Diy wedding planning organizer: 8 Things You Need to Know If You Aren’t Hiring a Wedding Planner


8 Things You Need to Know If You Aren’t Hiring a Wedding Planner

With dozens of decisions (colors! cake! flowers!) and dozens more logistical details, planning nuptials can daunt even the most intrepid couple. It’s no wonder that so many choose to hire a wedding planner to coordinate their big day so they can focus on the fun. But if you’re up for handling it on your own, you can pull it off — as long as you approach it with a pro’s mindset. Consider these tips:

Hire a Pro on a Limited Basis

You may find that the investment pays for itself. “The money and time a planner can save is valuable,” says wedding planner Lisa Milko, of Event Perfect in Atlanta. “I can negotiate discounts a couple cannot and make recommendations on DIY and budget-saving places that many people would not consider, or be able to do without a little direction.” To save money, you could recruit a planner only at the beginning to help choose vendors or hire a coordinator for the day of the wedding.

If You Go DIY, Know Where to Start

Style Me Pretty/ Simply Sarah Photography

Bent on doing it all on your own? You’ll need a place to jump in. Lisa recommends two key launching points: “A budget and a guest list,” she says. “The two are related, and cutting the guest list is the single best way to save money.” Once those details are in place, you’ll have a better sense of the type of wedding that suits you best.

Think Twice Before Hiring Family & Friends

Someone who’s emotionally invested in your wedding lacks the objective judgment that’s necessary to handle the process smoothly. “I try to steer clear of the recommendation of using family or friends,” Lisa says. “It never works out like you want, and you are strapped with the emotion of trying to express dislike or needs. It’s hard enough expressing wants and needs using a professional for the work, let alone a family or friend.”

Be Ready to Tackle the Basics

From the outset, couples need a firm timeline and some general ideas about the type of wedding they want, Lisa says. This helps take the stress out of making fast decisions when necessary. “So many couples get engaged at the same time, and they are up against each other for the same pool of vendors and venues,” she says. “If the (bride and groom) can prioritize what they want, they will be able to make decisions faster and get the vendors they really want for their wedding.” Have one or two backup dates in mind in case your first choice isn’t possible.

Choose Organizational Tools Wisely

Brides and grooms who orchestrate their own wedding need to stay on top of invoices and receipts, keep copies of contracts, track costs and deal with countless other details. Lisa likes the Web-sharing tool Google Docs for keeping important information consolidated and accessible. “It’s a great way for couples, parents and anyone else who is involved to share documents,” she says. However, if you’d rather go old school, wedding-plan journals are available in bookstores. A plain three-ring binder works too.

Be Diligent When Hiring Vendors

The last thing you want is a band whose lead singer cracks off-color jokes, or a caterer who puts out dry, cold food. “Get references and check them,” Lisa says. “Taste food, sample product, ask questions. You are spending a lot of money on this day, even on a budget.”

Anticipate Challenges

Things can and do go wrong, and you’ll need to prepare as best you can. One of the biggest tasks a planner takes on, Lisa says, is day-of logistics. “Who is going to put out the place cards?” she says. “Who cues the band? Who loads the leftover favors and alcohol in the car at the end of the night? Who sews a bridesmaid into a dress with a broken zipper? Those are just a few of the many — many — things that cross my plate almost every weekend.”

Keep the Process in Perspective

No wedding, however well planned, is perfect. Yours won’t be, either, and that’s OK. “It’s important to remember that this is just one day and one party,” Lisa says. “Try to enjoy the process of planning. It should be a fun time of decision-making and celebrating your engagement.”

Free Printable Wedding Planning Binder

Hello potential bride or groom to be! If you’ve made it to this page you are likely planning a wedding for yourself or helping someone close to you. Congrats! You are in for some fun as you plan one of the most exciting events life has to offer. However, with all that fun and excitement can come with a lot of stress if you aren’t prepared for it. Before you get started, be sure to take a deep breath and remind yourself that this process should and can be fun. You just need to have a plan and a process that you can stick to.

If you’ve been involved in the wedding planning process, even just as a helpful friend, then you know how many details there are to consider and keep track of. From the big decisions like the venue, to the fine details like wedding favors, it can seem completely overwhelming for even the most organized planners. That is why we created a freebie tool that was made to keep all your wedding planning details in one place.

Filled with planning resources & dividers to organize your wedding planner binder into sections, this freebie will help you plan in style!

Wedding planning binders are an essential tool for all couples who want to stay sane when planning the most special event of their lives. Whether you’ve chosen a small affair with close friends and family or a large scale event with all the people you care about, the many details involved can get away from you if you don’t have a process. This collection of free printables was made to get you started on the right track. You can add to it as needed and even include other helpful resources you may find as well as inspiration clippings from magazines and other prints. In the end, you’ll have a nice thick binder that will be your lifesaver during the planning of your wedding. You might even have separation anxiety after the big day has passed!

Pick & print your favorite color!

Here are your free printable Wedding Planning Binder Cover Sheets:

Blue | Cream | Pink

Simply print off the cover sheets above in your favorite color and use a three-hole punch to get the binder started. Then, add whatever checklists and guides you like from the links below and put them in their associated sections.

Here are your free printable checklists & guides:

UPDATED!  Wedding Stationery Guide: Includes a timeline tracker and checklists for all your wedding stationery as well as a list of important questions to ask yourself when planning your wedding invitations.
Blue | Cream | Pink

Wedding Budget Planner: A comprehensive table to track over 150 wedding-related costs to help you stay on budget.

Blue | Cream | Pink

Wedding Ceremony Detail Tracker: Capture all the important details related to your wedding ceremony in one place including contacts, timing, and to-dos.
Blue | Cream | Pink

Wedding Reception Detail Tracker: Don’t let a single detail slip through the cracks when planning your reception by using this handy tracker.
Blue | Cream | Pink

Wedding Planning Timeline: Not sure when to do what? Let this timeline checklist guide you through.
Blue | Cream | Pink

Wedding Guest List Tracker: Manage names, addresses, and replies in our readymade excel file.

+ New Bonus Pages!

NEW! Wedding Photography Checklist: A list of all the main shots you’ll want your photographer to capture on your big day.
Blue | Cream | Pink

NEW! Wedding Guest List Worksheets: Pages you and your fiance can use when working out your guest list and making final decisions.
Blue | Cream | Pink

NEW! Guest Seating Guide: A look at the steps involved to make your seating arrangements.
Blue | Cream | Pink

NEW! Wedding Orders Log:

A place to keep track of all the things you need to order such as wedding invitations, save-the-dates, favors, etc.
Blue | Cream | Pink

NEW! Wedding Appointments Log: A place to keep track of all your wedding related appointments.
Blue | Cream | Pink

NEW! Wedding Notes Page: A plain notes page for when you just need to write things down. Print as many you need and add them to each section of your binder.
Blue | Cream | Pink

NEW! Wedding Sketches Page: A plain line-free page for scketching ideas. Print as many you need and add them to each section of your binder.

Blue | Cream | Pink

Why is this free?

As experts in the wedding stationery industry for nearly 20 years, we have made it part of our mission to offer our customers as many resources as we can to help them plan their events in a stylish and eco-friendly way. We specialize in seed paper products that grow wildflowers or herbs but have a true passion for all kinds of weddings and events. Whether you plan to purchase our products or not, we hope that your wedding comes together as beautifully as you dreamed. Everyone deserves the most special day imaginable as they commit to a lifetime together. Happy planning and congratulations on your engagement!

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DIY Wedding Planning Guide + Checklist – How to Plan a Wedding | Wedding Planning Tips

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Do It Yourself! Looking to DIY your wedding? Here is a DIY Wedding Planning Guide and Checklist to help you out! We are sharing these wedding planning tools to fill up your DIY wedding planning binder. From wedding budget, wedding ceremony, wedding reception to escort cards and place cards, we’ve packed this DIY wedding planner with lots of goodies to help you with your wedding planning process!

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A DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding is a great option for the crafty brides, who have the time to work on almost every aspect of their wedding, are budget-conscious, and overall DIY enthusiasts! If you are any of these, we’ve rounded up helpful wedding resources for you!

In this wedding planning binder, you will find:

Detailed Checklist, Guide and Timeline

This will help you keep track of where you are at in your DIY wedding planning journey and all the other tasks needed to be done!

Budget Planner Sheets

To help you allocate and assign a budget for your wedding needs. For a more detailed spreadsheet with payment and debt tracking, we’ve created a comprehensive breakdown here.

Wedding Vendor List

This checklist will help you set schedules on the vendors you need to book (within your timeline!).

Guest list and seating plan worksheet

where you can track your seating plan and move people around if need be!

PRO TIP: Use a binder with sheet protectors and insert this worksheet. Use dry erase markers when you are still in the early days of planning. As you solidify your plans, you can use a permanent marker or a pen to write on the actual sheet.

Bridal party timeline

Get organized and have your bridal party follow through the day with this bridal party timeline. Assign duties as necessary, and most importantly, set timings!

PRO TIP: Clearly state the time frame. For example, instead of saying 11 am, we suggest writing “11-11:15 am (15 minutes)” This provides a CLEAR timeframe to follow.

Day-of wedding timeline

Similar to the Bridal Party Timeline, this will help your day have a better flow. Share this day-of-wedding timeline with your vendors and everyone involved in your wedding so that everyone will be on the same page. Mainly, this will also help to have people go to you for tons of questions!

Attachments and Contracts

Have a place where you can keep all your contracts and any other necessary details!

PRO TIP: Have a backup of these files by emailing them to yourself with the subject line “WEDDING CONTRACTS.” Keep them all in one place as you receive them from your vendor; this way, you do not search for individual emails! Having them in one place/email will make reviewing them much easier!

Vendor Contact Sheet

Get all your contacts in one place. Vendor info with payment status (if you have to pay them something on the day of, this sheet will be convenient!)

Day-of Timeline

Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, After-Ceremony, Set-up Summary, Reception, Post Reception (to take home/pack, return, etc.)

So you got everything planned and booked! Yay! Cheers to you! Now it’s time to execute! These Day-of timeline sheets are in EDITABLE PDF format, so you can update/change things as they change.

PRO TIP: We specifically made this day-of timeline to be BINDER FRIENDLY! Meaning the binder clip won’t cover it! So you can easily see the whole sheet every single time! No more hidden details!


Download Full Wedding Binder ⬇️ 

Did this DIY Wedding Planning guide + checklist help you? You can also always consider speaking to a wedding consultant to go over your plans or have any questions you have answered!

There you are! DIY Wedding Planning Guide + Checklist! Enjoy Lovelies! xo

**This post has Amazon links and as an Amazon Associate, Wedding Planning Resources earn from qualifying purchases.

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A DIY Wedding Planning Checklist For Non-Traditional Weddings

One of the things that has become very clear to me during my time as a wedding coordinator is that DIY wedding planning checklists are very different than wedding planning checklists for other weddings. As it turns out, wedding planning timelines and checklists for DIY weddings are awesomely unique and creative, just like DIY couples.

