Easiest way to do eyebrows: How to Do Your Eyebrows: 14 Steps (with Pictures)


How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Natural by Filling Them In

There are some people with very light eyebrows, bushy ones, or none at all. Having a poor eyebrow wax, going tweezer happy at home, or thinning your brows can leave you with an awkward brow shape. Regardless of your brow situation, you can clean them up in a way that makes them appear natural by filling them in using specific techniques, tools, and colors.

But these techniques aren’t limited to fixing brow mishaps. If you already have a great shape and you’re looking to enhance your look, several strokes of color can bring out your eyes. Light brows tend to disappear, especially when wearing a full face of makeup, so they can be more defined with some color. You can easily take care of light and sparse areas with pencil, powder, or mousse. Ahead, watch celebrity makeup artist Carissa Ferreri’s step-by-step tutorial for creating the look of natural, fluffy eyebrows.

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Meet the Expert

Carissa Ferreri is a celebrity makeup artist with clients among the likes of Ashley Graham, Hannah Brown, Gina Rodriguez, and more.

Brush Eyebrows First

Before filling in your brows, use an angled brow brush (also known as a slanted liner brush) to brush your brows upwards. Although primarily used as a mascara applicator, a spoolie brush can work here too. Its spiraled bristles can shape brows and blend in eyebrow filler. After you fill in your brows, you can brush them upward again to blend in the color and shape any unruly hairs.

Choose a Color

If you have dark hair, pick a color that is a shade or two lighter than the natural color of your brows. On the other hand, if you have light hair and are deepening your brows, you can opt for a tone that’s a half to one shade darker.

Select the Right Tools and Products

Beginners can try the popular Japonesque Eyebrow Kit which has all the tools you need to define your eyebrows (Note: This product is currently sold out, but we recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit, $65, for something similar). If purchasing products individually, consider whether an eyebrow powder, pencil, or mousse would best fit you and your brows. When you’re just getting started, it will take some time to learn which tools work best for your brows and how to use the product correctly for the best results:

  • If you’re using a powder, get a stiff angled brush. The stiff bristles of the brush are great for control when putting the product on and defining your eyebrow shape. Apply the powder in angles by following the way your hair is growing. 
  • Those choosing a pencil will find that they’re great for filling in sparse spots. Work their magic by lightly holding the pencil and drawing hair strokes in the sparse areas. You can also use a stiff angled brush here to soften the lines as needed.
  • When opting for a mousse, you can cover gray brows, instantly deepen hair color, and provide some holding power. Simply stroke on your brows like you put mascara on your lashes—just avoid putting multiple coats on your brows.

If you’re using powder or a pencil, you can apply a brow wax to will keep your brows from smudging. Mousse, however, will dry on its own. A good product like Blinc Eyebrow Mousse ($24) won’t flake either. If you discover that your brows are sparse due to stress, aging, or thyroid issues, try testing an eyebrow revitalizer like Talika Lipocils ($57) which can help spur growth. 

Apply Products Carefully

Ensure you have a mirror. Whichever method you choose, use a light hand and stray away from using too much product. Don’t press on the skin hard, either. It’s always easier to add color than it is to remove it. This kind of fine-tuning will help you to manage your product so that you don’t over-do it by accident. As you’re working on your brows, stand back and look at them from a distance in the mirror. This will help you see if they’re appearing visually balanced and natural.

If you find that the color you chose is too dark or the wrong tone, it will look like you painted on fake eyebrows. Don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson for testers. It’s hard to tell how the product will look on you and your brow hair by simply glancing at the tube or color printed on the package.

Shape Your Eyebrows

When it comes to shaping your eyebrows for a natural (rather than dramatic) look, consider what would best complement your face shape. The main thing you want to do is create some shape by using small hair-like strokes. Make sure that the front of your brows aren’t squared off or appear too harsh. You also don’t want to overextend the tail end of your eyebrow, which can draw your face down. Finally, for a natural look, avoid an arch that is too pointy or over-exaggerated and instead focus on a simple and smooth curve.

Get the Best Eyebrow Shape

Locate Your Starting Points

Want perfect eyebrows? Here’s where to start. Flip your tweezer (try Tweezerman Slant tweezer, $23, amazon.com) upside down so the open end is pointing downward, and place it vertically alongside the outer edge of the bottom of your nose. The point where the vertex lands marks the beginning of your brow (which should also be about one inch above the inner corner of your eye). Using an eye pencil, draw a vertical line to demarcate the start of each brow, then check that the space above the bridge of your nose is centered between them. Remove the strays that fall in between.

“Grab strands right at the root and slowly pull them out,” says Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar in New York City.

Keep reading for tips on how to get the perfect eyebrows.

Defy your age with these natural beauty secrets!

Mark Your End Points

Lay the tweezer on an angle against your cheek so that the open end is at the bottom of your nose and the other end reaches the outer corner of your eye. The spot where the tweezer intersects your brow is where the hairs should end. Mark it with the eye pencil, then pluck the hairs beyond the line.

Determine Your Brow Thickness

How to do your eyebrows right: Starting just below the fullest part of your brow, use an eye pencil to draw a line along the bottom edge of your brow; it should be above any stray hairs and it should follow the natural shape of your brow’s top line, which may be angled, slightly curved, or even straight. Pluck the strays below the line. Ultimately, your brows should be between a quarter inch and a half inch at their thickest.

Shape Your Arch

Look straight into a mirror. The arch should peak above the outer rim of your iris and lie right on your brow bone: “Imagine upside-down check marks, but with soft angles,” says Vucetaj. Mark the point with your eye pencil, then remove a row of hairs along the bottom, from your inner brow point to the peak point. After the peak, shape the tail.

“Make it a bit thinner than the main part of your brow, tapering at the end,” she says.

Follow these easy steps and perfect eyebrows will be yours!

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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Much like asking Picasso to teach us how to hold a paint brush, the Cut will be asking experts to teach us the foundations of beauty. First up is Daniel Martin, Meghan Markle’s wedding-day makeup artist and an ambassador for Honest and Dior Beauty. Below, he demonstrates the easiest way to get perfect, thicker-looking brows.

Watch the Video

Tip one: Start with a clear gel.

Tip two: Pick a really sharp pencil.

Real brow hairs look individual, so you don’t want to shade in your brows in a single block like you’re filling in a shape in a coloring book. Instead, the trick is draw short flicks, which means you should pick a brow pencil with a fine tip. Martin likes Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color.

Tip three: Draw individual hairs in short flicks.

Draw individual strokes to mimic real eyebrow hair. You’ll want to draw them in the direction that the hairs grow, going from root to tip. They should be about the same length as an actual hair, too.

Tip four: Use your pencil to measure your brow.

To make your brows look fuller and bushier if necessary, you’ll want to avoid harsh lines. Draw your hairs starting from the inside of the brow, working your way out. How far should you go? Martin has a good rule of thumb. Take your pencil and line it up vertically against your nose — that’s where your brow should start. Then line it up at an angle from the outside corner of your nose, extending to your brow — that’s where it should end.

Tip five: Blend with a spoolie.

The final step makes everything look natural. Take the spoolie end of the brush and brush it through the entire eyebrow, again in the direction of the growth. This evens out the strokes.

The finished result

Photography by Maxime Cardol

Produced by Liane Radel

Makeup by Daniel Martin at The Wall Group

Model Emmy Kruger at Silent Models

Hair by David Colvin at The Wall Group

10 Essential Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends. We here at Bright Side have come up with this useful guide on how to make your eyebrows look absolutely gorgeous at home, without spending a fortune on salons and makeup artists.

