Eyes for craft projects: Craft Eyes – from Googly Eyes to Animal Eyes — CreateForLess


Craft Eyes – from Googly Eyes to Animal Eyes — CreateForLess

Craft eyes are available for many different types of projects including dolls, puppets, stuffed animals and children’s crafts. They range in style from the cute and ever-familiar wiggle, or googly eyes, to more realistic looking animal eyes. Some craft eyes are glued onto your project, some are sewn on and others attach firmly by means of a post and washer (these being used mostly for stuffed animals and dolls.)

Types of Craft Eyes

Wiggle, Google or Googly Eyes

Wiggle eyes are made up of a small white disc covered with a clear acrylic half round encasing a slightly smaller black disc. The black disc is free to move about inside the acrylic, giving the characteristic “wiggle.” Wiggle eyes can be found in sizes ranging from 4-35mm. They often have a flat back for easy gluing; some are sticky back. Some sew-on wiggle eyes have a small shank on the back so they can be sewn onto projects. There are also wiggle eyes with neon colors, printed eyelashes, and multicolored centers.

Animal Eyes

Animal eyes consist of a dome of translucent acrylic with an opaque black center representing a pupil. They are available in styles that include a slit pupil resembling a cat’s eye, bulging green eyes resembling a frog, and eyes with round pupils in gold, green, blue, black, brown or even pastels for dolls or other creatures. The sizes range from 6-30 mm. They all attach by inserting the post of the eye into a small slit in the fabric then snapping a washer onto the post from the backside of the project. Although they are quite secure, you should always consider them a choking hazard for small children or pets.

How to Use Animal Eyes

Since animal eyes will be more or less permanently attached to your finished project, make sure to carefully preview and mark your desired placement. Once you know where you want the eyes to go, make the smallest possible slit in your fabric. A seam ripper is useful for making this tiny slit. You can always go back and make the hole bigger if necessary, but you can’t ever make it any smaller.

If the fabric you are using is lightweight it is a good idea to back the holes for the eyes with scraps of fusible interfacing.

Projects Using Craft Eyes

Whoot Owl Wreath

Monster Wreath

Shaped Halloween Card

Yarn Octopus


Head over to ThinkCrafts.com for more inspiration using craft eyes

Popular Craft Eye Manufacturers


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Googly Eyes Craft Projects for Kids

by leanneja
on October 11, 2015

Welcome to day 11 of 31 Days of 15 Minute Craft Projects.

These are some great projects for the kids. My kids have always loved working on little craft projects. I have a drawer in my craft room that is full of things they can use when they want to get creative. One of our favorite things to have on hand is Googly Eyes. They add fun to almost any object. Here are some super easy Googly Eyes Craft Projects to keep the kiddos busy and having fun for at least a few minutes.

Supplies needed:

Googly eyes (any size)
Different objects (whatever you can find)
Glue dots
E6000 glue

I grabbed some little bags, a candle, some paperclips, a few pom poms, and a ring to attach the googly eyes to.

Make treat bags for school or the little trick or treaters that will be stopping by your home soon. Use glue dots to attach the eyes to the bags and add any other embellishments you like. Slide a small candy bar in the bag and you’re finished.

Use a small amount of glue to add googly eyes to pom poms. They’re super cute! You could also add chenille stems to make spider legs.

Here’s another bookmark idea. Attach the googly eyes to the large paperclips with E6000 glue. These would be fun to give to classmates.

Add googly eyes to decorative pieces too. He looks like Casper to me!

Make a little googly eye monster ring to wear from now until Halloween. Just use E6000 glue to attach the googly eye to the ring. I tried to convince Emilee to wear it to Homecoming dance but she wouldn’t.

Aren’t these so cute? What objects would you or your kids put googly eyes on?

Are you ready for another 15 minute craft? Come back tomorrow so you don’t miss anything.

Remember to use the hashtag #15minutecrafts on Instagram for the chance to be featured.

All the projects will be listed and linked on the 31 Days of 15 Minute Craft Projects Introduction page if you miss anything.

Paper googly eyes – The Craft Train

By Kate 2 Comments

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you.

Are you sick of using plastic googly eyes? Then our free printable paper googly eyes are for you!

You can incorporate these googly eyes into most craft projects in place of the plastic version for a more eco-friendly craft.

You might also like our recycling crafts for kids

You know those teeny-tiny plastic googly eyes that are used in craft projects all around the world? They might be little, but they still won’t bio-degrade for another two hundred years or so.  Worse, when you put all those itty-bitty pieces of plastic we’ve used together they could probably pave a road from here to the moon and back again… five times!

When you glue plastic onto a recycled craft, it kind of defeats the purpose of recycling in the first place.

As a craft blogger, I can’t talk. In fact, I’m MORE guilty than everybody else. Not only have I used plastic googly eyes in numerous craft projects, but I’ve shared the ideas and inspired other people to use them too.

Folks, I have a ton of plastic pollution on my hands and I’m not proud of it. This is why I’m sharing a better solution today.

Free printable paper googly eyes

Our free printable paper googly eyes come in four different sizes on one sheet. There are a range of different designs to choose from so you can pick the right ‘eye look’ for your project. They also have a thick black border so they won’t lose the outline when you cut them out.

All you have to do is print, cut and glue!

Card stock is recommended for sturdiness but paper works too.

It couldn’t be easier than that, and because they’re made of paper, that makes them compostable too.

Store your paper eyes with your craft construction paper — one sheet should last for ages. You can also save the pdf file to your computer and print out more whenever needed.

This sheet of googly eyes is free for our email subscribers. To get your copy, enter your details in the space provided.


More earth-friendly craft ideas for kids

27 Googly Eye Crafts for Kids They’ll Absolutely Love!

Here’s a fun challenge—try finding a craft with googly eyes that won’t make your child break out into giggles. It’s impossible! There is just something hilarious and absolutely adorable about these googly eye crafts for kids. They are practically guaranteed to make everyone who sees them smile.

Plus, googly eyes are a crafting staple that is extremely affordable. You can get hundreds of pairs of eyes for less than $5! The sky really is the limit with these fun ideas. Your kids are going to be so excited to work on these craft projects, but even better is what happens afterward. Your children will use their new creations to stretch their imaginations and play make-believe, entertaining them for hours.

