Dim sum coffee shop singapore: 12 Affordable Dim Sum Places In Singapore That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

12 Affordable Dim Sum Places In Singapore That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

When it comes to Chinese food, every one of us has a soft spot for dim sum—or yum cha as it is commonly referred to in Hong Kong. A classic  Cantonese delight that is commonly enjoyed with hot tea—hence the term ‘yum cha’ which translates to ‘drinking tea’ in Cantonese—who can resist waking up to likes of steaming hot, meat and seafood-stuffed morsels of goodness.

Many folks may argue that the best (and most affordable) dim sum can only be found in Hong Kong or Guangzhou but we beg to differ. In fact, you can just as easily find some of the best and cheapest dim sum delights right here in Singapore.

As much as we love our cafe-style brunches, there is just something about dim sum that still makes it our ultimate go-to comfort food. Here is our list of 12 dim sum places in Singapore that will not hurt your wallet but will have you thoroughly satisfied nonetheless.

Photo Credit: charbao


Situated just a stone’s throw away from the esteemed Swee Choon Dim Sum is Johore Ye Zhi Mei Handmade Bao, which serves a wide array of tasty and affordably priced dim sum, 24 hours a day from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Besides their signature giant handmade bao, Ye Zhi Mei, that they are best known for, they also offer interesting spins on dim sum such as Bean Curd Dumpling, Salted Egg Siew Mai and Century Egg Siew Mai.

208 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208894
Tel: +65 6294 2210

Photo Credit: chillingsaint


Lai Kee has 5 outlets in Singapore, and they are all traditional, old-school dim sum stalls located in nondescript coffee shops. They offer endless dim sum options, including your typical Siew Mai and Har Gow.

Though portions are relatively small, most items are affordably priced, so rest assured that you can feast on dim sum without burning a hole in your wallet at Lai Kee.

126 Lor 1 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310126

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Photo Credit: qqingg


Shi Wei Xian Hong Kong Dim Sum is a place where east-siders flock to for unpretentious and delectable dim sum. Their traditional handmade dim sum is priced at an average of just S$3, and this includes the classics such as the humble char siew bao, chee cheong fun and siew mai.

Oddly, they are only open on weekends and they usually sell out pretty early so be sure to head over earlier to beat the crowd!

119 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-06
Singapore 380119


If you ask a resident of Kovan where you should head to for excellent dim sum without burning a hole in your pocket, Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum is the place to go. You are very likely to find a basket of their signature Liu Sha Bao on every table because no one leaves without a taste of that buttery salted egg yolk goodness.

If you are looking for more items to share, the humble stall also has other classic dim sum dishes such as har gao, xiao long bao, char siew rice roll and siew mai.

1012 Upper Serangoon Road,
Teo Seng Eating House
Singapore 534750
Tel: +65 9168 5587


Offering value-for-money dim sum across a few outlets in Singapore, Tiong Bahru Pau is where you can get Cantonese-style buns and other dim sum items that range from S$0.

80 to S$2 per piece.

Be sure to get the crowd-favourite char siew bao which is filled with large chunks of tender pork and a rich barbecue sauce that makes every mouthful ever so flavourful.

32 New Market Road
01-1038 People’s Park Food Centre
Singapore 050032
Tel: +65 6222 7656


What makes Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum stand out from their competitors—apart from the cheap prices (less than S$4 per serving)—is the fact that they offer dim sum with a twist.

Get started on Spicy Sour White Chicken Feet as a cold appetiser and continue your feast with Steamed Cheong Fun that is filled with prawns, char siew, Enoki mushroom and many more.

151 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
Singapore 560151
Tel: +65 9685 9371

Photo Credit: Mongkok Dim Sum


At Mongkok Dim Sum, you can have dim sum for breakfast, tea and even supper! Open throughout the day, the dim sum joint has a plethora of choices that mostly fall below S$5.

The Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun, Pan-Fried Carrot Cake and Yam Pastry with Meat Filling come highly recommended. 

214 Geylang Road
Singapore 389274
Tel: +65 8484 8829


Victor’s Kitchen is best known for its classic Liu Sha Bao, which features molten, creamy salted egg yolk lava oozing out upon your first bite into their fluffy white buns.

While their custard buns are hands-down the crowd-favourite, make sure to try out some of the other offerings while you are there, such as the Tasty Queen-Sized Siew Mai and Golden “Bo Lo” Char Siew Butter Buns.

91 Bencoolen Street

Sunshine Plaza, #01-49
*Singapore 189652
Tel: +65 9838 2851

(*Victor’s Kitchen has another outlet at Chinatown Point)


This Dim Sum treasure place is located in the heart of the Jalan Besar neighbourhood. The unique dim sum served here is one of the reasons why customers keep coming back for more!

Their one-of-a-kind Charcoal Siew Mai, made fresh upon ordering, have already captured the attention of many. It comes in a set of 3, with each one encompassing a whole shrimp. Topped with prawn roe, the additional texture of the dish stands out from regular Siew Mai.

57 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208809
Tel: +65 6909 0777
Tues to Sun: 11.30am – 3 pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Jalan Besar


True to its name, every single dish here is priced at the unbelievable cost of S$1.30.

One of the cheapest dim sum places in Singapore, Kuai San Dian Xin is popular for their Custard Pau and Carrot Cake. The Custard Pau has a rich buttery filling and your teeth will literally sink into the soft skin of the pau. However, do not expect the custard to flow out of the bun like regular custard paus in the market, the filling is more solid than liquid.

However, the prices are consistent with the portion of the dishes and one can definitely eat up to seven or eight dishes alone! But considering that it will add up to only about S$10, it is still a great deal!

21 Woodlands Close, Level 1
Singapore 737854
Daily: 24 Hours
Nearest Station: Woodlands

Photo Credit: Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum


Since Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum was founded in 1988, it has offered Singaporeans a taste of Hong Kong with its wide array of authentic and affordably priced dim sum choices.

Many customers go back for their signature Lo Mai Kai, Chee Cheong Fun and Beancurd Skin Rolls.

Out of the different Chee Cheong Fun that they offer, the shrimp-filling one is by far the best of them all. Not only can one taste the freshness of the shrimps, but it is also impossible to resist the silky rice roll that neatly ties the dish together. Splashed with a generous serving of savoury sauce, the dish is complete.

3017 Bedok North Street 5
Singapore 486121
Tel: +65 6748 4893


This place is the perfect replica of Hong Kong itself. A lot of effort has been made to give off a ‘Mongkok vibe’. This place is a hit for those who not only want dim sum, but also a feel of Hong Kong. Every detail from the paintings on the walls to the tiled flooring plays a role in transporting you from Singapore to Hong Kong in a split second.

The price is a steal for the amount of food that is served with each portion. Their Milk Tea and Red Bean Ice has just the right amount of sweetness to brighten up your day, but at the same time not overpower you with too much sugar. These drinks pair well with the eatery’s Pork Ribs in Black Bean Sauce. The ribs are soaked with flavours of the sauce and are best eaten with steaming hot rice or congee.

63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-80
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648331
Tel: +65 6794 1335

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Ex-Peach Garden dim sum chef opens Bedok coffee shop stall selling cheong fun from S$3 – Mothership.SG

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Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun is a newly-opened stall at a coffee shop in Bedok Town Centre.

It is opened by chef Thoo Chang Wei, who has 20 years of experience at dim sum restaurants.

The Malaysian chef started his culinary career at age 18, working at Min Kok Restaurant, a reputable Cantonese eatery in Seremban.

Ex-Peach Garden dim sum master

In 2010, he moved to Singapore where he served as a dim sum chef at the popular Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Thoo decided to venture on his own and start his own business.

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

As its name suggests, the stall specialises in cheong fun, a rice noodle dish served with sauces and fillings.

