Different types of hair treatments: The Different Types of Hair Treatments and their Effects


The Different Types of Hair Treatments and their Effects

What are Hair Treatments?

Good hair can save the day. Yes, that’s correct, if your hair looks good nothing else matters. Hair cannot look good without proper care. Besides good diet, silky and shiny looking hair requires nourishing treatments from the outside. Depending on the type and condition of the hair, you can opt for different kinds of hair treatments.

We can broadly categorize hair treatments into two types:
1.    Hair treatments for damaged hair
2.    Hair treatments for beautification

While getting a beauty treatment for hair we often neglect the damage it can do. Using quality products and visiting a certified hair care professional can help get amazingly silky and stylish hair without doing the unwanted damage. Discussed below are few hair treatments with their pros and cons.

Straightening Hair Treatment and Effects

Opposites attract is true for hair too. If you have straight hair, you’d wish you had curly hair and if you have curly hair you’d wish to have silky straight hair. Curly hair is difficult to manage and style and living with frizzy hair is definitely not easy. Mentioned below are few treatments that can help you get glossy, silky straight hair just the way you love them.

Hair Straighteners/Flat Irons

Calling it a treatment would be wrong but this is the easiest and quickest way to get straight hair. If you are looking for perfectly straight hair for sudden hangouts, a flat iron is the best option. Consult an expert before buying a straight iron according to condition, length and thickness of your hair.

Side Effects

Excessive straightening with flat iron has following side effects:

  • Your hair gets dry
  • Dryness results in frizziness
  • Hair breaks when it is dry and hair loss is the result
  • Dullness
  • Dry scalp itches 


Hair has a natural bond which is responsible for the type of hair. In other words, your curly or straight hair is because of the hair bond. Rebonding is a chemical process that changes the natural bond of the hair. It permanently changes the structure of your hair by breaking down the natural structure of the hair.  

Side Effects of Rebonding

Rebonding, being a chemical based treatment has several side effects:

  • Hair becomes fragile and requires more than regular care.
  • Metal plates and chemicals used in the process can cause long-lasting damage to hair and scalp.
  • Regular touch-ups are required 
  • Whether you like your hair after the treatment or not, there is no turning back, it is permanent.

Hair Relaxing

It is also called chemical straightening. Protein bonds present in curly hair are broken down to make them straight. Getting it done at professional saloon will be a wise choice since the process involves chemicals and is expensive. 

Side Effects

Like any other treatment that involves chemicals, hair relaxing, no matter how good the hair looks afterward, has side effects.

  • Hair breakage and resulting hair loss
  • Hair damage due to extensive chemical based hair treatments
  • Chemicals used in the process can burn the skin resulting in permanent hair loss and scarring.
  • Itchiness and irritation in the scalp is the most common side effect

Coloring Hair Treatment and Effects

Hair coloring is the process of dying your hair in colors other than your natural hair color. Hair colors are used either to cover grey/white hair or for becoming part of the latest trend. No matter what the reason and how good and fashionable you look, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are a few types of hair coloring treatment:

Permanent Hair Color

A mixture of ammonia and developer/oxidizing agent is applied to permanently change the hair color. Ammonia opens the hair cuticles and developer and color penetrate into the cortex for a permanent change in the hair color.  

Demi-Permanent Hair Color

The presence of alkaline in these hair colors make them less damaging for the hair. The only disadvantage is that they cannot dye hair in a lighter tone.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

It has little to no developer, hydrogen peroxide/ammonia and has compounds of lower molecular weight making it less damaging. Color stays for a few weeks.

Temporary Hair Color

The higher molecular weights of the pigments in temporary hair colors stop them from entering the cuticle, the color hence is temporary and easy to wash off. These hair colors are brighter and vibrant and are often applied for costume parties or Halloween.

Natural Hair Colors

The use of herbs like Henna and Indigo are the safest ways to color your hair. The only disadvantage is limited color options as they can be dyed in only certain colors.

Side Effects of Hair Colors

The chemicals present in hair colors can do slight to adverse damages which may include but not limited to

  • Skin allergies and irritation
  • Rough, dry and fragile hair resulting in breakage and eventual hair loss
  • Skin discoloration

Hair Transplant Treatments

Hair transplantation is the method used to re-grow hair in the areas where hair loss has occurred due to any reason. It is a surgical technique mostly availed by men to treat baldness. Skin grafts from the areas that are less prone to balding are transplanted on balding areas. There are mainly two types of hair transplant treatments depending on who it is intended for, the condition of hair and level of damage:

1.    FUE Hair Transplant:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most popular and intricate hair transplant procedure. Single follicles are removed using specialized tools and transplanted individually into the recipient site.

2.    FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also called strip harvesting involves removing a strip of hair and inserting it into the bald patch.

Side Effects

Hair transplant is a safe procedure if done by a specialist. Like any other surgical procedure, it can have certain post-op complications including:

  • Infection and bleeding
  • Swelling and soreness of the scalp
  • Itching
  • Lack of sensation in the scalp
  • Hair thinning or temporary hair loss also called shock loss

Hair Smoothing Treatments

Hair is exposed to sun and environmental pollutants and requires extensive care. Hair smoothing is a treatment that involves hair saturation using formaldehyde solution followed by drying and flat ironing to straighten the hair. The treatment keeps hair straight for 2-5 months. If your hair is too curly or thick, this treatment isn’t for you as it won’t do much to straighten the extremely curly locks.  

Keratin Treatment

Also called the Brazilian Straightening or Blowout is a very popular hair treatment. Keratin is a protein which is naturally present in hair. Keratin treatment is a way to add an extra layer of keratin to hair. This keratin coating adds shine and smoothness to the hair making them look straight. The treatment is the safest there is. 

Side Effects

No matter how good keratin is for your hair, it still has a side effect.

  • Formaldehyde is present in the serum used for Keratin treatment which, if inhaled can cause a throat infection. Formaldehyde can also cause skin irritation, eye irritation and nausea.  

Hair Perms

As I said earlier, opposites attract. People with straight hair wish to have curly locks. Curly hair, although difficult to manage are easier to pull off. There is no bad hair day with curly hair as you can wake up like a supermodel every morning. From tight spiral curls to soft bouncy waves, women these days opt for different perm styles to match their personalities and choices.

Perms can be temporary and permanent depending on the treatment and requirement. You can get a temporary perm if you want to flaunt a fresh look at an event or get permanent perms if you are tired of straight hair. Wrap type defines the type of curl you will have. Spiral perm, body wave, spot perm, pin curl perm, root perm, stack perm, partial perm, volumizing perm and multi-textured perms result from different types of wrapping.  

Types of Perms

Depending on the solution used, perms are of two types: 

  • Hot Perm is the application of the acidic solution to break the disulfide bonds in the hair. The hair can thus be curled in the desired shape.
  • Cold Perm is the application of the alkaline solution to break the disulfide bonds. The process breaks the protein structure of the hair allowing a change in the original structure of the hair. 

Side Effects of Perms

Naturally curly hair is easier to maintain but if your perms are a result of chemical based treatment, there can be side effects

  • Chemicals and heat processing takes out the moisture of hair leaving it dry and coarse.
  • Scalp infections and irritation is a common side effect of hair treatments
  • Hair becomes weak due to excessive use of chemicals resulting in split ends.
  • Chemicals can burn your skin, scalp and ears


No matter how good a certain hairstyle or hair color looks on you, every treatment comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before going for any permanent hair treatment, think extensively. Do thorough research. Compare products, their ingredients, reviews and don’t forget to take an expert’s advice. Once you get a certain treatment, there is no turning back for the next 6 months if not longer.   

Our Best Hair Treatments for 7 Common Hair Types

Flyaways, split ends, and unruly curly hair—oh, my! While you want to wake up to a head of luscious locks, sometimes you might look in the mirror and see a mane of misbehaving hair instead. Years of coloring, blow-drying, and even using the wrong products may leave you with tresses that you’re less than proud of, and you’re not alone. Improving your hair care game takes time and the right tools, but it can certainly be done. From managing frizzy hair to helping create jaw-dropping curly hairstyles, here are our best hair treatments for dealing with seven common hair care concerns.


Hair frizz is undoubtedly one of the most common, as well as annoying, hair issues out there. What you may or may not realize is that frizzy strands can actually be a sign that your hair isn’t as healthy as it should be—it could be overly dry, which can contribute to frizz. Fortunately, though, this means that treating the underlying issue will also help to tame frizz.

In addition to using a shampoo and conditioner system that’s formulated to bust frizz, you should add a hair treatment into your routine to help restore hydration to your hair. If you have frizzy hair, add the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum into your hair care routine. When used in conjunction with the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Smoothing Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner, this hair serum polishes and smooths frizz, strand by strand, while also creating a humidity barrier to help block out frizz and lock in shine. Here’s how to use it: After shampooing and conditioning hair, apply one to two pumps of hair serum to damp hair and distribute evenly, then style as usual. You can also use a small amount on dry hair to tame flyaways and add shine.


Damaged hair can be a consequence of many different things, including coloring your strands, using hot tools without protection, and even just skipping out on basic hair care maintenance. To start showing your damaged hair the love it deserves, alternate between air drying your hair and drying it with a blow-dryer on the lowest heat setting. This can help give fried strands a break. Also, remember that when you do use hot tools of any sort, it’s crucial to protect your strands with a heat protectant, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray.

In addition to changing up how you style your hair, add the L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge Treatment into your weekly hair care regimen—ideally, you should really use it two to three times per week. When used alongside the L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner, this leave-in hair treatment nourishes with each use to help increase strength and flexibility and protect hair against everyday damage caused by heat and styling. Once you’re done shampooing and conditioning, just apply a small amount to wet hair, then style as usual. Also, at least once per week, you’ll want to switch out your usual conditioner for a deep conditioner, like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner. This extra step is much easier and quicker than it seems—it only takes one minute!


