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Ultimate Guide to Disco Balls and Lighting

To make parties fun, there are different elements that you can add, such as decorations, music, and lights. If you want your party to be alive, disco balls and lighting can help. Disco balls have been the life and center of attention at parties for decades. Disco lights release sharp, clear, and bright laser lights that can make people dance to the beats of music. They can add enthusiasm to a party, making your guests enjoy dancing on the dance floor.

Aside from that, the sparkling effects of the disco ball lights can help make your party decorations look more beautiful. Disco balls and lighting are also budget-friendly. Whether you are looking to invite some friends over for an exciting night or have a blast during an event, getting a disco ball and lighting can completely change the atmosphere.

If you are looking into knowing more about disco balls and lights and how you can find the perfect one for your upcoming event, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you the ultimate guide to disco balls and lighting.

What is a Disco Ball?

Disco balls became popular in the 1970s and 1980s when disco music came out. They are usually a spherical ball covered in dozens or hundreds of small square mirrors. Each mirror on the ball reflects light in random directions, making the room or outdoor area lit up with fun. Today, disco balls serve the same purpose, but they can also be used to brighten up a bedroom and other parts of the house.

There are many different types of disco balls in the market today. Some are able to rotate because they have a mechanical device or a unique hanging ring, but not all of them do. Traditional disco balls are made of Styrofoam spheres and lots of tiny mirrors. There are also times when they are made of a glass ball, but those can break easily. Today, there are electric disco balls available, which are called disco ball lights. These emit different colors of lights and rotates either fast or slow.

Things to Consider When Buying Disco Balls and Lighting

If you are planning to buy some disco balls and lighting, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are some of them:

The area that the disco ball and lighting will cover

It is better to choose one that provides you such an illuminating area that covers the whole place of your event. To do this, you need to know the size of the area in which you are going to place the disco ball. In different brands of disco balls and lighting, an effective illumination area is usually mentioned. Therefore, you need to check it before purchasing one.

The number of colors it emits

As mentioned earlier, electric disco lights usually emit different colors of lights. This helps in creating a rocking atmosphere at a party. There are disco balls that have two colors, while some can give you three colors. But if you are lucky, you can find brands that offer up to 9 colors. This way, you’ll be able to choose as many colors as you want.

The light control and light modes available

Disco balls are also popular due to the fact that they continuously keep changing the lights they emit. An electric disco ball can have 4 different modes, which are automatic, sound-activated, strobe mode, and rotating mode.



Where to Buy

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The Best Disco Balls and Lighting You Can Buy

To help you find the perfect one for your event, here are some of the best disco balls and lighting that we found that you might like:


1. COIDEA Disco Ball Lights

This is a mini disco ball that can give the perfect party effect for your event. It features 7 different shades of light that flash across the rainbow spectrum, creating a totally unique and colorful atmosphere. It has a portable design that fits in the palm of your hand. It means that you can take it anywhere easily. This disco ball light has 10,000 hours of life with its LED technology. It enables you to use it over and over again without worrying that it will run out of power. However, the only downside of this disco ball light is it cannot be hung from the ceiling like a traditional disco ball as it needs to stand on a table.


2. ADJ Products Party Mirror Ball

This disco ball is set with thousands of tiny mirrored tiles. It will be able to cast a beautiful array of light around any room you place it in. It is an oversized disco ball that comes with a heavy-duty mounting bracket, allowing you to hang it up without any worries. It also has a rotating motor that enables it to spin on its own. No assembly is needed for this disco ball. Just take it out of the box and set it up right away for your party.


3. Luditek Sound Activated Disco Ball Lights

These are bright alternatives to traditional disco balls, and they come with lots of cool effects. These lights have 3 sound-activated modes, rotating speed control, and seven lighting modes, giving you countless different combinations to choose from. It is perfect if you want to add life to a birthday party, holiday, or other events. Each of these lights comes with remote control, so you can switch up the settings from across the dance floor.


4. Kicko Multi-Colored Disco Light

This disco light features a 5-inch rotating disco ball at the center, which is covered in mirrored tiles. As the ball spins, it catches the light from two LED bulbs on each side, making the light dance and flicker around the room, giving a great effect. It is easy to use. Just plug it in, and it is ready to go.


5. Mudder Store 70s Disco Balls

This is a pair of sparkling disco balls that are bright and festive. They have a tiny mirrored finish that casts light around the room for a twinkling effect. You can hang them from the ceilingor use them as décor on tabletops. However, light is not included. You need to add lighting to catch the mirrored design of these disco balls.


6. LED Disco Ball Light

This features a 6-inch traditional disco ball that hangs from a base that shoots out lights to reflect off of the ball. It is the ultimate duo for those who do not want to buy a disco ball and lighting separately. It is a great addition to bedroomsor living room parties with friends and family. It is not suitable for big venues, but it can provide quite a bit of fun for smaller venues.


7. Adkins Professional Lighting Disco Ball Party Kit

This party kit includes a 12-inch glass disco ball, and 2 LED 5 watts spotlights. It is perfect for large and medium-sized rooms. It comprises everything you need to create astounding LED mirror ball effects. This disco ball will allow you to create many light spots moving around a room.


8. Spinning Disco Ball with Lights

This disco ball with lights is perfect for theme-based parties as accents, and it is also great as a gift. It has a rotating disco ball with different colors of LED pin lights. You can also use it as a prop for photoshoots, videos, and more. It is plug-in operated.


