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Dior J’Adore L’Or Perfume Review

If “what is your strongest scent memory?” was a category on Family Feud, the number one answer would probably be “my mother’s perfume.” It’s the anecdote you hear time and time again. But while I certainly remember my mom’s signature scent—it was Cartier in my childhood and heavy on the vanilla—it’s my own perfumes of years’ past that instantly transport me back in time. After all, I’ve had quite the love affair with fragrance—and the collection to prove it.

The first perfume I ever had was Cacharel’s Anais Anais, which was released in 1978 and smelled like it. But oh how I loved that bottle. It was tiny and short, ivory-and-pink, and covered in girlish flowers. Although I never liked the powdery scent, I treasured every spritz. Soon after, my signature scent evolved into Philosophy’s Amazing Grace, which I wore religiously up until the end of middle school. To this day, when I catch a whiff of it, I’m instantly brought back into my childhood bedroom, as if through teleportation, getting ready for school without a care in the world. It’s a bubbly, youthful scent that anyone could love.

A small taste of my current perfume collection.

Jenna Rosenstein

As I turned 15 and 16 my taste in perfume evolved; I wanted something a little more sophisticated. First, there was my Marc Jacobs Daisy phase. I wore it on almost every “date” I had with my first boyfriend, which is probably why I still wince when I smell it (apologies to both Daisy and my first boyfriend—it’s not you, it’s me). There was the bottle or two of Miss Dior Eau Cherie that I sprayed through in record time. I was head-over-heels gaga for the scent—until Dior promptly reformulated it and discontinued the iconic caramel popcorn note. I was crushed. I also stocked up on bottles of Diesel Fuel for Life until that met a similar fate. The peppery, jasmine-and-patchouli scent earned me compliments almost everywhere I went, and I thought I would never be able to find a replacement.

But there was one scent I always cherished, admired, and respected—even if it wasn’t one I reached for every single day as a young woman: J’Adore Dior. It’s easily one of the most iconic and successful fragrances of the modern era. It smells good on everyone, and I think that’s partly the reason I shied away from the scent, at least at first. It felt so oversaturated that you couldn’t pick-up a magazine in the early-aughts without coming across an ad for the scent. Everyone had it, everyone wore it. At 16 or 17, I felt like J’Adore was perhaps a little age-inappropriate for me. But I felt cool just owning it, and I loved displaying the elongated golden bottle on my vanity.

More than a decade has passed—I’ve moved, graduated, become a beauty editor—and have since collected a nauseating amount of perfume bottles in my apartment. They collect dust on my vanity since I can only wear one at a time, spritz by spritz. I lie to myself about why I’m holding on to so many of them. It’s not just because they’re beautiful—it’s because I am trying to rediscover my signature scent. I’m looking for a perfume that taps into my need for nostalgia but still reminds me that I am not, in fact, 17 years old. The addition of one more perfume has done just that; it’s changed everything for me and my collection. One mist smells familiar yet sophisticated; comforting yet elevated. It’s a sexier version of Dior J’Adore called L’Or Essence de Parfum. It bridges the gap between the scents I loved as a young woman and the scents I want to love now.

Jenna Rosenstein

I recently spent a few days in Grasse with Dior, learning about how this new version of J’Adore comes to life. It all starts in the jasmine fields of flower producer Carole Biancalana. At the farm Domaine de Manon, nestled between mountains on one side and the sea on the other, harvesters work tirelessly through the morning to pick thousands of rare Grasse jasmine flowers. The harvest lasts for 100 days. Brown wicker baskets are filled to the brim with the small white petals, then promptly shipped off to the perfume factory, where they’re distilled into a potent and powerful jasmine essence called an absolut. That absolut—created with hundreds of thousands of jasmine flowers—is what makes the L’Or Essence de Parfum so special.

Back at the farm, Biancalana picked a handful of fresh Grasse jasmine, rubbed them in her palm, and explained that depending on various factors like the time of day or the day itself, the flowers can take on an almond, nutty, or banana-like quality. All it smelled like to me was fresh-picked jasmine. But when I had the chance to smell the jasmine absolut straight from the bottle, I was smacked in the face with the scent of bananas. The banana scent then drifted away as the various other facets of the flower—nutty, sweet, green, sensual—unfurled.

In this new scent, the jasmine absolut is mixed with rose absolut, then added to the iconic J’Adore vanilla base that makes the scent have such a mass appeal. Dior’s Perfumer-Creator François Demachy noted that rose and jasmine exist in the original J’Adore, but L’Or’s richer absolut content is what makes this new iteration so special. It’s a rose perfume for people that don’t usually love rose perfume. It’s a floral for people that don’t usually love florals. It’s warm and sensual in a subtle way.


But while the scent may have a quiet boldness about it—the bottle does not. The original J’Adore bottle has been updated with a far more obvious hourglass shape. The gold cap that everyone knows and loves got an upgrade, too. The new yellow-gold neck has been engraved and etched so intricately that it looks a chain that’s been wrapped around and around the bottle. From the new design to the juice, this fragrance is absolutely extra—in the best way possible. It’s a complete surprise that all these years later, J’Adore has found it’s way back on my vanity, this time as my new signature scent. The bottle may look a little different, and the scent may be a little more mature—but then again, so am I.

Dior J’adore L’Or Essence de Parfum, $140, nordstrom.com.


Jenna Rosenstein
Beauty Director
Jenna Rosenstein is the Beauty Director at BAZAAR.com.

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A big white floral with a lot of fruit. It mostly reminded me of shampoo, and it was OK, but nothing great. It got very screechy on me, and veered into headache territory pretty easily. Gorgeous bottle, boring juice.

Normally I’m not one to really get into fruity florals. There are exceptions, but by and large it is a very bland and ubiquitous genre served up to women in the same capacity as aquatics are to men. There really is only so much you can do with fruit and flowers before it smells like your average dryer sheet or salon product, but when an exception occurs, it strikes an accord with me that allows me to appreciate what can be done within the narrow purview of the category when it’s done right. J’Adore by Dior (1999) is one such exception, and was originally composed by the phenomenal Calice Becker for Dior before Franois Demachy took up the mantle as house perfumer for the brand. To put things in perspective, it had been years since a new solid pillar took hold in the female perfume realm for the house. There was the doorbuster Poison (1985) created by Jean Guichard back in the 80’s, with several flankers released in the years since which tried to tame the beast it was, then Dune (1991) showed up and brought some weird animal musk and sandy windswept florals together but without much fanfare, and finally Dolce Vita (1995) which proved to be successful, but not the generalist Dior needed to replace Poison as the flagship feminine. J’Adore ended up being that flagship for the brand because it was simple, well-crafted, and was more than the sum of its fruity floral parts, showing that a great perfume doesn’t need costly ingredients or avant-garde style, just amazing execution within the given medium. Much like Chanel Cristalle (1974), J’Adore remains bouncy, lively, and fresh without being overly sweet. Granted, J’Adore is miles away happier than the icy bitch that is Cristalle, a sort of equal opposite if you will, but it presents its case earnestly.

The opening of J’Adore is balmy calone shimmer as is expected from a 90’s fragrance, but here it works as a pear and mandarin note creep in to join. This tropical sunset of a fragrance moves into lily of the valley after a while, with jasmine sambac in the heart, alongside a light plum and rose water combo that keeps things pretty and feminine without being super sweet or powdery. There is that galoxide shampoo smell here too that you either love or hate in perfumes like this, something also likened to the aforementioned dryer sheets, but here it just really sets the tone of the fragrance rather than dominates it, and I’m not one to hate on the use of synthetic aromachemicals if they are wielded with some skill. If the presence alone of modern scent molecules was enough to make me throw in the towel, I might as well resort to making my own perfumes or just buying from the oud dudes or attar makers online. There is a white musk along with some Iso E Super and dusting of cedar in the base, but the overall accord is held up with the chemicals so you get isolated pear and jasmine over rosewater for hours and hours, without anything like a traditional sandalwood or oakmoss base for any of this to mull into like a traditional chypre. J’Adore feels very linear for this reason but it was made at a time when linear is what people wanted; a single great-smelling accord from start to finish with no surprises to apologize for later on, unlike most of our beloved niche perfumes or heady complex vintage powerhouses with Baskin Robbin’s 31 flavors of animal sac. As a generalist, J’Adore has the gumption to stand up in hot or cold, casual or work occasions, romantic liaisons and family gatherings, but does stumble some in formal situations where a “happy” scent might be off-putting to strangers. Wear time of the original eau de parfum is essentially all day, and sillage more than adequate, so this is no weak-sauce watery perfume despite the style in which it sits.

