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The Five Most Expensive Hermes Scarves Money Can Buy

Hermes is a high-end designer fashion brand that makes some of the most unique fashion accessories on the market today. They’re desired in part because of the premium materials that go into their creation. What sets Hermes scarves apart from the rest is the fact that the manufacturing is not accomplished through digital technology for mass production. Each scarf is made through a silk-screening technique that relies on traditional processes performed by professional artisans. They’re available in a choice of 30 colors in interpretive designs. Some of these unique high-end scarves feature enhanced aesthetics with hand embroidering and other features. For your consideration, here are the 5 most expensive Hermes scarves that money can buy.

5. Hermes Giant Scarf/Grand Foulard Marcelina Rare Price: $1,372.26

this Hermes Giant Scarf is the Marcelina de Nathalie Rich edition designed by Nathalie Rich-Fernandez in 2011. It is a one-off design that is extremely rare and in brand new, never used condition. This is the only example that was ever made by the artist and it is a one-of-a-kind authentic Hermes rarity. The scarf measures 140 cm x 140 cm. It is handmade out of premium silk and Soie materials. This is a grade 3B scarf per the Arfon dictionary of art scarves. This mesmerizing piece of silk art is orange, yellow, red, black, and brown with a unique design and hand-crafted quality with a velvety softness to the touch.

4. Hermes Silk cashmere twill scarf Les Proverbs Sont La Sagesse Des Nations Price: $2,471.98

While most Hermes scarves range in the $300 to $800 price range, this is an extremely rare version that is more than 75 years old. This silk-cashmere twill scarf is a Hugo Grygkar design from 1945. This vintage Hermes scarf from the 1940s era is a rare collectible that has been kept in beautiful condition except for a small worn area. This example is proof that Hermes products hold their value over time. Some of them even increase in value if they are protected from the effects of wear and fading from sunlight. It’s unique and in superb condition as a part of the collection of Hermes rare scarves. This example measures 30 x 28.5 inches and is available for sale with an assessed value of $2,471.98.

3. Hermes Zebra Pegasus embroidered giant triangle Price: $5,200

The Zebra Pegasus embroidered giant triangle is the design genius of Alice Shirley. The exquisite scarf is handcrafted by professional artisans in the country of India. This scarf is rectangular in dimensions and measures 37 inches x 74 inches in width and length. The giant triangle is hand-rolled. The pattern of the scarf features the mythical and iconic Pegasus. The winged horse is delivered in a Zebra print theme that combines the best of both in a highly fashionable design. This scarf is handcrafted of 100 percent silk material and enhanced with fine faceted beads and glass rods.

2. Hermes Suite et Poursuite embroidered giant scarf Price: $6,750

The Hermes Suite et Poursuite embroidered giant scarf is one of the five most expensive Hermes scarves that money can buy. This lovely piece is made to be reversible with a mesmerizing pattern on both sides of the accessory. It is handcrafted with the finest premium silk, twill, and cashmere materials. Details of the pattern are embroidered with silk fibers. The scarf also features hand-rolled edges. This double-sided scarf is dazzling in beauty with its vibrant colors and motifs. The most eye-catching feature is the Ex-Libris design with hand-embroidered sequins. This lovely piece measures 55 x 55 inches in length and width. It is the design of Cyrille Diatkine and is handmade in the country of India.

1. Hermes Pegase au Bloc embroidered scarf 140 Price: $7,800

The Hermes Pegae au Bloc embroidered scarf 140 is one of the more expensive pieces offered by Hermes. This example is giant in size. It is made of the finest premium silk and twill materials. This exquisite example features lovely embroidered details with thread made of 100% silk fibers and multicolor beads underlining the curves of the design. The designer of this example is Christian Renonciat. The scarf measures 55 x 55 inches. It was hand-made for Hermes in India. Pegasus, the iconic winged horse is the theme of the design. Additional wooden stamps and Indian motifs add to the majesty of this piece. Specialgnwing ink printing techniques were used in the creation of this simply breathtaking and valuable scarf. It follows the Hermes tradition with only the finest premium materials and workmanship applied. The value of this fantasy-themed accessory is assessed at $7,800. It is available for purchase through the official Hermes retail site.

Final thoughts

These are the five most expensive Hermes scarves that money can buy. Of course, you can find other Hermes scarves at more affordable prices. Occasionally, vintage Hermes scarves become available in online auctions but it’s essential to verify the authenticity of the item before you purchase. Watch out for fake versions that are offered by sale on the internet. If you find a Hermes scarf that is under $299, beware and insist on proof of authenticity. Hermes is a valuable brand name and numerous counterfeiters attempt to copy the lovely designs offered by Hermes. It’s unusual to find a seller that is willing to part with a Hermes scarf in mint condition that is much below the retail price. These scarves represent an investment in goods that retain their value and sometimes increase in their worth over time.

Stylish And Comfortable luxury brand scarf

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Why Designer Scarves Are Worth the Splurge

Designer scarves are among the most luxurious fashion accessories available on the market, often because of the high-end brand associated with the scarf. As you may already know, the more popular the designer, the more money a certain scarf potentially commands. Is it worth the money? The short answer is YES.

Why Designer Scarves Are Worth It

Below is a list of reasons why you should ABSOLUTELY and DEFINITELY invest in branded scarves.

  • Designer scarves are versatile.

There are many super stylish ways to tie a scarf, instantly transforming your outfit from drab to fab. From tying a French knot to simply allowing the fabric to drape down your shoulders, designer scarves are one of the easiest pieces to style. Plus, you can stay calm and carry on even during times of a fashion emergency. For instance, if you are grocery shopping in your jeans and fear being pulled over by the fashion police (the world is your runway), the designer scarf you are using as an accessory acts as a way for you to get out of a ticket. 

  • Designer scarves improve your fashion choices.

Owning designer scarves can inspire you to learn more about how socialites, heiresses, and celebrities wear and style them. From there, you will begin to improve your fashion sense by patterning your luxury wardrobe from style icons, until you become a master at putting pieces together, adding your own unique fashion twists, and influencing others to look up to your chic choices. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • Designer scarves spark conversations.

Branded scarves from Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and other luxe fashion brands give you something to talk about when initiating conversations. For example, when you’re at a party with a group of fashionistas, you can share insights about your personal style choices, with an emphasis on the stunning scarf you’re wearing. And truthfully, you won’t need to make the first move since your designer scarf will attract attention and do much of the talking for you. This is especially true when onlookers spot you wearing a rare, vintage Hermès silk scarf.

  • Designer scarves can help establish your signature style.

Like how Ariana Grande is well-known for her high ponytail, or how Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is almost never seen without her iconic sunglasses — wearing designer scarves can become your fashion trademark. If you use scarves all the time, the people around you would begin noticing your style and distinguish you with that impression. Though not everyone likes being pigeonholed, being known as “The Girl in the Designer Scarf” can be a positive thing, especially when you make it a priority to look classy at all times.

  • Designer scarves boost your confidence. 

Fashion, according to Psychology Today, “is self-knowledge and self-confidence expressed through what you choose to wear, a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit.” In simpler terms, your fashion sense is a reflection of your confidence and character. So, if you happen to rely on your designer wraps to look chic and glamorous, as well as to help elevate your confidence, then don’t let anyone tell you that they are not worth the money.

What to Look for When Buying a Designer Scarf 

If you are interested in expanding your scarf collection, or if you are looking to buy your first-ever designer scarf, here are some key tips for making the right choice.

1. Always choose high-quality fabrics.

When shopping for an investment scarf, never settle for anything less than top-quality fabric. Cashmere and silk are standouts, both of which are the materials of choice by leading luxury brands because of their softness, breathability, and unmatched durability. And, of course, they feel incredible against the skin.

2. Consider your color palette.

Whether spring, fall, or winter is coming, designer cashmere scarves in an array of neutral colors never go out of style. Consider Burberry’s trans-seasonal collection of lightweight scarves in oatmeal, charcoal, stone, and navy checks. As for silk scarves, welcome bright colors intertwined with kaleidoscopic prints and patterns. The designs of luxury silk scarves are often commemorative, ranging from soft styles around nature, botanicals, and mythology, to classic motifs such as equestrian, nautical, and military. For a bolder edge, opt for animal prints, abstract designs, or a striking monochrome.

3. Know about the final touches.

If you love classic square silk scarves, invest in pieces that have been silk-screened by hand, and are hand-stitched. A true measure of a silk scarf’s authenticity is a hand-rolled edge, which some of the world’s best artisans beautifully finish. Perhaps, the most popular among all silk scarves are the ones from Hermès, which take about six months to produce. All made in France, the level of craftsmanship in their masterpieces are reflected in the price and quality.

4. Keep an eye on limited edition or waitlisted scarves.

When a luxury fashion house collaborates with an artist or designer, they may release a specific design only once. These editions are high in demand and are very collectible, often attracting a cult-like status. For limited edition scarves, the signature of the collaborating public figure is usually shown on the scarf itself, which is an excellent way to check for authenticity.