For instance, if you’re not having a florist because your super talented aunt with a green thumb is creating your wedding centerpieces in order to save you money on your wedding flowers, then you do not need to book your florist six months in advance. So how does a DIY couple know when they should be doing certain wedding planning tasks?

In all honesty, there is no straight answer, because every DIY wedding is different. One wedding may have branches and leaves in a large mason jar for centerpieces (which can be made a few weeks before the wedding), while another may have fresh flowers picked from a flower farm (which must often be done the day before or on the day of the wedding).

However, with that said, there are some standard DIY wedding planning tasks that can be done at certain times. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list, so dive in, plan away, and make sure to have fun doing it!

When you first get engaged:

____ Determine goals for your wedding.

____ Decide on the style, theme, or overall vibe for your wedding.

____ Determine how much time you can devote to wedding planning.

____ Create a budget if necessary.

____ Figure out how many family and friends you expect to help you put your wedding together.

____ Decide on a wedding party, if you are having one.

Shortly after you’re engaged:

____ Find and book your wedding venue.

____ Choose a ceremony and reception start time.

____ Create the guest list.

____ Start booking your key wedding vendors (for example, the caterer, officiant, photographer, etc.).

____ Get event insurance.

Six to eight months out:

____ Start looking into reservations for any group wedding weekend activities if applicable.

____ Set up your wedding website.

____ Send out your save the dates.

____ Begin to book other vendors applicable to your wedding that you haven’t already booked (for example, transportation, a photobooth, etc.).

____ Book your rehearsal dinner location.

____ Decide on wedding attire for you, your partner, and the wedding party.

Five months out:

____ Start thinking about and choosing your wedding decor, as well as other wedding items such as the guest book, seating chart, and favors.

____ Decide what DIY projects you want to do, and plan when you will do them (the earlier, the better!).

Four months out:

____ Visit the venue again, and make your event layout.

____ Start looking for your wedding rings.

____ Set up a wedding registry (if you’re having one).

Three months out:

____ Discuss and choose with your partner what things you would and wouldn’t like to include in your day-of timeline (for example, a cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.).

____ Start creating your job list for family and friends who will be helping on your wedding day.

____ Start creating your wedding playlists if applicable.

Two months out:

____ Get your wedding attire altered if necessary.

____ Start writing or brainstorming your vows.

____ Finish up any DIY projects that you can.

Six weeks out:

____ Mail your wedding invites, including rehearsal dinner invites, and track RSVPs.

____ Loop in your wedding coordinator (or the person who will be the point person on your big day), if you decide to have one.

____ Finalize the items in your day-of timeline, and assign exact times to the different parts of the day.

One month out:

____ Finalize your wedding ceremony with your officiant.

____ Go over your wedding timeline with your coordinator or point person, photographer, caterer, and DJ to get their feedback, and then update accordingly.

____ Get your marriage license.

____ Finish up your wedding purchases and projects for things like menus and programs.

Two to three weeks out:

____ Track down any missing RSVPs.

____ Finalize your seating chart.

____ Finalize outstanding details with vendors.

____ Update your day-of timeline with information from vendors.

____ Make your shot list for your wedding photographer.

____ Make your song list for your DJ, and specify the order of your wedding party for introductions.

____ Have a meeting with your coordinator (or point person) to go over all the final wedding details.

____ Start packing for your honeymoon if applicable.

One week out:

____ Send out a final timeline to all wedding vendors, and make sure they have directions to the venue, unloading info, and parking info.

____ Make a packing list of things you want to bring to the venue, including a DIY wedding emergency kit.

____ Write out final checks for payments and gratuities for your wedding vendors.

A couple days before the wedding:

____ Begin set-up at the venue as early as the venue will let you in.

____ Drop off welcome goodies for guests at hotels if applicable.

____ Buy any perishable food items that you are responsible for serving during the wedding weekend.

The day before the wedding:

____ Finish (or start) setting up the wedding ceremony and reception spaces.

____ Have a wedding rehearsal.

____ Hand over the planning reins and your planning materials to your wedding coordinator or point person.

The day of the wedding (yay!):

____ Get married, and soak in all the love you feel from your partner as well as your nearest and dearest family and friends, because DIY weddings are super amazing

The day after the wedding:

____ Clean up, pack up, and go on your way as a newly married couple.

The week or few days after the wedding:

____ Take a breather from wedding-related tasks and go on a honeymoon, mini-moon, or even a stay-at-home honeymoon.

One to three months after the wedding:

____ Send thank you cards.

Forever after!

____ Relish in the memories of your amazing wedding day. Congrats!

For more wedding ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Pixabay (5)

How to Plan The Perfect DIY Wedding

Image by Erika Diaz. See more of this real DIY wedding here. 

We know how much work goes into planning a wedding. Figuring out guest lists, seating charts, catering, the venue, etc. can be extremely overwhelming. On top of wedding planning, more couples are choosing to opt for DIY décor. Whether you’re looking to get crafty to save money or you just want to put personal touches into your special day, there’s a lot to know about hosting the DIY wedding of your dreams. 

Planner Vs. No Planner

Here at Junebug, we can’t recommend wedding planners enough. While they may seem like an extra expense upfront, they can save you money in the long run. They keep you on track, execute your vision, manage the budget meticulously—including finding discounts when possible–and execute day-of coordination so you can be present with your partner. They also make things a whole lot less stressful.

If hiring a wedding planner is not practical or possible for you and your spouse, consider hiring a day-of coordinator. Rather than help you plan throughout the entire process, they will help coordinate everything you have put together yourself. This allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy your wedding day as much as possible.

Image by Swak Photography. See more of this real wedding here. 

Tips + Tricks For Planning a DIY Wedding

As you set off to create your perfect DIY wedding keep these tips and tricks in mind. You’ll be glad you did.

Create A Mood Board

We’re firm believers that every couple should create a wedding mood board when wedding planning. They help guide decisions and keep your holistic vision in mind while also visually describing your desires to your wedding team. 

They’re especially handy when DIYing items at your wedding because they serve as inspiration. Have you found a centerpiece that you want to recreate? What about a backdrop that you absolutely have to have? Tackling these items will be much easier when you have images to refer to.

Recruit Help From Your Wedding Party and Family Members

For the sake of your sanity, ask for help. Your wedding party and family members are there to make your special day just that–special! Get together and make DIY projects fun with movies, snacks, and wine. This way you’re crossing things off of your list quicker and making them more enjoyable for yourself. 

Consider Thrift Stores

Weddings, while of the most memorable days of your life, are also incredibly wasteful. Unwanted décor gets tossed time and time again. Not only is this a waste of money, but it’s also harmful to our planet. For a more sustainable and budget-friendly option, consider sourcing items from thrift stores, your home, or apps like Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up. You’ll be surprised by the stunning vases and artwork you can find secondhand.

Play To Your Strengths 

While it may be tempting to DIY everything you need, it will quickly become a big waste of your time and money if something goes wrong. Of course, you can pay a world-class vendor to correct mistakes at the last minute. Then you’ll be met with stress and another bill you didn’t plan for.

Focus on your strengths—whether they are sewing, baking, drawing, calligraphy, floral design, etc. The same goes for the family and friends that you include in your projects as well.

DIY Wedding Inspiration 


While invitations are a small part of your special day, they can be expensive. Who knew that paper and printing costs could add up so fast? Luckily, there are many different options when it comes to invites and stationery. Often, the most cost-efficient option is to do your own designing and printing. However, this can be very time-consuming.

If you don’t consider yourself a graphic design pro, online options such as Minted or Shutterfly offer gorgeous templates at reasonable prices. They both frequently offer discounts as well.

Image by Louis Gabriel. See more of this real elopement here. 


One thing that can really take a wedding up a notch is custom lighting–which doesn’t come cheap. Everything from the bulbs you use to where your candles are placed can make or break your wedding. Sound dramatic? It’s not.

Wedding lighting will help people see where they’re going and light the wedding photos you’ll cherish forever. With proper lighting, you can keep the party going even after the sun sets. 

There are many options when it comes to lighting that you can easily create yourself. It’s important to keep the lingo in mind so you don’t end up with bright beams when you were really dreaming of a soft natural ambiance. Here are a few of the most popular options for that perfect glow:

  • Uplights. Uplighting is created when lights are placed on the floor and turned upwards towards the ceiling to create a soft glow. Many venues will offer this as a premium, but at $1,000-$3,000, it’s not the cheapest upgrade. That’s where DIY Uplighting comes in. For only $17 a light, you can save hundreds of dollars by renting these multi-colored LED lights. Once your wedding is over, repack all of the lights and drop them back off to USPS with the prepaid shipping label. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
  • Ceiling of lights aka Twinkle Lights. If your wedding is taking place outdoors, a “ceiling” of lights is an incredibly easy way to add a romantic touch while keeping things lit. They create the look of a starry night even when the sun is setting. Hang these stringed lights from trees, tent corners, etc. 
  • Lanterns. Lanterns look beautiful in open-air tropical settings. You can find a pack of 5 paper lanterns for under $15 on Amazon!
  • Candles. Candles are one of the easiest ways to make a space feel warm, welcoming, and picturesque. They’re also extremely budget-friendly. If you’re afraid of having open flames, combine flameless tealights and tapered candles throughout your space.
  • Hanging lights. Hanging large pendants–such as Edison bulbs–from greenery, arches, and tree branches instantly upgrades an outdoor seating area and provides an intimate glow.


Having various wedding signs posted around your wedding is helpful for your guests. Wedding signs can communicate your ceremony schedule, direct parking, welcome guests, or showcase a specialty cocktail. You can create your own DIY signs using wood, glass, old window panes, or chalkboard–to name a few. 

There are a few things to remember when creating the signage for your nuptials:

  • Consider the lettering. Are you a pro calligrapher? Try your hand out! If you’re not comfortable, try using stencils. You can also use decals using a Cricut machine. This takes away the guesswork of hand-painting.
  • Your Color Palette. Signage is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your wedding colors. If you’re looking for ways to add a pop, this is it.
  • Be Unique. While it may be tempting to recreate a sign that you found on Pinterest, be sure that it matches your wedding’s style, theme, and colors. Don’t copy it just because you think it’s cute.


Image by Lorenzo Accardi. See more of this real wedding here. 


Florists train for years and know flowers inside and out. That’s what makes them so good at their jobs. While it may seem simple to throw a few flowers together and call it a bouquet, it requires a lot more work than that. 

However, if you’re creative (and very patient), you can create your own floral arrangements. To succeed, we have a few pieces of advice.

