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Teaching Freedom with Mobile Easels

Any part of your classroom can be a teaching space when you’re equipped with a mobile easel from Really Good Stuff®. We have an assortment of movable easels, including ones with wheels, others that are lightweight enough to fold up and move easily, and even a tabletop easel for classroom student use. Bring portable easels to the classroom library, play area, art studio or science lab for that day’s lesson. Easels are essentially learning stations, helping children to better engage in the topic at hand and thus motivating them to take the next step.

Easels for Every Teacher & Budget

Our easels come in a variety of designs. A double-sided, magnetic dry erase easel for classrooms, such as the 4-in-1 Classroom Easel, offers two working spaces for use, plus capability to be used with magnetic manipulatives. For aspiring artists, we have several wonderful art easels, included two-sided ones like the Two-Station Art Center or the Double-Sided Art Easel, which comes with paint pots, trays, built-in drying racks and hooks for aprons.

Many of our mobile easels come with bins for your teaching accessories. One example of this fabulously efficient idea is the Teacher Trolley, which is like a classroom on wheels! For teaching reading and writing, the storage bins can hold books being discussed while you demonstrate reading and writing concepts on the easel portion. A couple easels perfect for this include the Classic Royal® Reading and Writing Center and the Royal Reading/Writing Center. To get a multi-feature easel with generous whiteboard space, clips for posters, hooks for charts, storage bins, plus a whole lot more, consider the Premium Royal Inspiration Station.

Explore the Possibilities with a Great Easel

Enjoy browsing all the possibilities for how you can teach more effectively using one of our high-quality, free-standing easels. From large to smaller, basic to elaborate, indoor to outdoor, metal to bamboo, we have an easel that makes every dollar count.

Each easel is manufactured following strict safety standards, so you can feel confident using them around young students.

And whichever you order, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can feel confident purchasing it from Really Good Stuff!

Whiteboards & Easels | B&H Photo Video

Learning About Whiteboards and Easels

In either classrooms or professional settings, whiteboards and easels can be essential in the way that you provide information. An easel is an effective way to show your boss and coworkers the results of a recent project. Presenting lectures or complicated math problems to your students is easier with a whiteboard display large enough for everyone to see. With the advancement of technology, electronic whiteboards are an option to take the place of traditional ones. The type of display you need depends on the environment and crowd of people that you’re trying to reach.

Standard and Electronic Whiteboards

Standard whiteboards, also known as marker boards, are the most common type of boards you see in classrooms. With chalkboards being obsolete, marker boards are the new standard when it comes to relaying information to students. You can use standard whiteboards with wet or dry-erase markers, and they often come with trays to keep your markers and whiteboard erasers close at hand. They are available in large display models that you mount on walls or they’re standalone, and depending on the brand, they can be double-sided models or magnetic models. 

Electronic boards are interactive whiteboards, where you can display content for your class or present at your job. Some digital whiteboards come equipped with the following optional features:

  • Handwriting recognition technology: Translates your handwriting into an easier-to-read font
  • Connections ports: Connect to devices such as laptops, USB devices, cameras, and printers
  • Save options: Save what’s on your board into picture formats, including JPEG and PNG
  • Multi-touch: Allows more than one user to write at a time
  • Built-in speakers: Used to accompany video outputs

If you need smaller interactive tools, electronic paper displays offer many of the same features, and are useful for one-on-one and for smaller presentations.


Easels are another type of projection board. Use them with dry-erase markers, and you can mount them to walls or set them on easel stands. Easels are portable, lightweight, and easy to move around a room if they aren’t mounted. The height is adjustable for optimal viewing, and some are magnetic and come with clamps to hold up charts or papers needed for presentations.

Find the display boards that you need for work or school by shopping at B&H Photo and Video.

11 Best Toddler Easels for Art, Chalk & Painting (2021 Reviews)

Updated on January 13, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

Easels are a staple you will find in most playrooms of families with children ages two and older. The reason being is it’s a versatile toy. Not only do most easels come with both a magnetic dry erase board and a chalk board, they typically come with a paper roll for added fun. Use it for imagination play, home schooling, or art projects.

