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Collaborative Student Desks – Smith System

Consider its construction. Many school districts are now choosing furniture based on its support of collaborative learning curricula. They wisely opt for desks that can be grouped together in compact pods that allow optimal student interaction in groups up to six or eight in size.

As a pioneer in the design of collaborative furniture, we’ve learned that there’s more to consider than the shape of the desktop alone. The desk’s construction is vitally important – much more so than in a traditional desk that’s rarely moved. To meet the needs of a Collaborative Learning classroom, the desks must move – often several times a day.

This puts two very significant demands on the desk, in addition to its ability to be configured in a compact pod. First, the desk must be made mobile, so that an elementary-school-age student can move it from place to place. This is typically enabled through casters – an option all Smith System Collaborative Learning desks can accept. Second, the desk must be durable enough to stand up to being moved around – again, at the hands of young children who may or may not have the strength to move a 30-lb. desk with finesse. This can cause the legs of poorly constructed desks to start wobbling early in the desk’s life.

Contrast that with the durability of a Smith System Collaborative Learning desk. It stands up to the added stresses of being moved around quite well because it offers an engineering feature known as structural framing. Structural framing works like this: The legs are reinforced with a steel crosspiece that helps to evenly distribute and support the weight of the desktop. This reinforcement also keeps the legs from moving independently from each other, which helps reduce the stress on the legs when the desk is moved.

Smith System offers more than 30 desk options for Collaborative Learning classrooms.

Follow Smith System’s board classroom layout ideas on Pinterest.

From line to line, the designs vary somewhat, but each has earned high marks for durability and longevity despite the harsh realities of everyday life in an active classroom. Here are some of our most popular choices:

Collaborative Learning Desks from the Interchange™ Line.

Interchange Diamond™ Desks

The Interchange Diamond Desk combines sleek, contemporary looks with very innovative desktop shapes that allow compact pods to be created. Interchange desks can all be fitted with casters to make moving desks easier for the students. All are reinforced with structural framing.

Interchange 3-2-1™ Desk

The Interchange 3-2-1 Desk combines sleek, contemporary looks with an imaginative desktop shape that allows a compact pod to be formed. Optional casters make 3-2-1 Desks easier for students to move. All 3-2-1 Desks are reinforced with structural framing.

  • 3-2-1 Desk, recommended for K-2 classrooms, accommodates two students, three 3-2-1 Desks create a six-student pod.
  • 3-2-1 LS Desk, recommended for grade 3-6 classrooms, accommodates two students, three 3-2-1 LS Desks create a six-student pod.

Interchange Wing™ Desk

This desk combines sleek, contemporary looks with a striking desktop shape that allows a compact pod to be formed or either four our six students. The four-student pod is a square that measures 48 in. on each side. The six-student pod measures 52 in. x 85 in. Optional casters make Wing Desks easier for students to move. All Wing Desks are reinforced with structural framing.

Collaborative Learning Desks from the Planner™ line.

Huddle™ Desk

These options take structural framing to the next level and offer maximum strength and stability. Their trapezoidal desktops allow compact circles to be created for group work. Optional casters for easy mobility are available.

  • Huddle-6 Desks can be configured to accommodate six students in a pod that measures just 72 in. in diameter – recommended for K-5 students.
  • Huddle-8 Desks can be configured to accommodate eight students in a pod that measures 84 in. in diameter – recommended for K-5 students.
  • Huddle-8 LS Desks can be configured to accommodate eight students in a pod that measures 84 in. in diameter – recommended for students grade 5 and up. The work surface is deeper, but the same width as Huddle-8 desks.

Collaborative Learning Desks from the Flex™ line.

Arc™ Desk

Its cantilever leg set allows the student to stand or sit easily without knocking knees which speeds up transitions in an active classroom. Even so, stability of the work surface is not compromised. Optional casters for easy mobility are available. Structural framing is achieved through the shape of leg sets and a cross member that supports the modesty panel.

  • Arc-8 Desks can be grouped into eight-student pods that measure 7 ft. 7-1/2 in. in diameter.
  • Arc-8 LS Desks can be grouped into eight-student pods that measure 7 ft. 8-1/2 in. in diameter. The work surface is deeper, than Arc-8 desks.
  • ADA Arc Flex Desks can be grouped into eight-student pods that measure 10 ft. 4 in. in diameter.
  •  Two-Student Arc Flex Desks can be grouped into compact eight-student pods.

Collaborative Learning Desks from the UXL™ line.

UXL Diamond™ Desks

This line is customizable and broad, which allows you to maintain a consistent design scheme throughout the building. Optional casters for easy mobility are available. Structural framing adds durability.

  • Mini Diamond Desks can be collected into groups of six students per pod the diameter of the combined work surfaces is just 69-1/2 in.
  • UXL Diamond Desks can also be collected into a six-student pod – one that’s 75-1/2 in. in diameter.
  • UXL Diamond Two-Student Desk.
    Three go together to make a pod for six students that’s 76 in. in diameter.

Our comprehensive line of school furniture doesn’t stop here. We offer many different options for the collaborative classroom and we’re constantly developing new products to meet the needs of today’s changing classroom.

Moving Forward with the Alba Student Desk

The design tank at mediatechnologies is excited to present a simple solution that can help address complex problems – the Alba Student Desk. As Education prepares to move forward in the coming school year, issues of student health and safety in the learning space are a top priority. Maintaining a safe “social distance” within a classroom is a challenge. The Alba Student Desk can play a big role in developing a solution.

‘Need a desk that is suitable for student spacing AND group work?

The Alba Student Desk is a singular student desk. It is available in four work surface shapes that can be configured in many geometric shapes, of varying sizes, to accommodate everything from spaced, individual student work to groups when necessary. These work surface shapes include rectangle, rectangle with radiused corners, trapezoid and boodle (yes, boodle. Just look at it and you will say, “Oh…that’s a BOODLE).Oh, yes. I see now. THAT is a Boodle!Alba Student Desks are light and can be easily configured in a learning space to provide the necessary student spacing. Use of optional Surfboards (a bracket-mounted personal write-on board/privacy panel) can provide additional separation/protection when required.

Will these desks last beyond the need for today’s student-spacing issues?

These desks are relatively light and mobile. But don’t be fooled by their easy-mobility – these desks are designed-and-built-for-schools tough. Contemporary powder coated steel legs, durable and easily-cleaned high-pressure laminate work surface and tough PVC edge banding Both rectangles and the trapezoid shapes are available with glides, 4 locking, non-marring casters or in wheelbarrow configuration. The boodle is available with glides or as a wheelbarrow. These desks are going to be around for a long time, still delivering a quality performance long after pandemic issues have faded into the past.The Alba Student desk is light, tough, cleanable, mobile, individual and group configurable and suitable to be fitted with protective panels. The Alba Student Desk can be part of the solution for your school district.

6 of the Best Desks for College Students

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The best study sessions require the right tools and environment. Key in any student’s study toolkit is a good, solid desk. Every college student needs a good desk to study at and store their school supplies. We’ve rounded up six of the best desks for high school and college students. 

Whether you’re a die-hard minimalist or you’re limited for space, you’ll love this industrial-style folding desk by Coavas. It is sleek, modern, and simple to set up. All you have to do is snap the desktop onto the legs. The desk actually folds up, which means you can keep it out of the way until you need it. It won’t clutter or cramp up your space when not in use.

For a small desk, it can handle the weight of textbooks, a laptop, a small lamp, and more with ease. In fact, this desk can bear up to 200 pounds. It’s as easy to pack and store as it is to put together. You can use this desk almost anywhere, and take it along with you when the year ends. The table measures 39.4” x 19.7” x 29.5”. 

This modern, no-tools-needed student desk from Convenience Concepts is perfect for those who love an open design. Because this one is constructed without tools, you can put it together in very little time and with no trouble at all. The open shelf design gives it a sleek look while providing ample space for your computer, textbooks, notebooks, and stationery.

The desk is designed for comfort, style, storage, and ease. It comes in 9 different colors and finishes so you can pick one that matches your style and your dorm décor. The sleek tabletop and shelves are supported by stainless steel poles, which ensure the desk stays sturdy. This is another brilliant piece of furniture that is easy to pack away when the semester or school year ends. 

If you love minimal, sleek designs, then this retro-style desk with a riser from Ameriwood is exactly what you need. Constructed of weathered wood, it comes in four different finishes—espresso, grey oak, sugar pine, and walnut. The desk doesn’t take up much space and will fit in the smallest dorm room. It is simple to assemble and move.

This attractive study desk is the perfect piece of starter furniture for those who love all things modern and clean. The shelf is handy to keep your textbooks, notebooks, laptop or tablet, and everything else you need to be an academic success. The metal legs are designed in a hairpin style, which gives the table a fun retro look!

This Home Office Computer Desk is a sleek stunner for those who love modern design with pops of color or wood grain. There’s enough room for books, a laptop, and all your school supplies so you can stay well organized. When you sit down to study, everything you need is right there in front of you.

The Home Office Computer Desk by SHW comes in a few different color options. You can choose from black, maple, or white/oak. 

Sturdy furniture means you won’t have to worry about your desk falling in with your computer. This one is built to last long after your school days have ended. The legs are made of steel. The hardware that you need to assemble the table is included with your purchase. Now all you need is 15 minutes to set it up!

