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Our Favorite Early Black Friday Drone Deals This Year (2021)

Buying Drones on Black Friday is a wise move because there are lots of deals available at this time of year. Here are the ones that are already available:

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Wednesday October 27, 9am PDT:

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Drones are state-of-the-art devices that have completely changed the way we look at electronics. It’s as if these drones have shot us right into the year 3000! If you’re wanting to get your hands on this new technology, you’re not alone; the problem is, prices can be somewhat outrageous. How can you get the best deal?

If you’re craving the latest tech but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, we’ve got you covered. We are going to break down the top 3 drones you might want to consider as well as how to get the best deal. Not sure if you want a drone? We are also going to give you some ideas of why this might be the best new thing to add to your tech shelf.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Drone

A lot of people might not see a drone as a ‘must-have’ just yet, but they are quickly rising in popularity- and for good reason, too! There are actually 7 different reasons why you might want to consider adding a drone to your collection:

  1. It’s the latest technology. There are those people who simply must have the latest gadgets, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you love to be in the know about the latest technology advances, you won’t be disappointed with a drone.
  2. Improve your pictures. With the ability to fly through the air, you can take some of the coolest pictures ever. This could simply mean taking the best selfie ever with the greatest background imaginable or using your drone for professional photography or real estate photography. What a great way to enhance your business!
  3. They are downright fun. Flying through the air is just downright fun. I mean, think about your first time flying a kite. It was exciting, right? Well, think of a drone being a kite on steroids. Plus, some of them take photos and videos and that just increases the fun levels.
  4. Fly through the air- virtually, of course. Some drone models will connect to your mobile device and give you footage right to your phone while it’s happening. This allows the user to feel like they’re virtually flying through the air, which is quite an experience!
  5. They are easy to use. Some people are afraid of buying a drone because they think they are too difficult to fly. Well, you’re in luck- drones are not difficult to fly, as long as you take the time to practice and play around with it. However, most users are able to get the hang of it in no time.
  6. Up close with nature. You can take your drone anywhere, but one place that is becoming more popular is the ocean. Fly over the ocean and you might be able to get closer to that whale in the distance and have a video that you’re going to be shocked and excited about.
  7. Scare your friends. Some people, especially around Halloween, will connect their drone to a scary mask and scare their friends as they are walking towards the house. It might be a little cruel, but hey, at least it is creative.

Other Black Friday Deals You Can Find in 2019

Top Three Drones to Consider

DJI Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 1 was a revolutionary product in the drone industry. It was the first-ever drone to provide filmmaking with HD video transmission. It could rotate 360 degrees and was easy to control. The Inspire 2 takes all the ideas of Inspire 1 and makes it even better. The Inspire 2 has a newer image processing system, records with ease, can go from 0 to 50 in as little as 5 minutes, and go a whopping 58mph.

Aside from these incredible features, the DJI Inspire 2 comes with a dual battery system so you have more time in the air. Low temperatures are no match for this drone, while a revised flight autonomy and obstacle avoidance make your ride smoother and better than ever.

This is undeniably the top choice when it comes to drones.

Autel Robotics EVO

The Autel Robotics EVO is a bit smaller than the DJI Inspire 2, but it still comes with some incredible features you are sure to enjoy. Some of the top-selling points of the Autel is the fact that it can capture 4k videos and 12MP photos with ease, while a 3-axis motorized gimbal ensures your drone is stable in the air.

The transmitter allows for the user to be up to 4.4 miles away, and the built-in OLED remote ensures there is up to 30 minutes of video time. You will enjoy the forward, downward, and backward sensors for an overall smooth and simple ride through the air.

Parrot Anafi

This is downright the most lightweight and compact model on the market. It’s also foldable, which makes it ideal for the traveler who wants to capture some amazing images. The drone is equipped with a special lens to get 4k videos and full HD videos, as well as 21 MP photos. Slow it down or speed it up easier than ever.

You have 25 minutes of flight time with this drone, and the battery charges 60% faster than other drones on the market. To put it simply, it’s the compact design that can get the job done regardless of the size.

How to Save on Buying Drones

Drones can be pricey; some of them, like the DJI Inspire 2, is over $1,000. That’s quite a lot of money! So how can you save when it comes to buying drones? Wait for the Black Friday deals!

Last year, drone-buying gave us some amazing deals. A lot of drones had a certain amount off the original price, ranging anywhere from something as simple as $20 to well over $100 off.

The important thing to do is to keep checking online for the best upcoming deals for Black Friday. If last year is any indication, you can expect some of the best deals to be found on Amazon as well as Best Buy.

7 Best Quadcopter Drones for Sale 2021

Best quadcopter drones for sale reviews 2021 – find out which quadcopter drones are best to buy. Popular brands of quadcopter drones are reviewed in this article.

The quadcopter market is overflowing with quality options that are designed to provide a superb flying experience for users. The units are designed to help users achieve different objectives, including image capture, racing, recreation and more. Some of the notable quadcopters available on the market include the DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Mavic Air.

1. DJI Phantom 3

DJI’s Phantoms are among the most popular drones in the world. The Phantom 3 is one of the most advanced drones in the Phantom family. It comes with a 2.7k video camera that creates 1080p videos and 12-megapixel photos. The images can be viewed in real time on smartphones. It has a 3-axis Gimbal stabilization system, including GPS.

It has the capacity to remain stationary thanks to the altitude hold function. This quadcopter is fitted with LED lights that allow you to easily identify the direction in which the drone is headed. The battery has a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. The remote controller has a range of 546 yards.

Buyers can also opt for more advanced and expensive versions of the DJI Phantom 3 (Pro, Advanced and 4K) that have a greater range and video resolution.

Unfortunately, their prices are not affordable for everyone but they are superior in terms of build quality, range, features, flight time and ease of use.

Available in several configurations, the Phantom 3 is the drone that paved the way for the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro, which is the best drone that DJI has to offer today. The 4K drone still has interesting flight modes like follow me, points of interest, waypoint and return to home. DJI Phantom 3 Standard price – $495.


– LED lights
– 1080p videos
– 12-megapixel photos
– 3-axis Gimbal stabilization system
– 2.

7k video camera

Pros and cons


  • Multiple flight modes
  • Good price to quality ratio
  • Affordable


  • Recharge time is too long

Check it out:

$729.00 1 used from $389.
2 new from $729.00

in stock

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2. DJI Mavic Air

The DJI brand continues to impress and consolidate its market presence. The Mavic Air surpasses the capacity of its predecessor, the DJI Spark. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a drone that is close to professional models like the Mavic Pro or the Panthom 5 Pro.

In addition, this model is lighter and portable than the latter. In addition, it boasts an integrated CMOS sensor for the camera, which helps users capture quality photos and videos. The video captures are stunning thanks to the recording rate of 100 Mbit/s. Price – $699.


– DJI GO editor
– 12.0MP camera
– The camera captures 32.0MP sphere panoramas
– Intelligent Flight lithium battery
– Dedicated remote controller

Pros and cons


  • Stitches 25 photos together in seconds
  • Adobe DNG RAW support
  • 21 minutes of flight time per charge
  • Supports 4K video at 30 fps
  • Fly by phone


  • Energy-consuming smartphone control

Check it out: https://www.

