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How To Keep a Dream Journal: Tips, Examples and Templates

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Dreams are mysterious things. Whether they’re good or bad, tricks of memory or flights of fantasy, humans have been studying dreams and what they mean for a long time. Today, dreams play a role in the work of psychologists, scientists, artists, and even mathematicians! What role do dreams play in your life? You might be able to figure that out if you start keeping a dream journal.

So what exactly is a dream journal?

A dream journal (or dream diary) is a record of experiences that you dream about in your sleep. You can start by simply writing down what you remember from your dreams. As you go along, you can start to analyze what your dreams mean (especially if you keep having the same kinds of dreams over and over).

A dream journal is a type of reflective diary, where you reminisce on important or unusual things that happen to you and then meditate on what they might mean. Here are some tips on writing reflective journals.

Why keep a dream journal?

1. It helps you remember what your dreams are about, and improve your memory in general!

Dreams are fleeting. In general, the more time that has passed since you woke up from a dream, the more difficult it will be to remember what that dream was about. Writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up will make it easier to remember what they were about later. In addition, paying closer attention to what your dreams are about will help you remember them more easily in the future, with or without writing them down. It’s like exercise for your brain!

2. It helps you better understand your emotions and thoughts, including how your dreams affect them.

As part of your psychology, it should come as little surprise that dreams can affect how you feel and think. Having a positive dream the night before may help you skate through a day with happiness and optimism, while waking up from a nightmare may make your next day full of sadness and worry. Chronicling your dreams can help you understand why you feel the way that you do each day. You may even be able to identify triggers for your thoughts and emotions that you may not always be consciously aware of.

3. It can help you control your dreams with lucid dreaming.

One of the most often-mentioned benefits of keeping a dream journal is that it can help you advance from merely experiencing your dreams to actually controlling them. This is known as “lucid dreaming,” a state in which you are not only consciously aware that you are dreaming, but can also consciously manipulate what happens in a dream (at least to some extent). Becoming a lucid dreamer can help you learn how to give bad dreams good endings, or even learn to avoid having nightmares in the first place.

4. It can help you solve problems creatively.

A big part of why dreams can be fun is that they aren’t always constrained by everyday conventions. You can use this to your advantage by dreaming about a subject or problem in an unusual way, and then writing down the result in a dream diary. It might just inspire you to find a new method for creating something or solving a problem, one that you wouldn’t have normally thought about in the waking world. Many writers have used their dreams to inspire their stories, and even some mathematicians – including Albert Einstein – have relied on dreams to develop their formulas and theories in ways nobody thought possible at the time!

(Image source: Pixabay – E. Jaugsburg)

5 tips for getting started with writing a dream diary

1. Don’t wait; write!

Keep your dream journal as close to your bed as possible. That way, you can quickly start writing in it when you first wake up in the morning. As time passes, and even as you start to move around after waking up, you start to lose the ability to remember what you were dreaming about. So it’s important to be able to access your dream diary quickly after having a dream.

2. Include as much detail as you can.

Note everything that you can remember happening in your dream, including where you are, who you’re with, what time it is, what sounds you can hear, what objects and colours you can see, how you’re feeling emotionally, and any other sensations that you experience. This may be hard at first, but it will get easier with practice. The more detail that you’re able to recall from your dreams, the easier it will be to interpret them.

3. If it’s easier, draw your dream.

Some people may find dreams difficult to describe in writing, but easier to express through pictures. So if you’re one of those people, try drawing what you see in your dream instead of trying to make sense of it in words. Of course, if you’re talented in both drawing AND writing, try capturing your dream through both. It can lead to some very interesting analyses!

4. Compare your dreams to your waking life.

As a first step towards interpreting your dreams, try taking your journal with you during your daily activities and writing a short summary of what happened each day. Then, when you write down what your dream was about the next morning, you can look back on the previous day’s events for clues as to why certain elements may have shown up in your dream. Conversely, you can also look at your dream to see how it might have influenced what you thought and felt for the rest of the day.

If you own a smart phone, there’s an easy way to do this. Just download and install the Penzu app for your Google Android devices and Apple iOS device, and you can take your diary on Penzu anywhere that you take your phone. Talk about convenient!

5. Look for patterns in your dreams; they might reveal what you’re subconsciously thinking about.

Once you get good at recording the details of your dreams, you can start to analyze them. Look for elements that are consistent across your dreams: are you always in a certain place and/or time? Is there a certain person always there with you, or are you always alone? Is there a particular plant, animal, or other object that always shows up? Are you or anyone else in the dream always feeling a certain way?

If you keep dreaming of the same things over and over, it may point to issues in the waking world that you’re trying to deal with or perhaps have been reluctant to confront. For some examples of what those might be, have a look at our reflective journal prompts.

Dream journal examples

As we’ve discussed, there are a lot of different aspects about your dreams that you can record and analyze. Everyone’s dreams and ways of thinking are different, too. So it should come as little surprise that there are several different ways to record and organize dreams. Here are a few examples.

Rob Vincent’s dream journal – a pretty basic blog-style dream journal. He doesn’t go into a lot of detail analyzing his dreams, but he often notes his general mood for the day after having the dream.

Andy Zaitsev’s dream journal – a collection of dreams recorded at various points from 1996 to 2003. Notice that he separates his dreams into lucid and non-lucid, and does a little bit more post-dream analysis.

The Elder Dreams – a journal written by comic book writer Dan Curtis Johnson from 1988 to 2005. You can see where he gets his inspiration from!

John DuBois’ dream journal – the journal of the late software engineer John H. DuBois III, spanning from 1991 to 2007. It’s interesting to note that he organizes his dreams not only by date, but also by theme.

Dream journal templates

The setup for your dream journal will probably vary depending on what the goal of it is. Are you trying to understand your thoughts and emotions? Put your sleep cycles back into balance? Solve a problem? Make your dreams lucid so that you can control them? These will all affect what kinds of information you include in your diary. Here are a few sample logs that you can use for reference.

Dr. Eric H. Chudler’s template – a template from a psychology professor at the University of Washington. It’s pretty basic, but notice that it includes spaces to record when you go to sleep and when you wake up. Keeping this information in your journal can help you regulate your sleep patterns, so if that’s something that you want to work on, then try this template.

Savetz Publishing’s Free Medical Forms template – a somewhat more detailed dream diary template. It not only provides space for you to describe your dream, but also to make possible interpretations. You can even indicate if your dream was interrupted or if you completely remembered it, so you can track your progress.

Recording and analyzing your dreams can be a fun pastime, and there are many other good reasons for doing it, too. It can build your mental stamina and help correct your sleep cycles. It can help you understand and regulate your thoughts and emotions, perhaps even by coming to terms with an underlying issue in real life that you’re having trouble confronting. It can help you train yourself to be aware of your dreams so that you can partially control them, which means more good dreams and fewer bad ones. And it can help you come up with new ideas, or think about how to solve a problem in a new way.

Whether you’re on a desktop computer or a mobile device, Penzu and the Penzu app are great starting points for your dream journal. You can set your diary up for free, write as much as you want in it, and keep it secure from snoopers with a password. Plus, Penzu is available pretty much anywhere there’s an Internet connection, so even when you’re out and about, your journal is at your fingertips. So dream on, journal-keepers, but don’t forget to write down what happened when you wake up!

There’s no time like the present – start your free online dream journal today!

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Immortality, Time, and Nabokov’s Dream Diary

IN VLADIMIR NABOKOV’S Pale Fire, the poet John Shade has a near-death experience and dreams of a white fountain, which he feels certain is a sign of eternal life. Reading an article about a woman who had the same vision, he seeks her out, only to learn later from the journalist who wrote the story that “fountain” was, in fact, a typo. The woman had actually seen a mountain.

Dreams can be potent sources of signs and symbols, but just as often they’re detritus from the landfills of our minds. More than most authors, Nabokov manages in his fiction to reflect both the transcendent and the nonsensical aspects of dream states. The narrator of The Real Life of Sebastian Knight notes absurdities and absences in our sleeping imagination, pinning them on a lackluster performance by the “dream-manager.”

In Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time by Vladimir Nabokov, the scholar Gennady Barabtarlo considers Nabokov’s ideas on dreams in detail. The basis of the book is a previously unpublished dream journal that Nabokov kept in 1964, after reading aeronautical engineer John Dunne’s early 20th-century treatise An Experiment with Time. In that book, Dunne sketched a theory that human consciousness was capable of tracking events both forward and backward in time, so that dreams might reflect future events in a perfectly logical sequence. He claimed that dreams contain “images of past experience and images of future experience blended together in approximately equal proportions.” This idea, Dunne argued somewhat ambitiously, “contains the first scientific argument for human immortality.”

Nabokov’s attraction to Dunne’s eccentric theory is hardly surprising. His mother, Elena Rukavishnikov, had a religious side that tended toward free-range spiritualism, and though he sometimes played the skeptic, he did come to believe that higher planes of existence could make themselves known to us through dreams and visions. Even as a teenager, he had staked out the conflicted ground he would later occupy, writing in a notebook, “The existence of eternal life is an invention of human cowardice; its denial, a lie to one’s self. Whoever says ‘There is no soul, no immortality’ secretly thinks ‘but maybe?’”

Thus Nabokov, following Dunne’s instructions, spent almost three months recording his dreams and comparing them to later events. Images of Nabokov’s index cards recording his experiment appear throughout the book. Barabtarlo adds occasional commentary, which is particularly helpful when, as is often the case, Nabokov fails to recognize that a dream echoes his own life or prior literary output. Along with an introduction to Dunne’s theories and the dream journal, Barabtarlo includes “a selection of Nabokov’s dream records,” mostly from a notebook and decades of Nabokov’s minimalist pocket diaries before and after the 1964 experiment. It’s unclear what the selection criteria are, as several dream entries in the diaries (including a vulgar one about a chamber pot and a touching snippet about reconciliation with his estranged friend Edmund Wilson) don’t appear in Insomniac Dreams.

What is here, however, is fascinating, and brings together everything from an imaginary showdown with Pelé on a soccer pitch to memories of Russia and Nabokov’s lifelong fear of dying alone overnight. In one account, he feels “sympathy which is quite genuine but not free from desire” while comforting “an attractive but not flawlessly pretty” young woman married to a man who may be his son. Mundane fears (forgotten pants, lost dentures) join unprofound profundities (“the cosmos with all its galaxies is a blue drop in the hollow of my palm”). Nabokovian magic, it becomes clear, emerges primarily in revision.

The everyday language of the summaries stands in sharp contrast to the section that follows: an assortment of dream passages culled from Nabokov’s published work. In one, the young narrator of The Gift slips through “the border between consciousness and sleep” and dreams of the return of his missing father, who disappeared years before on a expedition: “Expectancy, awe, the frost of happiness, the surge of sobs merged into a single blinding agitation as he stood in the middle of the room incapable of movement, listening and looking at the door. He knew who would enter in a moment, and was amazed now that he had doubted this return.”

Nabokov’s own father, V. D. Nabokov, who was shot in a botched 1922 assassination meant for someone else, appears frequently in his dreams. But the dream father who shows up in Nabokov’s diaries is a bland creature. Watching him sitting gloomy on a beach, Nabokov worries that he will get sunburned. Sadly plinking out notes on a piano in another, the resurrected father fails to get a joke, showing none of the high spirits he possessed in life. Nabokov’s dreams about his father, far from reflecting the future, could not even summon the past.


Barabtarlo and Nabokov both find predictive meaning in some of the recorded dreams, though whether they reflect future events seems inconclusive at best to this reader. What Barabtarlo’s compendium makes clear, however, is the manner and degree to which Nabokov used visions and dreams to shape time in his writing. Barabtarlo organizes the literary passages into thematic groups, adding to the dream categories proposed by Nabokov in his journal. “Doom” has subheadings including “False Predictors” and “Recurrent.” “Daytime Impressions” is followed by “Memories of the Remote Past.” He notes the ways in which Nabokov considers the interplay between imagination and memory in art and in fiction, leading to outcomes that are, in Barabtarlo’s estimation, “precognitive verging on prophetic.”

The collection of dream passages here dovetails neatly with a body of scholarship that has considered questions of time and reality in Nabokov’s work. In his autobiography Speak, Memory, Nabokov describes his fondness for the thematic warping of chronology. “I like to fold my magic carpet, after use,” he writes, “in such a way as to superimpose one part of the pattern upon another. Let visitors trip.” There is hardly a novel in which he does not manipulate time or introduce otherworldly elements. Because of a glitch in Lolita’s chronology, debate has persisted for decades about whether events late in the book take place only in Humbert Humbert’s imagination. In Pale Fire, an unreliable narrator’s fantasies swallow the entire book as the careful reader tries to parse out whether any part of his story is true. Yet in the midst of the novel, despite the narrator, a troubled girl serves as a conduit from the spiritual realm for a voice that tries to warn of impending murder.

For all his curiosity about the great beyond, Nabokov’s most striking prophecy was not at all mystical. A lepidopterist by profession in the 1940s, Nabokov demonstrated remarkable insight about the evolution of a group of butterflies known as the Polyommatus blues. In 2011, decades after his death, gene-sequencing techniques confirmed his hypothesis about their migration patterns over millions of years. It may be tempting to invest this perspicacity with transcendent meaning, but it has a homely empirical basis. Nabokov’s early, intuitive hypothesis — unverifiable during his lifetime — was based on years of close observation. Barabtarlo steps onto a shaky limb when he mentions that a 2011 physics experiment may have recorded a particle traveling faster than the speed of light, hinting that Nabokov’s approach to time might be as scientifically demonstrable as his butterfly theory. Though a footnote acknowledges that a subsequent experiment called the finding into question, it fails to mention that those initial results have been repeatedly and thoroughly discredited.

Insomniac Dreams is much stronger when Barabtarlo writes about Nabokov’s innovative use of time in his art. He claims that the act of rereading — which Nabokov explicitly demanded — “amounts to a spatial reversal of time.” In Pnin, professor Timofey Pnin is unable to stop imagining how a childhood sweetheart died at Buchenwald.