This uniquely designed computer desk from Tribesigns is packed with shelves that you can use for a variety of purposes, such as organizing your textbooks or storing your school supplies. The top shelf has enough space for accessories like a clock or a plant. The lower shelf underneath the desk is the perfect place to store your textbooks as well. The spacious design is perfect for apartment-dwellers or high school students with larger rooms. 

The lightweight construction and simple design makes it quick and easy to put together. Everything you need to assemble it is provided. This Tribesigns desk is made from engineered wood. This is the type of furniture you’ll use long after your school days have ended. When assembled, the desk space comes out to 47.2″ x 23.6″, but don’t worry — this desk is quite compact. With its small dimensions and sleek looks, this desk is perfect for an apartment or study room.

This large writing desk, from the aptly-named Need, is the perfect low-profile workstation for any college student. With its versatile design, it can function as a desk, a table, or simply a large flat surface for work. This large writing desk is perfect for those who want a sleek design with minimal fuss.

The biggest problem you’ll have is choosing between the sleek all-black design or and warm wood grain. The wood is sturdy and mold-resistant, and the legs feature a powder coating to give them a smooth finish. No matter how you arrange your computer, books, lamps, or supplies, you’re sure to love using this desk for years. 

No matter what kind of desk you want, you’re sure to find your perfect fit from our selections. Hit those books with style.

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Old Fashioned Student Desk with a Modern Twist

This old fashioned student desk  gives a modern twist to the old student desk. Its compact, one-piece design adds functionality and style to any space. Constructed out of 2″x 2″ lumber and plywood, it is sturdy, yet light weight. Perfect for small spaces! This piece was initially built for a middle school’s theatre set of Thoroughly Modern Millie. We built 16 of them! 

Student Desk- How it Came About

Being a drama mama and having some woodworking knowledge means I get to be involved in designing and building pieces that are fun and unique. I have built wooden ladders, benches, and a cool pipe shelf, among other items not on this blog.

All to help the theatre arts. I love doing it!

My daughter, now a theater teacher and director herself, needed 16 secretary desks for the set of Thoroughly Modern Millie’s middle school musical.

Sixteen!!. Needless to say, parent volunteers came in very handy. Pun intended!

Because of high shipping costs, buying or renting was not an option, so we decided to build. We put our heads together and among the three of us (my son-in-law is also a woodworker and single handedly built most of these!) came up with a design that is both, one piece and lightweight.

We debated adding casters on the front end, but ultimately opted not to. After all, kids were going to be hopping on and off and dancing on top of these desks.

In the end, they worked out great. Three other schools have now used these student desks on their theatre set, and many teenage kids have successfully been able to dance on them and carry them on and off stage with ease.

With the help of parent volunteers, we built 16 of these! My son-in-law got pretty good at figuring out the most effective way to put them together. Whether you end up building one, or a 100, follow the process step by step and your experience should go without a glitch (fingers crossed!).

Affiliate links included for your convenience. Click here if you wish to read the full disclosure.

TIP: Read the entire plan before starting and make sure you follow all safety precautions when using power tools. Sign up for the Sawdust Sisters Newsletter and get free access to my resource library, which includes a pdf printable copy of these plans.

Materials Needed to Build One Student Desk

Once you have made all your cuts, follow the steps below to put the desk together. This design uses a combination of pocket hole joinery and traditional wood screws. The Kreg Jig is my favorite and most user-friendly tool I know of to accomplish this, especially for beginners! My favorite wood screws are these ones!(no pilot holes needed). They use a star head bit that usually comes in the box. Trust me, your experience will be much better if you use these screws! You can find the screws and the star bit at any hardware store.

Step 1: Build the Bottom of the Frame

Using pocket hole joinery, attach the first piece as shown. Use wood glue at the seams. The 2 short pieces should be 7” apart. The pocket holes will end up facing the floor.

Step 2: Attach the Seat Legs

Secure the 4 legs (15” pieces) using 2 1/2” wood screws from the bottom. Placement of the legs should be centered, about 5” from the outside of the frame. Make sure the seat fits comfortably on top before you screw in the legs. You may use pocket hole joinery if you’d like, but be aware that the pocket holes will be visible if you do.

Step 3: Add Remaining Seat Pieces

Grab (2) 7” pieces and (2) 9” pieces using a combination of pocket holes and wood screws  as shown, bringing all 4 legs together securely. Don’t forget to use glue at the seams.

Step 4: Attach the Seat

Turn the piece upside down and screw in the seat using 2- 1/2″ wood screws from the bottom.

Step 5: Attach the Desk Legs

Now you are ready to attach the desk legs (4- 28” pieces)in the same manner you built the seat. The legs are 7” apart front to back.

Step 6: Add remaining Desk Pieces

Attach (2) 19” and (2) 7” pieces that go right under the desk top, using pocket hole joinery on the longer pieces and wood screws on the shorter pieces as shown. Don’t forget the glue. See the next step for the crossbar.

Step 7: Add Crossbar

Now you’re ready to attach the crossbar. This is a 19” piece. Place it 6” away from the top 2×2. You can use pocket holes or wood screws.

Step 8: Add the Desk Top

Turn the piece upside down and attach the desktop using 2- 1/2” wood screws from the bottom.

Now it’s a matter of painting to your liking! I hope this helps and that you are able to build this without a glitch.

If you like beginner-friendly building tutorials, scrap wood projects, and budget-friendly home improvement tips, make sure you sign up for my newsletter! You will receive access to my free resource library and be notified of new posts on occasion. As of now, I only send emails once per month, so don’t worry about me crowding your Inbox 🙂

What do you think?

Leave any questions you may have under comments!

Here is one last photo. My cute daughter is posing. This gives you an idea of the size of the piece. She is 5′ 5″ and 110 lbs.

Pin this for other to see and build!

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15 desks for children under $100 that are perfect for homeschooling

For many, school is back in session! The back-to-school season might look a bit different this year since many schools have moved online, so setting your child up with a productive learning space at home is essential.

If you’re looking to help your child focus while learning at home, it might be time to set them up with a reliable desk that can act as their own personal school space. Shop TODAY spoke with education experts, including the National Education Association (NEA), to find out how to limit distractions and get your child into school mode.

“Create a space for students to work online at home that is designated for that purpose alone,” a representative for the NEA told us. “When they sit at that table or desk, then that will help get them into the mode of learning.”

The NEA also advised that if you have more than one child, have them work in separate rooms to help them maintain focus.

Dr. Sally Augustin, a design psychologist for Design With Science, recommends drowning out excess sounds with the use of white noise and nature sounds. She also suggests choosing furniture with visible wood grain as a way to create a familiar school-like environment.

“Seeing wood grain is very important — wood grain can be present on about half of surfaces visible,” Augustin said. “Use something such as oak, where grain is visible, not ebony, where it’s not.”

Augustin also suggests incorporating views of nature by placing your child near a window or putting scenic photos around them.

If you’re looking to upgrade your child’s learning space, we found some bestselling desks that are still in stock and have tons of rave reviews. Better yet, they’re all under $100!

Desks for children

1. Ebern Designs Payakumbuh L-Shape Desk

This could be your all-in-one school space! The L-shaped design provides enough room for both work and arts and crafts. Don’t worry about messes either, the desk was designed to be both waterproof and scratch-proof. The open-concept shelves are perfect for storing school supplies as well.

2. Furinno Efficient Computer Desk

Designed with a compact style in mind, this desk was created to fit in almost any space. It comes with three square shelves on the side so that you can avoid clutter and keep all of your child’s school supplies in one area.

3. Delacora Wide Glass and Steel Computer Desk

Made to fit in almost any space, this desk will provide your child with a simple place to study and do their daily assignments. The surprisingly spacious base has enough room to fit a laptop and several books.

4. Monarch Specialties 42″ Wide Writing Desk

Bring a rustic style into your home with this wood desk. Made of plastic and wood, this desk comes in a dark taupe shade and features a single drawer for storage.

5. Mainstays Basic Student Desk

This is currently Amazon’s bestseller for kids’ desks. It features two shelves on the side for easy storage of their school supplies and usually ships within one to three weeks.

6. Homfa Writing Computer Desk

This desk proves that choosing a space-saving and affordable desk doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. It features a sleek design and a sturdy base that is perfect for holding a laptop and textbooks.

7. Songmics Laptop Desk

For days when your child wants to lounge on the couch, this desk will keep them both productive and comfortable. The portability of the desk allows you to bring it with you to almost any room in the house. The built-in side drawer is perfect for storing pens and pencils, and is even magnetic to prevent slippage.

8. ECR4Kids The Surf Portable Lap Desk

This portable desk will provide them with a sturdy platform no matter where they choose to sit. Whether they’re close by you or in the other room, this desk can be placed on the floor, a chair or even be used outside. The brand recommends using this for children ages 6 and up.

9. LumiSource Sigma Desk

This modern desk was made to fit anywhere, no matter how small of a space you’re dealing with. The surface is made of tempered glass, adding a bit of style to students’ workspace.

10. Mind Reader Adjustable Height Laptop Desk

Not only can the height of this desk be adjusted to account for students’ comfort, but it is also on wheels, meaning once the school day is over, the desk can be rolled away to a storage space. The wire basket and base offer extra storage for school supplies.

