing with this black pen anymore thanks to the special feature that preserves its tip without a cap.

What to Look for When Buying Permanent Markers

Immeasurable pH level – They should not contain toxic ink because lots of parents purchase permanent markers for little children. Even adults should not inhale marker fumes on a regular basis, especially artists and office users. This explains why the ink has to be as least toxic as possible to prevent health problems.

From my perspective, I am not so certain about permanent markers being completely safe but it is best advised to get a pen set with acid-free ink that conforms to ASTM D-4236. This basic standard is not challenging to obtain if brands follow the correct manufacturing regulations of non-toxic permanent markers.

In addition, some permanent markers are certified of the ACMI to contain no harmful material in their ink, which have been fully evaluated by professional medical experts on art supplies. This is a good sign to consider purchasing the markers if you want to guarantee a high safety level for your kids while using them.

Non-vaporized ink – Apparently, we cannot prevent the vaporization process of permanent markers but it is hardly acceptable for them to be all dried up upon package opening. As far as I am concerned, those being stored and unused for too long are highly likely to face this problem and perform much worse than expected.

Due to my personal experience, you should dip the marker tip into warm water for a few seconds to gain back its normal ink flow. Or draw multiple lines at the same time for the pen to get used to that surface. Most permanent markers come with seal caps to prevent quick vaporizing as well.

It is correct that even the most favorite permanent marker in the world like Sharpie’s stands a surprisingly high chance to dry out if not being properly protected. Your mission is to keep the permanent marker as highly pigmented as it initially was, so there is nothing to worry about its long-term performance.

Durable marker case – Permanent markers are often sold in large quantities, consequently, the pens need to be in a decent container to avoid losing one of them. Without it, it may cause some inconveniences for users to collect the markers in one place and cost them another undesirable payment for a storage case.

The material is either hard or soft will work out alright for the markers. You should prioritize a set of permanent markers stored inside a provided bag so you can bring the pens along to school or picnic trips without the hassle. The whole collection would not be messed up inside the corners of a bag.

Furthermore, it is far easier for users to arrange permanent markers in the right position next to their brighter and darker tones. There are marker packs that do not come with any clear labels of their marker pen shades, therefore a properly organized case with individual slots would be ideal for arrangement.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a permanent marker?

Among popular office and school supplies, a lot of customers are fond of using permanent markers. They used to be called magic marker pens in the past. This marker often includes a fine point tip with a convenient built-in ink source. It also has a core made out of absorbent materials and performs as the ink carrier.

How does it work?

In terms of function, permanent markers automatically produce permanent ink on multiple types of absorbable surfaces when you press the marker tip onto them. They work as regular writing or color marking pens, except that the ink sticks on the surface for a long period and most of the time, does not require re-applying.

Who is this for?

There are cautions provided by most brands not to allow children under 3 years old to use for safety reasons. Apart from them, all older kids and adults can benefit from this type of marker on a regular basis. It is probably due to the flexibility of permanent markers that intrigues me to use them.

Permanent markers are manufactured for both recreational and commercial purposes. Most people use permanent markers at the office, home and school for fine writing, coloring, sketching, doodling, highlighting, decorating and labeling, etc. The long-lasting ink will manage to stay put on various surfaces.

What are the different types of permanent markers?

Because nearly all permanent markers on the market are filled with identical ink, the most recognizable difference among them is their tips. The tip size and functions actually play an important role in how that marker works out eventually on selected surfaces. These are a few popular permanent marker tips.

Fine marker tip – I do not find it difficult to learn that it is the most engineered kind of tip.This marker tip is most ideal for detailed writing and drawing just like normal ballpoint pens, except that its ink is more vibrant.

Twin marker tip – The dual tip enables high versatility for its users to have two different tips sizing in one permanent marker: an ultra-fine slim tip and a larger gel one. In fact, this marker tip does not cost much higher and even enables a more flexible experience to switch between the two for different applications.

Retractable marker tip – By reducing the protection cap, there is less concern for users to keep an eye on its cap while using it as well. Without the cap, a marker tip cannot be protected so the retractable mechanism is an excellent alternative. It is nothing much but a better upgrade in permanent marker tip protection.

Chisel marker tip – Lastly, a chisel tip has the largest size of them all, which is suitable for large color filling on broad surfaces. The width is harder to control but once you get used to this marker tip, it is a true piece of cake. The chisel is widely used for highlighting as it does not deliver as much ink as smaller ones.