Remember, when items are part of a limited edition, there are less on the market. As a result, they will retain their value better into the future. Some people prize their designer scarves so much that they frame them to hang in their home. Luxury fashion collides with contemporary art!

5. Keep your packaging. 

Hold on to that orange box! Everything that was  part of your investment scarf purchase — including the receipt — you should keep. These can attract a higher resale value, as well as help to prove the legitimacy and authenticity of your item.

If you are looking to sell some of your designer scarves to make room for newer pieces, Biltmore Loan and Jewelry in Phoenix, AZ, would be happy to appraise and buy them from you. To get started, visit or call our location in Scottsdale (480-991-5626) or Chandler (480-705-5626).


Designer scarves are timeless accessories stitched with a strong sense of history and extravagance. Truly, they are beautiful items to include to your collection and are worthwhile to spend money on.

The Best Luxury Warm Winter Scarves of the Season

Baby, it’s cold outside, and you know what that means. Time to bundle up! Our ace correspondent Jeanette Settembre has curated a list of the 12 best luxury designer warm statement winter scarves to buy this season, including mohair, wool and cashmere. You might even choose to wrap up your holiday gift shopping with a couple of these.

the 12 best luxury winter scarves of the season this year

Let’s get wrapped up in statement winter scarves as the weather gets colder, dear reader.

The best luxury designer winter scarves of the season.

Whether it’s mohair, wool or cozy cashmere, warm winter scarves are essential cold weather accessories – a luxury that is equal parts function and fashion. 

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Here are our top 12 picks for the best luxury warm winter scarves to buy this season. 

1. Dries Van Noten Fringed Mohair-Blend Scarf 

Parties may be canceled in 2020, but you can still be the life of your own soiree in this boa-style scarf made from teal mohair-blend knitted with merino wool. The fringing moves when you walk, making for a dramatic entrance or exit. Wear if off the shoulder and let the awestruck stares begin. 



BUY NOW: $1,005.

2. Banana Republic Purple Fuzzy Scarf 

Brighten up your day in this mood-boosting fuzzy purple scarf. It’s designed to look and feel like fluffy mohair. 




BUY NOW: $38.

3. Acne Studios Canada New Wool Scarf 

This pale pink wool scarf is made with fringed hems. Pair it with a turtleneck sweater and jeans for a relaxed look.  


BUY NOW: $190.

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4. Acne Studios Checked Fringed Knitted Scarf  

Check mate. Color your winter with this checkered scarf made with soft alpaca, wool and mohair. It’s patterned with rainbow checks in shades of blue, indigo, violet, yellow and orange. Bring life to an all-black outfit or pair it with a monochrome outfit. 


BUY NOW: $280.

5. Minimo Cashmere Blanket Scarf in Red

Get wrapped up in this scarlet red scarf made with 100% cashmere. This versatile scarf can be worn as a wrap or scarf and is tailor made for anyone on-the-go.

BUY NOW: $179.

6. Chloe Cable Knit Mélange Wool-Blend Scarf

Exude warmth in this chunky scarf that will keep you bundled up during the collider months. It’s cable-knitted from Italy made with a mélange wool-blend and can be warn with anything from a ski jacket or puffer coat to a turtleneck and peacoat. 


BUY NOW: $665.

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7. Club Monaco Thisbee Plaid Wool Scarf 

This long wool scarf comes in shades of blue and grey in plaid and stripe statement  prints that bring a pop of pizazz to outerwear ensembles. 


BUY NOW: $98.50.

8. Gucci Fringed Brushed Mohair-blend Jacquard-knit Scarf

Here’s one way to label your layers. This scarf has a Gucci stamp of approval with the Italian designer’s signature “GG” logo in dark-brown and beige with fringed edges. The GG logo debuted in the 1930s and remains a timeless chic statement. Drape this scarf over an understated outfit and let it speak for itself.  



BUY NOW: $532

9. Miguelina Onyeka fringed mélange wool scarf

This one scarf suits all. Knitted in natural yarns, this grey scarf with beige and neutral hues will match every coat in your closet. It’s made from soft wool with fringed trims making it the perfect everyday scarf. 


BUY NOW: $409. 


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10. Johnstons of Elgin Classic Tartan Cashmere Stole Royal Stewart 

Keep it classic in this cashmere scarf in a signature red plaid print handmade in England. 


BUY NOW: $599. 

11. Alexander McQueen Skull and logo-jacquard wool-blend shawl

Channel your inner Goth with this darkly romantic black shawl scarf. It’s jacquard woven with the brand’s signature skull and heart emblems.


BUY NOW: $1,080.

12. Bottega Veneta Fringed shearling scarf

We wrap up our edit of the best luxury designer winter scarves in wool, cashmere, mohair and more this season with the “It” brand, Bottega Veneta. This show-stopping number in the label’s signature butter yellow is made from ultra soft shearling. It’s like a ray of sunlight on a cold grey day.


BUY NOW: $2,800.

the best luxury statement winter scarves of 2020

That’s our edit of the best luxury designer warm winter scarves to buy this year. Which one’s your favorite? No matter how you decide to wrap up this winter, stay safe and healthy out there, dear reader.

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Jeanette Settembre is a New York City features writer and editor specializing in lifestyle, food, and travel. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, WSJ Magazine and Architectural Digest, among many other publications. Jeanette started her career in journalism as a features reporter for the New York Daily News, where she edited Entertainment and wrote the Sunday food column “Eats Beat.”

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15 Best Fall Scarves for Women 2021

The long, sun-soaked, and carefree days of summer have only just begun but before we know it, autumn will be upon us. And then it’s the same ritual that happens every year as temperatures begin to dip: we scan our wardrobes in search of effortless, simple ways to keep warm (while staying chic). Enter, the scarf—or better yet, many scarves. They are the perfect blend of form and function, comfort and versatility, and are absolutely essential for partaking in the best of the season’s activities, be it wine nights by the fire pit in the backyard, foliage road trips through Vermont, apple picking in the Hudson Valley. Sure, there is still much summertime revelry to be had (and heat wave to endure) but it’s never too early to start stocking up on the cold weather essentials. Below, 15 pretty scarves, from chunky, oversized styles that maximize warmth (and double as a blanket when necessary), to lighter designs in linen and silk for mastering the seasons’ transitions, to arm you for that first nip of chill in the air.

Anagram-Print Wool-Blend Scarf



Can’t seem to say goodbye to summer just yet? Loewe’s bright, multicolored scarf will keep your mind in Ibiza for just a bit longer.

Linen and Silk Striped Chevron Scarf

Brunello Cucinelli


Dressing for transitional weather, and epitomizing la sprezzatura, will be a breeze with this elegant linen and silk blend scarf by Brunello Cucinelli. 

Logo Patch Fringe Wool Scarf



A classic camel hue will never, ever go out of style. 

Lightweight Mermaid-Print Silk & Wool Scarf

saksfifthavenue. com


Why not skip the Burberry checks (as timeless as they are) this season for this more eccentric and unique option instead? 

Cashmere Sciarpa Grande Fringe-Trim Scarf

Loro Piana


The buttery soft (and durable) cashmere on this Loro Piana stole is finished with a special frisson effect, which gives it a luminous sheen. 

Camel Stole

Max Mara


Made of 100% camel wool, this oversized Max Mara stole will keep you super warm—and looking super fabulous. 

Fringed Cashmere Scarf

Johnstons of Elgin

$135. 00

The Scotland mill that produces all of Johnstons of Elgin’s luxe cashmere has been around since 1797. If that’s not enough to convince you to buy this scarf as your go-to everyday staple, the brand also has a coveted royal warrant.

Lazzaro Floral & Polka-Dot Print Power Pastel Scarf

Dolce & Gabbana


Always trust Dolce & Gabbana to ensure la dolce vita vibes stay strong no matter the season. 

Touch of Fur Scarf



Leave it to the creator of the world’s first It bag to conjure up an ultra-luxurious, fur-lined scarf that will be at the top of every discernible shopper’s fall wish list. 

Stripe Mohair & Wool Scarf

Goodee x Ezcaray Matisse
nordstrom. com


A colorful scarf like this will brighten even the most gloomiest of days.

Classic Wool Scarf

Rag & Bone


This classic Rag & Bone wool scarf comes in an extra large size and is available in three neutral colors (camel, heather grey, and black), so you can get one for every mood.

Roses and Peonies Print Shawl

Salvatore Ferragamo


They say fall is the most romantic season. Reinforce that idea with this charming piece. 


Dianora Salviati


Dianora Salviati comes from a Tuscan textile dynasty that stretches back to the Medicis. So yes, her scarves are fantastic. 

Organic Shape Wool & Cashmere Scarf



Bundling up with a conscience: this scarf is made in London using only ethically sourced yarns from Italy.

Angel Cashmere/Silk Scarf



This gorgeous, luxe, abstract-printed scarf is like wearing art around your neck, with a side of major functionality (and warmth).

Dania Lucero Ortiz
Fashion and Accessories Director at Town & Country
Dania Lucero Ortiz is Town & Country’s Fashion and Accessories Director, where she writes about style and jewelry.