  • Keep it simple. Arranging florals is a science. You might be a pro at arranging flowers for your home but creating dozens of centerpieces, bouquets, and other arrangements is tricky. Think lots of greenery, small jars or vases, and one or two types of flowers.
  • Consider the season. You may have your heart set on a particular bloom for months but consider the season your wedding takes place in. If that flower is not in season but you consider it a must-have, DIYing your florals is not a wise decision–as this may require importing flowers.
  • Think about your clothing. Colorful flowers with deep hues, berries, or pollen can stain your clothing. The last thing you want is a large red stain on your dress before the ceremony even begins.
  • Take a workshop. This is the most crucial piece of advice that we can give you. Before you start arranging, take a workshop or two. Make a day of it with your wedding party and learn different techniques that you can use for your special day. They’re informative but—most importantly—fun! It may also be smart to watch a Youtube video or two.


Centerpieces are one of the most visual parts of your wedding reception. They are also one of the most challenging because there are so many of them. If making dozens of floral arrangements overwhelms you, there are many different options for centerpieces. 

There’s no rule that says centerpieces have to be flowers, after all! Include items that are special to you and your spouse, such as books, mismatched glassware, lamps, lanterns, or geometric table décor.

Image by Maggie Grace Photography and Summer Leigha Photo. See more of this real elopement here. 


Your backdrop serves as a focal point and frames the most important part of the day—the ceremony. It also happens to be a great canvas to flex those creative muscles. Some of our favorites wedding backdrops include:

  • Drapery
  • Floral installation
  • PVC pipe arch
  • A free-standing wooden wall 
  • Strips of multi-colored fabric


Image by Isaiah and Taylor Photography. See more of this real wedding here. 

Seating chart 

Your seating chart is one sign that your guests are guaranteed to look at, so it’s important that it matches your color palette and theme flawlessly. Whether you’re looking for elegant, bohemian, or rustic, there’s a DIY option. Here are a few of our favorites that have been put together by our real bride and grooms: 

  • Alisa and Phil thrifted multi-colored vases and hand wrote their seating chart on these vases before filling them with painted gold palm leaves
  • Tanya and Nick DIY’d their wooden seating chart and Tanya even learned how to macrame so she could frame the chart!
  • Ashley and Connor created a retro color-blocked seating chart that perfectly matched their light pink and orange color palette. 


Photobooths are one of the easiest additions to create for your wedding and they make great wedding favors. You don’t need fancy equipment or an expensive team to make the perfect photobooth. 

If you want your guests to strike a pose, follow these six tips to create a photo booth that will fit your design aesthetic and won’t bust your budget!

  • Get creative with the backdrop. Your backdrop should not be complicated. It can be anything from a faux flower wall put together on plywood boards to a chalkboard to a neon sign to macrame.
  • Light it up as much as possible. Unless you’re a pro photographer, you’re better off not fiddling with your camera’s flash and exposure settings. Instead, make sure that your photo booth area is very well-lit. If using lights or lamps of some sort, use bulbs that are marked for “daylight.” You’ll find that these have a color temperature of about 5000k. 
  • Set it up in a highly visible place. The whole point of a photo booth is to capture fun moments with your guests. They can’t do that if the booth is hard to find. Try to avoid tucking it in a corner or putting it in a separate room. Instead, think of it as another focal point in your reception design.
  • Use props. The more props, the better. Etsy is great for finding signs, cutouts, masks. You can also find other goodies such as hats, wigs, jewelry, and other accessories at thrift stores or costume shops.
  • Create a hashtag. We’re sure you’ve heard of wedding hashtags by now. It’s one of the easiest ways to be able to collect all of the photos taken by your guests. There’s a likely chance that they will share their photo booth pictures on social media so having a hashtag that they can use will make finding them a piece of cake.
  • Use a polaroid camera. If you’re looking for a low-tech way to have physical copies of your guests’ photos, encourage the use of polaroid cameras. Once printed, have them tape them into a guestbook or place it in a box. You can also use a polaroid printer to print photos off of your guests’ smartphones. Whichever route you decide on, be sure to have plenty of extra batteries and film on hand.


Image by The McLachlans. See more of this real wedding here.


Wedding favors are the simplest item to include in your DIY wedding. Rather than spend money on a favor that your guests are going to be too tired or drunk to remember, thank your friends and family for attending with one of these DIY options:

  • Homemade candles
  • Bath soak
  • Soap
  • Jam or honey
  • Hangover kits
  • Succulents
  • Baked dessert (cookies, candy, brownies, etc.)
  • Wildflower seeds
  • Mini bottles of alcohol (champagne, your favorite liquor, canned wine, etc.)
  • Hot chocolate kits

Whatever it is you decide to give, make it true to who you are as a couple—whether it ties in with your heritage, favorite snack, etc—and matches your theme. That way you’ll avoid giving something random that you think guests may or may not potentially enjoy. 

Whether you’re working with a tight wedding budget or you simply enjoy the endless possibilities that DIYing brings, there are many ideas you can incorporate to create the DIY day of your dreams. We hope this guide inspired you and that you’re ready to tackle any project you’ve been thinking about. 

Want to see these do-it-yourself details in action? Check out some of our real DIY weddings!

Image by Autumn Nicole Photography. See more of this real wedding here. 

90-Day Wedding Planning Checklist | How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months

You’ve heard of the hit TV show “90 Day Fiancé”, but what happens when that time crunch applies to

your wedding?

Rebecca Gosselin Photography

In a perfect world, you’d have at least 6 months to a year to plan. But we all know how real life goes: Maybe your future spouse is in the military, or you need to move for a job, or you’re both just eager to get married now rather than later.

Whatever your reason for expediting your nuptials, we’ve got you covered with our incredibly efficient 90-Day Wedding Planning Checklist. Feel free to print out this pretty PDF, 3-hole punch it, and get to checkin.

10–12 Weeks To Go…

Heather Anderson Photography

When you’re on such a short timeline, most of the heavy lifting will need to be done upfront. But hey, just think: In 3 short months you’ll be living the married life with your best friend. *throws confetti*

  • Establish a budget and stick to it. When you don’t have much time, you need to figure out what your bottom line is—fast!
  • Put together your guest list with that budget in mind. Just remember that with this tight timeframe many of your guests may already have plans, so don’t stress about adding a few extra invitees.
  • Find your wedding style. Picking a theme early on, or at least a color palette, can really help you nail down all of the other details. Choose a style you vibe with and let the rest fall into place.
  • Find a venue for your ceremony and reception, and set your date! Know what questions to ask when evaluating a wedding venue.
    • TIP: Be reasonable. A lot of venues and vendors book several months to YEARS in advance. Your dream venue may not be available, so be open to looking at places you might not have originally considered.
  • Sign up for MyGuide. We’ll send you seriously useful—and sassy!—wedding-planning emails with tons of practical advice.
  • Send out Save The Dates, like NOW! Ditch snail mail save-the-dates for super-easy emails or a pretty and informative wedding website.

8–10 Weeks To Go…

Madison Carter Photography

As overwhelming as planning your wedding in 90 days may seem, the best approach is to focus on the big-ticket items, and cut out most of the “extras”. (No, you really don’t need that chocolate fondue tower.)

  • Decide what you can reasonably do yourself—and where you can enlist the help of others. Maybe you’re fine with hitting up Trader Joe’s to DIY a bridal bouquet, but you know for a fact that a hand-lettered sign is not in your wheelhouse. Think carefully about what’s worth your blood, sweat, and tears, then forget the rest. (We’re kidding about the blood part. Mostly.)
  • Hire a Wedding Planner if things get too overwhelming. They’re experts at making wedding miracles happen when the clock is ticking. Plus, they can hook you up with their preferred vendor list. #twobirdsonestone
  • Find your vendors. Again, stay flexible because some may be unavailable with such short notice. Here are a few of the must-haves:
  • Are you having a wedding party? If so, let them know and decide on their day-of attire ASAP. Having a bride tribe or groom’s group is great, but forgoing bridesmaids and groomsmen could also simplify plans.
  • Find your wedding attire.
    • Head to a trunk show, sample sale, or even a larger box store like Nordstrom’s or BHLDN. Or heck, just buy a LWD off the rack!
    • For guys, it’s a little easier to get a wedding ensemble at the last minute. A quick-and-easy suit or tux rental is the way to go.
    • Plan for about 8 weeks of alteration time (so you should hit up a local seamstress/tailor right away, if necessary.)
  • Get your beauty and fitness regimen in gear. A workout routine could be a major stress-reliever during this time. (Or just keep wine handy, we won’t judge.)
  • Order your wedding invites. You’ll want to give friends and family as much notice as possible to make travel arrangements.
  • Start thinking about your honeymoon, if you’re into that.
    • Check out our Plan A Honeymoon section for stateside options—no passport required!
    • Remember: There’s no rule that says you NEED to go on a honeymoon right after your wedding. Plan a “mini-moon” for the weekend at a cute bed & breakfast and save the big trip for a few months to a year down the road. Waaay more practical.

6–8 Weeks To Go…

Chris Ferenzi Photography

You’re 6 weeks out! Now’s the time to make sure you have all necessary vendors locked and loaded. Your wedding invitations should go out soon, and you basically want all “big ticket” items in order.

  • Finalize vendors and other day-of helpers. This may include:
    • DJ or Musicians
    • Florist
    • Cake Maker
    • TIP: If necessary, your makeup artist could be your über-talented cousin, your cake could come from Costco, and your wedding day ‘do’ could be a gorgeous Uptini from DryBar—and that’s a-okay! Rest assured, your day will be fab.
  • Register and update your wedding website so your guests can get to shopping. Make things easy on yourself by registering on a site like Blueprint Registry, which lets you and your fiancé skip the store and add items from any website.
  • Book the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner location, or tap a grandparent with a really big backyard. (Hellloooo, Luau BBQ!) But remember, if you’re planning a small wedding or one without the traditional pomp and circumstance, you may not even need a rehearsal dinner! Just be sure everyone involved is on the same page when the Big Day arrives.
  • Reserve all necessary party rentals and linens, including an inclement weather backup, like a tent.
  • Get those invites in the mail! PHEW.

4–5 Weeks To Go…

Dyanna Lamora Photography

Woo hoo! By now, you basically have all the essentials lined up. Now you can begin working on the fun stuff. Do you want to purchase bridal party gifts? Something old, new, borrowed, and blue? Pretty ceremony programs? Fit those to-do tasks in here, along with the following:

  • Check your state’s requirements and make plans to obtain your marriage license. Some states have waiting periods as short as 0–24 hours, while others can take as long as six days (like Wisconsin!).
  • Purchase wedding rings, if you haven’t already. They don’t have to be expensive, either.
  • Order wedding favors for your guests. If you’re going the DIY route, keep them simple so you’re not pulling your hair out trying to finish them in time.
  • If you have a wedding party, give them a nudge—make sure they’ve ordered all necessary attire.
  • Start researching name-change requirements. If that’s your thing, of course.

