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The Life-Altering Eye Makeup Hack Women Over 40 Should Be Using To *Instantly* Look Younger

Makeup is a wonderful tool for underplaying your age and enhancing your best features in order to give you a natural confidence boost. Well applied makeup can smooth over imperfections and offer a glow to your face that can take your appearance to the next level, and there are certain hacks you can integrate into your daily routine which do even more to draw attention to your best assets so you can feel great in your skin.

While classic makeup application methods can brighten the eyes and smooth out your complexion, there are some lesser known hacks which highlight your natural beauty even further. As you grow older, there’s one eye makeup hack makeup artists say everyone should be following in order to liven up your face and instantly turn back the clock so your youthful glow can shine through.

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Depending on the color you opt for, eyeliner can either brighten your appearance or create a darkening illusion which may drag down your face and cause you to look sallow and tired. While a dark kohl liner surrounding your eyes can have the latter effect, experimenting with a white liner can emphasize your youthful glow, brightening your eyes and making you look more awake. “Use your white eye pencil or white eyeshadow to dab a pinky size amount in both corners of the eye,” explains Rachel Renken from Atomic Makeup. “You want to target the innermost corner of your eye at your nose, as well as the edge of the eye on the opposite side. Once you’ve got those four dots, use your fingertip or a brush to blend the white in.”


Using a white liner will draw attention to the whites of your eyes, making them appear wider and more awake. As you age, your complexion will naturally begin to sag slightly which can make you look tired, so applying a white liner can counteract this by highlighting the brightness in your eye. “The best eye makeup method to make you look younger is anything that will make your eyes appear bigger. Mascara and wearing eyeliner on the outside of the waterline on the lower lid make a huge difference,” says makeup artist Stephanie Currais. White liner on the lower lash line will create the illusion of being more awake as it emphasizes the whites of your eyes, consequently allowing you to look younger and more vibrant.

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Dramatic, Dark Colors


Any lipstick with a purple undertone or red-orange hues — think maroon, brown, or actual purple — may look chic and trendy, especially if you’re loving ‘90s revival fashion, but they aren’t the best options if you’re trying to upgrade your look. 


“These shades drain the fullness out of my already thinning lips and can make my complexion look sallow,” says Michelle Davies, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Best Ever Guide to Life and a Professional Life Coach.


As you grow older you may feel pigeonholed into more basic makeup looks to enhance your natural beauty, but white eyeliner can be a fun and low-stakes way to experiment with your look while widening your eyes, simultaneously turning back the clock on your age. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you can’t participate in fun and exciting makeup looks, and in reality doing so may tap into your youthful side, automatically conjuring a beautiful glow. Whether you choose to apply your liner to your inner corners, on the water line, or even in a funky cat eye, the effect of a brighter, wider, and more awake appearance will naturally follow.

7 Of The Best Eye Makeup Tips For Mature Women

Is the thin and delicate skin around your eyes making you look older than you’d like? These 7 practical eye makeup tips will make your eyes look instantly brighter and more youthful!

If there is one part of my makeup routine that has changed the most over the past decade or so, it’s my eye makeup! My skin has changed quite a bit as I’ve gotten older, and those changes have been more apparent around my eyes than almost anywhere else.

But that’s not too surprising, considering how thin and delicate the skin around our eyes actually is. Even the most minute changes to your skin’s texture or character can change the appearance of your eyes!

And that’s where today’s post comes in, because we’re going to be exploring simple eye makeup tips that can keep our eyes looking bright and youthful! Try out a few of these tips, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a difference they make! 🙂

7 Of The Best Eye Makeup Tips For Mature Women

1. Use An Eye Cream

Dryness emphasizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so it’s important to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated. Use an eye cream (or gel or serum) every day to keep that thin, delicate skin hydrated and refreshed.

2. Define Your Brows

Thick layers of eye makeup can draw unwanted attention to wrinkles and sagging skin. Instead, focus on shaping and defining your brows, which will add definition to your face without using more shadow or liner.

Use an eyebrow pencil, powder, or tinted gel to define and shape your brows. Pair your well-defined brows with more subtle eye color for a perfectly balanced and more youthful look!

3. Prime!

As we age, the skin on our eyelids starts to droop, giving us increasingly hooded eyelids. The added friction can make it even harder to get your eyeshadow to stay put!

Luckily for us, eyeshadow primer provides a simple solution to this problem! Dab some on before applying your eye makeup to help it stay put throughout the day.

4. Avoid Glitter & Matte Shadows

You know how certain paint finishes seem to draw attention to imperfections while others camouflage them? The same thing happens with different types of eyeshadow.

Matte eyeshadows and glittery eyeshadows can both draw attention to sagging and lined skin. Instead, look for eyeshadows with a satin finish, which are more likely to blend in and complement your face.

5. Smudge Your Eyeliner

Nailing a flawless line when applying eyeliner is something of a miracle at the best of times. But as we get older, the texture and character of our eyelids changes, making that flawless line next to impossible to achieve!

On the other hand, artfully smudged eyeliner is not only flattering on most people, it’s also easier to achieve! After applying your eyeliner, use a smudge brush or cotton swab to blend the edges for more gently defined eyes.

6. Emphasize Lashes

Big, curled lashes can help your eyes appear bigger and brighter, so don’t shy away from your lash curler! If your natural lashes aren’t as full as you’d like them to be, a set of false lashes can help you fill in the gaps.

You can find false lashes in almost any color, thickness, or length. With a little time and effort, you’re sure to find a set that works for you!

7. Conceal Dark Circles

Another step that can help your eyes appear bigger and brighter is concealing the dark shadows underneath them. Use a small, flat brush to apply a small amount of concealer to the area.

Gently pat the concealer to blend it in, and avoid massaging or rubbing it. This will pull and stretch at the skin around your eyes, which isn’t great for such delicate skin.

Do you have a favorite eye makeup tip or product?

Top 10 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Younger

Everyone is aware of the fact that the magical fountain of youth that will make you look younger is just a myth. That’s why every woman is trying to hide her middle-age symptoms, like lines or wrinkles and there is no such beauty treatment, anti-age product, which can’t give you some results in a really short time.

In this case, make-up is definitely your best friend! We’ve gathered 10 professional makeup tips which will make you look gorgeous and feel more youthful. In the end, age is just a number, it is all about how you feel and wear that.

1. Before Applying Makeup, Moisturize Your Face

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If you are applying makeup on dry skin, you tend to get skin cracks which could add to your age. So, don’t forget your face cream or lotion before your foundation or makeup primer. Moisturised face will smoothen your skin surface, help your makeup stay longer, and help your skin look less dull. An important step you should never miss out on!

2. Exfoliate Your Face Once A Week

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Exfoliating your face will help you remove the dead skin cells on your face, allowing the new cells to surface, thus you will end up getting your daily glow and instant boost. This procedure will help clean the dirt and debris deep in your pores that your daily cleanser wasn’t able to remove away. Exfoliating can be done once a week but no more than that.