Leena Kim
Associate Editor
Leena Kim is an associate editor at Town & Country, where she writes about travel, weddings, arts, and culture.

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Is It Worth It? – Luxury Check Cashmere Scarf Review

In this installment of our Is It Worth It? review series, we take a closer look at the iconic men’s scarf from Burberry (in their trademark check and made with 100% cashmere) and find out whether it’s worth the hefty price tag.

A Brief History of Burberry

Burberry was established by its namesake, Thomas Burberry, in 1856 with a simple mission: to protect people from British weather. A few years later in 1879, Burberry developed gabardine fabric which, at the time, was a breakthrough in terms of weatherproofing fabric. Gabardine cotton is a traditional fabric used even in trench coats today, and Burberry is closely associated with the trench coat.

Thomas Burberry

In the 1920s, for the first time, Burberry trademarked their signature checked lining. Many call it Nova Check, though Burberry themselves call it “Vintage Check” today. Basically, it’s a traditional checked pattern with a beige or camel-colored background and black-and-white plaid on top, as well as a red windowpane. Today, Burberry calls the base color “archive beige.” Just like many other heritage brands, Burberry has moved away from offering functional items and toward being a high-fashion brand. Because of that, Burberry uses their trademark check for branding all over the place. They also have an interlocking “B” branding, but it’s far less iconic than the Nova Check.

In my opinion, most of Burberry’s fashion-forward clothing and accessory lines today are a far cry from their elegant past. Nevertheless, the Burberry check is still synonymous with Burberry as a brand. Today, you can find this check plastered all over sneakers, handbags, scarves, and even overcoats. In fact, you can even find shirts, wallets, and shorts in Nova Check plaid. While the Burberry check used to be a hidden detail on the inside that wasn’t visible to the wearer, it’s now on the outside and it’s screams to everyone “Look at me, I can afford this.” That being said, the classic Burberry scarf with a Nova Check is one item that could still be worth having in your wardrobe, because it has such an iconic design on a small, quality item.

The Nova Check

The Burberry Check Scarf

As we always do, we wanted to buy the most iconic and traditional version of the scarf–that meant a classic pattern in their “archive beige” color-way. As it turns out, what Burberry calls the “classic check” is, in fact, an oversized check that comes in 33 different color-ways. What we wanted, though, was something more appropriate for gentlemen; this was the “classic vintage check. ” Unfortunately, that one only comes in nine color-ways, not including the archive beige. We picked a scarf that was as close to that color as possible, which is called “antique yellow.”

In my mind, both background colors are camel colors. Frankly, I was surprised I couldn’t find the original-scale scarf in the traditional color scheme, but that just shows to me that Burberry doesn’t care all that much about their heritage anymore. Honestly, a glimpse through the men’s cashmere scarf section on the Burberry website confirms that; there are a lot of designs out there, not much classic stuff. Burberry offers a range of different scarf materials, and we went with the king of scarf materials, cashmere. On the website, it retails for $470. We got ours at Bloomingdale’s, which is an official retailer of Burberry scarves, for $430.

Burberry antique yellow cashmere scarf


These days, Burberry scarves are heavily faked; because of that, you can find a lot of tags in the scarf. There’s one regular tag, two care tags, and one hand tag. Fake Burberry products often have issues with the details–maybe the R on the tag is not quite like the one on the original, or there’s no serial number. On this original Burberry scarf, you have the little hang tags and you can see that Burberry bears the Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as Prince Charles.

While going through their product description on the website, unsurprisingly, Burberry provides very little detail about the scarf. We learned that it’s 168 centimeters by 30 centimeters, which is 66.1 inches by 11.8 inches wide. Frankly, for men, that is quite short, especially if you want to wear it as a sling around your neck. In terms of weight, there’s no information but we weighed the scarf and it just comes in under 150 grams, which is about 5.25 ounces. It says the scarf is made of 100% cashmere, but as we learned in our Cashmere Explained guide, not all cashmere is alike.

Burberry FAQ section

Where It’s Made

If you dig through their FAQ, you’ll learn that they’re made in Scotland at two historic mills, one in Elgin and one in Ayr. Unfortunately, Burberry doesn’t tell you exactly what manufacturer makes each scarf, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that in Elgin, there is a manufacturer called Johnstons of Elgin. I watched one of Burberry’s videos which describes how their scarves are made, and the Johnstons of Elgin factory is depicted. On the other hand, in the Scottish Ayr, there’s a company by the name of Begg & Co which also produces high quality cashmere scarves. My guess is that Begg and Johnstons of Elgin are the two producers for Burberry scarves.

Both producers have been making and weaving cashmere for over 150 years, and they’re known for their high quality. Because of the reputation, they’re likely also more concerned about the quality they put out. Frankly, I was a bit surprised to read on the Burberry website that the scarf was treated with teasels to create that soft finish known from a good cashmere scarf. You can see it utilized in their video, and that’s certainly an added production step that is more expensive. That being said, Johnstons of Elgin and Begg both use teasels in their finishing process. Unfortunately, what they don’t share in that Burberry video is the origin of the cashmere, the quality of it, the staple length, or the thickness.

Combed under hair cashmere fibers


These days, all high-quality raw cashmere has its origins in Mongolia and China. Begg claims to utilize cashmere that has a thickness of 15-16.5 microns but doesn’t mention anything about the staple length. Johnstons of Elgin neither mentions the thickness of the material nor the staple length on their website. So what does good quality cashmere look like? In a nutshell, a quality woven cashmere scarf should not be stretchy; once you pull it in another direction, it should spring back into shape. Also, higher-quality cashmere usually comes in a tighter weave. That being said, if we’re testing the Burberry scarf for those two things, it passes with honors. It’s a very densely woven cashmere, it springs back into its original shape.

Fort Belvedere VS Burberry

Burberry vs. Fort Belvedere

Price Points

With a retail price of $470, how does the Burberry scarf stack up compared to other cashmere scarves on the market? Let’s take a look at this Fort Belvedere cashmere scarf, which retails for $195. It comes in a range of classic patterns, or solids without any bold logos or branding. Just like the Burberry scarves, Fort Belvedere uses the finest Mongolian and Chinese cashmere. The cashmere runs anywhere from 15-16.5 microns thick, which is just as thin as what Begg uses. We also use long cashmere fibers that are between 35-50 millimeters long. The cashmere yarn is woven into scarves in Germany, rather than in Asia.

The weight of a Fort Belvedere scarf is about 120 grams (which is just about 4.25 ounces), so it’s about 30 grams or an ounce less. It’s also finished with natural teasels to create that soft nap. In terms of dimensions, it’s also 30 centimeters (about 12 inches) wide, but it’s a full 6 inches longer, measuring in at 180 centimeters. For men, I find that length to be perfect; we tested many sizes and we finally settled on this length, simply because it is fine if you wear it in various styles.

Cashmere Scarf for Men in Blue Herringbone Pattern 72 x 12 inches – Fort Belvedere

Feel of the Scarves

Frankly, I think the Burberry scarf is woven a little more densely. At the same time, the Fort Belvedere scarf feels a lot softer to the touch. The Fort Belvedere model has a more extended nap, and I like the feeling of it on my skin more. A Fort Belvedere scarf is obviously 20% lighter but the retail price is also 59% lower. If you compare weight to weight, the Fort Belvedere scarves cost about half of what Burberry’s cost.

The Burberry scarf can be a little too short for men

Is the Burberry Scarf Worth It?

First of all, I think scarves are fantastic products for cashmere because that’s where you both need the warmth and enjoy the softness. Unlike a cashmere sweater, you don’t really have to worry about friction and pilling because you just don’t get that when you wear it around your neck. For $470, you get a high-quality cashmere product, made in Scotland at a high level, with lots of hand labor involved. It will likely last for years to come and if you consider the cost per wear, it’s economical. If, for some reason, you don’t like it anymore, chances are that you can resell your Burberry cashmere scarf for a much higher value than regular cashmere scarves in the market.

That being said, there are lots of fakes out there, and people might think you’re selling them a fake unless you have the original purchase receipt and all the tags still on–but when wearing it, I don’t like having these big tags on my scarf. So if you want to take them off, maybe take a video of them, in case you ever want to sell the scarf. Even though the quality of the cashmere is extremely high, I really dislike the dimensions; 160 centimeters or just 66.1 inches are simply too short in my book.

Burberry Antique Yellow Cashmere Scarf

I still find this classic vintage pattern attractive, even though it has been so heavily utilized by Burberry. If you don’t like this color-way, Burberry has 8 other ones, and you can even get your initials embroidered onto your scarf. Personally, I think a classic herringbone pattern is better suited for a classic men’s wardrobe than this Burberry check, though, because it’s almost like a brand name–like a big H from Hermes or a Gucci belt that just screams, “Look at me, I can afford this expensive product.”

However, if you like the pattern of a Burberry scarf, I think the scarf can be worth it. You’re getting, after all, a high quality product. Also, if you don’t mind paying twice as much to comparable cashmere scarves and you really want that Burberry feeling, then it can be worth it for you. In my personal opinion, the shortness of the scarf is a deal-breaker, and therefore not worth it for me. If you don’t care about that, I think it can be a viable option if you’re prepared to pay $470 for it.