The person who adores J’Adore is going to be that coworker or boss who just wants a shining beacon of fragrance to announce their arrival and linger just long enough after they’ve left to let everyone know they’ve been there if they weren’t around to meet them when they showed up, but not necessarily to alarm anyone in the process. J’Adore disarms the person who enters its cloud, as it is oh so very clean, fresh, not sweet enough to cloy or impart a feeling of immaturity and mischief, but not dry or austere enough to command you to be on your guard. J’Adore is a “good feeling” fragrance when you don’t want to be too exciting but also don’t want to blend in with everyone’s lavender fougre or orange blossom white floral. The fact that this is such an immaculate example of a maligned all-too-common genre in women’s perfume is the one reason it remains so popular; this smells incredibly familiar yet better than most of the things you’re liable to happen upon in the street when passing women (and some men) wearing these types of perfumes. I’d say this leans mostly feminine due to the heavy pear and jasmine sambac notes, but anyone with tastes for these notes could wear it, especially in the modern unisex niche perfume market. J’Adore gets pretty pricey for a designer, so definitely test first, and has a half-dozen iterations to boot, but if you’re going to own just one fruity floral, it’s hard to do better without going further back in time. Good deals do pop up from time to time, and that iconic bottle just looks so great sitting in a collection, with it’s wound brass topper crowned with whatever that faux pearl is made of, that even niche snobs would have a difficult time begrudging you for adding it to your collection. Just a hard fragrance overall to dislike! Thumbs up!

J’Adore – Christian Dior

After a watery-fruity start this thing quickly swifts into a evenly fruity-floral (peach-plum-apricot-banana vs rose-muguet) fuzzy waxy tonality with something that reminds me of the fattiness of sheepwool, which I like very much. It gets elevated into a luscious summery seebreeze airyness with whiffs of wood glue and tealeaves which gives it a rough edged feel. At some point it had me thinking of a water-downed version of Allure pour homme. A central jasmine-ylangylang combo gets dragged into the dryout and gives it a syrupy plummy sweetness and as contrast, a suprising dark bitter-sour accent of blackberry. It further develops a kind of ‘dewed’ vanilla and white musk-amber tone with slightly burned plastic/rubbery undertones and a sharp soapy feel. All in all the whole perfume smells a bit too chemical and crude. Not bad but also not very original, a slightly Dior-unworthy perfume.

17th June, 2019 (last edited: 18th June, 2019)

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Bought a 5 ml sample to test-drive it. Too sharp, floral and sweet and very expensive for such a vulgar fragrance. Reminds me of the cheap fragrances by Avon. You would expect something at least 10 times better from Dior. Tacky, for people with no taste at all, who are happy to spend gobs of money to show off their expendable wealth. The first image that comes to my mind after smelling it is of a bunch of nouveau riche moms in their late 30’s meeting inside an elevator at a condo while going for a tea around the center table showing off their perfumes to each other and commenting about their prices.

What a horribly tacky scent — cloying and excessively saccharine; I hated it from the first spritz, but by God is it difficult to get rid of. There’s no personality, just constant sweetness, like opening a packet of stale, powdered doughnuts.

A very fruity floral. Tons of fruit, in fact. Sharp floral mix, in the middle. It ends with vanilla and blackberry. Sweet spring or summer concoction.

A Snuggle dryer sheet that’s been used to wipe down a potted faux rosebush with an anonymous white musk shampoo.


Light airy floral/fruit frag. Has a bit of a lipstick drydown. Nice overall summer fragrance.

This review is for J’Adore Touche, given to me as a 1 ml sample. It’s a muskier version of Jardins de Bagatelle, tuberose rich and the rest all thrown in. Nothing new here but very nice.

A pretty, cheery and subtle floral. Slightly sweet but shows good taste. Light, nothing heavy here. Cute, clean and fun. If lightly applied it sits close to the skin and indeed becomes a good, somewhat sexy skin scent for a woman.

I thought it would be another clean-smelling scent that doesn’t stand out from a bunch of other scents from people on the streets, but it turns out that I haven’t got bored of the scent after wearing it for two months! Maybe the chemistry really works well with the weather of the city I currently live in–hot and humid–and this white-floral scent makes me feel so refreshed every time I wear it. Recommend for spring and summer.

I’m a sucker for everything jasmine-tuberose, but what made me keep this one -which I understand is the love/hate note- is the pear note, and what I love the most is the drydown.

J’adore is an amazing blend of delicate and sweet, but also vibrant and sexy soft floral, fruity, musky notes.

At first I felt the fruity note a bit sharp to the point of making my eyes itchy, but after an hour or so, the musky drydown made me fell for it.

Let me put it this way: at first, it’s a glamorous post-shower clean, but then it mutates into a flapper girl with a glass of sweet summer white wine in hand, lounging by the pool.

I feel I can wear this -I acually do, as a matter of fact- with jeans+white top and I feel dressed. It’s a summer scent, perfect for casual wear, night or day. Lasts about 8 hours on my skin.

I don’t think this is for me, because it is very popular, and very floral. However, I tried it on my skin for the first time today after years of passing it by without a thought, and there is something old-world feminine about it. There is a classic structure reminiscent of Diorella and Mitsouko, but with a brighter, more linear effect. It is sunny without being shrill. On the card, the ylang ylang and tuberose screech. On my skin, however, the fruit ripens, and I get a mezzo-soprano voice with mellow vibrato and a hint of dark edges. I think I could wear this. I understand what people say when they say it smells like shampoo, but I think that’s a chicken-or-egg issue. I think J’Adore must’ve inspired some of the functional perfumery in the last decade and a half since its release.

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This is fine French perfumery brought up to date–feminine, sunny and chic, this is a perfect representation of the brand as it is today–a (perhaps THE) great couture house, still relevant in the current day. A fruity floral with Ylang, rose, jasmine and tuberose, lightened by aldehydes and anchored with sandalwood, this is a textbook composition done right. Does it shout for attention? Does it stand out in a crowd? No, but a woman wearing J’Adore will always be one of the best smelling women in the room. Wonderful packaging and marketing, with the beautiful Charlize Theron, sunny, chic and feminine herself, perfectly representing this lovely offering from the House of Dior.

My daughter received this as a gift from a new boyfriend. He did not know her very well because this is not for her. She thinks this scent is old lady. I don’t know were that is coming from. I seen a review on this that said it smells good on paper. That hits the nail right on the head. I wanted to like this because it is so pretty and floral. It ends up just smelling waxy after a few hours on my skin.

My wife owns this fragrance, and along with Miss Dior they are both my all time favorites. J’Adore is just so sweet and subtle. The floral notes are perfectly light. J’Adore makes me very happy when I detect it on my wife. It’s light and draws me in and I always want to get close to her to smell it on her skin. A perfect fragrance for a happy marriage IMO.


Needless to say:J’Adore by DIOR is a Ambrosial,Eternally Stylish perfume for a Tender Femininity.Most fragrances pale in comparison With this one.Sure to get a Lot of compliments if you wear it. Romantic,Classy,Artistic,Popular, Mysterious,Original,Cheery,Fresh and Feminine.

The composition is built of a perfect harmony.The top notes Encompass a Fruity Melody of Pear,Peach,Bergamot and Melon that is simply Lovely.The Middle notes a bouquet of abstract Flowers with an Indefinable Femininity Due of Charming and Sweet Base notes.

This Scents a Breathtaking Blast of Loveliness that tells of an Exquisite Expression of a Particular Lady.Perfect for SPRING Evenings Even Winter days,when you just need a reminder of a Spring Romance.It Gives you a strange feeling of joy.I would recommend it to a Romantic Lady looking to get an fragrance for Men Attention.


Longevity?It is Truly Weird on my skin.


This fragrance reminds me of a wedding day. Flowers everywhere and sun beaming in the church. It is floral sweet bouquet, pretty and elegant. Whenever I want to feel feminine I reach for this. Opening notes can be quite strong initially but give it a few minutes and it mellows beautifully.

Jadore is one of those modern classics we may take for granted: its solid, always pleasant in pretty much any circumstance, stylish yet undemanding and carefree. A soapy-fruity blend with a fresh, invigorating opening of bergamot notes and peach, then white flowers, vanilla, a silky and clean jasmine deprived of its earthy-indolicness, with a beautiful crystalline rose note on a mellow base of sweet sandalwood and discreet cedar. All perfectly rounded and made a bit more adult by aldehydes and darker floral notes (tuberose). A fruity-powdery scent, if you want: a bit conventional and not a wow, probably, but with a really pleasant and cozy fresh, golden, white-plushy sense of liveliness, this making it quite appealing also for younger audiences. Yet it is also rich, slightly shady if you pay attention, with a thin feel of something more adult and sensual floating all over. Classy and cheerful. Not memorable, probably, and not the most distinctive scent around, but not all scents have to be like that; Jadore is a timeless, perfect, carefree and safe scent which can make pretty much any woman (or man) smell elegant, discreetly confident, generically sophisticated with a hint of urban-young allure in pretty much any situation. One of the several mainstream scents far superior to niche floral ones which rip them off at twice the price. Recommended!


*This review pertains to the original ‘parfum’ version circa 2000, the earlier extrait of J’Adore is more complex, verdant & lacks the syrupy sweetness found in later re-formulations, also the florals & raw materials used are of superb quality, a beautifully blended fragrance indeed, absolutely breathtaking !

