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nail polish strips – Buy nail polish strips with free shipping on AliExpress

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The 10 Best Nail Polish Strips Reviews 2021

Keeping polished nails neat without lifting and breaking even for up to a few weeks can now be easily done with all the newer lines of nail polish products available in the market. If you are a DIY fanatic, it will be easy for you to find which brand and type of nail colors to use to keep your nails looking great. For those who are still beginning to understand the value of doing their nails on their own or still thinking of what to ask their next manicurist to put on their nails, it will be a comfort to know that there are nail products that you can use other than the regular nail polish available at your local or online stores. Choosing the right DIY nail art products, including the lesser used types, such as the best nail polish strips, as well as knowing how to use and how to apply them can save you so much time and effort. Your search for related information led you to this post that, hopefully, will provide you with such much-needed information.


Top 10 Best Nail Polish Strips


Gel Nail Strip by Gelato Factory

With gel nail strips such as these from Gelato Factory, there is no need for you to go to nail salons every two weeks or so to have your nails done. These nail strips are quite easy to apply as well as to remove. It leaves an ultra gel shine, without the need for UV dry time.  When it is time for a different coat, there won’t be any need to soak off your nails to remove the strips. It is wrinkle free and the strips do not dry out. With more than 100,000 reviews (and growing) from users all over the world, this SGS approved nail product is sure to be a good alternative to your regular polish.


This set comes with 22 pieces of Gel nail stickers in 8~16mm sizes. The product can be used a couple of times. Each strip fits any size of nail. The set also comes with a piece of a mini file. The strips are safe even for kids and pregnant women. 


To use, just fit a strip onto a clean nail. Leave about 1mm from the cuticle. Then, use the nail file included in the purchase to file the remaining nailfits. All it takes to finish the whole process will be about 10 minutes. Now, you’re ready to flaunt your nails with newly fitted nail strips that actually look like newly applied nail polish on your nails.


SALLY HANSEN Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (I love Lacey)

Each box of this nail product contains 16 nail polish strips by Sally Hansen, a renowed leader in the industry. It is so easy to fit in the nails. No drying time required. Just fit and go. You won’t need to go to the salon to have your nail polish changed. Just grab a box of this strips and fit them on your nails. File and buff and you’re done. You get the look of real nail polish on your nails because they are made of real nail polish. The strips will last on your nails for about 10 days before they start to peel off or chip. Still that gives you a lot of time and so much savings for less the effort that you will ever need to put to have real nail polish applied on your nails. This could just be your next favorite nail wrap.


Full Nail Wraps by SOCU

 Having your nails done could not be easier than this. You can finally say goodbye to the mess of liquid nail polish. With this fun, full nail wraps by SOCU, you can instantly enjoy various nail arts in a cinch. Each pack of these nail strips include 


6 sheets of nail stickers and a piece of nail file. It is quite easy to fit on any nail. No drying time required. Leaves no smudges or streak like traditional nail polish does. 


The strips will last on your nails for about 3-4 days without UV upper finish. It is also waterproof, which keeps it looking beautiful for days. To remove, just lift the naill wrap off the edge of your nails. The strips are made of durable, environment-friendly materials, so you are assured that there will be no harmful toxins that will leak into your nails. To make your nail wraps last longer (about two weeks), you will need to apply a UV topcoat on it.


Color Lab 22PCS DIY Nail Polish Strips

Need to go out for dinner with your friends or fiance but your nails need to be done? With these nail polish strips by Color Labs, you can have fresh looking dainty nails in minutes. Each package of these strips comes with 10 decals in 2 sheets with varying sizes per side, which ensures a perfect fit to decorate all of your nails. The strips fit all nail length and can be applied for 2-4 times.


Each of these strips is made from 100% real nail polish. They are waterproof, safe and easy to use. Application of the strips on the nails will leave no mess or smell. The product is non- toxic, non irritant, and does not damage or stain nails. The strips are made with adhesive plant latex that makes it to last for up to 14 days or more with a top coat. It is both easy to apply and to remove. Requires no drying time, yet you will always get professional looking, salon quality results in just about 5 minutes wherever you find it fitting to have the nail strips fitted on your nails. 


When it is time to change the wraps on your nails, you will just dip hands into warm water for several minutes to make the nail stickers soft and then gently peel them off.


IBAOTTY Nail Art Wraps

A new nail product that makes making nail arts so much easier. These nail art wraps by IBAOTTY contains 10 pairs of strips that fits various nail sizes and can be used  several times. Each package also comes with a nail file, which makes it a lot easier to have your nails done whenever you need to. 


These nail wraps are made of high-quality materials and natural binders that make it waterproof but that does not make them water-resistant. Using these nail wraps leaves no debris, no odor, no irritation, and no damage on your nails. With proper use these wraps can stay unscathed on your nails for up to 15 days. 


It is also great to note that the strips can be stored in the dark for 24 months. That only means these strips can be used after being kept for a while. 


WOKOTO Wraps For Nails

These nail strips by WOKOTO is another interesting nail product that saves much time making your nails done. This makes it suitable for home DIY used. The strips are made with 3M firm glue, so they’d stick quite well on your nails. As these strips are waterproof, it makes it easier to keep them looking beautiful for several days. These strips are available in a variety of colors and designs. A package of this product contains 6 different sheets, nail art sticks, and a piece of nail file. 


PUEEN 3D Jeweled Nail Wraps

 As interesting as nail strips are as these jeweled nail wraps. This lot manufactured by PUEEN comes with 5 packs of Jeweled Nail Polish Strips, 18 strips in each pack, 1 pc. Cuticle Stick, 1 pc. Cuticle Pusher, and 1 pc. of nail file and buffer. They are easy to put on as they are easy to remove. No special skills needed to have these 3D Bling Bling designs with Rhinestones on your nails. Just peel off from its backing and fit into your properly cleaned nails.  File off remaining excess material in a gentle downward motion using the rough side of the file. Then, finish with top coat to keep the strips on your nails longer.


BlueZOO Nail Strips

Making your nails gorgeous is much easier and quicker now that we have nail strips like these from BlueZoo. These self-adhesive nail strips are quite easy to attach on the nails. It is long-lasting and safe, does not leave any mess on the nails and won’t stain your skin as well. Used it on  your hand or toe nails. They will fit well even on false nails. These nail strips are quite easy to handle as they are also a lot more convenient to use than your regular polish.


BornBeauty Nail Wraps

Call it nail decals, nail strips, nail art, or nail wraps. However, they are labeled, they all mean the same. They make the nails look interestingly appealing in less time and without so much hassle. BornBeauty Nail Wraps is another option when it comes to the best nail polish strips that you can use instead of a regular lacquer for your nails. 


This pack comes with 5 sheets of nail stickers and 1 pc. of nail file. It is a premium brand that makes strips made from durable, non-toxic and environment-friendly real polish. Using this nail wraps is totally safe. You can be assured that there won’t be any toxic matter that will leak into your nails before, during, or after using these strips. They can be used even on fake nails.


These strips are quite convenient to use. No drying time required and are also quite easy to remove. Just make sure that the strips won’t get exposed to water and moisture 2 hours after application as that will cause the application to lift. Applying a top coat on these waterproof nail wraps can make the application to last for about two weeks.


Blulu Self-adhesive Nail Sticker Tips

 A pack of these nail sticker tips contain 12 sheets stickers, each sheet contains 54 pieces nail guide stickers, giving a total of 648 pieces that you can use whenever you need to have some interesting French tips. These manicure nail art stickers are made of good quality vinyl and comes with good self-adhesive. They are non-toxic and will not cause any damage on your nails. 


These stickers can be applied to natural or arts nails. With these strips, you can print lovely colors with pretty patterns for your fingernails with ease, making it fit for both DIY and professional use. 


So, there you have it– the list of the best nail polish strips that you can use for a quick change alteration on the appearance of your nails. Whichever you choose will just make your nails to look more attractive. So, which of these do you prefer?

