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23 Types of Necklines – Paisley + Sparrow

There are many different types of necklines out there. How do you pick which one you should get? Today we take a look at 23 of the most popular types of necklines and what you may need to know about each.

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23 Types of Necklines

1. Asymmetrical Neckline

Most of the time, the asymmetrical neckline is one that goes from the top of one shoulder to under the arm of the other should. This is also referred to as the “one shoulder”.

One thing to note, though, is that asymmetrical can also refer to a neckline that is not mirrored on both sides. So if 2 sides of a neckline are different, it is an asymmetrical neckline.

2. Boatneck (aka Bateau)

A boatneck, or bateau, neckline is one that is very wide and goes past the collarbone and rests on the shoulders. It is a higher neckline which draws the attention to shoulders and lower neck.

The neckline is very simple and feminine and looks beautiful with a dainty necklace.

3. Collared

A collared neckline is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a shirt with a collar! Collared necklines can be with or without a button and the collar itself can come in a variety of ways – large, small, decorative or plain.

4. Cowl Neck

A cowl neck is when there is extra fabric cut at the top of your shirt or dress that drapes or folds around the neckline. The fabric typically drapes just below or around the collarbone. This neckline is a very flattering neckline.

Cowl necklines have been very popular since the 1930s but it’s been said they were inspired by the Ancient Greek.

5. Crew Neck

The crew neckline is the most common neckline for t-shirts. It’s round that sits above the collarbone close to the neck. This type of neckline looks best on people with longer necks.

6. Halter Neck

The halter neckline is when the straps of the top connect behind the neck leaving the shoulders bare. This type of neckline often has a low cut or open back.

It typically drops down towards the bust and can create either a v-neck, sweetheart style or even a keyhole neckline. The straps are either sewn together or could also be tied together by the person wearing it.

7. Illusion Neckline

An illusion neckline is a combination of both a low neckline and a high neckline. The low neckline typically is a strapless neckline (sweetheart style is very common) while the high neckline is a sheer or lace fabric creating an illusion of a higher neckline. Wedding dresses are seen with this type of neckline quite a bit.

8. Jewel Neckline

A jewel neckline is a higher neckline similar to the turtleneck. It’s somewhat round and doesn’t have a collar.

8. Keyhole Neckline

A keyhole neckline is make a hole in the front of your top. The fabric creates somewhat a v shape at the bottom and connects at the top creating a gap in the middle. A keyhole can be small or large!

9. Off Shoulder Neckline

An off the shoulder neckline is when the fabric rests off the shoulders to create a very wide opening. It showcases your collarbone and shoulders while the sleeves cover a bit of your upper arm.

This is very flattering on most women especially those with narrow shoulders and medium to full chests. Keep in mind that this style shows off your arms and shoulders.

10. Plunging

The plunging neckline creates a very deep v that typically extends past the cleavage. It differs from a v-neck because the v-neck typically stops at the top of the chest while the plunging neckline goes much below.

This is also referred to as a décolleté neckline.

11. Queen Anne

The Queen Anne neckline is a mix of a sweetheart neckline with a high neck. This neckline is named after England’s Queen Anne is a very common neckline for brides.

13. Scallop Neckline

The scalloped neckline has small half circle cut outs along the entire neckline. These can be either small or large and facing either towards the neck or towards the bodice.

This is a beautiful neckline that is a great option for formal wear.

14. Scoop Neck

The scoop neck has been around for decades. It’s a classic look used for dress and shirts alike. It features a wide, scooping, neckline that creates a deep U shape.

This is a very flattering neckline that is often times seen in the summer time.

15. Semi-Sweetheart

If you keep scrolling just a few you’ll see the sweetheart style description. The semi sweetheart neckline is a less dramatic version of the sweetheart. It has the rounded, heart shape that creates a v at the middle.

16. Spaghetti Strap

The spaghetti strap top is a very versatile neckline that can be use along with a variety of other necklines. It features two thin straps which rest at the top of your shoulders (the strap resembles spaghetti noodles, hence the name).

17. Square

The square neckline creates the a square shape! It’s most often times cut wide and low to show off your collarbone.

18. Strapless

The strapless neckline is an incredibly popular choice for formal dresses, like wedding dresses. It is a neckline that stays up without any straps leaving the shoulders bare.

This type of neckline looks good on those women with larger chests and beautiful shoulders and collarbones while small chested women might find this style not as flattering.

19. Strapless Sweetheart

One of the most popular versions of the sweetheart neckline is the strapless sweetheart. This style, as the name hints at, is shaped like the top half of a heart which creates a “v” at the middle.

20. Surplice

A surplice neckline is what you would see on a bathrobe with one part of the neckline overlapping the other side, creating a faux wrap style. The difference between a wrap style and a surplice neckline is the fabric is sewn into place with a surplice but not with a wrap.