He uses four types of flour (potato, chestnut, tapioca and wheat starch) to make the batter for the rice noodle sheet from scratch.

Fillings are then added to the batter before the rolls are served and cooked.

Thoo serves a variety of cheong fun:

Plain Cheong Fun (S$3)

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

Char Siew Cheong Fun (S$4)

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

Mushroom Cheong Fun (S$4)

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

Prawn Cheong Fun (S$5)

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

Photo from Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.


209 New Upper Changi Road #01-633 Singapore 460209

Opening hours: 7am to 9pm, daily

Top image courtesy of Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun.

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Safari-themed cafe, $1.30 dimsum and Vegan Burgers — Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari, Kuai San Dian Xin and VeganBurg Singapore | by Chia Nicholas

Hello from the wild side of Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari! Safari-themed cafe?! This cafe has actually been opened for a while now, but I was in awe of the huge tentage area which is reminiscent of the Africa Safari. I wouldn’t want to be in somewhere too hot, and the tentage is just right with it being kept cool all day.

Also, take a nice #OOTD in front of the tentage. haha While we can’t travel now, and if Africa is on your to-go list, why not visit this cafe for an experience!

Can’t go with their Lattes, Ham & Cheese croissant, and Blueberry Lemon Curd Muffin Crumble.

Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari Menu

Address: Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819

Opening Hours: 8 am — 6 pm daily

If you’re looking for somewhere affordable to have Dim Sum, why not visit Kuai San Dian Xin for $1.30 dim sum which is located at Ang Mo Kio!

Everything on their menu is legit only $1.30! 🥺🥺 although I went there in the afternoon, they’re open 24/7 so can eat supper there also! 😊 on top of these, they have a wide variety of dim sum options.

Most people serve 4 pieces of dim sum in 1 bamboo steamer but there are only 3 here. What to do, it cost $1.30 only. haha

Address: 555 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560555

Opening Hours: 24/7

The thing about Vegan food is that sometimes the food tastes like the actual non-vegan one. VeganBurg Singapore has a 100% plant-based menu with their fiber-fueled buns, farm-fresh veggies, GMO-free patty, and a good variety of burgers, they are the perfect indulgence for vegans.

Tried VeganBurg Singapore recently. The Chili Krab burger’s patty legit tastes like real crab patty. It was so good with the sweet and mildly spiced chili crab sauce. Totally doesn’t taste like konjac patty!

The Creamy Shrooms comes with dairy-free cream sauce and fresh button mushrooms with a soy patty.

Other than these 2, they also have the avocado beetroot, Hawaiian teriyaki, cracked mayo, and more. They also have interesting sides such as granny’s comfort soup which is minestrone soup, smoked franks which is tofu, and 3 kinds of fries which are truffle, shroom, and garlic.

Veganburg Singapore Menu

Address: 44 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419502

Opening Hours: 11.30 am — 9.30 pm

7 Dim Sum Joints For Night Owls

There’s nothing quite like seeing a table groaning under the weight of countless steaming baskets of dim sum. While dim sum is traditionally eaten in the day for brunch or afternoon tea, it is quickly becoming a supper favourite for the younger set.

For many, supper is synonymous with ‘Swee Choon’, and long lines late into the night are a common sight for this beloved dim sum joint that only opens in the evening. We round up a list of dim sum joints where you can grab supper, including two Halal ones so everyone can indulge.

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant
191 Jalan Besar
Opening Hours: 6pm-6am, closed on Tuesday

A landmark in the Jalan Besar community that it has called home the last 50 years, Swee Choon offers a wide array of affordable Hong Kong and Shanghai-style dim sum. Try their signature Mee Sua Kueh and Shanghai Xiao Long Bao.

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi
126 Sims Avenue, Opening Hours: 24 hours daily
1086 Serangoon Road, Opening Hours: 5pm-2am daily

This old-school dim sum place has gotten so popular, especially with the late night crowd, that it’s spawned a second outlet at Boon Keng that opens only in the evening. Must-orders are the juicy, generous King-sized Siew Mai and Thai-style Fried Crab Dong Fen, if you aren’t afraid to get your hands a little dirty.

Mongkok Dim Sum
214 Geylang Lorong 8
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

This casual diner serves affordable Cantonese dim sum alongside other dishes like beef noodles. Try the Steamed BBQ Bun which come three in a basket, steaming and fluffy, as well as the Vegetarian Dumplings with its generous filling of chives, carrots and mushrooms bound in a translucent skin.

The Baked Bun with BBQ pork is Tim Ho Wan’s bestseller

Tim Ho Wan at Aperia Mall
12 Kallang Avenue, #01-01/02/03 Aperia Mall
Opening Hours: 9am-3am on Fri & Sat, 9am-11pm on Sun and weekdays

Previously a 24 hour joint, the outlet recently changed its opening hours, but still welcomes peckish night owls on the weekends to tuck into their Big 4 Heavenly Kings: Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (pictured), Beancurd Skin With Pork And Shrimp, Pan Fried Turnip Cake and Steamed Egg Cake.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café At Cineleisure

8 Grange Road, #02-11 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Opening Hours: 11am-2am daily

There are quite few Xin Wang outlets around the island that open late till 2am, but it’s most central is the one at Cineleisure in the heart of Orchard. The menu feature comfort food typical of Hong Kong and Macau cafes, including a range of the usual dim sum items from steamed spare ribs with black bean to pan-fried radish cake.

Sweet, oozy salted egg yolk custard bun is a favourite at many dim sum shops

89.7FM Supper Club
5 Changi Village Road, #01-2035
Opening Hours: 24 Hours daily

Okay, so this isn’t a dim sum restaurant per se, but if your supper buddies can’t decide what to eat, 89.7FM Supper Club is a Halal food court serving up a variety of cuisines including a number of decent dim sum selections like har gao, siew mai and xiao long bao, all made with chicken, of course.

Tang Tea House
Four outlets islandwide, see here for full list
Opening Hours: 3pm-3am daily

Tang Tea House is another Halal place to go for your late-night dim sum cravings. They have a dedicated dim sum menu with all the usual favourites like har gow siew mai as well as steamed rice rolls with shrimp or BBQ chicken and deep fried goodies like bean paste sesame balls and crispy shrimp dumplings.

Written by Rachel Tan

Rachel Tan is the Associate Digital Editor at the MICHELIN Guide Digital. A former food magazine writer based in Singapore, she has a degree in communications for journalism but is a graduate of the school of hard knocks in the kitchen. She writes to taste life twice.

Masks Requirements Have Returned to Starbucks and McDonald’s

© Provided by Food & Wine Bloomberg via Getty Images Last month, the CDC reversed course on its mask guidance: In May, the federal agency had said vaccinated Americans could mostly stop wearing masks, but last month, worries over the Delta variant led the CDC to once again update its policy, this time saying even vaccinated Americans should wear masks in restaurants. But this guidance is just that: a recommendation. The question quickly became who would follow. Last week, two of America’s biggest restaurant chains essentially did. As America’s largest coffee chain — and therefore an integral part of many people’s day — Starbucks has served as a bit of a barometer on which way the pandemic weather has been turning, dating way back to March of 2020 when the chain first closed all of its stores to carryout customers. This past May, Starbucks respected the CDC guidance, making face coverings optional for vaccinated customers except where local regulations required them. But now, in light of the change in government advice, Starbucks too has backtracked a bit. Last Monday, the coffee chain updated its own COVID-19 response page with some policy tweaks. © Bloomberg via Getty Images The CDC has said even vaccinated adults should wear masks in restaurants; chains restaurants are following suit.

