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Paper_Button__String_Envelopes is rated 3.6 out of 5 by 7.

Rated 2 out of 5 by Fryes from button & string envelopes I didn’t like the way the 200 were boxed up. They were all bent.

Date published: 2020-03-11

Rated 1 out of 5 by jimmyd from lousey, cheap cheaply made, tore at the very first use, won’t buy again and will not recommend

Date published: 2018-06-28

Rated 5 out of 5 by KimRL from Exactly what I hoped for The envelopes had exactly the look and feel I was hoping for when I saw the photo on the Jam website and placed the order.

Date published: 2017-02-16

Rated 5 out of 5 by Tannabanana1008 from Awesome envelopes! I bought these for my save the dates, and it was totally with it. They are lovely.

Date published: 2016-03-25

Rated 3 out of 5 by JC38 from Arrived on Time Envelopes were exactly what I expected… unfortunately, a handful of them arrived damaged (without string to secure closed).

Date published: 2016-01-21

Rated 4 out of 5 by Startup in Utah from Love it We use these for our company mailings and find that they’re perfect. The button enclosures don’t rip off in the mail, which we’ve found happens with most other button/string envelopes. We do wish the brown paper itself were a bit sturdy, and that the price were a touch lower, but everything else outweighs these things.

Date published: 2015-07-03

Rated 5 out of 5 by PhoneGirl57 from Beautiful quality! Very happy with the quality of construction and the beautiful linen paper these are made with!

Date published: 2015-06-25

1. Does the flap also have a glue strip? 2. Do you have chipboard or corrugated inserts that will fit inside the 9 x 12 envelope?

Asked by: tobywan

There is no glue strip for the flap. We do not have corrugated inserts. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2016-03-08

do you have these button tie envelopes with a window in them? Interested in the smaller narrow envelope

Asked by: Suzs

We do not have any with a window in them, sorry for the inconvenience.

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2016-11-21

are there any restrictions from the post office in using this type of envelope for mailing

Asked by: ajp1

If you’d like to send a button and string envelope out, it will need extra postage depending on size.

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2017-06-23

Can these be printed with a logo?

Asked by: Rivkah_foto

Yes you should be able to! We don’t personally print for you, but we have a printers directory you can find at the bottom of our page. Hope this helps!

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2016-06-22

What depth can these folders occupy to while still being able to tie the string?

Asked by: colleenamc

You can fit about 50 sheets of paper in here, possibly more. It all depends on what you are trying to fit inside.

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2016-05-12

We’re thinking of using these to send out bound business documents. Would the envelope comfortably fit 20-40 pages with a bound spine? (8mm thick).

Asked by: Becky123

Because they do not have an expansion and are paper, we wouldn’t suggest these envelopes. We do have a variety of plastic envelopes that expand to fit objects like those. Without the spine, I would definitely say that 20 pages would fit. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. But here is our selection of plastic envelopes with expansions: https://envelopes.jampaper.com/search?p=Q&lbc=jampaper&uid=215763945&ts=custom&w=expansion%20envelopes&isort=score&method=and&view=grid&af=material:plastic

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2017-11-08

Can these envelopes be embossed with our Company Logo and address?

Asked by: Karsin

We do not personally provide the printing service, so it would depend on the printing service you do use. If you are doing it yourself, again it depends on the printing device. We would suggest looking at our paper weights to see.

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2017-07-24

Can you send me a sample of this envelope?

Asked by: KathyE

Yep! Here is our sample policy: https://www.jampaper.com/Product-Samples.asp

Answered by: CustomerService

Date published: 2018-01-24


What’s more classic than a button and string? Well, nothing. This is why we bring your our Paper Button & String Envelopes! They’re as classic as they come all the while giving you that style you’ve been looking for. Whether you use them for organizing your office, giving money to your kid for Christmas, or storing your favorite crafts, these envelopes can do it all. 

And don’t worry, this paper is super durable! I mean, we ARE a paper company after all. And the string will surely keep your content inside and safe from falling out. When you want your office space, your home, or your gifts to have a classic look, these are the envelopes that are suitable for you. 

#10 Paper Button & String Envelopes are available in Black Linen, Red, Stardream Metallic Silver, & Brown Kraft Paper Bag Recycled.

9 x 12 Paper Button and String Envelopes are available in Black Linen, & Brown Kraft Paper Bag Recycled.

  • What’s more classic than a button and string? Well, nothing. This is why we bring your our Paper Button & String Envelopes! They’re as classic as they come all the while giving you that style you’ve been looking for. Whether you use them for organizing your office, giving money to your kid for Christmas, or storing your favorite crafts, these envelopes can do it all. 