2–3 Weeks To Go…

Serendipity Photography

It’s getting real…

  • Finalize and confirm:
    • Wedding vows and readings with your officiant.
    • Menu with your caterer.
    • Shot list with your photographer/videographer.
    • Song list for ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception with your DJ and/or band/musicians—or whoever is running your playlist!
    • Who’s giving the toasts.
  • Create your wedding-day timeline. Your guests, your fiancé, and even your vendors are going to need a game plan as to how you’re getting from morning mimosas to the DJ’s last call.
  • Hunt down whoever hasn’t RSVP’d yet. Sigh.

1 Week To Go…

Mallory Dawn Photography

The theme of this week? Finalize!!

  • Give your caterer/venue the final guest count and day-of timeline.
  • Arrange seating and create the seating chart and/or place cards, if necessary.
  • Pick up your gown if you don’t already have it. Be sure to try it on with your shoes, undergarments, and veil. Swoon.
  • Confirm arrival times and finalize the wedding timeline with vendors and the wedding party.
  • Put together your own Wedding Emergency Kit. You can never be too prepared!
  • Pack for the wedding night and your honeymoon/mini-moon, if you’re going on one!

Last Minute Essentials…

Anna Delores Photography

It’s crunch time, yo!

  • Figure out tips and final payments for vendors. Put them in clearly marked envelopes and give them to the Best Man or another person you trust to hand out at the reception.
    • TIP: Though not necessary, consider gifting small but thoughtful things—like a bottle of Prosecco or a gift card for a mani-pedi—to any friends that acted as your bride tribe, glam squad, playlist DJ, etc. #youdabest
  • Assign someone to pack up your gifts/belongings after the reception (including the top tier of your cake!).
  • Thank your BFF for agreeing to return the groom’s tux and other rental items the day after the wedding.
  • Make sure all wedding-day items are packed/laid out and ready to go the night before your big day. Don’t forget the rings and marriage license!
  • Take deep breaths. Stop to appreciate your soon-to-be husband or wife because the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here.

Back to Reality…

Mikayla Dawn Photography

Congrats you newlywed, you.

  • Write and send thank-you cards—don’t procrastinate!
  • Complete your registry and exchange any unwanted or duplicate gifts.
  • Have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved by a reputable company.
  • Keep in touch with your photographer/videographer to work on albums, DVDs, etc.
  • Enjoy wedded bliss…

Got a short wedding planning timeline? These might help!

Hold up! Are you in our tribe?

Some clients may have paid to be placed in our editorial and some of these links may be affiliate; however, we never include a venue, vendor, or product unless they have a proper place here. This is part of our Core Values. We create our website first and foremost to be good for the couples using it to plan their Big Day. We won’t stray from that for a few advertising dollars. #scoutshonor

Every Wedding Checklist You Need For 2020

Oh hey did you just realize you need a wedding checklist? Because after the initial “HEY HEY WE’RE GETTING ENGAGED” period, there’s generally a pretty rough comedown when you realize that oh, now you have to plan your wedding. Oh, and you’re planning a wedding in 2020. During a pandemic. Ugh, we’re so sorry. But, we’ve got your back. Since we can’t literally swoop in and plan it for you, we’re going to give you as many tools as possible. Back away from the “my crazy amazing wedding ideas” Pinterest board, it’s time to figure out what you’re actually doing.

Planning a wedding in 2020 is not for the faint of heart. Maybe you’ve already planned the thing once, or perhaps you were partway through the planning and had to cease and desist, or maybe you just got engaged and quickly realized that this is going to look a bit different than you might have been imagining. Pause here. Take a few deep breaths. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. Hop over here to see all our COVID Wedding content, including step-by-step help for how to have a virtual wedding (thanks, 2020). Oh, and snag yourself our COVID-19 Couple’s Guide, too.

What Kind Of Planner Are You?

I planned my wedding budget on a post-it that I kept on my desk with a rough outline of a budget on it. While you should definitely not follow my lead (we have really solid wedding budgeting tips), suffice to say I was not a super type-A organized planner. A wedding checklist with a hundred steps would have just stressed me out. (In fact, I signed up for one, blacked out when I looked at it, and never checked it again.) If you’re like me and can’t handle a million part checklist, Brooklyn-based professional wedding designer, Michelle Edgemont recommends breaking your wedding checklist into more manageable big picture chunks before you get into the details of your to-do list. She says:

As much you might be trying to be a chill engaged person, you are still putting together a high stakes party. This party, aka your wedding, has a lot of moving parts—like the ceremony, food, drinks, entertainment, fashion, etc. The best way to keep it organized is with a big checklist of todos. To start, I like to write down all the big things that need to happen:

  • Location
  • Food and drink
  • Fashion
  • Decor
  • Whatever else makes sense with your own wedding

Then I break down each category into smaller steps, because “book a venue” feels like a daunting task without smaller tasks to make it manageable. Like this:

  • Research venues (or micro-wedding locations)
  • Make appointments for walkthroughs (or virtual walkthroughs)
  • Go on walkthroughs (or virtual walkthroughs)
  • Ask for contract
  • Review contract
  • Send deposit and signed contract

Whatever type or size of wedding you are planning, break down your wedding planning checklist into smaller actionable steps. It’ll make it easier to get through and easier to delegate to your partner, friends, or family. Because you can’t do everything yourself, no matter how bad you want to.

The Lowest Key Wedding Checklist

Before we get into a huge checklist, let’s step back and look at the whole picture. We created this flowchart—to help you figure out the big picture of how wedding planning is going to work. This walks you through the fact that you need to figure out where you’re getting married first, then book your most important vendors, and you know… maybe then buy your dress (or perfect wedding outfit). This will help keep your priorities straight when you’re tempted to, say, spend $500 on decor before you’ve got your venue locked down. Pin it to your Pinterest board, or put it on your fridge and just follow the general big picture steps. (And remember, in 2020, these steps may be simplified, faster, involve doing thing by Zoom, or just involve way more DIY.)

Our Free Printable Wedding Planning Checklist

BUT. Sometimes what you need is a lot of detail, and a lot of options… particularly 2020, when things are changing every single day. And sometimes you want something you can write on, check things off, and scribble all over,  so you don’t miss anything… even when things change a mile a minute. (Funny story about how I forgot that I had to pay for postage on our wedding invitations, hahahaha sob.) So finally we’ve created a free printable full wedding checklist for you. Actually, we created an ebook with every single wedding checklist you could possibly need (think: 12-month, 6-month, day-of, elopement, and one for all you #CovidCouples when things are changing).

Download your free ebook with every wedding planning checklist you could ever need right here.

We’ve structured these checklists around the super quick elopement or micro-wedding timeline (heyyyyy #pandemicweddings), as well as a twelve-month and a six-month planning process. However, you might be planning for two years from now when we all hope things get back to normal, or for three months out. That’s fine! Feel free to adjust these timelines—stretch it out and do it leisurely, or cut all the stuff you can’t be bothered with and do it in a few months. Likewise, remember that just because something is on the list, it does not mean that you have to do it.

How To Use This wedding planning Checklist

First, get a red pen and cross out everything on the wedding checklist you don’t care about. Seriously. Go crazy. If you’re getting married in your backyard, cross out all the stuff about finding a venue. If you really don’t care about flowers, cross out all the stuff about finding a florist.

Then feel free to reorder things. We’re wedding experts, but we’re not experts on your wedding, so if you want to do things in a different order, girlfriend, you do you. (Though seriously, don’t get your dress till you know where you’re getting married. Many a giant ball gown has been returned when the drive-through chapel in Vegas was picked as the venue…) So start here, and make it you. At every point along the way, we’ve linked to more detailed articles to give you all the guidance you need. (Oh right, and the #APWPlanner has a lot more detail on this whole planning thing, so probably pick that up.)

And remember, if you want to print out these checklists, you can download that e-book right here

F*ck it, let’s elope Wedding Checklist

Given the current state of affairs (hey ‘Rona, we’re talking to you), you may want to just off and elope when you get the chance. Heck, you may have wanted to elope anyway. Whatever your reasoning, here’s a list of things to think about as you plan for your intimate ceremony and celebration. Don’t worry, this is printable in the ebook, too!

  • Nail down some basics:
    • When?
    • Where?
    • Who will be there?
    • What’s your budget?
  • Do you need or want to hire anyone?
    • The big reason you’re eloping may be to avoid all the hullabaloo. Cool, good for you. But if you’d like to have a photographer, or custom flowers, hair and makeup, or anything else, you’ll want to make sure to get that all scheduled and booked.
  • If you decided to travel to elope (which in 2020, you’re probably not doing, but who knows), make sure all your travel plans are in place.
    • Flights/transportation
    • Accommodations
  • Get a marriage license.
    • This has gotten more complicated with government offices being closed, so do your research. Figure out where you can get one, what the legal requirements are (are virtual weddings happening in your state?) Find out if there is be a waiting period. There is usually a window of time that says you must get it within X days of the wedding. Just be sure you know what you need to know.
  • Make sure you’ve got the legal stuff covered.
    • Need an officiant? (City Hall will cover that for you, if it’s open. CO, PA and WI don’t require a third-party officiant. Some states are making virtual officiants legal. Research the rules where you are.)
    • Need witnesses? (Gather friends, family, or strangers from a bar as needed.)
  • Will you exchange rings?
    • You don’t have to, but if you want to, make sure you order them/buy them in enough time to have them in hand (wink) on the wedding day.
  • Don’t forget about your outfits. Whatever that means for you. And right now, your best dress or outfit is just perfect.
  • After the fact:
    • Send in that marriage license. Make it legal.
    • Celebrate however the heck you want.
    • Share the exciting news with the people you love. (social media, wedding announcements, a website with photos.)

twelve-month Wedding Checklist

When You’re Newly Engaged

  • You’re engaged!—have some bubbly, bliss out
  • Tell people the big news
  • Avoid jumping right into planning if you can possibly avoid it; chill out and enjoy
  • Pick up a copy of the APW Book and the APW Planner (but don’t start reading the planner till you’re ready to really get planning)
  • Sit down and figure out what your wedding priorities are
  • Come up with a wedding mission statement
  • Sign up for APW’s wedding planning email list so you have a built-in wedding BFF
  • Have an engagement party or a super casual engagement toast
  • Decide if you want to elope and ditch the rest of this list