“In alignment with the updated guidance from the CDC, Starbucks strongly recommends customers wear facial coverings while visiting our stores, regardless of vaccination status,” the chain wrote. “Where mandated by local law or regulation, Starbucks will require customers wear masks while in our stores. Additionally, starting August 5 all company-operated store partners are required, regardless of vaccination status, to wear facial coverings while on shift.”

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has taken similar steps, also altering its mask policy in light of the CDC announcement. America’s biggest burger chain originally required masks at all of its U.S. locations in August of 2020. That policy was eased in May in line with the CDC update. But last week, nearly a year after its first nationwide mask mandate, McDonald’s once again said they would make masks mandatory — even for vaccinated customers — in areas with high or substantial transmission.

At a time when America’s mask policies have not only been a patchwork of differing state and local rules but also been continually changing in many areas based on local data, the policies at national restaurant chains would seem to be one of the broadest indicators of where the country is headed — and for now, at least, it would seem masks are going back on.

7 Places for Best Dim Sum in Singapore: Updated 2021 List

If you want to get the best dim sum in Singapore, you’re on the right page! We’ve rounded up the very best restaurants for those bite-sized treats today so dim sum lovers can indulge themselves.

The restaurants we’ve chosen are all famous for the quality of their dim sum, as well as the service. What’s more, they all have a superb value-to-price ratio for their offerings.

Anyway, you’ll see that for yourself once you try any of these establishments. So, let’s not delay any longer and dive right into your options for dim sum restaurants in Singapore:

1. Sum Yi Tai

BEST FOR  Traditional Chinese cuisine
PRICING Dim Sum, Tapas, Drinks
WEBSITE http://www.sumyitai.com/
ADDRESS 25 Boon Tat Street Singapore 069622
CONTACT DETAILS +65 62213665
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: Lunch – 11.30AM to 2.30PM / Dinner – 5.00PM to 1.00AM


Saturday: 7.00PM to 1.00AM

Closed on Sundays

At Sum Yi Tai, you can enjoy three different dining concepts.

These include the Tapas Bar where dim sum lunch and drinks are served. You can also have some dinner and late-night conversations here.

Meanwhile, the Mona Lounge stands as a nostalgic cocktail bar with Asian fusion on each well-crafted beverage.

Finally, for an exclusive and private gathering, the Rooftop Bar usually serves as the perfect getaway after a long day of hard work. Definitely the best dim sum in Singapore with modern elements. 

The main highlights of their menu would be dim sum and tapas. Be sure to try both when you go there!

Service Highlights

  • Private karaoke room
  • Different dining areas
  • Chinese tapas

Customer Reviews

Sum Yi Tai brings back the good old memories of Hong Kong’s fearless era during the ‘80s, which is why it’s loved by many locals and tourists. Tom Lee complimented the breathtaking view at the Rooftop Bar and wrote this review on Google Reviews: 

“Another cool rooftop bar beneath the towering skyscrapers in commercial Singapore. Good place to hang out after a long day at the office, with ice cold beers, small bites or a full meal, and not too loud chill music.” 

2. Red Star Restaurant

BEST FOR  Authentic Cantonese Cuisine
WEBSITE https://redstarrestaurant.com.sg/
ADDRESS Block 54, Chin Swee Road #07-23, Singapore 160054
OPERATING HOURS Open Daily (including Public Holidays)


Breakfast/Lunch: (Monday to Saturday) 8.00am to 3.00pm / (Sunday & Public Holiday) 7.00am to 3.00pm

Dinner: (Monday to Sunday) 6.00pm to 10.00pm

You can easily find the Red Star Restaurant at the heart of Chinatown, serving quality dishes in a friendly environment. If you enjoy casual dim sum in Singapore with family and friends, add this to your list!

They mostly provide Cantonese dishes such as roast duck special and dim sum. Keep in mind that the dim sum selections are only available until 3pm… so be sure to get there early.

Their menu consists of a variety of traditional and signature dishes for a memorable dining experience. 

Service Highlights

  • Venue for family celebrations and events
  • Affordable set menus
  • Relaxed and warm ambience

Customer Reviews

Aside from an accessible location, Red Star Restaurant also provides simple yet comforting vibes. If you’ve just started exploring the Chinese cuisine, patrons say this would be an ideal place since they have the basics and signature dishes that leave the best impressions.

Yoong Daren shared this experience on Google Reviews:

“One of the few dim sum restaurants in Singapore that opens early (7am on Sun, 8am on other days). Delicious and authentic dim sum that delivers through push carts. Large crowds here for this long-standing establishment are a good endorsement of quality. Family-friendly and this place is a treasure. Will definitely come back!” 

3. Yan

BEST FOR  Innovative signature dishes and well-crafted traditional Cantonese cuisine
WEBSITE https://www.yan.com.sg/
ADDRESS #05-02 National Gallery Singapore 1 St. Andrew’s Road Singapore 178957
CONTACT DETAILS +65 63845585
OPERATING HOURS (Daily) Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm / Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm


*They will be closed for private events so make sure to check their event schedules on their official website.

If you’re looking for a good dim sum in Singapore with signature dishes, Yan’s cuisine is rich in the traditional flavours of Chinese cooking at its best. The presentation is classic too, and can only be described as elegant.

They have their own dim sum menu too, which includes the six dim sum platter and a mixture with porridge. The place can also be used for wedding venues, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Service Highlights

  • Multi-functional venue
  • Classic food presentation
  • Original dishes

Customer Reviews

Customers of Yan have only praise for their food, particularly their dim sum. A reviewer commented about the fine dining service at the restaurant and left this feedback on Google Reviews:

“Yàn has been on my to-try list for a while and we were well pleased with the food! Definitely one of the best Chinese restaurants in town. Great ambience coupled with delicate dim sum, well balanced flavors and food prepared to perfection, literally Chinese fine dining at its best. We ordered the lunch set menu that provided great value for all that was offered. Will definitely be back!”

4. Taste Paradise

Image Source: Trip Advisor

BEST FOR  Fancy and exclusive Chinese dining
WEBSITE https://www.paradisegp.com/brand-taste-paradise/
ADDRESS 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard #04-07 Singapore 238801
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6509 9660
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri 11.00am – 3.00pm (Last order at 2.30pm) | 6.00pm – 11.00pm (Last order at 10.00pm)


Sat, Sun & PH 11.00am – 4.30pm (Last order at 3.30pm) | 6.00pm – 11.00pm (Last order at 10.00pm)

With their many outlets, Paradise has proven to be one of the most successful Chinese restaurant brands on the island. So the next time you search for ‘dim sum near me’ in Singapore, don’t be surprised if there is always a Paradise within your reach.

Part of their success comes from the fact that they offer excellent value, as many loyal customers will attest. Because of their convenient locations and quality dishes, they have been considered by many to be the best dim sum in Singapore for 2020.

If you are looking for a dim sum restaurant in Singapore that serves a combination of traditional dishes fused with contemporary tastes to suit everyone’s palate.

Taste Paradise is one of their leading restaurants, and it provides dim sum cooked in inventive ways. Most dim sum enthusiasts are sure to love their culinary concepts!

Service Highlights

  • Original dishes
  • Catering services
  • Special promotions

Customer Reviews

Gourmet food lovers like Taste Paradise because of their signature dishes that deliver unique and flavorful tastes. A reviewer commended the surprisingly reasonable prices (for a fine dining restaurant) and left this 5-star rated review on Google Reviews:

Always enjoy my meals at Taste Parsdise! Love their dim sums and century egg porridge! It seems costly but I must say their portion is reasonable to their price. This is probably my 7th time here. Not a lot but it will continue to add on. Must come!”

