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20 Good Excuses for Being Late for Work

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‘I couldn’t get out of bed’ or ‘the coffee ran out’ aren’t the best excuses to give when running late for work. No, your boss won’t believe you when you tell him that a zebra held up the traffic or a huge typhoon hit your house.

If you’re late for work, you need to give a valid reason for your delay. It might mean telling a little white lie and putting on your best act, but at least you avoid getting that shake of disapproval from your boss.

Instead of saying you spent half an hour scrolling through Facebook, here are 20 more reasonable and valid excuses for being late to work.

1. ‘There was too much traffic’

‘Sorry for being late, a lane was closed, and it caused a massive traffic jam’. Those pesky roadworks, hey? This is a pretty easy and obvious excuse to use when arriving late to work. It’s not your fault, and there’s no proving that it was actually the snooze button that kept you from arriving on time. Cheeky, I know.

2. ‘A family member was sick’

A little white lie never hurt anybody, right? Telling your manager that your child or partner needed medical attention at 8 am is probably an easy route to go down if you’re running late to the office. Plus, your manager will probably offer some sympathy (oops).


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3. ‘My car broke down’

Driving to work has its downsides. Sometimes, bad things happen, and your car just doesn’t start in the morning. Explain to your employer that your vehicle is to blame for your late arrival and in classic Friends style, that something was wrong with the ‘left phalange’. Here’s to hoping they know absolutely nothing about cars.

4. ‘My babysitter let me down’

Late for the office? If you have kids, it would be perfectly understandable to say that your babysitter let you down that morning. I mean, finding an alternative at 8 am isn’t easy and of course, it’s going to delay your day. You can’t leave the kids alone at home, so your boss has no reason to argue against this excuse.

5. ‘I was stopped by the police’

When in trouble, blame the police. Getting stopped on the highway is bound to delay you some extra minutes. Especially, when you have to hand in all your personal information and then you end up getting caught in extra traffic. Never tell your boss that you were caught for speeding, though, because they’ll want proof. Just say that they were doing random checks on the highway (lying hurts, I know).

6. ‘My pet ran away’

Sometimes, that hairdryer just doesn’t want to work in the mornings. If that’s your real reason for being late to work, it’s time to think up a more valid excuse for your supervisor. Say that you spent half an hour chasing your dog Benji down the street after he escaped your gates. If you have a manager who loves animals, this excuse will go down pretty well.

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7. ‘My water pipes burst’

Use excuses that will make your boss sympathise with you – like saying your water pipes burst. There’s no proof it didn’t happen, and it will explain why you’re looking flustered this morning (when really, it’s because there was a spider in the bedroom that kept you getting out of bed). Waiting for the maintenance guy to turn up and having to mop your house has delayed you a good hour, and well, work had to wait.

8. ‘I felt very ill’

We’ve all had mornings where we’ve woken up feeling like death warmed up. We’re sure your boss has, too. So, use this as an excuse to explain your tardiness. Calling in sick and using good excuses like, ‘I feel dizzy’ or ‘I’m projectile vomiting’ are ways to avoid that look of disapproval from your manager.


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9. ‘I lost my bag’

On your way to work, you stopped off to grab a bottle of milk for the office (points for being generous to your colleagues), but you realised you left your bag in the shop. By the time you noticed and drove back to the store, it was already 9.30. Pretending to have your bag stolen is a great cover story to protect you from being told off by your employer.

10. ‘The weather was really bad’

If waking up from a terrible nightmare had you too shaken up to head to work on time, it’s best you think up a more reasonable excuse for your boss. Explain that the snowy or rainy weather got your car stuck or the roads were closed off. This might even be the best excuse to get out of work the whole day!

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11. ‘The subway/bus was out of order’

For those who use public transport to get to work, this excuse will be as easy as pie. Call in late and simply explain to your supervisor that the subway is closed due to technical checks or that your usual bus didn’t turn up because of drivers’ strikes. This is the perfect reason for being late.

12. ‘I was held up at the doctor’s’

You booked your appointment way before you’re supposed to get to work, but the waiting room was overcrowded, and the doctor took too long to see you. Now, that’s an excuse that will sweeten up your boss. A doctor’s visit is always a concern for your employer, so this cover-up story for being late might even get you some sympathy. Don’t forget to *fake cough*!

13. ‘There’s been a death in the family’

This excuse is pretty dramatic, but if being late for work is detrimental to your position, it’s time to summon the devil and make up a horrid lie. Explaining that a family member passed away late last night or early this morning is a believable way to cover up your tardiness. No boss will question this personal issue. Just make sure to put on your best poker face when reciting the story.

14. ‘I was called into school’

Another white lie that will sound like a meaningful reason for being late. If you have kids, tell your manager that the headteacher called you to come and collect your child – either for being unruly or because they got sick. Suck up to your boss by adding in, ‘As a fellow parent, I really hope you understand.’ Argh, kids these days!

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15. ‘My house got burgled’

Yes, this may be dramatic, but it’s better than telling your boss that you wasted time talking to your friend on the phone! Channel your best Meryl Streep and explain that your house was burgled in the early hours of the morning and you had to wait for the police to arrive and take fingerprints. Tragic.

16. ‘I had a car accident’

This cover up will make total sense when you arrive one hour late to work on a Monday morning. You don’t have to exaggerate this excuse – just inform your employer that someone hit the back of your car on the way to work and you had to wait for the insurance to turn up and sort out the issue.

17. ‘It’s personal’

Sometimes, you don’t need a full-blown cover story to explain why you’re late. Simply tell your manager that you were held up for ‘personal reasons’. Mention that a sensitive issue arose overnight and you’d rather not talk about it. Hopefully, your boss doesn’t pester you to explain, but otherwise, ‘it’s personal’ sounds like a pretty good reason to let you off.

18. ‘I got splashed by a puddle’

Argh, those inconsiderable drivers. It’s raining, you have to walk to work, and a car drives by and boom, you get splashed by a passing car. Well, that only means you’ll have to head back home for an outfit change. This excuse is better than saying you were abducted by aliens.


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19. ‘I lost my car keys’

Arriving on time is one of the best ways to prove your workplace professionalism. But sometimes, kids happen. Running late because you like to sleep in? Try to give the excuse that your troublesome kids lost your car keys and you spent half an hour searching for them before the commute to work.

20. ‘I have bad cramps’

Sometimes, being a woman has its perks. Telling your boss that you’re running late due to severe menstruation cramps is a way to soften them up. If your manager is a man, he’ll probably feel quite uncomfortable discussing it, and if it’s a woman, well, she understands your pain. Females – we’ve got the Trump card!

Final thoughts

Life happens and, well, you’re late. It happens to the best of us. Just don’t make it a habit and instead, practice good work etiquette by making yourself punctual. If running late is indeed something you can’t help, with our list, we hope you don’t run out of excuses!

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Join the conversation! Have you ever used any good excuses when you were running late for work? Let us know what they are by commenting in the section below.

Excuses We Make For A Night Out With Him

The word “Night” does something to Indian parents. They worry enough if you say you will be coming home late but if you say you won’t be coming back home at all then chances are they would tell you to drop your plans and stay put. But there is no denying the fact that night outs are pretty exciting and with him, it becomes even more exciting. But when you are at home, with your parents around then what do you do? They would obviously ask you several questions and tell you to drop the plan, but how do you manage them? This isn’t the case with all the parents but most of our parents are really concerned about our whereabouts, especially at night.

Excuses We Make For A Night Out With Him

Does that mean you don’t go out at night at all? Of course, you do. You come up with the most creative excuses to go out at night. Rakhee stayed at the college hostel which was just a few miles away from home and she worked out an amazing plan to stay out at night.

She would tell at home that she was going to the hostel and at the hostel she would say she had to be home at night. This excuse to sneak out would be given at least once a month.

She would head for a farmhouse with her group of friends and her boyfriend, of course. They would have a great time together. This was indeed a risk she took every time she wanted to spend a night with him but the best part is she never got caught.

Here are a few excuses you can give to sneak out for a night with him. These are good excuses for going out at night.

1. Studying at a friend’s place

This is something we all are guilty of but still use this excuse over and over again. Most of our parents are really happy that we finally started thinking about our career or future, lest they find out about all the devilish plans we have. This is an excuse generations have given. But it gets easier to give this excuse now thanks to our smartphones. Earlier you had to hand over the landline number of the friend in case you had to be contacted. That was pretty risky and needed further excuses but now with your own phone handy parents are happy they can be touch with you. So you can slip out of your friend’s place to spend the night with him. Folks at home aren’t finding out.

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2. Late night work

For all those independent kids who live with their parents, this can be one excuse you can give. They mostly believe us, as they think we are independent and we know what we are doing. They would have totally lost it if they got to know what our responsibilities are actually. This is a great excuse to come up with and you can hardly land in a sticky situation with this excuse. Just be careful parents aren’t calling your office desk number. In that case make it a conference somewhere else.

One person we know was creative enough to hire the office car at night and ensured she got back home in that.

Working working


Emergency call

Among the good excuses for going out at night this is one. We are the masters of sadism when it comes to creating false emergencies. We can create an imaginary friend who just met with an accident and who cannot survive without our selfless help. Most of the parents also tend to believe this shit – because humanity counts. And there you are sneaking out with your boyfriend. To make your excuse more believable don’t forget to make that call from the hosp and tell your parents your friend is out of danger. We are evil! Yes!!