What is your take on the Burberry scarf? Do you own one, or would you consider buying one? Let us know in the comments!

What is a fancy scarf called?

What is a fancy scarf called?

A length or square of fabric worn around the neck or head. headscarf. shawl. headsquare. neckerchief.

What is the difference between a scarf and pashmina?

A scarf is outlined as “a piece of cloth worn on the head or all around the neck for heat, cleanliness, trend, or spiritual motives.” A pashmina, on the other hand, refers to a variety of cashmere wool produced from a specific breed of Persian goats. It comes from the word “Pashm”, which in Persia means “wool”.

What is a French scarf called?

To an American, the word “scarf” typically conjures up visions of thick wool wrapped around our necks to keep us warm in the winter. But in the French language, there is une écharpe (a thick wintry scarf), and un foulard is its thinner, silkier, more fashionable cousin.

What is a scarf for a man called?

The men’s scarves were sometimes referred to as “cravats” (from the French cravate, meaning “Croat”), and were the precursor of the necktie. The scarf became a real fashion accessory by the early 19th century for both men and women.

What does scarf mean?

1 : a broad band of cloth worn about the shoulders, around the neck, or over the head. 2 : runner sense 6b. 3a : a military or official sash usually indicative of rank. b archaic : tippet sense 3. scarf.

What type of scarf is warmest?

Wool – Cashmere and Merino Wool is the classic go-to scarf material for its warmth and durability.

What Colour scarf goes with everything?

A black faux-fur scarf looks great with everything. As does a long, gray blanket scarf. Really try matching your scarf to your coat. Here a yellow scarf seamlessly coordinates with a yellow wool coat.

Why wear a scarf in the winter?

One of the more practical reasons for why you should wear winter scarf is to protect your neck and face from the cold. Not only do winter scarves cover exposed skin, but they can also create a pocket of warm air while wearing them over your mouth and nose as your breath gathers inside the scarf.

What’s the most expensive scarf?

Henri Matisse x Zika Ascher scarf

Are scarves still popular?

Whatever you choose to wear one day, a scarf can successfully complete your outfit, it can even turn a mundane outfit into a very chic one. And while some women prefer to wear scarves in any season, including spring and summer, others choose fashionable scarves that are only for fall and winter.

What is the best scarf?

Here are the best places to buy scarves:

  • Best scarf brand overall: J. Crew.
  • Best affordable scarf brand: Uniqlo.
  • Best stylish scarf brand: Topshop and Topman.
  • Best outdoorsy scarf brand: Patagonia.
  • Best ultra warm scarf brand: Barbour.

What is the most expensive silk?

Mulberry silk

Why Lotus silk is so expensive so expensive?

Extracting enough lotus silk for one scarf can take two months, and the final product can cost 10 times as much as regular silk. So just how is it made, and what makes it so expensive? The caterpillars delicately spin threads to create their cocoons, and it can take hundreds of silkworms to make a kilo of silk.

What is more expensive silk or cashmere?

Silk is less expensive than cashmere so a like garment made from a silk cashmere should be cheaper than the 100% cashmere garment. Cashmere blended with cotton will produce a lower priced, cooler garment with some of the characteristics, luxury and softness of cashmere.

What is the most expensive cashmere?

Here’s the difference between $40 and $2,400 cashmere. Cashmere products can range from as little as $40 to as much as $2,400. Cashmere made with Mongolian goat wool is considered the highest quality, having the longest and most resilient fibers.

What is the most expensive textile?


What is the most expensive fabric for wedding dresses?


Are lace wedding dresses more expensive?

Are lace wedding dresses more expensive? Lace wedding dresses can be more expensive than other wedding gowns because of the labor cost involved in making them. If you buy a gown from a boutique, the lace may be hand sewn into it, creating a beautiful and romantic look.

What material was Meghan Markle’s wedding dress?

silk organza dress

Why is organza so expensive?

Characteristics. Organza fabric has a stiff and wiry finish, because it is made with highly twisted filament yarns. The most luxurious type of organza was woven with silk fibers and cost a bundle, so no wonder only the nobility could afford to wear it.

Can organza be ironed?

If your organza wedding dress has wrinkles or creases in the fabric, it is possible to iron the fabric and return it to its wrinkle-free state. Place the organza from the dress over the ironing board or on the flat surface so that it is completely flat and taught.

Is organza saree good for fat ladies?

Saree for Overweight Women: All kind of light weight sarees such as Georgette sarees, Chiffon sarees, Crepe sarees are best suitable for overweight women. You can also wear sarees made from cotton mixed with other fabrics e.g. cotton silk sarees, they will also give you slimmer look.

Does organza saree make you look fat?

Heavy cotton sarees, heavy silk and designer sarees will work perfectly on your body type and compliment your personality by making you look fuller and taller. Pastels will work really well, and you can further try organza sarees, lehenga style drape sarees, tissue and tussar sarees.

90,000 scarves and other accessories. The most expensive men’s brand

A selection of the most expensive “everyday” items.
The most expensive dumplings in the world can be tasted at the Golden Gates restaurant for Russian emigrants in the Bronx area. Their uniqueness is that, in addition to veal, elk and pork, they include the iron of the deep-sea torch fish (Curtius Flame Fish), as a result of which, even with moderate lighting, the dumplings emit a blue-green light and are absolutely edible and incredibly tasty. A serving of 8 dumplings will empty your wallet by $ 2,400, and a 16 by $ 4,400.

The most expensive house for your dog can be purchased at a Tokyo department store for $ 32,000. The house is decorated with 7,600 Swarovski crystal beads.

Diamond $ 5,000,000 toilet bowl, created for the 100th anniversary of the invention of this product.

The most expensive beach towels from the Hermes Brand. The size of the designer towel is 91×152 cm. It is made of 100% cotton and does not contain artificial materials.The cost of such a luxury towel is $ 530.

The most expensive and sensational 1001 Nights Diamond Purse in the world worth 3.8 million dollars from Dubai

The most expensive condom from Louis Vuitton for 68 dollars.

The most expensive mouse pad for $ 490 from an online Formula 1 store. Designed using Formula 1’s proprietary 3D racing modeling technology, handcrafted in the UK, and genuine formula materials. The surface of the Mouse mat is a 3 millimeter layer of carbon fiber, the same carbon fiber from which Formula 1 monococks are made (its emblem, of course, is present on the product). The second expensive material is Italian black suede. But the trouble is – Mouse mat is incompatible with optical mice, only with “ball” ones.

The most expensive refrigerators from the American company Northland ($ 12,000). The main advantage of the most expensive refrigerators in the world is the Power Module, which is a single unit that houses the automatic defrosting, cooling and air circulation systems.This makes it possible to dispense with some of the elements present in refrigerators from other manufacturers, for example, water drain pipes. This innovation protects food from heating during defrosting, which occurs due to the presence of a condenser, compressor, dryer and heat exchanger at the top of traditional refrigerators.

Roll of toilet paper from Renova for $ 3. 5. There are six stylish colors to choose from: green, orange, black, red, blue and pink.

The most expensive umbrella made of excellent waterproof crocodile leather for $ 5000. from the relatively young fashion brand Billionaire Couture, founded by Italian millionaire Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso.

$ 6.3 million bed from Stuart Hughes. The frame of the bed is made from the best varieties of ash, chestnut and cherry trees. All this splendor is encrusted with 107 kilograms of 24-carat gold, which braids the curves of the bed in delicate cobwebs of intricate patterns.Also, the designer did not forget to decorate his brainchild with hundreds of different precious stones, including diamonds, diamonds and sapphires.

3730 (!) Swarovski crystals were used to decorate this Electrolux vacuum cleaner, as a result of which its cost increased to 20 thousand dollars and it got into the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive in the world.

The most expensive cigarettes in the world. Treasurer brand. One pack costs approximately 24 euros.Sold only in specialized stores.

The most expensive potato in the world. La Bonnotte variety from France. Sold for about € 500 per kilogram

These goldfish, which live on Cheyu Island in South Korea, can cost over $ 1,500 apiece. The commercial success of Silent Pets depends on the color of the scales.

Ice cream dessert Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, which is served in a restaurant in Manhattan, will cost the sweet tooth $ 25,000.A vase decorated with gold was made especially for this cold masterpiece; at its base there is a bracelet made of 18-carat gold with white diamonds with a total weight of 1 carat. The top of the treat is adorned with five grams of edible 23-karat gold.

A twenty-four-carat gold mask, which you will be offered to make in Japan, costs 30,000 yen, which is equal to $ 250.

The HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Brush from Viatek costs only $ 499.99. The comb is made according to the latest technology. After activating the HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Brush, it emits six special red laser beams that target the hair follicle, thereby repairing damaged hair and stimulating new hair growth. Roscheska has 26 moving teeth and a built-in rechargeable battery

Designer Ken Courtney has created five pairs of Nike Dunks gold-plated sneakers for $ 4,053.

