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Fabric Hand Dye


Fabric Hand Dye


Fabric Hand Dye


Fabric Hand Dye


Fabric Hand Dye

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DYLON® Machine Dye 22 Colours Available

Dylon All-In-One Machine Dye is the ideal way to refresh faded colours or bring new colour to your favourite fabrics.

The pod is easy-to- use, simply peel off the lid and pop the full pod into the drum of the washing machine with your fabric for permanent colour on natural fabrics at 40°C.

It’s perfect for reviving faded jeans or brightening some towels. Whether it’s changing the colour of a favourite dress or updating some bed linen, it’s simple and quick with Dylon All-In- One Machine Dye.

The dyes are suitable for use on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and viscose. They will give lighter shades on mixes of these fabrics with synthetic fabrics. One pack will give the full shade on up to 600g of fabric and lighter shades on up to 1.8kg

DYLON’S extensive Colour range includes:

Deep Violet – Be bold and add a vivid flash of amethyst to your wardrobe – with a scarf, a throw or a cute summer vest you’ll capture the beauty of this jewel-like shade.

Emerald Green- The word Emerald evokes images of sparkling intense green shades and this new colour provides just that. A recent addition to the range, this modern take on a traditional classic shade will team well with a range of colours for a truly luxurious look.

Espresso Brown- Inspired by the intensity of a great espresso this woody tone captures the beauty of a walk in the woods and give fabrics in your home and wardrobe a touch of natural beauty.

Forest Green- Think British racing green, lush green countryside and elegant parkland. This gorgeous green brings classic sophistication to any home and timeless style to any outfit. Complement with rich, vibrant colours or wear it alone with beautifully understated confidence.

Fresh Orange- Orange is the colour of positive energy. It is the perfect match between the joyful yellow and the passionate red. Refresh your cloths and home with this brilliant colour that will energise you with positivism.

Intense Black- Black will always have an air of classic, chic sophistication. Coco Chanel was captivated by the mysterious allure of black; Jackie O loved to wear it; Audrey Hepburn understood its timeless charm. Black can create the perfect silhouette; it can be bold just as it can be comforting; perfect for evenings out and days at the office. With Intense Black, your blacks will be at their best, rich, intense and profoundly dark.

Jeans Blue- No wardrobe is complete without a classic pair of good fitting jeans. Sometimes they look better as time goes by after a little wear and tear and fade, but not always. For those other times when you want to bring them back to life, use Jeans Blue for a fresh injection of colour.

Navy Blue- This colour is a classic. Inspired by a life on the ocean wave, this nautical shade captures the strength of an ocean liner and all the grace and charm of the French Riviera. Complement with red and white or offset with deep burgundies and greens to add majestic touches to a room.

Ocean Blue- This rich and evocative colour draws its intensity from the depths of the ocean. Whether you choose to surround yourself in its beauty or simply add a splash of colour to your wardrobe, its uplifting influence won’t fail to refresh your spirits.

Olive Green- Mediterranean hillsides would not be complete without their scenic olive groves. This succulent shade of green is inspired by the lush green leaves of those olive trees. Introduce Olive Green fabrics into your home or wardrobe for a touch of natural beauty.

Paradise Blue- Capture the cloudless skies of a tropical holiday. Imagine a vibrant blue shawl or vivid bed spread. Such a brilliant shade will banish the winter blues or add brightness to a summer’s day.

Passion Pink- Invite Passion Pink into your home or wear it for a vibrant look that will quicken any beating heart. Enhance creativity and excitement with this brilliant colour.

Peony Pink- With all the delicate elegance of Grace Kelly, you’ll find Peony Pink has a gentle charm worthy of any blushing beauty. Wear this powder puff shade in pretty outfits or introduce it in your bedroom or conservatory and you’ll instil the gentle beauty of blossom petals dancing in the spring breeze.

Plum Red- Create an elegant atmosphere full of romanticism and sophistication into your home or wardrobe. This classic colour will enhance your natural beauty and savoir-faire.

Rosewood Red- Imagine beautiful autumn days when leaves have turned rusty shades of reddish brown. Capture the beauty of this season in all its glory with Rosewood Red. Any time of year it looks great against dark denim, and on curtains, cushions and throws, this rich woody tone creates a warm, inviting mood in any home.

Sandy Beige- The movement of the sea into the beach has a wonderful calming quality. This soft neutral shade captures this relaxing sense of calm. Pair it with darker and more intense shades for a completely balanced look.

Smoke Grey- Between black and white there are infinite shades of grey. This particular shade was created to offer a strong, almost metallic intensity. This colour brings subtle sophistication to any wardrobe, paired with black or rich red tones this shade of grey looks fabulous.

Sunflower Yellow- Come rain or shine, this bright and beautiful colour will put a smile on anyone’s face even on the gloomiest of days. Sunflower Yellow is a happy colour ideal for adding a little ray of sunshine to the fabrics and places that need it most.

Tropical Green- Tropical climates are famous for their lush vegetation and vibrant colours set against succulent green leaves. This vivid shade of green is brimming with the life and freshness of the tropics. Bring it into your home or wardrobe for instant vitality.

Tulip Red- Red is the colour of love, passion and dynamism. It’s a motivating, confident colour that energises and attracts people. This glorious red shade recalls the stunning tulip fields of Holland in full bloom. Invite Tulip Red into your home or wear it for a vibrant look that will quicken any beating heart.

Vintage Blue- This delicate pastel shade will bring serenity to rooms in your home and subtle charm to any outfit. Its gentle blue tone soothes, relaxes and brings peace of mind.

Dylon Pre-Dye -Removes colour from fabric so that it is suitable for dyeing to a lighter colour. Will treat all natural fabrics and nylon. Formulated for use in automatic front loading washing machines.

