Dream come to life: Dreams Come to Life by Adrienne Kress


Dreams Come to Life by Adrienne Kress


I loved this much more than I thought I would.

I mean, I knew I’d like it. The BATIM game was brilliant, and I’ve watched multiple different play-throughs of it. However, I’ve always preferred to experience stories in a book format, so I figured I’d probably like this.

I severely underestimated it.

Firstly, characters:

– Daniel ‘Buddy’ Lewek:
The protagonist, and the person who’s POV the entire story is told from. I didn’t expect to like this character much. I knew I’d like him to some ext


I loved this much more than I thought I would.

I mean, I knew I’d like it. The BATIM game was brilliant, and I’ve watched multiple different play-throughs of it. However, I’ve always preferred to experience stories in a book format, so I figured I’d probably like this.

I severely underestimated it.

Firstly, characters:

– Daniel ‘Buddy’ Lewek:
The protagonist, and the person who’s POV the entire story is told from. I didn’t expect to like this character much. I knew I’d like him to some extent – I always naturally like a protagonist until they give me a reason not to – but I didn’t realise quite how attached I’d get. He wasn’t nearly as 2-dimensional as I was expecting, and seeing his interactions with his family – who he clearly cared for, despite kind of resenting his grandfather at first for arriving with no warning – was incredibly heart-warming. His friendship with Dot was also great to see, though it was the only one that was developed to such an extent (and even then, I would have liked to have seen a bit more). So yeah, despite all the warnings of a not-so-happy ending, the ending mildly horrified me. I knew something bad would happen to him thanks to all the incredibly heavy foreshadowing, but I didn’t think it would affect me quite as much as it did.

– Dot:
As I said, I would have liked to have seen more of her – maybe develop her friendships with Buddy and the other characters a bit more, as well – but what I did see was good. A girl who doesn’t seem to know the concept of beating around the bush, always getting straight to the point and going with her ‘gut’. She’s a brilliant character, and I really do appreciate how direct she is. Though, again, I would have liked to have known more about her and her life; for example, I only found out that she was friends with Jacob and Richie towards the end of the book. Otherwise, I don’t really have anything too bad to say about her.

– Sammy Lawrence:
While kind of pivotal to the end of the book, where the metaphorical sh*t hits the metaphorical fan, we don’t get a lot on him. I would have liked to have seen him from before everything started to go wrong for him. I feel like he would have been an interesting character to read about, though I am aware that Buddy, as a gofer and apprentice artist, really has no reason to be around a composer from the Music Department all that much. Still, it was interesting to briefly see him as something other than Bendy’s minion.

– Joey Drew:
Joey Drew is one of those people who you want to follow, whose every word you want to believe, even when events around you are telling you that you probably shouldn’t. I’ve always thought people like this were the scariest type of villain, though whether Joey can be completely classified as the ‘villain’ of the story is debatable. Regardless, Buddy is no different from everyone else in that he fell for every word Joey Drew had to say. He actively ignored many things that he probably shouldn’t have: (view spoiler)[ I’m just saying, taking someone out for dinner to celebrate their first paycheck only to make them pay for that dinner with said paycheck without warning them beforehand is a shoddy thing to do, and I would have been far less forgiving than Buddy, who kind of just brushed it aside after his initial reaction. Also, technically this doesn’t give much away in regards to the main story, I’m just being careful. (hide spoiler)] Though I can’t say I entirely blame Buddy for falling for Joey’s act. Despite having a bad feeling about him from the very beginning, even I kind of wanted to believe him.

I don’t have much to say on the other characters, whether it’s because I don’t have an opinion or there just isn’t all that much to say.

In regards to the plot of the story, I think it was well-paced and overall worked quite well. A sense of dread, for me at least, was built up throughout the story, due to the fact that you know from the beginning that something probably not all that pleasant had happened to Buddy. He’s writing this story as an account of the events, addressing Dot in the hopes that she finds it and will be able to save others from what’s happening at Joey Drew Studios, and while you don’t learn exactly what happened to him until the end, he doesn’t let you forget the fact that it’s bad and that he can’t be saved.

This forewarning did not help me. I still wasn’t prepared.

So yeah, to finish, I loved this more than I thought I would, and would seriously recommend it, especially to fans of the game.

Making dreams come true. How to start living a dream life?

Our life may seem like a “dream one” for many of you. We are traveling the world, making money online, and our relationship is great. We’ve been asked many times: what is our recipe for a happy life? 

To be honest, I still cannot believe that our life is so beautiful. For the first year, we lived in a fear that it will all end. Everyone was telling us that it’s impossible to just travel, live and do whatever we want.

It was very hard for us at the beginning. Our story is not a bed of roses. But there is one thing that kept us happy and strong. It was our Dream. We knew that we were born to be free. Not to be attached to any place or country. We were born to discover new destinations, to taste all cuisines of the world, to learn new languages, to simply explore and do MORE.

It’s a Dream that led us to where we are today.

We spend 24 hours a day together and still love each other. We are best friends, lovers, and business partners.

HOW did we do it? How can YOU start making dreams come true?

1. Focus On Your Goal.

Do you know what you want to do in your life? Can you visualize your dream life?

The very first thing you need to do to start making dreams come true is to find out WHAT do you want. WHERE do you want to go. HOW do you want to spend every single day of your life.

Most people have no idea what they will do in the future. They have no plans and they just let their days go by. They don’t have any dreams or goals. Don’t be like them.

If you want to be successful, you need to know where are you going.

‘If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else.’
Laurence J. Peter

Time is passing by so quickly that you can easily believe in an illusion that you still have so much time to start making dreams come true.

IT’S AN ILLUSION! You don’t have time for anything. In fact, you may be dead by tomorrow. If you have dreams, you need to start fulfilling them right now. The world won’t wait for you. You are getting older everyday. NOW is the right time to start living your dream life.

2. Make a Plan.

If you want to be successful and start making dreams come true, you need to have a good plan. You need to know which way to choose to achieve your goals fast.

It may be sometimes difficult to plan everything on your own. We have an awesome solution to this problem. Every time we feel that we have no idea what to do, we are asking ourselves: ‘what would the person who has already gone through all these struggles, do?’

Self dissociation is very helpful, it’s extremely important to be able to look at your life without any emotions, like a stranger.

‘It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable’.


Be Persistent. Don’t Give Up.

It’s very easy to find an excuse and simply give up. It may be because of the weather, because of your partner, or because of your sickness. It really doesn’t matter- nothing and no one should stop you from making dreams come true!

It’s going to be difficult. It’s going to be hard. There may be some days that you will be hopeless. You will be looking at all successful people and keep thinking: why am I not one of them?

YOU ARE! All these people were once the beginners who were working hard to fulfill their dreams. They had days just like you have right now. But they didn’t give up and that’s what made them successful.

The world will be testing you. It will be checking if you really want to achieve your goal. You will feel bad but if you will be persistent enough, you will achieve whatever you want.

Think about how awesome it will be to be successful! YOU can do it. EVERYBODY can.

‘You take on the responsibility for making your dream a reality’.
Les Brown

4. Be Ready For a Failure.

Success is never easy. You may think so looking at all the celebrities. You are jealous that they are all beautiful, healthy, and wealthy. But they all worked hard to achieve it. They spent days in the gym and on the castings.

Remember that everything you see is just the little part of the big image. It’s the peak of an iceberg. The most important things are hard to notice. You won’t see the sweaty and depressed star. What you will see will be a sexy and smiling person standing on the red carpet.

There is no one on the top, who hadn’t fail at least a few times. That’s actually the only thing that differs successful people from the losers.

Denis Waitley

Successful people are resistant to failures. And losers gave up every time they didn’t achieve their goals.

5. Be Patient.

Remember that success is not something that will happen overnight. It will take some time to achieve your goal. The bigger your goal is, the more you will have to wait to achieve it.

Don’t give up and keep working hard every day. There is no shortcut. Working, working, working is the only way to succeed.

You never know how close you are to the finish.

Every day that you spend on working on your dream brings you closer to success.

6. Find The People Who Will Support You.

You are not alone in this world. Find the people that will help you make dreams come true. It may be someone you know like your partner or friend but it may be someone new as well.

If there is no one to support you, search for new friends. It is extremely important to be surrounded by people who are similar to you. Who are also successful and supporting.

‘Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.’
Karl Marx

6. Don’t Be Afraid.

You need to release your fear in order to be successful.

‘Worry is a word that I don’t allow myself to use’.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Worrying is an awful thing that takes away your positive energy and attitude. There will be many things in your life that you may worry about. But why doing so? What it will change?

Remember to focus on solutions, not on worries! There is no point in thinking about your worries and failures. Make a plan and start thinking about actions you may take in order the change something.

Be focused on the change. Don’t think about the past, think about the future. Visualize your dream life and do everything to make it a reality.

Harriet Tubman

7. Believe In Yourself Even If Nobody Believes In You.

You CAN do whatever you want in your life. You can achieve anything you dream of.

You really can do it! You are no different than Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, Angelina Jolie, or Beyonce.

We are all the same and the only difference between you and them is that they were working hard to get what they want.

Believe in yourself. The best thing you can do is to love yourself unconditionally.

The world will change when you stop judging and hating yourself. You are a unique, special person. There is no one like you in the whole world!

‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’
Albert Einstein

Did you know that Albert Einstein, who said the words above, was considered as retarded in school? So does Les Brown, the guy whose quote you can see above.

Micheal’s Jordan high school basketball teacher told him that he will never be a good player.

And as you know, Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx and most of the people believed that she has no future.

There are so many success stories out there! Find them and get inspired. Remember that the clue to success is to believe in yourself and work hard every day.

That’s enough. It’s actually enough to get anything you want!

How To Make Your Dreams Come True in 9 Simple Steps

What do you dream about? Running your own business? Completing that 5K? Traveling the world? Buying a house? What do you spend your days fantasizing about, wishing was your reality?

No matter what your dream is, you can accomplish it. You don’t have to watch as another year goes by with you being no closer to your goal than you were the last year. You can move from where you are to where you want to go.

By following these nine steps, you can make your dreams come true.

1. Do some stripping

Stripping down your goals, that is! Strip down all the fluff that covers up the true goal you are after. By peeling back all the layers surrounding your objective, you can clearly evaluate what it is you really want.

Have you been dreaming about quitting your job? If so, is your ultimate goal to find a better position, start your own business, or to obtain more flexibility in your work? Depending on what your answer is, how you go about getting prepared so you can quit your job will be very different.

The more specific you can be about what your dream really is, the easier it will be to chart the path to getting there.

2. Look fear in the eyes

Whenever you decide to go after something you want, fear often shows up.

It’s easy to understand why. You’re moving beyond what’s familiar. You’re moving beyond your comfort zone. As such, it is normal to experience some resistance, and resistance often shows its ugly head in the form of fear.

But don’t let fear get the best of you. Don’t let it paralyze you. Don’t let it keep you in a state of dreaming about your dreams instead of living your dreams.

Here’s what you do: whenever you feel the fear, acknowledge it. And then ask yourself this: What’s worse, the fear of moving beyond your comfort zone into the unknown journey of relentlessly pursuing your dream, or deferring your dream to get rid of the fear (which also means staying in your current position)?

Anaïs Nin summed it up beautifully when she said, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

When you’re sure you’re ready to blossom, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

3. Set your boats on fire

This passage from W.H. Murray’s book, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition, describes why commitment is essential: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.

Until you are totally committed to making your dream come true, there will numerous things that will pop up to deter you. And if you aren’t really committed, then those distractions will succeed. To ensure you are unwavering in your quest to moving forward toward your goal, you need to burn your boats.

Back in the 1500s when Hernan Cortez led his army of men in a conquest of Mexico, he ordered that the boats they arrived in be burned. He did this to prevent anyone from turning back and abandoning the mission. In essence, he ensured commitment to the battle by eliminating all opportunity to abort the assignment.

