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10 Options for the Best Dog Boarding in Singapore [2021 ]

Planning for an out-of-town trip during the holidays? If so, then you might need someone to take care of your dog while you’re away — don’t worry ’cause we’ve already compiled the most trusted places with the best dog boarding in Singapore!

We’ve selected the best dog hotels in Singapore where your dogs can have fun and be safe at the same time. So take a look at our list below to find out where they can hang out and not feel bored while waiting for you!

1.  Wanderlodge

BEST FOR  Home-based environment
PRICING Room Rates
ADDRESS Stratton Dr, Singapore 805946
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9169 9093

At Wanderlodge, your furkids can experience a cage-free, healthy, and safe environment while roaming freely. Whether your beloved dogs prefer to have some friends around or private playtime, this place can offer the best dog boarding in Singapore!

They have a group of skilled groomers, full-time pet sitters, and trained staff who will monitor your pets and make sure that they’re well-fed and safe throughout the whole stay.

In case you need to be away for a week or longer, they offer daily daycare services that’ll help your dogs with separation anxiety too.

They also have dog training programs where your furkids can learn bladder and bowel control, loose leash walking, and how to be at ease when exposed to different kinds of people, animals, and environments.

All pets are required to go through strict flea/tick and fungus assessment and temperament tests. So rest assured that your dogs and their fellow pets in the hotel will be clean and odour-free.


  • Air-conditioned and hygienic facilities
  • 24/7 veterinarian support
  • Dog training programs
  • Islandwide transportation service


2.  The Wagington

BEST FOR  Luxurious suites
PRICING Room Rates
ADDRESS 27B Loewen Road Singapore 248850
CONTACT DETAILS +65 64711689

If you’re looking for luxurious hotel suites where your dogs can have custom-made meals and enjoy a fancy stay, then you’ll definitely love the facilities and services of The Wagington!

Each suite is designed with grand and elegant furnishings and handcrafted leather orthopaedic beds.

There are also high-definition CCTV cameras installed in each room — ensuring fully secured surveillance through day and night.

They have full-time daycare and activities to let the dogs socialise and have fun. This includes swimming, bicycle riding, treadmill training, and more activities.

At their Doghill Garden, a huge area designed with anti-microbial synthetic turf grass, dogs can freely and safely play outdoors. They even provide salon and spa services for a nourishing groom treatment for your dogs.


  • Dog pool
  • Luxury rewards
  • Exclusive membership perks
  • Pet transport services
  • Pet-friendly event venues

Customer Reviews

Many customers have claimed that The Wagington is indeed one of the best dog hotels in Singapore. This is because of the reliable and professional dog care services given by the staff.

A customer gave this review:

“My dog stayed at the pet hotel for 20 days and I really liked the service.

Nice, kind and friendly staff, answering my questions straight away regarding the update about my furbaby. They really took a good care of my Pipoca!”

3.  Dear Mutt

BEST FOR  24-hour live CCTV access via a mobile app
PRICING Room Rates
ADDRESS 17 Venus Rd, Singapore 574304
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9222 0190
OPERATING HOURS Daily, 10am – 7pm

Dear Mutt provides special individual care for each pet: they take care of them according to the owner’s instructions — making sure that every habit and routine is maintained.

They provide spacious, airy, and hygienic rooms for a comfortable and healthy environment. Their caretakers do daily walks and playtime as well as provide ambient music and aromatherapy to calm and soothe the dogs.

Aside from these, they’ll also send daily updates so you can always monitor your furkids even when you’re away.

They have various rooms suitable for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and needs — giving your pets the best dog kennel in Singapore!


  • Flea and tick assessment
  • Bubbly baths and spa treatments
  • Pet shop
  • Discount rates
  • Daily photo/video updates

Customer Reviews

Due to the personalised daycare services along with the constant supervision of the staff, Dear Mutt has received lots of positive responses from the customers. A customer wrote this feedback:

“It is a dog hotel. The place is clean and very lovely for dogs to stay/board whilst their owners go for holidays, etc. The dogs have their walks and plentiful of play time, with love showered by Dear Mutt’s staff. Their living area are cleaned everyday. The staff are very attentive and spend time amd effort playing with the dogs and maintaining the place the best they can to ensure a clean and comfy environment for the furkids.

4.  Ginny & Friends

BEST FOR  Affordable daycare services
PRICING Room Rates
ADDRESS 9 Thong Soon Avenue (near Springleaf Thomson) Singapore 787436
OPERATING HOURS Monday through Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

If dog hotels gave you an impression of expensive rooms and lots of costly additional charges, then you should see the services and rates of Ginny & Friends! They provide fun-filled activities and well-managed dog care services available at cheap prices!

Their indoor facility features an air-conditioned and cage-free environment. Meanwhile, their outdoor area offers a pleasant ambience where your dogs can enjoy walking and playing with constant supervision.

They have orthopaedic and chew-proof beds for all types of dogs. Their daycare services cost  $25 for a full day, which is a lot cheaper than most dog hotels!

They’ve also been featured in magazines as a resource for pet lovers, proving that many believe they truly are the best dog kennel in Singapore!


  • Exercise activities
  • Full-service grooming salon
  • On-demand pet taxi service

Customer Reviews

Customers said that the staff at Ginny & Friends are all trained and know how to interact with dogs and that they make sure that the pets will have a positive and fun visit.

A customer left this feedback:

“Owner of the place has a big genuine heart for dogs and you will have peace of mind leaving your pooch there should you ever need them to be looked after while you are away. Best groomer, Iris, for my shih tzu too for the last 10 years. She is careful and will point out if she spots anything unusual on my dog’s body. Will never go anywhere else for dog care. Highly recommended !!”

5.  Sunny Heights

BEST FOR  Professional dog trainers
PRICING Room Rates
ADDRESS 110 Turf Club Road Singapore 288000
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6314 9363
OPERATING HOURS Daily, 8am–5:30pm

At Sunny Heights, your dog can meet new friends and play and relax all day without any discomfort at all!

With their lush green ground on the outdoor area, your dogs can run leash-free and have an exciting and fun playtime with their fellow furkids!

This dog hotel takes pride in professional trainers that let the dogs learn new skills and tricks. So when they get home, pet owners will be astonished by how their dogs have suddenly become disciplined and trained.

They also have a pet adoption service that comes without any cost — encouraging everyone to adopt dogs instead of buying them. In line with this, they also provide animal welfare education to help others learn more about adopting.


  • Swimming pool and dog park
  • Thorough screening and evaluation process

Customer Reviews

Customers were impressed with the facilities and staff of Sunny Heights. They mentioned the experienced trainers who taught dogs some amazing tricks.

A customer shared this experience:

“Great place to bring dogs for a swim. Facilities are good and equipment is all provided. Friendly staff around to help out and watch the dogs. There is parking available and café there for food.”

6.  Breakfast at Fluffy’s

Breakfast at Fluffy’s is one of the best pet hotels in Singapore, and for good reason– they offer a safe and comfortable environment for your pet to stay in.

Their staff is truly empathic and loving of all the pets they accommodate. With their quality services, your pet might not even want to leave once you’ve returned.


  • Professional service
  • Comfortable and enjoyable environment

7. Petpause

Petpause is a pet hotel that offers the best accommodations for your furbaby. Their airconditioned rooms are fully furnished for a calming environment, from the orthopaedic bed to the soothing ambience and constant aroma therapy.

Their pet handlers are knowledgeable when it comes to the ins-and-outs of pet boarding. You can rest assured that if you leave your pet in their care, they will give you services well worth their price.


  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Comfortable and fully-equipped rooms

8. PetAugust

Pet August offers pet sitting, daycare, grooming, and many more services for you and your fur babies to enjoy. They have a mini playground where your pets could move around and drain their energies. 

Since grooming is a great way to make sure that your pet is in the best condition, they offer different packages for pet grooming. Come and visit their shop and treat your fur babies. 


  • Sincere staff
  • Warm place
  • Good groomer

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Pet August’s clients:

“It’s our first time boarding our little Lexie for 8days 7night. We recce many many places and felt the most at ease with Pet August. The staff here are really sincere and genuine. I could tell their genuine love for animals. Being away for so long away from Lexie, naturally we felt very very anxious. But they sent frequent updates, videos and photos. And they were extremely patient with our long list of questions and requests. Also have them to groom her and she came home smelling great and looking cheerful. She must have had so much fun looking at her sound asleep with a smile on her face… thank you Shinny, Vinna and all the staff and little ones like sunshine and ice for giving her so much love and joy. Definitely gona bring Lexie back every now and then for day care or boarding or grooming:) very satisfied little Lexie and paw-rents. :)” – Lau Belle Lifeng

Here’s another one:

“Friendly. Trusted place to groom my dog. :)” – Recovery Cxvpher

9. Fyfy’s Love Pet Services

Fyfy’s Love Pet services have a great passion for their pet services which includes basic grooming, boarding, daycare, and walks. They are highly recommended by their former clients for they constantly give updates about your pet. 

The advice they offer is very reliable and efficient too. Making sure that your pet is in its best condition and having a good time under their care. 


  • 5 out of 5 based on 89 opinions
  • Highly responsive
  • Reliable 

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Fyfy’s Love Pet Services’ clients:

“It was a very pleasant experience as Karen provided updates very regularly and replied quickly too. Thank you for taking such good care of Simba and planning the numerous activities for him. Really do appreciate all the advice given as well!” – Ivalyn Lye

Here’s another one:

“This is my first try on fyfy on the day care service and I find Karen did take good care of my 8-mth old puppy very well. My puppy enjoyed herself very much by looking at the photos and videos Karen sent. I will engage her day care service for my puppy again.” – Justin Chew


10. Petronize

BEST FOR Dog Boarding
SERVICES Pet Grooming
Pet Day Care
Pet Boarding
Other Pet Services
ADDRESS Blk 18 Upper Boon Keng Road #01-1135 Singapore 380018
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

Petronize is an excellent choice for Dog Boarding if you’re looking to get away for a few days at a time. The team’s 8 years’ worth of experience allows them to competently manage Furkids, ensuring their health and safety while you’re gone.

The environment they provide is one of the best, with air-condition available alongside fresh water and two-time daily feedings. Staff also keeps a close eye on every pet to ensure their safety when mingling with others. 


  • Below 7kg @ $35 per night
  • Below 14kg @ $45 per night
  • Above 21kg @$55 per night

And that’s it for our list of the best dog hotels in Singapore! Have you already decided which place is perfect for your furkids? Tell us all about it!

And for those who are relocating into another country or moving into Singapore with their pets, check out our list of some of the places that provide the best pet relocation in Singapore!

Best pet boarding services in Singapore

Singapore has a lot to offer for pet parents looking for boarding services for their dogs and cats. If you are travelling on work or for a family vacation, and you can’t take your pet with you, there are many fantastic pet boarding services for cats and dogs in Singapore.

When you choose a boarding facility for your dog or cat, there are several things to factor in. The centre has to be hygienic and well-maintained, the employees should be friendly and knowledgeable and the facility must insist on mandatory vaccinations and treatment for external parasites; you don’t want you cat or dog to come back sick from the boarding facility. If your pet has special needs, check if they are capable of meeting your pet’s requirements. See if there is play and exercise time for your pet and before making the decision, be sure to ask around for reviews. The right boarding house makes a big difference in allaying your pet’s separation anxiety and stress.

Sunny Heights

Sunny Heights is a well-known dog boarding centre on Turf Club Road in Singapore. There are two types of kennels here for dogs: Pack boarding and private suites. Pack boarding is group boarding for dogs that are socialised and friendly. Dogs sleep in air-conditioned pens and spend time splashing around in the pool and socialising with other dogs. The Private Suites are for dogs that prefer their privacy, and there are individual pens for each dog. Rates start at SGD 35 for group boarding and SGD 48 for private boarding.

Sunny Heights also has a daycare service for dogs to play and socialise when their pet parents are out at work. Dogs are grouped according to their temperament, and watchful employees are on hand to make sure it’s all play and nothing else for the dogs. Sunny Heights is a popular dog boarding facility; it is best to book well in advance, especially if you are travelling during the holiday season.


Wanderlodge is a cage-free pet hotel where your cat or dog is treated like a family member. Wanderlodge has a home-like atmosphere and is best for pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

The dogs have a vast area to play around in and live in air-conditioned comfort. There are daily walks and playtimes scheduled in, as well as nap and rest times. All dogs checking into Wanderlodge will be given a compulsory tick and flea prevention treatment, and only dogs with an even temperament are taken in. Prices start at SGD 40 for small dogs and can go up to SGD 80 for extra-large dogs.

There are two cat suites, a shared cat suite and a private suite. The cat hotel is located in a different location, away from the dogs. The private suite is great for cats that are shy and prefer to be alone. Both the suites have plenty of space for the cats and lots of toys and scratch posts to play. The suites are hygienic, safe, and air-conditioned. Prices start at SGD 30 for the shared room and SGD 40 for the private suite.

Wanderlodge is open through the year, unlike some boarding centres that close for the holidays.

The Wagington

The Wagington is one of the most luxurious pet hotels in Singapore, which promises to pamper your pooch while you are away. With an exclusive salon and spa, and a bone-shaped doggie pool, the Wagington promises an experience of a lifetime for your beloved pets.

The doggie suites are the epitome of luxury, with lavish furnishings and an orthopaedic bed. Every suite has an HD webcam for pet parents who want to connect with their pets while they are away. There are four suites in the dog hotel – Junior, Superior, Garden, and Royal – each suite is spacious, well-lit and extremely comfortable. Prices start at SGD 75 for the Junior Suite and go up to SGD 168 for the Royal Suite.

The cat hotel is similarly luxurious, with orthopaedic beds and scratch posts in each suite. Every suite is fitted with a webcam, and you can keep tabs on your cat whenever you want. There are five types of cat suites – Cabin Feline Suite, Imperial Feline Suite, Doghill Feline Suite, Royal Feline Suite, and Palace Feline Suite – every suite is luxurious and specially designed for the comfort of your cat. Prices start at SGD 39 for the Cabin Feline Suite and go up to SGD 109 for the Palace Feline Suite.