Before you start…

You need to determine if your brows are thick enough. Don’t worry if you discover that your eyebrows don’t meet some standards or trends for thickness. You can always try to grow thicker brows. Before going to bed, try massaging your eyebrows for 3-5 minutes using castor oil, olive oil, or almond oil for faster hair growth. A healthy diet can also work its magic not only on your hair, but also on your whole body – include fish (especially salmon), nuts, raisins, and soy products in your diet. These will stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. You won’t have to wait long to get amazing results.

To identify the three points that you will need to look at when shaping your eyebrow, use the ‘pencil’ method. Place a pencil in a straight line along the side of your nose – this is going to be the beginning (inside) of the brow. Next, place the pencil along your nose and across your pupil. This will be the arch and the highest part of your brow.  Now move the pencil so that the end of your nostril and the outer edge of your eye are in line – this is the end of your brow.

How to pluck the perfect eyebrows:

When you’re done with the theoretical material, get ready to proceed to the practical part. Take your tweezers and start plucking! We thought these small tips might come in handy to get amazing results:

  • Make sure you’ve made yourself comfortable and have good lighting. Invest in a high-quality pair of tweezers – this essential instrument you’re using has to be effective in tweezing the eyebrow and grabbing the hair.
  • Run an ice cube over your brows to reduce the redness, swelling, and pain, or apply some skin moisturizer.
  • Be careful when plucking the area above the brow: if you go too far and over-pluck it, the brow will look unnaturally thin. After every few tweezes, take a couple of steps back to see the bigger picture and evaluate the result.
  • Use a special brush to comb your eyebrows, and trim any hairs that stick up above the brow line with a small pair of nail scissors or eyebrow scissors.

How to fill in eyebrows:

Now let’s get to the most difficult and probably the most challenging part of the whole thing – how to fill in the eyebrows so that they look thicker and more natural. If your brows are lighter than your hair color, you can try coloring them using a special eyebrow dye. 

Keep in mind that the color of your eyebrows should be very close to the tone of your hair. If you choose a color that is a couple of tones darker than your hair, your eyebrows will look rather unnatural. 

You can fill in your eyebrows using a pencil, eyebrow powder or shadow, and brow mascara. A pencil helps you create a more natural look and conceal sparseness. Using brow powder you can get thicker eyebrows, whilst brow mascara is a must-have for women with rebellious thick eyebrows. 

The basic steps for getting your perfect eyebrows are almost the same no matter which filling instrument you’re using:

1. Use an eyebrow brush to lightly brush brow hairs, line the bottom curve of the brow, and fill in the hairless spots.

2. Make the tail of your brow if needed, and outline the top and bottom edges of your brow. Be careful with the margins of your natural brow shape; don’t apply too much color, especially near the bridge of the nose.

3. If you want the brow shape to look more well defined, try to highlight the skin between the eyebrow and the eyelid. To do this, apply a few drops of concealer and blend thoroughly, then apply some highlighter under the eyebrow, and you’re good to go!

There you go! You’re now the proud owner of some nicely shaped, gorgeous eyebrows!

How To Do Your Eyebrows At Home, According To Experts

(Photo: iStock)

With salons closed for the foreseeable future, we’ve had to take our beauty routines—from gel nail polish removal to hair colouring—into our own hands. But eyebrows are a completely different ball game. If you’re used to getting your brows waxed, threaded or plucked by a pro, the thought of cleaning up or shaping your arches yourself can feel overwhelming and, well, a little scary. We tapped Veronica Tran, founder of Toronto salon Pretty In The City, and Breigh Bellavance, National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics Canada, for their best tips on at-home brow maintenance⁠—including how to find the best eyebrow shape for your face.

Here’s everything you need to know before you reach for the tweezers.

What is the best method to groom my eyebrows at home?

When it comes to at-home brow maintenance, less is definitely more. Both Bellavance and Tran agree that tweezing is the easiest way to clean up your arches yourself and that more complex brow-shaping techniques—like waxing and threading—are best left to the professionals. “Tweezing is the best kind of insurance policy, because you are choosing hairs one by one,” says Bellavance. “Waxing removes several hairs at once and there are lots of variables, so it’s more of a gamble—you don’t want your brows to be an experiment.

What tools do I need?

All you need to take your brow grooming into your own hands is a pair of tweezers and a fine brow pencil to map out your shape.

A good pair of slanted tweezers is key. Tweezerman tools are a popular choice among brow experts, but Belleavance swears by the Benefit Cosmetics tweezers, which have a handy grooming brush on one end.

Good light is also crucial to achieving the best possible results. “Natural light doesn’t lie,” says Bellavance, who suggests finding a comfortable spot near a window.

What you most likely don’t need is a magnifying mirror—it distorts your reflection, which will likely lead to over-plucking. To avoid giving yourself thinner brows than intended, use a plain old tabletop mirror instead.

How do I find my eyebrow shape?

The best eyebrow style for your face is typically the one you naturally have, so honouring your natural shape is important. To find your ideal shape, Bellavance suggests mapping out your brows, using a brow pencil as a guide. This creates a “box” around your brows which acts as a safe zone, and you can then pluck the hairs outside of that box without worrying about altering the natural shape of your eyebrows. Here’s how to find your shape:

(Photo: Benefit Cosmetics Canada)

To find where your brow should begin, take your brow pencil and hold it at the outer nostril and upwards, so it intersects with the top of your brow. Using the pencil, mark that spot with a line.

To find the arch of your brow, take your brow pencil and hold it at the outer nostril, going across the outer iris, marking the spot with a line.

To find where the tail of your brow should end, take your brow pencil and hold it at the outer nostril, going to the corner of the eye and once again marking the spot with a line.

When you’re done, connect these points with straight lines, taking care not to hug the brow too closely. “You want to see your brow inside this box, so you know that you’re not digging into your shape as you’re plucking,” adds Bellavance. If the mapping process seems overwhelming, Tran’s simplified trick is to fill in your eyebrows with makeup as you would when getting ready in the morning and tweezing around that shape.

How do I tweeze my eyebrows the *right* way?

“When you’re tweezing, you should always keep the skin tight,” says Tran. “Put your finger at the base where the root is and tweeze in the direction of the hair growth.” This helps minimize the pain and ensures you’re not damaging the hair follicle.

Both experts also say you should avoid tweezing above your arches and stick to the stray hairs underneath and in-between your brows when going the DIY route. “You need more of an aerial view to see what those hairs at the top are doing for you,” says Bellavance, adding that over-plucking the top can can drag down your features. If dark, coarse hairs are interfering with your shape, you can carefully pluck them by lifting up each one with your tweezers as you go to see what your brows would look like without them. “Even one hair out of place can mess up the shape,” says Tran. “When in doubt, just leave it.”

How do I achieve a defined, precise arch?

The secret to those sharp, defined brows you see all over Instagram? “More often than not, it’s a mixture of a great brow shape and makeup,” says Bellavance. A fine pencil can help create the crisp shape you’ve always dreamed of. She suggests achieving as close as your desired shape as you can naturally, and sharpening the outer edges of your brows with a few hair-like pencil strokes.

On top of that, brows are rarely symmetrical, which means you will likely need a little makeup magic to achieve an even look. Trying to match them up by removing hair could result in brows that are thinner than intended. Changing the natural shape of your arch is tricky and requires precision, so keep it simple when shaping your own brows and leave extensive reshaping to your brow artist.

Should I trim my eyebrows?

Much like trimming your own bangs, trimming your eyebrows has the potential to go very wrong, very quickly. “Your brows are front and centre—just one wrong snip can create a jarring effect, whether it be a little dip or a hole,” says Bellavance. If you can’t wait until your next salon visit to get overgrown brows under control, the key is to proceed with extreme caution.

First, set your brows with a clear gel, sweeping the hairs up to see their full length. Using small brow scissors (not kitchen scissors!), single out the hairs that are too long and trim them one by one at an angle, following the shape of your brow. “Trim one millimetre at a time, and don’t pull the hair while you’re trimming—when you let go and it bounces back, it’s going to be a lot shorter,” says Tran.