3. Use Concealer For Darker Circles

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Once you have chosen the right concealer color, it is time to master the art of applying it correctly, especially when you want to hide those dark circles and lines under your eyes. Properly applied concealer will instantly brighten your face, hide blemishes and freckles. The color of your concealer is recommended to be 2 colors lighter.

4. Use Medium Coverage Foundation

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Too much makeup will achieve the opposite result of making you look younger. Medium coverage foundation contains skin contouring blend, vitamin E, and some of them anti-aging caffeine that will make your face lifted, smooth, and fresher. If you are looking to cover up and prevent the sign of wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines, best go for medium coverage foundation but make sure you prep the skin on your face before applying.

5. Use Blush In Warm Pink Or Bronze Colors For Younger Look

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As we are aging the skin loses its luminosity, and glow, therefore adding warm pink or peachy tones on the cheeks can give a more youthful appearance. Some might say, that a cream formula blush creates a smoother finish as it hydrates the skin, and on the other hand powder blush formula will emphasize any fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

6. Avoid Using Dark Eyeshadows

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Lighter eyeshadows are brightening the eyes and distracting the imperfections from the skin, like dark circles. Thus, a reason why you should avoid using dark-toned shadows is simple; they will make you look fatigued and older. Younger people have smooth skin with the contrast between the hair, eyes, and lips color. As we go older all that fades, so try opting for brighter colors or tones like red-violet, and turquoise.

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Curling your eyelashes will definitely give you a beautiful, more open eye look. Exposing the eyelashes will distract the attention from the skin near the eyes, and instead, your eyes will become the center and main point of attention. The lashes which are curled and with volume will create a youthful appearance and will make your eyes stand out!

8. Look After Your Eyebrows

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As we got older, a part of the natural aging process is the hair on our bodies to go thinner. Thicker eyebrows will for sure give you younger look. Do not use darker-toned eyebrow pencil but opt for the natural hair color. Eyebrows should be well-groomed with a correct shape matching your face. Eyebrows are another beautiful feature on our face to give more dominant character.

9. Use Lip Liner To Enhance Your Lips

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The lip liner serves as a base for the lipstick. The intention here is to fill in uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips, before applying your favorite lipstick. The colors should match, or at least be in a similar shade. The lip liner will make your lips look a bit bigger and fuller. You can use your lip liner as lipstick too. The liner will also make sure your lipstick stays longer.

10. Brighten Your Eye Inner Corners With Light Shadow

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Another great way to hide the dark circle around the eyes yet look natural is to apply white or any light color on your eye’s inner corner. You can have simple makeup on you, just a little eyeshadow on your tear ducts, and good to go. Also this way, your eye will open up and have that natural glow.

How To Get Younger Looking Eyes

Ultimate Shadow Quad

This versatile palette suits every skin tone and eye color. Sweep the lightest shade under your brow bone, medium beige all over your lid, shimmery brown in your crease, and deep chocolate along your lash line.

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Cocoa Mirage, $82, tomford.com. 

Secret Weapons

Peachy color corrector hides even the most egregious dark circles. Swipe it on before applying concealer. Tip: Under-eye darkness is often caused by blood pooling beneath the skin, which becomes thinner and more transparent over time. Fight it with an eye cream that contains niacinamide; it helps densify your skin’s barrier.

From top, clockwise: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Neutralizers in Abricot Bisque, $38, yslbeautyus.com; Dior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime and Colour Correct in Apricot # 003, $36, dior.com; Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream, $25, olay.com. 

Instant Eye-Openers

STEP 1: Line lower inner rims with a nude pencil. “It takes away redness, and your eyes seem brighter,” Bhatty says. 

STEP 2: Color in spaces between your upper eyelashes with a skinny eye pencil. “You’ll look like you have more lashes,” she promises.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Brightener, $20, tartecosmetics.com; Clinique High Impact Custom Black Kajal in Blackened Black

, $17, sephora.com. 

Must-Have Primer

Apply before adding your preferred mascara—the primer will enhance the mascara’s benefits and make it last longer. “The idea is to build a false set of lashes using your own,” explains Bhatty. 

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Primer Mascara, $9, lorealparisusa.com. 

Lash Trick

A few single false lashes near the outer corner of your upper lash line “lifts the entire eye area,” says Dior makeup artist Ricky Wilson. 

TRY: Sephora Collection Individual False Lashes, $10, sephora.com. 

Concealer Done Right

STEP 1: Prep under-eye skin with eye cream. “If you use it regularly, you won’t have to worry about the area looking crepey, dark, or puffy,” says Bhatty. 

STEP 2: Start with a sheer concealer, and if you need more coverage, add a creamy opaque one on top. 

STEP 3: Dot from the inner corner of the eye toward the outer corner. Blend well; if you put on too much, it will crease.

SHEER: Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand, $46, bobbibrowncosmetics.com; OPAQUE: Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer, $70, cledepeaubeaute.com. 

Banish Puffiness

Reach for eye patches formulated with caffeine to tamp down bags and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. You’ll notice tighter, smoother skin in about 10 minutes.

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches, $75 for 30 treatments, peterthomasroth.com. 

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Makeup for Women Over 50: A Guide From a Beauty Industry Veteran

In her 74 years, Sandy Linter has lived many lives as a makeup artist.

In 1969, the Brooklyn-born, Staten Island–bred visionary began her career working for famed celebrity hairdresser Mr. Kenneth Battelle in New York City, his clients Jackie Onassis and Barbara Walters serendipitously ending up in her makeup chair. In the ’70s, she struck out on her own, landing high-profile editorial work with photographers such as Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, and Arthur Elgort while embodying the era’s work-hard-play-hard mentality and becoming a dazzling fixture at Studio 54. And by the ’80s, she was regularly painting the faces of supermodels Iman, Cindy Crawford, and Patti Hansen for major campaigns and in the pages of Vogue. Since then, Linter hasn’t slowed down. In fact, with age, her skillset has grown, as she’s continued to work with a laundry list of famous faces including Christie Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley, Debbie Harry, and Rita Wilson.

“I can remember being ‘young Sandy the makeup artist’ and then middle-aged and then further on than middle-aged…” she laughs, in reference to her personal evolution over her decades-long career. At a time when the fashion industry is, at long last, celebrating women above a certain age, Linter believes there’s no time like the present for older women to not just embrace makeup, but have fun with it. “There are no rules!” she insists, with just one addendum: “Wear the makeup, don’t have it wear you. Instead of trying to hide flaws, enhance what you’ve got.” From natural-looking coverage to subtle tricks that make the eyes pop, here is Linter’s guide to makeup for women over 50.