10,000 c.u.e. for ladies’ pleasure ….
Lelo Inez Gold An elegant and luxurious piece of pleasure made of stainless steel with gold plating. Metal is tempting and attractive for the naked body, excites the user with its sensory perception of warmth and cold. 5 levels of stimulation will help you achieve maximum pleasure. The graceful shape of INEZ makes it a reliable companion for daily love joys. INEZ can be recharged as needed and two hours of charging will provide you with four hours of bliss. In an elegant gift box with instructions for use, satin storage pouch and one year LELO warranty included. Size: 174 x 35 x 29mm.

The most expensive Barbie doll went from the auction for $ 308,000. The barbie has a necklace adorned with a pink diamond.

10 Thousand BC water comes from a Canadian glacier 200 miles north of Vancouver. This is one of the cleanest bulleted waters in the world.She is the most expensive – $ 46 for a 750 ml bottle.

The most expensive suitcase in the world – Henk. $ 20,000. But the suitcase is worth the money: it consists of 500 parts made of all sorts of exotic materials – horsehair, ebony, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, canvas and various types of leather; a special set of internal mechanisms and a sophisticated design, completely silent wheels with shock absorbers, installed in such a way that, when prepared for transportation, the handle of the suitcase does not exert pressure on the palm of more than 25 grams. The main advantage of the suitcase is the electric motors built into the wheels. To turn them on, just tilt the suitcase and pull the handle. The tilt and pressure sensors are triggered, and the luggage travels where the handle is tilted. In the Henk suitcase, you can effortlessly move up to 36 kg of cargo at a speed of up to 5 kilometers per hour, and the suitcase batteries are charged from a regular outlet (in 2.5 hours) through a charger, like a cell phone.

The most expensive nipple in the world is made of silicone, white gold handle and inlaid with 280 diamonds.It costs 17,000 dollars

The most expensive cognac in the world (2,000,000 USD), called “King Henry the Fourth” Henri IV Dudognon is famous not only for being included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive drink in the world. It is 100 years old, 41% alcohol. A bottle of 24 karat gold set with 6,500 diamonds was sold in Dubai.

Diva Premium vodka is today declared the most expensive in the world. This vodka is produced in Scotland by Blackwood Distillers.A distinctive feature of this vodka is that it is filtered through crushed precious stones, including diamonds. In addition, there are gems inside each bottle. This mainly affects the cost of the bottle. The price ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 1,000,000 depending on the set of stones.

The most expensive English bread Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread. Making bread for gourmets and snobs requires the finest grade A flours and only grains grown in Wiltshire, a county in the south of England, that do not include flavors, emulsifiers or other non-flour additives.The dough for Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread is fermented only with the famous and no less expensive French cheese Roquefort, with the addition of almonds and a number of other elements that are kept in the strictest confidence by the producers of the most expensive bread bar, which is headed by him the creator Paul Hollywood, who calls his bread “Rolls Royce among the bread. ” But what makes this bread the most expensive in the whole world? Of course, its price is 24.5 US dollars, or about 18 euros.

Budget shopping can be really successful if you know which things are better for this or that brand than others. Here are some tips to help you put together a quality basic wardrobe for very little money.

New Yorker and Bershka: T-shirts

In the shops of these brands there are always several rails with plain cotton T-shirts of different styles – with and without sleeves, with a V-neck and a round neck, with finished edges and with “torn”, in all colors – from white and black to the newfangled dusty pink …Take several at once – to wear at home, to fitness, for a walk with the dog, or as underwear.

What else
The choice of original, well-fitting T-shirts with funny prints is sometimes so great that you can safely buy them – the risk of stumbling upon your “double” in the city is minimal.

Zara: jersey

Cozy knitted items will come in handy even in the warm season, not to mention winter. In the new Zara women’s collection there are many successful sweaters, jackets, tunics, skirts and other jersey items of the original loose cut.If you are afraid to make a mistake with the color, you can choose a neutral gray or beige.

What else
Zara successfully implements important trends in the most accessible way, but in pursuit of fashionable silhouettes, do not forget to pay attention to the composition of fabrics – an abundance of synthetics in a wardrobe is useless.

Monki: jeans

This Swedish brand appeared on our market relatively recently, but many fashionistas from the capital have already joined the ranks of its fans. For decent jeans at the right price, they’ll likely send you here first, not Levi’s or the Gap.This season is full of high-rise “mom” models, loose “boyfriends”, already classic skinny and again actual flares.

What else
If you get here for a sale, you have a chance to get some decent jeans for only 500 rubles.

Marks & Spencer: underwear

Not every mass market brand can boast of an ideal fit, pleasant fabrics, beautiful prints and the quality of its linen. If you want to save money – take the classic “2pack” – two identical models of bras for the same price.Corrective underwear is also available here.

What else
The elegant lingerie line Autograph deserves a separate mention, which is the work of the former Victoria’s Secret “angel” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Uniqlo: cashmere

The brand has something to praise for, but Uniqlo cashmere is beyond competition: warm, but light cashmere sweaters fit perfectly, do not “bite” and at the same time cost a penny.

What else
Take a closer look at high-tech thermal underwear and, of course, jeans. If the cut of the brand suits you personally, consider yourself lucky.


Mexx: white shirts

The perfect white shirt is not just a basic, but a must-have for a business wardrobe. In Mexx stores there are both classic options and blouses with decor – perforated sleeves, silk bows and additional buttons.

What else
Young people should ask the price for jackets.

Reserved: Ladies Pants

Here, too, there is something to replenish your office wardrobe: try on chinos, trousers with a high waist, ribbed …

What else
Leggings and sweatpants are for those whose morning starts with a gym or a run.

Topshop: shoes

The English brand, unfortunately, has minimized its Moscow network – there are only three of them left in the center. Meanwhile, Topshop is almost the only mass-market brand that offers decent footwear. Men can also find a decent suit with tapered trousers here.

What else
Extravagant women of fashion rush here for colored faux fur coats.

Next: pajamas

There is a large assortment of sleepwear in Next stores: funny sets with stars and a gingerbread man for cozy bachelorette parties, cozy flannel nightgowns, lace combinations for those who like it hot, warm bathrobes and soft kegurumi.Should I remind you that pajamas are a great New Year’s or Christmas present?

What else
High quality baby clothes.

Gap: sweatshirts

Sweaters, pullovers and sweatshirts are plentiful in the Gap. Choose laconic options, not “spoiled” by a large logo.

What else
Hoodies bought from Gap are not much inferior in quality to those from Iceberg or Calvin Klein.

H&M: scarves and other accessories

Of course, in the shops of this “mass market king” you can find almost everything – from underwear to jackets.But we advise you to stop by H&M in search of warm scarves and stylish jewelry. The right accessories, even the most inexpensive ones, will help you stand out from the crowd.

What else
Looking for something like Balenciaga, Prada or Lanvin, but not ready to splurge on the original? Then you are here for a more modest analogue.

Zarina: skirts

The new collection features many fashionable A-line models, classic and printed tulips, fluffy midi tutus (like Carrie Bradshaw’s) and flowing maxi.



Having entered this store, it is easy to get lost among the rails with jeans, shirts, coats … Don’t panic – go better to the department with wallets and bags. Here you can, for example, buy an excellent shopping bag in wine, mustard or black for only 2499 rubles. And in the new collection there is a wonderful mustard saddle bag with rivets – almost the same as that of the heroine Leia Seydoux in the new “Bond”!

Oasis: dresses

For cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses and prom or theater outfits, visit Oasis.Check out the lace-trimmed midi dresses, the red sheath dress and the bright orange sleeveless dress with a stand-up collar. According to the eastern horoscope, the last two are great for celebrating the New Year.

Today, you can form a whole army – the length of the list of names is impressive in its scale, and it seems that there are not so many women who can use all these brands for 100%. That is why the fashion business has its own evolutionary rules – some brands are higher than others not only by the criterion of popularity, but also by price, quality of clothing and other parameters.

Rating of clothing brands according to BrandZ

BrandZ is a huge brand database with data on over 650,000 consumers and 23,000 brands. Since 2006, BrandZ began to make a rating for assessing the value of brands, in which 100 positions are given and absolutely all brands from different categories take part. Let’s find out which clothing brands have made this global list.

  1. 26th place – the first company in the ranking that sells clothes, shoes and accessories – Louis Vuitton.It is in the luxury category and costs $ 24,312 million. This is not surprising, because the company’s bags are the object of desires of women from all over the world, excluding the most remote corners, of course, where the concept of fashion is in its infancy.
  2. 57th place – Nike. People love sports, and Nike helps make it comfortable. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports companies in the world, and its estimate of $ 13,917 million is justified.
  3. 62nd place – H&M.Not a single reportage about street fashion passes without the clothes of the Swedish company – fashion bloggers, photographers and models love H&M fashion clothes, and given the rating and price of this company ($ 13,006 million), we can say with certainty that their love is very old and very strong.
  4. Ranked fourth on our list of womenswear brands, and 71st in the BrandZ ranking – Hermes. Unique bags and wallets keep women in line for several years, and it is possible that such a long wait affects the company’s valuation – just 11,917 million.dollars.
  5. 86th place – Zara. The Spanish tycoon, owner of Zara Amancio Ortege, knows how to build a business selling cheap youth clothing. For the budget category, an estimate of $ 10,335 million is not a bad result.
  6. 90th place – Paff-Dreams. The brand is valued at $ 9,600 million and is the most recent BrandZ brand in the apparel category.

