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9 Scissors Dream Interpretation | DreamChrist

Dreaming of scissors always represents cutting an event in your life. It is not an ordinary dream, and if you dream about scissors, it implies that you need a high concentration of dreamers.

If during the day you hold scissors, you might have this picture at night. Although it does not produce visual effects, this does produce prolonged concentration.

What does it mean to dream with scissors? Although related to cutting something, this does not always refer to the stage of life or problems. Sometimes, it can warn that you have to close or complete a project. It also makes you have to be careful not to make serious mistakes.

Based on ancient beliefs, people use scissors in rituals to expel lousy energy. Believe it or not, here are some meanings of dreams with scissors.

Dream of large scissors

Have you ever dreamed of giant scissors? It’s a sign that you provide excessive confidence, and it’s not what you want in the end. However, that does not mean that others will betray you and take advantage of your trust. You only increase the intensity with someone who wants to have friends or business partners. This dream warns you that you cannot give support to everyone you meet. You must know what their true intentions are.

Dream of broken scissors

Even though it looks like a bad sign, dreams with broken scissors predict financial success. You are no longer bound by a process and evolve to work and achieve success. Even though success is not apparent to you right now, the benefits have already formed, and you are just waiting for the right time to get the opportunity to come into your life.

Dream of rusty scissors

Dreams with rusty scissors don’t bode well. This dream signifies the arrival of economic and social problems. You can get involved in a completely awkward situation, and you will pay the consequences. Rusty tools are a problem because they are not useful.

Dream of hair clippers

The dream meaning of hair clippers symbolizes an important meeting or conversation. In general, the dreamer will have an encounter with someone from the past, which will bring good news. You must be willing to listen and give opinions based on common sense without trying to judge others.

It would help if you also were on the lookout for those who ask for help in the coming days. Dreams with hair clippers show that there are people who believe in you. If you don’t know the answer to that question, don’t lie or change the subject.

Dream of nail clippers

When you see nail clippers, this is a sign that you have to be careful. If you are going to start a business, you should spend a few days analyzing it in-depth and choosing the right way to invest. If you have problems with your partner, now is the time to have a good dialogue. Dreams with nail clippers are a warning to change for the better.

Dream scissors on the bed

The meaning of dreams with scissors on the bed symbolizes doubts and family problems. It is time to clarify the situation because this can trigger a big problem. You must be tolerant and open to dialogue because there may be times when you need to understand.

Dream of golden scissors

The golden scissors in a dream show that your past decisions are the best, and the path you took has paid off. In the following days, you will receive good news. Even so, it would help if you remained humble and collaborative because many people will envy you.

Dream of blunt scissors

Blunt scissors in dreams signify insecurity and inferiority. You will go through a stage of confusion, and everything seems to bother you or go awry. It would help if you stayed away from these thoughts and not let the routine absorb your energy.

Dream with scissors and blood

The dream meaning of scissors and blood shows you to choose which way you should go. If you are responsible and wise in making decisions, good results will come. If you move away from common sense and are not rational, bad results will come. Blood only represents the passion you can feel in the following days, but it will depend on how deep you make the wound.

What Dream About Scissors Means

Dreambook gives very interesting interpretation to dreams of paired subjects. Scissors are both a sign of life and death, and the beginning and end of the path.

According to the interpretation of the Italian dreambook, this rather innocuous object carries a hidden danger. To see scissors in a dream means a subconscious desire to harm someone, or even yourself. It is quite possible that such a plot means a heavy burden of duties that the dreamer cannot get rid of.

To dream of scissors is often a bad sign, and the predictions of the Woman dreambook are reduced to unfavorable forecasts. If such a picture was seen by a married woman, then this means her unfounded jealousy of her spouse, endless cavils and inquiries, which in the end will lead to serious problems in the relationship.

What events scissors foreshadow by Miller’s dreambook? If the blades were perfectly sharp and smooth, this means some work will have to be done soon that would cause only hate and disgust the dreamer. And if you managed to break the scissors, then the desire to get rid of unpleasant things will be stronger than ever.

On the psychoanalytic side, Freud’s dreambook provides a very interesting interpretation of what scissors mean in a dream. This is a symbol of continued good luck in business, and the excellent attitude of the people around you. Such a plot is a foreshadowing of love games and flirting.

It is a bad symbol to find scissors in a dream. If the object was rusty, falling apart, then you can safely expect news from detractors. They suddenly decide to remember all the old grievances.

If these were new scissors, shiny and sharp, in this case the dream book forecasts are positive. Your wit and light character will help you quickly establish temporary love relationships, which will bring many pleasant moments, but in the end they will be successfully completed and forgotten.

If you had to cut an immense very large canvas with the help of nail scissors, then in reality, according to the interpretation of the dream book, your dissatisfaction with the sexual life can lead to serious disagreements with your partner. No need to “shoot from the hip”, look into your thoughts, and ask yourself the question: “What exactly you are not satisfied with?”. It is possible that you can not find an easy answer.

Cutting a piece of paper with scissors in a dream is a sure sign of distrust in a married couple. According to the interpretation of the dream book, it is a symbol of a break, the desire of the dreamer to “cut off” unnecessary, burdening relationships and connections from his life.

What is the meaning of dreams of broken scissors? If you saw this image in a dream, then beware of unusual antics and indecent behavior. Because of such actions, it is quite possible to lose a friend who could help with advice and deed in the future.

Scissors Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Scissors : Dream Meaning Net

Did you dream about scissors? Dreaming about using scissors, foretells some type of important control and decisiveness in waking life. You will choose to cut out or rid of something. Perhaps you are removing unwanted connections and relationships. Consider how and why you are using the scissors in the dream, and the condition of it to get better dream meanings. The items that you are cutting the scissors with, can offer important clues about your subconscious.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting Scissors

Finding Scissors
Finding scissors in the dream, foretells that you will soon be forced into a situation that you will need to divide up your time and attention. Perhaps you will soon have to make difficult choices between family, work, and school.

Dream About Using Scissors

Doing Haircut with Scissors
To dream that you are cutting your own hair or as a barber with scissors; suggests that you will make important decisions to relieve yourself from stress and worries. You are trying to get a new perspective and stop worrying about past events.