[S]ince the exact form of her death had not been recorded, Mira kept dying a great number of deaths in one’s mind, and undergoing a great number of resurrections, only to die again and again, led away by a trained nurse, inoculated with filth, tetanus bacilli, broken glass, gassed in a sham shower bath with prussic acid, burned alive in a pit on a gasoline-soaked pile of beechwood.

Here Nabokov portrays a reality in which the fictional Mira Belochkin is always alive, always dying, and always dead, trapped in a roulette of possible methods of extermination. Manipulating time, Nabokov wrestles not just with questions of eternal life but with the instability of the present, the future, and even the past. For many of Nabokov’s characters — as well as Nabokov himself, and the rest of us — dreams and art cannot forestall death or undo what has been lost. But they offer another kind of immortality, sometimes a bitter one, inside the only worlds over which we ever rule as gods.


Andrea Pitzer is the author of The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov and, most recently, One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps.

The Lost Dream Journal of Santiago Ramón y Cajal—The Man Who Tried to Prove Freud Was a Liar

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, a Spanish histologist and anatomist known today as the father of modern neuroscience, was also a committed psychologist who believed psychoanalysis and Freudian dream theory were “collective lies.” When Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900, the science world swooned over his theory of the unconscious. Dreams quickly became synonymous with repressed desire. Puzzling dream images could unlock buried conflicts, the psychoanalyst said, given the correct interpretation.

Cajal, who won the 1906 Nobel Prize for discovering neurons and, more remarkably, intuiting the form and function of synapses, set out to prove Freud wrong. To disprove the theory that every dream is the result of a repressed desire, Cajal began keeping a dream journal and collecting the dreams of others, analyzing them with logic and rigor.

Translated here into English for the first time, the dreams of Santiago Ramón y Cajal offer insight into the mind of a great scientist.

Cajal eventually deemed the project unpublishable. But before his death in 1934, he gave his research, scribbled on stained loose papers and in the margins of books and newspapers, to his good friend and former student, the psychiatrist José Germain Cebrián. Germain typed the diary into a book, which was thought lost during the 1936 Spanish Civil War. In fact, Germain carried the manuscript with him as he traveled through Europe. Before his death, he gave it to José Rallo, a Spanish psychiatrist and dream researcher. To the delight of scholars and enthusiasts, Los sueños de Santiago Ramón y Cajal was published in Spanish in 2014, containing 103 of Cajal’s dreams, recorded between 1918 and his death in 1934.1 Translated here into English for the first time, these dreams, and Cajal’s notes on them, offer insight into the mind of a great scientist—insight that perhaps he himself did not always have.

JUST A DREAM: Santiago Ramon y Cajal (above) dismissed Freud’s dream theories. Cajal believed dreams are a sequence of random images, unfiltered by the prefrontal cortex, which the brain tries to interpret. Some recent dream research sides with Cajal.Wikipedia

Cajal exalted rational thinking and the conscious will. In his autobiography, the scientist described neurons as “mysterious butterflies of the soul, the beating of whose wings might one day, who knows, reveal the secrets of mental life.” He had a lifelong fascination with dreaming and dreams, despite, or perhaps because of, their tendency to resist all rational explanation. Early in his career, Cajal studied hypnosis and the power of suggestion, turning his home into a clinic for hysterics, neurasthenics, and spiritual mediums, and he planned to publish three psychological books before judging their content to be too speculative: Essays on Hypnotism, Spiritualism, and Metaphysics; Dreams: Critics of Their Explanatory Doctrines; and Dreams. He did, however, publish a scientific paper in 1908 on dreaming and visual hallucinations, which begins, “Dreaming is one of the most interesting and most wondrous phenomena of brain physiology.”2 He investigates visual hallucination in blind adults, concluding that the retina is not active during dreaming, instead studying the associative cortex, thalamus, and glial cells for evidence of activation.3

Also in Psychology  

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In 1902, in the preface to a contemporary poetry book, the normally reserved Cajal allowed himself to theorize a bit more freely about dreams. “The majority of dreams,” he writes, “consists of scraps of ideas, unconnected or weirdly assembled, somewhat like an absurd monster without proportions, harmony or reason.” He theorized that dreaming happens in unused areas of the cerebral cortex: “The fallow lands of the brain, that is, the cells in which unconscious images are recorded, stay awake and become excited, rejuvenating themselves with the exercise they did behind the back of the conscious mind.” At the end of the waking day, according to Cajal, certain groups of cells are tired out, leaving others to work during sleep. More than any theory, this persistent cellular focus is Cajal’s legacy to psychology, which indeed now favors a neurobiological approach.4 Some contemporary theories about the neuroscience of dreaming, namely the activation-synthesis hypothesis, would seem to support Cajal’s belief that dreams are a sequence of random images, unfiltered by the prefrontal cortex, which the brain then tries to interpret.

Cajal’s anatomical views on dreaming and his reluctance to speculate without physiological evidence stand in stark contrast to the dream theory made famous by Freud. In a letter to Juan Paulis, published in 1935, Cajal wrote, “Except in extremely rare cases it is impossible to verify the doctrine of the surly and somewhat egotistical Viennese author, who has always seemed more preoccupied with founding a sensational theory than with the desire to austerely serve the cause of scientific theory.”5

Devoted, like many mythologized geniuses, more to his work than his family, Cajal remained entranced at his microscope, failing to respond to his wife, Silveria Fañanás García, as she screamed through the night that their 6-year-old daughter was dying. In mourning, the light of the microscope was his only refuge. Thirty years after the death of his daughter, the father of contemporary neuroscience dreams that he is drowning off the coast of Spain, holding his little girl in his arms. This dream needs no further analysis.

In the transcribed manuscript, [——- ] indicates where Cajal left a blank space in his original notes, while * * * indicates where he crossed something out.

A Common Dream

[Falling of pants]

I attend a diplomatic soiree and as I am leaving my pants fall down (Is it desire?)

[Drowning with daughter]

I take a walk by the bay (Santander?) and I fall into the water with one of my little daughters in my arms. I fight the waves, I am almost drowning, despite touching the seawall. The nightmare awakens me.

Morning Dream

[Declaration on the nature of humanity]

12 December 1926

After lecturing from the podium on who knows what philosophical subjects. I find myself amongst friends. The question of what constitutes human nature is raised, I do not know how. Without allowing anyone else to speak in an authoritative tone and capturing the attention of my listeners—all friends and colleagues—(I hear myself proclaiming vehemently), I declare that the doctrines [———] of the unity of the human individual are an illusion, that in reality there are four men inside of us:

1. The gangue man, the cellular cadaver, the connective tissue, bone * * * , intercellular materials X. It is the stuffing of life. Strength of stature is the façade and the plaster of the building.

2. The glandular and sympathetic man, that is to say, the set of internal and external secretory organs, coordinated by the * * * sympathetic ganglia, governing vegetative life and controlling the higher individuals (emotional, synaesthetic) and the gangue man.

3. The pneumonic and conscious man, that is to say, the cerebral nervous system, the registry where sensory residues are stored. It is joined to the exterior world by the senses and to the higher self by certain cerebral pathways. This self can be conscious (sensation, perception) however it generally remains as a storage space for primary ideals (the “unconscious” of many authors). It produces the reflective and intuitive moment. The higher self is that active, imperious, conscious impulse, the selector that consults the files of the cerebral library, that [——- ] the pathways, decides on useful and deliberate reactions; attends, or not, to sensation; represses reflexes, moderates instincts and forges ideas and theories by changing the sensory material of the mind. This self is the critical self, that sees but is not seen, that in the dream state (hallucinatory orgy of the secondary self, fed up with contradictions says: Enough; all of this is an illusion, let us awaken. Believing that a representation is the self is like thinking that a photographic lens portrays itself. It would be possible if there were a mirror opposite. But in man there is no mirror of the self. The self is absolutely inaccessible. That which we take for a mirror, consciousness, only shows us the product of the [——] selection, thought to be the object, but what is thought to be the object is not what we think, but rather another part of the images about which one thinks …

The self is an energy, an invisible pull like a god …

Here I awaken.

Dream of the Printing Press

[Proofs of the book on regeneration]

I find myself at a printer correcting copies of a book about regeneration. I discover that there are many letters missing, that prepositions are absent, and that syllables have run from one line to another. I am astonished and ashamed by all these errors.

Inconsistencies. I am not correcting book proofs during the course of the printing process, but rather a book that is printed and already for sale, and also translated into English. There is no point to my corrections, then. Moreover, the book, of which I do not desire to produce a new edition, was printed 12 years ago. I awaken.

Strong headache due to the stifling heat I feel while checking the errors, which are now unavoidable. I am in Jaca.

This cannot be explained by Freud.

There is nothing here but a reminiscence of a previous act with distortions.

I imagine that I am at Pueyo’s press, where the book was not made. New inconsistencies.

Dreams (In Sigüenza)

[Class in Osteology]

I am an assistant professor. Suddenly I receive express orders from the dean to teach osteology at the very last minute. Anxiety, anguish * * * when going over the bones in my memory. I enumerate those of the hand: scaphoids, capitate, and I did not know any more. Meanwhile the class awaits me, the students yell. I ask to myself how I will lecture about bones if I have almost forgotten them? Growing anguish and I awaken with a sense of well-being, upon realizing that I am not a professor, I am old and no one is directing me.


1. Imperiously demanding that a 77-year-old retiree lecture on osteology.

2. Neither poor health nor lack of time to prepare occurring to me as possible excuses.

3. Forgetting things that I knew; when I wake up, I recite the carpal and tarsal bones from memory without mistakes.

(Obstruction of the mnemonic centers).

Antecedents: For 50 years I was an assistant professor and taught anatomy and other subjects for the Dean (Zaragoza) and then the Chair of Anatomy in Valencia. But I received the teaching assignment a day in advance which allowed me to prepare myself.

Strange that even though I learned all the details of osteology from my father from the ages of 12 to 15, they saw me stuck on things that I still know. It is, then, an inaccurate and fragmentary evocation of remnants of facts with distortions of the same, since if I had been asked to lecture on bones when I was an assistant, I would have been able to do so passably and with no need for preparation.

Where is the repressed desire? I do not see it. The desire was fulfilled 50 years ago and now I have other preoccupations. The dream, then, is a fragmented and distorted evocation of some painful scene in my life as an assistant when I had to teach lessons in surgical or medical Pathology with little preparation, not in Anatomy which I knew well.


[Arrogantly battling wounds]

26 May 1929

Before the veronal and before 3:30.

Goes fast. Does it take place in the great hall of a theater?

I enter a hall where apparently there had been a war between liberals and reactionaries. Before entering, in a kind of foyer, I find various wounded people amongst others who boast a frontal bullet wound and Lafora walks by saying, I have a serious wound. He does not wear bandages. Unarmed, I enter the great hall, where shots are heard. Some enemies see me, but they do not shoot from the side where I am. Someone from the other side says: go, so that nothing happens to you. I, very arrogantly, answer shoot all you like, that at most you will cut off only a few months from my life. But they do not shoot. They say that it is not worth the trouble. In light of this I leave. The emotion awakens me.

It seemed more like target practice than a battlefield. Nothing was forcing me to go in. And it seemed that the fight was of a political nature and was kept up between liberals and reactionaries.

Completely absurd. I did not see any dead people.

Causes: Having read earlier in the day about the death of Enrique de Mesa from an embolism. The execution of a student who tried to kill Valdemoros (Finland?). I do not understand it. I do not talk to anyone. During the day my activities have been peaceful; went by automobile to my orchard to pick sour cherries.

Inexplicable. I fell asleep reading a book [——] by Julio Camba. I see no signs of repressed desire.


House of wild animals. Various wild animals ate her. I do not live.


The bull had to go through a field and as he passed by, he grabbed hold of your head and bit into it and later it turned out that he had buried the head under a pillow.


A girl playing and they gave her a shove and she fell down a steep hill. It startled her.


She broke the head of a very beautiful doll and substitutes it for the head of a ragdoll that she painted eyes and a mouth onto. It was very ugly, but she liked it better.


Thieves break in. And I said to them: do not kill me, and they took out a revolver but later it turns out it was only a toy just to frighten me.


In school the desks were converted into beds and you slept there. Visitors came and they gave you food. The teacher brought them chocolate.


Cannibals. You were on an island and some black cannibals jumped out and they put you on the grill and poured oil on you. You, so peaceful. They ate you and they reported saying that the meat was hard and had to fatten more.


A movie theater in a church. And with a ray of light through the roof I could see skulls and skeletons. Ignore more. The movie theater was a thing of the priest.

Terrible Dream – Tactile Dream (evening of Espronceda)

[Brain in the hand]

I dream that they remove my skull and that there is only skin covering my brain. I feel the contact of brain with skin and its weight falling to one side, I hold it there with my hands, waiting for the doctor who will make a protective cap for me out of who knows what. I think it very natural that they have removed my skull and I’m reminded of another dream about the same thing in which my skull grew back and the vault was consolidated. I do not understand the operation, and I think it very natural for it to be done and that the brain is covered with skin without further precautions. I go for a walk around the room and am alarmed and awaken when I see that my brain is falling out. (The scene happens in the house on the street where Zaragoza Hospital is). My * * * wife is alarmed.

(I have dreamed this other times). It is surprising to walk and not fall, into a fit. My hands placed on my head touch something smooth that moves. I alert my wife who does not know what to put on me; I am missing my discarded skull. It is an operation that I consider to be ordinary and natural. Anguish in the end and I awaken. I want to try to touch, but I cannot get to anything before I awaken.

Antecedent, having seen the brain during autopsy? I do not believe that having seen a trepanation years ago (was it on the skull of Espronceda? Theory of the retina impossible here.

They are emotional dreams, they do not lend themselves to explanation. They awaken me right away.


[Meal with engineer’s wife]

I am invited to the house of an engineer. His wife watches me eat heartily. She is surprised and congratulates me because she had heard I was sick and on a diet and was eating very little. We talked about her husband, a man from the staff of the school whom I did not know. A regime of unknown faculty and I say sensibly: excuse me, I hardly know the professors from the school of civil engineering.

Inconsistencies: for many years I have not eaten outside the house. I do not know the wife of any engineer intimately enough that they would invite me to eat.

—But one would say, V. is sick, V. usually has no appetite. Eat well, V., and thus his dream is the fulfillment of desire.