This neckline is very often confused with a v-neck since they both create a v at the top.

21. Sweetheart

A sweetheart neckline has a curved heart shaped style that accentuates the décolletage. It has a dip in the middle which somewhat resembles a v-neck. It’s a very popular neckline choice for wedding gowns! It’s also very flattering on most body shapes. It was first seen in the 1940s.

22. Turtleneck

A turtleneck is also called a polo neck! This neckline fit high and close fitting around your neck. It most often has excess fabric that is folded down.

Other versions of this is the mock turtleneck (or mock polo neck) where the fabric stands up around the neck and isn’t folded over itself.

These were originally created in the 15th century to protect the necks of knights wearing chainmail. It was then adopted by royalty with the addition of ruffles to indicate their status.

23. V-neck

Like many of the necklines mentioned above, the v-neck is what the name says! It’s a “v” shape that can be either in the front of the back (or both!). This can be a short V or a plunging V, whichever you prefer, making it adaptable to everyone!

Now that we’ve shared about some popular types of necklines, let’s look into what inseam is! Knowing your inseam is a very key part of finding that perfect pair of jeans so let’s learn more!

24 Types of Necklines for Women’s Tops and Dresses

Great chart showing you the 24 different types of necklines for women’s tops, shirts and dresses. As you’ll see, there really is order when it comes to necklines and the shapes and cuts they come in. Check them all out here.

This will help you shop for tops more easily because it provides some style order with respect to the neckline.

When you shop for clothes, especially tops when there are so many types, you tend to forget specific style cuts such as necklines.  By knowing the neckline options, you can narrow down your search for tops by neckline, which can help.

Below are our types of necklines chart followed by brief descriptions of each.

Neckline Chart

Straight Across

The straight-across neckline is exactly as stated: entirely straight across the neck. It extends from one shoulder and then across the breast to the other shoulder. A straight across neckline may have sleeves that drop from the shoulder downward. It can also have a sleeveless look that extends solely across the top of the garment. In many cases, designers to provide nearly invisible straps that drape across each shoulder. The purpose of the straps is to hold up the dress without being obvious. This is often seen in casual garments ready for a day at the beach with friends.

Sweetheart Neckline

Of all the many kinds of necklines, this is one of the most popular. The design is meant to be a heart that wraps about the bust. This is a good choice for the well-endowed woman as it draws attention to the chest area. It’s also a good choice for those who have a smaller bust and it can help enhance what’s there.


The V Neck

The v neck is one neckline that has drama and keeps it going. This is a neckline in the shape of a v. The sides of the garment extend back across the shoulders at each end. In between the fabric drops down rapidly, forming a plunging shape that resembles the letter. The v neck may be only form a small v. In that case, the neckline may just brush past the neck and stay at the top of the bust. What’s often seen are v necklines that extend past this area. That can help show off cleavage and give off a carefree vibe.

The Scoop

The scoop has been a staple of fashion for many decades. It’s at once modern and yet traditional. The scoop begins at the shoulder with two broad straps at each end. Then it dips downwards. The neckline forms a deep U shape that typically ends right above the bust. With this neckline, the back is typically nearly all covered nearly to the person’s collarbones. A scoop neckline is commonly seen during the summer when people are searching for more casual styles that all for air circulation.

Asymmetrical Style

Popular with designers, the asymmetrical look is bold and modern. This kind of neckline is characterized by a single strap across the bust and shoulders. The strap drapes over the bust and then trails over one shoulder. The other shoulder may be left bare.

It may also have another fabric that is see-through such as tulle that is underneath the first fabric or an additional line of fabric that fits underneath the opposite shoulder. Both shoulders are also left bare with this kind of look. The theme may be carried through the rest of the dress or blouse. Wedding dresses frequently have a plume of fabric that cascades down one side of the back.


This is a regular bateau-boat look except for it flairs outward a bit more.

Sexy Scoop

This has a deeper drop and tighter fit than a regular scoop neckline (see above).

Spaghetti Strap Cape

This is a regular spaghetti strap look with a cape on the back.

Jewel Neck

A jewel neckline is a type of high neckline. It extends past the bust to cover the entire area from including the collarbones. The neckline forms a circle at the top that mirrors the shape of a necklace and gives the neckline its name. Sometimes it may have short or even long sleeves that cover the entire top torso. However, more often the jewel neck is one that is sleeveless. This brings the focus of the line to the chin and the face rather than the shoulders or the bust.

Halter Strap

The halter strap borrows from several different kinds of neckline styles. Like the sweetheart neckline, it typically drops on top of the bust and creates a heart shape in the middle of the dress. However, the halter strap differs in that there are additional straps that are holding up the shirt or the dress.

