Diy gifts for book lovers: 25 Unique (But Still Easy!) DIY Gifts For Book Lovers


25 Unique (But Still Easy!) DIY Gifts For Book Lovers

Finding the right gift for the holidays can be tough. You want it to be something they will actually like and use. You want it to be meaningful (i.e. no gift cards). But, you also don’t want to break the bank. And even though it seems like finding the right gift for a reader should be easy (“Books, duh.”), it can actually be really tough! You don’t know what they have already read, what is sitting in the TBR pile on their nightstand, which authors they love and which they hate with the fire of a thousand suns. What is a gift-giver to do?

Well, luckily, the internet is just chock-full of creative ideas for homemade gifts and many would be the perfect thing to bring a little cheer to the readers in your life during this holiday season. From stocking stuffers to keepsakes, we’ve got a list of DIY gifts for book lovers that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face!


Bookmarks are great stocking stuffers, easy and quick to make, and you ALWAYS need one!

Button Bookmarks

The Pin

These button bookmarks couldn’t be easier: just some cute buttons, large paper clips, and a hot glue gun!

Ribbon Bookmark:

The Pin

If you want to take those buttons to the next level (homemade bookmark-wise), these ribbon bookmarks are adorable.

Magnetic Ribbon Bookmark

The Pin

If you like your ribbon to have a little more staying power, try out these magnetic ribbon bookmarks.

Embroidered Book Bookmark

The Pin

Practice your embroidering skills and make this cute lil’ guy for a friend (or yourself)

Tassel Bookmark


Have a lot of embroidery thread left over? These tassel bookmarks are a great way to use up that stash and mark your books in style.

Crochet Pen-Holder Bookmark

Do you have a reader on your list that loves to annotate and take notes? This crocheted bookmark is a two-for-one gift: a bookmark AND a pen holder.

Wood Bookmark

The Pin

If your crafting style skews more toward the Ron Swanson–esque side of woodworking, these thin wood bookmarks might be right up your alley.


Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. Whether they want to pen their own masterpiece, to jot down notes, or just keep track of what they’ve read and what they want to read, the writerish reader on your list will love any of these easy DIY gifts for book lovers.

Felt Journal Cover

The Pin

With a little bit of felt, some embroidery floss, and a hint of creativity, you can turn a regular ol’ composition book into a one-of-a-kind, personalized journal (with a pocket!).

Embroidered Journals

The Pin

This is a great way to snazz up pre-made journals and turn them into unique presents.

Cross stitch Journal


If cross stitching is your thing, let this journal be your canvas (literally) and add a special message to your loved one’s gift.

Hardbound Book

The Pin

Take your DIY skills up a notch and make your own hardbound book. How can that not wow and amaze whoever receives it?

Bookbinding Kit


These kits will teach you the art of bookbinding, leaving you with a beautiful handmade piece to give away (or keep).


Just because your tech-loving friends and family prefer using a ereader doesn’t mean they need to miss out receiving lovely DIY bookish gifts!

Tablet Case

The Pin

Help protect a tablet with this super cute felt cover!

Tablet Stand/Lap Pillow

The Pin

Help free up the hands of your ereading loved ones with one of these cute (and squishy) stands.


Hardback Tablet Cover

Why not be super meta and use an old hardcover book to make a cover for an ereader. (#bookception)

The Pin


Book – Creative Reuse

Sometimes the coolest gifts can be made with items you have lying around your house. Breathe a new life into old books with these creative reuse gifts!

Succulent Planter

The Pin

Succulents are Having a Moment right now. Make your trendy present unique by creating a planter out of an old book.

Keepsake Box

The Pin

Make a special box to keep special treasures with this upgraded hollow-book idea.

Book Clutch Purse

The Pin

Give someone special in your life an EXTRA special accessory out of their favorite book.

For Kids

Help your littlest loved ones celebrate the holidays AND their love of reading!

Pocket Pillow

The Pin

Sew these up, tuck a book into the pocket, and give the little ones (or the grown-ups) a cozy reading experience on the go.

Harry Potter Baby Activity Cube

The Pin

If you want to get the babies in your life on the Harry Potter train early in life, these cute fabric cubes will do the trick.

Fabric Quiet Books

The Pin

Not gonna lie, these are not beginner-level projects. But if you feel comfortable with your sewing abilities or are up for a challenge, these tutorials will walk you through creating a variety of pages for a quiet book for babies, which helps develop their motor skills.


Give the gift that says, “Yes, I am all about that Book Life.”

Quote Scarf

The Pin

If your loved one has a favorite quote, follow this easy tutorial to turn it into their new favorite accessory.

Ugly Christmas Sweater for Your Book


Why should your books miss out on all the Ugly Sweater Parties? Deck them out with one of these.

Fair Isle Knitted Book Cover


Or, if you just want a book to be cozy, this knit book cover will be right up your alley.

Composition Book Crochet Throw

The Pin

Get snuggly, get nerdy.

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10 Easy and Cute DIY Gifts for Book Lovers

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Got a book lover in your life? Try out these cute and easy-to-make DIY Gifts for Book Lovers that are sure to make them jump with happiness!

Book lovers are a special breed. They’ll never tire of buying new books, and whenever you catch them, they’re sure to have a book somewhere on them or around them. Yes, their first love is quite evident to the viewer!

You’ll know if you have a friend or family member who falls under this category – or maybe you’re one of them! This is a group that’s gradually dwindling as smart phones take over, so they need all the encouragement they can get. And what better way than to gift them something bookish!

Yes, we know, the first thing that comes to mind are bookmarks, but we’re going to think a little more out of the box today. As a result, we’ve got together 10 absolutely unique DIY Gifts for book lovers that you can make at home. From book necklaces to book cushions – we’ve got it all here!

For any book lover who loves keeping her books close to her heart, this stacked book necklace from Consumer Crafts makes the perfect gift! You can skip the apple if you like, but it does add a nice touch.

No book lover worth her Austen will go anywhere without her beloved books, and she is sure to appreciate a cute custom made book bag! Creative Ramblings shows us how easy it is to make with a plain canvas tote.

Books don’t just illuminate the mind, they can also brighten up your home – especially when you have pretty bookends! Check out the tutorial from One Good Thing to make these lovely personalized letter bookends.

Capture your book lover friend’s favorite memories in her favorite way – inside a book! It’s Always Autumn has an awesome tutorial to transform old books into lovely photo frames that look so elegant.

Most book lovers live in constant dread of their current read getting coffee spilled on it or falling on the ground. Keep those precious books safe while also looking cute – with a custom felt book cover from Wild Olive.

Got an old hardcover book that’s damaged or that you won’t read anymore? Well then, thanks to Happy Dwell, you can turn it into a lovely succulent planter that’ll look lovely on a bookshelf next to the other books.

If you know of any favorite quote or passage your book lover friend loves, then this scarf from Happy Pretty Sweet is a must make! It’s so simple, but makes for such a treasured and memorable gift.

When you talk of personalized gifts, they should be completely so, like this one from Little Yellow Couch! The silhouette can be of your loved one, and the book spines featured in it can be her favorites. This is sure to be a hit!

A Beautiful Mess shows us how you can turn an old favorite hardcover into a fashion accessory that’s perfect for a book lover! The best part is that you can use any color combination of books and fabric to make a cute clutch.

Now if you really want to knock their socks off, then this giant book cushion from Pieces By Polly is exactly what you need! This will require a trip to the craft and fabric store, but trust us – the result is entirely worth it!

Books on their own make great gifts, especially for kids. If you’re looking for recommendations, do check out our large collection of book lists for all ages and interests. Gather some cute bookmarks and make time for reading, and you’ll soon have an entire family of book lovers in your home!

15 Easy DIY Gifts To Make For Your Favorite Book Nerd

If there’s a certain types of gifts all book nerds love more than anything else (besides a book, of course): It’s the ones with the most thought and creativity put behind them. Some of my favorite gifts over the years have been paper flower bouquets made of used books, book pillows, and the adorable DIY bookmarks I love to use again and again. So if you’ve got a crafty hand and a few book nerds in your life, consider making them (or even yourself) some DIY gifts with a literary spin this holiday season.

It’s always good to have an excuse to take up a new hobby around the holidays. I usually dig out my paintbrushes and paints to use as DIY gifts, along with baking as many cookies and treats as possible. (And it saves you money during the busy holiday time, too.) This year I’m definitely going to try making some personalized journals from scratch and maybe even some bookish jewelry after seeing all of these amazing, and easy DIY tutorials.

You might need to take a trip to your local crafting store to make sure you’re stocked up on hot glue guns, scissors, and paper, because these 15 unique and personal DIY book gifts are going to make you into a crafting queen!

1. DIY Bookmarks

These adorable DIY bookmarks are easy to make and will make any book lover in your life happy. You can practically make bookmarks out of anything — recycled book pages, balsa wood, and even fabric if you’re a sewing goddess. Get creative and personalize it for your book lover.

2. DIY Journal

If your book nerd is also a writer at heart, there’s nothing more perfect than a handmade journal. These are pretty easy to make: just pick up a couple unique sheets of paper and bind them together with either glue or string. There are plenty of tutorials out there, and the great part is, you can write a little note on the first page telling your book nerd how much you love her.

3. DIY Book Safe

This, along with a few other DIY book gifts, is best used with recycled or worn down books missing a few pages. All you’ll really need to do is have an X-acto knife ready and some glue to keep the pages together. The best part about this already awesome gift is that it can be used as a box for another gift if you’re feeling extra generous!

4. DIY Book Jewelry

This is one of my favorite ideas because you can choose from so many things — necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings — and from there you get to pick out a book page to use. Or you could even make a mini replica of a book for an accessory. You can have fun in the jewelry aisle at your local craft store and pick out neat ways to make these, or get even more crafty with clay and make miniature bookshelf necklaces!

5. DIY Bookshelf

If you’re talented working with some wood and a saw, making a uniquely shaped and customized bookshelf is easily one of the most amazing gifts to anyone who loves and collects books. And even if you aren’t particularly comfortable using power tools but have a talent with paintbrushes, you can always pick up a small (new or used) bookshelf and paint it by hand with book quotes, literary scenes, or something else that’ll personalize it to your gift receiver.

6. DIY Personalized Bookplate Stickers

These are a little old school, but that makes them classically amazing. If you’re artsy in that you want to create your own stickers, I can’t really think of something more thoughtful than that. But if you’re like me and can’t draw much besides stick figures, there are plenty of bookplate templates to pick from and personalize.

7. DIY Bookends

Maybe you already have an idea in mind for your book lover, but there are so many different types of bookends you could make, and if you’re in need of some inspiration, check out these awesome ideas! It could be as easy as painting rocks to as intricate as creating a tiny diorama.

8. DIY Book Bouquet

I personally love flowers made from recycled books for many reasons, but mostly because they never wither away. So if you’re interested to get your glue stick and scissors out, try out a few different tutorials on how to make a paper book bouquet. This is definitely a more romantic gift, and one that’s sure to produce a lot of smiles.