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4. Parties can work

You are going to a party. Just tell the truth, because it is the easiest way out. Say that you have a birthday/promotion/office party to attend. If you are a working individual, tell them that your promotion depends on how well you network in these parties. Your parents will open the gate themselves for you.

5. Fear of ghosts

We also create imaginary ghosts who are going to haunt our friends if we do not stay over with them. Tell your parents that your friend’s parents are out of station and she cannot sleep alone; therefore both of you together can fight the devil. This is a great excuse to give for a night out with your boyfriend. Just ensure your parents aren’t in touch with your friend’s parents.

Ever used any of these excuses? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Top 5 Excuses/Strategies When coming Home Late to your Mate

by PMob

      “Aw man, look at the time! I was suppose to been home hours ago! I know my girlfriend is going kill me when I walk in the house!” This is a conversation that men have when they realized they have been out way past the time that they were expected to be home. Hey, it happens whether your were out doing something you shouldn’t be (Ala return of the mack,creeping) or you just got caught up with the fellas (gambling, drinking, guy talk).  Everything is pretty much based on your unspoken rules between you and your partner. Only you and her know what is is acceptable and unacceptable as far as reasons to be out to 4 or 5 in the morning. Some house holds may deem 11pm to be a late arrival especially during the week. Whatever your case Im going to assume that the man was in the wrong, and here at my top strategies to make that walk into the house a easier transition…in no particular order.

The Truth

In my opinion this is the best strategy especially when in a relationship. It is not always the first choice by us men, but it is the most full proof plan to work. Why you ask? Women will respect the truth at the end of the day because it will guarantee that the issue wont blow up in your face later. Once a women doesn’t believe nothing you say then you are kinda dead in the water when you actually are being truthful and she doesn’t believe you! Plus if you even have to lie, your word is good. LOL.Now I’m not saying the truth will set you free or get you out of the doghouse, but lies ruin trust, and that’s the most important thing in a relationship. So if you want to keep it honest, bro, i salute you just be ready to deal with the consequences which may mean an uncomfortable couple of nights sleep on the couch!!

now lets get to the fun!!!!!

Flat Tire

Now this strategy takes a lot of preparation to pull off, so pay attention to detail. You obviously don’t want to tell the “real” reason your late so go with unexpected approach such as an accident. When telling any tale, evidence is your key to success, so you may want to look the part. Don’t come in the house looking zest fully clean and claim you had to change a tire! You probably should rub your hands on the tire, or even better get the spare out of you trunk and wrestle with it! Yeah you are going to mess up your good cloths but you must have sacrifice in your tale to make it believable. Also take a run around the block to build up some perspiration and create an authentic look of exhaustion. Another important key to this is calling befor you get home, and if she doesnt answer make sure you leave a message so when you get home you dont have to explain as much, just show your proof! Make sure you call and not text though, communication whether truth or deceit is always important in a relationship because it shows you care!


Oweee! This is one that women like to use themselves (but that’s another post) to get out of trouble. When in doubt put it on the goose and the henesey but there is a way to do it. You can say you past out, or you were too drunk to drive and tried to sleep it off. You also might want to spill a lil bit on your shirt or make yourself throw up, remember evidence is the key. Like I said theses are only go too choices if the truth is not an option. This one will defintly put you in the dog house and I would not recommend. If you know you had to be home why would you get too drunk, sound irresponsible, and it is..but depending on the situation of your relationship this one would be a hit or miss. I just would not go to this well to many times, its an easy way to fed your women up.

Went 2 Jail/ Pulled Over

The reliability of this one is really depending on what type of dude you are. The key to this strategy is selling the concern rather than the excuse. Its always a good idea to have a good wing man who can cover for you by simply sending a text to your lady even though it would drive her crazy! Whats up Keisha, this Johnny..Steve homeboy..I was just letting you know he was arrested but I dont know what for. I will call you when i find out more but don’t worry”..perfect., Be careful this can blow up in your face instantly due to the police department keeping records of arrest. The idea of getting pulled over and harassed is such a realistic possibility, I would go to that before I would say I went to jail. Police officers often pull people and give them a warning but your story has to be legit. The “police had a road block looking for somebody who has the same description as me” works but you cant use it twice! Your acting skills are important as your lady is probably worried sick about you. Don’t try to explain, just say that you don’t want to talk bout it right now and gather your thoughts for the morning because your going to have to have your eggs lined up for this one. If your using to pulled over version, you want to act angry, even write down an officer’s badge number and call a friend and complain about it. This strategy might have to involve more than one person so make sure all involved are down with the play, women do it all the time its called cover all your bases.

Blame Game

This is one that is not suggested for those that do not have the gift of gab. If your not quick on your feet I would recommend this one. You can just flat out put the blame on one of your homeboys or relatives. Examples would be..

  • I didn’t drive so i cant make nobody else leave when they not ready

  • I had to take Johnny cross town and him and his baby mama got into it

  •  I was ready to leave but you know how Rick is, he taking his time I started to leave him but I couldn’t.

  • My friend/cousin got into a fight

  • My friend got shot (a friend she doesn’t know obviously)

  • and many more

The bottom line is you don’t want to lie to your women, but if you have too there are options, you just have to be able to sacrifice a lot. Choices are what make you a winner or a loser in life, sometimes we make the right choices sometimes we don’t. Learning from mistakes is the key to building bridges to improve your relationship. I’m no expert, just a man with experiences and opinions. There are other excuses I didn’t mention like losing your phone or getting robbed but I left them out for your interpretation. This is not a rubrick to liars but just an entertaining spin on truth and lies. What you believe is fact or fiction is based on each individual relationship or rather each individual. Please feel free to comment and join me next time when I break down “Who P*ssy Is This” Bedroom Lies, next time on #TrueLies

20+ Best Good Excuses for Being Late for Work

Let’s be honest. Is there anyone who has gone late to work intentionally but ended up with a lame excuse but still made the boss buy it? We are sure everyone would have, at least those who go to work. But if you haven’t done it, then you’re probably checking this article because you’re going to the hereafter, or you’re just curious. If you’re the boss who is checking this article out to find out employees who lie, here’s a word of wisdom: “We all have issues, give it a break, buddy!” We will list the best Good Excuses for Being Late at work.

Going late to work happens to everybody eventually when it comes to being punctual. Once in a while, your boss understands it, yes. But sometimes, those excuses might be explicitly unwise, which is why we need to be well prepared not to get fired. The reasoning you slept late, you dropped the kids at school, your car/bike got stolen, your vehicle broke down, and other such common excuses will only enhance the suspiciousness. In this article, we’ll be checking out some real, legit reasons that will save your job.