    And don’t worry, this paper is super durable! I mean, we ARE a paper company after all. And the string will surely keep your content inside and safe from falling out. When you want your office space, your home, or your gifts to have a classic look, these are the envelopes that are suitable for you.


    #10 Paper Button & String Envelopes are available in Black Linen, Red, Stardream Metallic Silver, & Brown Kraft Paper Bag Recycled.

    9 x 12 Paper Button and String Envelopes are available in Black Linen, & Brown Kraft Paper Bag Recycled.

Button + String Envelopes 2 Ways – Design*Sponge

Button + string envelopes have to be one of my very favorite envelope details. I go back and forth between using one of two methods to create the look, depending on what tools I have on hand and how much time I care to put into project. Both methods are incredibly simple and leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to receive it. If you need a great way to upgrade the mail you send out from your business or just want to spruce up your holiday greetings, this is a fun project to try. Happy crafting! –

Erica Loesing

Photographs by Heidi Geldhauser

Click through for the full how-to after the jump!


-papers to punch (I used Paper Source cover weight stock)
-small hole punch (I used a 1/4”) (optional)
-circle punch (I am showing a few options here, but I used the 3/4”)
-tiny brads
-string (I used a linen)

FOR THE EYELET METHOD (In addition to the materials above)
-a little bit more paper, thinner (I used Paper Source text weight)
-eyelet setting tool + hammer


-This is an incredibly simple way to achieve the neat button + string look without needing anymore tools than already in your desk.

-Start out by choosing any envelopes you want to use. I used a mix of pointed flap and #10 envelopes, both of which I think look equally great with this detail.

-Mark the center of the flap with a pencil if you want your button to be exactly centered (like I do!), even more important if you’re using pointed flap envelopes.

Keep in mind the size of circles you cut with your punch and not wanting them to overhang. Here I used a 3/4” punch to cut my circles.

-Use either a pencil or tiny hole punch to make the hole. This will be entirely covered, so a pointed pencil works just fine and dandy.

-Mark on the body of the envelope where you want the bottom hole, then punch that one out as well, lining it up with the top punch. Depending on the style of envelope you’re using, most hole punches don’t typically reach far enough to make the hole in the right spot, so I always just use the pencil here.

-Now you’ll want to punch a tiny hole in the center of your circle cutouts. I like to make the circle cutouts from paper that complements the envelope color (here I am using Paper Source “cement” on a kraft envelope).

-Line the paper circle up with the hole on both the front and the back (for added support), and stick the prongs of the brad through, spreading them apart on the inside of the flap.

-And now do the exact same for the body of the envelope. I found these cute brads that actually look like little buttons, which I thought was kind of fun.

-The last step is the string. Simply wind the string around the brad prongs, beneath the paper circle. I like to wrap it a couple of times to secure it before reaching out to close the envelope.

Now you’re ready to go! When you’ve filled your envelope with your notes simply wind the string from the top to the bottom in whatever pattern your heart desires to form a closure. Voila! You have some seriously cute button + string envelopes without needing any special tools.


Now you’re ready to try the eyelet method, requiring just a few more tools but looking a tad more awesome, in my opinion. In addition to the tools you have already gathered, you will also need text weight paper and an eyelet tool and hammer.

-The manila envelope you see here is one I tore apart to use as a template. For this method, it’s pretty tough to use a pre-made envelope (the brads are looking pretty appealing now, maybe?). The white envelope pictured is the one I recreated.

-Just like for the brad method, use your pencil to mark the center of the envelope flap.

-Again, make sure to allow a little bit of a margin between the flap edge and the outer edge of the punched circle.

-Use the tiny hole punch to punch the hole.

-I prefer the hole punch over the pencil for this method since you will be feeding the shaft of the eyelet through this opening. Also punch the center of the circle.

-Line a punched circle up on both the front and the back of the envelope flap (for added support), then feed the eyelet through.

-The exposed shaft should be on the backside/inside of the flap.

-Use the eyelet setting tool and hammer to pound the eyelet flat.

-When hit, the little prongs open up and hold everything nicely in place.

(This tool is one of a few eyelet setting options. I personally like this tool because you are not limited to the reach of one of the fancier options. And honestly, I like using a hammer on a paper project, and this tool I use is pretty bare bones. Just be mindful of what you’re hammering on – I like to put a cutting mat or something soft beneath my paper prior to hammering.)