11. Zipcode Design Meagan Desk

This wooden desk takes efficiency to the next level with three separate shelves built in. The desk was designed to take up very little space, so even though you can fit a lot on it, you don’t have to worry about finding room for it.

12. ECR4kids Wood Adjustable Height Front Open Desk

Give your student the feeling that they’re actually in the classroom with this class school desk. The desk has a storage space perfect for holding books, papers, and other school supplies, and has a 4.9-star rating on Wayfair.

13. Mainstays Conrad Desk

This chic desk isn’t just adorable and functional, but it’s also very affordable and has great reviews, many of which say the desk is perfect for doing work from home.

14. Zipcode Design Stephon Desk

This desk was designed to optimize space and storage, and that is something that is so valuable when it comes to doing work from home. A drawer, extra storage space, and a keyboard tray free up space for your student to spread out.

15. Ameriwood Home Parsons Computer Desk

Keep things simple with this minimalist desk that could be a good choice for students who are easily distracted. The desk has a small drawer for storage, and according to reviewers, it is easy to set up.

This article was originally published on August 10, 2020.

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The Best Ergonomic Study Desks For Students [2021 Review]

Whether you’re a college, high school student, or even younger, an ergonomic study desk should be a priority.

So what makes a study desk ergonomic? And what features should you look out for?

In this article, I’ll go through everything you need to know about study desks.

I’ll also list my top 10 favorite study desks that will keep you comfortable, safe, and productive.

Best For College Students

If you’re looking for a sturdy desk that a student will enjoy, this one might be the best choice.

The desk surface was made of wooden medium density fiberboard and is waterproof and scratch resistant.

The desktop measures 47”x24” and should work perfectly even in smaller spaces. If you still need some extra space, you’ll be able to mount a C-clamp for your monitors.

The frame of the desk was made of metal and should be able to hold 330lbs.

You should be able to put it together in less than 20 minutes, the instructions are easy to follow and straightforward. If your floor is uneven you’ll be able to adjust the legs of the desk.

Most people that got the student desk say it looks modern and clean, and most of them agree it is a great value for the price. The only downside – there’s no cable management system.

Most Ergonomic Desk

The SHW is a sit/stand desk that goes from 28’’ to 46’’ of height with the help of an electric motor.

To make things easier when you switch users, the manufacturer included a control display that memorizes up to 4 height preferences.

The motor is decently quiet, and works well.

This type of desks is a favorite among ergonomics users due to 2 main benefits: While sitting it is easy to adjust the position of your arms to perfectly match the right working angle, at 90 degrees.

The second benefit is revealed after you decide to stand up.

Being able to work standing will improve your circulation, increase your productivity, and directly promote back and neck health.

The SHW comes with a cable management system; you simply push the cables through the grommet on your desk. The top wooden platform is actually made of two pieces which could be a minor annoyance for some people.

You might want to steer away from monitor clamps.

Most customers that got this desk were satisfied with its elegant look. Also most of them agree that nothing on the market beats this sturdy desk at the current price point.

Most Stylish Desk

FOLUBAN Rustic Industrial Computer Desk
  • Mainly rustic, clean-styled computer desk
  • Manufactured with wood grain and a steel frame with a black finish
  • Goes fantastic with a minimalistic decor
  • Easy to put together with clear assembly instructions
  • Very stable and sturdy, with a maximum load of 350 pounds

The FOLUBAN computer desk is by far the most stylish desk on the market, especially for those who have a minimalistic decor at home.

It is made with rustic wood and steel, designed to provide industrial character to any space at home. This is also one of the sturdiest and most resistant desks you will find.

Along with the instructions and parts, you’ll get all the tools you need for assembly.

However, it is important to know that this is not real wood. It’s laminate, but of a very high-quality and a beautiful look.

What customers are saying

Customers love the ease of assembly and the sturdiness of this desk.

They say the size of the desk is great, and you can place large dual monitors on it without a problem.

Spacious Student Workstation

If we could describe the Hago desk with one word, it would be – spacious, offering more than 100’’ of work area. This should help your student organize their workspace better.

This L-shaped desk can be placed in a corner to save you space and it also features a convenient CPU stand so you won’t have to keep it on the ground.

The L is positioned to the left side and can’t be switched. What you could do is order the large desk that features equal sides.

Feel free to place heavier items on top of the Hago. Its frame is made of steel that can withstand up to 450 lbs of weight.

Also the wooden work platform is made of particleboard P2.

P2 is a wooden panel that has a fine sanded surface and in this case a beautiful powder coat finish.

The P2 type is often used for offices and education furniture.

You might need a bit of help assembling this desk; the trick is not to tighten any of the screws until you place the wooden board on top. Other than that assembly should be simple enough.

Desk With Great Storage

This is a very helpful desk if you’re in need of extra storage in your study room. It comes with 4 extra shelves that are attached to the desk and can be placed on either side of the frame.

The shelves are super convenient and will definitely welcome all your books and gadgets.

The tower desk sports a steel frame that should hold up to 100lbs of weight, although some reviewers stated you shouldn’t load the work board over 65lbs.

The desk is sturdy and won’t shake or wobble if assembled correctly, and it works perfectly fine when placed on carpets.

Some people choose to omit the second shelf from the bottom when assembling it, in order to gain extra space for the CPU.

All in all a perfectly made desk that has been student approved.

Great For Teenagers

Need Computer Desk Office Desk
  • It has ample space for dual-monitors, printers, and other hardware
  • Made on E1 standard particle wood with an anti-scratch and waterproof finish
  • Powder-coated metal desk frame
  • Adjustable legs to prevent wobbling
  • Folding mode with no assembly required

The Need Computer Desk is great for teenagers not only because it has ample space despite being foldable, but also because it has durable materials and a waterproof finish.

This means you don’t have to worry about liquids being spilled on it as the desk is protected and very easy to wipe clean.

It also has a convenient double-spring design on the connecting rods enabling you to fold and unfold the desk with ease.

What customers are saying

This desk has many customer reviews and almost all of them are excellent.

People who bought this desk love the ease of assembly, the sturdiness of the material, and the leg room it provides.

The adjustable legs go up to 2cm and will be useful if you’re placing the desk on an uneven surface. However, keep in mind that the edges are sharp, especially for children.

Best For Younger Children

You really shouldn’t wait until your children are students to get them an ergonomic study desk. Actually with the Apex desk you can begin teaching them about healthy habits when they’re 3’11’’ tall.

Both the desk and the chair are adjustable. They can be raised for height and will follow your child’s growth up to 5’6’’ tall.

The work area features a raised shelf and a split surface that can be tilted up to 75 degrees.

The tilt works great for ergonomics, except for one design flaw – the smooth surface doesn’t have a blocker to prevent books or gadgets from sliding off. Some people add a foam edge protector or a wrist pad.

The desk also includes a drawer to gather pencils, markers, and similar items.

The chair itself is pretty amazing and the seat can be adjusted for height and depth depending on your child’s needs.

The backrest is also adjustable giving the user much needed lumbar support.

Everything works with twist and lock knobs that can be released or locked into position. Even the wheels have locks that come in handy for active children.

Best Desk For Folding

4NM Small No-Assembly Folding Desk
  • Features a unique design you can freely fold and unfold
  • No assembly required
  • Folded mode fits in very small places and saves space from home
  • Compact and very concise, made with a sturdy metal frame and engineered wood
  • Practical and versatile for any space at home

This is an ideal piece of furniture for those who don’t have much space at home and need a desk that can be folded and stored.

It has an iron frame with a 2cm iron pipe and a folding mechanism with anti-rust hinges for increased durability.

The desk can be placed anywhere you see fit and there are 7 different colors to choose from.

What customers are saying

Customers love how lightweight the desk is and praise the amount of legroom it provides.

They say that the 4NM folding desk is a great pick if you don’t have much available space and the price is reasonable for what you get.

However, some people reported receiving the desk with missing screws and a few of them complained that the desk was damaged when it arrived.

Best Student Standing Desk

Flexispot Standing Desk
  • Provides ample space for dual-monitors and different usages
  • You can use it as a sitting or standing desk, with an electric height adjustment
  • Made with a high-quality steel frame. Maximum weight capacity is 154 pounds
  • 5-year warranty on the frame, motor, and lifting mechanism

This is one of the best height-adjustable desks on the market and if you often switch between sitting and standing, the Flexispot is a great pick as it can be used in both cases.

Height adjustments can be made seamlessly with a 2-button controller and it will activate an electric mechanism that does the job smoothly and without a hassle.

The assembly is easy, and the written instructions and instructional videos are both very clear.

What customers are saying

Customers love this desk because of the pain relief it provides. As a standing desk, the Flexispot counters the effects of prolonged sitting on your back.

This significantly contributes to reducing back pain, forward head posture, and other potential problems.

Most people say that this desk is worth the money spent and the price is fair. No significant problems are reported and the desk is very large and sturdy.

Best Compact Desk

Sale Homecho Compact Student Workstation
  • Fresh and modern design
  • 4 drawers with spacious storage
  • A circled hole for computer cables
  • Bamboo legs
  • Curved edges to prevent injuries
  • Can be used as a student desk or as a vanity table

The Homecho workstation is a thoughtfully designed compact table that will look great in any bedroom.

Although not taking up too much space, it has a wide table that includes drawers and shelves to store your books, files, pens, cups, and more.

Besides having 4 drawers and many different surfaces to organize your working materials or makeup, you also get a central storage compartment to store more books.