This would have to be the very best version of J’Adore available, one of Calice Beckers greatest creations. The original parfum contains both Maroc and Turkish rose, Ch.magnolia absolute, jasmine abs. (Grasse), Comoros ylang ylang & damas plum with a base of rare woods including high quality sandal and amaranth. Not as sweet as the more recent eau de parfum & toilette presentations including it’s associated flankers although silage & staying power is phenomenal, projects well when used in combination with the lesser concentrations &/or a moisturizing body product (best when layered). The high quality florals are beautifully blended along with the Chinese magnolia and Cassis bud, this parfum imparts a luxurious silky feel on skin & is both a joy to apply & wear, I’m not sure if this 1999 formula is still being produced (highly unlikely), either way I would suggest searching for and stocking up if possible on this glittering gem of modern perfumery. Get it now while you still can, it’s not that easily found so you may need to hunt it down, I guard my supplies zealously. . .

It is certainly worth the effort, liquid ‘GOLD’ !

“Bon Chance”. . .

Genre: Fruity Floral

Any fruity floral scent joining a line that already includes Diorella needs to be a lot better than JAdore to justify its existence. Calice Beckers floral compositions sometimes take on an overly abstract, almost faceless quality. This is true to some degree of Beyond Paradise, but very much the case with JAdore. Theres nothing particularly wrong with JAdores lactonic peachy floral accord, but it never smells more than bland and sweet to me. Theres none of the crisp, cheerful green tea that enlivens Beckers Tommy Girl, nor any of the luxurious tuberose that elevates JAdores lAbsolut version. For me , though, the ultimate deal-breaker is a white musk drydown thats a dead ringer for my current shampoo. (Krastase Resistance.) I think I can live without JAdore.


Either I’ve become less tolerant with age, or J’Adore’s formula has been cheapened. I now find the fruity notes at J’Adore’s heart unpleasantly cloying.

18th June, 2014 (last edited: 06th July, 2014)

Really wanted to love this… but all I detect is powder, powder, and… powder. It makes me want to sneeze!

Sorry, must not be for me.

Seeing the popularity of this scent, I assume it probably smells better on the people it works on than in the bottle.

Unlike Wingie, I wasn’t fortunate enough to obtain a sample of the original scent, but I whole-heartedly agree that the newer J’Adore is terrible. It’s an overpowering concoction of Ylang-Ylang, musk, and some foul fixative. I reserve single-star reviews for fragrances that contain the formic-acid-scented fixitives found in the cheapest of colognes and perfumes. This fragrance nearly obtained that dubious honor.

This review is for the original formulation, sold in 1999. There is a difference!

The original version, sold in 1999, is very good; a classic for its era, which was largely an era of fruity-florals. The J’Adore that is being sold in stores today is crap. Pure crap. I think the distinguishment between the two needs to be made because there are reviews of what seem to be the current version saying it smells like house cleaner, shampoo, soap, etc, which is true. J’Adore has been reformulated – more than once I believe – with detrimental results.

But the original formulation is good, one of the best fruity-florals to come out of the 1990s. It can still be found on ebay, the box shows the Christian Dior label in a purple circle instead of a gold one. It is on my wishlist as a collector’s item because I know one day it will no longer be available. Samples of the older version can also be found at Surrender to Chance.

Even if you smell the current version and like it, I encourage you to seek out the original version. To me there is no point owning the current stuff when the real McCoy can still be had and is miles better.

Pros: A classic; one of the best in the fruity-floral category.
Cons: The original formula can only be found today on ebay.”

It’s a pleasant fragrance, it really is, but there is nothing really interesting about it. It smells like shampoo, to me. And I like the way most shampoo smells, so I’m not saying it’s off-putting, there’s just nothing particularly unique about it.

It’s one of those fragrances that I would have a hard time pointing out if I came across someone wearing it. I get as far as “that smells nice”, but I can’t pinpoint anything specific or particular about it that makes me go “oh, yeah, that’s J’Adore”

That said, it is clean, inoffensive, easy to wear, feminine and “pretty”. Probably great for women out there who aren’t particularly interested in fragrances beyond wanting to smell good and inoffensive. But to someone who’s smelled a lot of fragrances, this is dull, uninspired and common.

I know I am in the minority here, but I think this stinks. If you like “clean” fragrances this is for you, because to me it smells like something you would clean your house with.

it is for young women i think. it is really innocent and lovely .it is clean and sweet and shy.i really rocemmend this perfume .but i can’t say it is for me now.i am seeking something that is more ambitious and brave. i used to have this but i don’t want to have this any more.

Three notes listed on dior.com- ylang ylang, damask rose and jasmine sambac.
Well ,we all know there is much more to J’Adore than those three notes. What about the champaca ?? I find it interesting that on the Dior website, their olfactory notes section doesn’t tell us more than three notes for each scent.
Dear Dior.com People, do you think that we ,the general public , are unable to process the idea of more than three notes at a time ???

Personally I dislike that elongated bottle neck a lot . Personally, I don’t know how J’Adore stays so popular as to be No 1 on the bestseller lists.

Be prepared for negativity in this little review /sampling note . Apologies to all who love this scent. Believe me, my life would be much simpler and my wallet fatter, if I also loved this scent more than others !

Today I was obsessed with re sniffing J’Adore. I don’t know how The Fragrance Demons attack me in the night that I awake with such a desire to re sniff something I already know, I am not very fond of to begin with ! Off to Cow Town Mall I went.

J’Adore EDP is beautiful to begin with . There is a classical glow at first with such a blend of jasmine , rose and ylang ylang that I get this peachiness. It’s like ‘diffusive silk’ . I love my peach so this was good smelling so far. J’Adore at this point is pretty and swoon worthy . It does seem to present some kind of olfactory picture of ” Gold” . I thought to myself ” I don’t remember J’Adore smelling this romantic and gorgeous.

Fast forward to the drydown . This is where my problem with J’Adore occurs. I come across this nose WALL block – perhaps it’s the fruity blackberry ,perhaps violets and musk combo that really is awful on me. It’s like wet cardboard – dank ,screechy ,artificial and this is the character smell of J’Adore I always associate with it. Too bad. The opening of J’Adore is gorgeous and the drydown is like some schizoid character on my skin. That schizoid character just loves to hang around . Hours later and I am smelling seriously of cardboard. it sits right here on my arm and firmly in my poor nose.

It could be worse, J’Adore Eau de Cardboard could’ve given me a migraine but it doesn’t. For this, it gets ‘ un point ‘.

If I had not waited till the dry down and bought J’Adore on the spot based on that silky waft of peachy-rose-jasmine , I would have been upset .That wall block of offensiveness at the dry down – such a chemical spill on my skin – would have made me take my purchase right back to Cow Town Mall for my refund.

A clean mildly soapy floral. J’ADORE is not particularly interesting but it is rather well made. And I cannot deny its delicately feminine girl-next-door charms. I think it makes a perfectly versatile fragrance for long summer days.

No matter how many other perfumes I fall in love with, I never fall out of love with J’Adore. It is just overwhelmingly feminine and beautiful. I think it’s the only fragrance which I still love in spite of the fact so many others wear it. It is the essence of summer time, yet it suits all seasons. In my opinion it is the most elegant of scents, not trying to be anything it isn’t, just a perfect formulation of jasmine and rose, and it will always have a welcome place in my boudoir!

Is the Elegance of J’adore Perfume Irresistible? – Everfumed

J’adore Eau de Parfum is a fruity floral fragrance launched in 1999 by the French luxury design house Christian Dior. It’s a complex, elegant fragrance by perfumer Calice Becker that remains popular today and has spun off several flankers.

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How Does J’Adore Smell?

First off, if you don’t like florals, give this a miss. The opening is definitely fruity and fresh with top notes of pear, melon, and jasmine. The heart notes are a true bouquet of flowers dominated by floral notes of tuberose, lily of the valley and magnolia, among others. For the dry down, cedar and blackberry make a lasting impression. Despite all the florals, it makes a clean rather than cloying impression.

What is the Packaging Like?

The packaging is striking, luxurious and elegant — as you would expect from Dior. The bottle is supposedly inspired by a Greek amphora with a gold and glass cap concealing the spray cap and teardrop shaped bottle for the juice.

Should I Buy J’adore?

J’adore EDP is a sweet, crowd-pleasing scent that’s hard to go wrong with. It feels youthful and energetic but with an edge of sophistication. The softness of the florals and fruit makes it more of a spring and summer fragrance. It’s a clean day-time fragrance for work or the weekends.

While the fruit makes it a bit sweet, it’s nonetheless a clean fragrance that could be worn by all ages. The main issue is its own popularity. J’adore is a bit ubiquitous at this point — while it was very ground-breaking at its release, there have been numerous similar fragrances in the intervening years. If you’re looking for a truly unique fragrance, it might feel a bit generic.


  • Fresh, fruity floral
  • Sophisticated and elegant
  • Perfect for daytime/professional wear


  • Extremely popular — has lost some of its uniqueness.