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9 Best Long-Lasting Nail Polish Strips Of 2020

It’s sad but true that not all of us are born with artistic hands. Some of us can’t even draw a straight line to save our lives, and some of us are so inept in the subtle art of mixing and matching colors, that our friends don’t let us shop for clothes alone. For those of us who are stuck with inferior artistic skills and an even more dismal sense of color, attempting to paint our nails and trying out different styles of nail art seems like a distant, almost impossible dream. But, we’re here to tell you that there is yet hope for us, and it comes in the form of nail polish strips.

In this article, you will find the 9 best nail polish strips of 2020 and a helpful buying guide to help select one that is perfect for you.

9 Best Nail Polish Strips And Nail Wraps With A Handy Buying Guide

1. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

One can never go wrong with animal prints. It’s an iconic pattern, whether on clothes, shoes, handbags, or any other fashion accessory, and has remained a classic through the years. Now, you can add a touch of glamour and a pop color to your nails with a little help from these animal-print nail polish strips. This time-saving gem lasts up to 10 days and is incredibly easy to apply. All you need to do is peel the strips and stick them on. You don’t even have to wait for it to dry. Isn’t it amazing? What makes it better is that it fits all nails perfectly.


  • Long-lasting
  • Includes a cuticle stick
  • Comes with a mini file and buffer
  • Detailed instructions are provided
  • Easy to remove


  • The pack contains only 16 nail strips.

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2. Blulu French Manicure Nail Art Stickers

During the past few years, you may have noticed nail art getting bigger, bolder, and more expressive—the louder the nails, the louder the personality. You may have also taken note of a French manicure making a dramatic comeback. If you want to jump on the latter bandwagon, you definitely need this stick on nail polish in your makeup collection. What sets these stickers apart is that each pack comes with 12 sheets, and each sheet comes with 54 pieces of crescent moon shaped stickers. It is made with premium-grade quality vinyl and offers incredible self-adhesive power. You can also use them to try out other interesting patterns and colors.


  • Non-toxic nail sticker tips
  • Doesn’t leave a mark on the nails
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • The pack contains a total of 648 pieces.
  • French nail polish strips


  • Some may find the strips too curved.

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3. TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps

Channel your inner diva every day with these shimmery neon nail polish stickers and say hello to your next favorite nail wrap. If you love getting your nails done by a professional but don’t particularly enjoy breaking your bank, these nails will come to the rescue. This set consists of 16 sheets in different colors and sizes to fit all your nails and all your moods. They are made of 100% real polish that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which makes them safe for your nails and durable as well. As these nail polish wraps are self-adhesive, you can stick them onto your nails directly. By adding a top coat of clear nail polish, you can extend the wear of these nail wraps by 2 weeks.


  • Non-toxic nail decals
  • Safe for the toes
  • Can be used under UV lamp
  • Suitable for fake nails
  • Glitter nail stickers
  • Metallic nail polish strips


  • If it comes in contact with water and moisture after 2 hours of application, it may not last for a long time.

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4. Incoco Nail Polish Applique

If you have never given nail polish strips a shot, we understand why you would be skeptical about them. You may be asking questions like, “Is it really easy to apply” and “Will it look comically fake”? While those are valid questions, these Incoco nail wraps will put all your doubts to rest. The strips are made with ingredients that care for your nails and are free of toxic chemicals. Each strip is infused with a top, color, and base coat of 100% real nail polish. You can enjoy the benefits of real polish without the hassle of smudging, smearing, or waiting for it to dry. To wipe it off, a regular nail polish remover should do the job just fine.


  • Contains regular polish
  • No drying time
  • Phthalate-free
  • Toluene-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks


  • The strips may not be too flexible.

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5. Wokoto Nail Art Polish Stickers

These gradient and glittery press on nail polish strips will make your nails look gorgeous from miles away. The strips reveal exciting colors like pink, green, and blue, with a generous sprinkling of silver streaks. Ideal for dinner dates or cocktails parties, they are easy to use and sticks directly to the nails. To make these nail art wraps last for 2 weeks, you can apply a base coat before applying the sticker and a top coat to seal the deal. With these nail polish strips, you can expect no streaking, no smudging, and is a quick way to make your nails look glamorous. To retain the quality of the nails, seal the package after use. 


  • Self-adhesive
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Includes 1 nail file
  • Available for toenails also


  • The wearer must avoid water as much as possible during the first day.

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Similar Products:

6. Ruimio Nail Sticker Decals

Let your nails do all the talking while bringing your creativity to the forefront. Ideal for both home and professional use, these sticker nail polish decals offer a cool 3D effect. It features miniature shapes and patterns such as hearts, stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, dolphins, and even words like ‘OMG”, ‘Meow’, and ‘Bye’ in speech bubbles among a host of other funky and quirky styles. It fits all nail sizes, and each sticker can be trimmed into smaller, individual pieces to help you create a unique and customized design on each nail. With 30 different stick-on decals, the world is your oyster, and experimentation doesn’t ever have to end.


  • 30 nail stickers
  • 3D nail polish strips
  • Peel and stick nail strips
  • 18 unique designs


  • It may don’t be long-lasting.

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7. ASP Fiberglass Nail Wrap

This pack of ingenious artistry not only lets you create perfectly manicured and well-groomed nails, but also cares for them. Yes, it isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it also strengthens weak and brittle nails. Favored by nail technicians all over the world, these strips are some of the best nail wraps you can get your hands on. It is also quite effective in conditioning thin nails and helps repair broken ones too. It comes in an easy to use, self-dispensing pack and offers strong holding power.


  • Strengthens weak nails
  • Repairs broken nails
  • Lasts a long time
  • Self-dispensing pack
  • Self-adhesive nail strips


  • It may take a long time to remove.
  • Some may find the texture coarse.

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Socu Toenail Polish Strips

It’s the prime of summer, and sandals and flip-flops are perhaps the only things that are making our feet breathe and not stink up the room. This means that our toes are on full-display as well. If you’ve ever been slightly upset about why our hands get so much attention, but our toes rarely do, these toe nail polish strips will put a smile on your face. Designed especially for toes, these strips are ideal for both home and professional use. Made of non-toxic environmentally-friendly materials, these strips are also waterproof. Easy to stick and easy to remove, these strips can last for 2 weeks with a UV top coat.


  • 12 sheets of toenail stickers
  • Includes 1 file
  • Fits any nails size
  • No drying time
  • Non-toxic


  • Without a UV top coat, it may only last 3-4 days.

Buy Now From Amazon

9. Color Street Tokyo Light Nail Polish Strips

Bring holographic sparkles to life on your beautiful nails with this one-of-a-kind nail strip. One look at these shimmer nails will have people convinced that you have high-quality nail polish painted on. Filled with sparkling shades of rose gold and silver, these strips will make your nails look exquisite on a night out in town. Easy to apply and easy to remove, each set includes 16 double-ended premium-grade real nail polish strips.


  • Glitter-finish full nail wraps
  • 16 double-ended strips
  • Made with real nail polish
  • Easy peel and apply


Buy Now From Amazon

Now that we have come to our list of the 9 best nail polish strips, let’s take a look at a few important things to consider before buying them and how you can make the application process easier.

Things To Consider While Buying Stick On Nail Polish Strips

How To Choose The Best Nail Polish Strips

  • Always choose non-toxic nail strips, as harmful ingredients can make your nails brittle and cause yellowing and breakage.
  • Opt for nail strips that are soft and easy to apply. Coarse nail polish stickers are not just complicated to apply, but they also feel heavy on the nails.
  • To ensure that you don’t have to worry about looking for nail strip glues and other holding elements, choose self-adhesive strips.
  • A good way to gauge the quality of a nail strip is to test it out on real and false nails. If it holds well on both, it means that you’ve landed yourself a good deal.
  • Check all the reviews before purchasing any nail strip, look especially for lasting power. A good nail polish strip offers up to 2 weeks of long-lasting wear.

How To Apply Nail Polish Strips

Step 1: If the package comes with an instruction guide, read it carefully.
Step 2: Ensure that your nails are neat and clean. Remove any existing nail polish or debris that may be stuck on your nails.