9. DIY Book Clutch Or Purse

These book purses are so fun and great to store other books in — because let’s be honest, book nerds need big purses to put their books into. If you’re into a more hands-on project, try making one of these from scratch!

10. DIY Favorite Book Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are way underutilized in my opinion. You can fill them with so many things, and if you’re into scrapbooking, this is definitely up your alley. This personal project might require you to know a bit about your book nerd’s favorite book, and if you do, you can put in cut out pages, create significant character scenes, draw out the best quotes, and fill it with all sorts of other tiny knick-knacks.

11. DIY Recycled Book Photo Album

If you’re looking for a way to capture a friendship or relationship in the most adorable way, try using a book (again, preferably a recycled or worn one) that means a lot to the two of you, and turn it into a photo album. In this tutorial you can make each page into a photo holder, or you can personally fill it up with photos before you give it to them.

12. DIY Book Shoes

How awesome are these comic book shoes?! With a cute pair of shoes, some modge podge, and cutouts of comic books or text from a favorite novel, you can create one-of-a-kind shoes that your book lover will want to wear just about everywhere.

13. DIY Literary Book Scented Candles

Candle making has never seemed easy to me, but then I tried it out and it was actually a whole lot of fun. The materials are generally easy to get your hands on, and after melting some wax and experimenting with scents, you have a candle! The great part about this DIY project is you can make up your own scents like what you imagine Hogwarts to smell like around Christmas time or what Peeta’s bakery in Panem is like.

14. DIY Book Cross Stitch

Cross stitching takes a lot of patience, but it’s also pretty easy to learn. From favorite book quotes, titles, and literary scenes, you’ve got a wide range on what to cross stitch for your book lover.

15. DIY Book Cookies

You can never go wrong with cookies, especially not if you use these literary cookie cutters. Making adorable book cookies, or any book-related baked good, will gain you major points with any book nerd this holiday season.

The 8 Best DIY Gifts For Book Lovers

Bookworms are some of the easiest people to buy for (assuming you can figure out what they haven’t yet read). But for the book nerd in your life who deserves a more thoughtful gift – perhaps one crafted by the loving touch of your hands – here is a list of easy and awesome DIY presents certain to induce book-lover bliss:


1. A Personalized Journal

As a book-nerd and a writer (as many of us literature lovers are), I can’t tell you how excited I would be to receive a journal personally designed for me. I’ve bought plenty of cute journals as gifts and written nice little notes on the first page, but the ideas for this one are endless: Different papers tailored to their favorite colors, favorite quotes written sporadically throughout, pictures from your memories together.; Anything goes! Pinterest has plenty of great tutorials.

Source: Pinterest

2. Bookends

The beautiful thing about bookends is that they can be anything (and anything can be them)! That makes this DIY gift completely personalizable. If the possibilities are too open-ended for you, here is a list of over 20 eye-catching, unique suggestions.

Source: BHG

3. A Book Bouquet

I’m not sure how I had never seen these before, but they are definitely my new go-to gift for fellow book-lovers. Mostly because, A) I recently had a wonderful time making my first one, B) I’m about to make my second and third (probably fourth and fifth, let’s be honest), C) I plan on giving these in lieu of real flowers from here on out in life, and D) It’s a beautiful way to recycle books that have reached the end of their literary lives.

Source: Pinterest


Sure it’s standard, but it’s also an incredibly easy one for the craft-challenged among us. These are also quick enough to make a bunch as party favors or stocking stuffers. There are plenty of suggestions online, but you really can’t go wrong with these.

Source: Inkstruck

5. A Book Safe

This is a creative way to recycled damaged books and make a DIY gift at the same time. Book Safes are simple to make and can be a wonderful gift for children or adults (come on, secret hiding places never lose their appeal). You can also fill them with other small goodies before you give it to your book-lover friend- for a present inside a present!

YouTube Channel: thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich


6. Coasters

Every book lover I know has an (almost) equal love of various beverages: coffee, tea, wine, the list goes on. Personally, I enjoy them all equally depending on the circumstances surrounding my quality time with my book. And that’s what makes these personalized coasters the perfect gift.

Source: An Oregon Cottage

7. Hangable Book Page/Quote

If you happen to know your book lover’s favorite quote (or at least their favorite novel) this is an awesome idea for turning it into art. This website gives great directions on how to create wall-art that will surely make them smile every day.

Source: Delightfully Noted Blog

 8. Book Jewelry

Depending how proud your book nerd buddy is, jewelry might be the perfect gift to help them shout their book nerdiness to the world. Etsy has a wide range of wearable literature for inspiration; (or to purchase– technically they were all DIY for someone, right?) necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and broaches can all be tailored to reflect any favorite novel. There are an abundance of lovely things, like these clock-shaped pendants that come with different bookish quotations and would make adorable necklaces.

Source: Etsy

What are your favorite literary-inspired gifts you’ve given or received? Check out even more awesome book DIY ideas, here!

YouTube Channel: TopTenz


Featured image via Lia Griffith

h/t Bustle

30+ Clever Gifts for Book Lovers Whose Reading List Keeps Growing

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info.

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and being transported into another world—especially for those who want to avoid the winter season. And while a novel is a welcome gift for any book lover, there’s also plenty of other delightful, reading-related products out there. Even though some might prefer e-books, gift-giving is more special when you exchange something thoughtful and physical, hand-to-hand. Not to mention, it’s hard to beat the smell of an old book (we found a candle for that), or simply the tangibility of a page-turn.

Our book lover gift guide is full of interesting ideas, including a personal library kit and a 100 book scratch-off poster for those with an ever-growing reading list. There’s also plenty of book-themed accessories—such as enamel pins and a handy book-carrying tote bag—for bookworms who want to show off their literary love.

Know someone who loves to read? Check out our selection of gifts for book lovers.


Personalized Bookend


Book Clutches


“Just One More Chapter” Enamel Book Pin


Lit Chat: Conversation Starters about Books and Life


Felt Bookmark Set


Great Writers: The Classics Page Flags Set


Grammar Gift Sweatshirt


Rainy Day Reading Book Soap


Book Socks


Personal Library Kit


Out of Print Zipper Pouch


Book Cover Locket Jewelry


Antique Book Scented Candle


Custom Book Planter


Literary Temporary Tattoos


Harry Potter-Inspired Bookmark


Miniature Chocolate Books


Rose Gold “Page Anchor”


Folding Book Lamp


The Little Library Cookbook


Heroic Girls in Books Poster


Superhero Bookends


Book Locket


“This Weekend Is Gonna Be Lit-erary” Mug


Book-Stack Tote Bag


“Books” Art Print


Posable Bookworm


Book-Wrapped Pencils


Upcycled Spoon Bookmark


Book Phone Wallets


Bookworm Twist Ring


“Book nerd” Enamel Pin


“100 Books” Scratch Off Poster


This article has been edited and updated.

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31 DIY Projects That All Readers Will Love

Love books or know someone who does? Readers are a special sort of person, and one of our favorites. When it comes to gift giving for readers, though, I do not always have the best ideas, though. Last Christmas, when I was wanting to make something special for my friend who loves nothing as much as reading, I went looking for ideas. Turns out, Pinterest has hundreds of cool projects for readers. Since I could not make them all, I decided to make a list to keep for next time. To be honest, I also want quite a few of these myself! What fun to make these creative and cool DIY projects for readers. Enjoy!

1. DIY Book Club Wine Glasses


Love wine as well as books? What better way to spend time reading than with your favorite glass of red, marked accordingly. We adore this DIY gift idea

2. DIY Bookends with Organizers


3. Homemade Journals


4. Sharpie Scripted Pillows


5. DIY Book Bin


6. Bleached Script Scarf


7. Vintage Brooch Bookmarks



8. Custom Cork Board And Library Bag


9. Giant Quilted Book Cushion


10. Gorgeous DIY Literature Maps


11. Reading Pillow


12. DIY Book Page


13. On The Go Reading Pillow



14. DIY Card Catalog Cabinet For Your Books


15. DIY Crate Bookcase


16. DIY Chunky Tassel Bookmarks


17. Book Club Discussion Questions


18. Frame Your Book Collection



19. Pixelated Bookshelf


20. Stacked Book Necklace



21. Comfy Reading Nook


22. Fabric Covered Books


23. DIY Hanging Book Shelf


24. DIY Book Tote


25. DIY Invisible Bookends


26. Magic Wand Reading Pointers


27. Rustic Bookshelf


28. DIY Bath Tub Tray


29. Picture Books DIY


30. DIY Literary Garden Sign


31. Book Earrings


22 Gift Ideas For Book Lovers That Aren’t Books | 2021


Wondering what the best gift idea is for book lovers that aren’t books? Do you have someone in your life who can’t wait to talk about the book they are reading? And they get so excited to tell you about how they love the characters, how it reminds them of a place they have visited, the plot twists, how the author perfectly paints that picture so it reads like a movie? ALERT You have a book lover amongst you! And we have the BEST book lovers gift ideas (that AREN’T books) to share with you!

Gift Ideas For Book Lovers That AREN’T Books

Books are the perfect escape, and it sure makes buying a gift for the book lover quite easy to do. No, you don’t have to actually pick out a book for them. This is a gift guide for book lovers that does not include books to read! Books are very personal which makes successfully buying actual books more difficult unless you are very close to that person. It just might be hard to pull off.

So these gifts ideas for book lovers that aren’t books, just book related.


A true book lover probably loves to keep notes and make lists. Especially if they are in a book club! Taking notes of page numbers, or character quotes can be something a book lover likes to do to connect with what he or she is reading. It is something that is so common, those who own a Kindle reading device know that they have the option built in to highlight a quote or section for themselves! So get that book lover a beautiful notebook to keep track of the important parts of their book.

I love the romance that this soft-touch genuine leather notebook from Amazon brings. It has a distressed look and is tied together in the front with leather strings. This notebook might be enjoyed by someone who loves to read romance books or for the science-fiction book lover. The pages are a beautifully distressed kraft paper with 100gsm weight that look slightly browned as if they have been weathered over time. This notebook also lays flat with its hand stitching which is so important. This is a timeless notebook that your book lover will be so excited to receive!

Find more leather notebooks on Amazon here

A more modern notebook, if you are looking for the best gift for a book lover, is this absolutely stunning and unique notebook by Siixu. This book is so different because it is not your typical lined notebook. It is adorned, page by page, with stunning watercolor pages to write on! I absolutely love this notebook, and it comes in several different themes so you can find one that matches the book lover you are shopping for.

Check prices on Amazon here

Be sure to check out the watercolor paged books we carry in our own DIY Craft Club store right here.



Check out the custom photo ideas from Minted right here

Minted is not your average photo gift company. They create the most beautiful gifts that will add a personal touch to a gorgeous photo anyone will be sure to love.

Depending on what style you are going for, you could write a quote from their favorite book above their favorite photo!

Minted also has a huge selection of other custom items you can get custom made for the book lover in your life!