5. Dragon Bowl

Image Source: Why Not Deals

BEST FOR  Festive traditional contemporary Cantonese cuisine
PRICING Set Menu, A la carte Menu
WEBSITE http://dragonbowl.com.sg/
ADDRESS 12 Kallang Ave, Aperia Mall #02-09, S339511
OPERATING HOURS Weekday: Lunch 11am–3pm


Weekend: Lunch 10.30am–3pm

Dinner: 5pm–10pm

If you typically opt for vibrant and dynamic food choices, Dragon Bowl is the place to go!

Each dish served creates a perfect balance of old and modern tastes. They have different styles of dim sum to try out too!

All dishes are cooked with premium ingredients and most of them can be paired with a vegetarian diet. Their dining area can serve more than a hundred guests so they are the best dimsum in Singapore for large gatherings.

Service Highlights

  • Formal events and birthday celebrations
  • Catering services
  • Special promotions

Customer Reviews

Dragon Bowl has received praise due to their generous servings and portions as well as their ability to handle a large number of guests with aplomb. Dr. Alvin Tung shared this experience on Google Reviews:

“A luxurious Cantonese feast for all of your senses! Our family was treated with great extravagance and deliciousness! The service was absolutely professional, friendly and perfectly paced. All of the dishes were prepared to absolute perfection and were served at their appropriate temperature at just the right pace. We look forward to celebrating our next family occasion at Dragon Bowl and spoil ourselves with their delicious cuisine!” 


Spring Court

BEST FOR  Signature dim sum dishes
PRICING Set Menu (Visit their website for more menu options)
WEBSITE http://www.springcourt.com.sg/
ADDRESS 52-56 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058348


(Opposite Chinatown Point carpark)

CONTACT DETAILS +65 6449-5030
OPERATING HOURS Lunch: 11.00am to 3.00pm


(Last Order: 2.30pm)

Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm

(Last Order: 10.00pm)

Spring Court takes pride in their original handcrafted tim sum in Singapore. Each serving has a large portion, making it a high-value meal at a reasonable price.

The restaurant is located at a 4-storey building that has classic exteriors. The interiors are reminiscent of traditional Chinese architecture too.

They have a wide range of services that even includes a special set of dishes for wedding celebrations. Their wedding package also has additional services such as decorations, a bridal make up room, and valet parking for guests. 

Service Highlights

  • Karaoke facilities
  • Special coupons
  • Exclusive menu for wedding receptions

Customer Reviews

Spring Court’s dim sum is very popular, not least because it’s paired with superb service. Because of the excellent staff service and delicious menu, a reviewer from Google reviews wrote this: 

“One of the best Chinese restaurant in Singapore that provides excellent food. The service staff provide top notch service. Place is specious and good for family gathering. Must try dish includes the roast chicken, steam prawns, fried rice, crab meat stew and fish”

7. Dim Sum Haus

Craving some authentic Hongkong-style dim sum? Satisfy that without having to fly out of Singapore by visiting Dim Sum Haus. They have tons of options to choose from— steamed, fried, baked, etc.

All of their dishes are guaranteed to be fresh, handmade, and made only from the finest ingredients.

Their store is open 7 days a week and they usually accept customers on a longer time frame on weekends. If you opt to order online, Dim Sum Haus will treat you to 25 percent off the total of your orders. 

Service Highlights

  • Affordable prices
  • Online reservation
  • Available for delivery

Customer Reviews

Dim Sum Haus is definitely one of the crowd’s favorite places to go for authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum. In fact, it has a 4.3-rating on Google with 544 reviews. Here’s one of the reviews as posted on Makansutra.com.

“That first molar-bite into the Har Gao ($4.20) delivered a lovely shuddery crunch of prawns (treated with cold water rinse, an old school technique that enhances the texture) with a softly gummy, unbroken and well pleated skin. Now I’ll add the hashtag #winalreadyla. It was ditto for the Siew Mai ($3.90) with a prawn atop peeping at me hiding behind a wolfberry seed…

“… the Fried Mee Sua Kueh ($3.60, which a nearby competitor is famed for). The version here, is cut up, then fried individually and crispy all around and soft inside, unlike the others. How can you not like this one, with Chinese sausage bits and dried shrimps inside.”


With these restaurants, you can indulge in all the dim sum you can eat. If you go to any of them, tell us which one it was and what you had!

Should your dim sum feast fail to sate your Chinese food craving, by the way, you can also check out our list of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, we don’t know what will!

*Images are taken from each company’s official websites/social media.

Date of visit: 07/31/2021 at about 6 pm. Walking along the Griboyedov Canal, not once or twice received flyers with an invitation to enter this institution. But, each time there were different plans (fate set aside) and taking the coveted piece of paper passed by. Yesterday, pondering somewhere to have a snack, we decided to go to Singapore and see with our own eyes what they were actively promoting. The landing for six o’clock in the evening, on Saturday, near the metro station Nevsky Prospect, pleasantly surprised us. Free enough. Yes, that there, it seems, and there were 5 tables occupied.Probably, at this moment it was worth thinking about the rationality of our idea to taste local delights. But, alas, intuition was silent. And having settled down at a free table, we began to wait for the waiter with the menu. Everything here was conditionally operative. Ordered – Bao with chicken and noodles with chicken. They took tea from the drinks. Because the drinks list is rather meager and the road was in the establishment. Then there were long minutes of waiting. The first was the bao bun. Having tasted this masterpiece, they noticed – cold. It always seemed to me that this dish should be hot or at least warm. And the steamed bun is lush. But, alas, it seems not this time. Okay, we decided the little things in life and began to wait for the noodles. We are waiting and waiting and it seems that we are waiting for more. Light music plays from the speakers adding some unobtrusive surroundings. Exactly until the moment a character appears in the first hall, at the entrance. DJ apparently. Having deployed his equipment, he cuts in the music so that it seems I can’t hear my neighbor. To hell with him and my neighbor, I can’t hear myself. Generally. No way. Only the roar of music beating from a huge speaker directed into the audience! The evening ceased to be languid.When the waitress approached us again, saying that our food would be ready in a couple of minutes. (I won’t tell you about the exact content of the speech. I heard only fragments of phrases and had to think it over right there.) I asked – will it be so loud !? She promised to find out and flew away like an autumn predawn fog. The music continued to scream. OK. A little later, a demonic column vomiting hellish sounds was turned towards the bar. Has it gotten better? Slightly. Why not just make it quieter is a question. Maybe the calculation was on those who are walking down the street and hearing the furious rhythms from the open door, want to join.Do not know. But, okay. We were already impatiently waiting for our food (eat rather, in order to get out of here and never again appear in the open spaces of this institution) And time goes by. Still no noodles. Finally, they bring it. Portion inspires confidence. Looks very even and … further failure. Insanely salty. Apparently, during the preparation, a rather salty soy sauce was used. Disappointment. Summarizing: Drinks are irrationally expensive. The cocktail list is meager. Food – C grade. Subsequently, the feeling of heaviness did not leave. The atmosphere is nightmare and horror.And, yes, it became the cherry on the cake. Time to pay the bill. A sweet girl brings the bill (not our waitress says) – oh, but we can’t use a card. Cash or transfer. And you were not warned? Shaking his head negatively. We made a translation. And, finally, they fled from Singapore with the feeling that they would never again. We will never visit it. I’m not saying that everything is bad all the time. Perhaps we were out of luck. Maybe on other days everything is completely different. But, the fact remains. It was a disastrous campaign for me.Separately, I would like to answer – in the days of covid, devices are not brought. They just stand on the table – spoons, forks, knives. All that you can touch and lick. But, this is already a comment on the topic of the day =)

Singapore cuisine

Singapore is a mecca for shopaholics and gourmets, the city with the largest selection of Asian flavors.

Singapore cuisine – what is worth trying?

