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Firefighters get a grip on the Alisal Fire after extreme winds die down : NPR

In Southern California, the Alisal Fire has been burning for a week along one of the most scenic stretches of the coast north of Santa Barbara. It is now 78% contained.


Some other news now. Firefighters have mostly contained California’s Alisal Fire. It’s been burning along a scenic coastline north of Santa Barbara, driven by extreme winds. Over the weekend, firefighters got a reprieve, as we hear from Matt Guilhem of our member station KCRW.

MATT GUILHEM, BYLINE: When it first sparked, howling winds pushed the Alisal Fire from a hilltop ridge down to the 101 freeway, which hugs the coast. For several days, a segment of California’s primary shoreline highway was shut down.

DANIEL BERTUCELLI: There were times when I was driving on it while the freeway was closed, and the fire was literally on the edge of the freeway with smoke blowing across the freeway. Visibility was almost zero.

GUILHEM: That’s Santa Barbara County Fire Department Captain Daniel Bertucelli.

BERTUCELLI: We were very pleased when that freeway got reopened.

GUILHEM: A primary reason traffic was allowed back on the 101 and containment increased dramatically was because firefighters got a break in the weather, allowing crews on the ground to get an assist from the sky.

BERTUCELLI: The wind in the region of the fire died out significantly, which allowed us to really bombard this fire from the air with both tankers and helicopters.

GUILHEM: Super Scoopers, big choppers and even special firefighting DC-10 airliners have been assisting in the effort. At one point, flames came within striking distance of former President Ronald Reagan’s ranch, which at times served as the so-called Western White House. A sudden shift in the wind spared the property. This may be Southern California’s first big fire of the season, but Bertucelli says Santa Barbara is no stranger to this kind of windswept blaze.

BERTUCELLI: We get these types of fires here in Santa Barbara County very regularly. And we know what needs to happen in order for us to truly get these fires under control. And what that is is we need the wind to stop.

GUILHEM: Fire crews made the most of a fairly calm weekend, but they could still have their work cut out for them. Gusting winds of up to 35 miles per hour are expected this evening.

For NPR News, I’m Matt Guilhem in Santa Barbara.

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Best COD Mobile DR-H Loadout(s)

Since its inception, Call of Duty Mobile has been known for being player-friendly, with in-game features like the gunsmith, where players can tailor any gun to their liking. Moreover, COD Mobile has players hooked to their devices by offering different game modes on a rotational basis. However, this article is limited to making a custom DR-H loadout in COD Mobile. So, read on for a custom COD Mobile DR-H Loadout made for those who find it burdensome to customize their weapons.

The DR-H is among the top Assault Rifles, particularly those having great damage, range, etc. Moreover, this gun offers vast amounts of attachments, making it a popular choice of weapon in any range.

COD Mobile DR-H Custom Loadout

For close-range:

Firstly, let’s see the customized DR-H for short-range combat offering high mobility and accurate hip fire. This loadout has been made with the thought of players who love to get in close and take fights, ultimately needing high ADS speeds, accurate hip fire, and a lightweight weapon.

Barrel MIP Light Level 16
Stock No Stock Level 48
Laser MIP Laser 5mW Level 21
Ammunition 30 Round OTM Mag Unlocks by killing 80 enemies with DR-H equipped with “38 Round Mag”
Rear Grip Stippled Grip Tape Level 6

For mid-range:

DR-H is the only gun having the maximum amount of damage with its OTM mag version. Furthermore, to get an added advantage, check out this beast custom COD Mobile DR-H loadout for mid-range fights, with better accuracy and significantly increased mobility, and optimal stability for mid-range fights.

Barrel OWC Ranger Level 30
Stock YKM Light Stock Level 8
Laser OWC Laser – Tactical Level 52
Ammunition 30 Round OTM Mag Unlocks by killing 80 enemies with DR-H equipped with “38 Round Mag”
Rear Grip Stippled Grip Tape Level 6

The long-range master:

The DR-H had a tremendous overall damage range; however, the gun is , which we couldn’t talk more about. However, add in more extended reach and control, and you’ve got yourself a DMR. With these attachments, your custom-built COD Mobile DR-H loadout will make your opponents search for a corner to hide as you annihilate them from long range.

Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor Level 50
Barrel OWC Marksman Level 41
Optic 3X Tactical Scope 1 Level 17
Underbarrel Ranger Foregrip Level 32
Ammunition 30 Round OTM Mag Unlocks by killing 80 enemies with DR-H equipped with “38 Round Mag”

Best COD Mobile DR-H Loadout

While all the loadouts mentioned above are all great to get you more kills and level up faster in ranked multiplayer matches, some people prefer not to change loadouts frequently and prefer to change their gameplay. For those, there is one custom COD Mobile DR-H loadout that works best with most playstyles, that one DR-H loadout to rule them all.

Muzzle RTC Light Muzzle Brake Level 23
Barrel OWC Ranger Level 30
Underbarrel Ranger Foregrip Level 32
Ammunition 25 Round OTM Mag Level 54
Rear Grip Granulated Grip Tape Level 35

This COD Mobile custom loadout features build for three different playstyles. However, more custom loadouts will be coming your way soon. Till then, soak in this custom COD Mobile DR-H loadout and grind to higher ranks in your favorite mobile game.

Texas GOP advances new maps that would tighten slipping grip

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Republicans on Saturday night closed in on redrawn U.S. House maps that would shore up their eroding dominance as voters peel away from the GOP in the state’s booming suburbs.

What You Need To Know

  • Texas House gives final passage to the new political boundaries for the state’s U.S. Congressional seats 
  • The redrawn congressional districts map make it easier for incumbents to hold their seats and may hinder minority political influence
  • The new map does not create any additional districts where Black or Hispanic voters make up a majority
  • Texas was the only state to gain two congressional seats following the 2020 census

In a key late-night vote in the Texas House, Republicans gave early sign-off to new congressional boundaries that would give them more breathing room after some close calls in 2018 and 2020, while also opening a new path for the GOP along the border with Mexico.

But in a preview of legal challenges to come, Democrats spent hours blasting the maps as discriminatory and all but blind to the state’s surging number of Latino residents, who made up more than half of the nearly 4 million new Texans over the past decade. Many live around Dallas and Houston, where under the GOP-engineered maps, there would be no new districts that give Latinos a majority.

Republican state Rep. Todd Hunter, who has presided over the redrawn maps in the House, defended the changes and said they comply with the law.

The maps will still need final negotiations in the coming days between the House and Senate before being sent to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is expected to sign them.

The redrawn congressional districts would make make it easier for many incumbents to hold their seats, but critics say they also threaten Black and Hispanic communities’ political influence, even as those voters drive Texas’ growth. The new lines, the product of a once-in-a-decade redistricting process, create two new districts and make several less competitive for Republican lawmakers.

Texas was the only state to gain two congressional seats following the 2020 census, which showed that people of color accounted for more than 9 of 10 new residents in Texas.

“Race is clearly the factor here,” Democratic state Rep. Rafael Anchia said of how the maps were drawn. “Not partisanship, but rather race.”

One revision by the Texas House during hours of debate Saturday would increase the number of Hispanic voters in two districts, but those changes must still make it through another round of approval.

Democrats and voting rights advocates are preparing to challenge the maps in court in what would be yet another high-profile, high-stakes legal battle over Texas politics — already the epicenter of disputes over abortion and voting rights.

Republicans who control both chambers of the Legislature have nearly complete control of the mapmaking process. They are working from maps that experts and courts have already declared as gerrymandered in their favor, and the state has had to defend their maps in court after every redistricting process since the Voting Rights Act took effect in 1965.

But legal challenges face new hurdles this round — the first since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that Texas and other states with a history of racial discrimination no longer need to have the Justice Department scrutinize the maps before they are approved. Plaintiffs must now wait to file claims and must show that maps were intentionally meant to discriminate by race. Drawing maps to engineer a political advantage is not unconstitutional.

Republican state Sen. Joan Huffman, who authored the maps and leads the Senate Redistricting Committee, has told lawmakers they were “drawn blind to race.” She said her legal team ensured the proposal followed the Voting Rights Act.

The proposal would make 24 of the state’s 38 congressional districts safe Republican districts, with an opportunity to pick up at least one additional newly redrawn Democratic stronghold on the border with Mexico, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of data from last year’s election collected by the Texas Legislative Council. Currently, Republicans hold 23 of the state’s 36 seats.

Republicans with newly fortified advantages include Rep. Van Taylor, whose district in Dallas’ exurbs went for President Donald Trump by a single percentage point last year. Under the new maps, Trump would have won the district by double-digits.

Rep. Michael McCaul, who Democrats aggressively targeted the last two cycles, would now represent a solidly pro-Trump district under lines that exclude Houston’s suburbs and liberal parts of Austin.

And a long, vertically drawn district stretching from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio that President Joe Biden won by just over 2 percentage points would now slightly tilt toward Trump voters.

In a late-night win for Democrats, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat who is serving her 14th term, had her home drawn back into her Houston district, which was restored nearly entirely to its former shape. So, too, was the nearby district of U.S. Rep. Al Green after both had seen longtime constituents of minority communities drawn out of their districts.

Texas lawmakers are also redrawing the maps for their own districts, with Republicans following a similar plan that would keep their party in power in the state House and Senate. Those proposals are also expected to be sent to Abbott by next week.”

Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask review

Masterminded by a top aesthetic doctor, the Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask promises to relax wrinkles and frown lines, calm the mind and induce sleep in just 15 minutes. We put it to the test.

Needle-free wrinkle-busting while you take a power nap? It sounds like the stuff of beauty dreams. But these are the promises being made by the patented Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask, £89.99, that has the backing of broadcaster Lisa Snowdon, 49, Harley Street’s Dr Ayah Siddiqi and founder of The Tweakments Guide Alice Hart-Davis. Mega claims they may be, but the science does seem to hold up.

In a double-blind, randomised and controlled trial on 30 participants, the non-invasive mask was found to reduce lines in the brow area by an impressive 64 per cent while promoting relaxation by up to 67 per cent. Dr Steven Harris, who specialises in wrinkle-relaxing injectables and facial rejuvenation at the Harris Clinic in London’s Crouch End, initially created the mask to tackle lines around the eyes but when trialling it he stumbled upon another side effect – its calming and snooze-inducing powers. “After the trials, wearers reported this profound relaxation effect that caused them to keep nodding off,” explains Dr Harris, a former GP who has worked as a leading aesthetic doctor for over 17 years.

Is it any wonder the GTG team wanted to put the power mask through its paces? Here’s our verdict.

How does Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask work?

It may look like an ordinary silk sleep mask but flip the Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask over and you’ll notice a series of raised silicone dots, specifically placed to stimulate mechanoreceptors (tiny nerve endings) on the face.

“We have two types of these touch receptors – those that are rapid-acting and those that are slow-acting. The mask presses on the latter which activates your autonomic nervous system – your rest-and digest system. This, in turn, relaxes the body, in particular muscle tone,” explains Dr Harris whose work with wrinkle-relaxing injections has given him an innate understanding of how the muscles behave. Think the same soothing sensation of someone stroking your face or a baby’s forehead.