$789.00 $919.00 2 used from $691.
7 new from $788.99

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3. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

DJI worked with the Swedish camera maker Hasselblad to create the Mavic 2 Pro. This quadcopter comes with a high-quality CMOS camera sensor that works with 10-bit color. This innovation allows it to take 20-megapixel photos, capture videos in 4K Ultra HD 30fps mode and in HDR mode. The camera can follow a moving subject thanks to the ActiveTrack 2.0 technology and the obstacle detection function even when moving at maximum speed. Price – $1,878.


– CMOS camera sensor
– 10-bit M color profile
– 48MP super-resolution photos
– 10-bit HDR videos
– SD card support
– Trajectory prediction
– Obstacle detection and avoidance system
– DJI low-noise flight technology

Pros and cons


  • Excellent photo quality
  • Boasts the longest flight time for a consumer quadcopter (31 minutes)
  • Flies at a top speed of 44 miles per hour
$1,589. 00 $1,729.00 5 used from $1,461.88
18 new from $1,589.00

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GoPro Karma Drone

The Karma captures images of incredible quality using an action camera attached to the drone. This quadcopter folds and fits in the included lightweight carrying case. The Karma stabilizer helps captures breathtaking videos without any image shake, whether in the air or on the ground. GoPro is best known for its action cams. These mini cameras are powerful enough to film in real 4K. Moreover, they can be mounted on almost anything.

Like the DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro’s Karma is portable since its wings can fold. It is extremely easy to control for both experienced and novice users thanks to an intuitive user interface (UI). The drone comes with an app called GoPro Passenger, which lets your friends watch your bumblebee fly.

Aside from the GoPro Karma camera, this drone supports a number of different action cams like the Hero4, the Black Hero5 and more. If you already have a GoPro camera, this drone is also available without a camera for a cheaper price. Retail price – $699.


– Karma Stabilizer
– Noise reduction
– Karma Controller
– Flight simulator

Pros and cons


  • Portability
  • Supplied with a stabilizing arm


  • No Follow Me mode
  • No obstacle avoidance

Check it out:

$1,049. 99
1 new from $1,049.99

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Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

The Typhoon Q500 4K is equipped with a 3S 5.400 mAh battery, which gives the drone an autonomy of up to 25 minutes. The radio controller fitted on the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K is the ST10 +, a 10-channel radio with an Android operating system that runs on the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies for video transmission. It has a 5.5-inch screen that allows you to view the drone video in real time.

The free app allows you to view the real-time video of the camera on your smartphone. In this way, it is possible to watch the video feed even when the camera is positioned on the steady grip and not on the drone. Price – $399.


– 3-axis precision gimbal
– 12-megapixel photos
– Personal ground station
– 1080p/120fps slow motion video (UHD)
– No-Distortion Lens

Pros and cons


  • User controlled video resolution
  • Users can view video feed in real-time
  • Flight time of 25 minutes

Check it out: https://www.

1 used from $899.99

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DJI Inspire 1 Pro

This DJI Inspire 1 drone comes with a 4k video camera and it is great for recording high-quality videos. Compared to the DJI Phantom 4, it has a completely different and more aggressive design than the Phantom 4. It is undoubtedly one of the best quadcopters available on the market. However, it is still a fairly expensive drone. The Inspire 1 is a ready to fly drone, which means that everything you need to control this beautiful quadcopter is included in the box.


– 3-axis stabilization gimbal
– 4K camera
– Ready-to-fly aerial system

Pros and cons


  • Advanced features such as smart flight
  • Easy to use
  • Removable camera
  • Exceptional quality


  • Additional battery required

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview. com/quadcopters/dji-inspire-1/

$1,749.00 $3,499.00 2 used from $1,756. 84
4 new from $1,749.00

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7. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This drone is bulky and it is less portable than the DJI Mavic Pro. Putting aside this little flaw, it is a professional drone with the best camera. The DJI Phantom 4 is probably the most popular drone currently available for purchase on the market. It has the ability to take off and land automatically thanks to its excellent GPS technology. Price – $1,499.


– F/2.8 camera lens
– Capture 4K videos at 30 frames per second
– 12-megapixel photos
– Gimbal image stabilization system

Pros and cons


  • Slow motion video recording
  • 30 minutes flight time
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Captures quality images even at high speed
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance system


  • Heavy
  • Expensive accessories

Check it out:

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What is a Quadcopter Drone?

Quadcopter drones come with four propellers and engines, which differentiates them from other variants like the tricopter that has three propellers. These units are not designed for speed but stability. This characteristic makes quads ideal for aerial photography.

Pitch allows you to move forward or backward by tilting forward or backward. Roll turns to the right or to the left by rotating around the roll axis traversing the quad in its flight axis.

Benefits of Quadcopter Drones vs Other Drones

On the other hand, a hexacopter consists of six rotors, which allows the drone to climb with heavy loads compared to quadcopter drones. These units are quieter in the air mainly due to the heavier ascent weight. The increased number of propellers translates to operational reliability of the device. Should a rotor or motor ever fail (and the control electronics can recognize and compensate accordingly), a safe landing is often still possible.

An octocopter is often used for heavy-lift applications as the high number of propellers can produce a much higher lift. This means an octocopter can carry heavy accessories like cameras or other payloads than quadcopter drones.

A quadcopter uses four rotors or propellers to lift up and to generate propulsion by tilting the rotor plane. It can take off and land vertically. Quadrocopter drones can perform more complex maneuvers. Swarms of these devices can float in the air, fly in formations and autonomously perform complex flight stunts, such as somersaults, flying through targets and self-organization in the group.

A multicopter or multirotor is more of a collective term for all copter types with more than two rotors in one plane. As such, helicopters do not belong to the multicopters category as the second tail rotor is located in a different area and thus acts in a different direction. The multicopters also include the above-mentioned quadcopter drones, hexacopter and octocopter.

As the name implies, four quadcopter engines and four propellers are aligned on one level. The logical consequence of this arrangement is a fairly stable flight behavior. Two opposing motors rotate counterclockwise or in a clockwise direction. The downside of the quadcopter is that there is no reliability. Should an engine fail, this inevitably leads to a crash as the remaining three engines can no longer stabilize the drone.

There are usually drone kits that dictate the design. For instance, the manufacturer DJI offers in its Flame Wheel series various kits. Users can pick a Flame Wheel F330 as quadrocopter, a Flame Wheel F450 as quadrocopter or a Flame Wheel F550 as a hexacopter.

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Quadcopter Drone Selection Tips

Buying a drone controlled via smartphone or tablet is the simplest solution because you do not have to learn how to fly it. Performing a stunt to impress your friends is easier because you just have to press a single button to see your drone perform complex aerobatic maneuvers. The drones have many features integrated directly into the application, such as flying over a zone in 3D, recording a course and automatic tracking features.

The purchase of a drone controlled via smartphone is not necessarily more expensive. Radio controlled drones are generally more difficult to control than smartphone-driven quadcopters because they have less onboard electronics and therefore fewer grip features, such as assisted take-off or the ability to perform tricks by pressing a button.

Important points to consider before buying a radio-controlled drone include the range of control. The same applies to weight and power of the batteries because this aspect has a bearing on the flight time, which ranges between 10 to 30 minutes.

Some radio controlled drones have more features than others. Drones with camera controllable via a smartphone are really great to handle.

Top Quadcopter Drone Brands and Average Pricing

Brands like DJI, Yuneec and GoPro offer some of the best quadcopters on the market. The drones vary in pricing depending on the range of features that the units offer. The price starts at around $300 and reaches upwards of $4,000. The high-end units are ideal for experienced users.