J’Adore EDP Flankers

J’adore L’absolu Perfume

Due to the popularity of J’adore perfume, the Dior perfumers launched J’adore L’absolu Perfume by Christian Dior in 2007, which, like the original, is complicated and sexy while being subtle enough to be sophisticated. With blends of Turkish rose, tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang, it’s fresh and sweet, without being so heavy that it can’t be worn during the day. Whether choosing to wear it to work or on a night out, it wears well without being out of place.

J’adore in Joy Eau de Parfum

The most recent in the line of J’adore flankers, J’adore in Joy perfume was released in 2017. This version of J’adore perfumes is again a fruity-floral but this time with a salty Fleur de Sel taste. This is balanced with sweet peach and jasmine notes. The end result feels like a slightly fresher, brighter scent than the original J’adore.

Christian Dior fragrances never fail to excite the senses — you can’t go wrong with any choice.


J’adore EDP by Christian Dior Perfume Review

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I still have a handful of samples that I need to review and they’re all ladies’ perfumes. Two of them are Dior scents from the J’adore line and today, I am starting with the original eau de parfum. J’adore eau de parfum was released in 1999 and has enjoyed wild success ever since then. I will cover what’s in it, how it smells, performs, and whether or not I think it is worth a buy.


What does J’adore EDP Smell Like?

Notes include: jasmine, orchid, plum, rose, mandarin, musk, ylang-ylang, blackberry

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The opening of J’adore is a very clean and refined blend of floral notes. Mostly, I pick up on jasmine, ylang-ylang, freesia, and orchid.  Rose is also apparently in there, but it isn’t a strong rose scent, to me at least.

The florals have a juicy/watery aroma to them, this isn’t a ‘dry’ smelling perfume. Nice green undertones. Lily and melon, give it that juicy almost aquatic sensibility. 

J’adore has a light fruitiness to it. It is mostly a floral dominated composition, but the melon/plum/mandarin trio do come through. and add to the juiciness of the fragrance. 

It is very bright and uplifting but with a sophisticated air to the aroma. Sharp and pretty. During the latter stages, pear and melon are the main fruit notes that remain, and really don’t have intense aromas associated with either. 

Finally, I’m left with lots of jasmine, some light musk, fruits, and a bouquet effect of various floral notes coming together. To my nose, it becomes rather difficult to distinguish between each. 


Sillage, Longevity, and Versatility

The projection on J’adore is pretty good. It isn’t a loud fragrance, it’s actually quite soft. However, that doesn’t mean that it is weak, you’ll know that J’adore is still there.

I also got a full day of wear out of this one. 8+ hours of solid performance, so there won’t be any problems on that end. Coming back to J’adore and trying it out a few more times, has produced very similar results. Not a perfume that will disappoint with its longevity. 

Seasonally, I guess I would say that it is more of a springtime smell. Though, it really wouldn’t feel out of place in any season. It’s pretty solid year round, but performs best in warmer weather. During the summer months, J’adore can handle the humidity without completely falling apart. 

It’s a good choice for office or casual daytime wear. Fits an age range of 20s+, as it retains a mature sensibility without being too ‘grandma’. J’adore doesn’t particularly strike me as sexy, I’d say that it’s attractive and pleasant.

This is a daily wear scent, if you’re looking for something more specific, J’adore isn’t going to fit a mold. Clean, floral, with greenish hints throughout.


Overall Impression of J’adore

Overall, would I recommend J’adore? It pretty much is a classic perfume from Christian Dior at this point. I like it and find it to be a well put together floral. If floral fragrances aren’t your thing, you would probably do well by looking elsewhere.

J’adore isn’t flashy and might not be a go-to perfume for all occasions but it does just about everything, extremely well.

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Dior – J’adore Eau de Parfum

In the search for fragrances, whether for him or her, you try out the most diverse scents and quickly find out which direction you feel comfortable with and which ones you can eliminate.
It is a little more difficult when you want to find a suitable fragrance for someone else. You should already know the person in question well. This can otherwise quickly go to the pants. Fragrances are something very personal after all.
Sometimes one would like to make a dear person happy and maybe even contribute to cheer him up a bit.

So I came across a few years ago in search of a beautiful new fragrance for my dear mum
This was at a time when she was not well and everything around her seemed dark and bleak.
A serious accident robbed her of her cheerfulness for a long time, threw her physically and mentally quite off track. We stood helplessly beside her and did everything we could to make her forget the bad things. It succeeded very laboriously and only so bit by bit, with a lot of patience and distraction.
And it is also said that a beautiful and carefully selected fragrance can help to brighten the mood. Anyway, I wanted to try it.

Heavy serious fragrances would not be suitable for this. There should be something cheerful, radiant, friendly. If possible not too complicated, that was already enough. My mother does not like heavy opulent scents anyway
However, since I know my mom’s fragrance preferences very well and she always trusts my judgement, after some searching I chose the beautiful and fine J’adore EdP.

This fragrance with its beautiful and uncomplicated floral notes should then hit the mark.
Rose is always very welcome in fragrances. With its beguiling and uplifting scent it sets the tone here. But the beautiful rose is cushioned in combination with jasmine and slightly changed in tone, into the slightly sweetish.
With a hint of Ylang-Ylang, the whole thing becomes an almost innocent purity.
Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang are both quite luxuriant smelling representatives. But here at J’adore they are composed so discreetly that they don’t seem obtrusive. I can only smell sandalwood in the base, the scent remains flowery with this fine soap note

The theme with these very pure and as if freshly washed appearing rose scents should only become really popular some years later, when I think of the extremely clean almost clinical appearing rose scents of Chloé or Escada, which came up in 2007 and enjoyed great popularity and are partly still sold well.
J’adore was already a kind of pioneer there in the late 90s.

One can certainly criticize this rather soapy scent, also the very linear course, because the scent does not change much and remains radiantly clean and pure the whole time.
I really like it here. In my opinion, fragrances don’t always have to be lush, complex and highly complicated with the most unusual fragrance components. It is also allowed to shift down a gear or two and you can also enjoy the smaller and simpler things.

On my mother, J’adore smells gently rosy with a touch of the finest noble luxury soap and lasts very long, the scent can be perceived for a good 8 hours, on my clothes you can smell it the next day.
J’adore remains gentle, friendly, cheerful and radiates a beautiful warmth all the time. Nothing stings, nothing scratches, nothing bites.
The flacon is also very nicely designed and a real treat for the hand. Maybe this design, together with the very elaborate advertising, is a bit thickly applied for this rather pretentious fragrance and possibly promises too much.
But you shouldn’t be dazzled by that.
I don’t know of any occasions and seasons that J’adore would not suit, if one is inclined towards this fragrance.

My mother liked the scent from the first moment and I was very happy to find that it improved her mood a lot. She said herself that it was like a fine ray of sunshine on her.
J’adore has thus become one of her favourites (besides Roses de Chloé) and I am sure that she wears it on one of the Christmas days and she will be surrounded by this friendly, pure radiance.

I have a special relationship with J’adore because of the great quality of always bringing a smile to my mother’s face and letting her forget the physical impairments every now and then. And to my mother anyway
The consequences of the accident can no longer be cured, but she has learned to deal with it and to take everything back with her heart-warming humour and to no longer see everything as black.
So it has been shown that even a less complex fragrance can spread joy.

These words will be my last comment in 2018. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have given me their attention during my first six months here and wish all those who have come to know me a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019!

Dior – J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime

It all started with J’adore eau de parfum. Since I had searched for and found the classic J’adore E. d.P. together with my then boyfriend and current husband about 14 years ago, it became my constant companion and remained my signature fragrance over all these years despite some new perfume additions in my cosmetics cabinet.
It didn’t take long before the first “J’adore L’Absolu” and the “J’adore Voile de Parfum” moved in with me, each presenting my beloved fragrance from a different side, the L’Absolu from the intense, the Voile from the mysterious. I also liked and still like the “J’adore L’Or” exceptionally well, but unfortunately I don’t like it – probably because of the coumarins contained in it, atypical for the J’adore series, or simply because of the high concentration of fragrance – nevertheless I also find this variation beguiling.
So my relationship with J’adore was harmonious, multi-faceted, rock solid and yet never boring. I was able to let myself go, evolve and J’adore miraculously did it with me. The first irritations should have arisen around 2015. The fragrance became weaker, more popular, less interesting. As if it could make up for that, Dior then released the “Touche de Parfum”, which, similar to a couples therapy, was supposed to elicit new and interesting sides to the weakened E.d.P., create more dialogue and understanding and make it more attractive. Also different flankers of the eau de toilette should probably serve this relationship-renewing purpose, unfortunately also unsuccessfully for me, because E.d.T’s on my dry skin are usually too weak. J’adore didn’t give up and tried to win me back in 2018 with the new “J’adore L’Absolu”, which unfortunately couldn’t give me the same expressive, flowery and rich kick as the old one
In the meantime, I had tried out several other attractive perfumes and flirted with many more, but I hadn’t given up hope of saving my relationship with “J’adore”, so I bought another new bottle of the classic J’adore E.d.P. – I mean it was in 2018. But what was that? Instead of the usual floral seduction of ylang ylang, damask rose, jasmine and sandalwood, I smelled nothing but a floral-soapy, fast-fading musk scent that I definitely can’t get past the adjective “nice” when describing it. That really hurt for the first time. J’adore, where are you? Will you leave me? Extremely disappointed by the development of my long-time fragrance companion, I fell in love with a new fragrance, “Jasmine des Anges” from Dior, which has since become my new signature fragrance.