Check out their selection of custom items you can make right here


Any book lover who likes to buy physical books after perusing the book store aisles for the perfect title would love to have this gift!

There are so many inspirational quotes and meaningful sentences in the books that we read that often that we don’t want to forget. Having a soft-colored highlighter set is so much nicer than those bright fluorescents. Check out this set of 6 soft pastel highlighters by Stabilo. The colors are made with water-based ink and are very popular in Europe right now.


Now this is something that would warm a book lovers heart, if you are looking for gifts that aren’t books. Tea club is a membership you can buy from Art Of Tea. Here is how it works: you can choose from 6 options of tea (and if you are not sure, I always recommend going either “caffeine-free” or with the “classics” packages, they are the most popular). Next, choose how long of a subscription you would like to get for your book lover. Again, the most popular is a 6-month subscription, this way she will get to try many types of tea they offer and find which ones she likes!

When the tea boxes come, each will have information on the teas so they can learn more about them. It’s a pretty nice gift to give 🙂

Check out the Tea Club Membership right here


Bring back the magical thrill of the Scholastic book fair by finding the most amazing bookmark. You know what I am talking about. Bookmarks were so fun to collect, and now you can still find those cute bookmarks that look like they are sitting on top of your book as they hold the page for you!

I love how cute this Nessie bookmark is by Ototo from Amazon. 3D bookmarks are so on-trend right now, and this one is adorable for a book lover!

If you are loving the 3D bookmark you could also check out Little Green Bookmarks by Fred Sprout on Amazon. These bookmarks are so delicate and lovely, especially if your book reader loves to garden or has a green thumb! These small silicone bookmarks look like tiny seedlings growing out of your book and hold your page beautifully. I love their description: 

“Sow them where you need to stop; when you get back, the leaves will be rooted to the page, exactly where you left them”

These little bookmarks come in a pack of 6, and you can get the seedings or little clovers. I can totally see the books on my bookshelves just lined with these!!

And you can’t forget about this Wicked Witch Bookmark found on Amazon from The Wizard Of Oz. She has her place here too 😉


I first saw some folded book art at a friend’s house not too long ago, and it has totally been on my mind ever since. I am refinishing a fireplace in my house and I am making the mantel into a bookshelf. Of course, I want to decorate it with unique things as well including some really nice bookends, but in the middle between some books, I am going to get some book art like this:

I absolutely love everything about this book art pictured above by ArtFolds from Amazon. It looks so charming and would accessorize any bookshelf, mantle or desk so beautifully, and they created this book art out of a classic book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It is also made on a hardcover book so it can stand beautifully anywhere you want to put it.

You can also get custom wording made into book art! Check out the link right here to Amazon to see the different options that are out there. 


Here is a unique idea for your book lover: a book light. But wait, let’s update that. How about a book light that is the moon? My younger brother has this and I think it is just so cool. This moon light literally looks exactly like the moon, and you can change the lighting from a cool, bright white to a warmer white tone. Use this as a reading light or as something to accent a shelf on your bookshelf.

Give the gift of the moon! Check prices on Amazon here


There are some things that go hand in hand for book lovers, and two of those things are comfort and relaxation. Book reading is the ultimate “me” time. It often involves a beverage of some kind and for me, it is usually a nice cup of tea. Of course, this all depends on the time of day. I can recommend another beverage for evenings if it’s past noon? lol.

One thing that I can’t stand is when my warm beverage goes cold. When I am relaxing or reading, I want that mug to stay warm until the last drop because it is so annoying getting up to microwave it. That is why this next item is so great! 

Let me introduce to you Ember. Ember is going to love whoever gets her, and she will show that love by keeping that tea or warm bevy nice and heated through those long chapters! Control the temperature of this ceramic mug in Celcius or Farenheit through your smartphone. Oh Ember, where have you been all my life?!

There are presets to the Ember mug that you can set, and you can choose your own LED color on it. What a cool gift! This will be sure to warm any book lovers heart.


Is it true that every bookworm loves something about Alice In Wonderland? This will be a lovely addition to any book lovers collection and is sure to impress. 

Whether it is a Christmas gift for the book lover (or someone’s very merry unbirthday), this teapot is a beloved classic.

Find Alice In Wonderland teapots here on Amazon


I love customizing my phone cases! I have ordered a few from Zazzle before and have always been happy with the product.

Simply upload one or several photos and pick which phone they are going to fit on! There are cases for every type of phone. This is a great gift idea for your book lover as you could find a photo from their favorite book, add a quote from a book they love, or something else personalized and creative.


What a popular item this year. Everyone is asking for reading socks! What is the difference between book reading socks and regular socks? Book reading socks are oversized, thick, very soft inside and are meant for comfort and warmth. Don’t try and wear these with shoes though lol. They are for indoor comfort and warmth only.

Check out these fleece-lined socks. They come in an assortment of colors, I personally like these white socks with a bit of sparkle, they are a very affordable option.


Our favorite! We love these custom star maps. You enter in a special date and it creates a map of how the stars were aligned that day. These star maps look so nice framed for bedroom or office decor. Now that’s a unique gift idea!

Visit Online Star Map


What is it about the smell of books? When I close my eyes I can just remember walking into this room in our house where the old books were kept and I can already smell the memory. It is a rustic yet clean smell, reminiscent of something leather mixed with aged paper. And we have such a unique gift for your book lover that captures that wonderful feeling and memory in a candle!

Check out this candle called Books from Amazon. It is made by the company Homesick, who specializes in capturing memories in the form of soy candles. These candles are hand-poured in small batches, so you know they are made with care. The Books candle is described as smelling like

“…stone-faced buildings and leather-bound books in a sunlit library”.

I have to also tell you about another series of candles I found on my journey of searching to find the most beautiful and nostalgic candles, reminiscent of old books and pages. I came across a company called Paddywax who makes a library collection of candles inspired by the literary greats. And wow, I was so interested to read about the fragrances they associated with Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare and one of my personal favorites, Ralph Waldo Emerson. I felt like they captured their essence beautifully with their choices of notes!

I love the scents that were carefully chosen to represent each author, and when I read them I think yes! That is exactly what I would pair with that author as well! They did such an amazing job! For example, Emerson has a scent of cedar and wild fern.

Here was the icing on the cake for me, with my super exciting find… The packaging. The box that the candle comes in looks like a craft paper which pairs beautifully with the romance of these literary greats. The candle itself comes in a very beautiful container reminiscent of burnt amber, and the label is in a type font reminding me of endless bookshelves down old library corridors.

Oh my goodness I am just in love with everything about these beautiful candles lol.


I LOVE my kindle. Everyone I know loves their Kindle. It is just a great little device to have if you love to read! Keep all of your books together and download the newest reads! Great for travel and vacationing or just having a relaxing night in.

There are a few Kindle editions to choose from: there is the base model Kindle, the Paperwhite Kindle and the Kindle Oasis.

Check price of base model Kindle on Amazon here

Check price of Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon here

Check price of Kindle Oasis on Amazon here

I personally have the Kindle Paperwhite. I upgraded from the regular Kindle and I am happy I did. Here is why:

The base model Kindle has 167 pixels per inch, and the Kindle Paperwhite has 300 pixels per inch. This means the words appear much sharper and more crisp like ink would look on a page. The front light on the Kindle Paperwhite has a better light (in my opinion). The Kindle Paperwhite also features a flush screen whereas the base model has an indented screen (depends on your own preference for this feature) and the Paperwhite is waterproof if reading at the beach or in the tub is something she would do.

There is also the Kindle Oasis, which is by far the most superior but is also much more expensive. For the extra money, you get adjustable lighting: warm light to a shift screen shade changing from white to amber. You also get 25 LED’s for your lighting; much more than the base model’s 4 LED’s and Paperwhite’s 5 LED’s It also has the latest e-ink technology for fast page-turning.



If you are thinking of buying her a Kindle for Valentine’s Day, be sure to get her a super cute case!

Check out the selection of Kindle cases here on Amazon

Just be sure to know which Kindle you are buying a case for, to make sure it fits!


This Audible gift membership can work with a Kindle, or even with her cell phone, Amazon Alexa, from her computer and other devices that stream.

My favorite place I use Audible is in my car on road trips. I love listening to audiobooks, and she can access them all through her Audible account. Grab her a 12-month Audible membership and if she loves it, you can put it in your phone reminders to get her another 12 months next year!


This is a very thoughtful idea to give to your book reader as a gift: a book lovers pillow! There are so many beautiful designs out there, so you will have to find the one that fits the book reader you are shopping for.

See the selection on Amazon here


Wickbox is a company that offers subscription boxes with candles, tailored to your unique scent preferences! I love candles, and this is definitely a subscription box I can get behind!

Get your book reader a monthly medium box subscription with 1 medium, luxury candle each monthly, or a large monthly box that comes with a large luxury candle each month.

What is really nice, besides the candles being tailored to their own scent preferences and the gorgeous packaging it comes in, is that you can print out a special gift message so you can print it and give it to your book lover!


I received a heated reading blanket years ago, and I use it almost every single day from fall to spring! It is one of my favorite gifts that I have received, and I highly recommend it. This heated reading blanket by Sunbeam (from Amazon) is really great for your book lover because it has pockets for your feet and a free hand to go into to keep warm while reading! Nothing says comfort more than being encapsulated in a soft and warm blanket.


Another huge trend right now is having a weighted blanket. These are the ultimate in comfort as it feels like you are basically being hugged! lol! It can be hard to find one that has a nice design and that is machine washable, but the Weighted Blanket by Pine & River does both! Plus, it is made out of a super soft, “minky” material. Any book reader will absolutely swoon over this popular gift, and this one has excellent reviews.

Check price on Amazon here


This is a really great gift. I have had this and used to have so much fun leaving words on the fridge for my husband to read! And you can buy this with a specific kind of writing in mind: for the book lover, the music lover, jazz lover, Edgar Allen Poe Lover, even one if you practice yoga. Your words will be clever, inspirational and some even funny!

Check prices on Amazon here


Something I have wanted to do for a while with my kids (and their hundreds of books) is make a personal library so we could play library so they can “check out” their books and be responsible for putting them back. Make belief is so fun! But I didn’t realize you could actually get a personal library kit?! How amazing is this? Keep track of all of your books! The nerd in me is screaming YES at this!! lol! Ahhh the satisfying art of organization. Check the personal library kit out for yourself! This would make a really great gift for someone who maybe loans you books all the time! They would surely get a kick out of it, plus the price on it is amazing. 

Check the price on Amazon here

Well, I hope you had as much fun reading about the fabulous finds for the book lover in your life! I sure enjoyed putting this list together. There are some seriously cool gift ideas in this one!

If you loved this list and you don’t want to forget about it when the next holiday rolls around, be sure to PIN IT NOW to your Pinterest board, to find it easily again LATER 🙂 We would appreciate that!

Until next time, have a brilliant day!