So if your goal is to travel to Thailand, go ahead and book your ticket. If you’ve been longing to run a 5K, sign yourself up for that race. If you want to buy that house, give notice to your landlord that you won’t be renewing your lease. Do something concrete that guarantees you to move forward by preventing all opportunity to turn back.

Then don’t look back. Start stealing instead.

4. Shamelessly steal

As Pablo Picasso put it, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.

You’re probably not the first person to work towards achieving your particular dream. As such, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Immerse yourself with great ideas and techniques that others have shown to work.

Search out people who have been successful at what you are trying to accomplish, then study them. Watch what they do, don’t do, and identify best practices you can apply. There’s lots to learn, but it will be worth it once you realize how much this step will help you reach your dream.

As you spend time studying others who have been successful at what you’re trying to do, you’ll also get a healthy dose of inspiration to fuel you along your journey. You can then use all that knowledge to help you with the next step.

5. Build a plan

Clarity, commitment, inspiration, and know how will serve you well in reaching your dreams. But they have to be combined with a real plan to actually move you along the path to making your dream come true.

Harvey MacKay put it best when he said, “A dream is just a dream, a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

When you work on a goal with no plan of how to achieve it, your efforts are more likely to be disjointed. Without the focus a plan brings, you’re more likely to complete tasks willy nilly, and drift around rather than progressing methodically toward your goal. This leads to both sporadic and less than optimal results. You don’t want to go that route.

You’ve got to build a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go. It will keep you on track, and minimize the detours that slow or delay your progress toward your goal.

So if your dream is to write your first book, your plan could be to get up an hour earlier and write one thousand words a day prior to going to work. That way, when you set your alarm each day, you know what time to set your clock for. And when you wake up, you’ll know that it’s time to fire up the laptop to get typing.

Besides, one of the great things about a plan is it helps you to track your progress along the way as well.

6. Set a deadline

Deadlines have magical powers. When set, they stop procrastination in its tracks and whip you into gear so you start getting things done.

Even though you have a plan, you may spend lots and lots of time noodling over whether or not you need to learn more, or if your plan is just right, or if you need to go check Facebook again (you don’t). And then you’ll wake up, look at the calendar and months will have passed, and you’ll have barely moved an inch toward your goal.

But a deadline changes all that. Because you know you can’t miss it, you do what you need to do to get things done.

So give yourself a due date. And then tell someone who will hold you accountable. Be sure to give them permission to kick your butt or a provide a sufficiently effective guilt trip if you come close to missing it.

7. Do the work

There’s no way around this. You’ve got to do the work. You’ve got to work your plan.

Push yourself to do it when you feel like working. And push yourself to do it when you don’t feel like working. Here’s how:

Over time you will see results, and then you can move on to the next step.

8. Praise the progress

A lot of times your dreams don’t happen in one day. They take time. And sometimes you’ll need a bit of encouragement along the way to keep you going. So whenever you hit certain milestones, stop what you’re doing, take a pause and give yourself a high five for all the progress you’ve made.

You deserve it, and although you may not be exactly where you want to go, you are definitely farther than where you started. And that’s worth celebrating. It’s also fuel to keep you going a little farther.

9. Don’t go it alone

Change can be tough. And not just on you, but the people who interact with you on a regular basis. The people who will be impacted by the changes you make in your life.

As you work to make your dreams come true, consider letting those in your circle know what’s going on with you. It’ll give them a chance to encourage you, support you, and hold you accountable when needed.

Depending on what your goal is, you might even find someone willing to take the journey with you.

It’s time to make your dreams a reality. Your dreams don’t have to stay just dreams. They can absolutely be your reality. But the majority of the time, dreams come true only as a result of us doing what’s necessary to make them happen.

You just have to do the work.

By implementing these steps, you’ll look back a year from now (maybe sooner) at all you have accomplished, and smile.

Because you’ll know that dreams do come true.

Because yours finally did.

After you did the work.

Featured photo credit: Ruben Mishchuk via unsplash.com

Dreams Don’t Come True, They ARE True

Some years ago, a Johns Hopkins University study found that pregnant women who had an intuition about the sex of their baby were correct 70% of the time—but women who had a dream about the sex of their baby were correct 100% of the time!

We have access to very deep knowledge in there, and we’re sleeping through it most of the time.

Dreams tell you what you really know about something, what you really feel. They point you toward what you need for growth, integration, expression, and the health of your relationships to person, place and thing. They can help you fine-tune your direction and show you your unfinished business. They’re meaning machines. And they never lie. Author Tom Robbins once said that dreams don’t come true; they are true. When we talk about our dreams coming true, we’re talking about our ambitions.

Dreaming is ultimately about awakening. The unconscious, from which dreams bubble up, seems to contain an image of the way you’re supposed to be, and continually works toward the expression of this potential, day and night. It often knows things about which you’re otherwise in the dark, things which in the broad daylight of consciousness remain invisible, just as the stars play to an empty house during the day when the sun is shining. Some things can only be seen when it’s dark. Trying to solve your problems or make your way or get a grip on your priorities without the information that dreams provide is like being a judge with only half the facts of a case.

To ignore dreams is to tear out pages from your own unfolding story, which winds right on through the night-shift, and cut yourself off from that place from which passions and callings emanate. Most spiritual traditions clearly regard dreams as revelations from the gods and goddesses, and consider the act of separating the waking life from the dreaming, the conscious from the unconscious, as not unlike separating a plant from its roots.

The Jungian author James Hillman has written that “When I ask, ‘Where is my soul, how do I meet it, what does it want now?’ the answer is, turn to your images.’” By which he primarily means dreams and art, since both speak a visual language. So if you want a homing beacon to help you know your soul and navigate your life, you can’t do much better than turning to your dreams.

For one thing, they’re masterpieces of metaphoric communication:

* You’re trying to decide between following passion or security, and dream of throwing a rock through the window of a bank, and then burying your briefcase in the backyard.

* You’re following a call toward a very public life, and don’t realize your true feelings about sacrificing privacy, until an anxiety dream shows the island you live on being towed toward the mainland.

* Someone with whom you’re considering teaming up appears in a dream wearing costume jewelry and fake leather shoes.

* You’re postponing an important decision, and dream of “missing the boat.”

* You’re unsure whether you have the ability to handle what seems like an impossible task, but then have a flying dream.

* In the weeks prior to losing a job early in my journalism career, one I was hanging onto primarily for the security and status, my dreams were splitting at the seams with portents of how I really felt about trading off integrity for comfort and a dollop of renown. And though I faithfully recorded them in my dream journal, I did absolutely nothing about interpreting them. At some level, I didn’t want to know what they had to tell me. Which is another way of saying I knew what they had to tell me.

In one dream, I was handed a stack of hundred-dollar bills and later discovered that I’d been cheated: only the top bill was a one-hundred; the rest were ones. In another, I lost my wallet with all my identification cards in it. In another, I found a golden calf, deformed and chained to the ground. In yet another, I was invited to the boss’ estate for an extravagant pool party, but the pool was empty.

This is not exactly rocket science. The meaning of these dreams couldn’t have been more obvious if it was tattooed across the bridge of my nose. I was being invited to take a good look at what I was doing at that job, how I felt about being there, and because I didn’t want to look, the sudden loss of the job—the official reason, appropriately, was that “there isn’t a fit”—came as a complete shock to me when it shouldn’t have.

Contrary to the rationalist hooey that dreams aren’t real (“You’re just dreaming”), dreams are very much real. They convey real information, real impact, real emotions, and have real consequences if ignored. If you don’t honor your dreams, you’ll at the least dream them until you do, or the unconscious will “dream up” other channels for their messages to come through, such as symptoms, neuroses and compulsions. As with anything you avoid, the more you ignore dreams, the more insistent they become.

A tribe in Malaysia called the Senoi puts great stock in their dreams, and gathers each morning to share them. When they dream of being chased, they assume that whatever is chasing them is ally rather than enemy, and so turn and face their pursuer to inquire what the chase is all about, what the message might be that the pursuer bears.

This is the heart of dreamwork, of revealing the nature of the calls whose fins break the surface in your dreams, of deciphering the messages they bring. The challenge lies in turning around and facing whatever is there, rather than running from it. The fact is, there’s gold in them thar hills, but it takes some nerve to study your dreams, the same nerve it takes to examine a firecracker that didn’t go off.

This certainly helps explain why dream recall is such a slippery affair. A part of us doesn’t want to remember them, because of the messages they bear, the things they reveal, the directions they point us. The truth may set you free, but there’s an even chance that first it will scare the daylights out of you.

As for the dream material itself, some of it is like junk-mail, only a small percentage being truly useful and worth slogging through. Some of it also comes in such a crazy mambo of images, vignettes, metaphors, and other psychic ephemera, that trying to make any sense of it is like running down the street trying to grab the loose papers of a manuscript the wind has snatched out of your hands.

But don’t necessarily run with the first interpretation that comes to you. Brainstorm all associations you can conjure about the dream images or events, especially the most potent one in the dream. What words, ideas, people, memories and feelings does it remind you of? Then go with the one that elicits the most energy from you, that has the most oomph.

Avoid a dream-dictionary, this-means-that approach to interpretation. Dreams are far too subjective for that. Water, for instance, will mean something very different to someone who almost drowned as a kid than to someone who feels more at home in water than the fishes.

Since most dreams (though not all) seem to relate to something happening in present time, ask what, if anything, the dream ties into in your life right now. Where have you seen this particular scenario playing itself out lately? What is it trying to tell you? What is its central message? If you dream of flying, falling, conquering foes, being unable to find something, having extraordinary powers, being chased, ask how these may be symbolic of aspects of your life. But check the physical world first, before settling on an interpretation. If you dream your car loses its brakes, check your brakes. If nothing shows up, check where in your life you perhaps feel unable to stop, out of control.

It isn’t even necessary, though, to understand dreams or mine them for meaning, writes Thomas Moore in Care of the Soul. Merely giving your attention to them, granting them their autonomy and mystery, goes a long way toward opening the portals and shifting from analysis to responsiveness. In fact, what largely determines whether you recall dreams at all is simply the amount of interest you pay them.

Not only do dreams respond to attention, they respond to direct requests. In other words, you don’t have to wait around for them to appear. You can draw them to you by petition. You can bargain with them. If you get in the habit of asking for dream guidance as you’re dropping off to sleep, dreams will fairly beat a path to your door. Just be prepared to take dictation: keep a pad and pen by the bedside, or a tape-recorder. Promise yourself that if you’re sent a dream, you’ll write it down upon waking, even if that’s at three a.m. Prompt them with specific questions. Ask for directions. Ask for clues. Ask what your next step should be. Ask for clarification of last night’s dream.

Just get to your dreams before the world does. Write them down before you even get out of bed, because the moment your feet hit the floor, you literally ground yourself, and the lightning energy of dreams disappears into the earth.

Finally, consider conducting a ritual to help concretize a dream, bringing it out of dream-state and into waking life, from the abstract down into your muscles, emotions and physical life. A ritual is an enactment of the dream message, of whatever change the dream is calling for. It’s a way of taking a small step in that direction, making an outward sign of an inward intention. It’s a little rite of passage.

There’s an old tradition in the Christian Church that one hadn’t prayed unless one’s lips had moved. It expresses the psychological truth that something physical has to happen to establish that you mean business, that your devotion to growth is real and not merely a high opinion you have of yourself.

If you dream of the necessity of choosing passion over security, for instance, you might ritually burn a one-dollar bill, while entreating the gods of courage. If a dream points to the need to make a break with tradition, take a stick of wood and break it in two. If your dream shows you flying over obstacles, set up a series of rocks in the backyard, give them the names of your obstacles, and make broad jumps over them.

A ritual can be as simple, too, as putting a flower in a vase, making a circle of stones, burying something that represents an old habit, kneeling down in prayer, washing yourself in the river, anointing yourself with oil, visiting the zoo to spend some time with the animal in your dream, planting something, drumming or singing, feasting or fasting, making a mask, lighting a candle.

“I can light a candle because I need the light,” says writer Christina Baldwin, “or because the candle represents the light I need.”

