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Cloth Books – A Little Patch of Country


ready made padded cloth book

$38.00 ea

Padded fabric Book
25w x 26h

$38.00 ea


Victorian Textiles

ready made padded cloth book

$38.00 ea


11010 learn to count Australia panel with native animals

$27.00 ea

My Alphabet padded cloth book

$38.00 ea

Springs Creative

39590/104 Bazooples ready made book

$38. 00 ea

Choo Choo Bazooples ready made cloth book

$35.00 ea

Springs Creative

SP58815 panel to make cloth book

$25.50 ea

Springs Creative

39590/104 bazooples book panel

$26.75 ea

Yo Ho Yo Ho pirate padded cloth book

$35.00 ea

Springs Creative

SPD48460 book panel

$20.15 ea

Studio E

soft cloth book ready made

$35.00 ea

ready made padded cloth book

$35.00 ea


old MacDonald had a farm. ready made cloth book.

$38.00 ea

Springs Creative

39490/ 104 Pooh Nursery book, ready made

$38.00 ea

Springs Creative

39490/ 104 Pooh Nursery book panel

$31.25 ea


panel to make cloth book

$29.95 ea

111120 readymade padded cloth book

$38.00 ea

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Advanced fabric book panels For Perfect Sound Control Inspiring Collections

About products and suppliers:

The increased demand for quietness and peace in the ever noisy private and public settings has increased the demand for. fabric book panels. Our exclusive range of. fabric book panels sold at Alibaba.com work to absorb and eliminate background sounds and echo as well as enhance the quality of sound in a room. Find multiple. fabric book panels selections available in many colors, sizes, and types to match your unique durability, design, and budgetary requirements.

The uniquely crafted and high-quality. fabric book panels can be installed in studios, rehearsal rooms, offices, or reception halls. Available in unlimited style options and versatile enough to fit into different ceilings and walls,. fabric book panels will supplement your room’s decor while still taking care of the noise issues. The. fabric book panels for sale come in many different composites, thicknesses, profiles, and custom sizes.

Shop from an all-inclusive inventory of. fabric book panels made of premium grade materials with fashionable wedge profiles to add to your rooms a seal of protection against frequency reverberation, reflections, and echoes from plain walls. Compare from many. fabric book panels types, including diffusive ceiling rafts, suspended acoustic baffles, suspended acoustical ceiling clouds, free-standing, and wall-mounted acoustic panels. These. fabric book panels selections are made of long-lasting and efficient natural fibers, wood, wood fibers, fabrics, mineral fibers, and fiberglass.

Compare multiple. fabric book panels to grab the best products to fit your environment and potential uses. Suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers searching for these high-quality and expertly designed products should visit Alibaba.com for quality and affordable solutions.

Patchwork Quilting fabrics, Moda fabric, Quilt Supplies,Patterns

Product Image Item Name- Qty. Price

Ahoy 48240-11 Panel – Moda Patchwork Fabric

Ahoy 48240-11 Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (112cm).      

7 $23.50  $18.00
Save: 23% off

Aquatic Friends 15676-248 Panel- Robert Kaufman Patchwork Fabric

Aquatic Friends 15676-248 Panel by Robert Kaufman Fabrics     Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. WOF : 44″ (112cm).       Free Patterns

1 $16.50

Art Theory A9697C Dark Panel – Patchwork Quilting Fabric

Art Theory A9697C Dark Panel by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (114cm).   Fabric is sold by the piece approx. 24″ x wof (approx. 44″) includes 2 Medallions. Each circle…

10 $19.95

Aussie Friends 4373-Panel – Patchwork Quilting Fabric

Aussie Friends 4373 Panel From P & B Textiles Aussie Friends by Deane Beesley Collection   Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric.

WOF : 42″ (110cm).   Sold by the panel. 22″ x WOF    

17 $15.00

Best Friends Forever 20620-11 Doll Panel – Patchwork Fabric

Best Friends Forever 20620-11  Doll Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (112cm).        

14 $24.00

Butterfly Dance 3892 Panel Blue – Patchwork Fabric

Butterfly Dance 3892 – Panel Blue by Cinderberry Stitches/Natalie Lymer for Riley Blake Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 110cm.   Fabric is sold as a panel approx. 90cm x width of fabric    

14 $18.40
Sale: $12.88
Save: 30% off

Butterfly Dance 3892 Panel Green – Patchwork Fabric

Butterfly Dance 3892 – Panel Green by Cinderberry Stitches/Natalie Lymer for Riley Blake Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 110cm.   Fabric is sold as a panel approx. 90cm x width of fabric    

5 $18.40
Sale: $12.88
Save: 30% off

Butterfly Dance 3892 Panel Pink – Patchwork Fabric

Butterfly Dance 3892 – Panel Pink by Cinderberry Stitches/Natalie Lymer for Riley Blake Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 110cm.   Fabric is sold as a panel approx. 90cm x width of fabric      

8 $18.40
Sale: $12.88
Save: 30% off

Enchanted 48250-11 Panel – Moda Patchwork Fabric

Enchanted 48250-11 Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (112cm).      

4 $21.50  $16.00
Save: 26% off

Girlfriend Doll Accessory Panel 181581 – Robert Kaufman – Fabric

Girlfriend Doll Accessory Panel 181581 by Ann Kelle for  Robert Kaufman Fabrics     Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric.

WOF : 44″ Panel is approx. 36″ (92cm) x WOF   Girlfriend Doll Accessory panel, includes…

15 $27.00

Girlfriend Doll Panel 181571 – Robert Kaufman – Fabric

Girlfriend Doll Panel 181571 (Bailey, Juley, Piper, Kenzie) by Ann Kelle for  Robert Kaufman Fabrics     Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. WOF : 44″ Panel is approx. 36″ (92cm) x WOF  

8 $27.00

Ho Ho Ho 19700-11 Panel – Moda Patchwork & Quilting Fabric

Ho Ho Ho 19700-11 Panel by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (112cm).   Panel is approx 24” x width of fabric      

10 $14.25
Sale: $9.98
Save: 30% off

Jungle Club BT2250-99 Panel – Patchwork & Quilting Fabric

Jungle Club BT2250-99 Panel Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Fabric : 100% cotton. By Benartex Fabrics.Width of fabric is 112cm. Fabric is sold as one panel (approx 60cm wide x width of fabric)  

$14.65  $10.00
Save: 32% off

Novelty Face Mask Panel – TTCD8646 – Mask Panel

Novelty Face Mask Panel – 36″ x wof by Timeless Treasures     Mask Panel – Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric      

2 $24.50

Off the Farm PB930 panel – Patchwork & Quilting Fabric

Off the Farm PB930 panel by P & B Textiles Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. WOF : 110cm.   Fabric is sold by the panel approx 24″ wide (61cm) x width of fabric.  