Step 3: Buff and file your nails.

Step 4: Choose the ideal size of the nail strip. If it’s too large, give it a trim.

Step 5: Gently peel the strip off. Avoid touching the sticky part as it could reduce its holding power.

Step 6: Place the strip on your nail, slightly above the cuticle.

Step 7: Smooth the strip down until the air bubbles and wrinkles go away.

Step 8: File the strip down towards the end of the nail.

Step 9: Apply a top coat of transparent nail polish to make it long-lasting.

Step 10: Try to avoid touching water for 2 hours.

How Long Do Nail Polish Strips Last?

Nail polish strips can last anywhere from 4-7 days without a top coat and 10-12 days with a top coat.

Giving your nails a funky, quirky, expressive, or artistic facelift doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to book an appointment with a professional nail technician, nor does it mean that you have to shell out big bucks. With nail polish strips by your side, you can create beautiful nail styles from the comfort of your home. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 9 best nail polish strips for 2020. Reach out to us in the comments if you have any doubts or queries about nail stickers.

Expert’s Answers for Readers Questions

Are nail strips bad for your nails?

As nail strips are easy to stick on and easy to remove, they are not harmful to our nails.

Can a top coat on nail polish strips to make them last longer?

Yes, applying a top coat on nail polish strips can make them last for over 10 days.

Do Color Street nails ruin your nails?

As they are made with 100% real nail polish, they are easy to remove with a regular nail polish remover. They do not damage nails like acrylics do.

Should you put a top coat over nail stickers?

Although it isn’t a necessary step, adding a top coat will make your nail stickers last longer.

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$150 Changed My Life: More than a Color Street Discount

$150 changed my life.

signed up for the discount.  

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I was buying Color Street 100% Nail Polish Strips like crazy, from my good friend, and she let me know that I was basically losing out on at least 25% of the cost of each (the base amount of Color Street’s Compensation Plan).  

So in March of 2018, I signed up as an Independent Stylist with Color Street.  (For around $150 – $129, plus tax and shipping- you get the Basic Starter Kit ($250 value).)

I had zero intention of selling anything.  I am a full-time public school educator.  I am an autism mom.  I manage the affairs of several family members with acute mental and physical health challenges.  I did NOT need to do anything else to “stay busy.”

More than a Discount

But a funny thing happened.  I placed one order – a large order – almost exactly the $300 I needed to be considered an active stylist for the next 6 months.  I thought I would wear a bunch, maybe give some as gifts, and not have to think about anything else until September.  

Well, I was wrong.  I wore Color Street everywhere.  To school.  To my son’s appointments and therapy sessions.  To my autism parents’ group.  To the grocery store and the bank.  Nearly every place I went, I ended up talking about my nails.

Within a week, I had sold nearly all of the $300 of nails I had ordered, and ordered more.  

Fast forward to September.  Instead of spending the past 6 months using up my original stash of nails, I spent it selling hundreds of dollars of nail strips each month, growing my team, and promoting within Color Street.  The extra income I earn is being saved to invest in creating a network of special needs-friendly vacation homes.

So in this way, $150 changed my life. And you can use Color Street to strive for your dreams.  

Here’s how:

Refresh Your Style: 

If you simply wear Color Street on a regular basis, and you will realize how often your nails are noticed.  There are so many fabulous options – we sell it because we love it, not the other way around!

Refresh Your Life: 

The base compensation plan is a 25% rebate on all purchases- both your own and your customers.  Depending on how much you sell each month, and how you grow your team, the percentage increases.  Learn more here.  Color Street can potentially help you support your financial goals.  

Refresh Yourself:  

Through Color Street, I have renewed many old friendships and found great new ones.  Our team provides a supportive, helpful network, with varying levels of direct sales experience.  We also use and promote attraction-based, non-spammy marketing practices. I have learned a lot and I’m proud and excited to be doing something 100% for myself.  

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Nail Wraps – Nail Polish Wraps

Cutie Pop Nail Shop is a Bay-Area small women-owned business that specializes in fun, beautiful and unique nail strips and decals. Cutie Pop Nail Shop came about with the idea that life has its ups and downs. Whether you’re a college student studying for finals, in junior high navigating new experiences, a young professional starting out, or you just need a way to express yourself, everyone should have time to pamper themselves. Our hope is that our nail wraps make you feel happy. They don’t require tons of time, and they don’t require you to have any special skill sets. They are simple, quick and easy…

We carry over 200 designs and do collaborations with local artists we meet at events. We have styles for every day looks, special events, holiday styles, cosplay nails and even carry petite styles for kids or those with smaller nails.

What Are Nail Polish Wraps?

Nail polish wraps are a great alternative to nail polish and nail stamping because they are much easier to do and don’t require a lot of skills. In addition to this, they last longer than traditional nail polish! With a good top coat, they can easily last up to 10 days.

How Do You Apply Nail Polish Strips?

Applying nail polish strips takes just a few minutes and you don’t have to worry about streaks, smudging or drying time. They are perfect for travel and those on the go! Just peel, stick and file! There is NO HEAT involved, and they come in various sizes so you don’t have to cut or shape the nail strips either. Prior to applying, it is important to clean and prep your nail. Wash your hands and nails (avoid a moisturizing soap since that can leave oils on your nails). Just like when applying colored nail polish, apply a good quality clear base coat on your nails prior to applying nail strips. This helps protect the nail, fills in any uneven ridges, and provides a smooth surface for the nail strips to stick to. Pick the nail strip size that closely matches your nails, and apply it close to the base of your nail but not overlapping any skin. Smooth it out on your nail, and use the nail file to file off the extra along the edge of your nail. Don’t forget to apply a good quality top coat for seal and shine! Be sure to seal the tips of your fingernails well to ensure the nail strip doesn’t snag or lift.

What Are Stick-on Polish Strips Made Of?

Our nail polish wraps are made of nail polish, but without the smelly and icky stuff. Say “No” to phthalates, tosylamide, and other icky chemicals. All ingredients are certified safe for the nails and can be found here.

Are They Bad For Your Nails?

Proper application and removal of nail wraps can prevent any potential damage to the nails. In short, clean nails + base coat prior, and don’t rip off your nail polish wraps…that’s like picking off nail polish, or ripping off duct tape from your skin!! Ouch for the nails. Make sure you properly remove them following our tips here, and read more here for tips on keeping your nails healthy!

Choosing The 10 Best Nail Polish Strips Online

In today’s world of rush and hurry, it is not always possible to have well-manicured and perfectly done nails all the time. Sometimes, some events might come up when you might not have great nails to go out with. This is when nail polish strips come in use.

By choosing and buying the best nail polish strips, you will be able to get ready for any occasion in a jiffy. All you will have to do it apply the artificial nail strips on your natural nails and there you go! You are all set for a great time with family, friends, or even for a wonderful date!

But choosing the best nail polish strips can be hard. So here are some tips to look out for while buying them:
  • Look at how much the nail polish strips will last. Buy long-lasting ones if you want strips if you want them to stay on for almost 10 days or more.
  • Make sure you read through the instructions given by the company on how to apply and remove the nail strips.
  • Look through the elements used to make sure you are not allergic to any of them.
  • Try to go for non-toxic ones.
  • If you do not like the odor of the nail polish, choose ones that have low odor.
  • If it is for any special occasion, choose a nail polish strip with the perfect design for that occasion.

Now here is our list of the 10 best nail polish strips that are available online.

  1. Tokyo Lights Nail Polish Strips from CS

This is one of the best nail polish strips you can find online. In this package, you will find 16 double-ended nail polish strips. They come in great colors such as pink gold, fuchsia, and even holographic sparkles that can certainly make your nails stand out no matter what. These stick-on nail polish strips are perfect for a night in the town.

The packaging of these Colour street nail polish strips also includes nail prep pads and a file. By using these great nail polish strips, you will be saving a lot of drying up time for your nails. This is because these strips are stick-on ones from CS and are very easy to use.