Singapore is one of the few cities in the world where you should visit in order to have a delicious meal. The Asian food cult reached its climax here, revealing the best traditions of cooking. First-class lunches and dinners will become important points of your travel program.

As for restaurants with food from all over the world, here, without exaggeration, there is a huge selection and, perhaps, you can find any dish that you would like to try. Singapore is an international city, so good establishments often invite chefs from whatever country their restaurant serves. But when choosing Singapore for a gourmet tour, first of all, you should turn your gaze to the aromatic Asian cuisine.

Cooking classes in Singapore

Singapore cuisine

Traditional flavors of Singapore

Traditional Singaporean food is considered to be dishes from three nationalities – Indian, Chinese and Malay.

Indian cuisine

Sweet and sour sauces, chili peppers, dozens of curries, tortillas, naan, chapatis and masala tea. Perhaps, you will not find such environmentally friendly and safe Indian food in India itself. Sanitation standards in Singapore are an order of magnitude higher, you can even try the food that is offered in small street cafes without fear of food poisoning. Delicious bananas and tofu are fried on the streets – take care of your figure.

Indian chapatis

Chinese cuisine

Many Singaporean Chinese are descendants of immigrants from the southern provinces of China, who, along with the move, brought their own cooking traditions to the country. A variety of mouth-watering seafood snacks, Chinese omelet, steamed dumplings and the famous dim sum. Even fried noodles and rice are special here. The Chinese eat a lot, in large companies.It is customary for them to order dishes for everyone and share at a common table.


Malay Cuisine

Another direction in the Singaporean culinary world is Malay cuisine. Coconut milk and local spices are traditionally added to many dishes. One of the most popular local snacks is sate. This is grilled meat in peanut sauce (miniature skewers). And rice always remains the main product at the Asian table, it is served boiled for any dish, and also fried along with meat, vegetables or seafood.

Malay cuisine

What are we going to try?

Chili Lobster or Chili Crab is the king of the Singaporean table. A spicy enough dish, but definitely worth your temptation. This is the country’s “trump card”. Served with boiled rice and grilled vegetables.

Rendang – meat in coconut milk (beef, lamb or chicken). A traditional Malay dish for all lovers of exotic flavors.

Laksa Soup – a kind of spicy soup made with coconut milk with noodles, seafood or meat of your choice.
Fried stingray with seaweed is another iconic dish alongside chili crab. Served with the famous Asian oyster sauce.


Pork in sweet and sour sauce is a dish well known to all admirers of China, here it is prepared excellently. Lick your fingers, ask for more.

Murtabak – Indian pie baked with meat. Served in Indian restaurants and eateries.
Along with meaty food and a large selection of the freshest seafood, Singapore is not stingy with vegetarian options. Almost every cafe or restaurant has an impressive menu for those who prefer plant foods. A separate area is desserts and exotic fruits, which are also presented in a variety. It will be tasty for everyone.

Indian Meat Pie Murtabac

Bon appetit in Singapore!

gourmet paradise / Travel.Ru / Countries and regions

Every year, Singapore attracts millions of travelers who want to know what is the culinary miracle of this city-state.Singapore’s main airport, Changi, plays an important role in the city’s gastronomic life: more than 120 restaurants and cafes in three terminals open their doors daily to guests from all over the world. Even sophisticated gourmets find places here that can pleasantly surprise: a local restaurant or snack bar, a cafe with European cuisine and even a vegetarian and halal menu. It is for this reason that this unique airport has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists and locals alike.

Singapore Food Street // changiairport. com

Enjoy a variety of flavors without leaving the airport

A wide selection of street food is available in the transit area of ​​Terminal 3. This is the entire Singapore Food Street , with an area of ​​about 1 km2, a must-see itinerary for those who dream of experiencing Singapore’s street food culture. In 13 locations, you can sample over 200 of Singapore’s most popular dishes and find exactly what you like: traditional chicken rice, fried shrimp noodles, fried rice noodles, pork rib soup and many more.

Singapore Food Street features Peranakan-style décor and is reminiscent of 1960s Singapore. To immerse yourself further in the city’s special gastronomic culture, settle into one of the cozy cafes of traditional Singaporean cuisine. For example, Cafe The Wang Café (Transit Lounge at Departures, Terminals 1, 2) pampers guests with traditional recipes. Those who are in Singapore for the first time will be interested in trying some original dishes. For example, coconut milk laksa soup (with rice noodles, soy sprouts, shrimps and mussels) or traditional kaya toast, with kaya jam made from sugar, eggs and coconut milk (served with egg in a bag, coffee kopi or tea). Nowadays, it is not only a traditional Singaporean breakfast, but also a popular dish for a quick bite.

Traditional Kaya Toast at The Wang Café // changiairport.com

Places you didn’t expect at the airport

The world’s only Hard Rock Café at the airport was opened in Changi.Ideal for connoisseurs of old rock and classic American cuisine, try the award-winning burger, fajitos and traditional nachos.

The newly opened cafe Ippudo Express (Terminal 3) offers Japanese sandwiches, fresh salads and the best ramen soup in town. You will definitely enjoy one of its variations: Hakata Tonkotsu ramen (with meat broth with noodles, tender pork, green onions and mushrooms), Spicy Miso Tonkotsu spicy ramen (with red pepper) or Maze Soba mildly spicy, formally considered a soup, but served without broth and hot.

Spicy Ramen at Ippudo Express Japanese Cafe // changiairport.com

Locals are partial to Peach Garden Noodle House (Terminal 1, Departure Hall). This is the best Chinese restaurant in town, with freshly made dim sum, fried rice, double-boiled soup, special offers from the chef and popular desserts await every guest. Stewed noodles with fish pieces and spicy pumpkin in black bean sauce deserve special attention.

Freshly made dim sum at Peach Garden Noodle House // changiairport.com

In Changi, waiting time flies by

Bar La Cave Wine Bar (Terminal 1) on the roof of the Cactus Garden, decorated in a European theme. Here they spend time with a glass of wine or cool beer, enjoying the mesmerizing view of the runway. Ask the bartender to mix your own cocktail or choose from a wide selection of bar menus.In addition to drinks, the restaurant serves a range of main courses and entertains guests with jazz performances and sports programs. Another favorite pub of locals is Harry’s Bar , located in the same terminal: right in the open air, guests taste the legendary cocktails “Singapore Sling” and “Bellini” and Premium Lager beer.

La Cave Wine Bar // changiairport.com

24/7 access to top restaurants

If you are traveling through the main gates of South Asia in transit and with an overnight stopover, you will certainly be delighted that Changi has also taken care of transit passengers.On the territory of three terminals, 36 restaurants are ready to receive travelers 24 hours a day. The 24-hour restaurant PAUL is the perfect choice for a pleasant pastime, here you can taste real pastries, the recipe of which has been passed down from generation to generation by bakers since 1889. The restaurant, open in Terminal 3 (the departure lounge for transit passengers), offers delicious buns, fresh bread and other pastries that will please even gourmets.

The best way to experience Singapore is to start your journey by exploring the delicacies and traditional treats of the local cuisine.Regardless of whether you are passing Singapore in transit or planning to spend some time here, you will be pleasantly surprised at how you can spend your time at the airport. Leave your free time in advance for leisure in Changi and you will definitely Get an unforgettable experience and even share it with family and friends using the interactive installation Social Tree .