While the mask can’t banish static wrinkles (the permanent kind), it gets to work on dynamic wrinkles. This is the kind formed from movements such as smiling and frowning – in the case of the mask, specifically those vertical creases between the brows, known as glabellar lines or ‘elevens.’ Just 15 minutes of wear-time promises visible results on this area, lasting up to five hours.

“The dots have a gripping effect on the skin. If you try to frown or scrunch your eyes with the mask on, you’ll get tired so it almost forces you to relax,” adds Dr Harris whose ‘lightbulb’ moment came six years ago during a long-haul flight from London to Toronto. Feeling particularly stressed, he noticed himself frowning underneath his eye mask. Inspired by seeing the silicone grips on someone’s in-flight socks, he began imagining a mask that could stop him frowning with gentle pressure and actively relax his face and mind simultaneously for a visible wrinkle-reducing effect. Soon after his flight, Dr Harris began working on the prototypes.

Who are fans of Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask?

Having been impressed by the mask’s clinical results, first published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2016, esteemed journalist and aesthetic expert Alice Hart-Davis is now its official ambassador.

While she hasn’t seen a change in her own lines and wrinkles – putting that down to the fact hers are the static horizontal type across her forehead – Alice did notice sleep benefits.

“I find it has such a soporific effect, I particularly like it for getting back to sleep in the middle of the night, which is when I struggle,” Alice comments.

What does a doctor think? Award-winning aesthetic practitioner Dr Ayah Siddiqi agrees. “I’ve noticed an impact across sleep, relaxation and wrinkles – both personally and in the small group of patients who have tried the mask for me. Sleep quality really improved and I found it did relax the whole autonomic nervous system. I often experience migraines and I noticed the mask helped with the intensity of these too, which I think must be down to the pressure on the touch receptors.

“The mask wouldn’t replace my patients’ need for botulinum toxin treatments. However they did tell me they saw an instant effect on the depth of their wrinkles. When their face was at rest, it looked a little bit tighter which slightly elongated the time they left between their appointments,” says Dr Ayah who has clinics in Harley Street and Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Lisa Snowdon, broadcaster and host of the Get Lifted podcast series, has been using the mask for the past month. “I like the wrinkle-softening element of it – who doesn’t?! But I also liked reading all the genuine reviews and studies behind the product,” Lisa tells us.

“It is amazing. I’ve always been obsessed with sleep having worked on a breakfast show, but last year the stress of the pandemic – combined with hormones – had a hideous impact on my sleep. Using the mask, alongside my nightly rituals such as having a bath and putting away my phone, really does help,” she comments. Lisa told us she likes using it for a ‘disco nap’ – a ten minute snooze before a night out.

Hollywood actress Kaley Cuoco, 35, used the mask as part of her red-carpet prep for the Emmy Awards this year.

Image: CurrentBody

How do you use Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask?

Like any other sleep mask, you line the elastic up with the top of your ears, then press one finger firmly over the relaxation point between your eyebrows, holding for five seconds. Release it and sit back, allowing the mask to work for at least 15 minutes, or overnight.

It’s safe to use if you’ve already had any anti-wrinkle treatments and on top of your usual skincare, providing you allow it to fully absorb so the silicone dots are able to grip the skin.

The Get The Gloss verdict

“I love wearing the mask at night, it fits snugly and doesn’t move around. Normally my eye mask ends up on the floor. Dr Harris told me it’s quite hard to frown when you’ve got it on; I tried it and it’s true; the silicone dots provide just that bit of resistance. Not frowning does make you feel less crumpled and cross (in the same way that faking laughter can induce the real thing). This mood bonus has also been reported from anti-wrinkle injections. Is it as good as the needle? No, of course not. I have quite deep frown lines that need the big guns, but every little helps. I did sleep very well wearing it and have used it for a deeper yoga relaxation too. Both my teens love it. My lash technician will tell me off, though, as eye masks without those special hollows can shorten the life of your extensions. An investment, sure, but what price is sleep?” – Victoria Woodhall, GTG editorial director

“Nodding off at night has luckily never been a problem for me, but a daytime power nap is always a no-go due to any source of bright lighting. Unfortunately, sleep masks have never been a friend in my time of need because I’m a huge fidgeter and they either slide off during the night or are far too tight. However, to my surprise, this was a match. It feels like a weighted blanket for your eyes, the relaxing pressure pods are heavy in just the right places and have a slight grip, so it stays put without feeling too restrictive. It’s really calming, not just for the mind but for your skin and muscles, too. If like me you tend to clench your jaw or are prone to tension headaches, popping this on for 15 minutes is great as it helps to de-stress. I don’t have any wrinkles yet, but perhaps I won’t thanks to this!” – Jemma Thompson, GTG design and social media manager

Buy Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask, £89.99

MORE GLOSS: Five good sleepers share their bedtime routines

Knuckle Cracking: Is It Harmful Or Just An Annoying Habit?

Studies show that around 20% to 50% of Americans crack their knuckles. While those who crack might find the sound satisfying, those within hearing range might find it anywhere from distracting to maddening. But what causes the pop—and is it merely an annoying habit or is it harmful to the joints?

According to Joseph Medellin, M.D., a sports medicine physician with Henry Ford Allegiance Health, the cracking sound happens when you stretch or bend your finger bones backward, pulling them apart. This increases the space between the joints and causes gas bubbles to burst in the fluid that lubricates the joints. (That’s called synovial fluid.) You can’t crack the same knuckle again right away because it takes time for the gas bubbles to reaccumulate.

While it might feel like cracking knuckles relieves tension and makes the joint more mobile, there is no evidence this is true. It’s more likely that the only benefit is easing emotional stress and occupying your hands when you’re nervous.

Similarly, Dr. Medellin says there is no real harm in the practice. “There is no evidence to support the old wives’ tale that says cracking knuckles causes arthritis of the hands,” he says. That myth probably originated with people who wanted to convince knuckle crackers to quit.

There have been rare cases of ligament sprain from unusually forceful cracking of the knuckle. It’s also possible—but not easy—to pull the finger out of the joint. A 1990 study found that regular knuckle cracking may decrease grip strength.

“Knuckle cracking should not be painful or cause joint swelling,” says Dr. Medellin. “If you notice such signs, it’s best to see your doctor to determine a possible underlying condition. Certainly seek help if you accidently dislocate your finger!”

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To find a doctor or provider near you, visit HenryFord.com/Physician-Directory. Call 1-800-436-7936 if you are in southeast Michigan or 1-888-862-DOCS if you are in Jackson or south central Michigan.

Joseph Medellin, M.D., is a sports medicine physician with Henry Ford Allegiance Health. He is dedicated to serving high school and college athletes in south central Michigan. Dr. Medellin also promotes the health of families through a collaboration with the Dahlem Environmental Center and its Nature for All Trail. He is the head team physician for Albion College, Jackson College and Spring Arbor University. 

Tags: Sports Medicine, Primary Care

Firefighters get a grip on the Alisal Fire after extreme winds die down


Some other news now. Firefighters have mostly contained California’s Alisal Fire. It’s been burning along a scenic coastline north of Santa Barbara, driven by extreme winds. Over the weekend, firefighters got a reprieve, as we hear from Matt Guilhem of our member station KCRW.

MATT GUILHEM, BYLINE: When it first sparked, howling winds pushed the Alisal Fire from a hilltop ridge down to the 101 freeway, which hugs the coast. For several days, a segment of California’s primary shoreline highway was shut down.

DANIEL BERTUCELLI: There were times when I was driving on it while the freeway was closed, and the fire was literally on the edge of the freeway with smoke blowing across the freeway. Visibility was almost zero.

GUILHEM: That’s Santa Barbara County Fire Department Captain Daniel Bertucelli.

BERTUCELLI: We were very pleased when that freeway got reopened.

GUILHEM: A primary reason traffic was allowed back on the 101 and containment increased dramatically was because firefighters got a break in the weather, allowing crews on the ground to get an assist from the sky.

BERTUCELLI: The wind in the region of the fire died out significantly, which allowed us to really bombard this fire from the air with both tankers and helicopters.

GUILHEM: Super Scoopers, big choppers and even special firefighting DC-10 airliners have been assisting in the effort. At one point, flames came within striking distance of former President Ronald Reagan’s ranch, which at times served as the so-called Western White House. A sudden shift in the wind spared the property. This may be Southern California’s first big fire of the season, but Bertucelli says Santa Barbara is no stranger to this kind of windswept blaze.

BERTUCELLI: We get these types of fires here in Santa Barbara County very regularly. And we know what needs to happen in order for us to truly get these fires under control. And what that is is we need the wind to stop.

GUILHEM: Fire crews made the most of a fairly calm weekend, but they could still have their work cut out for them. Gusting winds of up to 35 miles per hour are expected this evening.

For NPR News, I’m Matt Guilhem in Santa Barbara. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

90,000 Death’s Embrace – Game – Diablo III

Active from level:


Costs: 150 units. mana

Cooldown: 8 sec.

The Sorceress summons the hands of the dead from underground, slowing enemies by 60% and dealing 760% weapon damage as Physical over 8 sec.



The movement speed of slowed enemies is now reduced by 80%.Using the skill no longer costs mana.

Damage from this skill becomes cold damage.

Physical damage dealt is increased to 1360% weapon damage.

Enemies killed in the “Embrace of Death” zone have a 70% chance to be reborn as zombie dogs.

Damage from this skill becomes damage from poison.

The cooldown of Death’s Embrace is reduced to 4 seconds.

Damage from this skill becomes damage from poison.

Corpses also fall from the sky, within 3 sec.Dealing 420% weapon damage as Physical to nearby enemies.

All information on this page is for a level 70 character.

90,000 Read “Wolf’s Grip” – Sergey Trofimovich Alekseev – Page 26

– Was it impossible not to kill?

– You can’t … He’s not a man! We didn’t kill a man.

– You judge easily, judges! .. The image was human.And you killed and run away? .. Didn’t even ask what happened to your beloved?

The younger was struck like an electric shock, he opened his mouth, but the elder shoved him in the back.

– So it’s a man after all, Uncle Slava?

– What did you think? .. There is no likeness of God in him, but the image still remains … Nowadays, most of humanity is images.

– Eh! – moaned the elder. – It’s a pity, we didn’t live long enough. And so it was interesting to live! .. Now that’s it.

– What is all? – Razhny growled.

– So how? It’s one thing to be drafted into the army to hide, another is to inflict death, ”the younger said with pain.- If we are now murderers?

“That’s right,” Razhny suddenly confirmed. – Murderers are not worthy of the feeling of love …

– Uncle Slava, what should we do now? – Max asked in a voice.

– You were going to run? Run. You are already deserters …

“This is out of fear,” the elder admitted. – After all, we know, it’s not good to run …

– Why did you even kill?

The younger raised his head, asked with hope and an eye on his brother:

– Do you have a mile, Uncle Slava? She is sleeping?

– She’s gone, – threw Razhny.- So why, you know?

– How did you leave? Where to? They shouted at random. – Why did you let go?