9. Disco Ball with Lights and Motor

This is a set of a disco ball with an LED spotlight. It also comes with a disco ball motor to keep the disco ball rotating. You can hang it on the ceiling and make your party more dazzling with its effects.


10. Disco Ball Party Lights with Remote Control

This disco ball party light has 7 colors and 3 modes. You can change its mode to either automatic, flash, or music mode. It is also sound-activatedand changes its color based on the music. It is transportable and easy to use. You can place it on a table or hang it on the wall or ceiling.

These are some of the best disco balls and lighting we can recommend. These can surely add fun and life to any party, event, or room. We hope the information we shared here will help you find the best disco ball and lighting for your needs.

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How Does a Disco Ball Work?

Disco Balls have been used since the 1920s, became uber-popular in the 1970s during the Disco era and have made a resurgence lately, both at the center of the dance floor and in the home to spruce up almost any room.

But is there more to a disco ball and how it works, or is it as simple as we all think?

For a disco ball to work properly, it must be connected to a motor on a stand or ceiling, that rotates in a circular motion. Pinspots direct light usually on opposite sides of the ball. The light reflects off the surface of the ball which is comprised of many mirrored facets to create the desired effect. 

Before you decide to purchase a Disco Ball or try to install one right out of the box, let’s explore all of the essential components in more detail so you save time and money in the long run.

The Disco Ball

Disco Balls, often called Mirror or Glitter Balls, come in many different sizes (and usually only one shape, spherical). Selecting the size of the ball is the very first and most important step in the buying or creation process of pleasing any party goer with a speckled dance floor.

Standard Disco Balls can be found online with a radius range in size from 4 inches to 72 inches or roughly 10cm up to 183cm. Smaller sizes (less than 4 inches) can be found but are not for practical use, rather party favors or other tchotchke gifts.

What size is right for you? That depends, as there are a lot of factors that could impact your decision. What is the size of the room? Where do you plan on hanging it? What is the height of the ceiling?

In most cases, a 12” or 16” diameter disco ball will work, especially in a smaller setting. If you are using for a wedding reception party, as an example, you may want to go with the 20”. Most Disc-jockeys we polled are using a 16” or 20” ball.

The size of the ball will help determine the type of motor you will need as well as how the ball should be hung, what stands to get, or even how many pinspots to aim for maximum reflection.

Disco Balls tend to be made from styrofoam, polystyrene, or even a solid plastic core. There will be a hanging rod positioned in the center of the ball with one end having an eye-hook for easy connection to the motor. Larger size balls or the frequency of use may demand a stronger rod.

Last, but not least, the ball’s surface is covered with tiny, mirrored facets or tiles that can dramatically increase the weight of the ball and have an effect on the output quality.

The Facets of a Disco Ball

After you determine the right size ball to meet your needs, you’ll want to look into the material of the facets. If you notice major differences in price from the same size ball to the next, it’s likely because of the tiles used.

Real glass, mirrored tiles are regarded as higher quality from a durability and reflection standpoint. They will also be much heavier in weight compared to the other options.

If you are knee-deep in a DIY project, a real glass mirror can be bought in self-adhesive sheets or hand-cut tiles in .5” x .5” or 1” x 1” squares. They also can be found in a variety of colors outside of the traditional silver, such as champagne or blush rose, and have an array of different finishes like gloss or polished.

Mirrored tiles are secured to the ball by an adhesive like double-sided tape, glue, cement, caulk and the like. Disco balls typically have hundreds or even thousands of mirrored tiles.

If you prefer not to have real glass mirrored tiles, you can look for balls made of carnival mirror, metallic foil, or even old CDs that could work for you DIY’ers.

The Motor of a Disco Ball

For your disco ball to spin and project tiny dots all around the room, you’ll need a motor. There are a few things to highlight when determining what motor is right for you.

Back to size! The size, and more importantly the weight of the ball will dictate the type of motor. There are small, portable, battery-powered motors that claim capable of handling 12”, 16” and even 20” balls. But BEWARE, you need to know both the size and weight (if you missed it, read facets section above on how this impacts weight).

Stationary, heavy-duty motors also have limitations with the size and weight they can handle. Typically, a heavy-duty motor should have no problem holding and spinning a 30-pound ball. Although, some heavy-duty motors are capable of supporting 40” balls and a whopping 90-pounds. Just remember to read the fine print on the product information page before you pony up some ‘shekels.

The other feature to review when considering a motor is the RPM (Revolution Per Minute) settings. RPMs measure how many full rotations your disco ball will make every minute. This is very similar to the RPM meter in your car.

The higher the RPM (anything above 6 RPM is high), the faster the ball will rotate around the room. A high RPM would suit best in a nightclub and not a house party unless you want your guests spewing up your retro appetizer.

The average speed for a mirror ball motor is 2-3 RPMs. For a more dramatic effect, yet more relaxing and overall enjoyable experience, we recommend using a slow RPM, like 1 or 1.5.

Now that we covered the motor and rotation settings, let’s discuss the lighting.

The Pinspots on the Disco Ball

Pinspots are specialized devices that have a narrow, tight beam of light focused on an object such as centerpieces, signs, artwork, and most certainly, disco balls! In other words, virtually anything you want to put on display.

Pinspots are relatively inexpensive with the average price around $20-$30 and around $50 for a higher-end model. Pinspots vary in shape, size, wattage, and mobility but are usually built with a metal casing/frame and now that we are in the 21st century, an LED bulb. Most LED bulbs have a 50,000-hour lifespan so you shouldn’t ever need to replace the bulb.