Moms and pediatricians agree easels encourage fine motor skills, expression, and imaginative ideas. If you are planning on watching your little Rembrandt create and play, here are my top eleven easel recommendations.

Best Toddler Easels for All Ages

1. Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel, Multi Color

(Best budget & portable option — $)

Why it’s great: This portable table top easel is a handy toy for families with compact space or families on the go. The dual-sided easel features a magnetic dry erase facet and a chalkboard facet. For a compact toy, it has endless possibilities with five colored chalk sticks, a 50-foot-long paper roll, 36 letter and number magnets, and an art supply tray. The versatility of this easel combined with the quality manufacturing Melissa & Doug is famous for makes this easel the kind of toy that will last from your first kid to your last.

Keep in mind: Those little accessories, (that will end up between your couch cushions and under your furniture) are also a choking hazard.

Make sure to supervise your child if they’re using those.

Good for: Kids ages 3 and up that need a portable easel.

View on Amazon.com ➜

2. NextX Kids Easel for Two

(Best value — $$$)

Why it’s great: I rank this product as my top recommendation. As you read on you will notice that I have blatant favoritism towards anything made of natural products. It’s rare that I sing praises for a plastic product, but here we are. When you find something that’s simple, easy to assemble, and works with no frustration- you need to hop on that deal.

This adjustable easel has all the standard features of a dual-sided easel. Aside from being the only easel on my list made of plastic, it is also the only easel that swings from one surface to another. It’s also very easy to put together.

I know these may not seem like super exciting features, but children’s toys should have simplistic designs. If it’s too hard for a 30-something parent with a master’s degree I’m not expecting my toddler to get far with it.

Keep in mind: It comes with extra legs, so it can grow with your child, but there’s no storage space for them when they’re not in use. You’ll have to find a place to keep them.

Good for: Families with children ages 3 and up that want a simple and easy to use easel.

View on Amazon.com ➜

3. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

(Longest life span — $$)

Why it’s great: In the world of easels, Melissa & Doug’s Deluxe Easel sets the bar high. It has all the standard features, adjustable height, a paper roll, chalkboard or white board, handy storage, and paint compartments- it has it all.

I know I’m not the only mom who asks, “Is this toddler proof?” when shopping. I envision my toddler throwing his trucks at it, and try to guess if this product will survive his meltdowns.

That is why I put this product high on my list. I’m a big believer in investing in products made of real materials, (bonus points if it’s made in the USA, but sadly this was made in China). This easel is made of pinewood and metal bolts. Some accessories are plastic, but that is to be expected.

Keep in mind: The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Easel is known for its complicated assembly, but if you’re patient and handy you can manage.

Good for:

Families that want an easel that will last.

View on Amazon.com ➜

4. Hahaland 2 in 1 Kids Table & Easel

(Most versatile — $$)

Why it’s great: This easel is by far the most creative and versatile. The wooden legs are nice and sturdy and the easel itself is a magnetic white board, so your child can draw to their heart’s content. You can also attach paper for painting. It has two little bins to hold all your child’s art supplies.

When your child gets tired of drawing, the easel folds down into a table. The top of the table has two different sides. One is just a normal tabletop and the other has a building brick panel. This easel also comes with a building brick marble run set, so your child can design their own marble run. It has two storage compartments under the table as well, to hold all the bricks. On top of all that, this one comes with a chair that’s the perfect height for the table.

Keep in mind: You’ll need to take the bricks out of the storage compartments when you convert this to an easel or they’ll fall out.

Good for: Kids ages 1 and up that like to draw and build.

View on Amazon.com ➜

5. Step2 Jumbo Art Easel For Kids

(Best for multiple children — $$$)

Why it’s great: This jumbo board has enough space for two kids to draw and create on the same side. Plus, two more can be working on the back. Which means this easel can be used by four children at a time! It has the standard white board on one side and chalkboard on the other. Plus, there are 2 clips at the top of the white board, which means you can clip on paper in case they want to paint or want their artwork to be permanent. It also has lots of extra storage space below the easel. And it comes with large bins that fit on each side, so your children can keep all their different art supplies organized.