For more about Passion!, visit www.gregglevoy.com

Granting Dreams | Dreams Come True Jacksonville

2021 Dreams Come True Moore Scholarship Winners

Emma Lato

Emma was the recipient of a $500 Dreamer Sibling education scholarship, courtesy of the Dreams Come True Moore Scholarship, funded by a generous estate bequest from the Honorable John H. Moore, II and Joan Kraft Moore Living Trust.

Growing up, Emma and her older sister, Alexis, were the best of friends. “We were on the same sport teams and always wore matching pajamas,” wrote Emma.

When Emma was in the third grade, Alexis was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 2. Over the next five years, they spent as much time as they could together: eating dinner together every night, playing games, watching TV, going on road trips, attending doctor’s appointments, and even swimming with dolphins.

Shortly after Emma started her freshman year at Bishop Snyder High School, Alexis passed away. “Starting a new school is already scary, but it was extremely nerve wracking knowing that I would not have a best friend to go home to and talk about my day with,” she said. But even in the face of her loss, she flourished.

Emma involved herself in numerous extracurricular activities, including volunteering for her school’s St. Vincent de Paul Society and Columbian Exchange Garden, playing golf and basketball, cheerleading, and even founding a new club inspired by her experiences with her sister, Kids 4 Kids. “Kids 4 Kids allows kids my age to help kids that are going through the same situation I was in,” she said.

Emma says that her “calling for service” has also been strongly influenced by her experiences with Dreams Come True, to the point where she hopes to start her own non-profit organization someday. As a sibling scholarship recipient, she will be studying business marketing.

“I would be able to be involved in making kids’ dreams a reality while helping the family and friends who are close to that kid have a forever memory.”

More than 4,000 local children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness have seen their dreams turned into realities thanks to Dreams Come True. Currently, over 600 children are dreaming of the perfect escape.



Where Are They Now?

Rudy Wells

“I woke up to a morning that would change my life forever.” Those were the typed words from Rudy Wells’ letter to Dreams Come True in 2020, recapping the start of his journey with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and the impact Dreams Come True would make on him and his family. We are honored to share with you Rudy’s full letter, which discusses his medical journey, the impact of his dream, and his goal for the future. His words below truly express the POWER of a dream.

I woke up to a morning that would change my life forever. My stomach was in a knot as my mom stared in shock at the bruises that covered my entire body. I still remember the anxiety and tension in her voice when she called my dad to explain how sick I appeared. I had a smile on my face when we picked up my dad from work on our way to the hospital. We made it through the main entrance, I could not hold on any longer, I collapsed losing consciousness. I slowly woke up to the sound of the steady beat of the heart machine and three blurry figures talking about my condition. I will never forget my dad asking “Is there any way that you can give this to me so my son does not have to go through this?” I soon discovered that I had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After enduring years of intensive chemotherapy, cranial radiation, and many hospital stays, I was able to make a full recovery.

Through my journey, I have been able to experience much joy through several nonprofit organizations that have truly made a difference in my life. One of which being Dreams Come True. My family and I enjoyed a trip to Disney World and Sea World, having so much fun in the process. This trip allowed us to take a step away from treatments and have an experience of a lifetime. I think of the fond memories of meeting all the Disney characters, riding all the rides, and seeing my family happy. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the wonderful experience and the time I was able to spend with my family in the face of such an eye-opening experience.

From a young age I have wanted to make a difference in the live of families that are battling childhood cancer. During my life, I have had the privilege working with several nonprofit organizations with the same goal of helping these families. My ultimate goal is to become a pediatric oncologist so that I can inspire hope, compassion, and care. I am happy to announce that I am graduating from medical school and I will be entering University of Florida’s Jacksonville pediatric program where I will be training at Wolfson’s Children Hospital with the hopes of specializing in pediatric oncology.

Thank you for helping me reach this point in my life and the compassion that you have showed and will continue to show to so many families.  My hope is that you will continue to hear more inspiring stories and understand the value that you have added to so many lives. 

We are excited for Rudy as he works toward fulfilling his goal to be a pediatric oncologist and inspire hope, compassion and care. We are honored to be part of his journey and know that he experience of his dream is still making a difference.

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Meet Some of Our Dreamers

Since 1984, Dreams Come True has fulfilled the dreams of more than 4,000 local children. We actively work with more than 400 families each year, planning and scheduling upcoming dreams. The Dreamers below represent some of the children who are still deciding on the perfect dream, or have see their dreams turned into realities with the help of our generous sponsors and donors. We thank you for taking the time to watch these short videos and getting to know a little more about their journeys.

10 Easy Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

About a year ago, I was waking up before dark every morning. I had a set of rituals that I knew would put me on course to the life of my dreams.

The only problem was — and this was a big one — I was chasing the wrong dream. At the time, I was working at being a life coach, and I was thinking that I would write novels once I retired. I actually wrote this to a friend in an email a year ago, that I would write novels when I retire, and not long after that, my coaching business circled the drain. Although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, my prayers were being answered. The Universe always has our backs.

Cue the sound of a needle scratching a record. Is there anything you tell yourself you will do more of “when you retire”? If so, then there’s a big chance you should be making more time for it NOW — not some far off time that might never come.

There’s no final resting place during this life when you’re free to prance through a meadow. It’s imperative we make sure to have fun now, along the way, or we waste the whole shooting match on boring obligations.

Here are the 10 Easy Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True — today!

This is honestly the trickiest step. We complicate the heck out of it. We think, “What’s my life’s purpose?” and then we break out into a cold sweat.

Start with the easy stuff. What feels good to you? You don’t need to decide everything right this instant, but just start collecting ideas for your life that make you feel excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities. Write some things down. Just keep some kind of simple record of what your dream for your life is.

Close your eyes and see what pictures emerge. Images that come to my mind are sunny nature scenes. I also like the idea of someone wrapped in a cozy sweater and sipping coffee while they smile at a laptop. (That’s me right now.) I’m a writer, so I’m now committed to writing every day. One day I will own a beach house. That’s about it!

Many of us will pick a delicious dream for ourselves and then immediately start pecking furiously at the edges with a list of ways it can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t work out for us. Stop that!

If there’s a word for both deciding and believing in one fell swoop, the word would be commitment. You have to commit to your dream. Don’t just put it in a box and close the lid, never to see the light of day. You have to take it out and fondle it… every… day. Take it out, play with it, give it some air.

Decision + Belief = Commitment

Decide you want your dream to happen. For real. Believe it will and can happen. For real. This is the magic sauce that will help propel your dream into reality. If you don’t decide and believe, and therefore commit, well then… as Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

This next step isn’t a one-time event. It’s probably something you’re going to have to do over and over, every time you notice you’re stuck and you’ve stopped forward momentum.

We disguise fear under logistics all the time: “Oh, I don’t have time to go after that dream, I need to make money!” Sure ya do. So get up earlier.

“Well then I don’t have time!” Sure ya do. So get up earlier.

“But then I’ll be exhausted!” Here’s the thing. Last year, when I was getting up early, it was a bit of a battle. I was always feeling like it took heroics to drag my limp carcass out of bed that early.

It’s all in the attitude. This go round, I decided it was going to be easy and exciting to get up early to write every day. I decided it’s not going to be difficult. I decided to get the sleep I need, and not be so dramatic and sacrificial about getting up early.

Choose the right attitude. Release fear. Repeat.

Eegads, finally, the part where we actually DO stuff.

Figure out what you need to DO to make your dream happen. Then go do it.

To sum up step four, take action daily.

It’s really easy to lose the plot in the frenzy of daily living. Just slow down, pump the breaks, relax. Listen.

Take quiet time alone every day — again, early morning if need be — to reflect, read, write, and to hear yourself think. Give yourself the time and space to feel your feelings and organize your thoughts so that you may stay in touch with your own needs and desires for your life.

6. Use other’s success as inspiration.

When you notice someone more fortunate, practice saying to yourself, “You know what? I want that, too! I’m going to figure out how and make it happen!”

If we want good things to happen to us, we have to stop judging others negatively for the good things they bring into their lives. Judging and criticizing others is such a silly energy drain. I will go out on a limb here and say that the majority of people who judge others negatively for their success don’t realize they do it, or they don’t realize there’s anything wrong with doing it.

I saw a Facebook comment the other day that basically said all rich people are thieving, greedy liars and that all poor people are generous and would give you the shirt off their backs. Nonsense. NONSENSE. That’s a waste of breath right there. Bill Gates has donated $26 BILLION to philanthropic causes. I would rather imagine all the good Bill’s money is doing out there in the world than to take one second to consider accepting the smelly shirt off some guy’s back.

Instead of being Judge-y McJudge Pants, use others as inspiration: see what you want, and figure out how to make it happen. When you paint everyone who is rich with one brush (bad) you are going to repel money like it’s your job. Money isn’t imbued with magical good or evil qualities. It’s just money. It helps you live comfortably. Accept it without making bizarre value judgments.

7. View mistakes as lessons, not an excuse to give up.

This happened to me last year when my coaching business took a nosedive: I panicked, and then I gave up. Which was fine, because I realized that coaching wasn’t my dream after all. When things didn’t go well, I didn’t think, “Just a bump in the road, let me fix this.” Instead I thought about all the hours and days I’d spent on the administrative junk: the web pages I developed, the excruciating task of writing sales copy, and the PDFs I’d created, and I realized that this wasn’t my dream. I hated that stuff.

I didn’t learn that lesson right away. Instead I spent lots of time saying, “Woe is me,” and panicking about money, and panicking about finding work, and just generally spending all of my time panicking. In case that’s not clear: I panicked.

It took me a really long time to simply view my mistakes as lessons. Instead, I did all the stuff I coached other people not to do. Like when you make a mistake, it’s not a reflection on your character. It’s just data about what you should do next.

Finally, after close to a year of panic followed by wallowing, I’m back!

8. Value tiny decisions.
The decision to get up early every morning is a momentous one. The tiny decisions happen every single day, when I look at the clock. Do I get up, or do I stay in bed?

Every little decision, everything single thing we do, matters.

Because what you do determines who you become. And who you become means either your success at achieving your dream or your failure. Choose wisely.

9. Don’t let bad habits win.

It’s so easy to blame our small lives, our tiny, chronic failures on our bad habits. We get sucked into the couch for TV marathons. We get sucked into pizza boxes and chip bags and some of us (ehem) even get into the habit (and then out of the habit and into the habit) of using beer or wine “to relax” when the going gets tough.

Then we spend all our precious energy on CRAP like trying to lose weight or break these bad habits. What you think about is what you get. If you spend all your time obsessing about your bad habits, your whole life is going to be a Sisyphean task of rolling the boulder up the hill while you resist, followed by getting steamrolled when you get tired and give in.

And yes, I’m speaking from experience. I say this with the utmost kindness and respect to both myself and to you: GET A LIFE. It’s only when our habits stand in the way of the life of our dreams that we will be compelled to chuck the now-annoying habits to the curb. Dream big, take action, worry about your habits some other day, like when they prevent you from getting up early.

Oh, and see step 3: release fear. Usually our bad habits are nothing more than a tepid attempt at escaping fear, but then we’ve really gone down the rabbit hole INTO fear when we do things that are self-destructive as an escape. Release fear, don’t try to numb it; it doesn’t work that way.

10. Believe the Universe is friendly.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

In light of this quote, it’s possible to boil this post down to three steps: 1. Dream big. 2. Act consistently. 3. Be amazed as the Universe conspires to help you achieve your dream.

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May all your dreams not come true: Sadhguru

People keep asking me to bless them that something that they want must happen in their life: “Sadhguru, please bless me, this should happen, that should happen.” I tell them, “My blessing is, may all your dreams not come true.” They get shocked – “Sadhguru, why?”

I want you to look at what it is that you can dream of? All your dreams are just exaggerations of what you already know, they are an exaggeration of the past because you cannot imagine something that you have never seen. You cannot imagine something for which there is no data, because your mind essentially functions from the data that you have gathered, which is essentially your past. If you have a million dollars, you will think of a billion dollars. If you go like this, you are ensuring that nothing new will ever happen to you.