Create a Glowing Base

Needless to say, following a dedicated skin-care routine—cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating—is an essential strategy for achieving a healthy complexion, especially over time. Before applying makeup, spread on a veil of a hydrating yet weightless moisturizer on clean skin. “Heavy moisturizers are just not compatible with makeup,” says Linter. According to the pro, La Mer Moisturizing Cream strikes the right balance between nourishing the skin for a dewy finish, without compromising the layers that follow. After the moisturizer sinks in, you can target areas with fine lines or dry patches with a quick-absorbing primer, like Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Face Primer with its smoothing gel texture, as desired.

La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Face Primer

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturizing Primer

Cover Up Conservatively

“You can’t hide wrinkles, so don’t try to, because you’re only going to draw more attention to them,” says Linter. To even out skin tone, she suggests using a moist sponge or foundation brush to apply a sheer, hydrating foundation, like Kevyn Aucion The Etherealist formula, so that it “doesn’t look plastered to the face.” Then, use a robust yet lightweight creamy concealer that blends easily—Giorgio Armani High-Precision Retouch Concealer is her go-to—on the more ruddy or hyper-pigmented areas. For the eyes, concentrate on the under eyes and inner corners to effectively counteract dark circles. “Most women get darkest on the inner corner of their eye as opposed to the outer corners where you smile and have the laugh lines,” she explains.

Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist Foundation

Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer

Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation

L’Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Concealer

Warm Up the Skin

When choosing a foundation or concealer shade, one might be inclined to seek out an exact match, but Linter suggests going a shade or two warmer to ensure you don’t look washed out. “If it’s too matchy-matchy, it can age you,” she says. And in that case, it’s especially important to extend coverage beyond the visage. “After the face, take a foundation brush and blend very slightly around the neck so it doesn’t look obvious,” instructs Linter. Then comes bronzer—and not just for the cheeks. “I use it on everyone over 50 because it warms up the skin in a natural way,” she explains, adding that she’ll sweep under the cheekbone, down the sides of the nose, across the forehead, and under the jawline for a chiseled glow.

Westman Atelier Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Sculpt and Lift Subtly

Smiling while you apply blush has long been cited as a universal, tried-and-true technique, but it’s one that’s not as effective as you age, says Linter. “Instead of on the apples of the cheeks, I like to apply blush at the top of the cheekbone and then blend inward,” she explains of the best sculpting makeup for women over 50. “You want to point the attention up to enhance.” As for shades, she prefers muted rosy shades like MAC Powder Blush in Prism. “I’ve been using it since the ’90s!” she says. For extra impact, Linter will layer—first with a cream formula, like Stila Convertible Color, and then finish it off with a powder. “Sometimes just the cream is enough,” she says. As for setting powder, it’s a step Linter usually skips, but looks to Dermablend Banana Powder if necessary.

Stila Convertible Color Blush

Dermablend Illuminating Banana Powder

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Play Up the Eyes

“You want to open up the eyes and make them look as big as possible because it’s more youthful,” explains Linter. The first step? Curl the lashes with an eyelash curler, starting right at the root. Next, you have to pick the right mascara, which requires a fair mount of trial and error. “There are very thickening formulas that don’t work on older women whose lashes have become thinner and more brittle,” she explains. “When they don’t work, the lashes start to clump and there’s nothing more aging than clumpy lashes on a woman over 50.” Currently, Chanel’s long-wearing Inimitable Mascara, which boasts a flexible pronged brush and provitamin B5-laced jet-black formula that nourishes the hairs while providing natural definition, is her favorite when working with relatively older clients. As for liner, Linter makes a point of debunking a long-held myth. “In the old days, they used to say only use brown, but it’s a falsehood that women over 50 can’t use black,” she insists. “You need to create a contrast between the eye color and liner. Brown can make you look tired if it’s not the right brown.” Shade-wise, no woman can go wrong with Lancôme’s Le Crayon Khôl in Black Coffee. “Absolutely anyone can use it!” she insists. While mascara and eyeliner are basic steps, eyeshadow is more of an accessory that plays up your personal style if you want it to. But proceed thoughtfully “Don’t take a shadow and just plop it on the center of the lid,” she instructs. “Using a small eye brush, start from the outer corner of the eyes and work inwards, so that the color gets gradually lighter. It’ll give you a bigger, wide-eyed look.”

Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Lancôme’s Le Crayon Khôl in Black Coffee

Estee Lauder Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliner

L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Take It Easy on the Brows

First, focus on keeping the brows full naturally. “You want to save every eyebrow hair you have, so instead of tweezing, trim them,” says Linter, adding that Revitabrow and Revitalash are incredible growth formulas she uses on herself. To fill in arches, Linter is partial to featherlight hair-like strokes of Troy Suratt Expressioniste Brow Pencil. “It’s thin enough for drawing on a hair here and there without looking too artificial,” she says. “[The shades] are so natural-looking.”

Revitabrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

Troy Suratt Expressioniste Brow Pencil

Makeup by Mario Master Blade Brow Pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil



Balance Out the Lips

“As you get older, the lips can become asymmetrical and it can be aging,” says Linter. You can balance out the mouth by using a lip pencil in a your-lips-but-better shade, but the formula must have the right amount of slip. “You want it to be so soft that the minute it touches the skin, it glides on,” she explains, adding that NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are the best in this regard. To create symmetry, Linter recommends drawing on four separate strokes, always starting from each of the four outer corners and drawing towards the Cupid’s bow or to the center of the bottom lips. “That way your lip is going to be more balanced,” she says. Apply lipstick in the same fashion, then use a lip brush to slightly diffuse the edges for a softer look. After painting on a matte lip, Linter will sometimes add a gloss on top to add shine and definition, but never one that’s too heavy or sticky. This part of the process is up to the wearer, Linter emphasizes; “the finish is purely taste.”

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick

Vogue’s Favorites

Makeup Tips and Tutorials to Help You Look Younger

We found that a lot of women were looking for how to look younger at 40 with makeup

. Makeup is a magical tool that enhances natural beauty and can make you look fresh and glowy. When our skin ages, makeup application can start to seem harder, but it’s actually easier than you think when you know about the right makeup tips for mature skin

That’s why we looked for the makeup tutorials for mature skin for women in their 40, 50 and after their 60’s as well. These tutorials were by some of the best makeup artists out there. They gave some amazing easy tips on enhancing your natural beauty and how to  make your makeup look more youthful

Makeup Tips for Mature Skin:

1. Your base makeup

With your base makeup, foundation and concealer, it is very important to use fresh and hydrating base makeup. Anything too dry, heavy or matte could sit in the lines, get stuck between wrinkles and make the skin look older…which is why some makeup artists recommend using tinted moisturisers.

Avoid using anything too heavy under the eyes because if the concealer is too thick or heavy it will crease. Also make sure you use your fingers a lot to make sure everything is well blended in and isn’t just sitting on the skin.

2. Your eye makeup 

Use makeup to emphasize your eyes and make them look bright, open and lifted. Like using darker shadows in the outer corners, crevices and the lash line.