Keep in mind: This one is definitely bigger than the other options, so make sure you have enough space for it.

Good for: Large families that want an easel that multiple kids can use at the same time.

View on Amazon.com ➜

6. Discovery Kids LED Artist Easel

(Most unique — $$)

Why it’s great: This easel has a very unique design. The drawing board is LED and glows in the dark. It can also be completely removed from the stand, so it can be used on their lap or a table and they can take it wherever they go. The fluorescent markers that come with this easel show up bright and glowing. There’s even 8 different light settings, so your child can create different looks with the same design. It also comes with magnets, so you can mount regular paper to the easel if they want to draw or paint normally. It has two shelves, so your toddler can keep their art supplies separated and organized.

Keep in mind: The board is translucent, so unless you’re using the magnets and paper, only one child can really use it at a time.

Good for: Families that want a unique and different art experience.

View on Amazon.com ➜

7. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids

(Best basic option — $$)

Why it’s great: Sometimes less really is more. This simple easel comes with all the standard features; chalkboard side, magnetic dry erase board, a tray, and the option to adjust height. Constructed of real wood, this is a durable purchase that even the most DIY-challenged parents can assemble.

Before I was married, my “tool kit” was a Prada shoe box with crazy glue and Allen keys from Ikea. Simplicity and longevity? I will gladly spend a few extra dollars for something I can assemble in less than 30 minutes.

Keep in mind: The craft paper that comes with this one comes on a reel that attaches to the top, so it can only be used on one side at a time.

Good for: Families that want an easel that’s simple and easy to use.

View on Amazon.com ➜

8. Delta Children Double-Sided Storage Easel

(Most stylish — $$)

Why it’s great: The number one requested paint color at this time is grey. If you’re looking for an easel that will match your decor, then look no further. This light grey easel also comes in a dark brown or white finish.

This no-frills easel does not come with much though. It does come with magnets and you can store those and your other accessories in one of the two included storage bins. Paint, color, or draw in chalk on either side of the dual-sided easel. It also comes with a roll of paper for added fun. Constructed from real wood this easel will last, making it worth every cent if you’re buying this for your first child.

Keep in mind: This easel does not fold up when not in use, so make sure you have enough space for it.

Good for: Families that want an easel that fits in with their decor.

View on Amazon.com ➜

9. Disney Easel and Play Station

(Most adorable — $$)

Why it’s great: The Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station is more of a desk with an easel than an easel with additional features. This sit and play station is adorably pink and has Disney princesses displayed prominently on the sides and bins. It also comes in different styles in case you do not have a princess fanatic at home. It is made of solid wood and medium-density fiberboard, so it’s pretty sturdy.

Keep in mind: Unlike other easels, this product does not have an adjustable height feature. It can convert into a bookshelf but unlike a transformer, you will have to take it apart to put it back together.
Good for: Little girls that want a multi-functional and adorable easel.

View on Amazon.com ➜

10. Double-Sided Inflatable Easel

(Best outdoor easel — $$)

Why it’s great: This is a blow up easel that is perfect for painting and creating outdoors. It’s made of heavy duty durable vinyl, which means your child won’t be able to poke holes or pop it easily. It comes with a pump, so it inflates quickly and you can deflate it for easy storage. It’s easy to wipe down or even hose off when your child is done playing with it. This easel has little cup holders to keep all their art supplies in while they’re using it. It also comes with 4 sponge stamps to help them create fun designs.

Keep in mind: This one really only works with paint. You could try dry erase markers, but it’s easier to clean off the paint.

Good for: Families that want an easy to clean, outdoor easel.

View on Amazon.com ➜

11. Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel

(Best for small spaces — $$)

Why it’s great: This compact easel is great for a smaller space. It comes with all the bells and whistles, three paint pots, a tray for more workspace, a paper roll, dual faceted chalkboard, and a magnetic dry erase board. I give it bonus points for growing with my kids, as I’m a sucker for anything my kids can play with for more than a season. Its height adjusts from 37.5″ to 43.5″.