-Now do the same for the opposite flap.

-Glue your envelope together and voila!

Follow the same steps as above for the string.

You can do this on any size envelope, or even make your own! And I chose the circle punch to recreate the classic button + string look, but you could of course use any shape. (I’m especially thinking tiny red hearts for Valentine’s Day…) Also, I like to line things up, but of course you don’t have to do that either. This is just the method and look that I have found to work for me. Time to send some pretty special mail to the people you love! xo

Miniature Rhino: Weekend Project

Make Mail! DIY Button & String Envelope

Making and receiving good mail – not bills, not ads, no junk, but a hand written letter – is such a pleasure. I’ve always been smitten with stationery and office supplies, especially if it’s vintage. I don’t think I’m the only one who gets excited to shop for sticky notes, new pens and gummed labels!

I wanted to send a nice package to my mother. I wanted her to know that I was thinking of her and make her feel special, so I put together this little fun, creative care package. I got a bunch of little things at one of my favorite NY haunts, Kinokuniya, a Japanese book store, and shipped them to CA in a handmade button & string envelope. You can make yours any size- just use any envelope size as a template. Or you can use one of these wooden templates or these envelope template Illustrator files. This is the kind of envelope I used (6 x 9″), and lots more free templates here.

You’ll need:

Paper or card stock (I used a vintage file folder)

Old envelope (for template)




Bone folder


1″ circular punch

Eyelet & eyelet tool set

Craft or regular hammer

Cutting board

11″ string (I used unwaxed linen thread)

  1. Carefully open all the seams of an envelope that you’d like to recreate. This is your template. Place it over your own paper and trace the outline with a pencil or sharpie, and then cut out the shape.
  2. Use a ruler and bone folder to score and fold the flaps of the envelope. 
  3. Glue the sides and bottom flaps together. Don’t use too much glue. Place a scrap piece of paper into the envelope, so you don’t accidentally glue the envelope shut. 
  4. Punch or cut out your button shapes. They don’t have to be circular! Use your eyelet kit and hammer to punch holes in the center of your button shapes over a cutting board. (The eyelet punch will be round, hollow and has a sharp edge.)
  5. Mark the envelope flap in the center where the top button will be. Your template envelope may have this measured for you. Punch a guide hole here with the same eyelet punch. Tie string around an eyelet. 
  6. Place one button part over the eyelet tied with string, then place the flap over the button piece. Use the eyelet setting tool and hammer against the straight end of the eyelet. Don’t tap the hammer too hard or you’ll smash the eyelet too much. 
  7. Mark where the second button will be placed about 1 inch from the first button on the flap. Insert a small cutting board or hard surface into the envelope. Punch the eyelet hole. Insert eyelet, then the second button shape, and set the eyelet. 

    My favorite part are the little, vintage details: the gummed label, the screen printed label on the file folder, and of course the button & string closure…

    Make someone’s day and make them a good mail day package!! Have you ever received a surprise package that made your day? One year for my birthday some friends made me a package full of vintage goodness, embroidery threads, and even a tea pot!

    *ClayGuana: An Envelope With A Button String Closure

    Hi everybody!

    Today I wanna show you how to make these vintage envelopes with a button string closure:

    Start by cutting 2 pieces of paper – 4″ X 9 1/2″:

    Score each piece (on the longer side) at 4″ and at 8″:

    Flip the paper and score each one (on the shorter side) at 0. 5″ and at 3.5″:

    After scoring and before folding the sides, cut each paper as follows:

    To make a scalloped lid, I used the second largest die from the Spellbinders set of “Classic Scalloped Circles Small”. Place the die in the following way:

    The look from the other side (allign correctly at the edges):

    After running the die with the paper through the CuttleBug Machine:

    Do the same for the other paper piece:

    Punch 12 circles with a 1″ circle punch:

    In 8 (of the total 12) circles, punch a hole with your Crop-A-Dile tool:

    Distress the edges of the envelope and 4 of the circles (with the hole in them) with the help of Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink:

    This is the result so far:

    It’s time to use a bone-folder and crease the folds like this. In addition, make the following measurements and mark places where brads will be. 

    It’s easy to punch a hole with the Crop-A-Dile on the lid of the envelope, but as far as the second hole has to be in a far place, I found a different solution.

    After marking the right spot, I used my X-Acto knife and cut a tiny horizontal line, just enough to put the brad’s tails through it. Like this (enlarge the picture to better see the details):

    With the face side of the envelope up, take one of the distressed punched circles (with the hole), attach it to the envelope and then pass the brad through. 