11 months before your wedding

10 months before your wedding

9 months before your wedding

8 months before your wedding

7 months before your wedding

6 months before your wedding

  • Think about rehearsal dinner options
  • Start to plan any extra events associated with the wedding (after party, brunch, welcome party)
  • Finalize your guest list (we’ve got spreadsheets for that.)
  • Set up a meeting with your officiant to discuss the ceremony and start marital counseling (if relevant)
  • Start thinking about your wedding vows and ceremony plan
  • If you’re having a friend officiate your wedding, now is a good time to ask them about doing so
  • If you’re not having a friend officiate your wedding, make sure you’ve booked someone (or the church/shul/mosque/temple)
  • Set up your wedding registry. (Even if you don’t want one, it’s wise to register for a few things so you don’t get a fugly vase made out of a tree #truestory.)
  • Have a meeting with everyone who is helping (or start sharing those Google Docs!) and make sure they all understand what is expected
  • Find a baker for your wedding cake, and if you can schedule cake tastings, do so
  • If someone is throwing you a bridal shower, send that person these tips

5 months before your wedding

4 months before your wedding

  • Finalize rehearsal dinner, and book anything you might need to book
  • Buy your wedding rings
  • Make sure your passport is up to date, if you’re leaving the country for your honeymoon
  • Book wedding transportation
  • Create a spreadsheet for RSVPs and guest list addresses.
  • Talk to whoever is planning your bachelorette party, and hook them up with this checklist (same goes for any wedding showers)

Wedding Checklist: 3 months before your wedding

  • Address and mail your wedding invitations (double check the postage!)
  • Think about what ceremony extras you might need (chuppah, aisle runners, etc.), and buy or rent them
  • Start planning out your wedding ceremony script
  • If you’re DIYing anything for your wedding, start now or cross it off your list
  • Schedule dress fittings, as needed
  • Research your local marriage license, civil union, and domestic partnership rules

2 months before your wedding

  • Begin working on your wedding vows in earnest
  • Make sure everyone in your wedding party has bought what they’re wearing
  • Figure out what you’re wearing to your rehearsal dinner
  • Put together a list of what you want to pack for your honeymoon, if you’re having one

6 weeks before your wedding

1 month before your wedding

  • Put together your seating chart
  • Create your escort cards
  • Finalize your ceremony outline
  • Create a wedding timeline
  • Make any necessary nail and spa appointments
  • Confirm all vendor payments (and tip amounts)
  • Create your wedding playlist, if you’re doing the DIY DJ route
  • Make sure your wedding party knows any critical information as it pertains to the rehearsal dinner or wedding day
  • Schedule a final dress fitting
  • Print wedding programs, if you’re having them
  • Confirm all rentals (and adjust your rental order, as needed)
  • Sit down with your wedding stage manager or day-of coordinator and walk through all the details for your wedding day
  • Get your marriage license
  • And finally, for fun, if you haven’t picked a wedding hashtag, get moving on that
  • This is also a good time to review your wedding checklist and overall plan, add stuff you missed, and remove stuff you don’t care about anymore

two weeks before your wedding

  • Check in with guests who haven’t RSVP.
  • Confirm head counts, menus, and delivery with your caterers and bakers (also confirm vendor meal requests)
  • Confirm your photo requests, required family, and timeline with your photographer
  • Make sure that everyone who is delivering something to the wedding (rentals, flowers, etc.) has a confirmed, final timeline
  • Send a transportation schedule to transport providers
  • Make sure any clothing you want cleaned or pressed is taken care of
  • Ensure that there is a plan for wedding venue setup and breakdown

Wedding Checklist: one week before your wedding

  • Pack an overnight bag and include your toothbrush, birth control/condoms, something to sleep in, an outfit for the next day, honeymoon luggage, and your passport
  • Get your wedding manicure and pedicure (if it’s happening at all)
  • Make sure a copy of your honeymoon plans is left with family and friends
  • Put your final payments and tips for vendors in labeled envelopes, and give this to another person to manage
  • Get your wedding day “oh shit kit” put together (you’ll want aspirin, makeup, safety pins, mints, snacks, etc.)
  • Pick up your dress (if it wasn’t delivered to you)
  • Try on your entire wedding ensemble
  • Give all of your vendors an emergency number to call, just in case (note: not yours!)
  • Assign a family member to be the photographer’s point of contact
  • Hand over all of your planning docs to your wedding stage manager (including a copy of the vendor delivery schedule, set up times, and phone numbers) or DOC and take a step back to enjoy this thing!

One Last Wedding Checklist: 1 day before your wedding

  • Rehearse your ceremony with your officiant and wedding party
  • Confirm your honeymoon transportation, airport drop-off, etc.
  • Set your alarm (and a backup)
  • Print out your vows (or memorize them)
  • Drop off favors, menus, table plans, and place cards with your caterer or venue
  • Do a final review of your wedding checklist, and any other lists you have going

last-minute things you might forget

(AKA, rip this wedding checklist out and stick it to your front door)

  • Rings
  • Vows
  • Marriage license
  • Dresses
  • Suits
  • Drivers license
  • Wallet
  • Cash
  • Passport/ID
  • Socks, underwear, bra
  • Accessories
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Tips for vendors
  • Wedding playlist
  • Umbrella
  • Snacks and water

on your wedding day

  • Make sure you pause and appreciate your family, friends, and each other
  • Take a few minutes every so often to breathe and focus; smile at your friends, give hugs, be in the moment

After the wedding Checklist

  • Send out your thank you notes (to people who helped with the wedding AND for gifts)
  • Make sure your vendors have been paid in full
  • Follow up and make sure you know when you’ll get your wedding photos back
  • Ensure that rentals, clothing, and accessories have been returned (as needed)
  • Throw that wedding checklist in the trash. You did it!
  • Toast your marriage! Now the good stuff starts for real.


Pretty amazing list, huh? You Can Print It all out as well. Right here: 

90,000 DIY wedding organization. Where to begin?

12 Feb Do-it-yourself wedding organization. Where to begin?

Posted at 23: 47h in To my brides by test

A wedding is not an event that can be organized in a week or two. In fact, this occupation takes a lot of time, effort, nerve cells and it will not be a secret for anyone that money too. But since a wedding is also one of the most significant events in your life, these troubles quickly fade into the background, because now you are on the verge of making all your dreams come true.

And at this moment the time comes to finally decide, and with whom you will make this dream come true. There are two options here: either you call specialists from a wedding agency to help you, or you yourself will overcome all organizational and not only difficulties.

Evaluate your time
If the words: “If you want to do well – do it yourself” is your motto, then most likely you will choose the second option and start organizing the wedding yourself.
In this case, you initially need to understand one very important point: a wedding is a large complex event, preparation for which requires a lot of time and effort.
If you do not have a shortage of time, and you can easily devote the whole day to choosing bows to decorate the hall, then this option is right for you. If, on the contrary, you disappear from morning to night at work and will hang on the phone even when you manage to sneak out of the office, then it is better to give up the idea of ​​a personal organization right away.

In any case, you still have to understand that the preparation for the wedding does not end the day before the celebration itself. You will have to control everything until the very end, in other words, be the bride / groom and steward at the same time.Think about whether you want this, and whether you want to think during the wedding whether there is enough space for all the guests and whether the driver will be late.
Organizing a wedding yourself often means spending most of your time looking and negotiating. You will need to look for a photographer, operator, wedding presenter, responsible for light and music, etc. and make appointments, and you also need to find and decorate the hall and the car, take care of invitations, wedding menu and, finally, take care of yourself: choose a dress, a bouquet, decide on a hairstyle and make-up, visit a beauty salon, etc.If you are sure that you have enough time for all this, then you can start to engage in wedding organization.

Assess your capabilities
The desire to keep everything under control, especially on your wedding day, is quite natural. But when it comes to organization, it is better to immediately soberly assess your skills, abilities and capabilities.
Great if you already have experience in organizing similar events, for example, corporate parties or large family celebrations. This, of course, will be very useful to you, but remember that at a wedding there are several centers of attraction at the same time: a festive hall, a kitchen, a wedding ceremony, a walk, photography.Can you keep everything under control at the same time, especially if it’s not a small party but a big reception? And this is very important for the wedding to go smoothly and without a hitch.

Organizing a wedding on your own: where to start?

Having made such a bold decision, you can use these simple tips as a support. So, if you have decided on a date, agreed on it with relatives and friends and applied to the registry office, then you should:
• Plan the entire process of preparing for the wedding.Make a list, write down all the things that need to be done, outline a deadline.
• In parallel, budget for your wedding. This will make it easier for you to determine how much and on what you can spend, which means that the field of your searches can be noticeably narrowed.
• Decide on the style of your wedding. Get busy looking for the right hall, decor and everything else that is necessary to translate your ideas into reality.
• Make a guest list. By mail or in person, hand them invitations, which should also match the style of the wedding.
• In parallel with all this, look for a photographer, operator, presenter, DJ, etc. Remember that this can be time consuming, because you need to meet each of them in person and you are unlikely to be able to find the person who will meet all your requirements the first time.
• Decide on the wedding menu. Don’t forget to choose the cake and how the pastry chef will need to decorate it.
• Create a celebration program. Consider contests and other entertainment. Decide on music and dancing, discuss these moments with the DJ in advance.
• Take care of yourself. Dresses, hairstyles, bouquets and many other hassles will also take a long time.

And finally, I want to note that no matter how difficult and exhausting the preparation for the wedding is, if you are a creative person who has a lot of time, energy and interesting ideas, then organizing a wedding yourself is what will make your holiday truly unique and inimitable …

90,000 ✅ Wedding Organization. (From Where to start, How to Organize)

Planning Your Own Wedding Planning

How to Organize Your Wedding – Important Preparations.
Stages of organizing a holiday

Today I will share the secrets that will save you from unnecessary worries on your wedding day and help make the celebration unforgettable. I will also give a lot of useful tips on how to prepare for this important event in your life. And that’s all so that you can enjoy every minute of the celebration and get the most out of an unforgettable holiday.

  1. So that after the wedding it would not be offended that the time has flown by, money has been spent, no pleasure, I advise you to start with a discussion (together with your boyfriend) what exactly you want.How do you imagine this?
  2. If you have an understanding and idea of ​​what you want – great, if not, and are planning an event in Moscow or the surrounding area, then write to me – I will definitely advise something. There are a lot of options for organizing a holiday.
  3. And only at the third stage, you can start thinking about how to realize what you want. And in this I can help you not only to get great photos, but also with advice on organizing this day, with reasonable budget savings.
  4. Together with you, we will think over how to organize a wedding day so that neither you nor the guests will suffer, but have the most fun time, without waiting and long journeys.
  5. And I will definitely help organize a wedding in a restaurant, help with the selection of a host, I will tell you what is important to know when choosing a venue or a cottage.
  6. I’ll tell you about all the secrets of organizing a beautiful holiday.