Now let us see why these Colour street nail polish strips are one of the best nail polish strips you can buy:

  • The color of these nail polish strips is “Tokyo lights” with a holographic sparkle finish to them.
  • You can remove these using a nail polish remover itself.
  • Each strip contains a base coat, the coat containing the color and an extra topcoat.
  • It is very easy to apply on your nails and you can be ready with great nails in no time!
  • It is extremely quick to do your nails with these nail polish strips.
  • These can save you a trip to a nail salon that could end up being quite expensive.
  1. Stylish Nail Polish Strips from Tough Girls

These are some of the best nail polish strips that you can buy, especially due to the color range they have. From purple to pink fade, they have nail polish strips in almost every color you can imagine. No PVC or plastic has been included in the making of these products.

Each of these nail polish strips includes a topcoat, a base coat, a color coat, and a non-toxic adhesive layer. All these layers make sure that the nail strips are long-lasting. They are the best stick-on nail polish strips you have available online. These are easy to apply to your nails and are non-toxic. The strips also don’t have much of an odor that could put some people off.

Let us discuss some of the properties of these nail polish strips from Tough Girls.

  • The package includes a nail file, cuticle stick, and nail cleaning wipes along with 20 nail polish strips.
  • They are stick-on nails polish strips that are advised to be used immediately after opening.
  • Let them stay on your nails with great adhesion for almost 8 hours before you soak them in water etc.
  • These strips are brighter, thicker, and tougher than others in the market.
  • It can be easily removed after usage by using a simple nail polish remover.
  • The nail strips are stylish to look at and have a salon-quality finish.
  1. Gel Nail Polish Strips for DIY Nail Art from Jamberry

These Jamberry nail polish strips are one of the best nail polish strips that are available these days. They are easy to apply and remove and are beautiful to look at. These are gel strips and they are different from other types of nail polish strips.

They have the strength of the gel and the ease of a strip. No heating or curing is required to put these strips on your nails. The nails have a high-quality, manicured finish to them. One side of the sheet in the package contains alternating pink and purple nail polish strips while the other side has white and black marble design nail strips.

These are some of the best nail polish strips because they are really tough and strong and will not chip or peel away easily. Let us find out why they are the perfect set of DIY nail polish strips for you.

  • These nail polish strips will give you a salon gel effect without any heating or curing.
  • It is easy to apply and remove and will give you wrinkle-free results.
  • Each strip has 18 nails and they are of different sizes. You can choose one according to your mood, dress, and occasion.
  • The nail sets will not dry out or expire.
  • They are perfect to protect your natural nails and will prevent you from biting them.
  • They are also perfect for a nail art beginner.
  1. Nail Art Stickers of Plain Colours from Colour Lab

These are one of the best nail polish strips you can buy mainly due to their easy to apply and remove design. Every package contains 2 sample pieces of nail strips that you can use to practice applying on your nail. This way you can perfect the art of using nail polish strips.

Each of the nail wraps has a protective UV film over them that will help to preserve the nail color and design. These strips can last up to 14 days or more on your fingernails, depending on your usage and work. You can also apply them to your toenails.

Here are some more reasons why this set is one of the best nail polish strips out there:

  • These nail polish strips are easy to use, creates no mess, and has no odor.
  • It is non-toxic and non-irritant and will not ruin or stain your natural nails.
  • The nail art is made from 100% original nail polish and contains no plastic material.
  • The strips take up no drying time and are extremely easy to apply and remove.
  • These make it easy to accessorize your nails when you have a night out with your friends etc.
  • 2 sheets contain 10 decals each. The color is aesthetic and pleasing to look at.
  1. Real Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips from Sally Hansen

These are the best nail polish strips you can get online which will give you a perfect salon finish before any occasion. There are more than 40 types of great colors, designs, etc. The best part about this product is its application. No nail polish strip has been with such ease of applying to your nails.

All you need to do it peel it from the sheet, apply it to your nails, and file it using a nail filer. And that is all you need to do. You are done and ready with great nails. Filing them allows you to shape them perfectly according to your wish.

It is always advised to start the process with clean and dry nails. Remember to not use strips that you had opened but left open without using them. Discard them as soon as possible.

Here are some reasons why these Sally Hansen nail polish strips are the best nail polish strips:

  • 3 step process to use: Peel, Apply, and File.
  • Use the pink side of the file to shape the edges and the white side to smooth over the surface of your natural nails.
  • Use a coat of nail color remover before you apply the nails.
  • To remove them when you want to, just use any nail color remover.
  1. Kitty Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips from Sally Hansen

These are the best nail polish strips you can get from the Sally Hansen range. With their great design and easy application, you will fall in love with these nail strips. With salon effect products, your nails will the star of all attention wherever you go. These nail strips make sure that your nails look salon fashion manicured all the time.

The salon effect can last up to 10 days. It is very easy to apply and even easier to remove. All you have to do is use a nail polish remover of any kind on your nail strips to remove them. And the best part about this is that there is no drying time! You will be ready for the party instantly.

Let us see why these are considered to be the best nail polish strips you can buy:

  • As there is no drying time for these Sally Hansen nail polish strips, you can wear them and be ready in an instant.
  • It is very easy to remove using any kind of nail polish remover.
  • Applying them is a 3 step simple process.
  • All you have to do is peel them off the sheet, apply them on your natural nails, and shape them using a nail filer.
  • They can last up to 10 days on your natural nails looking new.
  • You can accessorize them later on with nail glitter etc.
  1. Small Pleasures Sleek Nail Polish Strips from Essie

These are the best nail polish strips you can lay your hands on in the online market. They are great to look at and have an amazing design on them. Essie nail polish strips are also extremely easy to apply to your natural nails.

Make sure your nails are clean and dry before you start applying them to your nails. It is very easy to use, apply, and remove. Before you use these Essie nail polish strips, trim your nails and push your cuticles down. Once this is done, all you have to do apply the nail strips, and shape them using a nail filer to trim them.

The item is also durable and will stay on for a couple of days before they might start chipping or peeling off. They are the perfect nail polish strips for a fun night out or a sudden function. They will help your nails to look great within a few minutes.

Here are a few reasons why these are the best nail polish strips for your usage:

  • These nail polish strips are IV cured.
  • They are extremely easy to apply on your natural nails and you can file them to your preference.
  • They can be easily removed using a nail polish remover of your choice.
  • They are the perfect stick-on nail polish strips when you are getting ready to go out suddenly.
  1. Love Affair Nail Polish Strips from Jamberry

These are one of the best nail polish strips you can buy to do DIY nail art. They are simply perfect for any occasion. These Jamberry nail polish strips are not only non-toxic, but they are also not texted on any animals as they don’t believe in hurting animals.

This range of nail lacquer strips called the Love Affair is the perfect mix of manicure design and features amazing designs such as polka dots, stripes, sparkles, etc. They come in various colors such as black, red, and white. It is the perfect accessory for your natural nails to shine.

One of the reasons they are the best nail polish strips is because they contain no formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, animal ingredients, xylene, etc. They will not damage your nails or skin around your fingernails in any way.

Here are some more reasons why you should buy them:

  • These nail polish strips are of the highest quality and are non-toxic.
  • They are an easy and fun way for you to do nail art and a quick manicure at home.
  • Each package contains 18 nail polish strips, a mini nail file for shaping your nails, and a wipe.
  • The range is trendy and stylish and is perfect for Valentine’s Day, a date, or any time at all.
  • It makes the perfect gift for someone who loves DIY nail art.
  1. Seafoam and Silver Speckles Nail Polish Strips from Tough Girls

These are the best nail polish strips you can buy if you want something simple yet attractive on your nails. The design and color on these strips are so elegant and sleek. The product is non-toxic and has no odor whatsoever.

There are various layers to each of the nail polish strips. Each of them contains a topcoat, a color coat, and a base coat. They also have a layer of non-toxic adhesive that allows the strips to stick to your nails. These Jamberry nail polish strips will last for a long and will stand out when you are out enjoying.