Keep in mind: The compartment for the paper roll is too small to fit standard easel paper rolls. Similar easels fit an 18” paper roll. Finding a 15” in paper roll to refill the existing one could be challenging.

Good for: Families that want an easel, but don’t have a lot of space.

View on Amazon.com ➜

FAQs about toddler easels

1. Should I buy an easel?

Whenever I’m about to buy a toy that takes up a considerable amount of space or is over $40 I factor in a few things. At this price point will this get handed down from my first child to my next? Is my child going to play with it? Is it safe?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer but if you’re not sure it’s worth the expense buy the tabletop easel by Melissa & Doug or something small and cheap to test the waters. Generally speaking, yes, I think this should be in all homes. Especially now, with so many people sheltering in place, it’s a staple for a reason.

2. Is my child old enough for an easel?

I would recommend easels for children over three years old. There are little choke-able pieces with most easels. Depending on your child’s energy levels painting on an easel can quickly go from a fun calming art project to a catastrophe of shredded paper, and paint-splattered walls.

3. Are easels educational?

Yes! Easels hit so many targets. They encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color mixing, creative independence- the list goes on. If anything it will keep them busy for enough time for you to get something done. It’s the cheapest babysitter I ever had.

An easel is a staple in any household of little ones for good reason.

The importance of drawing on a vertical surface has benefits that are often overlooked. Drawing on an easel encourages core strength, sensory, and assists with spatial awareness.

I hope my in-depth look at these popular easels helps you find the best match for your little artist.


Giving your little one the the ability to paint and explore their creativity is the gift that keeps giving. We seen it over and over with our kids that when they paint they get excited to explore the world more and seeing their enjoyment is priceless. Enjoy helping bringing in the next generation of artists! 🙂

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How to wipe the marker off the board

Author dmitry Reading 7 min. Views 6.8k. Published

How to wipe a permanent marker off the board

The question of how to wipe off a permanent marker from the board, today is puzzled by many people who use it on duty or have children who love to draw. With a permanent or permanent marker, you can draw on any surface, including plastic, metal, and wood.The ink on this product is water resistant and can be difficult to remove.

Those who are going to fight against objectionable arts should remember to be careful so as not to spoil the thing. The cleaning agent must be selected in accordance with the information on the composition of the felt-tip pen.


The simplest and most affordable cleaner is a regular stationery eraser. It does an excellent job of removing footprints on flat surfaces.

Toothpaste and soda

The second most available product is a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste. The mass mixed in a small dose should be applied to the stain with a cloth moistened with water. Fresh traces are removed ten minutes after soaking, and old ones – twenty thirty minutes later.

Alcohol and alcohol-containing substances

Another good household wash can be ethyl alcohol or a strong drink, which contains at least forty-five percent alcohol. The stain is also wiped off with a cloth dampened with alcohol.

Sun protection cream

Sunscreen will be the original cleaning agent.It is applied to the marks from the marker for twenty minutes. During this time, the substance dissolves and then is removed with a clean cloth.

Table margarine

An even more interesting way is to use margarine to rub into the stain. After a few seconds, the culinary product begins to darken, which indicates that the cleansing process is in full swing. After the traces have dissolved, the product is washed off with a paper towel.

Coffee filters

For coffee machine owners, you can try to get rid of stains with a coffee filter that contains granule residues.Wipe the stains and remove them with a damp cloth.

Vinegar solution

A solution of vinegar with water helps well against contaminants of various origins, including marker strokes.

Vegetable oil

You can work on unpleasant dirt with vegetable oil, in which even floor enamel dissolves well. Grease the surface with cloth, cotton or toilet paper, which is easiest to use.After a few minutes, depending on the intensity of the soiling, the oil is washed off with a dry cloth, and the easel is washed with soap and water.

Hydrogen peroxide

If the above listed products were not found in your kitchen, look into the first-aid kit and get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from there. This versatile tool won’t take you long to think about how to wipe a permanent marker off a whiteboard. Moreover, there is no need to fear for the surface of objects in this situation: peroxide is completely harmless.