Source: changiairport.com

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冷盘 Cold appetizers Cold snacks
三文鱼 配 黑 鱼子酱 和 香脆 婆罗门 参 鞑靼 沙拉 Salmon tartare with black caviar and crispy salsify Salmon tartare with black caviar and crispy goatbeard 1590
牛肉 鞑靼 和 日月 海藻 Beef tartar with hijiki seaweed Hijiki beef tartare with seaweed 1190
远东 扇贝 配 西红柿 和 姜汁 Far-Eastern scallops with tomatos in ginger sauce Far Eastern scallops with tomatoes and ginger sauce 1420
大虾 沙拉 和 柚子 Salad with pomelo and shrimps Salad with pomelo and shrimps 910
牛肉 蘑菇 Beef with mushrooms Wood mushrooms with beef 890
蔬菜 沙拉 和 牛油 果泥 Vegetable salad with mashed avocado Vegetable salad with avocado puree 890
脆皮 鸭 绿色 沙拉 Green salad with crispy duck Green salad with crispy duck 990
蟹肉 沙拉 和 柠檬 球 Salad with Kamchatka crab and mango sauce Kamchatka crab salad in mango sauce 2105
寿司 / 刺身 手卷 寿司 Sushi / Sashimi / Rolls Sushi / Sashimi / Rolls
三文鱼 寿司 Sushi Salmon Sushi salmon 790
鳗鱼 寿司 Sushi Eel Sushi eel 820
三文鱼 刺身 Sashimi Salmon Sashimi salmon 890
鳗鱼 刺身 Sashimi Eel Sashimi eel 1190
加州 脆 Roll “Crispy California“ Roll “Crispy California” 1300
费城 卷 Philadelphia roll with salmon and cream cheese Roll “Philadelphia” 850
鳗鱼 脆 Crispy roll with eel Crispy roll with eel 890
龙虾 卷 加 鳄梨 、 黑 鱼子酱 Lobster with avocado sushi roll Roll with lobster, avocado and black caviar 1490
辣 吞 拿 鱼卷 Spicy tuna roll Spicy tuna roll 1150
彩虹 卷 Rainbow roll Rainbow Roll 1150
热菜 Hot Appetizers Hot snacks
芥末 虾 Wasabi prawns Shrimp with wasabi mustard 990
糖醋 虾 Shrimp in sweet and sour sauce Shrimps in sweet and sour sauce 850
扇贝 鲑 鱼 水饺 Dumplings stuffed with scallop and salmon Scallop dumplings 1190
脆皮 鸭 卷 Crispy duck rolls Rolls with crispy duck 790
芒果, 扇贝 和 虾 春卷 Spring rolls with mango, scallop and shrimps Spring rolls with mango, scallops and shrimps 850
鹅肝 配 浆果 Foie Gras with berries Foie gras with berries 1250
牛肝菌 松露 泥 Truffle puree with porcini Truffle puree with seasonal mushrooms 820
小 烤 馅饼 鸡肉 馅饼 Home-made baked pies stuffed with chicken (1 pc.) Chicken pies (1 pc.) 150
小 烤 馅饼 蚝油 鹿肉 加 黑 胡椒 馅饼 Home-made baked pies venison puffs with oyster sauce and black pepper (1 pc.) Pies with venison, oyster sauce and black pepper (1 pc.) 290
蟹肉 松露 点心 Dim sum with crab and truffle Dim sum with crab and truffle 1250
图 兰 朵 点心 (什锦, 四个 类型) Assorted dim sum ”Turandot” Dim-sam “Turandot” (assorted of four types) 990
蟹肉 芒果 酱 点心 Dim sum with crab and mango sauce Dim sum with crab and mango sauce 950
香脆 茄子 配 芒果 和 泰式 酱汁 Crispy aubergine with mango and Thai sauce Crispy eggplant with Thai sauce and mango 790
汤类 Soups Soups
冬 荫 虾 汤 Tom Yum with shrimps “Tom-Yam” with shrimps 890
红 甜菜 汤 (罗宋汤) 成熟 樱桃 和 羊角 面包 鹅肝 Borsch with ripe cherry and croissant with foie gras Borsch with ripe cherries and croissants with foie gras 880
虾 和 扇贝 西班牙 凉菜 汤 Gazpacho with shrimps and scalops Gazpacho with shrimp and scallop 780
味噌 汤 Miso soup Miso soup with tofu, mushrooms and seaweed 480
面 , 饭 , 蔬菜 Noodles, rice, vegetables Noodles, rice, vegetables
新加坡 式 炒 米粉 Singapore style fried rice vermicelli Singapore style fried rice noodles 850
泰式 虾 炒饭 Thai-style rice with shrimp Thai rice with shrimps 990
冬 阴 酱 海鲜 菠萝 炒饭 Fried rice with seafood in pineapple with Tom Yum sauce Fried rice with seafood in pineapple with Tom Yam sauce 1200
中国 大 米饭 Chinese steamed rice Chinese rice 490
图 兰 朵 蔬菜 Vegetables “Turandot“ Vegetables “Turandot” 990
主食 Main courses Hot dishes
鱼 和 海鲜 Fish and seafood Fish and seafood
黑 胡椒 酱 章鱼 Octopus in black pepper sauce Octopus in black pepper sauce 1990
烟熏 小 小 鲟 饭 和 浓汤 酱 Smoked sterlet with vegetables and rice, bisque sauce and chili with lime Smoked sterlet on rice with bisque sauce 1990
鲑 鱼 加 中国 生姜 和 蜂蜜 酱 Marinated salmon in Chinese honey sauce with ginger Salmon in Chinese ginger-honey sauce 1990
沙茶酱 黑 鳕 鱼 Black cod in Sha Cha sauce Black cod in Sha Cha sauce 4980
智利 鲈鱼 和 蜂蜜 酱 Grilled Chilean sea bass and Chinese honey sauce Chilean sea bass in honey sauce 3500
鲈鱼 配 菠菜 和 Tom Kha 酱 Sea bass with spinach and sauce Tom Kha Seabass with spinach and Tom Kha sauce 2990
肉菜 Meat Meat
中式 的 黑 胡椒 牛肉 Chinese style beef with black pepper sauce Chinese beef with black pepper sauce 1850
牛排 配 鹅肝 , 松露 和 天妇罗 芦笋 Beefsteak with foie gras, truffle and tempura asparagus Steak with foie gras, truffle and tempura asparagus 2850
烤 羊肉 配 土豆 , 茄子 和 西红柿 Roasted lamb with potato, eggplant and tomatoes Roast lamb 990
肉眼 牛排 配 辣椒 酱 Rib eye with pepper sauce Rib eye with pepper sauce 4190
日本 神户 牛肉 Japanese marbled meat Kobe Kobe Japanese marbled meat 9900
牛肉 面颊 配 仙人掌 和 芹菜 泥 Veal cheeks with cactus and celery puree Veal cheeks with cactus and celery puree 1190
炖 大理石 状 牛肉 排骨 Slow-cooked rib of marbled beef Stewed rib of marbled beef 2200
禽肉 Poultry Poultry
两 酱 脆皮 鸡肉 Crispy chicken with two sauces Crispy chicken with two sauces 1100
皮帕 鸭 配 冬瓜 松露 Pi Pa duck with melon and truffle Pi Pa duck with melon and truffle 1990
腌制 香酥 鸭 与 私房 鸭 酱 和 薄饼 (2 个人) Crispy marinated duck served with homemade duck sauce and steamed pancakes (for 2 persons) Crispy marinated duck with homemade duck sauce and pancakes (for 2 persons) 2300
北京 烤鸭 与 自制 的 薄饼 (全 鸭) Roasted Peking duck served with vegetables and homemade pancakes (poultry) Roasted Peking duck with homemade pancakes (whole bird) 7200
北京 烤鸭 与 黑 鱼子酱 和 自制 的 薄饼 (全 鸭 Roasted Peking duck served with black caviar and homemade pancakes (poultry) Roasted Peking duck with black caviar and homemade pancakes (whole poultry) 8900
点心 Desserts Desserts
焦糖 蜜桃 冰淇淋 球 和 草莓 冰糕 Caramel ball with Melba and strawberry sorbet Melba in a caramel ball with strawberry sorbet 950
奶油 蛋糕 : 蜂蜜 冰淇淋 和 新鲜 浆果 Honey cake with homemade ice cream and berries Honey ice cream with fresh berries 890
芒果 百香果 香槟 甜点 Mango-passion fruit champagne dessert Champagne dessert mango-passion fruit 750
香草 和 芒果 奶油 拌 奇异果 和 青 苹果 冰沙 Vanilla and mango cream with kiwi and green apple sorbet Vanilla-mango cream with kiwi-green apple sorbet 790
法国 饼干 与 水晶 黑莓 Brioche with blackberry crystal French sponge cake with blackberry crystal 790
奶酪 Cheese Cheese
什锦 水果 和 奶酪 Assorted cheese with fruits Cheese platter with fruit 1950
冰淇淋 Ice cream Ice cream
焦糖 Caramel Caramel 290
香草 Vanilla Vanilla 290
巧克力 松露 Chocolate- truffle Chocolate truffle 290
榛子 Hazelnuts Hazelnut 290
酥糖 Halva Halva 290
果汁 冰糕 Sorbets Sorbets
野生 浆果 Wild berry Wild berries 290
草莓 Strawberry Strawberry 290
奇异果 Kiwi Kiwi 290
柠檬 Lemon Lemon 290
黑莓 Blackberry Blackberry 290
覆盆子 Raspberry Raspberry 290
玫瑰 香槟 草莓 Rose Champagne with strawberries Champagne rose with strawberries 380
黑醋栗 Black currant Black currant 290
浆果 类 Fresh berries Fresh berries
覆盆子 Raspberry Raspberry 1900
蓝莓 Blueberry Blueberry 1575
黑莓 Blackberry Blackberry 1575
草莓 Strawberry Strawberry 990