People want to repeat their past and then wonder why life is so boring. Put your dreams to sleep for some time. My blessing is, “May your dreams not come true. May things that you could never dream of happen to you.”

This is why karma is very important – so that you can become an open possibility. Karma is the bedrock of your memory. That means, who you are right now as a person – physically, mentally, emotionally and even energetically – is a certain volume of memory.

Suppose I started fancying dog food and started eating dog food for three days, will I become a dog? No, there is evolutionary memory within me which will never allow anything like that to happen. Every cell in the body clearly speaks that this is a human being.

Let’s say I eat only American food – will I become an American person? Will my skin color change? No! Because there is genetic memory in me.

Who you are and who I am is essentially memory. There is evolutionary memory, genetic memory, articulate and inarticulate memory, unconscious, subconscious and conscious memories. An amalgamation of all these memories is you. Similarly with every other person.

Of all the millions of creatures on this planet, in terms of evolution, neurological capabilities, perception and ability to assimilate what we perceive, we are on top of the world.

This memory is like a platform. If you stand upon this, the richness of your life plays out, and you can do your dance on that stage. But if you sink into it, it becomes like quicksand, and the past just takes away people.

Just see what most human beings are suffering in their life. They are suffering what happened ten years ago and what may happen day after tomorrow. Essentially, they are not even connected with life. They are mistaking their psychological space as existential. They are suffering the two most incredible qualities that only human beings possess on this planet – a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imagination.

Essentially, human beings are suffering the evolutionary process. They are just saying, “If I were an earthworm, I would be more peaceful.” The earthworm is a fantastic creature – it is very eco-friendly but it is a limited possibility. The significance of being human is that the possibilities are unlimited. This is why we are on top of the evolutionary pile.

Of all the millions of creatures on this planet, in terms of evolution, neurological capabilities, perception and ability to assimilate what we perceive, we are on top of the world. But most human beings do not feel like they are on top of the world because they are sinking into the platform of their memory. This vast memory is a tremendous thing. The question is, will you stand up on this platform and do your act, or will you sink into it and die? This is all the choice you have.

Our future should have nothing to do with our past. Future should happen new. What you could not dream of should happen in your life. What you could not imagine must happen. If what you could dream happened, what is the use of that? You can only dream what you know. If only what you know happens, it is a poor life.

Let something happen that you cannot dream of right now – only then, life is exciting.

Ranked amongst the fifty most influential people in India, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, visionary and bestselling author. Sadhguru has been conferred the ‘Padma Vibhushan’, India’s highest annual civilian award, by the Government of India in 2017, for exceptional and distinguished service.

(Views expressed are personal)

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90,000 Getting Real Is … What is Getting Real?

  • IMPLEMENT – IMPLEMENT, feel, repulse; sover., in whom (what) (book). Get real expression, come true. • Become a reality (book) to be realized, to be realized. The dream came true. | unverified. incarnate, I say, you are. | noun incarnation … Explanatory dictionary Ozhegov

  • to be incarnated – to become a reality, to be imprinted, to be objectified, to be transformed, to come true, to be fulfilled, to come true, to come true, to come true, to be cast, to become reality, to put on flesh and blood, to put on flesh and blood, to express, … … Glossary synonyms

  • to incarnate – in whom what and what.1. in whom what (to express in what l. Concrete form). Embody the idea in images. … Tolstoy strikingly vividly embodied in his works both as an artist and as a thinker and preacher the features of the historical originality of the whole … … Vocabulary of Management

  • to incarnate – it is; St. (in whom what, what). Book. Become a reality; come true (about ideas, plans, creative intentions, etc.). The dream came true. // Get your expression in what l. form. The writer’s idea was embodied in a trilogy.All his dreams … … Encyclopedic Dictionary

  • to be embodied – and / tsya; St. see also. incarnate, incarnation a) in whom, in what book. Become a reality; come true (about ideas, plans, creative ideas, etc.) The dream came true. b) rep. Get your expression in what l. form. Zamy … Dictionary of many expressions

  • to be realized – to be transformed into reality, to be embodied in reality, to put on flesh and blood, to be realized, to come true, to come true, to become reality, to become a reality, to be incarnated, to come true, to materialize, to come true, to be transformed, … … Glossary of synonyms

  • to be realized – to be realized, to be fulfilled, to come true, to materialize, to put on flesh and blood, to be created, to be accomplished, to become a reality, to be realized, to be embodied, to be embodied, to be accomplished, to achieve the degrees of known, to take a position, to be fulfilled, … … Dictionary of synonyms

  • come true – be fulfilled, realized, come true, come true, become reality, become reality, become reality; materialize, establish, succeed, settle down, turn around, accomplish, turn, … … Dictionary of synonyms

  • to be fulfilled – to be realized, realized, come true, materialized; minute, pass, knock, punch, fulfill, introduce yourself, lose, fill, feel, sing, feel, produce, work, work out, … … Dictionary of synonyms

  • materialize – become a reality, come true, come true, come true, come true, come true, come true, be realized, be realized, clothed in flesh and blood, become reality, come true, be reified, … … Glossary of synonyms

  • 90,000 Composition on the topic “Why do people betray their dreams?” – Rent to 5

    A collection of ideal essays on social studies

    Each of us at least once in our life thought about the question: is it necessary to be true to your dream? Of course, there may be different opinions on this topic, but I believe that even though a dream often collides with a harsh reality, a person should not betray it.Let’s take a look at the concepts of dream and reality. A dream is something created by a person’s imagination, an object of his passionate desire. And reality is an existing reality that does not always coincide with the desires of a person.

    Reflecting on this question, I cannot but refer to the work of A. Chekhov “Ionych”. At the beginning of the story, the main character, Dmitry Ionovich Startsev, appears before us as a young zemstvo doctor who has high ideals and dreams of helping people through his profession.However, the inhabitants of the provincial town, in which the hero found himself, do not strive for anything, do not share his opinions and cannot keep up a conversation with him on serious topics. Everything goes on as usual for them day after day. The only people who are at least a little out of the general atmosphere of the city are the members of the Turkin family. Dmitry Startsev often visited them and fell in love with young Ekaterina Ivanovna. The hero even proposed to her, but was refused. Soon the girl leaves for Moscow to achieve her dream, and Startsev remains in the city.A few years later, we can observe a completely different picture: Dmitry Ionovich,

    Composition 2

    In order to betray a dream, you first need to have a dream, but such property is not really available to everyone. Many people dream of various material well-being or simply imagine some images in front of them, like how they are recognized in society or how they are in some beautiful landscapes, circumstances and what sensations they experience. Nevertheless, such speculative constructions are not a dream in the full sense of the word; in reality, a dream is something completely special and even, if it is possible to put it this way, a labor achievement achieved through suffering.

    After all, what landmarks does a person receive in this world? The society of the townsfolk speaks of the achievement of material wealth, the acquisition of the status of a good person. Religious and moral foundations may offer higher ideals, but often they end up as just another version of the prescriptions about behavior and worldview.

    Is there a dream among such ideals? In fact, it is rather difficult to find something really valuable and, shall we say, not filthy with the mass consciousness, in the offered variety.Even if the spheres of dreams somehow connect in many people, the dream is always something purely individual.

    Always also a dream is something difficult, like climbing the highest mountain in the most severe conditions and this is one of the most common factors of abandoning a dream, that is, in fact, betrayal. If we continue the comparison with a mountain climb, then the difficulty of finding a dream is similar to the difficulty of considering the final point of climbing a mountain. You need to look through the blinding light, study the peaks and routes, gain some understanding of beauty and purpose, your position and abilities, intentions, for many it is much easier to look at the mountainous landscape, so it is more comfortable.

    Once the destination is understood and understood, there is a long work ahead with many obstacles. Many refuse because of this labor, and also here comes the temptation. After all, it is always easier to stay in the hills, let’s say, on the territory of the climbers’ camp and there is always the opportunity to return there, and this comfort lures and attracts.

    In addition, dream betrayal may be associated with delusion. Continuing with the metaphor, delusion should be likened to choosing the wrong route.Such a choice can be made due to many factors from a lack of inner composure, to the presence of any envious people and pests who deliberately want to knock dreamers off the route and often knock them down, because in this world, dreaming is sometimes not only harmful, but also dangerous.

    Final December. Grade 11

    The first argument

    Belief in a dream – this problem was raised by A. Green in his story “Scarlet Sails”. Once Assol met a wizard in the forest, who told her that she would meet a prince who would sail on a ship with scarlet sails.The girl believed Egl, she sincerely hoped to meet with the prince, desperately waiting for her. The inhabitants of Kaperna laughed at Assol because they did not believe in fairy tales. However, this did not stop the main character, belief in a dream tempered Assol’s character. And her dream came true one day. She met a prince who fell in love with her. Gray learned about Assol’s dream, so he brought it to life to make the girl truly happy. This story allows us to say that one must believe in a dream to the end, that it can never be abandoned, despite various difficulties.Assol did not renounce her dream and was rewarded with fate.

    What does a person need to achieve a dream?

    While dreaming up is not too difficult, achieving it can be very difficult.

    The thing is that a dream is, although it is an initial stage of a goal, it requires incredible efforts and patience on the way to achieving it.

    Dreaming does not mean drawing the desired shape of the future life in your head and believing that sooner or later it will be achieved.

    How to materialize thoughts: 5 practical tips

    Dreaming means working, and not just doing the usual work every day.And every new day to look for ways to achieve your goal. There will be many obstacles on this path and you will have to work hard to achieve what you want. But only in this case can you achieve what you want.

    And that is why many dreams remain dreams. Many people betray their dreams, preferring the easy paths.

    The second argument

    A. Drabkina also writes about the desire to make her dreams come true. The story “The Girl Who Wanted to Dance” demonstrates what a person is capable of in order to achieve the desired results.In the center of the story lies the fate of Zoika. The little girl wants to become a dancer with all her heart, but she is not taken to the dance club. This does not become the reason for Zoe’s refusal from her dream, she begins to study on her own. The girl organizes her own concerts, where she shows everything she can. The heroine managed to fulfill her dream, as she became a dancer that many knew about. Little girl Zoya, who has already turned into an adult, shows by her example that you can never give up, you need to continue walking along your life path in order to achieve your goal.A successful dancer gives advice to a little girl that the main thing is the desire to dance, and everything else is unimportant. A. Drabkina’s story demonstrates that a dream can become a reality, the main thing is efforts and desire.

    Dream and Reality: Should You Be True to Your Dream? What to write in the essay?

    The first thing that comes to mind when answering such a question is – yes, you need to be true to your dream, you need to make efforts to realize it, you need to go to it all your life until it comes true.But with a deeper consideration of this topic using the example of the fate of literary heroes from the works of Russian and foreign classics, one can come to the conclusion that it is not always necessary to be true to your dream, a dream may be unworthy, unrealizable in principle, or wrong for a given person. Here are some examples: Ekaterina Ivanovna in Chekhov’s story “Ionych” chose a seemingly wonderful dream, to become a great pianist, for the sake of this dream she refused to connect her life with the main character of the story, it would seem that everything is correct – she remained true to her dream, but the dream turned out to be for her impracticable, she realized it herself, but it was too late.Nikolai Ivanovich in Chekhov’s story “Gooseberry” for the sake of his dream for a rather long period commits extremely unseemly acts, it all starts with saving on himself, which turned him into a mean man, ends with extreme cruelty towards another person, he married a woman for money, which he sacrificed for the sake of his dream (sacrifices for the sake of a dream can be made, in the event that you sacrifice some of your own interests, and not others’). Shvabrin also has a dream in “The Captain’s Daughter” and he achieves its fulfillment, remains faithful to her to the point that he commits low deeds even in relation to the subject of his dreams – in relation to Masha Mironova, whom he dreams of marrying.He tries to achieve his dream in any way. And, of course, the reader can see that this is completely wrong.