Black marker

Special black marker for removing stains from furniture and clothing, available from your hardware store. This product fights effectively against permanent marker marks. It’s easy to use. It is enough to shade the stain and leave it until it disappears. The product is very effective against old marks.

Melamine sponge

A melamine sponge, which can be easily obtained from the same hardware store or ordered online, will also help to wipe off annoying dirt.The effect of this product is sometimes called magical, because it copes so well with stains of different origins, including strokes from markers, pens and felt-tip pens.

WD-40 preparation for cars

WD-40 aerosol sold in the network of automotive outlets cannot be classified as special products, but it can be used to cope with many different contaminants. The stains are treated by pressing the lever and wiped with a damp cloth. Particularly sensitive surfaces should be tested first to avoid damage.

Machine wax

In the same car shop it is worth grabbing wax for treating the surfaces of cars. This product is rubbed into the marker marks in a circular motion and wiped off with a clean cloth. This method not only effectively removes stains, but also renews the whiteboard.


Acetone can radically solve the problem of how to wipe the board from markers. However, you need to handle this tool with extreme caution.It is a very aggressive product that requires surface testing in an inconspicuous area. It is better to wash the stains with cotton pads moistened with liquid.

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How to wipe a marker from a magnetic board

  • At first, it is better to try to eliminate stains with inactive substances that will definitely not harm the surface;
  • some household solvents can be overly aggressive and thin paint coatings, so read the instructions for them and test;
  • Do not use dry powder products that will scratch the surface.

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How to scrub a marker from a drawing board

Special boards for drawing with markers made of metal, glass or other materials are often used in office work and for children’s entertainment. If these items are not cleaned in time, which often happens, the traces of art harden and are difficult to remove. If fresh touches are easily eliminated with the help of alcohol-containing chemistry, then old stains do not lend themselves to it. Smudges and streaks remain on the board.Oily stains with a period of limitation lend themselves well to undiluted ammonia, but it often does not take weak touches.

An old board is well washed with a sponge dipped in vinegar. In this case, dried traces disappear almost immediately. After such processing, it is advisable to treat the product with a solution of dishwashing gel, and then with a dry napkin.

Experienced housewives do not recommend using abrasives (for example, activated carbon) for cleaning the boards, which leave scratches on the surface.

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Additional original means

Shoe polish

The list of original cleaning products includes a universal shoe polish without pigments. It should be applied to marker stains and wiped off with a dry cloth from the canvas. This method is good not only for cleaning, but also for renewing the surface, which will shine with gloss.

Hairspray and Deodorant

Those who keep hairspray at home should use it for other purposes altogether.After spraying a small amount of aerosol on the stain, wait about two minutes and wipe the surface with a cotton cloth or paper towel. After that, the board should be washed with soapy water and rinsed. You can use a spray deodorant in the same way.

Cream against joint and muscle pain

A cream for pain in joints and muscles, in which there are almost no abrasive substances, will also help to eliminate the old traces of the marker. At least with this task, he copes better than toothpaste.The cream is also applied to the surface and left on for two to three hours. During this time, the pigments dissolve in it, and then are easily removed with a dry cloth or paper napkin. After the procedure, the board must be washed with soap or dishwashing detergent.

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Professional marker cleaners

Dry Erase Marker

An honorable place in the list of special means for cleaning whiteboards is taken by a dry erase marker – a product with the WhiteBoard inscription, which literally translates as “for a magnetic board”.Its traces are perfectly removed with a magnetic board sponge.

Instructions for use:

  • With a newly purchased dry erase marker, you need to completely paint over the inscription or drawing on the device. The color of the spots and the special marker does not matter;
  • The permanent ink solvents are weakened by the dry marker solvent, so the entire background can be easily erased after a few minutes.
  • If after cleaning there are traces on the easel, they should be shaded with a dry marker again, wait a few minutes and erase completely.

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Precautions for removing marker marks

Of all the listed funds, according to reviews of many ordinary people, acetone or nail polish remover, in which it is also present, works flawlessly. However, the use of these products is required with great care, since they belong to the category of hazardous, flammable substances. You should also be careful with whiteness, which can harm the skin.It must be used strictly with rubber gloves.