4 $17.00

Old New 30’s 2017 Pink Panel – Patchwork & Quilting Fabric

Old New 30’s 2017 Pink Panel 31522-20 by Lecien Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric.

Size : 42″ (110cm).   Fabric is sold by the panel – 1 panel is 60cm by wof….    

11 $16.50  $13.20
Save: 20% off

On The Go PANEL 20720-11 Moda Fabric – Patchwork Fabric

On The Go Panel 20720-11 by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 54″     Fabric is sold by the panel.  Approx. 54″ x 36″.  If you order more than 1 it will be in one…

5 $40.00

Once Upon A Time 20591-11 Castle Book Panel – Patchwork Fabric

Once Upon A time 20591-11 Castle Book Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size Approx: 36″ x WOF 44″ (112cm).     Please note – Dolls not included – Doll Panel available here

2 $23.20

Redwork Gatherings 49110-11 Panel – Patchwork Quilting Fabric

Redwork Gatherings Panel 49110-11 Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Range by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics. Colour: Cream, Red Size :  36″ x 58″      

7 $29.95

Round Robin 604 panel- Patchwork & Quilting Fabric

Round Robin 6042-18 by Kathy Schmitz for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (112cm).        

0 $15.50  $12.00
Save: 23% off

… more info

Safari Life 20640-11 Animal Panel – Patchwork Fabric

Safari Life 20640-11  Animal Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (112cm).     Approx. 36″ x 44″  

4 $26.00

Safety First Face Mask Panel – Moda Patchwork Fabric

Safety First Panel – Face Mask  by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric   Moda Safety First Face Mask Panel includes  8 adult and 10 children’s  mask fronts. You will also need 75cm of…

14 $19.95

Safety First Holiday Panel – Moda Patchwork Fabric

Safety First Holiday Panel – Face Mask  by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric   Moda Safety First Face Mask Panel includes  8 adult and 10 children’s  mask fronts. You will also need 75cm…

39 $19.95

Savannah 48220-21 Panel – Moda Fabrics – Patchwork Fabric

Savannah 48220-21 Panel by Gingiber for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Size : 44″ (112cm).     Fabric is sold by the panel. Approx 91cm by wof….  

12 $21.50

Stitchery Panel – Heartstrings Preprinted – The Birdhouse

Heartstrings Preprinted Stitchery Panel Design by Natalie Bird for The Birdhouse. Manufactured by Devonstone Designs Approx. 30cm x wof     Pre-printed Stitchery panel on Linen blend fabric, with 30 mini-stitcheries (no other fabrics…

12 $10.55

Sunday Picnic 20670-11 Panel – Moda Fabric – Patchwork Fabric

Sunday Picnic Panel 20670-11 – Frogs Picnic by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric.     Fabric is sold by the panel as per photo below.  1 panel is approx. 57″ x 75″.    

5 $45.00  $35.00
Save: 22% off

The Simple Life 3021 Aqua Panel – Riley Blake – Quilting Fabric

The Simple Life 3021 Aqua Panel by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Panel Size : 35″ x 44″     1 panel is 90cm x WOF….     A great cushion pattern for this panel  

2 $18. 00  $12.00
Save: 33% off

Wildlife Art DV3173 – Birds – Patchwork Quilting Fabric

Wildlife Art Dv3173 Parrots, Wrens & Kingfisher Panel Applique, patchwork and quilting fabrics.   Sold by the 13.5 inch width panel x WOF    

15 $9.95

Wildlife Art DV3174 -Frogs, Kookaburra, Possums – Fabric

Wildlife Art Dv3174 Frogs, Kookaburra, Possoms Panel Applique, patchwork and quilting fabrics.   Sold by the 13.5 inch width panel x WOF    

20 $9.95

Wildlife Art DV3175 ( Possum, Koala, Kookaburra,) – Fabric

Wildlife Art Dv3175 Possum, Koala, Kookaburra Panel Applique, patchwork and quilting fabrics.   Sold by the 13.5 inch width panel x WOF    

19 $9. 95

Winter’s Lane Panel 13090-14 Patchwork & Quilting Fabric

Winter’s Lane Panel 13090-14 by Katie & Birdie for Moda Fabrics Applique, patchwork and quilting fabric. Please Note: This is a panel 24″ x 45″ as pictured below It has a Pillow Panel approx 22″ x 22″, Postcards 5″ x…

4 $12.00  $8.00
Save: 33% off

Holiday Fun with Fabric Panels

Fabric Panels. You love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Whatever you think of a fabric panel, they are everywhere: quilt shops and in magazines, for quilts and for quilting, not just for kids but adults too. One might even consider them one of the pre-cuts on the market to help quilters make a quick quilt. If you are like me, you’ve resisted working with fabric panels for a long time, because they seemed like a short cut to real quilting. And, because fabric panels seemed to have a limited use; as is, or surrounded by border strips. At best, you could place a bunch of fancy blocks around the edges. I am wrong!

Wonderful things are happening with fabric panels today. There are so many to choose from, ranging from scenic landscapes, nature and animal-inspired to large graphic displays of color. You know what changed my mind about fabric panels? Two things: The Dream Big panel from Hoffman California Fabrics. I saw it at Quilt Market with lots of lovely quilting detail; thought it would be a great panel for exploring quilting skills. I immediately wanted to learn machine quilting with that panel. And second, the Christmas Crackers fussy cut throw quilt, designed by Rachel Hayes for the November/December 2018 issue of Quiltmaker magazine.