Anything too shimmery or metallic could bother you when you’re older. If you’re scared of shimmer, you can still get the beauty benefits of it if you pick the right placements for it. Like in the inner corners to brighten the eyes or in the center of the lash line. 

The older we get the more we need to define around our eyes. Defining the eyes with the simplest things can really define your whole face. Also curling your lashes can make a huge difference. 

Creams blush is highly recommended for mature skin. It gives a glowy, youthful look and rosyetoned blushes give a nice, healthy glow. 

For lips, you want to define the lips by using lip liner before your lipstick. It makes a really big difference.

4. Just have fun

All these tips were derived from these amazing videos below by experts and makeup artists. And the main thing you have to remember is just to enjoy your skin and embrace everything about it. If you want to break the rules and play around with shimmer and color, then do that! Age will never take that away from you. 

Makeup Tutorials for Mature Skin:

Glowy Fresh Natural Makeup for Mature Skin

This is a beautiful chic makeup look that’s all about enhancing your features and making the skin glow. Hindash also gives amazing makeup tips. 

Glowing Youthful Makeup for Mature Skin

You can make your skin glowing and youthful with the simplest tips and techniques. Lisa Eldridge shows you how to perfect your skin and the little things that make a big difference.

How to Do a Winged Eyeliner on Mature Eyes

Winged liner for wrinkled eyes can be tricky but Schellea Fowler has an amazing technique that is a must try!

Glamorous Makeup for Mature Women

Charlotte Tilbury breaks all the rules perfectly and shows how shimmer can look incredible on 60+ women, featuring her very own mom. This is a must see. 

Makeup Tutorial with Red Lipstick for Mature Skin 

Whoever said you can’t wear red lipstick or colored makeup? This tutorial shows the power of a red lip and how to play with color in a chic subtle way. 

Foundation Makeup Tutorial for Mature Skin  

I have found that most beauty articles listed Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic foundation under the best foundations for mature skin over 40. This tutorial shows that with the right foundation, full coverage can actually work for mature skin…

Main Image Credits: Instagram @monicabellucciofficiel

Learn How to Look Younger with Easy Makeup Tips

When it comes to learning how to look younger, the proper skin care routine is super-important—that means gently cleansing, moisturizing twice a day, and slathering on SPF every morning before you go outside. However, using the right makeup products (hello, blush) and makeup techniques (nice to see you, makeup blender) also comes in handy for helping you maintain a youthful look. Ready to look younger? Go ahead and add these 10 easy tips to your makeup routine.


Dark spots and dark under-eye circles can be a dead giveaway of your age. That’s where color correcting comes in. The L’Oréal Paris True Match Color Correcting Crayon includes four concealer hues: peach to disguise dark circles and dark spots, green to neutralize redness, purple to counteract dullness, and yellow to hide discoloration. Use your shade (or shades!) of color-correcting concealer sparingly, then follow up with a flesh-toned concealer or foundation.

Editor’s tip: Apply concealer with a makeup blender, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender.


If you have dull skin, steer clear of matte finish foundation and opt for one that has a luminous finish instead. Try the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, which provides hydrating, medium coverage with a glowing finish that lasts.


In case you haven’t heard, big, bold brows are in! Gone are the days that pencil-thin brows were all the rage. And you’re in luck because bigger brows help you look younger! Want to fill your brows in? Use the L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel, which is a long-lasting, waterproof brow gel. First, use the doe-foot applicator to fill in any sparse areas. Then, use the angled brush to define and sharpen your brow shape. Finally, brush through your brows with the spoolie for natural-looking brows.


Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Don’t worry! No one will have to know you’re exhausted—if you use the right makeup products. It’s time to add white or nude eyeliner to your makeup bag. Lining your waterline with a white or nude eyeliner can help create the illusion of brighter-looking eyes. You can also apply a little liner to the inner corner of your eyes for a highlighted effect. Then use an eyelash curler to help open up your eyes even more. For the finishing touch, swipe on a coat of volumizing mascara, like the L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara, Lasting Volume.


It’s true: Rosy cheeks have always symbolized the essence of youth. Lacking that rosy glow? Add a touch of color to your cheeks (and a few other key spots) with a light pink blush. Try the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Blush. Simply sweep the blush where the sun naturally hits your face—think your forehead, cheeks, chin, and the bridge of your nose.


While some people prefer to pack on highlighter for an eye-catching glow, the right amount can add a subtle and radiant look to your skin. Set the stage with the L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder. Using a fan makeup brush, dust the highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow for skin that looks like its glowing from within.

Editor’s tip: Feel free to add a touch of highlight to the inner corner of your eyes. This is a great way to call attention away from fine lines and wrinkles.


You may not be able to part with your go-to lipstick shade, but lip gloss can help you look younger. A simple swipe of nude, soft pink, or peach lip gloss works to give your pout a plump and youthful look. Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss in Barely Nude, Blush, or Sunset to give your lips a glossy finish.


Finishing off your makeup look with a setting product can help keep it in place longer. Since powder can settle into lines, opt for a setting spray instead. Spritz on the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Make-Up Oil-Free Setting Spray once you’re done with your makeup application. Shake the bottle well and hold it eight to 10 inches away from your face, close your eyes, and spray it four to six times in an ‘X’ and ‘T’ motion.


We mentioned earlier that glowing, dewy skin radiates a youthful appearance. To keep your glow going all day, be sure to refresh your makeup with a spritz of the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Lumi Shake & Glow Dew Mist, which will leave your skin with a healthy-looking, dewy glow.

Next up: Learn how to keep your hair color looking youthful, too! Here’s How to Get a Rich, Radiant, Younger-Looking Hair Color.

90,000 Makeup That Makes You Younger and Makeup Mistakes That Make You Older

Does your makeup make you younger or older? Let’s figure it out together.

Make-up can work wonders: it can remove several years, or, on the contrary, add age. In this article I want to share a few secrets and tell you exactly which makeup techniques help you look younger, and what makes you older.

So how do you get beautiful makeup and look younger? It’s very simple, avoid the following mistakes and follow the tips for the correct use of decorative cosmetics.

Foundation (foundation)

Makes older: A thick layer of foundation with a dense texture makes you look older. The fact is that a too dense base layer clogs even into small wrinkles, making them more noticeable. In addition, a mask effect appears on the face, which looks completely unnatural. An example of this error can be seen below in the photo of Kim Kardashian (left).

Makes you younger: Foundations with a light liquid texture, which contain reflective particles.This lightweight foundation looks natural and almost invisible on the skin, plus it moisturizes the skin. Reflective particles make the skin appear glowing from the inside, allowing you to look younger and fresher. A good example of how to use foundation correctly is Jennifer Aniston’s photo (right).

Naturally, foundation should be matched to your skin tone.

Tip: If you have very dry skin, before using your foundation … add a little of your moisturizer to it.


Makes older: Dark shades of blush on the cheekbones. Pronounced cheekbones make the face more sophisticated, but alas, this is what gives age.