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Mixing Recipes for Dylon Textile Dyes

More DYLON colour tones 

We are often asked why certain shades that are so important for professional dyers have been removed from the DYLON range. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an answer as we do not know the circumstances that led to such decisions.  

We could get the recipes for some of the very well-known colour tones from the former DYLON palette. With a good scale, self-mixing should not be a problem.

The recipes

All colour recipes are for 500 gramm of fabric (dry weight)

Indian Corn (01) = 2,5gr. of Golden Glow (05)


Carnival (13) = 20gr. of Rose of Paris (12)


Peach (60) = 2,5gr. of Golden Glow (05) + 10gr. of Rose of Paris (12)


Pewter Grey (61) = 5gr. of Ebony Black (08) + 5gr. of Arabian Night (16)


Forest Green (62) = 5gr. of Emerald (25) + 5gr. of Jungle Green (26)


Arabian Night?

The colour tone ‘Arabian Night‘ has been removed from the range approx. four years ago. One of the most important tones, as it is a very pure blue. 

Now here are good news for you: from August this tone will be listed again in the range. So ‘Pewter Grey‘ can be mixed without problems.

Millions of colours

You can mix millions of colours yourself from the DYLON colour palette.

If you are inexperienced in colour mixing, the Color Wheel will help you:

Dylon Machine Dye Information | The Dye Shop

Dylon Machine Dye Information

Dyeing Information
  • – Use in front loading automatic washing machines. Do not use in launderette machines.
  • – Don’t dye more than half machine’s maximum load to avoid crowding which will give patchy results.
  • – Don’t use more than five packs of dye at once.
  • – Dyeing may not cover stains, faded areas or bleach marks.
  • – Should any dye be left in machine after dyeing, add cup of bleach to drum, wipe rubber seal, add detergent as usual & run machine empty on 40°C cycle.
  • – After dyeing, wash separately or with similar colours for first two washes to remove any excess dye.
  • – Polyester stitching will not dye.

Colour Shade
The shade you achieve will depend on 3 things:

1. Fabric Type
a. Cotton, linen & viscose will dye to full shade.
b. Polyester/cotton & polyester/viscose mixes will dye to lighter shade.
c. Wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon & fabric with special finishes e.g. ‘dry clean only’, cannot be dyed with Dylon Fabric Dye.

2. Fabric Amount
a. One pack will dye up to 600g of fabric (e.g. jeans, bath towel, double sheet) to the full shade & up to 1.2kg of fabric (e.g. double duvet) to lighter shade.
b. Multiple packs will dye larger amounts to full shade, e.g. 2 packs for 1200g (e.g. double duvet) or 4 packs for 2kg (e.g. curtains).

3. Original Fabric Colour
a. You can change one strong colour to another (or dye it to a lighter shade) by using DYLON PRE-DYE which lightens before you dye, ready for colour change.
b. Otherwise colour mixing rules apply, e.g. blue dye on red fabric gives purple.
c. Patterned fabric will often still show through.

a. Weigh dry fabric to ensure you have sufficient dye.
b. Wash thoroughly, even if new, to remove stains or any dressings that cannot be seen.
c. Wearing rubber gloves, empty full contents of pack(s) into drum (not the soap dispenser).
d. Add 500g salt, covering dye powder (only 500g is required for any amount of dye)
Please Note: for some shades of Dylon Fabric Dye you no longer need salt as it is already added to the pack.
e. Put in damp unfolded fabric.
f. Run 40°C cotton cycle (do not use pre-wash, economy or half load cycles).
g. When complete, add detergent & run 40°C cotton cycle again.
h. Remove fabric from machine, add detergent & run empty 40°C cycle to clean machine.
I. Dry fabric away from direct heat & sunlight.

Dylon’s promise: This dye won’t damage your machine or affect subsequent washes

Dylon warns against using its products to change colour of grotty carpets as it could RUIN them

DIY fans have long been transforming their grubby carpets using the popular Dylon fabric dye – with Facebook pages flooded with some pretty amazing results.

But despite the super affordable quick-fix approach being a super clever way to spruce up tired old carpets Dylon has warned against it claiming it could potentially ruin them entirely.


People often use the dye to change the colours of their carpets, but Dylon warns against itCredit: Dylon
  • Dylon All-in-1 Fabric Dye in Smoke Grey, £5 from Amazon – buy now

Rachel Ferreira, Brand Manager at DYLON said: “DYLON Machine Dyes are only to be used in front-loading automatic washing machines, and cannot be used by hand or painted onto fabric.

“The all-in-one formula has a ratio of dye too elevated for the hand dye process.

She continued: “DYLON machine Dyes are not suitable for wool and nylon, from which carpets are most commonly produced, as such materials cannot be recoloured with the use of domestic dyes.”

And added: “It’s important to note that carpets are often treated with a special finish to increase lifespan and prevent staining, which also means it cannot be dyed.”


The brand says it could ruin carpetsCredit: DIY on a Budget Official/Facebook


Grey and black are popular colours used to transform beige carpetsCredit: DIY on a Budget Official/Facebook

Rachel highlights that freshly dyed items using the product must be washed in the washing machine, which carpets obviously can not be.

This is for product safety as well as to ensure that loose dye doesn’t transfer afterwards after the dying process.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the £5 fabric dye as the company recommends using it freely on other fabrics around the home.

You can easily change the colour of pillow cases, curtains, cloth napkins or even couches where the covers can be put into the machine – with cotton, linen or viscose fabrics working particularly well.


DIY mix the dye with water and use a spray bottle to apply it to the carpetCredit: Suppl;ied


While the results are amazing, Dylon warns against itCredit: DIY On A Budget Official/Facebook

Many people who tried the affordable dye on their carpets did so after trying everything they could to restore the colour of their carpets.