ABOVE: Christmas Crackers, designed by Rachel Hayes, Quiltmaker, November/December 2018

Dream Big Fabric Panel
by Hoffman California Fabrics

I know it might be hard for some quilters to ‘just do it’, but you really can cut a panel into pieces and open up a whole new world of quilty ideas. Christmas Crackers is a totally unique quilt because you can’t tell it’s made from a panel. In fact, it’s made with six of the same fabric panels. And, get this; the panels are dolls, dressed in Christmas colors.

Christmas Crackers,
Panel from The North Pole Collection by Stacy lest Hsu for Moda Fabrics, Kit Available

Christmas Crackers Up Close

Rachel is so very clever. Made of pieced hexagons, if you look at the quilt’s design up close, you can see the tiny feet of the elves running in a circle, along with other whimsical shapes. She fussy cut the panels to put together pieces of the dolls to create a great holiday-fun quilt.

Christmas Crackers,
The detail of the design is in the fabric panel.

Remember I talked about the appeal of a panel earlier? Well, the really great thing about Rachel’s design is you can make it with any fabric panel that has small elements suitable for fussy cutting the triangles. (Check out the color option with the Christmas Crackers design in Quiltmaker November/December. And, consider the book panels that are available for a child’s quilt).

Christmas Crackers: Basic Steps

Here’s a quick view of the basic steps Rachel used to create her quilt.

Layer 6 fabric panels.


Cut a strip from the layers.


Cut out triangles.


Place 6 triangles together to create a hexagon.

Rachel’s design might be a bit fussy, but it is so creative it’s one quilt design worth a try. And, the ideas are endless when you think of all the fabric panels to choose from.

You can find the detailed instructions for Christmas Crackers on The Quilting Company website. If you would like to use the same panels as Rachel used for her quilt, a kit is available too.

Christmas Crackers, designed by Rachel Hayes, Quiltmaker, November/December 2018

Be sure to check out the other quilt designs in the Quiltmaker November/December issue. You can see them in our Lookbook here. Better yet, download a copy of the magazine or request to mail a print issue direct to your door.

Happy Quilting!

Subscribe to Quiltmaker magazine for a year’s worth of fun quilt designs.


Robert Kaufman Fabrics

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90,000 Billionaire Elon Musk has installed the world’s largest battery in Australia on a bet Local authorities are now testing the installation systems. The final launch is scheduled for December 1st. Musk, in turn, congratulated Tesla employees on completing the work “in record time.” But the media found the billionaire cheated.


Tesla’s main owner “challenged South Australia and the nation’s federal government” in March. The billionaire promised to solve the state’s electricity problems within 100 days by building a 100 MWh electrical storage system there.

The problems faced by local authorities have arisen due to the fact that the state of South Australia has begun to rapidly develop sources of renewable electricity, primarily wind turbines and solar batteries.Local authorities were unable to ensure the commensurate development of traditional energy or storage capacities capable of providing electricity supplies during periods of calm or cloudy weather. As a result, the state’s power grid, with a population of 1.7 million, has experienced several major blackouts in recent years on cloudy and calm days.

Advertising on Forbes

What Elon Musk Pledged

On March 9, Tesla’s Vice President of Energy Lyndon Reeve announced that the company could install a 100-300 MW * hour battery system to keep South Australia’s electricity flowing regardless of weather conditions. …He noted that the implementation of a similar, albeit smaller in scale, Gigafactory project in Nevada (USA) took 100 days.

Following Reeve’s announcement, Australian billionaire and co-founder of IT company Atlassian Mike Cannon-Brooks asked on Twitter how seriously Musk was taking the idea. The Tesla owner responded that his company is ready to build the system within three months after signing the contract, or provide it to the Australian authorities for free.”Is this serious enough for you?” Musk asked. After this tweet, Cannon Brooks took a break to resolve the issue with the state authorities and soon returned with approval of the idea.

Musk cheated

It is not known if Elon Musk would have managed to meet the promised 100 days if he had started work on September 29, after the conditions of the dispute were approved by the state authorities. However, Mashable found that by the time the work officially started, the system was already operating at half of its design capacity of 50 MW. Formal conditions were met, but in reality Musk insured himself by starting to build the station before the official approval of their joint initiative with Cannon Brooks.

90,000 Australia Records Boom in Solar Panels – Social Responsibility

In March 2017, the number of households in Australia installing solar panels reached their highest level in nearly five years. According to figures cited by Warwick Johnston, founder of the consulting firm SunWiz, the total solar PV capacity was 91 megawatts. This was reported by the Australian news portal ABC.

According to Johnston, the popularity of small-scale solar energy (independent of centralized heat and electricity networks) has been boosted by rising tariffs and recent hurricane outages in South Australia.

“We noticed a rise in interest in solar panels in 2016 and tried to understand if it will continue in 2017. This is exactly what happened, – said the expert. – People, of course, will learn about the benefits of solar energy, about how to store energy , in order to sell it or store it in the event of a power outage. The trend is visible in those states that have been most affected by the outages. People are also realizing that solar panels are a good response to rising prices. ”

Warwick himself and his wife, environmental activist Lola Nilly, claim to have cut electricity bills to $ 2 a month.According to them, there is no mass advertising for solar panels in Australia; Australians follow the example of their neighbors and spread information from consumer to consumer.

Queensland is the leader among the Australian states in solar panels installation, where the capacity of newly installed panels is 25 MW; followed by South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Advances in technology are helping Australians not only harness and store solar energy, but also sell it to those without solar panels.Australia began testing its first decentralized electricity exchange in February; 5 thousand families have joined the project.

The challenge to be solved by the industry for further development is to make the means of storing electricity more affordable for the consumer; meanwhile, the average price of a battery for home use is about $ 10,000. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, in order for solar energy to fully compete with traditional energy, it will need energy storage units with a total capacity of 150 GW.