     Before opening the brad’s tails from the other side, add another punched circle with a hole (this circle doesn’t need to be distressed with the ink. It won’t be visible anyway):

    Just in order to secure the brad, glue another circle (without a hole in in) at the top:

    Now to the lid…. Make a hole with a Crop-A-Dile in the spot we marked earlier. Take one of the distressed circles, attach it to the lid from the front, pass a brad through, turn to the back side, put another circle (with a hole), open the tails of the brad.

    Take a thread (about 14”), attach it around the brad and tie a knot like this:

    After it’s done, glue a masking and stabilizing circle at the top, cut the excess thread (from the shorter side):

    The last thing to do is to add a scoring tape at the sides and assemble the envelope:

    Seems like we’re done!

    Simple and fun! Hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial.

    Come back and visit anytime!
    Leave your comments, I’ll appreciate it a lot!

    StarLitStudio: slimline envelope with gusset

    Step-by-step instructions in today’s post.  This gusset style envelope is ideal for highly dimensional slimline cards.

    I’m using P13 The Four Seasons – Autumn paper to create a slimline envelope featuring a ‘button and string’ closure, also called a ‘string and washer’ closure, with a gusset.  My recipe uses one sheet of 12×12 double-sided patterned cardstock paper, linen thread, a charm for the end of the thread, and two eyelets.  My envelope’s orientation is a portrait format.

    If the pattern/design of the 12×12 cardstock you are using looks better in a landscape format, just turn it one quarter turn from what is shown and proceed.

    Start by cutting the 12×12 paper into two (2) 4-1/2 inch wide panels, with a leftover 3-inch panel (shown here on the left).

    Trim one of the 4-1/2 x 12 inch panels to 9-1/4 inches (shown on the right), score the other 4-1/2 inch panel at 2 inches and 11-1/2 inches, and cut the 3-inch panel at 9-1/4 inches.  Yes I wear camo crocks and an apron indoors lol.

    Take the 9-1/4 inch x 3-inch panel to a scoring board and with right side of cardstock facing you, score at 3/8, 1-1/8, 1-7/8 and 2-5/8 inches.  Flip over and score at 3/4 and 2-1/4 inches.

    Cut in half at 1-1/2 inches.  These are the gusset sides.

    Adhere 1/4 inch wide Scor-Tape to the wrong side outer scored sections as shown.

    Fold each in half along center score line, right sides together in a valley fold, and trim the ends at an angle as shown.

    Complete folding along all score lines: mountain, valley, mountain – as shown; repeat with other piece.

    Get the 4-1/2 x 12-inch panel with two score lines: adhere 1/4 inch wide Scor-Tape to the 1/2 inch section, and corner round the two inch flap.  Scor-Tape is the best tape for creating envelopes in my opinion.  It’s an adhesive bond between paper so strong that you’ll destroy the piece trying to separate joined papers.

    If you are wondering why the panels vary in height by 1/4 inch (one is 9-1/2 inches and one is 9-1/4 inches) this is to ensure the flap closes cleanly.  After making literally over a hundred of this style envelope I gladly pass this helpful tip on to you. 

    Get the 4-1/2 x 9-1/4 inch panel.  Find half-way: 2-1/4 inches, and mark it.

    Using a two inch circle punch, center on the mark and punch about 1/4 into the circle punch as shown.  This is optional but adds a nice detail.

    Adhere the two 4-1/2 inch wide panels together.

    Find a leftover piece of cardstock and punch two 1-inch circles.  I often use the obverse side of the cardstock for these circles if it helps with contrast against the envelope.  Mark the center of one, hold together and punch eyelet hole through both (shown in photo).  Attach charm to end of a 24-inch length of linen thread.  I use a knot my grandfather taught me to attach a hook to fishing line.  Google uni-knot.  You want about 18 inches or more of linen thread length once the charm is attached.

    Attach the 1-inch circles using eyelets: attach one 1-inch circle to the very center of the envelope flap first, then the second 1-inch circle to the body of the other panel second.  The second 1-inch circle is positioned approximately 4 inches down from the panel top.  I used a Big Bite tool for the second circle; alternately you could use a self-healing mat and eyelet setting tools.

    Attaching gusset sides: Be vigilant of the gussets’ pattern direction/orientation before proceeding. Remove one Scor-Tape liner from one gusset side and adhere to envelope.  Tuck folded portion inside the envelope.  Remove other Scor-Tape liner and attach to envelope, completing one gusset.  Repeat for other side.  Be sure to remove one liner of one gusset piece at a time to avoid heartbreak – to repeat, this adhesive is strong and repositioning is not an option.  