If you deliberately want to look older, for whatever reason, you can use this technique. Namely, to emphasize the cheekbones with the help of dark blush applied to the area under the cheekbones, as does Victoria Beckham.

If you have a round face and you want to visually stretch it, then you can also use this technique for visual correction of a round face.

Makes you younger: Light radiant blush. Some people have a natural blush, but most still have to use blush to achieve the desired effect. How to choose and apply blush to look younger? Choose a refreshing shade of blush, such as pink or peach (depending on your color type). Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Lipstick, eyeshadow and their texture (Texture of lipstick and eyeshadow)

Makes older: Matte lipstick and shadows.Always remember that matte textures and dark makeup shades plump, dry skin and accentuate wrinkles, which visually adds age. However, do not go to extremes, as excessive shine emphasizes the unevenness of the skin.

Makes you younger: Lipstick with a wet lip effect and silk eyeshadow (ie, pearlescent shadows). These make-up products look more natural on the skin due to the presence of reflective particles that scatter light and visually soften wrinkles.In addition, the eyeshadows have a satin texture make the look deeper and more radiant, and lipstick with the effect of wet lips will add extra volume to your lips.

As an example, I took photos of the singer Lily Alain. Who would have thought that in both photos one and the same girl, and not a mother and daughter!


Makes it older: Black eyeliner along the entire contour of the eye. This makes the eyes visually less, redness of the eyes more noticeable and as a result, the look is tired.Eyeliner can undoubtedly make the look more expressive and sexy, but you need to know how to apply it correctly.

Makes you younger: Eyeliner matched to your eye color. For example, if you have blue or gray eyes, then choose a dark blue or dark gray eyeliner, if you have brown eyes, then a dark brown and black eyeliner will suit you, and a dark green eyeliner is suitable for green eyes. Also to make your look younger:

  1. Do not apply eyeliner to the inner corners of the eyes (i.e.That is, the line should start from the outer corner and “disappear”, approaching the inner corner of the eye.
  2. Apply some white pearlescent eyeshadow with a light texture to the inner corners of the eyes for a more expressive and youthful look.

For example, two photographs of actress Sarah Jessica Parker. In the photo on the left with intense eyeliner, she looks older, and her eyes visually seem smaller. While in the photo on the right, where the eyeliner is based on the aforementioned guidelines, her gaze is more open, clear and she looks clearly younger.

Lip gloss

Makes older: Excessive gloss on the lips as it accentuates the wrinkles around the lips + gloss can spread beyond the contours of the lips.

Makes you younger: Lip gloss applied to the middle of the lower lip. This will be enough to visually add volume to the lips, while making the lips look more natural and last longer.

For example, in the following photo, Kim Kardashian (left) used too much lip gloss, as well as her foundation.But Jennifer Lopez (on the right), on the other hand, knows very well how much lip gloss needs to be applied to give lips volume and at the same time not look vulgar. By the way, Kim Kardashian is 31 years old, and Jennifer Lopez is 43, the age difference is palpable, and which of them looks older is a big question!

So, let’s summarize.
Moments in makeup that make older:

  • Dark lipstick, brown lipstick.
  • A pale chalky complexion without blush, a thick layer of foundation (foundation), too dark blush applied to the area under the cheekbones.
  • Too intense black eyeliner.
  • Excessive use of lip gloss.
  • Decorative cosmetics with matte textures.

Makeup tricks that make you look younger:

  • Decorative cosmetics with light silk textures and reflective particles.
  • Light white pearlescent eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows, correctly applied eyeliner.
  • Delicate pink, peach or coral blush shades (the choice of blush shade depends on the color type of the appearance).

By following these simple rules, your makeup will always highlight your beauty and you will look more natural and younger.

Be beautiful and love yourself, yours sincerely, Helen Belliani

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90,000 8 Secrets To Look Younger With Makeup – Beauty – Homemade

8 secrets of how to look younger with makeup

1. Don’t forget to use moisturizers, but don’t overdo it either.“Pores can become more visible on waterlogged skin,” explains famed American makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, author of the bestselling books Making Faces and Face Forward.

2. Choose cosmetics with reflective particles, especially when it comes to skin tone products. They create the so-called “soft focus” effect by reflecting and refracting light. As a result, the skin appears smoother, softer and more youthful, its tone evens out.

3. Use a base with lifting effect and / or silicones: it will smoothen the skin, make wrinkles less visible and tighten pores. “Makeup doesn’t hide wrinkles. This is the task of the primer, ”says Sandy Linter, a colleague of Aucoin . Of course, a foundation with a lifting effect has a certain effect, and the reflective particles of the cream or powder visually conceal wrinkles a little. But it is the primer that will give the maximum effect! Lips and eyeshadow primers work in the same way: the skin becomes smoother, makeup adheres better and does not accentuate wrinkles, if any.

4. Do not overdo it with foundations: too much or too dense texture of the foundation will only accentuate wrinkles, skin flaking and enlarged pores. Kevin Aucoin also advises to be careful with powder: if the skin is dry or dehydrated – in order not to accentuate wrinkles even more, it is better to choose a loose, translucent powder. An almost win-win option for make-up is BB cream, light, transparent, almost invisible on the skin.And if you need to hide some local imperfections, use a concealer pointwise.

5. Choose the right concealer tone: is super important! The face will look younger, and the skin – fresher, if applied to the prominent points of the cheekbones and under the eyebrows, as well as under the eyes, concealer a tone lighter than the main tone of the face. A lighter concealer will also make dark circles under the eyes less visible. However, there are “bags” – he can play a cruel joke. “Highlighting always attracts attention, brings it closer, and darkening a detail, on the contrary,” pushes it away “, creates a natural cavity,” explains dermatologist Nelson Lee Novick, author of the book You Can Look Younger at Any Age. Accordingly, the bags under the eyes, highlighted with concealer, appear even larger and more noticeable. “Many people make this mistake,” Novik admits and advises using a concealer slightly darker or of the same tone as the foundation.

6. Not only wrinkles, “bags” and “bruises” under the eyes add to our age, but also a bad or sometimes too pale complexion, “dull” skin . Of course, it all starts with the basics – skin care. But if there is no time to wait for the effect of creams and cosmetic procedures, but you need to look good here and now, not very dark bronzing powder or blush will help out (of course, with reflective particles!).“I use bronzer when I need to revitalize my face, add color to it,” says Sandy Linter. “Young skin always has a good color,” says another makeup guru, renowned makeup artist Ray Morris. In order to look younger thanks to makeup, Ray advises to use blush, but only a little, and natural shades. Fashionable bright “doll” blush looks cute only on very young girls. And the older a woman is, the more careful she needs to be with blush.