– I warned: she will stand up as a furious and possessed person.

– But she will die! She will die alone! – Aggression was heard in their voices again.

“She doesn’t need your help now,” he said coldly. – And in mine too …

Throwing about on the spot, the younger Max rushed to the shore, pulled off the wet saddle from the fence, and the older one approached menacingly.

– Which way did you go? Speak, Uncle Slava! Where?….

Razhny silently walked past him, pushing him with his shoulder, and headed towards the “puck”. Max recoiled, suddenly shook his fist:

– Well, if something happens to her! ..

And ran after the younger.

The doctor had already crawled out into the street and was sitting next to the silent and timid Fierce, leaning against the wall. Black blood caked on his burgundy shattered face, and his throat was blue, crossed out by a rope scar. He coughed and spat angrily, eyes flashing.

– They wanted to hang, you bastards! – threatened with a piece of rope with a loop at the end.- They pulled up on a hook! ..

– Why are they doing this?

– I don’t know! They’re wild! They are just beasts!

– So, for no reason, they attacked and pulled up on a hook?

– Ask them! He snapped. – They will tell you! .. Damned deserters! Did you know that they are hiding from the recruiting office?

– Can you walk? – Razhny asked calmly.

– I can, but what ?!

– Go away.

– Where ?! I’m not going anywhere! Until I deal with your … your this nest of murderers and hangers-on! He got to his feet.- Where are these savages? I’m asking you?!

“You’d better leave,” the owner advised. – Do not tempt fate. See, lucky, the rope came off.

– Didn’t come off! I did it myself!

– Is it possible? – Rajny doubted, examining the strangled man.

He looked suspiciously and did not answer right away.

– Respiratory gymnastics … Why do you look like that? You are with them, right? Or maybe it was you who ordered me to be hanged?

He was noticeably limping on his left leg, and through his tattered, dusty trousers above the knee, he could see a thick layer of bandage, which had not yet been in the evening.The doctor caught his eye and covered the gap with his hand.

– What have you got there? Well, show me!

– What’s your business? He muttered without the previous challenge. – Okay, I’ll leave. I’ll just take my things at the hotel …

– If I ask, I have to answer.

The doctor’s eyes flashed.

– I was bitten by a dog!

– Which one? – Razhny pointed to Luta. – This one?

– No, some wandering … You don’t have a base here, but the devil!

– This is a wolf. You were bitten by a wolf.

– Wolf ?! It seemed to me that the dog …

– In the dark, you can confuse … – With a sudden movement Rajny pulled the rope out of the doctor’s hand, played with it like a whip, throwing rings in the air. – And tell me, doctor, for what need did you flop out into the street in the middle of the night? If it blew from the red caviar, then the toilet is in the room …

“I just went out to get some fresh air,” he said warily. – I stand, and here it flies … I thought it was a dog …

“I need to tell the truth,” Rajny warned.- I do not like lies.

– Listen, you! By what right do you arrange interrogation ?! I was almost hanged by your … your cowboys! And you still! ..

Another rope ring for a moment hung over the doctor’s head and fell on his neck. Razhniy caught the free end and pulled it slightly.

– Don’t lie, boy. What were you doing near the puck?

– Near what washer? He hissed, rolling his eyes and clinging to the rope.

– Respiratory gymnastics will not save this time.

– Let go! .. I will say, I will say …

Razhny let go of one end of the loop, and the rope seemed to take off by itself and hovered over his head again.

– Well, I’m listening …

– I wanted to look at her … This girl. She was so beautiful …

– Do you love the dead?

The doctor squinted his eyes at the rope.

– This is a disease, I know … And I can’t help it. Because of her, I went to study in medicine. – He turned purple and gasped, as if he was being strangled. – As a student, he worked as a night watchman in a morgue … You can’t get rid of her … I’ve never had a virgin … I wanted to be cured! I wanted to! He slept with live women several times, even tried to marry, but nothing happened …

The rope made a circle over his head and stretched out into a string, lay on the ground.

– Good, I will save you from this disease.

The doctor covered his throat with his hands, backed up against the wall.

– Don’t kill! Don’t! ..

– Don’t be afraid, you will live. Turn your back on me!

– Back ?! Why?!

– Calm down. Don’t twitch. – Razhny put him facing the puck wall. “It doesn’t hurt at all.

And lightly hit the lumbar spine. The doctor pulled his head into his shoulders, expecting a stronger or more terrible action, but Rajny grabbed his earlobe and turned him towards him.

– That’s it, the course of treatment is over.

– That is how – everything? ..

– You will no longer love either the dead or the living. Women don’t exist for you. – He went to his house. – Take your things and leave. Now.

– Okay, I’ll leave, – the doctor was delighted with something. – But I can’t believe it … Is this at the level of psycho-training? Suggestions? ..

– I said – go away! Or is one meeting with a wolf not enough for you?

He obediently trotted to the hotel, now and then looking around and increasing his pace, until he fell into a sprint run.However, as soon as Razhny entered the house, the doctor scratched at the door.

– Probably you don’t understand? Or forgot something? – He was already badly holding back his emotions, and this was a sign of extreme weakness.

– Forgot! I forgot to ask! The doctor spoke in a loud, trembling whisper. – The most important thing! .. How did you manage it ?! If I myself … recorded death? She died before my eyes! I watched cardiac arrest, breathing … This cannot be!

“Get out of here,” Rajny asked, closing his eyes.

– No, listen! She is not Lazarus, and you are not Christ! ..

– Silent! He shouted, filled with intolerance. – See the guest …

A wolf has risen from the grass. He looked no better than his leader, but made a menacing leap forward and mutely bared his fangs. Razhny slammed the door and, before reaching the bed, fell to the floor. Before his first duel, which took place a little over a year ago, he was in exactly the same condition, and this was already a kind of fatal repetition … in glasses, somewhat reminiscent of Kalinin during the war, but the look is young and mischievous not in age.Behind him was a backpack with belongings, in his hands a basket and a stick – a sort of city mushroom picker. While serving, the strict shepherd dog Lyuta, who had pulled down his trousers for more than one guest, fluttered in front of the stranger, as it happened in front of the wolf, and only did not lick his hands.

And if it had not been for the agreed greeting, he would never have been recognized as a warrior of the Ambush Regiment. The monk introduced himself as Radim and presented Rajny with a red shirt made of the strongest three-layer canvas with leather alam – the trim of the neckline.

How to determine vitamin B12 deficiency without tests: signs and advice from a doctor

https: // rsport.ria.ru/20210705/b12-1739852348.html

How to determine vitamin B12 deficiency without tests: signs and advice from a doctor

How to determine vitamin B12 deficiency without tests: signs and advice from a doctor – RIA Novosti Sport, 08/20/2021

How determine vitamin B12 deficiency without tests: signs and advice of a doctor

B12 is one of the most important vitamins in the human body. Many vital processes depend on it. So, water-soluble vitamin B12 is essential for… RIA Novosti Sport, 20.08.2021

2021-07-05T04: 20

2021-07-05T04: 20

2021-08-20T21: 35




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https://cdnn21.img.ria.ru /images/155161/58/1551615886_0:62:2000:1187_1920x0_80_0_0_e60421c89d73dc41f4bb3e4e5dd12fb8.jpg

MOSCOW, July 5 – RIA Novosti. B12 is one of the most important vitamins in the human body.Many vital processes depend on it. So, water-soluble vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, it also synthesizes RNA and DNA, amino acids and proteins, ensures the functioning of the nervous system. Most of all vitamin B12 is found in fish, meat, poultry, dairy products and eggs. Liver, mackerel and beef are especially rich in it. However, it turns out that many people suffer from B12 deficiency and even anemia. The elderly, vegans, diabetics and people taking antacids are at risk.It can be extremely difficult to diagnose a lack of this vitamin in the body, but there are general signs that you can recognize on your own, first of all, skin color. In people with B12 deficiency, it is very pale or jaundiced. This skin condition is associated with a lack of red blood cells, which are destroyed, causing excess bilirubin. Bilirubin is produced in the liver and is the result of the breakdown of dying blood cells. A large amount of this substance in the body gives the skin and the whites of the eyes a yellowish tint.Constant weakness and fatigue are also important signals of a B12 deficiency. As in the first case, red blood cells are also to blame here, because they carry oxygen to the cells. With its deficiency, hypoxia develops: a person feels constant drowsiness, shortness of breath and dizziness. Another feature of vitamin B12 is to protect nerve fibers. Therefore, in the presence of a deficiency, the functioning of the nervous system is impaired. This manifests itself in the form of paresthesia – a disorder of sensitivity, which is characterized by spontaneously arising sensations of crawling, burning, tingling.Long-term deficiency of this active substance can lead to problems with coordination and changes in gait, which is especially dangerous for the elderly.Glossitis is another unpleasant consequence of B12 deficiency. This condition is accompanied by pain in the tongue, a change in its texture and color. It may also be an itchy mouth or a tingling sensation in the tongue; in rare cases, when the B12 deficiency is present, the optic nerve is damaged and vision becomes blurry and blurry. This progressive loss of vision is called optic neuropathy.There is a disruption in the transmission of impulses from the eyes to the brain, the world becomes blurry. Mood swings are also associated with a lack of vitamin B12 in the body. Chronic deficiency of this vitamin can even lead to severe depression or dementia. In rare cases, low B12 levels can cause fever, fever, or fever. Nutritionist Inna Aminova also advises to pay attention to the following symptoms: unpleasant body odor, loss of appetite, back pain and regular headaches.If you observe the listed symptoms, see your doctor in order to diagnose a deficiency of this important element in time. A competent specialist will be able to choose a vitamin in a form convenient for you. Also remember to include foods rich in B12 in your diet and monitor your gastrointestinal tract.



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health, vitamins

MOSCOW, July 5 – RIA Novosti. B 12 – one of the most important vitamins in the human body. Many vital processes depend on it. Thus, water-soluble vitamin B 12 is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, it also synthesizes RNA and DNA, amino acids and proteins, and ensures the functioning of the nervous system.

Most of the vitamin B 12 is found in fish, meat, poultry, dairy products and eggs. Liver, mackerel and beef are especially rich in it. However, it turns out that many people suffer from B deficiency 12 and even anemia. The elderly, vegans, diabetics and people taking antacids are at risk.

What will happen to the body if you eat cherries every day in the summer?

It can be extremely difficult to diagnose the lack of this vitamin in the body, but there are general signs that you can recognize on your own.

First of all – skin color. In people with B deficiency 12 , it is very pale or jaundiced. This skin condition is associated with a lack of red blood cells, which are destroyed, causing excess bilirubin. Bilirubin is produced in the liver and is the result of the breakdown of dying blood cells. A large amount of this substance in the body gives the skin and the whites of the eyes a yellowish tint.

Constant weakness and rapid fatigability are also important signals of lack of B 12 .As in the first case, red blood cells are also to blame here, because they carry oxygen to the cells. With its lack, hypoxia develops: a person feels constant drowsiness, shortness of breath and dizziness.