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90,000 35+ best gifts for book lovers in 2021

What to give a book lover? The question seems rhetorical – a book. However, this gift will be good only if you know exactly the tastes and preferences of the recipient, and are also sure that this or that book is not yet in his home collection.


1. What to give a book lover for the New Year?
2. What to give a book lover for his birthday or anniversary
3. What to give a book lover colleague?
4.Booknot is the best gift for lovers of nonfiction literature 🙂

If you nevertheless decided to give a book to a friend, colleague or loved one, try to find out for sure what he wants to see in his library, or what book he plans to read in the near future. You should not ask the question directly on the forehead, just talk with him about books, about preferences, discuss a couple of the latest novelties, and the future recipient of the gift, without even knowing about your plans, will tell him what he wants. Or maybe not to be trivial, and choose a gift more unexpected than a book?

Disclosure: The Read Fast project page may contain promotional material that may result in us receiving commissions when purchasing a product.However, this does not affect our opinion of the product in any way, and we do not receive any bonuses for positive or negative ratings.

What to give a book lover for the New Year?

December: falling snow, frost that creates beautiful pictures on the windows, streets decorated with colorful lights, cities that look like fabulous, the sounds of Christmas music, the smell of spruce … At this time, I really want to give gifts and see the happy faces of their recipients! But what can you give a friend, colleague or loved one who cannot imagine his life without reading books? Let’s think together:

Book holder

Every book lover has a collection of his favorite works, so why not present a convenient and practical book holder, which, at the same time, will serve as a stand for both a tablet and a smartphone.Modern stands can be made of metal, plastic or wood. It is convenient to place them on your desk or desk, or even take them to bed with you. Who doesn’t like to read while lying comfortably in bed?


On cold winter evenings it is so pleasant to sit wrapped in a soft and warm blanket … Why not pamper your loved one with the opportunity to have your “own blanket” for reading?

Decorative pillow

Another handy “gadget” for those who like reading.Decorative pillows are always in fashion, they are practical, and are a great addition to the decor of the room. You can order a pillow with an original print created according to your design, or you can buy a finished product with quotes from your favorite books, illustrations for famous works, and so on.


If the recipient of the gift likes to take notes or write out quotes from their favorite authors, a notebook will be an excellent gift under the Christmas tree.

Pay special attention to the booknot – a notebook for the conscious reading of nonfiction literature.It’s just made for book lovers.


Every bookmarker has a large number of paper bookmarks in his collection, so think about giving a unique bookmark that will not only mark the place where he finished reading, but also become a beautiful decoration:

What to give the lover books for birthday or anniversary


For your birthday, you can give your loved one an e-book.Indeed, even if he claims that only “communication” with paper can be called real reading, he will certainly appreciate the benefits of such a gift in situations where it is not possible to take several works of different authors with him at once, for example, on vacation.


If a book lover already has an e-book, do not rush to get upset, because it can always be “put on” in a stylish case for comfortable carrying and holding the gadget while reading.

By the way, this also applies to smartphones, because no book lover will refuse to have a new original cover with a quote from a famous author or a picture for a favorite book.


You can read everywhere: in public transport, on a park bench, in line to see a doctor. However, if your husband, wife, or child spends a long time reading at home, it is good to have a comfortable place to read. It is not necessary to purchase a large armchair, especially if there is nowhere to put it, it is enough to buy a comfortable beanbag chair, in which it is always pleasant to relax with a book in your hands.


Do you think a cup cannot be an original gift? But what if it is a cup on which the catch phrase of a famous author will be printed, an original print or a call to read books? Such a gift will definitely be appreciated by a lover of literature.

End sheets for shelves and organizers

End sheets can also be a great gift idea. Thanks to their use, the lover of literature will always have order on the table or bookshelves. Endpapers not only keep books upright, but are also an original decoration of the room.

Are you sure that the birthday or hero of the day does not have enough bookshelves? It’s time to choose something original.

The desk organizer, adjustable in length, can be no less original – the book lover will put as many books in it as should always be at hand.

Table lamp

Each of us knows and understands that reading in low light has a negative effect on vision, but not every home has enough lighting fixtures to provide enough light. Modern compact LED lamps can quickly solve this problem.

For the young book lover, you can choose an LED desk lamp with a built-in alarm clock and calendar, a pen holder and an adjustable brightness level.

Book-themed bag

Why carry your purchases in disposable bags when you can walk to the store with a handy, lightweight and practical bag, especially if its graphic design refers to books.

You can, as in the case of a cup or pillow, order a print design yourself, or you can purchase a finished product.


An excellent birthday gift would be a T-shirt or sweatshirt with an original signature or image, of course, one way or another related to the world of books.

What to present to a colleague who is a book lover?

If you probably don’t know what kind of books your boss or work colleague likes, and you are not sure if he needs a book stand, cup or table lamp, then you can order a decorative stamp for books without hesitation.

With his own bookplate, the book lover can easily lend his books to friends without worrying that they will not return to him. Your own original stamp is an opportunity to “endorse” your library – how not to be happy with such an original and non-standard gift.By the way, you can not only buy a ready-made personal stamp seal, but also create it to order – it will be an ideal gift for an anniversary, birthday or any other holiday.

If you, nevertheless, decided to give a book to a colleague, do not rush to buy another bestseller in a bookstore, just give him a gift certificate – every book lover knows exactly how to use it.

Booknot – the best gift for nonfiction literature lovers 🙂

To hell with false modesty :).We have about a hundred reviews on Instagram that say that booknot is a notebook for conscious reading, this is what you need to properly structure thoughts, facts and tasks from nonfiction books. See for yourself:

What to give a book lover for the New Year 2021 and Christmas?

People who like to read often find it difficult to choose a gift. It seemed that the best gift was a book, but literature lovers so quickly “swallow” new editions that their friends do not have time to keep up with their interests.Therefore, we offer TOP-8 gifts that will delight your book lover friend for New Year 2021 and Christmas.

Table lamp

You can choose a high-tech lamp, such as Xiaomi. Or give preference to cozy home lamps from IKEA. Such a gift will be highly appreciated, as good lighting contributes to more comfortable reading.

Plaid with sleeves

An actual gift for those who like to read on a sofa or in an armchair. The gift is original, unlike the boring standard blankets, it is even more comfortable, and, importantly, it does not hinder the movement of the hands.Reading a book in such a blanket is a pleasure. In addition, you can take your hands on trips.

Set of bookmarks

Bookmarks make the process of reading more convenient and comfortable. Especially if a person reads several books at the same time. Bookmarks can be an original gift for a book lover, the main thing is to choose really exclusive options. For example, handmade wooden bookmarks.


Tired of giving things? Give a mood and impressions! You can donate a certificate for a skydive, wine tasting, pottery lesson and much more.Remember that you are giving experiences, so it is very important to consider your friend’s interests.

Bag or backpack

To give your friend the opportunity to travel with their favorite books, present him with a spacious bag or backpack.

Thermo mug

This is an actual winter gift. When choosing, give preference to proven brands that have a good reputation in the market. You can choose a thermo mug in tourist stores or in online stores.The Contigo thermal cup will last a long time and will delight with the warmth of drinks during long winter walks and travels.

Marker for highlighting text

In any office supply store you can find a set of markers for highlighting text. This is a great option for those who like to make notes on the pages of books.

New e-book

An all-time gift for any book reader.

If the listed options do not fit, then a gift in the form of a certificate to any bookstore will always be relevant.This option is the most versatile and will be a pleasant surprise in the New Year 2021 for your book lover friend.

Disclosure: The Read Fast project page may contain promotional material that may result in us receiving commissions when purchasing a product. However, this does not affect our opinion of the product in any way, and we do not receive any bonuses for positive or negative ratings.

35 books that can be put under the tree


1.The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Gift edition of the world famous book, which will be appreciated by both lovers of the Little Prince’s world and those who have yet to meet him. The history here literally comes to life in the hands: the author’s original drawings, known no less than the book itself, are made in color. Not only children will be delighted.

Buy the book

2. “The Universe”, Guillaume Duprat

A book that can be looked at for hours.It tells about how ideas about the Universe have changed from ancient times to the present day, and the images on each page clearly demonstrate this. The voluminous illustrations in the form of folding valves and rich design will definitely appeal to young explorers. And an adult will certainly enjoy looking through the publication.

Buy the book

3. “Where the ocean meets the sky”, Terry Feng, Eric Feng

The story of the boy Finn, who in memory of his grandfather builds a ship on his own and goes on a journey.He wants to find that fabulous place that his grandfather talked about so much – where the ocean meets the sky.

The story is short, but the main thing in the book is colorful illustrations filled with deep meaning. They will captivate young adventurers for a long time. This edition is definitely worthy of attention, especially as a New Year’s gift.

Buy the book

4. “Winter finds. Wimmelbuch “

Wimmelbuchs are books entirely consisting of pictures with an abundance of characters, bright colors and small details.Despite the fact that there are practically no words in them, wimmelbuchs are great at developing attentiveness, concentration, imagination and the ability to build logical connections. And to endlessly scrutinize the pages and notice all the new storylines will appeal to both toddlers and school-age children.

Buy the book

5. “The Brutal Detective”, Anna Starobinets

The story about the life of animals in the Far Forest will captivate both young fans of intrigue, chases and investigations, and their parents. And, although all the heroes here are animals, the work describes the most real human characters, relationships and life situations.

This book is filled with lively humor and kind irony. It is written in easy language and has colorful illustrations. And the readers’ reviews about the work are charged with extremely positive emotions.

Buy the book

6. “Armstrong. The Mouse’s Incredible Journey to the Moon, Torben Kuhlmann

The story of a mouse persistently striving to fulfill an incredible dream – to be on the Moon. And, although it was written for preschool children, full-size illustrations will impress even adults.This edition is definitely worthy to decorate the bookshelf and become an excellent gift for anyone interested in the space theme.

Buy the book

7. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll’s tale in the new edition is accompanied by detailed stylized commentaries about the Victorian era, household notes, drawings and clippings from books and magazines of that time. Interactive elements in the form of pockets and double spreads turn the reading of a famous work into a fascinating journey through the world of good old England.

However, this book is not only entertainment, but also a real encyclopedia. And it will definitely decorate your home collection.

Buy the book

8. “Miss Charity”, Marie-Aude Muray

The story of the girl Charity is skillfully stylized as a classic novel of the 19th century. The book tells about the growing up of a future lady, whose interests and worldview, however, are not similar to those adopted at that time. The work neatly touches upon important but complex life issues, from which parents seek to protect their children for the time being.So the book will be a great guide to life for teenage girls.

Buy a book

For friends

1. Let it Snow, John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Miracle

A collection of funny and romantic stories that are saturated with a magical holiday atmosphere. Moreover, the stories of the three authors are imperceptibly intertwined and read as a single work. This book is not about eternal problems, and there is no deep philosophical meaning in it.But it is perfect to extend the New Year’s mood for all the holidays and brighten up cozy winter evenings at home.