The desk is very resistant and can bear up to 154 pounds without compromising its function.

What customers are saying

Customers love the style and sturdiness of the Homecho Workstation and say that it is extremely easy to assemble.

Despite being unobtrusive and appropriate for small spaces, the Homecho has a lot more storage than similar-sized desks.

However, a few people who reported receiving their desks with scratches on the surface, missing screws, and similar problems that were quickly solved by customer service.

Best Simple Desk

Cubiker Writing Computer Desk 39“
  • Unites a simple writing desk with MDF boards made of metal
  • Additional storage bag on the sides to organize the workspace
  • Steel frame and adjustable feet with no wobbling
  • Easy assembly with the tools included
  • Available in two sizes and three colors

If you’re not interested in bulky desks with several drawers, this simple desk is a great option to consider. It is manufactured with metal and particleboard and it’s very affordable.

The Cubiker Writing Desk adapts to almost any environment and its legs can be adjusted for increased stability on uneven floors.

The assembly instructions are very easy to follow, and the manufacturers provide all of the tools you need to assemble it.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews on this desk are excellent, and most people agree that it offers great value for money.

The manufacturers haven’t stated a maximum weight capacity, but one customer reported placing equipment of around 110 pounds on it with no problem.

Other Recommended Desks

This is an excellent desk for any bedroom, office, or studio, but it also works as a modern kitchen table or dining table. It is built with a steel frame and environmental particleboard.

All of the tools you need for assembly is included in your package, as well as a step-by-step instruction on how to assemble it.

The surface of the desk is a uniform black color that is easy to clean and goes well with a minimalistic and modern decor.

The SHW Desk has fantastic customer reviews, especially because it is easy to assemble and specially designed for small spaces. It is also a sturdy desk and worth the price.

If you need more room for your books and a keyboard tray, this is one of those multi-purpose desks and is a great option to consider.

It is a stylish desk that is manufactured with composite wood, and even though it is larger than others it still fits in small spaces.

It also has more storage space than most other desks and there are 6 different colors to choose from.

What customers are saying

Most people say that the FURINNO desk fits in small spaces and is extremely easy to assemble.

They also say it’s very sturdy and can hold a PC, screen, and Smart TV without a problem.

However, a few people said they received a bad quality desk with a cheap finish and blemishes.

The TOPSKY Computer Desk has several shelves to provide ample space for your books and paperwork, plus a keyboard tray for your keyboard and mouse.

The desk is sturdy, does not wobble, and has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Within the package, you will be equipped with all of the fixings and assembly tools required and the customer support is very responsive if you ever need them.

Customers love that this desk fits in small spaces, is very sturdy, and provides a great value for the money.

Manufactured with a P2 particleboard, the GreenForest Corner Desk is one of the best L-shaped desks on the market and provides a scratch-resistant, moisture-proof surface.

The desk is perfect for offices but works well in studies as well. I can even be used as a gaming desk and is excellent if you use multi-screens.

What customers are saying

Most people say that the GreenForest Corner Desk is exceptional considering its price. Many of them love that it’s easy to assemble and also very sturdy.

However, some say that the instruction manual for the assembly is very confusing, and they ended up with misaligned pieces and small gaps between the panels.

If you need another L-shaped desk to compare with, we recommend this once as well. It has a slightly different disposition with its reversible storage shelves.

The construction is solid and it does not wobble, this is especially because it has adjustable leg pads you can change to maintain a stable ground at all times.

The desk is manufactured with a P2 Class MDF board and coated with an anti-scratch, waterproof surface.

Customers say that the Bestier Computer Desk is worth the money and love that it is sturdy and easy to assemble.

This elegant looking Scandinavian design will definitely brighten someone’s day.

Besides looking nice it features all the necessities that a student might need. The work surface is made of high quality solid wood that is scratch resistant.

The work surface is large enough to get the work done. All the extra items you own can be stored in the larger drawers.

The desk will hold up to 120lbs ad features leg protectors that will guard your floors.

For all those creative minds out there we present you the Mobili computer cart. Just like the name suggests, it is very mobile.

It also holds a small footprint; you should be able to use it anywhere you like. Simply roll the double caster wheels to the desired location.

The Mobili cart features a wooden panel work surface that is resistant to water.

The shelf above the wooden top can be mounted on either side or across, depending on your needs. You also get a slide-out keyboard tray that will help with ergonomics, a bottom shelf for a CPU and a side rack for CD’s.

Assembly is pretty straightforward and all the tools come with the package.

Just make sure you have another person with you to assist you with lining up the parts. We’re not sure if people own CD’s anymore, but it is a classic touch.

The Tangkula study table is very similar to the Tower computer desk on our list; it comes with extra shelves that can be positioned on both sides of the desk.

The frame is made of iron and it will hold up to 250 lbs of weight.

The table top is made of medium density fiber board that is generally thicker and more durable than plywood.

If you’re in dire need of space, and wish to upgrade your storage capacity at the same time, this could be a good option.

Assembly instructions come in Chinese, so make sure you do not empty the tool bags since they show you the corresponding numbers.

From the people that brought the Techni Mobili computer cart comes a similar model that will take very little space, and will offer just enough storage room.

What you get is a highly mobile unit with frames made of steel and workspace made of medium density fibreboard.

You can use the elevated shelf to place speakers, a printer, or similar items, and the bottom shelf for the CPU. This model also features the much needed slide out keyboard tray.

Most of the people that got this desk very happy with the purchase since it exceeded their expectations.

If you appreciate the classic vintage style of a study desk, you will love the Tangkula study table.

It is made of thick medium density fibreboard that looks good and feels sturdy.

The desk comes with ample storage space, 4 drawers in total. You also get an additional shelf on top that some people didn’t quite like because it cuts the depth of the entire desk, but organizes your space at the same time.

There’s no cable management system here, but you do have a hole in the middle-back of the wooden top that you can use for your laptop cable.

This desk doesn’t feature a slide out keyboard tray so it could be challenging to fit a monitor and a keyboard on top. On the other hand if you use a lap top you will be fine.

This desk is not big on functionality, but that’s exactly the vintage way.

Feel free to browse our site for more info on ergonomic products. Discover a healthy alternative to daily challenges.

Features To Consider

Finding the best study desk for students shouldn’t be hard if you have the right information. The most important features to consider when getting a desk are:


Having the right ergonomics is simply irreplaceable for a hard-working student.

Having the option to sit properly and at the right angle helps boost productivity, and it will save them from neck and back aches.

There are many more benefits tied to ergonomics, so always make sure you get that out of your desk.


With so many different manufacturers worldwide it is hard to track down genuine quality.

It is a good rule of thumb to look for a steel frame desk, and a wooden table top. Particle boards are also used quite a lot.

Some desks are height adjustable and can be used for a long time while your children grow.

The sit/stand desks sound amazing but some can prove to be wobbly. A high price doesn’t always great quality, so stick with desks that have already proven their name.

Desk Size

When choosing a good desk size, always consider the size of your room.

People looking to save space could choose the L-shaped desks, like the Hago on our list. Also take into consideration the weight of your items.

Different desk were made for different weight limits, and some standing desks tend to get a bit wobbly if you overload them.

Storage Space

Some desks feature drawers, shelves and bins that can be used as storage space for all school necessities. Having extra storage is always welcomed by students.

The 4-tier tower desk from our list is a great example. An efficient study begins with an efficient desk.


If you think you’ll need to move around the room a lot, you might want to look into desks that come with wheels. Some desks are lightweight and can be picked up easily but they can’t hold a lot of weight.

Also if you consider moving to another location, make sure you get a desk that is convenient for transportation and assembly.

Student Ergonomics

Living an active lifestyle is something several students struggle with, especially those who study a lot.

In many cases, boys and girls are more sedentary during college than they were in their high school years.

Prolonged sitting can cause a series of problems but the most commonly reported problem is back pain.

Ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair is very important for students and is one of the things that can reduce the occurrence of back pain and spinal problems as a result of prolonged sitting.

A truly ergonomic chair is one that can be adjusted according to your height and the height of your workstation.

Sit properly

You can have a fantastic ergonomic chair and still adopt poor posture while sitting.

If you have an ergonomic chair and good lumbar support, use them to detect any hunching of your shoulders or leaning forward to be closer to the computer screen.

Also, always try to maintain a straight back.

Take regular breaks

We understand that being in college demands a lot of study time, but it’s important to take regular breaks rather than sitting at your desk for multiple hours at a time.

Stretch, move around, do a few sit-ups. All of this prevents sedentary behavior and improves your mood and focus while you’re studying.

Move while you study

If you feel comfortable walking and studying, do it. Consider the possibility of studying in various positions and try them out.

By increasing your movements while you study, your life, both physically and mentally, will change for the better.

Consider active sitting

Active or dynamic sitting helps you engage a few muscles every once in a while instead of simply throwing your body to the chair and letting yourself go.

To engage in active sitting, you can use a standing desk, saddle chair, kneeling chair, or even a wobble chair.

Exercise regularly

As a student, do not forget the importance of regular exercise.

It shouldn’t be a strict schedule. But it should be something that you truly enjoy.

If you’re a sports person, try to arrange a match with your friends more often. If you’re not, try walking, swimming, and doing different activities to assess what you enjoy the most.