Dry hair doesn’t just look sad—it may break or split. If your hair becomes straw-like, it’s time to help replenish your dehydrated strands. Breathe new life into your head of hair with hair care products that are formulated to moisturize your mane, like the L’Oréal Paris EverCreme Renourishing Butter. As part of a system with the L’Oréal Paris EverCreme Deep Nourish Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris EverCreme Deep Nourish Conditioner, this hair treatment helps deeply replenish dry and dull hair to revive lifeless locks. After shampooing, apply the treatment focusing on the ends of your hair. Leave on for three to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use weekly or as needed. For added detangling and conditioning, you can use this hair treatment as a pre-shampoo.

Since dry hair is on its way to becoming damaged hair, you’ll also want to swap out your regular conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment one to two times per week. Look for one that’s oil-based, like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner, which will help restore moisture to your thirsty locks.


A head of thin hair can leave you with hair envy. When you watch other women flip thick strands of shiny-looking hair over their shoulder, you end up wrinkling your nose at your own lean ponytail the next time you pass a mirror. Thankfully, you can achieve the appearance of a more voluminous mane by using styling techniques to help maximize what you have. Pick up the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Volume Filler Densifying Gelee and use it with the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Elvive Volume Filler Thickening Conditioner. The light airy texture of the hair treatment instantly melts onto hair upon application and provides volume after blow-drying without weighing hair down or making hair look greasy. Post-shampooing and conditioning, apply evenly through damp hair and blow-dry. For max volume, blow-dry hair while lifting roots with your brush.


They say the grass is always greener on the other side. Ladies with stick-straight locks long for curly hair, while curly girls struggle to come up with the perfect way to help tame their spirals. If you’re rocking curly locks and looking for the best way to create curly hairstyles, the key may be found in the age-old advice: “Less is more.” The key to taming curls isn’t to weight them down, so too much product is a major no-no. After washing your mane with the L’Oréal Paris EverCurl HydraCharge Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris EverCurl HydraCharge Conditioner, apply the L’Oréal Paris EverCurl Sculpt & Hold Cream-Gel. This hair treatment combines the care of a rich hydrating hair cream with a styling hair gel that shapes without weighing hair down.


Dealing with color-treated hair presents its own challenges. It’s important to stick to a system of hair care products formulated for colored hair in order to help prevent your hair color from fading super-quickly as well as to keep your strands healthy since color chemicals can take a toll on hair. For blonde, color-treated hair, use the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Shade Reviving Treatment alongside the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Conditioner. This system of hair care products helps neutralize unwanted brassiness. After shampooing, apply the hair treatment to towel-dried hair, leave on for three to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use weekly for best results.

For every shade of color-treated hair, you’ll also want to regularly use a deep conditioner. Try the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner, which is formulated specifically for color-treated strands.


It’s a fact that’s been ingrained in our brains since childhood: nobody wants split ends. Not only are they simply not aesthetically pleasing, but split ends can also signal that the overall health of your hair has gone haywire. Combat split ends by incorporating a leave-in, anti-breakage hair treatment, such as the L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Break Proof Lotion, into your regular hair care routine. This treatment, which is formulated with goji, strengthens fragile hair and helps repair breakage at the ends. Simply apply a dime-sized amount onto damp hair after washing, then go about styling your strands as usual. Use the treatment with the L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Conditioner for strong strands that also have body.

Another tip for those who often face split ends? Get your hair trimmed more frequently. We know, it can be time-consuming and expensive to get your strands snipped by a professional every six weeks, but it’s also key in preventing split ends.


Your scalp isn’t a hair type, but good scalp health is essential in order to produce healthy, beautiful hair! Whatever your hair type, you can likely benefit from using a scalp scrub, like the L’Oréal Paris EverFresh Micro-Exfoliating Scrub, every now and then. Using a scalp scrub will help buff away excess product, dirt, and oils that can build up on the scalp over time, which in turn will help promote healthier hair. Used with the L’Oréal Paris EverFresh Antidandruff Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris EverFresh Balancing Conditioner, you’ll have yourself a complete routine that can also combat flakes and dandruff.

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The Top 7 Hair Treatments of 2018

Only 7% of all women love their hair.

That’s a pretty small number, and if you’re part of it, you may be using the wrong hair treatments.

A lot of the ways you style your hair are actually damaging your hair, and if you aren’t taking care of your hair properly, you can end up with broken, frizzy, stringy, hair.

Let’s take a few minutes to explore how our hair gets damaged and how we can fix it.

How Does My Hair Get Damaged in the First Place?

Anything chemical compounds you put in your hair will damage it, so think things like hair dyes. But your hair is more sensitive than you might think.

Frequently styling your hair with a curling iron or a straightener will also weaken your hair. Even putting your hair in tight styles, like a really tight ponytail or braid, can put stress on your hair.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use all your favorite hair products and styling tools, but you should use them within reason. To better understand what that means, let’s take a look at how these things damage your hair.

1. Bleaching Your Hair

Bleaching is a pretty common thing to do to your hair because it lets you get creative with the color of your hair. People with dark hair can bleach their hair and dye it blond, and a lot of people use it to dye their hair colors you could only find in a crayon box.

Bleaching is fun, but it’s incredibly damaging.

When you bleach your hair, the chemicals seep through the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle) and tears away the natural pigment. This changes the structure of your hair, making it weaker.

A bleach job gone wrong can be a disaster, resulting in breaking hair or hair that falls out.

2. Highlights and Semi-Permanent Dyes

These aren’t as damaging as bleaching because they don’t remove pigment from the inside of the hair.

But if you highlight or use semi-permanent dyes in your hair a lot, it can wear down the hair and begin to change the internal structure of the hair.

3. Perms

Anything that permanently curls or straightens your hair actually breaks bonds inside the hair and reconstructs them a different way. This will weaken your hair, leaving it dry, dull, and brittle over time.

4. Curling Iron and Blow Dryer

Every kind of heat applied to your hair will temporarily damage hydrogen bonds that hold your hair together. Because the damage is only temporary, curling your hair at home every once in a while isn’t going to cause a lot of problems.

But if the curling iron or hair dryer is part of your daily routine, the temporary damage can become permanent.

5. Tight Hairstyles

These are things like extensions and weaves. Because they are so tight, they can leave hair broken and brittle. This damage is often caused at the roots, which make it difficult to remove.

But hairstyles like the common brain and ponytail can cause problems too. If the hair is pulled too tight and worn like that every day, your hair will break and you’ll see more split ends.

6. Over-Brushing Your Hair

There is such a thing as brushing your hair too much, and it causes your hair to break and split at the ends.

Brushing your hair too much creates consistent friction that your hair can’t handle. So instead of brushing your hair in depth multiple times a day, try running a brush through it quickly as little as you can.

Hair Treatments to Fix the Damage

All the ways hair can get damage may make you think you shouldn’t do anything with your hair at all. But hair treatments will keep your hair healthy and let you style your hair like normal.

Think of hair treatments like a warm up before you exercise. Most people stretch before they go on a run to make sure they don’t hurt themselves while they’re running.

Hair treatments are the same thing. They take care of your hair before you do anything else to it, making sure it doesn’t get damaged.

So let’s take a look at some of the hair treatments you should be using this year.

1. Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

You should put this in your hair before you pull out your curling iron or straightener.

It’s made of six nourishing oils that will protect your hair from heat damage, including sun damage. It will also keep your hair smooth, taking away that frizzy look heat damaged hair sometimes gets.

2. Briogeo Roscaro Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray

This is another good option if you put a lot of heat on your hair.

While it’s still damp, just apply the condition all over your hair. This will lock that moisture into your hair, protecting it from heat damage.

3. Rita Hazan Triple Threat Split End Remedy

If you’re fighting a losing battle with split ends, this should be your new weapon. This repairs the damaged hair from the inside by actually entering the shaft and putting the broken fibers back together.

Next time you’re at the salon, you won’t have to trim as much hair off as usual.

4. Melt into Moisture

Sometimes curly hair needs a little more attention than straight hair, and this is the treatment that’ll give it to you. Melt into Moisture brings nourishment back to dry, tangly curls and restore moisture. No more poofy, dry frizz.

5. Deep Sea Repair Mask

Deep Sea Repair is also designed to protect and repair dry and frizzy curls. If you have curly hair that’s always dry, use this mask and see what a difference it can make.

6. Redken Clean Maniac Micellar Clean-Touch Shampoo

This treatment removes residue from the products you use throughout the day, oil, and other types of dirt from your hair. Think of it like makeup remover for your hair.

The best part is it leaves all the essential oils your hair needs.

7. Olaplex Hair Perfector No3

If you have bleached hair, this treatment will reconnect the hair’s structure where it has been broken by the chemicals. This strengthens the hair again after it has already been damaged by bleach.

Don’t Skip Hair Treatments this Year

A lot of people forget to take care of their hair, but it needs just as much attention as the rest of your body. Instead of living with dry, broken, and frizzy hair this year, try some of these hair treatments.

Is your hair ready for 2018? Here are a few hairstyles to be aware of this year.

Best Hair Repair Treatment for Damaged Hair

How often do you get clients coming into your salon feeling fed up with their damaged hair? Whether they’ve over done it with hair bleach, heat styling or simply suffer with persistently dry ends, a salon hair repair treatment that actually works is sure to put the bounce back in their step.

Chemically and heat damaged hair not only looks bad, but is difficult to style, too.

So, it’s always a good idea to have some deeply conditioning damage treatments and masks on-hand in your salon. Ready to smooth, moisturise and even help repair the visible damage, your clients can leave  with shiny, happy hair that is sure to have them coming back!