This post is broken up by age range so you can choose the appropriate level of project for your child. From monsters, to bumblebees, to peacocks, these googly eye crafts for kids are sure to be a hit with the little ones in your life!

9 Googly Eye Crafts for Kids in Preschool

These googly eye crafts for kids in preschool aren’t just adorable and fun. They will encourage your little ones to get creative while also helping them develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination too.

Peacock Paper Plate | My Creative Life
This project is excellent for focusing on building fine motor skills and boosting creativity. This googly-eyed peacock can easily be put together with some paper plates, glue, googly eyes, paint, and a few other household items.

Pinecone Spiders | Fireflies & Mudpies
Take the kids out on a walk and go for a pinecone hunt, then come back and put together these pinecone spiders. This project focuses on planning skills and is a great way to get your child outdoors and excited about nature.

Paper Plate Reindeer | Crafty Morning
Teach your kid about following directions with this paper plate reindeer craft. All you need is some paint, glitter, paper plates, googly eyes, and paper. This is a fun one to do around the holidays!

Paper Cat Puppet | Glue Sticks & Gumdrops 
Whether you are teaching your kids about cats or just have a family full of feline fans, this is a great craft! Not only will your kids love creating these cute puppets, but it will also encourage their imaginations and active play. Plus, your little one will learn a little bit about cause and effect when playing with their new puppet.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow | Still Playing School
When the kids are putting together this scarecrow, they will be able to build and use their attention to detail skills. This scarecrow is so easy and ideal for preschoolers. Plus, your kids will love learning about upcycling while showing off their new googly-eyed friends.

Handprint Monkey Craft | Crafty Things
You can never have too many monkey-themed crafts! Kids will go bananas for these little guys, and they’re pretty fun to make too. You’ll find your kids developing their confidence as well as independence when making this craft.

Pom Pom Pig | The Pinterested Parent
Teaching kids about pigs or barnyard animals has never been easier (or more fun!) than with these charming pom-pom piggies. Grab some pom poms, a foam sheet, pipe cleaners, buttons, glue, and googly eyes, and get to work!

Egg Shaker Monsters | Lolly Jane
Don’t throw out those old plastic Easter eggs. Instead, turn them into these adorable egg shaker monsters. This is a fantastic craft for your kids to learn and stay mentally active as they work on their projects.

Toilet Paper Bee | Mom Does Reviews
This is one of my favorite googly eye projects for kids in preschool as it helps develop so many skills all at the same time: your child’s motor skills, creativity, and dexterity. Your little one can enjoy some imaginative play with their finished bees, which is a win all around in my books!

9 Googly Eye Crafts for Kids in Kindergarten

At this age, most children are incredibly energetic as they develop new skills. These googly eye crafts for kids in kindergarten are an excellent way for kids to work on their hand-eye coordination while also building their creative skills. They also offer a chance for your little one to learn how to follow instructions while also developing his or her planning and organization skills.

Pet Rocks | Family Fun Crafts
Pet rocks are making a comeback. As you probably already know, kids LOVE rocks and are usually quite eager to collect them. Painting rocks is a fantastic way to enhance those fine motor skills while giving your little ones a way to express themselves creatively.

Tropical Seashell Fish Craft | Crafts by Amanda
Whether you’re teaching your kids about animals that live under the sea, or you’re just looking for something creative to do together, this is a fabulous option. Working on crafts helps boost your kids’ confidence in their fine motor skills while also providing one-on-one time together.

Creepy Spider Craft | Crafts by Courtney
These spiders are the perfect combination of scary and cute all rolled up in one. Teaching kids about spiders is a good thing…even if they are a little creepy. This is a great craft to help improve your child’s focus and concentration skills.

Paper Plate Bumble Bee Craft | Kids Craft Room
This cheery bumblebee craft will put your child’s fine motor skills to the test in a super fun way! Transform a basic paper plate with paint, yarn, googly eyes, markers, and pipe cleaners. This project will also give your child an opportunity to practice his or her handwriting skills.

Playdough Snowmen | Crafty Kids At Home
If there is playdough involved, your kids will definitely have a great time. Playing with playdough is a great way to encourage concentration, creativity, and fine motor development while also strengthening the muscles in your little one’s hands.

Foam Cup Lion Craft | I Heart Crafty Things
These little foam cup lions are perfect for kindergartners. You may not realize it, but this lion craft doubles as a mathematic and problem-solving activity, making it an all around win!

Recycled CD Hippopotamus | Artsy Craftsy Mom
I know it’s tempting to toss out all your old CD’s, but you should keep some—they’ll come in handy. Check out this recycled hippopotamus craft with your little ones. It’s super fun and cute!

Pom Pom Sheep | The Mad House
How can anyone look at these pom pom sheep and not fall in love? Pom poms, craft foam, googly eyes, scissors, and a couple other basic supplies are all you need to create this adorable craft!

Handprint Wooden Spoon Butterflies | Glued To My Crafts
Learning about the life of a butterfly is a great way for kids to start understanding nature. You will have to help trace your child’s hands to create the wings for this craft, but this adorable butterfly will be a wonderful keepsake.

9 Googly Eye Crafts for Kids in Elementary School

These googly eye crafts for kids in elementary school will help your child use his or her creativity and imagination while he or she also develops his or her focus and concentration. These projects are a bit more challenging but can be modified if a younger sibling wants to join along in the fun.

Egg Carton Frog | Crafts by Amanda
Any frog fans out there? These egg carton frogs offer a great opportunity for your child to practice using his or her fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills while also putting his or her patience to the test!

Folded Paper Butterfly Craft | Buggy and Buddy
Kids of all ages will enjoy making these butterflies. This is a great way for kids to develop their problem-solving skills if the project doesn’t go the way they planned the first time. You’ll need some paper, glue, cardstock, scissors, a hole punch, paint, paint brushes, markers, and craft sticks.

Finger Puppets | Crafts by Courtney
These finger puppets are great for kids who enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not only are they entertaining, but they also provide an outlet for emotions and help your child develop his or her dexterity.