22 Good Excuses for Being Late

  • Jamming with the traffic: This is literally the most commonly used excuse but at the same time is understandable. The world is busy, and traffic jams aren’t unnatural. People on the roads will be honking their horns during the daytime to get through, so this excuse works completely fine. Everybody realizes that traffic would be at its top during top hours, which would amount to your late passage. Although you get up late, this is a typical and incredible affection that many people give. We certainly believe that this extremely regular reason which most people would approach with is good to go.
  • Last-Minute Technician: Whether you’re married or unmarried, living alone or with your family, things at home need your hand. Unfortunate events happen to like our water tap breaking or refrigerator not working. At such moments when it has to be repaired, we tend to become the technician. Explaining to your boss that you had to fix an appliance urgently is good enough. This fascinating reason, which most specialists approach, is pretty uncommon but is worth the buy.  We say, with this exceptional excuse, employees can persuade their boss. 
  • When Relatives are Ill, it’s not Chill: We cannot let go of someone’s health, which is depleting. Bosses do understand how important family is. This normal clarification each recount that their relatives, particularly old individuals like granddad or grandma, are sick is completely fine. You can generally specify this and legitimize yourself that you were out to the medical clinics or supporting them till they were persuaded. Bosses are not cold-hearted, so coming up with this excuse won’t get you fired, but hey, if this situation is true and your boss says no to it, then report about them or quit the job because that’s cruel. You deserve better treatment and respect at work.
  • Alarms do Fail to Alert: Gone are the days when the alarm clocks were set with a key that disturbs our sleep with a loud and long tring tring. Our smartphones have replaced it, and in just one swipe, the alarms are set. But what if our mobile was kept on silent? What if we set the alarm at 6 pm instead of 6 am? Many of us neglect to set the alarm or unplug or mistakenly switch off our mobiles while resting by stumbling over it. Failures such as this do happen, and we can’t deny that. Reasoning your delay to work can be clever with this strange explanation.
  • Public Transports are Often Lazy: If you really love your job, no distance can depart you away from it. Not all workers stay near their office hence the mode of transport alone is the way. Some use public means to travel, say bus, train, cab, etc. For employees who live far away from the city and depend on a public vehicle every day for work, you can reason that the nearby train or bus turned up late. Ensure that when explaining this excuse, no other employee usually accompanies you on the same public transport. Because if they had reached earlier and you excuse yourself with this reason, then oh, no! big trouble.
  • Your Health Matters: During this pandemic, when jobs were knocked for many, a couple of us stood strong with our careers. But as soon as things started to calm down, the lazy days turned back to normal. At this crucial time, if you want to excuse at work for being late, health can pitch in. This is a normal but still an intriguing reason behind late coming employees. You can ring up your boss and notice with a whisky voice that you are somewhat sick and would be late to work. Isn’t this an ideal excuse yet trustworthy? We suggest you make it a minor disease and not something serious. You may have likewise imagined the earlier day saying that you are going to get sick. This will fix things and make your arrangement a perfect one.
  • Spouse is Sick: If you’re sick, it is understandable. If your spouse is sick, it also must be understandable, so you’re free to use this excuse up at the point when it’s consistently you who is the basis in being late to work, state about your significant other this time. Offer a reasonable expression to your boss that your better half was sick and you were needed to deal with their health. This can be a substantial and important explanation for being late. 
  • Last-Minute Chase for Vehicle Keys: This might sound ludicrous but trust us, it works. Our mind tends to forget, and many of us are absent-minded. This assertion to be late for work can be useful when you reached the office just a little. It makes the boss understand that you couldn’t have started the vehicle without the key; hence all your searching took some time. Additionally, when you have little children around at home, losing vehicle keys can be a brilliant excuse as kids will, in general, play with vehicle keys, wallets, watches, and so forth. You may likewise reason that you discovered it at an unexpected spot, for example, in the refrigerator, in the lobby, etc. 
  • The Vehicle Broke Down, Oh No: A harsh cut reason numerous people think of for late pardon is that their vehicle stalled. It’s unfortunate, and it could have been prevented with regular repairs but aren’t we all extremely occupied and busy? If our vehicle broke down, it’s not just our fault. Instead of just saying that your car or bike broke down, there are numerous alternatives for that situation. For instance, you can say that your car had a punctured tire or the battery stopped, etc. 
  • The Police Held my Time: For intriguing reasons, another great pardon can be saying that the police held you up for no reason. You will be requested verification when you say that you were gotten for an overspeeding or red sign. Thus, to remain on the more secure side, notice your supervisor that you were hauled aside for no objective by any means. Sometimes cops stop cars due to suspicion of another case. So, you could say you were misunderstood.
  • Medical Check-Up Took Long: Going to regular medical check-up is mandatory as it keeps you aware of the body’s condition. When you realize that you’re running behind schedule for work because of your check-up consuming a lot of time, you can offer an unmistakable expression to your boss that you’re holding on to meet the doctor. This can be a legitimate explanation that persuades your boss only if you sound it earnest.
  • Encountering Cramps: Dear ladies, we know how terrible it is to have menstrual cramps that make you restless 200%. Bosses get it so that you can talk about it. Women need to talk about it, and its high periods are normalized. Simple, however evident, you can say that you have period cramps and would be late for office or work. This functions respectfully, so proceed with that. 
  • Unfortunate Passing in the Family: When someone leaves us, it hurts. When someone eternally leaves us, that’s traumatic. Be it anyone in your family, when they close their eyes the emotions, you’d go through are unexplainable. This excuse is legit and receives consideration no matter what. With the different clarifications for being late, passing in a family is another one that numerous individuals use. Either grandparents or far-away family members are dead; you may turn up late to work. This will calm your boss’ attitude when you’re not at your work area, and this sort of reason has no contentions to be made except for to acknowledge. 
  • Trouble in Getting the Vehicle out of the Carport: When your vehicle garage is programmed to open automatically, and not manually, chances are there it might get broken. You can excuse yourself that when you clicked the garage door button, but it never budged as a reason for coming late to work. On the off chance that you don’t have a subsequent choice, this explanation will work out. Try it—rarely or just once.
  • Climate Condition: Nature is unpredictable. You’d have slept peacefully on a cold winter night but little did you knew the next morning, your entire car would be submerged in a pile of snow. In winter or blustery, nature would clasp hands with you to make your excuse an ideal one. At such an event, you could ring up and say to your supervisor that the climate was terrible, or your territory was excessively frigid, etc. This can be an ideal purpose behind being late. 
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Again, we’re busy. We are in a hurry to get to work, and we’re halfway, but what if suddenly the attire flops? Say that while getting down from the cab, your shirt gets torn by some sharp object? That will be so embarrassing to work in a torn shirt. So, explaining that you ran late to work as you went back home to change the dress will be appealing. Another issue is when your dress gets spoiled due to certain unexpected events. What if, due to the unexpected rain or someone splashing juice, you wreck your garments? Possibilities are there; hence returning to the condo to clean it up is mandatory. Of course, you’ll go late to the office but cleanly. 
  • Missed your Handbag: Losing your handbag might be rare, but ladies, there are chances of that happening. You can excuse saying you missed your bag and while searching you forgot the running time. We hope this is just a fake excuse, but you better find it if it is real. 
  • Helped Someone: Listen up folks, helping a visually challenged person to cross the road, rushing to the veterinary to aid a sick stray dog, taking a lost child to his/her parent, etc., are all great reasons for being late work. Moreover, kudos to you for doing that because it is humane and morale. Though these good deeds aren’t usually spoken aloud, it’s not wrong to explain it to your boss, who might get disappointed in you for being late. Opening up the social causes expressing that you were held up helping someone can be a satisfactory explanation to the boss. 
  • Responsible Parent: If you’re a parent with kids, then your responsibility is huge. A large portion of the employees concocts a legitimate and regular reason to get their children to class and infants to daycare before setting out to the workplace. This excuse can be valid and genuine yet can’t be utilized frequently. 
  • Managing Pets: Another impossible to miss conciliatory sentiment many workers land up with will be with their pets. Their pets may have run out or stood higher up, not descending, or perhaps your pet might be sick. These are likewise a couple of focuses referenced to your boss when you’re late to the workplace. Hopefully, your boss also owns a pet, so they’ll empathize and let you free.
  • Was Bolted Inside: What if your spouse got up early to work and forgotten you were inside a home that they locked you and left? Yes, the spare key would be inside the home, but who’ll be outside to open it? These situations do happen. Not many employees express that they were bolted inside by their children accidentally. They needed to call up their neighbor to get them out for a similar explanation, but this is a good excuse to give.
  • Assaulted by Animals: As much as it sounds weird, it can’t be denied. A stray dog might rush behind you to bite, or a monkey might grab your stuff and run. Yes, these excuses are extremely uncommon, but it is possible to happen. You can explain to your manager how terribly you were annoyed that you lost track of time at such events.

So, how to apologize?

Being late to work is one of the regular issues you will see in pretty much every office. In any case, making it a propensity is something that can’t go on without serious consequences. So, you need to apologize when you reach late. Your such conduct can make you noteworthy and make your boss feel that you genuinely esteem your time and occupation. 

  • Call ahead: Calling your boss or their assistant to notify you that you’ll be late is much better than stomping inside the office at an unusual time. Consider the conditions holding you up and gauge how much longer it will be until you can make it in. Contingent upon what you do, a couple of moments may not be the apocalypse. If you think you’ll be deferred for some time, let the boss know. In case you’re stranded in rush hour gridlock, for instance, utilize a route application that gives live traffic updates to discover how quickly things are climbing ahead. Think about the day’s occasions and call sooner if fundamental. Your lateness may cause a greater amount of an issue contingent upon what you have going that day. Giving your boss thought of when they could anticipate that you should show up will comfort them and make them feel you’re genuine. It is always better to inform them so the apology needn’t have to sound it long. Remember, precaution is better than cure.
  • Saying ‘sorry’ in person: Address the matter with your manager when you appear, and make sure you first say a ‘sorry’ once you stroll in the entryway. Odds are, your boss will wave it off, and you can work. Else, they’ll get an opportunity to converse with you about it later. It would be best if you gave a conciliatory sentiment in person regardless of whether you brought in previously to tell your manager that you would have been late. On the off chance that you put off saying ‘sorry’ because you’re occupied or fear confronting your chief, you may wind up looking uninterested or flippant, which can think about inadequately you as a worker. Offer a concise clarification for why you’re late. Whenever you have your manager’s ear, please give them a record of the conditions that caused your lateness. Your conciliatory sentiment ought to be unequivocal, honest, and direct. The more intricate a story you tell, the more it will seem as though you’re simply attempting to cover for yourself. Your smartest choice is to be straightforward and acknowledge obligation regarding your mistake. Try not to snicker, joke, or attempt to get over your lateness as immaterial.
  • Write a letter: Setting aside the effort to create a conventional letter will show that you’re truly sorry and assist you with getting your manager’s acceptable graces. You ought to likewise consider composing an expression of remorse letter if you’ve just had at least one infringement before or if your lateness caused a significant issue for your organization, for example, a lost customer or security infringement. Utilize a proper construction for your letter. Spot your complete name, address, and email address at the highest point of the letter. On the accompanying line, note the date that you’re composing. Open your letter with a customary welcome. Start with “Dear,” trailed by your manager’s proper title. It’s standard to utilize a given title like “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” or “Miss,” regardless of whether you’re usually on an easy-going footing. Never allude to your boss by their first name. Be mindful so as not to sound excessively acquainted with your manager. Doing so could seem to be rude. Clarify that the motivation behind your letter, sum up your explanation behind being late, regardless of whether you’ve just worked it out with your manager face to face. End your letter by expressing how you intend to compensate for your slip-up. Disclose how you intend to try not to be late in the future. This will show that you’re centered around noteworthy arrangements, not simply void excuses.
  • Be honest and admit: Every human commit error, so it owns up to yours and proceeds onward, says Sheila Dramis, CEO of HR Partners. In case you are late, be straightforward. Did you sleep in, neglect to set the caution, kids made you run late? Honesty is the thing that each organization needs. When you lie, you break that trust, and that will agitate a business significantly more. It’s critical to apologize, too; hence recognize that you comprehend as your boss needs to realize that you are finding a way to change. Moreover, the constant delay can wind up harming you over the long haul. Sooner or later, the boss might fire you so try not to go late to your work.