After you apply them, remember to not soak your nails while bathing, in swimming pools, etc. for at least 8 hours. This allows the adhesion to stick properly to your natural nails.

Here are the features that make this set the best nail polish strips:

  • These high-quality nail polish strips are not non-toxic and do not contain PVC or plastic in the elements.
  • It can be removed easily using a nail polish remover.
  • The package comes with 20 stylish and sleek nail polish strips, a nail file that helps you shape them, a cuticle stick, and a nail wipe.
  • These strips are brighter to look at and are also tougher and thicker.
  • These strips can be easily applied to your natural nails.
  1. Cheetah-Field Shellac Nail Polish Strips from Jamberry

This set from Jamberry contains some of the best nail polish strips you can lay your hands on from the online market. These Jamberry nail polish strips have an amazing design that can be worn for any occasion you are going to.

They have the toughness of the gel and yet can be applied easily like a nail strip. These nail polish strips do not require any heat or curing. They can easily be applied to your nails.

They are long-lasting and will last on your nails for as long as 10 days before they start peeling off. You can also easily remove them using any kind of nail polish remover.

Let us look at some more reasons why these are the best nail polish strips you can get online.

  • The nail strips will not dry out or expire. This allows you to use them at your leisure.
  • No heat or UV dry time is required to use these salon effect gel nail polish strips on your natural nails.
  • These nail polish strips work perfectly well for people with both long and short nails.
  • Each strip contains 18 nails in varying sizes. You can choose one according to your preference.
  • The design is perfect for any occasion at any time of the year.

This was our list of some of the best nail polish strips you can use to get manicured and designed nail art instantly. You can be ready in no time at any time of the year with these nail accessories. The variety of designs and colors are amazing and you can buy one that suits you the best.

So go ahead and buy nail polish strips that will transform your nails from dull and drab to stylish and sleek within minutes! Happy shopping, folks!

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  1. Are nail polish strips bad for your nails?

Nail polish strips might end up making your nails feel a bit rough and brittle after you remove them. This is why it is important to go through the ingredients used before buying one.

  1. How long does nail polish strips last?

These nail polish strips usually last for about 5-7 days. Afterward, they might peel off if not removed using a nail polish remover beforehand. But some nail polish strips claim to last for 10 days.

  1. Can you put a topcoat over a nail polish strip?

Nail polish strips usually come with a topcoat already on them. So it is not necessary to apply a topcoat. But some might not be as shiny as you would prefer. In such cases, you can give a glossy topcoat that will make it shinier.

Tape for nail design: how to use, design examples

Run out of ideas for designs on your nails? Then I’ll give you another one. It is very simple to execute it, and you will not need to spend a lot of money on materials. As you might have guessed from the photo, we will talk about such an interesting design accessory as nail tape . And although the design options are a little similar to it, but due to the gloss, different colors and designs, you can come up with a sufficient number of them.Such a manicure will be original and daring, you just can’t help but pay attention to it. So, let’s take a closer look at what a nail tape is and how to design using it.

What is nail design tape?

Design tape is a thin self-adhesive strip made in different colors, but always in shiny metallic. It can be of different widths and lengths, but the thinnest is best for design. In online stores, such a tape can be found under the name striping tape or nail line.It costs a symbolic price, so you can purchase the entire set at once, so that you have plenty to choose from.

The tape is suitable for use both on varnish and on gel-varnish or any other artificial surface, although the self-adhesive properties are not so important here.

Types of tapes for nail design

In addition to the difference in thickness and color, the ribbons differ in that they can be simply shiny:

can have a textured rough glossy coating:

can be transparent and have iridescent shades:

There is also flexible tape for nail design .It is usually thin and bends very well, allowing even turning:

2 ways to use nail tape

1 – as decor

First of all, the tape is used for design as an accessory. The algorithm of actions here is as follows:

  • A standard manicure procedure is performed – the cuticle is pulled back and removed, and the nail is given a beautiful and dewy shape.
  • The nail is covered with varnish . If the coating is one-color, then 2 coats are applied.It turns out beautifully if several colors are used, and a tape is attached to the docking strip (besides, it hides if something turned out unevenly at the junction). The coating can also be gel polish.
  • Cut a piece to the desired length. Glue it to the nail in accordance with the invented pattern. Remember, the coating must be dry!
  • If somewhere the length of the tape is slightly longer than required and protrudes beyond the edges, then carefully remove the excess with nail scissors, so that at least a millimeter remains to the edge.
  • Apply the fixer on top, it is possible for reliability even in 2 layers.

2 – as stencil

The second way to use ribbons for design is as an auxiliary material . For example, you can cover your nails with several varnishes, then stick the strips in the desired direction and apply another varnish color on top. After it dries, tear off the strips. As a result, colored stripes will be obtained on a monochromatic background – beautifully and effectively. Just do not forget to apply the finish, otherwise the surface will not be even.In the same way, you can do a striped manicure, for example, draw a vest. This will make the stripes even and thin. And it does not matter what color of the tape to use (it is better to choose the most “not popular” color).

Here’s another example of a step-by-step nail design on how to use tape as a stencil:

A couple of secrets on how to glue it securely

  • You need to glue the tape on dry nails, it will not come off. But this will prevent the appearance of depressions in the varnish from pressing the tape to the nail.
  • When gluing the tape, you should slightly retreat from the edges of the cuticle and the contours of the nail plate, including the free edge, otherwise it can easily catch on and peel off.
  • After the tape has been adhered, the fixer must be applied over the top. This will smooth the surface without affecting the gloss.

Nail design with tape

There are actually a lot of design options. You can use ribbons as a stroke in French manicure. You can complement or another drawing created with acrylic paints.Here are some more original ideas:

Flexible tape nail design:

Upload your designs using the ribbon, ask questions in the comments if something is not clear, or we can just chat 🙂 Bye-bye!

Manicure with stripes 2020 – fashion design photo

Beautiful manicure can be different: bright, variegated or, on the contrary, calm. This season, the masters offer interesting ideas on how to diversify your everyday manicure and make it more stylish and glamorous.And the design with stripes will help great in this! Yes, this is a new trend for the spring-summer 2020 season, which is actively used in all nail salons. But you should not be afraid that such a design will resemble an “incubator” one. Indeed, with the help of such an unpretentious detail, you can create quite interesting designs that will simply be saturated with individuality and creativity. So, let’s begin. What fashionable manicure ideas with stripes can you implement on your well-groomed nails?


Fashionable ideas for manicure with stripes

Today almost every girl can decorate her nails fashionably and beautifully, even at home.The Internet is simply replete with all sorts of lessons and photos that show step-by-step lessons with the title “how to make stripes on nails.” You can buy all the necessary tools and decorative items without leaving your home by making a purchase on specialized sites. Strips are sold in any thickness and color. You can combine thick stripes with thin ones, combine different shades. All in your hands. Imagine and experiment, because the 2020 striped manicure goes well with other decor, designs and patterns.

  • Manicure with foil stripes

A simple option, but with a special twist. The shiny stripe goes well with the neutral base, as if complementing it.

  • Striped manicure with tropical print

An original version that will harmoniously fit into the spring-summer look. Bright stripes can be drawn in a chaotic manner, thereby adding some liveliness to the overall picture.

  • French manicure with a strip

Easy to perform, but it looks more interesting than the classic version.

  • Transparent design with glitter stripes

As an option for a holiday, party, celebration. At the same time, he does not look somehow pretentious, on the contrary, he breathes with a noble note.

  • Manicure with vertical stripes

It looks not only beautiful, but also has a practical function.Vertical stripes visually lengthen the nail plate and allow you to correct minor shape imperfections.

  • Manicure with transparent stripes

This is another new trend that has been successfully applied in practice. This design variation fell in love with its simplicity and originality. Transparent stripes go well with both delicate shades of varnish and more intense ones. They can also be complemented with other decor.

  • Manicure with ribbons in the middle

The strip can be drawn or a special ribbon can be used.A great option when you want to dilute a neutral manicure with gel polish, but you don’t want to overload the design.