But in my dream there is no element of [———] that can be interpreted by Freud. And the rest, the distressing ones? Shall we appeal to unconscious memories? But this destroys the hypothesis of Freud. Whether or not they arrive at distressing scenes from the past, here there is no fulfillment of any desire. And one would have to be very subtle and very specious in order to see a realized desire in 80 out of 100 of my dreams.

Other times I teach a lesson or give a conference.

Desire? None. It is work and in my situation more. It is an acquired habit that has not been carried out for 5 years. Would I desire to carry it out? No.

But even if it were true it would better fit with my hypothesis. The cerebral cells inclined to this task are resting, are oversaturated with sensory, motor, and ideal memories and they are unburdened of their excessive stimulation. Let us not forget the perfect logic of these conferences.

Ben Ehrlich is a writer living in New York City.


1. Velayos-Jorge, J.L., et al. The neurobiology of sleep: Cajal and present-day neuroscience. Revista de neurologia 37, 494 (2003).

2. Rusiñol Estagués, J. & Ibarz Serrat, V.  La recepción del pensamiento de Freud en la obra de Ramón y Cajal. Persona 6, 75-80 (2003).

3. Lopez-Muñoz, F., Alamo, C., & Rubio, G. The neurobiological interpretation of the mental functions in the work of Santiago Ramón y Cajal. History of Psychiatry 19, 5-24 (2008).

4. Rallo Romero, J. Los sueños de Santiago Ramón y Cajal Editorial Biblioteca Español S.L., Madrid (2014).

5. Ramón y Cajal, S. Las teorías sobre el ensueño. Cajal. Revista de Medicina y Cirugía de la Facultad de Madrid 3, 87-98 (1908).

R. Crumb’s Dream Diary – The Brooklyn Rail

Ronald Bronstein and Sammy Harkham
R. Crumb’s Dream Diary
(Elara Press, 2018)

At the midpoint of R. Crumb’s Dream Diary, a new book by legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb, the artist details a dream he once endured called “Dream of Huge Woman in Thigh-High Boots,” in which he lusts after an overweight and incredibly tall woman who wears nothing but thigh-high leather boots. He attempts to resist her charms but eventually climbs into bed with her, despite the presence of a prying crowd that includes his wife Aline and a film crew. He is overcome with desire, shame, and anxiety so powerful it awakens him. Sounds about right.

Since his arrival on the psychedelic comics scene in the 1960s, Crumb has built a career on the abandonment of inhibition and subsequent excavation of humankind’s inherent filthiness. He is a dedicated chronicler of the id and no stranger to the public confessional. He has repeatedly mined every aspect of his personal life for his work, utilizing both caricature and portraiture to feature scenes from his own life and relationships. Incredibly prolific, he lent his vision to the mainstream (Janis Joplin’s Cheap Thrills album cover for example) and subculture (consider Zap Comix, or the serialized characters Fritz The Cat and Mr. Natural) but often returned to an inward gaze. To quote Crumb from the preface: “What could be more interesting in life than exploring this inner realm of the mind?”

Now, the artist has released a decades-spanning catalogue of his dreams. Despite his explicit intention to record the nightly activity of his subconscious, he admits to forgetting many details once awake. Consequently, most entries do not exceed a page or two. There are dreams of the mundane, like “Dream About Kittens” and “Dream About Sleds,” the disturbing, such as “Dream of Burning Dead Babies” and “Dream of Begging God To Help Me,” and, of course, the sexual: “Dream of Making Out With Big Female Athlete” and “Dream of Girl With Big Legs.”

Nearly every theme that pervades Crumb’s art—libido, ego, deviance, insecurity, violence and fear, to name a few—is explored in Dream Diary. As a result, for a Crumb enthusiast like myself, the book is both familiar and surprising, pleasurable and enlightening. It strikes and maintains the difficult balance between thrill and intimacy. When Crumb ends a section with “Sex and old records, story of my stupid life,” it is easy to nod in agreement. We have had the privilege of peering into his life for quite some time now, via the public persona arguably best established by the 1995 Terry Zwigoff-directed documentary, Crumb, which profiled the artist and his family.

Readers seeking new comics may be disappointed to find that only a few of the entries are accompanied by drawings. The entry that describes “Dream of Helicopter Girl” is made both more humorous and more intelligible by the accompanying drawing of Crumb sitting on a thickly-built woman as they fly through the air, and the 1997 nameless dream of a disturbing bird-like creature is made more potent by the illustration of what creature, exactly, haunts the artist. There is little context or analysis, indeed Crumb’s own confusion is palpable: after awakening from “Dream That I Was Czar Nicholas II,” he writes, “I marveled at this dream and wondered what it could mean, where it could have come from.” He had no plans to publish his journals until he was encouraged to do so by indie film stalwarts Sammy Harkham and Ronald Bronstein (Bronstein’s creative sensibility is notably similar to Crumb’s; his directorial debut, Frownland, is both lovely and disturbing) who together acted as editor and publisher.

What, then, does a dream journal add to this artist’s oeuvre, when he has already demonstrated a career-long commitment to a wholehearted embrace of all that is taboo? Bronstein writes, in a letter to Crumb included as an introduction, “We read these dreams and we see that an utterly lawless incontinent dream-state Crumb is literally no different from the controlled waking Crumb that populates and propels his art.” This may be Crumb’s greatest skill. He does not lose his essential self when he puts pen to paper, a not-so-simple feat—who among us feels that we possess the ability to express our fundamental truths at all times, or even ever?

The book certainly demonstrates an integrity. If we assume the entries to be faithful accounts of his sleep state, then readers who may suspect that Crumb’s provocative shtick is inauthentic—I myself have wondered this on more than one occasion—will see that he was not engaged in deception when declaring long ago that he is unable to control what he draws. Dream Diary is a confirmation that the self he projects in his masterpieces derives from the deepest depths of his subconscious.

The book’s release has coincided with the opening of Drawing For Print: Mind Fucks, Kultur Klashes, Pulp Fiction & Pulp Fact by the Illustrious R. Crumb at David Zwirner Gallery (February 21—April 13, 2019). The show was comprised of previously published and archival work, accompanied by some never-before-seen sketches including an illustration of fellow Great American Transgressor Stormy Daniels. We live in a strange time, when truth is fraught. From his biting satires of suburbia in early underground comic papers to his 2017 dreams of magic cults and government agents, both the exhibition and book demonstrate Crumb’s admirable recklessness in pursuit of expressing what is true but unpleasant, tempting but dangerous, childish but necessary. As Roger Ebert wrote of the Zwigoff documentary, “Crumb is a film that gives new meaning to the notion of art as therapy.” Ebert was referring to therapy for the artist; I’d venture Crumb’s work is a form of therapy for us all—to consume his art is to engage in a curious form of psychoanalysis. Where is the line between public and private? On which side does pleasure lie? In “Dream of Surveillance Helicopter,” Crumb asks, “I had my dick out again, what’s that about?” Good question. We’ve been wondering.

Graham Greene on Love and Death in Existential Reflections from His Dream Diary – Brain Pickings

Once, in a small second-hand bookshop on the stormy New England coast, Judy Blume sold me a yellow inflatable life-raft. I woke up blissfully perplexed.

Nietzsche believed that dreams are an evolutionary time machine for the human mind. Since Freud’s earliest theories, scientists have been trying to answer the question of why we dream — one of the great perplexities of consciousness. And yet it remains unanswered, perhaps even pleasurably unanswerable — for how drab would life be without the nocturnal escapades of the imagination, without that private wonderland where even the most improbable is possible? It is in dreams, after all, that we dance with our most unnameable desires and our deepest fears. “We feel dreamed by someone else, a sleeping counterpart,” the poet Mark Strand wrote in his sublime ode to dreams, and this sleeping counterpart can often access what our waking selves cannot. Dostoyevsky discovered the meaning of life in a dream, Margaret Mead found the perfect existential metaphor in one, and Neil Gaiman dreamt his way to a wonderful philosophical parable of identity.

Between 1965 and 1989, the great English novelist Graham Greene (October 2, 1904–April 3, 1991) kept a dream diary — an 800-page record of his fanciful nightly adventures in what he called “The World of One’s Own,” where his subconscious confronted what it could not in “The Common World.”

In the last years of his life, Greene prepared the best of this curious document for publication, organizing a quarter century of dreams into several overarching themes. Shortly after his death, it was released as A World of My Own: A Dream Diary (public library) — a strange and wonderful book, which Greene considered a sort of “autobiography, beginning with Happiness and ending with Death, of a rather bizarre life.”

He writes in the introduction:

It can be a comfort sometimes to know that there is a world which is purely one’s own — the experience in that world, of travel, danger, happiness, is shared with no one else. There are no witnesses. No libel actions. The characters I meet there have no memory of meeting me, no journalist or would-be biographer can check my account with another’s. I can hardly be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act for any incident connected with the security services. I have spoken with Khruschev at a dinner party, I have been sent by the Secret Service to murder Goebbels. I am not lying — and yet, of all the witnesses who share these scenes with me, there is not one who can claim from his personal knowledge that what I describe is untrue.

Out of these nocturnal fictions the unconscious wrests, or seeks to wrest, existential truth. The grander the question and more perplexing the problem, the more labyrinthine the path into the absurd in search of the absolute. From meeting with Pope John Paul II in a hotel bedroom to encountering Henry James on a riverboat in Bolivia, this voyage into the neverland of the bizarre unveils a strange and strangely profound cartography of meaning for the most elemental questions of human life — among them, inevitably, love and death, the great feat and the great defeat of being.

Illustration by Tom Seidmann-Freud, Freud’s cross-dressing niece, from a philosophical 1922 children’s book about dreams

Greene recounts one particularly poignant dream:

On May 5, 1973, I had an awful experience I am thankful never occurred in the Common World. I had sent a love scene in a new novel to my secretary to make a draft, but her draft was full of gaps — that was only tiresome. What was awful was that as I read aloud to the woman I loved, I realized how false it was, how sentimental, how permissive in the wrong way. She too knew how bad it was and that made me angry. I threw it away. “How can I read it to you,” I demanded, “If you interrupt and criticize? It’s only a draft, after all.”

But I knew that the whole book was hopeless. I said, “If only I could die before the book is published. It’s got to be published to earn money for the family.” The thought of Russian roulette came to me. Had I recently bought a revolver or was that a dream? My mistress tried to comfort me but it only made things worse.

Greene tussles with the subject of love — which is “only a draft, after all” — in another dream:

I spent a sad summer evening in July 1965. I was engaged to be married to a girl whose mother detested me and longed to see the affair at the end. Harassed nerves caused a quarrel between me and the girl and her pride added its quota, while I pushed the quarrel to its extreme so that the girl broke with me and I accepted the break. The mother listened with satisfaction and then took the girl upstairs.

I felt sad and guilty and I knew that my relief at this final solution would not last. A party was going on at the house and the mother reappeared with her daughter in her arms, small and shrunken and ready to vomit. The mother appealed to me to find something and I brought a vase into which the girl vomited. I felt pity and guilt and love too, and I realized for the first time how much she loved me and what I was losing.

Among the guests was [the English sculptor] Henry Moore, and as I left the room I apologized to him for not having recognized him earlier, as I had been so preoccupied with my quarrel. I left the house and went for a walk with the girl’s brother. He was very sympathetic to both of us. We met her father, whom I had always liked, and appealed to him. “I am not such a rotten beast, am I?” He smiled to reassure me.

When I got back to the house the girl was there, and everything was all right again between us.

In the final dream in the book, Greene revisits the subject of redemption in its ultimate extreme:

In this World of My Own I found myself writing a bit of verse for a competition in a magazine called Time and Tide, but, needless to say, the paper never received it. It was about my own death.

From the room next door
The TV talks to me
Of sickness, nettlerash, and herbal tea.
My breath is folded up
Like sheets in lavender.
The end for me
Arrives like nursery tea.

Complement Greene’s A World of My Own with the science of lucid dreaming and the relationship between dreaming and depression, then revisit this marvelous 1922 philosophical children’s book about dreaming, illustrated by Freud’s brilliant cross-dressing niece.

Thanks, Maria

R. Crumb’s Dream Diary ARTBOOK



Elara Press

Hardcover, 5.25 x 7.75 in. / 500 pgs / 16 bw.

Pub Date 11/27/2018

D.A.P. Exclusive
Catalog: FALL 2018 p. 38   

ISBN 9781942884330 TRADE
List Price: $25.00 CDN $34.50 GBP £22.00

In stock


Preview our FALL 2021 catalog, featuring more than 500 new books on art, photography, design, architecture, film, music and visual culture.

&nbsp &nbsp


Edited by Ronald Bronstein, Sammy Harkham.

Unprecedented insight into the untamed art and psyche of R. Crumb

For more than 40 years, legendary American artist Robert Crumb has documented his nightly dreams in a meticulously kept private journal. This material has stood as a guarded secret in a career defined by an impish compulsion to publically self-disclose. All of the artist’s well-documented preoccupations are present and accounted forrampant egomania, insatiable lust, profound self-disgust, the sad beauty of old America, the moral bankruptcy of new America and the fool’s errand quest for spiritual enlightenmentbut here they are entirely untamed, springing forth from forces beyond even his control. Published for the first time, the complete Dream Diaries offer readers a deep, dark look under the hood of one of America’s most aggressively dynamic comedic voices.

Widely considered the greatest cartoonist of the 20th century, Robert Crumb (born 1943) drew comics from a very young age. After a brief career in greeting-card design in Cleveland, in 1965 the young artist discovered LSD, and headed for San Francisco, where he published Zap Comix 1, reinventing the comics medium. In 1994 he was the subject of an acclaimed documentary film by Terry Zwigoff. His adaptation of The Book of Genesis was published in 2009 and the original art for the project was exhibited internationally, most notably at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, in 2009, and as part of the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. His most recent books include Bible of Filth, Art & Beauty Magazine and (with Aline Kominsky-Crumb) Drawn Together. Crumb lives and works in Southern France.

Spread from ‘R. Crumb’s Dream Diary.’


Brooklyn Rail

Lily Majteles

[R.Crumb’s Dream Diary] is both familiar and surprising, pleasurable and enlightening. It strikes and maintains the difficult balance between thrill and intimacy.