Does the explanation matter and is your reason really legit?

Bosses have heard many reasons why individuals are late to work, from ladies issues and sleeping late to carpool issues and vehicle inconvenience. As far as we might be concerned, the explanation isn’t significant on the grounds. Occasionally, if employees excuse the bosses to find them as genuine reasons, they turn to be senseless reasons and look like the employee is lying. 

Now, are you really late to work due to a reason or just like that? Ponder why so. If you’re late to work because you don’t like the job, quit it! There are plenty of jobs which deserves your passion so seek it.

Our final thoughts

In some cases, you needn’t bother with an all-out main story to clarify why you’re late. Essentially tell your boss that you were held up for “private reasons.” Life occurs, and well, being late, it happens to potentially anyone. Please don’t make it a propensity, and all things being equal, practice acceptable work manners by making yourself dependable. On the off chance that running late is for sure something you can’t help, with our rundown, we trust you don’t run out of reasons! Have a happy work life.

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32 Most Common Excuses for Being Late to Work

Getting out from a deep comfortable sleep by fighting out all beautiful dreams is a bit difficult for many people. They snooze the alarm and postpone their awaken, this leads to late entry to the workplace. As a result, the employee need to make excuses for being late to work.

According to a recent survey reports, it has opened up that nearly 15% of the people turn up late to the office at least once a week and 27% do the same once a month.

When they rush to work jumping out all the hurdles that come through from home to office, they get to work late. One of the best and easy ways to solve this situation is to wake up on time which helps you reach on time to work.

There are many excuses which are explained by latecomers to their higher professionals, some are interesting and some are funny.

Best Excuses for Being Late to Work:

As per a survey done by CareerBuilder, some of the common excuses employees use when being late are Traffic, sleep schedules, and weather conditions. These are the best late for work excuses mostly used. Some other late to work excuses are,

  • Traffic – 51%
  • Oversleeping – 31%
  • Bad weather – 28%
  • Too tired to get up – 23%
  • Forgetting something -13%

Funny late excuses for being late to work:

Some of the worst excuses for being late as per the survey are,

  • Too cold to work
  • Morning sickness
  • The coffee was too hot
  • Was very tired, so fell asleep in the parking lot
  • I forgot and drove to my previous employer’s office location
  • Couldn’t find my work schedule
  • As per a prediction from an astrologer, I should avoid driving on highways 

Most Ridiculous excuses:

Few more bizarre excuses which we got from previous surveys

  • Pet got stuck in the toilet
  • A zebra came down on the highway and the whole traffic got jammed
  • Woke up somewhere far from home
  • Ran out of milk for breakfast
  • Misplaced the contact lens and couldn’t find it
  • Was curious to know the end of something which he was watching on TV
  • Water was dripping from the roof and it fell on the alarm clock
  • Got a scary nightmare so couldn’t sleep all night
  • The brush got stuck in hair

When Excuses Don’t Work:

Being late is something very common and must not be taken seriously, so chill- as per your view.

But are you sure your boss also thinks the same?

I guess NO.

A majority of 60% of employers expect all their employees to be on time.

43% of employers have fired their employees for being late(the percentage has raised from 41%)

Good excuses to miss work in advance:

Here are a few tips for giving excuses when you are going to be late. These are a few suggestions you need to follow when providing believable excuses for missing work.

  • Inform your boss asap
  • Honesty is the best policy, so always be honest
  • Do not mention the detailed version of your excuse.
  • Miss work only if necessary
  • Try to make your skipping avoidable.

Is honesty the best policy?

Everybody is human and we make mistakes, so own up to yours and move on, says Sheila Dramis, CEO of HR Partners.

If you are late, be honest. Did you oversleep, forget to set the alarm, kids made you run late? Integrity is what every company wants. When you lie, you break that trust and that will upset an employer even more.”

It’s important to apologize as well, says Dramis. “Acknowledge that you understand it sets a bad example, impacts the team, and that you are taking steps to correct it. This is better than spewing out excuses. Your manager wants to know you understand the implications and are taking steps to change.”

Besides, chronic lateness can end up hurting you in the long run. “At some point the business will decide they have to move on without you,” she says.

Does the reason even matter?

Maria Katrien Heslin, owner of GPS to Success Coaching & Development, says she’s heard a lot of excuses why people are late to work,

from menstrual cramps and oversleeping to carpool problems and car trouble. To me, the reason is not important because sometimes completely legitimate reasons are also private, personal matters while silly reasons may cause an employee to lie.

Heslin says “she’d rather not know the reason and instead focus on whether the lateness is a chronic issue. That has proven to be a respectful and effective method.”

Let’s glance through a few excuses put forward by these delayed people when they are out of time to work.

Excuses for being late to work:

1. Fighting against traffic:

A very common excuse which most individuals would come forward with is getting stuck with traffic.

Everyone knows that during peak hours traffic would be at its top and this would definitely add up to your late entry. Though you wake up late, this is a common and excellent pretext which is given by most people.

2. Fitting a new appliance:

Another new but interesting excuse which most workers come forward is that they are waiting for their new machine or any other appliance to be fixed.

Though the appointment was fixed a week before, due to a busy schedule it was not remembered. So it is mandatory to wait for the technicians till they arrive and fix the machine. With this unique excuse, latecomers can convince their bosses.

3. Ill family members:

Another common explanation every individual recites is that their family members especially old members like grandfather or grandmother are ill. You can always mention this and justify yourself that you were out to the hospitals or supporting them till they were convinced.

4. Alarm clock issues:

This can be a funny and ridiculous reason, there are few people who forget to set their alarm or unplug or switch off their mobiles while sleeping by tripping over it.

Individuals simply come forward mentioning that their alarm clock broke and was unable to set alarm. But this reason can never be used often.

5. Faulting public transferal:

For professionals who live far away from the city and rely on public transport each day for work, blame the transportation system sounding out that the bus or local train turned up late.

Make sure that when putting forward this reason, no other worker uses the same train or bus you use, as they may have reported at time.

6. Feeling ill:

Another common but interesting reason for late coming can be falling ill. You can ring up your boss and mention with a whisky voice that you are a bit ill and would be late to work.

Make it a minor illness and not a serious one. You may have also pretended the previous day saying that you are about to get ill. This will set things right and make your plan a perfect workout.

7. Rap your wife:

When it’s always you who is the motive for being late to work, blame your wife this time. Make a clear statement to your boss that your wife was ill and you were required to take care of her. This can be a valid and meaningful reason for being late.

8. Was hunting for car keys:

Another absurd statement to be delayed for work can be, searching for car keys. When you don’t have your car keys, it cultivates that you cannot start at the right time to office.

When you have small kids around at home, then losing car keys can be an excellent plan as kids tend to play with car keys, wallets, watches etc. You may also conclude that you found it at an obvious place such as in the fridge, in the lobby and so on.

9. My car broke down:

A very rough-cut cause many individuals come up with for late excuse is that their car broke down.

There are many options in this case; a flat tire or a battery break-down and many things can be added to which makes a car break down.

10. Getting caught by police:

With interesting reasons, another good excuse can be saying that you were held up by the police for no cause. When you say that you were caught for over speeding or red signal, you will be asked for proof.

Hence to stay on the safer side, mention your boss that you were dragged aside for no goal at all.

11. Held with doctor’s appointment:

When you know that you’re running late for work, you can make a clear statement to your boss that you’re waiting to meet the doctor with an appointment.

Since the crowd is more it may take time, this can be a valid reason which convinces your boss.

12. Experiencing cramps:

If you are a women employee, there can be many details to be stated regarding health issues. Very simple but true, you can say that you have cramps and would be late for office or work. This works well for women employees.

13. Death in the family:

With the various explanations for being late, death in a family is another excuse which many people use. Either grandparents or far off relatives are dead and hence you may turn up late to work.

This will cool your boss mentality when you’re not at your desk. This kind of reason has no arguments to be made but to accept.

14. Feeling dizzy:

Giddiness, feeling dizzy since you took a cough syrup or tablet the previous day night can be a good reason for being late. Call up your boss early in the morning with a morning voice which makes him believe the truth. This can be a good idea for being late.

15. Difficulty in getting the car out of the garage:

When your car garage is automatic which has power-operated doors, you can pick this purpose and mention that your car was unable to get out of the garage due to power failure. In case you don’t have a second option this reason will work out.

16. Weather condition:

During winter or rainy weather, nature would hold hands with you to make your plea a perfect one.

You could just ring up and say your boss that the weather was bad, or your area was too snowy and so on. This can be a perfect reason for being late.

17. Intoxicated in breath analyzer:

One of the bizarre reasons would be that your car wouldn’t start since the breathe analyzer opened up stating that you were intoxicated.

18. Wearing on the wrong shoes:

Employees come up with funny intellects which also make your boss laugh with a broad smile stating that you left the apartment wearing your girlfriend’s shoes by mistake. And for the same reason, you had to go back to the apartment to change them.

19. Missed your purse:

Women also come up with inane concludes saying that they dropped their purse in a coin-operated newspaper box.

To get their purse out they needed a coin and fought against a hard time to get their valuable purse back.

20. Wet clothes:

The employee was late to office as all his washed clothes were wet in the rain and did not expect showers would mess his clothes. This is another goofy conclude to your boss for being late.

21. Cutting hair before work:

Professional was trying to get her hair cut before work while her clippers stopped working. And this leads her to get to the beauty salon for making her hair right and this ate up her time. These kind of outlandish statements are also one of the excuses.