But for those wanting to bring their grubby carpets new life, you might just have to pop on over to Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page to get a few cleaning tips instead.

Take a lesson from this bloke, whose attempt at dying his carpet completely backfired, and was left with patchy carpet that was completely ruined.


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Meaning of Dillon’s name: origin, fate, character, nationality, translation, spelling

What does Dillon’s name mean? What does Dillon’s name stand for? What does Dillon’s name mean to a person? What is the meaning of Dillon’s name, origin, fate and character of the bearer? What nationality is Dillon’s name? How is Dillon’s name translated? What is the correct spelling of Dillon’s name? Compatibility with Dilona’s name – suitable color, amulets, patron planet and zodiac sign. You can read the full description of the name Dillon and its detailed analysis online in this article for free.

Contents of the interpretation of the name

Dillon’s Name Analysis

Dillon’s name consists of 6 letters. Six-letter names usually belong to persons whose character is dominated by such qualities as enthusiasm, bordering on exaltation, and a tendency to light shocking. They devote a lot of time to creating their own image, using all available means in order to emphasize their originality. By analyzing the meaning of each letter in Dillon’s name, you can understand its secret meaning and hidden meaning.

  • D – when starting work, they think about the sequence well. The main reference point is the family. They are engaged in charity work. Capricious. They have hidden psychic abilities. “Working for the public”, unwillingness to internal development, the main emphasis of people who have such a letter in their names is on a short-term positive impression from the public.
  • And – romantic, sophisticated and sensual natures. Kind, dream of harmony with the world around them.In a difficult situation, they show practicality. Sometimes they are prone to loneliness and asceticism. The inability to obey anyone, at the same time, indicates indifference to power.
  • L – subtly perceive the beauty. Gentleness of character, the ability at the right time to choose a key for everyone. Possess artistry and artistic mindset. Desire to share experiences. They do not waste their lives meaninglessly, looking for their true purpose. In the worst case, narcissism, dissatisfaction with others.
  • About – strive for self-knowledge, are able to experience strong feelings.They want to comprehend their true destiny. The desire to improve and improve the world. High intuition, manage money correctly. The pursuit of excellence. Changeable mood from delight to despondency.
  • N – a sign of rejection of reality as it is; desire to achieve spiritual and physical health. Diligence is shown in the work. Dislike for work that does not arouse interest. The presence of a critical mind and a categorical rejection of routine work.Inability to relax in society, constant tension and doubts.
  • A is the strongest and brightest letter in the Cyrillic alphabet. Individuals with such letters in their names always strive for leadership. They often compete with themselves. Indicates a desire to change something, to achieve the highest level of comfort in the physical manifestation and in the spiritual.
  • The meaning of Dillon’s name in numerology

    Dillon’s numerology can tell not only the main qualities and character of a person.But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher the fateful signs and even predict the future. The number of the name of Dillon in numerology is 6. The motto of the name of Dillon and sixes in life: “I am a fighter for justice!”

    • The patron planet for the name of Dillon – Venus.
    • The zodiac sign for the name Dillon – Taurus and Libra.
    • Stones-talismans for the name of Dillon – apache, red iron ore, carnelian, cat’s eye, citrine, glass, jasper, labradorite, marble, moldavite, onyx, peridot, green sapphire, star sapphire, green tourmaline.

    “Six” among the numbers of the numerological core is self-denial, bordering on sacrifice, this is a willingness to serve as a priest to a deity, this is devotion, loyalty and honesty, characteristic of the knights of the past and followers of Mother Teresa.
    “Six” in the numbers of the name – the Number of Expression, the Number of the Soul and the Number of the external appearance – is the ability to be devoted to the end, regardless of any circumstances. It is a gift of compassion and understanding, manifested even in relation to unfamiliar people.
    People named Dilona and number 6 like to be in the spotlight, are often arrogant and selfish. They usually show concern for others only if it brings them moral satisfaction from their actions. There are many people of this number in show business and other public professions.
    Number Six is ​​always in search of tranquility, balance and harmony. A closed number is perceived as a secretive person, it is difficult for others to understand it. Sixes can be spiritually oriented, or immersed in the material world.The number Six gives an innate intelligence, all his life he is engaged in self-development and self-improvement. He is a born judge with a keen sense of justice. Often Sixes named Dilona have aesthetic taste, good cooks. Art, music is very suitable for her. A sense of fairness often trumps practicality. The best cure for all problems for a Six is ​​sports and an active lifestyle. Knows how to write and speak beautifully.

    • The influence of the Dillon name on the profession and career. What does the number 6 mean when choosing an occupation? There are many options for professional self-realization. Suitable Occupations: Law Enforcement Jobs, Judiciary, Charity.
    • The influence of Dillon’s name on personal life. Number 6 in numerology means a clear predisposition to long-term stable relationships within the framework of marriage. Despite this, the personal life of people of this vibration is far from always going well. And in four cases out of five, the first experience of intimacy with a member of the opposite sex is especially painful.The reason is obvious: there will always be those who want to take advantage of the sincere feeling of a kind and naive person. Sixes named Dillon love harmony and know how to sympathize with others, so it is easy for them to get along with almost everyone. Ideal partners for people with the number 6 will be six (the union will turn out well, very harmonious), ones, threes, fours and nines.

    Planet patron named after Dillon

    The number 6 for the name Dillon means the planet Venus. It is quite natural that representatives of the name Dillon with this type are sensual and loving, since Venus is their patron planet.They are so charming that it helps them in very difficult life situations when you need to show strength of character and resourcefulness of mind, i.e. qualities that by nature these people do not possess. The owners of the Dillon name love everything that is beautiful and sublime. Often they seek recognition in a particular field of art. They always have enough money for their favorite activities, since they are very often married to wealthy people. Outwardly, the owners of the Dillon name are very attractive people, they have an exquisite taste.They love weight, but are often arrogant. They often keep up with the times, are receptive to everything new. If they are faced with a specific task, they are able to show extraordinary diligence. But most of all, the bearers of the name Dillon love to indulge in body and soul rest. The character is peaceful and livable. Can get along with any of the nine types.