Sharpening Scissors
To dream that you are sharpening scissors with a grinder; indicates that you need to work on your communication skills to close deals and contracts. Be more direct with people about your expectations.

Dream About Getting Hurt with Scissors

Killing and Stabbing with Scissors
To dream about killing or stabbing with scissors; portends some life-changing events that relate to separation or severance might be near. The dream suggests some type of relationship break up like divorce, or mass lay off. This will impact your life significantly and negatively. It points to decision actions that are out of your control and not in your best interest.

Cutting Your Stomach or Thigh with Scissors
To dream that you are cutting stomach or thigh with scissors, indicates that you might be overdoing your diet or exercise. Perhaps you are pushing and endangering your body for the purpose of weight loss.

Being Attacked and Chased with Scissors
To see someone is chasing you or attacking you with scissors; suggests that someone will force you to give up something that you love. He or she will be insensitive to your feelings about their requests. It foretells that he or she will live your life for good if you do not do what they request.

Cutting Your Finger or Hands with Scissors
To dream that you cut your hand or fingers with scissors; foretells that you will be hit some big of surprise payment, fine, or tax. You will be separated from a decent amount of money.

Throwing Scissors
Throwing scissors in the dream, foretells that you will make some hasty and harsh decision to cut someone out of your life. You will not give or receive any explanation about why you have cut off that person. You have one-sidedly decided yourself.

Dream About Common Terms with Scissors

Playing Rock Paper Scissors
To dream that you are playing rock, paper, and scissors in the dream; suggests that you must use your prestige and strength in the upcoming project. Accept your own weakness and rely on others that complement your skills and abilities. Be mindful to settle quarrels and responsibilities, so that everyone understands their roles.

Dream About Different Types of Scissors

Nail Scissors
To dream about nail scissors or clippers, suggests that you will remove something of the past for the benefit of your reputation or impression. Perhaps you will deny certain history or relationship with others to keep a certain image.

Crafting Scissors
Crafting scissors in the dream, relate to moral and material support towards your goals. You will utilize many different resources to accomplish your goals. Perhaps you will put together different people together towards your project, by taking bits and pieces of different people’s strengths.

Children’s Scissors
To dream about children’s scissors, foretells that you need to delegate certain actions or decisions to your employees or subordinate. With proper supervision, he or she will make you proud.

Surgical Scissors
To see surgical scissors in the dream, points to a long journey of discovery and recovery. You will have to cut open your mind and soul, to search deeper within yourself for answers. Perhaps you need to remove the negative influences that are preventing you from living your life fully.

Kitchen Scissors
Kitchen scissors used to cut food or packages, denotes that you may get into financial difficulties in the near future. You will have to be smart to portion control your spending to keep your life together. You may have to make painful cuts to your non-necessities.

Dream About Troubles with Scissors

Broken Scissors or Loose Scissors
To dream about scissors with the knife blades falling apart, broken, or getting loose, suggests that you are losing control of the situation. Perhaps you are no longer effective at executing your goals and make things happen. It points to discoordination in your organization and family life, you are not in sync with others towards common goals. It reflects that everyone is doing their own things and end up getting nothing done.

Scissors and Blood
To see bloody scissors, relates to disappointment and heartbreak after a breakup.

Blunt or Dull Scissors
To dream about scissors that cannot cut because they are blunt or dull, suggests that you have communication issues that will stop you from your goals. Perhaps you have trouble saying no to reject people. You will end up wasting much of your time and effort working for nonessential tasks.

Dream About Colors of Scissors

Silver Scissors
Silver scissors point to success in business deals and wedding matrimony. You will need to make sacrifices in order to accomplish bigger goals.

Golden Scissors
Gold scissors points to estate and riches are on their way. However, you will lose someone dear and close to you.

Dream Meaning of Scissors – Dream Interpretation

Viewing the scissors in the dream may be positive in some cases, and negative in some cases. Seeing the scissors in the dream is seen as negative by some people who make dream interpretation. It may deteriorate between you and the people you love. You can separate your ways with them. You can start not to talk to someone you already love.

However, seeing the scissors in the dream can also point out that some subjects will find a solution. You will solve all problems like cutting with a scissor and you will be able to get rid of them from your life.

If you have seen in your dreams that you have cut a person’s clothes, it has a negative meaning. Firstly, we can say that you do not like the person. You’re gossiping behind that person. But one day she will learn that you are making gossip behind her, your life may be affected negatively. Therefore, the advice we can give you is not to gossip behind someone.

Holding Scissor in the Dream

If you have seen yourself while holding scissors in your dream, you never have to worry. Keeping a pair of scissors in a dream is a symbol with very positive meanings. The person holding the scissors in the dream will suddenly be strengthened. In both material and spiritual terms, this person will have all their wishes one by one. In addition to that, this person will be rich.

In addition to being rich, this person’s prestige will also rise considerably in the eyes of the social circle. You will have a great opportunity in your business life. Your colleagues will be very envious of you because everyone will want to achieve the success you have.

Do not forget that there is only one way to avoid jealousy of the people around you. This way is not to listen to their words, but to continue in your own way and your successes.

Do not see yourself as perfect because others are jealous of you. But do not forget to always appreciate yourself. In this way, you both have value to yourself and you have not interrupted your achievements because of the jealousy of others. It is really important to be indulging in the reactions of others. Do not forget that you are the only opponent of your own. Do not give up trying because of seeing yourself enough for everything because of their jealousy. Be always determined and stubborn.



Scissor – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Scissors in a dream can have different meanings, they can appear as nightmares so the person who dreams these kinds of dreams is disturbed and sometimes scared.

There are a lot of ways for scissors to appear in a dream, they can look like they are covered in blood or even as surgical scissors.

You can dream about actions like throwing away scissors or desperately trying to find them to fulfil your task.

There are reasons for the appearance of these dreams like start of the healing after a certain trauma, hard time choosing what is right for you, etc.

Scissors are usually a symbol of letting things go like cutting them off .

They can be a sign of making some decisions in a rush and making great mistakes while doing it.

Scissors can also have a meaning that you are stubborn and that you refuse to listen to others, and in other cases they can be a warning sign that someone is trying to manipulate you or make you their slave in a way.

There are a lot of different types of dreams that contain scissors so be careful while analysing your dream to find meaning behind it.