As luck would have it, last week I was strolling around a perfumery for the first time in a long while in spite of corona measures and discovered the new ” J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime”. I guess Dior’s couples therapy department did its best to create a fragrance that reminds me of “J’adore”, but is much more intense and full-bodied, would really suit me: Seen, immediately sprayed on the skin, mouth-nose-protection plucked to the side and sniffed Hm … well … but …. the smell is intense, not bad at all … in the first few seconds bergamot, blood orange, pink pepper and centifilm can be clearly smelled – and all the other fragrances mentioned, such as jasmine sambac, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, grassy tuberose and lots of sandalwood are added surprisingly quickly, actively and intensively. It could become something with us… J’ADORE, I THINK IT’S GREAT THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN ADVICE AND WANT TO TRY IT AGAIN WITH ME! I almost get weak after a few minutes and would like to buy the bottle and take it home with me. But my common sense forces me to take a scent ribbon with me first. Once home, I put the scent ribbon on the chest of drawers in the living room. In the course of the afternoon I smell a stronger, flowery-woody scent on myself in my study, which gives me hope for new happiness, but unfortunately it becomes more and more synthetic and then pungent with time. I still try to make it beautiful and hope that the stinging I perceive is possibly only due to my daily condition.
When I open the door to the living room again in the early evening, the room, explicitly around the chest of drawers on which the fragrance ribbon lies, is filled with a synthetic, pungent scent, whose original floral-woody aroma can only be guessed at and has given way to an almost overwhelming “bouquet of scents” that gives me a headache.

Although I ventilated the room for a long time and wiped the chest of drawers several times, the pungent smell had completely disappeared only the next morning. So as far as silage and durability are concerned, the scent has real power! This new disappointment was final. J’adore, from now on we go our separate ways, your attempts to work on our relationship were to be taken seriously, but developed, as it sometimes happens, from couple therapy to separation support. From time to time we will see and probably still see and remember good old times when I spray you out of my 2014 L’Absolu bottle. Otherwise, that’s it – unfortunately.
Luckily it was only a fragrance relationship, so a separation even has its advantages – it creates space for something new!
Luckily Dior always brings out other great scents like “Jasmine des Anges” or “Grand Bal” , which I am also increasingly falling for – and apart from that other mothers have beautiful sons as well…

Dior J’Adore Eau de Parfum Review

One of my absolute favourites

The first time I sprayed J’Adore I knew I had to have it. I would tell my partner about it all the time and eventually he bought it for me and was absolutely thrilled. Sometimes I’ll just spray it on my wrist when I’m at home because the scent makes me so happy. A gorgeous scent with an even more gorgeous bottle. It’s unlike any other perfume bottle I have seen and I love the gold accents. It’s definitely not your run of the mill perfume that’s predictable and easily replicated. It’s floral, powdery and classy with a scent that stands the test of time. It has many different floral scents mixed in with fruity scents but as it settles it becomes warm and powdery and right away I knew this would be my signature scent. Nothing overpowering or in your face, it’s sophisticated and stands apart from other fragrances.

I love J’adore.  I loved it when it first came out in 1999 and I love it now.  I’ll probably always love it.  It’s fresh, clean, a bit fruity, ultra feminine and luxe. I’ve seen some reviews that say it smells like shampoo.  You know what?  It does a bit!  But that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  I’d love my hair to smell like J’adore.  I’d like my clothes to smell like J’adore too.  I’d like to bathe in J’adore.  J’adore everything, I say!  This scent just makes me happy and makes me feel good.  That’s what perfume is all about so J’adore is a stunning success, in my opinion.

This is a really beautiful perfume. It has a sweet, floral, romantic smell that is not too overpowering, and is suitable for both day and night. The packaging is classy and elegant, making it suitable for most ages. It’s long lasting, so I definitely think it’s worth the splurge and will be repurchasing 🙂

It is such a romantic, modern and sexy perfume. It has a subtle scent to it, not overpowering but strong at the same time. Great to make it as signature perfume for that special occasion. It is my mom’s favorite perfume, it is very expensive however it is so worth the sacrifice. I’ve never felt overwhelmed or guilty buying this perfume.

This fragrance really reminds me of summer, perhaps its to do with the beautiful bottled shaped packaging.

You only need to spray it a few times, as the scent is quite strong and will last for a few hours at least. The scent itself is a beautiful floral scent, giving off hints of nice freshly cut flowers. I use this only on special occasions but it can easily be used as your favourite daily fragrance. 

On price, it is marketed to be high end, I mean it is Dior after all. But if you have cash to spend on quality product that will leave a smile on your face and create a sense of calmness around you, you should try this.

Lastly, what I really like is Dior have actually made a body lotion in this same scent. It is absolutely amazing. So if you fall in love with the perfume like I have, the body lotion is a must have. J’adore Dior!!

What’s not to love about Dior’s J’Adore!  From the elegant tear-drop shaped bottle capped with a fluted gold lid and crystal ball embellishment to its sophisticated floral notes, wearing J’Adore is a sublime experience.  

It is a lovely light fragrance remniscent of a spring day.  Its vibrant jasmine notes dominate, tempered by the muted musky hint of rose.  

This is a gorgeous, romantic scent perfect for day wear and spring and summer.

This has become a Dior classic for good reason.  It is a feminine perfume that would suit all ages.  It has certainly captivated me.

I love the design and look of the J’Adore perfumes. It’s really unique and it looks sexy and elegant at the same time.

I spray it onto my wrist and let it rest for 10 mins, it smells really intense. I’m smelling a lot of jasmin. I think I would prefer the lighter J’Adores perfumes but I would wear this if I had an evening party to go to.

This is my absolute favourite Dior scent. I routinely tell my significant other to buy this for me as an anniversary/Xmas and birthday gift – although the price is high it smells divine and is so elegent and poised!

This smells densely of heavenly, rich roses straight off the rosebush!  This perfume lasts for days on my bra (I spray it on my bra) and so in the morning when I get dressed I get this amazing scent of roses picked in their perfect prime (which they actually are as Dior is very particular as to the timing of when the roses are actually picked for his perfumes).   I find it to be quite a motivating scent that inspires the idea of newness and a ‘glass-half-full’ kind of attitude in me.  

I think the simplistic yet trophy-like bottle is representative of how simple yet how iconic  the rose flower actually is.   Rose is the main scent that I feel am surrounded with when I use this highest of quality perfume.  It’s a highly floral perfume that has a sense of purity about it.  I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy extreme floral scents as this could easily become a signature scent.  It’s a stunningly beautiful perfume!

This is a splurge item that’s well worth the $. Dior I think set the bar with this fragrance. It’s beautiful floral tones linger even when you forget when you sprayed it. A real head turner. I have received numerous compliments when I’ve worn this fragrance.

J’Adore is French for love… and I j’adore this fragrance! J’adore is a stunning and timeless floral scent that turns heads and infuses your senses with a bouquet of Roses, African Orchids, Damascus Plum and Violets. It is perfect for the warmer months when Dior Midnight Poison is a little too rich and indulgent. J’adore is sexy, feminine, and above all romantic. J’Adore EDP is one of the most beautiful fragrances I have discovered to date and I will always have a bottle on hand because I honestly feel lost without it. Even during my early pregnancy when all other scents and aromas would make me feel ill, I could rely on J’Adore to uplift my mood and make me feel a little better within myself. I love this fragrance so much that I am crushing on the newest addition to the J’Adore range, J’Adore L’absolue.

This perfume honestly smells incredible! It is so feminine and sweet! You can easily wear this day or night and it also lasts all day!

This Parfum is by far my favourite, I even wore it for my wedding! It has such a light  fragrance and I find it suits any occasion. I find the fragrance lasts really well and you don’t need to re apply throughout the day.

J’adore Christian Dior fragrance – a fragrance for women 1999

My God, I got so used to this perfume that I did not even think about the possibility of leaving a comment about it … In horror … Like: well, why leave a comment about that what was, is and will be in my perfume wardrobe? What to write about him, because his constant presence in the house is always so organic, familiar and everyday that what kind of comments can there be? Having Jadore is well … like having toothpaste. No comments …
Stop! That is, carried away by selections and niches, I pushed my old faithful combat friend to the distant regiment? That is, I threw all my strength into wearing new niche perfumes and my Jadore became Cinderella? Straight ashamed of myself, by God…

After all, who helped me out both in the feast and in the world? J’ADORE!
What bottle did I grab from the shelf when I didn’t know what perfume to wear today? J’ADORE!
Why was I jealous of my girlfriend in the early 2000s? Because she had J’ADORE!
What bottle did I buy in duty-free, when there was no time to choose, and I had to quickly buy something win-win with one hundred percent hit? Of course, 100 ml J’ADORE!
For what perfume I was 10 years old, offended that it was made directly from “folk spirits”? For J’ADORE!
They are so eternally loved that you don’t even notice their presence in the house, well, they have just been registered with me for more than 10 years.And I haven’t written a single comment about them … Why don’t we appreciate the obvious that is always there?