“The experience of the last two years has shown that low prices for fossil fuels do not interfere with the development of renewable energy,” Tatiana Lanshina, a researcher at the Center for Economic Modeling of Energy and Ecology, RANEPA, told +1. Some renewable energy technologies (primarily wind energy) in some regions of the world are competitive in comparison with traditional electricity generation today.And further declines in value are expected. “

Since 2013, renewable energy has begun to develop in Russia: first in the wholesale electricity market, and then, in 2015, in the retail market. The possibility of introducing state support for microgeneration from renewable energy sources (RES) is being considered. By 2035, the share of wind and solar energy is expected to grow to 3%; investments in the development of the sector will amount to $ 53 billion. To support “green” energy in Russia, a program was adopted, according to which grid companies are required to buy electricity from renewable energy suppliers at regulated tariffs.

Material provided by the “+1” project.

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Tesla’s giant battery launches in Australia

Photo author, Reuters

Photo caption,

Superbattery installed in Jamestown, South Australia

The world’s largest lithium-ion battery began to supply electricity power grid of South Australia.

The 100-megawatt battery built by Tesla officially entered service on Friday. In fact, the current went through the wires on Thursday: due to the abnormal heat and the continuous operation of air conditioners, the demand for electricity is extremely high.

South Australia has been experiencing serious energy problems in recent years.

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, once promised to build a battery in 100 days – he fulfilled this promise.

“History is happening before our eyes,” – said the head of the local administration Jay Weatherill on Friday.The giant battery is designed to prevent incidents like last year, when an entire state was left without electricity.

According to Musk, its battery is three times more powerful than any analogue created so far.

From Twitter dispute to reality

The idea was born when Elon Musk was asked on Twitter if he was serious about helping South Australia solve its energy problems.

Musk replied in the affirmative, adding that if the battery is not built in 100 days, the state will receive it for free.

The countdown began on 30 September after the plan was approved by government officials. A site was chosen in the vicinity of Jamestown, about 200 kilometers north of Adelaide.

Tesla took about 60 days to build.

The battery is connected to the wind farm of the French energy company Neoen.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

The project was started by a bet made on Twitter by the head of Tesla, Elon Musk

When fully charged, the battery can provide electricity up to 30 thousand.houses within an hour. However, it will mainly be used to support and stabilize existing sources of electricity.

The battery is based on the same technology used in Tesla vehicles.

The company said in a statement that the commissioning of the superbattery confirms the possibility of “efficient and sustainable solutions to energy problems.”


The South Australian battery is just one of several similar projects that Tesla is involved in.

Smaller energy storage facilities are active in southern California, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hawaii and several Pacific islands. Some luxury hotels located on islands and in hard-to-reach places also use small energy banks.

The company also announced a large shipment of batteries to Puerto Rico, where the power system was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

E-commerce giant Amazon is also showing interest in energy storage technologies. The company has launched a pilot project to use batteries in its data centers.

Tesla says that decades of experience in developing automotive lithium-ion batteries have come in handy when creating large batteries for energy storage systems. The batteries used in energy storage systems intended for power grids are not exactly the same as in Tesla cars, but they have elements and design solutions in common with them.

Tesla previously partnered with Panasonic on a Powerpack battery project. However, Samsung was selected as the contractor for the South Australian operation, as Panasonic was unable to provide the required batteries in a severe time constraint.

Tesla will soon face stiff competition from major energy companies. Next year, a battery in South Korea goes into operation, which will be 50% larger than Tesla’s Australian battery.Chinese companies and many other renewable energy players are also building energy storage facilities around the world.

Factory Houtique | STS

Houtique was founded in 2006. The product development team’s ability to combine craftsmanship, design and style guarantees the high quality of Houtique furniture and home design products. In 2011, the company expanded its portfolio with a full line of interior design and contract products.Houtique strives to bring new experiences to the world of decor. The brand’s properties have distinct and distinctive personalities that make the living space unique. Along with high quality, Houtique guarantees speed and individuality in order to provide its customers with the most exclusive products and personalized services.

Decor and interior items: Houtique style.
Houtique products are not just an element of the interior, but a unique style that gives character and class to any context.Houtique offers a wide range of furniture in a combination of elegant colors, shapes and precious materials. Collections include sofas, armchairs, sofas, poufs, tables, chairs, stools, bookcases, lamps, mirrors and home decor items. The Wink collection plays on colors, shapes and the imagination of the observer – this is demonstrated by the velvet-metal Wink chair designed by Masquespacio for Houtique. A 24-karat gold-trimmed curved iron structure plays on the main lines, and the velvet back is reminiscent of the shape of an eye.Wink chairs and floor, wall and pendant lamps attract attention with the elegance and sophistication of their gold finish and the different shades with which they are combined, as well as their unusual soft fringe. Houtique lighting includes the Tropicana range of lamps designed by Serena Confalonieri. The pendant lamp is made of wood with a structure that has petals with edges of colored fabric in different shades, which gives the object a lightness and dynamism. As the name suggests, Tropicana Hotel is inspired by the tropics, its shape reminiscent of a brightly colored flower hanging from the ceiling.It is also inspired by traditional palm leaf fans. The Arco collection, which includes metal chairs and high stools with a built-in cushion, was born from the idea that seating is a natural act that can become an artistic play reminiscent of the 1980s. The collection includes an armchair in deco velvet and a three-seater velvet sofa. Arco is complemented by a square dining table with a lacquered pine top and a lacquered metal frame available in different colors, as well as a tall square table, a bookcase on wheels, a display case with six lacquered pine shelves and a varnished metal frame in different colors.

Living room Houtique: chairs, stools, armchairs, poufs.
Among the Houtique armchairs is the Jimi fabric sofa, whose triple seat features two large, rounded eyes at the ends. The exciting world of Houtique seating is inhabited by Dèja-Vu, a footrest designed by Masquespacio whose soft fabric structure is adorned with four levels of fringe, each with a different color. Chachacha is a two-tone round velvet pouf made of two, three and four connected modules.A charismatic pouf is synonymous with rhythm and movement, characterized by a fringe covering it. The Houtique lines could not fail to include the Pill Pouf velvet pouf. Rectangular or round Pill tablets are a decorative element that can become the star of any room with their character, elegance, sophistication, creativity, color and ubiquitous edges with their sense of fun and movement.