Glitter Slime Monsters | The 36th Avenue
I know how much kids LOVE slime! Add some glitter, and you will have them entertained for days and days. Plus, playing with slime helps your child develop hand strength as well as their tactical sensory system.

Cat Corner Bookmarks | Easy Peasy and Fun
If you have bookworms in the family, they will be happy to make these cat corner bookmarks!

Recycled CD Peacock | I Heart Crafty Things
Here is another option for using old CD’s. See how many wonderful things there are to make with them? This cute peacock will help develop your child’s creativity while also improving his or her attention to detail.

Yarn Reindeer Ornament | Buggy and Buddy
You’ll want some yarn, popsicle sticks, glue, pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and ribbon for this fantastic googly eye craft for kids. Your kiddo will get to practice patience, listening skills, and dedication while making this adorable reindeer.

Turkey Windsocks | Happiness Is Homemade
Windsocks are a blast to make but even more fun to watch and enjoy. Teach your kids about wind, and they will love learning and seeing their project in motion. This is a cute one to make around Thanksgiving.

Floam Monsters | Paging Fun Mums
If you haven’t heard of floam before, it’s a type of texturized slime. Making and playing with floam can help teach your kids about math and science, in addition to just being fun. Plus, the sensory benefits of this craft are excellent.

I hope you have enjoyed these fun and awesome googly eye crafts for kids as much as we continue to!

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How To Make Googly Eyes Stick

Is your googly eye not cooperating with your craft project? If you love using googly eyes for crafts then you may have often wondering how to make googly eyes stick? It can be a battle to make googly eyes stick, but it does not have to be a battle! If you are fighting with the googly eye then I have a few tips and tricks to make those cute little googly eyes stick.

In a perfect craft world googly eye crafts should be easy, right? Easy as in the googly eyes are self adhesive so of course they should stick. But they do not! Not to mention trying to peel the paper off a googly eye is an exercise of patience and exhaustion when using many googly eyes in a craft.

The Top Four Ways To Make Googly Eyes Stick

  1. Use clear drying tacky craft glue. Forget the self adhesive backing of the googly eyes. Save yourself time and effort by ignoring it. Invest in a strong and clear drying craft glue. Your googly eye craft will thank you. I love Weldbond glue for all crafts, this is a glue that dries clear and is supremely strong. It can be used not only for crafting, but all household projects. Who doesn’t love a glue that can be used in crafts and fix broken wood, china and even fix broken wood all in one bottle.
  2. Glue Stick. A glue stick can work with the caveat the glue needs to be heavily applied. Glue sticks will adhere the googly eyes to paper googly eye crafts. The glue stick will not work on fabric or a hard surface such as glass. In the below Googly Eye Bat I used both the glue stick and tacky glue and as the glue has not dried the glue is visible. No worries both glues will disappear when dried.
  3. Glue Gun. I have had success with the glue gun in making googly eyes stick. This is especially true on making googly eyes stick to felt or fabric. But you must act fast and press the googly eye into a dab of hot glue immediately after applying the glue. I have also found that in this case peeling the self adhesive backing off the googly eye first does make the hot glue and googly eye bond quicker and stronger. But let’s not talk about the patience needed to deal with the glue strands which must be tamed.
  4. Glue Dots. Using glue dots depends upon the patience and time factor. A good quality glue dot can work (I tried a discount glue dot with limited success)

The Tool Every Googly Eye Crafter Needs

Googly eyes are slippery little devils! The best investment when working with googly eyes is a set of crafting tweezers. This allows the googly eye to be grabbed and easily placed in the desired location. 

Need Googly Eye Craft Ideas?

Halloween is the perfect holiday for Halloween googly eye crafts. 

I recycled a mason jar to turn the jar into a Halloween Mason Jar vase to fill with fresh flowers or Halloween treats for the season.

I also had an explosion of googly eyes in the craft closet and upcycled Amazon boxes (such sturdy boxes!) into Halloween Googly Eye Bats. These bats can be made to fly with invisible string or make cute Halloween kitchen magnets.

And what is Christmas without adding googly eyes to the homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations! 

Moving Eyes Owl Craft – Arty Crafty Kids

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With the kids back in school and pre-school, chances are you’re looking for some new fun and easy crafts to support their learning. If your children are learning about nocturnal animals, woodland creatures or just love the cute wide-eyed bird, then this moving eyes owl craft is for you.

Children can practice their fine motor skills with cutting and sticking, and use their imaginations to explore color and texture with paints. And as the finished craft is so tactile and interactive, kids will have a great time playing with their creation afterwards, too.

How to Make a Moving Eyes Owl Craft:


White Cardstock for Printing
Paint, Crayons or Coloring Pencils
Colored Cardstock

How to Download the Owl Template:

The Moving Eyes Owl Template is available to members of the Arty Crafty Kids Club. Join the members area to access our complete online library of art and craft templates.

Members can access the template here (remember to login!): https://www.artycraftykids.com/product/moving-eyes-owl/

Members will need to log in to access the templates!

Not A Member?

Let’s Make a Moving Eyes Owl Craft:

Decorate the Moving Eyes Owl Template

Let’s start by painting the owl template. The owl’s body is made up of different sections – the wings, head and body – so you can use them to mix up contrasting colours and textures to create a bold design for your owl.

And when you’ve painted the base colors, don’t forget to add some extra detail. We’ve painted little curves on the owls tummy that look like soft feathers, and used the top of a pen dipped in paint to create a dotty pattern on the wings. But you can use your imagination and add any decorations you like!

Cut out the Template Elements

Once your owl is finished and dry, carefully cut out the elements from the template. Then cut one strip lengthwise from a sheet of colored A4 card – it needs to be the same thickness as the rectangle eyes on the template.

Finally, cut two more thin strips of card, each three or four inches long.

Create An Eye Strip

Stick the rectangle eyes into the middle of the large colored strip of card.

Secure the Strip

Turn your owl over. Now stick one of the thinner card strips vertically over the left eye – this will support your owl’s moving eyes. Stick the other strip in the same way over the right eye.

Slide the Eye Strip

Now carefully slide the strip of eyes underneath the two thin support strips – be gentle!

Playtime: The Moving Eyes Owl Craft is Complete

Your wise old owl is complete, so it’s time to have fun! Why not take some pictures of you and your owls googly eyes and share them with us on social media!