I will not lay out the notes – for a long time everything has been decomposed without us, the reputation of the fragrance has already crystallized so much that it makes no sense to break the spears. Its flowers-fruits-musk-gold-sun are already indisputable for millions.

I’m talking about something else. About the fate of this fragrance.
The deepest conviction: JADORE is already following the path of the great perfumes of the 20th century and has already become a classic. And deservedly so. It will take 20 years and for its vintage version they will give crazy money (I need to buy a couple of bottles, by the way, before it’s too late, I didn’t take this into account).JADORE has already become as legendary as “Climat”, as Rive Gauche Laurent, as old Poison and other legendary fragrances of the 60-70s of the 20th century. Only we do not notice this yet – after all, try to find the real Climat, and Jadore is here, almost on every corner, if you wish, you can always find a decent version. It is still possible to find, fortunately.
Maitre Luca Turin gave Jador 3 stars. Old man Turin got excited, IMHO, got excited. You need 5 stars.
For JADORE is ALREADY a fragrance with a long history, ALREADY a legendary fragrance.And he is only 14 years old … All Grasse with its breezes, flowers and legends in one bottle … Sunny tenderness … Shining femininity … My declaration of love.
Live classics.

Jadore from Christian Dior (Jadore Dior) – description of the fragrance, varieties and types of perfumes: reviews and photos of perfume

The great couturier, fashion designer, artist and designer Christian Dior founded the Fashion House in Paris. Any undertaking by the maestro, from fashion shows to the presentation of new Jadore Dior fragrances, is enthusiastically welcomed by the secular audience.

The French perfume “Jador Dior” debuted in 1999, but continues to delight fans with its original sound in 2018. Buyers claim that over time, like a good wine, it only got better.

The history of the fragrance: what was the first bottle

This masterpiece of the perfumery industry has an intricate composition belonging to the fruity-floral family. The literal translation of the title is “I adore”. The name matches the content. The perfume won the hearts of connoisseurs, as soon as it appeared on sale and instantly gained popularity.

Women’s perfume “Jador” from the Christian Dior fashion house, a description of the fragrance of which you will find in our article, made women all over the world forget about the existence of other scents for a long time.

This eau de parfum is the creation of Calice Becker. Perfectly selected ingredients and verified concentration create a refreshing combination in which all ingredients are organically revealed.

A bright mixture of fruit and floral overflows, revealed by the sound of top notes of fresh bergamot, sweet pear, ripe melon.

Blooming magnolia, fragrant mandarin and ruddy peach blend smoothly into heart notes:

  • white jasmine;
  • plums;
  • violet root.

Delicate lily of the valley, exotic orchid, Nepalese rose, freesia and Mexican tuberose flowers complete the bouquet.

The finishing notes of the base create a long-lasting trail of vanilla sweetness, flavored with subtle amber of Texas cedar and blackberry.

Surrounding yourself with a seductive, unobtrusive, inspiring scent, you will feel like a goddess, emphasize natural grace and charming femininity.This is the scent of inspiration, emphasized femininity, beauty of untouched nature, playfulness, pleasant coolness and freshness.

Design of the bottle “Zhador Dior”: how to distinguish a fake, original photo

A figured amphora made of transparent glass with a high golden lid, decorated with a golden pearl, does not need advertising. A weightless cloud envelops the lady’s figure with a light press on a special spray.

The original author’s vessel has a golden braid on the neck: it will help you distinguish a real product from a fake.When buying, we also recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • Pack. The clandestine product has a smaller list of ingredients that make up the perfume. The product security code is located in different places.
  • Serial number of ingredients.
  • Label. If the inscriptions on it are white, it is a real “Dior Jade”. If gold, set the bottle aside.
  • Spray tube. For a surrogate, it is short and does not reach the bottom.
  • Brand logo “CD”. If it is on the side, buy, if in the middle, do not fall for the bait of scammers.

Shake the package lightly. If the bottle “jumps” inside the cardboard, this is a fake. The original is firmly fixed.

Remember that a real bottle is a work of art: expensive glass, quality accessories. It is not easy to confuse it with a fake market, but, unfortunately, even well-known stores often sell fake products under the guise of originals.To be sure that you are giving money for the true Jadore, order it on the AromaCODE website.

Varieties of perfume “Zhador Dior”: all types and compositions of perfume

The contents of the bottle have found their continuation in new, memorable variations. The composition of the first product and recent innovations is similar. The captivating and sensual base found its admirers and received many-sided continuation in the following masterpieces:

  • Christian Dior J adore is a fragrance that defies description.This is the second item in the line. A unique creation designed for true ladies who understand style and beauty.
  • The next eau de toilette in the Jador Dior collection was called Collector Anniversary and received positive reviews. This is a golden specimen of the flower family. Delightful composition, intoxicating with sweetish notes.
  • The Cologne Florale perfume is replete with gentle spring notes of citrus and magnolia. The closing notes of neroli complete the bouquet.
  • Next creation is Summer Fragrance. A feminine fragrance with attractive, inviting notes. This is a unique interweaving of oriental and floral scents. Top notes of mandarin and champac complement lily, jasmine and violet. The dizzying scent of an orchid is complemented by musk, plum and amaranth.
  • A worthy continuation of the classic tradition of Jadore perfume from Christian Dior will be Jadore L Or. It will be appreciated by ladies with dignity, confident in their irresistibility.Includes red rose and white garden jasmine. In the heart – tonka beans, amber, labdanum moss and vanilla. The final chord is patchouli.
  • J Adore Eau de Toilette shines with the shine of precious metals – a flanker, a variation of the Jadore Dior fragrance of the same name. The classic version of the flower bouquet made a splash in 1999. The new bottle contains the same shades of magnolia, citrus, orange and lemon. Wood and vanilla, ylang – ylang, tuberose are reflected in the sensual scent so beloved by ladies of all ages.
  • A golden interpretation of the original oriental ingredients is reflected in the “Jador Dior” L absolu with essential oils of jasmine, rose and tuberose in its composition.
  • The collection includes Voile de Parfum. The powdery-musky family combines elegance and irresistible sexuality. A long-lasting, ingredient-rich blend of rose flowers, iris and musk gently envelops a weightless veil, covering a woman’s silky skin.
  • The list would be incomplete without Dior’s Jadore Extrait de Parfum.The composition of the next masterpiece includes floral notes: rose and jasmine. The harmonious sweet combination cannot but delight the true gourmets of the branded perfume.
  • Touche de Parfum organically combines woody and floral overflows. It was created by François Demachy. The fragrant masterpiece contains iris, rose, jasmine, ambrette, hibiscus, sandalwood and musk. Dynamic variations carry an unrivaled colorful sillage.
  • Description of the fragrance Lumiere in the Jadore Dior line envelops you with a juicy citrus: sweet orange and fresh invigorating lemon are the base of this perfume.In the heart of the perfume there is a spring magnolia, a blossoming rosebud, a mysterious smell of neroli. The sound ends with the sweetness of vanilla, woody notes of sandalwood.
  • The graceful bottle of L Or contains a delightful flanker of classic perfumes with a melodic sound. Oriental motifs will envelop you in a cloud of vanilla, Tonka beans, tuberose, ylang-ylang and jasmine. By choosing it, you will plunge into the ocean of sensuality and languor.
  • The “Jador Dior” eau de parfum race ends with In Joy, a true hymn to joy and pleasure.Its composition barely perceptibly touches you with drops of neroli, gives off ripe peach and sea salt.

The beauty and harmony of all of the above scents causes genuine admiration. The enchanting trail and unsurpassed aftertaste attracts not only men, but also women.

We have offered a description of the fragrances of perfumes in the Dior Zhador line, but the final choice will be yours: other people’s reviews and advice will not help here. If you can’t decide, order samples on our website.

When and with what to wear a long-lasting train perfume

Many women have several bottles for different occasions. But there are those who never cheat on their favorite scent, using it at any time of the year or day. According to the reviews of perfumery experts, Zhador Dior eau de toilette is suitable for both the first and the second type. The captivating base with a pleasant straw of floral components is appropriate for both day and evening. She will suit any situation in life. At a business meeting and at a party, in the office and on a walk with friends, in the theater and in a restaurant, you will feel confident and invariably attract attention.

It can be used every day or left on the go, as a nice addition to a festive look. An attractive floral masterpiece will suit a successful, self-sufficient, self-confident lady with wealth and a sense of style. The advertisement for “Greedy Dior” with Charlize Theron in the title role speaks directly about this: get a perfume, and you will outshine Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. The most delicate shades of the composition will emphasize your grace and elegance of the outfit.

To feel like the queen of the red carpet, just apply a couple of drops on the neck and wrists.

Traditionally, it is believed that a cozy alluring scent is more suitable for women after 30. It is associated with luxury and temperament. But everything is very individual, and you need to choose your favorite scent taking into account personal preferences, character and style.