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Video how to clean a whiteboard

The best chalkboards for children in 2021, according to mothers – dry erase boards

There are so many things that make us parents feel guilty. Watching our kids get caught up in screen time is one of those things. Using screen time so you can spend time with me is worth twice the guilt.

One thing you will never feel bad about is making time for arts and crafts. Art projects awaken the creative side of your child (and perhaps your creative side) and allow you to spend time together. These designs are good … until the kid grabs the paint, scissors, or one of the brightly colored markers when you’re not looking and destroys your newly painted walls.

If you want an art project that keeps them busy but much easier to clean, try one of our best chalkboards for kids.Whether you choose a chalkboard easel, wall-mounted chalkboard, or another format, kids can paint over and over again with minimal clutter. Some of the crayons are dusty but fairly easy to clean compared to some other art supplies (markers indicated).

And when the drawing time is up, the children’s chalkboard is simply erased, so you don’t need to feel guilty about throwing away paper drawings. (They know they weren’t caretakers, so there’s no fault here!)

This is one of the best chalkboards for kids, as there is plenty of room underneath for storing pesky drawing supplies. There are three storage glasses and two storage boxes.

It has a paper roll on top of the chalkboard easel so you can even use paint or crayons – almost like a Crayola chalkboard!

The adjustable height from 30 to 54 inches is great as kids can continue to use it as they get older and taller.

It even has magnetic letters that you can use on the back of your magnetic dry erase board easel. Do you know what it means? You can return the front of the refrigerator. (Sorry, I have to stop. I’m crying a little.)

$ 64 To AMAZON

This Little Partners reversible chalkboard and magnetic dry-erase board is slightly more expensive than some other options. but its durability and overall build quality are impressive.If your kids enjoy being creative in face-to-face contact, this easel will stand up to rough handling.

From both sides it can be used by two children at the same time. (We can’t guarantee that they won’t fight over who uses which side, but there is always the hope that they will just play quietly.)

There is a paper roll on top to expand the scope of the art project. It even has a clip on the side so you can hang and dry your paintings.It has plenty of storage space for art supplies, as well as a tray to collect accidental paint or dropped dry erase marker.

cbd oil for children with adhd

Best of all, the frame is in a classy espresso color, so you don’t have to be shy about the hideous bright plastic easel on display while your child draws.

$ 140 In AMAZON

If you live in a child’s home who loves the Frozen franchise, you’ve probably heard every song in the movie – roughly 15 billion times.At some point, that’s enough.

That’s why we love this Frozen chalkboard for kids. It fuels the frenzy that your kids are experiencing with Frozen, but it doesn’t make a sound. Doesn’t play a single musical note. #savedmysanity

This is a double sided easel with chalkboard and magnetic dry erase board. There are several tissue storage boxes at the bottom that can hold art supplies or all the tiny frozen toys your kids have collected.

Above are the silhouettes of the smiling characters Anna and Elsa. (We promise none of them sings.)


If you prefer toys that are versatile enough to remind you of the characters from Transformers , this smart kids drawing board is specially designed For you.

The device starts out as a standing, one-sided, framed easel consisting of one whiteboard with a white magnetic board on one side and a magnetic chalkboard on the other.You can flip the board yourself, depending on which side you want to use.

The frame has one storage tray. You can adjust the height of the easel so that children of different ages can use it comfortably.

But if you want them to sit and draw at the table, you also have such an opportunity. The entire unit folds into a table so that its surface is used by the chalkboard or dry-erase board side.Brilliantly. (We’re confident Transformers 7: Movie Chalkboard Edition is in production.)


This kids’ briefcase is perfect for chalk work on the road while they are sitting. The entire cover will fit on the lap of children from 3 years old.

One side of the wooden briefcase slides out of the frame, revealing storage space underneath for art supplies. The sliding part has a chalkboard on one side and a dry-erase whiteboard on the other.

Now we cannot guarantee that when they get bored with drawing, they will not make a fun game of sliding the lid and dumping all the art supplies while watching you swear under your breath as you pick them up. only to unload them again after 5 minutes. But maybe you will be lucky and you will have a child who will not get tired of drawing in five minutes.