Rain Taxi

[R.Crumb’s] black-and-white work is bawdy, often X-rated, and drawn with a cross-hatched precision that feels closer to a museum-caliber etching than the coloring-book wonders of old comics. But theyre really not so far off: […] Readers will discover how a cartoonists imagination has always grown from the same place of surreal, anxious wonderment and escapist reflection.

Free Shipping




“Sweet dreams, kiddies.”

Love, R. Crumb

Based on his famously zany comics, its clear that the mind of R. Crumb is full of weird yet compelling twists and turns. Its no surprise then, that

R. Crumb’s Dream Diary, Elara Presss highly anticipated new collection of off-beat, episodic, disjointed and yet endearing recountings of Crumbs subconscious productions is so engrossing. This compact yet generous 500-page clothbound hardcover offers the reader a true behind-the-curtain view into what makes R. Crumb R. Crumb, from visions of silly celebrity encounters to menacing forces in the forest. Dream of Hideous Creature Coming Out of a Hole in My Side, Dream of Huge Woman in Thigh-High Boots, Dream of Taking Morphine” and “The Dream About the Helicopter Girl” (illustrated above) are just a few of the entries spanning 19762017.
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R. Crumb’s Dream Diary

Unprecedented insight into the untamed art and psyche of R. Crumb

Published by Elara Press.
Edited by Ronald Bronstein, Sammy Harkham.

For more than 40 years, legendary American artist Robert Crumb has documented his nightly dreams in a meticulously kept private journal. This material has stood as a guarded secret in a career defined by an impish compulsion to publically self-disclose. All of the artist’s well-documented preoccupations are present and accounted forrampant egomania, insatiable lust, profound self-disgust, the sad beauty of old America, the moral bankruptcy of new America and the fool’s errand quest for spiritual enlightenmentbut here they are entirely untamed, springing forth from forces beyond even his control. Published for the first time, the complete Dream Diaries offer readers a deep, dark look under the hood of one of America’s most aggressively dynamic comedic voices.

Widely considered the greatest cartoonist of the 20th century, Robert Crumb (born 1943) drew comics from a very young age. After a brief career in greeting-card design in Cleveland, in 1965 the young artist discovered LSD, and headed for San Francisco, where he published Zap Comix 1, reinventing the comics medium. In 1994 he was the subject of an acclaimed documentary film by Terry Zwigoff. His adaptation of The Book of Genesis was published in 2009 and the original art for the project was exhibited internationally, most notably at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, in 2009, and as part of the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. His most recent books include Bible of Filth, Art & Beauty Magazine and (with Aline Kominsky-Crumb) Drawn Together. Crumb lives and works in Southern France.

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90,000 The meaning of dreams from dream books and from famous psychologists

The dream interpretation, as a book intended for the interpretation of dreams, appeared more than four thousand years ago in order to preserve the knowledge that explains why one dreams of what a person sees in a dream. The world does not stand still. Dream interpretation changes and supplements, thanks to the achievements of modern psychology, observations of the coming true of dreams.
How not to be mistaken in the interpretation of sleep and find out its correct meaning?

How to interpret what we see in a dream

The power of the unconscious is strong and multifaceted.Evidence of this is colorful, sometimes frightening, sometimes joyful, but always mysterious dreams. In those happy hours, when the mind falls asleep, trying to shake off daytime fatigue, a person completely falls into the power of the subconscious. Few know how to listen and correctly dispose of the prompts sent in a dream. How to become a faithful ally of your subconscious mind? Is it possible to learn to decipher dreams, to recognize the future from them, finding secret clues and signs?

First of all, it should be understood that not every dream carries a hidden meaning or has a fateful meaning.There are categories of dreams caused by daytime emotions and experiences. They should be considered a reflection of reality and its projection into a dream, it is enough to recall the events, thoughts and feelings experienced the day before.

To understand what you saw in a dream, it is not enough to turn to just one interpretation of the chosen dream book. Dream books compiled hundreds of years ago, in our high-tech era, often turn out to be irrelevant. Some interpretations relate rather to the field of acceptance, to believe or not to believe in which is the personal right of each person.At the same time, many ancient archetypes have survived to this day and really carry a fateful forecast. We have tried to present the interpretation of dreams as conveniently as possible so that it is easy for you to understand the secrets of the subconscious.

Try to be guided by what you received through night visions. This can help solve not only current problems, but also warn of danger.

It is not difficult to become a connoisseur of your dreams. Ask the dream book a question through the search form or find a detailed interpretation in our ABC of dreams.Dispose of the information received with maximum benefit for yourself, harmoniously combining both the subconscious and the mind.

What is a dream book and why are they needed?

Probably, with regard to dream books, the main idea is that they are more often harmful than useful.

The dream book can confuse you even more, instead of really helping to understand the content of the dream. Dream books provide examples of objective interpretation of symbols.I love the famous example of a dream about tooth loss. Many dream books write that tooth loss is a literal reflection, the risk that in the future, perhaps, soon one of the relatives will get sick or, even worse, die. It is clear that this is harmful to the psychological state of the person who reads this, because he will be in prejudice that something terrible may happen, and this will increase his anxiety, or he will begin to worry about it.

I will give two examples of such dreams.In my group work, there was a protagonist who dreams that her teeth are falling out. She looks at one of these teeth, and she has a lot of experiences, some kind of sadness, sadness interspersed with anger about this. When we start to play this symbol, our tooth begins to speak – in psychodrama, we animate any symbol. The tooth begins to speak, the dialogue unfolds and it turns out that this is a dialogue between a mother and her daughter, this is her daughter, her teenager, who is now in conflict with her. There are conflicts with adolescents, they are trying to grow up, somehow express themselves, and the dreamer cannot accept the role of the teenager’s mother in any way, she cannot in any way rebuild that the girl will soon become an adult.That is, the dream is not about that at all, absolutely.

She was convinced that dream books are good, we worked with her, she understood and decided for herself that now she would definitely not turn to dream books, because there was no point. Imagine now what would have happened if she had read a dream book! She would endlessly think, she would have panic, anxiety, she already had enough worries about her growing up daughter. In fact, the meaning of her dream was that she could not accept a new attitude towards her daughter.This is one example.

The second example is also very interesting. The dreamer dreams that his teeth are falling out, he looks at them and realizes that these are not his teeth, his teeth, in fact, are in place, they are some kind of alien, completely different teeth. We start to work, we talk with our teeth. He communicates with his teeth, and they say to him: “Yes, we are not yours, pay attention to this one more thing,” and they show him the third symbol, which was not originally in the dream. In psychodrama, what is important is what is here and now, and not what was dreamed of.We see the third figure, he does not remember her, and this is his partner, who he dreamed about. She immediately understood everything, as soon as he entered the role of a partner. The partner, whose role was played by the protagonist, had the text: “Look at the teeth, look, these are your real teeth, look and believe that they are real.” The dreamer says this is my situation! For several months his partner has been constantly throwing money about the transfer of money, promises to transfer, feeds “breakfasts” and so on, says: “I give a tooth that I will transfer!” Sleep and the general dream clue after playing these three roles was to pay attention that there is nothing to expect from this person and he cannot be trusted.It was necessary to make a decision, to take measures, even radical, regarding the return of money.

The first, most basic reason why dream books are harmful is that they take a person away from reality. Second, they are not just taken away, but can be taken in a very deplorable direction, when a person will be anxious, worried, and there were such patients who not only walked away from reality, but sometimes built some kind of specific structure of activity, which in fact most often destructive.

Dream Interpretation – Interpretation of Dreams Online Free

Dream Interpretation in the House of the Sun – a collection of the most popular dream books. The interpretation of dreams from dream books is carried out online using a rubricator and a search form. A convenient search for a description of an image or symbol of a dream is presented in all dream books at once. The Dream Book of the House of the Sun presents free dream books of famous psychologists – Freud, Miller, Meneghetti, dream books of seers – Nostradamus, Vanga, as well as Muslim, Assyrian, Slavic and other dream books online.

Today is the Twelfth lunar day

Pay special attention to what values ​​are dreamed of on this lunar day in your dreams. This will indicate what is more important to you … >>

Have you ever had prophetic dreams?

Miller’s dream book in the House of the Sun is the most popular of all known dream books, it has about two thousand interpretations in its composition. Miller’s dream book is considered one of the most accurate and complete. This dream book was first published at the end of the 19th century, but even today it has not lost its relevance and is gaining more and more new fans.

American psychologist Gustav Hindman Miller believed that the set of symbols that we see in a dream is not accidental. It is an encrypted code, which can be solved to predict some future events. After analyzing the individual combinations of objects, phenomena and events in the dreams of different people, Miller compiled a single interpretation scheme, which formed the basis of Miller’s Dream Interpretation.

Miller’s dream book contains 2125 interpretations of dreams.

Freud’s Dream Book in the House of the Sun – a dream book by the famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud; one of the most interesting and unusual dream books.Having become a bestseller of the 20th century, Freud’s Dream Book is still very popular today.
Exploring his own dreams and comparing the content of dreams with free associations, Sigmund Freud discovered their unconscious content and described a number of psychic techniques that compare the images of dreams with their hidden meaning.

Freud’s dream book contains 472 interpretations of dreams.

Helpful advice

On the third day of each month, expect prophetic dreams, and on the night of the twenty-fifth, you will have an empty dream.

Vanga’s dream book in the House of the Sun is a dream book of the well-known fortuneteller, the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga. The soothsayer Vanga believed that dreams occupy an important place in the fate of people. Dreams are associated not only with the lives of individuals, but also with the destinies of entire countries. Vanga’s dream book contains both interpretations concerning the personal fate of the dreamer and interpretations that predict the future of states and even the planet.

Wangi’s dream book will help you find out more information about your inner world.

Before using the interpretations of dreams from the Dream Interpretation of Wanga, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with her biography set out below.

Vanga’s dream book contains 79 interpretations of dreams.

The Dream Book of Nostradamus in the House of the Sun is a dream book by the famous astrologer, doctor, alchemist and soothsayer Nostradamus, who lived in France in the 16th century. One of the main features of the interpretations contained in the Dream Book of Nostradamus is that predictions are made for a very distant future. According to Nostradamus, every person sees dreams concerning not only his personal feelings, desires, thoughts, but also social, natural phenomena, the fate of the country and the planet.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus contains 68 interpretations of dreams.

Loff’s Dream Book in the House of the Sun is a dream book by the famous psychologist David Loff. According to David Loff, each person is characterized by their own symbols and dream scenarios, which are determined by the character of the dreamer, his life experience, and the events taking place with him. And therefore, a similar dream seen by different people can be interpreted in different ways. The basis of David Loff’s Dream Interpretation is not a symbolic, but an individual interpretation of dreams.

Loff’s dream book contains 273 interpretations of dreams.

Assyrian Dream Book in the House of the Sun – translation of the publication of the Assyrian dream book by A. Oppenheim, Assyriologist at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of Chicago, USA. The original text of the Assyrian Dream Book, written in cuneiform on clay tablets around the 1st millennium BC, is in the British Museum, London. The inhabitants of ancient Assyria believed that through dreams people can communicate with the gods and receive messages from them. In order to systematize the meanings of dream symbols, special collections of interpretations were created, which formed the basis of the Assyrian dream book.

The Assyrian dream book contains 53 interpretations of dreams.

Hasse’s dream book in the House of the Sun is a dream book compiled by the medium Miss Hasse. Dream Interpretation Hasse is based on various knowledge – folk observations, modern and ancient esoteric works. According to Miss Hasse, the probability of dream fulfillment is different and is determined depending on the day of the month and the phase of the moon.

Dream Interpretation Hasse contains 1948 interpretations of dreams.

Tsvetkov’s dream book in the House of the Sun is a dream book of the writer, artist, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, occultist and astrologer Yevgeny Petrovich Tsvetkov, who has been professionally studying dreams for over 25 years.Tsvetkov’s dream book is based on the associativity inherent in people of Slavic origin. And therefore, this dream book is perhaps the most understandable and close in spirit to the Slavic peoples.

Tsvetkov’s dream book contains 818 interpretations of dreams.

Electronic dream book of the House of the Sun – a dream book in electronic form, available online. Interpretations of dreams in the Electronic Dream Book online.

The electronic dream book contains 1120 interpretations of dreams.

Muslim dream book in the House of the Sun – a dream book containing interpretation of dreams from the Muslim encyclopedia Aggregate of knowledge translated from Persian.The Muslim dream book touches upon the phenomena of the external nature and the internal, psychological world of a Muslim. In the original book, they are divided into sections and arranged according to their dignity (from a Muslim point of view). Most of the interpretations of the Muslim dream book reflect the inner world and mentality of Muslims, however, many interpretations go back to universal, universal concepts.

Muslim dream book contains 149 interpretations of dreams.

Slavic dream book in the House of the Sun is a dream book of a group of Slavic peoples in Europe: Eastern, Western and Southern Slavs.The Slavs include: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, Czechs and many others. Slavic dream book is based on the knowledge and traditions of the Slavs.

Slavic dream book contains 236 interpretations of dreams.

The English Dream Book in the House of the Sun is a dream book compiled by the outstanding astrologer of the 18th century Zadkiel (Morrison). This collection of dream interpretations has gone through many editions, and is one of the greatest works of the astrological art of reading dreams. The English dream book is very valuable from the point of view of astrology and is useful to anyone who wants to delve into the understanding of supernatural phenomena.England has always been known for its independence from the church, freedom of speech and R.D. Morrison devoted his entire life to the study of astrology. His merit, first of all, is that he brought this science to the people. The first edition of the English Dream Book was sold out in less than one day. Today, the English dream book is considered the most accurate, both from the point of view of astrologers and ordinary people who dream of knowing all the secrets of sleep.

The English dream book contains 497 interpretations of dreams.

Helpful advice

If you sleep with your head to the north: – this is health, good dreams; to the south – drowsiness, irritability, loss of complexion.It is not recommended to sleep with your head to the west – there will be many diseases.

The French dream book in the House of the Sun is a dream book compiled by an unknown author. The age of its creation is roughly attributed to the Middle Ages. The French dream book – a collection of dream interpretations – is the source of many later dream books. For example, it is known that the French dream book was used as a source in the compilation of one of the most popular dream books in our time – Miller’s dream book.