Why do you need a permanent marker?

When you need to preserve the ink applied on documents, products and artworks from fading, a permanent marker can do the job in seconds. It is incredibly difficult to wipe off permanent ink once it is settled, therefore a lot of people choose them as a means for their writings and creations to last in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted permanent marker brands?

Although there are hundreds of different brands of permanent markers that are currently active on the market, some particular ones have been widely trusted and used for a long time period until now. A wide range of customers is attracted to markers of Sharpie, Shuttle Art, Crayola, AmazonBasics and BIC.

These names can definitely be considered as successful businesses, by producing and selling millions of premium permanent markers at worldwide physical stores and online shopping sites. Of course, there are certain flaws that still need improvement but overall, their markers rarely fail the customer expectations.

How to remove permanent marker from whiteboard/wood/fabric?

It is apparent that permanent markers manage to perform well on a wide range of absorbable surfaces including those are not so common in our daily lives. However, the far more challenging part is how to solve the question of removing permanent ink from certain surfaces when you no longer need it.

First of all, most school teachers will choose to use permanent markers if the classroom has a whiteboard to avoid lessons being erased by their students. An effective way to clear permanent ink is to layer it with a new block of ink from another dry erase marker. You can wipe both off while the area is still damp.

In order to eliminate permanent marker ink on hard wooden floors, there are more versatile methods to work on for your convenience. It is advised to get some isopropyl alcohol on a clean cloth and rub that stain for it to transfer, then rinse the area with water. The best alternatives are toothpaste and polish remover.

Last but not least, a lot of customers find it difficult to remove this type of ink out of fabric with a regular process in the washing machine. Prior to putting that piece of fabric into the machine, I suggest you use a cloth or sponge that has been dipped into rubbing alcohol to clean around and directly on that area.

Are permanent marker fumes dangerous?

In fact, a minority of them is. You should always prefer non-toxic permanent markers with a low pH level approved of ASTM D-4236/ACMI as guided earlier, so the fumes produced would be less health-threatening for grownups and kids. Their fumes might smell good but not recommended for casual inhaling.

Are permanent marker pens waterproof?

Yes, absolutely. Being waterproof is one of the most essential criteria for a gel marker to be recognized as permanent ink. As you can see, almost all of the pens introduced here can be the best waterproof permanent marker without issues in the resistance. If a permanent marker is not waterproof, do not try to obtain it.

Which markers last the longest?

It depends on how the brands manufactured them and which kind of surfaces is written/drawn on, therefore my personal conclusion of the longest lasting permanent marker is not simple to reach. Notwithstanding, I cannot deny that most people would end up praising markers from Sharpie to proudly claim this title.

Are BIC permanent markers the same as Sharpie?

Sharpie is the most famous brand but their opponents around the world are anxious to achieve the spotlight. One specific brand that has been making a considerable effort in branding is BIC. Regardless of both of the brands’ existing drawbacks, I personally commend BIC markers to be the same as Sharpies.

In comparison, both markers come with an optimal design with a comfortable grip and clipping snap caps. They both contain low-odor, waterproof, fade and smear-resistant ink. Sharpie permanent markers just last slightly longer than BIC ones. In the end, the two of them are worthy for customers to give a shot.

Do permanent markers work on plastic?

Yes, they do. Among multiple available surfaces that can be written or drawn on, it is not too difficult to find a high-quality permanent marker for plastic from loads of different brands. Your pencil case, file holder, raincoat, lunch box and mug, etc. are made from plastic and definitely available for a permanent marker. Moreover, they are also working on plant labels and golf balls.

What is the warranty policy?

For most permanent markers available on the market at the moment, I see that they usually go with a satisfaction guarantee in at least 30 days after the purchase. The full following year is meant for customers to get repairment for any manufacturer defections, without being extra charged from the supplying brand.

How to take care and clean it?

In order to preserve them, gather the markers up and put them in a decent container after every use to prevent unwanted loss. Store the case in air-dry areas at normal room temperature to avoid ink vaporizing. Also, their tips should not be dipped into cold water since it may result in interrupted ink flow.

Should your permanent markers ever obtain dirt, you can wipe the dust or stains off of them easily with paper tissue or wet cloth. This is not a serious matter because their bodies are not prone to getting dirt on and the cleaning solution is simple. All users ever need to do is to take a good care of their markers.