You will be amazed at how exercise will not only improve your physical appearance but also boost your confidence and cognitive function.

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Writing Desks That Pair With Office Furniture

Desks offer different functions for students. Some need to hold computers, printers or other objects. Others simply need a flat surface on which a person can write or read their assigned textbooks.

The Modway Sector Contemporary Writing Desk pairs very well with any office arrangement. It has a white or walnut finish and a compact design. The storage drawer can hold any necessary papers and books for your reading. This desk can also hold a computer if necessary.

If you have limited space for working, the Flash Furniture Small Glass Writing Desk has a silver frame for the finishing, fashionable touch. It can fit in any professional office, home study, or apartment space. The desk has steel tubular legs for durability and a tempered glass surface. Floor glides prevent it from scraping the area.

Another option is the Safco Single Drawer Writing Desk. It is an affordable option when you have a smaller budget and pays homage to the 1950s. Modern leg frames complement the vintage design, and it comes with a storage compartment and drawer respectively. Choose between a laminated or wooden veneer surface.

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How to sit at a desk correctly: we form the correct posture

Slouching back and poor posture are the scourge of all schoolchildren. While sitting at a desk or desk, the weight of the whole body presses on the lumbar spine. This causes fatigue and fatigue, and also leads to poor posture, scoliosis and other diseases. From the first days of school, the child spends a lot of time sitting: in the classroom and at home.

In order not to spoil the posture of the first grader, it is important to monitor the position of the student at the table while preparing homework and studying.In this article, we will talk about how to properly sit at your desk and prevent spinal problems from early childhood.

Why Worry

Correct seating at the desk is necessary for a child not only for aesthetic beauty. A straight back allows you to avoid deformities of the spine, muscle corset and problems with internal organs. Forming the correct posture of the child is very important during the period of active growth (from 5 to 12 years old). That is, exactly at the time when the baby begins to go to school and learns to properly sit at the table.

Problems with the spine are not only external, they threaten:

  • increased fatigue;
  • deformation of internal organs;
  • impaired blood flow and respiration;
  • the occurrence of diseases such as intervertebral hernia, muscle adhesions;
  • recurrent headaches.

Therefore, it is important to explain to your child how to properly sit at the table from the first days of school. The developed posture at the desk prevents the development of curvature of the spine, improves efficiency, and has a positive effect on the stimulation of mental activity and attention.

The correct position of the student at the desk

In most modern educational institutions, all desks are of the same type, they are not designed for the difference in height in children. The ideal option would be if transforming tables are installed in the kid’s classroom, which can be easily adjusted to the physique features of each student. In any case, when explaining to a child how to properly sit at a desk at school, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • knees bent and form a right angle;
  • the neck is straight, not stretched forward and not tilted down;
  • elbows are completely on the table surface;
  • The angle of the back and hips is 90 degrees;
  • feet stand on the floor or support with the entire surface of the feet;
  • the back is straight, but not tense, touches the back of the chair;
  • the distance from the working surface to the eyes is within 30–35 cm.

While working at the desk, the baby should lean on five points: arms, legs, buttocks. Also, a preventive measure will be the periodic change of the child’s place in the classroom in relation to the board.

Features of the organization of the working space at home

To prepare homework, the child must have a comfortable study place. It is worth choosing a table and chair that will be adjusted to the growth of the baby. Make sure that while writing, the gap between the body and the edge of the desk is the width of the palm or the child’s fist.When working at a computer, it is important that the distance from the eyes to the monitor is at least 50 cm, and the gaze is directed to the center or 2/3 of the screen height.

It should also be remembered that the light source is correctly positioned above the table. The better the lighting, the less the child will have to bend over to the table. The lamp is best placed on the left if the baby is right-handed, and vice versa. To minimize the load on the spine, the child should be allowed to rest after every 45 minutes of sitting. During the break, it is useful to do simple physical exercises, warm up.This will allow the student to take a break from mental stress.

First, we teach children to walk and talk …: janemouse – LiveJournal

And then we teach – to sit and be silent …

Preparation for school is often an attempt to seat children 5-6 years old at desks or on high chairs. Sit back and listen carefully!
For healthy and living children, this activity is completely unnatural, they cannot sit still for a long time, like half an hour!

Sometimes parents say: “Why are you, he and his Lego can sit quietly for two hours! He is very assiduous!”
The difference is very simple – he himself chose to sit and play Lego for two hours, no one forced him.
Or he himself chose to leaf through an encyclopedia about dinosaurs …
And in class you need to sit quietly, not when you chose and you are interested, but when the teacher tells you. It is very difficult!

Children who are tired of waiting crawl under the bench.
They literally fall to the floor,
begin to crawl,
, in extreme cases, push with neighbors.

If you think that the most important thing children should learn in school is diligence and diligence, then you can stop reading.
I am used to thinking that children at school learn to think, formulate their thoughts, solve problems, and clearly write down their decisions.

If the children are tired and are not ready to perceive anything else,
then it is much more useful to move for 5 minutes,
than trying to sit them down,
or demand that they not be distracted.

Who can crawl like this?

And who can crawl, lying on his stomach on a pillow?

Now you can cut a homemade puzzle from a square leaf.

This is what we did.
It turned out that it is easy for some children to cut a square corner, while for others it is very difficult to even bend a leaf into 4 parts…

Tired of cutting and folding?
Then crawl!

Children can concentrate much better if they are not forced to sit still one lesson after another.

In fact, adults need a warm-up just as much.
We recently held a workshop for 20 preschool and beginner teachers on Friday nights from 3 pm to 8 pm.
So, these wonderful people who have worked with children all week were completely unprepared to listen to lectures, even the most interesting ones.They either tried to quietly fall asleep in the corner, or were distracted and began to discuss something of their own … And so the teachers and I played “the swan flew”, then folded them from a mosaic, then played in high-speed caps, then memorized and drew pictures from 5 counting sticks …
And that’s okay!

I once heard that one teacher of the beginning was indignant that the children did not listen to him well, put their heads on the desk, or paint their hands with a pen when he explains something to them at the blackboard. He believed that diligent children should sit upright throughout the lesson, write neatly, and listen carefully…
And the children, coming from his lessons, began to run, crawl, rush, because they were very tired of behaving approximately.

Do you remember yourself well in elementary school: was it easy for you to sit exactly the whole lesson? And the last lesson on Friday?
Do your children move a lot during recess? And after school?

90,000 7 tips on how to keep your student healthy

In September Ksyusha will go to the first grade. Preparations for school are in full swing, the family does not hide their excitement.Parents worry not only about the girl’s adaptation to school, but also about her health. It is no secret that modern schoolchildren often receive knowledge in exchange for problems with posture and spine. The specialists of the rehabilitation and training center tell why it has become more difficult for modern children to hold their backs and how to sit at a desk correctly in order to avoid problems.

Ksyusha’s mother Tatyana is worried that her daughter has recently begun to slouch noticeably.
– Her back is a wheel! We even fight over it all the time.I tell her to watch how she sits and keep her back straight, but in a minute she still settles in the way she is comfortable with. Now Ksyusha spends about 1.5 hours a day in a sitting position, but with the beginning of her studies she will have to sit at her desk longer. And I am very worried about how this will affect her health.

To improve posture, Ksyusha goes to the pool and goes in for swimming with a trainer. Mom admits that sometimes you have to take breaks, and then the daughter has practically no active activities.
– She is usually very calm, persevering and quiet.Lazy! On the one hand, it is good that she can occupy herself with something, but on the other hand, energy must also be given out. Therefore, we will definitely return to the pool.

Ksyusha’s mom’s worries are familiar to many parents in Russia. According to statistics, every fourth student has posture disorders. Do not blame the school for everything, parents also sometimes do their bit. Here are some tips to help your schoolchildren stay healthy.

1.Do not overfeed children

If you look at children at the beginning of the last century, you can immediately notice how much higher the level and intensity of physical activity was.At the same time, natural products were used for food. A child who was thin and “even” as a splinter was the norm. Now the perception has changed, but this does not mean that the children are healthier.

In a modern child, most often the muscular corset is not well developed. In addition, the number of overweight children is growing every year. The child can be dense – mothers and grandmothers believe that this is a sign of health. In fact, the muscle corset of most modern children is completely unprepared to maintain its own mass.

In addition, today children are increasingly protected from physical activity. Many people spend a significant part of their time sitting at the computer, playing with gadgets. Making progress in any of the “sedentary” activities, the child feels that it is being realized, and does not look for other ways to reveal their potential. Many parents encourage this, most often unconsciously: they say that the child should behave calmly, sit still, not run, not shout.

2. Teach your child to sit at the desk correctly

Posture problems are exacerbated at school.The point is the forced pose, which gradually becomes habitual. If the wrong position of the body is “remembered”, in the future it will most likely negatively affect the posture.
Landing must be straight. The child’s back should bend slightly in the lower back, the shoulders should be lowered. It is optimal that the child does not lean back in the chair, but keeps his back on his own.

It is necessary to teach the child to sit without leaning or leaning, so he will get used to keeping the muscles that support the lumbar region in good shape, that is, the muscles of the back and abdominal muscles.

It is important to ensure that the child does not lean head forward, stretching the neck. That is, he must sit close to the table and at a level suitable for his height. Such a position – with a tense neck stretched forward – is called a “goose”, and it has an extremely negative effect on the health and well-being of the child. Neck pain, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, and other autonomic symptoms may occur.