The French dream book contains 418 interpretations of dreams.

Esoteric dream book in the House of the Sun – a dream book compiled by Elena Anopova. An esoteric dream book will help you penetrate your own inner world, discover the secrets of the subconscious and develop hidden potential. Based on the interpretations proposed in the Esoteric Dream Book, it is recommended to develop your own sensitivity and learn to determine the meaning of sleep based on intuitive knowledge. Undoubtedly, the Esoteric Dream Book will help you with this.

Esoteric dream book contains 1277 interpretations of dreams.

Love dream book in the House of the Sun – a collection of interpretations of dreams about relationships between men and women, romantic love relationships. The love dream book was created in the second half of the twentieth century. All interpretations in the Love Dream Book are dedicated to the beautiful theme of love. A love dream book will help you understand your feelings.
A love dream book allows not only to interpret this or that image seen in a dream, but also helps to clarify personal relationships between lovers or spouses. With the help of the Love Dream Book, you can not only realize the mistakes that you may have made in the past, but also avoid various troubles in love, be able to make plans for the future.

The love dream book contains 735 interpretations of dreams.

Dream book of Longo in the House of the Sun – dream book of the master of white practical magic, folk healer Yuri Andreevich Longo. Parapsychologist Yuri Longo is the author of many books on magic, folk medicine, as well as the popular Longo’s Dream Interpretation.
A distinctive feature of Longo’s Dream Interpretation is that the interpretation is based on both an esoteric base and knowledge of psychology. In his dream book, Longo was able to combine parapsychology and traditional science, thereby creating a unique system for interpreting dreams.

Longo’s dream book contains 454 interpretations of dreams.

The dream book of Azar in the House of the Sun is one of the oldest dream books and collections of dream interpretations on Earth. The dream book of Azar was created by the Jewish people in ancient times and is still relevant today. According to legend, the Dream Book of Azar began to be created when Joseph interpreted the prophetic dream about cows and ears of corn to the Egyptian Pharaoh. This event became historical for the entire Jewish people, it was included in both the Torah and the Bible. Azar’s dream book still helps people to recognize the meaning of dreams and their significance for their future life.

Azar’s dream book contains 241 interpretation of dreams.

The Dream Book of the Canaanite in the House of the Sun is a modern version of the interpretation of the famous ancient Greek “Book of Dreams”, the original of which was used for prophecy and divine revelations by the Christian great martyr Simon the Canonite.
To interpret dreams with the help of the Dream Interpretation Canaanite, dreams must be recorded in detail immediately after awakening. In this case, the interpretation of sleep will be the most accurate. All interpretations of dreams in the Dream Book of the Canaanite are distinguished by the fact that they are very positive, without fatalism, with faith in tomorrow.

The Dream Book of the Canaanite contains 1747 interpretations of dreams.

Ukrainian dream book in the House of the Sun is one of the most popular modern dream books. Many folk beliefs of Little Russia have been embodied in the Ukrainian dream book. The Ukrainian dream book was compiled by the famous Ukrainian writer-folklorist Nikolai Konstantinovich Dmitrienko. For many years Mykola Dmitrienko studied the culture, the original folklore of Ukraine. It was this information that served as the basis for creating a book of interpretations of dreams.
All interpretations of the Ukrainian dream book are built according to a special principle, which was revealed by the author himself.This principle was called “linguistic” by Dmitrienko. The meaning of this principle is that all interpretations in the Ukrainian dream book are the result of linguistic analysis.

Ukrainian dream book contains 743 interpretation of dreams.

A small dream book in the House of the Sun – a dream book compiled by Vladislav Kopalinsky (real name – Jan Stefchik) – a famous Polish encyclopedist, the author of several monumental works. Kopalinsky’s little dream book is, in fact, a unique synthesis of all the information about dreams that mankind has accumulated over the years of studying this aspect of being.
Kopalinsky’s little dream book is a separate part from the “Dictionary of Symbols”, in which various facets of human existence are multifacetedly intertwined: folklore, astrology, mysticism, literature, alchemy. The main difference between Kopalinsky’s Little Dream Book from other popular dream books is that it is based on a principle derived by the author himself. Kopalinsky’s interpretation of dreams is akin to an association; they are chosen intuitively and very harmoniously.

A small dream book contains 54 interpretations of dreams.

Russian dream book in the House of the Sun is a dream book based on the description of the ancient language of the symbols of dreams of the Russian people. This language contains wisdom and observation, passed down from century to century, from generation to generation.
Russian dream book is a universal dream book for people of any age. With the help of the Russian dream book, anyone has the opportunity to decipher their dream. The Russian dream book will help explain secret symbols and images, unravel the intricate phenomena and events that occur in your dreams.

Russian dream book contains 192 interpretations of dreams.

Dream Interpretation “Food” in the House of the Sun is a collection of interpretations of dreams, symbols or images of which are food, all kinds of food. Reveal the secret of your culinary dreams with the help of the interpretation of the Dream Interpretation “Food”! The culinary dream book “Food” will help to reveal the secrets of dreams in which food and everything related to them appear. Dream Interpretation “Food” is able to interpret the most exquisite and delicious dreams!

The Dream Interpretation “Food” contains 282 interpretations of dreams.

The Chinese dream book in the House of the Sun is a dream book compiled by Zhou Gong, the son of the Zhou Wen Wang, one of the founders of the Zhou dynasty (11th century BC). The author of the Chinese dream book Zhou-Gong is a great authority in the field of traditional fortune-telling systems, one of the four authors of Cyclic Transformations, Zhou-Yi, the main fortune-telling and philosophical book of Chinese culture.
Interpretations of the Chinese dream book are psychophysiological in nature and proceed from the fact that dreams, with the help of images and symbols, inform about what is happening in a person’s life.The Chinese dream book is usually printed in calendar almanacs and is very popular in Southeast Asia.

The Chinese dream book contains 1377 interpretations of dreams.

Helpful Hint

If you wake up in the middle of the night from bad dreams: Turn the pillow, pillowcase and linen inside out. If you want to dream of a person you saw in a dream, quickly turn the pillow over.

Dream Interpretation of Flowers in the House of the Sun – a dream book containing interpretations of the symbols of flowers and plants seen in a dream.Flowers are usually considered a wonderful sign of beauty and prosperity, and with the help of the Dream Interpretation of Flowers, you can find out what exactly the symbols of flowers tell the dreamer about the future.

The dream book of flowers contains 65 interpretations of dreams.

Wedding Dream Book of the House of the Sun is a collection of interpretations of dream symbols related to marriage and wedding themes. If you dreamed about a wedding dress, a wedding bouquet, a wedding feast – the Wedding Dream Book will help to interpret the symbols of sleep.

Wedding dream book contains 27 interpretations of dreams.

Children’s dream book in the House of the Sun is a surprisingly touching and kind dream book, designed for the most important little people – boys and girls.

Children’s dream book contains 448 interpretations of dreams.

Family dream book in the House of the Sun is a universal dream book for every family member. The family dream book contains detailed interpretations of dream symbols, especially symbols related to family life, symbols that portend success or failure in life.

The family dream book contains 2476 interpretations of dreams.

An intimate dream book in the House of the Sun is a full-fledged interpreter of dreams on an intimate topic. An intimate dream book contains interpretation of dreams, in which the themes of intimate relationships, intimate symbols appear.

Intimate dream book contains 524 interpretations of dreams.

Dream Interpretation Veles in the House of the Sun is Small Velesov Dream Interpretation, which is based on information contained in ancient treatises, on the works of famous mediums of the past centuries, on the works of modern mediums.

Dream Interpretation Veles contains 1230 interpretations of dreams.

Dream book by numbers – a numerological dream book in the House of the Sun. A dream book by numbers gives an interpretation of numbers and number combinations found in sleep symbols.

Dream interpretation by numbers contains 241 interpretation of dreams.

Dream Interpretation for Women in the House of the Sun is a collection of dream interpretations specially designed for women. The dream book presents symbols of dreams, taking into account the fact that a woman had a dream.

The dream book for women contains 291 interpretations of dreams.

Dream Interpretation of Men in the House of the Sun – interpretation of the symbols of dreams that a man dreamed of. The dream book of men contains many specific symbols that are characteristic of male dreams.

The dream book of men contains 318 interpretations of dreams.

The ancient dream book in the House of the Sun is Aesop’s unique allegorical dream book.The ancient dream book of Aesop is based on the interpretation of individual emotions that are associated with childhood, as well as some postulates of folk wisdom, quotes from speeches of significant historical figures, symbolism of literature and folklore.

The ancient dream book contains 246 interpretations of dreams. A large online dream book carries the interpretation of dreams and interprets a wide variety of symbols. The interpretations of the Big Dream Book are supported by the author’s many years of experience in the interpretation of dreams, therefore the Big Dream Book is undoubtedly one of the most accurate dream books of our time, i.e.to. contains a large number of interpretations of images characteristic of our time. Although, it should be noted that it also contains symbols of earlier periods of history.

The big dream book contains several thousand interpretations, it will help you get the most accurate idea of ​​the symbols of your dream, because contains the most complete information on the interpretation and explanation of dreams.

It is easy to use the Big Dream Book. Enter the name of your dream symbol in the search or use the alphabetical index.The author of the Big Dream Book is the Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova.

The big dream book contains 3682 interpretations of dreams. Interpretation of dreams from a dream book is the most convenient way to decipher the meaning of your dreams. The Dream Interpreter – the interpreter of dreams can help you with this. People have always wanted to look into their future, and one of the ways to fulfill this desire is the interpretation of dreams. And all because it is believed that dreams contain information about the future, it is enough just to decipher it.

In ancient times, priests were engaged in the interpretation of dreams, in our time it can be done by interpreters of dreams – people who have devoted most of their lives to the study of dreams.They noticed that most of the images in our dreams are similar to each other, therefore, for convenience, the images of dreams and their interpretations began to be combined into separate collections of texts – interpreters of dreams, which are now called dream books.

Of course, no one bothers you to think that dream books do not deserve one hundred percent trust, but out of curiosity, no one bothers you to ask about the interpretation. Perhaps, having learned what your dream means, you will look at your life with different eyes.

The dream interpretation of dreams contains 4078 interpretations of dreams.Humanity began to study the meanings of dreams and their interpretations several thousand years ago. As a rule, dreams were interpreted by shamans, soothsayers, priests or sorcerers – i.e. those who possessed mystical abilities. In our time, even scientists – psychologists, doctors, psychoanalysts and other human researchers – are undertaking to interpret dreams. For example, many famous dream books were compiled by people who have devoted themselves to science, and it should be noted that their interpretation of dreams is often true.

Thanks to them, it became known that the correct interpretation of dreams depends on the dreamer himself. For example, it is very important that a woman or a man, an old man or a child had a dream. The time at which the dream was dreamed is also important.

This dream book gives a generalized interpretation of dreams, which is most often mentioned in other dream books. The interpretation of dreams from a dream book is never specific. The same symbol can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, in order for the interpretation of a dream to be the most truthful, pay attention not only to the general meaning of the dream, but also to its details.This will help unravel the secrets of your dreams. The dream book, and the interpretation of dreams in it, is provided free of charge online, so to get the most accurate interpretation of a dream, use the interpretation of interpretations from several dream books, comparing several images.

Dream interpretation interpretation of dreams contains 3705 interpretations of dreams. A dream book in alphabetical order is a dream book from A to Z. A person does not have abilities that he does not need, so if people see dreams, it means that it is necessary for something.

A dream book in alphabetical order is not limited to the interpretation of the symbols that you see in a dream.It helps to interpret feelings, sensations, to understand the connection of what is happening in a dream with real upcoming events. This alphabetically differs the dream book from dream books that give brief interpretations of dreams.

So what is the best way to interpret your dream?
The main thing, when interpreting dreams, always remember that the key to deciphering our dreams is always in ourselves.
The author of the dream book in alphabetical order Melnikov I.

The dream book alphabetically contains 2240 interpretations of dreams. We bring to your attention a Modern dream book.It is known that the progress of mankind completely changes the worldview and thinking of the individual. For this reason, dream books of earlier periods of time cannot take into account objects, concepts and phenomena that a person of the twenty-first century uses. This flaw has been corrected in the modern dream book, the interpretation of dreams in which corresponds to the current time.

The interpretation of dreams in many dream books is often opposite in meaning. Some dream books suggest interpreting dreams directly, as in a dream.Others interpret dreams the other way around. And the modern dream book is no exception. However, as always, the correct meaning of sleep is somewhere in between. Therefore, if you want to understand your dream, you need not only to understand the meanings of the symbols, but also to try to penetrate deeper layers of the dream, where there is no division into good or bad.

Symbols of a modern dream book are often similar in meaning to old dream books, but all the same, today the interpretation of dreams is more of a psychological meaning and is accompanied by recommendations characteristic of the current time.And so … a modern dream book will help you!

The modern dream book contains 1187 interpretations of dreams. The Islamic dream book is an interpreter of dreams, based on the interpretation of dreams from the Muslim holy relics of the Koran and Ibn Sirin’s Sunnah. In addition, the Interpreter of Dreams contains interpretations from the works of the followers of the Prophet Muhammad, namely Imam Muhammad, who is a famous scholar of the east of his time.

In addition to the interpretation of dreams, the Islamic dream book on the Holy Quran and Ibn Sirin’s Sunnah contains instructions for the correct analysis of sleep symbols, it contains examples of dreams that came true later.An Islamic dream book will be useful for any Muslim interested in the interpretation of dreams.

Islamic dream book contains 962 interpretations of dreams.

Interpretation of dreams

  • AndreiLisjonok

    81 interpretation of dreams


    Monotonous spiritual food … The inner man requires normal food … Well, as an example, this is a cartoon for children on our poor Russian outskirts, where children are taught about the benefits farting … There is a deliberate and purposeful sounding… Here is your dream …

  • Liviya

    5691 interpretation of dreams

    Tattoo of a two-headed eagle with a snake

    Friends, Two-headed Eagle (symbol on the Russian Emblem!) – symbolizes ‘double’ Independence, and the Head of the Snake – a symbol of vital Wisdom. B / The guy and the tattoo on his chest – symbolizes the “heart center”, feelings and emotions open to …

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Order a free online dream interpretation!