I am curious if any of the best permanent markers in this article has captured your attention and acquired a spot in your future shopping list. You know that you can always keep all of my personal advice in mind and apply them for the most suitable occasions to purchase an excellent colorful pack of permanent markers.

Remember that its applications are limitless so it depends on how you choose to use these permanent markers. Of course, they cannot avoid having certain downsides but I believe they will become functional to yourself and others in the near future. Have fun shopping for permanent markers and thank you for reading.

The Top 15 Sleepover Games for Children

We’ve given you the hints and tips on how to host a successful sleepover, but how can you really make sure your child’s sleepover is the best? How do you ensure that there are tears of laughter, not homesickness? How do you get crowned the Most Awesome Parent on the playground? If you’re looking for sleepover games which will elevate your sleepover from the mundane and boring to the downright awesome and memorable, we’ve got you covered.

1. Balloon Pop Countdown

Start off by making a game of the games. Put items from your various sleepover games and activities, as well as clues, into balloons. Use a marker to write a different time on each balloon. At that time a balloon is popped and a new sleepover activity revealed.

2. Would You Rather

Kids tend to love the limelight: Channel this with a game of ‘Would You Rather’. On pieces of paper, you put statements such as ‘Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep-sea diver?’, ‘Would you rather be cold or hot?’, or ‘Would you rather eat slugs or snails?’ Children then take turns reading and answering the questions. Be prepared for lots of giggles!

3. Sardines

Hide and seek is always a winner but when you’re stuck indoors on a sleepover you may find you quickly run out of good hiding spots. Instead, play Sardines. One child hides and the rest hunt them down. When they find the hidden person they hide with them. All cramping into one space until there’s only hunter left. You’ll be sure to discover just how many children can squeeze into your wardrobe!

4. Glow Stick Ring Toss

Make fun in the dark with glow stick games. An easy and fun one is Glow Stick Ring Toss. Make some glow sticks into rings using the connectors supplied. Pop another stick or two into an empty drink bottle and place on a flat area a short distance away. Switch off the lights! The aim of the game is to get the glow rings around the bottle.

5. Spotlight Charades

Charades is always a winner as long as you choose titles, songs and films that play to the right age group. Add a twist by playing it in the dark with only a torch to provide the spotlight on to the actor of the moment.

6. Pillowcase Craft

Make a memento of a brilliant night by getting some plain white pillowcases and some fabric pens. Let the kids empty their imagination as they create patterns or pictures on their pillowcase. You’ll be sure of some sweet dreams!

7. Make Your Own Pizza

At some point, tummies will start a-rumbling and that’s when homesickness raises its ugly head and the potential for grumps to start. Make feeding the troops one of the sleepover games by organising Make Your Own Pizza. Prepare the dough in advance then let the kids loose with tomato topping, cheese, ham, pepperoni, peppers, olives or anything else you think they will like. If they’ve made it, they are more likely to eat it!

8. The Flour Game

Focus their minds and let them rise to the challenge with an old classic. Shape some flour into a dome using a bowl and place a sweet on the top. The sleepover guests take turns to slice some flour from the edge using a knife. The winner is the last child who played before another makes the sweet fall! Make sure you have extra sweets on hand for the end.

9. The Chocolate Game

Another classic sleepover game is the much-loved Chocolate Game. Get a big slab of chocolate, a dice, hat, scarf, gloves, knife and fork. Place the chocolate and cutlery on a plate with the children sitting around in a circle. They take turns to roll the dice. When a six is rolled it’s time to don the hat, scarf and gloves and attempt to cut and eat as much chocolate as you can using the knife and fork. As soon as another player rolls a six it’s their turn to grab the items and have a try. Fast and crazy fun! Again, hold a few mini chocolates back in case someone didn’t get a go.

10. Spin the Nail Polish

Far too young to be playing spin the bottle, a different take on the game is to play spin the nail polish. Set up the board like in the image. The children take a turn spinning and then must paint one nail that colour. See what creation everyone has at the end! For very young children we recommend nail polish that can be peeled off, and an adult in charge of the painting.

11. Suck it Up

Tame their energy by having a go at the Smartie and straw game – Suck it Up. The aim of the game is to move Smarties from one location to another using nothing except a straw and good old suction. It’s challenging, it’s fun, and it’s sure to be a hit.

12. Emoji Bingo

Chances are your sleepover guests are more au fait with their emojis than you are. Let them shine by playing a round or two of Emoji bingo. Just like regular bingo but with a theme they’ll love.