If you’re not comfortable trimming your eyebrows, both Bellavance and Tran recommend investing in a good brow gel to keep unruly hairs in check.

What about an at-home brow tint?

A brow tint—a semi-permanent dye that lasts on average 3 to 4 weeks—adds oomph to sparse, fair brows and instantly makes them appear fuller but, like waxing and threading, it should be left to the professionals. “There’s a science to it—we look at your hair colour, your hair texture and the density of your brows and those things can really make a brow tint turn out very differently,” says Bellavance.

Thankfully, you can easily fake that well-groomed, bold brow shape at home without resorting to DIY dye. “That’s when you bust out your tinted fiber gel,” she adds. “It’s your at-home brow tint, and it works even if you want to cover greys.”

How do I grow out my eyebrows?

Growing out your brows takes time, so you’ll need to be patient. The first step is to put down the tweezers—you might be tempted to clean up your brows in-between appointments, but Tran says that waiting it out will give your brow artist more to work with, which will result in a fuller, more defined shape. “If you need to, only tweeze the light hairs that are really low [under your brow line] and leave everything else. Let yourself get hairy.”

If you’re looking to give your arches a bit of extra love, adding a growth serum to your daily routine can result in thicker, healthier brows in the long run. Tran recommends coating the brows in eyelash growth serums, while Bellavance loves the Benefit Cosmetics Browvo! Conditioning Primer, which contains keratin and soy protein to help brows look thicker, fuller and healthier.

Shop our favourite at-home brow tools:

At-Home Eyebrow Tools

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How to Tame Eyebrows in 5 Simple Steps


A perfectly shaped eyebrow is an art form. Unfortunately, not all of us are born artists. So what do you do when you need to know how to…

A perfectly shaped eyebrow is an art form. Unfortunately, not all of us are born artists. So what do you do when you need to know how to tame eyebrows but it doesn’t come naturally? 

You come to The Blend, of course! You don’t have to be Banksy to get eyebrows that will have people asking if you just got back from a spa because they can’t figure out *exactly* why you look so amazing. Whether you’re starting with wild, wonderful bushies or sleek, barely-there brows, we’ve got you covered.



Here’s How to Tame Eyebrows in 5 Steps

1. Know your goal

Whatever eyebrow shape you’re seeking, remember that eyebrows are meant to frame your face. The easiest way to achieve that: make them symmetrical — aka matching, filled-in and fabulous. It takes some trial and error, but you can master it in minutes if you have the right tools. 

2. Style your shape

Try to keep your natural brows in a simple shape so your makeup doesn’t have to do all the work on the daily. Wax, thread or microblade the bigger jobs and leave the rest to your trusty tweezers. 

When learning how to tame eyebrows, it’s about addition and subtraction. (Don’t worry: equations will not be on the final exam.)

– To add dimension, volume and drama, use an eyebrow brush, pencil or powder to fill in or extend brows.

– To create a clean, natural shape, subtract excess hair by plucking or waxing.


And remember: when you’re subtracting, go slowly! You can always pluck another hair, but you can’t make it grow back.To determine your perfect baseline brow, pluck the obvious strays and then put down the tweezers and go do something else. When you come back to the mirror, if you still think more have gotta go, you can be confident in your decision. 

Now how, you may ask, are you going to work all this artsy magic? Pick up The Player. When it comes to how to tame eyebrows, this versatile synthetic brush is really all you need, IOHO 🙏🏾. 

It has you covered 3 ways:

1. Stiff angled bristles help lay down brow powders, creams, gels and waxes

2. The double-sided spoolie brushes and blends brows

3. The comb helps separate and define eyebrows as well as lashes

 Once you pick your product, let The Player do the rest.

3. Set your intentions

Decide what look you’re going for. Does today feel like a thick brow day or is it an arched-and-angled occasion? What about a bare approach for a crisp and clean look?

If you’re going natural, grab a clear gel or eyebrow pencil, which will help you mimic your real brows. Start at the top of your nose and work your way from the inner part of your brows to the outer arch. Pro-tip: Go back and forth between your left and right brow for more help keeping those brows symmetrical. 

If you want a bold, more fully-filled-in look, use a colored gel or brow powder, which will cover the most surface area. Apply the product directly onto the spoolie of The Player and then use it to fill in your main brow areas. Work from the outside in, and be sure to start with our next tip: 

4. Be sketchy

When it comes to adding shape and color to your brows, start by using your pencil or powder to stencil in an outline. Step back from the mirror and see if you like where you’re headed. If so, fill in the lines. If not, wipe it off and start again with a blank canvas. 

Not sure your art skills are up to par? Here’s a top-secret hack: While we created our Liner.Designer tool to help you achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look, you can also use it for brows. The tiny triangle tool is a great teacher for people learning how to tame eyebrows but who may not have the steadiest hand.

5. Lock down your look

Lastly, use your eyebrow brush or spoolie to brush your hairs to their resting place. Finish it off with eyebrow gel or setting spray to keep going strong all day long. 

Learn All About the Eyes

– How to Apply Eye Makeup: 7 Steps to an Everyday Look

– How to Apply Eyeshadow: Tips + Tricks

– Sizzle With Smokey Eyes: How To Do a Smokey Eye Look


A Tutorial— The Effortless Chic


A short history on my relationship to my eyebrows goes a little like this: I have really light eyebrows. In the 90s that was great. I could wax them twice a year and no one was the wiser. Anytime I had my makeup professionally done, though, I was always uncomfortable with my eyebrows– probably because I wasn’t use to seeing them! I would always beeline it for the bathroom and begin smudging the eyebrow makeup to make them less noticeable. As I’ve gotten older and as eyebrows have made a comeback, I’ve learned to do mine in a way that feels like a good balance. I like for them to look like they do exist on my face, but still feel natural. Have blonde eyebrows or just looking for a quick two minute routine to up your eyebrow game in the morning? Keep reading for our full tutorial for blonde eyebrows plus answers to some frequently asked questions below…

Above is the before and below is the side-by-side of my eyebrows before makeup and after the tutorial for blonde eyebrows. All of my makeup is exactly the same in both. The only difference is the eyebrows! Huge, right?!

These are the two products that I swear by for blonde eyebrows. The first is Glossier Boybrow in blonde. I was one of the last people to try this product. A makeup artist once told me that I didn’t have enough hair for it and I was also hesitant that it would be too heavy of a feel for what I like.

On the contrary, I LOVE this product. Obsessed. If I could only use three makeup products this would be one of them. It’s true that it really needs hair to stick to which is different than an eyebrow pencil which is why I use both.

By using Boybrow first though, I’m able to give some pigment to those blonde hairs making them more defined. It also means I don’t have to use as much of a pencil resulting in a much more natural look.

Step 1: Boybrow. You can really use the brush to shape the direction of the hairs. For a more defined brow, use more pressure and more product. Go over the hair more times. For something more natural, use a lighter hand to gently take the wand across your eyebrow in the direction you would like the hairs to go.

Here’s the difference with one eyebrow done and the other not: the one that has no product literally disappears!

You can see now in the picture below that even after the Boybrow, there are spots that needs to be filled in with the pencil because there just isn’t hair there. Remember that the Boybrow really needs hair to adhere to.

Step 2: This is where this Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil comes in. I use the color taupe. Now I go in and create short strokes in the same direction that the hair is going with the pencil. I only do this in the places where the hair is thinner or non existent. I use it to really give a balanced look throughout the eyebrow.

Tada! Here’s the final:


Should Your Eyebrows Match Your Hair:

This is a matter of personal preference, but it’s perfectly typical for people’s natural hair and eyebrow color to differ. I personally think brows that are one to two shades darker for people with blonde hair look best. If you have brunette hair, one to two shades lighter usually feels the most natural.