Are you nervous about leaving your precious pet in a big boarding facility with lots of other pets? Do you think you’d prefer that your dog or cat stays in a place that is as home-like as possible? Pawshake is the best option for pet parents who prefer not to change their pet’s daily routine by much. Pawshake is an app that connects you with pet-loving families in your neighbourhood, who’ll board your pet while you are away.

All the pet hosts are vetted by the website, and they are fully insured. Pawshake hosts will not have too many dogs at the same time; your precious pet will get the attention he or she needs. Your pet will live in a home, not in a cage or kennel, and in the same neighbourhood. You can check trusted reviews and meet the hosts before zeroing on the host family.

Summing up…

Pet boarding is an essential service for all pet parents. Choosing an excellent facility is crucial for your peace of mind as well as your pet’s health and safety. Many kennel services take in only neutered pets; please check before booking your pet’s stay. Always remember to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date as most boarding facilities take only fully-vaccinated pets.

If you are planning to travel to Singapore with your cat or dog, contact our experienced team at Petraveller for expert animal travel advice and planning.

Top 10 Best Dog Boarding Places in Singapore


Up For Paws is a Singapore dog daycare environment that believes in positive reinforcement, responsible dog ownership and dog socialization. We provide a fun, safe, loving and clean environment for your dog to play in while you are away! Here, all doggies will socialize and play under supervision by our wonderful staff schooled in positive reinforcement dog training. If pack walks and fun social play is what your doggy craves, then give us a call now!

At Up For Paws, your dogs will enjoy the following services:

  • Dog Daycare
  • Daily Updates
  • Dog Socialization
  • Positive Reinforcement communication
  • Pack Walks
  • Outings (Dog Park)
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Nap time with soothing music
  • Nutritious gluten-free/grain free dog treats
  • Convenient transport to pick up and drop off dogs from their homes

We Evaluate All Dogs

By interviewing all our dogs beforehand, we get to know each dog individually. This step ensures that your dog socializes at the pace she is comfortable with in a supervised and safe environment.

During daycare we have play sessions, confidence work, and quiet times where dogs lay down for a nap. All activities are monitored and dogs are encouraged to interact in a controlled and positive manner.

At Up For Paws we treat each dog as an individual with their own history, expectations and needs. Starting with your interview, we believe in developing an ongoing relationship by keeping up-to-date with your dog. We love discussions regarding health, nutrition, behaviour and lifestyle with each of your visits, and we hope to provide support to our dog owners through advice, references and trainings.

Our Staff Are 100% Force-Free – Our full-time staff have all undergone force-free, clicker training, dog body language and positive reinforcement training.

Our Staff Are Certified Canine First Aid Responders – Up For Paw’s full-time staff are all certified as Canine First Responders and are able to provide first aid care in the case of any emergency.  Read more here!

We Use Caring Products – We only use eco-cleaning products that are gentle on your pup’s paws and bodies. All of our cleaning agents do not contain chemical components that harm.

Space is Limited – Not all dogs will be enrolled at Up For Paws. Every dog will undergo a compulsory behavioural assessment to ensure the safety of our pack. Only neutered dogs with up-to-date vaccinations, flea control, and that are willing to socialize, are likely to be accepted at Up For Paws dog daycare. All sizes and breeds are welcome.

Once your dog is accepted into our daycare service, your dog may board with us at any time! We would love to be your daycare partner for the long haul.

Location: 31 Eng Kong Terrace


The 5 Best Pet Boarding Services in Singapore [2021 Review]

Much as you anticipate going away on a much-needed holiday, it can be heart-rending to leave your pup behind. Perhaps you are torn between arranging for an in-home pet sitter and procuring pet boarding services. Pet boarding is a popular solution as it means round-the-clock care for your pet.

Good pet boarding services are run by specialized professionals who provide a safe environment for your beloved pet. They range from high-end luxurious facilities to more homely ones. Many also monitor health, administer medicine, and offer grooming services.  If you entrust your pet to their care, you will not only have a stress-free holiday, but your pet too will enjoy some pampering. Here are 5 of the best pet boarding services in Singapore [2021 review]

Image: Sunny Heights

Sunny Heights offers daycare facilities for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The dogs exercise, socialize with other dogs, and take naps. In addition, there are professional trainers on-site to teach the dogs new skills. Sunny Heights also offers swimming sessions, an ideal exercise for your dog to tone the muscles and enhance flexibility.


  • The facility has a well-designed pool for your dog to splash about in
  • Hour-long swim sessions can be arranged
  • You can accompany your dog to the pool
  • The pool undergoes maintenance by professionals twice a week
  • To gain entry, dogs should have the current annual vaccine records


  • Professional grooming service
  • Swim sessions
  • Pack walks
  • Dog naps
  • Professional trainers
  • Outdoor socializing
  • Indoor socializing
  • Night boarding
  • Cattery for a small number of cats

Day Care Services

Weight of dogRate per day
Under 10Kg$55

Swimming: $18 per hour

Life jackets: $2

Swimming package: $180 for 6 months

Image: Wanderlodge Pet Hotel & Suites

When dogs and cats walk into Wanderlodge, they are treated as part of the family. The facility prides itself on having a cage-free environment with adequate space for the pets to roam around in. Trained staff members are present at all times to monitor and supervise the pets.

Wanderlodge arranges basic dog training sessions for dogs that board with them. Wanderlodge is ideally located in a peaceful environment close to nature, and the owners reside on the premises. For your peace of mind, there is always a veterinarian on call to attend to any emergencies.


  • Animal guests can roam freely
  • The environment is hygienic and safe
  • There is air-conditioning round the clock
  • Pet parents can make arrangements to view the facility before making a reservation
  • An island-wide pet taxi transport service is available
  • Temperament test compulsory before check-in


  • Professional grooming
  • Pet sitter
  • Private playtime
  • Daily walks for the dogs
  • Games for the cats
  • Vet support
  • Daycare services

Dog Boarding

Size of dogRate per night
Small – under 10kg$40
Medium – 11Kg-19Kg$50
Large – 20Kg-29Kg$60
Extra-large – above 40g$80

Basic dog training: $50 per day

Compulsory tick protection: $15

Cat Boarding: Prices range from $30-$40

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Top Pet Hotels in Singapore

Planning your vacation or inevitable work abroad but can’t bear to leave your furkids alone at home? Check them into a pet hotel for a peace of mind.

Why choose a pet hotel?

Travelling with your pet can be a stressful and costly experience for both owner and pet. There are various permits and vaccinations required for the air travel. Some factors such as existing medical conditions and carrier space can also pose a risk to your furkids during the flight. 

If you are travelling for a short period, consider booking them into a pet hotel instead! 

Top pet hotels in Singapore

Here are a variety of Pet Hotels in Singapore you can choose from:

Pet Hotel


  • Offering hotel and daycare services, styling, spa treatment and healing therapy session for pets
  • Has been in operations for over 10 years
Pricing Dog: Starting from $68 per night
Address 26 Jalan Kelulut, Seletar Hills Estate, Singapore 809043
Telephone 65 6886 9056
Operating Hours Daily 11AM – 7PM
Review 1 “Mona has stayed twice in Petopiawhen I travelling aboard. It’s a quite safe and lovely place which mona has made a lot of friends there. People are friendly, they are true dog lovers. I will definitely bring Mona back again.”
Review 2 “Very responsible and dedicated team, took care of my Penny for boarding and grooming. Highly recommended and took note and followed up on my every request. Thanks guys!”
Review 3 “CoCo is always well taken care of whenever we send her for grooming or boarding. All staffs are friendly and service with a smile. Keep up the good work!”


Pet Hotel

Battlestar Boarding

  • Pet service provider providing hotel, daycare, grooming and training services.
  • Hotel has 24 hours CCTV monitoring of all activities and accidental insurance coverage
  • Dog: Starting from $65 per day
  • Cat: Starting from $45 per day
  • Chinchilla/Guinea Pig/Bird: Starting from $25 per day
Address 56 Sembawang Road Hong Heng Mansion #01-05, Singapore 779086
Contact  Tel: 65 8891 3518

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours Daily 11AM – 7PM
Review 1 “Cool store, and great service! Sent my dogs in during the Chinese new year holidays for 2 nights. Thanks to Garrick and the team for the care they’ve shown to my 2 dogs! Special requirements such as taking medicine on time, diet options and timely updates provided through WhatsApp. Will be back again!”
Review 2 “Boarded my 2 dogs for 4 nights in October. Great experience their pet care specialists were always quick to reply and always updated me daily. They also allowed me to do a short video call with my pets for a better peace of mind. They also offered a number of free Spa services as a promotional offer, my dogs came back with healthier skin and were very happy and active when they came back. Their delivery service even till 11pm made traveling a hassle free experience.”
Review 3 “Sent brownie to battlestar boarding twice and the owners of the shop really takes good care of my dog! Despite brownie being a mongrel, this pet boarding did not discriminate my dog and clearly loves her! For her second boarding brownie was so excited when she saw the owners of the shop who came to fetch her personally. Hence I believe my dog is in good hands! Thumbs up to battlestar boarding!”


Pet Hotel

Nekoya Cat Hotel

  • Cat-only boarding hotel with 3 facilities around Central, East and West of Singapore.
  • Hotel also offers complimentary viewing prior to reservation
  • Early bird discounts for bookings at least 21 days in advance
  • Free cancellation and modification to bookings up to 7 days prior to check-in
  • Vacation cabins: From $33 per night
  • Daycare services: From $20
  •  797 Geylang Road
  • 9 King Albert Park
  • 59 Kampong Bahru Road
  • Geylang: 6966 7387
  • King Albert Park: 6969 6278
  • Kampong Bahru: 6926 6470
Operating Hours Daily 11AM – 6PM
Review 1 “I like to thank Nekoya KAP for taking such great care of my 4 cats Pixie, Piko, Freddie and Bailey for a week. The staff is kind and caring and always responsive to my questions and provided me with regular updates. The premises is clean and airy too.”
Review 2 “It was our first time boarding our 7-mth kitten at Nekoya KAP, and we’re satisfied with the reliability and service provided. The environment is clean and the staff are friendly, knowledgable and dedicated! Thank you so much for giving us a peace of mind while we travel!”
Review 3 “I am very pleased with Nekoya Cat Hotel. This is my first time using their service. I felt at ease putting Teddy in Nekoya as they provide daily updates. It makes me feel good that the team updates on Teddy’s feeding, toileting and behaviour. Super awesome service! Highly recommended and definitely choosing Nekoya again.”



Fyfy’s Love Pet Services

Address Hougang Singapore
Operating Hours Daily: 7 AM to 11 PM
Review 1 My dog, Elvis, stayed with Karen for around 5 months and I couldn’t be happier with all the care and love she gave him. She sent photos of him every day and he always looked very happy around her and all the other dogs. I can’t thank her enough! I totally recommend it!

By Karia Kastrup

Review 2 We were recommended fyfy’s love through a friend and we are so glad that we engaged her services. Karen was very thorough in her pre-daycare evaluation and she was very informative. She is also strict but we felt that this is good.

By Verlin Ng

Review 3 Karen is an empathetic pet sitter who has a genuine heart for animals. She is reassuring and caring towards my senior dog which has medical conditions.

By Caling


Pet Hotel

The Fluffy Hut

  • Singapore’s first small animal pet boarding and grooming salon for chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits
  • Boarding facilities include customisable playpen
  • 24/7 CCTV viewing available for owners


  • Pet Grooming for Rabbit & Guinea Pig
  • Pet Hotel for small animals ( Rabbit, guinea pigs, Chinchilla, Hamster )
  • Rabbit: $30 per night
  • Chinchilla/ Guinea Pig: $20 per night
  • Hamster: $10 per night
Address 492 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368199
Contact TElephone : 65 9621 8199

Email : [email protected]

Operating Hours Daily 12PM – 10PM
Review 1 “Left my Chinchilla there for 11 days. While we are on holiday, we constantly can check on him via the webcam and can even speak to him! The space is huge and clean and air conditioned. Adrian and Rachel are very accommodating and easy to communicate. Will definitely board there again.”
Review 2 “This was the very first time I sent my hamster to a pet boarding house. They have been very welcoming and have responded well to all my enquiries. My hamster had also enjoyed his stay with The Fluffy Hut. Thank you and keep up the great work.”
Review 3 “Thank you Adrian for sharing your passion about rabbits! The Fluffy Hut is extremely clean and provides our bunny with lots of comfort during its stay. We could also check on our bunny through the personalised CCTV when we were overseas. Would definitely patronise again! Thank you Adrian and team!”


Pet Hotel

Mutts & Mittens

  • Cat and Dog boarding services in operations since 2003
  • Rooms are air-conditioned, furnished with elevated beds, food and water bowls
  • 24 hours CCTV available
  • Dog: From $45 per night
  • Cat: $40 per night
  • (Dog Boarding) 59 Sungei Tengah Road Blk B, #01-03/04 The Animal Lodge, 699014
  • (Cat Boarding) 175 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399721
Telephone 65 8373 7172
Operating Hours Daily 9AM – 6PM
Review 1 “I’m happy with the care provided for my dog Yukie while we were on holiday. I received timely updates and videos from the friendly staff during this period. Looking forward to your services again. Highly recommended!”
Review 2 “Excellent and responsible dog boarding house. I left my blind 13 year old dog with them for 2 wks and was updated regularly with my dog’s progress, even to the tiniest detail. Highly recommended.”
Review 3 “Couldn’t ask for more for the experience of the stay. Kitties were showered with love and cuddles. And the space that our cats got… was more than enough as compared to other boarding.
Love it that there’s a night caretaker which many boarding places do not have. And even love it that there’s CCTV to spy on the cats even when we were away.
It’s a stressful time when cats aren’t in their usual familiar places, the love Mutts and Mittens at Guillemard gave our cats compensated more than ever.”