$ 16 In AMAZON

If you want art time less production, you may want something that doesn’t feel like a fixture in your home. This VersaChalk chalkboard is ideal for 13 “by 9” kids and kids can use it while standing or lying down.

This is a large chalkboard when the children are seated at the table and have something to do while waiting for lunch.

Thanks to the stylish wooden frame, you can display it at home at all times. And when the kids are done using it, you can add cute messages for the whole family on it. Unless you have a child who cries when someone erases his drawings from the chalkboard.Then just leave the children’s drawings on it until next time. Less drama is always better.


This outdoor chalkboard is designed for writing messages that attract the attention of others. But it’s also great for kids to write outdoors as they fill every square inch of the sidewalk and driveway around your house with sidewalk art made with chalk, and it won’t rain next week’s forecast.(You can turn on the lawn sprayer and accidentally hit the sidewalk, but do you really want to deal with the drama that will surely follow?)

violets red violets blue

This children’s chalkboard is enclosed in a plastic frame that looks like a small child. (Okay, green plastic little kid, but you need to do a little imagination.)

The legs of the frame allow it to stand upright, which is a fun and useful feature. We’re sure kids will find a creative way to add this framed chalkboard when they play outdoors.


If you are looking for chalkboards for a little older children, a message board or a to-do board is a popular choice. We love this wall-mounted calendar chalkboard as it has rectangles for each day of the week and an eighth corkboard space for sticking important papers. Each rectangle has a small sign with the day of the week printed on it.

You can use this cool calendar board to help an older child keep track of their activity schedule, housework schedule, or homework schedule.(Just don’t tell the kids about these last two uses … and don’t hide the eraser to prevent the child from doing creative editing.)

There are also eight emoji magnets on the board for kids to show their feelings during the day or highlight important points.


If you just want a simple wall chalkboard, this cedar marker block is a great choice. It is available in four different sizes, from 36 “by 24” to 17 “by 11”, so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

This is a high quality chalkboard with a dry erase whiteboard on the other side, making it more useful for kids of all ages to create beautiful art, mediocre artwork, or whatever. (Effort is important, right?)

It has a sharp wood edging that should fit well with just about any decor.

Children can draw on it as much as they want, or you can use it to leave messages for the whole family.It has many potential uses.

It is even easy to hang. This is such a wonderful product, the other framed chalkboards are very envious.


Maybe one plank in your house is not enough. Maybe you have several children for whom alternation is a foreign concept. Maybe you like chalkboards so much that you thought about painting the entire interior wall of your house with chalkboard paint.

This roll of contact paper, which can be used as a chalkboard, was created especially for you.

When unfolded, it measures approximately 18 inches by 96 inches, so you have room for multiple kids to paint at the same time, whether you glue it to the wall with sticky backing or lay it on the floor and leave the backing stuck.

cute names to call your man

Now suppose your children can draw together without going into each other’s space or touching each other.Otherwise, you can cut this large roll into smaller pieces and send each child to his or her separate corner of the house. (Sometimes we all feel like referees of boxing matches.)


We all love toys that spark creativity, such as children’s chalkboards. But there are times when you need mindless toys to keep the little monsters busy while you chill out.They are in our toy guides.

Whiteboard Magnetic stand White board Flipchart Easel

Whiteboard Magnetic stand Whiteboard Flipchart Easel

FC-402 Description:

-Materials: lacquered steel + steel tube

-Magnetic surface.

-Easy to write and easy to erase.

-Adjustable in height.

-Can be written on a whiteboard or on a flipchart that can be turned on.

-Can additionally be equipped with two paper extensions to present additional information.

-Accessories: 1 pillow clip, 2 pillow hooks, 1 marker tray, 1 magnetic eraser, 3 magnets.