What do you use for Blonde Eyebrows:

I use Glossier Boybrow in blonde and Anastasia Brow Whiz in taupe. Both colors are ashy and keep the brows from looking too warm.

Should I tint my Blonde Eyebrows:

I have done this before. Something to consider though is that, like Boybrow, the tint needs hair to adhere to. If you have thick eyebrows / dense hair, the tint will be dramatic. If like me your hair is more sparse, it won’t be as dramatic of an update.

If you liked this tutorial for blonde eyebrows, check out:

Photography by Katie Jameson

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Eyebrow shaping methods: customer reviews and expert opinion

We asked a professional eyebrow artist to talk about the pros and cons of procedures for creating perfect eyebrows. We choose what is right for you!

A successful eyebrow shape can change your facial expression and make it look younger. And staining will give them a neater look.

Anastasia Chubarova Master of eyebrow modeling, @chudo_brows

View this post on Instagram

Publication from Julia Browist (@ brow_lash_master64)

Often in salons, eyebrow correction is carried out in the traditional way: they are plucked out with tweezers.But unlike home correction, before this, the master carefully measures out all the proportions, tries to create an individual shape for a particular face according to special rules.

Expert opinion: tweezers allow you to achieve the most accurate and accurate result. The disadvantages of the procedure include the fact that the process is quite tedious and can be painful. If plucked incorrectly, the problem of ingrown hairs can arise.

Daria, interior designer: “Before, I tried to create my own ideal eyebrow shape.But only after the first trip to the browist, I realized that nothing worked out for me. For the first time, the master managed to make my eyebrows (and I have them of different lengths and widths) symmetrical! ”

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Publication from Novy Urengoy / Novy Urengoi (@master_v_nur)

This correction is done with cotton or linen thread. The thread is tied and twisted on the fingers according to a certain pattern, due to which two loops are formed with a knot in the middle.So several hairs are captured at once, and they are abruptly removed.

Expert opinion: , unlike tweezers, trading is much faster. The thread removes all excess hairs, even fluff. The procedure is hygienic and hypoallergenic. Ideal for thick and overgrown eyebrows. But there is one drawback: the hair to be captured by the thread must be at least 4 mm.

Victoria, accountant: “I used to pluck my eyebrows with tweezers. When I first tried trading, it hurt more.But I had to endure less. The process takes much less time. In addition, all the fluff is gone, so the correction can be done much less often. ”

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Publication from SUGARING COURSES WAX SAMARA (@korol_alena__)

The procedure is almost painless, as the master pulls out the entire hair zone at once with the help of wax. Direct removal takes an average of five minutes.

Expert opinion: After waxing, the hairs grow much slower than after tweezers or triming. The interval between corrections is increased to three to four weeks. With regular waxing, excess eyebrow hairs become less visible. But some clients have occasional skin irritation. There may be allergies.

Sofia, actress: “Eyebrow shaping with wax turned out to be the most ideal way for me, as I can’t stand it when the hairs are pulled out one by one.When removing with wax, I do not even have time to feel pain. And new hairs grow very slowly, the correction can be done once every few months. ”

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Publication from Beauty Studio (@ loftstudio.msk)

Eyebrows in the salon or at home can be dyed with professional paint. On the hairs, it lasts 3-4 weeks on average, but it is erased from the skin after 3-5 days.It all depends on the manufacturer and composition.

Expert opinion: eyebrow tint can only be used to dye hairs. Eyebrows can be lightened if necessary. Of the minuses: it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy, since the composition contains chemistry. An allergic reaction is also possible.

Tatiana, hairdresser: “I dyed my eyebrows with paint in the salon. They became more expressive, but the paint quickly wiped off the skin. Therefore, I bought a professional paint, now I tint them myself.The process is elementary and takes 10-15 minutes. ”

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Henna dyeing is suitable for those who want to make the shape more expressive and keep the result for several weeks. The effect on the skin lasts up to 5-14 days, on the hairs – 5-6 weeks. The durability depends on the intensity of the coloration and the type of skin.This method will save the owners of plucked, rare eyebrows, since henna visually gives them thickness. When it starts to wear off, you can choose a suitable eyebrow pencil and easily tint them along the contour. Checked for yourself!

Expert opinion: henna is not dangerous for pregnant and lactating women. In addition, it strengthens the hair structure. Cons: an allergic reaction is possible, there are slight restrictions after the procedure. Also, henna is not suitable for injured or dehydrated skin.

Anastasia, beauty editor: “I dye my eyebrows with henna in the salon about once every 2 months. The artist creates the perfect shape for my face and matches the color. After that, for a few weeks, you can forget about eyebrows altogether: you do not need to tint them every morning. Ideal before vacation! ”

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Microblading is suitable for those who do not want to do eyebrow shaping every month.The effect of it lasts one and a half to two years. First, a sketch of the eyebrows is created, the pigment and color are selected, and then it is injected under the skin using a maniple – a small blade with replaceable microneedles.

An expert’s opinion: the master makes small cuts in the form of hairs, which are filled with pigment. Therefore, the procedure is quite painful and requires good care for quick healing. The method is relevant for those with thin eyebrows or bald spots.

Christina, housewife: “When I was young, I plucked my eyebrows down to fine strings for a very long time (it was fashionable then).Now the hairs no longer grow. To restore normal thickness, I have to do microblading. For rare eyebrows – a real salvation, as you can add hairs. ”

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The eyebrows look very natural after the procedure. It uses a special vibration machine to spray the pigment under the upper layers of the skin.

Expert opinion: The pigment is very soft, as if the eyebrows were tinted with shadows. Suitable for those who want to have their own more expressive eyebrow shape while maintaining a natural look. The effect lasts up to two years.

Svetlana, teacher at a language school: “For a long time I could not decide on a permanent eyebrow makeup, but my friends highly recommended powder dusting. It turned out to be okay. The eyebrows look very well-groomed and at the same time natural, which I honestly did not expect. “

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This is the most radical eyebrow shaping method. It is performed with a vibrating machine and a needle, which injects pigment under the skin, similar to tattoos. A uniformly dye-filled shape is created.

Expert opinion: As a result, the eyebrows get an even and clear shape, but they look unnatural.After tattooing, the effect lasts 3-4 years. But there is a risk that the shape and color will change over time.

Irina, SMM-manager: “I did tattoo several years ago. It was then that my eyebrows appeared for the first time. But choose the master carefully so that he does not make a mistake with the shape and color, as the effect is long-term. It will be very difficult to fix something. Moreover, after unprofessional tattooing, yellowness may remain on the eyebrows for a long time.

The shape of the eyebrows should be selected based on the shape of the face.

Alexandra Kilina BrowUp! School teacher

If you have a round face, it is better to choose a shape with clearer lines, and make the highest point not smooth, but pointed, but at the same time leave the base as light as possible and, if possible, fluffy.

If the face resembles a square or rectangle, and all its features are sharp enough, then it is worth choosing a smoother, airy shape of the eyebrows, not making clear lines. Round the highest point a little and choose less saturated shades for coloring.This will help soften the face.

But remember that, regardless of the shape of the face, now natural, maximum natural eyebrows in width are in fashion. The best and most suitable form is the one that was originally given by nature.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips:

How to make eyebrows beautiful without going to the salon

How to prepare for eyebrow correction

Before you start creating beautiful eyebrows, you need to choose a time and place, stock up on tools and prepare your face for the procedure.

1. Choose a time and place

Keep in mind that eyebrow shaping takes on average 30-40 minutes. It also takes time for the skin to recover from plucking. Therefore, it is better to schedule the procedure on a weekend when you do not need to wear makeup.

Plucking eyebrows is more convenient in daylight, so even the finest hairs will be visible. For maximum comfort, sit in front of a wall mirror, dressing table, or look for a mirror on a stand.This will keep both of your hands free.