Check out our Moving Eyes Fox Craft too!

Ideas for soft toy eyes

I get a lot of emails from people who need some inspiration for making eyes for their plush creations. Sometimes they have been battling to find beads or safety eyes and are ‘stuck’ with an unfinished ‘sight-less’ toy! There are so many ways you can make eyes for your homemade softie. I have put together a whole page of ideas for inspiration… How to make Soft Toy Eyes. Check it out and I’m sure that you’ll find something that suits your style and toy.


How to make soft toy EYES

There are so many ways you can make eyes for your homemade softie. Plush toy eyes can be from beads, handmade teddy bear glass eyes, buttons, manufactured safety eyes, hand sewn knots, embroidery threads, felt and fabric scraps. If you think there’s something I have left out, or you have any other clever ideas for stuffed toy eyes , please leave a comment to let me know!


Use this simple guide to help you choose eyes to suit your style and toy!


1. Simple round black beads for eyes:

Black round beads can be found at the local sewing and haberdashery shop. They are cheap (about $2 for 50!) … but can be ‘nasty’! What I mean is that they are cheaply made as they are mass produced. The beads are dip coated and some of the beads are uneven, stuck together or the coating has clogged the sewing hole! But for that price you can afford to throw some away.   I like the ones with a ‘narrow’ hole through them and I sew them on with normal machine thread for the very small beads (2mm) and Guttermann upholstery thread for the bigger beads (4mm – 6mm) I always used to sew them on with black thread, but when we did the Craft Tutorials at the Sydney Stitches and Craft Show, we only had white thread, and on both a grey and lilac fleece background this looked much neater! So I learnt a new trick!


2. Glass Eyes (Teddy Bear eyes):

Glass teddy bear eyes are more expensive (About $1.75/pair) but they are nice and secure when you sew them on with upholstery thread  (or dental floss for the teddies and Jake the jointed puppy!) These are sometimes available form haberdashery stores but mostly from specialist stores as well as online teddy bear web sites. You can go a Google search for sites close to home to save on postage, but I get my glass bear eyes from Gerry’s Teddies as they are in Queensland, Australia, so they are ‘local’ for me!



Buttons for eyes :

Buttons are so easy to find in any colour – from at the local sewing and haberdashery shop You can even recycle from old garments or buy really expensive fancy ones as a treat! I like the 4 holed buttons, like I did on the Cat Toys, as the 2 hole buttons can make the eyes look crooked if they are not sewn on at exactly the same angle! Remember that buttons can be a choking hazard so there are better choices for safer eyes below.


4. Craft eyes:

Craft eyes come in all shapes, colours  and sizes and even noses! Found at the most sewing and haberdashery shop. Don’t forget to insert them BEFORE you stuff and sew you toys closed!!! Simply cut a tiny hole in the fabric and push the stem of the safety eye/nose through to the other side. Place the washer on the stem of the eye, place the eye,  stem upwards on a flat surface, and push down on the washer with your thumbs to push  the eye and washer firmly together, till they fit nice and tight. Craft eyes are easy for childrens’ craft projects and beginners who can’t embroider or sew a button!

Craft eyes are better to use if you are concerned about toy safety when giving the toy to a baby or young child. For a baby it is better still to hand sew the eyes on like the Baby-safe Bunny. See embroidered eyes/ knots next…


5. Embroidered 

eyes French/Colonial Knots:

You can use any cross-stitch thread or Perle cotton to embroider your toys eyes which is very easy to find at the local sewing and haberdashery shop. The thicker threads will give a bigger knot so a bigger eye. It takes a bit of practice to get a knot right but once you have learned how to make a French knot/ Colonial knot, they are really quick and easy! I used the knots for my Baby-safe Bunny so they are totally safe for babies – YAY!


6. Embroidered Felt eyes:

Felt, both synthetic felt and wool felt can be found at the local sewing and haberdashery shop. Cut your eyes from felt (the patterns will have a template for the specific toy you are making eg. Crocodile SteveScrap Snakes and Kiki Koala.) and use a non-toxic fabric glue to hold the felt in place. I like to stitch the eyes to the head by embroidering the felt eye with a contrasting colour thread. Either a blanket stitch or just some large stitches like I did with the crocodile’s eyes. Again, totally safe for babies!


7. Fabric eyes – Googly Eyes:


Use up your fabric scraps

to make GOOGLY eyes!

All the Funky Friends Factory toy patterns with googly eyes (Prince Charming FrogGertie Gecko Heat PackSnugglies DinosaursParty Animal ) have instructions to explain this in better detail, but they are very simple to make.

You cut a circle of fleece or stretch fabric, sew a row of longer stitches around the edge and pull tight to gather the circle into a cup/eyeball shape. Stuff a little bit of toy stuffing in the cup and pull very tight to make the googly eyeball! Sew lots of small stitches to hold the fabric nice and secure at the back. I use 2 glass pins to check the position of my toys’ pupils, and this also holds the eye balls in place when I sew them to the head by hand. (Use a ladder stitch, or simply make sure your stitches are hidden ‘under the eyeball!). You CAN hand sew the black pupils to make the googly eyes totally safe for babies too!


Hopefully you have got lots of 

ideas for making the eyes for your next homemade stuffed toy!

If you have any other ideas or tips for making  toy eyes, please leave a comment to let us know!

Till next time…
Happy Sewing,

90,000 Eyes for crafts – how to make decorative beautiful eyes with your own hands (100 photos and videos)

More and more often you can find handmade dolls in houses. For those who are fond of making toys, a master class on making eyes will come in handy.

In a store where it would seem that you can buy eyes for crafts, it is difficult to find a finished part. The work does not take much time.

Review Content:

Selection of material for work

The material used for the work is affordable.For the most part, all the necessary elements for work are in every home.

Plastic spoons

The easiest way to make eyes is to use oval scoops from disposable plastic spoons. This detail is suitable for a large soft toy and a large doll.

It doesn’t take long to work. The surface of the oval part of the spoon is treated with sandpaper, which will enhance the adhesion of acrylic paint.

The part sits on a double-sided tape and with its help is attached to the surface of the cardboard.Future eyes are ready to be decorated with acrylic paints.