7 Best Quadcopter Drones for Sale

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RC Quadcopters | Best WiFi FPV RC Drone With Camera for Sale Online Shopping

More and more RC quadcopter appears in people’s life. In addition to the application of RC quadcopter in some professional fields, it also plays a huge role in daily life. Reasonable use of RC quadcopter can also bring a lot of convenience to life. There are several common applications for RC drones. 

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is RC Quadcopter?
  • Features of RC Quadcopters.
  • 5 things to consider before buying RC Quadcopter.
  • 3 Best RC Quadcopter in 2020

  • What’s a RC Quadcopter?

    RC quadcopter is unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by radio remote control equipment and self-provided program control equipment. Drones are actually collectively referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles, and modern drones are complex devices. 

    By using a gyroscope to computerize the flight process, the gyroscope is kept straight and level automatically. Some can even take off and land automatically. Using sensors to detect the ground so they can land gently. 

    The components of a RC quadcopter: rack, blade, battery, flight control, ESC, and camera. Generally, remote control is provided. 

    Divided according to different fields of use, RC drones can be divided into three categories: military, civilian and consumer grades, and each has its own emphasis on the performance requirements of drones: 

    1) Military RC drone have higher requirements for sensitivity, flight altitude, speed and intelligence, and are the RC drones with the highest technical level, including reconnaissance, decoy, electronic countermeasures, communication relay, target drone, unmanned combat aircraft and other types; 

    2) Civil RC quadcopter have low requirements for speed, distance and ceiling, but for the personnel training, comprehensive cost have higher requirements, so you need to form a mature industrial chain to provide cheap components and support services, as far as possible for now civil RC quadcopter’s biggest market is that the government provide public services, such as police, fire and weather, about 70% of the total demand, and we think the future RC quadcopter’s biggest potential market may be in civil, new market demand may appear in agricultural plant protection, goods speed, air wireless network, data acquisition, etc; 

    3) Consumer-grade RC drones generally adopt low-cost multi-rotor drones for aerial photography, games and other recreational purposes. Consumer-grade drones range in price from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, and vary in size, mostly under 3KG, mainly in aerial photography. They are also used for professional aerial photography and video recording.

    Features of RC Quadcopter.

    Battery capacity and body weight

    The size of the battery capacity and the body weight, to a large extent to determine how long the aircraft can fly, and of course it also affects the flight speed and the aircraft’s wind resistance to a certain extent. 

    Camera resolution

    The pixels and resolution of the camera determine the final imaging effect of the video. 

    GPS function

    GPS can tell where your RC drone is, if there is no strong signal, bad things may happen, you can find your drone by GPS positioning. 

    Remote control distance

    The remote control distance of the RC drone is the distance between the remote control and the drone. The longer the remote control distance is, the farther your drone can fly, the larger the picture will be shoot.

    5 things to consider before buying RC Quadcopter.

    Battery Life

    It should be noted that the battery life of a RC quadcopter depends on its weight and onboard equipment, and the actual flight time will depend on a variety of factors, such as weather conditions. 


    Whether or not to equip a camera, and the resolution of the camera and video effect, the current camera pixels: 720P,  1080P,  2K, and 4K.  mainly is 4K, 720P resolution is 1280 x 720, aspect ratio is 16:9, 1080P resolution is 1920 x 1080, aspect ratio is 16:9, 2K resolution is 2048 x 1080, 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160. The latest aerial camera products, you will find that most of them are equipped with 4K of camera, DJI series and Hubsan (e.g. ZINO 2) and FIMI (e.g. X8 SE) these are basically 4K cameras, these products are basically up to about 30 minutes. If you need professional drone photography, such as shooting documentaries or weddings, the 4K option will provide you with more creativity. If you are a beginner that can choose ordinary small toy quadcopters to add the entertainment of life. 

    Headless Mode

    Each RC drone has front and back side, and when headless mode is activated, the remote control controls forward and backward instead of the front and back of the machine. 

    One Button to Return

    See how far it flies and how many meters the remote control distance reaches. When you lose the control of the RC drone from your sight, this button can make the RC drone return to the origin of flight. GPS can tell you where your drone is, and if you don’t get a good signal, bad things can happen. 

    There are some factors that affect the GPS signal, but the main reason is that there is not enough satellite sight. This happens when fly in big cities, mountains, and large trees, especially indoors. One of the things that people who fly long distances have to worry about is how high they have to fly to stay in sight of the drone. If you were to fly a mile away, the signal would be five times weaker than if you were at 1,000 feet, this means that even small things like trees between you and the drone can cause serious interference and even loss of signal. 

    Replacement Parts

    It may also mean replacing the propeller, motor, camera or landing gear, such as hitting walls, the rings and blades are vulnerable, so make sure the model you choose has plenty of replacement parts available. The following replacement parts are needed to prepare for DIY four-axis: 

    Brushless motor (4 pcs) 

    Electronic governor (referred to as ESC, 4 pcs)

    Propellers (4 pcs, 2 pcs front blades, 2 pcs reverse blades) 

    Flight control board Battery (11.1V aircraft model power battery) 

    Remote control (minimum four-channel remote control) 

    Rack Charger (choose balanced charger if possible)

    3 Best RC Quadcopters in 2020

    Generally speaking, RC drone is very compact and lightweight, which is easy to carry, the outstanding characteristics of RC quadcopter is becoming smarter, it can be used in indoor and outdoor environment. The 3 RC drones recommended below are the best choices for you. Each has its own characteristics and can meet your shooting needs in different flight conditions. Shooting a blockbuster has never been easier!

    Product Name
    Hubsan Zino 2Fimi X8 SEJJRC X12
    Remote Control Distance8KM5KM1.2KM
    RC Drone Battery Capacity3800mAh4500mAh2400mAh
    Max. Flight Time33min33min25min
    Charging Timeabout 3.5 hoursabout 3.5 hoursabout 5 hours
    Resolution4K – 60fps4K – 30 fps4K – 30 fps
    Max. Flying Speed72 kph65 kph40kph
    Dimension32.6x26x9.49cm20.4×10.6×7.3cm19.6 x 17.7 x 7cm
    Remote Controlwith displaywithout displaywithout display
    Target Useraerial photography
    Reasons to Buy1. 8KM remote control distance 
    2. Super long battery life of 33 minutes 
    3. Remote control with display 
    4. Can be downloaded directly through wireless link
    1. Remote control distance of 5KM
    2. Super long battery life of 33 minutes
    3. 4K 100Mbs video, 5KM distance, three-axis gimbal, smart/movie shooting, smart tracking mode, accurate visual positioning system, headless mode, follow mode 
    1, 4K-30fps
    2. The flight time lasts 25 minutes
    3. Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry

    Drones: Quadcopters, Camera Drones, Accessories


    Buying a Drone

    Seeking some perspective? Sometimes a bird’s-eye view is what you need. Thanks to B&H’s growing drone selection, you can gain a whole new, mile-high point of view – easy!

    Browse hundreds of camera drones to take your photographic creativity to new heights. Options include beginner drones with 720p video, hobbyist drones with stable 4K video capture and pro cinema drones that combine speed, cinema-style recording and elite gimbal stabilization. B&H offers solutions for racers as well, with precision flyers capable of flying over 80 mph. From DJI to Parrot, Hubsan to Yuneec, we stock more drones for sale than almost any other retailer. And if you’d like a firsthand demonstration, our NYC SuperStore’s state-of-the-art drone cage allows prospective drone pilots to test-fly select models, no strings attached.