2. Collect everything you need for eyebrow shaping

  • Mirror. It should be quite large so you can keep track of how symmetrical the eyebrows are. It is convenient to use a special magnifying mirror to remove the smallest hairs.
  • Well-sharpened tweezers. For correction at home, a model with beveled ends is best suited: it is convenient for it to grip and pull out individual hairs.But tweezers with a wide straight edge are better not to use: with them you risk accidentally removing more than necessary. Well, remember that the tool should fit comfortably in your hand.
  • Long, thin object: orange stick, pencil, pen, paintbrush, etc. Useful to indicate the beginning, bend and end of the eyebrow.
  • White eyeliner to mark guide lines and points.
  • Cotton pads.
  • Disinfectant. Alcohol-based lotions or salicylic acid (alcohol solution) work well.
  • Eyebrow brush.
  • Micellar water to remove make-up.
  • Depilatory Lotion. It prepares the skin for the procedure without clogging the pores.
  • Moisturizing milk or lotion to treat the skin after depilation. Any texture you like will do.

3. Prepare your face

Makeup will get in the way. Therefore, wash yourself thoroughly, wipe your face with micellar water, and then with a special depilatory lotion.

How to find the shape of your eyebrows that suits you

Consider not only the shape of your face, but also how your eyebrows grow. Don’t try to change their shape too radically. For example, if your eyebrows are naturally straight, you shouldn’t make them arched. Otherwise, you risk plucking out most of your hair.

Anastasia Shimireva

Now naturalness is in vogue. Therefore, the correct shape of the eyebrows is as close to natural as possible.This emphasizes your individuality and expressiveness of the look. In addition, if you make a mistake during the correction, you will not ruin the eyebrows much.

So, take a stick, a white pencil and do the following.

1. Determine the beginning of the eyebrow

In order not to pinch the eyebrow, carefully define the line of its beginning. First, take a soft pencil and draw a line from the bridge of the nose to the brow arch.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Place the stick vertically parallel to the bridge of the nose.Where the tool crosses the arc is the beginning of your brow. Mark this point with a white pencil.

Do the same with the other eyebrow.

2. Find the highest point of the eyebrow

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Look straight ahead in the mirror to mark the point correctly. Place the wand against the wing of your nose so that it goes over the outer edge of your iris.

Where the tool crosses the eyebrow, there will be the highest point of the eyebrow, the place of its bend.Mark this point with a white pencil.

Do the same with the other eyebrow.

3. Determine the end of the eyebrow

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

The correct length of the eyebrows is very important: too long make the look sad, and short ones emphasize the asymmetry of the face. In addition, the hairs on the tips grow back especially for a long time and in case of a mistake it will be especially difficult to correct this area.

To understand where the eyebrow should end, position the stick so that it runs from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye.Where the tool crosses the outside of the eyebrow, the target point will be. Mark it with a white pencil.

Do the same with the other eyebrow.

To check if you have marked the beginning and end of the eyebrow correctly, place the stick to the bridge of the nose: the points you find should lie on the same line.

But be careful: due to the peculiarities of appearance, even with correct calculations, the starting point of the eyebrow may be slightly below its end. If at the same time the eyebrow looks neat, everything is in order.

4. Set the direction of the ponytail of the eyebrow

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Find the dimple near the ear: it is located directly above the place where the cheekbone begins.

To determine the correct direction of the ponytail of the eyebrow, connect the bend of the eyebrow, its end and the dimple found with a straight line.

5. Draw the lower contours of the eyebrow

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Take a white pencil and use a smooth line to connect the starting point and the intended bend on the lower border of the eyebrow.From the bend, draw a smooth line towards the end of the eyebrow towards the dimple at the ear.

Repeat with the other eyebrow.

How to pluck eyebrows

You need to remove all hairs under the white line and between the two points on the bridge of the nose. Before doing this, disinfect the tweezers and wash your hands. Then brush your eyebrows up with a brush.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Placing the tweezers closer to the base of the hair, pluck them one at a time with not very sharp movements. Pull strictly in the direction of growth to avoid creases, microtrauma and ingrown hairs.Tighten the skin slightly to relieve pain.

Don’t get carried away: growing out eyebrows is much more difficult than plucking.

Correct the eyebrows in parallel to avoid asymmetry: several hairs on one side, the same number on the other.

And do not forget to remove the removed hair with a cotton pad and periodically disinfect the tweezers.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

In most cases, the hairs in the upper part of the eyebrow do not need to be removed: if you make a mistake and pull out the excess, the shape will be too unnatural.It is worth resorting to such a correction only in the case of strong asymmetry. Then carefully remove one hair at a time, being careful not to pinch.

Do not trim eyebrows with nail scissors. Because of this, the direction of hair growth changes and then it will be difficult to correct it.

After correction, wipe the skin with moisturizing milk or lotion.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

How to do eyebrow makeup

The next day after the correction, you can use decorative cosmetics.It will help to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows and correct imperfections.

You will need a brush, eyebrow gel or hairspray with strong hold and a powder eyebrow pencil.

Choose the color of the latter, based on the tone of the hair. If you want to brighten your eyebrows, use a pencil a maximum of 1–2 shades darker. The pencil should be well sharpened so that a thin and neat line can be drawn the first time.

Draw the lower contours of the eyebrows with the selected pencil.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Using a brush, blend the pencil with light upward movements.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Then repeat the lines, but already inside the eyebrows and stepping back a little from their beginning. Gently go over problem areas, gaps or small scars with a pencil. Draw the middle and tip of the eyebrow and blend it again with the brush.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

If you want to make your eyebrows visually wider, you can bring them from above. Remember to shade the pencil thoroughly.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

To emphasize the shape, lightly walk with light shadows or concealer in the area under the eyebrow. Blend your makeup thoroughly to keep your brows looking natural. You can skip this step if you wish.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

Lay the hairs in the direction of their growth. This is usually done with an eyebrow gel. But after a while, it can roll, and then the makeup will look ugly.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

To avoid problems, you can spray the brush with hairspray and comb your eyebrows with it.It will look more natural. Then the varnish is easily removed with a makeup remover.

Photo and work: Anastasia Shimireva

How to take care of your eyebrows

Moisturize and nourish your eyebrows every day with a regenerating eyebrow cream or gel. It is best to choose cosmetics with natural oils. Apply it with a cotton swab.

Then rub in the gel or cream for a couple of minutes, moving from the beginning of the eyebrows to the ends. Massage improves subcutaneous circulation. The follicles receive sufficient nutrients and oxygen.And as a result, the eyebrows grow faster.

If the product has a light texture, it can be applied before makeup. A thicker consistency is best left for evening treatments.

How often to do eyebrow correction

It all depends on the rate of hair growth. For some, you can repeat the procedure after a week, but for someone it is better to wait two or three.

If the eyebrows grow back very quickly, do the correction in the same way as the first time: mark the points you need with a white pencil and strictly follow the markings.But more often than not, it is enough just to gently pluck out a few regrown hairs with tweezers.

Remember that the more natural your brows are, the better the final result.

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Fused eyebrows

One-brow fashion is one of the brightest, outrageous and, perhaps, the strangest trends of the new season. Those who actively support him consider the refusal to correct the form as a trend that is good in everything – here is naturalness, originality, and saving time, nerves, and effort.Some even add chaotic hairs on the bridge of the nose with a pencil, if the natural density of the eyebrows is not so impressive.

But what to do for those who are endowed with such a feature of the growth of eyebrow hairs by nature, but are not ready for such daring experiments with appearance? We will tell you how to remove eyebrows that have grown together at the bridge of the nose, and do it safely.