First layer – white tone. Further, the green or blue contours of the irises are depicted.

Pupils and iris outline are applied in black. White paint is used for the highlight, flesh-colored paint for the eyelids. The work is done.


The photo shows how excellent felt is for making eyes for crafts. These details are used to complete the look of handmade dolls.

You need to stock up on: a piece of felt, cardboard, glue base “moment”, small scissors, a simple pencil.

Draw on the cardboard the desired shape of the eyes – this will be one template made of cardboard. The inner part of the eye is drawn in a smaller size – this is the second template.

Cut out stencils for crafts along the contour. The pupil is cut out on one of the templates. A blank is cut out of white felt, which forms the shape of the eye along the contour of a large template.

To fit the smaller template made of green or blue felt – the inner part of the eye is formed for crafts. Two felt parts are connected with glue.

Mark the contours with a black felt-tip pen. The cilia are glued in a moment. The work is done.

Epoxy resin

Beautiful eyes are produced using epoxy resin. The source material is diluted in accordance with the instructions. For the shade, ink from gel pens is added.Any color can be selected.

It is necessary to prepare empty transparent containers from pills, pupils from baked plastic. Pupils in black are placed in a container of tablets, filled with epoxy resin.

You can direct the pupil to the desired place with a toothpick. In this state, the parts are left for 48 hours until completely dry.

At the end of the time, the container is cut strictly along the contour. You can pick up eyelashes to the eyes.

Yarn and glue

You can quickly and easily make a part using yarn and glue. You don’t need a lot of threads. A thread of yarn is laid out in a spiral to form a circle. This is the base of the eye.

Above a small black circle. Everything is covered with a drop of Moment glue. It is suitable for work because of its transparency. Leave to dry. The last step is to remove excess yarn with scissors.

Buttons and fabric

Round or oval buttons are also used for making eyes for crafts.The decoration is done with acrylic paints. Beads are painted according to the same principle.

For the manufacture of eyes, leather and fabric are used according to the method of working with felt.

Paper and glass stones

Eyes in volume for handicrafts are made of paper and glass stones.

A paper blank is made for the iris of the eyes. The desired color is selected. Before you print the irises for crafts, you need to make sure that the workpiece is not larger in diameter than a glass stone.

Decoupage glue is applied to the flat part of the stone. The blank of the iris of the eyes is applied with the front side to the surface of the stone with glue. It is left to dry.

It is important to use decoupage glue in your work. It will not affect the transparency of the stone and will not distort the pattern.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the dried surface. Yarn threads are laid on it, everything is covered with a white sheet.

Press down on the paper with your finger so that everything sticks well.It takes some time to dry.

Excess paper and thread are cut along the contour of the stone. You can use the eye blank for crafts.


Flat eyes are made of polymer clay. The material is rolled out, the eyes of the desired shape are squeezed out of it. The details are baked. Further they are painted with acrylic paints.

Before making the eyes for crafts in volume, the clay is formed into balls and divided in half.Then the material is baked and the iris is painted, a black pupil is applied.


Needlewomen crochet eyes. Such parts are used for knitted and soft toys.

Garden craft eyes

For garden crafts, plastic covers are used, which are decorated with paints.

From the foam, you first need to cut out the shape of the eyes, and only then the complete design is applied.But since garden crafts remain outside for the winter, then in the spring old eyes will need to be replaced with new ones.

It is possible to make decorative eyes for handicrafts in different ways using improvised means and imagination.

Photo peephole for crafts

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90,000 ᐉ Drawn eyes for crafts

Drawn DIY Eyes

If you love making toys, then this article will help you.

Embossed muzzles, eyes with eyelashes

There is a special technique that allows you to give b O more expressiveness to the faces of our toys. Embossed faces, eyes with long eyelashes look very cute and pretty. In store toys, by the way, such “delights” are not often found.

To do this, insert a black thread folded 8 or more times into a long needle with a large eye. Insert the needle into the place marked for the eye, and bring it out on the back of the head (or at the point where the corner of the mouth is marked – in the event that we are sewing a little man, gnome or doll).Then you need to again insert the needle at the puncture point (or near, in 1 mm) and withdraw it at the point of the same eye. Tie the two connected ends of the thread with a knot, pulling slightly so that a raised cheek is obtained, and fasten everything with a double knot. Cut the threads at some distance from the knot, and the length of the remaining ends will depend on what kind of lashes you want to make.

On the other side of the face, repeat the same operations (in mirror image).

The second option for giving the face a relief: in the event that the eyes are located on the sides of the head.It is still easier here – we stick a needle at the point of one eye, and draw it out at the point of the other, piercing the head through and through. If the eyes are made of buttons or beads, we pass the needle through the eye of the button. Then we insert the needle in the opposite direction. In this case, you need to slightly tighten the thread to get small indentations. We pick up another button. We repeat the operation several times, fasten the thread – and you’re done!

Making faces and faces for toys

Location of eyes and ears

Nose embroidery patterns

http: // www.liveinternet.ru/users/thory/blog Eyes

What can be used to make toy eyes? For the same toy, you can choose several options for the eyes. You can make them composed of several layers of oilcloth, artificial leather or other similar materials. You can use any suitable buttons, beads, jewelry (for example, old mom’s clips of a small size and a suitable color can be very useful. If, of course, mom does not mind :-). However, eyes made up of several colors, almost exactly similar to real ones, undoubtedly look much more advantageous and expressive.

Of course, the choice of the shape of the eyes is not limited only to those options that we presented in the picture. Based on our schemes, you can endlessly fantasize, and come up with something of your own, unusual and original. We repeat, we are only giving general recommendations.

So, let’s start with the simplest scheme. For example, we need to make eyes according to scheme # 1. We need pieces of white and colored (blue, green, brown) artificial leather or oilcloth. First, we will draw on paper an eye of the shape and size that we need.Let’s remove the pattern of each detail on tracing paper. They will look like the one shown in fig. 1.

Then you need to cut out these details from leather (det. 1 – from white, det. 2 – from colored). It is more convenient to cut out leather parts with nail scissors, since the work is very delicate, and we need great precision and accuracy. The appearance of our toy depends on this.