90,000 Applied Maskology – Saving Australia from the Environment and the Environment-related Budget

Successful success is successful – everyone who has bought a Powerwall wall-mounted battery for two years already, which itself buys electricity at night for pennies, powers all appliances and devices in the house , she herself trades in electricity, but wise, calm, understanding advanced people lie on the couch, laughing and smearing themselves with blockchain and binary options, but they look at how money is dripping into the account.

Just kidding, but something like this circulated on the Internet in large numbers two years ago – now, however, who of the people who repost it before, they either swear or banyat. This is logical – such financial flows were poured on them after buying a battery that they are not up to any stupid questions on the Internet.

However, progress does not stand still – and from the conquest of the walls of personal dwellings it was decided to move to entire countries and continents.

How Musk saved Australia from ecology

Let’s go.

Catch in 100 Days: Chronicles of Showoff

March 2017 presented another radiant news about successful success. The short formulation looks like this, for example:

Elon Musk, a businessman, promises to bring Australia out of the energy crisis in 100 days by deploying Tesla technology to the country that will help eliminate electricity problems. Otherwise, the project will be free for the state budget.

Last year’s showcase success with an entire island completely switched to green electricity * was clearly insufficient.

The revolution in the world energy, created by unique batteries, and going on for the second year with secret results and enormous popularity – I think everyone reading these lines has friends who have already bought such, right? – clearly passed not particularly noticed.

A larger scale is needed – what is the electrification of an island with about 600 inhabitants? It is necessary to take on the continents, well, or just for the planets and galaxies. Moreover, the target audience of the humanities is already fervently baptizing and reciting mantras:

Let’s figure out what’s the matter this time.

The original is easy enough.

Billionaire Elon Musk just bet he can solve a looming energy crisis in Australia within 100 days by deploying Tesla Inc. technology to plug a supply gap that’s caused power blackouts.
In a conversation on Twitter with Australian tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, Musk backed up an earlier commitment Tesla made Thursday, reported by the Australian Financial Review, to deploy its batteries to provide as much as 300 megawatt hours of energy to prevent blackouts in the state of South Australia.

What happened?

South Australia and the victory of alternative energy

In South Australia (this is the state of the country of Australia, and not a framework term of the type “in the north of Russia”), since September 2016, rolling power outages have indeed occurred:

South Australia suffered a state-wide blackout in September after severe storms caused a transmission failure. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull blamed the power cut on the state’s rapid take-up of renewable power.Solar and wind account for about 40 percent of its power generation, the highest of any mainland state.

Why is that?

The fact is that environmentalists made their way into the South Australian government and began to fight for the transition to “alternative” energy. South Australia is a leading region in terms of the transition to it – about 40% of the electricity consumed there is generated from solar energy and wind.

The main generation in Australia, due to the very cheap coal, is coal.With an appropriate result for the environment.

The situation there is really bleak:

“The blackout in South Australia was a real wake-up call when 1.7 million people went into the black,” Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg told Reuters in an email, adding that security and affordability were the government’s top energy priorities.
The upshot for consumers? Power bills will have to rise further, in a country where household electricity prices have roughly tripled since 2000.
Manufacturers, like steel maker BlueScope Steel, (BLSFY, -0.59%) already complain that Australian power prices are five to 10 times more than they are in the United States.

That is, rolling blackouts are going on, and at the same time the price tag for electricity is growing vigorously, but the industry generally says that the price tag is in some places an order of magnitude higher than in the USA. An order of magnitude is 10 times.

1.7 million people are affected by these blackouts – this is, judging by the background information, the entire population of the state.

It would seem, what is the connection with the increase in the share of “environmentally friendly” generation, which actively eats subsidies and benefits, and whose “green” kilowatts should be bought at an initially inflated price?

Moreover, the increase in the share relative to the whole of Australia is substantial – in South Australia the share is estimated at “about 40%”, and in the whole of Australia, according to the results of 2015:

The clamor for baseload power follows the rise of wind and solar to make up 7% of Australia’s generation mix as of 2015, backed by government subsidies.

Solid break.

So, there is a region “successfully and actively” deploying “green energy” at the expense of state funds, suffering from rolling blackouts. Moreover, it is indicative that the culprit has already been found in the problems – and this is not Putin, which is surprising (maybe they are being kept as a fallback), but the weather:

South Australia’s Weatherill has denied the blackout was connected to the state’s reliance on renewable energy, describing it as a weather event.Weatherill, in a Twitter post Friday, said he’s “looking forward” to discussing the Tesla proposal.

I.e. environmental subsidies for windmills are being mastered, people are paying their bills three times more than before, and factories are 5-10, but it is not the windmills that are to blame for the outages, but the weather. I would, of course, inquire about the financial ties of government decision-makers and those who supply and maintain “green generation”, but something suggests that everything will be terribly trivial there.

The questions “how was it designed to replace conventional generation with eco-friendly, that the entire state regularly sits without light” can also be considered rhetorical.

OK, the disposition is clear. What is offered?

Solving the problem with insufficient generation – add load

To solve the problem of rolling blackouts that arose after the decommissioning of the Hazelwood power plant, which gave 1.6 gigawatts of power and an unsuccessful attempt to replace this one power plant with “green generation”, it is proposed to supply an array of batteries, the capacity of which is estimated from 100 to 300 megawatt * hours:

Lyndon Rive, Tesla’s vice-president for energy products, said he would “commit” to installing the 100-300 megawatt hours of batteries required to prevent the blackouts South Australia has been experiencing with increasing frequency within 100 days in a contract.

Here we must immediately mention a very important point, which, due to humanitarianism, the masqueraders click through. The power plant delivers gigawatts. Relatively exactly so, if the fuel is thrown into it rhythmically. Therefore, the characteristic of the station is gigawatts. Batteries store energy, so they have megawatt * hours.

This means that “to put batteries for 300 megawatt * hours” is, roughly, “… this system will be able to give 30 megawatts to the network for about 10 hours”.