The Most Common Dreams About Scissors

Dreaming about finding scissors- Well this happens to everyone, not knowing where your scissors are so it is not unusual when this action appears in a dream.

If you had a dream about searching and trying to find some scissors then this type of a dream is an indication that you are in the middle of two things in your life.

So you are trying to go both sides but everyone know that it does not go that way, you have to make a decision which is hard and though but that is the only way in which you will grow.

These two things can be two friends, or perhaps family and a job, maybe school or sport.

Something is dividing you and ruining you so try and prioritise between them.

It is better to choose one thing and do it perfectly than to run around and not do anything the right way because of the rush.

Dreaming about sharpening scissors- If you had a dream like this in which you are sharpening scissors then this dream is telling you that you have a big problem with communicating and expressing your feelings.

Perhaps you are in a relationship and you simply do not know how to communicate with your partner,  you constantly feel stuck or scared and it is harder than usual well if this is the case maybe your partner is not the right for you but this only implies if you have problem with communication only around him.

But if you have that problem with everyone consider going to therapy, this will ruin a lot of relationships and friendships in your life if you do not act on it.

Dreaming about doing haircut with scissors- A new haircut represents a new start, if you had this type of a dream then this is the sign that you are going to go through certain changes.

You will take back the control and you will make some time for yourself after exhausting yourself to the point you can’t function properly.

This is truly a great sign, it means that you finally put yourself and your needs in front of others.

You should even consider taking a break so that you gain back power and energy you need.

Do not give up just consider taking some time to nurture yourself.

Dreaming about someone chasing or attacking you with scissors- If you had a dream like this about someone trying to attack you with scissors indicates on possible manipulation from people from your surroundings.

Maybe they will try to control you into doing what they want you to do with your life, this is mostly connected with college and profession choice.

You should be true to yourself and distance yourself for a bit if the nagging becomes unbearable.

Maybe they do not have bad intentions but that doesn’t mean that someone can dictate your life and the way you should live it.

So the thing you should do is to talk it out with them or just ignore them.

Dreaming about  cutting your finger or hands with scissors- This dream may appear uncomfortable or as a form of a nightmare for the person who is dreaming about it.

So if you have this type of a dream where you are cutting your fingers or hands then you should know that this dream is a sign of fortune.

Your finances are going up in your near future so you can relax and think about possible investments with that money.

It can also be a sign of good luck so try it out with buying a lottery ticket you never know maybe it will serve you right.

Dreaming about killing or stabbing someone with scissors- This is also a very frightening dream for the dreamer, it may look disturbing but if you have this type of a dream about killing or stabbing someone with scissors then this is a sign of letting some people from your life go.

Perhaps you will break up with your loved one because of reasons that made it clear that two of you can’t work together for the long runs.

Or maybe this suggests the end of a certain friendship that played a huge role in your life but now it is time for it to end.

You are accepting changes and the fact that people come and go all the time but there are the ones worth keeping around so if you do have those people keep them and love them.

Dreaming about cutting a stomach with scissors- Another disturbing dream, if you had a dream where you are cutting your stomach with scissors then you should know that this dream is a sign of pushing something too much.

This dream mostly appears with people who are on a certain diet program, this dream is a warning sign that that diet is affecting your health in a bad way and that you should be more careful.

Dreaming about throwing scissors- If you had a dream where you are throwing away scissors then this type of a dream is a sign of  your selfishness.

You are going to end a certain bond without even considering to hear that person out.

You will probably regret this later and you will wish that you stayed and listened to them while they wanted to talk with you.

And there is a message from this dream, never make any decisions while angry or sad always let things cool down in order to make an important decision.

Remember everything you do today affects your tomorrow.

Dreaming about playing rock, paper, scissors- This is one of the most popular games in the world so dreaming about it is not so uncommon.

If you had a dream about playing rock, paper, scissors then be prepared for upcoming tasks and events.

You will go through some challenges that will require your full focus and hard work, so if you are not feeling up for it take a short break to collect your thoughts and to rest in order to be ready for whatever is on your way.

Dreaming about scissors, blood or bloody scissors- This dream means that you are going through grieving process after a certain breakup or death of someone you loved.

This is a sign that you are not alright and that you need some support by your side in order to not completely break down.

It is going to be hard but you will survive it, everything passes in a second so do not think about some stupid things and focus on getting better.

Healing is a hard process but when it ends it is the most beautiful thing and feeling in the world.

Dreaming about surgical scissors- If you had a dream where you see surgical scissors then this type of a dream is a sign of new unknown path ahead of you full of mysteries.

You are feeling everything and it is time to find a way to release all of those emotions and to start being more stable.

You will learn a lot about yourself during this path and that will help you evolve and grow the right way.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming and dream interpretation is among those fields which attract a lot of attention from the very past years. Seeing different objects in a dream is so common between all people and one of these objects is scissors so it is necessary to know the dream meaning of scissors.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

One of the most common dream themes is dreaming about different objects such as a knife, chair, table, plate or scissors. Seeing scissors in a dream can have a wide range of meanings and interpretations based on different factors and details in the dream. In this post, we have prepared all possible dream interpretations of scissors in various religions and cultures.

Dream Interpretation of Scissors in Islam

The dream interpretation of a pair of scissors in Islam is business partners. In a dream, scissors also represent slander and causing harm to someone’s reputation without regard for the truth. Another interpretation of the dream of scissors is a legal guardian who discerns between true and false or meeting someone in real life.

Clipping Hair or Wool with a Scissor

The Islamic dream interpreters and psychologists have proposed that if a person sees himself cutting or clipping hair or wool using scissors in a dream, it implies that the dreamer will amass great material wealth. Clipping people’s beards with scissors in a dream indicate backbiting them.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

A pair of scissors falling from the skies

If one sees a pair of scissors falling from the skies in a dream, they symbolize the scissors of destiny and the end of his life in this world.

Sheep shearing with a pair of scissors

Dreaming about Sheep shearing with a pair of scissors heralds prosperity.

Holding a pair of scissors

To dream of holding a pair of scissors in Islam, signifies a dispute that requires a judge or a mediator. Holding a pair of scissors in a dream also indicates delivering a brother for one’s firstborn son, or having two businesses feeding one another, unless if one is unmarried, then holding a pair of scissors or a nail clipper in a dream denotes getting married.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

Dream Interpretation of Scissors in Zhou-gong’s Dream Dictionary

Seeing a pair of scissors in a dream, in Chinese culture is a good sign indicating that things will be going really well at home.