  • Perfect appearance

At the wedding, the bride must look perfect throughout the entire celebration. Therefore, be sure to keep in mind that your hair and makeup will need to last for a long time.Use fixing aids.

I do not recommend using long-lasting lipstick in your make-up. It can bite into the skin of the lips so much that it fades almost instantly. Freshen your lips with gloss or regular lipstick, which can be put in the bride’s purse. Have a bridesmaid or wedding planner keep any necessary hair accessories (comb, hairspray, spare hairpins) you may need during the evening.

  • Makeup and Hairstyle

It is better to entrust this matter to one master who should be found in advance.Agree with him about a rehearsal (trial version) of makeup and styling. This is necessary in order to make sure that you have chosen the correct image. This way you will be 100% sure of the desired end result. In addition, it is also a great opportunity to correctly calculate the time to prepare for the arrival of the groom.

From straight and long hair it is better to make curls. Otherwise, in bad weather, they will look unattractive due to the varnish applied to them. Or, even worse, they will pull back under their own weight and hang like icicles.Get a hairstyle that will keep its shape well and will not lose it during a dance or a photo session.

Look for ideas and options for wedding manicure on the Internet in advance. If you are not sure of the correct choice, consult a specialist. It is important to maintain a uniform style with makeup, jewelry and dress.

If you do not use false nails, you can make a shellac coating with a beautiful pattern or delicate shade. I advise you to contact the nail salon a few days before the celebration.So you can test the durability of the coating and at the same time create a wedding mood for yourself.

Your toes should also be put in order, even if you are in stockings and no one will see your legs. Remember, the groom will have to remove your wedding bandage. And it is at this moment that your legs will be visible to everyone. In summer, tights or stockings are not needed as you will most likely be wearing open shoes. In this case, a pedicure is required. Shellac will look more elegant, and for safety in the sock, it is better to apply a gel coating.

A light, fresh scent is best for the bride. I advise you to abandon the heavy and evening notes of perfume. They will not go with the gentle romantic image of the bride. Choose perfumes from famous brands. They are stable and time-tested. Hint to the groom that you would love such a wedding gift and that you must have all the best on this day. A small bottle can be put in the bride’s purse and periodically refreshed with an exciting aroma.

Your wedding dress should consist of details in the same style.And the handbag for the bride needs to be selected according to him. It must be the same color as the dress, so as not to disturb the overall image of the bride. Take special care of this. It is better to choose a handbag with a small volume. You can put a mobile phone, a mirror, lipstick or lip gloss and wet wipes in it. If you can’t buy a handbag separately, then you can make an order from the same dressmaker or in the same salon where the dress was ordered.

To feel confident, pay attention to the details of the toilet that only the groom will see.They should be no less charming and special in a special way, like a wedding dress. Let it be a sophisticated, exquisite bustier and beautiful fishnet stockings. In such underwear, you will be a real princess for your future spouse.

In the wedding scenario, for sure, there will be a moment when the groom throws a garter from the bride’s leg. Therefore, this detail must be present in her outfit. It is better to buy this little thing in advance and try it on right away. And if it turns out to be uncomfortable, then you don’t have to wear it at the wedding.Let it lie in the bride’s purse until this part of the script. And after the groom takes off the garter in front of everyone and throws it over his head into the crowd of male guests, it will become a memorable souvenir for one of them.


The groom’s outfit must also be taken care of in advance. During the wedding season, prices are always much higher. If you want to save money, you can rent a suit for the groom. And to make the outfit look elegant, I advise you to take a closer look at the three-piece suit.The vest will add solemnity to the groom’s appearance, even if he wants to take off his jacket for a while. This is very important in the summer.

The groom needs to choose clothes so that it matches the bride’s dress. It can be not only a black classic blazer with trousers, but also a pure white wedding suit. You can put a small decorative scarf made of the same fabric and the same color as the bride’s dress in the lapel buttonhole.

Try to choose the most comfortable footwear possible. And do not forget about its harmonious color combination with the trouser belt.It is very important. Indeed, on such a day, everything in your outfit should be absolutely perfect.

Formal occasion involves a white shirt. However, if you wish, you should not give up options for a different color. I advise you to buy another shirt (spare), since during the holiday there is a risk of getting it dirty. Ask a guest to keep your spare shirt on a hanger in his private car, or leave all this hassle to the wedding planner.

The best option is when the cufflinks match the color of the shoes and the belt.And the frame of this item of clothing should be the same color as the jewelry of the bride. This should not be a problem, since on the Internet you will find a huge selection according to your taste.

  • Tie or bow tie

This is perhaps the most important element in the groom’s attire. I repeat: everything should look harmonious in combination with the bride’s outfit and the “corporate colors” of your celebration. You can complement your elegant look with a classic tie that matches the style of the model, as well as a bow tie or just a beautiful scarf.

The most capital-intensive and responsible is the choice of a good site. It can be a cafe, restaurant or a special wedding cottage where you can stay overnight.

65 questions for the wedding venue to be asked when choosing a place to celebrate the holiday.

DIY wedding ideas: tips, master classes and photos

Do-it-yourself wedding organization is a fascinating but complicated process, therefore newlyweds often delegate the preparation of the celebration to event-specialists: organizers, decorators, etc.But after all, some things can be done on your own. And we are talking, first of all, about the decoration of the holiday and accessories. After all, who knows better than the newlyweds what a celebration should be, the portal is sure, which has collected for you the best ideas on how to organize your wedding with your own hands.

DIY wedding: everything you need to organize yourself

During the preparation of the celebration, you need to think through many important issues: from renting a banquet hall and a motorcade to buying outfits and accessories.It is hardly possible to realize everything from this list on your own, but some accessories and little things for a wedding can be made with your own hands, just take into account the following tips:

  1. Before embarking on the implementation of your ideas, decide on such important points as the style and palette of the wedding, the budget, the number of guests, the place of celebration, your priorities (decide what you exactly want to be at the wedding, and without can be dispensed with). Then you will be able to pick up those ideas for the celebration that will not only fit into its theme and budget, but will also be easily implemented in practice.
  2. On the Internet, you can find many ideas for a wedding with your own hands. Which one should you choose? Think about what you do best . For example, if you are good at drawing, prepare trendy watercolor invitations for your guests; if you own the origami technique, make original banquet cards and elements of festive decor from paper. Take what you really do, then you will not only make truly unique and beautiful things, but you can also relieve stress before the celebration.
  3. Create a diary in which you can write down all the wedding ideas that come to mind with your own hands. This will not only allow you to structure all the information, but also not to lose sight of anything, because it is simply impossible to remember everything.
  4. Distribute duties . You should not try to do everything yourself, this will turn the preparation for the wedding into a continuous marathon, which will not give you pleasure, but will make you nervous.Delegate some tasks to your family and friends, but only if you are sure that they will cope with it. If your girlfriend can make wedding accessories with her own hands, because She is proficient in scrapbooking technique, why not ask her for help.
  5. Do not leave the making of accessories and little things for last, because Before the wedding, you may have a lot of extra worries. It is better to do everything in advance and enjoy the beauty of the made gizmos, anticipating the approach of the holiday.

What can you do for a wedding with your own hands?

For a wedding, you need to prepare a lot of accessories and little things. Many of them can be made with your own hands, because there are a million ideas for stylish wedding decor and accessories that can be implemented without the help of professionals. This will not only save your budget, but also come up with really unique gizmos for your holiday.So, what can you do for a wedding with your own hands? Let’s analyze the points!


This is a real scope for creativity! Find beautiful templates on the Internet, adapt them to your wedding, print them on a printer and sign them by hand – such soulful invitations will not go unnoticed by guests.And this is just one simple idea among a million possible, because you can make stylish invitations with your own hands based on a photo from your Love story, make fashionable watercolor cards, etc.


You can delight your family and friends who have come to the wedding with beautiful boxes of handmade chocolates, or something more non-standard, for example, small pots with live plants, jars of jam or honey, handmade soap, etc.p.

Accessories for guest navigation

We are talking about banquet cards, table numbers and seating plans. There are many ideas for making such accessories! Banquet cards can be made from delicate flower buds with name plates, table numbers from frames with numbers inserted into them, and a seating plan from a large frame, twine and clothespins.

Accessories for the bride and groom

These are hair ornaments, bijouterie, cufflinks and other details of the festive image of the newlyweds.You can even make a bouquet yourself, because flower arrangements of a natural, slightly careless shape are in fashion. Well, the groom can make a personalized boutonniere that reflects his character or hobbies. He will definitely appreciate your gift!

Decor elements

There are a million options for decorating a wedding hall with your own hands, realizing all your creativity. First of all, these are decorations for chairs and original compositions for guests’ tables.They can be made from a wide variety of materials: from pom-poms and ribbons to candles and natural materials (flowers, moss, branches, shells, etc.). In the design of wedding tables, the scope of imagination is not limited by anything! The main thing is not to forget to strictly follow the style and palette of the wedding.

A modern wedding cannot do without a photo zone and a candy bar, which you can also decorate with your own hands. For example, as a corner for a photo shoot, you can use the wall of the hall, decorated with ribbons, luminous garlands or white cloth, hand-painted by the wishes of the guests.And these are just a couple of ideas on how to make a photo zone yourself. In reality, there are much more of them, as well as options for how to decorate a wedding with your own hands.

The portal showed you that you can do almost everything for a wedding with your own hands, the main thing is to turn on your imagination and allocate some free time. Then you will have original gizmos that will allow you to organize a truly magical and spectacular holiday!

Wedding professionals from “A” to “Z”

Organization of a modern celebration is unthinkable without a number of wedding specialists: a host and artists, stylist and florist, photographer and videographer, decorator, etc.Whose services should you use to make your wedding celebration at the highest level? Let’s figure it out in the article!

  • 7 photo
Caricature at a wedding: cute and funny

Many newlyweds are racking their brains about how to surprise their guests, and themselves at a wedding event. One of these original and funny options can be a caricature who will capture the brightest moments of the holiday.

  • 7 photo

How to organize a wedding on your own and inexpensively: 5 steps

“Based on the checklist, you can look at your wedding as if from the side of (which is sometimes very difficult for brides), present it as a single project, understand what is behind what make. For the organizer, the picture develops by itself, it’s a matter of experience as well, ”continues Sasha. “On the basis of checklist , an estimate is made: it is better to start a google drive, give a link to the groom and everyone involved, so that you can always make changes together.Having made a general estimate, you can understand that the same amount of the budget can be distributed in different ways. Further in the estimate, you need to highlight accents , which is important for you, for your couple. ”

Why are you wedding at all? There are no wrong answers, everything is very individual. Think, what is the “trick” of your pair? Sometimes the answer is on the surface, sometimes not, but it definitely is! How will this wedding be different from hundreds of others? By the fact that it is yours, so emphasize it, is in trend – the individuality of .