    Sample 2

    “Dreaming is not harmful, it is harmful not to dream!” everyone knows this saying. Scientists have long proven the importance of daydreaming. A dream is a kind of goal that prevents a person from extinguishing and fosters perseverance in him. Dreams changed more than one fate, and the history of every great man began with his idea, dream.

    From an early age, a person dreams of something.Girls dream of dolls, boys dream of toy cars … Growing up, as a rule, everyone begins to dream of becoming someone, someone as an architect, someone as a doctor, a ballerina or a teacher. People set themselves a task and begin to work in this direction.

    With age, dreams tend to change and not all have time to come true, and does this mean betraying a dream?

    Sometimes dreams are a priori impossible. If someone dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but health does not allow working in this area in any way, then is it worthwhile to burden yourself with a feeling of betrayal all your life? I think there are not so many professions to which you can devote yourself and find new dreams, become the best at what you do.And maybe if not for the old dream, then fate would hardly have led to such a wonderful decision.

    So many singers and actors who dreamed of becoming famous. But having achieved the goal, remaining true to their dream, they sacrificed all their time to her without taking care of their own family and home. Constant concerts, corporate parties, and lack of time for personal life. And now, when the dream has come true, many regret that they did not find what everyone has for a long time – love, a cozy house where his / her second half meets and dream about it.And perhaps their dream will come true, but the fulfillment of the first led them to disappointment and loneliness.

    Is it worth being true to your dream if its fulfillment is inseparable in this case with misfortune? I don’t think so. The dream should make a person happy and keep him in good shape, not let him sit out and fill his life with meaning, but not bear a negative character. If a dream can cause damage, one must be prepared in advance for it and correctly assess the victims.

    An especially common mistake people make, not adhering to their principle and follow the lead of people who discourage them.This often leads to great regrets about not doing. After all, first of all, you need to listen only to yourself and your desire.

    Therefore, if a dream helps to live to reach new heights, then no matter how difficult it is, you need to remain faithful to it. If you evaluate her correctly, remain faithful, she will certainly allow you to find happiness.

    If the dream does not come true, or it requires investments that a person cannot give, then you should not get upset, the boundaries of dreams are only in your personal head and nowhere else.

    Other works: ← The image of a dreamer in Russian literature ↑ Grade 11 and EGEK How does a dream affect a person? →


    A dream is something intimate for each of us. We believe that our dreams and desires will always come true. A dream becomes a motivator, a person strives to realize his sincere desires. They make him better and stronger. However, dreams may not always come true. And then the question arises, is it necessary to continue to fight for something that is not destined to come true? Each person answers this question himself: someone gives up, and someone continues to believe that he will succeed.Everyone has their own path in life, and the fulfillment of dreams is the work of everyone. One person can think about his dream and not make any effort to make it come true, while another person is ready to work and work a whole life to make his dream come true. Only struggle and an irresistible desire to carry out what was conceived makes a person truly strong.

    Dream and Reality (Oblomov) – arguments for the composition

    Many writers in their works demonstrated the collision of dreams with reality.The arguments “Dream and Reality” (“Oblomov”) will help to consider the conflict of these two concepts on the example of the work of the same name by I. A. Goncharov.

    Oblomov’s Dreams

    The life of the passive and lazy Ilya Ilyich Oblomov changes when he meets Olga Sergeevna Ilyinskaya on his life path. For her sake, he stops lying on the couch, while attending various balls. However, Oblomov dreams of a quiet and calm life next to his beloved. His desires are connected with weddings and weddings, but Olga interrupts his dreams and talks about real life, in which, for marriage, you first need to draw up the necessary documents.So, Oblomov’s dreams literally collide with reality. Ilya Ilyich and Olga Sergeevna are too different people, therefore Oblomov’s desire to be always together is broken by reality.

    Olga’s Dreams

    The reality and dreams of Olga Ilyinskaya are faced with. Being in a relationship with Ilya Ilyich, the heroine thinks about the future. She dreams of changing Oblomov’s character and lifestyle, of his physical and moral transformation. Ilyinskaya wants her beloved to be distinguished by activity and love of life, so she seeks to rid him of laziness and inaction.Olga Ilyinskaya’s pride, associated with the desire to be the arbiter of Oblomov’s fate, does not allow her dream to come true. The protagonist of the novel “Oblomov” does not want to give up his ideal of life, so the paths of Oblomov and Olga diverge.

    Lyubov Oblomova and Agafia Pshenitsyna

    Oblomov finds the ideal of existence in his life with Agafya Pshenitsyna. The main character, who from childhood strived for peace and harmony, finds them in a marriage with Pshenitsyna. However, it cannot be said that Oblomov’s dream came true.Nevertheless, the relationship between Ilya Ilyich and Agafya Matveyevna did not completely resemble Oblomov’s love dreams, who wanted a romantic relationship, but received more practical and friendly ones. It follows from this that Oblomov’s dreams are not destined to come true. This is due to the fact that Ilya Ilyich is a dreamy person who does not want to achieve his goals.

    This article, which will help write the essay “Dream and Reality (” Oblomov “)”, will consider the dreams of Ilya Ilyich Oblomov and Olga Sergeevna Ilyinsky, who are faced with reality.

    See what else we have:

    Product test

    Hall of Fame

    To get here – take the test.

    • Egor Emelianenko


    • Naib Ayubov


    • Aigul Bekturova


    • Alina

      000 Fyagina

    • 19/19

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    • Bogdan Iktisanov


    • Shamil Murtuzov


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    • Olga Bazdnikina


    Marina Kaljurand: every woman should have the opportunity to make her dream come true | Estonia

    “I also do not support quotas, although, as I know, in some countries these quotas have worked fine.Estonia is not ready for quotas, but there are other methods. If we find a woman who wants to be involved in politics – it makes no difference whether the European Parliament, the Riigikogu or local government – then she needs to be supported, “Kaljurand said on Monday in the Podrobnosti broadcast on Radio 4.

    According to the MEP, the main thing is to provide the opportunity to make a career in any area of ​​life for all who really want it.

    “It is important for me that women have opportunities.I do not want to say that everyone should go into politics. We should also value those who raise children at home, this is as important a job as politics, economics or science. But there must be opportunities. If a girl wants some kind of career, wants to become a politician, an academician, to fly into space, then she should have the opportunity to make her dream come true. There should be no difference here who dreams – a boy or a girl, “Kaljurand emphasized.

    In her opinion, a clear division of family responsibilities into” male “and” female “is no longer the best option in modern society.

    “The statement that a man should feed his family, in my opinion, is also a bit of a stereotype. Our family is fed by both of us – my husband and I. If we distribute both work and household responsibilities, and who cooks, and who takes care of the children caring, then such a family, in my opinion, will be even more successful than a family where the wife is at home and only cooks. Of course, every family must find the best way for themselves, but it must be found so that the woman has the opportunity to make her dream come true into life – both family and career “, – explained Kaljurand.

    She also noted that there are not enough days off in Estonia, and March 8 should be one of such days. “In my opinion, Estonia could have a few more days off. And if you choose which weekend, then why not Women’s Day? I agree here,” said the MEP.

    The Ponazyrevites’ dream has come true! – Regional bulletin

    On Monday, November 30, a long-awaited event took place in the village of Ponazyrevo, Kostroma Region – a new sports hall received its first visitors.The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Ponazyrevsky municipal district Lidia Udalova, the head of the urban settlement of the village of Ponazyrevo Valentina Onuchina, the deputy of the Kostroma Regional Duma Anatoly Kraev.
    In their speeches, they noted that a lot of work had been done to open the gym, and expressed gratitude to everyone who took part in solving such an important issue for Ponazyrev residents.

    Lidia Udalova, head of the Ponazyrevsky municipal district:
    – Today we have a joyful event – we are opening a gym, which the residents of the regional center have been looking forward to for a long time.A lot of effort has gone into getting this facility built. For four years, the administration of the urban settlement took part in the competitive selection of municipalities of the Kostroma region in the nomination “Local Initiatives”. As a result, a decision was made to finance the construction stage by stage. We can say that it was built by the whole world, and together we managed to solve many difficult issues – in the design, construction, equipment of the gym – and bring this difficult task to the end. This is a great merit of our contractor Arsen Martirosyan, to whom we are very grateful.Words of gratitude from everyone should also be said to Alexander Alexandrovich Tikhomirov, who, being the head of the settlement, decided to put up a sports hall in Ponazyrevo and began to implement this idea. Its successor was the administration of the settlement under the leadership of Nikolai Chernyatiev, and then Valentina Onuchina. I admit that at first there was a lot of spontaneity, uncertainty, but we overcame difficulties, tried to ensure that all the necessary requirements were met. Today we have good conditions for sports in a beautiful modern gym.And from the schoolchildren who will now study here, we expect high results.


    Third Grade Impressions:

    Artyom Kozlov, Ivan Antipov:
    – We are glad that there is such a large hall, it is spacious and warm. There is where to run, we will go here with joy. Now we will also study in the section here.

    Nastya Chigareva, Diana Kornilova:
    – It’s very cool here, the gym is good, there is a lot of space.Even the administration employees were worried about this gym with us. So, not only we were waiting for him so much.

    Read more in the newspaper “Rayonny Vestnik” for December 2, 2020.


    What did the graduates of the past dream about and how will it help the current eleventh graders? For which task can you get five points at once? What should be an essay on the Russian language? How to avoid annoying speech mistakes on the exam?

    Roman Doschinsky, Chairman of the Subject Commission of the Unified State Exam in the Russian language of the city of Moscow, answers our questions.

    – What’s new in the Russian language exam this year?

    – Fortunately, probably no changes in the exam in the Russian language are expected in 2020.All major changes took place in 2019. Therefore, current graduates have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes made by the participants in the exam last year. It turns out that for two years (grades 10 and 11), schoolchildren could and can train, practice certain skills, using the variants as close as possible to the examination.

    – How to effectively prepare for the Unified State Exam in the Russian language in order to get high scores?

    – Among the endless ocean of various electronic assistants for our graduates, I still strongly recommend that the children often turn to reliable and trusted sources of information.This is, of course, the updated website of the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements, which presents the interactive resource “Open Bank of Unified State Exam Tasks”. Any graduate can go to the site, select the block of tasks that is most difficult for him, and work it out. The system will automatically process the result and immediately provide information on correct and incorrect answers to tasks. Do not forget that all tasks of real control measuring materials on the exam are formed from an open bank!

    – What, in your opinion, are the advantages of distance exam preparation?

    – Such a large amount of time that can be spent this academic year on intensive preparation for the state final certification was a great dream for graduates of past years.And this dream came true. So many invaluable Internet resources were opened for the graduates for free (that is, free) use. The network is simply boiling with various kinds of express trains, intensive courses, assets that can be used to successfully prepare for the exam. The entire professional pedagogical community suddenly rushed to help Russian graduates: create life hacks, blog, shoot video lessons, etc.

    – Tell us about the most common mistakes on the Russian language exam.

    – Task number 2 requires you to independently select the word missing in the microtext. It would seem that it can be difficult here, because the context itself is the main tool for prompting. But the assignment contains an indication of a specific morphological or syntactic landmark. Therefore, in order to solve task number 2 without problems, the graduate in the process of preparing for the exam must necessarily repeat a sufficiently voluminous educational material:

    • preposition digits,
    • rank of unions,
    • particle discharges,
    • categories of pronouns,
    • groups of pronominal adverbs (therefore, so, there, here, here, then …),
    • groups of introductory constructions (firstly, secondly; thus, it means; besides …).

    It is important to train, develop memory! When repeating the educational material, the student needs to remember a lot of information. There are nine categories of pronouns. Not to mention prepositions, conjunctions and particles.

    Task number 5 – lexical. It is associated with the norms of the use of paronyms in speech. There is such a mysterious phenomenon in the Russian language – paronyms! These are synonyms and homonyms at the same time. Put on – get dressed, democratic – democratic, etc.e. Very similar words, but with a slight difference in the prefix or suffix. However, there is also a difference in meaning and, therefore, in use, behind this distinction.