Getting Rid of a Monobrow – 4 Best Ways

Most often, the cause of fusion of eyebrows at the bridge of the nose is heredity, but sometimes unwanted hairs in the glabellar zone appear against the background of hormonal disruptions.Therefore, before proceeding with the elimination of a cosmetic defect, it is better to consult a doctor – you may also need drug therapy.

Moreover, there are monobrows in both men and women. Someone makes it their own chip (for example, model Sophia Hadzhipanteli, actors Timothy Chalamet, Francisco Escobar, Robert Pattinson), while others are ready to go to great lengths to get rid of eyebrows a la Frida Kahlo.

If this is your goal too, you will definitely be interested in how to remove hairs between the eyebrows quickly and safely.You can get a flawless result in one of these ways:

  • Plucking with tweezers

The correction is performed by moving from the middle of the brow towards the eyebrows. Excess hairs grab the tip of the tweezers at the root zone and quickly pull them out. At the end of the procedure, the skin is degreased, lubricated with a non-greasy soothing cream – this is necessary to prevent swelling and redness, since it is very delicate and sensitive in the eyebrow zone.

This method is the simplest, it does not require special skills and the use of sophisticated equipment.Correction with tweezers does not take much time, but the result is short-lived – the skin will remain smooth for up to 2 weeks.

Another disadvantage of the procedure is pain. To minimize discomfort, experts recommend using local anesthetics (ointments, gels or sprays) or applying ice cubes to the skin before plucking.

To remove the hair between the eyebrows with wax, the treatment area is pre-cleaned and degreased – this is necessary for the wax to set well.Heat the wax (usually no more than 60 ° C), apply a small amount with a wooden spatula and press lightly against the skin to improve adhesion. The frozen composition is pry off with a stick and with a neat, but quick and sharp movement, it is torn off in the direction against the hairline. Finally, the skin is treated with a nourishing and soothing lotion.

The procedure is practically painless and completely safe, if high-quality wax is used – it does not damage the skin, does not provoke irritation and redness.

Glabellar waxing gives an excellent result – even the thinnest, short and vellus hairs are removed, the skin looks absolutely smooth and well-groomed. In addition, if you do this procedure regularly, new hairs grow back more slowly, they are much thinner and invisible.

Correction with a thread allows you to quickly and painlessly remove excess hairs between the eyebrows, leaving the skin flawlessly smooth and well-groomed for up to four weeks. Using twisted cotton or synthetic disposable thread, the master grabs the hairs at the very root and pulls them out, giving the eyebrows a neat shape.

Trading does not take much time, but it requires an impeccable mastery of technology from the eyebrow artist – one wrong move can hopelessly ruin the result. This procedure is considered one of the safest and is suitable even for those with hypersensitive skin.

  • Laser and photoepilation of the brow zone

How to make sure that the eyebrows do not grow together at the bridge of the nose? Laser hair removal will help with this – if the previous methods provide only a short-term effect, then thanks to this hardware method, you can forget about the monobrow.

Laser correction of the eyebrow zone is performed using high-precision equipment of the latest generation. The laser beam penetrates the skin and targets the hair follicle, destroying its structure. In the future, it will be impossible to restore such a follicle, but one session is not enough for this – several procedures will be required.

In addition, laser correction is not suitable for everyone – it will not give the desired result if the hairs on the bridge of your nose are light, and also if your skin is naturally dark or tanned.In these cases, photoepilation is recommended – it involves exposure to flashes of light and is suitable for all skin types, all colors and hair types.

Any of these methods allows you to quickly and safely get rid of unwanted hairs in the eyebrow area. But you need to trust the correction to certified masters who know how to work correctly with this complex sensitive area.

But shaving the hairs on the bridge of the nose or using a depilatory cream is not the best idea.As a result of such experiments, the skin and mucous membrane of the eyes may suffer, and the hairs themselves will begin to grow even more intensively, and they will grow back hard, rough, sticking out in different directions.


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How to improve the shape and make eyebrows yourself at home

How to make eyebrows at home

1.Eyebrow dyeing:

One way to darken brows is by using synthetic dyes, which can be done by a professional in a beauty salon or at home.

Here’s how to darken your brows with dyes:

  • If you decide to color them yourself, you should purchase a kit that is specifically made for eyebrow coloring, not hair.
  • You should choose a dye that is several shades lighter than your normal hair color, as your eyebrows are never the same shade as your hair.
  • If your eyebrows are darker or the same color as your hair, they will look unnatural and out of place.
  • If you decide to dye your eyebrows at home, remember to mix the dye according to the instructions provided in the kit, and then apply and leave it on your eyebrows for the specified time.
  • Be careful not to injure eyes when applying colorant. These chemicals can cause eye irritation and allergies, so keep them away from your eyes!

2.How to make eyebrows with makeup

Another way to darken your brows is to use a variety of cosmetics available on the market, such as eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner. However, this method is not permanent and works for one day.

  • During makeup, take your mascara brush and simply dip it once into the bottle.
  • Raise the brush and remove some of the mascara by rubbing the brush against the outline of the tube.
  • Brush gently over brows so that it spreads evenly without smudging or appearing too dark.
  • Sometimes you need to tint your eyebrows a little to make them look perfect.

3. Make eyebrows with eyeshadow

The third way to make eyebrows is through eyeshadow. This is the simplest method, but the disadvantage is that it wears out very quickly, so it needs to be repeated frequently.

  • Take an eyeshadow brush and dip it in a color that is similar to the original eyebrow color.
  • Just brush along your brows to make them appear darker and fuller.
  • Choose a lighter shade than the previous one and comb the brows gently to avoid creating a very dark brow shade.

How to shape eyebrows at home

  • If you want to flaunt your eyebrows, you must first create the perfect shape and adjust the thickness and outline to suit the shape of your face. This can be done with tweezers and scissors.
  • Eyebrow pencils are a must when styling your eyebrows. Pencils work great as they provide size and also add volume to flat and thin brows.
  • Eye-shadow is another essential brow shaping tool. This is ideal if you want to keep your brows dark for longer periods of time and provide a different look depending on the occasion.
  • Gels can also help lighten dark brows or keep an ugly forehead in place.

Proper styling and makeup can divert attention away from the face and can also help flaunt the eyebrows. If you have large eyebrows, it helps in framing the eyes. They also brighten the face and, above all, provide balance without compromising the rest of the makeup.

Well-groomed brows are important as they can make or break the entire look of your makeup. If you want to look your best, never ignore your eyebrows. Keep them in shape!

90,000 How to dye your eyebrows? Review of popular methods for one time, for a long time and forever

All sorts of eyebrows are needed, all sorts of eyebrows are important.It is this part of the face that can completely change the overall impression of a person. And there are so many songs dedicated to women’s eyebrows. And if not so long ago it was customary to pluck them into a thin thread, and this was enough for a well-groomed look, now everything is completely different. The hairs need to be able to style beautifully, skillfully outline the lines, and, of course, select a harmonious tone of the dye designed to make this part of the face brighter.

But what if you still cannot comprehend the science of beautiful eyebrow makeup? Persistent paints will come to the rescue, the application of which can be entrusted to professionals.In addition, long-lasting tinting will significantly save time when creating a make-up. And, which is doubly pleasant, some of the formulations can be used at home on their own.

An overview of popular eyebrow tinting methods ranging from the least durable to the most dramatic tint for life

1. Special pencil and shadows – the easiest way to brighten the “life” of eyebrows. The obvious advantage of this method is the variety of cosmetic devices.Waterproof, powdery, wax, matte pencils, with and without brushes, liquid and solid, multi-colored shadows – choose whatever you like. But, firstly, you need to be able to use these makeup items, and secondly, there is always a risk that somewhere something will smear, flow, rub off.

2. Tint – persistent colorant. For eyebrows, you can find a film and water version of this tool. The principle of operation is the same as that of the lip tint, but it holds, of course, it is better (after all, you do not need to drink, eat or kiss with your eyebrows).