13. Scavenger Hunt

Kids suddenly become brilliant at finding things when there is something in it for them. Use this to your advantage by staging a sleepover-themed scavenger hunt. Have the kids search for a list of items that includes everything from a cuddly toy to a toothbrush. First to collect them all is the winner!

14. Toss and Talk Ball

If it’s time to snuggle up under the blankets but everyone’s still not ready for sleep, a toss and talk ball can work wonders for calming everything, and everyone, down. Simply get an inflatable ball and write a bunch of interesting questions all over it using a permanent marker. The kids then toss the ball to one another. The catcher must answer the question closest to their right index finger before sending the ball onto the next player.

15. Popcorn and Movie

And should you still have little people who are considerably less weary than you, the last of our sleepover game suggestions can be to make a batch of popcorn, get the kids cosy in the lounge, and pop on the favourite movie of the moment. It’s time to wind the party down a notch in anticipation of slumber. No scary themes! You’d rather they slept – even just a little!


We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. That’s why our local network of babysitters are personally checked and picked by our family for your family www.sitters.co.uk. 

how to choose for street lighting, a summer residence, a country house, a garage

Having a country house is the dream of many, if not everyone. And if such an opportunity presents itself, then you need to try so that he has no less comfort, coziness and convenience than city apartments. And if many can cope with the interior decoration quickly enough, some simply do not know what to do with the adjoining territory. The first thing to think about is lighting. After all, the dark area around the house, at the entrance, in the garden is very unattractive and gloomy.Let’s start choosing spotlights for country houses.

Functionality and purpose

First, let’s define what exactly we need a spotlight for. They are divided into several types according to their purpose.

  1. Lighting, which are used for the most direct purpose – lighting the territory, construction site, yard.

  1. Architectural ones will be needed to highlight the building, we use it when we want to emphasize the features of the building, significant parts of the house, the beauty of the decoration, etc.

  1. Decorative garden spotlights will accentuate and make your landscape original.

  1. Luminaires designed for reservoirs and swimming pools can be distinguished into a separate group. Separate because they have a number of features.

Technical characteristics

Floodlights with different types of lamps have different technical characteristics. Let’s consider each of them according to the plan:

  • voltage;
  • power;
  • degree of protection against external influences;
  • operating temperatures;
  • color temperature, i.e.e. the brightness of the glow;
  • service life.
  1. LED floodlights are the most popular, although they are not cheap.

Voltage has parameters such as range. For outdoor spotlights, it is worth choosing lamps with a fairly wide range, for example, from 85 to 285 V. This will save you from responding to power surges that often occur in the network.

The power of the floodlight is selected taking into account the functionality that you want to give the luminaire.The more power, the brighter the light. This is an axiom. For floodlights, 100 and 150 W lamps are suitable. Decorative options don’t need such strong light sources. Here bulbs from 10 to 70 watts are possible.

Street floodlight must have a high degree of protection. For LED – the minimum degree of protection is ip 65.

Another criterion will depend on the external environment – this is the ambient temperature. LED luminaires can withstand from minus 40º to plus 50º.This is an excellent indicator, and you can choose without worrying that the lamp will not survive the harsh winter or very hot summer.

Traditionally, color temperatures are categorized as yellow, day white and cool white. LED luminaires are available in all color temperatures. When choosing, you need to know that the brightest light is obtained precisely with the help of white color temperatures.

Another very nice feature of LEDs is their long service life. It can be up to 50,000 hours.

The advantages of LED floodlights also include the fact that they practically do not heat the body, which makes them safer.

All these are the best qualities and are quite expensive.

  1. Halogen lamps in spotlights.

Technical indicators, in contrast to LED, are slightly lower. The voltage range is from 6 to 240 V. The lamps are very sensitive to voltage surges, therefore, they must be installed if the voltage is stable or using a special voltage stabilizer.

The take-off in power ranges from 1 to 20 kW.

The degree of protection of the lamp from moisture and pollution is less high, it is not recommended to touch them even with a hand, because this reduces the service life, which, if used correctly, can be up to 4000 hours, which is significantly less than that of LED floodlights.

The color output of a halogen lamp can be called quite bright: daylight or cold white. Metal halide lamps have a wide range of color temperatures – from 3000 to 6500 K.

It should be noted that halogens get very hot, when installing them, you need to think about a durable case and protective glass.

Most often, floodlights with halogen lamps are used as stationary ones, because the structure is rather heavy due to the metal body and other components.