Magnetic Tripod Flipchart Easel

  • Easy to write and erase: Flipchart Easel Whiteboard for the office. The surface of the board is smooth and durable, making it easy and free to write.Easily clean dry erase markers with the included magnetic eraser. Remember to tear off the protective film before use.
  • Durable Tripod Material and Construction: Our Whiteboard Height Adjustable Office Tripod Flipchart uses specially selected materials to ensure a long service life. It is made of aluminum, iron, plastic, and magnets. To make the board more solid, we use tripod supports to increase its stability. Ensure stable performance without shaking. Dry erase board with tripod stand
  • Practical to use: This adjustable board is very suitable for teaching, meeting, reporting, teaching and other outdoor activities. This will make your presentation clearer, more effective, and more confident. The effective writing area is 54.5 x 84.5 cm / 21.5 x 33.3 inches.
  • Detachable Pen Holder and Hooks: There is a pen holder / tray at the bottom, suitable for erasers, markers, rulers, etc.The two attached hooks are movable at the top, which are used for hanging papers, charts, etc. They are removable if you don’t need them, very convenient to use. Tripod board for easel
  • 1. Before use, remove the protective film from the writing surface (use a knife and cut along the side frame. Tear the film slightly from the corner of the board, then peel off the film step by step)

    2. Use good quality whiteboard markers (water based).Permanent markers (oil based) are prohibited.

    3. Whiteboard cleaner will be more useful to wipe it off if ink stays on for too long.

    4. Boards must be laid VERTICAL and not HORIZONTAL.

    5. The boards are fragile and not suitable for courier delivery. Be careful when transporting.

    Flipchart boards with new technology. Electronic flipchart boards

    Flipchart is a kind of office easel, which is a marker board.Paper blocks or sheets are fixed on it, which are turned over like in a notebook. However, the development of technology and growing needs determine the revision of the usual tools.

    New interactive gadgets are an example of this. We propose to consider the features of electronic boards and how they differ from those already traditional and familiar to everyone.

    Characteristics of the classic flipchart board

    In fact, there are many varieties of such devices.They are classified according to size, mobility and various technical properties. Some types are similar in appearance to ordinary marker easels that you can draw on.

    These are conventional lacquered devices that are placed on mobile casters or on tripods. They do not take up much space, they are light in weight and cost.

    Other options are more like large books or are equipped with several boards at once, which fold like a book.They are suitable for large companies or showcasing at large events.

    These models are heavier and are often mounted on tripods. There are also bilateral ones, but they are already established within special frameworks.

    They can be turned over, painted on both sides, which is quite convenient during long meetings and trainings. More details about the varieties can be found at the link https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A4%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BF%D1%87%D0%B0%D1%80%D1% 82

    Innovative solution

    Agree that in the 21st century, using ordinary gadgets is already boring and inconvenient, the soul of an employee of a large corporation, a participant in a conference or an exhibition requires gadgets and more gadgets.


    SMART kapp is actually a re-invented device that is an alternative to the usual flipcharts. With him, you no longer need to take photos of what was written, redraw or memorize pictures from the board. Moreover, it is not necessary to be in close proximity to it or even in the same room to see the recording.

    According to experts, this is a 21st century gadget. There is nothing surprising. Thanks to its wide functionality, this device can be considered a new word in interactive technologies and methods of productive collaboration.It can be used by both adults and children during distance learning.

    It is enough to scan a barcode using a mobile phone or open a special link on a PC to see the recorded records in real time on the display of a smartphone or computer. Also, discussions during lessons and meetings can be saved with a few taps.

    What are the capabilities of an electronic flipchart board?

    To make the gadget ready for use, you can hang the SMART kapp on the wall and connect it to the power supply.
    You can use conventional dry erase markers and write on a secure surface.

    To connect a smartphone, just use the appropriate application and scan the QR or NFC code.
    You can use the iQ kapp display to continue working with saved recordings.

    There is a function to “share the recording”, thanks to the ability to save them as separate images or as a pdf file, as well as upload to cloud services for later distribution.

    The branded application is easy to download and use in iOS or Android operating systems.
    Up to two hundred and fifty people can join in real time at the same time, to whom the content will be available. This makes it possible to use the premium version of the branded application.

    Why is this relevant for training?

    Teachers can save class information and send materials to students. Thus, in the lesson, you can simply concentrate on gaining knowledge, and not exclusively rewrite everything in a notebook in order to be in time.

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