The Best Salon Hair Repair Treatments for Damaged Hair

Find our best salon hair repair treatments for all types of damaged hair below. From conditioning hair masks for porous and dehydrated strands, to luxurious oils and leave-in sprays, you’ll find just what your salon needs…

The Best Salon Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair are:

  • Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque
  • Serie Expert ABSOLUT REPAIR Instant Resurfacing Gold Masque
  • Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Treatment by Schwarzkopf
  • BeautyPro Hair Therapy Conditioning Hair Treatment Mask Cap
  • UniqOne All in One Hair Treatment
  • OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask
  • Ulyana Aster Summer Vibes Organic Oil Hair Mask


OLAPLEX really is the ultimate damaged hair treatment for use in salons. It works by repairing broken bonds in the hair deep down at a molecular level, stopping damage dead in its tracks. What’s more, the OLAPLEX range is incredibly versatile and can be used across multiple services – you can mix it in with hair colour, use it as a stand-alone treatment for particularly chemical or heat damaged hair, or to help protect the integrity and shine of virgin hair. There are also a number of retail products your clients can buy from you to take home to continue maintaining their results after their appointment.

 Find out more: OLAPLEX Now in Stock at Salons Direct

Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque – £14.95

Known for providing products to help with hair loss, Nioxin have also formulated one of the best salon hair treatments for damaged hair. This mask intensely conditions dry strands to strengthen the hair shaft and help prevent future breakage. Simply smooth it on after shampooing and leave for 3-5 minutes. When rinsed away, your client will be left with soft and strengthened hair, ready for that blow dry!

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Serie Expert ABSOLUT REPAIR Instant Resurfacing Gold Masque – £15.70



This is easily one of the best hair masks for very dry and damaged hair. Infused with a cocktail of lipids, ceramides, lactic and phyto-protein, it claims to leave hair fibres up to 7x shinier – see the results for yourself! The mask can be left on for just 5 minutes, revealing shinier and softer hair after rinsing with less visible surface damage.

Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Treatment By Schwarzkopf – £13.00

This damaged hair treatment is perfect for clients who are seeking to repair chemically distressed and porous hair. Formulated with nourishing peptides, use this mask on rough hair with signs of breakage and allow it to restructure the hair from the inside out. The hair cuticle is left smoothed and elasticity restored, plus this mask can help reduce future hair breakages by 95%!

BeautyPro Hair Therapy Conditioning Hair Treatment Mask Cap – £4.45

One of the other benefits of giving your clients a salon treatment for their damaged hair, is that it also gives them a few minutes to sit back and relax while it works its magic. This mask does just that. Wrap the hair up in the cap provided for 15 minutes, and heat will be locked in to help the ingredients penetrate while your clients enjoy a drink. Once rinsed out, they will have gorgeous silky soft hair ready to be styled.

UniqOne All In One Hair Treatment – £7.




Do your clients not have the patience to sit in the salon and let a hair mask work? This leave-in damaged hair treatment is perfect! With an innovative formula, just spray onto wet hair and comb through for hair repair, frizz control, added shine, heat and colour protection, UVA & UVB filtering, detangling AND split end prevention! Not only this, this hair repair spray also boosts volume, so you can create a beautiful style that also gives hair the goodness it needs.

OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask – £7.40



This is easily one of our best value salon hair treatments for damaged hair. Both heat damaged hair and over-processed hair will be invigorated with a hydrating dose of Jojoba and Patchouli Oil for a soft and manageable finish. For a treatment for severely damaged hair, leave on for up to 10 minutes and apply heat for an intensified result.

Salons Direct has a multibuy discount on for this mask – buy 3 or more for just £6. 00 each!

Ulyana Aster Summer Vibes Organic Oil Hair Mask – £22.00

For a natural and vegan salon hair mask for damaged hair, Ulyana Aster’s Organic Oil Hair Mask is perfect. Formulated from a mix of nourishing oils, including olive oil, flaxseed oil, camellia oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil and more, it’s no surprise that it smells divine, too! Just warm the bottle up in some water and apply to hair for 20 – 30 minutes before washing out for deeply nourished tresses.

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Find more damaged hair treatments and masks online at Salons Direct – order by 4pm for next day delivery.

Don’t forget to check the Salons Direct blog weekly to see more of our latest products and salon advice…

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13 Best Homemade Hair Treatments

Looking to tackle pesky hair concerns without blowing your budget? These easy, affordable DIY hair masks all use household remedies that you probably already have at home. While some may utilize your blender — check out the egg and banana mask below — others are as simple as a single ingredient that will get your hair into tip-top shape, whether you suffer from dry hair, fine hair, an itchy scalp, or dandruff.

If you aren’t a DIY’er, don’t stress: We’ve also included shoppable options to cure your hair woes. Either way, you’ll have lust-worthy hair in no time.

The problem: Thinning hair

The fix: If you have baby-fine hair, your biggest stresses might comprise hiding a visible scalp or worrying about strands you can’t afford to lose. Dispel concerns with a protein-rich treatment that can plump up a wimpy mane.

Steal this tip from Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of Hair Care Rehab: The Ultimate Hair Repair and Reconditioning Manual: Make a “banana protein smoothie,” which consists of amino acid-rich bananas and eggs to enhance hair elasticity, strengthen, and add thickness.

How to use it: Blend two egg yolks, two ripe bananas, two to three tablespoons of honey, half cup of conditioner, and two tablespoons of olive oil, until fully pureed. Slather all over and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes; rinse with cool water. “Results are immediate,” says Davis-Sivasothy. “But keep in mind that it only lasts until your next shampoo.”

Store-bought fix: For a drugstore purchase, she suggests Pureology Strength Cure Strengthening Shampoo.

The problem: Brittle hair

The fix: Strengthen strands. While dry, brittle hair is a struggle on its own, it can also lead to increased breakage and dullness. Egg yolks are an easy fix, says Sadah Saltzman, a hairstylist at Salon AKS in New York City. They will help strengthen and nourish hair follicles.

How to use it: Mix a little lemon into the yolks to lessen the egg smell. When applying, put the mixture on hair from roots to ends and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour to really penetrate into hair.

Store-bought fix: If you’d rather save your eggs for cooking, try Too Cool for School Egg Remedy Hair Pack.

The problem: Messy waves or curls

The fix: Define, rather than fight, your hair’s natural bends with a homemade curl enhancer made of molasses and honey. According to Davis-Sivasothy, honey and syrup are natural humectants (ingredients that attract and lock in moisture) and can treat curls while hydrating thirsty hair.

How to use it: Mix a half-cup of molasses or maple syrup, 1/4 cup of olive oil, four tablespoons of honey, two bananas, half-cup of water, four table spoons of lemon juice, and two tablespoons of all-purpose flour (adjust according to desired thickness).

Mix together ingredients, removing any lumps, and warm over the stovetop. Separate hair into four sections, evenly apply the sweet concoction, and cover it up with a shower cap; let sit for 45 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Store-bought fix: Feeling lazy? Pick up Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier, instead.

The problem: Dry, damaged tresses

The fix: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Otherwise, you’re only a hair away from split ends, frizz, and breakage. Opt for an intensive overnight treatment if your average conditioner isn’t cutting it.

“Invest big money in shampoo and save in deep conditioners,” says White, who is a believer in the reparative properties of coconut oil. “It’s the heaviest of oils and can penetrate two layers of the hair shaft.”

How to use it: Take a tablespoon of coconut oil, warm it in the microwave, massage into damp hair, and sleep on it. Wear a shower cap and lay a towel on your pillow to prevent a greasy mess. In the morning, shampoo it out. Only use coconut oil on dry and damaged areas, which typically occur from the mid-shaft to the end. If you have finer hair, pick a lighter oil, like olive or avocado, as coconut oil can weigh strands down.

Store-bought fix: Intimidated by oil straight from the bottle? Start with an oil-based conditioner, like Crème of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment.

The problem: Itchy scalp

The fix: Soothe and moisturize. An itchy scalp can be caused by myriad problems, from something as serious as psoriasis or as minor as dryness. First, reach for tea tree oil, “an effective remedy for nearly any scalp ailment, including antifungal conditions,” says Davis-Sivasothy.

How to use it: Drip three drops of the oil on a cotton swab and dab onto the scalp. If the oil is irritating, dilute 1 ½ tablespoons of oil to one cup of warm water. To combat dryness, White recommends breaking a Vitamin E capsule and rubbing the oil on itchy areas to help moisturize skin, slough off dead skin cells, and unclog hair follicles. Leave the oil on overnight and rinse out in the morning.

Store-bought fix: Turn to a scalp conditioner, like Derma E Scalp Relief Conditioner, but make sure to apply it to the scalp to avoid damaging hair and stripping color. If the problem persists, see a dermatologist.

The problem: Limp locks

The fix: Boost volume. The surefire way to pump up a flat ‘do is to add texture. But when you’re low on your go-to arsenal of volumizers and root lifters, you can mimic the effect with laundry starch. Kyle White, the lead colorist at Oscar Blandi, says starch builds texture and has a strong hold that lasts throughout the day.

How to use it: Lightly mist starch to roots, blow dry, and style as usual. Remember, less is more. White says to start with a light layer and build up, as you see fit.

Store-bought fix: For a similar hair product that gets the job done, try John Frieda Volume Lift Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray.

The problem: Faded dye job

The fix: Intensify vibrancy. Add a jolt of red with a cranberry juice rinse (cherry flavored Kool-Aid works, too). To warm up ashy blonde hair, substitute the cranberry juice rinse for chamomile tea. Or bring out golden tones with some champagne (flat or bubbly both do the trick). Got some brassiness in your blonde locks? Do a rinse with grape-flavored Kool-Aid to counter any signs of orange.