Pet Hotel


  • Cage free pet boarding and daycare with choice of free roam or individual room
  • Facility set up like a home to provide comfort and safety
  • 1 pet nanny assigned 4 to 6 fur kids
  • 24/7 care provided to pets
  • Live cam access available
  • Day care: From $24
  • Boarding: From $55 per night
Address 331 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427587
Operating Hours Weekdays 10AM – 7PM

Weekends 10AM – 6PM

Review 1 “The good folks at Nord Pets have taken excellent care of my elderly Yorkie over the past three years. She always comes home happy and relaxed after a stay with Stefanie and Sean. The facilities are safe, clean, and quiet. They send photos, videos, and updates on how our pupper is doing while we are away. They are not only kind and caring to their furry charges, but are very easy to work with. I highly recommend them!”
Review 2 “Regular updates and videos are provided on how your pet is doing. The place looks really clean as well. Our dog was in a relax disposition after we picked her up. She got new human and fur friends too.Happy with their service”
Review 3 “It was a nice experience of having my puppy boarding on Nord Pets. Staff are extremely nice and responsible for my baby. They provided 24hrs camera for me to watch my puppy anytime I wanted. The env is clean and quiet. My puppy was very well taken care! Appreciated!”


Pet Hotel

Pawty Paws

  • Provides hotel, daycare and grooming services for dogs
  • 24 hr CCTV access for owners
Pricing $59 per night
Address 479 Joo Chiat Road #02-00, Singapore 427684
Telephone 65 9795 2662
Operating Hours Daily 9AM – 7PM
Review 1 “Safe, clean, professional, caring and reliable. Always enjoyed my holidays peacefully knowing that Pawty Paws and team are taking care of my 2 furkids well. They have CCTV which you can view via your furkids on your phone anywhere on earth with accessible wifi!”
Review 2 “Our Morkie Ruby is well taken care of by Pawty Paws during our absence. And ever since she has been elated to come back to have more fun with her playmates. She adores Steven and Scott.

This place is kept spotless and odourless. Just a delight to have found you guys.”

Review 3 “I really appreciate the attentiveness and amount of love and care the guys give to my fur kid during her recent stay there. Great service! Strongly recommended!!!”


Pet Hotel

BreakFast at Fluffy’s (BFF) Boutique Pet Hotel

  • Cage-less pet boarding and dog daycare services available
  • Dog grooming services available
  • Provides 24/7 webcam with night vision
  • 24 hour concierge service that accepts check in and check outs outside of operating hours
  • Offers free hour temperament assessment
  • Offers event planning and venue for pet parties
  • Dog day care: From $20
  • Dog boarding: From $58 per night
  • Rabbit, Hamster, Bird and Reptile boarding: $10 per night
Address 318 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427569
Telephone 65 9690 9876
Operating Hours Daily 7AM – 10PM
Review 1 “Cage-free air-conditioned environment with soothing music … every doggy roams freely yet safely being monitored. Love the place!!”
Review 2 “Brought my dogs to this place and it’s simply amazing. Very nice decor and extremely cozy for the dogs. This is unlike other pet hotels or boarding houses that puts our dogs in cages when they sleep. I highly recommend Breakfast at Fluffys”
Review 3 “We did some research before sending our puppy to this hotel. And to be honest, we were not disappointed about it. The owner, Elaine provides outstanding professional service! There are 2 cameras to be ensure you can watch your puppy anytime. Great job and well-done!”


Pet Hotel

The Wicked Wag

  • Hotel and daycare services for pets available
  • Specialise in dog grooming and aromatic essential oil spa
  • Grooming sessions also available for cats and small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Pet relocation
Pricing Day care: From $10
Hotel: From $50
Address 77 Indus Road #01-511 Singapore (160077)
Telephone 65 6252 7717
Operating Hours Daily 10AM – 5PM
Review 1 “Just came back from 9 days holiday trip, they did a fantastic job taking care of moka. Thank you, very much appreciated.”
Review 2 “We knew we have left Brownie in the good care of TWW when we were traveling overseas. We visited the shop before hand and had a great conversation with Kumiko, the dog groomer and handler, who was very meticulous in finding out the needs and behavior of Brownie before his stay. During the 2 weeks’ stay, Brownie was brought out for his daily walks and we were also updated constantly with photos and videos of him enjoying his staycation in the TWW. He also had a beautiful grooming session and even had his nails trimmed; we knew how difficult this task is as most other groomers are not able to even touch Brownie’s paws without him yelping away. We will highly recommend TWW’s services to our friends and all dog lovers.”


Pet Hotel


  • Pet boarding and grooming services for guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, fancy rats and hamsters
  • Daily cleaning of fleece bedding and feeders
  • Regular photo and video updates on pets provided
  • Chinchilla boarding: $12 per day
  • Rabbit boarding: $11 per day
  • Guinea pig boarding: $9 per day
  • Hamster boarding: $4.50 per day
Address Woodlands Street 13, Block 185C, Singapore 733185
Telephone 65 82054199
Operating Hours Weekdays 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Weekends 2PM – 3:30PM
Review 1 “My Mikey just came back home safely after a week. Highly recommended if you wish your little hammy being well taken care while you away”
Review 2 “bunny boarding for 11 days and added grooming as well. received daily updates and my bunny seems happy there (esp in aircon room) ~ highly recommended!”
Review 3 “WeekyCavies took care of my baby boy Tilly for about 2 weeks while I was away. I got kind and warm updates almost everyday so that I didn’t need to worry at all. Trustable!!”


Pet Hotel


  • Cat-only boarding house and daycare
  • Free flow of wet and dry food provided
  • Private litter bin assigned to each cat and will be cleared and cleaned daily
  • Facility available for viewing by appointment
  • Complimentary picture and/or video of pet provided during stay, charges apply for additional photo request
  • Day care: From $25
  • Boarding: From $38 per night
Address 46 Dunlop Street Singapore 209375
Telephone 65 9388 8893
Operating Hours Daily 9AM – 3PM
Review 1 “My two precious stayed with them for ten nights. I appreciated that Kevin was willing to take them in at the last minute. As he is a cat lover, the cats were well taken care of. Bella and Simba came back cuddlier and rounder that I wondered if they really had separation anxiety at all. ;)”
Review 2 “Good & friendly professional service. Take good care of our Russian blue “Archie” for a fortnight, Thumbs Up!”
Review 3 “My two cats were happy,relaxed and well looked after at Catopia.. I was worried about leaving them For 10 days .. but they were quite happy when I returned!”


Pet Hotel

The Snuggery

  • Dog daycare and boarding services provided
  • Training, grooming and spa services available
  • Live stream webcam accessible by owners daily from 9AM – 5PM
  • Indoor pet pool available
  • Free trial daycare available
Pricing From $40 per day
Address 13 lichfield Road, Singapore, Singapore 556833
Telephone 65 8716 7550
Operating Hours Weekdays 7:30AM – 7:30PM
Weekends 9AM – 5PM
Review 1 “My dog Milo is a rescue dog and has a lot of issues. The people at Snuggery have an excellent attitude and way of working with dogs. Milo stayed there a week and seemed to enjoy his stay. A great place.”
Review 2 “We searched for a while to find a group of people we could trust with our puppies day-in day-out. The staff at The Snuggery are all incredibly caring and friendly while remaining incredibly professional. We have been bringing Norton and Bajan here for almost 3 years at least 3x per week. We know they’re well taken care of because they just can’t wait to get inside each time we park the car. We cannot recommend the Snugger team highly enough. We will miss each and every one of the team and we know Norton and Bajan will miss them too. Best of luck to the staff and we hope to see you all again!!!”
Review 3 “Excellent service from the Snuggery Team! I was able to view my girl through their webcam and observe her progress and comfort level there. Able to tell that she gradually enjoyed her stay when she started playing with the rest (she’s shy, needs warming up) 😀 The team managed to accomodate and provide her last min medical condition (UTI) with great care. Thank you Snuggery! Highly recommended”


Pet Hotel

Up for Paws

  • Dog daycare and boarding centre
  • Dog outings and group walks available for daycare customers
  • Free one time introductory interview session prior to daycare service
  • 2 way transport available with purchase of 10 session package
Pricing From $40
Address 31 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore, Singapore 599004
Telephone 65 91682600
Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 6PM
Review 1 “Don’t hesitate bringing your dogs here as the dedicated team takes such good care of them! They have always gone above and beyond, even running in the rain to help me! I always look forward to the photo updates and love seeing how happy my dogs always look! Thanks guys, for everything that you do”
Review 2 “We have been sending our dog to this daycare for the past month or so and are thrilled with the service. Our dog isn’t the easiest as she is a shy Singapore Special pup. The staff at UFP have been very patient and understanding and helped to ease our dog into the new surroundings. We were so happy to see that after just two sessions, our dog wagged her tail enthusiastically when Pal came to pick her up from the flat. It has helped to put our minds at ease whilst at work to receive updates and pictures. It is also reassuring to know that our dog is under such great care whilst we are at work! I would recommend UFP for anyone looking for an excellent day care for your dogs whilst at work.”
Review 3 “Genuine dog lovers who knows what’s best for your fur pet. Young dedicated team. Highly recommended”


Pet Hotel

Dear Mutt

  • Dog boarding and daycare centre with fully air-conditioned environment
  • Boarding includes 2 walks per day with individual indoor playtime
  • Complimentary shower for every week of stay
  • 24-hour live CCTV access and daily photo and video updates provided for owners of pets in boarding facility
  • Provides bath, spa treatment and grooming services
Pricing Day care: From $25
Boarding: From $60 per night
Address 17 Venus Drive, Singapore 574304
Telephone 65 9222 0190
Operating Hours Daily 10AM – 7PM
Review 1 “My dog loves to board at Dear Mutt. The staff takes very good care of her and have online streaming to check in on our pup when we are away.”
Review 2 “It is a dog hotel. The place is clean and very lovely for dogs to stay/board whilst their owners go for holidays, etc. The dogs have their walks and plentiful of play time, with love showered by Dear Mutt’s staff. Their living area are cleaned everyday. The staff are very attentive and spend time amd effort playing with the dogs and maintaining the place the best they can to ensure a clean and comfy environment for the furkids. :)”
Review 3 “One of the best dog boarding”


Pet Hotel

Bunnify Rabbit Boarding

  • Provides rabbit boarding, bonding and grooming services
  • Daily roaming, change of hay and distilled water, serving of vegetables and bunnify cookie treats provided
  • 24/7 CCTV camera access available for owners
  • Emergency medical supplies available on standby
Pricing From $16 per night
Address Blk 163 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-444 ( Level 2 ), Singapore 560163
Telephone 65 87741766
Operating Hours Daily 10AM – 10PM
Review 1 “Even my bunnies approve of the 24/7 aircon, relaxing music and nice food. Mabel and family are both very dedicated and go the extra mile to ensure that the bunnies are well taken care of. I appreciate all the help provided! Definitely highly recommended place for boarding and bonding.”
Review 2 “My two buns came here for staycation twice. Even though both refused to be bonded, these two little monsters enjoyed themselves very much. Pigging out and enjoying the aircon everyday.

Mabel loves bunnies and she will love yours like her own. Will definitely send them back here”

Review 3 “Bunnify is my first choice for my bunny. They go an extra mile to provide the highest service to the bunny’s slave. Best of the best ! My bunny came back healthy, well rested and active after his “vacation”. He was well groom too thanks to the grooming services provided by Bunnify !”


Pet Hotel

Ginny And Friends

  • Offers cage-free dog boarding and daycare services in indoor air-conditioned facility
  • Grooming services available
  • 24 hour supervision of dogs in facility
Pricing Day care: From $25
Boarding: From $48 per day
Address No 9 Thong Soon Avenue Singapore 787436
Telephone 65 6754 3677
Operating Hours
  • Weekdays 7AM – 7PM
  • Saturdays 9AM- 6PM
  • Closed on Sundays
Review 1 “Owner of the place has a big genuine heart for dogs and you will have peace of mind leaving your pooch there should you ever need them to be looked after while you are away. Best groomer, Iris, for my shih tzu too for the last 10 years. She is careful and will point out if she spots anything unusual on my dog’s body. Will never go anywhere else for dog care. Highly recommended !!”
Review 2 “I have had many bad experiences boarding and sending my dogs to day care which made me very particular in my selection of such centre.  I am happy to say that I have finally found the right boarding and day care centre for my dogs including grooming. A very reliable dog care centre and charges are reasonable too.  During day care, the dogs are free to roam around a relatively big enclosed space and the dogs interact and play with each other.  They will have at least 1 or 2 pet sitters always in the the space with the dogs. They even have IP cameras installed so that the pet owners can check on their dogs anytime they want. They even have a good and friendly in-house groomer.”
Review 3 “Always send my dog there when I travel overseas. Awesome place and very friendly staffs”


Pet Hotel

K9 Petcare

  • Offers cage free boarding at professional pet nannies homes
  • Pet first aid and CPR certified pet sitters
  • Strict adherence to pet’s regular routine
  • Provides daily picture and video updates of pets
  • Dog walking, dog grooming and pet sitting services available
Pricing From $60 per night
Telephone 65 9631 8962
Operating Hours Daily 7:30AM – 8PM
Review 1 “Having recently moved to Singapore with my two Chihuahuas, I couldn’t be more thankful to have found Daniel and his team at K9 Petcare!

From the initial introductory visits, to the weekly walks, they have been true professionals…prompt, kind and reliable. Not to mention my little Gus & Ginger are OBSESSED with Angela and Stella! I look forward to the post-walk recaps because they capture the most adorable videos and photos of their time together .

You can tell the entire team genuinely loves and respects animals which is a comforting feeling when you trust others with your fur babies.