Using the Moment glue, evenly lubricate the wrong side of part 2, wait a little until the glue dries a little (20-30 minutes), and glue it tightly to the front side of part 1.Put ready-made eyes under a thick book for a couple of hours, and then trim the edges, if necessary, and glue the eyes with Moment glue to the toy’s face.

This technique can be applied to all double layer eyes. In the figure, their schemes are designated by numbers 1, 2, 4, 5.

Three-layer eyes are made in much the same way, but here, in addition to white and colored, we also need black skin. Let’s draw an eye of the shape and size we need on paper. Let’s take scheme # 8 as an example. Let’s remove the patterns of all three parts on tracing paper as in Fig.2.

Let’s cut out two pieces of leather of each color: det. 1 – from white, det. 2 – from color and det. 3 – from black leather. We spread the glue evenly on the wrong side of parts 2 and 3, let it dry a little, and then glue part 2 on the front side of part 1, and part 3 on the front side of part 2. Now we need to put our eyes under the press (that is, under a thick book) until completely dry. After that, they can be glued to the toy’s face.

A small touch that adds expressiveness to the eyes – imitation of flare, reflection of light on the pupil.This is done in option No. 9. This flare can be used to make eyes of any type, it will only improve their appearance. To do this, it is enough to glue a small circle of white skin on the pupil.

Another very interesting option for making eyelashes. It is applicable, perhaps more for dolls, clowns, gnomes and other “humanoid creatures”, and goes very well with eyes made according to schemes No. 6 or No. 9. We need a narrow strip (1-1.5 cm) of thin black ( or other color of your choice) fabric.For example, we need eyelashes 0.5 cm long. Take a strip of fabric 1 cm wide and pull out all the longitudinal threads at half of its width. A fluffy fringe has formed in this place. These will be our eyelashes. Now we will coat the remaining strip of fabric with glue, let it dry a little and glue the eyelashes to the wrong side of the finished eye. Cut off the excess length of the strip that protrudes beyond the eye. Do the same with the second eye. You can also glue the lower eyelashes on the eyes, and it is better if they are slightly shorter than the upper ones.After everything is done, you need to put your eyes under a thick book for several hours, and after that you can glue them to the toy.

In the book by Olena Makarenko “Kazkovy svit igrashki” (“The Fairy World of a Toy”), several more options for making eyes and noses for toys are described.

How to “revive” a face
. It depends on the correct location of the design of the face or muzzle whether the toy will seem kind, funny, cute or angry, sad, serious.There are some general rules. In animals, the eyes are located at the level of the bridge of the nose, and the nose is in the middle of the lower half of the muzzle. In dolls, the eyes are placed on a conditional line that divides the face in half into the upper and lower parts. Sometimes the proportions can be deliberately violated to emphasize the character or mood of the toy.

Eyes .
Can be made from leg buttons. If you put a piece of light-colored material or oilcloth under a dark button, the button will look like a pupil.Alternatively, stick a pupil made of dark material onto a light button. In this case, you can use buttons with holes, first sew, and then stick the pupil. … Very interesting movable eyes can be made from transparent packaging for tablets – cut out 2 cases (see picture) and stick on paper. inside each you need to put a small ball – a pellet, pepper or bead that will run inside the eye.

Noses for dolls
. You can cut a small triangle out of the same fabric as the doll’s face.Spread it from the back with glue. When the glue dries a little, shape the spout into the desired shape. Then glue the finished dried structure onto your face.

Never glue / sew on parts of the face at once, lay them all on the face, suddenly you want to move something to change the mood of the toy.

How to make eyelets out of paper for crafts

Learn from this article how to make funny eyes for crafts out of paper and empty pill blisters. Thanks to the detailed step-by-step recommendations from the photo, you will be able to make a very important attribute for creativity.Such funny eyes for crafts can be glued to volumetric pictures (applications), plasticine crafts, knitted or clay toys, etc.

Tools and materials

  • empty pill blister;
  • black beads;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • white sheet of paper;
  • plain pencil;
  • cotton swab.

Step by step making DIY peephole

  1. Cut off 2 convex cells from the blister, in which tablets are usually placed.
  2. Use scissors to remove the shiny coating from the surface adjacent to the convex capsule.
  3. Carefully align the capsule from the inside with a cotton swab.
  4. Cut out the capsule in a circle (grab literally 1-2 mm of the flat base, to which the capsule adjoins).
  5. Do the same with the 2nd capsule.
  6. Draw the resulting round blanks on a white sheet of paper using a simple pencil.
  7. Cut out circles drawn with a simple pencil from paper.
  8. Lubricate the base of the capsule with glue using a cotton swab.
  9. Put 1 black bead inside the capsule and glue the prepared paper circle.
  10. Lightly press down on the paper with your fingers and let the glue dry.
  11. We make the second eye in the same way. Our funny DIY eyes are ready! They are voluminous and look in different directions.You can experiment with the shape and size of the eyelet by choosing a wide variety of blisters (for example, from oblong pills or large throat lozenges).

Video instruction

You can clearly see how to make eyes for DIY crafts in this video. In this manual, everything is described in great detail and clearly.

Now you do not need to look for such voluminous eyes in handicraft stores if you want to make another craft.Do you have any ideas on how and where you can use such beautiful eyes for paper craft? Be sure to write about it in the comments.

Master class in origami technique “Eye”

Elena Yunnikova
Master class in origami “Eye” technique

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper figures.

Using the origami technique is not only useful for the development of fine motor skills of the hands, but also for all types of mental processes (cognitive, emotional, volitional) .

Goal : Develop the ability to make paper crafts.

Tasks : learn to make eyes from a square of paper; educate accuracy, develop eye .

Required materials : square of paper, markers .


Fold a triangle out of a white square and smooth the fold.

Expand and apply a corner to the resulting center.

We repeat the action on the other side.

Expand and apply a corner to the resulting line.

This is the shape you should get.

Fold the corners to the middle on both sides.

Then roll 2 corners on each side. For these corners, after completing the craft, we will move our eye .

Turn the craft over and try to move it with the resulting centuries.

Expand and draw the pupil and iris.

Collapse in the same sequence. And our craft is ready.

This kind of work is best done with children in the preparatory group. Try it and you will love it!