How to use it: Tilt your head back over the sink and carefully pour the juice over clean, detangled hair. Once every section is soaked, dry your hair section by section on low heat to lock color in place. Rinse and condition after. “But remember to do a rinse only when necessary, otherwise it could lead to buildup,” says White.

Store-bought fix: You can also revive hair color with color enhancing shampoo, like KMS Color Vitality Shampoo.

The problem: Dullness

The fix: Lock in shine. Think of the outermost layer of your hair, the cuticles, as shingles on a roof; and those shingles must lie as flat as possible for shiny strands. Anything from friction to hot water to humidity can ruffle up the cuticles, resulting in a lackluster mane. Residue and product buildup are also culprits of sapping shine.

How to use it: To clarify and smooth cuticles, pour an apple cider vinegar rinse (a tablespoon of vinegar to half cup of water) over damp hair and comb through. Let it sink in for five minutes, rinse with cool water, and follow up with conditioner.

The acidity in the vinegar complements the pH of our hair, which helps seal the cuticle and makes it lay flatter, says White.

Store-bought fix: If you can’t stand the stench of vinegar, try Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three.

The problem: Frizz, flyaways, and wisps

The fix: Smooth and tame. Unfortunately, raised cuticles not only affect shine, but they can also stir up frizz. If at the slightest hint of humidity your hair “rears its ugly head,” then your strands are parched — and they’re looking to the air’s moisture for replenishment. Castor oil acts as a thermal protectant and can actually help heal the hair, thanks to its omega-9 properties, says White.

How to use it: Create a buffer between your ‘do and the air with a very thin layer of castor oil; apply only where you need it.

Store-bought fix: If you don’t have castor oil, a pump of Phyto Phytolisse Finishing Serum will tame frizz without leaving behind grease.

The problem: Product buildup

The fix: Deep clean. Between smoothing creams and hair oils, it’s easy to accumulate layer upon layer of product residue. Excess buildup leads to strands that never feel clean and dandruff-like flakes. But you can cut through oils and buildup with Davis-Sivasothy’s “baking soda power cleanse.”

How to use it: Combine 1/3 cup of shampoo with one to two tablespoons of baking soda, stir well, and pour over wet hair. Gently massage the mixture into the scalp and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Store-bought fix: Try a clarifying shampoo like Kenra Clarifying Shampoo.

The problem: Dandruff

The fix: Keep flakes under control. Dandruff is a scalp disorder that involves rapidly shedding dead skin cells. To slow down cell turnover and fight dandruff, Davis-Sivasothy suggests a ginger root scalp spritzer: ginger has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the scalp and keep dandruff in check.

How to use it: Finely grate half a ginger root into two cups of water and boil until it’s one cup of tea. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil. Mist the brew directly onto scalp, let dry, and shampoo out.

Store-bought fix: If you’re missing some ingredients, stop flakes with The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo.

The problem: Excessive shedding

The fix: Treat the scalp and strengthen the hair follicle. Serious hair fallout can be caused by a multitude of things: stress, a major life change, illness and pregnancy to name a few. Paul Cucinello, celebrity stylist & owner of Cucinello Studio NYC, suggests doing a mayonnaise-based mask one to two times per week to help prevent shedding and heal the scalp, which is often the root of the problem.

How to use it: In a small bowl, combine three tablespoons of mayonnaise, one teaspoon of honey, three drops of rosemary oil and three drops of lavender oil. Mix until smooth. Apply onto clean, damp hair and massage into your scalp. Place a shower cap on your hair and allow to sit for up to an hour.

The combo of ingredients includes nutrients that will smooth the hair, boost shine and strengthen the hair follicle. The essential oils and honey also have anti-inflammatory benefits to calm the scalp and prevent additional fallout, says Cucinello.

Store-bought fix: Dabur Vatika Naturals Hair Mayonnaise Treatment is another option for a pre-made version.

The problem: Flat hair

The fix: Add some bounce. Give lifeless hair a boost with an oatmeal and almond oil hair mask. Stephanie Brown, a master colorist at IGK Salon in New York City, suggests doing this treatment on damp hair (not soaking wet) for the best results.

How to use it: Combine ½ cup of oats, 2 tablespoons of almond oil and ½ cup of milk (regular milk is best). Mix ingredients well. Apply the mask all over hair and leave it on for 20 to 40 minutes — the longer the better. Then wash out and style your hair as usual. Your hair will look full and super bouncy.

Store-bought fix: Want to bring a similar mask with you on-the-go? Try Aveeno Intense Hydration Almond Oil Blend Hair Mask.

Andrea Cheng
Andrea Cheng is a New York-based writer who writes about fashion and beauty.

Dori Price
Freelance Beauty Editor
Dori Price is a Boston-born, New York City-based freelance writer, editor and beauty, style, and wellness expert who was the Beauty & Fashion Director at Family Circle for 13 years before she joined Good Housekeeping, Prevention and Woman’s Day as a freelance beauty editor.

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The Top 5 Hair Straightening Treatments Ranked Best to Worst

June 18, 2018 • Look Good / Beauty

Kiss your curls goodbye.


With the intense heat of summer looming upon us, our hair is getting frizzier and our willpower to fight it on a daily basis is dwindling. But before you go spend an arm and a leg on a snazzy new set of locks, check out our hair straightening treatment rankings for the best investment possible for your luscious locks.


5. Flat Iron

Okay, so this isn’t really a straightening treatment, but for beginners, a flat iron is the easiest way to tame frizzy hair until your next shampoo. When straightening your hair, make sure it’s completely dry before using a flat iron to avoid further damage to your hair. As straightening hair can make hair dry and brittle, be sure to always use a heat-protecting spray and try to go heat-free on days when you don’t need a straightener.

4. Hair Rebonding

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes hair straight, shiny and sleek. Hair rebonding involves using a cream or relaxant softener to break the natural hair structure followed by a neutralizer to re-bond the structure again. Rebonding is ideal for those who have problems taming their wavy or thick hair, however once hair starts to grow in, the treatment can be easily detected. As popular as rebonding is, it can only be done every once in a while as it can make hair very fragile and weak. It also requires a lot of hair care maintenance – so choose this one wisely!

3. Chemical Straightening (Hair Relaxing)

Chemical straightening, or hair relaxing, is the process of breaking protein bonds in the hair. When a certain number of bonds are broken in curly or wavy hair, it then becomes straight. However, as simple as that sounds, the execution of it by a professional is crucial for its success. For example, if too many bonds are broken your hair will go limp and if not enough are broken then the hair doesn’t straighten out. This hair care procedure is no joke. However, for those willing to fish out the money for a quality treatment at a quality hair salon, the results are well worth the money…just make sure to do your research first!

2. Japanese Straightening (Thermal Reconditioning)

Using both chemicals and heat, Japanese straightening is a smoothing and conditioning treatment that promotes a permanently altered structure of hair. During a Japanese straightening treatment, protein bonds in the hair are loosened and then reshaped by hair cells. For those of you who can’t sit still, be forewarned this is a lengthy process that involves numerous steps… six to eight hours to be exact. After a few days, you will also need to return to the salon for an hour or so for the final step. On the plus side, this treatment lasts about six to seven months. As amazing and long-lasting as this treatment sounds, it can be very damaging to hair in the long run, so make sure to think long and hard about this one.

1. Keratin Treatment (Brazilian Straightening)

Keratin treatments have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and with good reason. They are one of the safer hair straightening techniques out there. Keratin is a natural protein that is already found in our hair, however as protein content decreases with age and a poor diet, so do keratin levels. The keratin treatment adds a coating of keratin onto the hair shaft giving it nutrients that leave hair silky, smooth and straight.

After a salon professional applies keratin solution to hair, a 450 degree flat iron is used to seal in the formula to hair strands (protect your ears from the heat, ladies), creating a moisture barrier that reduces frizz and gives hair a shiny finish.

The best part about a keratin treatment is that hair grows back into its original structure gradually and the treatment can be done repeatedly without worrying about damaging hair. In fact, keratin treatments actually give better results on repeated usage. While it’s not the cheapest treatment, it will last about six months, especially if you follow the treatment with keratin-infused sulfate free shampoos and conditioners! Tempting, right?


We know that everyone’s hair is different, therefore while our rankings are based on how safe and effective the treatments will be, each person may have completely different results. For best results, be sure to talk to a hair care professional before embarking on a permanent straightening adventure!


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Top Hair Treatments for Winter – Booksy

The winter months are known to wreak havoc on our hair. The combination of cold temperatures outside and dry heat inside can lead to split ends and breakage. As temperatures start to dip, normally-healthy hair may need a pick-me-up. Dry or damaged hair could use a boost of moisture. Hair treatments are a simple, effective way of improving your hair’s strength, moisture and health. 

Healthy hair is naturally buoyant and surprisingly strong. But let’s say your hair is damaged. Or, you’d like a boost of moisture to revitalize the look and feel of your hair. In that case, a hair treatment to improve strength is for you.

Read on for a list of the top hair treatments for damaged or healthy hair:

Leave-In Conditioner

Many people don’t realize that hair is significantly more prone to breakage when it’s wet. That’s why brushing your hair when it’s wet, rubbing it with a towel, sleeping on a rough pillowcase or blow drying it can all contribute to damage.

Leave-in conditioners are a great option for adding a layer of protection when you step out of the shower. Not only do they help shield your hair from potential damage, but they can also boost moisture and leave your hair smoother and shinier. Leave-in conditioners are often a great first step if you want to improve moisture and protect your hair when it’s already healthy.


Olaplex is a salon favorite and cult classic among many customers Rather than smoothing the surface of hair, the three-step treatment actually helps to fight against hair breakage.

The product works at the molecular level, locating and repairing broken bonds, rather than at the surface of the hair follicle. Olaplex can be used at the salon to prevent breakage during the coloring process, or they offer a range of at-home products to repair damaged hair. 