Thank you k9 for making this process effortless”

Review 2 “Daniel and Stella take the best care of my dog! They always send us photos and an update of the walk. They also go above and beyond to clean up any mess she may have made. But most importantly, she is always so excited to see both of them.”

We have out 5 year old Brussels Griffon stay with Joanna a number of times. He is always very excited to see her. We get lots of photos every day from walks and play time.

Daniel and his team are extremely professional, very detail oriented, caring, and ensuring that all requests are fulfilled (our has allergies and specific dietary requirements)

They provide full service pet care including pickup, dropoff, lodging, walks, grooming, vet visits, and more.

We will continue to use K9 Petcare and highly recommend it.”


Pet Hotel

Doggies Galore

  • Offers daycare and boarding for dogs
  • Free trial daycare session available
  • Webcam access available for owners daily from 9AM – 5PM
  • Basic grooming services for dogs available
Pricing From $40 per day
Address 17 Binjai Park, Singapore 589825
Telephone 65 9625 3184
Operating Hours Weekdays 7:30AM – 7:30PM
Saturdays 9AM – 6PM
Sundays 9AM – 5PM
Review 1 “A BIG Thank You to DoggiesGalore for lending a helping hand (space) for me to hang up some printed artworks I have. I am very honoured that these prints are sharing its time with the boarding dogs. Also, if your dog(s) need some grooming session to look and feel good, hit them up for their great service! And while your dogs are enjoying their grooming time, you might just be enjoying fluffy dogs time too! I mean it’s doggies galore for a reason, just be prepared for the abundance of joy”
Review 2 “Loads of space and really knowledgable and friendly staff!”
Review 3 “Great staff and a cool venue.My Indi is always happy to stay and not as happy to come home… Always great when travelling because I can book online and her meals are provide which in turn leaves me to travel for work stress free.”


Pet Hotel

Meow HomeStay

  • Cat hotel and boarding facility
  • Air conditioned cabins with separate eating, litter box and sleeping compartment
Pricing $35 per night
Address 433C Geylang Rd, Singapore 389397
Telephone 65 9048 6441
Operating Hours
  • Weekdays 9AM – 7PM
  • Saturdays 10AM – 7PM
  • Sundays 10AM – 6PM
Review 1 “This is the first time my cats are sent for boarding because of house renovation. Evan is very reassuring and provides very regular updates on my cats to keep me at ease. Can tell that he’s caring towards the cats. The environment is quiet which is a plus for the cats. Highly recommended!”
Review 2 “Great place to put up your cat’s for when you go on vacation or for a work trip. Very loving caretakers. Clean and fresh food and water always available. Definitely a perfect place for your cat’s”
Review 3 “Very clean despite it being so affordable! Owner himself is a cat lover and you can definitely tell that all the cats under his care are very much loved. It was very reassuring to have received daily updates/pictures throughout my cat’s stay. Would definitely go back to him in future!”


Pet Hotel

The Wagington

  • Luxury pet hotel offering a range of suite rooms, daycare services, pet transport services, spa and fitness programs for both canine and felines
  • The hotel also hosts pet-friendly events
  • Dog: From $75 per day
  • Cat: From $39 per day
Address 27B Loewen Road Singapore 248850
Telephone 65 6471 1689
Operating Hours Weekdays 7:30AM – 7:30PM
Weekends 8:30AM – 7:30PM
Review 1 “Twinkle had a great start to her swim experience at Wagington today! Supervised swim with Peter went smoothly. Peter was really gentle with Twinkle and didn’t scare her off. Twinkle settled down pretty fine after a few tries:”
Review 2 “My dog stayed at the pet hotel for 20 days and I really liked the service. Nice, kind and friendly staff, answering my questions straight away regarding the update about my furbaby. They really took a good care of my Pipoca!”
Review 3 “Awesome place to have my corgi board and swim!”


Considerations before booking a pet hotel 

Accommodation can be a major deciding factor on whether your trip becomes a hit or miss. The same applies when choosing a place for your pet to stay in your absence. 

As an animal lover and pet owner, you will want the best for your furkids. To enjoy a worry free trip, choose a proper accommodation for your pet wisely. 

Here are some specifics you should consider before booking a pet hotel:


Reviews and recommendations from other owners or professionals are some ways to validate the credibility of the boarding facility. Don’t just rely on the images and content on the website. Before you make a booking, do visit the premises beforehand. Pay attention to the cleanliness, size of housing, security as well as staff professionalism and interactions with pets. 

If you have the time, consider boarding your pet overnight or over the weekends before their actual stay. This is a good opportunity to check your pet’s comfort level. It also allows them to familiarise themselves in the facility and with the staff.

Hygiene standard

Hygiene standard is one of the most crucial considerations when booking a pet hotel. It can be a devastating experience when a pet falls ill and no pet owner will want their pets to go through such a terrible situation.

When you visit the premises, do look out for red flags such as odors, poor ventilation and soiled amenities. Check with the facility on their hygiene standards and cleaning procedures. Regular fogging, circulation of disinfected air and daily sanitation practices can help reduce the risks of cross contamination. 


The prices of pet hotels depends on various factors. Type of pet, size and weight, transportation costs, food and grooming needs are some costs to take note of. 

To ensure you secure a slot and avoid last minute charges, research beforehand and make a reservation early. Some hotels may even offer discounts if you make a booking for a minimum duration or during off-peak seasons. 

While it is important to compare the prices among different hotels, make sure to not compromise on quality. Do also check the services included and additional charges in advance so you don’t get a shock from the bill at the end of the day. 

Emergency procedures

It is always reassuring to know that there are veterinarians at the facility. Some pet hotels also have a veterinary clinic or team on call in case of emergencies.  

Do ensure you check with the facility on their emergency procedures. In case of a medical emergency or health concern, it is important to note how owners are contacted and charged during such situations.  

Suitability of amenities

Do check with the facility if they have the suitable space or amenities tailored for your pet’s needs. Check what is offered and the schedule for each activity. Be sure to also check the number of pets handled by each staff to ensure that your pet has the necessary attention it needs. 

Especially so for pets, like dogs, that tend to prefer socialising and require daily walks. It may be better to look for a facility that has the space for them to run about. 

What to prepare before checking in your pet into a pet hotel

Admission requirements  

The requirements posted by each facility can vary and they may reject you if you fail to comply with the guidelines. Some require pets to be sterilised or vaccinated prior to their stay. 

You should do your part and bring your pet for a check up and get the necessary vaccinations beforehand. While it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your pet, as a fellow pet owner, you should be considerate of the wellbeing of other furfriends as well. 


Some pet hotels provide meals during the stay for a certain fee. Alternatively, you can opt to prepare your own food for your pet during their stay. If your pet has certain food preferences or dietary requirements make sure to communicate clearly to the pet hotel and staff supervising your pet. This can help to avoid unwanted side effects from the sudden diet change.  

Health records

For pets with pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to prepare sufficient medication for the duration of their stay. It helps to also provide your pet’s regular veterinary contact details. In case of emergencies, the pet hotels can contact a vet who already has your pet’s existing medical history.

Temperament of pet 

Some pet hotels will request for your pets to undergo a temperament check before boarding them. A change in environment may trigger stress in some pets. This allows the pet hotels to assess if your pet’s temperament is suitable for their facility and the other guests as well

Some pets may also develop separation anxiety when they are away from their owners. Be sure to bring along your pet’s favourite toy or item. Packing your clothing can also provide your pet a sense of comfort by seeing and smelling something familiar in a new environment. 

Pet hotel amenities and services

Keep your pets pampered and showered with love even while you are apart! There are plenty of services offered to provide a stress free experience for your pets and a peace of mind for owners. 

Here are some of the services typically provided by Pet Hotels:

  • 24 hours live webcams
  • All day climate controlled environment
  • Grooming services
  • Aromatherapy
  • Daily individual playtime and walks

Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at [email protected]. There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

*UPDATED* Dog Boarding In Singapore: The Largest List Of Dog Hotels And How To Pick One!

Holidays abroad are a much needed time for our relaxation from work, and also considered as an allocated time for family bonding. For most of us, this unfortunately also means that we’d have to leave our Doggy companions behind. It does not take a genius to figure out that these furry creatures are by no means able to care for themselves—Please do not leave your Pets unattended to while you are away!

Are You Boarding Your Pet Dog For The First Time?

So here we all are, scrolling through our Internet browsers, scrupulously going through the immense list of available Dog boarding facilities and services in Singapore. Quite frankly, there are plenty to choose from, but what deems as a reputable or safe haven for our Canine friends?

Picking The Right Boarding Facility

This task proves to be rather daunting for many first timers. Just like meeting a stranger for the first time, certain issues only surface after a full experience. On top of that, there are personal issues of separation anxiety, safety worries, and also the guilt you may face from leaving your beloved furry friend behind for a period of time.

Ten Questions — 

These problems naturally boil down to mutual trust; but how are we supposed to entrust our Furbabies to…for lack of better words— a bunch of strangers? Before we go with what our guts tell us, we’d often question them (and ourselves) the following TEN basic (but extremely important) questions to further aid as assurance when picking a Dog boarding facility or Dog Hotel: 1.  Do they have cameras installed for 24hr viewing? If not, would they be sending me daily updates of my Dog? 2. Is there a Mandatory Flea/Mite check and administration before boarding of every Dog? 3. Are there working staffs on standby, even during the night? 4. Are they able to accommodate to my Dog’s special needs (i.e. medical assistance, feeding time) 5. If my Dog is not used to socializing with others, will they be able to provide private care? 6. Are outdoor activities/playtime/walks included?
7. Do they offer viewing of premises before you commit to bookings and payment? 8. What are the reviews of the particular facility by other Pet owners? 9. Are the rooms/facility air-conditioned?

10. When you meet them: Are the staffs friendly?

Trusting reviews — Reviews from fellow Pet owners can go a long way, if you come across one bad review out of 10 good ones for one establishment— it may be passable (depending on the extremities of review). However, chancing upon 2 or more is a definite red flag in our eyes.

Schedule A Viewing — More importantly, always schedule for a viewing of the premises with your pooch before committing to a booking, and observe how the staff and handlers get along with your Doggo— Customer service and bonding efforts can tell us a lot about the boarding facility.

Cleanliness & Hygiene — Keep your eyes peeled on cleanliness and upkeep of the place too – Because if they aren’t bothered about providing a clean and safe temporary abode, how are they supposed to manage the well-being of your Pooch? Now that you’re ready with your arsenal of questions, let us present our findings on the available services!

The Most Extensive List Of Dog Boarding Services In Singapore As with Cat Hotels, some Pet boarding facilities have the privacy of boarding only Dogs. We have rounded up the available services in Singapore for your convenience, broken down to 3 segments;

Boarding facilities for Dogs Only
Boarding facilities for Dogs and Other Animals
Home-based Boarding

From locations, rates, and contacts, this is the ultimate list to have with you always!
We duly keep this list updated!

Pet Boarding Service For Dogs Only

1. Petopia

Photo via Petopia
üWeekly fogging of premise üIn-house Neem spray for Dogs üEssence for stress-relief üMandatory Flea & Tick Dip before check-ins üAllocated Daily playtime & walks üComplimentary Shampoo Session (3 days-stay), Styling (15 days-stay or more)

üTransportation (additional Charges apply)

Rates & Charges — *Kindly contact Petopia directly for accurate quotation

6886 9056  |  26 Jalan Kelulut, Seletar Hills Estate (S) 809043  |  [email protected]

Photos via The Paw House
üIndividual rooms with 3 sizes to choose from (Small- 1.2 sqm / 13 sqft  |  Medium- 2.3 sqm / 25 sqft  |  Large- 4.3 sqm / 46 sqft)
üSupervised private Playtime during the day
üWalking and Feeding times as per your instructions
ü24 hrs CCTV access for owners
üPre-assesment for fleas, ticks, and cleanliness
(*grooming charges may apply is necessary)
üFully Air-conditioned
üCalming music provided
üTransportation (additional Charges apply) 

Rates and Charges — *Kindly contact The Paw House for an accurate quotation

8569 7931  |  31 Jalan Mas Puteh (S) 128633  |  [email protected]

3. Sunny Heights

Photos via Sunny Heights
ü4-days Daycare prior-assessment üAllocated playtime, pool-time üPrivate suites (if required)


Rates & Charges

Pack Boarding — $30 per day

Private Suite — $48 per day

4. Happy Dog Care
Source via Happy Dog 
üChoice between Two Suites (Petigious Suite/Petigious +) üWeb-cam access for owners üRound the clock Assistance üAllocated playground time or outdoor walks

üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges

According to size of Dog & Suite

*(Petigious Suite has no access to Doggy playground, Daily walks are still inclusive) Small (up to 6kg) — Petigious Suite $58, Petigious+ $70.50 Medium (6 – 14kg) — Petigious Suite $68, Petigious+ $80.30 Large (14 – 25kg) — Petigious Suite $78, Petigious+ $96 Giant (25kgs and above) — Petigious Suite $88, Petigious+ $108.80 6466 5242 (Bukit Timah Branch)  |  6252 5242 (Balestier Branch)  |  8223 0342 (SMS)
793 Bukit Timah Road (S) 269765  OR  42 Kim Keat Road (S) 328816
[email protected]
Photos via Pawty Paws
üFully Air-comditioned
üPre-temperament trial assesment
üConstant Video and Photo updates
üTransportation (additional Charges apply)

Rates and Charges

Photo via Pawty Paws
9795 2662  |  479 Joo Chiat Road #02-00 (S)427684  |  [email protected]

6. Up For Paws

Photos via Up For Paws

**This commercial boarding premise is only open to it’s regular customers.

üStaff certified with Canine First-Aid Response

üPrior evaluation before acceptance

üEco-friendly & Dog-friendly cleaning products used

üAllocated playtime and socializing activities

üTransportation (additional charges apply)

üStaff trained with force-free Dog behaviour corrective methods 

üAssistance on stand-by

Rates & Charges

Source via Up For Paws

9168 2600  |  

31 Eng Kong Terrace (S)599004  |  [email protected]

7. Doggies Galore
Photos via Doggies Galore
üStaff certified with Canine First-Aid Response üAllocated playtime (Playroom)

üComplimentary Bath & Dry (min. 1 week stay)

Rates & Charges

Source via Doggies Galore

9625 3184  |  17 Binjai Park (S) 589825  |  [email protected]

8. Doggie-Retreat
Photos via Doggie Retreat

üRegular photo updates

üAllocated outdoor-activity times üAssessment before boarding (by appointment only)

üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges

Source via Doggie-Retreat

9. Straits Dog
Photos via Straits Dog
ü Experienced Caretakers ü Transportation (additional charges apply)

üViewing before commitment (by appointment only)

Rates & Charges

Source via Straits Dog

10. Ginny and Friends
Photos via Ginny and Friends
ü24hr Staff-assistance üAllocated Playtime & Dog-walks

üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges

Source via Ginny and Friends

11. Action for Singapore Dogs
Photos via Action for Singapore Dogs
üViewing before commitment

üAssistance on stand-by

Rates & Charges

Source via Action for Singapore Dogs

9735 8888  |  80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 (S) 718911  |  [email protected]

Dog Boarding Services With Other Animals


Marine Pet Image
Photos via Marine Pet Image
ü24 hrs Surveillance Cameras (only for Superior Rooms) üMandatory De-ticking before check-in üComplimentary Bath & Grooming (min. 5 days stay)

üDog walks

Source via Marine Pet Image

6481 5520  |  925 Yishun Central #02-760925 (S) 760925  |  [email protected] 

2. The Wagington
Photo via The Wagington
üVariety of 4 different suites üHigh-definition Camera for owner’s viewing üAllocated playtime, dog walks and pool-time üComplimentary Breakfast of choice from menu üSoothing music provided in suites Choice of Royal / Garden / Superior / Junior Suites *Rates obtainable by selection of Suite & Required dates via website.