The halter straps may be barely visible or they may be thick bands that are obviously part of the overall design of the item. The straps may be held at the back of the neck and sewn into the bodice of the dress. They can also come to point at the back of the neck that requires the wearer to tie them together to hold up the top.

Spaghetti Strap

The spaghetti strap look is centered around the use of two small, thin straps that hold the top up. A spaghetti strap neckline can be combined with various other types of necklines. For example, the rest of the neckline can have a sweetheart neckline or spread across the torso in a straight across look or be part of a square look that flairs out at the waist.

Spaghetti straps are most frequently seen during a summer look when the desired result is casual and comfortable but also has enough support to keep the top up with ease.

Off Shoulder

The off the shoulder look is one that bypasses the shoulders and creates a straight line. Rather than being held up by straps that lie across each shoulder, the off the shoulder look has a neckline that drapes across an area just beneath the shoulders. Two small straps cup the sides of the upper arms. The straps are usually designed to blend in with the rest of the blouse or dress and create a totally uniform look.

High Neck

The high neckline is essentially a form of turtleneck that spans the seasons from spring to fall. Instead of having long sleeves, the high neck typically has only short sleeves or it may have no sleeves at all. There’s a fitted collar that runs around the neck from back to drop often with some texture to it.

The rest of the neckline may drape over the entire torso and may be made from the same fabric. Another form of the high neck resembles the illusion neckline. In this form of neckline, the piece that spans the area from the bust may be made of a sheer fabric while the rest of the neckline is composed of a thicker fabric.

Queen Anne

Named after England’s Queen Anne, this is a look often seen in bridal gowns and other types of formal dresses. The look has two parts to it. There’s a deep sweetheart neckline that’s usually higher than a v neck but still has a visible bend to it in the middle. Two sleeves keep the neckline up at both ends. They are typically only small pieces of cloth rather than full sleeves, making this one version of a sleeveless dress. The sleeves cover only a small part of the top and come directly over the shoulders.

Off-Shoulder Illusion


The deep cut is a long vertical V.

Square Neckline

Square necklines are designed to form three sides of a square along the neck and the shoulders. There’s a line of fabric across the bust that forms the base of the square. There may be sleeves that are set in at the shoulders to form two additional straight lines. This kind of neckline may also have straps at the shoulder that are straight and keep the elements in place so the dress doesn’t slide down. This kind of neckline is seen on clothing all year long in fabrics ranging from airy summer cotton to thick winter silks.

Halter Top

The halter top typically covers the collarbones but leaves the arms and shoulders totally bare. Fabric encircles the neckline, drawing the eye upwards from the bodice. Sometimes the neckline is left plain with an expanse of fabric all the way down. Sometimes it has decoration at the neck. This kind of neckline is typically paired with a bare back that may reach down and graze the abdomen.

Illusion Neckline

The illusion neckline is made up of a combination of varied types of fabrics. The goal is to give the illusion of a much higher neckline. There’s a base made up of thicker fabric that can’t be seen through such as satin or jersey. The rest of the neckline is made up of a see-through fabric such as tulle or an embroidered lace.

The see-through fabric extends from the bust, covers the collarbones, and then hits just below the neck. The contrasting fabric forms a circle around the neck. It’s also sometimes called the illusion yoke neckline.

Bateau Flair

The bateau neckline is also known as a boat neck. French in origin, it’s designed to call to mind the streamlined front of a boat and show off the wearer’s face. This kind of neckline is typically is a wide style that is designed to run horizontally across the front from one shoulder to the next. It follows the line of the collarbone and may cover them or end just underneath it. The neckline is mirrored in the back with the same shape. There’s usually a slight bend in the middle of the neckline. This lends a bit of giving that softens the overall look.

Cowl Look

This is an old fashioned look that is still popular today. It’s usually seen during the winter months as it provides an easy means of adding additional warmth across the neck. The cowl look is made up of fabric that adds several lines across the collarbones. There’s a drop in the middle that creates a casual feel as the fabric forms a semicircle across the front of the neck. The back typically has the same folds but they are higher than in the front. They can often be pulled up to serve as a scarf or even a small hood.

Grecian Elegance

Also known as the Greek neckline, the Grecian is a style that is ideal for warm summer days and nights. It begins with two pieces of fabric that drape across the bust and form a small keyhole at the waist. At the top is a sweetheart neckline point that shows off the bust. The two pieces of fabric meet above the collarbone. Here, they come together with a collar that spans the neck and keeps the entire look from sliding down. This is a look that is frequently seen in evening gowns and other formal dresses.

Sabrina Style

The Sabrina was originally made famous in an Audrey Hepburn movie of the same name. Designer Edith Head won an Oscar for her contribution to fashion and showed moviegoers a new look. It is similar to the bateau in many ways. However, the Sabrina is distinguished by certain crucial elements.