The batteries themselves do not generate electricity, but only consume it. Because for the conversion of energy at the input (no power lines are plugged into the batteries immediately, conversion is needed, and more than one), for the very charging of the batteries, as well as for the reverse processes – the discharge and conversion of energy into the option “suitable for returning to the network”, enough is spent a lot of energy, the efficiency of each of these processes is far from 100%, all this heats up and needs to be controlled and cooled.

Therefore, a simple “add a battery to the network” – it, which is surprising for many, will only lead to an increase in the total consumption of electricity.The battery is a load, like everything else.

Let’s crackle the numbers so that the real scale of what is happening is clearly visible.

Suppose that from the fork “Tesla declares that it will deploy a system with a capacity of 100-300 megawatt * hours”, the maximum scenario will be realized – 300. So far, no financial issues – purely calculating the parameters.

Let us assume that the efficiency of the operating cycle of the entire system – from receiving electricity from the public network, moreover, from the highway, to storage and return to the same network, will be 90%.For the convenience of calculations. For a powerwall, which does not need to convert power from a power line, and which works with a regular outlet, this parameter, judging by the official documentation, is 92% – we will definitely be lower, so we will round in favor of Tesla and take it as 90%.

The battery system can be beneficial in this case in the only scenario – to accumulate energy in the middle of a sunny day (when generation is peak, and consumption in households is not particularly), and to give in the evening (when generation is near zero, and consumption in households, on the contrary, is near maximum) …OK, for this you need to be able to store energy for at least half a day, i.e. to have a reserve of the form “what was generated at noon, at least to give it back until midnight”.

270 megawatt * hours remaining after 90% efficiency can be divided by 12 hours and the number “we can give every hour” is 22.5 megawatts. So much will be given by the “top” in terms of power system, 300 megawatt * hours.

And yes – we admit one interesting, but non-obvious condition – that the generation goes on during the day with such an excess that the batteries have time to charge.Which, in general, is completely optional, and generally suggests that already at the moment there are so many generating capacities that they cover consumption at times.

Maskophiles for some reason assume this moment absolutely in all scenarios – they say that if there is an array of solar panels somewhere, then it will generate so much electricity that it is definitely enough to cover all needs and there is definitely still enough power to charge the batteries , which will then be able to cover all the time when “environmentally friendly” generation will not be enough.Here is how the axiom is accepted for some reason such a moment – a paradox. Each battery for a daylight hours produces so much that it covers the consumption, and charges the battery for the rest of the hours in the day. Apparently, situations like “consumers take 100 megawatts, and generation at the peak is 120 megawatts” does not happen in nature. For some reason, yes.

Shutdowns, let me remind you, began due to the fact that the power plant was taken out of operation, which gave 1600 megawatts. How much of this can be covered by the “potentially largest battery cluster in the world” – you can calculate for yourself.

If you do not like the calculation from “the batteries must pull 12 hours” and you want them to give more megawatts – no question, you can reduce the number of hours, but then you need to take into account that the power consumption for charging the batteries is therefore excessive generation – should be comparable to the above.

Now about the money.

Financial aspect

Tesla’s amazing accent on “We have a hundred thousand secret successful projects in the commercial sector, so we try to get into the state over and over again.the sector promising unprecedented results and quietly hiding the actual ones ” has already been demonstrated enough to speak of it as a marketing strategy.

Indeed, an approach like “So, we have a revolutionary solution, it saves a ton of money, super-technological and breakthrough” with an unexpected consequence “Therefore, we have a hundred thousand commercial implementations, but people are queuing up, but this is all classified, and let’s this is not to discuss, but now we are trying to target, carefully winking at officials and emphasizing innovation, to get into the state.structure and master the state budget, and for any direct questions we start a hurdy-gurdy about the uniqueness-breakthrough-success ” is now used quite actively – and the idea of ​​the Mask with“ changing the world energy huge quantities are produced and bought, but try to search for actual installations, evaluate their scale and reviews, and order yourself – you will be surprised.

The whole indicative thing about “We’ll install for free!” rests on “and then we will not serve for free.”

The devil is in the details – while there is no contract for the maintenance of these systems, which should include at least the price of replacing battery packs and requirements for operation and monitoring, there is nothing to discuss about free. A classic example of such “free of charge” is the proverb “If you want to ruin a small country – give it an aircraft carrier” – ie. the price of service and the conditions thereof can cover this “free of charge” for a short period of time.


So what’s the bottom line?

  • In South Australia, thanks to the “green lobby”, the closure of one power plant led to massive (falls 1.7 million people, population of a large region of the country) power outages.
  • The “environmentally friendly sources” built at the expense of state subsidies, moreover, in substantial quantities, can not only replace the retired generation – even prevent rolling blackouts. This is an obvious mistake at the level of the basic design parameters of the entire system – after all, even the power left out is not compensated. There are no guilty ones, no responsible ones. In fact, the illiterate actions of the “green energy experts” who got hold of the authorities led to a crisis situation.
  • Outages have been going on for more than six months, the “green lobby” does not know what to do.
  • To solve the problem, one Australian billionaire, well-known in power circles, offers to buy batteries from Mask, which will further reduce the theoretically available power (since they themselves will consume electricity), and can, by giving off the accumulated electricity (if it can be accumulated, that is, if there are such surpluses during the day) cover up to 1.4% of the capacity of the former power plant (which in the case of “the shortage is such that we turn off 1.7 million consumers ”will not change the situation in any way).
  • Consumers are already paying 3 times more than before (and commercial consumers – 5-10 times), and will pay even more. The current price per megawatt * hour is just over $ 14,000, which is $ 14 per kilowatt * hour. Intermittently.

If this is ecology and high tech, then excuse me. Yes, and the headline “businessman is going to save Australia from the energy crisis” – it, when viewed, is not even funny.In the end, the rich and officials will only become richer, and ordinary residents will have to pay more and more for the service, the characteristics of which are only getting worse.

Haytech, yes. Hooray. Two billionaires were texting on Twitter, and the enthusiastic hamsters started a hurdy-gurdy “Well, that’s all … bye-bye, Gazprom … a revolution in the world energy … another, 157th”. I remember a classic early Russian anecdote about trading on the stock exchange since the 90s, where “8 million for a car of marmalade”, but there it was somehow more honest or something.