Forbes Best Clothing Brands

Forbes has always had his own vision of different aspects of life, and their eyes did not pass by the brands of clothing.So, according to Forbes, the famous clothing brands are represented mainly by the highest ratings:

  1. Gucci.
  2. Louis Vuitton.
  3. Burberry.
  4. Chanel.
  5. Versace.
  6. Prada.
  7. Dior.
  8. Alexander McQween.
  9. Giorgio Armani.
  10. Ralph Lauren.
  11. Hermes.
  12. Dolce & Gabbana.
  13. Salvatore Ferragamo.
  14. Dunhill.
  15. Calvin Klein.

The most famous fashion and casual clothing brands

The list of world clothing brands can be organized according to a different principle, for example, by style:

  • Zara;
  • Calvin Klein;
  • Dolce & Gabbana;
  • Giorgio Armani;
  • Dior;
  • Prada;
  • Versace;
  • Chanel;
  • Burberry;
  • Gucci;
  • NAF-NAF;
  • Guess;
  • Lacoste;
  • Morgan;
  • Reserved;
  • Alexander McQween;
  • Zara;
  • OGGI;
  • Mango;
  • Sela;
  • Colin’s;
  • Topshop;
  • Chloe;
  • Columbia;
  • Givenchy;
  • Kenzo;
  • Kira Plastinina;
  • Mexx;
  • Miu Miu;
  • Monica Ricci;
  • New Look;
  • O’stin;
  • Savage.

Popular brands of inexpensive women’s clothing

Inexpensive and fashionable clothing can be bought from the following brands:

  • Zara;
  • OGGI;
  • Sela;
  • Colin’s;
  • Mango;
  • Topshop;
  • New Look;
  • Savage.

The best brands of women’s clothing from the category “underwear”

The list of branded clothing companies specializing in the creation of lingerie is as follows:

  • Lormar;
  • Victoria’s Secret;
  • Milavitsa;
  • Triumph;
  • Agent Provocateur;
  • Chantal Thomass;
  • Intimissimi.

List of famous brands of women’s sportswear

The list of popular brands of women’s sportswear in the post-Soviet space looks like this:

  1. Adidas.
  2. Nike.
  3. Puma.
  4. Reebok.
  5. Columbia.
  6. Esprit.
  7. Converse.

This list represents all of the world’s top sportswear brands.

Just imagine, about 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced every year in the world
! With this in mind, today for those who like to dress beautifully and stylishly, a real paradise has formed! Manufacturers offer a huge number of clothing models for every taste and color!

Modern consumer trends have transformed clothing for some walks of life from mere garment to luxury.Because of this, now the most expensive clothing in the world.
reaches at times simply incredible amounts!

As a result, at fashion shows, clothes decorated with precious stones, or, say, sewn with gold threads, began to flicker more and more often. Of course, such clothes are aimed at a certain audience, but even the most sophisticated shopaholics can get their eyes on the forehead from the price tags!

Therefore, the site team has prepared a rating for you, which contains the most expensive clothes in the world
! The prices are really not for the faint of heart! 🙂 Let’s go!

Lingerie Red Hot Fantasy Bra / Panties

: 15 milliondollars

The famous American brand Victoria’s Secret in 2000 presented to the public the most expensive underwear in the world called Red Hot Fantasy Bra / Panties, which immediately got into the Guinness Book of Records. 90 410 1300 precious stones were used in the manufacture of the sconces
of various sizes, 300 of which were rare carat rubies.

The total cost of a set of underwear amounted to $ 15 million! Until now, the record in this segment has not been broken. By the way, Victoria’s Secret pleases fashionistas with such exhibits once every couple of years. The most expensive clothing in the world
for women? This is Victoria’s Secret. 🙂

Stuart Weitzman Ladies Ruby Shoes

: $ 2 million

Women’s shoes from the famous jeweler-designer Stuart Weizman are traditionally considered the most expensive in the world. In 2009, he created his next masterpiece – ruby ​​shoes, worth about $ 2 million!

On them flaunts over 600 rubies, braided with platinum thread
.Rumor has it that they were specially made for a famous actress who was about to attend the Academy Awards.

Men’s Belt by Gucci

: 250 thousand dollars

Gucci is rightfully considered a manufacturer of premium clothing and accessories, and every year it presents new items “not everyone can afford”. So a few years ago he released in 2 copies a men’s belt worth $ 250 thousand.

250 gram buckle made of pure platinum and set with 30 carat diamonds
! How do you like a belt that stands like a cool car?

Stuart Hughes Men’s Diamond Edition Suit

: 900 thous.dollars

The most expensive men’s suit in the world was produced by the famous designers Richard Jewels and Stuart Hughes. Using wool, cashmere, silk and 480 diamonds
costume is estimated at $ 900 thousand. It took the designers 100 full working days to work.

Women’s dress “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur”

: $ 30 million

The most expensive women’s dress in history was created in 2009 by Malaysian designer Faizali Abdullah.In the process of making the dress, elite taffeta and silk were used, as well as more than 90,410 750 small diamonds and 1 large diamond weighing 70 carats
! The dress has a price tag of 30 million dollars to go crazy!

The Secret Circus Jeans

: $ 1.3 million

The Secret Circus jeans are the most expensive in the world! They are hand-sewn in the USA and then sent to England, where at the famous Duttson Rocks jewelry salon in London
Back pockets are decorated with real diamonds! On average, these jeans cost $ 1.3 million!

Superlative Luxury T-shirt

: 400 thousanddollars

Superlative Luxury T-shirt is made from harmless and natural materials (cotton) and costs around $ 400 thousand. Manufacturers claim that even the electricity used to make the T-shirt comes from renewable sources. 🙂 Of course, this is not a reason to put a price of 400 thousand dollars on a regular T-shirt. But 16 diamonds weighing 1 carat each
that adorn it, fully justify the cost.

And for dessert;)

Swimsuit “Steinmetz Diamonds”

: 30 milliondollars

The most expensive swimsuit in the world was created in 2006 and cost $ 30 million! Get crazy! The swimsuit was made by Steinmetz Diamonds, not without the participation of a designer from Victoria’s Secret. The largest diamond in a swimsuit weighs 51 carats
. The rest have a total weight of over 150 carats and are fastened with platinum elements.

Expensive clothes are not available to everyone, but people who can afford them take their choice very seriously.In the world today there is a huge number of firms that produce high-quality and truly exquisite outfits. Current consumer trends are allowing some sectors of society to turn their apparel into a real luxury item. Incredible sums attract, and the quality meets expectations. Expensive brands have been tested by time, and their range is expanding and improving every year.

Following the world of fashion is one of the most popular activities of people with impressive incomes.Especially, expensive clothes are always of interest to celebrities. For them, spending hundreds of billions every year is a pleasure. $ 275 million – this is how the market of far from cheap clothing items is estimated. A great way to show your material status is to get an outfit from any of the most expensive brands in the world.

TOP-10 most expensive clothing companies in the world


Original ideas

Country: Italy

Rating (2018): 4.7

Another iconic brand that delights the eyes of customers.The beauty empire represented by this company was created in the 50s. The famous Valentino Garavani, after graduating from the School of Fine Arts, opens his own atelier in a city called Rome. 10 years later, he designs costumes for movie actors. And when he starts working in tandem with Giancarlo Giametti, his popularity grows successfully. The world learns about the fashionable manufacturer and begins to actively purchase the brand’s clothing.

Hollywood stars of our time are real fans of the company’s clothing.They appear in it on the red carpet and in the movies. The list of famous personalities who wear Valentino outfits with pleasure is simply pointless – there are a huge number of them. The company’s collections are very recognizable, they are always an adornment of the image. The peculiarities of the style are given by the original solutions of the manufacturer. The true beauty of every woman will be emphasized with the help of the company’s products.


Conciseness and tenderness

Country: Italy

Rating (2018): 4.7

Connoisseurs of modern fashion admire the company’s products. Leather goods is a niche that brothers bearing the Prada surname have staked on. The sale of bags for the upper strata of the population in 1913 was crowned with great success. And after the death of the brothers, the granddaughter of one of them took up the company thoroughly. From this period, the family’s business went uphill, and their own Prada fashion house appeared. Then the assortment of the company began to expand and enter the world market.

Clothes for men and women at the present stage in the world are in great demand.The elegant style of the firm is highly regarded by celebrities and high society. Over the years, the quality of products has not deteriorated at all, except perhaps, thanks to new technologies, it has become much higher. This brand will add conciseness and tenderness to the image. And the originality of the products will make you stand out from the crowd. It is a pleasure to buy branded clothing from this manufacturer.