    Camera Drones

    The applications for camera drones are endless. In addition to capturing outdoor adventures, they are used today in pro film, real estate, business marketing, search and rescue, inspection, security, land surveying, and many more industries. Intermediate models are often in the $200 – $1,000 range and come with great cameras, superior stability in the wind, and automatic flight modes (such as Return Home and Hold Altitude) which make flying a breeze. Intermediate drones are sometimes referred to as “prosumer” drones as they are able to be used professionally and personally.


    Advanced drones are generally used by professional cinematographers and cost upwards of $1,500. These drones offer unmatched speeds, acceleration, stability, image processing and more. Many support CinemaDNG and ProRes recording. Like many intermediate “prosumer” drones, advanced drones are often ready-to-fly right out of the box, and offer intuitive flight modes.


    Drone Accessories

    Many drones are ready to fly, right out of the box! However, some accessories are necessities in order to make your flying experience worthwhile. Extra batteries are strongly recommended as most drones will run out of juice after 25 minutes in the air. Extra propellers are also important so that you can be back in the air quickly if one breaks. If your drone does not have a gimbal, consider buying one to stabilize your images. Finally, a proper bag will keep your equipment protected.


    We’re Here to Help

    We can help you find the perfect drone for your needs — whether it is the newest DJI Phantom or an older, more affordable option. We keep highly-trained product specialists on hand to answer all your questions so you always have access to great advice and great prices!


    For additional drone education, including best practices, safety tips, buying guides, and more, visit



    50% Off Drone Depot Coupon (2 Promo Codes) November 2021

    Where can I find Drone Depot coupons?

    Drone Depot offers coupons and promotional codes which you can find listed on this page. Look for coupon codes marked with the green verified label for today’s active Drone Depot promo codes. You can also find sales and other promotions for Drone Depot here as well.

    How do I use my Drone Depot discount code?

    First, copy the discount code by clicking the code on this page. Then head to Drone Depot’s website at and enter the code in the coupon code entry box during checkout. You will see either a confirmation message of your savings or an error if the code did not work.

    My Drone Depot promo code didn’t work. What can I do?

    Some coupon codes have special requirements or exceptions. Click “view restrictions” next to the coupon code on this page to learn more. If necessary, try multiple Drone Depot codes on this page until you find one that redeems a discount.

    What’s today’s best Drone Depot coupon?

    Today’s biggest Drone Depot Promo Code is for 40% off. The coupons you see at the top of this page will always show the best Drone Depot discount codes first. Generally, the best codes are “store-wide” deals that can be used on any purchase at Also, look for the Drone Depot promo codes with the biggest discount percentage.

    How often does Drone Depot offer online coupons?

    Drone Depot issues coupon codes a little less frequently than other websites. We check for new Drone Depot codes frequently, so just check back this page to find the latest available Drone Depot coupons.

    How many coupons is Drone Depot offering today?

    Currently, Drone Depot is running 0 promo codes and 0 total offers, redeemable for savings at their website

    The Best Drones For Kids | Cheap Quadcopters For Children

    Best drones for kids 2021:

    If you’re not interested in the longer descriptions and you just want to see which are the best drones for kids, I’ve made a simple list below:


    What you should know:

    So you want to buy your kid a drone – I salute you for this decision. Nowadays camera drones are literally everywhere and surely, kids want to have their own as well. And you can’t really blame them – who doesn’t want to have fun ? I definitely think that in 2021 one of the best presents for children is a toy drone, as it’s never too early to start practicing this awesome hobby.

    But which drone is suitable for a kid? Have no worries, as we’ll cover the topic quite extensively and I’ll give you plenty of options to choose between, depending on your budget. The great thing about drones for kids is that we’re literally flooded with cheap models which can fit any budget, starting from $20 going all the way to $500 or even more, depending on how ambitious you are with your presents.

    But before I get into the quadcopters themselves, I want to quickly address a few things you should know when it comes to drones for children:

    Are kids allowed to fly drones?

    Absolutely. No law says otherwise, and it all comes down to your responsibility as a parent to teach your child to fly a drone safely and enjoyably. However, there are a couple of safety tips that are important when it comes to kids flying a drone – make sure you follow them and talk about them with your kid.

    Safety tips for kids flying a drone
    • Tip #1: Supervise your children while flying – this comes without saying, but you should keep an eye on your young one as a safety precaution – you never know what might happen (Pro tip: spend time with your kid and actually teach him/her how to fly, it’s a great parent-child type of bonding)
    • Tip #2: Only let your child fly a drone at suitable places – please don’t turn your kid into a younger version of Casey Neistat and don’t let it fly in public places. Use your backyard or a local park when there’s nobody around to prevent potential disaster.
    • Tip #3:  Abide the drone laws in your country – The laws for drone flying are for the most part very simple – you should stay away from airports (at least 5 miles away) and not raise the drone higher than 400 feet in the air. Check your local rules and regulations for drone flying to be sure what you can and what you can’t do.

    What makes a drone suitable for a child?

    To start off, not all drones are for outdoor usage only. Some smaller (and cheaper) models are perfectly capable of flying indoors, thanks to their tiny size. That means you can teach your kid to fly a drone without ever leaving the house and potentially harming anyone. That’s a great way to make sure your kid has enough skill to pilot a small drone before you potentially give him/her bigger/more powerful drone to fly outside.

    A drone that would be a great option for a child is one that can be easily piloted and one that is solid and can take a beating, because it would probably be crashed many many times. Also, a good child drone would be one that can hold its altitude by itself – that means that when your kid lets go of the control sticks, the drone will still hover in place and not go down and fall on the ground. That ease of use is a must-have feature and thankfully, all the listed models below have that feature built-in.

    So, long story short – a good drone for a child is one that is solid, sturdy, easy to use/fly and hopefully not too expensive.

    That being said, I’ll list some of the best indoor and outdoor drones for kids that fit this description and bring the most fun:

    Ryze Tello

    Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The Tello drone is a toy drone that comes after a very successful collaboration between Ryze, DJI and Intel. These three companies have worked together on this drone with the purpose of creating a fun, engaging and educational drone for kids, and they have certainly done a great job.

    The Tello drone uses a 5MP/720p camera, capable of taking photos and videos in a relatively good quality. The video is stabilised electronically, so even though the drone does not have a gimbal, you can expect a nice and smooth shots from this drone. On the bottom of the drone you can see one of my favourite features of this drone – the VPS (vision positioning sensors). They allow the drone to hover in place and remain super stable, both when flying indoors and outdoors.

    The flight time of the Tello is around 13 minutes, and the maximum flight distance you can get from it is around 100 meters.

    In addition, you can use the built-in “EZ shots” – those are automated flight sequences which allow the drone to record some shots automatically without any user input.

    On top of that, you have a couple of different flight modes, the most interesting out of which is the “8D Flips” – you can flip the drone in 8 different directions with a simple swipe on the screen, and the drone stays remarkably stable after each flip thanks to the built-in VPS.

    Altair Aerial АА108

    Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The АА108 from Altair Aerial is an ambitious drone that aims to please the crowds with its sophisticated design, great set of features and top-notch customer service. Altair Aerial is a USA-based company that strives to fix the errors of the Chinese manufacturers of cheaper quadcopters which often offer half-translated manuals and pretty much non-existent customer support.