Such projectors are unlikely to be suitable as decorative illumination, but they are quite suitable for illumination of a vast territory.

  1. Sodium lamps are a powerful light source.The power varies from 70 to 400 W, so the luminous efficiency is also high. The service life is between 14,000 and 18,000, which is the average for light sources. A clear disadvantage of spotlights with this type of lamp is the poor color output. They usually emit a yellow or orange color, which is not beneficial to the eyes. Indoors, such lamps are generally not recommended to be used, but for some outdoor purposes, you can choose them.

Material and additional options

Having got acquainted with the main technical characteristics, we now turn to the material from which the case is made.Of course, none of the experts will advise you to choose a plastic case. This is very impractical and unreliable, given the degree of heating of certain types of lamps and natural factors.

It is best to choose a sturdy aluminum case that will last. Also used are alloys of aluminum with other metals. Here you need to be prepared for the fact that corrosion may appear, because, unlike aluminum, other metals are not so resistant to environmental conditions.

As additional options, you can consider the presence of motion sensors in the spotlight.This will save energy consumption because it will not light up all night. In addition, the floodlight will increase the safety of the illuminated area.

Form and model of the floodlight

All street floodlights can be classified as stationary or mobile, i.e. portable. Stationary ones are installed along the perimeter of the yard, at the entrance on solid posts or rods. One of the types of stationary luminaires are wall-mounted spotlights mounted with wall mounts.

Portable models are equipped with a carrying handle and a movable mount, which allows you to easily carry the luminaire from place to place as needed.

We will not see a great variety in form. The floodlights are available in round, square or rectangular configurations. But know that the shape affects the light: from a round spotlight it will be directional, and from a square one it will be diffused.

What area can be illuminated with a spotlight?

The peculiarity of a spotlight as a type of lighting device is its large illumination area. To calculate the number of spotlights, you need to know the scattering angle. We will not make complex specific calculations.Let’s just give specific examples. For example, for an area of ​​approximately 26 m², a 50-60 W floodlight is sufficient. Such lighting devices will illuminate the space within a radius of 5 meters. If we take these indicators as a basis, you can easily calculate the entire territory.

One more point. In the passport of the searchlight, characteristics such as lumens are indicated. How do they affect the area of ​​illumination? Let’s take the most common wattage of bulbs for a spotlight:

  • 70 W includes 5600 lm, which gives a light range of up to 6 m;
  • 100 W – 8000 lm, range 7 m;
  • 150 W – 10230 Lm, range reaches 8 m.

Rating of the best models of street floodlights

  1. The Austrian company Eglo offers a wide range of floodlights for country houses. A distinctive feature of the lighting devices of this company is that the devices do not require additional bulbs, because the lighting element itself is built into the structure. There are two main body colors available: black and transparent. Manufacturers have gained popularity in the lighting market due to their responsibility for the quality of their products.
  2. Novotech is another foreign manufacturer supplying our market with lighting fixtures for landscape use. A large selection of both stationary and portable floodlights and an excellent combination of metal and glass allows the company to successfully compete in the market.
  3. Feron is a brand that, according to customer reviews, has excellent technical characteristics. Good performance includes the provision of a long-term warranty for the use of these lighting fixtures.Even the design of the floodlights of this manufacturer differs significantly from their counterparts, namely the choice of color, body shape and construction.
  4. We must not forget about domestic producers. Among them, the company Nanosvet stands out, which offers a whole collection of floodlights for various purposes. The main material for manufacturing is metal. A black or transparent body will allow you to choose a lighting device for different styles. In addition, the range includes stationary, mobile and wall-mounted options.

How to choose the right type of street lighting

When choosing a floodlight for the street of your house, pay attention to several factors:

  • the architectural significance of the building or area that you intend to illuminate;
  • style features of a country house and the surrounding area.
  • Projector lighting is recommended when installing lighting on driveways, parking lots, around the garage.It is cheap enough, but it allows you to illuminate the darkest corners of your territory.

    Let’s summarize all the information and draw up a kind of memo on the choice of floodlights for a country house:

    • the most profitable and recommended, despite the high price, are LED lamps for a floodlight;
    • The shape of the spotlight affects the luminous flux: it will be directed or diffused;
    • Don’t choose a spotlight with a plastic body, you will quickly regret it;
    • Don’t be stingy and opt for models with a motion sensor;
    • no problem if you have power outages or no power supply at all: use a solar-powered floodlight;
    • take a look at such manufacturers as Eglo, Novotech, Feron, Nanosvet;
    • if you cannot independently calculate the required power of the searchlight, contact a specialist so as not to feel a lack of light or, conversely, not to overpay for electricity;
    • carefully study all the specified technical characteristics specified in the product data sheet.