    For the high-quality performance of task number 5, you need to carefully work out those paronyms that are presented on the website of the Federal Institute for Pedagogical Measurements in the form of a vocabulary. Keep in mind that not all paronyms that are in the Russian language will be used in the USE tasks, but only those that are contained in the vocabulary.

    Task number 8 has a certain complexity in its format (this is the so-called tabular assignment for correlation) and objective meaningful complexity. This task comprehensively tests the knowledge of most of the syntactic norms of the modern Russian literary language. It presents almost the entire course of the Russian language in grades 8-9. Only not directly, but through the prism of the culture of speech. The task turns out to be very valuable in the literal sense of the word: a maximum of five points is given for it.

    The systematization of all possible syntax errors can be of great help in completing the task number 8. Draw yourself a memo table with the following headings: type of syntax error, example with an error, example with a corrected error. If you regularly use such a table in preparation for the Unified State Exam in the Russian language, then the necessary schemes and standards for completing the assignment will form in your head.

    Assignments No. 9 – No. 12 are united by the theme of spelling.In 2019, these tasks have changed significantly. In each of them, you need to analyze as many as 15 or 10 words with one or another spelling. And the unpredictable multiplicity of answers (from 2 to 4) creates difficulty.

    When performing task No. 9 , it is important not to confuse roots with alternations with homonymous roots. For example, “freeze” is a word that has an alternating root. But the word “reconcile” has a root, testable stress. The same: burn – grieve, obscure – stylistic , etc.etc.

    In addition, what can be done in the usual practice of writing root vowels is by no means applicable in a situation of clearly distinguishing between checked and unverified vowels. Remember: pairs of words such as patriot – dad, purple – lily, discussion – dispute , etc. are not verifiable and test words.

    When performing task number 10 , special attention should be paid to distinguishing the meaning of the following pairs of words: immutable (indisputable) – inapplicable (inappropriate), stay (be somewhere) – arrive (come), implement (come to life) – close (door) , etc.etc.

    Among the suffixes that cause difficulty in writing when performing task number No. 11 , I will note the verbal suffixes. For example, play eva t, warehouse eva t, odol eva t, eclipse eva t, prolong eva t, build eva t .

    The task that needs to be paid more attention in preparation is task number 12 (for spelling the endings of verbs and participle suffixes).There are many rules here, but also a lot outside the rules. Such exceptions are the words: acceptable, unshakable, inalienable; movable; tormented, tormented; dying . I strongly recommend that you memorize the participles in which the suffix -i from the infinitive is preserved. For example: distracted, desperate, cherished, fanned , etc.

    Task number 23 for some reason underestimated by many graduates, believing that it only tests the knowledge of types of speech.First, pure speech types (narration, description, or reasoning) are very rare. It is no coincidence that the work on task 23 is based on the example of text fragments. Secondly, very often the task contains a combination of several types of speech at once, which is reflected in the formulation of the answer options. Thirdly, this task in recent years has become much broader than just types of speech. Be prepared for the widest range of logical operations when performing it:

    • one sentence indicates the cause (or effect) of what the other sentence says,
    • one sentence serves as an explanation (or addition) to another sentence,
    • one proposal is opposed in content to another proposal, etc.d.

    Thus, only attentive, deep and repeated reading of the “big” text will become the most important guideline for the correct answer to this task.

    Task number 25 tests the ability to see the communication means of sentences in the text. First of all, you need to systematically, in a complex, imagine all the means of communication of sentences in the text possible in the Russian language. These are lexical means (repetition, synonyms, antonyms), and morphological means (pronouns of various categories, pronouns, conjunctions, particles), and syntactic means (introductory constructions).In many examples of task no. 25, there are several means of communication at once. This is a completely normal occurrence, which, by and large, helps to give the correct answer.

    It is also necessary to remember: to understand whether a particular word is or is not a means of communication, it is possible only by joint, as it were, one-to-one reading of two neighboring sentences – this sentence (in which you want to find a means of communication) and the previous one (with which just and a connection is established).

    And, finally, it is impossible not to say a few words about the composition ( task number 27 ).The weight of this type of work in the collection of points is too great – almost half of all points. Pay special attention to the source code problem comment. A maximum of five points is given for a full commentary. This is a big undertaking – even in terms of the length of the commentary. He should take up at least half of the entire work in the essay.

    To get the coveted five points for the commentary, you need to reflect the following elements in the essay:

    • two illustration examples from the original text,
    • explanations for each illustration example,
    • an indication of the logical connection of the illustrated examples.

    No need to invent anything, everything is set in the source text itself. You just need to work very well with it beforehand. This will avoid retelling – the main enemy of the commentary. Retelling in the essay should be kept to a minimum. Replace it with meaningful quotes from the text, accents, value judgments, your own vision of the situation described in the material.

    Be careful when analyzing text. Be aware of the differences in approaches to parsing nonfiction and fiction.In a journalistic text, the author, as a rule, does not hide, he openly expresses his position. The literary text is not so unambiguous, here many meanings are not so obvious and transparent. The author seems to be “putting on a mask”, hiding behind this or that hero.

    – Were there any memorable, unusual answers from graduates on the exam?

    – For so many years of work in the Unified State Exam Commission on the Russian language, a large file of mass speech errors has accumulated. I want to share with you just a part of it:

    • invasion of colloquial words and constructions: in the end I want to say …; he didn’t care about … ;
    • misunderstanding of the meaning of words: this is the hidden purpose of the author; we perfectly understand …; it allows you to see more …; extremely important ;
    • pleonasm: young girl; a patriot of his homeland; in the end; the most optimal; very well; very wonderful ;
    • lexical incongruity: leave wounds – make a mark; to die from illness – to die in war; change of views – change of seasons; has a role – plays a meaning; the author achieves the task – solves the goal; the hero reaches the meaning of life – comprehends the purpose of life; the author raises a topic – raises a question – reveals a problem; it gives purpose to us – it gives meaning to us; an example proves – an argument (opinion) illustrates; a situation has occurred – an event has occurred; to commit a work – to create an act; the sound of birds is the cry of a machine; during love – during the war …

    It is easy to see that the greatest difficulty for graduates is created precisely by lexical compatibility, in other words, the use of words with each other according to the traditions, foundations, and canons existing in the language.

    – What recommendations can you give to the parents of graduates? How can they help you prepare for the exam?

    – The task of parents, first of all, is to create comfortable conditions for preparing for the exam. At the same time, one cannot fail to note the guiding, orienting role of the parents. Today, electronic educational resources are actively developing, which allow self-diagnosis of students’ knowledge. The student performs tasks offline, the system processes the results and issues them.Parents can follow the progress of their child up the ladder of achievement.

    At present, the My Achievements portal is developing rapidly. Today it is a service with standard and original tasks, the ability to enter a detailed answer and check, setting up a video consultation mode with experts of the State Final Attestation. Finally, here you will find video lectures by specialists with an analysis of the most difficult tasks based on the experience of the past year. I would like to emphasize that the part of the portal related to the preparation for the Unified State Exam in the Russian language was created in close contact with leading employees of the Federal Institute for Pedagogical Measurements.This, without a doubt, serves as a guarantor of quality.

    – What recommendations can you give teachers for preparing schoolchildren for the Unified State Exam in Russian for the future?

    – Here are some tips for schoolchildren that teachers can also use to say a parting word to their students before the exam:

    1) underline, mark, mark more data in control measuring materials;

    2) carry out the transfer of answers to the answer form immediately after completing one or another test task;

    3) write an essay first on a draft;

    4) do not exceed the prohibitive volume of the essay by more than 250 words, since an increase in volume is always the risk of an increase in the number of errors;

    5) do not use words and constructions that you are not sure how to spell, act according to the rule “I don’t know – I don’t write!”.

    And your dream will come true. The best quotes on how to make your dreams come true

    Whatever a person concentrates on, his chances of success increase dramatically, because concentration on a goal is a force no less effective than electricity. Anyone who wants to become a lawyer constantly thinks about it, reads everything related to jurisprudence, attends trials, listening and absorbing information, has all the chances to eventually become a lawyer.

    The same principle works with any other profession, science or art, be it medicine, architecture, literature, music; any activity is subject to this law.

    Those who clearly formulate their goal constantly see before their inner gaze how their dreams come true; those who never give up and continue to confidently go to success get what they strive for. Despite all the obstacles and misadventures, sooner or later they will realize their dreams.

    Washington, in a letter he wrote at the age of twenty, stated: “I will marry a beautiful woman; I will be the richest man in this country; I will stand at the head of the army that will fight for my colony; I will rule the nation, the creation of which I will contribute with all my might. ”

    General Grant in his Memoirs recalls that when he was still just a boy, he happened to see General Scott, observing the army from the height of his handsome horse. At that moment, a thought flashed through the young Grant’s head: “One day I will ride the same horse and become a general.”

    What could have kept Ole Bull from becoming a great musician? There was no such force on earth that could prevent the boy, who constantly overcame his father’s resistance, in order to slip into the attic at night and play his “little red violin”, the thought of which did not let him sleep. Would Lo something capable of standing in the way of Fa-radei or Edison, when, without fear of any obstacles, they stubbornly went to make their youthful dreams come true?

    If you can clearly articulate your idea and stick to it while you work to implement it, nothing can hinder your success.But temporary concentration, as well as temporary enthusiasm, no matter how strong they may be at the moment of the outburst, will sooner or later run out. You must learn to maintain a constant, equal level of faith in your future and an optimistic outlook on the world. And of course, do not forget that positive motivation alone is not enough. An interaction is required between physical and mental efforts, jointly directed towards the goal.

    Hundreds of inventions registered by the Patent Chamber in Washington, DC, could never serve humanity just because their inventors did not find the strength in themselves to put enough effort into their idea and implement it to the end.They were disappointed in their capabilities. They stopped their work and attempts to gain recognition. They let their enthusiasm die away, thereby losing the ability to further achieve the desired results that were within reach. But other, more adventurous people picked up their brilliant ideas, put their faith and ambition into them, perfected them, filling in the necessary gaps, and then achieved brilliant success.

    If we constantly broadcast the vibrations of our desires into the surrounding world until they begin to resonate with what we want to achieve, then sooner or later, working in this direction, we will achieve what we want.At every step you can meet people who are disappointed in life and in their abilities because they could not get the education that they would like – musical, legal, medical or any other for which they felt a calling.

    Having abandoned the struggle for their dream for various reasons, they themselves stole from themselves the opportunity to live their lives brightly and fully. They think that life has treated them cruelly, when in fact, they themselves have deprived themselves of a future. Having made the decision to take the path of least resistance, they did not nurture their desires, they did not strengthen their spirit and did not want to make an effort to go their own way.They have not invested enough work, both spiritual and physical, in the realization of their dreams.

    There are three conditions, fulfilling which we bring closer the day when our dreams will become an objective reality – our

    First, it is necessary to clearly formulate the object of desire or dream.

    Second – after you have precisely defined your goal, you need to concentrate as much as possible on it and on the possible ways to achieve it.

    And, finally, the third condition: any business requires active action.Take action, and with the support of the first two rules, you will definitely get your way.

    Everything necessary for the implementation of any, even the most daring plan, is within our consciousness and does not depend on external factors. On the contrary, our consciousness enables us to subordinate external factors to the realization of the idea on which it is focused. Whatever the circumstances of your life at the moment, there is only one force that can change them in the direction in which led
    you will, and the name of this power is reason.

    The power that makes our dreams come true is not in what surrounds us, and not in other people, but exclusively in ourselves.

    There is a certain invisible, incomprehensible force arising from the long and persistent focus of the mind on the desired goal, which attracts to itself the reality that coincides with this goal. We cannot give an exact explanation or name for this magical force that materializes our desires, pulling them from the depths of the universe, giving them the form and essence that meets our request.

    We only know that it exists. The space that surrounds us is full of immense possibilities, and a powerful, concentrated impulse of will penetrates directly into the mechanisms of fate and attracts what should belong to it.