    Zodiac signs of the name of Dillon

    The following zodiac signs are suitable for the name Dillon:

  • Zodiac sign Taurus for the name Dillon. By nature, Taurus Dillon is silent, keeps a lot in himself, knows how to reason soberly, is intuitive and has powerful willpower. While Taurus, the owner of the name Dillon, is calm, demonstrates gentleness, patience. If you touch a living person with the name Dillon, it easily explodes. Dilona Taurus does not like outside pressure, takes offense for a long time. People with the name Dillon are absolutely sure that they are special, they know everything better than anyone else and they simply have to explain to you why you are wrong and in what aspects. The main difference from Aries is that they know how to admit they are wrong.Then even the owners of Dillon’s name will thank you for opening their eyes to the truth. Taurus is monogamous and very gullible, so he is often deceived in people and even more often disappointed in them.
  • Zodiac sign Libra for the name Dillon. Libra with the name of Dillon love to be praised, but cannot stand criticism. Holders of the Dillon name rarely show originality, try not to take unnecessary responsibility. But because of the duality of nature, they can go to extremes: they work in the sweat of their brow and rush into the midst of noisy companies, then they close in themselves, give up and fall into melancholy. A Libra named Dilona loves comfort and beauty, does not mind hanging out in the company of the opposite sex. They have absolutely everything worldly on their side – in Libra’s head there is music, art, talk about the eternal with a glass of wine and sex under the stars. And the apartment is a constant mess, which even cleaning companies do not undertake to clean up. Libras are notable walkers to the left, and they manage to get out of the situation, even when they are caught red-handed: “Honey, I fucked her, and I make love to you.” Not everyone can remove noodles in such quantities from their ears.
  • The color of Dillon’s name

    The color of Dillon’s name is blue. People with the name Dillon, who wear blue, are loyal friends, they will always come to the rescue, sympathizing and listening, but you will not be able to wait for real actions and money from them. The fact is that the meaning of the blue color for the name of Dillon is such that its owner cannot do otherwise – it is inherent in nature, and you cannot argue with it. By the way, very often, due to their inaction, the owners of the Dillon name cannot find a tolerant employer, therefore they do not stay at one workplace for a long time, although they are loved and respected in the team – they have many friends among former colleagues.The positive character traits of the name Dillon are sociability and loyalty. Negative character traits for the name Dillon are laziness and irresponsibility.

    Spelling Dillon’s name correctly

    In Russian, the literate spelling of this name is – Dilona. In English, the name Dilona can have the following spelling – Dilona.

    Video meaning of Dilon’s name

    Do you agree with the description and meaning of Dillon’s name? What is the fate, character and nationality of your acquaintances with the name of Dillon? What famous and successful people with the name Dillon do you still know? We will be happy to discuss Dillon’s name in more detail with our site visitors in the comments below.

    If you find an error in the description of the name, please select a fragment of the text and press Ctrl + Enter .

    90,000 Red is lovely. The color of wishes coming true | Life as a journey Reading time: 4 minute (s)

    Today I will tell you about a creative young man. As befits a representative of bohemia, my character will perform under the pseudonym by which he is known in the circles of progressive youth – Dillon Rozhdestvensky.

    Sound proudly!

    Nowadays there is a great many hobbies and hobbies .On the Internet, you can learn the rules of the game of Chinese checkers, learn belly dancing, learn to twist poi – Australian burning torches, participate in a worldwide flash mob, learn the skill of cross-stitching, in the end … The list goes on and on. And, perhaps, I will write about some of the above hobbies in the very near future. However, my hero spends all his free time on seemingly banal activities – music and skateboards. “Well, what’s so surprising? Just think, music! ”- the reader will exclaim and, most likely, will lose all interest in further reading of this article.But it’s not all that simple, because Dillon is the extreme vocalist in the music group, playing in the symbiosis of nintendo-core and electronics. Sounds proud!

    Red is lovely


    Dillon is now 17, he is a student of the 11th grade. Love for music woke up suddenly, more than ten years ago, when he was still a preschooler. One fine morning he woke up and saw violinists playing on TV.The child liked and remembered this performance so much that once the first of September became a double holiday for him – he went “for the first time to first grade” to two schools at once – general education and music. After nine years of study in the class of violin , Dillon successfully passed the exams, but due to a hand injury was unable to continue playing the instrument. By this time, his preferences in music were clearly defined, the desire to live with music remained and our hero gradually “went into vocals” .And not in simple vocals, but in extreme . What does need for extreme vocalist? – of course, extreme voice .

    Louis Armstrong, founder of extreme vocals, and others …

    “Extreme Vocal” – vocal at the limit of possibilities. There are several forms of extreme vocals, the most common are growling (growling) and screaming (screaming) . To master these forms, you need to work hard using special techniques.The basic rules are simple – to economically consume air from the lungs, to avoid extraneous sounds and hyperventilation. And , the main thing is to sing according to the notes of ! It may seem to an inexperienced listener that the “growl” is the screams of a deaf vocalist. In fact, “growl” by the rules of is almost science. There are several methods for developing extreme vocals . Our hero developed his vocals using the techniques of throat singing on inhalation and exhalation. In laryngeal growling, it is important to find the correct position of the head and larynx for maximum resonance.For the first time, growls began to be used in the 50s by blues and jazz singers. Louis Armstrong himself often used these techniques in his speeches.