A husband using a scissor

For a husband to dream of using a scissor, denotes possible separation with his wife.

A wife using a scissor

The dream interpretation is that the observer of the dream keeps frugal habits.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

A broken scissor

To see a broken scissor in a dream is an indication of reduced life expectancy.

Someone using a scissor

Dream of someone using a scissor is a good omen suggesting good luck.

A tailor using a scissor

For a tailor to dream of using a scissor, heralds that the dreamer’s work performance may get affected in waking life.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

Dream Interpretation of Scissors in Dream Dictionary for Dummies


Dreaming about scissors can have two possible meanings which are: the dreamer needs to take control or get rid of something in his life or he needs to cut away excess that’s weighing him down.


If you see a pair of scissors in your dream, it means that you feel cut off from others, or cut out of or denied opportunities. Such dreams also indicate that you are angry and tempted to attack someone or you dread a coming separation or loss of a loved one. Men may fear emotional castration.


The dream interpretation of scissors, in this sense, is that you need to cut through to the heart of the matter or be decisive. It may mean that you’re experiencing sarcasm or criticism from others. Cutting something out of paper or fabric in a dream implies you are carefully defining an idea or plan.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

A number of dream interpreters and psychologists have believed that seeing a pair of scissors in a dream is an ominous herald; wives will be jealous and distrustful of their husbands, and sweethearts will quarrel and nag each other into crimination and recrimination. This dream signifies that dullness will overcast business horizons.

Have scissors sharpened

To dream that you have your scissors sharpened indicates that you will work to do that which will be repulsive
to your feelings.

Breaking scissors

Dreaming about breaking scissors means that there will be quarrels and probable separations for you in real life.

Losing scissors

the dream interpretation of losing scissors is that the dreamer will seek to escape from unpleasant tasks.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

The symbolic dream interpretation of scissors

Scissors in a dream are an ambivalent symbol expressive of both creation and destruction, birth and death.

Spiritually, scissors can have two possible interpretations. They can cut the Thread of Life, but can also symbolize unity and the coming together of the spiritual and physical.
Scissors in dreams represent the idea of cutting the non-essential out of our lives. This may be feelings we do not think are appropriate, emotions that we cannot control, or mental trauma that needs to be excised. Scissors can also denote a sharp, hurtful tongue or cutting remarks.

A hairdresser using scissors

To see a hairdresser using scissors in a dream implies our fear of losing strength and status.

Sharpening scissors

the dream interpretation of sharpening scissors is that we need to be more precise in our communication in real life.

Using blunt scissors

Using blunt scissors in a dream represents that we are likely to create a problem through speaking too bluntly.

Dream About Scissors: Meaning

Different types of scissors

The type of scissors in a dream may also be important. Kitchen scissors would, for example, be more utilitarian than surgical scissors, which would mean the necessity to be more precise.

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Biblical Meaning Of Scissors | Interpret My Dream

Everyone must have dreamed. For some people dream about biblical meaning of scissors considered a wind and so sometimes ignored.

But for some people, biblical meaning of scissors as a sign or a signal will come an event, so it must be interpreted according to its meaning.

Dreaming about biblical meaning of scissors can be positive, it can also be negative for your life. Depending on which point of view we see it.

In ancient civilizations in the past, biblical meaning of scissors will always be associated with the supernatural world. That is, the gods and demons appear in his dreams.

When biblical meaning of scissors as a beautiful and happy vision that is defined as the presence of God, whereas biblical meaning of scissors become a nightmare then this is a sign of the existence of evil spirits or demons when humans sleep.

Today, we can group dreams into 2 major parts, namely (1) dreams related to the past and present, and (2) dreams related to the future.

Interpretation biblical meaning of scissors on this site may be a reflection of your future, it can also be something that is still in touch with your own past. So, actually you just spend time pondering whether or not your dream relationship with the previous incident.

Only, we must continue to realize that everything is in the hands of God. Therefore, use the interpretation of biblical meaning of scissors just as a consideration in your life, not as an indisputable absolute reference.

By staying positive and positive even though biblical meaning of scissors will give the courage that God knows what is best for man.

Therefore, in any case, you should not forget the power of God with biblical meaning of scissors experiences and other things in your daily life.

If our dreams are good, hopefully it becomes a reality and if that nightmare, may we all awake from his dream or not come true in real life.


Prediction biblical meaning of scissors just to illustrate at a glance. True or misinterpreted is beyond the responsibility of the author.

90,000 Dreams Come True! Results of the competition “VseInstrumenty.ru makes dreams come true”

Our competition has come to an end, it’s time to sum up the results. Thanks to everyone who took part and shared their dream with us! We were pleasantly surprised by both the stories and their original presentation: poems, letters to Santa Claus and even almost literary works! You can read the stories of all participants in our Vkontakte group.

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Congratulations to the winners! We wish all the contestants good luck in realizing their desires! May all dreams come true in the New Year!

Dreams may not come true – GPOU ASPK

On November 12, the Anzhero-Sudzhensk Polytechnic College hosted the Day of the Auto Mechanic Profession. College students took the baton to implement a large-scale project Crash course “Dreams may not come true”, developed for students and youth.

The event started on a positive note. Already in the first minutes of the meeting, young people had the opportunity to dream, and they wrote down their dreams on paper stickers and attached them to a large balloon. Through emotional shock, the organizers of the Crash Course tried to influence the behavior of young participants in the movement. So that, according to the principle of maximum openness, they understand that for the sake of a moment’s prank, a careless attitude to their own safety, one should not abandon their future, the most intimate plans that each of us not today – tomorrow dreams of realizing!

The invited guests were: inspector for the promotion of road safety, police major of the OGIBDD Sergey Leonidovich Dzyuman; firemen of the 2nd fire and rescue squad of the FPS State Fire Service of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Kemerovo Region-Kuzbass: Sergei Anatolyevich Golikov, Vyacheslav Olegovich Yakovlev, Vladimir Anatolyevich Astafiev. As direct witnesses of terrible events and sometimes actions that led to tragic consequences, they talked about their very personal experiences, what they felt at the scene of an accident, during the provision of emergency assistance and the analysis of a damaged vehicle, what they experienced when informing relatives and friends about the death of a loved one. They showed how rescuers use hydraulic scissors to help victims, and how to be extremely careful while doing this. The students were able to demonstrate their rescue skills and demonstrate how to use a fire extinguisher.