Protein Hair Treatments

Protein treatments are a group of hair products that contain absorbable proteins that strengthen your hair. They’re a great way to add body and life back to limp or damaged tresses.

These treatments use magnesium and modified proteins. They penetrate each strand and repair it by filling in the gaps between cuticles. They’re known for adding volume, but they’re also a great solution for hair breakage. Protein treatments come in a variety of forms. Not only shampoo and conditioner sets, but also leave-in products, and even masks.

Just because you have dry hair doesn’t mean you need a protein treatment, though. Protein treatments are best for porous hair. This means hair that’s been damaged from “bleaching, over-chlorination from the pool, or permanent chemical hair treatments like relaxing or perming.” If you have dry hair, try switching to a richer conditioner.

If you do need a protein treatment, also make sure not to overdo it! When you add too much protein to your hair, it can feel coated, dry and brittle. In most cases, protein treatments should be used once a week at most, but your hair technician will know what’s best for you.

Oils to Revitalize Healthy Hair

In addition to olive oil, there are a few other types of oil in your pantry that are great for moisturizing your hair. But, before you reach for the condiments, check with your favorite hair provider to see if using household oils will benefit you.

If you’re ready to look into oils, here’s some options: Avocado oil is a great source of vitamins B and E, which is great for adding moisture and shine. And coconut oil is the oil that’s been shown to best-penetrate hair. Simply warm your chosen oil up, apply it to the sections of your hair you want to condition, and wrap your hair up. You can even leave them in overnight and shampoo and condition your hair the next morning.

Rice Water Rinse

Strange but true! Rice has starch, amino acids, vitamins B and E, and minerals. They’re all great for the health and texture of your hair. Popular for centuries in Japan, China and Southeast Asia, a rice rinse can help detangle and smooth hair, improve shine and make hair stronger, according to Medical News Today.

Next time you make rice, hold onto the water you cooked it with for a rice rinse. After you’ve shampooed, simply pour the rice water onto your hair. Then, massage it into your scalp. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water and enjoy the results! 

Ready to take better care of your hair for the winter? Check below for hair services around the country. But if you don’t see your city, don’t worry. If you head to Booksy, you’ll find a full marketplace of pro top-rated stylists.

Hair care in Moscow, prices in the beauty salon SUN & CITY

Beautiful, shiny, well-groomed hair is a guarantee of attractiveness for any woman. Chic curls allow you to always remain irresistible and be in the spotlight. That is why women should pay due attention to caring for their hair, because the beauty of hair does not always depend on heredity, but can also be the result of correct and systematic care for them.

How to properly care for hair, knowing its type and problem

In order to choose the correct and effective care, first of all, you should determine what type of hair your hair is and what problems you face every day.Different hairs in structure, respectively, need different care procedures.
How to care for normal hair.

Signs of normal hair type:
• Easy to comb;
• Keep clean for 2-3 days after washing;
• Soft and elastic;
• Shine and shimmer;
• No split ends or tangles.
Owners of normal hair are incredibly lucky, since they practically do not require maintenance, but they require due attention, like any other hair.Normal hair should be maintained by regular use of a normal hair shampoo, conditioner and mask. It will be great if you include vitamins for hair in your diet. Thus, by following these simple guidelines, you will always keep your hair healthy and attractive.

How to care for dry hair

Signs of dry hair:
Difficult to comb;
• They are distinguished by fragility and fragility;
• Lack of healthy shine and shine;
• The ends are split;
• Dandruff may appear.
Dry hair requires special treatment and delicate care. First of all, you should start with the selection of suitable care products designed for dry hair type: shampoo, balm and mask based on vitamins and nourishing oils – this is the main arsenal for every day, in addition, hair spray will also become an indispensable tool, for light and quick combing.
Dry hair must be actively nourished, and therefore all kinds of masks and body wraps using oils are your main weapon.In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun should be excluded, and in winter, be sure to hide your hair under a hat.

How to care for oily hair

You have oily hair, if your hair:
• Are soft and have a dense structure;
• Instantly contaminated;
• Have an unhealthy oily sheen;
• Poor to lay.
To properly care for oily hair, you first need to learn how to properly wash it. Of course, you should use specialized cosmetics for the care of oily hair, first of all, choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type.Hair should be washed not with hot, but with warm water. Rinsing with herbal infusions, for example, nettle, will be a good prevention of fat content. If possible, you should refuse to dry your hair with a hairdryer, and comb your hair carefully and slowly so as not to provoke an intensive work of the sebaceous glands. It is also necessary to adjust the diet, excluding animal fats, overly salty and spicy foods.

How to care for mixed or combined hair

Most often, owners of long strands encounter this type of hair.Typically, the tips become dry and brittle and the roots greasy.
Action guide: tips – moisturize and nourish (balms, masks and wraps based on oils), roots – to degrease and reduce the work of the sebaceous glands (use shampoo for oily hair at the roots, do not comb too much, try not to dry the roots with a hairdryer) …
In addition, you should trim the ends regularly and try not to expose your hair to direct sunlight and cold during the winter season.

How to care for split ends

Split hair is perhaps the most common problem for women. However, there are ways to deal with them:
1. Regular renewal of the ends, hot scissors are best;
2. Keratin straightening;
3. Specialized products that “glue” the ends (creams, sprays, balms).

Thin hair care

The difficulties faced by the owners of a thin hair type are the lack of volume, naughty and difficulty in styling.
However, there are several solutions to these problems:
1. Choose a geometric or graduated haircut
2. Use care products for volume;
3. Create artificial volume with curlers;
4. To monitor the general health of the hair: moisturize and nourish the ends, use high-quality shampoos, balms and masks, take vitamins and hair supplements.

Fluffy hair – the subtleties of care

If your hair is unruly, split ends, difficult to comb and has a lush texture – you are the owner of fluffy hair.At the same time, you are the owner of the most obedient hair in styling, because such hair perfectly holds any hairstyle. In this case, your job is to maintain healthy hair. To do this, you need to arm yourself with nutritious masks and also regularly cut the ends so that they do not split. In addition, keratin straightening or hair lamination can be a salvation from a fluffy texture.

Care methods for fast hair growth

Well, what woman doesn’t dream of long, shiny, strong and healthy hair like a Disney princess?

There are several ways to speed up hair growth:
1.Using care products for hair growth. Shampoos, balms and masks for fast hair growth contain special vitamins, minerals and trace elements to accelerate hair growth and health.
2. The correct choice of haircut according to the type of hair. It will also help to grow hair faster, it is better to entrust the selection of a haircut to a professional master. In addition, dry and split ends should be trimmed regularly.
3. Taking vitamin B. Vitamins and dietary supplements will also help in the fight for hair length and health.
4. Elimination of experiments with hair. If you want to grow long strands, then for the growing period it is better to refuse coloring, complex haircuts and other experiments such as curling or keratin straightening.
5. Head massage. If you set aside 5-10 minutes every day for a light head massage, this will improve blood circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles, as a result, accelerate hair growth.

Care for hair extensions

1. Hair should be washed gently with warm water, head tilted back to avoid tangling hair.Shampoo should be distributed from the roots, avoiding the attachment areas, after 2-3 minutes, rinse off and apply the balm along the entire length of the hair, also avoiding attachments.
2. After washing, gently pat dry the hair with a towel. You cannot squeeze, twist or twist your hair under a towel.
3. The use of a hair dryer and curling iron should be kept to a minimum so as not to damage the appearance of the hair.
4. You can comb your hair only when it is dry, and smoothly and neatly, starting from the ends.It is necessary to pay due attention to combing the attachment points of the capsules, and also not to forget about the roots. You need to choose a comb for a massage, without balls, or purchase a special comb with rare teeth. The hair extensions should be combed regularly throughout the day.
5. It is absolutely forbidden to go to bed with damp or wet hair. They must be dried and put into a braid or tail.
6. When visiting a solarium or sauna, you should hide your hair under a cap.
7. How to care for hair extensions if they have been exposed to sea water or chlorinated water? There is nothing dangerous in this, but on the same day you should wash your hair with shampoo and balm.
8. Do not allow cosmetic products to come into contact with the capsules, as this may lead to their slipping.
9. When styling hair, you should avoid the attachment point, and it is better to entrust complex hairstyles to a professional.
10. Make timely correction as hair grows (every 2-4 months).

How to care for a curling hair

After a perm, the hair is somewhat injured, in order to restore it and maintain the effect of curling, it is necessary to pay due attention to hair care:
1.Choose a good repairing shampoo, a permanent shampoo is an excellent option.
2. Whenever possible, dry your hair less with a hairdryer, and avoid other styling tools with heat.
3. It is strictly forbidden to go to bed with wet hair, otherwise there is a risk of losing the shape of the curls.
4. Brush your hair less often than usual, if necessary. This should be done carefully, using a comb with rare teeth.
5. 1-2 times a week it is necessary to do regenerating masks, nourish hair with oils.
6. Trim the ends regularly.
7. Do not overheat or overcool hair.

Features of highlighted hair care

Highlighting, like any other coloring, is a very traumatic procedure for hair. To restore hair and maintain color, it is necessary to follow the rules of highlighted hair care:
1. Use shampoo for dry and brittle hair;
2. After shampoo use conditioner for easier combing;
3.After washing the hair, wipe it off with a towel, with light blotting movements;
4. Avoid combing the hair too intensively and use a comb with sparse teeth;
5. In order not to overdry your hair, you should use a hair dryer on gentle modes and, if possible, avoid curling and ironing;
6. Obligatory hair care, using moisturizing and nourishing products: masks, oils, sprays;
7. Do not overheat or overcool hair.