Most popular products

Country: France

Rating (2018): 4.eight

A French company that has won over many connoisseurs of style. The fashion house was founded in 1837. The history of origin began with a small workshop, which was opened by Thierry Hermes. Then he made horse harness for the utensils of noble Europeans. And with the first leather jacket for the Prince of Wales, the company’s work took off. Leather bags and the first women’s clothing collection were used. Over the entire historical period of its work, Hermes has produced: accessories, perfumery products, dishes, children’s toys and more.

At the present stage, the company is not losing ground. Perfumes, ready-to-wear clothes, jewelry and leather goods are in great demand today. The brand stores of the company are located in 35 countries. Having been producing clothes for over 170 years, Hermes is actively competing with similar firms. The brand image has been at a high level throughout almost the entire period of its existence, and the products are becoming more and more famous every year.


The best design solutions

Country: Italy

Rating (2018): 4.eight

The firm has entered the “fashion encyclopedia” quite thoroughly. Husband and wife Eduardo Fendi and Adele founded Fendi in Rome back in 1925. Making goods from fur is what they originally did. After a short time, their clothes began to be in great demand. By purchasing it, people emphasized their individuality and social position in society. A few years later, the fame gained worldwide proportions. Outfits began to flicker on actors in popular films such as The Godfather, La Traviata and others.

Today the company owns about 160 stores and they are located all over the world (in 25 countries). Clothes and accessories are sold with a bang, because you can’t argue with the quality of the goods. Stylish solutions and original design simply provoke people to buy this particular brand. The best leather and only natural furs are the main materials for the production of luxury clothing. Fendi is today part of LVMH Moet Hennessy –
Louis Vuitton, and she, in turn, is the world leader.

Christian Dior

Beauty and originality

Country: France

Rating (2018): 4.9

One of the most expensive clothing brands, which attracts a lot of interest. In the distant past, a clairvoyant predicted incredible success for a 14-year-old boy. Then the guy was only puzzled by this information. But after a while, the words found their confirmation in reality. He took over as director of one of the fashion houses. And after that, his popularity knew no bounds.Christian Dior earned fame and began to produce not only clothes, but also cosmetics and perfume.

After the death of the famous Dior, his fashion house passed into the hands of the young designer Yves Saint Laurent. And then, several more individuals ran the enterprise. Today this post was taken by John Galliano. China, Brazil, Australia and many other countries, of which there are about 43, successfully sell branded clothing from Christian Dior. She is distinguished by magnificent beauty, originality and exceptional grace, which give the image a fantastic look.

Giorgio Armani

Reliability and respectability

Country: Italy

Rating (2018): 4.9

One of the most resounding and popular brands in the world, producing truly unique products. A powerful sales network was founded in 1975. A year later, the company has advanced in the European market. And a few years later she became known all over the world. In the 80s, Armani’s outfits became popular among movie actors. Top-end suits of the company appeared on the screen.The film “American Gigalo” is showing the company’s clothing for the first time and this brings it great success.

The world of fashion today can no longer be imagined without the Giorgio Armani trademark. She has thoroughly taken the leading position and has been admiring the whole world for many years. The corporate identity is evident in all products, especially in clothing. The company is famous for its reliability and respectability. She is called a living legend in the modern world. The trendsetter is among the top competitors. All thanks to the high quality and original design, and the exquisite style awakens the increased interest of buyers.


Refinement and sophistication

Country: Britain

Rating (2018): 4.9

The luxury company Burberry is one of the most sought after. It all started with the opening of a casual wear shop in 1856. The use of a new material (gabardine) made a splash. Athletes and travelers began to actively purchase clothes from this composition. The company logo – a knight on a horse – is now recognizable everywhere. Since ancient times, the fashion house has been full of the most famous designers in the world.Representatives were both men and women.

British style still pleases customers with its quality and beauty. The coveted luxury garments are disassembled at lightning speed. The brand is popular in almost all countries of the world. And this is no coincidence, because it is also one of the oldest brands. His products have earned an excellent reputation among fashionable people. Refinement and sophistication are one of the main advantages of Burberry branded clothing.She is the real embodiment of beauty.


Graceful style

Country: Italy

Rating (2018): 5.0

The famous company has long since “put down roots” in the world of fashion. A small enterprise that produced leather products: clothes, suitcases and more, today has expanded to a “universal” scale. It has become a brand that literally everyone has heard of. In 1937, a factory for the production of ladies’ accessories was opened.And since then, the popularity has only grown. In the future, the company made itself felt to the whole world. Products flashed on screens and were successfully sold.

Millions of Gucci collections in the modern world are worn by influential people. Despite the company’s many difficulties, its thorny path has borne fruit. Some of the most expensive items are in great demand. It’s all about the best quality and graceful style, recognizable by everyone. Special attention to detail makes this brand stand out and makes it prestigious. Any item of clothing will adorn the image of both men and women, as well as children.Luxurious outfits will appeal to absolutely everyone.

Dolce & Gabbana

Unrivaled luxury

Country: Italy

Rating (2018): 5.0

One of the best companies of our time, which has been producing products in demand for many years. Founded in 1982, a small studio has grown over time into a well-known global brand. Stefano Gabbana and Dominico Dolce, having decided to start their own business, doomed themselves to stunning success.In the 90s, a collection of clothing for men began to be produced. Friendship through the years has borne fruit. Joint efforts have successfully complemented the fashion world and have become the most popular among the population of many countries.

At the present stage, the demand for the company’s clothing is very high. Star faces collaborate with manufacturers. Madonna –
one of the fans of the Dolce & Gabbana brand. Branded outfits appear on the covers of popular magazines, delighting the eyes of readers. The company is constantly in the development stage, since there is no limit to perfection for it.The best quality and sophistication of taste brings pleasure to the customers. And original solutions surprise even competitors. Tenderness combined with luxury attracts everyone who is familiar with the world of fashion.


Best quality

Country: Italy

Rating (2018): 5.0

A famous company, proven for decades. Clothes for women, men and children, as well as underwear, shoes, perfumes and much more are included in the arsenal of the Versace brand.The history of the brand began in 1978. Versace’s two brothers, Gianni and Santo, founded it in Italy. The responsibility for the image was taken by Versace’s sister, Donatella. Very short skirts and attractive cutouts on outerwear were the specialty of the company’s women’s lines. In 1979 a collection for men was made. In the 90s Versace became a popular brand among Hollywood stars.

Today, the main fans of the brand are: Nicole Kidman, Mila Jovovich, Ian Somerhalder, Ashton Kutcher and others.Modern Versace is one of the largest fashion houses. Expensive clothes meet all modern requirements. She is the true embodiment of fashionable style. Elegant outfits adorn their wearers exquisitely, and the quality is at the highest level.

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WoMo-guide to the best silk scarves

“In the morning she decided to act according to the rule: nothing to wear – put on a black dress. Finishing her coffee, I once again looked at myself in the mirror – gracefully and as always elegant, but today I wanted to add either a drop of gloss, or a pinch of status, and in a second her fragile shoulders were emphasized by a burgundy shawl with a bright structural pattern … “

Perhaps someday I’ll start my novel like that, but that’s not the point now.Let’s talk about one very significant detail in our wardrobe. Yes, it’s a scarf. It would seem a trifle, but I immediately remembered the phrase of David in “Vanilla Sky”: “Little things – nothing is bigger.”

Let’s understand the names. As a rule, we call products made of lighter fabrics as scarves, and scarves from denser warm ones. “There is also a shawl,” you say. But, you see, this is already like an artifact from your grandmother’s wardrobe. Europe, since the 15th century, has translated the scarf into the category of an element of luxury and aristocracy and naturally differentiated this accessory depending on the size and material.

Square – silk square scarf (French carrè – “square”).
Foulard – neck scarf (foulard).
Shawl – a large scarf on the shoulders, usually pashmina or silk with cashmere (French châle, English shawl, can also mean square).
Scarf (French echarpe, English scarf).

Silk scarves are a special topic. It’s an emphasis on your personality and laid-back chic. It is “classically” feminine and expensive in the right sense. Almost all brands include scarves in their collections.And by tradition, a selection of the best brands specializing in silk scarves. I would be glad if you complement me, but I will emphasize once again that these are the brands where scarves are not additional or accompanying, but play one of the priority roles in the collection and are successful commercial projects, which speaks of the popularity and love of millions of women.

Latest news

Etalon – iconic Hermes silk square in size 90×90. This scarf is an invariable attribute of privilege.Of course, this is a good investment in a wardrobe, since Hermes squares never go out of fashion and do not lose their relevance, on the contrary, they emphasize the excellent taste and sophistication of the image. It is considered very prestigious to collect Hermes scarves. Note, at any time you can sell a scarf without losing a penny, or even “earn” if the print is released in limited quantities or a product from the category of vintage. The price is quite high – from € 400. Also popular is the size 140×140 costing about € 800.The future collection is kept secret, usually 12 models: six new sketches and six sketches from previous collections, but updated in color. However, it has already become known that in the spring of 2015 14 models will be released, of which 11 are new sketches.