Power consumption varies based on the wattage of the bulb (3w, 5w, 10w), and also if the pinspot is charging – yes, they make rechargeable, battery-powered pinspots. Most pinspots can be recharged a total of 500 hours and last 4-5 hours of straight use time. If you plan to have a permanent setup for your disco ball, please plan accordingly and ensure you’ll have enough power before you begin.

Some units may come with different color lenses and if not, don’t worry, you can always acquire that separately.

For a smaller sized ball (8”, 10”, 12”), 1-2 pinspots would be ideal. If you are handling a larger ball (16”, 20”, 24”), then 3-4 pinspots would be needed to deliver the ultimate star effect.

The placement of each pinspot is personal preference but a good rule of thumb (our recommendation) would be 3 total pinspots to ensure the ball has nice coverage. One pinspot, to the left of the ball horizontally, and another equidistant on the opposite side. The final pinspot located on the floor or somewhere below the ball aimed directly at the front surface at a 45-degree angle.

If you can avoid it, make sure your pinspots are not obstructed by anything such as the truss, support beam, or tripod legs.

The Stand or Mount of a Disco Ball

The last crucial element standing between you and getting your groove on is how to hang your disco ball?

The answer is by an adjustable stand or a mounting bracket.

If you purchased a motor, there should have been brackets included that can be used to secure the motor into the studs of a ceiling as an example.

The installation would be very similar to that of a ceiling fan. Wire for power, hide the wires but a fancy fixture and drill two screws until firmly in place.

Perhaps you’re a disc-jockey and are not looking for a permanent home for your mirror ball because you’ll always be on the go. If this is the case, then you’ll probably want to consider a stand.

There are a variety of stands in the marketplace today. And not to “beat a dead horse here”, but most will define the requirements or limitations based on the size and weight of the ball.

The nice thing about a stand, aside from being able to take your setup anywhere, is that they can be an all-in-one solution, meaning they come with a tripod, mounting bracket, motor, pinspots, wires, and cover. They also tend to be adjustable which gives you so much flexibility when faced with challenging spaces. 

A Guide to Decorating Your House with a Disco Ball

People who want an instant party in their place can add a disco ball to their room. The reflecting and rotating glass spheres have been lighting up dance floors from the age of jazz to today’s electronic dance music (EDM) era. 

But this party ball isn’t just limited to dance clubs. You can hang a disco ball as decoration in your home.

How Disco Balls Became Popular

This shiny accessory made its first documented appearance in 1897. “Electrical Worker,” a publication of an electrician’s union in Massachusetts, released an issue discussing the group’s yearly party along with its most notable decorations. 

N.B.E.W., the group’s initials, featured a light flashed on a mirrored ball and incandescent lamps of varying colors on wire mesh over the ballroom. 

The disco ball, however, became a fad throughout the 1920s. Louis B. Woeste filed a patent for a product that was an early version of the modern disco ball.

Why Add a Disco Ball to Your Home

Disco balls have rolled right out of nightclubs and into people’s homes. 

Hanging a disco ball can make a boring room look interesting. This mirror ball can steal the spotlight in a living space that’s full of muted hues. The reason this works is that the mirror ball is an unanticipated addition to such a space. 

What’s more, a disco ball can add a flash of fun to your home office décor. Gone are the days of home offices featuring subdued décor and lackluster desk chairs. 

Today, these offices come with plenty of personality. Decorating this part of your home with a disco ball gives metallic interest to the space — and reminds you not to work too hard.  

How to Hang a Disco Ball

You don’t need to catch a Saturday Night Fever to have a reason to shake your tailfeather on the dance floor. You can hang a disco ball in your home and enjoy the ultimate party atmosphere. 

Here are the steps to help you incorporate this mirror ball into your home décor:

Find the Perfect Spot

One of the most logical choices to hang a disco ball is the center of a ceiling. Don’t limit yourself, though. You can hang this party ball from practically anywhere. 

Example spots include:

  • Corners of a Room
  • Under a Loft Bed
  • Garages or Recreational Rooms
  • On Dining Tables, Coffee Tables or Shelves

When picking a location, consider the lighting source to enhance the effect of the reflective mirrored tiles.

Securely Attach the Disco Ball

The appropriate mounting method will depend on the weight and size of your disco ball. Use screws and hooks specifically designed to attach objects to the ceiling. Swag hooks along with ceiling S-hooks make excellent choices for mini disco balls. 

If your ball doesn’t come with a string or a chain to hang it from, use a monofilament fishing line to tie it to a ceiling hook. 

As for a heavy or big disco ball, you’ll need to secure them using studs or ceiling joists to support its weight and prevent it from breaking through the drywall. 

If you’re attaching a motorized disco ball, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when attaching the unit. Make sure that the mirror ball stays secure at all times.

Light Up the Disco Ball

A simple way to recreate a classic disco vibe is to illuminate the disco ball with one or two light sources. Experiment with angles to obtain the most creative lighting effects. You can use sunbeams, pin lights and spotlights to manipulate the small mirrored tiles and produce prismatic patterns on walls. 

When lighting up the disco ball, consider multi-colored lighting to produce a kaleidoscope effect. Use a minimum of two complementary colors, such as cyan and red or magenta and green. You can easily change the conventional white light present in pin lights and spotlights using affordable colored lenses.

How to Decorate with a Disco Ball

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

You’re not limited to hanging your disco ball from the ceiling. There are other ways to decorate with this shiny accessory. 