7. Choose warm and neutral shades of eyeshadow and lipstick. “Avoid dark lipsticks, especially if you have small and narrow lips,” cautions Ray Morris. Brown, purple and maroon lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks, very often add age. And be sure to pay attention to the corners of the lips: if they are slightly lowered, it immediately gives the face a sad, unhappy expression and also does not make it younger. Highlight the corners of the mouth with a lighter foundation or highlighter, and when painting your lips, step back a few millimeters from the corners of the mouth – this will visually lift them.

8. Be careful with mother-of-pearl: it often draws attention to wrinkles on the lips and skin of the eyelids. And give up too bright and cold shades of shadows. “To” lift “the eyelid, try to lift the line up at the outer corner of the eye, regardless of whether you are using eyeshadow or eyeliner,” advises Kevin Aucoin. He also advises curling the lashes (use tweezers or curling mascara) – this also visually lifts the upper eyelid, making the look more open and youthful.And Aucoin also advises to abandon the eyeliner of the lower eyelid or use shadows or a pencil lighter than on the upper eyelid: this will help create the effect of a kind of eye lift.

90,000 9 makeup secrets to help you look younger than your age Makeup the beauty

Only when you are very young do you want to grow up quickly.By choosing clothes, as well as makeup, you can get a couple, or even more years. But with age, everything changes, and almost every woman thinks about how to stay young longer, thereby resorting to various methods.

One of the proven ways to apply makeup correctly. We turned to , Olesya Ivanina , art director and leading make-up artist of the Bianco Nero salon, with a question: how to paint correctly to look younger?

Important and very useful points to remember when applying makeup:

1.It is important to remember that tones the tone, and the corrector corrects . This means that you need to treat skin toning as a filter that visually evens out the texture and color of the skin. If the stratum corneum is ideal (uniform color and smooth surface), then you can do with the usual transparent primers (moisturizing, softening).

2. The older the age, the more dehydrated the skin, therefore it is so important to take proper care of it and prepare it for make-up.Before applying makeup, a good cleaning and perfect hydration are required: face, eye area, lips.

3. Choose the thinnest possible foundation . Each line of any cosmetic brand has different textures. The one that is distributed as imperceptibly as possible, but at the same time has a wet or satin (moisturizing) finish – yours! Avoid buying thick foundations with a matte / powdery finish.

4. When choosing a concealer / corrector : under the eyes, you should look for fine textures with moisturizing serums, while well pigmented, which means that they cover well with color, and not with the density of the product.

5. Choose Sculpting Cream and Cream Blush . Creamy textures work together perfectly. No cream blush – take lipstick in a stick, wear a drop on your cheeks. Do not draw stripes, draw ovals along the relaxed face at the most protruding point of the cheek. Do not be afraid to mix the sculptor with blush (go from one zone to another). It looks natural and beautiful. Do not use dry highlighter or coarse glitter highlighter.It is better to moisturize the “light” area well and not to powder. This will be natural “liveliness” and “freshness”

6. Avoid graphic brows . Remember the child. How he blushes when he runs, how he looks at the world with open eyes. Our goal is to keep the brows naturally growing at a 45-degree tilt. This will visually lift the eyelid and rejuvenate the face. And soft lines in makeup are always a plus.

7. In eye make-up use natural natural warm shades or mix cold shades with warm ones.But never go for graphite grays. Try to keep your eyelid clean. Use colors that are close to your skin tone. And, of course, actively highlight the upper lash line.

Shading works better than graphics. This means that it is better to choose a smoky arrow than a clear one.

8. Lipstick choose the perfect shade for the mucous membrane. Best applied with fingers or fluffy brushes. Tints and Lip Balm are ideal.

9. Final touch – powder ! But! Only on the T-zone. Leave your facial skin as vibrant as possible.

Photographer: Open Internet Sources

Makeup the beauty Share the article 90,000 Lifting makeup, or How to put on makeup to look younger

No matter how old a girl is, you always want to look even younger.And this can be done using a make-up. Elena Yulkina, author of popular beauty channel on Yandex.Dzene.

Preparing the skin for make-up

As you age, your skin needs additional care. If in youth it is enough to hide small redness with a concealer, then mature skin needs to add radiance, even out the relief and place accents. Care and preparation of the skin for makeup is becoming more important than the makeup itself.The more effective the care, the less cosmetics you need, and vice versa, without proper care, the makeup will not hide, but only highlight the flaws.

We start with a three-step skin preparation: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. At the first stage, I advise you to abandon harsh scrubs (this is torture for the skin).

It is better not to use acidic peels before make-up: decorative cosmetics can react with the remnants of care on the face, and then do not expect an even tone.

After cleansing, apply a moisturizing mask, then a serum based on your skin’s needs and a cream. Do not overuse masks: use them as often as the manufacturer advises on the packaging. If the skin does not have special needs, then it is better to choose a serum and cream with a lifting effect.

After leaving, we turn to the makeup base. If it comes with SPF, then great, since this is a universal option for summer (ultraviolet light accelerates skin aging).For dry skin, you can choose a base with prolonged hydration; for skin with pronounced relief and enlarged pores – smoothing. For point correction of skin color, bases of neutralizing shades are suitable: pink – from age spots and dark circles, lilac – from yellowness caused by age-related changes. For oily skin, use a matte base, or apply a thin layer of mineral powder after moisturizer and before foundation.

Smooth tone – our everything

The tone applied in a thin layer not only looks more natural, but also lasts longer.To hide imperfections and not to overdo it with the product, you need good brushes, sponges and the correct application technique.

For older skin, choose a soft, latex-free blender sponge. First apply the foundation on the palette or the back of the hand and apply it with patting movements with a sponge until the cream is evenly distributed. Then, with the same soft, hammering movements, we apply the tone to the face, slightly stretching the wrinkles so that it evens out the skin relief.

“Triangle of Youth”

How do we determine a person’s age when we see their face? Why do some women look better at 60 than many at 30? It’s about the so-called triangle of youth.

When we look at the face, we see three accents: eyebrows, eyes, lips. They make up an inverted triangle. When a person grows up, the eyebrows lose their expressiveness, the flews drop, the nasolabial fold sinks. A new triangle appears: its apex now falls on the bridge of the nose, the sides pass through the nasolabial fold, and the base rests on the lowered contour of the face.

To make the face look younger, the “triangle of youth” needs to be put back in place with the help of bright accents on the eyes and highlighting the center of the face in the shape of a triangle.To do this, we need a cream sculptor, concealer one tone lighter than your skin color, cream or gel blush.

Before makeup, carefully examine your face, how round or elongated it is. On a round face, draw two corners of a triangle near the tips of the eyebrows, and the lower corner in the middle of the chin, gently blending out the accents. If your face is elongated or you have sharp facial features, then the bottom corner of the triangle should be rounded and raised to the corners of the lips or even higher.With the sculptor, gently darken the contour of the face: the tip of the chin, the jaw line and the hairline. Add blush to the apples of the cheeks without going over the cheekbones. We fix the makeup with a thin layer of fixing powder.