    All the achievements of mankind were caused out of oblivion by the power of the will of those who really wanted to see their embodiment in reality.

    All great discoveries, inventions, deeds were realized due to the constant concentration of the thoughts of those who made them.

    The idea of ​​a telephone flashed through the mind of Professor Alexander Bell the moment he pulled a string through a hole in the bottom of a tin can; it was then that it dawned on him that sound could be transmitted from a distance. This idea completely possessed the inventor, deprived him of sleep and peace for some time, cost him great financial difficulties. But nothing could take away his idea from him, and, consequently, prevent him from continuing to work and improving his invention. He worked on it until it turned into an object without which no modern man can imagine his life.

    Brain cells tend to develop in response to an active impulse expressed in concentrated desire. If there are no aspirations, there is no development. The brain develops in the direction of the leading aspiration, and it is in this area that the brain activity is highest.

    The desire to make a career as a musician, for example, develops the parts of the brain that are responsible for the perception and creation of music. The desire to become a successful businessman develops that part of the brain that is related to business, strengthens logical thinking, increases efficiency, leadership skills, organizes production, and makes money.

    If we demand something from our mind, it will respond to us with development in the area to which our desire belongs.

    A poor girl who was born in Maine, she was raised with the idea that being a singer and performing in public is a terrible sin. But she could not forbid herself to dream and, keeping her desires in the strictest confidence, did what little that her parents allowed her – she sang in a small church choir –

    Gradually, her faith made its own way, step by step she went to the moment when from a little girl she turned into the famous Madame Nordica, one of the greatest singers in the world at that time.Her dreams have come true.

    Even if you are just a young girl living in the outback and unable to leave her elderly parents alone in order to pursue your career, do not give up your dream. Don’t give up on it.

    Be it music, literature or other arts and professions – keep wanting it, thinking about it, living the dream of the day when you can make your desire a reality. No matter how difficult it may be, remember that if God has created in you the desire to do something that has sunk so deeply into your soul, then it will give you the opportunity to translate your purpose into reality.He will give you this chance, if you yourself do not give it up.

    Think of all those great women who, just like you, were bound by poverty, inhibitions, boundaries, but still succeeded where many would have given up halfway. Fill your heart with faith that God has given you everything you need to do his will and yours. After all, your True desires, coming from the very heart of your I, unclouded by fears and doubts – this is the voice of God speaking about your destiny.

    The trouble is, many are afraid to believe it. We are afraid that our dreams are just a mockery of fate, that all our efforts will be fruitless, and we ourselves will find ourselves at a broken trough. We understand the essence of the laws of the work of our consciousness as poorly as the laws of the universe. If we could nourish our aspirations with faith in success, then our life would bloom just like a seed planted in the ground under the rays of the spring sun.

    Most of us, instead of taking our desires seriously, tuck them deeper, like old toys that can be temporarily played, but which must be replaced by other, much more serious things.But it is precisely these desires that are the most serious in our life. But until we believe in their divine nature, they cannot become reality. And yet we know that all the great deeds that illuminated this world with flashes of light of beauty and knowledge began precisely with desire, with a creative impulse.

    It is so difficult for us to believe that confidence in success, multiplied by desire and efforts to achieve it, is a huge force that realizes itself. Our mind is like Thomas the unbeliever, who, in order to believe that Christ has risen, first had to touch his wounds left by the spear of the guards.Only what we see seems to us to be reality, while in fact most of are true
    phenomena remain invisible.

    We do not doubt the presence of the force that makes the seed germinate and turn into a tree, the bud makes it bloom and become a flower, and so on. The results of the influence of this force are visible to us, and therefore we do not argue with its existence.

    We cannot feel this power on ourselves, but we know for sure that it is.

    No one can hear or see the gravitational field, but there are forces that make the earth rotate around its axis with precise speed and frequency, and we are sure of this.Does anyone think of doubting the power of electricity just because it is impossible to see, hear or smell?

    The potential energy of desires and aspirations of our soul is a force no less real and effective than other forces of the great laboratory of the universe invisible to the eye. Outer space is filled with invisible energies that come into your life in response to the call of your mind. Everything that you have managed to achieve in life is the result of your conscious or unconscious obedience to the laws of the universe.

    Do not make the mistake of thinking that the path is closed just because at the moment you do not see an opportunity to go further towards your goal. The strength of your desire, sooner or later, will open you many new paths that you did not even know about before.

    Just imagine that you are walking with a lantern in your hand. Its light is only enough to illuminate your next step. You do not need to see what is at the end of the path, because for now it is enough for you that you know where to put your foot the next moment.Just don’t let the occasional wind blow out the light, and faith and persistence in moving on will do the trick.

    It is your desires, backed by efforts of self-confidence and an optimistic attitude, that are the material from which you can build the castle of your dreams that nothing can destroy.

    The biggest problem of our time is not a lack of luck or opportunities, but our loss of faith in the possibility of fulfilling our plans and realizing our desires.

    Remember how long it takes for a seed to germinate and become a flower. How long does a delicate bud have to bathe in the sun, be pollinated by insects, bathed in rain and blown by the wind until a juicy fruit ripens from it? Imagine what it would be like if a seed suddenly said: “It is impossible to break through all this thickness of the earth. There is no light here. I am so fragile that the slightest pressure will destroy me and stop my growth forever. I can only get out of this dungeon if I try to get up through solid ground, but it’s too hard.I will be crushed and destroyed before I am at the top. ”

    But no. Something inside the tiny sprout makes him challenge the “impossible” and stubbornly try to move upward, fighting what could become his mortal enemy.

    Moreover, the soil, which could become an insurmountable obstacle in his path, eventually turns out to be his support and gives him strength. The very struggle to rise above the ground strengthens its roots and stem so that the flower can cope with any storm and wind that it encounters on the surface.

    So even if you live in a small town – far from a thriving and diversified metropolis with libraries, far from cultural centers – and you feel that you were born an engineer, but you do not have the opportunity to get the appropriate technical education – do not lose hope … Try to get hold of those books that relate to your specialty. Hold on to your dream, don’t let it go. Move towards its implementation, even if it is very slow.It may take years, but if you stay true to yourself and your desire to achieve results, the door will open where you least expected to see it, and you will be presented with a direct path to your goal.

    Like a fragile plant, you may be in danger of being crushed and destroyed by the circumstances around you; you may not see the light through solid ground, but do not give up your desires and keep moving forward. In the struggle, you will develop strength and resilience, you will be able to get to the surface, where you will finally find sunshine, development, life and prosperity.If you are doing unloved and unpromising work just to survive, it’s time to think about what you really want and start going in that direction. Who knows, maybe now you are halfway to the top, and there is only a stone’s throw to success?

    The key that opens the door to freedom and a new life, which seems to you tightly closed, is not in the hands of fate. He is in your hands. Because you are the one who sharpens it with your thoughts and desires.

    Few people realize how closely desires, reason and goal achievement are connected.If we were asked about the reasons for most of the failures in our life, then we would answer that it lies in the fact that at some point we were unable to grab luck by the tail, in time to understand that this was the very greatest chance, that is, they were unable to see and use the connection between desire and action. As a rule, this is what results in the loss of faith in oneself and abandonment of the dream.

    At the very beginning of life, most people are seething with enthusiasm. The future seems to us bright, interesting and tempting, we are confident in our victory, that we will definitely do something significant, something extraordinary, which will give us the opportunity to prove ourselves.But after several failures and defeats, we lose confidence, and the picture of the future, which until recently amazed with its bright colors, is slowly beginning to fade. Gradually, we descend from heaven to earth, and our ambitions begin to diminish. This does not happen immediately, but the further we go, the weaker our desire to make an effort and break through from darkness into light becomes. We find more and more excuses for our inaction.

    We calm our consciences by telling ourselves that our passive state is the result of overwork, that we just need to rest.Or that we are not feeling very well now, but as soon as we get better, the desire to do something will come back.

    This entropy will prevail over us before we can realize it.

    How strong is your dream influence on you? Do you hold on to it so tightly that only death is able to unclench your fists, or, on the contrary, hardly touch it, so that any occasional breeze can separate you and disbelieve that you can make it a reality?

    Two sailors use the same wind to sail in different directions.It is not the wind, but the angle of the sail that determines the direction.

    Anyone who wants to win does not lose his main idea for a second, even if he has to starve and endure adversity, he knows that there is the only way to cause a desired event from eternity and make it incarnate on earth – to go to the goal through a storm and the storm in spite of all the hardships.

    No matter how hard the trials that you will have to overcome, do not let anything or anyone take away from you your hope and belief that you are capable of doing what you set out to do.Never mind that the facts contradict what you believe.

    Let the people around you condemn you and hinder you, do not give up, do not betray your dream. Our dreams are sacred. This is the fire lit by the Lord God in your soul. You have no right to let it go out.

    Your final result will depend primarily on your ability to stay on track and stay on track. If you, frightened by criticism and opposition, abandon your idea, then you will miss the moment, will not be able to seize the opportunity and will lose much of what you could have achieved.

    Drive away from yourself any thought that could harm you and become an obstacle on the way to the realization, the realization of your desires.

    Look straight towards your target. Never allow yourself to admit defeat, and then with your behavior, your confidence and stubbornness, you will create a powerful force that will punch your way even through reinforced concrete walls.

    Desire is the foundation for any achievement. We become what we want
    to be.

    There are only 5 steps that will allow you to make your dreams come true.

    Friends, this is an article that will help you avoid sobbing over the fragments of a shattered dream.

    Let your dream come true!

    How to make your dreams come true?

    Very simple.

    1) Decide on a dream.

    2) Allow yourself to have what you want.

    3) Reduce importance.

    4) Apply visualization.

    5) Proceed.

    And now in more detail on each item.

    1⃣ Decide on a dream.
    Yes, you always need to be clear about what exactly you want. When there is a direction of movement, there is no place and time for chaotic staggering and doing nothing. You will no longer go with the flow. You are now heading straight towards.

    Make sure your dreams are worth the effort.

    How to find your dream? , but the main thing to know is that your dream should make you a happy person.

    You shouldn’t force yourself to do something. On the contrary, the dream itself should motivate you to fulfill it.Then you will not need to force yourself to anything. You will realize that. And this is the best thing that can happen.

    When you are happy with the process itself, it is a sign that you will definitely make your dream come true.

    2⃣ Allow yourself to have what you want.

    We can have a wonderful dream. But we will not get one step closer to its implementation if we cannot afford to have it. Yes, this is not a joke. If our dream is something global that has a big break with our current life, then the brain will simply block its implementation.For for us it will seem like something unreal. Subconsciously, we will think that all efforts will be wasted and we will not achieve anything. It doesn’t have to be this way!

    What to do?

    First, you can simplify the dream, make it smaller.

    Secondly, you can convince yourself that the dream is quite feasible, and you can’t get away from it. What can you do, your fate is to achieve the fulfillment of your dreams. One way or another, first of all you need. Making dreams come true without this is almost impossible.

    3⃣ Decrease importance.

    – an enemy on the way to your dream. When you think your dream is ogogo, it will be much more difficult to achieve it. If you treat your dream with goodness, then such a reverent attitude alienates you from what you want. It is not profitable to overestimate the importance.

    It is better to take the dream simply. Do not consider it too important and difficult to achieve. Perhaps this is how it really is. But you shouldn’t dwell on this.

    Break the dream down into simple steps that will no longer seem difficult to you.

    Stop thinking about imperfection, do not strive to make everything perfect. It’s impossible. You just need to do your job. Try not to get stuck in pursuit of the ideal at the very beginning. And you can improve your creation all your life!

    4⃣ Apply visualization.

    is very conducive to the realization of dreams. Therefore, clearly, in the smallest detail, visualize how you make your dream come true.

    Moreover, you should visualize both the result and the very process of making your dreams come true.

    You will be surprised, but you will come across a lot of information and opportunities to make your dreams come true.