    And this is where this drone shines – you can’t help but think Altair has put themselves into their consumers’s shoes – you get an extra battery for a total flight time of just under 20 minutes, a cardboard cutout that fits directly onto the remote controller, showing you all of its functions and features and of course gives you plenty of features to play with:

    A 720p camera with FPV feed, controls that easy to use by virtually anyone due to 3 different flying modes, a one-touch takeoff/landing button, headless mode and altitude hold, custom route mapping, low battery and out of range alarms and more.

    You can read my full review of the Altair Aerial AA108 here.

    Altair Aerial A818 Plus

    Last update on 2020-03-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The АА818 Plus from Altair Aerial is a great drone for beginners which comes packed with features at a quite reasonable price.

    It is actually a brand-new drone that has just been released, but it will immediately strike you with its black and blue colour scheme and great build quality. It’s relatively cheap, coming up at under $200. The plastic guards around each of the propellers actually make the drone look bulkier than it really is, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – on the contrary, since it’s made for beginners, this will actually help you in the long run, as the guards will keep your drone safe from obstacles or crashes, protecting the arms and the propellers.

    The drone comes with a 120 degree Wide-angle 720P rubber damper HD camera, which ensures your photos or videos won’t be blurry or shaky (or at least it will significantly lower the blurriness or shakiness of your shots). One huge advantage of having such camera is the ability to control the drone via FPV (first-person-view) from the screen of your smartphone or via VR goggles, which you should buy separately. You can control the drone with the FlyingSee App by UDI RC, which is available both for Android and iOS devices.

    Last but not least, the drone comes equipped with a battery that can last up to 15 minutes in the air, and to top it all off, Altair gives you a bonus battery in the box, so your total flight time comes in at roughly half an hour in the air. Pretty sweet!

    You can read my full review of the Altair Aerial AA818 here.

    DROCON Scouter

    Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The next drone I’ll mention in the kids category is the DROCON Scouter – a beginner drone, which works perfectly for indoor flying and having fun around the house with your kids/family. The drone features some unique characteristics which are normally hard to find in the cheaper models.

    But let’s start with the size of the drone – something which you’ll immediately notice in this little buddy is how tiny it is – as a matter of fact, it has its own space in the middle of the remote controller itself! The DROCON Scouter folds and fits in the space in the middle of the RC so you can just take the controller in your pocket and travel with it to another location with no problems whatsoever.

    This tiny toy drone is great for kids, as it holds its altitude automatically, so even if you release the control sticks, it will simply hover at the same altitude – that’s one of the best features that you can wish for in a drone that’s meant for kids. Also, you can land the drone with a press of a button, which is great as landings are sometimes tricky (especially when you fly at home where there are multiple obstacles in the way).

    There’s also a very interesting feature which I haven’t seen before on a toy drone – you can press the “Function” button on the remote and the drone will hover at the same height, but it will also start spinning automatically – that’s great if you want to play with your dog (speaking from experience), just be careful – sometimes the dogs get angry and try to “eat the drone alive” – also speaking from experience haha 🙂

    When it comes to charging, the position of the folded drone in the middle of the RC plays another vital part, because besides the usual USB Charging Cable, there is another built-in charging cable inside the remote controller, which can be used to charge the drone battery when the controller is powered on, that makes charging more convenient.

    SGOTA Foldable Drone

    Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The SGOTA Foldable Drone makes the list of the best drones for kids due to its great construction – the propellers of the drone are hidden with the help of a protective frame – this means that all of the parts of the drone are protected, which makes the tiny quadcopter a lot more durable and resistant to crashes, but also more safe for your children and everyone in the house.

    Something different which I want to point out about this particular model is that you don’t get a remote controller with this one, as the drone comes with its own mobile phone app, which helps you to control it via WiFi. The controller sticks are moved into the screen of your smartphone, so taking the drone out of your pocket and going for a quick flight is as easy as turning on the drone and starting the app.

    One you get it in the air, it’s all easy -the SGOTA hovers and keeps it position by itself, waiting for your input. You also get a 720p camera which is hidden in the front of the foldable drone, and waits for you to take a picture or a video. Surely, the quality of the camera is far from amazing, but it’s a great addition and it will allow you to capture some fun moments from the air with no problem. When in the air, the drone will actively try to keep itself well positioned in order to reduce the shakiness and blurriness of your photos, so that’s a plus as well.

    Last but not least, you also get one of my favourite features in a drone for children – the flip & roll button! That will allow you to fly this little drone in a series of stunt moves, which combined with the protective frame of the drone are a great recipe for fun.

    Syma X20

    Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The super small Syma X20 is another great option if you’re on the lookout for a kids’ drone. Just like the previous suggestions, this one also has altitude hold for keeping the same height when you let go of the sticks, which is one of the best features to have while still getting used to the flying controls. Speaking of which, there’s also headless mode, which basically enables you to keep the drone facing the same way your remote controller is facing – that way, pushing the stick forwards will always push the drone forwards as well, independently of the front direction of the drone – that’s another super useful feature to have, especially when flying in tight spaces or inside the house.

    On top of those two useful features, you can take off/land with the push of a button. The drone remembers its starting point and it will try to land there as soon as you push the “landing” button on the remote controller. The Syma X20 also features a one-key 360 degree roll, which you can keep pressed continuously for an additional epic rolls, if you’re into that 🙂

    Overall, the drone is quite nice to fly around the house, but it’s very light so you might want to be careful if you take it outside (even the slightest wind will probably push it to the side and you might crash it). Other than that, crashing it will do no damage for the most part, as it’s quite sturdy for its size, so it can definitely take a beating. Something that I’m sure the parents will appreciate when shopping for drones for their kids.


    EACHINE E010 Mini

    Last update on 2020-03-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    We continue the trend of super mini drones for kids with this one – the EACHINE E010 Mini. This lime-green tiny quadcopter is super cheap and will be a joy to fly around, as it’s easy to spot while in the air and it has all the necessary features of a toy drone for children.

    To start off, this quadcopter has  a one-key return function, which means the drone can locate the remote control by itself, you simply need to press the one key return button and the drone will fly back to the remote control’s location. During my tests this feature was a hit or miss, as sometimes the drone couldn’t fly back to its location and pressing the button didn’t do anything. So be aware it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

    The other features this drone has worked well – it can maintain its altitude when there’s no user input from the control sticks (Altitude hold feature), it also supports headless mode so when activated you don’t need to remember which side of the drone is “the front”, and which one is “the back”, as pushing the front stick will always push the drone forwards (compared to the position of the remote controller) and vice versa. However, if you want to distinguish the front from the back – it’s easy, as you have bright LED lights for the front and back (red & blue).


    DROCON Navigator U31W

    Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The next drone that I believe is perfectly suitable for kids (well, maybe a bit more grown-up kids, aged 10+), is the DROCON Navigator U31W. This one is definitely a drone capable of flying outdoors, as opposed to the previous suggestions which are mainly for indoor usage. That being said, you can of course still fly it indoors with no problem whatsoever, as DROCON has put in the box 4 propeller guards that you can mount on each arm of the drone so you can protect the drone if/when you crash it.

    Looking at the drone, you can immediately tell it’s a class above the rest of the drones I’ve mentioned until now. The build quality is superior, and generally the drone is a bit larger, but fortunately it’s very, and I mean very stable in the air. It uses air pressure technology to keep its altitude once you let go of the control sticks, and you can definitely feel the improvement over the smaller quadcopters I’ve mentioned in this article so far. As soon as you let go of the control sticks of the remote controller, the DROCON Navigator U31W will keep its current position with almost no moving or flinching.