Organizer Yours Sasha

Celebration scale and timing

One of the main principles of optimizing the budget, as well as facilitating the organizational process, is, of course, the reduction of the guest list. Think about who you really want to see at the wedding, cross out all those whom you “must” call, because parents or relatives say so.

Today chamber weddings are becoming more and more popular also because family atmosphere and warmth of human relations are becoming one of the leading wedding trends.Being in the eternal information noise, more and more couples prefer emotional comfort on such an important day as a wedding. The Mermaid Art team tells about the main nuances of organizing a chamber event.

So, first of all: the earlier you start preparing, the better . Even with an organizer, quality preparation of a small event takes 4 months or more. “If you have the opportunity to hire an event coordinator , it’s better not to miss it, as it will make life much easier for you and your guests during the day itself.”

Speaking of the guests. Try to understand what kind of guests will be at the celebration, and depending on this choose the host or just a DJ. Sometimes the guests are so well acquainted with each other that the need for a presenter disappears by itself, and sometimes, on the contrary, you need some kind of person who will re-energize everyone. The role of the host at the holiday is difficult to overestimate, so choose professional !

Divide and … make life easier for everyone – to paraphrase famous words, let’s add two more tips that will help you organize a wedding that everyone will remember with joy. First , separate the registry office and the celebration. “So the holiday will be more comfortable and memorable, and will not be loaded in the timing of , which will greatly facilitate independent organization.” Secondly, if possible, separate the zones on the site so that those who are tired have the opportunity to escape the noise to a secluded place and vice versa.

Most often, independent brides make mistakes in timing, continues the organizer Sasha Mozgel. “Do not plan to wake up early, the wedding day is very busy and active. If the registry office and the banquet are planned on the same day, and you want guests to be present at the registry office, then choose a comfortable time, an hour or two before the banquet , taking into account the road. Work out transport logistics taking into account traffic jams, which you and guests can get into. For many couples, the ideal timing: is a gathering, an exit ceremony and a banquet in one place , without fuss and unnecessary movements, take note of this, the organization will also be simplified.”


Studio of chamber weddings Mermaid Art

Budget and Team Selection

Of course, one of the main questions that worries all couples is how not to overpay? An experienced organizer will always help you with this, , who not only knows how to correctly draw up lighting, allocate a budget and optimize it, but will also be able to advise really proven specialists, which will be a guarantee of the result, and they, in turn, will offer services at completely different prices. …Nevertheless, if you still continue your independent journey to the ideal wedding, wedding organizer Oksana Kurtova advises to prioritize when budgeting for , that is, to highlight the main “want”.

“Never do the decor yourself! It’s like building a house for the first time – it will be demolished. If the budget is only for an outdoor ceremony, then do only it. Do not spread the budget for all zones.

Now it’s time to move on to more specific details. Photographer Ksenia Chorna notes: “We have to start somewhere. Whether it’s a dress, a photographer, a restaurant, or an off-site check-in area. Something that is extremely spiritual. It is much easier to start from something concrete than from a blank slate. Contractors can also be found along the chain. Arrange a personal meeting with the photographers you like. It is completely free and very useful. In addition to the fact that in the conversation it will become clear whether this or that professional is right for you, you will receive information on how best to plan a wedding day, what to look for in order to save time on travel, contacts of makeup artists, decorators, videographers, wedding venues and etc.”


Photographer Ksenia Chorna

Sasha Mozgel notes that decorative elements can be used twice: “For example, arch for an off-site ceremony can become evening photo zone ! You can light sparklers there with the guests, you can cut a cake or speak back to your guests, ignite the family hearth. Or you can make a bright ending with cold fountains, fraer show or fireworks – the photos will be amazing! ”

Choosing a venue and wedding team are the most important stages in preparation. Oksana Kurtova advises: “Make a short list of all sites and a list of questions to them. Meet with representatives in person. Next, select a command. Reviews and portfolio – the first stage of selection. The second is face-to-face meeting . The third – contract , it must be mandatory. Do not risk being left on the day of the celebration without a specialist, as they took their word for it. ” Olga also advises you to think about who can help you from your loved ones. Who will control contractors and solve force majeure situations.Prepare paid envelopes in advance.


Special Event Studio KURTOVA WEDDING

What you can’t save on

You have made a budget and started choosing specialists who will create your holiday. Perhaps at some point the very thought will come to you: “What if we save here or here?” Such thoughts are quite normal, but there are those specialists on whom you cannot save in any case, because it will simply ruin your whole holiday and your memories of it.Have you guessed who we are talking about in the first place? We’re talking about a photographer and videographer . The photographer is a key figure in creating your holiday memories because photographs will stay with you for life. Do you feel like revisiting bad shots? The same applies to the videographer – if you decide that you want to shoot a wedding film, then choose the one who will do it stylishly, efficiently, and most importantly, atmospheric.

The second specialist on our list is makeup artist .Yes, yes, putting on makeup yourself or asking a girlfriend is not the best idea, because your makeup and hairstyle are unlikely to last the entire wedding day. But your image will be tested not only by the wind and other weather phenomena, but also by kisses, hugs and tears. Remember that all the imperfections in makeup and hairstyle will remain in the photo and video. Don’t skimp on your emotions and memories!

Host is the third hero on our list. As we wrote above, if you really want to invite the host to the wedding, then it should only be a professional! Oksana Kurtova also adds that if the presenter becomes your main assistant, be sure to talk over all the points that are important to you.


Special Event Studio KURTOVA WEDDING

Bloom Bride Wedding Studio adds another item that cannot be skimped on – the wedding cake. The highlight of the program should be not only beautiful, but also tasty, don’t you agree? “Unfortunately, the cake from your picture does not always match what you get. Therefore, choosing a pastry chef is just as important as a good stylist. We strongly recommend using the services of professionals. Who has taste and appearance in perfect harmony.Pay special attention to the discussion of the delivery of the cake to the place of the celebration. Ideally cake should be transported quickly and in refrigerator . Once we were saving a cake that could not survive a hot day and shaking on the road. Everything went well, but it is better to foresee such moments in advance. ”


Bloom Bride Wedding Studio

Helpful Hints

Oksana Kurtova reminds that if you are planning a show program , then the most important thing is your atmosphere.All performances should be a logical continuation of the celebration. Don’t forget to check the reviews!

Also Oksana advises to hold a rehearsal of the ceremony . Invite your parents and close friends. This will help you not to worry on your wedding day that something does not go according to plan. And loved ones, knowing the nuances, will always help the ceremony process.

Always have Plan B in case of unexpected weather conditions. For example, check with the site administration if it will be possible to transfer the banquet to a covered room in in case of rain .

It is also possible to reduce wedding expenses thanks to the correctly chosen date and season – avoiding “beautiful” dates, Saturdays and the height of the wedding season, you can significantly reduce the costs of certain services, sometimes the price difference can be up to 50%.


Special Event Studio KURTOVA WEDDING

The advantage of a wedding with a small budget is that it provokes you to original decisions ! Your joint creativity will allow you to organize a 100% personalized wedding.

Studio of wedding stylists PROVANS | DIY wedding organization. Where to begin?

12 Apr Do-it-yourself wedding organization. Where to begin?

Published 03:41 PM to the heading Art by Administrator

A wedding is not an event that can be organized in a week or two. In fact, this occupation takes a lot of time, effort, nerve cells and it will not be a secret for anyone that money too.But since a wedding is also one of the most significant events in your life, these troubles quickly fade into the background, because now you are on the verge of making all your dreams come true.

And at this moment the time comes to finally decide, and with whom you will make this dream come true. There are two options here: either you call specialists from a wedding agency to help you, or you yourself will overcome all organizational and not only difficulties.

Rate your time

If the words: “If you want to do well – do it yourself” is your motto, then most likely you will choose the second option and start organizing the wedding yourself.
In this case, you initially need to understand one very important point: a wedding is a large complex event, preparation for which requires a lot of time and effort.
If you do not have a shortage of time, and you can easily devote the whole day to choosing bows to decorate the hall, then this option is right for you. If, on the contrary, you disappear from morning to night at work and will hang on the phone even when you manage to sneak out of the office, then it is better to give up the idea of ​​a personal organization right away.

In any case, you still have to understand that the preparation for the wedding does not end the day before the celebration itself. You will have to control everything until the very end, in other words, be the bride / groom and steward at the same time. Think about whether you want this, and whether you want to think during the wedding whether there is enough space for all the guests and whether the driver will be late.
Organizing a wedding yourself often means spending most of your time looking and negotiating.You will need to look for a photographer, operator, wedding presenter, responsible for light and music, etc. and make appointments, and you also need to find and decorate the hall and the car, take care of invitations, wedding menu and, finally, take care of yourself: choose a dress, a bouquet, decide on a hairstyle and make-up, visit a beauty salon, etc. If you are sure that you have enough time for all this, then you can start to engage in wedding organization.

Evaluate your capabilities

It’s natural to want to be in control, especially on your wedding day.But when it comes to organization, it is better to immediately soberly assess your skills, abilities and capabilities.
Great if you already have experience in organizing similar events, for example, corporate parties or large family celebrations. This, of course, will be very useful to you, but remember that at a wedding there are several centers of attraction at the same time: a festive hall, a kitchen, a wedding ceremony, a walk, photography. Can you keep everything under control at the same time, especially if it’s not a small party but a big reception? And this is very important for the wedding to go smoothly and without a hitch.

Organizing a wedding on your own: where to start?

Having made such a bold decision, you can use these simple tips as a support. So, if you have decided on a date, agreed on it with relatives and friends and applied to the registry office, then you should:
• Plan the entire process of preparing for the wedding. Make a list, write down all the things that need to be done, outline a deadline.
• In parallel, budget for your wedding.This will make it easier for you to determine how much and on what you can spend, which means that the field of your searches can be noticeably narrowed.
• Decide on the style of your wedding. Get busy looking for the right hall, decor and everything else that is necessary to translate your ideas into reality.
• Make a guest list. By mail or in person, hand them invitations, which should also match the style of the wedding.
• In parallel with all this, look for a photographer, operator, presenter, DJ, etc. Remember that this can be time consuming, because you need to meet each of them in person and you are unlikely to be able to find the person who will meet all your requirements the first time.
• Decide on the wedding menu. Don’t forget to choose the cake and how the pastry chef will need to decorate it.
• Create a celebration program. Consider contests and other entertainment. Decide on music and dancing, discuss these moments with the DJ in advance.
• Take care of yourself. Dresses, hairstyles, bouquets and many other hassles will also take a long time.