Here are other design ideas that you can try:

Place the Disco Ball on the Floor

People expect to see this mirror ball hanging from the ceiling. Strategically putting this accessory on the floor can be unexpected and deliver great visual impact. This decoration suggestion subverts expectation by placing the ball in an unconventional location.

When thinking of an area for your disco ball, consider choosing an empty corner of a room. Alternatively, you could place the ball near other décor elements, such as the fireplace. Leaving this accessory nearby will attract attention more compared to hanging it as usual. 

Whatever location you go with, avoid creating a look that suggests you forgot to take down party decorations and instead incorporate the disco ball seamlessly.

Put the Ball Under the Table

When you check a room for an ideal disco ball spot, don’t overlook the space under the table. This can be a desk or a coffee table. Either way, this free space is an excellent spot to create an elegant display with the help of a disco ball.

If possible, place this shiny accessory under Lucite or glass tables, as they give a great view of the shimmery ball. 

Change the Color of Your Disco Ball

Don’t just stick to silver. You have the option to break the usual conventions. One suggestion is to paint the disco ball a golden color. A golden party ball can project a sea of sparks and turn up the intensity thanks to its extra color splash.

How to Make a DIY Disco Ball

Photo by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash

If you’re on a budget but still want to spruce up your home, you can make a disco ball using basic materials. The supplies you’ll need are the following:

  • Wire cutters or a pair of scissors
  • Styrofoam ball 
  • Mirror tiles 
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Screw hook (optional)

The first step is to attach the hook to the foam ball. You can skip this step if you don’t plan to hang the mirror ball from your ceiling. 

Next, glue the tiles to the foam ball using the glue gun. Do this step until you completely cover the ball with mirror tiles. Once that’s done, display your homemade disco ball in your preferred area. 

A disco ball goes beyond being a staple in dance clubs. This accessory can add an exclamation point to a dull living space.

Why You Need a Disco Ball in Your Home

This cute little disco ball has recently become one of the home décor items that I use year-round in our home! We live in Alberta, Canada where our winters are long and this little mirror ball has been a surprising cure for the winter blues. So let’s talk about why you need a disco ball in your home too!

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. That means that if you purchase through one of these links I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. \

Disco balls are inexpensive

You can find disco balls for just a few dollars! I prefer the ones that aren’t motorized to blend into everyday décor. Bonus, the simple ones are even less expensive!

Use a disco ball to reflect light

One trick that designers use to make a space feel bigger is to add a mirror to a small space to make it feel larger and bounce light back into the room. Disco balls are also called mirror balls because they are made up of hundreds of tiny mirrors. A disco ball will reflect light throughout the space it’s in! When sunlight hits, they reflect tiny beams of light throughout the room! It’s a lovely effect!

Disco balls work in any home

Disco balls are essentially a neutral object, even though you might not think of them that way at first thought. When blended into traditional décor like our English cottage style home they become less “party” and a little more “refined”.

Disco balls work in everything from cute boho-chic apartments to large boutique hotels. They add a fun and quirky element to any style!

Ideas for disco ball décor

Looking for ideas about where to incorporate a disco ball into your own home? Here are some of my favourite ways to use disco balls as décor:

Put a disco ball on the mantle

This is where my disco ball is currently living! I love how unexpected it is and how it adds just a little shimmer to an otherwise neutral and traditional vignette!

Hang a disco ball in the the window

This might be my favourite way to use a disco ball in your home since it catches the most light! Hang your disco ball in an east facing window to create morning sparkle or in a west facing window to energize your afternoon and evening!

Add a disco ball in your kids rooms

My kids love this idea lol! I just ordered them their own disco balls to hang in their windows or add to a shelf in their rooms. They love the idea of having their own “sparkle makers”!

Use mini disco balls as bowl fillers

Use smaller disco balls ornaments or strings of disco ball lights to elevate your coffee table or living space décor. They look adorable placed in a vintage dough bowl or ceramic holder beside a stack of books and a plant!

Place a disco ball beside your plants

Call me crazy, but I swear my plants love the little light beams thrown by a disco ball! I like to add one to my plant corner and add an extra dose of happiness to my leafy friends’ lives!

Add disco balls to your parties

A bonus…when you have extra disco balls around the house, it’s really easy to set up for a party! Gather them all together and hang above the dining room table or in the windows to add sparkle to your party décor!

Add disco balls to your Christmas tree

If you already have pretty disco ball ornaments or strings of lights, why not add them as a fun, creative touch to your Christmas tree. Or when Christmas is over convert your tree into a New Year’s tree with disco balls, sparkles and champagne!

Hang a disco ball from a chandelier

Disco balls make you happy!

I’ve found the afternoon sparkle and rays of light that bounce off this little disco ball lift my mood and just make me happier! To me, they embody the Danish concept of Hygge (Hoo-gah) in a fun new way. And whatever gets me through our long, cold winters with just a little more joy is a win in my book!

So are you convinced?! Do you think you need a disco ball in your home too? Let me know in the comments!


The Best Disco Balls 2021: Mirror Balls For Your Next Party

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

Nothing sets the stage for a party quite like a disco ball. Also known as a “mirror ball” or “glitter ball,” the spherical, hanging object first appeared in nightclubs during the Roaring Twenties, though it really gained prominence during the disco era of the Seventies (hence its name). These days, disco balls are seen in everything from karaoke rooms to dorm rooms, and of course, in clubs and lounges too. Justin Timberlake famously steps on a disco ball in his album cover for “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” while one of Neil Young’s best albums is literally called “Mirror Ball.” Everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyonce to Drake have used disco balls in their music videos and motifs, and the shimmery accessory has inspired entire disco ball-themed fashion collections, with party dresses, jewelry and footwear all sharing the glittery and glamorous look and feel.