    In addition, this drone has a 120 degree wide 720p camera, which is capable of taking single shots or recording video at HD1280x720p. It also has an one-key takeoff/landing feature and comes with a remote controller but can also be flown by the smartphone app.

    All in all, a very capable and solid drone with a camera, which I’m sure many kids will fall in love with, as it offers more features and it’s generally a bit more advanced than the other toy drones from this category. Highly recommended.


    DBPower UDI U842

    Last update on 2020-03-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    And last, but definitely not least we reach the final suggestion I have for you today – and that is the DBPower UDI U842. I think this might as well be one of the most advanced quadcopters for kids (at least from this list), but in return this is also one of the most feature-rich ones as well! And there are many good things to talk about this drone, actually.

    The first and very important thing about this drone is how sensitive it is to the remote controller – the controls are very responsive and you feel in control at all times. It flies well and it’s very stable, even in stronger winds.

    The UDI U842 comes equipped with the features I’ve been talking about this whole article – headless mode, altitude hold, one key return, and it also has a 720p camera which takes both videos and photos. You get a 4gb micro-SD card to store all of your shots on. Plus, you can also use your smartphone to see live video feed from the drone’s camera on your smartphone’s screen. Not the best FPV experience, I must admit, but still – good one.

    In addition, besides the other basic features, this drone also comes with an extra battery, so you basically get double the flight time – total of roughly 16-18 minutes. That’s much longer on any other drone from this list. To use the full potential of the batteries, you will need them charged completely (obviously). You will need roughly 2 hours to fully charge up each battery. Once you have the drone in the air, you can fly it up to around 50-80 meters away. You can get a video transmission signal up to around 30 meters of distance.

    Lastly, something that I really like about this drone is the low power and out of range alarm, which are very useful if you constantly lose track of the time and your battery gets low. It’s great to have a reminder instead of a drone that drops dead from the sky 🙂

    And there you have it, those are my suggestions for the best drones for children right now. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions, but more so – I hope your kids enjoy my suggestions 🙂

    I’ll be continuously add more drones to this article as more and more great drones that are suitable for kids continue to pop up every now and then, so make sure you keep this page bookmarked for easy access!

    Oh, and please let me know in the comments below which drone are you going for, and how did your kids feel about it.

    Happy shopping and to your kids – happy flying! 🙂

    90,000 Quadrocopters will deliver patient analyzes to hospitals in Switzerland

    An innovative and fast way to deliver biomaterials samples for medical analyzes has been launched in Switzerland. As reported by Axios, a hospital in Lugano has opened the world’s first automated landing platform for quadcopters that transport such materials between hospitals and laboratories.

    The idea of ​​a novelty of technical progress belongs to the American airline Matternet, which has been experimenting with similar projects since 2017.The result of technical research was a drone model M2, which automatically takes off and lands in a futuristic tulip-shaped tower-station with a height of about three meters.

    Lugano has been using quadcopters to deliver biomaterials for four years now, but previously a human operator had to check the battery charge, attach the container and lift / land the flying courier. Now all this will be done by automation, which will save time and human resources.

    It looks like this: the samples taken from the medical institution for analysis are placed in a special container, which is scanned by the operator, and then inserted into the window of the tulip station.Then, in automatic mode, the container is attached to the drone, the drone soars up and quickly moves along the route stored in its memory towards the destination. There, the device lands on the site of the same station, where the robot automatically unfastens the container and gives it to the laboratory employee.

    The safety of all stages of autonomous travel, according to Matternet, has been tested on hundreds of flights in the USA and Germany. True, in America, at the legislative level, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) still prohibits the use of courier drones outside the visual visibility of the operators operating them (although UAVs are already delivering drugs and even vaccines from COVID-19 from warehouses to pharmacies over short distances with might and main) ).As for the Federal Republic of Germany, there drones have flown in test mode for more than a dozen hours between hospitals and the leading network of medical laboratories Labor Berlin.

    It is enough to put a container with analyzes in the receiving window of the station, the rest she will do herself: attach it to the courier drone and send it to another laboratory. Photo:

    According to a press release from Matternet, last month Abu Dhabi became the first city in the world to deploy a metropolitan-wide network of autonomous delivery of medical supplies by drones.As specified with the authorities of the Emirate, an agreement was reached on the installation of 40 stations to service them.

    How about us?

    In Russia, they are just preparing for the use of aircraft in various fields. For example, the Aeroscript company, together with the Sakhalin Region, are planning to test technologies for the contactless delivery of biomaterials, medical devices and personal protective equipment, the Digital Transport and Logistics Association (CTL) told RG. This is just a part of the project to create a digital platform “Nebosvod – Sakhalin”, which will reduce the time for obtaining a permit for drone flights by ten times, which in different regions takes up to 30 days.The platform will also be used in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. In addition, the Russian Post in Chukotka, as well as the Siberian Center of the Foundation for Advanced Research in the Tomsk Region, have also been launched for the delivery of goods and parcels. Acceleration of the mass commercial use of all types of unmanned vehicles, including aircraft drones, was included in the government-approved strategy for the digital transformation of the transport industry.

    “There are technological groundwork in Russia, but, of course, it will be necessary to develop solutions for specific logistics tasks and scenarios.It will take five years before the mass use of drones in settlements begins, “says Gleb Babintsev, General Director of the AeroNext Association, a member of the Aeronet working group of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

    Delivery by drones will be cheaper and faster than traditional methods due to process automation and excluding the human factor, adds Oleg Ponfilenok, CEO of Copter Express, a member of Aeronet’s NTI working group, There is no official delivery of medical supplies, including products and analyzes, by drones in Russia, the expert explains.”However, such a market can grow rapidly: legislation in this area is actively developing, there are many developments both in the field of drones themselves and the infrastructure for them.

    Automated sites are created by five companies. The most famous sites are HIVE from the Moscow company” Dronoport “and ground station of the Izhevsk company “Finko.”

    At an altitude of up to 150 m everywhere in the city, except for restricted areas, not near the airport and control zones, security zones and not at events.For example, Moscow inside the Moscow Ring Road is a restricted area, while in St. Petersburg the restricted area starts from Kudrovo and reaches Kronstadt, including the entire water area and most of the suburbs.

    Cards of restricted and control zones:

    • Flight Plans Service;
    • PilotHub;
    • Google Earth using special layers;
    • The list of restricted areas is available in the Consultant Plus catalog. But you can get acquainted with it free of charge only outside working hours.

    Do not fly the drone over mass events – rallies, competitions, demonstrations, concerts and other cultural events.

    Fine for violation of the rules for the use of airspace – from ₽20 thousand to ₽50 thousand

    All current information on flight restrictions in connection with international events and changes in legislation can be tracked on the regional sections of the air traffic services website.For example, in St. Petersburg, go to this section and click on the right “Regulations”, where all the current regulations on flights in PDF format will be available (therefore, you cannot just google up-to-date information).