Yes, and more romantic.

And for dessert – enjoy the reaction:

July 2017 – continuation of story

The story of cutting the Australian state budget, which began in March, continues in mid-July 2017.

Let’s analyze how this event is presented:

The main task of the project participants is not at all to take another record, but to help the region. The fact is that power outages are quite common in South Australia.The main factor that affects the stability of supply is the weather. In order to solve this problem, Musk decided to create an energy storage device in Australia that would serve as a backup source for thousands of households in the event of another blackout.

They are embarrassingly trying to transfer Sawpaw into a kind of charity. For the space price tag it is true, and at the expense of the state budget, but – charity. Like, Musk almost took pity and decided to save. The fact that he has been bothering this Australian region for many years in order to squeeze in his illiquid assets through the schemes of working with officials – is crushed.In fact, Powerwall / Powerpack systems are already years old, the scale of their implementation is still almost isolated, and for some reason all projects are strictly with state structures. Strikingly, commercial structures do not want to fit into such projects, which seem to promise a quick payback and profit. How so? Surprisingly stupid merchants ignore guaranteed benefits. But smart officials buy, yes.

The main factor affecting the stability of electricity supply is illiterate planning of action “in order to quickly cut the state budget on a fashionable topic of environmental friendliness, you need to quickly turn off the existing power plant and purchase fashionable eco-friendly energy systems through affiliated companies at a high price, having told you at times about their technical parameters , so blackuots will start ”.Weak qualifications of “green power engineers” and a desire to quickly cut the state control panel, and not the weather.

SolarCity, another of Musk’s companies, recently won a government tender to create such a system. They promise to build it within just 100 days after signing an agreement with the government. It is worth noting that dozens of companies took part in the tender – 91 alone, to be precise. But only Musk’s company made an offer that the Australian government could not refuse.
100 days, during which it is necessary to build an energy storage, is an extremely difficult time, if the company does not fulfill it, it will have to give the installed complex as a gift to the government.

Preparations for this tender have been going on since 2016, and in March it was announced openly that Musk’s firm would put it. Absolutely typical scheme for the output to a sawn tender with the setting of specific conditions, under which only the right company can win – in particular, the unprofitable SolarCity.The underlining “oh, how fast it will do, in just 100 days” in the situation “planned from last year” loses its meaning.

Moreover, savoring “such a project in just 100 days”, if you think about it, gives out a little the real scale of activity. 100 days is almost a third of a year. How much activity does SolarCity have if for it the implementation of such a project is a heroism or an achievement? It seems like, according to the myths and tales of maskophiles, she has already flooded the world with wall batteries and power systems, she must have a well-functioning production of an impressive scale – what then is a super-achievement that in so much time a whole project will be completed?

The “scale” of the system is also “impressive” – in the state with 1.7 million (really a small state) people, the system will provide for about 30,000 households, which indicates the actual coverage of household needs (very scarce) less than 100,000 people. This is not just “not the entire population of the region,” but a very small part of it.

In general, everything is standard – a wow-show project with loud statements about breakthroughs, dazzling prospects and success. In fact – stupidly cut the state budget, a huge price tag for electricity, no manufacturability and a very modest scale of coverage.The same framework methodology is followed as in the case of Tau Island, completely converted to green electricity.

But the hamsters are eating. The main thing is not to remind them that this whole topic has been going on for years.

August 2017: Confirmation of the criminal version of the connection of ecologists with saw-sawing schemes

In light of the above, the news that a number of government agencies in Australia are deliberately falsifying data so that foreign “green” investors receive lucrative orders was expected:

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology ( government agency ) has been convicted of falsifying climate statistics in favor of green propaganda.
It got to the point – low temperatures in a particular region were recorded, and even managed to get into the statistics, and then disappeared from it. When one of the scientists caught them in this on specific data in a specific area, the data suddenly came back, and the bureau said that it was conducting “manual verification of their correctness.” But at the same time, for some reason, similar checks at high temperatures are not carried out. The bureau declined to answer the question of how widely “manual checking” is used and at what temperatures it is used.
Independent meteorologist Dr. Marohazi commented: “This is either wild incompetence or a deliberate hiding of the low temperatures.”
The Australian government ordered a thorough review of the equipment and procedures that made this possible.

Saw, drank, rollback – the essence of the “American high-tech business” does not change. 100% I corruption as the main feature of this industry is eternal.

Final of the bet about “building an energy system in 100 days” – loss

A bet of just one hundred days, started in March 2017, at the beginning of October has every chance of turning into another “victory”, i.because the system is only half ready. At the same time, one can guess that 100 days have already passed.

The clock is ticking on entrepreneur Elon Musk’s promise to build the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia within 100 days or provide it for free.
But with the facility already half finished, the US billionaire looks set to get paid.
Musk traveled to Jamestown, in SA’s mid-north, on Friday where construction of the 100-megawatt battery is well advanced.Construction of the battery was announced in July.

Small details are also typical for Musk-style show business – for example, initially it was declared “we will build a power system for 100-300 megawatts”, but now only 100 are mentioned, i.e. the absolute minimum of the declared. It was said about “replacing non-environmentally friendly generation” – but in fact the battery is installed as an addition, the volume of fuel burned only increases, because battery maintenance, cooling, and charging and discharging also consume power.Simply put, they did not invest in 100 days (in fact, the construction of the facility began long before winning the tender), and they threw it away with environmental friendliness. Tesla “won” the tender on July 6 and did not meet the construction deadline – the 100-day construction deadline expired on October 14. However, Musk said that 100 days for construction should be counted differently – from September 29, when an agreement was signed with the electricity supplier – French company Neoen. In fact, Musk rewrote the terms of the dispute “for himself”, knowing in advance that half of the work on the construction of the facility at the time of signing the contract had already been completed, and referring to the fact that one of the contracts with one of the project participants was signed later than all the others – they say, therefore the fact that we actually built the system for six months does not count.