Buy the book

2. O. Henry. A collection of the best stories in one volume

O. Henry is known for his short but incredibly vital and kind stories with an unexpected ending. This collection contains almost a hundred of his best works, each of which can be re-read several times. The collection opens with a soulful Christmas story “Gifts of the Magi” – one of the most amazing love stories in world literature.In general, a very worthy gift even for those who are not yet familiar with the work of this American writer.

Buy the book

3. “Santa Hryakus”, Terry Pratchett

The book in the genre of humorous fantasy – already the twentieth in the cycle of Pratchett’s novels “Discworld”. However, it is perfectly readable by itself, without losing the plot and sense. It’s a gripping and ironic tale of Discworld, where Fear is celebrated by decorating houses with garlands of paper sausages and a passionate belief in the generous Santa Pig.Fans of everything mystical, mysterious and absurd will definitely appreciate such a New Year’s gift.

Buy the book

4. “Emotional Flexibility”, Susan David

If you have someone around you who is interested in continuous self-improvement, this book is the perfect gift for him. Ph.D. and psychologist from Harvard Medical School teaches how to be independent from experiences, unpleasant changes and not suffer from daily stress.The author will tell you where to move and what to do for someone who is looking for a way to start to truly enjoy any events in life and benefit from difficulties.

Buy the book

5. “NOR SY. Be confident in your abilities and do not let doubts prevent you from moving forward ”, Jen Cinsero

Another book on self-development. Only here, the author’s sparkling humor, self-irony and daring syllable are added to useful life advice. This is not just a step towards inspiration, but a real kick, backed up by working techniques and techniques.In general, the content and style of the author echoes the book’s title perfectly. And anyone who wants to work on themselves will definitely want to have it on their bookshelf.

Buy a book

6. “Dreaming is not harmful. How to get what you really want ”, Barbara Sher

The worldwide bestseller on how to realize yourself in life deserves everyone’s attention. The author shows by examples how to find an old dream among childhood memories and what concrete steps to take to fulfill it.This is not only an inspiration book, but also a practice book with exercises to help turn vague desires into a step-by-step plan of action.

Buy the book

7. “55 bright ideas to improve yourself and your life”, Lifehacker

In 2018, we published a guide to self-development. It contains the best practices for productivity and learning, as well as tips for changing lifestyle that we have collected over the 10 years of Lifehacker’s existence. Inside is not only theory, but also a guide to action.This book is for those who strive to constantly improve themselves, want to do everything and become happier day by day. We are not shy and consider it a great gift.

Buy the book

8. “We spend the winter. A cozy guide on how to spend the cold season “, Emma Mitchell

The book contains many ideas, embodying which, you can brighten up winter evenings and not fall into a dull hibernation. Anyone looking for something to do during the cold season will find something to their liking here.There are drawing lessons, baking recipes, and instructions for making crafts and decorations, complemented by atmospheric photographs. To create coziness in the house, to make an unusual gift or just to cheer up – all this can be done alone or with loved ones. In general, the perfect present for the winter.

Buy a book

9. Calligraphy with brushes, Anna Suvorova

Lettering is very popular now, and if your friend wants to learn how to beautifully design postcards or diversify a profile on a social network, you have a wonderful gift option for him.The author, a skilled calligrapher and teacher of master classes, not only tells the theory and demonstrates practical techniques, but also invites you to practice right in the book. Within a month, you can learn how to make beautiful inscriptions with unusual fonts, turning them into a real picture.

Buy the book

10. “Then and now. A weekly journal for creative people, Adam Kurtz

This is not just a to-do planner or a notebook – the author of the notebook skillfully brings every page to life, adding tips, pleasant wishes and leaving room for creativity.The weekly will appeal to anyone who suffers from having to make a to-do list on a regular basis and want a little more freedom to express themselves on paper.

Buy a book

For colleagues

1. “Number 1. How to become the best in what you do”, Igor Mann

A guide book for those who strive for more and want to reach their goal as soon as possible … This is the personal experience of Igor Mann, a Russian marketing guru. The author literally lays out on the shelves what specific steps need to be taken to become number one in his business.

He gives examples of dozens of successful people, shares a mind map that will help you understand yourself, and invites you to fill out the tables to see your strengths and weaknesses and determine the path of development. In general, a gift to a purposeful colleague is the very thing.

Buy the book

2. “Space. Agile Diary for Personal Development, Katerina Lengold

Kosmos, created by Ekaterina Lengold, helped her become the youngest vice president in the aerospace industry at the age of 23.Based on personal experience, the author has developed a planning system that involves setting three main goals for a nine-week sprint, tracking good habits, planning the day in half-hour blocks and keeping a daily log of achievements.

The idea of ​​a planner is to help you start to keep up with everything, but at the same time not become a robot, programmed only to perform tasks. To hand over such a diary for the New Year means to present an excellent opportunity to become more collected and advance in personal management.

Buy the book

3. “Leader and his team. A book on how to inspire hearts ”, Simon Sinek

A very good gift for your boss or leader. Simon Sinek, a renowned business coach and motivational speaker, brings the main ideas and theses collected over many years of work in the book. He fit them into the story of the kids playing in the playground and found themselves in the shadow of the king of the court.

But this is a metaphor. Children are employees of the company, the king of the yard is their boss, and the yard itself is an office in which an unhealthy atmosphere reigns.Using the example of little heroes, the author tells how a leader can improve relationships in a team, create a strong team and go from an ordinary boss to a real leader.

Buy the book

4. “Negotiations with monsters. How to come to an agreement with the mighty of this world “, Igor Ryzov

The book teaches how to deal with” monsters “- people in high positions, officials and investors. Here is not just theory, but practical advice, tools and scenarios that you can and should safely follow.Those who have a lot to communicate with clients, negotiate and close deals for this book will definitely thank you for this book.

Buy the book

5. “Fast reading. How to memorize more by reading 8 times faster ”, Peter Camp

For those who work hard and suffer from a lack of time for self-development and studying professional books, speed reading can be almost the only way to do more. Peter Kamp taught this skill to employees of the White House and many well-known corporations, and collected the best techniques and techniques in his book.Classes on it can be built into even the most stressful schedule, especially since after mastering it, it will become much freer.

Buy the book

6. “Simple rules. How to Succeed in a Difficult World, Donald Sull, Kathleen Eisenhardt

Our world with its endless meetings, emails, information overloads, multitasking and deadlines is really complex. And outside of work, we also have personal affairs that also require attention. As a result, we, without noticing it, find ourselves at the mercy of stress and anxiety.The authors of The Simple Rules tell you how to calm down, begin to prioritize correctly, and bring more clarity and simplicity to your life. So, if you see that your colleague is completely confused in tasks and always on the nerves, – present this book to him.

Buy the book

7. “How to talk to anyone”, Mark Rhodes

Literature for those who want to improve their communication skills, which will be useful not only at work, but also in everyday life. Mark Rhodes gives many examples, techniques and tips on how not to miss a lot of opportunities and useful acquaintances, quickly join a new team, overcome fears and get real pleasure from communication.In a society where connections are so important, this book will definitely be very useful.


1. “Urban Jungle. How to Create a Cozy Interior Using Plants ”, Igor Yosifovich, Judith de Graaf

If your parents love house plants or love gardening, take a closer look at this publication. In the book, you can draw inspiration and interesting ideas for decorating the interior and creating a “green” comfort in the house. There are descriptions of indoor plants and tips for caring for them.Even flipping through such a high-quality and colorfully illustrated edition will be extremely pleasant.

Buy the book

2. “Color: encyclopedia. Inspirational colors for your home interior “, Anna Starmer

Another helper in the search for inspiration and new solutions. Choosing the color of the wallpaper in the bedroom, updating the curtains and making the room brighter – all this can be done independently, based on the information provided in the book. The publication contains many examples of color combinations and brief explanations of their mood and characteristics.All these data will come in handy not only during repairs, but also when drawing up a wardrobe, and even in needlework.

Buy a book

3. “How to make repairs without someone else’s hands. A step-by-step guide to all types of work “, Bolot Omurzakov

In adulthood, the house becomes a place where you want to spend more and more time. Particular attention is paid to the comfort of the home, more and more often there is a desire to update and fix something. This guide contains tips and tricks for finishing work, repairing plumbing, and solving electrical problems.And also instructions for the restoration and self-production of furniture.

Buy the book

4. “All About Fishing”, Leonid Sabaneev

If one of your relatives is fond of fishing, you simply cannot ignore this book. Its author has collected a huge amount of useful information about the types of fish, their habitats, habits, fishing methods and everything that will be interesting even to the most inveterate professional in this field. And the design, the abundance of illustrations and the style of the text presentation are beyond praise.It is unambiguous to give to those who are fond of it.

Buy the book

5. Methods of Scandinavian happiness

Books about how the Scandinavian peoples manage to achieve balance in everything and be happy are very popular among readers. The authors reveal the secrets of Swedes, Danes, Finns and tell you how to manage your emotions, create coziness and comfort, find a balance between work and rest and enjoy everything that surrounds you. Certainly a great gift for a loved one.

Buy the book

6. “Style. Thousands of tricks and tricks for decorating any interior “, Emily Henderson, Angelin Borskis

This book contains both ideas for global rearrangement and renovation of an apartment, as well as little tricks for quickly creating comfort. They will especially appeal to those who like to frequently invite guests and want to learn the receptionists how to quickly prepare for their arrival and refresh the interior in just a couple of minutes. The authors also tell you what you can do with your own hands in order to save money and not spend extra money on new things.

Buy the book

7. “The big book of Japanese patterns. 260 unusual patterns for knitting “, Hitomi Shiba

Handicraft lovers will be delighted with such a gift. This book contains the best examples of the original Japanese knitting patterns. You can combine them and create interesting products, as well as select a variety of edging options. Even beginners in knitting will be able to get started right away: the book contains a lot of detailed explanations and visual illustrations.

Buy the book

8. “Chinese research. The classic book about healthy eating, Colin Campbell, Thomas Campbell

A book for those who care about their own health and the health of their loved ones. The authors talk about the relationship of eating behavior and habits with specific diseases, drawing on scientific research and analyzing in detail the most common ailments of humanity. Next, they give advice on how to eat right and what foods to choose to maintain health and energy.

Buy book

9. “Baking according to GOST. The Taste of Our Childhood “, Irina Chadeeva

A book that will allow you to feel the taste of Soviet sweets, breathe in the smell of real buns from childhood and plunge into pleasant nostalgia. Who from those who grew up in the USSR would not be happy with such a gift? The publication contains 90 of the best baking recipes of that era, all proportions of which are clearly verified. The very atmosphere of the book literally forces you to immediately get everything you need and start cooking.And step-by-step illustrations will help those who are not very good at baking.

Buy the book

10. “Wine and food. A short course for gourmets “, Anna Kukulina, Dmitry Kovalev and other authors

This colorful encyclopedia will tell you how to choose wine for any meal and make a picnic in nature or a family feast a little more elegant. In it you will find not only interesting infographics about the combination of wines with cheeses, meat and other products, but also original recipes and master classes.All in all, a great gift for those who want to become a true gourmet.