The organizer of the event was the master of industrial training Natalya Semyonovna Arysheva, and the host of the event was student gr. 19 Chudov Nikolay.

According to the guys who participated in the project, the Crash course becomes not just a shocking effect on the psyche of its participants, but an emotional shake-up, which makes us especially conscious of what happens every day on the roads of our city and becomes everyday statistics for everyone.

90,000 “Genetic scissors” took the Nobel Prize – Picture of the day – Kommersant

French microbiologist Emmanuel Charpentier and American biochemist Jennifer Doudna were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.They are the authors of the discovery of “genetic scissors” – a technology that can “cut” DNA in a predetermined place and thus “rewrite the code of life” of a person, animal or plant. The Nobel Committee called the discovery of the “scissors” revolutionary, stressing that it is already the foundation of clinical trials of new methods of treating cancer.

On Wednesday, November 7, the Nobel Committee announced the names of the 2020 Chemistry Prize winners: Emmanuelle Charpentier, a Frenchwoman, who specializes in microbiological research, and an American, Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist.Since 2012, both of them have been studying the “genetic scissors” – the CRISPR / Cas9 method capable of editing the genome, changing the DNA of animals, plants and microorganisms. The method was discovered in 2012.

A Nobel Committee report released today emphasizes that the discovery of this technology has already “revolutionized life science, is contributing to new cancer treatments and could make the dream of treating hereditary diseases a reality.”

Thanks to the discovery of Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, a DNA change that previously seemed impossible now takes “several weeks.”

The essence of the genome editing method is that “scissors” not only recognize the DNA of viruses, but can also be controlled: scientists can “cut” any DNA molecule in a predetermined place and “rewrite” it. “This not only revolutionized basic science, but also led to innovative cultures and revolutionary new therapies,” Claes Gustafsson, chairman of the Nobel Committee on Chemistry, said Wednesday.

Since 2012, CRISPR / Cas9 technology has already helped develop crops resistant to mold, pests and drought.Currently, “genetic scissors” are used in clinical trials of new treatments for cancer, HIV (to remove the virus from infected T-lymphocytes), diabetes and schizophrenia.

Recall that in 2019, the American John Goodenough, the Japanese Akira Yoshino and the British Stanley Whittingham, who developed lithium-ion batteries capable of powering electric cars and smartphones and revolutionizing the field of portable electronics, became the Nobel Prize winners in chemistry.

Svetlana Smirnikhina, head of the genome editing laboratory at the Federal Medical and Genetic Research Center, called the Nobel Prize for genomic editing an expected event, noting that “it was only a matter of time.”

“But unexpectedly, the award was given to the scientists who developed the CRISPR / Cas9 method, while other methods of genome editing were not noted. CRISPR / Cas9 technology has firmly entered the practice of medical and biological research and is constantly being improved.I am sure that in the near future genomic editing will find its place in clinical medicine, ”said Ms. Smirnikhina.

At the same time, the press service of the center noted that “numerous studies on the CRISPR / Cas9 system, which breaks both DNA strands and cuts out dangerous mutations,” have shown that “this system can cause new, no less dangerous genetic substitutions “:” There is a high risk of losing the necessary nucleotides or adding extra ones, this will make irreversible undesirable changes in the genes.

The head of the laboratory of molecular genetics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Ilya Manukhov, explained to Kommersant that “all methods of replacing the genetic sequence of DNA nucleotides are associated with homologous recombination,” and cutting greatly facilitates the recombination process: “We put a piece of DNA into a cell, and due to recombination, it can integrate into the chromosome. But without cutting, the normal homologous recombination, for example, of E. coli occurs one in a million, but by cutting this probability can be significantly increased. “

Mr. Manukhov noted that the CRISPR / Cas9 system is not the first such system, but the previous ones cut only a short DNA sequence or at several sites at once.

“And CRISPR / Cas9 allows cutting in a specific place and in a rather long sequence, more than nine nucleotides,” explains Mr. Manukhov. “Any biotechnology today is tied to editing the genome,” noted Mr. Manukhov. “This includes the production of complex proteins, and genetic engineering in agriculture, and the branch that has not yet begun to develop – gene therapy, that is, use in medicine. But, in the end, this will lead to the acceleration of human evolution, ridding him of most hereditary diseases. ”

Alexander Panchin, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Kommersant that CRISPR / Cas9 is now one of the most popular methods of genomic editing, “which allows you to make a kind of analogue of contextual replacement, as in the Word program, when you replace one word with another “:” Since this technology appeared, it has been modified many times, and around this technology there are a huge number of technological improvements and developments.And now it is a whole set of technologies that have been developed thanks to the initial discovery, allowing you to edit DNA with a programmable tool. ”

So, according to Mr. Panchin, there appeared both “more accurate” scissors “, which” cut “more accurately, and” scissors “, which do not” cut “at all, but simply recognize the right place in the DNA and allow it to somehow way to mark.

Also, tools have appeared that allow you to make sure that genetic change is inherited not by half of the descendants (as happens by the law of nature), but by all descendants – this is the so-called mutogenic chain reaction.Mr. Panchin also recalled that CRISPR / Cas9 technology “made a splash, in particular, because it was used to create the infamous first genetically modified children in China, who had to replace one gene in order to create resistance to HIV.” we know how successful it was, because there are no scientific publications on this topic ”.

Note that the company Clarivate Analytics, which has one of the largest databases of scientific articles – Web of Science, in September named scientists Hyun Tae Hwan, Christopher Murray and Maungi Bawendi as the main candidates for the Nobel Prize in chemistry.They have developed nanocrystals, which, among other things, can be used as a contrast agent during MRI. Clarivate Analytics also suggested that the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2020 could be taken by Stephen Buchwald from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and John Hartwig from the University of California. The N + 1 portal explained the essence of their discovery as an attempt to link nitrogen and carbon atoms.