The doctor told who should not drink water with lemon on an empty stomach

Another feature of vitamin B 12 is to protect nerve fibers. Therefore, in the presence of a deficiency, the functioning of the nervous system is impaired. This manifests itself in the form of paresthesia – a disorder of sensitivity, which is characterized by spontaneously arising sensations of crawling, burning, tingling.

Prolonged deficiency of this active substance can lead to problems with coordination and change in gait, which is especially dangerous for the elderly.

Glossitis is another unpleasant consequence of B deficiency 12 . This condition is accompanied by pain in the tongue, a change in its texture and color. You may also experience itching in the mouth or tingling sensation in the tongue.

In rare cases, with a lack of B 12 , the optic nerve is damaged, and then vision becomes blurry and indistinct.This progressive loss of vision is called optic neuropathy. There is a violation of the transmission of impulses from the eyes to the brain, the world becomes blurred.

The doctor told who should not eat buckwheat

Mood swings are also associated with a lack of vitamin B in the body 12 . Chronic deficiency of this vitamin can even lead to severe depression or dementia.

Very rarely, low B 12 may cause fever, fever or fever.Nutritionist Inna Aminova also advises to pay attention to the following symptoms: unpleasant body odor, loss of appetite, back pain and regular headaches.

If you observe the listed symptoms, see your doctor in order to diagnose a deficiency of this important element in time. A competent specialist will be able to choose a vitamin in a form convenient for you. Also, do not forget to include in the diet foods rich in B 12 , and monitor the condition of the gastrointestinal tract.

Russians warned about the consequences of not eating meat

Dr. KULAK – NPC – World of Warcraft


Comment from


Proctologist extraordinaire.

Comment by


The third fight in the new Rank 9 tier of the Brawler’s Guild, and one of the easiest for that tier.

The boss himself has about 13 million life, requiring about 109k sustained DPS to meet enrage.

As far as what he does, he does five main abilities:

Left Hook
Right Hook
Hammer Fist

All these abilities will not one-shot you; they will hit you for around 100k damage if you’re struck.

The first four are a cone effect in front of the boss. The last one, Hammer Fist, is a full 360 degrees within a 20 yard radius around the boss. All the abilities are clearly marked on the ground of the area they will affect with brownish dust, so it’s easy to tell if you’re in the zone of being hit. The best strategy I came up with as a 520 Hunter is to hug the boss and either run through him when he casts or side-step the Left Hook, Right Hook, Bodyblow, or Uppercut, and then Disengage out of Hammer Fist.

When I Disengaged out of Hammer Fist, I immediately ran back to the boss and hugged him, and repeated the process. Your mileage may vary depending on what class you are (I.E., Mages can Blink away).

That’s really all there is to it. Good luck!

Comment by


This fight is a joke compared to the rest. Did this as a 514 Frost DK with some time to spare.

Boss will do different kinds of punches, easily avoided by watching the ground.The only one to look out for is his Hammer Fist which will cover a large area and you have to move quite far (warrior can heroic leap out and charge back). Just nuke with all your might and the enrage will decide if you are good enough! Good luck! 🙂

In the Alliance arena be particularly careful with Hammer Fist because the graphic can extend above you onto the floor higher up and still hit you if you are standing underneath it even though there is no visible graphic on the floor of the arena itself …

Just nuke with all your might and the enrage will decide if you are good enough! Good luck! 🙂

Just learned that the boss can be stunned as he uses Hammer Fist which should save a lot of time instead of having to run in and out and allow more dps making the fight even easier.

Comment by


The trick to this guy in particular seems to be getting the rhythm down. His abilities aren’t random. He works a lot like Will of the Emperor, where he’ll mark a location and you have to dodge it.He’ll do a narrow cone in front of him twice, then he’ll do a small semi-circle, then he’ll do another cone, then finally he’ll do a gigantic circle around him (though it’s a slower cast, so you have more time than the others). Then the cycle repeats. Get used to this and it gets easy to predict when you need to run far. Be aware he generally won’t start his cast until he’s in melee range though, so if you try to run really far when he’s about to do the big circle, be aware he’ll generally chase you down first before doing it; make sure you leave yourself room on the side you’re on to get out of it (i.e. don’t be too close to a wall).

Comment from


Managed to do this as an ilvl 511 arms warr, just as enrage timer hit.
Trick is to stun hammerfist with charge, I had warbringer on but not sure if that’s what did it.
Intimidating shout will also interrupt hammerfist and cause him to start his ability rotation again, buying valuable time.
Dragon roar will not stun hammerfist however.
Good luck!

Comment by


Managed to get this pretty easily on my 502 enhance shaman once I let myself not worry about maximizing time on boss and focused on getting out of Hammerfist which one shot me a few times.

Comment from


I couldnt believe this was a rank 9 fight. If he didnt have so much health he could easily be a lower ranked fight

Comment by


The easiest Rank 9 boss, i would say. The same mechanic has boss Blind Hero, you need just run around and avoid circle aoe spell (pretty big radius).

Comment from


can stun during hammer fist to stop his 100% damage buff and reset his combo (left hook, right hook, uppercut, bodyblow)

Comment by


Had a little frustration with this boss.As an unholy death knight, he was trashing my pet. If you are in the same boat, be sure to cast Huddle to save DPS.

Comment by


This guy is very similar to Blind Hero, but a bit easier in terms of mechanics. His attacks come slower and do less damage, he just has more HP. I’m not sure why they made two fights that are almost identical, but whichever one you face second should be quite easy for you. Just do whatever you did on the other one.

Comment by


This guy was retarded easy as affliction with COE.I had been affliction for the previous fight just messing around and left the spec on just to see.

Comment by


Muscle Wizard

Comment from


Almost like it’s not even fair for those who aren’t hunters. : P

Comment by


The best melle tactic is to simply rotate around him always. Since you are moving, you are completely unlikely to get hit by the normal 4 cones.When he does Hammer Fist, either stun him or move away and continue.

Comment by


DPS requirement is about 15k DPS. So dont waste your and the other players’ time trying to solve this with significantly less .. The enrange timer will just kill you otherwise despite handling the encounter perfectly.

Comment from


The link below provides a walkthrough of the Doctor FIST encounter, and all rank 6 Brawler’s Guild encounters, from a Retribution Paladin point of view.

Comment by


I’ll get you next time, Gadget!

Next time …!

Comment from


I would like to mention, as a rogue Feint is so amazing if you aren’t good at running very fast or want a little extra damage during his 360 attack.

Comment by


For those that want to kill every boss before they gone in the legion pre-patch and, like me, want to know if is needed to folow any tacticts to kill this boss: as elemental shaman 738 just nuke 🙂

Used Primal Fire Elemental with glyph so it is up every fight, Brawler’s Draenic Intellect Potion, Ring, Ascendence, Elemental Mastery and Spiritwalker’s Grace (in case you really need to move)

Hope this could save time to someone!

90,000 The “long” Oscar list of 248 films was reduced to ten titles

The “long” Oscar list of 248 films has now shrunk to ten titles: Nominees for this year’s Academy Awards have been announced in Beverly Hills.

For the Best Film, the academics chose 127 Hours / 127 Hours / (2010), True Grit / (2010), The King’s Speech! / The King’s Speech / (2010), Inception / (2010), Social Network, The / (2010), Black Swan / (2010), Toy Story: Big escape “/ Toy Story 3 / (2010),” Fighter “/ Fighter, The / (2010),” The Kids Are All Right / (2010), “Winter’s Bone / (2010) … A selection that is unlikely to surprise anyone – so for sure with its first half.Therefore, the names of Darren Aronofsky, the Coen brothers and David Fincher look in the Best Director nomination for granted.

Equally anticipated were the Best Actor nominations for James Franco and Jesse Eisenberg. The spice of the situation is added by the fact that Franco will be co-host of this year’s ceremony. Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman were clearly selected for Best Actress.

Most nominations – 12 – received the tape “The King’s Speech!” / The King’s Speech / (2010) (and yes, it would be strange if after that Colin Firth was not in the company of Franco and Eisenberg).”Iron Grit” / True Grit / (2010) performed a little more modestly – it has 10 nominations. But “Tron: Legacy” / TRON: Legacy / (2010), which threatened to impress us with the best special effects, got only one nomination, and even that one – for the best sound.

In general, the list of applicants looks like this:

Best Film

“127 hours”
“Winter bone”
“The kids are okay”
“Iron Grip”
Toy Story: The Big Escape
“The King Speaks!”
“Social network”
“Black Swan”

Best Actor

Javier Bardem – Beautyful
Jeff Bridges – Iron Grip
Jesse Eisenberg – “The Social Network”
Colin Firth – “The King’s Speech!”
James Franco – “127 Hours”

Best Actress

Annette Bening – “The Kids Are Alright”
Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence – Winter Bone
Natalie Portman – “Black Swan”
Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine

Best Supporting Actor

Christian Bale – The Fighter
John Hawkes – Winter Bone
Jeremy Renner – City of Thieves
Mark Ruffalo – “The Kids Are Alright”
Geoffrey Rush – “The King’s Speech!”

Best Supporting Actress

Amy Adams – The Fighter
Helena Bonham Carter – “The King’s Speech!”
Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom
Melissa Leo – “The Fighter”
Hayley Steinfeld – Iron Grip

Best Director

Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan
Ethan Coen, Joel Coen – “Iron Grip”
David O.Russell – “The Fighter”
David Fincher – “The Social Network”
Tom Hooper – “The King’s Speech!”

Best Foreign Language Film


Best Animated Film

“The Illusionist”
Toy Story: The Big Escape
How to Train Your Dragon

Best Original Screenplay

Another Year – Mike Lee
The Fighter – Scott Silver, Paul Tamesey and Eric Johnson
“The Kids Are Alright” – Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Bloomberg
Inception – Christopher Nolan
“The King Speaks!” – David Seidler

Best Adapted Screenplay

“127 Hours” – Danny Boyle and Simon Boyle
Toy Story: The Big Escape
Iron Grip – Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Winter Bone – Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini
“Social Network” – Aaron Sorkin

Best operator

Matthew Libatik – Black Swan
Wally Pfister – “Inception”
Daniel Cohen – “The King’s Speech!”
Jeff Kronevet – “The Social Network”
Roger Deakins – Iron Grip

Best fit

“127 hours”
“The King Speaks!”
“Social network”
“Black Swan”

Best Sound

Toy Story: The Big Escape
“Tron: Legacy”
“Iron Grip”

Best Sound Editing

“The King Speaks!”
“Social network”
“Iron Grip”

Best Special Effects

Alice in Wonderland
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Iron Man 2

Best Composer

John Powell – How To Train Your Dragon
Hans Zimmer – “Inception”
Alexander Desplat – “The King Speaks!”
A.R. Rahman – “127 hours”
“Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross -” Social network “

Best song

Coming Home – “I’m leaving – don’t cry”
I See the Light – “Rapunzel: Tangled”
If I Rise – “127 Hours”
We Belong Together – “Toy Story: The Great Escape”

Best Production Designer

“Alice in Wonderland”
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”
“The king says!”
“Iron Grip”

Best suits

“Alice in Wonderland”
“I am love”
“The king says!”
“Iron Grip”

Best makeup

“The Way Home”
“The Wolf Man”
“Barney’s version”

Best Documentary

“Exit through the souvenir shop”
“Internal Affair”

Best Documentary Short

Killing in the Name
Poster Girl
Strangers no more
Sun come up
The Warriors of Qiugang

Best Short Film

The Confession
The crush
God of love
Na Wewe
Wish 123

Best Animated Short Film

“Day and Night”
The gruffalo
Let’s Pollute
The lost thing
Madagascar, a Journey Diary

Winners will be announced at the Academy Awards on Sunday 27th February.