The WanderLodge
Photos via The WanderLodge

*Private Locale, please call for viewing appointment 


üPrivate Rooms (if requested) üViewing before commitment (by appointment only)  ü60 minutes daily Playtime with Human interaction

üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges

Source via The WanderLodge

4. Mutts & Mittens
Photos via Mutts & Mittens
üChoice of Air-conditioned / Outdoor Kennels üBalcony for Air-conditioned room

üCompulsory De-ticking before boarding

Rates and Charges

Source via Mutts N Mittens

6583 7371  |  11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2 (S) 519326  |  [email protected]

Home-Based Dog Boarding Services Home-based Dog boarding services equates to similar Pet boarding conditions, though this time, it’s in the comfort of someone’s actual home. Please contact them for viewing appointments before making your decisions– while most of them might actually be genuine pet lovers, it doesn’t hurt to be doubly sure ☺

*Do note that the Boarders may also own pets themselves, so your canine companion has to be accustomed to socializing.

Test your luck and guts for cheaper rates with the listings up on Carousell and Gumtree too! (yep, we really did the digging) Gumtree Home Dog Boarding Services

Finding The Nearest Available Dog Boarder Running out of time? Alternatively, you could take a whirl with these online marketplaces specifically meant for Home based Dog-sitting, Dog-walking and Dog-boarding, services of which are located conveniently around you!


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Hotel for pets BookingCat – hotel for cats and dogs, at low prices

If you are looking for a quality pet hotel in Moscow or another city with an impeccable reputation, excellent service and a pet-loving Kotonyan team, please contact BookingCat, the best cat-friendly hotel in the capital with video surveillance. In large comfortable rooms your kitty will feel great, 24 hours a day you can watch your beloved pet and communicate with him through the camera.If you give your cat to us for overexposure, it is guaranteed to receive first-class care.

We carefully monitor the health and safety of animals left for overexposure. The hotel rooms for animals are provided with a professional system of disinfection, cleaning and disinfection of air, surfaces and water. All rooms are made of tempered glass – a safe, environmentally friendly and durable material. Each of them is equipped with a high-quality modern CCTV camera, which provides a night view function and a long-term archive of records storage.

If necessary, we carry out a transfer of a cat at a convenient time for you. A comfortable cat taxi will take your pet to our zoo hotel and back with care. Your cat will be picked up by a professional veterinarian who will conduct a clinical examination and, in case of full health of the pet, draw up a contract, as well as an act of acceptance and transfer of the pet. Overexposure of a cat for a vacation in our pet hotels in Moscow and other cities is carried out at a high professional level.You can be sure that your kitten or kitten will be surrounded by the care and attention of our highly qualified kittens throughout the entire period of overexposure.

Do you need overexposure of animals? Our hotel is ideal!

The services of specialized zoological hotels in Moscow are needed not only by owners of cats, but also by dogs. A professional dog hotel will skillfully take care of any breed of pet and provide high quality overexposure services during the holidays.Your dog will be in a comfortable and safe environment and will receive proper care and procedures from highly professional veterinarians.

General recommendations for choosing a zoo hotel

When planning your trip, pay attention to the mode of operation of the hotel for animals. It is convenient when the reception, delivery of pets is carried out around the clock. However, it is even more important that someone from the staff is always near the animals. In this case, in any emergency situation, there will be a person nearby who can solve it.The presence of veterinary control. When a hotel for animals is located at a veterinary clinic, round-the-clock veterinary assistance will be a plus, if necessary, the presence of professional equipment. The disadvantage of such a decision is the likelihood of contact between healthy pets and sick animals. When a zoo hotel is needed, this point should be clarified in advance. When the selected hotel for animals is an independent establishment, it is important to clarify the procedure for the provision of veterinary services.The ideal option would be constant cooperation with one of the clinics.

Selection features

When choosing a temporary residence for your pet, it is important to know:

  • A bed for each guest is provided individually, it must be clean and disinfected. It is undesirable to use mattresses, other products with fillers, since animals can taste them.
  • Numbers – when animals are kept in cages, it is important that a certain distance is maintained between them to exclude physical contact with neighbors, there are opaque partitions.When keeping animals in enclosures, there must be a roof that will prevent the guest from escaping. When choosing outdoor content, a house located in an aviary should provide comfortable accommodation, protect the guest from rain, snow, and wind.
  • Security – a hotel for animals must be equipped with fences to exclude unauthorized access, escape of animals. The first fence is an open-air cage, a cage with strong bars and reliable locks. The second is a door with a lock, a high blank fence, if the animals are kept outside.
  • Approach to business – when, after submitting an application, the manager does not require certificates confirming the pet’s health, does not offer to conduct an examination with a veterinarian, you should be wary. Sick cats, dogs, which were also accepted into the post without preliminary examination, may be near your pet.
  • When giving your pet, if possible, pay attention to how the staff behaves towards the guests. If in doubt, you should choose another hotel.

Are you still afraid to go on vacation and leave your pet alone? Do not know who can take care of your pet as tenderly and carefully as you? Professional overexposure for dogs and cats is the best solution possible.Pets trust us, trust us too! We care – you are relaxing!

Hotel for cats and dogs in Pattaya

Few people know that when going on a trip, you can leave your cat or dog at the hotel for pets. There are similar hotels in many countries, including Thailand. Once, when we had no one to leave the cat with during our vacation, we used the services of such a hotel. Fortunately, it is located across the street from our condominium in Pattaya.

As you already know, we flew from Russia to Thailand with our cat (how to transport pets abroad, read this article ). And we, like all happy owners of dogs and cats, are familiar with the following problem: when you leave, someone has to feed your pet, take care of him.

If the term is short, one or two days, you don’t have to bother with this question. He will live a couple of days without you, he will also say thank you for letting you rest))) And if you are leaving for a longer period – a week or two? There are different options here.

– Where are you going to drag me again ?!

1. Leave someone your cat (or dog) for this time . If there are people out there who are willing to take your pet on vacation, you are very lucky! We are happy people – we have such friends in Thailand. And when we went on vacation to Phuket two years ago, my parents were sitting with the cat.

2. Ask someone you know to come to your house once a day (or every other day) , feed and pet a tired pet, clean his toilet.We also did this when we went on vacation when we lived in Russia.

3. If there are no such acquaintances, you can take the risk and leave the cat alone at home (with dogs, I think this option will not work). But from longing for you, loved ones, the pet may begin to behave inappropriately. It will also spoil something – in any sense of the word. Howl at night with longing will start, wake neighbors …

Once we left a cat at home alone for a vacation without supervision – we flew to Egypt for a week. Food was left for her in bulk, water … It’s good that she is so well-mannered, and without us, it seems, behaved decently.But when we arrived, for some time she showed us her resentment. And in the apartment this week she turned over something, but so, on trifles. She had to somehow entertain herself, in the end)))

4. And there is one more way – for those who have no one to leave their pet with: pet hotels . In one of these “cat hotels” we left Cuckoo when we went to Laos for Thai student visas .

A hotel for cats and dogs and a veterinary clinic on Chaiyapryk Street in Pattaya (Thailand).

There is a veterinary clinic on Chaiyapryk Street in South Pattaya. They not only treat animals and sell feed. But they also keep a small hotel for cats and dogs. We have never seen such a hotel before – apparently, this is not a very common phenomenon. So this is indeed a great success.

The “room” in this hotel for pets is rather a solitary cell measuring about 80 by 80 cm. Three tiled walls, one in front, is a lattice, which is closed with a latch and a lock.

The cat’s toilet is changed twice a day. She is also fed twice a day and changed the water. When the vet comes to feed the cats, all doors and windows are closed. So if the guest manages to jump out of the cage, he cannot escape – there is not much space, he will be immediately caught and returned to his place.

Yes, the cat is not very comfortable there. But it’s still better than just leaving her alone at home for a long time. After all, in addition to food and water, someone has to change the toilet, and communication, again …

Of course, our cat returned home from the hotel a little uncomfortable.No wonder))) But it quickly passed. In addition, she is a social being with us, and she was not deprived of communication – even if twice a day. I doubt the vets scratched her ear, but human society, even though it is, is still better than loneliness.

So if you decide to leave Pattaya for a while and there will be no one to leave the animal, now you know where it can be settled!

How much does it cost to leave a cat (dog) at a pet hotel in Pattaya

When we left our cat, the price per night at the hotel for cats and dogs in Pattaya was 150 baht .Also, leaving a cat at a pet hotel, you need to buy food and bring cat litter (as for dogs – I don’t know, you need to check by phone).

Also, wear the same T-shirt for two or three days before sending your pet to a pet hotel. And put it in the “room” – let the pet smell your scent. If the animal has a favorite toy, great, put it down too.

How to get to the hotel for cats and dogs in Pattaya

Pet hotel in Pattaya operates at the local veterinary clinic.Located at the intersection of Chaiyaphruek and Bun Kanchana streets. The landmark is very simple: across the street from the clinic there is a Seven Eleven store, the only one on Chayapryk (besides the one by the sea).

Hotel for cats and dogs on the map of Pattaya

There is a hotel for pets in Pattaya (and a veterinary clinic, respectively) daily from 9.00 to 20.00, closes at night. Phone: 038-233-045 . Veterinarians, of course, do not speak Russian, but they speak English quite clearly.

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90,000 prices 2021 for booking online

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From luxury hotels to tranquil suburban recreation centers



2 adults

9.0002 Adults: 9.0003

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 eight


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Ferris Wheel Flyer, Singapore

90,000 Pet friendly hotels.Hotels for dogs and cats with prices of

What are pet hotels for?

The pace of life of a modern person is becoming more and more impetuous. Work, home, long trips – all this affects the fact that pet owners are increasingly faced with the need to leave their pet somewhere for the time of departure.

That’s when pet hotels come to the rescue!

At the moment, this is a relatively new service, which is nevertheless in great demand.Its essence lies in the fact that in hotels for animals you can leave your pet for the period of your departure.

Find the best deal with PetGlobals so that your four-legged friend will be in the most comfortable conditions under the supervision of qualified workers who will feed, walk, wash and brush him.

Conditions in hotels for dogs

Most often dog owners use the hotel’s services for pets. This is due to the fact that transferring them to a relative or friend for maintenance is much more problematic than a cat.Especially when it comes to a large four-legged breed.

Hotels for dogs will gladly accept any dog, regardless of its parameters. The main condition is that he has all the necessary documents on the availability of vaccinations and the state of health in general, and the workers will do everything to make the pet feel warm at home there.

Dog hotel safety

The safety of the four-legged friend is the main cause for concern of the owners during their absence.Hotels hosted by PetGobals take care of your pets!

  • Veterinary care can be provided in such establishments.
  • Plus, in order for the owners to be sure of the pet’s comfort at any time, video surveillance is installed in them with the possibility of remote connection, which provides an increased level of security and reliability of hotels for dogs.

Nice hotel prices for cats

In addition to dogs, such hotels are ready to gladly accept other four-legged pets within their walls.Today there are separate hotels for cats, which will take care of any furry, take proper care of it and create a cozy, pleasant atmosphere.

The principle of animal reception, maintenance and care is the same as for dogs.

Depending on the type of establishment, the cost also differs. Some provide pets with separate enclosures (cages), others – whole rooms with luxury furnishings. Accommodation conditions and the list of services provided also depend on the cost of a hotel for cats: for example, whether they will comb it out, play with it, take walks, etc.On PetGlobals you can find the best prices for your furry accommodation.

We care about the comfort of our smaller brothers together with PetGlobals!

Hotel for dogs in Krasnodar

How to reduce the stress of staying in a hotel to a minimum.
Sometimes we are asked a very good question: do you offend the dogs in the hotel?
We do not offend dogs for a number of reasons:
✔️ We consider it unacceptable from an ethical point of view and we do not have people who do not know how to behave with dogs.Aggression is always a defensive form of behavior; it occurs when a person does not know how to behave.
✔️ We are a canine organization with a very good reputation since 1989.
✔️All the staff of the Lux school are dog lovers just like you))

If your dog is acutely worried about moving to a hotel, we have an ADAPTATION PROGRAM that allows you to minimize this stress.
The point is to come to us in advance.