Maria Starikova, Valeria Mishina

Exhibition “Dreams of Freedom. Romanticism in Russia and Germany” opened in Dresden

Exhibition “Dreams of Freedom.Romanticism in Russia and Germany “, a joint project of the State Museums of Dresden and the Tretyakov Gallery, opened in Dresden as part of the cross year of Russia and Germany. less space of the Moscow project), but it retained not only the sections and the main composition of the works, but the energy of “sharp corners”, contrasts and inner tension of romanticism, which is so expressively conveyed by the architecture of Daniel Libeskind.For this exhibition, the Albertinum removed five paintings by Caspar David Friedrich from the main exhibition, and the Tretyakov Gallery brought such important works by Alexei Venetsianov as “At the Harvest. Summer”, “Sleeping Shepherd Boy”, “Girl in a Sarafan”, despite even a large retrospective of Venetsianov and students of his school in Moscow. In addition, such key works for the project as sketches by Alexander Ivanov, “Self-portrait” by Bryullov, a huge seascape of Aivazovsky came from Moscow. The latter, next to the photograph of the boundless “Sea” by Wolfgangs Tillmans, acquires the power of a tragedy, where a person dares to resist the elements and fate.

In addition to works from the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, the Pushkin Museum im. A.S. Pushkin, the Russian section was unexpectedly supplemented with drawings from the collection of the artist Karl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein, kept in the Albertinum. Thanks to this collection, in the section “Protagonists” mainly our compatriots. Here, for example, “a friend of the arts” (as the signature on the portrait says) and a friend of Pushkin’s hussar, and then the settled father of the family and a respectable landowner Mikhail Iosifovich Sudienko.

In general, in Dresden, the common roots of Russian and German romanticism are very tangible.Here Caspar David Friedrich writes his Russian friends – the poet Zhukovsky and brothers Alexander and Sergei Turgenev, contemplating the Elbe. Moreover, the name of Vasily Zhukovsky (in Cyrillic!), Like the lyre, are inscribed in the cast-iron fence, where the friends were staying. In Dresden you can find the place from which Karl Gottfried Traugot Faber wrote “View of Dresden” in 1824 from the window. The capital of Saxony remembers Zhukovsky, Vyazemsky and Batyushkov, Gogol (who, by the way, was treated by Karl Gustav Carus, a doctor and artist, one of the four main characters of the current project) and Dostoevsky, Turgenev and Belinsky … Here restless Mikhail Bakunin fights on the barricades of 1849 , built under the supervision of Semper, the future builder of the Dresden Opera, and then sits in the Königstein fortress.A drawing of the Semper Barricade along with an elegant glass from Königstein Castle can be seen at the exhibition.

Photo: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden / David Pinzer

It’s not just historical intersections, but the fact that both German and Russian romantics used a common language to express the experience of dramas of loneliness, love, disappointment and hope. The image of native land, arising in the poetry of Batyushkov: “Here are the books written out, // There is a hard bed – // All the utensils are simple, // Everything is crumbling scoggy! // Scudel !…. but it is dearer to me, // Than a velvet bed // And vases of the rich “, as if copied from the ascetic Dresden workshop of Caspar David Friedrich.

It is no less striking that Dresden seems to have preserved this tradition of friendship between literature and the fine arts, which originated in the days of Friedrich and Zhukovsky. , by the writer Florian Illies.In his essay “Two Hundred Years of Solitude,” Illies, reflecting on the artist’s contemplation and solitude, on the invention of Caspar David Friedrich, in whose paintings the border between the outer and inner world is drawn by the window frame and the window sill, suddenly seems to recall Goethe’s ascent to the Vesuvius crater. The smoking volcano looked too scary to be “beautiful.” Rather, it evoked a sense of terror. Only when he was on the top floor of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte, at the window from which the view directly to Vesuvius was opened, the poet begins to speak of “the pleasure of a magnificent spectacle.”The ugly from the beautiful is separated by the window frame and the safe distance. And this is a formula not only for a romantic landscape, but, in essence, a fairly accurate formula for romanticism.

The Napoleonic invasion changed not only the map of Europe, but also ideas about a possible political structure

Horror or incomprehensible mystery that lurk in the depths of the most beautiful views, as well as the unexpected connection between the “classic” Goethe and the Dresden romantics, give a new perspective and on the paintings of Russian artists.Be it the canvases of Venetsianov, the heir of the Age of Enlightenment, whose ideals he embodied with romantic passion, or the paintings of students of his school. An example would be the peaceful interior of the office of the house in Ostrovki named after N.P. Milyukov, which was painted in 1844 by Grigory Soroka (Vasiliev), a serf artist and a student of Venetsianov. In the foreground are delicately painted things on the table of an enlightened landowner. Quill and inkwell, bronze statuette of a horseman of the seasons of 1812, abacus, scissors, skull as Memento mori.Further on the sofa, an adorable child with a book in his hand – under the family portraits written, presumably, by the same Magpie. Idyllic “rural retreat” interior. But it was written by a man whom even Venetsianov, Milyukov’s neighbor and friend, could not help liberate from serfdom. After the liberation of the peasants in 1861 without land and the conclusion of an enslaving agreement with the master, the artist will take part in the “indignation” of the peasants. He will be sentenced to corporal punishment and will commit suicide the day before.The magical landscape outside the windows, like the dream of freedom, will remain far in the background.

If one bridge from romanticism leads to the 18th century, then the other leads straight to contemporary art. Although the Dresden exhibition does not include works by Bill Viola and James Tarrell, who were in Moscow, new works by Boris Mikhailov and Tony Ousler appear here. In the work of the last “Atari”, the eye, onto which the image of the gaze of the player engaged in a computer “shooter” is projected, observes either an invisible screen, or behind us.And a quiet anxiety, arising out of nowhere, out of thin air, sneaks up on the lonely viewer of the Dreams of Freedom exhibition.

Photo: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden / David Pinzer

Direct speech

Hilke Wagner, Director of the Albertinum:

What was the main thing for you when creating the exhibition “Dreams of Freedom” in Dresden?

Hilke Wagner: I think the most important thing is that the fundamental key works of the exhibition are the same as were at the exhibition in Moscow.It is no less significant that both exhibitions, Moscow and Dresden, are the fruit of the joint work of three curators of the two countries. Moreover, Holger Birkholz, Lyudmila Markina and Sergei Fofonov also represent three generations of art critics, with different experiences of perception of romanticism. Finally, the concept of the exhibition, its structure, the main sections remained the same.