Alekseev Sergey Wolf’s grip

Sergey Alekseev – Wolf’s grip
Crucified by ropes on hands and feet, he hung three meters above the floor and rested, swaying slightly, as if in a hammock. The tension was so strong that Razhny did not sag at all, and therefore it seemed that the air was springing under his back, like a trampoline, and if you close your eyes, you can feel the feeling of floating. Tendons and bones had long been accustomed to endless tension, and now, instead of convulsive pain, he experienced a slight, pinching sensuality, somewhat reminiscent of a pleasant ache in the muscles and joints when stretching after a sweet dream.However, the similarity was only in sensations, since this state had a completely different nature and was called the Rule (with an emphasis on the first syllable), a kind of borderline phase, having reached which one can produce an energy explosion at any time, for example, knock down a century-old tree, crush a lion with the hands, or bear, move a heavy stone.
Or, pushing off the ground, rise into the air …
Ordinary people do such things in a state of passion or in an extreme critical situation, performing involuntary, superhuman actions, which they can never repeat later.They remove the tram from the rails, which has run over the child, or jump after him from the height of the ninth floor and remain safe and sound. It happens, and they fly, but only in a dream and in childhood …
The controllability of the Rule could be mastered only on this machine, for a long time crucifying oneself on a voluntary calvary and gradually first increasing and then decreasing the load. The essence of control was the ability to extract motor energy not from muscles, more often called raw veins among the Araks, not from this loose, clay-like and easily injured flesh, but from bones filled with brain and dry veins – a forgotten, unclaimed and inexhaustible repository of physical and vitality …Bone tissue and, especially, the brain had the ability to accumulate a huge supply of energy from the sun (including radiation), but a person had long forgotten how to release and use it, which caused the opposite effect: the joys of being, diseases developed, and the human century, instead of two or three hundred years, shrank by four times.Therefore, the Araks were not fathom giants with a meter shoulder span, as heroes usually imagine, they almost did not stand out in the crowd with some kind of special physique; more often, on the contrary, they looked lean and sinewy, but broad-boned.
And they lived so long that they had to hide their age.
The simulator itself was also called a rule, only with an emphasis on the second syllable, and therefore they said – to set or raise a rule, that is, after the Feast, the first duel in his life, which was crowned with victory, the araks were given the right to master this state. The name of the machine accurately reflected its purpose – to straighten the flesh of a person, return it to its original state of strength and freedom, and therefore, correct the spiritual essence. At first glance, it was simple, like everything ingenious: in the four corners of the poveta, chiseled oak blocks were hung on hooks, softly twisted, but strong and springy horsehair ropes were passed through them, a load clung to one end, and wrists on the other, and ankle feet.It didn’t even take an assistant to hang oneself on these stretch marks.
Counterweights in the corners were fixed at a height with the help of gatehouses, Razhny sat in the middle of the floor, fastened leather clamps on his limbs, then simultaneously pulled all four ropes towards himself. The force of the falling weight in an instant threw him up, there was a low rumble of strings stretched into a string, and before starting special exercises, he swayed for several minutes as if on waves.
For worldly people, such a device would seem like an instrument of torture…
Razhny surged up on the rule, when there were no strangers at the base, knowing that they would not bother their own. And this time he did not expect guests, but at the most inopportune moment a calik came to him. Dogs did not smell these all-knowing eternal travelers, did not hold locks and locks, and they walked in such a way that neither a knot under the foot would crack, nor a floorboard creaked, therefore he literally appeared, suddenly revealing himself with a voice.
– Hello, Sergius warrior, – was heard from the door. – Weren’t you expecting a guest from the Syroi tract?
Calling Razhny in the old way, the visitor emphasized respect for him, since lately the ambushes have called each other simply defenders, which is what the word arake meant.Kaliki pedestrian – punished Araks, lived communally in the Sirom Urochishche, a kind of skete. And there were still there kaliks of faith, wearing thirty-pound chains on their bodies – chains with which the enraged flesh was pacified. Otherwise, they were called sick, because they once overdid it in achieving the Rule, overworked on the rule and, once entering a state of passion, never left it again and, without feeling, without measuring their strength, they crossed the unwritten laws – they beat rivals to death in the tracts, they raged and beat the people in the world.Heavy chains brought them, over time, the opposite effect achieved on the rule: the punished Araks weakened and turned into “weakened” – ugly, bow-legged, humpbacked and physically poor people who end their lives in the same Sire Tract, where they performed simple household duties, or went into the world, became holy fools, blissful sages.
This tradition has been strictly and invariably observed since the time of Sergius of Radonezh, who did not throw the guilty into prisons and dungeons, but, on the contrary, brought them closer to him, kept them close at hand and in front of his watchful gaze.
On the eve of the fight, the arrival of a kalik could mean the most unpleasant and offensive – the loss of the fight. The spiritual elder and judge Oslab could, for some reason, most likely the most incredible, not recognize his victory at the Pira – the first fight in his life, give it to Kolevaty and send a messenger with this unfair news. The father said that this happened if a defeated rival gave the elder strong arguments and argued that the patrimonial, on whose lists the fight took place, and especially Pir, used forbidden means or techniques.
– I am a Razhniy patrimony, – he replied. -Hello, Kalik.
“Don’t get off the rule,” he warned. – It’s just a minute for me …
– Speak.
He was not expecting a messenger from Oslab – from Peresvet. On the eve of the fight, the kaliki brought the Pledge – the time and place of the next fight. If you win – you will go yourself, and you will be defeated – you will hand it over to your opponent when he will give you his hand to help you get back on your feet.
Now he could not see the Kalik standing below, and judging by the voice, it was an old and unhurried arake, for something baked in the Syroi Urochishche.
– Boyarin ordered to say that the Pledge that you received after the Feast is canceled.
Kolevaty gave the bail, when he lay defeated on the plowed lists.
Razhny tensed and did the impossible – he turned his head one hundred and eighty degrees and saw a kalik: an elderly, stooped man with huge and long arms. God forbid fraternizing with such …
Kalik was playing, playing for time, but he endured and only swayed on the ropes, flexing the muscles of his arms. The only fact that Kolevaty could cite as an argument against Rajny’s usefulness as an arax was an old, long-overgrown with muscles wound on his side, where a rib was knocked out by a mine fragment.The rival could prove to Oslab that during the fight he was obsessively pursued by the thought of any careless movement or blow to accidentally kill Rajny, and therefore, they say, he felt constrained during the fight, which was used by the feasting arake.
But then it would be an obvious lie, for Kolevaty saw the wound only before the slaughter, and during the periods of fist conception and fraternization, it was covered with a shirt.
“Your rival, the glorious Araks Sterkhov, died in the world a month ago,” the Kalik finally spoke again.- A banal car accident …
Razhny was barely held back by the ropes and counterweights – the body was simultaneously unloaded and pulled to the ground …
The death of the future fighter meant that the victory in the failed fight was given to him. And there was nothing good in this gift if you are a true arake and you still have many fights on earthen carpets, where in each subsequent one you have to wait for an opponent stronger than the previous one.
– And what? .. Peresvet deprived me of a duel? Kalik stood below, like an executioner near a reared victim, and tormented time!
– Do not deprive, do not be afraid, – he also laughed, vile! – Boyar’s husband liked the way you beat Kolevaty.Nicely you feasted, Razhny! But Kolevaty went to your patrimony to knock off green leaves from you …
– Where and when? – Razhny interrupted him.
Kalik understood the essence of the question, but was in no hurry to answer.
– They are weakened with the guards, they grieve for him, but you should rejoice. I competed with Sterkhov … I assure you, you would have survived the conception, but fraternization is unlikely …
– I am not interested in your predictions, siry, – he cut short. – Speak!
– Peresvet decided not to postpone the date and place. He said, let it be as it was, your duel – Feast Trizny and dedicated to the memory of the glorious Araks.
The difference in an ordinary and fun-loving duel was that in the latter it was forbidden to fight to the death …
“Who is the enemy?” Razhny asked after hesitating, although he did not hope to hear the name.
“You are lucky once again,” the calik sighed. – Peresvet favors you. I don’t know for what reason … Maybe because of your father, or maybe because of the victory with Kolevaty … But he named him. Skif will come out against you. Have you heard of him?
– I have not heard …
– Well, yes, you recently feasted, – could not resist reproaching the young Kalik.- So you know, Skif is stronger than Sterkhov, I’m telling you this. But you prepare a worthy gift to the patron landlord of Vyatskopolyansky, do not be stingy. My advice to you is to bring him that jeep that Kolevaty gave you. Just keep quiet, I didn’t tell you anything! … Father Nikolai likes to ride with the breeze, and he drives tattered Zhiguli cars, but he has terrible off-road conditions there. And he will arrange everything for you. He fought five years ago with Skif, and that priest plowed almost half of the plow like a plow. In the Belorechenskoye tract they converged… So Nicholas cannot forget this to this day.
Kaliki, in addition to their duties, were volunteer distributors of news, rumors and gossip; they knew everything that was going on in the Ambush Regiment, as well as what, for example, what they think or what they want to think about the old man Oslab and the boyfriend Peresvet.
“I will not give bribes,” Razhny interrupted him. – Moreover, the Kolevatovsky jeep is gone …
– And where is he ?! – as if the Kalik was amazed, although he should have known that all the expensive gifts the patrimonials give to the treasury of the Sergius Host.
– Gray, you tired me … He was deliberately offended.
– Well, then you’d better stay with the rule if you want to stand at least to fraternization! Here and hang under the roof, like a fly in the snare!
“I don’t need advice,” snapped Razhny. – Better tell me, have you brought a new Bail?
– No, I didn’t. Boyarin ordered to say only what he said. And about the new Bail – nothing. Maybe he is sure that you will defeat Skif, so he told him where and when the next fight.
– Okay, go if you said everything!
– How obstinate! – he grinned.- I would like to see how you and Skif fight! Especially in the fist start! .. So what to transfer to Peresvet?