Today, the beauty industry offers a wide range of procedures that will help to cope with any problems that every woman faces: brittleness, dryness, fluffiness, split ends, unruly hair, oily roots, lack of shine and too damaged hair.
SUN & CITY beauty laboratories network will find a solution to any of your hair problems. A wide range of hair care services will allow you to choose the right care procedure that will make you a happy owner of healthy and beautiful curls.
There are many procedures for your attention, including:
• Hair lamination;
• Keratinization;
• Biorevitalization;
• Collagen recovery;
• Glazing of hair;
• Hair shielding;
• Botox

90,000 secrets of 100% beauty – The network of beauty salons Naturel Studio

Different products are used to care for colored hair, and various types of procedures are carried out.The use of special masks and balms, oils and serums, shampoos and rinses allows you to quickly restore your hair to its natural beauty.

Beautiful hair is not only a wealth given by nature. In many cases, this is the result of day-to-day painstaking care.

This means not only washing your hair with a well-chosen shampoo, but also:

  • Visit the stylist regularly to correct hair and trim the ends.
  • Hair treatment with balms and conditioners. They are selected according to the type of hair and the existing problem: agree that a balm for oily hair is unlikely to suit girls with overdried curls.
  • Regular regenerating and nourishing masks. If there are no problems with curls, then a weekly prophylactic mask is enough. If there are difficulties, then it is better to postpone a visit to the stylist until they are eliminated, and the interval between caring procedures should be reduced (up to 2-3 sessions per week).

What to do after staining?

If everything is in order, and you left the beauty salon with a stunning coloring, you look luxurious and stylish, happy with your hairdo and its appearance….

It’s time to think about leaving!

After all, even with the use of a minimal amount of dyes, the hair loses its original appearance.

To preserve their beauty and not lose the freshness of their hairstyles, a complex of procedures will be required.

1. Trimming the ends . Since they are the most weakened part of the hair, after exposure to chemical dyes, their structure is even more disturbed: they dry out and become brittle. Cutting off the ends makes it easier to restore the entire head of hair. Competent stylists know about this and, at the end of the staining, be sure to cut them off.

2. Daily care. When choosing cosmetic products for care, be sure to pay attention to the label: you will need substances intended for colored or highlighted hair.As a rule, they are enriched with nutrients and vitamins, actively act on the hair: they stimulate the work of hair follicles, moisturize and restore the hairs, nourish the ends.

The best option is to purchase a basic set of caring products of a well-known brand. In this case, shampoo, balm, conditioner and mask will act on the hair in a complex way and enhance the result. You can choose your own cosmetics or ask your hairdresser for advice.

It is advisable to use soft water to wash your hair.Boiled or softened with vinegar in a proportion of 1 tsp is suitable. for 1 liter of water.

3. Masks. The drugs you need can be purchased from specialized stores. If you do not want to overpay for effective preparations with natural ingredients, you can go the other way and prepare the necessary substances yourself. Moreover, using the funds that are at home, in the nearest pharmacy or in the store.

Masks are suitable for hair restoration and nutrition using:

  • oils: burdock, castor, almond, olive, tea tree, wheat germ.Thanks to them, the hair heals, becomes strong, and gains shine.
  • fruits: kiwi, banana, avocado;
  • sour cream;
  • honey;
  • egg yolks;
  • herbal infusions of nettle and oregano, plantain and sage;
  • rye and black bread, etc.

Although the effect of the mask is noticeable after the first use, it is advisable to do it regularly. At the same time, you need to alternate them according to their effects: nutritional and vitamin, restoring and for hair growth, against hair loss and dandruff.

4. Rinsing . Use infusions with the addition of chamomile and yarrow, sage and nettle, hops and tansy, tartar and celandine, cornflower, etc.

They have a good effect on colored hair and other cosmetic preparations. Wanting to achieve optimal results, use gels, fluids, serums, rinses. They improve the structure and condition of the hair, make it easier to comb and add volume. And, just as importantly, they give shine, enhance the contrast between natural and dyed hair color.

5. Installation . Hair dryers, curling irons and irons, as well as aggressive styling products – a special status. All this, at least for the time of recovery, must be replaced by other means. For straightening, you can use combs, for winding – ordinary curlers and, as a fixing varnish, beer (they moisten the hair with it before winding it on the curlers). Drying in a natural way. Of course, this will take time, but you will not burn your already loosened curls.

6. Scalp massage . It is optional, but desirable. It is performed on dry hair using a special brush or fingers.

7. Protection . Regardless of the season, colored curls must also be protected from negative external influences: frost, wind, UV radiation.

“Not” for hair protection

In addition to the above …

  • do not wash your hair daily: not only paint is washed out from the curls, but also nutrients;
  • Do not twist your hair or rub it to dry it as soon as possible: just blot the water with a towel;
  • Do not brush your hair when it is wet; it will stretch and break;
  • Do not walk bareheaded.In winter, wear hats, scarves, in summer – hats, caps, panamas.

And then your hair will stand out not only with a fashionable color, but also with a healthy shine.

90,000 different types of coloring, haircuts for everyone, hair care in the beauty salon “KARELEY Estetic Lounge” with a discount of up to 50% from Slivki.by

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Description of services

Women’s haircut includes:

– expert consultation

– shampooing

– cutting and drying hair according to the shape using styling products.

Washing and drying hair with scalp care O’right includes:

– cleansing the scalp with a scrub or serum O’right

– wash

– Application of nourishing scalp gel

– shape drying with styling products.

Ladies’ haircut with SPA scalp care O’right includes:

– expert consultation

– scalp care with serum and nourishing gel O’right “Bamboo”

– shampooing

– cutting and drying in shape using styling products.

O’right Power of Bamboo Eco-restoration – Power of Bamboo O’right Program:

– designed to cleanse the scalp and restore dry, brittle, thinning hair

– deeply cleanses, promotes rejuvenation and regeneration of the scalp

– regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, fights dandruff and premature fat at the roots

– strengthens the roots, stimulates hair growth due to the content of caffeine and biotin

– intensively moisturizes and restores hair structure due to organic extract of bamboo leaves

– removes porosity and fluffiness, adds shine to hair

The program has a cumulative effect: it is recommended to take a course of 4-6 sessions.The result from a single procedure lasts for 2 weeks.

Root staining includes:

– specialist consultation

– dyeing hair roots (up to 2 cm) with premium NAK dye (Australia)

– drying hair in shape with the use of styling products ..

Hair dyeing / toning (short length is the length to the earlobe) includes:

– specialist consultation

– hair dyeing with premium dye NAK (Australia)

– shape drying with styling products.

Complex staining – preliminary consultation with a specialist is required.

Spa coloring / hair tinting – NAK spa coloring is a permanent ammonia-free dye with argan oil and a bio-marine complex (Australia), which provides long-lasting bright color and gentle hair care. This service includes:

– hair dyeing with premium dye NAK (Australia)

– shape drying with styling products.

Complex “Spa-coloring / toning of long hair + haircut” includes:

– specialist consultation

– hair dyeing with premium dye NAK (Australia)

– washing and cutting hair

– shape drying with styling products.

STR Comp Extreme Restoration (when dyed) repairs damaged hair. Strengthens the protein bonds within the hair, making it stronger.Helps eliminate brittleness and gives hair elasticity.

Examples of work

90,000 We are a premium beauty salon, Goldwell Ambassador. Hair care, haircuts, styling, dyeing, hair highlighting in Moscow on Tverskaya.

Luxurious hair care at the Mayak beauty salon. Make sure: below are real photos of our work!

Full range of services from Goldwell: hair curling, hair straightening, health improvement and, of course, hair coloring.Our masters experts of the Goldwell brand are ready to make any haircuts, highlights, ombre hair, styling, daily and wedding hairstyles. By the way, our hairdressers, stylists and colorists are some of the best in Moscow. This is proved not only by their numerous certificates and prizes received at Russian and international competitions, but also by their feedback on hair care. As a rule, they are all satisfied with the work of our craftsmen and regularly visit our salon.

What else, apart from professionalism, makes hair care at Mayak outstanding? Firstly, it is an individual approach to each client.The structure of the hair, features of appearance and lifestyle, tastes and style of each client and client are different, and we will definitely take this into account when creating a hairstyle. Secondly, it is the maximum care for your hair. We only offer professional hair care, in particular with Goldwell cosmetics; exceptionally high quality paints, materials for styling, extension and hair straightening. Beautiful hair is, first of all, well-groomed hair. We understand this very well. We have a store where you can buy home hair care products – we will give advice and help you choose the right ones.

It is important that we are aware of the latest trends in the field of hair beauty and health, therefore we offer “exotic”, but already proven and well-proven hair care procedures. In particular, these are biowaving hair, keratin hair straightening, pyrophoresis – treatment of hair with fire, haircut with hot scissors , elumination, peeling of the scalp Noxin Scalp Renew.

Naturally, we are aware of what men’s and women’s haircuts, hairstyles, hair colors are in fashion.Whether you want a classic haircut or a trendy haircut with bold coloring – come and do it!

We are looking forward to visiting not only women, but also men. We have a lot of experience in creating men’s haircuts , so if you want to look like a successful and wealthy gentleman – come and you will be satisfied.

Lux-class beauty salon “Mayak” – beautiful hairstyle, professional hair care, high level of service and good mood are guaranteed! coupons for hairdresser, hair treatment and straightening, discount haircut from Biglion

Naturally gorgeous hair is great and beautiful, however, not everyone was lucky enough to be the owner of luxurious hair.But do not be discouraged, because the beauty industry offers a variety of hair care services, among which everyone will find what they need.

Hairdressing cities are ready to delight their clients with new hairstyles, evening looks and useful procedures for your curls. Biglion, in turn, offers to take advantage of these discounted offers with special promotional coupons from hairdressers.