Of course, there are minor changes in the presented material. In particular, if archival material related to the Decembrist movement and the December uprising of 1825 was shown in Moscow, then at the exhibition in Dresden we focused on the rarities associated with the formation of national identity, the adoption of the 1831 constitution in Saxony, and the 1848 revolution.It was in the 19th century that national identity was constructed. And since this problem is relevant today, we focused on this topic.

But in general, the problems that were first posed in the era of Romanism and remain important for us today, are relevant not only for Germany and Russia. As the architect Daniel Libeskind, who created the exhibition space for the project “Dreams of Freedom. Romanticism in Russia and Germany,” said in his speech, these problems are of a global nature.


Zelfira Tregulova, Director of the Tretyakov Gallery:

But the main idea remained the same: we tried to remove the train of established, sometimes banal ideas about romanticism and look at the relationship between Russian and German artists, Russian and German romanticism from the perspective of today XXI century.

It was in the first decades of the 19th century that a revolution took place in the consciousness of people. The Napoleonic invasion, the symbol of which at the exhibition were the boots of Napoleon from the collection of the Armory of Dresden, trampling on the freedom of nations, at the same time carried the Napoleonic code to the peoples.It changed not only the map of Europe, but also ideas about the possible, including in the political structure.

It was during this period that seemingly incompatible things paradoxically unite in art. On the one hand, artists begin to create their own world following their inner urges. They make their subjective world, individual perception of reality an object of creativity. Craftsmen stop working exclusively to order, instead of ordering their motivation becomes an inner motivation.

On the other hand, the concept of creativity is developing, most clearly expressed in the legend of Raphael. According to this legend, Raphael tried to create the most perfect image of the Mother of God, but he did not succeed until, once falling asleep in the workshop, he saw in a dream the image he was looking for. When he woke up, he wrote down The Sistine Madonna. Obviously, this idea of ​​the artist as an inspired medium who transmits a divine image to Earth is also a product of the era of romanticism.

So, this amazing combination of individualism, the subjectivity of the artist and his feeling of himself as a conductor of divine images, is born precisely in the era of romanticism.The image of Pushkin’s “Prophet” is connected with this concept. But this is partly the concept within which we continue to live. At least those artists who are guided by what can be called humanistic values. Given that we live in an era of crisis of these humanistic values.

It was very important for us to show this continuity of ideas. It was equally important to compare the implementation of this romantic concept in the work of German and Russian artists. Russian authors have embraced this idea.It remained relevant for centuries, as we saw at the exhibition “Russian Way. From Dionysius to Malevich”. By the way, like the current exhibition, it was supported by the Art. Science. Sports Foundation.

Yes, the Russian and German schools were different. But the current project highlights not only differences: in Germany and later in Russia, the concept of romanticism was associated with the inner liberation of the individual world. This becomes the main thing in creativity.

We are now living in a different situation. Yes, the romantic concept of art for someone today may be ridiculous.But for those who continue to live and exist in the format of humanistic values, this concept remains incredibly important. And it is very important not to lose this feeling and understanding of the world, which was first proposed by romantics.

Genes, scissors, paper: for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2020

Ever since the deciphering of the DNA structure of Watson and Crick, who received the Nobel Prize in 1962 “for discoveries in the field of the molecular structure of nucleic acids and for determining their role for transmission of information in living matter ”, scientists all over the world cherished dreams of rewriting genetic information.Just imagine: by changing the genetic code, you can cure hereditary diseases, save you from cancer, control cell cultures at a new level and modify the genes of future food or other organic raw materials at will. Until recently, all this remained a tempting, but distant and hazy prospect. It was possible to combine it with reality within the framework of narrow experiments and with many reservations: not everything worked on humans, and the risk of accidental unwanted typos in the DNA instructions was too high.CRISPR / Cas9 technology has become a real breakthrough in genetic editing, for the development of which Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudne were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Palindromes from yogurt

The history of this discovery began back in 1987, when an unusual repeating structure was first discovered in the genome of our old friend, Escherichia coli , the main model bacterium that experimenters have long loved.Five almost identical sequences of 29 base pairs in length (the very “letters” A, Y, G, and C that write the genetic code in the DNA structure), including sections of 14 base pairs with second-order symmetry, between which there were variable insertions at 32 bp. Years later, a similar structure was found in the genome of the halophilic archaea (literally “salt-loving”) Haloferax mediterranei , which had 14 almost perfectly identical genomic regions of 30 base pairs, repeated at a certain interval.Similar inverted repeats were soon found in many prokaryotes, or organisms without a nucleus, and were called CRISPR (from English clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats , or “grouped regularly interrupted short palindromic repeats”). Next to them were genes for specific proteins that were clearly interrelated with the functioning of this system. The entire family of such proteins has been called Cas, or CRISPR-associated.

Biologists were intrigued: the likelihood that such insertions were preserved on such distant branches of the tree of life by accident, or have arisen so many times independently, tended to zero.It would be too energy consuming to copy and pass on to descendants a useless mechanism for billions of years. If the sequence changes slowly (conservatively), then it is necessary for some reason. It remained to find out why. Although not everyone was interested in this: Danisco, for example, had no hesitation in using mysterious sequences to patent its yoghurt starter cultures long before the function of the mysterious palindromes was deciphered.

An unexpected turn was the discovery of the origin of the CRISPR sequences: they all turned out to be copies, the originals of which were stored in the genomes of bacteriophages.And although for these “enslavers” of prokaryotic life, the most important goal was to deliver their genome to the bacterium and force it to reproduce viral hereditary material, this trick did not work with bacteria with CRISPR fragments in their DNA. Therefore, 2005 marked the beginning of a new era in genetics: CRISPR sites turned out to be “molecular memory” of previous attacks, giving their carriers … immunity. At this point, it was already known that when reading genetic information, CRISPR turns into long RNA, which is then cut in repeated sections into small pieces.It was hypothesized that these pieces become the key to recognizing enemy viral fragments by a special defense system that works like RNA interference in eukaryotes (organisms that have a nucleus in their cells).