– I accepted the change and will not complain.
– I’ll tell you so! … Do you hear, Razhny, throw it on the road? To get to you is a disaster, but taxi drivers break prices … Well, I can’t walk on foot at the end of the twentieth century! There is no time to work, it is not appropriate to steal …
Razhny was expecting such a question, because he wouldn’t have been a calik if he hadn’t begged for something.
“There’s a jacket on the hanger,” he said.- Wallet in my pocket … Take as much as you have.
Gray rustled like a mouse with breadcrumbs, held out in disappointment:
– It’s only twenty bucks …
– The rich, so happy …
– Well, you, Razhny! All patrimonials are becoming impoverished. And who has the money today? You and the guardsmen! They won’t give you a penny at all, go for whatever you want …
– Have you ever seen them? Oprichnikov? Kalik hid the money, hesitated.
– I have not seen … So that it is so obvious! Which of them confesses? .. But I suspect some of the monks.By the way, this Skif is one of them. All some kind of mysterious, walks like a ghost, speaks in riddles … And he got married recently!
He was tempted to give Razhnoy some last gossip, which he picked up, traveling from Araks to Araks, and of course, not for free …
– Goodbye, gray! – Rajny said loudly, cutting him off in mid-sentence. – Lock the door as it was.
– Well, be healthy, estate owner!
– Good road, Sergiev Kalik! He left as quietly as he had appeared, only a magpie crackled at the edge of the forest, giving a signal that he saw a man.Razhny waited a minute, disconnected from reality, completely surrendering to the state of the Rule, but the name of the free fighter – Skif – remained in his mind and frankly prevented him from concentrating. Then he took a deep breath and held his breath for five minutes:
this usually helped, since oxygen starvation cleared the subconscious.
The image of the opponent, expressed in the name, gradually disappeared, rainbow spots floated before his eyes, and then he exhaled and brought his hands together, pulling up the counterweights. This was the starting position for the “loop” – somersault over the back.
But he did not have time to complete the exercise, for suddenly he heard the angry barking of the guard shepherd Luta, sitting on a chain, and a moment later the hounds in the aviary shouted in unison and fiercely.
For two weeks now, Razhny has dispersed all the gamekeepers on vacation, with the strictest prohibition not to come to the base under any pretext; I thought before the fight to be completely alone and prepare without prying eyes.
Judging by the barking, someone else came …
He waited a couple of minutes – the dogs did not calm down, the intruder brazenly scoured the territory, which led the dogs into a frenzy.Razhny remembered how once Kudeyar flew into the base, and instead of a “dead loop” he freed his hands from the clamps, after which, holding on to the ropes, he pulled himself up and alternately removed the stretch marks from his legs.
The felt-wrapped counterweights dropped to the floor with a thud. Coming down from heaven, he neatly unwound and removed the ropes, left the poveta and locked the door with a key: no one knew about the existence of the simulator, as well as about training, under any pretext.
As he pushed back the iron bolt on the front door, he heard soft footsteps on the steps and short, fiery breaths…
On the porch stood a wolf – an unusually large pereyarok, whose age could only be distinguished by an experienced eye. Throwing out his tongue like a dog and tucking his tail like a wolf, he looked warily and boldly, ready at every moment to jump back and hide in the tall grass.
– Silent? – asked Razhny.
The wolf slowly relaxed and sat down, but there was a testing animal ice in his eyes. The hounds shouted in a friendly chorus, sensing the proximity of the owner.
– What kind of wind did you blow in? .. And you do not know, quite an adult wolf.
Alive, then, brother? This is already good …
The Silent One listened to human speech and gradually thawed out. Razhny sat down on the porch step, pressing his spine against the base of the carved pillar, and the wolf unexpectedly poked his lowered hands, froze for a moment, after which he began to lick his tense wrists, rubbed to calluses. And this was not a manifestation of affection and devotion – a kind of greeting, a kind of duty to look after the leader.
“I warned you,” he said not immediately and edifyingly, feeling the burning pain go out under the wolf’s tongue.- Never come to me … I forbade you to appear. You killed a man. You are a wild beast and nothing else.
Pereyarok stepped back and sat down with his head bowed guiltily. On his broad forehead, Rajny noticed a thin gap of white fur – a sure sign of an overgrown wound left by a bullet or buckshot. So, it has already gotten from someone …
– Anyway, go away, – he ordered, – Next time you will be smarter.
The Silent One suddenly threw up his face and howled in a low, rumbling bass – in the depths of the house, cymbals rang in a bowl.And the hounds in the aviary fell silent at once and only the nurse Geisha whined happily, rattled the net: the trumpet voice was pleading, inviting and demanding at the same time.
“What do you want to say?” He stood up cautiously, and the beast immediately jumped off the porch, ran towards the shore and sat down, waiting for the man and offering to follow him.
– I will not go! – Shouted to him Razhny. – I’m busy, okay? A duel in three weeks! Everyone, go for a walk!
And went into the house. The wolf in several jumps again found itself on the porch, immediately pushed the door with its paws and immediately lay down at the threshold, not daring to step into the leader’s dwelling.
He whimpered pleadingly, so that the Geisha in the aviary came in circles and bellowed in a motherly voice.
– Well, what happened there? – After a pause, he asked grumpily and pulled the hunting jacket off the hanger. – There is no way without me? .. We agreed: you are a wild beast and live by your own wolf laws. I am on my own … And our paths should not cross.
Silent, as it should be, silently followed the gathering, and when Rajny took the carbine, just as soundlessly went off the porch and trotted to the river. On the shore, he sat down with his muzzle to the water, waited for the leader.
– Got it, – he dropped and climbed into the boat. After waiting for it to start the engine, the wolf defiantly ran upstream with the edge of the ravine, but around the bend it suddenly overtook the motorboat, jumped into the water and swam across. Razhny decided that the Silent One was trying to get into the boat in this way, and slowed down the gas, but the beast calmly crossed the wake stream and headed towards the opposite bank. – As you want, – Rajny muttered and added speed.
The wolf got out on land, shook himself and headlong disappeared into the dense thicket.And while Razhny circled the river loop of one and a half kilometers, the beast passed a narrow isthmus and waited for the leader by the water.
A similar race lasted about half an hour, before the Silent One stopped disappearing from sight and went strictly along the coast, within sight. Meanwhile, the autumn day was drawing to a close, low gray clouds were reflected in the water, and this twilight light soon covered the whole space. The gray beast almost dissolved in it, and it was possible to notice its path only by the stirring of dry grasses and the sharp trembling of willow bushes near the water’s edge.
At the next turn not far from the destroyed bridge, the wolf disappeared, but Razhny noticed the silhouettes of horses against the background of whitish bushes and only then people waving their hands. Sharply slowing down, he subdued to the shore and recognized one at once – the eldest Max, the son of the farmer Trapeznikov. The second, a young man with a leather bag on his shoulder, obviously not dressed for forest hikes, was unfamiliar and, most likely, not from the locals. He kept himself apart, wandered along the river bank and seemed indifferent to what was happening, while Trapeznikov almost climbed into the water, meeting the boat.
Razhny turned off the engine, and Max suddenly froze near the side, looking past.
– Well, why are we silent? – asked Rajny, listening to his unfamiliar voice in the ensuing silence.
Trapeznikov sat down on the bow of the boat, hanging his head, the stranger took out cigarettes and lit a cigarette, and then the younger one appeared from the coastal bushes, stood for a moment like a marmot, suddenly burst into tears, which finally alarmed Rajny, and disappeared again.
They were of the same age, nineteen and twenty years old, tall, broad-shouldered, with exceptionally harmonious muscles and, despite their youth, sedate, dignified and laconic.The eldest was called Maximilian, the youngest was Maxim. However, it is quite possible, and vice versa, since the parents were not exactly sure who was actually called, having corrected the birth certificates only three years after birth, so they were simply called Max. Their father, in inventing names for his children, was distinguished by originality and even called one of the daughters Felicia, thus awarding the offensive nickname for the girl Filya – as she was immediately christened in a rural school.
Both Trapeznikovs have been on the wanted list for about a year, as evaders from the draft for active military service.
Brothers hardly cried when they grew up in a harsh natural environment, and therefore the youngest did not get crying, but abrupt, stifled crows screaming from the bushes.
“Shut up,” Razhny told him. – It’s disgusting to listen to … Man!
A young man with a bag finally approached the boat and introduced himself without any emotion:
– I am a doctor at the district hospital.
– What’s next? – he hastened.
– We need to deliver the corpse to the morgue. Razhny paused, asked stiffly:
– What other corpse?
Meanwhile, the elder Max rinsed his face with water, said detachedly:
– She died…
– Who is she?
– Uncle Slava, she died! he shouted in childish despair. – Now, before our eyes!
And with horror he looked to where the horses stood and from where the crying of the younger was heard.
Razhny guessed who could die, but did not want to, did not want to believe and still hoped to hear another name …
– Maybe you can explain who? – asked the doctor and went ashore.
“I don’t know,” he dropped and hesitated. – No documents … A woman of about twenty. I was brought to the patient … Very beautiful… young woman.
Behind the doctor’s indifference and indifference was confusion and intense excitement: cherry-blue prominences emanated from him in different directions and spread over the ground in tattered flashes.
“You remember, Uncle Slava,” the elder Max said to the side. – Last year the girl got lost, her name was Mil … Militin’s full name …
Razhny silently walked towards the horses tied by a snag on the bank’s slope, Trapeznikov and the doctor immediately followed him.
The body, wrapped in a duvet cover, lay on a primitive drag, apparently just made from two felled birches.Next to him sat the younger Max, holding the hands of the deceased in his hands, as if trying to warm him up.
A year ago, when Rajny saw Milya for the last time, she was a beauty. More precisely, not just pretty and well-groomed, of which there were many now, but amazing imagination, for no one dreamed of him so much as this girl of easy virtue.
But about the dead, it’s either good, or nothing …
It was impossible to recognize the dead now: an emaciated yellow face, a failed old woman’s mouth, hair rolled into a washcloth and drops of sweat, as if frozen on a broad forehead…
“She is beautiful,” the doctor said meanwhile. – Death does amazing things to women …
The elder Max knelt down next to the deceased, gently took one hand from the younger and began stroking the twisted fingers.