Buy a book

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Two months before the girl’s birthday, a question arose in my head about a gift, because the best gift is a gift made with my own hands.

I’m an engineer with my mother

In the first days of my thinking, I came across a post in the Habr news feed dedicated to making a gift version of the binding of a book, which reminded me that the best gift is a book.

The first difficulty in the planned path is the choice of the book itself, because it must be unique not only in performance, but also in content. This process dragged on for more than a month, there were doubts: to embody one of the addressee’s favorite books or to introduce something new. All the same, the preponderance fell in the direction of books unfamiliar to her, which required an even more careful choice, and in the end I settled on the adventure novel of the Soviet writer Veniamin Kaverin, whom I myself met no more than a year before this event – “Two Captains”.At the time of choosing a book, I did not think about the number of pages, I just decided for myself that the book would be A5 or less, but at the beginning of the typesetting of the text, having estimated the size of the novel, I did not stop at the beginning of the journey, despite some doubts whether I would have time by the deadline – the process itself began 4.5 days before day x – is the Russian soul, to do everything at the last moment, what else can I say .

Actually, the choice of the book itself, in my opinion, is a third of the path traveled in the intended business. There was simply no time left for reflection and doubts, the deadline came, and every minute was precious.

Print preparation

The format was A5, a suitable version of the book in electronic form, in .doc format, was chosen, and at that moment the idea arose to add images to the book, diluting the text a little. Unfortunately, for this novel, it was not easy to find worthy illustrations, but we managed to scrape together a pair of colored illustrations, as a result, it was decided to insert black and white illustrations, reflecting the main points of the content before the new chapters of the novel.

At the same time, the question of congratulations hovered in my head, should there be another postcard or how exactly it should be presented, and in the process of these thoughts the idea came to add another drop of individuality to this book – put a photo of the birthday girl on one page and on another on the first spread place the congratulation itself, which was done.

When the text was edited, found errors were corrected and illustrations and congratulations were inserted, the question arose about how to typeset the book for printing. Fortunately, in our time there is such an assistant as Google. Having gone through the application of the first of the methods found, I was very disappointed, because the process after setting the necessary parameters was delayed, and it was already late evening. When I went to bed, I was more than sure that in a couple of hours, by the morning, everything would be ready, but alas, opening my eyes, I came across a message about a certain error in elvish and continued looking for ways of layout for brochure printing.I settled on the simplest layout method, with minimal use of certain applications, just one, namely, I used Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.

The page parameters of the document in Microsoft Word have been changed – the size of the A5 sheet (148.5×210 mm), and the necessary margins are set and, most importantly, the even and odd sheets in the header and footer are made with different shifts to the left or right, so that when printing with notebooks, the page numbering is closer to the edges of the book.

After the file was prepared and converted into pdf format, it was necessary to imposition the pages to divide the future book into notebooks of 16 pages or 4 A4 sheets.

Opening the print-ready file in Acrobat, and choosing “Create booklet …” from the Quite Imposing Plus menu, I set the necessary parameters for printing in 16-sheet notebooks, alternating left and right pages.


Having scrolled through the entire file once again, and eliminating the resulting shifts – several tables of contents ended up at the end of the pages, the moment has come to solve the next production problem – printing. Initially, I intended to do this on my inkjet printer.But there was an acute issue of trimming the “toothy edges” of the book after stitching, and it was already Thursday, day X was Sunday. Without hesitation, after the couples, I went to the printing house of my home university to agree to use the guillotine to cut the edges. Having once again estimated the volume of the book and the presence of a photograph in the first spread, the idea arose to print it in the same printing house. The head of the printing house itself met me there and very friendly, after listening, agreed to help me not only in printing and trimming the edges, but also with a couple of tips.Among other things, I was offered to use a folding machine, the existence of which I had not even heard of until that moment.

Further, all the printed pages were folded, disassembled into notebooks. Having collected several notebooks in a pile, the first impression of what would happen in the end appeared.

Sewing notebooks

The next step was preparation for sewing, namely marking and making holes in the notebooks for the thread.
Unfortunately, it was late at night, and at that moment my head did not realize that it was possible to hold all the notebooks in clamps and make cuts.I made a template with markings for making holes, stepping back 10 mm from the edges of the future book, from thick cardboard and proceeding to pierce each notebook separately with an awl.

Attaching each notebook to the prepared template, I marked points on the fold with a pencil, while the sheets of notebooks were fixed with ordinary paper clips to avoid shifting.

After unrolling the notebook, I made holes with an awl. In the process, I clamped 4 notebooks with paper clips to compress the paper.

It was already late at night, and the appearance of the intermediate result appealed to a feeling of laziness and sleep, but realizing that there was little time left, I continued.

Before sewing, the reinforcing cotton tapes were glued with tape to the template fixed with clamps, to the table.

The next 4 hours I spent sewing notebooks. The process is not complicated, but given the volume of the book, it was delayed. The threads were chosen thick, namely floss, in order to once again emphasize the uniqueness of this book, because in the factory copies the notebooks are stitched with a thin white or transparent thread.

fastening notebooks to each other during sewing, I followed the advice of one of similar articles.

The binding is stitched starting from the first or last notebook, first we thread the thread from the outside to the inside of the book, along the edges where the thread passes from one notebook to another, we fasten with knots.

I also decided, taking into account the thickness of the book, to use several thread colors and made a mistake – choosing one of the colors dark – after gluing the whole thread darkened.Next, a photo of the next intermediate result, when dawn was close outside the window and all the notebooks were stitched and sewn into one book.


I did not reinvent the bicycle, taking advantage of the advice of a person who had gone the way of making a gift binding for a book.

After aligning the notebooks with respect to each other, we clamp the resulting structure into a press and carefully coat it with glue. I used a special glue for cardboard and paper, UHU creative.2. It took two A4 sheets, folded in half. Having stepped back 5 mm from the fold, I applied markings on the outer pages to glue the endpaper.

The reinforcing tapes are glued later on the flyleaf under the canvas.

I also came up with the idea to make a bookmark, for which I used a green cotton braid with an ornament, which I sewed to the reinforcing tapes and glued for reliability.

Book block reinforcement

The next step is to complete the assembly of the book block.First, I pasted a canvas on the end, a mesh cotton fabric for reinforcing the end, so that the book would last a long time and certainly would not fall apart during use.

To begin with, the future “frame” was marked out from a sheet of canvas (it is sold in large pieces) and the position of the spine was marked.

Before gluing the canvas to the book, it’s time to hide the not-so-pretty back. This requires captals (captal tape, etc.). It was not possible to find this tape in retail in St. Petersburg, and not so quickly via the Internet.There was a little less than a day left, in addition, I wanted to make captals of the same color as the binding of the book. So the decision was made to make them myself.

Having chosen the tape, I thought about how to implement the captals. I decided to sew red floss threads over the ribbon sewn to the canvas.

Initially, I did not cut the tape to the width of the spine, just for convenience, so the next step was to cut and fix the sewn captals.

The final action of reinforcing the book – I glued the prepared canvas with sewn capitals.I glued it in parts, first to the back panel, then to the spine and finally to the front endpaper, while sparing no glue.

It was time to cut the block and I went to the printing house, where I had already agreed to use the guillotine in advance. But it turned out that I was in a hurry to glue the canvas with the capitals and therefore only managed to cut one edge out of the three.

Making hardcover

For the production of the binding, thick cardboard was used, unfortunately I cannot indicate the exact density, because that kind uncle from the printing house gave it to me.2. Marking was made on a sheet of Cardboard in A3 format, taking into account bends during gluing and overlap for bending. It was during this period of time that everyone’s favorite stepdir laser milling cutter in FabLab was covered, which I hoped for in these tight deadlines, trusting him more than my curves hands, therefore, the marking and cutting of the sheet for pasting the binding was carried out exclusively with my own two hands.

We apply a thin uniform layer of glue to the cardboard, using a brush, first we glue the blanks to the cover strictly according to the markings, remembering that this glue dries very quickly, but is reliable.After that, carefully smearing the folds for the fold, first the right and left ones, glue them while fixing them with clerical staples. After these gaps are glued, we proceed to the upper and lower, while it is worth pressing the outer cardboard tightly between the cardboard inserts.

This is what happened as a result of making the cover.

Trying on the book, in my opinion it turned out to be quite presentable.

It was already the evening before the X day, everything seems to be ready, you can glue the book to the cover with fries, but here it still seemed to me not complete, and I decided to cover the cover with leather.The frantic search for a master who would undertake this late Saturday evening ended in the expected disappointment, but then I accidentally went to a school in St. I threw off a couple of videos (I didn’t even think to look for a video on request for leather binding of books) and even suggested where you can buy a small piece of leather with a large selection of both color and skin type.Without thinking for a long time, I went to get the skin. Almost immediately, a roll of red suede caught my eye, and to my luck I found a small piece of this particular leather, among the scraps.

Returning to cute hostel, I immediately ironed the skin from the back, stretched it out on the table and started marking.

The subsequent steps are almost no different from those that were performed when pasting the cover with cardboard, the only difference was that the skin was not easy to hold, given the fact that it was stretched, somewhere it was necessary to cut a little.

In the case of leather, I glued the overlaps into the fly fishing, deciding that it would be better. Trying on again, before pasting.

It seems like everything came out accurately as expected and the process is close to completion.

Book assembly

It remains, again not sparing glue, to smear the endpapers and the spine, to paste the previously finished book into the cover. Here’s what happened in the end.

It would seem that everything is ready, but for some reason I did not think about packaging in the process.On the X day itself, I went shopping early in the morning to pick up gift paper and a bow, but not finding anything suitable – I decided to buy a gift box. But the book is not of a standard format, so having found a more or less suitable one and with a little effort the power to eat is not necessary the final was reached.


In the end, I would like to share my impressions of what has been done. Almost completely over 4 days were spent, quite a few funds were invested in materials, but in my opinion the conceived idea was a success – a gift with my own hands to my beloved girl for an anniversary, exactly the one that I would be glad to receive myself (as I was taught from childhood to choose gifts) …In this thing, not only labor and money are invested, but also a piece of the soul. I liked the result myself! friends suggested keeping this book for themselves . This is a unique thing, in my opinion a worthy gift for this event, exactly what I wanted to do. This kind of gift will not roll around, break or get lost, but will take its rightful place on the shelf, and catching the eye will remind the author and give a lot of positive emotions. I doubt that I could buy something better.Of all the gifts that I gave to anyone, this one is perhaps the best.

List of used resources

DIY paper gift wrapping for a book

What is the best gift? Winnie the Pooh Bear would probably answer that the best gift is a pot of honey. But you and I know that the best gift is, of course, a book!

Why? Yes, because

Everything that is created by the mind,

Everything that the soul strives for,

Like amber at the bottom of the sea,

It is carefully stored in books.

(Yu. Vanag)

So if you want to present a real treasure as a gift, donate a book!