    List of regional supervisors

    General Directorate, Moscow. Contacts: +7 (495) 601-0777

    MC AUVD, Moscow. Contacts: +7 (495) 662-8055; [email protected]

    North-West Air Navigation, St. Petersburg. Contacts: +7 (812) 305-1797 – tel / fax, +7 (812) 305-3039 – mode specialist; [email protected], [email protected]

    South Air Navigation, Rostov-on-Don. Contacts: +7 (863) 272-3798; [email protected]

    Central Volga Air Navigation, Samara. Contacts: +7 (846) 279-1826, +7 (846) 279-1841; [email protected]

    Ural Air Navigation, Yekaterinburg. Contacts: +7 (343) 205-8069, +7 (343) 205-8070; zc @

    Western Siberia Air Navigation, Novosibirsk. Contacts: +7 (383) 319-0009 – tel / fax, +7 (383) 216-9561; [email protected]

    • Irkutsk Regional Center EU ATM

    Eastern Siberia Air Navigation, Irkutsk. Contacts: +7 (3952) 52-29-14, +7 (3952) 52-29-18; [email protected]

    Far East Air Navigation, Khabarovsk. Contacts: +7 (4212) 418-618, +7 (4212) 415-359; sppi @, [email protected]

    90,000 reviews, manufacturers, videos and photos The

    Quadcopter is a four-rotor aircraft, sometimes referred to as a drone. The name of the quadcopter is tracing paper from the English “quadcopter”, which can be translated as “helicopter with four propellers” .

    Sometimes a quadcopter is also called a copter (abbreviated version) or multicopter, but the latter name is more applicable to aircraft with more than 4 rotors – hexacopters (6 motors and, accordingly, propellers) and octocopters (8 rotors).

    Classification of quadcopters

    Quadrocopters can be conditionally divided into 2 types:

    • Quadcopters with camera
    • quadcopters without camera

    In turn, each type of copter can be divided into professional and amateur.

    Fully loaded professional quadcopters cost several thousand dollars. They are made of high quality materials (usually carbon fiber), equipped with GPS modules, the most modern flight controllers, compasses, sometimes sensors and other devices.Since most drones are used for aerial video filming, they can be equipped with special gimbals to stabilize the camera. Cameras range from GoPro 3 to multi-thousand dollar cameras.

    In the environment of radio amateurs there is no clear definition of the value professional quadrocopter with a camera . For example, in the famous TV show “Eagle and Reshka”, a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter is used for aerial filming, and it is considered an amateur copter.But, in general, a drone for aerial filming is unlikely to cost you less than a few hundred dollars, excluding the purchase of additional accessories.


    Phantom 2 Vision is a popular camera drone from Dji.

    The hobby quadrocopters are primarily intended for getting fun (pleasure) from their control and piloting. Therefore, they are much cheaper, and their size is sometimes so insignificant that such models are called nano-copters .

    Amateur drones and drones with a large number of rotors often do not carry a camera, and if there is one, the quality of the video recorded by it leaves much to be desired (although manufacturers like to add the prefix “ HD ” to the names of their RC drones). This is understandable – cameras for $ 20-30 are unlikely to shoot video in real high definition.

    Prices for amateur multicopters start from a couple of tens of dollars and end in a few hundred dollars, like the same Parrot Bebop Drone.

    Hubsan X4 h207L is a typical member of the

    family of small amateur RC quadcopters


    There are several dozen companies in the world that are engaged in the production of quadcopters, but only a few companies are really famous. The most famous is, of course, the Chinese Dji Innoivations, whose line of quadcopters has more than 10 models. Other manufacturers of quadcopters on the move include Parrot, Walkera, Hubsan, Nine Eagles, Syma Toys.

    If you would like to learn more about companies that develop and manufacture aircraft, then see the page “Quadrocopter Manufacturers”.

    Quadcopter Reviews

    There are several dozen models of quadrocopters in the world and, at times, it is quite difficult to choose a suitable quadrocopter. Therefore, we have a special section “Quadrocopter Reviews”, in which you can familiarize yourself with a detailed description of each model, find out technical characteristics, watch videos and photos.

    In 2015, several interesting models of quadrocopters (DJI Inspire 1, Walkera Voyager 3 and others) have already been released, and how many more high-quality and special copters await us in the future …! Subscribe to our Vkontakte and Facebook group and you will always know about the newest and best models of radio-controlled multi-rotor drones.







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    Why do you need a quadcopter and what to do with it?

    Previously, drones were something from the realm of fantasy, but time does not stand still, now they have become more accessible and are actively entering our lives.Google and Tesla are testing self-driving cars on city streets, and the military industry has successfully used self-driving aircraft.

    Another application of this technology has found in flying drones with a camera – quadcopters. Thanks to their capabilities, they can fly to the most amazing places. We have found several ways to use quadcopters.

    For shooting videos, clips and films

    For those who blog, shoot test drives, vlogs, clips, etc.a flying drone will help you reach the next level. Shooting at different heights, on the move, in difficult terrain, panoramic and circular shooting – all this is available for a quadcopter. The stabilization system removes rocking and shaking, due to which a high-quality video is obtained. Professional models replace helicopter shooting and are used even for high-budget films.

    For personal and commercial photo sessions

    Quadcopter can be used for various creative photo shoots.With their help, you can most fully shoot and photograph various sports, commercial and social events, with a large number of participants. And also conduct personal photo sessions, weddings and celebrations. In real estate, when selling a private house, photography and video filming from a height will be indispensable – a view of the house from above and the surrounding area.

    To search for people and objects

    Professional equipment can be installed on powerful quadrocopters.High-resolution cameras take detailed images of the area and help find lost objects. High-precision thermal imagers can be used for a very important task – searching for missing people at night, in forests, deserts and impassable places. This requires a copter with a wide flight radius, long operating time, and capable of supporting the weight of the device.

    For flights in the city and outdoors

    In game terms, a quadcopter is like a radio-controlled helicopter with a camera, only more stable in the air, thanks to several propellers and a stabilization system.Managing it is already a pleasure. Models that transmit video in real time to your phone or tablet allow you to feel the presence – you practically yourself look at the city from a bird’s eye view and can fly anywhere.

    For fun and jokes

    What inventive people do not do with drones.For example, they send each other nice packages and notes. Or they tie counterfeit bills on a string to it and play tricks on people. One joker from America even made a costume for a drone – now this ghost scares the whole neighborhood. And some companies use drones to get attention during promotions.

    Please note: in Russia, for flights at an altitude of more than 50 m, an agreement with the Federal Air Transport Agency is required.

    You can view detailed specifications and buy a quadrocopter for a beginner or a professional in our online store.

    Best Starter Quadcopter

    Wanting to get the most out of learning to fly with a UAV, there is a risk of destroying your device on the first try, so in order to avoid such incidents in control, it is worth clarifying which quadrocopter to choose for beginners before buying. We will try to help as much as possible, and present several models at once that claim the title of the best quadrocopter for beginners. This list will help you to minimize the time it takes to find your ideal model for a good start.

    Blade Nano QX

    Most of all, the Blade Nano QX model attracts with its price tag. Its cost is about 90 USD. With a full charge of the 1S 3.7V 150mAh 25C Li-Po battery, it will be able to delight with its flight for 8-9 minutes. The quadcopter is only 140mm long, but don’t let that confuse you. This baby will surely surprise you. The peculiarity of its design does not allow it to be used outdoors in strong winds. But when the wind is calm enough, no one will forbid you to fly outside.The protection installed on it will not allow you to damage it without learning how to manage it.