How to use the eyebrow tint? If we are talking about a film, then everything is simple: we applied the product to the desired area right on top of the hairs, after the allotted time they removed the frozen film – we got a make-up that certainly will not smudge throughout the day. Water tints also work with the only difference that the pigment stains the skin immediately, so you need to use it very carefully and quickly.

Wash off the eyebrow tint with hydrophilic oil, micellar water or any other means for washing.

3. Chemical paint is a relatively durable method. Toning with paint lasts about 2 weeks, then the procedure must be repeated. A significant difference between this method and the above is that the pigment does not color the skin, but the hairs, so the shape of the eyebrows will still have to be given with the help of make-up tools (styling gels, and all the same pencils, shadows). Of course, there are lucky women who are lucky with the shape of their eyebrows by nature – for them, paint is an ideal option, since you can spend half an hour of time and forget about the makeup of this part of the face for a long time.

Are you afraid to tint your eyebrows yourself? In any beauty salon or hairdresser, you will be offered to do this procedure, and usually it costs quite a budget and does not take much time.

But! Remember the risk of an allergic reaction, because not only pigment, but also an oxidizing agent is often added to the composition of chemical paints.

4. Biotattoo or, in other words, staining with natural dyes (most often, henna).The advantage of this technology is that, thanks to the pigment, not only the hairs, but also the skin get color. With biotattoo, you can easily adjust the shape, give it a bend, etc. Usually, after painting in this way, you can completely forget about eyebrow makeup for a week or two. It is this period that toning lasts on the skin, on the hairs – about a month.

5. Permanent Makeup (PM) is a “lightweight” version of a tattoo. The master injects the pigment under the skin, but not deeply as in a classic tattoo.As a result, you get a make-up that will be with you for a year or two. Over time, the color may fade, then, if desired, you can make a correction.

Sounds attractive, but there are a few pitfalls to the permanent. Firstly, in the first week after the procedure, your eyebrows will be far from ideal, as the micro-wounds through which the dye was injected will heal. Secondly, the successful result depends entirely on the master, especially on his experience and talent, because a permanent tattoo will be with you for a long time.Thirdly, the procedure must be carried out in conditions of complete sterility, so trust your face only to real professionals who work in salons with an impeccable reputation.

6. Microblading – a kind of permanent, in which the master imitates the natural growth of hair in the eyebrow area by applying color lines and strokes. If an ordinary PM often sins with unnaturalness, then microblading is precisely designed to solve this problem. But again, a lot depends on the master and on the individual reaction of the body to the pigment.

Microblading stains the skin for a year or two, then the color fades, fades and disappears.

Microblading is now beginning to lose its popularity. Many women opt for a powdery eyebrow makeup technique. Less traumatic procedure, but also has its own characteristics.

7. Tattoo (permanent make-up) on the eyebrows – a cardinal and not very popular way of coloring eyebrows. Firstly, not every woman will dare to do this with her face.After all, first the skin will need to be shaved smoothly, then endure pain when drawing a pattern, and then for a long time to heal the epidermis, which is always in sight. And the result may not be entirely pleasing. And if with a permanent there is a chance that the dye will come off after some time, then the classic tattoo does not provide for such an option.

There are many ways to dye your eyebrows. How not to be mistaken with the choice? The advice of any beautician is banal, start the changes in the image smoothly. So, for example, if you want to make a permanent, then first try biotattoo in order to understand whether you will get the result you expected.

Eyebrow shaping: how to make a fashionable shape yourself – expert advice

How to care for eyebrows at home when all salons are closed? Very simple! We will tell you what eyebrow correction is, how to do it and how to strengthen eyebrows on your own.

The content of the article

1. Eyebrow shaping: what is it?

2. Types of eyebrow correction

2.1 Plucking

2.2 Cutting with thread (triming)

2.3 Correction of eyebrows with wax

How is eyebrow shaping done?

How to correct the shape of the eyebrows?

How to fix eyebrows?

5.1 Problem – unkempt and too wide eyebrows

5.2 Problem – too dark eyebrows

5.3 Problem – Low Tip

6. Means for eyebrow care

6.1 Oil

6.2 Serum

6.3 Air conditioner

6.4 Antimony

6.5 Natural masks


It will not be possible to do microblading at home, but you can limit yourself to simpler and less painful methods of correction.


Eyebrow shaping: what is it?

Eyebrow shaping is a procedure for creating the correct shape, taking into account the characteristics of a person’s face.At home, it will not be possible to do microblading, but you can limit yourself to simpler and less painful correction methods.

Interest in eyebrow shaping has grown again, but pronounced eyebrows are no longer in vogue. It all comes down to naturalness, naturalness. It is important to consider what kind of eyebrows are given to you by nature, type of face, makeup, clothes and even your mood. It is better to stick to a technique that allows you to simultaneously shape and add thickness and volume to the eyebrows, licked hairs are not suitable for everyone.


It is important to consider what kind of eyebrows are given to you by nature, type of face, makeup, clothes and even your mood.

Types of eyebrow shaping

At home, a new eyebrow shape can be done in three different ways. The most popular correction is plucking. But we will tell you about two more methods that may suit you.


Professionals recommend plucking your eyebrows immediately after a shower, as at this moment the pores open, which makes it easier to pull out the hairs.


Plucking eyebrows with tweezers is the easiest way to remove hair. This method is best for maintaining the existing shape of the eyebrows. That is, you first need to make a new form from the master, and then maintain it at home. Professionals recommend plucking your eyebrows right after showering, as the pores open at this moment, which makes it easier to pull out the hairs. Follow the brow line and do not try to remove hair from the brow itself.

Thread cutting (triming)

To remove excess hairs, use a regular cotton thread.


Eyebrow correction with thread is a centuries-old technique that came to us from the countries of the Middle East and South Asia. To remove excess hairs, use a regular cotton thread. The master twists it into a loop and very quickly passes it over the skin. Hair falls into a loop and is abruptly pulled out of the hair follicle.

New hairs only grow after three to four weeks. You won’t be able to do it the first time, because the technique requires a certain amount of skill and practice. But if you master the art of trading, you can save a lot of money on your brows.


The method is ideal for sensitive skin, because the master does not use any aggressive products during the procedure. Also, for many, this method is less painful than plucking.

Eyebrow shaping with wax

This method is more suitable for removing hair in the area between the eyebrows and the superciliary arch.

Waxing brows are ideal for thick or wide brows. This method is also used for very fine or curly hair that is too difficult to pluck.


During the procedure, the master applies a thin layer of cold or hot wax to unwanted hairs.Next, a special strip of paper or fabric is applied to the place and quickly removed. The wax removes hair from the follicle. This method is more suitable for removing hair in the area between the eyebrows and the browbone.

Avoid waxing if you have sensitive skin. The fact is that during the procedure, the master pulls the skin strongly and acts on it with hot wax. Sensitive skin is unlikely to like this.

How is eyebrow shaping done?

Everyone’s eyebrows are different.There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for creating the perfect shape. Before adjusting the eyebrows, it is necessary to analyze the proportions of the face, the shape of the eyes and the eyebrows themselves. Hair texture, color, density and natural shape are important to us.


Many masters recommend not touching the eyebrows before adjusting for 6-8 weeks. During this period, the eyebrows will grow well and restore their natural shape. And then you can make the perfect shape from scratch, suitable only for you.

Before correcting the eyebrows, it is necessary to analyze the proportions of the face, the shape of the eyes and the eyebrows themselves.

Already started the adjustment? We share detailed instructions on how to pluck eyebrows correctly:


  1. Get an eyebrow pencil that matches your color. Some artists use a regular white pencil to sketch the eyebrows.

  2. Place the pencil vertically, pressing against the wing of the nose.Next, make a small stroke at the beginning of the eyebrow. Namely, in the place where the edge of the pencil fell.