Which one? Well, that’s up to you! And even this one:

But choosing and buying a book is only half the battle. Like any other gift, the book needs to be beautifully wrapped.

Making gift wrapping for a book with your own hands is a snap! And today I am pleased to present the debut master class of the most creative mother and grandmother in the world, that is, my beloved mother and grandmother of our children.


DIY paper gift wrapping for a book

Materials and tools for book packing:

  • large format office or technical paper;
  • velvet colored paper;
  • plain pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • curly scissors;
  • wide and narrow lurex tape.

Step 1: Create the layout of the paper packaging for the book.

To create a gift wrapping layout for a book, not only office or technical paper, but also the remnants of wallpaper and even an old newspaper are suitable.

1.1. Place the book in the center of the sheet of paper and draw a circle around it.

1.2. From each side of the resulting rectangle, set aside a distance equal to the thickness of the book.

1.3. Determine the size of the flaps of the wrapping envelope, which will be folded onto the front of the cover. The width of each flap should be such that the flaps overlap when folding the gift envelope. This is approximately 2/3 the width of the book itself.

1.4.Set aside a distance equal to the width of each flap on the four sides of the gift wrapping paper layout. Round the corners of the valves.

1.5. We cut out the layout of the gift envelope from paper along the contour, clearly delimiting the corners.

Step 2: Making a gift wrapping for the book from velvet paper.

In this workshop, velvet paper is used as an example of how to create gift wrapping for a book. You can make a wrapping envelope from any other type of decorative paper, such as wrapping paper, metallized paper, or embossed paper.

2.1. We transfer the layout of the gift wrapping for the book to the wrong side of the velvet paper.

2.2. Cut out the gift envelope along the contour using scissors with curly blades.

You can also use the Border Punch to decorate the edge of the book envelope. And if the paper for packing the book is thin enough, you can make beautiful lace patterns along the edges of the envelope with sharp scissors.

2.3. We fold the envelope along the lines indicated on the paper layout.

2.4. We place a book prepared as a gift inside the envelope.

and wrap the book in our gift wrapping.

Step 3: Decorate the gift wrapping for the book.

3.1. We make two through holes in the upper and lower flaps of the gift wrapping for the book.

3.2. Pull a piece of narrow lurex tape through the holes in the valves and tie the envelope, leaving the long ends of the tape free.

3.3. We decorate the ribbon knot at our discretion: we attach a bow made of a wide lurex ribbon, an artificial flower or a beautiful button to it.

Similarly, you can also pack in paper and e-book as a gift for advanced friends.

Create with HobbyMama!

90,000 15 Cool Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Surely everyone in the circle of friends has a person who adores books. Preparing a souvenir for the holiday for such a person is as easy as shelling pears.We offer several gift ideas that any book lover will be crazy about .

Some of the items listed below are easy to buy in retail stores – including bookstores. Others can be ordered from China. Among these ideas, there are gifts that you can make with your own hands.

Material content:

Library Chair

A great way to please those who cannot imagine their rest without reading. Such an armchair will become the most comfortable and favorite place in the house for the book lover.

In such an armchair, any “bookworm” will feel at home.

Skateboard book shelf

This shelf is easy to make yourself. You need an old skateboard, some paint, extra wooden rungs, and a screwdriver.

You can make such a shelf yourself from an old skateboard.

Original boxes

Rarely are there people in whom there is only one passion. Often, those who are crazy about books still have a weakness for original jewelry.They will definitely like such a book-box.

The boxes will appeal to those who love both books and jewelry. It will be very pleasant to put all small things in such a box.

Book flower pots

In Hollywood movies, gangster heroes often hide weapons or other secret objects in books. But the everyday life of a book lover is much more peaceful. Those who love both reading and home flowers will definitely like this pot.

The original flower “pot” And this option is suitable for those who have large plants at home

Leather cover for e-reader

What to do, electronic books are increasingly replacing paper books.There is nowhere to hide from progress. Those who constantly carry an e-reader with them will love the next gift.

Such a gift will be appreciated by lovers of e-books.

T-shirt with a print of the favorite writer

A cool and pleasant gift for those who are fond of literature. If you cannot find a T-shirt with a print of your friend or girlfriend’s favorite Russian or foreign writer in online stores, then you can buy a white T-shirt and order the service of drawing an image on the fabric.A highlight will be the printing of a quote from the writer in addition to his portrait.

For true fans of literary creativity


An original gift for both book lovers and lovers of creative design ideas. You can buy it inexpensively on Aliexpress or in an online gift store.

Bathroom stand

How pleasant it is to enjoy a warm bath after a hard day at work, forgetting about worries and business. This book stand will help you get comfortable and immerse yourself in exciting reading. Poet will like this gift 100% .

An excellent souvenir for those who are used to combining business with pleasure – for example, a good book with a glass of wine

Book bag

Is your budget limited? You can buy a regular rag bag and have an image of a book on it.

The main thing is that such a bag should be voluminous – after all, most likely, a book lover will carry his favorite editions in it

Pencil case in the form of a book

Any reading girl will appreciate such a gift. By the way, it can be used both as a pencil case and as a cosmetic bag.

Pencil case-book – a good gift for girls


These kinds of bags are often sold in bookstores. Perhaps they are more suitable for self-confident “bookworms” who are not afraid to declare their passion to the whole world. Especially if the bag is of the same bright shade.

Book bag will also delight literature fans

Unusual night light

Such a night light will make any bedroom more comfortable.

Book-night light – an original and unusual gift

Pillow in the form of a book

There are people who are ready to read their favorite book all night long.And the fact that after a few hours they need to get up to work is not a hindrance for them. The book pillow will come in handy for them.

Pillow book: for those who are ready to read until late at night

Bookmark “Witch’s legs”

Such a bookmark is made of polymer clay. If it is not possible to purchase it, it is easy to do it yourself.

Witch legs sticking out of the book – isn’t that original?

Alternatively, you can make a bookmark “witch’s legs” according to the instructions of the following master class:

Interesting: birthday present for mom

Watermelon slice bookmark

Finally – another useful master class for those who like to give gifts made by their own hands.You can make a watermelon bookmark with your own hands without much difficulty. This gift is great for small occasions.

90,000 DIY gifts for guys and men: ideas and master classes

DIY gifts for men are not just things, but something more, because so much warmth and care is invested in them. When you receive such a gift, you realize that the person who made it spent hours of his time inventing and making something special and unique.

We conditionally divided all ideas into categories of gifts for the New Year, Birthday and Valentine’s Day or anniversary of the relationship, but in fact they are all quite universal and will suit any holiday.Follow the links to find detailed master classes on how to make them.

Contents of the article:

Birthday Gifts for Men

Bouquet of bottles

A bouquet of small whiskey bottles is probably the best bouquet for a man. An original way to present whiskey as a gift.

Name Pads

Name inscriptions on pillows – how to make your own look here is a detailed master class. Lettering can be anything from your boyfriend’s name to wishes – a very practical gift!

DIY housekeeper

If a man has his own home – a great option to make a housekeeper with his own hands – several options for master classes here!

Man’s candle

Here’s a man’s candle or glass bottle candlestick master class here! Suitable for balkon or summer cottages! Practical version

How to make a gift with your own hands

Even if you bought a gift in a store, it can be presented in a special way.For example, in such a box, pasted over from the inside with photographs and postcards. The value of a gift in such a package will undoubtedly increase several times at once.

Or, alternatively, you can buy a poster already ready on the site that will save you time

Camera Lens Cup

If your man loves to take pictures, then this creative mug in the form of a camera lens will be a wonderful gift for him.

Balloons with photos

Who doesn’t love birthday balloons ?! By themselves, they always evoke a smile and positive emotions, but here the recipient will have twice as many reasons for joy.

All thanks to the fact that a photo is attached to each balloon, which captures a happy moment from your life together.

Personalized wall clock

A beautiful and unique watch with a personal name of a man will not leave him indifferent.He can hang them both at home and at work.

Or such a watch with erotic overtones.

Surprise Cards

Make birthday cards, on each of which write a wish, the fulfillment of which she guarantees.

  • For example, you will cook your favorite meal for dinner, have a get-together with your friends, and the like.
  • Agree, that you can get the card at any time when he wants , and that each card is pulled out blindly, that is, he will not know in advance what he will choose.

A fun way to diversify your life.

Dating Ideas Kit

Write down dating ideas on a piece of paper (the more the better, 100+), for example:

  • “Order pizza at home”,
  • Picnic in the Park,
  • “Going to the cinema”, etc.

When you want to go out on a date, just pull out a piece of paper and do what is written on it, make your time together unpredictable.

Homemade wallet

DIY a custom wallet for your boyfriend or husband to show how much you care about him. Sewing it is not difficult at all, and he will feel your care every time he takes it out.

Personal Cup

Create a cup with the first letter of your loved one’s name. To do this, you will need:

  • regular white cup,
  • and paints for ceramics.

If you are worried about your artistic ability, you can use a stencil. A wonderful personalized gift for daily use. Master class here

Charging station

How often do you and your boyfriend trip over the charging leads of phones or tablets? How many times did the phone fall and you picked it up hoping the screen didn’t break? Solve this problem with a homemade docking station to recharge your gadgets.

Magnetic bracelet

Magnetic Bracelet is a great gift idea for a man who often deals with things like screws, nails or wood screws. An uncomplicated, very thoughtful and practical gift.

Leather pad

Create a unique leather notebook for your loved one. A great gift idea for those who love to take notes.

Add his personal initials, emphasizing that you made a notebook for him yourself.

Beer box

Personal beer box – a wonderful gift for lovers of this drink !! The box can be bought ordinary even from under the fruit, but how to decorate it or age a tree – see here.


Both men and women love delicious food. Delight your loved one with cupcakes, cookies or a cake baked by yourself in honor of the holiday. This gift will definitely please and will not leave indifferent.

Candle with initials

We always associate candles with romantic dates. So why not have a candlelight evening made especially for you and your significant other.

Required materials:

  • Spark plug
  • Candle cutter
  • Pen (helium or ballpoint)
  • Gold Fine Marker
  • Masking tape
  • Stencil

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: Outline the drawing

If you have no experience in drawing, especially on candles, it is better to use a stencil.You can do it in Photoshop, or even just initially make a drawing on paper. Now attach the stencil sheet to the candle and secure it with masking tape so that it does not slip while you work with it.

Step 2: Transfer the contours of the drawing to the candle

Draw a pen (of any color, you can even no longer write) along the contours of the drawing in order to squeeze them out a little on the candle. From these lines, further candle carving will be done, so be careful and careful.

Step 3: Threading

Remove the stencil and use a candle cutter to make a thread along the lines outlined in the previous paragraph. The lines should be wide and deep enough to be easy to paint over with a gold marker.

Step 4: Draw the lines with golden color

Draw the lines with a golden marker. To make the color saturated, you can walk along the lines several times.

In this way, you can make a variety of geometric patterns and inscriptions, just pick the option that you like!