Where to buy: hermes.com
Cost: 90,744 € 400-800

Those who prefer light patterns, harmonious combinations of plant and animal motifs, feel free to choose scarves from Salvatore Ferragamo.They are very popular for their excellent quality and good price as a long-term investment in a wardrobe.
Where to buy: ferragamo.com
Cost: on average € 220.

The Gucci fashion house became famous for the Flora collection, the first scarf of which was created especially for Grace Kelly. A distinctive feature of such a scarf is a bright, rich and fresh floral ornament. If possible, be sure to pay attention to the beautiful and organic combinations of flowers in bouquets and inflorescences, while the whole composition seems weightless and airy.
Where to buy: gucci.com
Price: € 90,744 315.

I also really want to share the Henry Bendel brand – this is one of the best American brands for the production of accessories. Henri Bendel belongs to a group of companies that includes Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister & Co. and the iconic Victoria Secret. Shawls, one might say, in a contemporary style (modern casual). The most original are always from the limited edition: with sketches of fashionable girls, New York streets, stylish items.For me, a cool brand.
Where to buy: henribendel.com
Cost: $ 90,744 120

For those who want to convey their sympathy to a particular brand, choose silk scarves with branded prints of logos or monograms. This is not always appropriate and sometimes flashy, but the main thing here is that there should be a minimum of such “sympathies” in one bow, or even one, that is, it should be broadcast as a preference for a brand of clothing and that’s it. It’s better if it is an easily recognizable and, I’m not afraid to say, an expensive brand, for example, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel.

The special “precious” value of silk scarves in the image is also evidenced by the fact that they are produced by jewelry houses such as Carttier, Tiffany, Bulgari. You can also pay attention. So, something is getting colder … It’s time to talk about scarves.

90,000 How rubber met the road: the Vibram brand

Experienced tourists know that the choice of boots should be treated not only carefully, but extremely carefully.Not only comfort and convenience, but also safety often depend on how correctly the shoes are selected. Perhaps the most important safety aspect of a shoe is the outsole. Good traction is a very important safety factor in mountaineering and hiking. One of the most recognizable and well-known sole companies is the Vibram brand. And this is not just a recognizable and well-known brand, but the brand is a legend. This is the company that revolutionized the world of outdoor footwear and is now a symbol of reliability and durability.Vibram soles are often associated with American footwear, and it will come as a surprise to many that this is actually an Italian brand. The company began its activities in 1937 and bears the name in honor of the Italian climber and founder of the Vitale Bramani brand (Vitale Bramani). The first letters of the name and surname formed into the brand name – VIBRAM.

Vitale Bramani (second from right).

Tragic circumstances preceded the creation of the company. Two years earlier, Brahmani with six friends – climbers went on an expedition to the Alps.At that time, climbers used two types of footwear – lightweight felt-soled boots for steep climbs and heavy, nail-lined boots for more or less flat sections of the route. The frozen felt began to slide strongly, which led to a tragedy in the highlands – the members of the expedition died as a result of an accident. Brahmani believed that much of the blame lay with poor shoes, particularly the soles. The following year, Brahmani developed a sole that could provide the necessary safety.As a result, a sketch of the sole appeared, which in the future will be called “Carrarmato”, which means “tank” in Italian. This name appeared due to the heavy and massive footprint from the sole. In order for this sole to be able to be born, the help of another Italian was needed – Leopoldo Pirelli. He agreed to make a batch of soles at his Pirelli tire factory. Vibram soles were manufactured in the same way as Pirelli tires, Brahmani’s rubber soles provided excellent traction on a wide variety of surfaces and were also extremely durable.By the way, Vibram still produces Carrarmato soles to this day.

The “Vibram” sole does not slip and practically does not get clogged with dirt, thanks to the pattern and structure of the tread. All tread elements are well spaced and angled in different directions for maximum stability. The outsole tread is high enough to provide good cushioning when walking. There are practically no tread elements in the middle of the foot, and the heel and toe zones are connected by specially thought out channels that lead away small stones, clay, sand and other dirt back along the movement of the foot, i.e.e. cleaning happens by itself.

The well-known yellow “Vibram” emblem as we know it now appeared in 1969. It was at that time that the revolutionary rubber alloy “Marca oro” was developed, which provided almost one hundred percent traction with the surface due to the special texture of the rubber, and not the tread pattern, as was previously the case in mountaineering and trekking shoes. This sole was used in a line of climbing shoes that became so popular that its logo became the logo of the Vibram company and remains so to this day.

After the first release of a trial batch of products, the Vibram brand began to develop. In 1945, the first production was opened in the small Italian town of Albizatte. One of the company’s significant events was the conquest of the K2 mountain in 1954. The entire team of Italian climbers who made the ascent were equipped with Dolomite brand boots with Vibram soles. This climb was the beginning of the use of specialized shoes created for each part of the climb.It was after this event that Vibram began its triumphal march around the world. Over the next several decades, Vibram has been exploring new markets, developing new types of products, launching its own footwear lines and becoming one of the world’s largest manufacturers. In 1988, the company coined the term “grid”, which refers to a sole that has a special grip. In 1991, the company began to use polyurethane in addition to rubber components. The sole with polyurethane components is lightweight and has good shock absorption properties, ideal for long distances.Three years later, the brand introduced a new product to the market – the Ecostep sole. The EcoStep sole is an innovative ECO-mix, which includes the remnants of the material from production and recycled plastic. This helps to reduce waste and reduce the use of virgin materials by up to 30%. The following year, 1995, the company launched the Clusaz Rigid sole with a rigid reinforced frame for climbers, and in 2001, it launched the Monster sole, which helps the foot to move correctly.

Around the same time, the company opens the Creative Laboratory in Milan, a space for developing creative ideas that are consistent with the company’s activities. Thanks to the activities of this laboratory, an innovative and rather unusual footwear “Vibram FiveFingers®” (literally “Vibram FiveFingers”) appeared. By and large, these are not even shoes, but real foot gloves!

This is the most controversial development in the history of the company, which has its supporters and opponents.Tenacity and stability in such shoes is achieved not only due to the tread pattern and sole material, but also due to flexibility. The fingers can move almost independently of each other, which makes it possible to better feel the relief and adapt to its irregularities. It is interesting that the fashion brand Prada made a significant contribution to the development of fashion for such “foot gloves” by launching the “Prada sport” collection in collaboration with “Vibram”. Now the popularity of these shoes is spreading like wildfire.Many world-famous stars use them, which undoubtedly fuels interest in such shoes even more. At various times, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Duhamel, Kate Hudson, Hugh Jackman and other stars were seen in the Vibram FiveFingers models.

Despite the success of previous developments, the Megagrip system from Vibram, released in 2013, eclipsed all past developments. The main characteristics of the Megagrip sole correspond to all the necessary qualities of good footwear:

  • Superior grip on wet and dry surfaces;
  • durability and strength;
  • optimal balance of stability and flexibility.

This development has set the highest standards. Vibram has created an outsole with ideal traction and stability on dry and wet surfaces while maintaining a high level of durability. Designed for the user who frequently encounters slippery surfaces, VIBRAM Megagrip is used for trekking and multisport, as well as for all seasonal hiking and travel, ideal even for challenging activities such as mountaineering, canyoning and more.The increased contact area of ​​the tread adds stability to the stride and maintains self-cleaning functions. Despite the increase in the area and number of tread elements, the outsole has not become heavier. The new porous and more tough rubber alloy allows for a lighter and more durable outsole. Boots with such a sole have already passed the test in all weather conditions on different surfaces and showed excellent results.

The next innovation that made a splash on the market was the Arctic Grip outsole model, which was released in 2016 at the largest trade fair for sports goods ISPO in Munich.The main challenge this outsole model has to do is significantly improve traction on slippery surfaces in sub-zero temperatures. The traditional solution to the problem of slipping shoes on ice has almost always been solved by attaching special metal spikes to the sole. It is not always convenient and practical.

The “Arctic grip” outsole uses a special rubber compound that does not freeze in the cold, and therefore retains its plastic properties, which allows you to get better grip on the surface.No metal inserts or components are added to the sole. All the elements and composition of the outsole are designed to provide perfect traction, combined with an optimal balance of stability, flexibility and of course durability in cold conditions. Also, good grip on ice is achieved through a special groove sole with flat contact surfaces of a large area. When walking, they push through a thin water film and, due to their softness and at the same time rough texture, seem to stick to ice.The anti-slip elements in the Arctic grip soles are tiny ceramic particles added during the vulcanization stage that form a fine abrasive that provides traction on ice. A tangible difference from similar soles in other brands is that the Vibram Arctic Grip outsole provides traction even on very slippery wet ice, which often forms during thaws. In order for the shoe owner to understand that the air temperature is low enough for ice to form, there is an indicator on the toe of the sole that changes color depending on the temperature of the surface under the feet, from white to blue.Of course, in addition to anti-slip properties, the Arctic Grip outsole has all the traditional qualities inherent in this famous brand – self-cleaning tread, durability and a balance between stability and flexibility.

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