Best for your hair by shares in hairdressing salons

Among the variety of treatments offered on our website, you will find offers from inexpensive hairdressing and premium salons.One thing unites them – discounts for favorite clients on popular services:

  • Haircuts and styling;
  • Variety of staining procedures: classic and holographic staining, highlighting, coloring, etc .;
  • Various types of curling: carving, biowaving, etc .;
  • SPA treatments and masks;
  • Cosmetology for hair and scalp: mesotherapy, botox, ultrasound, etc .;
  • Keratin procedures;
  • Consulting a trichologist and selection of hair care products.

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Hair master as the name is

In this article you will learn:

  • What are the main types of hairdressing services provided in beauty salons

  • What are the types of haircuts and styling

  • What special hair care treatments are found in beauty salons

  • What are the types of hairdressing services for the care, restoration and treatment of hair

  • What unusual and new types of hairdressing services can be provided in a beauty salon

The essence of hairdressing is hair care.This is their coloring, cutting, styling or extension, aimed at improving the appearance of the client’s hair and meeting his needs. All types of hairdressing services emphasize the freshness, well-groomed and beauty of the client. The high-quality performance of various types of hairdressing services requires certain skills from the master, a creative approach and constant improvement. Only in this case the result will be a stylish and beautiful image. Modern technologies of hairdressing offers do not stand still.Already, masters of beauty salons are ready to offer a whole range of different types of hairdressing services, and every year this range is replenished with new ideas.

Main types of services in hairdressing and beauty salons

The first group includes haircuts and styling. Aligning the ends, creating a new hairstyle, shaping an old one, performing an extraordinary styling – the masters of beauty salons will help you in solving all these tasks. Particularly popular among such services are evening styling for various celebrations and a haircut with hot scissors, which has a healing effect.

The second group is a collection of special procedures. A change of image can be achieved not only by cutting your hair. You can change your look by straightening curly hair, perming, dyeing or laminating.

The third group is such types of hairdressing services that are of a therapeutic and caring nature. The specialists of the salon will give your hair an incredibly beautiful and healthy look. The healing effect extends to the scalp, eliminating existing problems.

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All types of hairdressing services can be provided by one master, but most often they are improved in narrow specializations. Most of the salons offer services:

  1. Hairdresser stylist-make-up artist.The concept itself emphasizes that the master was trained in stylistics and make-up courses. The advice of a hairdresser-stylist will help the client to determine the image and opt for that haircut or that hair color (albeit unexpected) that can make a person stylish, catchy and beautiful. An experienced hairdresser-stylist will help make your dream come true. His services are much more expensive, but not everyone will dare to create a completely new image. Improving your knowledge and skills, studying fashion trends and style takes time and money.Good stylists come only from professional hairdressers who have a great sense of style, creative thinking and great taste;

  2. Hairdresser-colorist. This is a master who is perfecting hair coloring. Providing this type of hairdressing services, he professionally approaches the choice of paint, determines the intensity of the shade that suits your type of face and figure, recommends the best option that does not damage your hair. Colorist courses include training in color mixing, amber technology, highlighting and hair coloring.All fashion trends in hair dyeing can be found only from this master;

  3. Hairdresser-make-up artist. His role is wedding and evening looks, creating gorgeous hairstyles and matching makeup. The service of calling such a master at home is especially convenient;

  4. Male hairdresser. This master knows all the techniques for men’s haircuts. Can create any desired hairstyle – both classic and sporty, and “like an idol.”Specializing in this type of hairdressing services, the master will select the most successful haircut for a man of any age – stylish, courageous, neat and beautiful;

  5. Hairdresser serving children. These are the most patient masters. It is not at all easy to cut a child with high quality, to interest him so that he does not jump, does not be capricious, is not afraid and does not cry. The children’s master is always ready to turn a haircut into a game. Modern beauty salons that provide these types of services create special places for babies, equip them with TVs for showing cartoons, baby chairs in the form of cars or favorite characters.

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The most common types of hairdressing services are haircuts and styling

In beauty salons or hairdressing salons, the most popular are two types of haircuts :

  1. Contrasting. Differs in a sharp transition in hair length;

  2. Low contrast.Differs in a smooth transition.

Any haircut is associated with the performance of certain operations for processing the head.

The main types of haircuts include the following:

  • Smoothly passing hair length from the center of the head to the neck and temples, where the hair is much shorter and is reduced to nothing;

  • Smoothly and gently transitioning length of initially short hair. Such a haircut is performed more carefully and is called “shading”;

  • Creation of an optimal ratio of short and long hair in certain areas – “thinning”;

  • Trimming the hair all over the head above the level of the fingers is called a toe cut;

  • Creating the shape of a staircase, cutting strands at an angle is called a graduation;

  • Neat shading of the hairstyle towards the back of the head and the creation of distinct lines of length transitions is called a smoky transition;

  • The completion of a haircut, which involves the removal of separately protruding hair, is called polishing.

Hair cutting with hot scissors is gaining more and more popularity. The provision of this type of hairdressing services is available in any beauty salon. The pricing policy directly depends on the prestige of the chosen salon.

The only difference between a thermal cut and a regular haircut is that it is performed with electric scissors. The device, which has a heating element, is connected to the network. Special sensors allow you to set the desired temperature, maintained throughout the entire operation.The hot plates of the scissors seal the ends of the hair to prevent breakage. Using this type of hairdressing service excludes hair cutting.

Any, even the most stylish, haircut will not look complete without styling your hair. Hair styling can be done in a variety of ways. Depending on the desired result, the following are used for hair styling:

Let’s consider each option.

  1. Both female and male hairstyles are fitted with a hairdryer.Short hair is shaped especially well with a hairdryer. Styling with a hairdryer begins with the application of a fixative to the hair. Then strands of hair are captured and pulled back, a jet of hot air is directed tangentially, starting from the roots of the hair. Short hair is pulled perpendicular to the head. With the help of a brush or comb, the hair is wrapped, focusing on the direction in the hairstyle. Dry your hair with a hairdryer, while styling it.

  2. Hot styling, performed with tongs or styling, should only be used on dry hair.It is dangerous to use electrical appliances on wet hair. Before performing this type of hairdressing services, the retainer is not applied to the hair, as this can damage the hair structure. They will lose their shine, dry out and become brittle.

  3. By styling your hair with curlers, you will keep your hair style much longer. The modern beauty industry offers the widest range of curlers of various designs, diameters, sizes and attachment methods.

  4. The oldest method of styling hair – with fingers and a comb – is called cold styling.The procedure is absolutely harmless to hair.

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Special types of services in the salon and hairdresser for hair care

Chemical wave

Of all types of hairdressing services, perm is considered the most damaging procedure for hair. A strong concentration of a special hair perm agent can dry out the hair so much that instead of long and curly hair, you will have to leave very short hair, and cut the rest.Modern technology in the beauty industry has advanced in this matter. Biowave, created as an alternative to chemical, more gentle and less concentrated. Any perm requires further enhanced hair care, nutrition and hydration.


Carving is a long-term styling in which the hair is treated with gentle agents and formulations and rolled on curlers of different diameters and sizes. This type of curling is popular among women, as the hair has been styled for quite a long time.This saves time, which is very important for everyday work. Carving differs from ordinary perm in that a special hair styling product affects only the surface of the hair, without penetrating inside.

Keratin hair straightening

This type of hairdressing services such as keratin hair straightening is gaining more and more popularity. After this procedure, even curly hair becomes smooth, soft and straight.In many ways, the result of hair straightening depends on the professional level of the master. The undoubted advantage of such actions is that within a short time, the appearance of the hair changes dramatically. They are docile, soft and silky. Most of our hair is made up of keratin, a natural protein with unique properties. It prevents hair damage and dryness while maintaining and maintaining natural balance.


This type of hairdressing services consists in the fact that the hair is covered with a protective film obtained from natural dyes.Most often these are herbs that are absolutely harmless to hair, nourishing and moisturizing them. After lamination, the hair is manageable, shiny, easy to comb. This is not a medical procedure, but hair care that protects against the harmful effects of various factors. This hairstyle will delight you up to 6 weeks.


This type of hairdressing is very similar to lamination, with only one difference – the mixture for biolamination consists of dandelion juice and young zucchini.This mixture envelops the hair, making it more protected. Biolamination is also called ion staining.


This is a cheaper lamination. It will last on the head for about a month. Everything will depend on hair care and external factors. Professionals recommend that for damaged hair, first a course of medical therapy, and then any of the lamination.

Highlighting and coloring

This is what hair dyeing technologies are called.Highlighting is dyeing hair in two colors – dark and light – or highlighting individual strands on natural hair. Coloring – hair coloring in several colors. Individual strands are painted in colors similar in tone. Professionals can apply up to twenty different shades. Highlighting and coloring is not recommended after hair coloring with henna or after chemical styling.


This is the procedure for removing the old paint from the hair.It is used for complex or unsuccessful staining, to simplify staining from a dark tone to a lighter or other shade. There are special formulations for bleaching hair. It should be remembered that washes are quite harmful for hair, and one procedure is not enough for complete bleaching. In such cases, natural substances are used. This procedure is longer, but also more gentle.

Types of hairdressing services for the care, restoration and treatment of hair

Almost all beauty salons offer various types of hairdressing services aimed at hair care, restoration and treatment.

Hair care procedures

Hair care includes various procedures, the most popular of which are the following.

Molecular glossing procedure.

The procedure, as a result of which the hair becomes shiny, even and beautiful, as well as strengthened. This result is facilitated by the application of a composition based on natural oils and special medicinal preparations. When exposed to high temperatures, the medicinal product penetrates under the hair scales and restores damaged particles.The procedure takes about 2 hours.

Cauterization procedure.

The principle of performing the cauterization procedure is the same as for glossing. The only difference lies in the composition and method of application. Contains bamboo fiber for incredible results. The method for applying the mixture can be hot or cold.