22. Bear attacked my car:

This could be a funny reason when an employee lands up saying that he was late since a bear blocked and attacked his or her car. Employees also come up with photographic reasons for the same.

23. Was late by helping others:

Certain employees open up their social causes stating that they were held up along the highway helping a stranger deliver a baby. This can be an acceptable reason by the boss, as it deals with helping humans.

24. Helping kids and baby:

Most of the employees come up with a valid and common purpose that they had to get their kids to school and baby’s to day care before they set out to the office. This excuse can be true and valid but cannot be used often.

25. Wardrobe issues:

There are many professionals who come up stating their wardrobe has been stuck, locked or keys lost; these can be valid reasons but not often. An employee cannot be so irresponsible dealing with wardrobes.

26. Dealing with pets:

Another peculiar apology many people land up with is with their pets. Their pets might have run out, or stand upstairs not coming down, or maybe your pet may be ill. These are also a few points mentioned to your boss when you’re late to the office.

27. Was locked indoors:

Few impressive and believable causes also take part in the exempts list. Few professionals state that they were locked indoors by their kids by mistake. For the same reason, they had to call up their neighbour or husband to get them out.

28. Getting back for a shower again:

You would have walked into a spider web, or garbage or any other dirty listings and would have went back home for a shower again. This reason made you late to office.

29. Attacked by animals:

A very rare goal many people state is that they were attacked by a dog or raccoon and was directed to the hospital for pre-medical aid. This was the reason for running late to work.

30. Blaming others:

There are masses of people who blame others saying that they didn’t wake them on time. This is also a cause that falls under silly categories.

31. Being unique:

Certain people are bold enough to say the valid motive that they wanted to be different and unique amongst others by coming late. But this object needs guts to be mentioned.

32. Driveway disappeared:

Another lame excuse would be that the driveway was washed away by rain or disappeared, and so was unable to reach the office by time.

Running late for work? Do One of These 5 Things:

If you are late for work right now at this very moment then follow these few things that you need to do to ease your mind and also to handle the situation effectively.

  • Call your boss and inform him about the delay ASAP.
  • Make arrangement to make sure that your work is covered(by lending help from a coworker)
  • If you are too late then apologize to your boss personally
  • Always keep up your promises
  • Do not waste time after you reach late and get straight to work.

How to apologize for being late to work:

Being late to work is one of the common issues that you will notice in almost every office. But making it a habit is something that cannot be tolerated.

So it is very important for you to make it on time to work. Your such behaviour can make you impressive and also make your boss think that you value your time and job very seriously.

So one of the best advice I can give you is to apologize to your boss if you are late using an apology letter.

Writing an apology letter for being late is the best and right way.

  • Choose your words carefully while apologizing
  • If you are writing an apology letter, mention the reason at the beginning of letter.
  • When you write an apology letter, make sure your words really mean it
  • Explain clearly what caused you late
  • Promise not to repeat it in future

10 excuses for being late to school

Search for excuses for being late to school has been practiced as a traditional ritual for decades. Here are the top 10 ideas.

Irrespective of the age, creed or region, the students at least once in their lifetime find themselves guilty of being late to the class.

It usually happens to many, every other day, which brings us to the need of more creative and effective ideas for excuses which can help evade the tragic consequences of being late. Given below is a collection of some creative and more compelling excuses that you may find helpful in the times of need.

1. Be kind and helpful to the needy


Helping out someone in trouble, where someone could be an old lady trying to cross the street or having a difficulty carrying her grocery items. Or if your teacher is dog person, you can always bring up a dog story where you were busy feeding a hungry dog or took the dog to vets for a checkup. Although you can’t use this excuse quite routinely but it will surely be effective.

2. The typical snooze issue


You can always blame your cursed alarm for waking you up late. There won’t be a single person who hasn’t been troubled by their clocks. So the teacher will definitely buy your excuse.

3. Short sighted refuge


Though it is applicable to only those who have problems with their eyesight yet it is very realistic. You can make an excuse of misplacing your spectacles, which ultimately led to a series of disastrous events, making you late for the class.

4. Woeful skies

While bad weather has always caused problems, it can always prove to be an effective excuse for you. You may have got trapped in the fog, blown away by the wind or even stuck in the snow. Weather conditions will always favor you in your excuses provided the weather is indeed appalling.

5. Apparel error


Every institute follows a certain set of dress code for its students. So you may have failed to comply and realized it halfway to the college therefore you had to move all the way back to your home to get a proper dressing.

6. Sympathy card


Though it won’t be quite an attractive idea to have your bones broken just to get an excuse for coming late but if you can just try putting on some bandages or even a plaster considering the severity of the situation, you can always get the sympathetic leverage.


7. An unexpected treat


It might not be a popular idea in your social circle to be pleasant to the teacher but giving a small treat to the teacher upon arriving late to the class will surely add up to your charm and will save you from any harm. Show up with their favorite magazine or chocolate or even some news that may be of their interest.

8. Blame the traffic


Getting stuck in the traffic is always very annoying but it can always prove to be one of the legits excuses for being late to school. Getting stuck in the traffic usually in the peak hours is definitely problematic for everyone. So your teacher will certainly consider it sincerely.

9. Oooops … My old car did it again


Your car broke down and you had to walk to your college or university all the way. This may not work if you come over by the bus. In that case, you can blame the bus driver for leaving you on purpose due to the grudges he bears for you.

10.  Crack up the teacher


If you are known for your witty nature among your friends, you can always take it to your advantage in situations like those. Try to put up a really funny story where you might have got into a time warp and traveled back in time, wearing a Stetson will add up to your advantage. Or you bumped into some aliens from Mars who happen to struggle finding right directions on the Earth therefore you helped them as being the peaceful and hospitable inhabitant of Earth.

Excuses like these will be helpful only if you are pretty convincing and confident in your tone while making these excuses to your respective teachers otherwise you may be victimized and face the extreme consequences.

The Dirty Dozen Excuses for Being Late – The Association of Aquatic Professionals

There is no worse feeling than waking up in the morning, rested from good night’s sleep, and glancing at the clock, only to do a double-take: You’re late!

For most people, knowing they’re running late for work strikes the fear of God within them and as a result, they move like there’s a fire under their feet to get ready. They hustle, scramble, frantically throw things into a bag and are out the door to ensure a timely — though unkempt and graceless — arrival at the office.

But for a smaller group of people, knowing they are running late for work does absolutely nothing except stimulate their creative juices in order to make up the latest excuse as to why they are late for work — again.

Twenty percent of workers said they arrive late to work at least once a week, according to a CareerBuilder.com survey of more than 8,000 workers. Twelve percent said they are late at least twice a week.

One-third (33 percent) of workers blamed traffic for their tardiness, while 24 percent said lack of sleep was the culprit. Ten percent of workers said getting their kids ready for school or day care was the main reason they ran late in the morning. Other common reasons included public transportation, wardrobe issues or dealing with pets.

While some employers tend to be more lenient with worker punctuality, 30 percent say they have terminated an employee for being late, including the Parks and Recreation industry.  Workers need to understand their company’s policies on tardiness and if they are late, make sure they openly communicate with their managers. Employers have heard every excuse in the book, so honesty is the best policy.

Using your imagination
If you’ve decided honesty is not the best policy for you, don’t try using any of the following excuses as the reason why you’re late — they’ve been heard before.

Here are 12 of the most outrageous excuses employees have heard for being late to work:

1.   My heat was shut off so I had to stay home to keep my snake warm.
2.   My husband thinks it’s funny to hide my car keys before he goes to work.
3.   I walked into a spider web on the way out the door and couldn’t find the spider, so I had to go inside and shower again.
4.   I got locked in my trunk by my son.
5.   My left turn signal was out so I had to make all right turns to get to work.
6.   A gurney fell out of an ambulance and delayed traffic.
7.   I was attacked by a raccoon and had to stop by the hospital to make sure it wasn’t rabid.
8.   I feel like I’m in everyone’s way if I show up on time.
9.   My father didn’t wake me up.
10.  A groundhog bit my bike tire and made it flat.
11.  My driveway washed away in the rain last night.
12.  I had to go to bingo.

Follow the culture
The general rule is that you should be at your desk, working by your designated starting time. Technically, even if you’re at your desk “on time” but you’re still booting up your computer, saying your hellos and making a cup of coffee — you’re late.

Though you should always try your best to be punctual every morning, sometimes it’s safe to observe the company culture. If you arrive to work every morning to find all of your colleagues diligently working as you’re shuffling in, your tardiness will probably stand out. On the other hand, if most people filter in at their own paces — within reason — an occasional late arrival will probably go unnoticed.

To be on the safe side, try your best to be on time for work every day. Your boss, co-workers and reputation will thank you for it.

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90,000 We’re totally wrong about our apology. So how should it be?

  • Arianne Cohen
  • BBC Worklife

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Scientists apologize for being completely confused with the apology study. New discoveries in this area are extremely rare, because it is very difficult to properly organize such research – about as difficult as determining whether a woodpecker has a headache.

Cindy Franz, a psychologist at Oberlin College, Ohio, USA, is still trying.“Once I tried to conduct a study in the laboratory where someone would have done an unseemly act – one for which I would like to apologize,” she says.

“But the logistics turned out to be very difficult – for ethical reasons. You cannot force a person to do something terrible, requiring immediate and sincere remorse, in a laboratory setting.”