  • Striped manicure with monograms or flowers

To create a summer, playful mood will be just what you need! Combining three fashionable techniques at once, you can get a unique, enchanting beauty design that will perfectly fit into a light and romantic image.

  • Stroke and Stripe Manicure

A great way to go in the same direction with fashion.This design option was recognized as a real hit this season. Be sure to try it. The eyeliner will highlight the beautiful shape of the nails, and the strip will visually lengthen it.

  • Colored summer stripes

They can be drawn in different thicknesses. Also, such a 2020 manicure with stripes can be performed with adhesive tapes. Multi-colored stripes can be played in different ways. With their help, you can create a zigzag design, highlight accents.

  • Minimalist manicure

Design has a strong side – it is versatile. Suitable for any event, it looks neat and natural. The minimalist design can be successfully done on short nails. With a laconic design, they will look sophisticated and elegant.

  • Geometric manicure with stripes

Does not lose its relevance this season.Geometry is at the peak of its popularity, and if you combine it with stripes, you can get a real fashionable bomb.

  • Diamond stripe design

It can be used in everyday wear. It is a wearable option for a variety of events. There are no unnecessary details here, thanks to which such a delicate design looks very good in almost any look.

  • Rhinestone strip on nails

This design will not go unnoticed.It is a beautiful and bright element that will be a great addition to any color scheme.

  • Gradient on nails from stripes

Allows you to visually correct the shape of nails. The resulting effect looks attractive and at least unusual.

Step-by-step instructions for making a striped pattern on your nails

  • Geometric Gradient

If you like to emphasize the attention of others on your nails, try the Geometric Gradient.This is a new technique that has just begun to gain popularity among fashionistas. This design will emphasize your individuality.

Step-by-step execution of gradient stripes on nails with a powder of shimmering powder

  • Stripe with a pattern on the side

Another unusual design method. Choose contrasting shades, then you get a really striking design. It is enough to draw stripes on the nails of the middle and ring fingers.

  • Sand stripes

The design looks soft and delicate, creating an aura of comfort. Acrylic sand is a unique material that allows for stunning designs.

  • New moon design with stripes

Suitable for those who are tired of banal ideas and want to add something fresh and not overused to the design.It can be finished with shiny stripes that look great on both glossy and matte finishes.

Manicure with stripes in different colors

Fashionable manicure with stripes is beautiful and unusual. You can create beautiful compositions, combine different colors, add other decorative elements, combine techniques. No restrictions. Color solutions are chosen based on the overall image, mood.

If you are inclined towards universal options, then do a beige manicure and decorate it with golden or silver stripes. Nude manicure also fits into this theme.

Elegant burgundy manicure – a chic option for any occasion. He is chosen by confident women who love attention. Looks great with shimmering strips of ribbons that can be glued vertically, horizontally, on the tips of nails or at a certain angle.

Matte manicure with stripes can be done in any color. Although it is most effective to choose dark shades: blue, black, brown, red, etc. Stripes can be made in the same shade, but have a glossy texture.

A manicure with black stripes can be styled in different ways. In the summer season, a nautical print is very relevant. Therefore, feel free to design your nails in the form of a “vest”.The black and white design with stripes reminds of vacation, hot days and the sea.

Pink manicure with stripes looks gentle and interesting. The color pink is varied. It can be bright or, on the contrary, pale.

White manicure with stripes can be cute, glamorous and even cheeky. It all depends on the combination of the selected colors.

Red manicure with stripes is a bright and noticeable option. Red has many shades and goes well with other colors.A red manicure with golden stripes looks very good. For some reason, many associate it with the holiday.

  • Shades of blue

Blue or turquoise manicure with vertical or horizontal stripes can be supplemented with other elements. For example, a discreet pattern or shiny rhinestones.

Stripes on short nails: photo collection

Striped gel polish manicure is an excellent option for nail design.With the help of special tools, you can create interesting designs that will make your nails stand out. After looking at our selection of stripes manicure photos, you will immediately understand how to use the stripes for manicure. In principle, it is not at all difficult and even beginners will be able to master such a design.

New manicure with stripes nail design ideas 2020: photos and fashion ideasNew items and photos.

The aesthetics of the striped manicure are firmly rooted in fashion. And it has an unprecedented number of ideas, where there are stripes of different directions, as well as horizontal or just vertical. There can be one stripe or several in the design of nails. Very often they are parallel to each other or intersect.

Whichever option of manicure with the arrangement of stripes you choose, it will be a deliberately fashionable nail idea for those who want to get a flawless design.We have collected for you the latest examples of geometric manicure with stripes, made in different techniques, shades and styles. By the way, lines are a fashionable trend in manicure design 2020-2021. This is primarily due to the influence of fashion. And the general tendency towards the need to look as restrained and modest as possible.

Choosing a color for a manicure with stripes

In 2019-2020, your manicure may be different. Each has its own aesthetics and vision. For example, a manicure with a complex design, but not boring.

In general, we are for variety and experimentation. So the strips will serve as a wonderful addition to the design of your nails. And when choosing shades of varnish, you can focus only on your mood or fashion trends.

Variegated manicure, of course, is worn in summer and spring, when there is a lot of greenery and bright colors. At this time of the year, opt for the colors of the solar spectrum, such as red, yellow, and orange, more often. And pastel, for example, blue and pink, they do not depress the psyche, on the contrary, they create an elated mood.In addition, you can take just beige as the basis of your manicure. It can be easily combined with lines and stripes in silver, gold, saturated and contrasting colors.

Choice of strips depending on the length and shape of nails

Stripes on nails can visually lengthen your nails or make them shorter. Therefore, it is worth choosing them based on the existing length and shape of the nails.

  • For example – narrow, light, delicate, almost transparent stripes can be drawn on both very short nails and long ones – they will look stylish and fashionable.
  • Cross, wide and contrasting stripes recommended for medium length nails.
  • Combinations of vertical and oblique stripes of different widths are successful. They can decorate nail plates of different lengths.
  • In addition, it should be borne in mind that light stripes on a dark background look more voluminous. Increases the shape and length of nails.
  • And on a wide and short nail plate, it is better to use stripes with a vertical direction of the pattern.

Playing on contrast

Only by connecting imagination, you can create a new original version of a manicure with stripes.For example, let the stripes on two or three nails be different, for example, in width and even in location.

Manicure with stripes of different colors

When you don’t want to waste time on nail design from stripes. Let one or two stripes just be different in color. And the number of combinations has no boundaries. You can even experiment with the color transition, and cover the marigolds to match the stripes.

Manicure with watercolors and glitter stripes

Even the most predictable designs take on a chic look when they combine stripes made from different materials into one design.This nail design will suit any outfit, including catchy and bright ones.

Lunar and French manicure with stripes

Stripes are increasingly found in classic types of nail design. Apparently, women are tired of drawing a simple jacket and lunar. Therefore, various techniques are fired with renewed vigor with the decoration of such a manicure with stripes. And, I must admit, the design does not lose its practicality and conciseness from this.

Nail design spider web with stripes

The technology of such a manicure is simple and straightforward.For the design with gossamer gel, you can choose calm, natural colors of the substrate, and make the threads of the cobweb and stripes contrasting. The undeniable advantage of such a striped manicure is a combination with any outfit and style.

Manicure with a combination of stripes and other geometric shapes

And this variety can be attributed to geometric manicure. For example, pastel-colored triangles, diamonds and stripes on a nude background will look great in office and casual sets.Perhaps this explains the huge popularity of design among women.

Bright manicure with stripes in neon colors

The basis of nail design can be bright stripes in neon shades – green, orange, pink and yellow. As you know, neon is a trend in 2020-2021, which has not bypassed manicure either. According to the forecast of fashionable analysts, it will be especially in demand in spring and summer.

A selection of novelties of manicure with stripes, original ideas for festive and laconic everyday nail designs

Fantasy and bright, restrained and laconic designs of nails with stripes of different colors, textures will help add “zest” to any of your Look-y.We are inspired by new ideas for such an attractive geometric manicure.