Recovery procedures

The types of hairdressing services aimed at hair restoration imply the elimination of the consequences of aggressive external factors, the use of thermal devices for styling, and improper care.Professionals of a beauty salon will help you to cure your hair, give it a healthy look and restore its structure.

The most popular and effective treatments

Hot Wrap Procedure

This spa procedure is a novelty in cosmetology that helps heal hair and restore its structure. Special cosmetic preparations fill in the unevenness of each hair, thereby treating the damaged areas. Hair strands acquire incredible shine, silkiness, become stronger and more elastic.

Hair shielding procedure

It is also a type of hairdressing service aimed at restoring and treating hair by moisturizing, nourishing and shine. As a result of shielding, each hair is covered with a thin protective film.

Special products for this procedure contain a large amount of nutrients. After screening, dull, unruly and tangle-free hair becomes strong, bouncy and shiny.

Illumination Procedure

This type of hairdressing is a gentle form of coloring. Do not believe the manufacturers who claim that such formulations also have a healing effect. This is not true. But it is quite possible to dye your hair brightly with minimal damage to the hair with such a composition. The illumination procedure will make your curls incredibly shiny. The result lasts up to two months.

Cysteine ​​reduction procedure

This type of hairdressing service is provided specifically for curly hair.The curls are processed with cysteine, which nourishes and moisturizes them.

Thermal therapy or thermal humidification procedures

When damaged, the structure of the hair is disturbed, the scales open and make them brittle. But even very damaged strands can be saved. Special mixtures and professional formulations used in thermal therapy penetrate into the hair, nourish and moisturize it, giving it a luxurious shine and healthy look.

Treatment procedures

Various factors affect hair health.Hair damage and deterioration can occur from the presence of a disease or poor diet. The types of services provided by hairdressers aimed at eliminating hair loss help stop the process and accelerate hair growth. It is important to pre-consult a trichologist in order to exclude a serious disease as the cause of alopecia.

Modern hair loss treatment involves stopping hair loss and activating hair growth. These procedures include the following.


The provision of this type of hairdressing involves the treatment of the scalp with a low-frequency high-frequency current that improves blood circulation. Hair follicles become more active, increased hair growth and a decrease in hair loss are noticed. An apparatus for carrying out darsonvalization at home can be purchased at a specialized store. To avoid any mistakes, carefully read the instructions.


The provision of this type of hairdressing services involves the introduction of nutrients into the scalp using microinjections that nourish and moisturize the hair from the inside, as well as activate its growth.

Ozone therapy

The provision of this type of hairdressing service implies an effective method of treating excessive greasiness and itching of the scalp, as well as hair loss. There are few beauty salons offering this service. Mainly cosmetology centers specialize in it. You should make sure that such a center has a permitting license. Ozone therapy eliminates pathogenic bacteria and stimulates the metabolic processes of the scalp.


Providing this type of hairdressing services means stopping hair loss, activating the work of hair follicles, restoring the fat balance of the scalp. The essence of the procedure is to massage the head using liquid nitrogen. It helps to awaken follicles, improve metabolism, and stimulate hair growth. The master distributes the substance pointwise over the entire surface of the head. Almost immediately, the client feels warming of the skin.Several procedures can significantly slow down hair loss, their color becomes saturated. This type of massage is performed up to three times a week, with a total course of up to 15 massages.

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Unusual and new types of hairdressing services in beauty salons

Despite the strange sounding, “co-shading” is translated from English as washing your hair with conditioner only, without shampoo.This technique was developed for styling very naughty and tight curls of African American women. In addition, according to trichologists, you should not often use shampoo, because it can provoke increased sebum secretion of the scalp. In their opinion, it is the co-casting procedure that is capable of solving this problem. Several nuances should be studied before deciding on this type of hairdressing service:

  • Not every conditioner is capable of performing a complete head wash without shampoo.You should choose options that do not contain silicone and its derivatives;

  • Shampooing will take up to half an hour. The technology involves completely rubbing the conditioner into the skin by means of massage, and then distributing it along the entire length of the hair.

The result of the procedure is smooth, shiny hair, easy to comb and style.

Bicycle therapy

A creative way to cut hair with a candle.The method was invented in Brazil in the sixties of the last century. It is to this cutting technology that Brazilian models Alessandra Ambrosio and Barbara Fiallo owe their luxurious hair. A professional craftsman separates the strands, twisting each into a bundle, and, passing the candle from top to bottom, gets rid of the damaged ends. Hair takes on a beautiful appearance, almost without losing its length. All girls dream about it.

Laser Helmet

This type of hairdressing service is provided to solve the problem of hair loss.This is a special device that improves blood circulation in the skin and revitalizes hair follicles by means of head massage. The inventors of such a device assure that the use of this procedure several times a week for 10-15 minutes can increase hair volume, stop hair loss and enhance their growth. Such a procedure is available at home.

Hair Sewing

Another creative type of hairdressing service. Sewing strands when creating a hairstyle is much more effective than using hairpins and invisible hairpins.For example, a master divides hair into two identical strands, twisting them into bundles. With the help of varnish, the strands are fixed and fixed in the desired position with a needle and thread. The beauty industry offers a variety of specialty kits that allow you to stitch your hair.


These types of services provided by hairdressers include scalding curls. This procedure is just a godsend for owners of thin, porous and brittle hair. Pyrophoresis will relieve you of split ends, give your hair magical volume and amazing shine.The process begins with a deep cleaning and massage of the scalp. This is followed by the application of a revitalizing keratin cocktail, enriched with other healing substances. A professional craftsman treats the entire length of the hair with a flame and dries it with a hairdryer. The procedure significantly enhances hair growth. The treated hair surface does not require keratin to repair damage, there are no split ends, the length is unchanged, and the keratin synthesized by the bulb is completely directed to the formation of the hair shaft.

Our company offers ready-made solutions for key areas of activity:

  • labor protection;
  • sanitary and epidemiological regime;
  • organization of medical activities in the beauty industry;
  • HR document flow;
  • opening of a beauty salon;
  • licensing of medical activities;

You can sign up for a consultation by phone: +7 (499) 229-04-54

Hair care in the beauty salon Beauty Lounge 358

Hair care at Beauty Launge 358 offers high quality spa rituals, stylish haircuts, styling, toning, highlighting, creative coloring.

We have a lot of opportunities to radically change your image or add a fresh touch to an existing image. Our craftsmen can create a casual look or make you the queen of the party. For men, we are pleased to offer business and creative haircuts and coloring. We use a creative and professional approach to the choice of products, keeping abreast of current trends and technologies.

We have chosen for you high-quality, environmentally friendly products: professional hair lines DAVINES (Italy) and Greymy Professional (Switzerland).

Davines cosmetics are the best hair care products to maintain and restore their health. Davines oils, sprays, conditioners and shampoos are made using “white biotechnology”, which guarantees you the maximum concentration of nutrients and trace elements and great benefits when using cosmetics.

Davines – several lines of professional cosmetics to choose the right product for your hair type.Hair care products of the Italian brand Davines solve exactly your problems – they moisturize or dry, smooth the hair or help maintain elastic curls, support and restore the hair structure.

Thanks to Davines, coloring from a traumatic procedure turns into a hair spa.

Davines is a delicate, extremely flexible system that allows you to completely paint over gray hair, radically changes hair color.

The system is based on the latest scientific developments in the field of staining and coloration. Dyes gently preserve the structure of the hair, protecting it and imparting shine to it. Can be used on all hair types. Deep penetration of pigment into the hair retains the color of dyed hair for a long time.

The dye is enriched with milk protein and other moisturizing ingredients that help to create a radiant and long-lasting color and at the same time keep the hair healthy.A large selection of shades allows you to realize your most daring changes in the image.

Be sure to pay attention to the keratin hair straightening procedure!

Keratin hair straightening is a unique technology that includes a number of functions: treatment, restoration, filling with shine, straightening.

Solves the problem of hair cutting, the hair becomes stronger and the problem of brittleness disappears immediately, the hair is filled with keratin, it becomes strong and healthy!

The advantage of this procedure is a very long-term effect.After the first procedure, it lasts up to six months, then the effect becomes cumulative. After the second procedure up to nine months. You will immediately notice how the quality of your hair improves. After this procedure, it is possible to make various styling (curls), they hold well.

To prolong the effect, experts advise using shampoos that do not contain sodium sulfate and parabens.

This procedure cannot be combined with staining; it is necessary to withstand an interval of 5-7 days before staining or 5-7 days after.

For keratin restoration and hair straightening procedures, we use Swiss cosmetics Greymy Professional.

Greymy Professional is the leading manufacturer of cosmetics for damaged hair. Any drug produced by the company is thoroughly tested and has no contraindications.

Greymy Professional (Switzerland) is a combination of the natural forces of plants and modern nanotechnology.Experts have taken the best of the rich flora of the Swiss Alps and, with the help of the latest developments in the scientific field, have created a composition on the basis of which the unique Greymy Professional formula has appeared. Consistently enveloping the hair, penetrating and nourishing it, the Greymy Professional formula helps to restore hair fiber, saturating it with vitamins and minerals. In the course of constant, everyday use of the Greymy Professional brand, the hair accumulates useful substances, gradually turning from a lifeless and dull mass into an endless stream of shining curls like those of glamorous divas from the Hollywood hills.

Greymy Professional – implements a technology that uses nanomolecular keratin, consisting of particles so small that millions would fit on the tip of a needle. The smallest particles of nanomolecules penetrate inside the hair under the influence of temperature and fill the damaged areas of the hair. At the next stage, the nanomolecules are “locked” inside the hair by the action of vapors, forming a permanent and insoluble keratin, absolutely identical to natural. The result is visible immediately after the first procedure.Hair care by Greymy Professional literally brings hair back to life.


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