The plan is as follows:
✔️You get to know the staff.
✔️ The dog is playing on the court at this time.
✔️ She is treated to treats (if she is ready to accept them).
✔️We are trying to include it in the game.

✔️ We put her in the guest aviary
✔️And at this time you go to the office space.
✔️The dog does not see us, but we are watching it.
And already here we understand the further development of events: dogs behave differently – from complete calmness to scandal.
This is all natural))

Based on these moments, the instructor will give feedback and a forecast of how much stress will be expressed and whether it is worth worrying about.
Does it make sense to give light preparations, such as “Cat Bayun”, before placement.
Does it make sense to come again for adaptation.

In fact:
The dog took a walk, played, sat in the enclosure, the counselor took her out of the enclosure to the site, played there again, she was treated to EVERYTHING HOME !!
At home, the dog will think about all this for some time, and when it comes to the site again, it will know:
Yeah, I’ve already been here, I know everyone, I walked here, I’ll sit quietly here, then I’ll walk again and then I’ll go home.

Yes, dogs think so, take our word for it.
The last moment. That is two:

✔️ We invite dogs from 6 months of age who have been vaccinated to the hotel.
✔️ If you are planning to bring a guest to us for the new year, then book right now.

Singapore Zoo. Photos, prices, how to get and where to see a panda

The zoo in Singapore is considered one of the best in the world. For us, the Singapore Zoo turned out to be the best we had a chance to visit while traveling.We read reviews of tourists that it is considered the best in the world, but this information is not accurate, so we will not throw loud phrases. For us, “Singapore Zoo” stood on a par with Khao Kheo and surpassed all parks with animals seen before.

Singapore Zoo Review

  • Huge in area, many animals, which are always clearly visible.
  • Animals are kept in good conditions, there are no cages, open-air cages are spacious, close to their natural environment.
  • Many fish and sea creatures never seen before.
  • Spent 5 hours at the zoo, while walking quickly, in places almost running, in order to have time to see everything. Lay off a full day at the Singapore Zoo.
  • There are a lot of people, but it seems that they are few due to the huge size of the park. No one bothers anyone, no crowds in queues to see any animal, there are no groups of tourists who shout under your ear, photographing every step.
  • On weekdays, the Singapore Zoo is calm, with more people on weekends.
  • Ticket prices:
    • 35S $ adults (25usd / 1700rub).
    • 23S $ children (17usd / 1100rub)
    • A park with pandas is paid separately.

There are so many nature and flowers around that sometimes you forget that you are in Singapore, and not on a tropical island

Wide paths, clean territory, along which it is pleasant to walk and inspect the animal world

How to see a panda

The Singapore Zoo is divided into several parks.The pandas are not in the main zoo, but in the adjacent River Safari Park. River Safari tickets are purchased separately from the main zoo at the main ticket office. The parks are independent of each other, you can only go to the River Safari if you are only interested in pandas. Or a shared ticket for 2 parks with a discount. Also here you can visit the bird park and the night zoo (Night Safari).

  • Prices: 32S $ adults and 21S $ children (23usd, 1500 rubles and 15usd, 1000 rubles).
  • Combo ticket “zoo + river safari” costs 58S $ for adults (42usd or 2800rub)

River Safari and Panda Park

For the sake of pandas, many people come to Zoo Singapore.We, too, have long wanted to see them not only in pictures on the Internet. In Singapore, a wish fulfilled

That feeling when I saw a panda for the first time in my life and swam

Pandas are such big bears and such funny, slightly awkward, which is why they are even more cute, like soft toys. I wish I could play with them somewhere. There are only two pandas. While one was asleep, her back turned to the visitors, the second was having breakfast with branches. Surprisingly, such big bears, but they feed on leaves and bamboo sticks

But that’s not all.There is another type of pandas in our world. In appearance, it looks like a fox and a bear cub at the same time. This red-haired panda reminded us of our cat


River Safsri Park is not only about pandas. Here we observed many sea and river animals, crocodiles and fish in huge aquariums. The Oceanarium in Singapore is very diverse and convenient for tourists. There is a lot of the underwater world, and most importantly, the aquariums sparkle with cleanliness, the glass is polished to a shine so that the edge of the fact that the fish behind the glass is almost erased.


This is not a ball at all, as it might seem, it is a seabird. They are gigantic, but so pretty and harmless

In Thailand, near the island of Libong, you can swim with them in the sea

Piranhas are so beautiful, with shimmering purple sparkles

River cruise

The River Safari ticket price includes a small boat trip along the picturesque and very clear reservoir of Singapore.You won’t see animals there, only a 20-minute river walk, why not. If you are not in a hurry, then go for a drive, and if time is limited, then walk by.

Singapore Main Zoo

There are many animals, they look not tortured, the conditions are very decent. The enclosures are clean, large, and there are no cages anywhere. I was very impressed by the fact that the zoo is like a natural habitat for animals, because it is located in nature, in a tropical forest. Everything here is real.

Madagascar lemur, so we met live

Have you ever seen such a miracle? We are no

A very funny creature

And these monkeys look scary

Chimpanzee family

Baboons with a big red bottom shocked most of all

Looks like a lion in front, and they look like a small lion cub
Like from another planet

No matter how many times you see a white tiger, it still attracts your eye

Leopard in all its glory

Cheetahs are the fastest cats in the world, the most graceful and mesmerizing

We are separated only by glass on one side and a free open-air cage on the street, on the other

Cafe in the zoo

On the territory there are food courts and small stalls with ice cream, chips and drinks.Food courts have fountains with free drinking water. The portions are large, the dishes are normal. Prices are even slightly lower than in the city. Dined together for $ 30S with drinks ($ 22 or 1500 rubles).

Singapore Zoo Reviews

We spent 5 hours at the zoo and walked very fast, in some places almost running. It takes at least 6-7 hours to spend at the zoo in Singapore. And in an amicable way all day from early morning. Take a leisurely walk, eat in one of the food courts, take a ride on a motor ship, see absolutely all the animals and insects presented here and get to know the representatives of the underwater world.

We liked absolutely everything. Especially the conditions for keeping animals, from which you do not want to cry, as in most other zoos. There would be more just such human conditions for our smaller friends, if most of them, unfortunately, can no longer survive in the wild.

Watch video

Where to stay in Singapore

  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Hotel Boss
  • Hotel G Singapore
  • Fragrance Hotel Riverside

All hotels with prices

How to get to the zoo from Singapore

Singapore Zoo is located outside the city, it is quite far to get there.By public transport, the journey will take at least 1 hour. By taxi from 30 minutes.

  • from Khatib metro (exit A) by shuttle bus from 8.30 to 19 h
  • from Ang Mo Kio Subway by Bus 138
  • from Choa Chu Kang Subway by Bus 927
  • A 90,021 taxi from the center of Singapore costs about 20S $ (15usd / 970 rubles). We called through the Grab app there for 20, and back to Marina Bay for 22S $.

General information

  • Hours of Operation: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Ticket prices:
    • 35S $ adults (25usd / 1700rub).
    • 23S $ children (17usd / 1100rub)
    • It is cheaper to buy a ticket online on the official website or on Klook.
    • Tram 5S $
  • Wi-Fi available for free and without registration
  • Official website:

Singapore Zoo on the map

How do we prepare for the trip

  • We buy tours on Travelata
  • We are looking for tickets at Aviasales
  • We rent hotels through Booking, and apartments for Daily
  • We make insurance on Cherehapa
  • Airport transfers via Kiwitaxi website
  • Card with cashback for travel ALL Airlines
90,000 CHAPTER 3. SINGAPORE, 1938-1940. Autobiography

CHAPTER 3 . SINGAPORE, 1938-1940

Berlin has fascinated me since the time I can remember. As a child, I loved this city very much. When I went into exile and began my odyssey in the Far East, I was tormented by nostalgia for Berlin.I didn’t give a damn about Germany and its fate, but I was very homesick in the first months of my life in Singapore – for the Berlin atmosphere, for every favorite secret corner I knew.

I remember sitting at the port. I didn’t have a job, so I had to live on a pittance. I watched the ships sailing from Europe and sailing there, and cried with despair, because I wanted to return to Berlin, despite the Nazis and the complete senselessness of such a step.

During my last nights at home in Berlin, I lay awake and thought about how I would have to survive in Shanghai.Where will I live? Will I end my days in a gutter or starve to death? I was scared as never before.

Although China amazed me with its exoticism and diversity, I didn’t get there because I wanted to. I went to China because I simply had no other choice.

At the end of 1938, American and British immigration quotas were exhausted. These countries no longer accepted Jews from Germany, unless the person had between 250 and 500 pounds to bribe officials, and who could have that much money left? The only country still open where there were no immigration quotas was China, so most people left for Shanghai.The only question was how to get there.

I was not at all sure that I wanted to go to Shanghai. In Berlin, we have all heard stories about the horrors there. There was not a single good rumor among the rumors. They said that there was no work in Shanghai, and many people did not even have a roof over their heads. We knew that there had recently been a war between the Japanese and the Chinese. All in all, Shanghai did not look like an attractive place for a young man looking to make a living with a camera.

All I knew about Shanghai was that my aunt Olga once lived there, experiencing an irrational fear of being buried alive.She feared that someday she would wake up and find herself in a coffin six feet underground. Every night before going to bed, she left a note on the dressing table that said: “I did not die, but only fell into a coma.”

Aunt Olga came from the maternal side of the family. She was a skilled rider and admired my mother for her entrepreneurial spirit.

She got married in Shanghai and became a widow. After her husband’s death, she returned to Berlin, where she told us amazing stories about her life in China.She was a bit weird, but a very funny woman.

When my mother bought a steamer ticket at the Lloyd Trieste-no Steamship Company, she asked if the Graf Rosso would sail further from Shanghai. It turned out that for the same money she could buy a ticket to Tianjin, located further north, not far from Beijing. A practical mother reasoned that when buying a ticket to Tianjin, she left me the freedom of choice. If I don’t like Shanghai, I can get back on board and sail on.

Of course, I had no idea why Tianjin should be better than Shanghai. Eerie rumors about Shanghai were on everyone’s lips, but no one knew anything about Tianjin. He was a blank spot, the embodiment of the unknown, and the thought of it tormented me.

I was scared, but, on the other hand, felt a strange elation. Despite my concern for my father, on the whole I did not regret leaving too much. I have been trying to get out of Germany since I was sixteen. Now it has happened. When I started thinking about what kind of adventure this could be, I threw the thought of China out of my head.I enjoyed traveling. Even more, I loved being able to travel away from home without listening to anyone’s directions.

At night the train reached the Italian border. There was a severe frost outside. German border guards dressed in Gestapo or SS uniforms walked through the carriages. They knew perfectly well that the train was full of Jews fleeing the country, and they carefully checked the documents. Some half-asleep passengers were dragged off the train in the middle of the night. For me, this was the first real trip, apart from short trips to my brother in Denmark.I never parted with my parents for a long time and led a very comfortable and carefree life, therefore, despite the spirit of adventure, I was very scared. I knew that if I was taken off the train and sent to a concentration camp, I would be finished.

Anyway, my “Jewish” passport was in order, and by morning the train arrived in Trieste. The railway depot was quite close to the pier where the Graf Rosso was anchored. It turned out to be not a cargo ship, but a beautiful passenger liner.I watched as my luggage was loaded onto the ship and boarded in great excitement. I forgot all my worries, all the nightmarish weeks before leaving, when I woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and wondered what would happen to me in the near future.

I went to look for my second class cabin and was disappointed to find that I would have to share my accommodation with three other men, all of whom were much older than me. It was annoying, because I had time to get used to personal privacy.

In the evening of the same day, the Count Rosso left Trieste. When he passed Brindisi, the last European port, I stood at the stern of the ship and, with all the passion of an eighteen-year-old boy, promised myself “never to return to Europe.”

After shedding a few tears, I moved on to more pleasant things. Never before have I felt so free and liberated. I could walk with women and generally do whatever I wanted. I had a wide selection of decent clothing purchased in Berlin.Before leaving, my father gave me very good advice. “Listen, my boy,” he said. “Even if you don’t have a penny in your pocket, when you leave the shack you live in, you have to look like a million dollars.”

Several times I tried to break through the guarded door to the first class cabin. I had the so-called “ship money” – traveler’s checks, which could only be used on the ship. Mom used part of the money from the sale of Fiat to buy a whole heap of these pieces of paper, but she did not dare to give me more cash than was allowed to take out by law.Carrying more hard currency than was allowed meant risking arrest as “Devisen Schmuggler”, which was considered a felony. This guaranteed being sent to a concentration camp. Nevertheless, some of the passengers removed from the train by the Gestapo on the border with Italy were found to have hiding places with hidden money.

I met many people on this ship full of Jewish refugees. No one wanted to think about an uncertain future. Everyone tried to have some fun, everyone drank and looked after the women.A strange atmosphere of powder keg dancing reigned on board; everyone knew that as soon as we got ashore, the party would be over.

Upon arrival, I was left with the equivalent of five dollars in Deutschmarks. But on board I had enough money to amuse myself, buy drinks and go out and do it. I was rich!

I went to dances in second and first class salons and flirted with a Vienna native who was traveling with her husband. She often came to my cabin in the afternoon when no one else was there.Once I asked her: “How do you do it?” She replied, “Oh, I’m just telling my husband that I’m going to get my hair done at the hairdresser’s.”

We were mad in bed. One afternoon we were lying in my cabin and were busy with business when there was a loud knock at the door. It was her husband yelling, “I know you’re here! Come out immediately! ” For a moment, it seemed to me that my heart had stopped. Amazingly, his wife ignored the screams. When I realized that he could not break down the door, I also calmed down and continued his enthusiasm with renewed vigor.Subsequently, this scene was repeated several more times. After the first time, I started to ignore my husband and just worked on his wife.