Putting accents

To fix the triangle, we focus on the eyes and eyebrows. For the eyebrows, we will use the technique from Asian rejuvenating makeup: we smooth out the shape of the eyebrows as much as possible, removing the “ticks”, and comb the hairs up. We carefully draw the line between the eyelashes with a black pencil or liner and gently shade it.

If the mascara crumbles, do not feel sorry for it, it is better to buy a new one: black spots under the eyes add fatigue to the look, and to you – age.

For lips, it is better to choose cream and glossy lipsticks in natural pink and pink-peach shades. But what is better to refuse in lifting make-up is matte powdery products: they emphasize the skin relief and look “heavy”.

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Photo source: @helenachristensen, @cindycrawford, @jlo

How to do makeup for women after 55 to look younger than your age

Contents of the article

Age makeup at 55 step by step

So the age has come when you always want to look younger than your age.Whether we do make-up, take care of our face, try on a new dress or blouse …

I have a lot of articles on my blog on the topic of makeup – about lips, eyebrows, eyes, tonal means, etc.

And so that you, my dear readers, do not have to search the blog, I made this article so that in the process of reading you can immediately go to the necessary information.

Let me show you in more detail:

Article 1.


Which makeup products to choose after 50 years

In this article I give recommendations on choosing decorative cosmetics: what consistency is needed for the foundation by whom, what shades of lipstick should be preferred for anti-aging makeup, etc. …

Read these tips and check – what’s in your cosmetic bag?

Link to article:


Note: the link opens in a new window, and to go back – just close that window.


Secrets of foundation

Beautiful makeup can only be done on well-groomed skin.

At least once a week – peeling or scrub and 1-2 times a week masks for the face and eyelids.

And then the foundation will serve you well:

  • An even complexion;
  • The skin looks smoother;
  • Fine wrinkles are almost invisible, and deep ones have become less pronounced.

In this article, find out 5 secrets that you will see on your face thanks to the use of foundation.



Why do you need powder in anti-age make-up

Apply after foundation face, area around the eyes and a little on the neck.

Thanks to this, your eyeshadows, blush and bronzes are easily and evenly shaded, without spots, and you get smooth color transitions.

And the result is beautiful makeup for both the eyes and the face as a whole.

Do not be afraid of powder, apply it correctly. But only use high quality.



Are you satisfied with your eyebrows?

What do you think is the most important detail on your face?


Emotions and eyebrows bring your face to life.

Eyebrows decorate it, make it more expressive.This is if the right eyebrows, that is, which suit you.

And the wrong ones can simply ruin your beauty.

For example, excessively wide – give muzhishness.

And if they say about young girls that it is fashionable, then at age a woman’s face becomes like a man’s. Especially if you wash off your makeup.

And other eyebrows, for example, starting close to each other – hello, I’m from Central Asia.

This is now often seen on girls after eyebrow tattooing.

Therefore, in this article you will find 7 ways to make yourself beautiful eyebrows.



Luxurious eyelashes

And now it’s time to do eyelashes.

To make your eyes even more beautiful and expressive, you need to curl, curl, or bend your eyelashes.

And there is one more thing that I am sure you will like very much.

Curled eyelashes, when you open your eyes, cover the overhanging of the upper eyelids.

And plus the right special eye makeup – and you look younger than your age! And more beautiful!

So choose the way you like to curl your lashes.



Do you like shooters?

For lovers of arrows in your eyes – the next article.

It was easy to draw arrows in my youth and youth. Right?

And now, in our elegant age, arrows are also possible.

And I will even say – necessary! But special special arrows.

Learn to decorate your eyes with cute special arrows!



Secrets of a white pencil

How to do without a white

colors in eye makeup?

Use white or sand colored pencils and shadows.

This is the real secret of beauty!

Look in the article for 7 ways to apply them in your makeup.



Makeup scheme from Dior

I saw makeup once smoky ice (smoky eyes) from Dior.

In the article I showed the scheme of applying this fashionable make-up.

This makeup is suitable for every age and almost everyone.Depending on the structure of the eyes and the color type, you need to use your own shades of shadows and pencils.

Try to make yourself a smokey ice according to these schemes with the means that you have in your cosmetic bag.



Makeup for a woman 60 years old

The article contains step-by-step videos of makeup on a model (she is about 60 years old).

For a better understanding, I have detailed the steps in order.

Grab your brushes, eyeshadows and pencils and practice each step of your makeup.



We make beautiful lips out of thin lips

And this article is for the owners of thin lips, to which and I am.

In his youth – oh, what lovely lips with a “bow”!

And now – until you paint up, you may not find them☹.

Is it the same for you?

Do not be sad, I will teach you.

You will need a pink-brown or red-brown lip liner. And lipstick – moisturizing or satin.

But not matt or pearlescent.


Let’s do this:

You will learn how to enlarge your lips with the pencil and lipstick I recommend, and then get creative with any.


Get started!



Makeup for a 55 year old woman

In this video I show myself how to do makeup to look younger than my age.

In the video I am 55 years old.

Please note that there is no need to be afraid of foundation, powder, shadow saturation. After all, the result is beautiful makeup that helps me look younger and more beautiful.

Usually in the comments viewers ask about the names of the products, how the makeup is done, what tone, shadows, pencils, lipstick, etc.

Since 2000 I have been using only Faberlic oxygen cosmetics and in my makeup and for my clients I use only Faberlic decorative cosmetics.

Thanks to the huge assortment, quality and frequent updates, I do not have the need and desire to change my makeup and skin care products.

Note: video – no words, because it was necessary to shoot a quick video for the New Year’s collaboration with colleagues of the video blogger mi.

Do your makeup with me.

Pause your video at the right moments and draw your beauty with pleasure!


P.S. In the comments, ask your questions. I will definitely answer and help.

Ask in the comments to any article.


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Save the article to yourself on Pinterest or your favorite social network.

When you need to decide the question How to make age-related makeup step by step to look younger than your age, this information will be at hand))

How to paint to look younger: 6 simple tips

Of course, you cannot hide serious age-related changes with the help of decorative cosmetics, but it is quite possible to refresh the skin, make the eyes expressive and visually correct the oval.How to wear makeup to look younger?

With the help of makeup artist Olga Ipatova, we have identified 6 secrets of anti age makeup. Now, when doing your makeup, remember these simple tips. You will see that anti-aging makeup is not a myth, but a few practical skills to practice and use. Every morning.

Less shine
In rejuvenating make-up, matte cosmetics (eye shadow, lipstick) are mainly used, since everything shining pearlescent draws attention to minor imperfections.

Foundation? Only light!
Remember: dark shades age and light shades refresh. The color of the foundation should either match the skin tone, or be one tone lighter. As for the powder, it is advisable to use a product with pink pigments.

Colored mascara instead of black
Or brown or gray – if bright accents in makeup are not appropriate. But not jet black – it visually makes the look sharper, heavier and emphasizes imperfections in the eye area.But lighter or brighter cheerful shades soften and revitalize the face.