Typically made by gluing hundreds of tiny mirrored tiles around a foam, cardboard or plastic “ball,” a disco ball is a fine piece of decor on its own, but it really shines — pun intended — when light is directed at it. Each facet reflects light back into the air, casting it into dozens of small beams that stream out in all directions. Pair the disco ball with a motor and watch as it spins the light around the room, creating a unique, magical effect. The largest disco balls have mirrored surfaces that can fill an entire room with a warm glow, making them ideal for school dances, weddings and other big parties.

It’s not just for use at night though — the best mirror balls are great during the day too, say, hanging from your bedroom or patio to stream sunlight into your room. Disco balls also make great props for your next photoshoot or Halloween costume. And some people also swear by mirror balls outdoors to keep birds away from their garden (the birds are often scared off by the reflective surfaces).

Whatever you use a disco ball for, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular options you can get online. Stock up for your next party or for your next DIY project, to really add some glitter and glam to your decor or look.

1. Eliminator Lighting Mirror Ball

If you want to set the mood for your next party, dance or event, you’ll want to install this disco ball from Eliminator Lighting.

Known for their party lighting and accessories, the company has crafted a high-end mirror ball, made from hundreds of quarter-inch reflective glass tiles that surround a durable cardboard core.

At 12 inches, this is the largest ball on our list, and the size makes it ideal for medium to large-sized rooms and venues. A motor ring allows you to pair the disco ball with an external motor (not included) to set it to spin around (and around_. A loop on the top makes this ball easy to hang from the ceiling.


Buy: Eliminator Lighting Mirror Ball at $33.19

2. Rhode Island Novelty Mirror Ball

This shimmery mirror ball measures eight inches in diameter (about the size of a mini basketball or small kickball) and delivers a lot of light for its size. The ball features bright silver tiles glued around a hollow styrofoam core; the styrofoam makes this disco ball super light weight and it comes in at just 14 ounces.

Hang it easily using the included top loop, or use this mirror ball as part of your next costume or art project (an elegant scepter anyone?)

Spacing is consistent and the tiles are all the same color, making the light more even.


Buy: Rhode Island Novelty Mirror Ball at $22.99

3. ADJ Products Mirror Ball

This disco ball goes as hard as you do, thanks to its solid construction, durable plastic core, and hundreds of mini reflective panels that line its exterior shell. The mirror ball measures eight inches in diameter and comes with a thick top hook for hanging. What you get: warm, radiant, glowing light.

At just under two pounds, this is the heaviest mirror ball on our list. But that just means it won’t fly off the hook or be blown around as it’s hanging from the ceiling. While some of the lightweight disco balls are best for one-time-use, this one can be easily stored and reused thanks to its solid construction.


Buy: ADJ Products Mirror Ball at $19.99

5 Stylish Spots Bringing the Disco Ball

Italian for “flying disc,” the name Disco Volante is meant to evoke the thrilling world of James Bond and the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante sports car.

Photo by Lukas Schaller

Disco Volante

This Vienna joint is sure to keep its crowds happy—and full— thanks to its oversized disco ball pizza oven. Aside from this unusual adaptation of the ’70s classic, architect Lukas Gahler kept the rest of the restaurant minimal with a black-and-white palette and wooden chairs. At night, the restaurant dims the lights to really keep the good times rolling. How could you not want to dance while eating pizza from a disco ball oven?

Mark and Jonnie Houston’s third concept at the Line, this disco paradise is the ideal spot for a wacky drink.

Photo: Courtesy of The Line Hotel

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is described as a “Deco-Disco” dreamscape, and we have to agree.

Photo: Courtesy of The Line Hotel

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at The Line LA

The Line LA’s newest nightlife venue, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, melds the best of ’70s glamour with the opulence of the Roaring Twenties. It’s an unexpected and over-the-top combination that feels oddly right, with mirrored walls, animal print, Art Deco motifs, rainbow lighting, and lavish cocktails from Mark and Jonnie Houston of L.A.-based Houston Hospitality.

The bar’s velvet pink banquette seating pays tribute to L.A.’s once famous Perino’s, which was the see-and-be-seen spot for Hollywood’s elite from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Photo: Christian Harder

The walls are coated with a lustrous “Jayne Mansfield pink” auto paint.

Photo: Christian Harder

Candy Bar at The Siren Hotel

It’s easy to become enamored with The Siren Hotel. Designed by ASH NYC (with help from Quinn Evans Architects with the restoration and preservation), the 1926 Italian Renaissance–style Wurlitzer Building in Detroit has been restored to its 20th-century glory with Italian antiques, plenty of moody jewel tones, and the most Instagram-worthy cocktail bar you’ve ever seen. Candy Bar emulates Barbie’s dream world with allover plush pink, but in a much more sophisticated way. There are the decorative plaster palm trees inspired by designer Syrie Maugham and of course, disco balls, taken right from Les Bains nightclub in Paris.

The loft is outfitted with many retro finds, but the disco ball makes it that much more fun.