I had sex all the way in the Mediterranean and through the Suez Canal. I was not very interested in young girls my age. I was looking for more mature, married women in their thirties. They had the brilliance, sex appeal and experience that I aspired to. I myself played the role of a character from Stefan Zweig’s Burning Mystery.

Suez was our first port of call.It seemed to me an exotic place, but not the kind where I would like to stay. The next stop was in Djibouti – a terrible hole, but there the Aga Khan and his beautiful young wife Begum Aga Khan, who worked as a dancer in France before she met her future husband, climbed aboard.

A few years ago she was seated next to me at a dinner party at Lyn Wyatt’s house, and I told her, “You know, we were on the same ship; you boarded with your husband in Djibouti. This was in 1938.You were extraordinarily beautiful. ” She just gave me a cold look. She clearly didn’t want to hear about such an old meeting, didn’t like the reminder that she was my age or even older.

At any of these ports, we could have received the latest news from Germany, but no one did. Nobody wanted to think about life in the real world, outside the ship. I realized later that this was the last gift from my mother for me. Having bought a ticket to the farthest port, she acquired for me as much peaceful and serene life as she could.If passengers could stay on board forever, I think most would rather do so than go ashore.

One of the few men I met on the ship was Max Knopf, a polite Prussian with a square jaw. He was a bookbinder by profession and seemed to feel obligated to look after me. Herr Knopf informed me that there was a rumor going around the ship that some of the passengers would be able to stay in Singapore. They said that we would be interviewed by a commission that is looking for people with certain skills that are in demand in this city.

If a person is lucky and he is selected by the commission, it will be spiritual and physical salvation for him. I understood this, because soon everyone on board was talking about one thing: we will pray to be chosen so that we can live in Singapore.

On Christmas Eve 1938, the Count Rosso entered Singapore harbor for a twelve-hour stop. The heat was unimaginable, and the humidity rose to 99 percent; it looked like someone had thrown a hot, damp towel over your face.There was no wind, and everyone was dripping with sweat. In fact, this kind of weather is typical for Singapore almost all year round. There is a rainy season, but the temperature remains unchanged, and in rainy weather the humidity even increases.

The rumors were confirmed: representatives of the Commission on Public Welfare came on board. Herr Knopf insisted that I present my photography ID. The commission settled in the dining room in the first class cabin and began accepting passengers who wanted to stay – that is, almost everyone.During the interview, I was asked questions about my age, profession and work experience. One of the commissioners was a small, elegant woman with translucent white skin and dark red nails. When she looked at me, studying my resume, it was as if a spark of interest flashed in her eyes.

I was separated from the others as a possible candidate, and then called for a second interview. The fact that I was young, spoke English and had cameras with me spoke in my favor.Finally, the commission announced its decision. I was among the chosen ones. A commissioner informed me that he could get me a job as a photographer for the Straits Times, the most important newspaper in Singapore. Herr Knopf was also elected and was able to stay in the city.

It was a huge success. Singapore was a British colony, a small piece of England at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Order and cleanliness reigned here. You could drink water straight from the tap. Permission to stay here drew an end to the uncertainties and possible horrors of Shanghai.It was almost the same as being in England itself. We got a lucky ticket.

I ran back to my cabin, quickly packed my suitcase, locked all my bags and sent them ashore. It was Christmas Eve 1988 and permission to stay in Singapore was the best Christmas present I have ever received.

Common sense told me that the presence or absence of the equivalent of five US dollars in Deutschmarks makes no difference. Someone on the ship told me that Chinese women have a very different pussy, so I thought it was time to find out if this was really the case.It’s time to get rid of those five dollars. I went straight to the brothel and quickly found out that I had been misinformed.

The Public Welfare Commission placed me in a seedy boarding house in a poor part of town and paid for my meals and lodging. My room was a tiny wooden cell above the apartments and garages of Chinese servants, which also probably cost no more than $ 5 a month. This cheap guesthouse was run by a couple from Australia, the first Australians I met.They drank around the clock, quarreled and beat each other.

Sheets were changed when they became dirty gray. There was a greasy mosquito curtain over the bed, but I didn’t throw it away, despite its dilapidation, because the window didn’t close. The bamboo sprouted in and out of the room, so it was constantly thrown open. Rats ran along the rafters above, and a hairy tarantula the size of my palm lived under the bed. A wire crisscrossed the ceiling to scare away the many bats and large bats that flew into my window.In the evenings I read the book Dracula. She terrified me and it was amazing.

During the Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese still lived in Singapore. The Chinese cut off the ears of their compatriots who were trading with the Japanese, and one night I heard heartbreaking screams from the Chinese apartment downstairs. The “Patriot” who lived under my window cut off the ears of the boy on the parcels, who was convicted of such a crime.

I applied for a job at a newspaper and was assigned to the gossip department.I was sent to a tea party at the Government House. All the ladies wore semi-formal dresses and beautiful hats to protect them from the hot sun. The men wore white cotton suits. You had to have at least a dozen of these suits, because in the heat you sweat so much that sometimes you have to change twice during the working day. There were electric fans in some places, but air conditioners did not exist yet, and in most offices the stale air was dispersed by local boys armed with fans.

In my European double-breasted suit with a tie (I had no money to buy other clothes), I was dripping sweat on the lens of my Rollercord, trying to determine the exposure and set the camera correctly. The ladies looked at me sideways and giggled, and I blushed and puffed. One day the party ended before I could get ready for the shoot. I came back with a small roll of film and developed it myself in a dark room at the Straits Times office.

Incredibly, there were no photographs on the film! Nothing at all! This situation was repeated over and over again.I have never been able to shoot frames that the editorial office could use in their articles, and often the film turned out to be empty at all. I worked for two weeks before I got fired with no severance pay. Or rather, I just found myself on the street penniless.

The boarding house, with its Australian hosts, Chinese, rats, insects and bats, was like a corner of a madhouse, so I tried to get out of there as soon as possible. I had no money for films, so I went to the library where I read Somerset Maugham, who had lived in Singapore for a long time.I’ve always enjoyed reading about different places. If the book was about the place where I lived, it didn’t matter if it was interesting or not.

I also visited Max Knopf in his workshop. He was doing a little better than me; clients have already started coming to him. Since I had nothing else to do, I watched him work for hours. He had very large palms and used his thumb to shape the book spines. He always smelled like glue, and he was very kind to me.

Max and I often went out into the city to refresh ourselves. We had no money for European restaurants, or even Chinese restaurants usually visited by Europeans. We went to real Chinese eateries, where apart from us it was impossible to meet a single European. At first I was horrified by the Chinese drinking manners. They eagerly shoved food into their mouths while chomping loudly. But everywhere we went, the Chinese behaved the same, so in the end Max and I began to chomp like them.The meal was excellent. You could eat your fill for no more than ten cents. Anyway, Max sometimes paid for me because I had no money at all. We laughed and talked a lot about the good old days in Germany and especially in Berlin.

Herr Knopf I liked very much; in fact, he was my only friend. I felt very lonely and very homesick. Quite often, I came to the busy Singapore port and watched the hectic activity in the harbor.One of the more interesting events was the annual arrival of a small convoy from England, bringing in single white women looking for husbands. There were far more European men than women in Singapore. If an English girl could not find herself a husband in Singapore, she could even say goodbye to this hope. This convoy was called the “fishing fleet”.

There were warehouses of goods at the pier where coolies, or dock workers, lived. They unloaded the arriving ships, forming a living chain and passing bales or boxes from hand to hand.It was hard physical labor. They slept in warehouses — huge concrete structures on the dock, roofed but no windows — pressed together like sardines in a can, in the incredible heat. They cooked and ate there too, but there were no showers or toilets at all. I was shocked by the treatment of the Chinese and Malays by the colonial authorities.

Despite the brave promise never to return to Europe, which I made on the deck of the Count Rosso, when we passed Brindisi, I wanted to go home. Given what the Japanese were doing in China, I knew that I would be much better off in Singapore than in Shanghai or Tianjin, but I was definitely not “at home.”When I remembered that the “house” that I knew before no longer existed, I felt even worse.

Of course, I did not inform my parents about this. I wrote letters to them, but did not want to disturb them. They had enough of their own problems. They left Germany for South America in early 1939, but they had to abandon almost all of their possessions. I could not bring myself to write to them that I had no money at all.

After one day watching the Singapore harbor, I returned to the guesthouse and found a message for me.The sender was Madame Josette Fabien, the woman who served on the Public Welfare Commission aboard the Count Rosso. She invited me to lunch.

Josette Fabien was a thirty-four-year-old petite woman with long nails dyed bright red, blond hair, a pointed nose, a wide, sensual mouth, blue eyes, and translucent white skin. She wore tight-fitting dresses that were always very light due to the heat and never wore stockings.

She ran a successful business, printing and selling theater programs and menus for hotels and restaurants. Her office was at the Raffles Hotel. After the first lunch together, she took me to picnics in the countryside several times. I was flattered that I appeared in society with such an elegant, sophisticated woman, fluent in English, French and Malay.

I developed a strong sexual attraction to Josette Fabien, who lived in an apartment at the Raffles Hotel. She seemed to have only a maternal interest in me.Eventually I was invited to dinner at Palm Court, a large dining room with a ballroom in the hotel building.

The hall was long and wide, with open arches overlooking the street. There were beautiful palm trees and god knows what else. Huge fans were spinning from the ceiling, and even the dainty little lamps on the tables were electric. At the far end of the room was a stage with a large orchestra playing dance music. At midnight, the orchestra played a farewell tune called “Music Please, Maestro,” announcing that the evening was over.

Then she invited me to her room with spacious rooms furnished with massive dark furniture. The terrace overlooked the courtyard of the hotel. As our relationship grew stronger, I began to notice that we all left dinner earlier, until the farewell melody began to sound at the time when I was already holding Josette in my arms and kissing her.

Then she slipped away and started teasing me so as not to take what was happening too seriously. I tried to seduce her, but I didn’t know where to start.When the kissing became more passionate, it all ended suddenly. She said that she felt like a thief who steals babies from the cradle, and that I could be her son. Of course, all this excited me very much. It took quite a long time before she decided to go to bed with me, since it had already gone so far. One evening she showed me her bedroom with a large bed under a snow-white mosquito canopy, and we became lovers.

I never stayed overnight in a hotel and returned to the guesthouse in a rickshaw because it was too far to walk.Most of the wheelchair-pulling rickshaws were opium smokers. Until the client showed up, they sat and puffed on their pipes. At the time, opium was a legal drug in Singapore, but its use was tightly controlled. If you were addicted to opium, you had to register and then could get a regular weekly ration from the government opium shops.

Rickshaws fascinated me. At first I was shocked to see people being used as a vehicle.The locals are used to this, but as I said, the Chinese and Malays were treated worse by the colonial authorities than the slaves.

Rickshaws wore loincloths and wide-brimmed straw hats. They walked barefoot, and I well remember the soft thud of their soles on the pavement as they ran through the hushed city. You could see their protruding ribs and hear their breathing. I was usually the only passenger, but sometimes up to three people were crammed into the carriage. As the rickshaw ran up a steep street on a hot day, his breathing became slower and heavier.I became a regular late passenger because I found myself in Josette’s bed three or four times a week in the evening.

When Josette and I made love for the first time, she covered her face with her hands. She had a flawless manicure and wore a ring and a gold bracelet that she never took off. I tried to take her hands away from her face, but she resisted and said: “No, I don’t want you to see my face! I don’t want you to see my eyes when we make love. ” Since then, she always hid her face after we retired in her bedroom.

Josette lived happily ever after, but in those days in Singapore it was not a big deal. Singapore was a free port, and many expensive goods, including liquor, cigarettes, jewelry, and cars, were tax-free and fairly inexpensive. Josette had an American car, a big black Chevrolet with a Malay chauffeur. Most Europeans hired local chauffeurs.

I remember one day we went on a picnic in the countryside to see her friend, an English engineer who built bridges and roads for the government.We went by car with a driver. I wore linen shorts, a white shirt, and white knee-high socks.

On the way back Josette unbuttoned my fly and began to flirt with me. Dusk was deepening, but the Malay chauffeur could not help but understand what was happening: there was no dividing screen between the front and rear seats. I was shocked – no one had ever tried to make love to me in front of witnesses. When we got back to the hotel, there were burgundy lipstick stains on my shorts.

I think Josette didn’t care that the driver saw what we were doing.For her, as for many other Europeans in Singapore, the Malays and Chinese were people who did not deserve attention, inferior beings. What they did and saw didn’t matter.

I returned to Singapore with June in 1956. We went to the Kodak branch because I needed to buy some film. We were asked to sit down and wait for the manager. He spoke to us very politely, but when he called an elderly male assistant, he called him “fight.” The Chinese have always been called “battles” (ie.e. “boys”), but June was furious at this manner of treatment. A boy who had just graduated from English college and had no work experience got three to four times the number of Chinese people who actually ran a store. The Chinese were agile, disciplined and highly intelligent. They did business in the branches of Western firms, but received pitiful crumbs; they were considered the inferior kind of human even in 1956. June was shocked.

In Singapore, as in Berlin, prostitution was a big business and it was practiced openly.Ever since my brother pointed to Red Erna, I have been fascinated by the idea of ​​selling love. I liked brothels, although all my sexual experiences were with girls from bourgeois families. The women on the ship were from the same social class, just a little older.

Pimps and rickshaws with carts waited for customers in Cheney Alley. They stood in a poorly lit street, snapping their fingers and saying: “Do you want to get my sister, cheap, cheap, she is a virgin, do you want my sister?” When they saw a potential client, they dived into a dark alley, dragged young Chinese women by their pigtails, showed them and asked: “Which one do you want? Take your pick, they are all virgins! ” If you refused, they sent the girls back into the darkness.