In order for the eau de toilette to play, it must not be mixed with other scents: deodorants, aromatic creams and body oils. The intriguing floral-fruity melody sounds especially pleasant in the hot season and in a warm room.Create a fragrant cloud with one click and enter it. The smell will accompany you longer if it gets on your hair or natural fur.

Christian Dior J’adore

Christian Dior J’adore (Christian Dior Jadore) – a description of the scent of perfume, eau de parfum, a review, who suits, how to distinguish the original from a fake.

Christian Dior J’adore is a sophisticated fragrance for women, whose elegance stands out from other representatives of the fair sex.The composition is related to the fruity-floral group. You can buy perfume in the form of perfume.

Description of fragrance

Christian Dior Jador is a sweet fragrance that successfully combines the most enchanting notes. The aroma opens with ripe melon and fragrant bergamot. The pyramid is complemented by an amazing combination of pear and peach. The main notes of the composition are:

  • tender lily of the valley;
  • royal roses;
  • sweet violet.

The playing melody ends with the aroma of sweet vanilla, noble cedar wood, sandalwood. The sweetish smell will appeal to most. A wonderful train will make everyone turn around. The products give the girl self-confidence, cheer up.

Attention! The scent symbolizes charm, domination, sophistication.

Suitable for

Christian Dior J’adore is a cozy and inviting scent that is perfect for women over 30.The scent is gorgeous for energetic and sunny women. Such a composition can be used for going to the theater or restaurant.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

Christian Dior Jador is an exquisite and favorite fragrance of many women. But you can run into a fake, due to such popularity. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to understand a few points.

On the original container, all the inscriptions are applied exclusively in white, and in the fake they are gold.The paint on the original is not erased and all the inscriptions have clear shapes, while the letters of the counterfeit are not clear and will quickly crawl over.

Another point to pay attention to is the shade of the liquid. Fake perfume has a yellowish tint. In original products, the liquid is almost transparent.

Inside the container, a tube is clearly visible, which ends exactly at the bottom. For fakes, the length of the tube is less or more than the prescribed length.The original box is made of high quality matte cardboard, and special lines are stamped at an angle of 30 degrees. The fake has glossy cardboard and the lines are at an angle of 45 degrees.

Video Reviews

90,000 Reviews for JAdore Christian Dior / Zhador Christian Dior, new items 2021 Aromat2u.ru

I’ve been looking for a special scent for special occasions for a long time. I drew him to myself charming and mysterious, incredibly feminine, generally unforgettable! A lot of reviews were read, a huge number of shops and websites were inspected … But everything was absolutely “wrong”!

A year ago, on the eve of my birthday, my beloved chose a perfume as a gift, completely relying on his own preferences and tastes.In general, I trust the choice of my beloved man, because most of our tastes coincide. I was never nervous about the fact that he will buy something that does not fit. In addition, it is very important for me what my man thinks about this or that fragrance, because it is for him that I strive to look and smell “excellent”. And so he presented me with this incredible eau de parfum! Until that moment, I had never met the Dior J’Adore women’s fragrance, so this perfume became a real novelty for me.Although, advertising with the charming Charlize Theron has long hinted to me that it is time to try this fragrance on myself. Just one “puff” and a minute of waiting, which allowed all the notes to fully open up, and now I’m jumping for happiness! It was exactly the perfume that I had been looking for!
The bottle is made of transparent thick (especially in the lower part) glass. It has the shape of a Greek amphora. It, like a vessel tapering at the top, is framed by many golden rings crowned with a magic ball. The design is magical, like the scent itself, imprisoned inside!

J’Adore Christian Dior perfume

The bottle fits surprisingly well in the hand thanks to its graceful shape and flowing lines.And by pulling the ball up, you can easily and conveniently open the lid. It fits snugly enough to the bottle, and it seems that this is a single whole.

It’s time to pay attention to the scent itself.

Christian Dior J’Adore women’s eau de parfum belongs to the group of floral fruity fragrances. This perfume was released back in 1999, but still has not lost its relevance.
The aroma pyramid is built like this:

  • Top notes: Melon, Peach, Pear, Magnolia, Mandarin and Bergamot.
  • Heart of the fragrance: Orchid, Violet, Freesia, Mexican Tuberose, Jasmine, Plum, Lily of the Valley and Nepalese Rose.
  • Base notes: Blackberry, Vanilla, Texas Cedar and Musk.

Dior Jadore unfolds gradually, shimmering with all its notes. This fragrance can be safely attributed to the classics, it is timeless and ageless. However, it is not suitable for everyone. And not everyone will be able to understand and appreciate it. Listen to it more closely, it is multifaceted and reveals itself to everyone in completely different ways.

The fragrance conveys an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, so it is ideal for the cold season. Jador Dior is that special scent for special occasions that I have been looking for for so long, it is truly an evening scent.
I do not understand or approve of those who wear J’Adore on a daily basis. I can compare it to a combination of a tracksuit and elegant heels with a graceful stiletto heel. Or how to go for a potato in a beautiful evening dress. Maybe a little rough, but I hope you get what I mean exactly.Jador by Christian Dior is a luxurious fragrance and therefore your image must be appropriate.

I want to warn you: be careful with the application, because this is eau de parfum. Do not overdo it, this is not the case when you can pour it on yourself as if from a bucket – there is a risk of suffocating yourself and harm others. In order to fully experience the bouquet of a luxurious floral scent, one “puff” will be enough. By the way, people around you always notice this scent and give you a good mood, making compliments.

The perfume is incredibly long-lasting. The things in the closet seemed to be saturated with this amazing aroma. Sometimes it seems to me that even after washing, a subtle aroma remains on the clothes.

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Review of the set J’adore La Collection Parfums Christian Dior and the history of the creation of the fragrance “J’adore” | Customer Reviews

“I love” – ​​”J’adore”

The original version of this perfume was released in 1999 by Calice Becker.She is one of the most famous perfumers of our time, she works in New York, although she was born in France and has Russian roots. In general, Calis has a very interesting biography. She did not become a perfumer right away, at first she had a different specialty. But when her interest in fragrances made her take a chance, she received worldwide recognition. The J’adore fragrance, presented by the Christian Dior brand, has gained immense popularity and has become a “floral classic”.

“I can endlessly admire floral scents,” said Calis.-In a sense, these are also perfume creations. Just imagine: for millions of years, nature has selected molecules to endow the flower with the best scent that attracts bees pollinating the plant. Perfumers do the same job, but they have much less time! “

Calice Becker

Christian Dior was sensitive to fragrances. touch of the image “.To this day, the masters of the Dior brand create masterpieces that become leaders in their industry.

French fashion designer, founder of the Christian Dior fashion house

As for the design of the bottle, it was developed by the jeweler Herve van der Straten. It was inspired by an antique amphora bottle that at the same time resembles the silhouette of a woman’s body. The gold cap of the bottle looks like a necklace-amulet of women from the Massai tribe. The art director of the house, Dior, was interested in these decorations at that time. The forms are completed by a crystal ball.The name of the fragrance – “J’adore” carries the meaning of “solemn reverence for the Divine” and “gold”. Thus, a combination of femininity, religiosity and gold arose, reflected in the creation of a luxurious bottle.

Herve van der Straten Interest

“J’adore” is a bright scent of femininity, freedom and grace, mysterious magnetism, happiness and warmth. For each of us, it can become special, acquire an individual sound.

My associations: this is a large, light room that conceals a special, timeless, amazing aroma.The room is old, in the palace of some noble estate, but it has survived to this day. There is a high ceiling, there are many paintings on the walls, large windows are half-covered with beautiful expensive violet curtains. The windows are open and let in fresh spring air and plenty of sunshine. Furniture in bleached oak color. Chest of drawers with a large mirror. On the dresser is an amphora-shaped vase with a bouquet of fragrant fresh white roses. The room the woman was in. She left a long time ago, but left an exquisite trail of sensual bouquet of jasmine, lily, orchid and musk, embodying seduction and sensuality.

Estonian model Carmen Kass became the first person of J’adore. Next – Charlize Theron.

Carmen KassCharlize Theron

Excerpt from an interview with Calice Becker for a Russian magazine: “I already wrote that J`Adore is a perfect storm; or rather, the stars and planets converged over it perfectly: the fragrance itself is beautiful, the branding is magnificent, the bottle is wonderful and recognizable, the advertising is outstanding. And all this attracted buyers to try the aroma, and the aroma did not disappoint them, its quality is easy to appreciate.All the ingredients worked well together, which led to the lasting success of the fragrance, and now the fragrance is a classic. ”

I have in my hands a limited edition set J’adore La Collection Dior (“best of travel”), which allowed me to get acquainted with the four versions of the iconic fragrance and understand how they differ. This is what I want to tell you about.