Origami butterfly. Master class Butterfly in origami technique. Master class Necessary materials and tools: • Colored paper for a yellow printer • Scissors.

Cyclamen.Master class in the technique of “origami” Winter is coming. A lovely flower – cyclamen blooms, but sometimes cyclamen blooms in late autumn. I propose to make a flower using origami technique.

Master class. Origami butterfly. Dear Colleagues! I bring to your attention a master class on making a butterfly from colored paper. Such butterflies are very easy to make.

Master class “Butterfly in origami technique” In a forest clearing, a miracle – bows on flowers These butterflies sat down like colored candy wrappers.G. Ryaskin. In order to make a butterfly in.

Master class “Chicken” in origami technique Material for work: a set of double-sided colored paper, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, a glue stick. For crafts you will need.

Master class “Lotus in origami technique” Where the road goes into the fields, Lakes are a blue shawl. Pink beauty, like dawn, Attracts all the lotus flower. Lotus is of mysterious antiquity.

Master class “Rocket” in origami technique Hello, dear colleagues, Very soon we will celebrate a significant holiday – Cosmonautics Day.Within the framework of the thematic week “Travel.

Master class “Firebird in origami technique” It’s a birthday for our kindergarten, and in connection with this significant day, I decided to make a firebird out of origami. We make modules out of different paper.

Postcard in origami technique “May 9”. Master class On the eve of the wonderful Victory Day holiday, I bring to your attention an origami postcard. Such postcards are preparatory for us with children.

Snowdrop in origami technique. Master class N.Oils Grows through the snow, To the sun’s rays, a flower, Small and delicate, White snowdrop. 1. Take two squares, size.





90,000 Crafts for the garden: the main thing is EYES! – catalog of articles on the site

Nowadays fashionable trend – DIY crafts for the garden.In principle, it is logical: no one knows the “soul” of your garden better than you, and no one better than you will reflect it in decoration.

Of course, not everyone is capable of making complex crafts. But this is not necessary. Sometimes the simplest DIY crafts for a summer residence are much more original than purchased, bright and shiny ones. If you really want to decorate your site, know: ideas for a summer residence are almost inexhaustible!

Where is the soul of the garden crafts?

Surely you have heard the expression that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.So take advantage of it! With the help of the eyes, you can animate almost any object or plant. You don’t have to tinker with anything complicated – just cut out the eyes and some simple additional details from any suitable material, and DIY crafts for the garden are ready.

Of course, the material must be used durable, waterproof (after all, the street). If there is none, you can use a less durable one, but cover the crafts with your own hands for giving with a protective varnish.And do not worry that the coating will peel off from the rain and sun. Firstly, you can always tint it, and secondly, such crafts for giving are made easily and quickly, which means that you can always replace them. Eyes and additional parts are attached using ordinary flexible wire.

Ideas for summer cottages – simple and zealous

And now, from behind the bushes, “little eyes” peep out – funny gnomes, deer, bears, cats, and other curious creatures: the difference is “organized” with the help of additional details (a deer has horns, a cat has a mustache and a tail, and gnomes have caps, etc.etc.). Ideas for summer cottages will begin to appear in your mind as soon as you take up this fertile and very interesting business – making decoration for the garden.

By the way, many ideas for summer cottages can be used to decorate the interior. What will prevent you from “revitalizing” your indoor plants in the same way?


Crafts from plastic bottles: an amazing tree

Crafts for the garden: Fantastic Chickens!

Crafts for the garden: wonderful frogs

Ornamental tree in the garden

Crafts for the garden: wonderful herons and storks

Unusual flowerbed “Artist’s palette”

Original flower beds in the country: “Summer Snow”

Interesting flower bed framing

Beautiful flower garden “Chessboard”

Original flower beds in the country: fluttering butterflies

A flower bed from an old stump

Funny flower beds: Hedgehog and Piglets



Palm from plastic bottles Crafts for the garden: apples from plastic bottles

Crafts for the garden: Mexican cacti from plastic bottles

Crafts for the garden: a falcon from plastic bottles

DIY garden figurines: birds from plastic bottles

DIY garden figurines: flamingos

Crafts for the garden from plastic bottles: a friendly elephant

Crafts for the garden: swans from plastic bottles

Crafts for the garden: bees from plastic bottles

Crafts for the garden: butterflies from plastic bottles

Crafts for the garden: decorative tree from plastic bottles

Crafts for the garden: curious snails

Crafts from tires: luxurious palm


Large flowers from plastic bottles

Flowers from plastic bottles: bells

Flowers from plastic spoons: roses

Flowers from plastic spoons: water lilies

Flowers from plastic boxes

Decorative tree from plastic bottles

Flowers from plastic bottles for flower beds: sunflowers and chrysanthemums

Flowers from plastic bottles or spoons: delicate sakura

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cottage decor shrub deer
90,000 Review of DIY Eyes | – Youth Information Portal

  • Price: $ 1.01
  • Good day. Under the cut we will look into plastic eyes and make a simple craft.

    Actually, there were two orders.

    First. Reptilian eye (or cat’s), diameter 15 mm.

    Second. Can be described as versatile. Diameter 12 mm.

    The design is simple – a picture with a print is glued to a plastic lens.

    Below, for comparison, with the Belarusian model used in taxidermy (right), the price and quality are much higher.And foreign ones cost even more, several times more expensive.

    A quite fair question arises – why do you need these eyes?

    The answer is for crafts, decor, decoration.

    In general, for creative maneuvering that would be within arm’s reach.

    As an example of application, we will stylize the key under the eye of a dragon or a lizard.

    Let’s take the simplest rfid key.

    And first, glue the eye to it.

    Cut off the excess.

    For the next step, we need a black, pigskin lining.

    From it we will cut out the elements that cover the base of the eye-corroding color. The elements will be analogous to the blinking membrane in reptiles.

    We mount with glue.

    Now we need the skin. I have some bison skin lying around. This one has a characteristic, beautiful relief and a suitable color.

    Cut out three parts.The back and two eyelids. For the eyelids, it is advisable to take the edges processed at the factory.

    Trying on.

    We thin the edges of the details – we remove the chamfers.