    If you have any questions about the selection and installation of lighting, you can contact the specialists of our company. We value our reputation and offer only high-quality products.

    Golight is a large American manufacturer of reliable halogen and LED floodlights for ships, cars, military, Ministry of Emergency Situations

    Innovative ship floodlights from Golight
    Country of origin: USA

    Responsible attitude is required when choosing floodlights for a ship.They must provide excellent illumination of the space, guaranteeing safety. What matters is the reliability of a device that can withstand harsh sea trials. Not a superfluous quality is the efficiency of the floodlight. There are devices on the world market that are unmatched in all these indicators. These are the products of the Golight company from the United States.

    Golight brand products

    The Golight company was established relatively recently, a little over 20 years ago. However, a competent approach to the organization of production, high quality of products allowed the company to develop dynamically, in 10 years it turned from a small company into one of the world market leaders in this category.
    The Golight brand offers an extensive range of floodlights. It has stationary, portable, portable devices. A special place in the company’s products is occupied by light sources intended for sea and river vessels. They are manufactured using an innovative technology developed and patented by Golight.
    The floodlights are equipped with LED, xenon, halogen sources, as well as reflectors and optical lenses. The design guarantees maximum luminous flux range, elimination of dark spots.

    Golight floodlights for sea and river vessels

    Golight designers, developing floodlights for ships of different categories, take into account all the tests that will have to go through the devices. Particular attention is paid to the strength, reliability of materials, and the tightness of the housings. Golight LED and halogen floodlights are highly resistant to salt water, rainfall, snow, frost, ultraviolet rays.
    The light source will perform its intended purpose in all conditions for many years to come.
    The creators of the devices provide them not only with high quality and durability, but also with maximum ease of use. The floodlights are easy to mount and controlled by remote controls. To provide excellent visibility, you can give them an inclined position, rotate 360 ​​°.
    In the catalog of the online store MARITIM, the assortment includes high-quality, reliable Golight floodlights. You can choose the ideal light source for your boat, boat, yacht, capable of providing a safe, comfortable journey.

    Roll Up Structures in St. Petersburg

    Mobile Roll Up is a well-known type of exhibition advertising products. Such a stand has an easy-to-use design. They can often be seen at events where they represent their company or products. Stands can be stored for a long period of time, which makes them often in demand. This handy tool is used to conduct: 90,038 90,011 advertising companies 90,014
  • Promotions
  • exhibitions
  • conferences
  • Promotional Presentations
  • fairs
  • Also, the mobile structure is used in shopping centers. Cost of turnkey Roll AP construction in St. Petersburg:
    Designation Size, cm

    Quantity, pcs.

    design + seal

    1 > 5 > 10
    Economy 80 * 200 3 460 2 730 Send a request
    85 * 200 3 540 2 860
    100 * 200 3 960 2 970
    Standard 80 * 200 4 660 3 680
    85 * 200 4 740 3 770
    90 * 200 4 980 3 980
    100 * 200 5 390 4 870
    120 * 200 6 440 5 900
    150 * 200 9 320 8 820
    200 * 200 11 320 10 890
    * The price includes printing 720 dpi on banner fabric 440 g, assembly, packing case.”Standard” differs only in the higher quality of the materials used.
    More details about the mobile structure Roll Up Roll up is made of aluminum – a durable material. A mechanism is built into the body that protects the advertising poster from damage. The tool has an improved mounting method. There is no need to take special care of the mobile Roll up structures, it is enough to take good care of them. Inside the cassette body there is a spring-loaded roller mechanism that tightens the advertising banner during operation.Has a stable construction. On uneven surfaces, thanks to the adjustable feet, you can securely position the stand. It will take only half a minute to unfold this stand. First, pull the roll out of the base, and then fix it in the unfolded position. For this, a metal pin is used. Mobile advantages: 90 038 90 011 mobility;
  • quick assembly. Installation of a mobile structure takes a couple of minutes;
  • a small price.Entrepreneurs can afford and benefit from this type of promotional item;
  • durability;
  • stability;
  • doesn’t take up much space. When rolled up, all advertising materials will not be subject to mechanical damage or dirt;
  • lightweight and compact for transportation;
  • it is easy to replace the advertising canvas;
  • ease of use. The mobile structure has a suitable shape, for example, for an exhibition where it is not possible to use a projector.
  • The mobile Roll Up is an attractive design for both the office and home. This mobile design informs potential customers about products and services. The mobile structure has small dimensions and weight, so no special physical training is required for installation. For the production of a mobile structure, a ready-made layout is required from the client. The image on the structure is produced using the technology of full-color printing on banner fabric. The mobile design does not require stationary fastening to the floor, and the sturdy and reliable rack easily hides into the stand body during installation.A special cover is included with the mobile advertising structure. Where better to buy a mobile Roll Up Advertising and production company “Razvitie” offers a wide range of mobile stands at a low price. Our company’s designers will create catchy and effective advertising.