Pan-Asian cuisine | Yekaterinburg – restaurant Mister CHANG

Restaurant “Mister Chung” invites you to taste dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine in Yekaterinburg.Here you will be greeted by the unique atmosphere of the establishment, and delicious aromas will whet your appetite. The restaurant has prepared various unusual dishes for its visitors, including:

  • Original salads with chicken pulp, salmon fillet, tiger prawns, squid, seasoned with chili and various sauces. The composition of salads also includes tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers.
  • A variety of hot appetizers with juicy chicken pieces, tender duck, tiger prawns, pork ribs marinated in a spicy hot sauce.
  • Hurumaki crunchy dough stuffed with potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, sea bass fillet and feta cheese.
  • Chinese wonton dumplings stuffed with chicken, pork belly, tiger prawns.
  • South China dim sum dumplings stuffed with chicken, pork breast, tiger prawns or beef tenderloin. For vegetarians, we have prepared a dumpling with vegetables and tofu cheese filling.
  • Rich soups made with duck, pork, fish or veal broths.Vegetables, spices, rice noodles, herbs, coconut milk are actively used in soups.
  • Rice noodle dishes. This popular Chinese product is found in many Pan-Asian dishes. Restaurant “Mister Chang” offers noodles with shrimp, marinated veal, tender and juicy pork, chicken or Peking duck. Muer mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, soy sprouts, orange slices harmoniously complement the noodle dishes, creating masterpieces of Pan-Asian culinary art.

Pan-Asian cuisine has absorbed the culinary traditions of some countries of Southeast Asia. In it you can find dishes typical for the cuisines of Korea, Vietnam, China, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore. The variety of Pan-Asian dishes can amaze even the most demanding gourmet. There are seafood, meat and noodle dishes, with spices and delicious sauces. This cuisine is characterized by a variety of salads that have an exquisite taste and an original combination of ingredients.

For younger guests, we have a special sports room with an animator and a developed menu. We will take care of your children. Every day we carry out wet cleaning, treatment with antibacterial lamps.


Pan-Asian cuisine has the following features:

  • The dishes of this cuisine are prepared from ingredients that are not quite familiar to us, which, when combined with each other, create an original and interesting taste.
  • All hot meals are cooked in the deep wok, which allows you to prepare food in a special way.
  • For this cuisine, the sequence of the dishes is not important. Here you can eat a sweet dish first, and then proceed to a salty one.
  • Dishes are not served sequentially, but simultaneously. This means that you yourself decide where to start your meal and in what sequence to consume them.
  • One of the most popular kitchen products is rice. It is served with a variety of snacks and sauces.
  • Pan-Asian cuisine is characterized by an abundance of spices and seasonings.They add spice, aroma and original taste to dishes.


You can contact us by one of the numbers:

  • 8 (343) 266 76 97 – for booking tables, ordering children’s parties, a bonus card;
  • 8 (343) 372 09 99 – for delivery of dishes to any point in the city.

You can ask questions by writing to the email address [email protected]

Raffles Hotel Singapore 5 * – Mandarin

The legendary hotel – a witness to the heyday of the British Empire – remains one of the best in Singapore today.In the year of its centenary, in 1987, the Raffles Hotel was officially recognized as a National Historic Site.

And the readers of the Travel + Leisure magazine have recognized the hotel as the best of a hundred leading hotels in the world for many years in a row. Throughout its history, the hotel has seen many celebrities. Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward, Eva Gardner, Charlie Chaplin stayed here. The hotel is proud of its culinary traditions. Rudyard Kipling also advised his readers, when in Singapore, to dine only at Raffles.And the “Ridyard Kipling Suite” of this hotel, named after the 1907 Nobel Prize in literature, is included in the top five author’s suites by the British edition of The Independent.

The hotel has as many as ten cafes and restaurants offering classic European and traditional oriental cuisine, including the famous Raffles Courtyard. It is located in the hotel’s lush tropical courtyard. Here you can not only pay tribute to gourmet cuisine in a retro atmosphere, but also dance to the sounds of a small orchestra playing tunes from the 1920s and 1940s.Raffles Hotel combines traditions of a glorious past with standards of comfort worthy of the twenty-first century. Among the most popular innovations is the magnificent Amrita Spa, which caters exclusively to hotel guests.

Location: Near the Singapore Museum of Art and City Park, 20 minutes from the International Airport.

In the hotel : 6 restaurants (Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean cuisine), 4 cafes, 3 bars, swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam room, Amrita Spa center, conference rooms, business center, hotel history museum, school culinary arts.

Restaurants and Bars

Bar & Billiard Room – European style buffet served Thursday through Saturday, with a special seafood menu for dinner Thursday through Saturday. A sumptuous champagne brunch is offered on Sundays.

Raffles Grill – represents the true essence of haute cuisine, combining classic and modern French cuisine.

Tiffin Room – Curry-flavored buffet – a favorite among tourists and residents of Singapore.

Long Bar Steakhouse – Excellent fried Australian and American beef, quality seafood and a great selection of hot and cold tapas.

Raffles Courtyard – An unforgettable culinary experience surrounded by swaying palms and lush tropical gardens, in the finest outdoor dining traditions.

Empire Café – a cozy combination of a modern hotel coffee shop and an old kopitiam.An eclectic mix of local food has earned a loyal following among locals and visitors alike.

Ah Teng’s Bakery Café is a cozy café offering excellent pastries, biscuits and cakes, as well as steamed hot dim sum.

Long Bar – the place where the Singapore Sling cocktail was created. In addition to almost all alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, this bar also serves traditional pub favorites – food or snacks.

Writers Bar – Located in the lobby, this bar is dedicated to writers who have stayed at or wrote about the hotel.

Martini Bar – located in the Bar & Billiard hall and offers over 50 types of martinis.