    If you do not believe in the power of thought, then consider that this brain is concentrating on your dream and therefore draws your attention to what would have previously gone unnoticed. Either way, think, feel, live your dream. This will bring you closer to her!

    5⃣ Proceed.

    This is the most important point. Without it, your dream will remain something imaginary.But when you add action to a dream, you transform the dream into a goal.

    Purpose is dream multiplied by action.

    – and then it will definitely come true. but take it and do what you need to do. Try to act. Draw strength from your dream – it really works.

    Even if things are going really badly, always remember why you started doing it. It will give you a boost of motivation and help you overcome any adversity.

    Yes, you have to work hard.But this is your goal, which means you will enjoy it. In the end, you will definitely achieve what you have so passionately dreamed of. A dream successfully realized into reality is the best proof of the correctness of the chosen path by a person.

    P.S. Thank you for being with us. Be healthy and happy, friends!

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    How not to live your life in vain? 7 tips

    If you really want to, you can fly into space.
    It is this principle that helps me a lot in realizing my desires.Today I will share with you several ways on how to make your dream come true. Of course, from my own experience and how it happens with me.

    I must say right away that the methods may seem rather primitive. However, even knowing about these elementary things, we prefer not to deal with them or put them off for later. For me, this article is also a good incentive not to forget about regularly working on your desires.

    How to make your dream come true?

    Wish board

    Although this practice is as old as the world, it is really very effective.The power of visualization is probably the most powerful tool on the way to realizing our desires. You can create a wish board in both electronic and paper versions. It is useful not only for visualizing desires, but also for the formation of clearer life goals.

    Please note, the dream board should inspire you. It should not have “passing” goals that do not inspire you at all.
    One glance at the board should be enough to forget about the despondency and recharge with enthusiasm.The brighter and stronger your desires, the stronger the impulses sent into the Universe.

    Technique of “possession”

    No dream will come true if you just look at a picture of a beautiful house and think, “I want this too.” The point of visualization is to imagine how you have this thing, to be imbued with this thought and really believe in it.
    I believe this is the most difficult link between a dream and its fulfillment. Doubt and insecurity (“I won’t succeed” or “it’s too good to be true”) prevent us from feeling that we have what we want.

    If you dream of a luxurious house and vividly imagine how you walk on a soft carpet, climb stairs, sit near the fireplace, think about what kind of renovation and furnishings there is – then this can already be called visualization.

    You must believe in your dream

    The following follows from the previous point: you must believe in your dream. Your wish must be real so that you know 100% that it will come true . Moreover, I believe that the Universe is not limited in the benefits for us, so you can set yourself the highest tasks, but only if
    you believe in their reality.
    For example, I want to earn $ 30,000 on the Internet in 2015, but when I say this number, it seems to me that it is not yet available. So, how will I get this amount if I do not internally believe in its possession? In this case, there are two options: lower the bar or eradicate “poor thinking.”

    This should really be YOUR desire

    It is now very “fashionable” to dream of a cool car, luxurious villas, a leadership position and travel to the islands. Think what you really need
    .For example, I am indifferent to cars, I do not strive to lead, but travel is actually what insanely inspires me in this life.

    However, it is not always easy to separate your true dreams from those imposed from the outside. It seems to me that real desire should cause a huge surge of energy, positive emotions, and inspiration.
    It’s not just “ Well, yes, it would be cool to have
    “, and” yes, yes, yes I want to madness … buy a car / buy an apartment / go to the sea
    “(underline the necessary).Before I experienced about such emotions, it cannot be confused with anything.


    And the last piece of advice for today on how to make your dreams come true is gratitude. I think everyone will find something to thank the Universe for. Rejoicing in small, while striving for more is probably the easiest way to inner harmony. When I’m in a bad mood, I open a notebook on my phone and write down the points, for which I am grateful to life. The necessary attitude and belief in success usually returns on 5-6 sentences 🙂

    Gratitude is a kind of giving back energy in exchange for the benefits provided.But gratitude should be sincere, by no means formal. It should be supported by feelings, positive energy and come from the soul.

    By the way, for a post on how to make your dreams come true, I was inspired by an electronic version of my wish board found on a computer, made about a year ago. Of the 11 desires depicted there, 4 came true, 3 are no longer relevant and 4 are still waiting in the wings. After analyzing, I can say that until the maximum result I lack the elaboration of the very technique of “possession”.It’s not enough to make beautiful pictures, look at them for a day or two or a month, so that bang .. and your wish will come true. You need to be absolutely sure that a dream is not just a dream, but the very near future.

    I ended mine with a promise to tell you about how I manage to make dreams come true.

    An amazing method that I use is impossibly simple, but at the same time so effective that I have nothing to compare it with. And I, believe me, have tried dozens of them already.

    Using this method, you can improve your health, improve family relationships, and correct your money situation.

    Another panacea, you ask, and you will be right – yes, another panacea, a remedy for all adversity that really works. But there is one point, which I will talk about later. He amazes me, surprises me, infuriates me! It’s not about the method that I’ll tell you about now, but about us …

    How to make wishes come true – step by step method

    Take a pen and paper to make your wish come true.Yes, damn it! It will have to be done! Well, at least we can do that, huh?

    Step 1. Write out one of our deepest desires. It doesn’t take much. Let’s start with one. In the second step, you will understand why.

    Step 2. Write down why we still do not have it. In other words, we complain. I don’t have money, I don’t have the strength, I don’t have enough motivation, what else do you have, terrible parents or children … Complain about everything that prevents you from getting closer to your cherished goal.

    Number all your complaints and write down the points carefully and in detail.

    Step 3. In the same way, one by one, rewrite your complaints, but in a positive, positive way.

    For example, it was “I have no money”, it became “I always have money for everything I need and still has.” It was “I have no strength”, it became “I am vigorous, strong, young and beautiful, so much that I am afraid to walk past the mirror, I am so dazzlingly healthy and beautiful” 😊

    This I already wrote about myself)) I had approximately the same attitude when I complained about my weaknesses.

    Step 4. Get some creativity. From what you have written point by point, make an easy-to-read text. So that you yourself can read it, and what is important, you can then listen.

    Step 5. Turn on the voice recorder on your smartphone and read this text. Desirable with feeling, with confidence that all this is so, that you are strong, rich, irresistible, etc. In fact, it is so, you just do not believe in it yet. So read it calmly, confidently, as if it is a happened fact, and you just tell your closest friend, girlfriend about it.

    Step 6. Optional. We add music to your lyrics. I did it simply, turned on the music on the computer and recorded the text with the music turned on. Music should be something that inspires you. For me, these are mantras, it seems to me that through them I am somehow closer to everything good that I strive for. In general, with music, in my opinion, it will be more pleasant for you to listen to it later, but you will have to listen, and more than once.

    Step 7. We listen to this recording three times a day. The first time, right after waking up.As soon as they opened their eyes, the phone was still there. Headphones stuck in and listened to how wonderful you are! The second time during the day, when it is convenient, usually at lunchtime. And do not complain that you are not allowed to eat in peace at lunchtime! If you want to change your life, you will find five minutes!

    Third time, before bed! Necessarily before bed! God only knows what happens to us at night. So let’s set the program for our transition to a new reality. Let everyone who is responsible for this work all night on new programs.

    That’s why I said at the beginning to start working out with one desire, because in such an untrained state, with such low self-esteem, we simply cannot be scattered over many desires. In addition, the mantra that you get will be much shorter and it will be easier to listen to it without falling asleep in the evening, and in the morning too.

    Mantra I called it myself, you can call it whatever you want, conspiracy, slander, sentence, in the end

    Step 8. This is more likely not a step, but just constant monitoring of changes in your life.But this is a very important stage. Notice what you are talking about in the mantra. Those things and qualities will gradually begin to appear in your life. Properties you’ve dreamed of.

    Concentrate your attention on this, notice the little things that bring you closer to your goal. Your words in the mantra are like seeds that you sow every day. Your attention to the little things that start to appear in your life is the water you water these seeds with. Be sure to notice and rejoice at the new shoots of your life, the author of which is only you.

    The more global the goal, the longer the period of cultivation will last, the period of little things that precede the manifestation of your dreams, but if you notice them, then the joy and gratitude that you will feel, noticing their appearance, will bring you closer to the goal even faster …

    How long will it take to make a wish come true

    One of my deepest desires, which I wrote about in the last article, I could not achieve for several years.I didn’t even know how to approach him. Rather, when I complained about it on a piece of paper, I realized that it was all empty, only excuses, and a month after hearing the mantra I already had what I had dreamed of for several years.

    That is, it took me a month to fulfill one important dream. Those dreams that were not so global come true by themselves so simply that you simply forget about them and strive for new goals.

    Let’s plunge into childhood a little. Yes, yes, exactly in childhood, when we dreamed of something and believed in miracles.

    We were looking forward to the New Year’s holidays, because they enveloped us in magic and we seemed to be in a fairy tale. We believed in Santa Claus and asked him to give us for the New Year what we most wanted. And more often than not, this is exactly what we received for the New Year.

    Then we grew up and stopped believing in miracles, in Santa Claus and in the fact that a dream could be realized
    to life. And they stopped receiving the gifts they wanted.

    Time passed, and in our youth we again believed that dreams come true and looked with hope at the starry sky.

    And as soon as a star fell from the sky, we tried to make a wish.

    Someone’s wish came true, while others did not. What’s the secret: why some wishes come true, while others remain unfulfilled dreams? How
    and when wishes come true

    How can we learn to dream again and

    how to make dreams come true


    Any path begins with the first step. This means that it is necessary to take the first step! And remember that the road will be mastered by the walking one.

    First, let’s figure out what a dream should be for it to come true.

    If you dream about something, think about it day and night, this thought does not let you sleep or eat, if the thought that your desire will bring you joy or help you create something, write it down. And if possible, take a photo or find a picture.

    If, looking at a photograph or a picture, you have a thrill in your chest and the thought: “this is what I want”, feel free to hang such a picture with desire on the tree of desires (I will publish how to do it a little later).And why it is not advisable to place it in the most prominent place, as is usually advised, will be discussed in the following articles.

    desire should make you feel happy.

    It so happens that you seem to want something, but doubts such as: “this is too expensive for me”, “this is not for me”, etc. etc., negate all your efforts to achieve the result. You yourself, without suspecting this, with your doubts, are blocking your way!

    And in order for you to stop hurting yourself, you must learn one truth: “God has a lot, ALLOW yourself to receive it!”.After all, wisdom says “It is given to the one asking.” The whole trouble is that we do not ask, and if we do not ask, how can they be given to us?

    what you want must be asked.

    But the biggest problem is when we asked and then began to doubt.

    Judge for yourself, we ask the Creator for help (from the higher powers that can do everything), and then we begin to doubt. It turns out that we no longer doubt our own powers, but the power of the Creator. The next wisdom says: “Be it to you according to your faith.”If we doubt (do not believe), well, that’s why we don’t get it.

    I want to tell you a story.

    Once upon a time there was one man. And he had a wife. Every day he went to work, where he earned little money, which was barely enough to feed his family. But he had a great dream to buy himself a white Mercedes and one day in a white suit and a white Mercedes to come home.

    His dream became more and more obsessive every day. And then one day he learned about how to make dreams come true.

    He cut out a white Mercedes from a magazine and hung it on the mirror. His wife and everyone around him laughed at his dream: “Where will you get the money? You can hardly make ends meet … “.

    The methodology consists of 7 steps! If you think that a step can be skipped (something not done), that is why your wish may not come true.


    Once a man came to church and asked: “Lord, help me win the lottery.” Tomorrow he again came to church and turned to God with the same request.But the wish was never fulfilled. Every day he came to church and asked: “Lord, help me win the lottery.” After some time, he suddenly heard a voice: “Yes, I’ll help you, well, first of all, buy a ticket.”

    And if you yourself have not done anything in order for your desire to be fulfilled, then do not anger God with your insults and reproaches.

    And remember: if you have been given a desire, you will always be given the opportunity to fulfill it!


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