And finally, I want to note that no matter how difficult and exhausting the preparation for the wedding is, if you are a creative person who has a lot of time, energy and interesting ideas, then organizing a wedding yourself is what will make your holiday truly unique and inimitable …

90,000 step-by-step plan and advice for newlyweds

A wedding is a significant event in the life of two young people, as well as a transitional stage in relations to a new level. Many newlyweds prefer independent wedding planning to the smallest detail when turning to professionals. But if you know in advance how to do it correctly, then this process will cease to frighten and even give pleasure.

Organizing a wedding yourself is not an easy task, but this approach will significantly save money that could be spent on the organizer, and will also allow you to control that everything would go according to plan

Don’t know where to start organizing your wedding? Then this article is for you, because here you will find a step-by-step plan for organizing your wedding.

Organization of a wedding step by step: from A to Z

In order to quickly and beautifully organize a wedding with your own hands, it is important to adhere to a well thought out plan in order not to miss a single stage of the wedding. Here are only possible options for organizing a wedding from start to finish, which, of course, can be adjusted.

An interesting do-it-yourself wedding


The most important point that you need to decide on in the first place when preparing is the date of the celebration. Check this point with all the invitees. As a rule, the wedding is scheduled for Saturday, which is the day off for most people.

The wedding day is an event that you will celebrate for many years to come, so choose a date that will appeal to you.

Do not forget about the season. If after the celebration you want to get bright and sunny photographs as a souvenir, then it is better that it be planned for the summer period.


In advance allocate the amount that you would like to spend on the celebration. And, based on it, choose the rest of the components. Try to make sure that the allocated money is enough for everything and does not have to cut some points.

Number of guests

Make a list of people, whom you would like to see at your wedding. It is important to take into account the desires of both parties: both the groom and the bride. It is most convenient to write a list according to the importance of people: that is, at the beginning those who are definitely invited, and at the end of those whose presence is still in question.It will be much easier to cross out this way if, for some reason, it is necessary to reduce the number of people.

Do not forget to send invitations with their name to everyone: this way each of the guests will feel important and needed.

Organization of a wedding: invitations

Place of celebration

It is necessary to choose a location for the celebration in advance, at least 6 months in advance, since halls for a large number of people are always booked long in advance. The wedding should take place where everyone will be comfortable and comfortable.

In the institution, immediately check the average bill per guest and the possibility of purchasing your own alcohol. Do not forget that these products are much cheaper in any supermarket than in cafes and restaurants.


A good host is the key to a successful holiday, because he will make it even more interesting and fun. Decide who you want to see in the role of toastmaster – a woman or a man.

Be sure to discuss this issue with your significant other.Take your time: personally interview at least four candidates for the position before finally approving one.

Photo and video

Wedding photographs are something that will remain in your family for a long time, as a memorable attribute of a wedding, so in no case should you save on a professional photographer , who will skillfully and beautifully capture the best moments.

But a videographer is not required, but he is usually hired by those newlyweds who want to see not only photographs, but also live and interesting videos as a memory of the wedding.

Independent organization of weddings: photo and video filming

Bride’s image and suit for the groom

The choice of wedding dress is perhaps the most responsible and exciting moment for the bride. I want to be beautiful, feminine and graceful. I want to be a princess for my prince and everyone present. Usually the dress is bought in a salon or sewn to order. It is optimal to choose it 3 months before the wedding.

Don’t forget about things like hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure.

Trust the specialists in these matters. The groom’s suit is something that should also not be forgotten. Your man should look like a real dandy and a prince next to you.

Transport for the bride and groom and for guests

It can be a limousine, or several ordinary cars of average capacity – it all depends only on your tastes and desires.

Also decide in advance whether you need to provide transportation for guests after the banquet, or provide them with the opportunity to get home on their own.

Choosing a car when organizing a wedding

Submitting an application

If you want to properly organize a wedding, then remember that according to current legislation , an application is submitted to the registry office 2 months before the required date. To avoid unpleasant impressions of standing in lines, it is most convenient to apply through a special portal.


To find the desired ring, you will need to go around any jewelry store. There are stores that market themselves as salons selling 90,009 wedding rings. Perhaps visiting them will significantly save time that can be spent looking for a suitable store.

Gold ring with diamonds, SL (price by link)

Festive table

Wedding cake is a delicious treat on the festive table, which will become a pleasant culmination of the celebration. Just as with all the basic details, you should not rush to choose a cake: go around a few pastry shops before choosing the one in which you order it.

By tradition, the mother-in-law brings the loaf to the young – so she will feel involved in the celebration, and she will be pleased.

Decorating a festive table for self-organizing a wedding

Dance of the newlyweds

Dance of the newlyweds is a beautiful tradition passed down to us from grandparents and firmly entrenched in such a celebration as a wedding. Together, choose a simple dance in advance and rehearse it using video lessons and instructions. After the dance, both newlyweds will have pleasant impressions and beautiful photographs and videos as a keepsake, and the guests will be pleased with watching this spectacular and touching picture.

Bridal Bouquet

A good florist will help you to create a bright and effective flower arrangement in a bouquet. The most common are two main types of bridal bouquets: round and drop-shaped.

How to independently organize weddings: choosing a bouquet

Show program

With entertainment program you should decide in three weeks. Some weddings invite various artists: dance groups, aspiring singers and singers, musicians, gypsies and magicians.As a rule, the host is in charge of organizing such moments. You can also hold a wedding without a toastmaster on your own.

Interesting ideas for decorating a wedding with your own hands

Creating a decor for a wedding with your own hands is an interesting activity that can captivate both the groom and the bride. There are many variations on how to decorate everything with your own hands: from invitation cards to decorating wedding cars.

Newlyweds themselves can come up with something interesting, fundamentally new and unusual, which will delight guests and positive emotions.

Candles, paper accessories, colorful ribbons, colored feathers will become wonderful decorative elements at your wedding.

That’s all the step-by-step instructions and tips! Now you know how best to arrange your wedding yourself. Carrying out a wedding item by item is a good decision, because it will allow you not to overlook anything and make everything in the best possible way.

DIY wedding: pros and cons

Do you want to arrange a wedding with your own hands? Fine! But so that your ideas about how it will not break on the harsh reality, we suggest that you weigh all the pros and cons, so that you understand what you are going for.

This article was written based on personal experience and I really hope that I will be able to save you from my mistakes :). And I also invited an expert to comment on this article – the host and wedding organizer Maria Korpusova.

Photo: Alena Maistrenko

So, the first thing to do is to decide what kind of wedding you want :

And only on this basis, proceed to the second step –

Determine what you will do with your own hands : decor (all or some of its elements), hairstyle and makeup, sewing a dress, etc.Try to assess your capabilities as realistically as possible – if you have never made bouquets or floral arrangements, then it is hardly worth trying to do this on your wedding day.

Photo: Catherine in love

Second – estimate your strength and time as accurately as possible . It’s cool if you have the opportunity to devote whole days to preparing for the wedding. But if you work or study (and you are about to pass your diploma or state exams), then there is a risk that the preparation for the wedding will turn into a real hell for you.

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Remember that you need time for rest too! Therefore, you should not plan that you will devote all your free time to preparing for the wedding. Otherwise, you will not look your best on wedding photos. And your only dream that day will be to sleep and rest. Think, is this how you want to feel on your wedding day?

Right now, take a piece of paper and a pen and write down what you would like to do for your wedding yourself, what you are good at and how much time you have to prepare for the wedding (not all free, namely recreation).

Performing this task, there is a risk to write not what you like and want, but what will save you money. Drop it for now! Write only what you want and what you get. And we will tell you how to save money further.

Photo: Ruslan Shramko

Also write down what resources, besides time and talents, do you have (for example, the groom’s dad works well with wood, and your mom knits, your friend is an excellent organizer). And now an important point – involving other people to prepare for the wedding remember the following:

  • this should be voluntary (ask first if they are ready to help you; even if they are parents or best friend)
  • this should be a joy (a maintained relationship is better than a perfect wedding of quarreling relatives)
  • they may not fulfill their promises (and you cannot do anything about it, unlike contractors)
  • they may not cope (the difference between “expectation” and “reality “May be significant).

Of course, this is not a reason to refuse help from relatives and friends. But give them the right to make mistakes – lay in more time and you will have a chance to fix what they did not succeed, on your own or by contacting professionals.

Expert Advice:

It is very important to remember that friends and relatives also have a blockage at work, illness and bad mood. We had a situation when the bride called in tears a week before the event – because of the blockage at work, she did not do ANYTHING of what she had promised.

Photo: Veronika and Sergey Zhuravlevs

The issue of saving the wedding budget is acute for almost all newlyweds. And this is understandable – not everyone has millions of budgets, but everyone wants a bright and stylish holiday. Therefore, let’s now talk a little about whether the statement that a do-it-yourself wedding is really a profitable saving of the family budget.

On the one hand, yes – when you do a lot with your own hands, you don’t have to pay for it.On the other hand, sometimes the savings are not as significant as you might think at first. After all, professionals buy their materials in bulk or they have discounts from suppliers. You will have to buy everything at the market price. Be sure to consider this fact.

And now I want to discuss with you one more important point. A DIY wedding is, first of all, the correct organization of preparation for it . Therefore, if you are not distinguished by organizational skills, then it is better to involve a specialist.For example, you can take an hour or a one-time consultation with a wedding organizer or coordinator – they will help you navigate the preparation process, tell you about the most common mistakes and help you draw up a preparation plan.

Photo: Oleg Semashko and Natalie

When starting to prepare yourself for the wedding, write down who is doing what, and by what date everything should be ready. That is, make a detailed plan.

Expert Advice:

Deadline for readiness – 7-8 days before the wedding.If the deadline is short, call the professionals.

An important point that many brides overlook is the timing of the day. Guests can only know the time by which they should come to your party. But for yourself, write down the clock for the whole day: who does what and when.

When organizing a wedding with your own hands, be prepared to be constantly distracted by questions. Therefore, our advice is to appoint people responsible for this or that issue. For example, bridesmaids will decorate a ceremony venue or a banquet hall, parents can make sure that the table is set on time for a buffet or banquet, etc.

Expert advice:

It is advisable to have a professional coordinator on the site who will be able to “heap” all those in charge. Thus, the phone will be red hot for a specially trained person, and not for you.

By the way, the cost of the services of such a specialist is not at all exorbitant – $ 100-150. Even with a small budget, you can afford it.

Therefore, try to free yourself as much as possible on this day, so that you can rest and enjoy.You should not decorate an arch or install a photo zone on your wedding day. Trust it either to specialists or to relatives whom you trust (and it is advisable to practice with them before the wedding – will they be able to do everything quickly and smoothly).

Expert advice:

It is important to remember that even if you do the decor yourself, but invite specialists to install it, you also have to pay for it. People do not work for free, so even minor trifles – banquet cards, gifts for guests, etc.find their place thanks to the WORK of the decorator.

Photo: Pushkar Igor

A wedding with your own hands can be either a complete failure or your benefit.

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