    If this step is confusing to you, please refer to this video, and start at 6:40.

    Using the linen thread, tie a knot around the second 1-inch cardstock circle/eyelet located on the body of the envelope, being mindful to try and leave the shortest tail possible.  Carefully trim tail of linen thread from the knot you created so the remaining tail nub is hidden under the 1-inch circle.  Sweeeeet.

    Completed slimline envelope with gusset featuring ‘button and string’ or ‘string and washer’ closure.  Charms can be customized to the occasion, the recipient’s style, or coordinated with the patterned paper.

    This is a great envelope for highly dimensional slimline cards that are being hand-delivered, or enclosing with a gift in a corrugated box to be shipped.

    This button and string or washer and string style envelope is not allowed to be sent as is through the United States Postal Service.  I have used the gusset style and omitted the 1-inch circles/eyelets/linen thread/charm.  I simply adhered the two inch flap closed using Scor-Tape, then addressed and applied postage stamps as the weight and surcharge dictated.  The USPS surcharge (today is September 12, 2020; different USPS rules may apply in the future) applies for these envelopes due to their thickness exceeding 1/4 inch. 

    Think of it this way – you are not simply mailing a card, you are shipping an art piece.  

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    PFX638143 | Pendaflex® 63814-3 Poly String and Button Envelope, String and Button Closure, 8.5 x 14, Clear, 3/Pack

    Horizontally oriented, booklet envelope is ideal for transporting files. Durable polypropylene construction is moisture- and tear-proof. Elastic string and riveted button closure stands up to regular use.

    Closure      :      String & Button
    Color Family      :      Clear
    Color(s)      :      Clear
    Custom Imprint Included      :      No
    Envelope Size      :      8 1/2 x 14
    Envelope/Mailer Type      :      Catalog/Booklet
    Expansion      :      1″
    Exterior Dimensions      :      8. 5 x 14
    Exterior Material(s)      :      Poly
    Flap Type      :      Cheese Blade
    Format/Border      :      Standard Format, No Border
    Global Product Type      :      Envelopes/Mailers-Specialty Envelopes
    Opening      :      Open Side
    Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent      :      0%
    Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent      :      0%
    Seam Type      :      Weld
    Security Tinted      :      No
    Total Recycled Content Percent      :      0%
    Window Position      :      Full Front
    Window Size      :      12 x 9
    • Horizontal, booklet orientation.
    • Durable polypropylene construction.
    • String-and-button closure.

    Envelopes | Window, Booklet, Catalog

    Little Guy Press offers a wide assortment of envelopes with a wide assortment of features. We have displayed most of our standard and most commonly requested envelopes below, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need something that you are not seeing. It is extremely likely that we can get you exactly what you are looking for.


    These standard sized envelopes are used for business and correspondence purposes such as letterheads, invoices, statements and writing stationary. See samples below.





    Double Window Check Envelopes

    Double Window Check Envelopes are provided blank as they are designed specifically for checks and statements. Our standard double windows envelopes are displayed below.


    Use with Invoices and Statements

    Now available in Self-Seal

    As 5022SS with Security Screen inside

    Use with Peachtree and Most LV1


    Use with Quickbooks/Quicken LV1 and LC3

    Available in Regular and Self-Seal


    Not Available in Self-Seal


    Booklet & Catalog Envelopes

    Booklet Envelopes work great for Annual Reports, Brochures, Sales Literature and Manuals. Catalog Envelopes are primarily used for large booklets and other heavy enclosures. Consider using Catalog Envelopes for all of your heavier mailings to insure the safety of your content. See samples of both envelopes below.






    Clasp Envelopes or String and Button Envelopes are Catalog Envelopes with a metal clasp or string and button. These envelopes work great for internal office use, as they can be reused several times to cut costs. Consider using Clasp Envelopes or Button & String Envelopes for your firm or company. Samples of both of these envelopes are shown below.



    String & Button


    Baronial & Announcement Envelopes

    Baronial Envelopes are usually used for Greeting Cards, Invitations and other similar products. Announcement Envelopes are much like Baronial Envelopes except that they have a square flap as shown below. They are also used for Greeting Cards, Invitations and other similar products as well. If you need Baronial or Announcement envelopes for your cards or invitations, contact us today!





    Coin Envelopes

    Coin Envelopes are a multi purpose envelope, which is ideal for coins, currency and small parts. Call us first for your coin envelopes today!