    Collective Intelligence

    But back to our hero. Although this article is replete with unfriendly words like “emo”, “growl”, “growl”, – my hero is a handsome, smiling, infinitely positive, erudite, dreaming guy. The first group he organized was called “Amsterdam”.As Dillon himself admits: “The name is not important, but the group was good, they played in the style of emo-core .” But as the line-up matched with different musical interests, the group soon disbanded. After some time, Dillon managed to collect another group – “Bliss of Illusion” (“Bliss of illusion”). In this group he is currently the vocalist of . He is the only schoolboy in the group, the rest of the musicians are working youth. The guys have their own rap-point, they write the words and music for their songs themselves.The guys have joint ideas for creativity, Dillon calls it “ collective mind “. Moreover, the musician admitted that he manages to write especially successful songs in moments of sadness (in fact, he said “depression”, but I’m sure that such a cheerful teenager simply does not have states that can be called depression). Since musicians are only at the beginning of their creative path, and beginners, as you know, are lucky, then music, according to the authors, is especially easy to write. Once they posted their song on the VKontakte social network, and a few minutes later it was already posted on more than ten music sites.

    Red is lovely

    Red is the color of youth

    Now the team is in search – the guys are studying the styles and techniques of other groups, gaining experience, so that later create something of their own, exclusive . “To create my own musical direction – is my dream . Mine and the guitarist of our band. Only the two of us are probably obsessed with this idea, the rest of the guys think it’s nonsense. But if everything works out, it will be a mixture of classical and heavy music, ”Dillon shared his plans.And at the same time he had such an aspiring look that I am sure that this guy will definitely succeed in making his dream come true!

    Besides, my hero’s favorite color is red . According to psychologists, red is the color of youth, it instills in a person confidence in his own capabilities, encourages decisive actions. Red has a powerful energy and helps to achieve the fulfillment of their desires. This means that our extreme vocalist will definitely open up a new musical style of !

    So red was added to the palette of life I was mixing.

    Leonardo da Vinci was once asked what allows him to create such divine paintings? The great artist thought a little and said: “Paints” . And we choose the colors for our palette ourselves, remember this, dear reader.
    Everything about wintering and traveling to the countries of the world independently

    humutana: Again on fabrics

    Since we started talking about improvised sewing, it is impossible not to write about fabrics. Tatiana Munro will write about the fabrics that they like to use in the New Modern Quilt and which are specially created for it, in the blog about the New Modern Quilt.I want to give some tips on how to expand the palette of plain fabrics.
    I have written more than once that coloring is a way to reduce costs; when creating abstract compositions, plain fabrics are primarily required. Kona cotton – the best monochromatic (Solids) are too expensive for me, because there should be a lot of colors and their shades in the palette. I never know in advance what color I might need, so I can’t buy 5 times a meter and sew from them without changing anything in the original idea.It is not always possible to combine self-colored and commercial fabrics, self-colored fabrics have irregularities and nebulae, and commercial ones have more radiance and purity of color. I have never been able to achieve such a medium-dark, bright blue, as here, when self-coloring with Prosion (Dillon turned out almost the same in the washing machine).
    You can sew abstractly from some fabrics in a flower, but firstly, not everyone knows how, and secondly, not everyone likes it. I like it, but I still prefer solid colors.In the presence of a huge number of plain fabrics, I always lack them, it is even more difficult to find cheap raw materials of good quality, since the result directly depends on the quality of the fabric.
    In addition to Protion dyes, which I have been using for many years, there are several ways to dye evenly and accurately in the washing machine.

    Dillon (Dylon is excellent, many colors, expensive, but if you need 2-3 meters, it is still cheaper than buying ready-made monochromatic ones)
    Simplicol (they assure that you can also mixed with synthetics content up to 50%, but the intensity dyeing of mixed fabrics does not promise)
    Javana and Marabu (Marabu Fashion Color)
    in boxes for dyeing in a washing machine, all sold in the Russian Federation.

    Do not be afraid to ruin the washing machine, just wipe the rubber seal after painting, paint may remain in its folds and do not wash white linen right away, wash the dark one first.
    These paints are more convenient to use, with their help you can get a more even color, but more expensive than Prosion, with which I paint in a “bucket”, mixing colors as I need.

    Those dyes that need to be boiled, I immediately exclude, although in Soviet times I dyed with “aniline”. They faded a lot, but the colors were not bad, maybe now they are doing better.

    Dyes for washing machines:
    First tip. Buy the darkest dye available, sometimes there are two options – dark and light of the same color. In a box with the same amount, but in a darker tone, there is more colorant. If you want to make a lighter fabric, use half the dye. Of course, you will not be able to know in advance what the result will be, but it is definitely lighter than what is printed on the box.

    This is how I paint the grays. I take black, put two to three times more fabric in the machine than is written in the recipe, and I get a medium-dark gray.The disadvantage is that you need to immediately paint a lot of fabric, but you can cooperate with colleagues, each will paint one color at a time or add you a couple of meters to paint.
    Another option is to divide the contents of the bag into several parts, for example:
    1. half of the dye + half of the amount of fabric from the recipe = color as on the box
    2. 1/4 of the dye, + half of the amount of fabric from the recipe = lighter
    3.1 / 4 of the dye + as much fabric as in the recipe = even lighter
    In reality, I use a little more fabric than in the recipe.
    It is necessary to transfer and pour the paint carefully, it is volatile, it is better to do it not in the kitchen. Pour into a plastic container and place it directly in the machine.

    If you bought a box of black and dyed too much of the fabric gray, some can then be put into the next batch for repainting, for example, in red, you get a new color, a mixture of red and gray. If you end up with too much yellow, put some in the blue batch, and so on.

    If you put fabrics of different quality, then the colors will be different in saturation, for example, poplin and satin are dyed richer, darker, and sheets and thicker fabrics will be lighter.