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100+ design ideas in the photo, new items 2019

For every girl, the idea of ​​a beautiful and stylish manicure is different. Someone prefers a monochromatic classic manicure, while others are more impressed by a bright design. Today, fashion allows every woman to choose a nail design that suits her. Various colors and a variety of design solutions will allow you to give preference to any option. Today, one of the most popular manicure design solutions is the strip.Such a manicure is distinguished by a variety of shapes and color combinations.

Fashionable colors of striped manicure

Today is a wonderful time to choose a color scheme for a fashionable manicure. The variety of colors and shades is unlimited. You can give preference to any color you like. The trendiest colors of striped nail polish this year are natural shades such as beige, white, gray, blue or black.They go well with each other and with other shades. A striped manicure with a light base base and contrasting stripes applied to it will look great. If you want to get a stylish and original manicure, supplement it with various rhinestones, stones or all kinds of rubbing over the years.

Striped manicure in bright colors

As for bright colors, it is very difficult to do without them in the warm season. Striped manicure done in pink, yellow, red or purple will look stylish and bright.Each of these shades, both individually and in combination with a different color, is a suitable option for creating a spectacular, unusual and bright striped manicure.

Striped manicure with transparent base

A bright striped manicure made on a transparent base is becoming actual. A varied design solution for such a manicure will give the nails a rich and excellent look. For example, zigzags, horizontal or vertical stripes, as well as their original combination will help create an interesting and modern manicure.A manicure with transparent stripes looks attractive and voluminous. But don’t forget the season too! In summer, brighter and more saturated colors suitable for manicure, and in the cold, opt for calm combinations.

Fashionable and modern striped manicure ideas

Today, without a stylish and fashionable manicure, almost every woman does not feel comfortable. And there are many possibilities to create such a manicure. In order to get a beautiful striped manicure and at the same time spend a minimum of effort, use additional decor.You can try to make stripes with ease using a multi-colored special foil tape, rhinestones, beads or stones of various sizes. Such a manicure looks modern and stunningly beautiful. For a festive striped manicure, strip different glitter into strips. Such strips on a transparent base will look bright and attractive.

Striped manicure and geometry

Striped manicure is often tightly intertwined with geometric patterns.Such a manicure looks stylish, fashionable and beautiful. By creating geometric shapes on the nails from various stripes, you will get a wonderful design solution for a manicure.

Striped manicure in a marine style

Marine-themed striped manicure is one of the most common. And when there is a conversation about striped manicure, many people have an association with a marine theme. Today, nautical-style manicure is fashionable and relevant. The nautical style of manicure is perfect for summer vacations, as well as for the summer urban daily bustle.The main thing is that it matches the chosen image.

Striped manicure – minimalist style

The minimalism style in manicure design is one of the most popular today. Drawings in this style are always restrained and laconic in execution, but they look great on women’s nails, regardless of their length and shape. If you are experimenting and looking for a versatile, design-free style, then choose a minimalist striped manicure. Discreet stripes based on a neutral color look very delicate and effective.

Striped manicure using vertical and horizontal stripes

Designers advise using vertical stripes in manicure for ladies with short nails. Such strips will visually lengthen the nail plate and make your manicure attractive. Therefore, striped vertical striped manicure is very popular. If you are not afraid to experiment, we advise you to decorate your nails with horizontal stripes. In creating such a manicure, a combination of various textures and colors will look wonderful and bold.Such a striped manicure is a modern solution in nail design that looks very beautiful, bright and unusual.

Striped manicure and floral designs

At first glance, striped manicure using a floral pattern may seem like an incompatible design solution. But modern ladies are not afraid to experiment. A striped manicure in combination with a rich and bright floral pattern looks amazingly attractive and beautiful.A striped manicure, where a floral pattern is added, will add tenderness, romance and a certain lightness to the image. Floral striped manicure for a bright and festive manicure is an original option that can be supplemented with various rhinestones, foil strips, rub-in and shiny powders. Moreover, such a manicure has no seasonal restrictions.

Striped manicure is an up-to-date design solution regardless of the season. One of the main conditions when choosing a striped manicure is the correct design, the appropriate use of various decor.Only then will you get a stylish and interesting nail design.

Manicure with stripes and ribbons and 7 ideas how to make

When the demand for a manicure is “simple and tasteful”, it is not difficult to achieve what you want. You can turn, for example, to laconic graphics and do a striped manicure. We tell about the techniques of its creation

It seems that after the polka-dot manicure, the simplest version of nail art is with stripes. Difficulties can only be caused by the need to make the stripes even, neat.Not everyone is able to draw them like that by hand – the first time it’s so sure. It’s all about skill, which appears only in the process of training. At the same time, manicurists have managed to come up with techniques that make the task easier.

In general, in a manicure with stripes, the lines do not have to be straight. Experiment: broken and wavy lines can also make beautiful designs. In addition, it will save time – you will not have to try, striving for absolute accuracy.

Well, for those who still want to achieve strict geometry in manicure, we suggest mastering effective ways to create striped nail art:

With a brush

Choosing the right tools is half the battle if you want a striped manicure. In a professional set of nail masters, there is always a thin brush with a long (from 1 centimeter) bristle, which is just convenient for drawing straight straight lines.

  • It just needs to be dipped in varnish, and then applied to the nail plate – so as to leave a strip-imprint.Adjusting it – stretching or straightening – with such a brush will also be easy.

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© chelseaqueen

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© marienails

With stencils

When you need to draw perfectly straight, parallel lines located close to each other, you cannot do without stencils.

  • Strips of adhesive tape can be used as stencils. It is best to choose paper tape – it is easy to remove from the surface of the nails. You only need to glue the strips of adhesive tape on top of a couple of layers of well-dried base color varnish – otherwise the stencils will leave traces behind.

© chelseaqueen

With tapes

Another irreplaceable material in strip design is self-adhesive manicure tapes.They look like skeins of colored wire. They are very easy to use, and there are several ways to use them.


Firstly, they can be used to decorate nails – to stick tapes over varnish (it looks beautiful both on a colored and a transparent background), which makes it extremely easy to create a striped design.


Secondly, such strips also serve as stencils – they can first be attached to the surface of the nails, and then, after applying a layer of varnish, removed.In this case, flawlessly straight lines will also turn out. By the way, tapes can be glued on top of each other, creating intersections of lines – you get a graphic effect.

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It is also interesting to mix techniques – and create designs with both drawn stripes and colored ribbons that expressively decorate the manicure with a metallic shine.Experiments in nail art are always welcome.

What shades of varnishes to use for striped manicure and what ideas to implement?

A variety of varnishes and colors will allow you to perform even the most complex manicure, which not only complements your everyday look, but is also suitable for a business meeting, date or party. It will not be difficult to do such a manicure on your own, without seeking help from a nail stylist.

The stripes in manicure can be different – what to do depends only on your imagination.Let’s consider several interesting options at once.

Black and white stripes

In order to perform such a manicure, you will need at least two varnishes – black and white (if desired, you can use gray). Make the background white and draw thin black and gray lines (straight or wavy) on it. An interesting addition will be light pink highlights – but it is better to do such accents only on a few nails. Essie’s Blanc lacquer comes in handy.

© marienails

© marienails

© marienails

Rainbow Stripes

For a bright striped manicure, take varnishes of yellow, orange, green, blue and other saturated shades.To keep the lines perfectly straight and at the same distance from each other, use strips of paper tape.

© aliciatnails

© chelseaqueen

Note the shade Lilac by Essie.


Metallic polishes – gold and silver – will help to revitalize any manicure.To prevent the coating from getting overloaded, use a colorless varnish for the background and apply thin strips of, for example, a golden hue to it. Or add a touch of color over the striped metallic lacquer, such as stars set against white and blue lines.

© chelseaqueen

© aliciatnails


The strips can be combined with wells.The latter can repeat the outlines of the nail plate – sometimes along the entire length, which visually lengthens the nail. Convex holes look interesting on the nails. Supplement them with strips of different widths and colors (it is better to use contrasting shades), applied closer to the free edge of the nail.