Timo Weiland’s Brooklyn Apartment

Timo Weiland’s 1,500-square-foot Williamsburg apartment is always dance-party ready, he says. There’s a disco ball at the foot of the stairs, which sets the tone for the rest of the eclectic space designed by Gunnar Larson. The duplex, originally a 19th-century key factory (cue the fab architectural moments), is now home to a collection of vinyl records, books, a wood-and-concrete totem pole, and Timo’s favorite vintage leather chair, not to mention a beach-inspired bedroom.

How to make a mirrored disco ball with your own hands

Many of us remember the times when disco music ruled on all dance floors. An integral part of those times was a mirrored disco ball. If you remember and love this time, try making a disco ball in your apartment.

Materials and tools

  • Mirror
  • Glass cutter
  • Ruler
  • Newspapers
  • Kleister

Any glue suitable for attaching a mirror to a papier-mâché mold, I suggest glue for ceiling tiles.


First you need to decide on the size of your ball. There are no restrictions here, only the amount of material used and time.

Be sure to prepare the room for working with glass. During work, small mirror shavings will certainly appear – cover the floor with newspapers, cover the interior items with a suitable material.

Choose a mirror, preferably thin (any will do, but thin is easier to cut). The mirror is cut with a glass cutter into squares measuring approximately 1 cm by 1 cm.

We cut the mirror

  1. The mirror is placed on a flat hard surface. Next, a ruler is applied to it, along which the mirror is cut into long strips (cut from the front side).
  2. Finished strips are similarly divided into 1cm by 1cm squares.
  3. After that, the squares are carefully knocked out from the back of the mirror with a glass cutter.

Tip: When dividing the mirror into small squares, mark several squares at once, this will be faster.

We make the base (ball)

The ball will be made of papier-mâché.

  1. Preparing the paste. There are many recipes, I personally used the following. Boil 5 parts of water, pour ¼ part of flour diluted in one part of cold water into it, boil for 2 minutes.
  2. Inflate a balloon of the required size (it is important that the balloon itself is round).
  3. Cut paper into strips (preferably newsprint).
  4. On a dry ball, start sticking paper dipped in paste (no need to wet the paper too much, it will dry for a long time).Make as many layers as possible, let the layers dry, and apply the following. The ball should be strong enough to hold the mirror on.
  5. After waiting for the paper to dry, pierce the inner ball and take it out.
  6. The base is ready.

Final stage

  1. We make fasteners with which the ball will be attached to the desired surface. To this end, you need to wrap the ball in several places with a nylon rope (imagine the ball as a globe and wrap it with a rope along the meridians and the equator).All the threads must be smeared with glue, at the top of the head, collect the threads into one bundle, which will become the fastener. There are also options with fastening according to the principle of Christmas tree decorations, using a wire.
  2. We hang the ball on the mount (so that it is convenient for you to work with it).
  3. We glue the ball with mirror squares using glue (I suggest glue for ceiling tiles) – we start from the “crown” of the ball. We paste over in horizontal rows. Try to place the mirror pieces as close to each other as possible – this will determine the amount of light reflected from the ball and the appearance of the decoration.

We hang the ball in the place you need, spin it up, direct the light on it and turn on the hits of the 80s! The disco begins!

Disco Ball 3 in 1: Bluetooth Audio speaker / speaker, Projector with rotating light, Disco Ball Night light (LO698U), price 599 UAH

Multifunctional projector Disco Ball will be an excellent gift for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, party, festival, weddings, Christmas, karaoke, Halloween, New Years, etc. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module and speaker, you can turn your projector into a true source of Disco.In addition, the set includes a special abuzhrny pad, which muffles bright lights and makes a children’s Nightlight out of the Disco Ball with pleasant lighting.

♬ 【Wireless DJ & Dinmik & Party Disco Ball】 Wireless phone connection, just activate Bluetooth and connect the Projector to your phone. After that, you can listen to your favorite music and enjoy the Disco Atmosphere.
【Night Light Function】 In addition to the Disco Atmosphere, our projector comes with a special white lampshade, which makes the lighting softer and more pleasant.After installing such an overlay, you can safely place the projector near your baby and turn on pleasant music to help him fall asleep. In addition, it is possible to set the lighting time to: 1 hour, 3 hours and 5 hours ..
【Several modes of the Projector robots】 Depending on your mood, you can choose the mode you like. Modes are selected and activated using the remote control that comes with the kit. For example, there is a music mode whose built-in sensor can make the frequency of the blinking light follow the frequency of the sound.After activating this mode, the lights flicker and change patterns to the beat of the music. You can play songs from your phone after Bluetooth connection or via AUX audio line.
【Power saving and safety】 USB charging, reduce power consumption and is considered safer with 5V DC low voltage. Easy to install, just plug and play.


  • Product Name: Night Projector Disco Ball.
  • Number of LEDs: 9 LEDs
  • Night Light Effects: 5 Kinds
  • Disco Ball Effects: 7 kinds
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Power supply: DC5V1A
  • Housing: Acrylic lens
  • Control mode: JUMP / SOUND JUMP / SOUND FLASH
  • Product size: 115mm * 98mm
  • Net weight: about 400 g

Complete set:

  • 1 X Projector
  • 1 X Remote control
  • 1 X Cable
  • 1 X Cover for Nightlight
  • 1 X Manual

How to make a ball from CD disks step by step.Master class Hand-made product New year Modeling design Balls and lamp from CD-disks MK Computer disks. DIY Christmas ball from old disks

New Year’s holidays are approaching. It’s time to get out of mezzanine Christmas toys, rain, serpentine. Every Christmas toy – this is a piece of family history. However, there are Christmas balls that It’s a pity to throw it away (a family heirloom), and you don’t really want to hang it on the Christmas tree. These are the balls I propose to “reanimate”, i.e.e. to give them a modern look.