Soft power iron grip

July 9, 2012 at the Meeting of Ambassadors and Permanent
representatives of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin, perhaps for the first time
attention of domestic diplomacy to the need to use
in the work of “soft power”.This implies “promoting your interests
and approaches by persuading and attracting sympathy to their
country, based on its achievements not only
in material, but also in spiritual culture
and the intellectual sphere ”.

The President admitted that “the image of Russia abroad is being formed
not by us, therefore it is often distorted and does not reflect
neither the real situation in our country, nor its contribution
into world civilization, science, culture, and the position of our
countries in international affairs are now covered somehow
one-sided.Those who shoot and constantly deliver missile strikes are here
and there, they are good fellows, and those who warn of the need
restrained dialogue, they seem to be to blame for something.
And we are to blame for the fact that we explain poorly
your position. This is what we are to blame for. ”

The time has come to correct the mistakes made, to atone for the previous guilt: “soft
strength ”is becoming one of the pillars of Russian foreign policy.

Concept and conceptualists soft power

The role and significance of “soft power” (MC), which has been used yet
in preparation for the collapse of the Soviet system and up to the implementation
project “twitter revolution” in the Arab world, constantly
increases.Today, almost not a single even insignificant event
in world politics does not happen without the use of the MC, repeatedly
enhanced by the latest information and cognitive technologies. More
Moreover, in modern conditions it is “soft power” that often provides
information artillery preparation, preparing a foothold for a direct military

Various methods of influencing consciousness, methods of non-violent
the treatments of the authorities and other groups have been known for a long time. N.
Machiavelli and the French encyclopedists, G.Thoreau and M. Gandhi, T.
Leary and R. Wilson. However, the appearance of a slender is not so much scientific,
how much of a purely practical concept of soft power is associated with the name of Joseph
Samuel Nye, professor at the Public School of Administration. J. Kennedy
at Harvard University, a member of the American Academy of Arts
and Sciences and the Diplomatic Academy. Nye’s main achievement was
not only a concentrated and capacious description of nature and meaning
“Soft power”, which played a role in the Cold War,
but also the definition of its capabilities, which in the XXI century, century
information technology and cognitive wars become truly

The term “soft power” itself was proposed by Hiring in 1990, and only
14 years later, in 2004; it came out, perhaps the most famous
book – Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics
(Soft Power: The Means of Success in World Politics).
Nye is currently actively continuing his research.
and forms the agenda of “smart government” for the current administration of Bely
at home, understanding it as “the ability to integrate in different contexts
hard and soft power resources into successful strategies ”.

Success in promoting the concept of “soft power” is associated, of course,
not with its scientific significance, but with its broad
use in big politics: J. Nye’s achievements were taken into account
the US government when making critical political decisions.
In 1977-1979, he was Assistant Under Secretary of State of the United States
for Security Support, Science and Technology, Chairman
National Security Council Nonproliferation Team
nuclear weapons. In the Clinton administration, Nye worked as an assistant to the head of the
Pentagon International Security Council, chaired by the National Council
in US Intelligence, and also represented the United States on the Committee
on disarmament issues at the UN.During the presidential
J. Kerry’s campaign claimed the position of National Counselor

In addition, Nye was a senior member of the Aspen Institute (USA), director
Aspen Strategic Group and member of the Executive Committee
Trilateral Commission, a participant in a number of meetings of the Council on International
relationships. The Aspen Institute was founded in 1950 by billionaire Walter
Papke – one of the initiators of the 68th directive of the Council
national security of the United States, which consolidated the doctrine of the Cold War.Today
The institute is chaired by Walter Isaacson, former chairman and chief
CEO of CNN and Time magazine, and to the Board
includes such iconic figures as the Prince of Saudi Arabia Bandar bin Sultan,
former US Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice, President
Disney Corporation Michael Eisner, UN Deputy Secretary General Olara Otunu, Former Head
Council of the EU and NATO Javier Solana and others. In other words, Aspen
the group is a closed club of high-ranking politicians who develop
world order strategies.Returning to Nai, we note that he managed to
to be a director at the Institute for Security Studies “Vostok –
West “and at the International Institute for Strategic Studies,
and under Obama was immediately involved in two new research
projects – to the Center for a New American Security
and the US National Security Reform Project.

Similar transitions from science to politics, from politics
to intelligence, from intelligence to science, etc.
– a widespread practice in the West. It’s enough to remember
Zb.Brzezinski, F. Gordon, G. Kissinger, M. McFaul, K. Rice. This
practice is designed to promote and realize the interests of certain elite
groups. As for the soft power concept,
then about its practical importance for the US government
is evidenced, in particular, by this fact. Presentation of the book by J. Nye Soft
power, translated into Russian (“Flexible power. How to achieve success
in world politics “), was held in 2006 under the auspices of the embassy
USA at the Carnegie Moscow Center.

Now about the concept of “soft power” (MC).The main meaning of soft
power lies in the formation of attractive power, i.e.
e. in the ability to influence the behavior of people, indirectly
forcing them to do what they would otherwise never
would not. Such power becomes based not only on
on persuasion, persuasion, or the ability to motivate people to do
anything using arguments, but also on “assets”,
which produce its attractiveness. Achieve this, according to
Naya, perhaps using the “power of information and images”, the power of meanings.In other words, the core of “soft power” is immateriality, informational content
and mobility.

Whose “soft power” is the region

In turn, the creation of “attractiveness” is impossible without
linguistic construction, without interpretation of reality, without
focusing on mutually opposite value judgments
(like God-devil, good-evil,
freedom-slavery, democracy-dictatorship, etc.).
Moreover, it is the conductors of “soft power” that determine what is “good” or
“Justly” which country becomes an outcast or an example of a democratic
transformation, thereby encouraging other participants in the political process
agree with this interpretation in exchange for support
on the part of the subject of soft power.

“Saddle the laws of history” (J. V. Stalin), as convincingly
proved in practice, it is impossible only by force. That’s why
in modern conditions “soft power” is so important,
manifested as a special type of influence, a special type of power, directly
associated with the information revolution, with the sheer volume of information
and its growth exponentially, as well as with the speed
and the breadth of dissemination of this information thanks to the latest
communication technologies. The information revolution allows you to recode
consciousness, starting with a change in historical memory and ending with the world
symbols-meanings.Moreover, it is the semantic and symbolic
the world is the most significant, since it has a significant
degree, the social memory of society is oriented, which makes it possible to resist both
destruction from the outside, and self-destruction.

Man has always lived in three dimensions – in the real world, the world
informational and symbolic world. However, it is in the modern world
new technologies and means of communication provide such a powerful
impact on consciousness that real actions and events only then
become significant when presented in the media, i.e.
become a function of virtuality.Events as if not
in real life, if it is not written about it in the newspaper or it
not reflected on the web. This is one side of the matter. It is also important that
modern technologies make it easy and quick to manipulate consciousness
large masses of people, to form the images and symbols necessary for the manipulator.

This is precisely what the “soft power” of the West relies on when working
with the consciousness of a person, or rather, the masses through information, knowledge
and culture. Soft-force impact on large masses of people can
be carried out in a fairly short period – it, as a rule,
does not exceed several months.In this case, the most effective
soft power tools are the media, traditional and new social

In the long term, MS is less dependent on
from rhetoric, but more related to practical activities.
In this case, the effective instruments of “soft power” are:
the provision of higher education services, as well as the development of sciences,
including public, the main task of which is
in the production of meanings – theories and concepts that legitimize
the position and views of the state pursuing the policy of the MC.The totality of these
strategies allows you to influence the system of sociocultural filters or
The “matrix of beliefs” of a particular individual, society, in relation to
to which this type of influence is applied, forcing it
eventually change your behavior.

This is concretely manifested in the following. As J. Nye writes, “ideals
and values ​​”exported” by America into the minds of more than half a million
foreign students who study at American
universities and then return to their home countries, or
into the minds of Asian entrepreneurs who return home after
internships or jobs in Silicon Valley aimed at
“Get” to the ruling elites. “In a long-term strategy
MS through only education “allows you to form a certain
worldview of foreign guests, reflecting value orientations
the host state itself and allowing to count
on their favorable attitude towards the host country
in future”.

The formation of a “certain worldview” is as follows.
First, the stay of participants in educational programs
in the country implies familiarization with its political
and the economic model, familiarization with its culture
and values.Upon returning home, students or interns are not easy
use this experience. In case of preparation or adoption of certain
decisions they are guided by the received value guidelines.

Second, competitive selection of grant recipients
and scholarships implies the selection of the most promising representatives
in certain areas of activity or scientific knowledge. After
training with graduates remains close ties within the framework of
network communities, various research centers, thus
the state-conductor of the MC reserves the opportunity to influence
to foreign elites or to use their intellectual resource
in their own interests.It is well known how this approach is widely
used by the USA, UK, China. This practice was widely applied
and in the USSR.

Modern Russia almost voluntarily resigned
preparation, cultivation of elites loyal to it. While,
according to data only for 2011, over 700 thousand students studied in the United States.
foreign students, in the UK – over 300 thousand,
in Australia – about 150 thousand. By 2020, according to the forecast
British Council, UK University Association and IDP
(Australia) study in higher education institutions in Western countries will
about 6 million people (!).And that’s just the students, never mind
about specific and specific training programs for civil
activists, bloggers, etc.

MS resource base, of course, is not limited to training
programs. Soft power uses the whole range of cultural, informational,
intelligence, network, psychological and other technologies. All this
in the complex allows you to agree with the opinion of the German publisher J.
Yoffe regarding America’s “soft power”, which is “even more significant than
its economic or military power.American culture, be it low
or high level, penetrates everywhere with an intensity that
was observed only during the Roman Empire, but with a new
characteristic feature. Impact of Rome or the Soviet Union in the area
culture, as it were, stopped at the level of their military borders,
American “soft power” rules an empire where it never enters

You can’t argue with that, but still the main soft tool
power used in manipulating historical memory, and
not requiring a direct presence in the country – initiator
pressure, are both traditional and new – network –
mass media.It is the media that are the broadcasters of the new vision
the world not only in journalistic or popular science
form, but also through works of art, corresponding
interpreting certain historical facts in a way. At one time Napoleon
Bonaparte remarked: “I am afraid of more than three newspapers than a hundred thousand bayonets.”
Today, the influence of the media has increased by orders of magnitude.

Present daily, and sometimes hourly, in everyone’s life
media people actually manage opinions and assessments, integrate
individual human minds into the “mass mind” (another question –
how intelligent he really is).As a result, people
the same thoughts are produced, the same thoughts are generated
images that meet the goals and objectives of the people who control the world’s means
communications. The iron grasp of the information resources of the MC was perfectly expressed
Russian psychologist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who died tragically
in 2002 A.V. Brushlinsky: “When is it really
happens, then you can watch an exciting unforgettable sight, as
many anonymous individuals who have never seen each other,
not in contact with each other, are covered by the same
emotion, react as one to music or a slogan, spontaneously merged
into a single collective being. “

Without exaggeration, in the 21st century, the most important instrument of “soft power”
which gave it dynamism and mobility, were modern means
mass communications, shortening the once insurmountable distance between
continents. Now it is not only possible to form the worldview of society
a specific country, organizing and conducting a coup d’état
does not require the direct presence of interested parties: overthrow the regimes
it is possible remotely by transmitting information through various networks.

One cannot but agree with the opinion of Russian researchers
G. Yu. Filimonov and S. A. Tsaturyan in
that the modern world, “connected by the Internet, television, radio
and newspapers, more and more resembles a spider web that unites humanity
into a single information space, thereby providing anyone
state the status of an outside observer capable of restoring
the status quo is only through violence. Forming through these channels
liberal democratic cultural environment, social networks
and the media (primarily American) open the way for a change of unwanted
regimes on an unprecedented scale … The increased role of information
in the life of a modern person, accelerating the flywheel of the historical process,
accelerates the creation of a global networked society, divorced from tradition
and national cultures ”.

In other words, “soft power” in the XXI century becomes one
of the main ways of fighting for influence, for territories
and resources. The world seems to be returning to the late Middle Ages. If
after the Augsburg Peace of 1555, the cuius principle was established in Europe
region, eius religio (literally: “whose region, that is the faith”),
then modernity establishes a different principle – “whose” soft power “,
that and the region. ”

Network technologies as a resource MC

The development and importance of soft power technologies is largely due to
scientific and technological progress, thanks to which modern
man plunges into cyberspace.Within its boundaries, a reasonable
the activity of the individual becomes a determining factor in development. Digitalization
(digitalization of information) of all aspects of life
and the rapid development of networked electronic technologies contribute to
creation of a new information paradigm. In this case, it turns out that
the next contradiction – information technology is developing significantly
faster than the adaptation of people to them, which is due to
their physiological and psychological characteristics.
As a result, awareness of the true role of new technologies in shaping
information, and therefore social and political space,
comes to people with a delay, and homo digitalis turns out to be
defenseless against the masters of information technology.