Seeing a dream in a dream – what is it for and what does it mean

Updated on January 6, 2021

  1. Popular interpretation of sleep in a dream
  2. Freud’s dream book
  3. Denise Lynn’s opinion
  4. Why does a woman dream of a dream in a dream
  5. Miller’s dream book
  6. Dream Interpretation of the Wanderer

Hello, dear readers of the KtoNaNovenkogo blog.ru. Sleep is a special state of the body, during which the brain activity of a person decreases, and the reaction to surrounding stimuli is minimized.

But during the rest of the body , the subconscious continues to work and often gives us an accurate or veiled image of what we saw, what we thought or experienced the day before.

For example, some people dream in their dreams. They experience an unusual sensation: a person seems to be separated from his body, and this raises a lot of questions.

How to decipher such a dream, be afraid of it, or just learn to explain? Let’s try to figure out what such a dream means in real life and how it is interpreted in different dream books.

Popular interpretation of sleep in a dream

Psychologists say that not every person can see himself asleep in a dream. But if such a plot appeared in a dream, its interpretation will depend on where in you slept, with whom and for how long .

  1. If you see that you are sleeping in nature – this is a pleasant trip.
  2. To dream about a dirty room and a dirty floor on which you sleep is not good. Such a dream is a sign of future real troubles, from which even close people will not help.
  3. If you see yourself sleeping on the roof, that’s a good sign. Rapid changes and the implementation of all your plans await you.
  4. But if you went to bed, but they seem to wake you up, but you cannot wake up, then such a dream warns of the approach of a serious illness or problems that are difficult to resolve.

There are many other interpretations of similar dreams, you just need to remember in which place you sleep and whether there is anyone near with you. The dream interpretation determines what sleep means in a dream if you see it in the following situations:

  1. Sleep without clothes – to poverty and shame.
  2. Lie on the couch – someone close to you may betray you.
  3. Sleep on a cot – there will be unplanned expenses.
  4. Relaxing on a narrow bed with someone – expect strange events.
  5. Stay on a comfortable, luxurious bed – to poverty.
  6. You supposedly woke up with a nightmare inside a real dream. Don’t worry, some unexpected coincidence will help you avoid the difficulties ahead.
  7. And if you fell asleep in a dream right on the street, then all the events interesting for you will pass by.

Freud’s Dream Book

The famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was able to explain why sleep in a dream can be interpreted in different ways.The dream book compiled by him is considered one of the most interesting and unusual.

Investigating his personal dreams and comparing them with associations, the scientist argued that for a sleeping person, bed is the personification of the mother’s womb. Therefore, climbing into a warm bed, we feel comfort, and covering ourselves with a blanket, we protect ourselves from everyday problems.

This is how a scientist explains why this is a dream:

  1. Wanting to sleep in a dream is a sign that difficulties have arisen that you do not want to solve.
  2. You see dream in a dream – you are faced with certain difficulties in the sexual sphere. You do not have enough intimacy, and you want to fantasize about this topic.

What does it mean to see yourself asleep according to Denise Lynn

The world famous author of works and books on spiritual development Denise Lynn interprets dreams in his own way. She claims that seeing yourself asleep means that your soul has left the body, and you are in the world of otherworldly forces.

At this time, the subconscious of the sleeping person works and perceives the picture that he sees in his dream.And he himself does not want any changes .

Why does a woman dream of a dream in a dream (Medea’s dream book)

Sorceress Medea claims that such a dream is a sign that a person’s mind drowns out his own intuition. And if you learn to listen to your inner voice and trust it, then with the help of intuition you can achieve a lot.

  1. Therefore, if a sleeping woman in a dream is surrounded by friendly strangers who are in a friendly mood, then this predicts the successful completion of some plans.
  2. If they are cold and indifferent, then according to the explanation of the dream book, this dream in a dream is a warning about possible gossip and intrigue.
  3. I dreamed that you are waking up – you should trust your intuition and deal with all the troubles that exist in reality.

Miller’s Dream Book

The explanation of the meaning of dreams by the American psychologist Gustav Miller is considered the most accurate and complete of all existing dream books.Back in the late 19th century, he argued that sleep is not a random set of symbols. It is an encrypted code, and by being able to unravel it, you can predict future events.

Understanding why this is a dream in a dream , the scientist claims that a person must prepare for possible troubles. It can be betrayal or betrayal of a loved one.

At the same time, just to see yourself in bed – this image has a positive meaning. Perhaps in the very near future you will meet a person with whom you will have a long and harmonious relationship.

The Wanderer’s Dream Interpretation

In this interpreter, you can also find an explanation for what a dream is in a dream.

  1. For example, if you were sleeping and suddenly woke up , this is a sure sign that intuition will tell you the right decision.
  2. When you dreamed that you were just sleeping and saw any dreams – this is a failure and possible deception in business.
  3. If you dream that you lay down to rest in the fresh air , then the author of the dream book claims that soon you will go on a trip or trip.
  4. If you went to bed in a big house – then your dream will come true, and sleep on the balcony – in the future you will find many joyful prospects.
  5. But at the same time, if you dream that you are asleep on the move – expect serious trouble, and if you fell asleep in your own bed – be sick.

Often different dream books interpret in different ways what it means to sleep in a dream. Check out the different options and remember that you can always turn any situation into your own hands.

Good luck to you! See you soon on the pages of the blog KtoNaNovenkogo.ru

How to explain what the white spider is dreaming of. Seeing a white spider in a dream: interpretation from dream books

Dreams are an amazing phenomenon, each person sees several dreams in one night, although not all of them can be remembered in the morning. But a dream is not just a beautiful picture, inspired by our imagination, they can tell a person a lot about himself, secret fears, desires, perhaps even the future.

Any images from a dream can be significant, they often attract special attention or are remembered in more detail than other episodes.For example, the symbolic image of a white spider. What do dream books say about the interpretation of this symbol?

The meaning of sleep from Miller

The appearance of such a symbol in a dream can be alarming, but this image can be much more positive than it might seem at first glance. After all, they are hardworking and stubborn creatures, in the dream book the big white spider is interpreted as significant profit and success in career and life.

His appearance in a dream marks the resolution of controversial situations, the unjustification of fears and anxieties.

But it is not only the symbol itself that matters, the circumstances of the dream also affect the interpretation :

  • a spider bite can mean betrayal;
  • his murder or expulsion is interpreted as reconciliation with a close or very important person. You have not hoped for this reconciliation for a long time;
  • domestication speaks of good luck in love, the appearance of a partner with whom you want to connect your life.

Why do white spiders dream?

We think of spiders most often as a creature to stay away from.Dreams with this symbol cause fear and negative emotions. But oddly enough, most often they mean something good and pleasant in the near future.

When interpreting a dream, it is important to remember as many details of the dream as possible: in what circumstances the insect was present, what size, its actions in relation to you.

Dreams of a man or woman

For men, dreams with white spiders can portend:

  • promotion;
  • for a married man – spouse’s pregnancy;
  • for a businessman – a meeting of a reliable ally.

Also, this symbol can speak of a man’s sexual satisfaction. It is believed that if an unmarried woman sees a white spider, then this is a meeting of a rich gentleman and an early marriage. And for a married woman, this symbol means an early pregnancy, and a boy.

Note! If he descends on a man or woman, then this predicts the appearance of an imminent new thing in their wardrobe or a gift.

Large or small white spider

  • Seeing a small whitish spider for profit, maybe someone will soon return the debt or give you a bonus.
  • Also, this symbol can signify the fulfillment of the goals and objectives in work, you can safely try new ideas that you have not dared to do before.
  • A dream involving a large white spider can mean quick success in life, material wealth, unexpected winning the lottery or inheritance, as well as overcoming difficulties that have befallen you in reality. But if he runs away from you, then this means that to achieve success, you will have to work hard.
  • For married people, sleeping with a large insect can mean better family relationships.

Many white spiders

Seeing a lot of insects according to dream books means good news or profit.

If you are surrounded by many large white spiders, it means that in reality you will soon have a career growth, public recognition. A dream on the eve of launching a new business or project promises to achieve great success in it.

If you dreamed that there were many spiders opposite and they were looking at you, then your loved ones need help from you and you need to pay direct attention to this in reality.Many spiders weave a web means strong family relationships.

Note! If in a dream they crawled over your body, and you experienced discomfort and unpleasant sensations, this indicates the spread of gossip, rumors about you.

Kill or catch a spider

A dream in which you kill or crush many small spiders promises profit. If in a dream you purposefully crush a large white spider, then this is a disorder in the family, an imminent divorce.

It is considered a very good sign to catch a spider in a dream, again, depending on the life situation, this can mean both a long-awaited addition to your family, and unexpected profit.

Freud’s predictions

In psychoanalysis, the spider is a rather negative image, since many people are afraid of spiders, and those who are not afraid still try to bypass them . In the dream book, the white spider symbolizes suppressed fears and anxieties, difficulties in communication, the appearance of this image can also be associated with the experienced psychological or physical violence.

White in this case indicates a close relationship, as well as indifference. In a dream, this creature can replace the image of a loved one, which causes fear, distrust or even panic fear.

Seeing a white spider is a sign

Signs about a white spider are usually positive, because white is not as frightening as black, and does not evoke threatening associations. And yet, our ancestors believed that an insect of such a strange hue was an anomaly of concern, and this attitude was reflected in the field of superstition.

What is the sign of seeing a white spider?

First of all, you should pay attention to the time of day when you happened to encounter an insect.If a white spider caught your eye during the day, then the omen speaks of great luck awaiting you. This is especially true in the afternoon. But meeting with an albino spider in the morning – unfortunately, you will definitely be told something unpleasant during the day.

If the white spider that you saw sits motionless on the web – a calm and even stagnant period is planned in your life. If he is going somewhere on his business, you will have excitement, perhaps not at all justified and far-fetched.If a white spider sits on a web – wait for good news, goes down it – there will be news about money, goes up – something unpleasant will be reported to you.

If a white spider crawls along the arm, what is this sign?

It is considered a very good sign if a white spider is in direct contact with a person. When you find an insect on your hand, do not try to kill it, but just gently shake it off. Killing a spider bodes bad luck, which means that you ruin good luck with your own hands. If the white spider crawling on the arm or other part of the body does not cause unpleasant emotions and sensations, you will soon be very lucky.If for some reason you have experienced fear and disgust, then this is a warning of impending troubles. If you saw an insect crawling over someone from your family or friends, make a wish – it will certainly come true. Only the spider that you noticed should be removed from the person before the owner senses it.

The spider is one of the most controversial creatures in mythology. Insidious and cruel. Wise and hardworking. Somewhere they feared him and considered him a messenger of trouble. Somewhere they read and hung a bundle of cobwebs over a child’s cradle as a talisman.Few living creatures are associated with so many phobias and signs, good and bad!

Depending on the place

If we assume that the spider caught in your path really carries with it some kind of message of fate, and is not in a hurry for its spider affairs, it is logical that the meeting place is not the least important. At home, a person is tuned in to one wave, in the office to another, on the way to the third … A multi-footed postman must take this into account!

D ohm

The main nuance in interpreting household signs about a spider is where the insect moves. Climbing up – good news is coming; goes down – bad . Is the spider heading your way? An excellent sign, although the “lucky ones” with arachnophobia would not agree with this. Running away from all its paws? This is where you should be prepared for trouble. And about what the unusual guest portends, having spread his nets in the bathroom, kitchen or under the ceiling of the bedroom, you can read in more detail in the article “Spider in the House”.

At work

If a significant meeting occurs at the workplace, the prediction should be attributed to the business sphere.Say, usually an insect climbing up portends a letter, meeting or money. If the spider climbs up the wall of the office, you can assume that your chances of getting a bonus will increase, the project will be accepted, and the client, who is about to break loose, will still decide on a deal. Did the insect come down to the floor and briskly run away in an unknown direction? Either the salary will be delayed, or there will be an unpleasant visit to the authorities on the carpet. Hold on!

Such a “colleague” is unlikely to please

By the way, the home omen: “a spider fell on the table – an enemy appeared” also works in the office.At this time, especially diligently perform your duties so that a potential enemy does not have a reason to put you in a bad light in front of the boss.

In the car

A car is also your personal space, like an apartment or a workplace, so there is no big difference in interpretation here.

  • A spider crawling on the dashboard, adjacent seat or ceiling hints at some amount that will soon enter or leave your wallet.The details are determined, again, by direction. The alien is moving in your direction – expect profit, from you – get ready to meet with the traffic cops.
  • A big insect means big money, small means little.
  • A more accurate sign of profit is considered if an “unregistered passenger” climbs onto you. If only this does not happen while driving!

If an insect in reality decided to decorate your car with its web, you can consider that you are under its special protection.Or you haven’t looked into the garage in a while.

On the street

  • The most unpleasant sign is considered to be hitting the web. According to legend, small troubles should immediately accumulate around you, or your reputation will suffer.
  • But if you just hit the spider web with your hand or other part of your body, there is nothing to fear. This event is interpreted as an upcoming meeting with an old friend that you both will love.
  • If you yourself did not notice how the cobweb clung to your clothes, you will become rich.
  • Has the weightless lace touched your face? It means that it is Indian summer in the courtyard, good weather will last for more than one day, and you will have something really wonderful. True, it is not known in what area. But the more interesting it will be to wait!
  • They tried to guess the weather by the way the spider behaves in the web. Sitting in the center – it will be clear, hiding – wait for rain with a strong wind.

Location in the room

You can try to get into the plans of fate by looking at which part of the room the insect has settled.

On the threshold

The spider on the threshold is a disgusting omen. She threatens the owners of the house with at least a serious hole in the family budget, after which they will have to go into austerity for several months. But this is still a trifle, if you remember that other beliefs tend to see the herald of death in the spider! In order not to give free rein to fears, immediately sweep the troublemaker over the threshold, wash yourself with running water and try to be distracted by something pleasant. But do not try to beat the unfortunate messenger with the same broom out of annoyance! No wonder there is a saying: “If you want to be healthy, don’t you dare hit the spider.”