For a child to get used to the correct posture, it is not enough just to constantly repeat: “Sit correctly!”.It is necessary to present this in a playful way so that the child is interested in maintaining the correct position. So over time, a stereotype is created, and the position of the body becomes a habit.

3. Pay attention to the load

If a child writes, bending over strongly or lying on the desk with his cheek, this indicates that he is extremely tense. Most likely, the task is difficult for the child, he makes a lot of efforts to complete it. When a teacher or parent notices such a feature, it is worth giving the load in doses.Switching attention works best for these children. Ideally, the child should sit upright and rest his arms up to the elbows on the desk. A slight tilt towards the notebook is permissible. When tilting the letter, you should unfold the notebook, and not bend it.

4.Choose ergonomic furniture

The choice of ergonomic furniture will help the child “learn” the correct posture. Moreover, it is important that the child studies at a suitable desk not only at school, but also at home. You can purchase a set of so-called “growing” furniture that will serve the student for several years.

Schoolchildren are advised today to buy “Growing” chairs. In them, a special double curved orthopedic back is thought out, which provides support for the lumbar spine – one of the most problematic for schoolchildren. In this case, the child will still train the muscle corset, supporting a straight back and straightening his shoulders. It is important for the child, while sitting, to feel support under their feet – reach the floor or the footrests of furniture.


Sitting at the table, the child should rest his elbows comfortably on the table, relaxing his shoulders.This is the most suitable position for writing or drawing, as well as the key to forming the correct posture.

It is good if a student’s desk or desk has an adjustable lifting table top. This allows you to set a suitable angle of inclination when writing and reading. Plus, a lifting table top will eliminate the need to buy book stands and other gadgets.

The distance from the child’s eye level to the working surface should be at least 30-35 cm.If the child bends closer, there is a risk of developing myopia. Therefore, it is extremely important that the chair and table are suitable for the child’s height and build.

5. Visit your orthopedist and ophthalmologist regularly

If the child is uncomfortable sitting upright, do not dismiss such complaints. The point is that we are all asymmetrical. There is a significant asymmetry in the pelvic area, in the length of the legs and arms. The child may unconsciously strive to adopt a position of the body that compensates for these nuances.It happens that such a seemingly innocent complaint helps to find an orthopedic problem.

Many parents unreasonably believe that the child has “scoliosis”. It is important to distinguish this condition from poor posture. Scoliosis is a serious condition that can only be diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon.

There are many reasons for the appearance of scoliosis. But mostly idiopathic scoliosis is found – that is, “it appeared from nowhere.” Genetics is often blamed: if parents have a pathology, then there is a high probability of finding it in children.

Unfortunately, there is still no universal remedy for scoliosis treatment and prevention. Usually, with scoliosis of 1 and 2 degrees, a corset correction is performed. In more complex cases, surgery is usually recommended.

We also recommend that all schoolchildren, without exception, regularly check their hearing and vision. It happens that due to the peculiarities of health, the child chooses a position that allows him to hear and see better what is happening at the blackboard.
Most often, ophthalmologists diagnose incipient myopia in schoolchildren (myopia – approx.ed.). The professional can provide classroom seating recommendations and a vision correction plan.

6. Let the children blow off steam

It can be very useful for children to shout – purely psychologically. If there are negative emotions, screaming helps to dump them a little and take out without real aggression. In addition, screaming helps the child to relax and even has a beneficial effect on posture.

For example, children under pressure and pressure often unconsciously raise their shoulders – this is a protective mechanism.This posture can become a habit and set off a string of posture problems. And screaming will help release tension and allow the child to feel more free.

In Scandinavian schools such practices, for example, have been in common use for a long time. In addition, training classes are organized there. Desks with chairs stand in a circle, and the teacher walks through the class, paying attention to all the students, not leaving the back rows without attention, as happens with us. This helps to perceive the teacher as a companion and not as an icon.

7. Encourage movement

Children need regular outdoor games. During breaks, it is worth involving children in physical activity as much as possible.

A set of exercises for strengthening the muscle corset, which the teacher or parents can carry out with the child in between classes, will be extremely useful. There are two main areas worth working out: the lower back and the neck. Exercises like boats or planks work well, as well as static neck exercises such as bends and bends.

Unfortunately, the general level of physical activity is catastrophically reduced. Parents need to understand that activity is a normal state of the child, it does not need to be suppressed and restrained. Children should have an awl in one place! If so – great, if not – find an activity that will keep you physically active.

At the same time, you should be careful with active activities at an early age. Often, parents send their child to sports even before he can really somehow develop in this vein.A heavy load can provoke stress. If a child only learned to walk yesterday, you shouldn’t immediately put him on basketball or skate. Haste can lead to the fact that in the future any physical activity in the child will cause rejection.

It is important to maintain balance and act in the best interests of the child. No need to plan for the future without it. You can offer sports sections as you mature physiologically – and the more options, the better. But only at that age when the child already understands whether he wants something or not.

90,000 For parents – At a desk

For the harmonious development of the musculoskeletal system of a student, it is necessary to teach him how to properly sit at a desk both at home and at school. During lessons, teachers try to monitor the seating of all children, but due to their large numbers, this is not always possible. Therefore, the parents take over, who pay attention to their child and teach him the correct position. Here’s how to do it:

one.Show your baby the correct fit. Either sit down at a desk personally if possible, or at a regular table, or limit yourself to an explanation from the picture. Touch your back, feet, knees, elbows, shoulders and neck. Explain how to sit and why this position is required.

2. Talk about correct posture. Perform a simple exercise with the baby: stand against a wall, pressing against it with your heels, pelvis, shoulders, shoulder blades and the back of the head. This position of the back is considered necessary. It is important to remember it and stick to both sitting and standing.The more often the child will lean against the wall with his back, the faster his muscles will remember this position, and in any other it will be uncomfortable.

3. Suggest an exercise with a book on your head. The kid will have fun, decorously walking around the room, first supporting the book with his hands, and then without hands. It is important for the child to realize how comfortable it is to walk with a straight back: breathing becomes freer, gait is easier.

4. To make the teaching convincing and not boring, be sure to back up the words with facts and illustrations.Here’s what information you need to disclose to your child:

  • Scoliosis impairs the appearance and functioning of internal organs.
  • Curvature of the spine causes persistent and severe pain that interferes with enjoying life and performing normal everyday activities.
  • Complications such as intervertebral hernia are possible. There is no need to intimidate the baby, but to explain that it is in his power to create a healthy adult life for himself.

5. It is useful to give examples that will interest the child. For example, a little girl will be delighted to hear stories about how royal families paid great attention to the posture of young princesses. Since every girl considers herself a princess, such an example will be very motivating. Boys will love the legends about knights and warriors who did not bow before the enemy, but defeated them without bending their backs. You can also touch on an authoritative personality from real life, from show business.

6. Educational cartoons and films will become another means of motivating a child, for example, the cycle “Alphabet of Health” from the animated series “Smeshariki”.

7. It is useful to study the structure of the human body together with the baby. He will know the location of important organs and understand how important correct posture is to well-being. Knowing the basics of anatomy is useful in other ways, besides discussing a position at a desk.

eight.The information that an even posture is a guarantee of not only health, but also attractiveness will sound convincing. This is a particularly motivating argument for teens who already want to be liked by their peers. It is useful if they can see themselves at the desk in the mirror, so they can track deviations from the correct position.

9. The child should not be allowed to spend a lot of time in a sitting position without interruption. When he has finished his homework, he immediately turns on the computer and continues to sit without moving.It is important to arrange moments of relaxation, as well as maintain an active lifestyle, where there is time for both sports and walking.

10. It must be remembered that the desk is intended only for writing homework assignments. Oral lessons can be done in a different position or in a different place: in an easy chair or reclining on a bed. Frequent changes in body position will protect against fatigue and back pain.

These simple rules will help you teach your child the correct fit and build a trusting relationship with him, because the baby is pleased with the attention and care of the parents.In his eyes, parental authority rises, he listens to their opinion and tries to comply.

90,000 Schoolchildren may not return to their desks soon – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

The restrictions adopted in Russian schools due to the coronavirus may remain for another year. Rospotrebnadzor proposed to consolidate anti-epidemiological measures in schools and other children’s educational organizations until 2022. We are talking about compulsory temperature measurement, about a zigzag seating, fixing a separate office for each class, with the exception of classes that require special equipment, for example, physical education or chemistry lessons.

This also applies to maintaining the attendance of students on schedule and canceling mass events. At the same time, it is known that children are not included in the risk groups for coronavirus and only 10% of them are sick. Nevertheless, the leading editor of the Vrachu.ru resource for doctors, pediatrician Mikhail Kagan, believes that such restrictions are justified.

“Children are not included in the risk group, but they are carriers of the virus, often without symptoms or easily carrying the disease, therefore, in epidemiological terms, they are dangerous.There is a second point – the fact is that, of course, we all hope for a vaccine, it is possible that vaccination will begin in the next few months, and somewhere in 2021 it will probably cover a significant percentage of the population. But so far the vaccine has not been tested on children. In fact, people over 18 years of age are subject to vaccination.

Therefore, children will remain, apparently, outside of this process, until there is some additional research and so on in terms of the safety of the drug for them.