Strategically minded politicians must understand the true nature of
and the focus of a particular technological novelty. That’s why
you need to know that network technology, being one of the most important
resources of “soft power” have become the most significant tool in the XXI century
struggle for power and influence. Assessing the role and importance of social media
in the formation of the mood of the masses, in their exaltation
and the organization allows us to argue that, firstly,
social media is a cognitive technology;
secondly, an organizational weapon,
and thirdly, a business product.One
from the first in Russia, I. Yu.
Sundiev. Leaving aside the business issues, we turn more
close attention to the first two characteristics.

Cognitive or cognitive is usually understood as information
technologies that describe the basic human thought processes. They are
one of the most “intelligent” sections of the theory of artificial
intelligence. Contrary to the fundamental principle of Western
rationalism formulated by Descartes in “Discourse on Method”
(1637), – “I think, therefore I am” (cogito ergo sum) –
today, the concept of cognitive includes not only the processes of thinking,
but also any forms of interaction between man and the environment, based
on the construction of an image of the situation.In the modern world, the famous
the statement “Who owns the information rules the world” has given way
the principle of cognitology: “Who knows how to organize information
and from it to receive knowledge, he rules the world. ”

The origins of cognitive knowledge, according to which the brain is considered as
information processing device, were laid back in the second half of the nineteenth
century in the works of W. James and H.L.F. von Helmholtz. However, only
in the 1960s at the Faculty of Applied Psychology
University of Cambridge, headed by F.Bartlett, managed to organize
conducting a wide range of works in the field of cognitive modeling.
Although back in 1943, Bartlett’s student and follower K. Craig
in his book The Nature of Explanation cited
strong arguments in favor of the scientific study of such “thought” processes,
as persuasion and goal setting. Even then, Craig outlined three stages
knowledge-based agent activities. At first,
the acting stimulus must be transformed into an internal representation.Secondly, with this view the
manipulation with the help of cognitive processes to develop new
internal representations. Thirdly, they must be, in their
queue are converted to actions again.

Modern cognitive technologies as improved Craigs
attitudes are ways of transforming the properties and qualities of a person, his
behavior due to or modification of psychophysiological parameters
organism, or the inclusion of an individual in hybrid
(man-machine) systems.A separate direction is represented by
cognitive technologies that change social behavior. I must say that
information and cognitive technologies were originally developed, mutually
complementing each other, creating a groundwork for a new technological order,
in which a person becomes the object and subject of transformation.
The rapid development of biotechnology at the end of the twentieth century, the emergence
nanotechnology led to the birth of NBIC convergence
(according to the first letters: N – nano, B – bio, I – info, C –
cogno). As noted by I.Yu Sundiev, to date
NBIC convergence has already affected all areas of human
life, directly or indirectly determining the nature, ways
and the dynamics of social interactions. Thanks to cloud computing,
robotics, wireless 3G and 4G, Skype, Facebook, Google,
LinkedIn, Twitter, iPad and low-cost smartphones with exit support
on the Internet, society has become not just connected, but hyperconnected
and interdependent, transparent in the full sense of the word. A particular
the role of NBIC convergence has played in the emergence of new forms and methods
committing crimes, and also changed the views on military
strategy.The dominant ones were “strategy of indirect actions” and “strategy
leaderless resistance “, based on the network structures created
among the population of a potential enemy. It was on this that the
everything since the 2000 Belgrade “revolution”, political upheavals
XXI century.

A significant “achievement” of cognitive technologies is the development of
smart forms of presocialization – voluntary
a way of rapid change of social roles unconscious by the subject himself,
statuses and positions.Smart forms are packed, wrapped
into the countercultural shell of a harmless joke game and act as
ways of new consolidation of people. The most famous among smartforms are flash mobs.
The literal translation of the expression fl ashmob into Russian is
“Instant crowd”, although it is more correct to understand this as “smart crowd”, i.
e. a crowd that has a goal and clearly follows the previously prepared
scenario. Actually, this is no longer a crowd.

In 2002, in the book Smart Mobs, a specialist
on cultural, social and political implications
into the media sphere of our time G.Reingold not only in detail
described the flash mob, emphasizing a new way of organizing social
connections, structures, but actually anticipated and described a wave of new
social revolutions. He believed that flash stocks (smartmobs)
so mobile due to the fact that their participants use modern
means of communication for self-organization. It is believed that the idea of ​​organizing
flash mob using the Internet as an organizational resource came
creator of the first site for formatting similar promotions FlockSmart.com R.
Zazueta after getting acquainted with the work of Reingold. Today flash mobs
are used quite widely and form a very special reality.

The fact is that flash mobs are a mechanism for the formation of a specific
behavior at the moment in this space. Manageability “smart
crowd “is achieved through the following basic principles of organization.
First, the action is prepared in advance through the official
websites where mobers develop, offer
and discuss scenarios for stocks.

Secondly, the action starts simultaneously by all participants,
but designed to appear spontaneous – participants must pretend
that they do not know each other. For this, the time is agreed or appointed
a special person (beacon) who gives everyone a signal to start the action.
Thirdly, the participants of the action do everything with the most serious
view: a flash mob should cause confusion, but not laughter.
Fourth, the shares must be regular, have an absurd
character and defy logical explanation.

At the same time, a flash mob is a completely voluntary exercise. But most
the main thing is that all the participants of the flash mob do not know and should not know
the true reason for organizing a particular action. The most important meaning of a smartmob is as
The “new social revolution” is that such actions
form models of rash, beacon-imposed behavior of large masses
of people. At the moment of flash mobs, reality is being played, the individual
loses its own individuality, turning into an easily manageable
a cog in a social machine.

The role of social networks is not limited to the formation of a smart crowd. Essential
they influenced public consciousness during the period of political
crises, in some cases ending with a change in political regimes. So,
wherever the events of the “Arab Spring” took place, to attract allies
protesters used new internet applications
and mobile phones, transferring resources from cyberspace
to urban space and back. For social media visitors
the impression was that millions were involved in the protest actions.However, in reality, the number of actual protesters and protesters
they differ many times on the web. This is achieved with the help of special

In particular, the year before the Arab Spring, in 2010,
the U.S. government has an agreement with HB Gary Federal
to develop a computer program that can create
numerous bogus social media accounts to manipulate
and influencing public opinion on controversial issues by promoting
the desired point of view. It can also be used for surveillance
behind public opinion in order to find dangerous points of view.

Even earlier, the US Air Force ordered the development of Persona Management Software, which
can be used to create and manage fictitious accounts
on social media sites to distort the truth and create
the impression that there is a generally accepted opinion on controversial issues.
In June 2010, the program was launched.

In fact, new technologies of social engineering are being actively introduced today,
creating previously unknown decision-making models that change the cognitive basis
modern man.And the Internet, being a planetary information
backbone, turns projects such as WikiLeaks, Facebook and Twitter,
into an instrument of struggle for influence and specifically the change of political
regimes in target countries. With help
Internet technologies occur, in the words of A. Gramsci, “molecular
aggression into the cultural core “of a particular regime, the basis
national consensus, the situation inside the country is heating up to the limit
and in her environment. And it all fits into the concept
“Soft power”.

Of course, social networks by themselves do not produce a “virus
revolution ”, but they are an excellent channel for its dissemination.Let’s take,
for example Twitter. This is actually not a social network, rather
social media service. The reason why Twitter can be considered
as a tool for warming up public opinion, is hidden in its interface.
Thanks to the design of this communication channel, the user is
in a stream of messages of the same type, including “loopback” messages,
repeated using the so-called “retweets” in the mode
non-stop. Plus, Twitter is shaping a degrading language
“Verbal gestures”.

Facebook works on different principles, numbering about one
billion users.This network has become the most significant network tool
“Soft power” in general and the political upheavals of 2011-2012.
As a result, users have a sense of meaning.
ongoing events and his instant involvement in this process.
Moreover, it seems that the position, the reaction of a particular
subject depends on the development of the situation. Conditionally, if it is me who will go out
to the square or at least virtually join the protest,
then the hated dictator will be defeated.

In assessing the importance of Facebook in Western soft power, it is important to remember that
users of this resource are the most active part of the population of any country,
moreover, information that is actively included in the context of certain
directionality (as a rule, this is a critical assessment of the existing regime).However, not all countries have Facebook taken over the masses. In Russia
Facebook, which reached 7.5 million members by the end of 2012, which
makes up 5.36% of the population, it is not the most popular network site.
Leading positions in the Russian Federation and a number of post-Soviet countries
are occupied by the networks VKontakte (more than 190 million) and Odnoklassniki (more than
148 million). Judging by the counter on the website,
then active users (those who daily access the network) of the service
“VKontakte” has 41 million

Analysis of the work of social networks allows you to build their original
hierarchy both in terms of impact and technological
applicability.At the top of the network pyramid can be placed
an intelligent portal for the most advanced and creative
users – LiveJournal (Live Journal). This is a place of “high” communication,
self-affirmation, or the so-called trolling – placement
materials in order to cause a conflict, provoke
for some assessments and even actions. By impact
on public opinion LJ is technologically applicable practically
just like classic media. Another thing is Facebook, which takes
middle or central place in the network hierarchy, covering
multi-million dollar audience.In Russia, this niche is occupied by VKontakte. Then
already followed by Twitter.

Social networks today play not so much the role of a platform for communication,
how much information blast detonator capable of spreading data
around the world in a matter of seconds, thereby accelerating the progress of one or
another operation. This does not mean that television and radio are losing
popularity. In modern conditions, there is a symbiosis of the largest
TV giants with networks like WikiLeaks, Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, which ultimately enhances the effect of information operations,
bringing hundreds of thousands of protesters to the streets.

So, network structures are the most important instrument of “soft power” created by
to solve at least three tasks, and on a global scale.
The first is the formation of new meanings, meanings set by the “operator”,
“Beacon”. If this task can be solved, then no military intervention
will not need.

The second task is to organize operational control over
activities of groups and individuals. The third task is to create
mechanism for the formation and manipulation of behavior in specific
situations, as well as involving people who are
tasks do not understand and should not understand this.

Thus, gaining a multi-million audience, social networks
have become a cognitive, informational and organizational weapon.
As the outstanding Soviet scientist P. Kapitsa once noted, “funds
mass media are no less dangerous than means of mass destruction. ”
This fully applies to social networks as a means of implementing soft
power strategy.

To be continued.


Joseph Samuel Nye.Princeton University graduate, doctoral student
and a Harvard professor. His doctoral dissertation was put forward
for the Cecil Rhodes Prize, a renowned apologist for world domination
Britain and the Anglo-American establishment in general,
the founder of the DeBeers diamond empire and still active
structures called “Group” (or “We”).

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