    We take a thick waxed thread, black. We will sew with a “pigtail”, large coarse stitches.

    For half an hour, in haste and almost the first time, it turned out something like this.

    And this is how it looks on the strap of a backpack.

    In hand.

    A bit of entourage.

    Conclusion. The price is reasonable, the quality is acceptable. Above, I gave the simplest example, but in general, applications in bulk. There are a lot of ideas on this topic on the Internet.

    90,000 DIY Eyes? do it yourself from paper step by step

    Learn from this article how to make funny eyes for paper crafts and empty blisters from pills. Thanks to the detailed step-by-step recommendations from the photo, you will be able to make a very important attribute for creativity.Such funny eyes for crafts can be glued on three-dimensional pictures (applications), plasticine crafts, knitted or clay toys, etc.

    Material content

    Tools and materials

    • empty blister from tablets;
    • black beads;
    • PVA glue;
    • scissors;
    • white sheet of paper;
    • plain pencil;
    • cotton swab.

    Step-by-step production of eyelets for crafts

    1. Cut off 2 convex cells from the blister, in which tablets are usually placed.
    2. Use scissors to remove the shiny coating from the surface adjacent to the convex capsule.
    3. Carefully align the capsule from the inside with a cotton swab.
    4. Cut out the capsule in a circle (grab literally 1-2 mm of the flat base to which the capsule adjoins).
    5. We do the same with the 2nd capsule.
    6. Draw the resulting round blanks on a white sheet of paper using a simple pencil.
    7. Cut out circles drawn with a simple pencil from paper.
    8. Lubricate the base of the capsule with glue using a cotton swab.
    9. Put 1 black bead inside the capsule and glue the prepared paper circle.
    10. Lightly press down on the paper with your fingers and let the glue dry.
    11. We make the second eye in the same way. Our funny DIY eyes are ready! They are voluminous and look in different directions. You can experiment with the shape and size of the eyelet by choosing a wide variety of blisters (for example, from oblong pills or large throat lozenges).

    Video instruction

    You can clearly see how to make eyes for DIY crafts in this video. In this manual, everything is described in great detail and clearly.

    Now you don’t need to look for such voluminous eyes in handicraft stores if you want to make another craft. Do you have any ideas on how and where you can use such beautiful eyes for paper craft? Be sure to write about it in the comments.

    Crafts from colored paper for children

    If you need something to keep your child busy, colored paper is the perfect tool for creativity. It is inexpensive, there is a lot of it, and you don’t have to worry that the baby will get hurt or hurt himself. And if you don’t know where to start, then here are 10 DIY colored paper craft ideas for kids!

    1. Big-eyed penguin

    You will need white, black and orange or yellow colored paper, toy eyes and scissors. The body of the penguin is oval, the breast and legs with a beak are in the form of hearts.Very nice!

    2. Colorful Rooster

    Rooster’s body – plain colored paper, rolled into a cone. You need to glue wings and jewelry, eyes, beak and scallop to it. And the paws are made of a thin long paper tape folded in a small accordion.

    3. Bird made of feathers

    This is a very beautiful and creative craft for older children. First, you need to cut out individual feathers from colored paper, and then glue them to the base in the form of a bird’s body.

    DIY winter crafts for kindergarten (50 photos)


    These ladybugs are especially good for appliqués and homemade postcards. They only need two identical colored circles for the wings and two black circles for the body and head.

    5. Volumetric paper flower

    To make a beautiful flower, cut a paper circle into sectors and wrap the edges nicely. It will be even better if you fold several of these blanks of different sizes and make a stem from a tube.

    6. Rainbow Bridge

    Cut two clouds out of white paper, and cut the multi-colored into identical strips.Lay out the stripes with a rainbow and secure the edges on both sides to the clouds – the rainbow bridge is ready!

    7 easy schemes for making claws out of paper

    7. Funny jellyfish

    Cut off part of the circle to make a jellyfish dome. And cut the paper rectangle with a fringe and twist the edges with a toothpick. If you only partially glue the base and twist it into a cylinder, you get a stand.

    8. Flexible paper track

    For such a funny craft for the little ones, you need to fold a sheet of paper and cut it from the fold, not reaching the edge.Then – twist the body into a cylinder and glue the head with antennae.

    9. Spiral rose

    To make such a beautiful bouquet, cut several colored circles of different sizes. Cut each of them in a spiral to the very center and twist into a bud.

    New Year’s paper crafts for children (50 photos)

    10. Textured butterfly

    Unfold the paper square with an angle downward and fold with an accordion to the center on both sides. Likewise, make the bottom wings and pull both pieces in the center with wire or thread.

    Crafts from colored paper for children with their own hands – photos and ideas

    Need more variety? We’ve taken care of that too, so keep an even bigger selection of DIY options!

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    90,000 Live eyes for your crafts

    A book without eyes This is to the optometrist! As often happens, in the process of “reading” cardboard books, something falls off.For example, we have a couple of books turned out to be eyeless. We will repair them. We take a little savvy and make eyes for the book!

    For this we need:

    • Book of Lost Eyes,
    • Empty pill box,
    • Ruler with circles,
    • Superglue,
    • Scissors,
    • Pen or felt-tip pen.

    We select the packaging of tablets individually for each book.So that the eyes are not too small, but fit into the holes cut for this. We rip off everything from the packaging from the tablets as much as possible, leaving only the transparent part. Cut out the eye cups. Leave a little base around the cup itself, about 2-3 mm. Please note that the cups themselves must not be deformed!

    Using a ruler with circles draw eyes on white paper. Cut out the eyes. Save the eye contour.

    We put each eye in its own cup.We put the picture down. We can see the white side.

    Now comes the tricky part. You have to glue the eyes on the weight, so that the cups themselves are glued, but not the eyes. We smear the rim of the cup with superglue and apply it to the place of the lost eye. We do not turn the eye and the book! We smear with glue and apply the second eye. Adjust the eyes so that the remaining silver part is symmetrical.

    Now you need to dry your eyes for 24 hours.To do this, put the book with its front cover down, the higher the better. So that no one took to read. The next day we turn the book over and watch our eyes “run” over the cups! These are such wonderful eyes!

    p.s. Don’t be greedy, share the link to this craft with your friends!


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