And therefore, they will continue to be a possible source of the spread of the virus.And in this regard, these measures will very well complement the vaccination of the older strata of the population. Therefore, from my point of view, this is correct, “- said Mikhail Kagan.

In some regions, the authorities have already transferred schoolchildren to distance learning. For example, in the Samara, Voronezh, Tula, Sverdlovsk regions.

Different schemes are selected. Some regions left primary school students on full-time education, and high school students were completely transferred to “remote”. Others use a mixed format.That is, twice a week, children come to classes, but the main lessons are held online.

In St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, schools have switched to free attendance by the end of this year. That is, the parents decide for themselves whether the child will study internally or remotely.

In Moscow, high school students, college and university students will study remotely at least until mid-January.

The advantages of this form of education look dubious, says Rustam Bayburin, an analyst at the Institute of Education at the Higher School of Economics: “Anchoring a class or a seating situation can sometimes lead to the fact that schools that work according to individual curricula face difficulties in implementing their educational program.

But in general, it is not the educational process that suffers in the first place, but social processes.

Now children generally sit at home and are at a distance, and the first thing they lack now is not so much lessons as interaction, communication, social experience that they get at school, the ability to do projects together, and just existing ones the limitations of this experience greatly reduce. It seems to me that we are losing a lot in this area, and so far, along with the restrictions, no intermediate solutions have been proposed on how to avoid this.

At the same time, it makes no sense to send children to school now, for example, in Moscow, for the simple reason that the numbers at which we went to the distance were lower than those that are now. We will simply return again to the need to force the children to be sent home, because they will start to get sick, to contact other children, and we will also send those in contact to a distance. That is, we will come to the same remote form, only, unfortunately, in a natural way through the fact that children will either be sick or will be in contact with sick people. “

Now in Russia, 29 schools are completely closed for quarantine due to outbreaks of disease. Over the past 24 hours, the number of such educational institutions has increased by two. There are also some quarantined classes. There are only about 1% of them, according to the Ministry of Education.

Svetlana Belova

An inside look: what pupils of new schools think about their architecture

Nika Sorokina, 15 years old

I have been studying in Horoshkola for two years from the 7th grade.Before that I went to a regular public school, it couldn’t be easier. But there, the approach of teachers to students was that the adult is always right, and the child is humiliated. One can hardly learn anything in such an atmosphere.

My mother showed me the site of Khoroshkola, I spent several months intensively preparing for admission. Entrance exams were non-standard, they looked not just at the results of some control. Both the student as a person and his ability to communicate with other people were assessed. At the same time, everyone talked with the children on equal terms, there was no need to deserve a normal attitude towards oneself.When the answer came that I had entered, I could not believe it with joy.

First impressions of the new space
Everything has changed simply unreal. At the last school we had a roof leaking, I’m serious. When the whole school is dirty, old, when you can’t go to the toilet, you go there with zero motivation. Motivation and mood appear where the batteries are not turned off in winter, the air does not blow, and water does not drip on you.

Participation in the creation of the school environment
The designers of Khoroshkola coped 100%, but any school will heal only when the children contribute something of their own.Our students can do this. For example, there is an art class here (by the way, an amazing place – a huge room with panoramic windows, where there are easels), around it is an exhibition of sculptures that the guys made themselves. There is an exhibition of various works at the library, there is a cork wall on which drawings are attached. The guys also made special structures of wood with stretched strings, where you can attach advertisements. Some of the students offer to braid their braids in their free time, someone wants to create a club of interests, someone conducts a casting for a new production.

In Khoroshkol, almost on the second day I understood how everything works. Navigation by floors is thematic: for example, the second floor is physical culture, and the fourth is scientific.

School atmosphere
I love our dressing room very much, I have many memories associated with it. Everyone has their own locker there. And when at the beginning of the year everyone comes and takes their lockers, this sets the tone for the whole year. I like the library.You can spend time in it in different ways, you can just charge your phone, look for something there, you can sit on one of the seats by the window on large armchairs, where no one will see, and relax. There are many ottomans on which you can lie, and of course, a huge number of books in Russian and English.

Classrooms look minimalist: white walls, chairs on wheels, nothing distracts. We have single movable tables and chairs, and on different subjects teachers arrange them as they like.It is more convenient to discuss in literature when the desks have the letter “P”, and in English we occupy swivel chairs, because it is more convenient to work in a team this way.

Compared to another new school
I must say right away that I am an insane patriot of our school, so ours is the best. I was at the New School – it has a fairly ordinary building, but inside there is a more innovative interior, although there is less space than ours. Only the assembly hall is more spacious – I would like us to have the same in Khoroshkola.More people will come to us, and all may not fit.

In general, I think it is very important how the school looks. When you go there early in the morning, not in a particularly good mood, because you had to get up early, and you also see the gloomy building, this is so-so motivation to study. And it is completely different when you see an incredible building, like ours.

What is the result …
With the arrival of Khoroshkola, not only the space, but also the teaching format itself has radically changed.Earlier it seemed to me that knowledge is only what you cram while you sit in textbooks and suffer. But in Khoroshkol there are almost never ordinary lessons when you sit at your desks and listen all the time. Teachers come up with something interesting, and we can even offer them new lesson formats ourselves. In general, we have a relationship of trust and partnership with them. They are interested in working with us, and it can be seen.

I love our dressing room very much, I have many memories associated with it.Everyone has their own locker there. And when at the beginning of the year everyone comes and takes their lockers, this sets the tone for the whole year. I like the library. You can spend time in it in different ways, you can just charge your phone, look for something there, you can sit on one of the seats by the window on large armchairs where no one will see, and relax

Serafim Rylov, 15 years old

I got to Letovo by accident. He studied in his hometown of Shuya: first in a regular school, and then in the best school in the city, and after the 8th grade, my mother’s friend told me that there is such a school in Letovo.I didn’t think to do it seriously – rather, I wanted to prove to myself that I could. But somehow I went through all three stages of admission. In my previous schools, there was no English, so they barely took me. In the end, it was a turning point in my life.

First impressions of the new space
The first thing that caused me an involuntary “WOW” is the architecture of the building. Consider a field, a forest, and in the middle there is a huge complex. The exterior of the building is like a face, like an exterior. He sets the tone.

Exterior and interior should be in harmony and complement each other, be in the same style so as not to confuse the viewer.Letovo is designed this way. I go to school and see paneled windows, kinks, curves, different shades of colors. Everything is unusual and different. And I immediately tune in to the educational process.

Contributing to the creation of the school environment
I believe that settling in a space is just as important a step in building a building as laying a foundation. After all, it is not the architect who lives here, but other people. Their collaboration with the architect creates the ideal space.

We have many places where students’ paintings and photographs hang.As in any normal school, there are stands on which you can hang something. And first there were white boards, and then they made fabric coverings on the walls in blue and yellow colors. At one time, memes about Letovo were hung around the school, but when the inspection arrived, they decided to remove it, which is a pity.

The Letovo building has a varied layout, it is even interesting to walk around the school. Large school corridors also motivate us to move. Easy to navigate. There is an elevator, stairs, and maps are everywhere, and the rooms are numbered as usual.When I changed school in Shuya, I remembered for a long time what, where, and in Letovo by the end of the first month I could already lead excursions. The only strange thing is that the medical block is on the ground floor. If something happens upstairs, it will take a long time to get down. But basically we have an elevator.

School atmosphere
Inside Letovo one can immediately see the contrast with ordinary schools, where there are dim bulbs and little light. Where there are narrow small corridors, and the classrooms are painted red-brown or dirty green, like in a cave.Everything is different with us. A bright space with panoramic windows and powerful lamps. Classes with high ceilings, full of light – while practicing in such, you feel not even lift, but inspiration. At the end of the corridors of the Letovo training wing there are panoramic windows overlooking the forest. They are huge, and next to it there is a platform with ottomans. And when it snows or rains, it’s incredible to watch. And trees were recently planted in the courtyard, they have not yet grown, but when they do, I will return and walk there.

The entire Letovo space is logically divided into sectors. I like the scientific wing, it is a separate corridor with chemistry, physics, biology. The main color of the walls is red, it is combined with glass windows and display cases, and the aquarium is in the middle.

In the center of the school we have an atrium, which is generally very cool. A portal departs from it, behind which there is a stage equipped with sliding soundproof panels. If necessary, they divide the space between the stage and the atrium.Transformer classes work in the same way. In normal times, they look like three small offices for 12-15 people. And if you need to hold a lecture or mass work, then the panels move apart and turn the three rooms into one lecture hall.

What in the end …
Once in Letovo, I got the opportunity to do what I like. Here’s a cool approach to organizing life. If you want, sit down at the easel and draw, if you want, play the guitar, if you want, do chemistry. This is the mutual interest of the school and students in developing, motivates to create something new.

Here we all want to achieve something, develop ourselves, learn English, in the end. My study group – sotsgum – are people who want to change the world and make it better (no matter how pathetic it sounds). Well, in addition to good goals, they are fun with them and you can chat for hours. For example, with the guys with whom we play in a rock band. I think the environment affects a person, his inner world and mind. I see it on my own – I began to control my emotions more, although maybe I’m just growing up.