    90,000 What’s going on in gated Columbine communities celebrating teenage killers

    Due to her illness, Ira is homeschooled; she hardly appears at school. And when she comes, classmates begin to bully her because of her excess weight. “I didn’t create Columbine communities to promote violence,” she says. “I wanted to find guys with the same problems as me.” I ask how many friends share her passion for carnage. “I have no friends in my life,” replies Ira.“But after I became a community administrator, I have a lot of like-minded people.”

    Ira’s mom knows about her “hobby”. The schoolgirl told how her mother once opened her profile on the social network, read the correspondence. But she only scolded. “She has no time for me at all. She devoted her whole life to her husbands,” says the schoolgirl.

    According to Ira, while the “Columbine” theme was not “haypanula”, there were “adequate users” in the communities. Now there are many “children who want more aggression in posts, more bloody scenes.”Some administrators went for it to please the public. True, now almost all groups have abandoned shock content. Not without the help of the police. The girl said that some of her acquaintances, the coordinators of the Columbine groups, were summoned to the police department, someone was even registered.

    “Thought to repeat what Eric and Dylan did”

    The community that Vlad recently created has a little over two hundred subscribers. About himself, he says: “A depressed, lonely and uncommunicative person of sixteen.”Vlad’s relationship with his classmates also did not work out, which is why, says the teenager, he created “an informational public for those who are not accepted by society.” I ask if he tried to share his problems with his parents. “Of course not. How can you talk to your parents about how they hate and humiliate you?” – Vlad answers.

    He had the idea more than once to repeat what Eric and Dylan had done, the schoolboy confesses. “But in the end, it all ended in a fight. It is not so easy to kill a person …” – he admits.And instead of a dot – a sad smiley.

    Clarence Dillon

    Clarence Douglas Dillon was an American politician, diplomat, and 57th US Treasury Secretary. He was in love with France. That is why, in 1935, Dillon acquired a French wine estate called Château Haut-Brion, which is now famous all over the world for its fine wines. The chateau is located in the commune of Pessac-Leognan in the Bordeaux region. According to the Official Classification of Bordeaux wines in 1855 “Chateau belongs to the highest category – Premier Grand Cru.Clarence Dillon did not want to change anything on the territory he acquired, as he respected the centuries-old heritage of these lands. Today, already in the 21st century, his descendants adhere to the same ideas.

    So, since 1935, the Dillon family continues the work begun by Jean de Pontacus in the 16th century. Neither wars nor recessions in the wine market affected the quality of the drinks produced. In 1983, the family acquired the nearby Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion. Today Domaine Clarence Dillon produces the region’s legendary red and white wines – Chateau Haut-Brion and Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion, as well as Chateau Quintus and Clarendelle wines.

    Prince Robert of Luxembourg became head of his great-grandfather’s company 70 years after Clarence Dillon’s arrival in Bordeaux. He began to write the history of the Dillon family on new, clean sheets of time, creating a division of the Domain – Clarence Dillon Wines, which since 2005 has been producing and presenting on the market the line of premium wines “Clarencel”. Its name comes from the name and surname of Clarence Dillon and, according to the owners, it should be a continuation of the tradition of winemaking of unsurpassed quality, established many decades earlier.The philosophy of the line is to shed new light on the enormous potential and know-how of the Bordeaux region, which has become the standard of winemaking for the whole world. The “Clarendelle” line includes 4 wines: dry red, white, rosé and white sweet. Today, these wines are represented in the largest hotel chains, airlines and cruise ships.

    Manufacturer’s sites: http://www. clarendelle.com/, http://www.domaineclarencedillon.com/

    Jaffa walks.The Artists’ Quarter. Dillon Gallery .. Ilya Lisnyansky – LitBuk

    Dillon Gallery

    When the idea of ​​rebuilding a residential area on the site of garbage heaps and ruins in the center of Old Jaffa had just begun to warm up in the administrative corridors, the question of its future inhabitants immediately arose. And it is no coincidence: by that time the place had gained the most ill fame. Criminals of all stripes have firmly established themselves in the coastal shacks, drawing into their midst new immigrants, tempted by easy earnings and mutual responsibility with “true friends.”As a result, the once beautiful seaside area turned into a foul-smelling dump, Tel Aviv residents bypassed the dangerous area, and tourism was out of the question.

    And the enterprising minds decided: to be in Jaffa the quarter of artists. They say that bohemia will easily attract the general public to itself, and then the eerie wasteland will sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. Whether the Parisian Montparnasse or post-war Berlin inspired the officials with this revolutionary idea is not known for sure. However, it is a certain fact that at the beginning of the 60s of the last century, the news began to spread that sculptors, artists and musicians “literally for a pittance” would be able to get wonderful premises for studios in the most picturesque corner of the country on the seashore.At first, everything went great, we managed to convince even several well-known masters of the brush and chisel to move into the restored houses, their friends followed them, but then a long period of deep disappointment and resentment against the district administration began. Now, after half a century, one could quite confidently say, quoting the former residents of the quarter: “The idea failed with a loud bang!” are artists.After all, once you find yourself in narrow alleys today, you can simply get lost in numerous galleries. Nobody knows their exact number. In my opinion, about two hundred.

    And why not! And ceramics, and sculpture, and dolls, and macrame, and calligraphy, and antiques, and jewelry, and design salons! For every taste and every pocket. But, as soon as we started talking about artists from the very beginning, then we will dwell on painting collections. Old-timers, of course, remember the glory of the first galleries of Jean Tiroche, Horace Richter, Mary Ribenfeld, Iris Samuel (“Old Jaffa”), which thundered far beyond the borders of not only the city, but also the country.Many years have passed since then. Another generation of artists came, new trends appeared, but the galleries, as they were, and remained, however, with new owners. Many of them spoke Russian.