The set contains:

  • Eau de parfum J’adore eau de parfum, 5 ml
  • Eau de toilette J’adore eau de toilette, 5 ml
  • J’adore In Joy eau de toilette eau de toilette, 5 ml
  • Eau de parfum J’adore Absolu eau de parfum absolue, 5 ml

J’adore La Collection Dior (“best of travel”)

Eau de parfum J’adore eau de parfum

J’adore eau de parfum

Year of issue : 1999

Group of aromas : floral spicy

Top notes : magnolia, mandarin, bergamot, pear, melon, peach, ylang-ylang

Heart notes: damask rose, from Turkey plum, orchid, lily of the valley, Grasse jasmine grandiflorum and jasmine sambac, Mexican tuberose

Base notes : vanilla, Texas cedar, musk

“Sex and the City -2”

Perfume th series based on the book of the writer Candace Bushnell.

In the second part of the feature film, there was an episode when Carrie Bradshaw accidentally meets her ex-lover in the market in Abu Dhabi and he tells her: “This is the best mirage I’ve ever seen!” Remember her Dior look? 💜

Sarah Jessica Parker in a dress that says “J’adore Dior”

For many women, Carrie Bradshaw is a style icon. She is the embodiment of beauty and femininity, freedom and style, creative nature and socialite of one of the most fashionable cities – New York.It is J’adore eau de parfum that suits her perfectly. Although I’m sure she’s not the only one …

Eau de toilette J’adore eau de toilette

J’adore eau de toilette

Year of issue : 2011

Fragrance group : floral fruity

Top notes: citrus, tangerine, ylang-ylang

Heart notes : Vallauris neroli, jasmine, African orange blossom, tuberose and damask rose

Base notes woody notes:

, it is a lighter, fresher version of the previous fragrance.

J’adore In Joy eau de toilette

J’adore In Joy

This is my favorite scent. It is fresh, with marine notes, not very persistent. But no less beautiful. Will become a “portal” for me in the summer. Do you know this way? You buy a new holiday perfume, and it retains that mood, memories, becomes a pleasant association. I’m sure a lot of people do it.

Year of issue: 2017

Scent group : floral, fruity

Top notes: sea salt

Heart notes: Vallauris neroli, Sambac jasmine, tuberose, ylangras ylang

Base notes : peach

It’s me…

J’adore Absolu eau de parfum absolue

J’adore Absolu eau de parfum absolue

In my opinion, it is very similar to the classic eau de parfum, only more intense, brighter, has good durability.

Year: 2018

Group of aromas: floral fresh

Top notes: ylang-ylang

Heart notes: rose, sambac jasmine, jasmine from Grasse, tuberose, magnolia

Base notes: musk, orange tree

, once again about the differences:

  1. Eau de Parfum J’adore – rich floral spicy scent.Luxurious bouquet of Calabrian bergamot essence, Turkish rose absolute and Arabian jasmine. Mysterious and magnetic.
  2. J’adore Eau de Toilette – delicate floral fruity aroma. The previous bouquet is complemented by notes of neroli and essence of red orange. Shining and sweet.
  3. J’adore In Joy! – a fresh floral fruity aroma with a salty accord. An unusual combination of juicy peach, essence of Madagascar ylang-ylang, salt flower and Sambac jasmine. Cheeky and lightweight.
  4. J’adore absolu – sweet floral nectar of two types of jasmine, rose, magnolia and orange tree notes. Bright and seductive.

But the story doesn’t end there! Now there is a new one – J’adore Infinissime. I haven’t been able to listen to it yet, but I know that it belongs to the floral woody, and I think it should be even brighter and more sillage than previous versions. Are you familiar with J’adore Infinissime? If yes, please tell us what it is …

Loading the survey….

J’adore Christian Dior – Aromablog

Some time ago I was on the subway and there was a lady sitting next to me. About my age, but, unlike some, really a lady. In the body, golden hair is neatly styled, a suit of delicate peach color. And perfume.

At first I got nervous – the smell is intense, but we still have to go and go. The next thought is what a persistent smell, and I can’t get out of it, I think about it.Then – no, I think, but I’m not annoyed. I even like him … Nooo. Yes!
What is this? Definitely not an oriflame and not a novelty. Yes, exactly, not a novelty! The aroma is too complex, the notes are guessed, but not read. Flower nectar in fruit juice or fruit syrup in pollen? And the tree is noble, thin, cut with a jigsaw. Behind all this splendor, there is no vanilla inevitable in recent years. Not a single ace up my sleeve. All the chips are on 29 red. Bets are placed, there are no more bets.

The car stopped, the lady got up and went to the exit.I almost ran after her, but exhaled and settled down. J’adore.

I recognized him on the move. I had J’adore sometime in the early 2000s. It was to him that the first, never written review was devoted. I tried to tell a person far from perfumery why I love this perfume.
Just imagine, – I said, – an old rosewood box, upholstered from the inside with purple velvet, almost black. Silk velvet is delicate and shabby, almost decayed, if you run your hand over it, the smallest dust and villi will remain on the papillary lines.This box once kept girlish joys – notes, earrings, sweets, hairpins, the first loose powder, which they never learned to use. Now the box is empty, but I remember all its contents to the smallest detail.

Now the review has been written, the memorial knot has been untied.
I fell out of love with Zhador, having heard one day in a 30-degree heat with an unwashed aunt. How cut off. Then several times I tried to return to him, but they had already worked on him, changed something, and I no longer recognized him.J’adore became kind of flabby, soggy like a damp rubber biscuit soaked in syrup. Sometimes a slightly sour syrup. Then numerous flankers and versions began. I was very happy with one of them – J’adore L’Or. But now, albeit by chance and in passing, but had a chance to hear the good old Zhador. It turns out that I still love him.

J’adore Christian Dior 1999
Author of the first version of edp Calice Asancheyev-Becker
Bergamot, mandarin, champaca, ivy, sambac jasmine, rose, violet, orchid, blackberry musk, wood, plum.

J’adore Christian Dior poster of 2000

photo hprints.com

Perfumes for women | pigu.lt

Perfume for women on the Internet

What is spirit magic capable of? She can intoxicate, she can seduce, she can cheer you up and help you become more confident.

Graceful or passionate, subtle or bright, – aromas have been present in human life since ancient times. Perfumery is an art form with a long and eventful history, which still occupies leading positions in the modern world today.

Women have been skillfully using this truly magical remedy for a long time. But if earlier they, as a rule, chose one perfume for life – so many of us remember the favorite scent of our grandmother – today women who want to reveal their femininity have several bottles of used perfumes on their dressing table. High-quality women’s perfumes increase self-confidence, and at the same time provide an opportunity to captivate others not only with a look, but also with a wonderful scent.

Today, women’s perfumes amaze with the variety of offered fragrances, and I really want to try as much as possible! But, if the new perfume can be applied to the body at best the next day, then another eau de toilette – in the evening of the same day.

These days odor persistence of is no longer so important. Therefore, women’s eau de toilette has become a priority for women, which better corresponds to the frantic rhythm of today, when a woman has to “try on” several roles a day and choose a different scent for each role.If earlier fragrances from well-known perfumery companies had several types of different concentrations : perfume (with an oil essence content of 18-35%), eau de parfum ( EDP with an oil essence content of 10-18% ) , eau de toilette ( EDT with 4-10% oil essence), now many popular companies have stopped producing the perfume type, that is, perfume.

Women’s perfume should be applied to the body , and not to clothes, as many mistakenly do.Fragrances are best revealed on a warm female body.

Special substances from the flora, reacting with heat, emit intoxicating aromas that are not only very pleasant, but also last for a very long time. Women’s perfumes with their variety will please any taste of : from the sweetest, which are more often chosen by romantic natures, to more spicy, preferred by perfectionists and the fair sex, who love to control everything. Every woman should have her own scent. This is a condition under which your femininity will be revealed and your individuality will be emphasized .

Constantly appearing new items in the world of perfumes provide an opportunity for women to surprise others with new fragrances, and each time to give their image even more uniqueness. Indeed, it is this detail of style that, like nothing else, allows you to emphasize your individuality and great taste, therefore there are perfumes for young and older women – for everyone who wants to go through life accompanied by a pleasant and inspiring scent. Perfumes allow a young woman to emphasize youthful maximalism – in this case, oriental or other bright fragrances are often chosen for women, and women of a more mature age prefer fragrances that reveal experience and wisdom.And yet, this choice is especially individual, because only you know which scent will help you shine the most brightly.

Prices for women’s perfume are determined by quality – the more intense the concentration, the less perfume you need to keep your favorite scent throughout the day. For those who are looking for a large selection of original perfumes for women, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of perfumes – the best women’s perfumes in the online store Pigu.lt are offered on favorable terms.We also have offers for those who are interested in high-quality and inexpensive women’s perfumes – promotions and sales will allow you to purchase your favorite fragrance at lower prices.

In our online store women’s perfumes are waiting for you Nina Ricci, Tom Ford, S. Oliver, Armani, Dolce Gabbana, Dior, Givenchy, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Joop, Lacoste, Chanel, Versace, Mexx , as well as exciting fragrances from other manufacturers and the highly demanded elite niche perfumery – drop by and choose the one that suits you.

Like jewelry, the fair sex never has too much perfume, so if you have been dreaming of a change for some time, perfume can be the first step towards a new image.

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