In Letovo, classrooms with high ceilings, full of light – while practicing in such, you feel not even an uplift, but inspiration.At the end of the corridors of the Letovo training wing there are panoramic windows overlooking the forest. They are huge, and next to it there is a platform with ottomans. And when it snows or rains, it’s incredible to watch. And trees were recently planted in the courtyard, they have not yet grown, but when they do, I will return and walk there

Corps of Engineers at the State Farm named after Lenin
Anastasia Pichulina, 14 years old

I live at the State Farm named after Lenin for about ten years.At first I went to the old state farm school near the house, then the engineering building did not exist at all. When they started building it on the pond, my mother wanted to transfer me there. I also liked this idea, and I went to school right after opening, in the sixth grade.

First impressions of the new space
Now every day, when I go to school, I see a new, modern, beautiful building. I think the outside school should motivate you to go inside. This is how it works out here.We were told that while designing it, the team of creators traveled around the world to the best educational institutions to learn from the experience. As a result, the most advanced solutions were applied in the design and construction. Now the students – and me – don’t even want to leave here after school. I often stayed at school this year, and all because in it you can not only study, but also relax, chat with friends, read, play volleyball, table tennis. And if you stand in the middle of the building, then through the glass you can see almost the entire school from edge to edge as a whole, this huge open space is mesmerizing.

Participation in the creation of the school environment
The school is completely new, there are many opportunities for creating space for yourself. The school has quite a lot of space filled with posters, projects, drawings, photographs, stands, but there are still free zones. After the end of various exhibitions, we take the models home, so there is a constant change of exposition at the school.

Since the 8th grade, I have been doing an architectural project. I want to change the section of the school roof so that it can be exploited.Rebuilding will begin soon there, they will make a greening system according to my project. It’s a great experience! All this will go to my portfolio, and I will present it when entering an architectural university.

I never got lost at school. Everything is logical. Most of the walls are glass, which is why the school is always light and you can clearly see where what is and where to go.

It is also convenient that the entire administration of the school is located in one room, and not in different offices.This office is located in the middle of the school and also behind a glass partition, so the school leadership is always easy to find. It also does not create a barrier between superiors and students.

School atmosphere
I am studying to be an architect (we have such an educational profile). A school with such incredible architecture inspires this. The architecture class is one of my favorite places in school. It is located on the attic floor, has large panoramic windows and a glazed roof. It seems to be the largest classroom in terms of area, there are special powerful computers for 3D modeling lessons, there are always a lot of people, and everyone is doing something: some models, some drawings.The atmosphere is creative, I immediately want to join the process. Considering the profession that I have chosen, the space of the school inspires me very much and reminds me why I am doing all this.

The interiors of the school are minimalistic, the premises are spacious and bright. This effect is achieved through glass walls and competent zoning. The school has high ceilings, and the number of storeys is not linear. Classes are mainly held in classrooms, and when the weather permits – on the street in a specially designed amphitheater or on the site next to the school.

Compared to another school
The old school was ordinary, it was good to master the school curriculum, and after school to go home, nothing more. The new school is already inspiring for self-study, development, and not for formal memorization of the school curriculum.

What in the end …
I studied well in my old school, but I didn’t feel much enthusiasm for learning and no craving for knowledge. And in the new school I seemed to wake up! I really wanted to learn and learn something new! I realized that education is not only very important, but also can be interesting!

Since the 8th grade, I have been doing an architectural project.I want to change the section of the school roof so that it can be exploited. Rebuilding will begin there soon, a greening system will be created. It’s a great experience! All this will go to my portfolio, and I will present it upon admission to an architectural university

Gymnasium named after EAT. Primakova
Ksenia Kurbanova, 18 years old

My mother works in Primakov’s gymnasium, she two years ago and told me that the school is testing students for recruitment. I decided to try my hand, although I was not going to go.I came, looked at this grandiose building and suddenly decided that I like it here. Moreover, the school had a profile suitable for me – socio-economic. In the 11th grade, I went there. Now I have finished high school and am in my first year.

First impressions of the new space
The first thing I thought when I saw the school was: “Wow!” The scale of the building is very impressive; it looks five times larger than where I studied before. It is modern, unusual and spacious. There is a lot of glass inside and outside, which maintains the feeling of a large space.Unlike ordinary schools, there are no narrow dark corridors, where there are always a lot of people, and where during the whole change you only think about how to survive.

Contributing to the creation of the school environment
I really love that students influence the way the school looks. For example, in the gymnasium there is a system of “houses”. In fact, it’s like the faculties at Hogwarts: the entire school is divided into four “houses” on the cardinal points. Each “house” arranges the space itself, while students of different ages interact with each other.There are various competitions between the “houses”. Most of the classrooms are designed by teachers.

At first, of course, it was difficult to navigate. Because there are several stairs in the building. This is a very large space. And everything is broken down into corpuses: mathematics, English, literature, and so on. But everything is logical, so you just had to get used to.

School atmosphere
Studying with us took place not only at the desks in the offices, often just took pillows and studied on the stairs.And when it got warm, they went to study at the football field, sat there on ottomans. It is much more pleasant to listen to a lecture lying on an ottoman and basking in the sun.

At school, I loved the seat by the large panoramic window on the third floor and the dead-end corridor leading to the window on the first floor. Usually no one was there, and when you wanted silence, you could sit there alone. The reading room is a cool and cozy place. You can work out there if a “window” has formed. The atmosphere is inviting: from the attentive librarian to the pleasant interior.

The glass walls of the school are very unusual, it feels like you are in an aquarium. I like the format of the class more than the format of the lecture hall. In the classroom, it is more convenient and easier in terms of self-control, you are less distracted, because you are in sight. And interacting with people in the classroom is easier too.

Classroom equipment can make the learning process more interesting, but I don’t think there is a need for excess. For example, I personally don’t like interactive whiteboards. The school does not use all the functionality that they contain, so their meaning is lost.

In the end …
I am sure that the environment affects a person. In Primakovskaya, from 9 am to 6 pm, I was less tired than in the previous ordinary school, where I studied from 8 to 15. Certainly, this was influenced by the space: an abundance of light, bright colors. After all, school should be a place where you want to come, not where you want to escape at the first opportunity. The school had a status that I wanted to maintain. And architecture motivated to do this. This made me feel like a part of some unified, well-coordinated mechanism.

Studying with us took place not only at the desks in the offices, often they just took pillows and studied on the stairs. And when it got warm, they went to study at the football field, sat there on ottomans. It is much more pleasant to listen to a lecture lying on an ottoman and basking in the sun

How to understand that it is time for your child to study distance learning,

Everyone has their own reasons for switching to family education. To switch to homeschooling, it is enough to notify the municipal authorities and drop out of school.No special help or arguments needed. In this article, we’ll cover the most popular reasons for distance learning.

Source: freepik.com

A common problem: I don’t like studying because, due to my temperament, I am uncomfortable at school. For example, it is difficult for an introverted child to express himself in a class where, in addition to him, there are 25 other children. Teachers, as a rule, do not encourage introversion: such children are “uncomfortable”, they are not active in the lesson and may have problems with answers at the blackboard.This is why introverts are stressed in a regular school. Distance learning solves this problem immediately – you can make the educational process individual and manage it as you want.

Source: freepik.com

There are children who do not like school rules, and this is not about discipline at all. Perhaps the child is not at all opposed to obeying or following specific rules, but the very system of the traditional mass school goes against his vision of the world. Such children are too free to wear uniforms, get bored in a useless lesson and sit at their desks from bell to bell.Online learning can provide freedom, but at the same time set a certain framework so that learning does not go on its own.

Source: unsplash.com / @benjaminmanley

Do you move frequently? It doesn’t matter for whatever reason – perhaps regular business trips or freelancing work. It is inconvenient to change schools every time, because this implies bureaucratic fuss and additional stress for the child in connection with adaptation to the new team. Distance learning allows travelers to stay connected to their education wherever they are in the world.After all, all you need to study online is a computer and Internet access.

Source: freepik.com

In a busy schedule of training, camps and competitions, it is difficult to attend classes and do homework every day. This is a common reason for the transfer of a child athlete to distance learning. Sooner or later, the parents of the future champion are faced with the question: to leave professional sports or to forget about the education of the child? Distance learning will help you combine both. Young champions find a balance between study and sports career by practicing online.

Source: freepik.com / @ master1305

Creativity and the traditional school are also incompatible things. Perhaps your child plays a musical instrument, sings, dances, is passionate about art? Rehearsals and hobby groups are not always easy to adjust to a rigid school schedule that does not provide for deviations. And in online training, you can build the schedule yourself.

Source: freepik.com

In the worst case, you will experience a plateau effect and stagnation. After all, if the child is not interested in the classroom, since he has already mastered this level, an urgent need to increase the difficulty.Then the interest will not fade away, and the study will be more effective. But in a mass school, teachers are guided by the whole class, not by a specific person. And a child who is doing great and could do twice as much has to slowly drag along with his classmates. Online learning helps the excellent students to personalize the process, go towards their own goals and realize their ambitions.

Source: freepik.com

In a regular school, deviating from the program will not work – you need to study what is provided for in the plan.Sometimes there is no time at all for disciplines that are really interesting to the child – even in the order of self-education.

In family teaching, you choose what to teach. The child will need to master the basic school minimum in order to pass the certification, but the program can be diversified with any subjects. The pace of learning depends on you – if the child is comfortable, you can master the advanced level. And if the subject is given with difficulty, on the contrary – to slow down and sort it out slowly.

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