On the ceiling

Despite its frightening appearance, a spider on the ceiling is considered a good sign

  • If the insect sits peacefully in its web under the ceiling and does not perform any special actions, wait for the letter.
  • If you are lucky to see with your own eyes how a new web is born, complete harmony will reign in the family. This sign is based on the belief that spider webs keep happiness in the house and bind all negativity. If you yourself saw how such a network was woven, you can consider yourself lucky.
  • Anyone who catches a spider at work is offered to tell fortunes. Ask the spider a question and see how it behaves. The scheme is familiar: up – “yes”, down – “no”.
  • Or try to make a wish and say: “If eight legs go down, then my wish will come true.” In this case, only the direction that you have guessed matters.
  • Has a living “surprise” fallen on you from the ceiling? Excellent omen! Come to your senses and be ready for something good.

On the floor

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You will definitely have a change in your life. Check in which direction the insect is moving – towards you or away from you – and draw conclusions.

On the wall

If two people see a spider sitting motionless on the wall, they have the opportunity to try their luck on the spot. You just need to stand on both sides of the insect and see in which direction it crawls. Whom the spider “chose” won.

  • If the miniature oracle did not go in either direction, but chose a vertical direction, watch whether it moves up or down.Crawling to the floor – you will lose money. To the ceiling – get it.
  • If a spider gets to the vent and hides behind it, it’s a shame. It seems that something in your house did not suit him. And in this case, you won’t have to wait for good luck in the near future.

On or behind the window

The spider behind the glass will tell you where to look for love

You will be lucky if you happen to find a spider that has settled between the window frames or on the other side of the glass. If you are still alone, immediately see where the insect has settled.

  • The upper right corner represents the east.
  • Top left – north.
  • Lower right – south.
  • Bottom left – west.

Where the spider settled down, from there your other half will come. If the cobweb is spread out in the very center of the window, you will have to languish from loneliness for at least another year.

If two spiders have settled outside the window at once, then your family life is about to get better. Look at how the couple behaves:

  • Sitting quietly side by side – there will be harmony in the family.One will settle in the center, driving the other to the backyard – one of the spouses will show tyrannical manners, and the other will have to obey.
  • Both spiders huddle at the edge of the web – you have to travel around rented apartments or huddle in a one-room apartment on the outskirts.
  • Moved to the very center of the network? This means that your couple will also have an apartment equipped for a lovely sight. Or even a private house with a couple of floors!

On the table

  • If an insect falls or descends on the table from above, the family has a secret ill-wisher who can cause a lot of trouble.
  • A spider climbed on the tablecloth and runs among the cups? Moving or traveling ahead. Moreover, a trip to the country for barbecue is not limited to. Here is an overseas country – a much more likely option.

In a cup

Are you aware that even a spider figurine is considered a powerful talisman?

If you were completely in the mood to drink tea, but suddenly found a many-legged monster in your cup, the evening will surely be ruined. However, there is nothing to be afraid of a bad omen.It means one of two things:

  • The news that you will soon receive will be very unexpected.
  • Either there is complete unsanitary conditions in the house, or it is a simple accident: an insect accidentally got into the apartment, fell into a cup and could not get out along its smooth walls. Let the spider out, wash the dishes, forget what happened.

Depending on the time of day

Legends differ here. For example, in Italy, a spider running out for an evening “walk” does not bode well for anything but good weather for tomorrow.And in France, a spider met in the morning is considered a reliable postman who hastens to report a letter. But more often than not, this is the case.

In the morning

At dawn it is better not to meet with this scary-looking spinner, the whole day will go awry.

In the afternoon

If you see a spider before lunchtime, don’t expect anything good here. Small dirty tricks will last until late at night. But if an insect gets in your way in the afternoon, cheer up and carefully look around.Your significant other is walking somewhere nearby and the chance to meet her is great as never before.

In the evening

Meeting with an insect in the first twilight predicts a gift, bonus, win or another way to replenish your wallet. And even if nothing like this happens, your soul should feel a little better: signs claim that such a spider gives hope.

At night

You catch a midnight octopus reveler in your house, the next day will be wasted. The meeting promises you empty chores, vanity and a lot of trouble.

By color

Still in doubt how to interpret the omen? Look at the color of the insect.


Gloomy colors promise misfortune, breakdowns and quarrels. The beloved will change, the business will stall, the money will flow away. Although … no one says you can’t cheat a little. Stand so that the black insect crawls towards you, and forget about the negative. It is known – to whom the spider, to that and good luck!


White symbolizes good events and feelings

The white spider is a romantic who calls for love adventures.Even if he predicted something bad for you, do not be upset: troubles will be trifling. Perhaps, relations with the current partner will improve, or a new feeling will come. Wait and hope.


The red spider in the popular mind has always been associated with money. So much so that some managed to carry the unfortunate insect in their pockets when going on an important deal! It is better not to fill your pockets with all sorts of rubbish, but tune in for profit.


The green spider also often portends money, but basically this insect specializes in good news.

Depending on the size

With the dimensions, the situation is nowhere easier. A large insect and changes in life portend great. If the profit, then large. If the losses are serious. If news, then important. Little spider – small trifles.

Several spiders in the house

The more these outwardly scary but harmless creatures in the house, the better. They did not expect? Of course, every now and then it is unpleasant to find the spiders around you in different parts of the house, but on the mystical level, everything is in order with your home.Spiders multiply good emotions, evil ones extinguish, and in the house of bad people they try to settle less often. At least our ancestors were sure of this.

If you saw the dead

A dead spider can threaten trouble only if you yourself, willingly or unwittingly, contributed to its death. There is nothing to reproach yourself with? Then there is no need to worry. Perhaps for the insect its spider hour has simply come. And if you want to appease a wise and cunning creature, throw what is left of him into the fire.

Most people don’t like spiders. This is both understandable and understandable. But even if from childhood you experience trembling in your knees at the sight of eight-legged creatures, you do not need to be afraid of them in terms of signs in any case. Most superstitions about spiders portend only good, if only you yourself behave yourself when you meet an insect with dignity.

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Alphabetical interpreter

Why dream of a large white spider that a sleeping man had to crush? Such a plot promises big failures in business.Your competitors will be able to find good weapons against you, because of which you will lose huge profits. The only way to avoid the worst of events is to try to conclude a peace treaty with a competing company. You may even be able to find new business partners in this way.

But if a sleeping person tried to escape from giant monsters, then in reality he will have a happy outcome in a rather unpleasant business. Most likely, you have to resolve a bureaucratic issue that has kept you awake for several nights in a row.You don’t have to do anything special to do this. Just keep going forward, even if it starts to seem like the goal has become almost unattainable.

The white spider can represent the dreamer’s fears in the real world. For a more detailed interpretation, it is worth paying attention to the general emotional background of night vision. A dream is prophetic only if the sleeping person behaved calmly in front of the insect. In this case, in reality, she is seriously worried about the future life, for example, she is afraid of losing a beloved person or losing a high-paying job.

An alternative interpretation is that the white spider represents missed opportunities in any business. You may be unlucky in friendship or love. It is worth giving up trying to turn back time and continue living the way we used to live. Otherwise, you run the risk of plunging into an abyss of despair, from which it will be almost impossible to get out without help from outside.

Chinese interpreter

In the Chinese esoteric reference book there are many interesting interpretations of what the white spider dreams of.In our article, we have compiled a list of only the most common of them:

  • a white spider fell on the dreamer’s face – to great danger;
  • crushing an insect with your foot – to pleasant and unexpected news;
  • to kill a huge monster with your hands – to good health and well-being;
  • to see the body of a dead spider – to trouble at work or in business;
  • stroking a hairy insect – to a lucky coincidence in reality.

The Chinese interpreter does not give special recommendations about a particular plot, but it will not be difficult to guess about them on your own.For example, if a dream book warns of troubles in the professional field of activity, then you need to be very careful when signing important documents and concluding business contracts.

As you can see, there are many interpretations of what the white spider dreams of. For a detailed analysis of the night scene, it is necessary to remember the smallest details that a sleeping person saw at night. After that, it is necessary to correctly compare this information with what is written in esoteric reference books, and with what is happening at the moment in the real world.After all, no dream book can ever provide a universal interpretation that would suit every dreamer. All people differ from each other not only in character traits, but also in the characteristics of the psyche. Therefore, the emotions experienced at the sight of this or that object in the kingdom of dreams will be different for everyone.

> Why is the white spider dreaming: pay attention to the details of the dream

Psychological dream book

The psychological dream book says about white arthropods as follows:

  1. Watching a light spider weave its web is to fall into the trap of your own illusions and fantasies.It is worth taking a closer look at your environment, someone is trying to manipulate the sleeping person.
  2. The bite of a tarantula is a symbol of the patronage of the Higher Powers. It’s time to boldly take on new projects, success will accompany the dreamer.
  3. Black arthropods dream of gossip. A large number of crosses speaks of the danger that threatens the family.
  4. Big and small creatures dream of increasing productivity.
  5. A giant creature – a fight with a powerful rival.
  6. A spider devouring prey entangled in its networks is a sign that in reality the dreamer will encounter a person who will stop at nothing in achieving the goal.
  7. Brushing off the web of a white giant is a recipe for failure, you will not be able to quickly unravel the tangle of accumulated problems.
  8. Getting entangled in sticky nets – the need to show tolerance and endurance. Otherwise, it will fail.
  9. If albino spiders dream, this guarantees the completion of the laborious process, a favorable outcome of the started cases.

The emotional state of people and the interpretation of dreams depends on the phases of the moon. When it decreases, the white spider in a dream does not carry any information for the dreamer, but is only a reflection of feelings and emotions. On a full moon, dreams are prophetic.

The realization of what was seen in a dream depends on what day of the week the dream was dreamed.

Interpretations of a dream about a white spider, depending on the details

Depending on what the white spider does in a dream:

  • runs – to pleasant changes in life;
  • swims in the water – for luck;
  • weaves a web – to meet an influential person;
  • sits in the mouth of another person – to gossip from the side of envious people;
  • bites him on the finger – to unplanned expenses;
  • attacks insects – for promotion to a leadership position;
  • jumps – to small quarrels with the boss;
  • bites a child – to worries about the health of children;
  • descends – to make hasty decisions;
  • lays eggs – to trouble.

Depending on where the dreamer saw the white spider:

  • on his head – to a deterioration in relations with relatives;
  • in the hair – to achieve the goal;
  • on the face – to disappointment in a close friend;
  • on the hand – to participate in the adventure;
  • on the body – to domestic injury;
  • on the web – to change the type of activity;
  • on the ceiling – to the realization of an old dream.

Depending on which spider is white in a dream:

  • large – to the appearance of a competitor;
  • with red eyes – to help friends in difficult times;
  • with a cross – to the illness of a relative;
  • home – to improve family relations;
  • fluffy – to experiences due to self-doubt;
  • bold – to problems with relatives;
  • small – for a pleasant conversation;
  • dead – to difficulties at work;
  • huge – to a misunderstanding with a loved one;
  • hairy – to disappointment in a partner.

Depending on the actions:

  • to crush the white spider – to victory over the competitor;
  • catch him – to move soon;
  • kill – to betrayal on the part of a loved one.

Depending on how many white spiders dreamed of:

  • a lot – to chores around the house.

Depending on who else dreamed about:

  • red and white spider – to a change in social status;
  • brown cat – at the risk of ruining your reputation;
  • white ants – for hard work.

Depending on who the white spider dreamed about:

  • pregnant – for easy childbirth;
  • girl – to unrequited love;
  • for a woman – a happy marriage;
  • for a man – to achieve respect in society.

Interpretations of other predictors

Having familiarized yourself with the general interpretation, it is worth paying attention to the predictions of famous psychoanalysts, mediums and practitioners.

A well-known psychologist pays attention to whether you just saw spiders or interacted with them in any way.


Many insects dream

If you saw white spiders, no matter how many or few of them, then get ready for a big win, inheritance. The dark streak will end, good luck will accompany all undertakings.

But it is worth noting that if you experienced any negative emotions, then in the near future you will feel a breakdown. The dream book advises not to succumb to gloomy thoughts and not to overload yourself with work these days.

Have you witnessed how a spider bit a stranger? You will worry about the fate of your relative or close friend for a long time.


Remember what exactly you happened to do in your dream: catch

  • – you will find yourself in an awkward situation, which the environment will remember for a long time;
  • to iron – to soon marriage, the birth of a child;
  • to be bitten by a spider – you will know the betrayal of the closest person;
  • crush – to a favorable atmosphere at home, reconciliation with the closest people.

If a creative person is bitten by a white spider, as a result of which the hand is swollen, then inspiration will come in reality, you can realize your talents.

To see a huge insect in a dream

This interpreter, for the most part, considers a dream for the beautiful half of humanity. So, a white spider, especially a large one, portends a very solid and rich fan for girls. If you happen to see a snow-white insect, then you will meet a blond. A spider of pale colors, closer to gray, portends a meeting with a brunette.

A woman who has been happily married for a long time will have to meet with long-term relatives.The conversation will take place mentally and will bring many pleasant memories.

In general, couples will feel in love again and will look differently at their soul mate. Warm words will be heard more and more often in the house, which will affect the current relationship.

The Wanderer claims that the myriad of white spiders heralds news that will delight you. It is also a sign that your enemies are entangled in their evil designs, and will harm themselves more than you.

The seer does not give an unambiguous interpretation of what this symbol is dreaming of.Remember the events that you managed to survive in a dream.

Ironing an insect in a dream

If the spider was large, then you conscientiously treat all the tasks that the guide provides you with. You will soon be rewarded for your professionalism. Have you seen a lot of cobwebs around? It is also a good sign that you are surrounded by loyal and happy friends. You can safely rely on their help and support, they will not let you down.

But if the white spider was also shaggy, then you should be on your guard. This is a harbinger of a lingering illness that can lead to aggravating consequences. You should immediately consult a doctor in order to fix the problem in time. Wanga claims that with timely treatment, you can easily cope with the disease.

Did the shaggy spider bite you painfully? An unkind sign indicating the intrigues of enemies. Make new acquaintances with caution and do not divulge your secrets to unverified individuals.

Remember what you did with the spider?