Most scientists use hypothetical questions (“Imagine that Sam just drove over your leg with the wheel of his car”) or refer to memories that are notoriously biased and unreliable (“Tell us how you apologized to your mother”).Plus, our cultural differences confuse matters even more.

However, there is an oasis in the scorched desert of apology research. For nearly 20 years, Yosuke Otsubo, a psychologist at Kobe University in Japan, has studied how people apologize around the world, and at the end of last year published the fifth of six papers, in which he added essential instructions for those who want to learn how to apologize sincerely and effectively.

When you ask for forgiveness, it is best to pay for your guilt with a very expensive gift, to sacrifice something dear to you.

For example, a corporation that has done the wrong thing about its customers may give them expensive gift certificates as a sign of remorse, and an individual may try to make amends by giving up on an important trip (“I canceled all my plans for this weekend and will spend Saturday with you “).

Of course, the idea of ​​forgiving gifts is as old as the world. However, the original contribution of Yosuke Otsubo and the essence of his discovery is that the gift should not be directed at all to enrich the recipient.

“My research has shown that the main thing that matters is the cost to the abuser,” he says. In other words, the gift should hurt the one who gives it.

Otsubo’s work demonstrates that this is true for both groups and individuals, both public and private apologies in very different countries such as the United States, South Korea, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Chile, Japan and China.

He gives an example: the popular Japanese singer Minami Minegishi apologized to her fans for the behavior that violates her contract (the ban on relationships with young people), shaving her head and demonstrating how dear her career and relationships with fans are.At the same time, she stressed that she would never again do anything that would harm this relationship.

For those of us who are used to beating around the bush and mumbling “well, forgive me, you know how it happened, I didn’t mean to …”, this is a real conceptual shift: the purpose of an apology is not that to say “I’m sorry” and to explain your past behavior, but to show how much you value the relationship and the lessons learned.

You must make a convincing promise that bad behavior on your part will never happen again (and your gift cost you too much to resort to such an apology again).

Restoring self-esteem

Apart from gifts, the rest of the rules for apologizing are pretty simple and straightforward, says Amy Ebesu Hubbard, Dean of the Faculty of Communication at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA): Recognize responsibility for what you did, for the harm and suffering caused by your act. Promise to roughly behave in the future, suggest immediate remedies, and demonstrate sincerity of remorse.

The words “forgive” and “I apologize” must necessarily sound, although not all of the listed components are necessary in case of minor transgressions.

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Returning to the perfect mistake, analyzing it during the apology is very undesirable, since it only reinforces the offended circumstance of the incident

Another recent study published in the Journal of the American Marketing Association Journal of Marketing, an interesting point is added: start with “thanks for …”, especially when it comes to not very serious cases.

“Instead of saying“ sorry for the long wait, ”it’s better to say“ thank you for your understanding ”or“ thank you for your patience first, ”emphasizes study lead author Xiaoyang Deng, assistant professor of marketing at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. USA), which conducted seven studies of the behavior of American and Chinese students and Amazon employees in situations of disruption to appointments, as well as poor service in restaurants and when shopping.

“By showing how much you value your clients who have been harmed by your actions, you increase their self-esteem. This, in turn, leads to increased satisfaction with the situation.”

In addition, she recommends not going back to the details of the mistake, as this will only strengthen it in the memory of the offended people. Instead, just admit your mistake unconditionally.

As a rule of thumb, gratitude and apology work best in tandem, says Cindy Franz.

“Feeling highly valued by others is a key psychological need, and your gratitude will help mend your damaged self-esteem,” she emphasizes.

“Gratitude restores self-esteem, and an apology shows how you intend to behave in the future.”

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Japanese Apology: Eyes to the Floor

These recommendations are supported by the work of Alison Wood Brooks, Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.She (along with one of her colleagues) is currently immersed in a treasure trove of apologies – archives of parole hearings for those guilty of crimes ranging from speeding to murder.

She found that apologies with promises of good behavior in the future are more effective. But an apology, which includes an explanation of why a violation or crime was committed, does not have such a result.

For example, members of the early release commission do not like being told: “I was driving drunk because I was very tired and wanted to leave as soon as possible.I completely accept the blame for this wrong decision. “

And here’s what they want to hear:” I plan to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a week and go to the gym on Sundays. “

According to Brooks, From the results of her research it can be concluded that explanations of past misconduct and excuses about them should be avoided

It is important to choose the right time. to apologize too quickly, it will not give a good result, it notes.

“The purpose of an apology is to help the victim of your act feel heard and understood, and to convince the perpetrator that the culprit won’t do it again,” Franz says. he will express himself, they will not give anything. ”

Sincerity of the apologetic

Talking to the apology experts is very entertaining, because they perceive everything that happens in the world as a series of apologies, although sometimes they cannot remember the details of the wrongs.

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Yosuke Otsubo, a psychologist at Kobe University, believes that the best excuse is to pay for your guilt with a gift that will cost dearly to the giver

All my interlocutors agree that public an apology that is not addressed specifically to the offended person is completely useless. And those – 98%.

A classic example is a politician who is caught cheating on his wife. Such a politician usually apologizes publicly to his voters, and only then, within these apologies, along the way, asks for forgiveness from the deceived wife.

“This looks a little odd,” Hubbard says to Ebesu, stressing that outsiders and apologists may perceive the apologer’s level of sincerity in very different ways.

“The most important thing is whether the person to whom the apology is being made recognizes their sincerity.” It doesn’t matter what others think.

She highly appreciates the actions of the Governor of Kentucky Andy Basher, who at the end of April called a fraudulent person who registered for unemployment benefits under the name of the famous rapper Tupac Shakur.It turned out, however, that this was the real name, and the Kentucky resident, the late rapper’s full namesake, was offended.

“Then Basher did the right thing when you want to apologize correctly,” emphasizes Ebesu Hubbard.

First, he called Shakur to ask for forgiveness in person, then publicly stated that he offended the person, fully admitted his guilt and – most importantly – highly appreciated the generosity of the real Tupac Shakur.

However, the pattern of corporate apology is the actions of the KFC network in 2018, according to Edwin Battistella, author of the book “I’m sorry about that.”The language of public apology. “

Faced with the problem of delivering chicken to its restaurants, KFC published an apology to customers in the newspapers, in the illustrations for which the letters in the familiar logo were reversed -” FCK “.

In addition, the company tweeted : “The chicken crossed the road, but didn’t enter our restaurant,” which provoked a flurry of humorous comments.

“They got out of the situation very well,” says Battistella. “We were able to play a trick on ourselves.”

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How to apologize for being late in English!

Anna Kovrova

Perhaps you are a model of punctuality and simply do not understand how you can come later than the appointed time. Even so, it’s still calmer when there are a few polite phrases in stock to apologize for being late in English for any situation: a business meeting or date, work or English classes on Skype.In addition, this article will show you how to respond to an apology both favorably and reproachfully.

If you delayed just a little bit

Notification by phone is not necessary, but when you arrive at the place, you will have to explain what the reason is. Hardly anyone is interested in the details, so a couple of sentences are enough. Apologize in English for being late correctly.

I apologize for getting here late. Traffic was so bad this morning. I beg your pardon for arriving late.The roads are so congested this morning.
I apologize for being late. My daughter didn’t feel well and I had to drop her off at my father’s house. Sorry for being late. My daughter felt unwell, and I had to take her to grandfather.
I had a doctor’s (dentist’s) appointment today and it took a bit longer than I expected. I hope I have not missed anything. Today I needed to see a doctor (dentist), and the visit took longer than I expected.I hope I haven’t missed anything.
Sorry I’m late. I got stuck in every light today. Sorry to be late. Today I had to stop at every traffic light.
I forgot to set the alarm clock yesterday. I forgot to set my alarm yesterday.
My alarm clock didn’t go off. The alarm did not work.

Serious delay

Will you have to wait longer than 10 minutes? It makes sense to warn about this by phone.Phrases to apologize for being late in English.

Angela? I’m afraid I’m going to be late this morning. I just got out of my doctor’s office, the appointment took more time than I expected. Angela? I think I’ll be late today. Just got out from the doctor and the visit took longer than I expected.
Hey July, I’m running really late today. I’m not sure if there’s been an accident or if there are roadworks, but the traffic is crawling. Hi Julie. I’m going to be very late today. Either there is an accident ahead, or road works, but the cars just crawl.

Sometimes you know in advance that you risk not being in time (for example, when you are going to go to the clinic before work). It is more convenient to warn colleagues about such situations the day before.

I have a doctor’s appointment at 9 o’clock. I’ll come in right after it. I have an appointment with the doctor at 9 o’clock.From there I will go straight to you.
My son has been sick, so I’m taking him to the hospital tomorrow. Don’t you mind if I’m a little late? I wanted to tell you ahead of time. My son is sick, and tomorrow I am taking him to the hospital. Do you mind if I linger a little longer? I wanted to warn you in advance.
I have to take my wife to the railway station tomorrow. I’ll only be half an hour late. I have to take my wife to the station tomorrow.I will only be late for half an hour.

Knowledge of popular colloquial phrases in English will help to add variety. In some cases, etiquette requires that an apology be sent in writing. The rules for writing business e-mails will help to cope with this task.

Constant delays

It will hardly be possible to get off with just an explanation of the reasons. How to apologize for being late in English in this case? A promise to improve is an appropriate way to defuse the situation.