Hotel 90,023 103 rooms 90,024 of various categories, including 84 Courtyard Suites and Palm Court Suites, 12 Personality Suites (Joseph Conrad Suite, Rudyard Kipling Suite, Somerset Maugham Suite, Noel Coward Suite, Charlie Chaplin Suite, John Thomson Suite, Ava Gardner Suite , Andre Malraux Suite, Pablo Neruda Suite, James Michener Suite, Gavin Young Suite, John Wayne Suite), 5 Grand Hotel Suites and 2 Presidential Suites (Sir Stamford Raffles Suite, Sarkies Suite).The rooms are a harmonious combination of sophisticated colonial style, the charm of the late 19th – early 20th centuries and modern comfort: high ceilings, elegant antique furniture, oriental carpets, teak floors, exquisite decor items side by side with the latest technical achievements. The balconies of the rooms offer stunning views of the lush, fragrant gardens.

Room categories

Courtyard Suite – consists of a living room with a dining area, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, veranda.

Courtyard suite

Palm Court Suite – located in the main building, overlooks a picturesque courtyard with a garden, consists of a living room with dining area, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, veranda. Rooms are decorated with oriental carpets and furnished in the classic colonial style of the late 19th century.

Personality Suite – the rooms are named in memory of the celebrities who stayed at the hotel. The interior of each room is decorated with souvenirs reminiscent of famous guests.Some of the rooms have balconies.

Andre Malraux Suite : The suite, named after the French writer André Maurois, contains a collection of books by the famous writer.

Ava Gardner Suite : The room is decorated with photographs of Eva Gardner’s visit to the hotel, and the bedroom is decorated with an elegant antique bed and lace curtains.

Charlie Chaplin Suite : A photograph of Charlie Chaplin during his 1933 visit to the Raffles Hotel Singapore hangs in the room, as well as films featuring the great actor.

Gavin Young Suite : The room is named after the famous English writer Gavin Young, who also visited the hotel.

James Michener Suite : The suite named after the famous American writer James Michener, in addition to photographs of the writer, contains an antique colonial-style writing table – a copy of the table behind which the Pulitzer Prize winner wrote his famous novel Tales of the South Pacific.

John Thomson Suite: room is decorated with the works of the famous photographer John Thomson.

John Wayne Suite: is dedicated to the Hollywood actor John Wayne and offers guests DVDs with his films of the actor and a selection of biographical books.

Joseph Conrad Suite: The room contains some of the belongings of the famous English writer Joseph Conrad, as well as his personal autograph.

Noel Coward Suite: The number is named after the famous writer Noel Coward, who not only spent a whole month at the hotel, but also described it in his autobiography.

Suite named after Noel Coward, English playwright, actor, composer

Pablo Neruda Suite: is dedicated to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who has visited Raffles Hotel Singapore several times.

Rudyard Kipling Suite: The room named after Rudyard Kipling contains personal belongings and an autograph of the great writer who has stayed at the hotel more than once.

Somerset Maugham Suite: The room contains photographs of the famous English writer Somerset Maugham, as well as two letters to the hotel manager, in one of which the writer gives permission to quote his phrase “Raffles symbolizes all the myths of the exotic East”.

Suite named after Somerset Maugham, English writer

Grand hotel suite – 5 luxurious rooms are located in the main building of the hotel. All rooms are furnished with antique furniture and paintings. Consists of a living room, dining area, 2 bedrooms (with a double bed and two single beds), 2 bathrooms, utility room, spacious veranda.

Cathay Suite: the name of the room means “China” – this is how Marco Polo introduced this eastern country to Europe. Decorated with Chinese antiques and artwork.

Golden Chersonese Suite: the name translates as “Golden Peninsula” – this is how Malaysia was called in Roman times.

Hotel De L’Europe Suite: The room is named after the magnificent senior rival of the Raffles Hotel Singapore, once located nearby.

Straits Settlement Suite: is named after the British East Indian Colony of Straits Settlements of the 19th and early 20th centuries, to which many works by Maugham and Joseph Conrad were dedicated.

Temasek Suite: A chic suite that pays tribute to the heritage of Singapore, which in ancient times was called Temasek (Sea City).

Grand hotel suite

Presidential Suite – 2 luxurious suites located in the main building, consisting of a living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pantry, spacious veranda.In each room: air conditioning, TVs in each room with cable channels, direct dial telephone with several lines, Internet access, fax and modem connection, safe, minibar, latest newspapers, in the bathroom – bath, hairdryer, bathrobes, slippers …

Sarkies Suite : a luxurious room decorated with authentic works of art, named after the founders of the hotel – the Sarkies brothers.

Sir Stamford Raffles Suite: This magnificent suite, named after the founder of Singapore, is decorated with rare photographs reflecting the history and nature of the island.

Sir Stamford Raffles suite 2-bedroom

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Haute Cuisine Classics at Capella Singapore – MODA.RU

Singapore, as you know, is a country of unusual combinations, which has absorbed the most remarkable cultural features not only of its neighbors, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, but also of Western colonizers. Borrowings in language, lifestyle and art cannot go unnoticed in the region’s cuisine, which is why Singaporean cuisine is a perfect example of a mixture of all kinds of recipes, foods, spices and flavors from around the world.

An excellent opportunity to embrace this immense variety will be presented this year to guests of the resort Capella Singapore on Sentosa Island. The team of the resort is especially sensitive to the issues of gastronomy and haute cuisine, so even the simplest sandwich here promises to be a piece of culinary art. On the territory of Capella Singapore there are three places at once, completely different from each other, where you can have a delicious snack, a hearty dinner or take part in a tea ceremony.

The Knolls has the charm inherent in small restaurants and cafes of the coastal cities of France, Spain and Italy, but a significant difference and a clear advantage of the restaurant is its amazing location: it offers an unforgettable view of the cascade of pools with waterfalls of the hotel Capella Singapore , as well as on the endless surface of the South China Sea. But the main advantage of The Knolls is undoubtedly its menu performed by the chef David Nicholas Senia ( David Nicolas Senia ) .It features the finest authentic Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on rich and rich herbal and spice combinations typical of the region: seafood dishes, delicate salads and juicy meats with sophisticated spices.

Cassia is a classic Chinese restaurant designed by renowned Hong Kong architect Andre Fu. It is located on the second floor of the Tanah Merah mansion, which has been preserved on Sentosa Island since the time when Singapore had the status of a British colony.Chef Lee Hiu Ngai is responsible for maintaining the highest quality of traditional Chinese dishes here. For lovers of oriental rituals, the restaurant Cassia offers a gastronomic event traditional for this region – the Dim Sum tea ceremony, during which, since ancient times, tea has been offered not only Asian sweets, but also savory snacks. Dim Sum Cassia treats participants with Chinese flower and green tea, as well as the traditional black Pu-erh tea, which is indispensable for such a ceremony.

Bar Bob s Bar occupies a cozy terrace with 80 seats with comfortable chairs and sofas next to the restaurant The cascade of the pool. It not only serves wonderful cocktails that fully reflect the traditional Singaporean mix of flavors, but also delight with gourmet snacks inspired by the cuisine of Cuba and the Caribbean.

In order not to get lost in this gastronomic diversity, the team Capella Singapore has developed a special offer Capella Culinary Classic , which offers a clear program for lovers of delicacies and gourmet cuisine, designed for at least two days’ stay on Sentosa:

  • Breakfast for two in the restaurant The Knolls ;
  • Breakfast with champagne in a room for two;
  • Dinner for two at the restaurant The Knolls or Cassia ;
  • Cocktails and tapas for two at Bob s Bar ;
  • Exclusive meeting with the Head Chef Capella Singapore ;
  • Restaurant Signature Recipe The Knolls or Cassia , which you can take with you.

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