Adultery was common, but there were unwritten rules for romance novels. The British has a rough saying “Niggaz begin in Kale” (i.e., already in France). Nobody gave a damn if you slept with the wife of an English gentleman, provided that you had the prudence not to talk about it at every corner, but they looked askance at romance with Europeans from other countries, and love affairs with local residents were strictly prohibited. For the colonial British, this was considered the worst sin that could be committed.

Nevertheless, the men violated this prohibition. Young Europeans who started working in banks and export-import companies often took on mistresses of Chinese, Malay, or Eurasian descent. These women have never been shown in public. As a rule, they lived outside the city and quite often had children from their lovers.

Every European who worked in Singapore for four years was entitled to six months’ leave to England, Holland or another country from which he came.According to the ideas of that time, this period was just enough to get a wife in Europe. When the young man returned to Singapore, his wife came with him. Sometimes he supported both a wife and a mistress, and sometimes he was limited to a wife or mistress. One way or another, the mistress was in a much more disadvantageous position.

Since this order of things was repeated over and over again, the mistresses knew that a six-month vacation for their beloved promised them trouble. A local woman, who suspected that her lover was going to go to Europe for a young wife, often turned to a healer for a “preventive” session of black magic.She took with her an item that belonged to her lover, such as a silver cigarette case. The sorcerer cast a spell on the man through this object, after which the woman returned him to his place and even made sure that the item was in his luggage on the way home.

Many Europeans were afraid of witchcraft. There were persistent rumors about the British who suddenly fell ill and died on the way home, but they were like stories about the famous Indian trick with a rope hanging in the air. Everyone had heard of such cases from a “very reliable source,” but there was not a single living witness.Nevertheless, it is known for certain that in Australia the aborigines achieve amazing results, pointing to the victim with the end of a sharply sharpened bone. Even if a person is several miles from the sorcerer, he usually dies of a mysterious disease.

Josette used her business sense to my advantage and decided that I could make a living as a portrait photographer. Thanks to her connections in the advertising and printing business, she made a deal with the manager of the Robinson department store in Raffles Square, and I was given a room on the top floor.There I set up a small photography studio with two lamps, a tripod, my Rollercord, and a cloth I got from a store to drape the background. I was allowed to use the furniture and everything else that would be necessary for the props, and agreed to advertise my studio for free until I acquired a clientele. A glass bead curtain separated the studio from the reception area. In front of the studio entrance were two easels with samples of my work taken from Josette’s theater programs.

I named my studio “Marquis” and Josette made small books with gilded covers, on which my name and the name of the studio were carved.The idea was to paste proof prints there to show to clients, but unfortunately I had few clients – sometimes no more than one visitor for the whole day. I sat at a Chinese table surrounded by Chinese furniture and waited for visitors who never came.

Once the Sultan of Johar arrived with three children – two little princes and a princess. They invited me to come to the palace and teach the boys photography. This proposal seemed excellent to me.

I became involved in Singaporean society with Josette and her family members, including her younger sister Kitty.On Sundays, Josette invited me, Kitty, her husband Dick, and her two daughters to the Seaview Hotel for a gourmet, multi-course lunch that lasted several hours (in Colonial jargon, it was called Sunday brunch). All Singaporean Europeans gathered there to “see people and show themselves.” Buckets of pink gin and Tiger beer were consumed, and then, when “good young Hel-mut” was doing his duty and walking Kitty’s children, he was taken home and put to bed, where he had to make love until evening.After all, almost everyone did the same after Sunday afternoon brunch.

Kitty and Josette had a rather strange relationship. Eight years ago, while Josette was still living on the island of Java, her husband went on a trip to Europe. Kitty, who was two years younger than her sister and more attractive, was in Europe at the same time. They ended up in the same city, and soon in the same bed. A whirlwind romance followed. Jo-zetta might never have found out about it, but Kitty told her everything as soon as she got home.The sisters quarreled with each other, and when Josette’s husband returned, she accused him of infidelity and filed for divorce. However, after the divorce, the sisters were able to make up.

Kitty had a rich and exciting sex life. Her husband, Dick, was the captain of a sea ferry between Java and Singapore. He spent the entire working week at sea and returned home only on weekends. In his absence, Kitty pleased her lover, a Hungarian violinist who played in Palm Court at the Raffles Hotel.On Monday morning, when Dick went to sea, the violinist moved in with her. On Saturday morning, Kitty could be seen with binoculars on the balcony of her apartment, from where she looked out for Dick’s ship on the horizon. When the ferry entered the Singapore harbor, she sent her lover to pack, arranging to meet on Monday. As a down-to-earth Belgian wife, Kitty was very thrifty and served her husband the warmed-up leftovers of her lover’s Friday dinner on Saturday. Similarly, on Monday, the violinist received the warmed-up remnants of the gallant sea captain’s Sunday supper.

Once a week, Kitty volunteered for the Sea Mission. Every time cargo ships entered the port, sailors from different European countries ended up in Singapore with decent money in their pockets and no definite plans in their heads. Most of them were French, Dutch and English. On the Sea Mission, they could get free lunch, modest entertainment, and hot showers. It was considered fashionable for secular ladies to come to the Maritime Club and serve tea to sailors – noblesse oblige [5] and so on.

However, Kitty had a secret motive for visiting the Naval Mission. She picked attractive young sailors and took them home after the mission closed at 10 pm, while her husband was at sea and her violinist lover was still playing at the Raffles Hotel. She gave them drinks and sat them in the chaise lounges equipped with wheels at the front. Such a chaise longue could be rolled out of the living room directly into the garden and there to make love in the light of the stars.

How Kitty managed to do these circus acts with three men while having two daughters remains beyond my comprehension.Of course, she herself did not tell me about it, but thanks to Josette I was aware of her adventures. Josette was a very jealous woman who knew perfectly well about her sister’s attractiveness and her unquenchable sexual appetite. She warned me right from the start that if she ever found me in bed with Kitty, she would cut my throat from ear to ear. From the tone of her voice, she seriously intended to carry out her threat. Josette often complained that she could not hit her chauffeur or beat her servants because they could go to the police and report her.She just couldn’t understand why she was no longer allowed to do this.

Singapore was a place where gossip about all the more or less prominent Europeans spread for five to six hours. Only about eight thousand Europeans – mostly Englishmen – and half a million Chinese lived there. Local old-timers did not at all approve of the fact that Josette was having an affair with a young man who, in their opinion, was an ordinary gigolo. They were absolutely right, and I knew this, because as a child I saw the same gigolos in Berlin hotels.To be honest, I don’t remember how I felt about this: whether I was ashamed or what was happening amused me. But I remember that I wore the most wonderful suits and shirts made to order by a Chinese tailor and paid for by Josette. As the Americans say, I looked like a million dollars.

The whole of Singapore knew what was happening, so a scandal broke out after a short time. I was summoned by the director of the Robinson Department Store, who told me that he knew about my secret affair and that it might end badly for me.

Josette was also hinted that she should break up with me. Of course, she had much more to lose than me. Her professional career and earnings were at stake. If clients boycotted her because of an affair with me, then her thriving business would soon derail. As a divorced woman, she was already in a very ambiguous position. Despite Kitty’s outrageous behavior, her social status was significantly higher than that of Josette, since she was legally married.Be that as it may, Kitty showed much more discretion in her love affairs than Josette and I did.

In fact, our connection was not only looked askance, but also made it clear to us unambiguously that if it does not stop, we will be ostracized. However, by this time, our lovemaking had gone too far. I could do this day and night, like any guy of eighteen or nineteen years old. I had some experience in this area even before Singapore, and I quickly learned what I did not know before.Josette had a lot of experience, and soon there were almost no blank spots in my sex education.

Despite the threats, Josette did not want to end our romance. Apparently I was too good in bed. Our sex was not inspired by joy and love; he was erotic, or schxvul, in Schnitzler’s terminology. Emotionally love had nothing to do with him. We are addicted to each other like drug addicts. Josette blamed the local climate for this. She told me that the combination of heat and high humidity, instead of relaxing, awakens base instincts in a person.In the end, she decided to continue our relationship.

One change did take place: she moved out of the Raffles Hotel and rented a large house in Changi, where during the war there was a prisoner of war camp. The house was right on the beach, with the Sea of ​​China splashing in front of it. Besides us, there was always a cook, a chauffeur and a maid there.

I have brought all my belongings into the house, packed in my travel suitcases. They were now filled with clothes that Josette had bought for me. I no longer have my own place to live.Soon after we moved, we celebrated my nineteenth birthday. She gave me a fine silver watch on a heavy chain with the inscription “Bebe by Josette.” With this gift my transformation was completed and I became a true gigolo.

I liked this house in Changi. I was very happy there. Next door was a Chinese “rendezvous” where we sometimes went to dine, because we could walk there. Geisha came to us – not for sex, but for fun.

Their services were very cheap.Usually a geisha would come with a portable gramophone, put it on the floor, start a record and dance to the music.

I got the opportunity to swim again. I didn’t train since I left Berlin, but I did try swimming at one of our out-of-town picnics. I dived into the river, which was really stupid on my part. Never before have I jumped out of the water so quickly – large water snakes gathered around me, moreover, they are poisonous. In addition, the river was full of crocodiles.In Singapore, snakes and crocodiles were considered an everyday threat. The city’s drainage ditches were very deep, not surprising given the tropical rainstorms. Quite often, after heavy rains, crocodiles and cobras were carried out of the drainage ditches into city streets, even in the center of the business district.

In the hinterland, things were even worse. Josette and I often went to a fancy nightclub called Coconut Grove outside of town. To get there, one had to drive through a rather neglected, but very beautiful park.Everyone knew that one shouldn’t get out of the car and walk through the park. No one in their right mind would dare to do that. A walk meant an almost inevitable meeting with a king cobra, whose bite is fatal to humans.

In Changi I swam in the China Sea every day. I had to swim my usual kilometer in the morning, because in the afternoon the water was too hot for swimming. I had a small sailing boat. One day, low tide caught me on a coastal voyage. It was not long before noon, and the sun was shining with full force.It was incredible heat. A rope was attached to the bow of the boat; I had to jump into the water and drag the boat to the shore against the low tide, bogged down in the liquid silt. It took me two hours to get to the beach. Shoulders and back burned as if on fire. Sleeping was very painful, and the skin blistered and peeled off within a few weeks.

In Changi, Singapore, 1939

No European slept naked in Singapore despite the heat. Everyone sweated a lot at night, and if a breeze was blowing through the window, it was easy to catch a cold, accompanied by stomach cramps and severe indigestion.Therefore, when lying in bed, it was always necessary to cover up to the waist, but sleepwear was also important. The British believed that if a person began to wear local clothes – sarong, then this is the beginning of the end.

When I went ashore in Singapore, I was first warned not to try to be like the natives. Josette’s former lover, an engineer, always wore a tuxedo before an evening meal – even outside the city and even if he dined alone. This was one of the requirements of colonial discipline.Sometimes it looked hypocritical and in many ways ridiculous, but it helped the British to constantly remember that they are the masters here.

After leaving Berlin, I put on my pajamas before going to bed, but sleeping with a burnt back in pajamas was too painful. The sarong is a very simple and beautiful piece of clothing, something like a straight skirt, ideally protecting the lower back from drafts, so I temporarily gave up pajamas and started wearing a sarong. Subsequently, it became a habit. For the British, such an uncomplicated act was a sure sign of my fall.I ceased to be one of the “colonial masters”, put the burden of a white man off my shoulders and went over to the other side.

In Changi we heard little about the events that took place in Europe, but after the fall of Poland everything was clear anyway. Clashes at sea continued, but winter came to continental Europe, and the development of events slowed down for a while. In the Straits Times, as in many other media, this is called the “strange war.” I knew from my trips to the harbor that ships like the Count Rosso, which brought Jewish refugees, had stopped coming to Singapore.It became clear that it was now almost impossible to emigrate from Germany.

After six months living in Changi, Josette decided that it was time for us to move to the city. Spring of 1940 came. I suspected Josette had a hard time running her business this far out of town, so she rented an apartment on the fourth floor of the Capitol Building, an elegant tenement building on the corner of Orchard Road. She still had a cook, a maid, and a chauffeur. Although we lived on the fourth floor, there were no living quarters below us.Downstairs was occupied by the Capitol Cinema, one of the largest in Singapore. Although I was sorry to part with my daily swimming in the China Sea, the opportunity to watch movies often more than atoned for this inconvenience. We both loved going to the movies.

I was glad to be back in the city for another reason. During our stay in Changi, I did not communicate with almost anyone except Josette. For most of the year, I was forced to make love even more actively than I would like. The attraction began to wane.

Josette gave me a room in her new apartment. There was a narrow bed, as all the stormy scenes were played out in her bedroom. She often came to me, sat on the edge of the bed and lured me into the bedroom, but I no longer wanted her the way I used to. I’m pretty tired of everything. I came up with various excuses, like headache or indigestion, just to get rid of her harassment.

To allay the boredom in our relationship, I looked for ways to get out of the house in the evenings.Singapore had many attractions, including three amusement parks called New World, Old World and Happy World – large complexes with Chinese theaters, moving stages, restaurants, an amusement park and stalls selling Chinese and Malay food. … The central attraction was a large circular structure called a cabaret. Going inside, it was necessary to buy dance tickets, since paid partners for dancing gathered here. In the center, around a large dance floor, tables were arranged, and on a small dais there was another level, also with tables.

The dance partners were sitting downstairs, at the level of the dance floor. Visitors came alone, either with their girlfriends or wives, and sat on the raised podium that surrounded the dance floor. Nearby were three restrooms with the words “Ladies”, “Gentlemen” and “Partners” – an interesting separation that I had never seen in Europe.

The girls were extremely attractive. Chinese women are generally very good at dancing. I had little pocket money, mostly from Josette; I don’t think I made enough money in my photo studio at the Robinson department store.

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