    The life story of Zeev Dillon is winding and eventful, like the life story of any emigrant. Born in the Lithuanian town of Rokiskis into a family of a “repatriate” from Brazil, which seems a little strange. And there is no need to be surprised: at the beginning of the twentieth century, many Jews of the Russian Empire fled to Latin America from pogroms, from humiliation, from poverty, from constant fear for their lives and the lives of their children. In a new place, in the conditions of a free developing economy, my father became rich, came to visit his relatives, and then suddenly the war broke out. And then everything went according to the knurled pattern: mobilization, participation in battles, injury, Victory, marriage, family. By the way, for information: my father served in the same 16th Lithuanian division, brilliantly described by Ephraim Sevela in the story “Monya Tsatskes – the standard bearer.” Most of its personnel spoke not in Russian, and not even in Lithuanian, but in Yiddish.

    In 1952 a boy was born.They called him Volodya – a common name for the inhabitants of the Soviet Union, which he later changed in Israel to a more familiar name for the local ear – Zeev. True, his surname remained strange – Dillon. Many considered her “French”, by analogy with the famous actor, although the roots, as it later turned out, go to Wells. The whole life of the family, influenced by the religiousness of the father, was also unusual: believing Jews gathered in the house in secret. This left a deep imprint on the worldview of our hero, he was disgusted with the atmosphere of Soviet Lithuania, insisted on a fair amount of anti-Semitism, fear of the authorities.In 1974, he gave up his printing career and left for Israel alone. Here a new life begins: military service, friends, language, work. To somehow make ends meet, I had to tackle everything – I hammered the walls, helped the electrician, and worked in the printing house. And in the remaining time he painted, painted, painted. He painted pictures “from the heart”, but tried, at the same time, to make them interesting for the buyer. He never understood the romantic urge to create only for himself. Doesn’t understand now.“An artist shouldn’t go hungry. Until he has a name, lucrative contracts, he must do what will support him. ”

    And the gallery happened by accident. In 1990, a couple of new, very fresh immigrants from Moscow rented a room for an art salon in the very center of Old Jaffa. The idea was bold, but well thought out: the wife painted pictures, the husband made frames. Against the background of a temporary stagnation in the life of the “artists’ quarter”, they could count on success. However, in life, not everything turns out according to calculations, and four months after the opening, the gallery was without owners.Zeev thought about it and decided to organize a studio in it: “I’ll stay for a year, and we’ll see there.” By that time, he was already known in Israel, his works on the theme of Judaica in the style of surrealism were in strong demand, and the owners of art salons were willingly accepting them for sale. It was necessary to expand “production”, but, at the same time, I wanted something new. I did not think about money: the rent for him, who worked hard for many years, was quite acceptable. This is how Zeev Dillon’s gallery appeared on the central square “Kikar Kdumim”.

    The profession of a gallery owner is not easy: you need to endlessly make the necessary connections, arrange openings, “push” information wherever possible, literally follow the saying “The wolf is fed by the legs. ” And Zeev himself (translated from Hebrew “wolf”) is not at all like that. He sits for hours in his corner in front of a computer and TV and talks with visitors about this and that, offers to drink cola, tea, coffee. Over the years of our acquaintance, I have never seen him talking on a cell phone.He does not resemble anything “a business man”. Rather, the opposite is true. The leisurely conversations we have are usually about good food, good wine, and good artists. The discerning reader, of course, immediately realized that these include, first of all, those whose paintings are hung on the walls of the gallery. There are few of them: Tochilkin, Belous, Kinus, Grigoryan, Klevan, Vasilenko, Zarnitskaya, Maisel.

    – And Zeev Dillon?

    – Well, I don’t like to talk about myself. Here are my paintings, sculptures.Let the visitors watch, evaluate for themselves.

    – “Your” artists give their work only to you?

    – No, they cooperate with other galleries, but the principle of exclusivity is preserved. That is, the same works are not given to different places. If I sell a sculpture of Tochilkin, he will not give the same casting, say, to the Intercontinental Hotel, it would be wrong.

    – How do people buy pictures from you, if you sit like this in your shop and wait for the weather by the sea?

    – Well, they already know.Those who want to buy go. And “casual” visitors show interest, fortunately – the place is lively. And many just call and say: “Send a job, for example, Inna Belous at this address as a gift to our friends.” But these are considerable sums of money.

    – And you send it easily, without prepayment?

    – Of course! I rely on my clients. And they pay me the same coin. And there have never been any failures. Sometimes I say: “Take the painting home, don’t buy it, see how it” takes root “in the apartment, and then decide.”You know, it’s easier for me than suspecting dishonesty, arranging interrogations, demanding bail.

    Of course, Zeev is disingenuous: he is very well versed in people, he can at first glance determine the interest and even taste preferences of a potential buyer. You cannot live without this knowledge in his profession, just like you cannot live without a deep understanding of the entire business infrastructure, without mutual understanding in relations with artists. After all, it is no secret that many of them treat the gallery owners as exploiters: “You work, you suffer, you don’t sleep at night while you create something imperishable, and then“ this one ”comes and starts giving some advice to make it more profitable sell my work and cash in on it! “.

    – I have not inherited the gallery from my parents. Starting from scratch, I learned from my own mistakes. He learned to understand the audience, to feel the dictates of the times. It goes without saying that relationships with business colleagues are built on the principles of mutual trust. When, hoping for more profitable cooperation, artists come to me, exhibiting in the salons of “competitors”, I never follow their lead, wanting to “cut it down quickly.” Working with an artist requires a lot of dedication, and that is why I only deal with those whom I value not only for their high professional level, but also for the coincidence of our views on art.So, sometimes I suggest a topic to the master. And here it is important that he listens to you – I know the tastes of the buyer. Of course, the name of the author plays an important role, but the picture itself must definitely please. Our profession is very little connected with understanding newfangled tendencies in art, I leave this to a narrow layer of specialists.