  3. Then you need to outline the bend. To do this, take a pencil and mentally draw a line from the center of the upper lip through the iris to the eyebrow. Make a mark at this point. To find the tip of the eyebrow, you need to mentally draw a line from the base of the nose to the outer edge of the eye.

  4. Next, comb through your hair. Hair that is too long can be trimmed neatly. The main thing is not to overdo it.

  5. The next step – to prepare the eyebrows for plucking, we recommend lubricating the skin in the area of ​​the eyebrows with face oil. By lubricating hair follicles, you prevent hair breakage and reduce skin sensitivity.

  6. Take the tweezers and start the brow shaping procedure. Pluck hairs in the direction of hair growth to reduce discomfort.

  7. During the procedure, use natural daylight and do not use a magnifying mirror.

  8. First remove the hairs between the eyebrows before the beginning of each eyebrow.

  9. Then pluck the hairs under the arch and tip of the eyebrow. Do not break the thickness of the eyebrow. At the end of each stage, check the result, moving away from the mirror. This will help you see if everything is going according to plan.

  10. After plucking, apply a mild cooling gel to relieve irritation.

  11. Bald spots in the eyebrow itself can be hidden with a pencil. Choose shades that exactly match the color of your eyebrows.


How to correct the shape of the eyebrows?

When correcting eyebrows at home, be sure to remove hairs in the direction of their growth. You should not come close to the borders of the eyebrows, you need to remove only the necessary hairs, leaving a slight negligence. This way you will not spoil the shape, but will make it a little more neat.

As for eyebrow makeup, now a light, quick make-up is in vogue, to create which it is enough to use one or two means.First, be sure to comb through the eyebrow hairs, laying them in the desired direction. Using a pencil or shadows, you can fill in the missing and create a shape.


First, be sure to comb through the eyebrow hairs, placing them in the desired direction.

Special products (gel, eyebrow soap and others) will help fix the eyebrows. Pay attention to the multifunctionality of gels: they can and should be used both for fixing and for drawing missing hairs.


Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Pencil, Dior


Shadows are great for volume and detail. Use a lighter color to fill in the entire brow and achieve the desired volume, and use a flat beveled brush and a darker shade to draw individual hairs and create shape. This will add or brighten the overall color.

Remember, eyebrows don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical.


What else you need to know to make the right eyebrow shaping at home:

  • Remember, eyebrows don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. Slight differences will add a natural look to the look, because each person’s face is a little asymmetrical.
  • Maintain an even thickness from the middle to the arch.Only the tip should taper.
  • Remember – the length from the beginning of the eyebrow to the bend is approximately equal to the distance from the bend to the tip. Strike this balance to open up your gaze.
  • It is not necessary to lower the tip of the eyebrow below the level of the beginning of the eyebrow.
  • Comb the hairs, slightly lifting the brush upwards.
  • Step back each time and check your work so that you can correct it in the process.
  • To trim the brow, use a brush and nail scissors.Comb the hairs first and then lift them up. Hold them with a brush and trim off the edges. Next, lower and check if you cut enough.
  • The correct eyebrow and eyebrow shade should be 1-2 shades lighter than your natural brow color. Otherwise, you will end up with a hard look. It will seem that your eyebrows are too far over the eyelid.
  • If hairs constantly break out, use translucent mascara or brow gel.


How to fix eyebrows?

Some simply duplicate the beautiful eyebrows of celebrities or at random try on Instagram trends.

Some simply duplicate the beautiful eyebrows of celebrities or at random try on Instagram trends. None of these strategies will give you beautiful eyebrows that are right for you. How to fix the main flaws? Let’s tell.

The problem – unkempt and too wide eyebrows

Comb your hair and style it with a clear gel to fix the eyebrows.


Do not trim your eyebrows in the first place, as short hair is difficult to manage.Comb your hair and style it with clear brow gel.

If you want to get rid of excess hairs and narrow the arch, trim the ends of the hairs using the scissors downward rather than parallel to the eyebrow. You can correct the shape with a pencil.

Problem – brows that are too dark

The end of the brow should be more pigmented than the beginning. And no sharp lines!


To remedy the situation, you just need to choose the right shade.Buy a pencil or eyeshadow 2 shades lighter than your natural brow color. As for the application technique, never press hard on the pencil. And also paint over the eyebrows from the tip to the beginning. The end of the brow should be more pigmented than the beginning. And no sharp lines!

Problem – Low Tip

Pull the tail up towards the temple, focusing on the beginning of the eyebrow.


If the tip is below the level of the beginning of the eyebrow, the look becomes sad and heavy.Pull the ponytail up towards the temple, focusing on the beginning of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow care products

While you are at home, you can not only correct, but also grow your eyebrows so that after quarantine the master has something to work with.


First of all, start using products with avocado, usma, wheat germ, jojoba, grapeseed oil, also pay attention to burdock, peach, apricot and castor oil.

Item 1 of 2


Oil for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, SHIK


What to do with them? Comb the hairs with a children’s toothbrush – this way the product not only gets on the hairs, but also improves blood circulation and all the beneficial substances will reach their goal.


Massage the serum until the product is completely absorbed.

Apply a special eyebrow growth serum to sparse eyebrows daily. The cosmetic product strengthens the hair and promotes its neat growth. How to use the serum? Massage the serum until the product is completely absorbed. The first results will be noticeable in a month.



Products such as conditioners have appeared in modern eyebrow care.They work great thanks to highly concentrated formulas that strengthen hair and give it shine. Professionals recommend using conditioners to soften the skin before and after plucking.


In stores you can find antimony-based eyeliner or natural powder.

With this tool you can not only strengthen your eyebrows and eyelashes, but also make classic arrows. Antimony increases the pigmentation of the hairs and prevents them from breaking.In stores, you can find antimony-based eyeliner or natural powder.

Natural Masks

Some make masks based on natural ingredients such as oils, yeast, eggs and dairy products. Do a mini allergy test before using any product.

How else to strengthen eyebrows and how to choose the best eyebrow tint. See what kind of eyebrows the stars are wearing – there are bad examples too.

Photo: Getty images, Shutterstock

All about eyebrow correction and coloring

Perfect eyebrows are not a fairy tale and every woman is able to make a fairy tale come true.The most beautiful and regular eyebrows are widest at the base, slightly raised in the middle and smoothly towards the tips.

Take any long object, it can be a pencil or a stick, this object will be an assistant on the way to achieving the goal of determining the correct shape of your natural eyebrow. Follow the diagram:

1. Starting point. If you draw an impromptu line (using our stick) up from the wing of the nose, through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, then the point where the stick points will be the starting point.

2. Outer edge of the eyebrow. To determine the end point of the eyebrow, place the stick so that its lower tip touches the wing of the nose, and the upper tip, passing through the outer corner of the eye, points to the eyebrow.

3. Bend. To determine the highest point of the eyebrow, where it should bend, but in a natural and beautiful way, we apply a stick to the wing of the nose and draw an impromptu line up through the iris straight to the eyebrow.

And something else …

– going beyond the above points is allowed in two cases: if the eyes are wide apart, then the eyebrows should be a little closer, this will visually reduce the distance between the eyes and balance the facial features.

– if the eyes are close-set, then the distance between the eyebrows can be made a little more, but without fanaticism, no one will notice this, but the eyes will seem wider apart.

Only a specialist knows exactly how to correct the shape of the eyebrows, therefore, if you want to avoid mistakes, it is better to trust the master right away. And improper plucking threatens that the growth of hairs will be disrupted: “Many girls do, as my mother showed or as they read somewhere, pull the hairs in different directions, and then wonder why the hairs grow in the wrong direction or do not grow at all.”

In order not to harm yourself, it is best to make a shape with a master, and between professional corrections to pluck individual hairs that spoil the appearance of the eyelid.

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