© chelseaqueen

Negative space manicure

The peculiarity of such a coating is that some areas of the nail plate remain unpainted.A graphic manicure will work if you use black varnish and a base coat.

© chelseaqueen


The stripes do not have to cover the entire length or width of the nail. The design looks interesting with red and blue stripes applied to a white background, for example, in the form of a drop. A great option for summer design.

© jinsoonchoi

French manicure

Another option is a French manicure.Not only classic with a white free edge, but also with multi-colored stripes. In order to make such a manicure, scotch tape is useful. Glue a thin strip at a short distance from the free edge of the nail, and then fill the space on both sides with two varnishes in contrasting shades. Essie’s Craftswoman works well as a base shade. where to find?

© dilyaragilmetdinka

Manicure with stripes: photo instructions

You will need: white varnish, some bright colors and a fine art brush.If all this is at hand, proceed with the manicure.


Using an oil-free degreaser or nail polish remover, clean the nail plate. Then apply a base coat to give the color pigment better adhesion to the nail and wait for it to dry.



Use white varnish as the main one.For example, Blanc by Essie. Apply it in two coats to create a rich color and let dry completely.



Using a thin, long fake bristle brush (available from any art supply store), draw four (or more) longitudinal lines on each nail. Use varnishes of any bright shade – red, orange, blue or aqua.



Wait for the design to dry and cover the nails with one coat of varnish-finish. The manicure is ready!


Do you often do a manicure with stripes? Write a comment.

Nail strips – a new trend in manicure

Neat and well-groomed nails are a mirror of taste and self-care.Currently, there are many tools and accessories for manicure that allow you to create a stylish nail design right at home in a matter of minutes. We will tell you about one of such unique and useful inventions in this article.

Nail strips and their purpose

Not all women have the time and opportunity to regularly visit a beauty salon, and some just want to do their own manicure. However, not all of them draw well enough and are able to draw precise lines with their left hand.Therefore, the manufacturers came up with strips for nail design, which are special strips with an already applied pattern.

Shrink film

There are two versions of this miracle, and one of them is shrink wrap.

Its principle of operation is very simple. When heated, it can take any shape, so you first need to heat it with a table lamp or hair dryer, and then apply it tightly to the nail plate.

Helping yourself with a plastic pusher, you need to carefully smooth and align the film on the nail, removing all folds and creases.
At the end, the excess film is simply cut off or cut off with a fine-grained file along the edge of the nail. And that’s it – the manicure is ready!
However, this method has its drawbacks. Firstly, the film is short-lived and usually lasts only a few days. And for longer wear, it is undesirable to apply additional coating on top, otherwise the film may warp and deteriorate.

Secondly, the film can come off when exposed to high temperature or water, so it is highly undesirable to engage in household chores.

On the other hand, shrink wrap can be indispensable at a party or holiday, when you need to quickly create a spectacular and bright manicure.

Lacquer strips

Unlike shrink wrap, varnish strips are not in the full sense a “sticker”. The fact is that they are made of the same composition as the nail polishes, but in a harder state that allows them to be glued to the nails.

In addition, they are applied without using a lamp.To do this, you need to peel off the strip from the substrate, remove the protective film from it, stick it on the nail plate and carefully smooth it with a special stick, or a pusher. Then you need to carefully cut off the excess, and – done!

The advantage of this method is that, since these are varnish strips, you can additionally apply a base and top coat to protect the design and manicure as a whole, as a result of which the strips can last up to 10 days.

Strips of varnish strips are removed with regular nail polish remover.


The disadvantage of both methods is that after cutting off excess strips, the edges of the nails remain bare, and this may not look very good and lead to premature flaking.

In addition, sometimes you may get the feeling that colored tape is glued to your nails, and not a full-fledged varnish, which can cause an unpleasant feeling of an unprofessional manicure.

On the other hand, these methods have important and undeniable advantages:

  • Simplicity and speed of application;
  • Rich palette of creative designs;
  • Ease and convenience of removing strips from nails.

But do not forget that before applying the strips, like any other manicure, in order for it to last as long as possible, the nail surface must be prepared in advance, namely:

  • Nails should be dry, as wet, the coating will not adhere well;
  • The nail surface must be clean and level;
  • Nails must be degreased (regular nail polish remover is suitable for this).

Manicure with stripes-ribbons for short nails, design with photo

Manicure with stripes today has become a fairly popular design option, which is successfully used by the fair sex.It looks very harmonious and stylish, while it does not look catchy and intrusive. Such a manicure is easy to do on your own, without resorting to the services of a professional master. The variety of ideas, which are constantly replenished with new options, is also pleasing.

How to make stripes on nails

There are two main methods, each of which is widely used:

  • strips of tapes for nails are the easiest option, because the tapes are sold ready-made, glued to the nail plate using a special compound applied to the inner surface.They are presented in different colors, mainly silver and gold;
  • Scotch strips are a cheaper solution to the problem. But due to the peculiarities of the material, it is quite difficult to work with it, in particular, if you need to get thin stripes. Therefore, scotch tape is used for more rough work where small details are not needed, for example, if you want to make wide strips of a different color on the nail plate.

You can see how the finished result looks in one form or another in the photo of a manicure with stripes.It is also easy to get an interesting idea of ​​nail design here, which you will later apply in practice.

Basics of stripes manicure

To understand how to translate your existing design idea into reality, you should learn the basics. Consider how to make a striped manicure:

  • if you chose scotch tape for work, then it will be performed as follows: the entire nail is painted in one tone. After the varnish has dried, a strip of adhesive tape of the required thickness is glued to the part of the nail plate that should remain of the specified color so that free edges remain on the sides.Next, the nail is covered with varnish of a different color. Without waiting for it to dry, you just need to remove the strip of tape. In exactly the same way, you can create curly patterns;
  • when you are doing a manicure with adhesive strips, the task will be simplified. You just need to cover the nail plate with varnish of the selected color, wait until it dries completely. Next, create the desired pattern from the finished ribbons, cutting off pieces of the desired length. Also, self-adhesive strips for manicure are used to obtain thin strips according to the above described method, which are difficult to make using scotch tape.

Important! If you want a more durable striped manicure, use a gel polish. It has an attractive appearance, lasts longer on nails, and reduces their fragility. But in this case, you will have to contact a specialized salon, because professional equipment and tools are required for work. Of course, it is not difficult to find information on how to make a striped manicure with gel polish, but experience and special skills are required to complete the task.Photo When the technique for performing the main work is known, you can begin to study the available possibilities.

Most popular manicure ideas with stripes

Let’s take a look at the most common design options to help you get a great striped manicure:

  • combination of matte and glossy varnish. Such a manicure looks quite restrained, but very stylish and attractive. Homemade scotch tape strips are just perfect here.You need to paint the nail plate with matte varnish, wait for it to dry. After that, paste over the main part of the nail with tape, leaving the edge free. Apply glossy varnish to the edge of the nail plate, carefully remove the tape;
  • even stripes of different colors. Here, you should not think about how to draw stripes on the nails, because you will not be able to make them perfectly even. You should proceed as described above. It is necessary to apply the varnish of the color in which you want to get the stripes on the nail plate, after drying, stick a special tape in the desired direction.Next, it remains to cover the nails with the main color, carefully remove the ribbon. The striped manicure is ready. The combination of blue and red stripes on a white background will be very interesting, but you can use any other options;
  • decor with silver or gold stripes on the base color. Everything is very simple here. You need to paint the nail plates in the color you want, wait for the varnish to dry. Then stick the gold or silver stripes using special stickers. You can make simply vertical or horizontal stripes, lay out any pattern with gold or silver stickers.Strips in different quantities look good on nails – unusual and creative. Note! If you are doing a manicure with tape strips on short nails, it is better to stick them vertically. This will visually lengthen the nail plate.

It seems that a manicure with colored ribbons will not be as original and stylish as you would like? You can use additional decor. In specialized stores, you will find a wide variety of materials:

  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • stones;
  • stickers.

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