Genetic scissors in the case

Elegant experiments, the results of which were published in 2007, helped to prove the hypothesis. Biologists infected the colonies of Streptococcus thermophilus with dangerous bacteriophages, isolated the “survivors” and analyzed their CRISPR cassettes.As the scientists expected, streptococci recorded on them a “composite of a criminal” – they saved inserts from the genome of the bacteriophage that recently attacked them. Removing these sequences or turning off cas-genes deprived bacteria of immunity, and nosy phages, having acquired mutations in the region from which the insertions were copied, could hide from bacterial “justice”.

Safety knives, utility knives and blades

Solingen-based MARTOR KG is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality safety knives and scissors.These professional tools are based on GS (Proven Safety) certified safety technologies that contribute to health and safety and reduce cuts. Therefore, they have become an integral part of personal protective equipment in industry, commerce, logistics, handicrafts, etc.

The MARTOR product range also includes other cutting tools: cutters, scrapers, deburring knives, scalpels and drafting tools.For all cutting tools, the manufacturer offers a wide selection of quality blades: trapezoidal, hook-shaped, industrial blades, scraping blades, deburring blades, sketching blades, scalpel blades, etc.

In most cases, both MARTOR cutters and safety cutters MARTOR knives can be used as universal knives for fast and reliable cutting of paper, cardboard, foil, carpet, PVC, rubber, leather, polystyrene foam and polystyrene foam, opening bags with goods, cutting plastic strapping and adhesive tape.In addition, there are MARTOR safety knives with a handle and blade that allow them to be used as special knives for foil, cardboard or for opening bags.

MARTOR safety knives use technologies such as hidden blade (SECUMAX = highest work safety), fully automatic blade retraction (SECUPRO = very high work safety) and automatic blade retraction (SECUNORM = high work safety). In addition, the ever simpler blade change and the comfortable ergonomic shape of the handle further enhance not only work safety, but also productivity.

A For safe storage and transportation of safety knives and scissors, cutters and special knives, we recommend three new MARTOR BELT CASES. MARTOR provides on-site advice on the selection of suitable products and the correct handling, as well as numerous media educational materials (such as safety posters, instructional videos, product description videos, etc.)

Scientists of the Siberian Federal University and the Institute of Physics FRC KSC SB RAS predicted a new physical phenomenon – the molecular dissociation caused by the recoil effect during photoionization of molecules using hard X-ray radiation.In particular, the researchers predicted that the recoil experienced by a hydrogen molecule when it absorbs an X-ray photon and escapes a photoelectron, leads to the breaking of the chemical bond of the hydrogen molecule at photon energies above 5 keV. The research article was published in the highly rated journal Physical Review A.

“The recoil effect can be observed on the example of the recoil of a cannon when a projectile leaves it (Fig. 1A). The recoil effect is a consequence of the fundamental law of conservation of momentum (or, in other words, momentum).Fundamental manifestations of this effect are the Compton effect (for its discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1927), the Mossbauer effect (Nobel Prize for 1961), and laser cooling of atoms and molecules (several Nobel prizes).

We have investigated the effect of recoil upon emission of a photoelectron in the process of photoionization of a molecule by X-ray radiation. At moderate photon energies, the recoil effect is due to the exchange of momentum between the atom and the electron emitted from it.Depending on the direction in which the electron is ejected (Fig. 1B and 1C), the transfer of the electron momentum to the atom leads to excitation of vibrations and rotations in the molecule. Both of these effects have already been observed by us experimentally using synchrotron radiation “, – said one of the authors of the study, Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of Nonlinear Optics and Spectroscopy (Department of Science and Innovation) Faris Gelmukhanov .

To study the recoil effect, scientists had to carry out rigorous quantum calculations, which showed that with an increase in the energy of the X-ray photon, and, consequently, the recoil energy Eot, vibrational-rotational states are achieved near the dissociation threshold ED, and with a further increase in the recoil energy (Eot> ED) the chemical bond is broken and the molecule is destroyed.Continuing the analogy with a cannon and a projectile, we can say that a cannon loses, for example, its wheels. The breaking of the chemical bond of the hydrogen molecule h3 occurs in the region of hard X-ray radiation at photon energies exceeding 5 keV.

It was also found that in the region of hard X-ray radiation the photon momentum becomes comparable to the photoelectron momentum. This means that to describe the physics of the phenomenon under study, it is necessary to take into account even the momentum of a photon and to draw on the relativistic theory (also known as the theory of relativity), which is known to everyone from the school physics course.Moreover, the rotational and translational degrees of freedom become strongly entangled, which leads to the need to describe the dynamics of a nuclear wave packet outside the framework of standard perturbation theory, taking into account the strong coupling of rotational and translational motions.

Photon energies over 5 keV are available on all modern synchrotrons, for example, on the SOLEIL, SPring-8, MAX-IV, PETRA synchrotrons. Experimental verification of the new effect discovered by Siberian scientists is planned at the GALAXIES beam of the SOLEIL synchrotron in France.The most convenient for the first experimental observation of the effect is the registration of fragments of dissociation of a hydrogen molecule using the so-called time-of-flight spectroscopy, where the confirmation of the effect will be the increase in the kinetic energy of the fragment with increasing photon energy. According to the analysis already carried out in the work, the investigated effect can be experimentally verified for a number of molecules in clusters of inert gases and molecules adsorbed on the surface.

“The work done is the basis for the study of matter, its structure, its interaction with synchrotron X-ray radiation, as well as for taking into account the investigated effect when creating new materials and technologies. In particular, our developments may be in demand in future experiments at the Russian 4th generation synchrotron SKIF, which will be built in Novosibirsk. In nature, the predicted effect can be realized in the upper atmosphere, where the intensity of hard X-ray radiation is quite high.We believe that our results will be in demand there when planning new experiments, which means that they will contribute to the emergence of new breakthrough technologies in domestic X-ray spectral research “, – noted the co-author of the work, leading researcher at the Laboratory of Nonlinear Optics and Spectroscopy (Department of Science and Innovation Activity of the Siberian Federal University) Sergey Polyutov .

Fig. 1A . Before the shot, the total impulse of the “cannon-projectile” system is zero, since the system is at rest.After the shot, the impulse of the gun P = Mv (the product of the mass of the gun M and the speed of the gun v) should be equal to the impulse of the projectile mV with the opposite sign. This is how you can find the speed of the cannon and the kinetic energy of the cannon (or recoil energy): Eot = E m / M.

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