I am awfully sorry. This won’t happen again. Please excuse me. This will not happen again.
Do forgive me. I’ve had a lot of things going on at home lately. I won’t be late any more. I beg your pardon! Recently, the house has not been entirely safe. I won’t be late anymore.
Pardon my tardiness. It’s been one of those weeks. Please forgive me for the delay.It’s been a busy week.

What if someone else is late?

Most likely, there will be an apology. The following expressions will indicate that you have accepted them:

That’s OK. You couldn’t help it. It’s okay. You are not on purpose.
That’s quite all right. It’s okay.
It’s not important. It doesn’t matter.
Forget it. Forget it.

But perhaps the latecomer does not show signs of remorse, which does not suit you? This is especially true when it comes to a business meeting or meeting, when every minute counts. Several ways to express dissatisfaction:

What held you up today? What delayed you today?
Running late today? Are you late today?
Do you have a reason for being late? You are late – something happened?
Why are you late? Why are you late?

And against those who regularly arrive later than the appointed time, heavy artillery is used:

Your tardiness is getting out of hand.Is this going to be a continual problem? Your delays are out of control. Will this problem be permanent?
It’s a good idea to start managing your morning time better. It would be nice if you could use your time wisely in the morning.
You’re expected to arrive here at eight o’clock. Do you have a problem with this? You should be here at eight. Is it difficult?

In order to easily use expressions for apologies for being late in English, it is important to say them at least several times in live speech, for example, when practicing conversational English on Skype.The good news is that you don’t have to be late for class!

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Specials | Proline

Proline is a transport company specializing in passenger road transport.The main activity is daily transfers
to Moscow airports from the cities of Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vologda regions and back.
In addition, the company provides the following services:

  • Tourist transportation;
  • Car with a driver for rent;
  • Serving celebrations, concerts, weddings, business meetings;
  • Organization of motor transport services for corporate events.

Reliable carrier company, – the unanimous opinion about Proline of passengers who have made transfers to and from the airport more than once in comfortable conditions. Reliable
partner, – this is how the managers of the tourism enterprise STA “Yarobltur” characterize our company. The leaders of more than 500 tourist companies are in solidarity with them in this.
companies in Yaroslavl, Vologda, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Rostov Veliky, which became our partners.The Proline company has earned its reputation since December 2007. It was then that the project started, the purpose of which was to organize
transfers to Moscow airports. The project was successful: more than 200 thousand passengers (clients of STA “Yarobltur” and various travel agencies) were transported for
the past years.

Today, our company has its own vehicle fleet, a repair and technical base, a 24-hour dispatch center, an IT department that implements information
technologies in the organization of transportation.Many of our employees have more than 10 years of experience in providing travel and transport services.

Reliability, full financial responsibility, high quality of service for each client, respect for partners – the main credo of the company

Airport transfer service is the best option for those who, going on vacation or on a business trip, do not want to be late for their flight and at the same time wait long
registration; for those who need to organize a meeting (for example, partners) upon arrival.This is a convenient solution to the question “how to get there?” for the greeters and
arriving. You simply choose the suitable travel format from the three options offered by Proline: group transfer (on schedule),
individual transfer (according to your order), transfer “from home” (group transfer from your home).

Shared transfer:

  • A clearly defined schedule. There are 5 flights daily to all airports in the capital and back.
  • Low cost. Professional transport logistics allowed us to set the optimal prices for transfers to Moscow airports – at the level
    the best prices on the market. The cost of travel documents is fixed and does not change depending on the degree of loading of the vehicle.
  • Ease of landing. The place of departure is the city center, major transport interchanges.

Individual transfer:

  • Transportation by pre-order.You are free to choose the place and time of car delivery, the route of movement.
  • Additional service. The driver does not take “fellow travelers”: only you and your loved ones travel in the car. In case of late board – guaranteed
    up to 4 hours.

Transfer “from home”

For clients wishing to combine the comfort and freedom of an individual transfer and a moderate cost of a group transfer, we offer a new service “TRANSFER FROM HOME”.We independently select a pleasant company for the trip, reducing the costs of our clients: you pay a flat rate. Proline guarantees
arrival of the transfer to the airport 2-4 hours before departure and no later than 3 hours after arrival (baggage claim). Car delivery is carried out at the address
specified when booking. Stops at several addresses are possible for passengers to board. About the exact time of the client’s departure dispatch service
informs on the current day of departure.Currently, the service is available for booking on the Yaroslavl – Moscow – Yaroslavl route.

90,000 Opening remarks by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


Press Office

For Immediate Distribution Feb 2, 2017


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Welcome speech to employees

February 2, 2017

Washington, DC

SECRETARY STATE TILLERSON: Good morning everyone! We apologize for being late. It seems that this year, during the prayer breakfast, people feel the need to pray a little longer. (Laughter). But, of course, I greet everyone present – and thank you for such a warm welcome. And of course I’m glad to be here. I was worried before coming here, so I am especially glad that my wife Renda, with whom we have been together for over 30 years, is here with me.She was steadfast in this process, supporting me and reminding me of what it all really means. Therefore, thank you. (Applause).

I would also like to express my gratitude to Acting Secretary of State Tom Shannon for doing his best throughout this process. Tom, thank you very much. (Applause). It was indeed a great honor that Tom was with us in the Oval Office last night during my swearing-in, and I am deeply grateful to him for being there.

Of course, I would also like to acknowledge and thank all of you here at our Department of State headquarters, staff and partners around the world who have faithfully performed their duties, regardless of who was in charge. It is very important. I know that many of you have assisted ambassadors and other officials during the Senate approval process, and indeed, many of you have gone through it yourself. Having experienced this for the first time, I can assure you that the Senate continues to take it seriously as always, they are showing great energy and thoroughness as always – but we are here.(Laughter and applause.)

Over the coming days and weeks, we will have ample opportunity to discuss in more detail the goals, priorities and strategic direction for our organization. But right now, I really want to take this opportunity to express my deep respect for the men and women working in the Department of State and share with you some of the general principles that we should be guided by when we are around each other and in fulfilling our common missions.

The people working in this department are among the best civil servants in the world. Many of you are serving or have served our country abroad. The State Department’s field staff are not only agents of our policies and plans; you are the emissaries of our country and the ideals we stand for. When people look at you, they see America.

When I wake up every morning, the first thing I ask myself is: Are all our people safe? The safety of every single family member of our Department of State, no matter where he or she is assigned, is not just a priority for me.This is a key principle for me and it will become the guiding principle of this department. (Applause). This includes the State Department family here in the US and all those agencies serving under the direction of the head of mission overseas, including the government’s civil service; diplomatic service personnel and administrative and technical personnel; local staff in the host country and third-country nationals; trainees, researchers; contractors and partners for the implementation of contracts; and, last but not least, family members helping us at home and in our service for our country abroad.

The Foreign Service is not the only component of the Department of State. The role of civil servants in the Department of State is indispensable in all our accomplishments, and we cannot succeed without the mission-critical work you carry out.

Although we often live in a world of newspaper headlines, working away from the public eye does not make your role less important to our operations. Your dedication, intelligence and common sense are at the core of everything we do.We all depend on your good work, and I know this will continue to be so.

One of the biggest – (applause) – One of the biggest challenges and worries for the Department of State is how to face the changing conditions in every corner of the world. And I encourage all of you to use your natural and well-developed skills to adapt to the conditions in our country as well.

I know that these were fiercely contested elections and not all of us are of the same opinion about their results.We each have the right to express our political beliefs, but we cannot allow our personal views to interfere with our ability to work as a whole. We need to show mutual understanding in relation to the times in which we live, directing our energies to the fulfillment of the tasks of our department.

As Secretary of State, I will direct the capabilities and resources of the Department of State in the most effective ways. This may entail some changes in the traditional working methods of this department.Changing in the name of change can be counterproductive, and that’s never my approach.

But we cannot maintain ineffective traditions for optimal results. I will collect information on what processes need to be reformed and will do my best to ensure that we operate in the most productive and efficient way.

Regardless of the circumstances affecting our country and our department, we must continue to focus on our current mission.I want to remind you that our commitments are more important than ourselves or our personal careers.

It is our duty to represent our country in the international arena. As we focus on the work ahead of us, I promise that I will strive to ensure your personal success and professional satisfaction in what you do.

Anyone who works in the Department of State, I ask you to accept some fundamental principles.

First, I believe that any organization does its best when each member takes responsibility. From employees to executives, every team member has a job to do. I know no one will always be perfect, including, of course, me. But I ask everyone to strive for excellence and take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

The New England Patriots American football team has signs in all their rooms with the words: “Do your thing.”This is a short message, but with deep meaning. If we are all doing our job and are willing to take responsibility for our work, we work better as a team and move closer to achieving our goals. I have to admit that this has worked well for the Patriots over the years. (Laughter).

Second, I want us to be honest with each other. We are one team. We have a common mission. Honesty will be at the core of our foreign policy, and we will start with honesty as the foundation of our interactions with each other.

Finally, we will treat each other with respect. Disrespectful attitude towards anyone will not be tolerated. We are, first of all, people, and then employees of the State Department. Let’s respect each other, especially when we may disagree.

What I ask of you, I will demand from myself – I will take responsibility, I will show honesty and respect no less than anyone else.

Before President Trump called me, I was thinking about retiring this spring after four decades of business experience.(Laughter). Renda and I were ready to go to our ranch and enjoy our grandchildren. But when I returned from the first meeting with President Trump, where he asked me to take this position, Renda said, “You didn’t know that, but you were in the curriculum for this job for 41 years.” (Laughter and applause.) Therefore, despite our dreams, she said, “You have to accept this.”