  1. Kill. Wanga claims that this is a very bad dream, talking about huge troubles. It is worth noting that all problems will arise solely through your fault. It is also a harbinger of conflicts and misunderstandings with those closest to you. Try to think through every step and make compromises with relatives and colleagues.
  2. Kill after being bitten. But this action will bring you a good profit in reality. You will refuse some projects that would not bring you actual results.
  3. Iron. Such a plot suggests that you will live the rest of your life in luxury and will not need anything.

Had a dream about someone else’s wedding? Consider the interpretation of sleep for an unmarried girl, a married woman, and a married or unmarried man.

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Seeing someone else’s wedding or being a guest in a dream is a great omen! This plot promises the resolution of conflicts, making important decisions, joyful events from friends.A dream will leave bright positive emotions for the whole day 😍. Remember the details and wait for the interpretations to come true!

General interpretation of a dream

To see someone else’s wedding in a dream means to be in the center of events . Even if you want to stay on the sidelines, life will not allow! Soon you will take part in interesting projects, start organizing events. Try to rest, gain strength before new tasks. They’ll come in handy soon!

Another meaning according to different dream books is interesting acquaintances .It is never too late to expand your social circle, to acquire like-minded people for common leisure. You can meet friends at parties, various courses, as well as family events 😇. Distant relatives can be great companions too!

A pleasant interpretation of sleep – reconciliation with friends and ill-wishers . Don’t let minor disagreements throw you out of balance. Maintain a good mood, learn to forgive people for their shortcomings. You can find a compromise even in controversial issues, just be patient.

Walking at someone else’s wedding – the meaning of sleep

Being the center of attention in a celebration means getting a promotion . You will be chosen as the head of an important project, you will be offered additional bonuses. Do not refuse, even if you do not feel the necessary confidence. The work will go quickly and smoothly, as soon as you are in the know, read the details 😎.

Dancing with other guests and newlyweds – recently made tough decision turns out to be correct .You are still worried, waiting for the outcome of events, but it will please you. Your intuition hasn’t let you down! Later you will understand that the circumstances are developing in the best way. Now try to relax, trust in fate.

Observing someone else’s wedding from the side – what does a dream promise?

Peeking over the fence for a neighbor’s wedding – soon you will meet your love ! This will happen at the most unexpected moment, so always be in shape. Remember – it is not fashionable clothes that adorn you, but a pleasant smile and good upbringing 😉.If fate arranges the tests, you will pass them with dignity and win the favor of your soul mate.

Looking at an event through binoculars means accidentally to find out someone else’s secret in reality. You will witness a conversation that was not meant for your ears. It is difficult to resist not discussing the details with other acquaintances. Try to control yourself! Consider if you want to be known as a gossip and untrustworthy person.

Why dream of a wedding feast?

We sat at the festive table – soon you will receive an advantageous offer , which you should not refuse.A close friend may want you to take up a leadership position in his company 🤩. However, study all the details of the transaction before signing the documents. You may want to correct some points.

A rich wedding table with all kinds of treats – a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Soon the financial situation will stabilize, and the sleeper will be able to live in grand style.

A wedding table with empty plates means that the sleeper costs to postpone a scheduled appointment .On this day, other plans will suddenly appear that cannot be abandoned. You just can’t be in two places at the same time! Reschedule the event to another day, and you will definitely not regret your decision 🤔. You can refer to being busy and not go into details.

Why did the bride dream at someone else’s wedding?

Interpretations of sleep can be different. Remember what the bride was like, and find out what the near future holds:

  • beautiful – prosperity, good luck in business;
  • thin – getting rid of bad habits;
  • high – achieving ambitious goals;
  • small – pleasant surprises from loved ones;
  • elderly – gaining new professional knowledge.

A bride in a bright dress – a harbinger of great joy . Soon the main dream will be realized! Circumstances will be favorable, will contribute to the achievement of goals 😊. Try not to hesitate for a long time. You will receive the desired gift from fate, even if late.

Attending someone else’s wedding – what does a dream promise?

Being a guest at a wedding where there is not a single familiar person – the sleeping person is afraid to leave the comfort zone .Try to forget about the popular advice of psychologists and listen to yourself. Perhaps you will be better in a familiar environment, a quiet, measured life will bring joy. If you want more, you will have to work on yourself and boldly move to the heights.

To visit the holiday of two iconic people – to an interesting journey with a large company . You will have a great time! Discuss the route and details in advance so that all participants are satisfied. If you allocate time correctly, you can have time to relax, see the sights, attend a party 🤩.

Being late for someone else’s wedding – dream interpretation

The sleeper is trying to make it to the celebration, but all the circumstances are against – in reality it is worth stopping, to be distracted from daily duties . You have loaded a heavy load that is difficult to handle on your own. Think about what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of a good rest. Re-prioritize and return to workdays with a new supply of energy.

Came to the end of the event – expect meeting with old acquaintances .You will be invited to dinner with former classmates or colleagues. The evening will be held in a relaxed atmosphere, so feel free to go there 😉. You will be able to share news, learn about the life of your comrades. Your roads will diverge again, but pleasant communication will leave good memories.

Why dream of organizing someone else’s wedding?

The sleeper will soon have new hobby , which may become a way of earning money in the future. Try to devote a lot of time to him, do not miss classes or workouts.Then you can sell products of your own production, take students. If you don’t want to quit your job entirely – hobby will bring additional money in your free time.

Another value is the upcoming organizational chores . The success of the holiday or event will depend on you. You will need to decorate the room, prepare contests, come up with an evening program. The party will be held among close friends, so don’t worry. The atmosphere will be warm and pleasant anyway 😘.

The wedding of strangers – the interpretation of sleep

Received an invitation to the holiday – to participation in the creative competition . You will have a great opportunity to show your talents and find worthy use for them. You will receive an offer to cooperate with famous people, gain new fans. Prepare responsibly and try to show your strengths.

Strangers held a ceremony in your home – to additions to the family of .If you are not planning to have children yet, get ready for the appearance of nephews. There will be no more silence and boredom in the house. The whole family will be able to briefly return to childhood, review their favorite cartoons, remember games and entertainment 😊.

What does it mean if the wedding is canceled?

The bride ran away at the last moment – the sleeper is experiencing big doubts in reality. It seems to you that you are in someone else’s place and want changes. Follow your heart, but don’t be rational.Think about the consequences of your actions. At any time, you can cancel a wedding or move, resign from a position, so think carefully before making a final decision.

The sleeper came to the wedding and did not find a single person – you do not need to listen to the advice of strangers . They are not ready to be held responsible for your actions. If you need an outside perspective, ask friends or family for help. These people want the best for you, so they will honestly help you make the right choice 😉.

What does a wedding ceremony in a dream mean?

To be present at the solemn part of the event means to receive a valuable gift from a loved one . Soon you will become the happy owner of a useful, expensive thing that you have long dreamed of. Do not be surprised if there is no reason for presentations in the near future. A good friend wants to cheer you up, surprise you with an unexpected surprise.

A magnificent ceremony with a large number of participants dreamed of the emergence of a creative idea .You will figure out how to improve the work of the company, increase profits. Go directly to the manager with the best practices, try not to spread your thoughts to colleagues 😎. Remember – detractors can pass off ideas as their own and hinder your career growth.

Why is someone else’s wedding dreaming of a woman or a girl?

The main prediction according to different dream books is good changes in your personal life . Lonely people will soon meet a soul mate, married people will open the chosen one from a new side.Fill your heart with love for yourself and those around you! Ahead are happy romantic moments, joint trips and pleasant family evenings.

The meaning of a dream for a married woman

To be a witness to someone else’s holiday – by the holiday with a good friend . You will be among the first to be invited! Do not skimp on a gift and go in a great mood. Birthday, anniversary, wedding anniversary or other occasion will bring together kind, sincere people under one roof 😍.Make the evening unforgettable for your friend!

A big wedding ceremony promises happiness and harmony in the family . Do not attach importance to petty quarrels, try to find a compromise in everyday matters. The main thing is the love and support that you give and receive. At home, you feel calm and comfortable, so you are on the right track!

Interpretation of sleep for an unmarried woman

A dream promises a quick meeting with an honest and kind man .He will not offer untold riches, but you will get comfort and tranquility. Perhaps it is with him that you will live a long and happy life, acquire children and grandchildren 😘. Look around carefully. If the chosen one is not yet around, he will appear in the near future.

Seeing a magnificent celebration in a dream means getting interesting prospects at work. You work hard, devote time to career growth. Your finest hour has come! Soon there will be an opportunity to show talent at an important conference, represent the company in negotiations.The bosses do not doubt your strength. You will definitely demonstrate your best sides!

What does a dream promise for a young girl?

Attendance at someone else’s ceremony means that in reality you have to make a choice between career and personal life . Take your time to sacrifice everything for the sake of your beloved man. Youth, knowledge, sharp mind are your strengths 😉. Try to find a compromise, keep developing, learning and working.

To see the best friend marry a stranger – by , will soon be separated from her.You will go to study, live in different cities, but you will be able to maintain a strong friendship. Distance is not a problem in the age of mobile communications, the Internet, fast trains and low-cost flights. No need to be sad! Throw a new life start party instead.

Why does someone else’s wedding dream of a man?

You will receive a letter from a good friend or relative with great news . Perhaps you will soon be getting ready for a wedding in reality 🤩. Congratulate your acquaintances with the joyful changes in their lives.It is good and right that you know how to feel sincere joy for a stranger!

Attending the wedding of close friends means helping them find a compromise in a conflict situation. They will listen to the dreamer’s opinion and be able to build relationships.

Dream interpretation for a married man

Go to a wedding with two competitors in a dream – soon will become the subject of discussion in the team. Watch your behavior, do not allow yourself to be dishonest.Help your comrades whenever possible, avoid conflict situations. This will help you build a good reputation that will help you in your career and relationships with colleagues.

I dreamed about the wedding of a spouse with a stranger – you can count on her support in difficult times . If you are experiencing difficulties at work, fatigue, doubts – consult your wife. She will definitely take your side in any situation 😇. Difficulties will quickly pass and be forgotten, and family relationships will become stronger and warmer.

What does a dream promise to an unmarried man?

To be a witness at the wedding of a stranger is a short, but eventful trip . Take a weekend trip to a nearby town and explore as a tourist. Try to do more! Explore interesting places, try popular entertainment. And in the evening go to the bar for a good mood and new acquaintances.

Seeing your beloved girl marry a friend – important purchase .Do not spare money to make your dreams come true. Perhaps, for development and career growth, you need to update the equipment, or you are dreaming of your own home. This is a great investment 🤑. Do not wait for tomorrow – take an interest in the possibility of an installment plan and use your purchases now.

Interpretation of sleep by day of the week

Let’s see what a dream can have on different days of the week:

  • Monday – you need to be patient, the situation will be solved on your own;
  • Tuesday – the need to choose a more promising place of work;
  • Wednesday – good luck at an important interview;
  • Thursday – acquaintance with the relatives of a loved one;
  • Friday – fulfillment of a cherished desire by a close friend;
  • Saturday – participation in community service, charity;
  • Sunday – increasing the dreamer’s authority among colleagues.

A wedding is a large-scale, significant event. To touch someone else’s celebration in a dream is a joyful prediction! You are on the first rung of to a new life and are ready to reach amazing heights 🤗.

Meaning according to Miller’s dream book

Were in the front row at the wedding ceremony – an outsider will help you solve financial difficulties . Feel free to talk about the problem if a new acquaintance starts asking questions. Perhaps there is an interesting, highly paid position for you, thanks to which you can get rid of debt and earn decent money.

We saw a very large wedding – it’s worth to deal with the backlog of cases. You have been planning general cleaning in the country for a long time, cosmetic repairs in the kitchen, revision of old things. Start with the little things and the process will go non-stop 😉. The main thing is to set a day and start working, even if the mood disappears. The result will be a pleasant surprise!

Interpretation according to Vanga’s dream book

Strangers were happy to see the sleeping man at the wedding – he will soon be to help those in need .It’s easier than it sounds! Start by sorting old things, donating good clothes to charities. Set up a small recurring payment to the animal shelter. You won’t even notice the costs, but you will help save the lives of the four-footed ones.

Dancing, laughing at someone else’s holiday – to unplanned trip . You will stumble upon an offer to buy last minute deals at a very favorable price and you will not be able to resist. Rather, pack up and go for a good rest! Try now to conduct business at work clearly and without delay, so that they can be quickly passed on to colleagues 🧐.

The meaning of the dream according to Freud

A dream can promise unfounded jealousy on the part of a loved one. Make an effort to smooth out the conflict, restore trust. You may have to compromise. However, you must retain the right to your favorite hobby, hanging out with friends. In this situation, both parties must learn to work with their emotions.

A bride in a black wedding dress means recovery from colds, chronic diseases .The sleeper feels sick, but wants to quickly return to the usual rhythm of life. Listen to the advice of doctors and do not break the regime ahead of time. Diseases need to be treated immediately, in the early stages, so that they no longer bother and do not cause complications 🤒.

Interpretation according to the Islamic Dream Book

For a man, a dream means meeting a woman who wants to destroy his family . Stay neutral and don’t fall for gimmicks. Make it clear right away that you are not in the mood for fleeting romances.Don’t worry if your new friend tries to cheat. You have a trusting relationship with your spouse, so she will take your side.

An unfamiliar man came to the wedding instead of the groom – will soon change the head of in your company. This event will lead to great changes. If you are ready to work, develop is a great chance to achieve great heights 🤩. The former boss will benefit from the change as well. He will find himself in another area, in which he dreamed of being for a long time.


A wedding is a joyful, warm and at the same time responsible event. In a dream, she promises changes for the better , new achievements, excellent mood. Be happy for the people who decided to take a serious step, wish them a happy family life 😍. It remains to wait for the predictions to come true!

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Questions to the author

  • Victoria Koshelkova:
    Why is a failed wedding dreaming? I was invited in a dream by a friend to a wedding, I come, but the groom did not come, and she is crying.What does it mean?

  • Inga Arkhangelskaya:
    A dream warns of vigilance. It is better to bypass suspicious people and strange companies, not to let yourself be drawn into questionable cases. Otherwise, the mistake will be costly: reputation, finances and even health will suffer.

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