    Blade Nano QX

    For a beginner, it will be important to have two flight modes, which imply two similar, but at the same time, different control methods. The first will allow you to hone your control skills, and the second will be needed a little later and will allow you to control the flight in a more aggressive style. He will also allow you to perform simple tricks like flips. FPV flights with this model are available with an additional video camera and a special set of Fat Shark Teleporter, which are purchased separately.If you can’t find this model on sale, you should pay attention to the Eamachine CG023 model, which has the same price tag, similar design and specifications.

    You can buy excellent quadcopters in our store – free shipping in Russia and the CIS, good prices!

    Hubsan X4

    The Hubsan X4 model attracts with its price even more, because it starts at 43 USD. Unfortunately, you will have to sacrifice flight duration by lowering the price.It will be 6-8 minutes with a full charge of the 3.7v 240mAh battery, which charges in 40 minutes. Just like the previous model, it is suitable for flying inside the house. A big house, because the control radius is from 50 to 100 meters. Its dimensions are 60X60mm, so it fits easily in the palm of your hand. In such a small size, a 6-axis stabilization system still fits with the ability to adjust flight settings according to your own control style, which may involve such figures as flips.

    Quadcopter Hubsan X4

    The quadcopter has LED backlighting, bright enough to operate in complete darkness or twilight. Difficulties can only be made by motors, which can be damaged by careless control. When using the installed 0.3MP camera, you can record video to the micro SDHC card available in the package (h207C), however, in this case, the flight time is significantly reduced.

    JJRC H8C (DFD F183)

    For those with a slightly larger budget of 60 USD, the best beginner quadcopter is the JJRC H8C (DFD F183).It flies the same 6-8 minutes, but its design will allow you to choose where you still fly – in the yard or in the apartment. At the same time, he has a camera with a resolution of 2MP, which will allow you to shoot watchable video with HD picture. The 7.4V / 500mAh Li-po battery, which charges for about an hour and a half, will help in this.

    Quadcopter JJRC H8C (DFD F183)

    The fully loaded model weighs 144 grams, and its dimensions are 200x200x50 mm, excluding the length of the propellers. The range of the complete equipment is 80 meters.The device readily responds to control and flies wherever the operator indicates. It should be noted that the motors are designed to use batteries of the specified power and capacity only. Replacing them will damage the motors. The main thing is that this model has fairly inexpensive components, and they can be replaced without problems if damaged.

    Syma X5C with HD camera

    The Syma X5C also comes with an HD camera for the same price. It will fly for up to 6 minutes fully loaded and up to 9 minutes at minimum without landing gear, camera and protection.The environment can also affect the time, that is, the quadcopter will fly indoors or outdoors, since the 3.7V / 350mAh Li-po battery will consume the charge faster outdoors where there is a wind. It will take at least 90 minutes to recharge.

    Quadcopter Syma X5C

    Taking into account the length of the propellers, the dimensions of the model are 31X31X8 cm. The range of the equipment is limited to 50 meters. In general, this is an entry-level model without any special claims in the form of a gimbal for the camera and other things.It will be a great choice for those looking to practice before buying a real Phantom or Walkera X350 Pro. Due to its larger size compared to other inexpensive models, it will allow visually tracking the device outside the premises, where it can fly with wind gusts up to 10 km / h.

    Yizhan Tarantula X6

    With 70 USD or more on hand, you can afford to buy another quadcopter for training, namely the Yizhan Tarantula X6.On a single charge of the 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po 30C battery, it can stay in the air for up to 8 minutes, regardless of whether flights take place indoors or outdoors. The battery will have to be charged for this for an hour and a half. The flight weight of the device is 280 grams, and the dimensions are 47.5X25.3 cm.

    Quadcopter Yizhan Tarantula X6

    The Yizhan Tarantula X6 equipment will allow you to fly at a distance of up to 100 meters from the operator. A 6-axis gyroscope will stabilize it in the air, and LED illumination will help monitor it in the twilight.It is slightly larger in size than a beginner’s quadcopter, so you need to be prepared for this before purchasing. This feature made it possible to install more powerful motors on the model. If you want something more from a quadcopter, you can pay attention to a more expensive package with a system of two cameras for taking photos. You will have to pay about 107 USD for it. But at the same time it is worth remembering that professional photos will not work with its help.

    Hubsan Q4 Nano (Estes Proto X)

    When the budget is critically limited, you can test your capabilities with the Hubsan Q4 Nano, which costs about 30 USD.Despite the fact that it is indoor, it can fly for 10 to 15 minutes with the included 3.7 V 100 mAh Li-Po battery, which takes only half an hour to charge. Its tiny weight of 11.5 grams corresponds to its dimensions of 45X45mm. The range of the equipment is about 30-50 meters, which is quite enough for a room model. Both the quadrocopter itself and its equipment claim to be the smallest, while the skills gained in controlling it will allow you to better feel large-sized flying drones.

    Quadcopter Hubsan Q4 Nano

    Oddly enough, he can even perform simple pirouettes, including flips, provided that the appropriate control mode is selected. In addition, it is quite quiet and has LED backlighting.

    JJRC H9D

    When the budget is not so tight, the JJRC H9D quadcopter can be purchased for 116 USD. Its capabilities include flight for up to 8 minutes with a 3.7V 500mAh battery. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor piloting.At the same time, it is equipped with a nominal chamber, and the battery charging time is only an hour. The weight of the quadcopter is 156 grams when fully loaded, and the diagonal size is 250 mm excluding the propellers.

    JJRC H9D

    The operating range of the JJRC H9D equipment is 100 meters, and most importantly, the FPV system works within this distance and this is at a price of less than 200 USD. It is important that the equipment included in the kit has a color screen, and it receives video from a camera with a small resolution of 0.3MP. You can also record a video of the flight at the same time. But it is worth considering that the video will be quite difficult to watch despite the good flight stabilization system. In terms of flight performance, they are greatly improved by removing all additional equipment.

    UDI U841

    The starter model UDI U841 costs half the price. It will fly on a full charge of 3.7V 450mAh battery for 4-7 minutes depending on control style and is suitable for outdoor and indoor flights.It takes less than an hour to charge the battery. The device weighs 64 grams including battery, micro SD card and protection. Its dimensions are very small, 85x88x30 mm, excluding the length of the screws.

    UDI U841

    The range of the UDI U841 UFO equipment is 50 meters. The screw guards are available in three different versions, some of which will surprise you. The bundled camera has a resolution of 0.3MP, so in fact it is only for the nominal.

    Cheerson CX-10

    If you only need basic skills to control a quadcopter, you can practice it on a device that costs from 20 USD called the Cheerson CX-10.It will not withstand the wind, but will allow you to practice for 5-8 minutes on a single charge of a 3.7V 100mAh battery, which takes half an hour to charge.

    Quadcopter Cheerson CX-10

    The weight of the device does not exceed 12 grams, and the dimensions are 40x40x22 mm. The flight radius of the quadcopter will be from 20 to 50 meters, depending on the accompanying conditions. It is unlikely that you will be able to get serious pilot skills from working with it, but in its class it is the cheapest alternative that will be a good gift for a novice radio amateur.

    MJX X300

    The last on this list, but not in terms of characteristics, but in terms of purchasing power, is the MJX X300 quadrocopter, since its price starts at 166 USD. Otherwise, he is simply the best. The flight time on a 3.7V 750mAh LiPo battery for it will be 15 minutes. At the same time, you can fly with it both on the street and in the house, having previously charged the battery for an hour and a half.

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