So, my first day is here. I’m on duty. Hey! I’m new here. (Applause).

In this regard, I will depend on the experience of this institution.The Department of State has over 75,000 employees, including civil service personnel, diplomatic service personnel and administrative and technical personnel, with an average length of service in the department of over 11 years. My experience is 25 minutes. (Laughter). You have accumulated knowledge and experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Your wisdom, work ethic and patriotism are as important now as they always have been. As your Secretary of State, I will be happy to borrow all of these qualities for decision-making.

I ask you to work with me to maintain high standards of ethics and professionalism, personal responsibility and honesty, and respect towards colleagues. Undoubtedly, there will be times of victories ahead, but there will also be many difficulties. Let’s go through all of this as one team. Let the American people be proud of what we do in and outside this building.

On the walls of this hall are inscribed the names of the Foreign Service officers who died in the line of duty, who, as Abraham Lincoln put it, “represent the highest degree of selfless service.”They fell in the name of goals much higher than their lives. As we enter a new era, it is important to respect what our predecessors have donated and to remember the legacy we have inherited.

In conclusion, I am proud to serve with you, to serve our country as Secretary of State. I want to take this moment and pay tribute to those who are immortalized on this wall, after which I want to go around everyone and greet you personally. This may take several days.(Laughter). But frankly, I hope that I will have the opportunity to shake hands with each of you who are here. Many thanks. (Applause).


Author (name of author) U.S. Mission Kazakhstan | February 2, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Ryazan State Circus – official site

Dear viewers!

The Ryazan circus takes care of the health of each of you! Our employees comply with all measures
sanitary protection requirements.And we, in turn, ask you to take care of your health and
health of other viewers!

Please, when entering the circus, put on a protective mask on yourself and the child, treat your hands
special means, as well as pass non-contact thermometry.

During the performance, do not remove the mask, because it is the main means of protecting your
health and health of your family members, keep your distance and take places, according to
purchased tickets.

We have made every effort to make your stay at the circus as safe as possible, and
developed several new rules for attending performances:

1. As part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we recommend
pay for tickets purchased directly at the box office of the circus using
contactless payment method. You can also purchase tickets on the Ryazan Circus website
https: // www.circus-ryazan.ru/ using a remote payment method.

2. When visiting the performances, you must have a mask, gloves and wear them in
during the entire period of stay in the circus building.

3. Citizens aged 65 and over, as well as citizens with signs of ARVI and / or
with chronic diseases, please refrain from attending performances for the sake of
your health and safety.

4. All spectators attending performances must pass
measurement of body temperature. If an elevated temperature is detected (over 37.2 °)
the viewer will be directed to the staff nurse of the Ryazan State Circus,
which, after inspection, will decide on the possibility of attending the show.

5. For your safety, antiseptics will be located in the control area and at the entrances to the hall.

6. Please keep a social distance of 1.5 meters and do not join groups.

7. Please do not change seats in the auditorium without the administrator’s permission.

Ticket control starts 45 minutes before the start of the show. The entrance to the visual
hall 30 minutes before the start. ATTENTION!

Tickets are available on the Ryazan Circus website https: // www.circus-ryazan.ru/, as well as at the box office

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

We also draw your attention to the fact that according to clause 7.6 of the “Provisions on the procedure for selling
tickets for entertainment events and visits to branches of FKP “Rosgoscirk” the right of free
children under the age of 3 without a pass to the performance accompanied by an adult
providing a separate seat.

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How to apologize to a girl beautifully?

How to apologize to a girl beautifully: Pixabay

Building relationships is a serious and hard work. Lovers sometimes quarrel, say hurtful words to each other, commit unseemly acts. How to apologize to a girl if you made a mistake or said stupid things in the heat of a quarrel? In the article you will find practical advice on how to properly apologize to a girl, as well as beautiful words that will melt the heart of your beloved.

Apologizing to a Girl: Tips

Nobody is perfect. Even the most gentle and caring men from time to time hurt their beloved women with their words or actions. Sometimes they are offended by inattention, indifference, excessive obsession with work, friends or hobbies.

Of course, understanding a girl is not an easy task. Sometimes it explodes for a trifle, for a far-fetched reason. But there are situations when a woman’s resentment is provoked by serious disagreements with a man, in which case an apology to her beloved is required.

How to ask girls for forgiveness? It all depends on the character of the chosen one and the severity of the guilt. Often the phrase “Sorry, I was wrong”, a tender kiss and a declaration of love are enough for the girl to melt and forgive all the insults. If this did not work, it is time to move on to drastic measures.

Here are the first steps a real man should take before asking for forgiveness from a girl:

Find out the reason

Does your beloved show her resentment and resentment in every possible way? Angry? Shouts? Crying? Or stopped talking altogether?

Don’t you understand what happened? Try to delicately find out what caused this behavior.This is the first step towards reconciliation.

Take measures to solve the problem

Do you know why the girl was offended or the reason was an obvious conflict situation? Try to find a way to remove the source of the bad mood for your loved one.

Calm down

Girls are super-emotional beings. Sometimes they come up with problems themselves and then get offended.

But a man is a stronger sex to keep his emotions under control.Even if the girl is wrong, do not escalate the situation with an additional stream of accusations and offensive words against her.

Choose a place and time to apologize to your girlfriend

Think about where and at what time (in the evening after work or in the morning during breakfast) your girlfriend will feel calm and will accept the words of apology favorably.

Beautiful words of apology: NUR.KZ

There are a lot of ways to ask a girl for forgiveness. Here are some practical tips to help you get the cherished forgiveness and favor of your loved one:

  1. Pause and let the girl cool down.If you ask for forgiveness while your beloved is on edge, screaming and breaking dishes, then the probability of getting forgiveness is zero. After a while, she will calm down, and you can start a constructive dialogue.
  2. Apologize personally, spontaneously. Leave your business, come to your beloved, taking sweets and flowers along the way.
  3. When meeting, choose words in such a way as to make your beloved understand that she is the only, special and most beautiful girl in the world. Sincerely say whatever you think good about her, avoid mentioning the quarrel.
  4. If the apology was not accepted at a personal meeting (the girl does not even want to talk to you), you can proceed to the public phase. In the presence of witnesses, the girl will find it difficult to resist.
  5. How beautiful is it to apologize to a girl? To enhance the effect and turn a moment of apology into a scene from a Hollywood movie, prepare a beautiful entourage – decorate the place of explanations with flowers, balloons, write a declaration of love under her windows, order a billboard with her photo.
  6. Call your friends, mom and other authoritative people for your beloved for help.Explain to them how you love the girl and how much you regret making a mistake. Ask to vouch for you.
  7. Give a gift. Choose the thing that your beloved has long dreamed of. Cute and touching creative gifts are also welcome. Another option is to prepare a pleasant surprise in the form of a joint trip, a trip to a beautiful place.

Gift: Pexels

Apologies: kind words to a girl

Here’s what to do if a girl doesn’t want to talk and doesn’t make contact? Beautiful deeds, persuasion of friends and even gifts do not help.

Then good old social networks and phone calls will come to the rescue. Not picking up the phone, but ignoring messages? The main thing is not to retreat after the first defeat. Be persistent and literally flood the girl with SMS messages.

What words to choose? It can be difficult for men to come up with a worthy and romantic text of an apology to a girl on their own. Here are some examples to use for inspiration:


Honey, I’m sorry! How could I offend you so? I hate myself for my careless phrase!


Dear! I sincerely regret what I did.I am unable to correct the mistake, change the past. I hate to think that I hurt you, made you worry. I really hope that you will change your anger to mercy, forgive me and allow me to prove how important you are to me. I believe in our relationship! Please believe and give me a chance!


Words of apology for the girl: NUR.KZ


How to make amends, how to atone for my guilt? How to fix a terrible mistake ?! The pain of this ridiculous situation simply tears my soul apart.If there is any chance of forgiveness, even the smallest one, I will wait. I will wait for forgiveness as long as it takes to prove my sincere repentance.


I ruined everything. It’s always like this with me: I want to seem sincere and direct, but it turns out rude or cynical. Forgive me. I feel very bad without you. I will do everything to keep us close. I promise I will never hurt you again. Let’s put up?


Beloved, dear, the only one! There are no words in the world that could express regret for my unworthy act.Forgive me for the pain I have caused and give me another chance to be the perfect boyfriend of the perfect girl. My life without you is meaningless and empty, and I am ready to pray for forgiveness day and night, if only we were together again!


As I think about how you feel now, I immediately feel like the last villain. Forgive me, I will never hurt you again. Promise. Please give me a chance to prove my loyalty and sincerity.


Yes, it’s my fault that you are sad now.I don’t know if you will forgive my mistake. What happened, I cannot change, but I pray for forgiveness. Let’s start all over again?


My lovely girl, graceful and magical, like a sakura flower! I myself do not understand how I managed to upset such an unearthly creature. Trust me, I did it unintentionally! Please, smile at me as before. Give the gentle light of your wonderful deep and mysterious eyes. Forget your insult and forgive me, dear!


Apology card: NUR.KZ


Don’t be sad, don’t worry

And don’t frown.

Sorry I brought

Lots of tears and pain.


Forgive me, my dear,

My good, forgive!

I am very guilty, I know!

Let go of your resentment

And do not be angry, please, you are more,

But just know and make sure,

That I miss you very, very much,

I love you, my baby!

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