You do not need to buy expensive varnishes and paints, special decorations. All you need is:

  • old Christmas balls
  • old unnecessary computer disks;
  • scissors;
  • glue (better for fabric and leather, but PVA can be dispensed with)
  • protective gloves for hands.

DIY Christmas ball from old discs:

The discs must first be stratified – to put it simply, torn off transparent circle.Then cut the disc into small random pieces – better total squares.

We will paste over the New Year’s ball from top to bottom. Lubricate small section of the ball with glue, and carefully begin to glue the pieces of the disc. No problem, if small gaps remain. You can then glue them, or you can leave them so. Each glued area should dry well, and only after that it is worth applying glue to the next section of the New Year’s ball. It is worth noting that the glue for leather and fabric dries quickly, so the work is very fast advancing.When the whole New Year’s ball is pasted over, it must be dried well.

After that, all that remains is to decorate the New Year’s ball from old CDs with ribbon and hang it on the Christmas tree. The shiny surface of the disc pieces on the Christmas ball is great reflects light and looks spectacular in spruce branches.

6 cd discs, 2m thin wire, screwdriver, thin drill, nippers, glue gun, 6-7m garland

Download template

We mark the discs.

Drill according to the hole marking.

Now we connect the discs with a wire (we do this on a cloth to scratch the disc less). We try to twist it more tightly so that later the ball does not go shaking. At first I do everything from the inside (although if you do it from the outside, then you can’t see it anyway, but I don’t like that), the last three knots have to be knitted from the outside, and the tip is gently bent inward.

The base is ready.

Now for the fun part! Warm up the gun.We think in advance how to arrange the colors on the ball. This time I took 6 different colors. On the old one, I have three colors and I made them in pairs. As you like. The gun is hot, put scissors and garlands next to it. I glue at 10 points – where the wire is and between. From experience – it is more convenient for me to smear and glue two points, maybe you are more agile and it will turn out to be three, four at once))))

We make sure that everything corresponds to the intended color combination, otherwise you can get carried away))))

When we glue everything around the perimeter, we start at the middle.You can do it like mine, in a contrasting color, you can do the same, or you can take small Christmas balls and glue them into the center

We make a string (cords, wrap with a garland, or several times We make a rope (cords, wrap a garland, or a few “raindrops” weave into a pigtail) and solemnly carry to show children, husbands, parents.With a wide satisfied smile, we listen to their oohs and ahs, and praise to ourselves, our beloved)))))

Starting from the weekend I was just sucked into this exciting activity.And it all started with the fact that my child and I had to make a couple of Christmas tree decorations for the street tree, which (more precisely, for 2 trees) grows in the courtyard of the kindergarten. And then it began ….. I shoveled the Internet in search of ideas and eventually found what you see now. On our favorite site, unfortunately, I did not find such an MK (if there is already, then I apologize – I was not going to plagiarize, and therefore I confess – I did not come up with it, but I just embody what I saw on other sites)

Preparing materials:
1.old and unnecessary CDs (12 discs are needed for one ball)
2. A soldering iron with a sharp tip (I think you can somehow do without it, but this device will work faster)
3. Glue gun
4. Wire
5. Tinsel (I used a thin one) – about 4 meters
6. Good mood and time about 40 minutes

STEP 1: cut out a template – a pentagon with sides approximately 6.5 – 7 cm.We will need it for the next step

STEP2: we apply our template to the disk and use a soldering iron to make 5 holes in the disk according to the corners of the pentagon.And so with all 12 disks

Step 3: cut the wire. In the future, with this wire, we will fasten our parts together

Step 4: Start collecting the ball. The ends of the wire look to the seamy side of our future ball. Then we begin to connect the end 5 discs to each other (see the arrows)

It turns out like this (looks like a vase)

Step 6: place the second row of discs staggered relative to the first row.and then we close everything with the last (12th) disk. Our balloon is ready. Can be decorated with tinsel.

My brother, seeing the ball, suggested putting a light bulb inside and I liked the idea. Here my experiment has already begun. Only instead of a light bulb, I placed a Christmas garland of many small bulbs inside before connecting the last disc to the details. Plugged in and …

True, my “soap box”, which dares to call itself a digital camera, still does not know how to photograph garlands and other lighting effects well.Therefore, the quality of the photo (although it turned out at all) – sorry – not so hot. BUT fascinates all the same.

For now it stands like this … without decoration. BUT I don’t know – is it worth adding tinsel to this lamp at all or leaving it like that? What do you think?
I DO NOT like winter, because in the morning you have to get up when it’s already dark outside. But today I am even a little happy about it. Perhaps I will be able to wake up the child early tomorrow and surprise him with such unusual New Year’s lamps.And at the same time, take a couple more photos

And this morning, on the way to Kindergarten, the child happily agreed to pose with balloons. In the morning we gave them to the teachers. Our group is next to the kitchen. So, while we were walking, the cooks turned their heads, then came running to watch …. And the children from the street saw us and shouted to the teacher “Look, Vladik is carrying something beautiful.” In general, everyone is happy. And as always, we brought them on time: a commission will come to the kindergarten with a check.We were offered to participate with them in the competition, but I, as an honest one, refused. Because the child did not take part in their creation, and in stock we have another idea – especially for the competition (it is important for me that the child also works.