    Envelope Printing

    We can also print for you on most envelope sizes and types. You may provide your own artwork or you can have us create it for you. Printing options include Black, Pantone Spot Colors, Black & Spot Color & 4 Color Process, but you can always any envelopes without any printing what so ever if that is what you are looking for. Many of these envelopes are also available with self-seal and/or security tints. Call us today to discuss you individual envelope needs and specifications and we will be happy to assist you.

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    See below for various examples of envelope printing.


    4 Color Process with Full Bleeds

    Spot Colors


    4 Color Process

    Black & Spot Color with Partial Bleeds

    Envelope folder with button A5 Bureaucrat plastic 0.18mm opaque yellow PK804A5NYEL

    Plastic envelope with a button is designed for storing and sorting documents and other securities.

    Brand name Bureaucrat
    Base unit pcs
    Material plastic
    Clasp button
    Plastic thickness, microns 0.18mm
    Format A5
    Color yellow
    Material thickness 180μm
    Inside pocket no

    Badge lanyard with carabiner, blue, 4531-02-a

    • Badge Lanyard with Axent Carabiner;
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    • Material: nylon;
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    · View Badge cord
    · Material Nylon
    · Brand Axent
    · Format, mm 450mm
    · Color Blue

    Envelopes from LEOKID> Convertible envelope from “LEOKID”

    score & Gt; envelopes & sleeves & Gt; envelopes from leokid & Gt; convertible envelope from “leokid” – little dreamer Convertible envelope Leokid is designed for babies from 0 to 3 -4 years old.It keeps you warm while walking, protects your baby from wind, rain and snow. The Leokid transformable envelope grows with the baby thanks to the removable bottom part. The zipper is located in the central part of the envelope and is reliably protected from wind blowing by the flap. There is a reflective element on the front of the envelope, so the envelope will be visible from afar in inclement weather and at night. Adjustable drawcord drawstring the hood and anti-puffing slits and zips keep the warmth inside the envelope securely.There is a protective fabric in the leg area inside the accessory, so the baby can be put in an envelope right in the shoe, without fear of staining the lining. Thanks to its convenient shape and universal slots for seat belts, the accessory is suitable for use in car seats, sledges and any stroller with five-point, three-point and one-piece seat belts. Leokid accessories are loved for their warmth, joy, unique design and thoughtful details.
    The Leokid transforming envelope keeps warm during a walk, protects the baby from wind, rain and snow, so with the Leokid envelope the baby is comfortable in autumn, winter, spring and even cool summer.


    • Envelope size – transformer: 90 cm * 50 cm / 110 cm * 50 cm (with removable bottom part)
    • Replacement lower part
    • Slots for three-point and five-point seat belts
    • Hood tightening
    • Stroller fixation and anti-slip protection
    • Reflective element
    Upper fabric: abrasion resistant fabric with a membrane of 3000 mm (100% polyester).Water-repellent impregnation.
    Lining fabric: microfleece (100% polyester).
    Insulation: Hypoallergenic eco-down (Synthetic feather)
    Anti-slip coating: Imitation microfiber material.
    Fittings: Plastic zippers, plastic buttons, Velcro, rubber drawstring, plastic stopper.

    Insulation: eco-down 450 gr. (synthetic feather). Eco-down reproduces the structure of natural down as much as possible and retains heat up to -25-30 degrees.

    Eco-down is:

    • light weight
    • withstands multiple washes and dries quickly
    • reliably protects against cold
    • the structure consisting of ultrafine fibers is a synthetic analogue of
    • down
    • breathable – breathable
    • wear resistant
    • environmentally friendly product, hypoallergenic and safe for children
    Temperature conditions : up to -25-30 degrees


    • Pre-wash compulsory
    • Machine Washable
    • before washing it is recommended to fasten zippers, buttons, Velcro
    • Wash and dry separately from other items
    • After washing, treat the outside of the garment with a water-repellent spray.
    • it is allowed to store the product rolled up

    Made in Russia!


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    Convertible envelope Leokid “Black” | kids-walk


    Leokid convertible envelope was created for babies from 0 to 3 -4 years old. It keeps you warm while walking, protects your baby from wind, rain and snow.

    The Leokid convertible envelope grows with the baby thanks to the removable bottom part. The zipper is located in the central part of the envelope and is reliably protected from wind blowing by the flap.

    There is a reflective element on the front of the envelope, so the envelope will be visible from afar in inclement weather and at night.

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