    Overview of new equipment ETC

    Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel


    Source Four LED Series 3 is the third generation of LED color mixing fixtures.When the Source Four floodlights hit the market in 1992, they quickly became industry favorites. In 2014, ETC added lime green light to the x7 module, a breakthrough in color mixing technology. Lime Green enhances the light output of the luminaire in pure whites and lighter tones, making them brighter and more vibrant than other LED combinations. This solution approaches the light transmission of Source Four devices with incandescent lamps. In addition, it improves color rendering by blending the red end of the color spectrum with blue more smoothly.A further step in technology development, the new 2020 instrument series features an eight-color color mixing system that includes dark red LEDs.

    The eight-color Lustr X8 module, used in Series 3 fixtures, enhances the depth of skin tones, fabrics and decorations. The adjustable Daylight HDR white light module expands the range of warm and cool whites. And all this without sacrificing brightness.

    Together with the Source Four LED Series 3, ETC is also introducing a new generation of lens tubes.XDLT lens tubes take Series 3 fixtures to new levels of brightness – especially at the farthest distances. With reduced light scattering, improved figure projection and near-zero chromatic aberration, they will be indispensable in the largest theaters. XDLT lens tubes are superior in light output, clarity and contrast to all other models on the market.

    ETS is also adding to its portfolio an updated classic – Desire Fresnel.This Fresnel floodlight combines the best of theater-loved incandescent lamps with the latest technology. A full eight-color matrix, wireless DMX / RDM, an intuitive user interface and NFC configuration from a mobile device using ETC’s Set Light app are just a few of the features that come standard on Desire Fresnel. At the same time, the device retains the best features of Fresnel lamps – smooth, beautiful light, impressive shutters and adjustable zoom.ETC has redesigned the lamp and lens to work together to provide more light across the entire zoom range.

    Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel are the perfect combination for any theater. Soft fill, maximum brightness and impressive color mixing for every scene.


    ColorSource Spot jr is a new addition to the ETC ColorSource family of spotlights. It weighs almost half the weight (5.5kg) of a full-size ColorSource Spot and is not only half the size, but also half the price.Like other ETC floodlights, ColorSource Spot jr uses the same color technology, offering stunning colors, accurate and smooth dimming and over 5,700 lumens of brightness – all at a reasonable price.


    ColorSource Spot jr is available in two LED array options: Original for subtle pastel shades and beautiful whites for skin tones, and Deep Blue for richer, more dramatic colors. Like all ColorSource floodlights, Spot jr includes integrated color technologies from ETC, so you can be sure that the colors set during rehearsal will match the colors seen during the show.This includes light drop compensation, comprehensive factory color calibration, and third-party validation of the life of the floodlights. Spot jr has a built-in zoom from 25 to 50 degrees, which is ideal for small scenes of houses of culture and educational institutions, for trade halls.

    ETC provides a 5-year warranty for the entire floodlight and a 10-year warranty for the LED unit.

    The MyETC: Photometrics app provides complete photometric and color information for the ColorSource Spot jr and all other ETC spotlights.

    Eos v3.0 with Augment3d 3D programming environment

    v3.0 software is now available for the Eos family of consoles, providing powerful 3D programming and augmented reality control. This update marks the official integration of the highly anticipated Augment3d toolkit into Eos. With Augment3d, users can quickly and easily program automated fixtures, render scenes in an imported model of their space, and even position lights with the flick of the magic wand of an augmented reality smartphone.The new software runs natively on all the latest hardware in the Eos family and can be used with ETCnomad software on Mac and PC.

    The latest version of ETCnomad software is free to download and use the Augment3d programming environment to create offline virtual projects. ETC also created a Light Lab virtual light lab show file to help students use Augment3d to study lighting.