Gifts for boyfriend on anniversary of relationship or Valentine’s Day

Origami box

Make a small origami box, glue common photos in the middle, and decorate with a ribbon on top.It turns out to be a cute romantic gift for the anniversary of the relationship, which will remain in memory for many years.

Kissing frame

Lovers love kissing so much, but you can’t do it all the time. We go to work, go on business trips, and we have to spend some time separately from the other half without the opportunity to kiss or hug.

Such a frame with kisses will remind the guy of how important he is to you, even if you are not around at that moment.A fun way to show your feelings.

“101 ways to say that I love you”

Take 101 little pieces of paper and on each of them write one reason why you love your boyfriend. Then fold each piece of paper into a tube, tie it with a thread and put it in a glass jar. Tell them to take out one piece of paper each morning and set a good mood for the whole day.

Gift set “for every hour”

Make your holiday special with a set of gifts for every hour of the day.For example,

  • at 9.14 give an envelope containing a funny general photo,
  • at 10.14 a box with his favorite fruit (sweets, or something tasty that he likes),
  • at 11.14 envelope with movie tickets, etc.

Gifts should be small and pleasant. This set is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because you can spend the whole day together.

Heart with small bottles of alcohol

Place small bottles of whiskey and liquor in a heart-shaped box.The guy will be pleasantly surprised to open a box of chocolates and see bottles of alcohol there. From the middle, the box can be decorated with a romantic inscription, for example, “every minute spent without you is wasted.” A simple yet creative and warm gift for a loved one.

Little love message

There are so many ways to say “I love you.” Here we propose to do this with the help of a small message that becomes visible when you press on the clothespin.Isn’t that cute ?!

“52 reasons why I love you”

You can also say “I love you” with the help of a deck of cards. How? Sign on each card for one reason that you like about a partner. Since the labels are on the cards, do it in a joking manner, such as “you’re hotter than Hugh Grant.”

Romantic Quest

Surprise your soul mate with an original romantic quest. Do many tasks, each of which will have a key to the next, and the last will give a clue to the location of the gift.

Gift Cards

Make a set of envelopes, and put cards in them, each of which will have something special written on it. You can remember the most pleasant moments you spent together, or describe your dreams for the future.

Photo Frame with Joint Photo

Make a photo frame with your own hands, and put your joint photo there. A simple and enjoyable relationship anniversary gift that complements the decor of your apartment.

Gifts for the New Year

New Year Calendar

These calendars can be printed in good quality, for example, in a print shop, and you can design them yourself on by uploading photos of your family or pets. I think this is a really cool idea!

Cup cuff

Does your boyfriend like to take coffee or tea with him? Then tie the cuffs for the glass for him, so that it is comfortable to hold and the hot drink does not burn your hands in the office in winter!

Monthly gift cards

The set consists of 12 cards, one for each month of the year.On each of them – the idea of ​​an interesting pastime together. For example,

  • June – picnic on bicycles,
  • July – together we go to any city where we have not yet been, etc.

After all, we often put off a lot of things for later, and since at least one day a month you will have a pre-planned joint vacation.

Cocktail set

Make a set of cocktail blanks. Place cans of sweet soda in glass jars, and attach to each of them a small bottle of alcohol that matches the given soda and a straw.For example, a coca cola and a bottle of whiskey. As soon as a man wants to drink a cocktail, he can instantly mix it in a glass jar.

Jar with sweets

Collect his favorite sweets in one jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar, you can also add a card with a cute lettering.

Alternatively, you can make a jar with different types of salted nuts, or dried fish. Or maybe he loves different dried fruits? Choose the option that suits your significant other the most.

Flowerpot decorated with wine corks

Make your houseplants more “masculine” with original decorated flowerpots. To do this, you will need a lot of wine corks, which means a lot of evenings spent with your soul mate. In principle, in this way you can also decorate some kind of box or stand.

Lucky coin keychain

Use a regular coin to create a unique keychain for your loved one, be it husband, father or grandfather.A lucky keychain like this is a great way to show how lucky you are with it.

Photo Album

Create a unique photo album with your best collaborative photos, capturing the happy and funny moments of life. Pick an interesting caption for each photo in the album, and the gift is ready.

Leather case for glasses

A case for glasses will express the care with which you treat a person. Sewing it is not difficult at all, and you can handle it even without a sewing machine.


Many men have dishes that they love to cook, and that only they get so tasty. To make the cooking process more pleasant for a man, sew him a personal kitchen apron, which will make him a real chef while cooking.

Tea Wreath

A wonderful gift for a true tea connoisseur. With this tea wreath, you can try all types of tea and choose your favorite.

90,000 15 DIY Christmas gift ideas

The most valuable gift is the one made with your own hands! Gifts mean more to family and friends when they come from the heart. You can always find personalized and unique options for New Year’s souvenirs in stores, but there is nothing that can surpass an original hand-made craft, in which all the love and skill is invested. Cross ready-made gifts from your shopping list for the New Year and prepare homemade ones! Even if you do not have enough craft skills, simple instructions will help you make pleasant little things with your own hands for mom, dad, colleagues, children, close friends and relatives.

Money tree

The bills as a New Year’s gift by themselves are not very aesthetic, but instead of making a gift envelope, you can use a more creative idea. Create a miniature money tree! Let it be a Christmas tree, as a base (trunk) take a toy fairy wand with an asterisk at the tip. Gently tie the bills in the form of Christmas tree branches perpendicularly with elastic bands or threads.The gift is ready! You can also give a Christmas tree made with your own hands from other materials. Read more in this article – “10 ideas how to make an original Christmas tree from scrap materials.”

Christmas gingerbread

For the holidays, you can prepare not only useful, but also delicious gifts! This can be gingerbread cookies, apple pie, or any other candy that can be beautifully wrapped. The fastest cooking time idea is gingerbread made from salted dough.They are used mainly as decoration and interesting decor. The recipe is simple: in a bowl, mix four cups of flour, one cup of salt and one and a half cups of warm water. Knead until the dough is firm and smooth. Roll out the dough and cut the cookies into the desired shapes, make a hole with a cocktail straw through which you can stretch the string for hanging. Bake at 150 ° C until dry, let cool completely. Ready-made gingerbread cookies can be painted with glaze, put on strings and presented as souvenir decorations for the Christmas tree.

Box with party items

Get creative and DIY a Christmas box with cute, useful gifts. For example, it could be a bathroom set. Choose a beautiful gift wrap and put a jar of bath salt, delicate cream, a chocolate bar and a bottle of sparkling wine in it. There may be other components – the main thing is that the selected things look beautiful and are useful for the recipient. The second idea is a box with winter attributes.You can take mittens, a snow globe, gingerbread, garlands, decorate everything with a Christmas tree twig. By the way, you can buy garlands for such a gift at the link.


Knitting is an activity that cannot be perfectly mastered in a couple of days, but simple gifts with your own hands can be made. The first idea is a chunky knitted merino wool blanket. Such blankets are knitted by hand without knitting needles, you can buy ready-made, but at a price it is more profitable to make it yourself.On the Internet, you can find a lot of master classes and tutorials on this kind of knitting. Those who can or are learning to crochet can be advised to make gift baskets made of knitted yarn, which the recipient of the gift can use to store useful little things or, for example, as a stand for an indoor flower.

Jar with treats

A simple gift will be a pleasant surprise for lovers of sweets.The main thing is to choose a beautiful transparent jar with a lid – it can be made in the shape of a mug or have a different original look. Fill the jar layer by layer with the treats – hot chocolate, granola, nuts, chocolate balls, marshmallows. You can decorate the jar with New Year’s bows or other decor.

Homemade sugar scrub

One of the popular handmade gifts is homemade sugar scrub, which is easy to make on your own.You will need one glass of granulated sugar, white or brown, half a glass of vegetable oil (olive and coconut oil are great), essential oils of your choice, a small glass jar with a wide neck. You just need to mix all the ingredients until smooth and beautifully pack in a jar. You can decorate the gift with a homemade label, sign with warm words for the recipient.


If the recipient of the gift is an avid fan of experimenting in the kitchen, there is nothing better than donating a homemade cookbook.You don’t need to fill it with recipes, just make a gift so that your friend or relative would like to work with it. Buy a beautiful original notebook and a wooden spoon, and then turn on your imagination and decorate everything in the same style. Use paints, appliques, beautiful New Year’s ribbons. Tie a spoon to a notebook with a nice bow or rubber band. You can also design the pages inside in an original way.

Terrarium with live plants

What can better brighten up a cold winter than a terrarium with live plants? It will be an unexpected gift that will please people with their own home, which has room for a terrarium.While it is not necessary to make it large, be guided by the conditions of the person you will be giving. Old frames from photographs or paintings can be used as walls. Connect them in the shape of a house using small studs, or screw them down. You can put several pots with indoor flowers inside and donate them in this form. The second, simpler idea is to buy a round vase or a small aquarium for your fish and make a composition in it with a plant and other accessories.

Christmas Candles

Candles are one of the attributes of the winter holidays.And you can always make them yourself. We are not talking about the candle making itself – for this you need to sweat and master the secrets of craftsmanship. However, it is quite possible to buy a ready-made candle and decorate it in an original way. Choose a regular white candle and a pretty glass container for it. It can be a glass, a small vase, a mug. You will need glue, artificial cones, beads, ribbons or any other accessories of your choice – decorate the container with them, using your imagination to the fullest.

Ornament with embroidery on the hoop

Brush up on your cross stitch skills before trying this craft.Even if you’re a beginner, try one of several simple patterns on a small embroidery hoop. The easiest and fastest to perform will be a Christmas tree, numbers for the coming year, a snowflake. Craftsmen can try more complex ideas. For those who are not on friendly terms with embroidery, we can advise a little trick: put a beautiful fabric in the hoop and decorate it with glued ornament.

Homemade Christmas decorations

Going on a visit on New Year’s, you can even take Christmas decorations with you! Of course, if they are personally decorated with personalized decor.You will need ready-made toys and high-quality paints. Paint the product in a dark, saturated color, for example, blue, red, green, and make the inscriptions with white paint – the name of the recipient of the gift, the original congratulations on the New Year.

Aroma diffuser

An original idea for a gift for your home will be an aroma diffuser – a perfume that will add freshness and a special aroma to your home. This is a very personalized present that you don’t have to buy ready-made, you can make it yourself.All you need to do is experiment – take your favorite essential oils, combine them in a glass bottle in the proportions at which you like the scent the most, and supplement them with scent sticks.

Christmas tree made of tea bags

Even tea bags can be presented as an original gift! Pick your favorite brand of tea, grab the bags, each individually wrapped. As the trunk of the tree, you can use any cardboard cylinder, for example, from paper towels.You will also need a glue gun, which will attach the bags to the post. From above, such a tree can be decorated with any trifle, for example, an asterisk cut out of cardboard.

Embroidered napkins

Another idea for an individual gift is to embroider motivating quotes, heartfelt congratulations on the holidays, or just the initials of the person to whom you are giving the product on plain white napkins.

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