Softer than the line
And the make up itself should be as soft as possible: give preference to dim translucent tones. If small wrinkles appear on the skin, give up the clearly traced contours of the lips and eyes: after a couple of hours, the cosmetics will float a little, and the imperfections will become noticeable.

“Raise” the eyebrows
When making eyebrow makeup, darken the upper part of the lines and lighten the skin under them – this will visually open the eyes and raise the “sliding” forehead.Avoid very dark eyebrow shades as they add age.

Highlighter – must have!
The product is used to highlight specific areas.

  • Under and above the eyebrows – to open the gaze.
  • In the center of the forehead – to refresh the face.
  • On the bridge of the nose – to make the nose appear straight and thin.
  • On the cheekbones – to correct the oval.
  • On the lips and chin – to make the mouth appear sensual.

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How to paint eyes to look younger

How to do makeup to look younger?

Makeup can make any woman more beautiful and charming.However, there is a difference between make-up and make-up, and not every attempt to make oneself more beautiful with the help of cosmetics ends in success.

Some funds, if used ineptly, not only do not make us younger, but also add a couple of extra years to us.

How to paint correctly. to look younger and will be discussed in this article.

Basic rules for anti-aging makeup

There are several basic rules, following which you can create beautiful anti-aging makeup.

One of the main conditions for making up is regular skin care for the face and décolleté.Be sure to exfoliate your skin with scrubs and cleansing masks 2 times a week. They help to even out its surface and improve its color. But do not peel an hour before applying cosmetics. After such a procedure, the skin needs to recover and rest for at least a couple of hours.

Before make-up, you can cleanse the skin with toner and apply a cream for daily care. Wait until the texture of the cream is absorbed, and wipe off the excess with a napkin. If you apply the foundation immediately after the cream, then they may mix and the complexion will not be even.

Be very careful when choosing a foundation. The main purpose of its use is to give even skin tone and a healthy complexion. You may also need a concealer if you have blemishes or pimples.

Powders and eyeshadows for anti-aging make-up

The texture of the powder should be transparent and not noticeable. Do not powder your entire face, as this will make it look like a mask. Powder only the T-zone.

If you see excess powder on your face, sprinkle your face with cool water and let it dry.

Apply a minimum of products to the lips and forehead. The wrinkles present here are corrected with dry matte products: lighten wrinkles with light powder or shadows.

This is the main meaning of anti-aging makeup: lightening wrinkles and darkening the prominent areas, namely the cheeks and chin, so that the face looks even. This is a rather difficult job and if you are preparing for an exciting event, it is better to turn to a professional.

Rejuvenating eye and eyebrow makeup

Eyebrows add emotion to our face.As a rule, constant plucking leads to the fact that by the age of 40, subtle stripes remain from the eyebrows. If you want to lose a couple of years, then it is worth completing the eyebrows with a special pencil or shadows. Wide eyebrows make the face look noticeably younger.

If you are creating an evening look, you can focus on the lips and eyes. With age, unfortunately, the eyelids begin to droop, so in order to hide such a flaw, the upper eyelid should be painted in a dark color: brown, black.

Do not paint the cilia on the lower eyelid with ink.From this, the look becomes heavy, and it also draws attention to the folds and wrinkles in the eye area. If you want to refresh your eyes, then paint the inner eyelid with white pencil or shadows.

Lip Makeup

The nasolabial triangle is another area that stands out for the woman’s age. Use a pencil for lip contouring. Choose a shade that is close in color to your lips. To keep your lips from drying out, tint them with lipstick or gloss.

And do not forget one more important rule of make-up for rejuvenation – all lines should be directed upward: the eyebrow lines, and the lines of blush, and the eyeliner.Only then will the face look not only younger, but also more cheerful.

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How to look younger than your age – anti-aging makeup

Every woman wants to look young. If you start to notice that you often look tired and older than your age, then it’s time to take care of yourself.

Can makeup help and make you look younger? The answer is yes. Makeup is your weapon, and it can turn any woman into a beauty.

Here are some tips to help you look younger and more effective:

  1. Avoid tanning products. This will only add extra years to you. Makeup should be light. To do this, use a powder or foundation a quarter tone lighter than your natural skin color. Such makeup will be lighter and will also remove your imperfections.
  2. If you notice that the skin has acquired a reddish tint and rosacea has appeared, then it is better to use a cream-powder with a slight golden hue.This tone removes the redness of the face.
  3. Now there are many methods that can help to give the skin a healthy look. To do this, we advise you to use a basic makeup foundation in a light pink shade, when using such a base, the makeup lasts longer, the face contour appears more toned, and the skin of the face looks fresher. In order to add highlights to the face in the chin fossa, above the upper lip and in the eyebrow space in the center of the forehead, you can mix the radiant base with foundation.
  4. Wanting to hide their flaws, some women apply a thick layer of powder. But this will only accentuate the wrinkles. Today, everyone strives to look natural. Therefore, we advise you not to overdo it with powder.
  5. If you are using concealer for the skin around the eyes, we recommend mixing it with a cream. with moisturizing properties, or use a concealer with an already “built-in” moisturizing formula. Such a concealer will be more airy and will cover the skin with an almost invisible veil.
  6. Products containing reflective particles may be applied around the eyes.With their help, the treacherous plexus of thin wrinkles around the eyes will visually decrease – the play of light will play its role (pardon the tautology). The shade of the highlighter should be lighter than the foundation. When applying this product, imagine that you intend to drive it into the skin – gently tap and pat with your fingertips on the skin as if you were giving yourself a light massage.
  7. Take some time to style your lashes. to hide crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes.
  8. To achieve the wide-eyed illusion.take a lengthening mascara with a “voluminous” formula for make-up. Such mascara visually lifts the eyelid, and the eyelashes appear longer and thicker.
  9. To keep wrinkles out of sight, use pastel shades and a smoky pencil for the outline.
  10. Rejuvenating makeup is a healthy complexion. Blush should be light, barely noticeable.
  11. Never use eyeshadow in the same shade as your eye color. Try to determine what color of the eyeshadow makes your look tired – cold (gray-blue shades) or warm (brown-gold).Avoid this range of eyeshadow when making up.
  12. Try not to use dark shades of blush – they add age, and light and pink make the face fresh and attractive.
  13. To “lift” the corners of the mouth and give it sensuality. use a lip liner. Contour the lips, going slightly beyond the natural borders, and blend slightly towards the center. Don’t go for dark colored pencils!
  14. The tone of the lipstick should be combined with the shade of blush. A pinkish lipstick refreshes the face.You can also apply lip gloss. Apply it to the very center of the closed lips so that it does not spread and penetrate into fine wrinkles in the mouth area.
  15. Lips also need care because they lack the protective glands that secrete sebum. Moisturizing balms should be used to protect the lips.

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