It also turned out to be a bit depressing with gratuity – the frame cost of construction turned out to be about $ 30 million – not counting all the little things like logistics and commissioning. An agreement was also signed with Musk’s company on the paid service of the system – and for some reason the Australian government classified all the details of this transaction, including the cost, by a separate decree.

Everything is logical – since there is a “green” budget, then it is necessary to saw it together with the state. A successful private business is successful.

January 2018 – Continuation of the cut and “virtual power plant”

Joyful screenshots about how Musk made electricity almost free (and sometimes attacks even reached “ordinary people pay extra for consumption, yes, don’t be surprised”) continued to circulate on the worldwide network in 2018.

However, reality lived its own way, and the wild electricity price tag for households in South Australia became even higher.

South Australia (the leader of the “green generation”) and Victoria (the neighbor of South Australia, on whom the brunt of compensation for its “saw” falls) report a multiple increase in wholesale prices in January – from $ 84 to $ 168 and from $ 62 to $ 139, respectively (per megawatt -hour).And all this against the background of blackouts, the duration of which in some areas of these states exceeds two days, i.e. very high prices are also accompanied by the disgusting quality of the incoming energy flow.
“This means a failure of the energy policy. We gave up on even dirty, but cheap and stable coal generation, and we could not find a clear replacement for it, ”the experts comment.

Experts can comment on anything, but if the green lobby pushed through billions of dollars in expenditures on the environmental topic, then there will be schemes for the development of this budget.

And the obvious continuation of the situation, when the price tag goes up and higher, will be a proposal that allows people to lower their costs a little. After all, it is so convenient for psychology – he raised the price 5 times, and then gave a 30% discount of the new price – and the person is happy; after all, they both increased and decreased. If you count, then of course the effect is completely different, but if on some emotions – then the score is 1: 1.

The topic was named “virtual power plant”:

The Australian state of South Australia will receive a distributed solar power plant with a capacity of 250 MW and at the same time a storage system with a capacity of 650 MW * h, and the population will no longer suffer from excessively high prices for electricity.Tesla says it will integrate 50,000 homes into a “virtual power plant” by 2022, Electrek writes.
Tesla is set to build the world’s largest “virtual power plant” in South Australia, equipping 50,000 households with solar panels and energy storage systems. The company has already built the largest 100 MW / 129 MWh lithium-ion battery at a wind farm in Australia, but the new project will be the exact opposite of the Powerpack.
Instead of a single centralized storage of energy, Tesla will create a Powerwall distributed storage system.Each of the 50,000 homes will be equipped with 5 kW solar panels and a 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery system. As a result, the state will receive a distributed energy storage station with a capacity of at least 650 MWh and at the same time a solar power plant with a capacity of 250 MW.
The new project will receive a $ 2 million grant from the South Australian government and a $ 30 million loan from the Renewable Technology Fund, and will also be funded through electricity sales.Elon Musk’s company has already begun installing solar panels and energy storage systems in the state’s 1,100 housing properties aimed at low-income families, according to the state government. It is this group of the population that suffers most from the prohibitively high prices for electricity. Tesla says it will complete the installation of power systems for all 50,000 homes by 2022.

The situation is quite understandable, but let us examine it in more detail.

So, thanks to the “green” lobby in South Australia, a power plant was closed, and the region began to experience blackouts (up to two days), and the price of electricity for end consumers increased significantly.

The corruption component is obvious – and even more, it has already been confirmed (see above).

What is behind the “revolutionary distributed power plant”?

First and foremost is the sale of unnecessary Powerwalls. The topic about Powerwall has been going on since 2015, enough has been written about it in a separate article about Tesla Powerwall. We will be interested in a simple fact – now it is 2018, no “upheavals in the energy sector” have happened, there are no “super-benefits and savings” from Tesla Powerwall (otherwise, for example, all commercial structures that would save on utility bills would choke in line after them) offices).Attempts to find commercial implementations of this super-breakthrough technology, which have been in use for years, are very difficult. But then commercial, this is where people spend and count their money – and the state is much tastier – if you roll back to an official, then under the slogans about environmental friendliness and high-tech you can get almost any volume of the target “environmental” budget. Payback issues and so on are secondary; the corrupt Australian government will just habitually classify the actual costs and subsidies, and will stick out only theoretical profits and manufacturability.

The next point is the scale of the project. As usual, passed off as “the whole of Australia, the whole continent” turned out to be “50 thousand households will be done by 2022”. Considering that the total population of South Australia is about 1.7 million people, in 5 years the project will cover only a small part of the population of one of the Australian states. It’s amazing – how can this be, because this is a terribly profitable topic, why not do it earlier and on a larger scale? Weird. It is also possible to note the real capacities for the supply of Tesla batteries: batteries have been “produced” since 2015, the gigafactory has been “operating” since 2016, and it takes five years to deliver 50,000 units (with the launch advertisement “we will turn the world energy upside down”).Obviously, the stories about “there are high-tech and everything is made by robots” rested on the reality of the manual assembly of Powerwall by Mexican migrant workers.

Further – judging by the technical parameters, 1 Tesla Powerwall 2 battery and a set of solar panels from the firm of Musk’s cousin, SolarCity, will be installed in each household. This will cost a start-up grant of 2 + 30 = 32 million government dollars, excluding additional costs. Plus, the Mask company will own the right to sell the generated electricity and the exclusive right to maintain the installed batteries and panels.

It turns out a gorgeous scheme. At the expense of the state, Powerwall batteries are bought unnecessary for people even in conditions of wild prices for electricity (because if these batteries really save money, end consumers would buy them with great pleasure). Responsibility for operation and costs of accommodation (allocation of space, material responsibility, maintenance, etc.) is on the end users. And the generated electricity is managed by Musk’s firm, selling some part of it to residents at a discount.That is, you have a solar panel, and the electricity generated by it is being sold to you at a discount from the wildly inflated “green” price tag. This is simply wonderful – zero responsibility and full control over the sale of products manufactured at government-sponsored facilities located at the customers’ premises! Moreover, they will be obliged to buy the generated electricity at a “green” tariff, with a certain discount – no options.

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