If you have already tried all the previous options, then it’s time to make an unusual craft from old CDs. Surely you have a dozen unnecessary disks lying around, which are a pity to throw away, and there is no longer any need to use them. Their finest hour has come! Turn on your imagination, take note of our master classes and go ahead to create new masterpieces!

Let’s start with the simplest thing – the decor of the old disc with ordinary stained glass paint.In terms of manufacturing, such a craft is quite simple, but outwardly you cannot tell. You will need stained glass paints and imagination. You can draw both abstract ornaments or mandalas and real story pictures. By the way, if there are no stained glass paints, a regular marker is fine. You can download templates for drawing mandalas at the link below.

A New Year’s craft from disks decorated with applications will be a little more complicated. The simplest option is colored paper applique.

If your children love the animated film “Smeshariki”, then it’s time to use their old CDs to make their favorite characters. All you need is to find out from the child which character he likes best, cut out Smesharik templates from paper and glue them on a disk. Smeshariki’s New Year’s craft is ready! You can draw the applique patterns yourself, or you can download them for all the cartoon characters from us.

# 4 Christmas tree decoration from old discs: DIY Christmas crafts from CD

You can make a rather unusual Christmas tree toy out of an ordinary disk, which looks like a ball, but this ball is flat.To make such a craft, you will need: an old disc, dark acrylic paint (if not, gouache will do), a pencil and a fountain pen, or a flat screwdriver.

If there are a lot of disks, then you may well think about creating a New Year’s garland. With the right lighting, the garland will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, resembling snow glistening in the sun. By the way, from such a garland it becomes warm and sunny in the house!

There are not enough CDs for the New Year’s garland, but did you like the idea? See more ideas:

Perfectly round shape is perfect for snowmen.The technique for making snowmen from discs can be different, but you should be satisfied with the result. By the way, such a craft is quite suitable for a competition for a school or kindergarten.

Would you like to make your own disco ball for decoration? Then you will need a blank for the ball (plastic, glass, foam), an old disc, scissors and glue.

Want more Christmas ball ideas? Then see:

You will need: old CD, cones, glue, aluminum candle holder, beads, glitter or varnish for decoration.

On a regular disc, you can recreate New Year’s landscapes using the decoupage technique. The process of decoupage discs is standard, the result is amazing!

If, in addition to old disks, pieces of felt were lying around in the house, then you can make such cool snowmen. Well, will any of the guests guess that it is based on an ordinary unnecessary disk?

See More Felt Christmas Decorating Ideas:

Decorating an ordinary mirror or photo frame will be a great idea for a New Year’s craft from old disks.The disc needs to be cut into pieces, and then decorate the surface with these pieces. You can keep it for yourself, or you can make an original gift to someone close to you.

If you were once a big fan of CDs, and everyone had such a time, now is the time to give them a second life. What’s the use of disks that just gather dust on the shelf? You can now find the desired song or movie on the Internet. But you can make an unusual Christmas tree only once a year!

Still thinking about what to give your friend for the New Year? The best gift is one that is made by hand.Present your loved one with a handmade bracelet, which she will definitely appreciate! Well, if a gift for your friend has already been chosen, you can keep such a decoration for yourself!

If you want to shine the most dazzling at a New Year’s party, then it’s time to think about a New Year’s outfit. You can decorate a regular collar with pieces of an unnecessary disk. Looks very cool!

An owl will be an excellent idea of ​​crafts for the New Year from old CDs.To create a night guard, you can use pieces of felt, colored paper, several discs, and other scrap materials. Turn on your imagination and start creating.

Help us become better: if you notice an error, select the fragment and press Ctrl + Enter .

We very rarely make crafts from cd disks, this is due to the fact that they are rather difficult and not universal material. It is difficult to come up with a master class with disks, and then successfully implement it, and even such that everyone will like it.But I nevertheless decided to create a small craft that will be interesting to many and will be needed for the holidays to decorate home. I will tell you how to make a ball from cd disks with your own hands. The master class is not easy, so it will not suit children, mostly men, but sometimes women too. Such a ball of disks can be hung on or next to it on the cornice, in a word, such a craft will certainly decorate your holiday and cheer up.

Material for creating a ball from discs:

– CDs.
– Drill with a very thin drill bit.
– Nippers.
– Glue gun.
– Wire.
– Rain (Christmas decoration).
– Marker.
– Paper template.

That’s all we need we have prepared.

We put a paper blank on the disk and mark each vertex with a marker on the disk.

Drill holes on the marks. Do everything evenly and clearly so that all the discs fit together.

We connect the discs with each other using a wire, as on a homemade product.We wrap it up tightly so that our ball does not disintegrate later. First, we make two parts, each with one disc in the center and five more surround it.

We unite the two halves of the ball and also fasten them with a wire.

When the main work with the discs is done, let’s start decorating the ball. I chose the appropriate rain color for each disk. Glue the rain onto the discs with a hot glue gun.

It looks very nice.First, we glue the rain along the edge of the discs.

Distribute the colors so that they match with each other.

At the end we decorate the middle of each disc, take a small piece of rain and glue it into the central hole. On the color scheme, fantasize yourself, or the same color, or another for a change.

Here we have such an original, brilliant and beautiful ball, and even made with our own hands.

And if you want to occupy children with such crafts, then teach them how to create.And also try yourself in business with new materials, for example, create or. Good luck to cheat!


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