    – Maybe it is such that a good artist will bring you a picture, which, in your opinion, “will not work”?

    – I will not accept it.Why should I just keep it like that, take a place? I only take what is on sale.

    The pictures in the gallery, in one way or another, reflect the tastes of its owner. I have never seen Dillon’s abstract works – he prefers figurative art, still lifes, landscapes. And one more feature: color. The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room is bright colors. Lots of colors. Nothing dull, gray, dark. Even the bronze sculptures are light. And, of course, there are many types of Jaffa. And, one wonders, what else should art lovers look for in such a place?

    Under the glass covering the table, several photographs of Russian celebrities: Andrey Dementyev, Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin, Alika Smekhova.Judging by the way they hug the owner of the gallery, they are connected by friendly relations.

    – Well, of course. They come in to chat, drink coffee, look at a new picture. Bankers, businessmen, politicians drop in. They return to me even after a fifteen-year absence. Why not? I’m glad for everyone.

    – Doesn’t it bother your wife that you are here from morning to evening without days off?

    – Of course it interferes. But what can you do – such work.

    Printed: in the journal “Notes on Jewish History” No. 2-3 (190) February-March 2016

    Original publication address: http: // www.berkovich-zametki.com/2016/Zametki/Nomer2_3/Lisnjansky1.php

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    Cole Sprouse – 20 Amazing Facts

    He was born in Arezzo, Italy. His parents (both American) taught English in Tuscany. Four months after the birth of Cole and Dylan, the family moved to Long Beach, California.

    He is the youngest of the twins. Dylan is 15 minutes older.

    He has a talented namesake .His parents chose the name “Cole” after jazz singer and pianist Nat King Cole.

    Cole and Dylan make fun of each other all the time. For example, they often come to each other in comments on social networks. So, once Dylan wrote to Cole that he was an unplanned child. To which Cole replied, “but I was a beloved son.”

    His birthday is August 4, 1992 . Zodiac sign – Leo.

    Acting skills Cole and Dylan inherited from their grandmother Janine Booth Wright, an actress and acting teacher.It was with her filing that the boys, at the age of only eight months, began their acting career – they starred in advertising for diapers.

    By the way, we haven’t forgotten yet. There are not so many resources on the Web that conduct sensible analytics on films and TV shows. Among them is the @SciFiNews telegram channel, the authors of which write the most useful analytical materials – analyzes and theories of fans, interpretations of post-ton scenes, as well as the secrets of bombing franchises like the films MARVEL and “ Game of Thrones “. Subscribe not to search later – @SciFiNews. However, back to our topic …

    Early on, Dylan and Cole often played the same character. According to the child labor law, little actors can only spend a limited amount of time on set every day. Since the Sprouse twins look almost the same, they often substituted for each other on set. At eight months, they played Patrick Kelly in Grace on Fire, and at seven, Julian Koufax in Big Daddy.

    Cole started playing without a brother in 2001. He played Ross Geller’s son Ben in Friends.

    Jennifer Aniston was Cole’s childhood crush. In an interview with the New York Post, the actor said that he had a hard time sharing scenes with the Friends star. “It was very difficult for me to work with Aniston because I was head over heels in love with her. I was delighted. I was speechless. I forgot my lines … It was so difficult! ”

    He is the star of the Disney Channel. Cole played Cody Martin in All Tip-Top, or the Life of Zach and Cody from 2005 to 2008, and then in “All Tip-Top, or Life on Board” from 2008 to 2011.

    He’s very smart. During the filming of “It’s Tip-Top, or The Life of Zach and Cody,” Cole spent three hours every day with a tutor. In one year, he completed an advanced program in psychology and political science, and then was admitted to the University of New York, where he studied the humanities and archeology.

    Cole went to college to retire after years of work at Disney. “My brother’s and my brother’s goal of going to college was just to disappear,” Cole said in an interview with WWD. “It’s no secret that when the period of childhood glory passes, many people experience it hard. I didn’t want to make a public spectacle out of this. So my college education was partly intended to show everyone that I went through a difficult period, but did it gracefully and dexterously and at the same time got an education.

    The idea of ​​Riverdale did not immediately impress him. When Sprouse’s manager sent him the script, Cole was working at an archaeological laboratory in Brooklyn.“At first, when I got the script for Archie’s show, I turned it down right away,” Cleaver told WWD. “But Archie’s comics have improved a lot in recent years.”

    Cole originally auditioned for the role of Archie. However, he was interested in Jughead’s character. “He’s very weird,” Cole admitted to WWD. “He has a unique perception – he sees the city and his friends from an objective point of view. He looks and listens. He’s a guy with a camera watching what is happening. He distanced himself from many people in the city because of his vulnerability and inability to get along with people. “This role seems to be perfect for Cole.

    Believe it or not, Cole is a fan of the Betty + Archie pair. “When I read Archie comics as a teenager, I was rooting for keeping Betty and Archie together,” he told Elle. com. “I think that the relationship of two people who have known each other since their youth is very romantic. I’m a fan of that kind of romantic storytelling. ”

    However, there is evidence that Cole is dating his Riverdale partner Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty.For example, many sources report that “Reinhart was spotted with Sprouse at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday night. They held hands and kissed. ”

    During the IRL interview, they held hands with restraint, but none of them said anything definite about their relationship.

    His face is often used for book covers without asking permission. This is not good.

    Cole is an amazing photographer. He even filmed Kendall Jenner.

    But if you try to photograph him in public, he won’t go to the meeting. Cole calls this a “photo duel.” He often posts photos of such would-be paparazzi on his Instagram.


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