    If the educational potential of Augment3d seems to be ideal for the current moment of distance learning, then professional Augment3d applications are even more effective in the long run. Augment3d supports over 50 different 3D file extensions for importing objects or creating models, and makes it easy to import your own lighting scheme using the Vectorworks plug-in. And even without a lighting scheme or model, you can use the Fixture Position Estimation tool to quickly plot the spatial coordinates of fixtures using just four focus palettes.

    Once the virtual weighting scheme has been created, Augment3d offers many new tools to make it easy to point fixtures and trigger scenes. You can position the beams of automated or static fixtures with a single click or touch.

    Light Panels Fos / 4 Panel

    In 2016, a special research group was formed in ETS to develop new technologies and devices. The first priority project of the team was to create the best light for video cameras.Years of industry-wide color perception research has resulted in the fos / 4 range of light panels.

    The panels are available in various sizes (small, medium and large) and are available with two module options. The Lustr X8 module contains deep red LEDs that enrich the spectrum, enhance skin tones and add extra depth to blues, greens and amber. Daylight HDR is a customizable white light module. With a carefully selected set of LEDs from the x8 color mixing system, it brings natural warmth to the treated skin tones.The module is also optimized for colder color temperatures. These soft lighting fixtures provide excellent brightness and CCT selection from 1900K to 10 450K without compromising color quality.

    The full color display and tactile encoders in the user interface have been designed with the motion picture industry in mind. Fos / 4 panels support fine color control with a graphical full-spectrum color picker that allows the operator to define the blending parameters for each shade.The fine-tuning function can be used to select the brightest light, the best spectral light, or a hybrid of the two. Individually customized color palettes are stored in one of many programmable presets.

    The industrial design of the fos / 4 panel makes it an ergonomic and visually appealing solution. The kit includes a clamping bar, which serves for mounting the lighting device and various accessories required during shooting. Panel handles with tether attachment, rounded corners and gray finish create a memorable look without sacrificing functionality.

    Additional features – configurable via NFC from a mobile device, wireless control of the Multiverse from the remote using the City Theatrical Multiverse transmitter and a package of standard effects for this class of lighting fixture, including emergency and signal lights, camera flash and party lighting. Like other ETC appliances, fos / 4 panels are manufactured in the USA and therefore have a long warranty period.

    Fos / 4 Fresnel


    ETC fos / 4 Fresnel draws on the best of traditional Fresnel-lens floodlights, and inherits ETC’s expertise in LEDs, including precision color mixing, high-end dimming, and older ETC products.

    The beam angle is adjustable from 13 ° to 55 ° – both from the front and from the back. A special slot allows you to install the necessary accessories – for example, curtains or softboxes. A lyre with a movable center of gravity helps to balance the instrument after aiming. Optics made of glass with a minimum amount of impurities, practically homogeneous in chemical composition (homogenized), forms a truly soft beam. With City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless technology, the fixture can be controlled over the air, and the built-in NFC interface makes it easy to set up the spotlight from a mobile device even when the power is off using ETC’s Set Light app.

    As with the fos / 4 Panel, the fos / 4 Fresnel is available in two versions: Lustr X8 for the widest color gamut and Daylight HDR for vibrant whites and midtones. Both matrices are complemented by the new Deep Red LEDs, which are much better at reproducing skin, fabric and decoration tones. The luminous flux of fos / 4 Fresnel reaches 9,700 lumens, so you don’t have to sacrifice brightness where fine color reproduction is needed.

    Fresnel without compromise: bright and high quality. Fos / 4 Fresnel is backed by a unique 5/10 year warranty and lifetime technical support from ETC.

    Source 4WRD Color

    ETC introduced Source 4WRD Color, an addition to the Source 4WRD family of lighting fixtures. The new product is a color-changeable retrofit kit for existing Source Four full-size ellipsoidal / profile spotlights, providing additive RGBA color mixing, rich fills, fast color changes and more for Source Four.


    Source 4WRD Color is the next generation of ETC’s Source 4WRD LED range and is easy to upgrade. Source Four ellipsoidal / profile spotlights can be converted to RGBA LED spotlights using the Source 4WRD Color LED engine while retaining all Source Four features, including lenses and accessories.

    Source 4WRD Color is also available in two floodlights.

    Source 4WRD Color PAR and PARNel provide smooth edges and rich colors with no additional upgrade required.

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