This neckline begins at the inner tips of the wearer’s shoulders. From there, it curves down about an inch and lies across the neck. There’s a slight curve across the neck that slopes down in the middle. This neckline is of equal depth across both the front and back.

63 Types of Neckline Designs For Dresses & Tops

63 Different Types of Neck Designs that Every Woman Love to Try in Dresses & Tops

Buying a dress that fits in all criteria is surely a tricky business. A neckline is totally something that defines an outfit. It all depends on how the style is and if it would suit you on a particular occasion. Besides owning the right style of necklines, they can instantly give your outfit an alluring touch.

One wrong step and the entire attire can fail. So here are some types of neckline that might work for you and you will just have to invest a few minutes to find the one you have been looking for.

63 Latest Types of Necklines for Dresses & Tops

  1. Asymmetrical Neckline
  2. Wrap Neckline
  3. Sweetheart Neckline
  4. Plunge/ Low Neckline
  5. Pussy Bow Neckline
  6. Strapless Neckline
  7. Ruffle Neckline
  8. One Shoulder Neckline
  9. Yoke Neckline
  10. Off Shoulder Neckline
  11. Layered Neckline
  12. Split/ Notched Neckline
  13. Gathered Neckline
  14. Peter Pen Collar Neckline
  15. Jabot Neckline
  16. Cowl Neckline
  17. Mock Neckline
  18. Pleat Neckline
  19. Deep V Neckline
  20. Convertible Neckline
  21. Surplice Neckline
  22. Keyhole Necklines
  23. Scoop Neckline
  24. Halter Neckline
  25. Boat / Slash/ Sabirna Neckline
  26. Scalloped Neckline
  27. Sheer Neckline
  28. Illusion Neckline
  29. Embellished Neckline
  30. Cut Out Neckline
  31. Crochet Neckline
  32. Turtle Neckline
  33. Round Neckline
  34. V Neckline
  35. U Neckline
  36. Square Neckline
  37. Diamond Neckline
  38. Crew Neckline
  39. Criss Cross Neckline
  40. Queen Anne Neckline
  41. Mandarin Neckline
  42. Shawal Neckline
  43. Lapel Collar Neckline
  44. Hug Shoulder Neckline
  45. Shirt Collar Neckline
  46. Low Neckline
  47. Spaghetti Neckline
  48. Grecian Neckline
  49. Raglan Neckline
  50. Portrait Neckline
  51. Chiness Neckline
  52. Ascot Neckline
  53. Cage Neckline
  54. Cut Way / Racer Neckline
  55. Pointed Flat Neckline
  56. Crumb Catcher Neckline
  57. Fold Over Neckline
  58. Tucked Neckline
  59. Sailor /Middy Collar Neckline
  60. Petal Neckline
  61. Choker Neckline
  62. Double Collar Neckline
  63. Puritan Collar Neckline

Asymmetrical Neckline

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Popular in the 80’s, an asymmetric neckline is not same on both sides of the neck. It’s rather different to add more accent to an outfit.

2. Wrap Neckline

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Wrap neckline overlays on the side of the shoulder. Craft a look that appears flirty and feminine with this neckline for your next party.

3. Sweetheart Neckline

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Sweetheart neckline is usually high at the back and low in the front where it expresses a shape of a heart. Usually designed on wedding gowns, this one is a perfect choice to enhance the shape.

4. Plunge/Low Neckline

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Opt to take a plunge wearing the low neckline to your next night out. The style accentuates the cleavage due to its deep neck at the front.

5. Pussy Bow Neckline

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This neckline usually takes the form of a bow on the neckline. Delicate and romantic, this style can spruce up your evening wear instantly.

6. Strapless Neckline

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Perhaps the most popular for bridal gowns, this style is structured without the straps on the shoulders. The ultra-feminine style gives a gorgeous feel to the outfit.

7. Ruffle Neckline


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Crafted with a flowy design onto the dress, this ruffle neckline will make your date night sexy. The style clings to the neck and looks effortless.

8. One Shoulder Neckline

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This neckline is asymmetrical too and features only one side of the neckline while the other one is bare skin. The sleek cut will let you sizzle in the club.

9. Yoke Neckline

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Popular since the ’80s, the yoke neckline is a pattern constructed onto the neckline. The extra design takes your style up a notch.

10. Off Shoulder Neckline

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Dress up for a party or a date night wearing the off-shoulder neckline. Showcasing bold shoulders on both sides, this neckline is definitely a weekend wow caller.

11. Layered Neckline

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The layered neckline is designed with a flouncy design that adds more to the attire. Your summer dressing just got done right with this neckline.

12. Split/ Notched Neckline

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Sleek and sexy, this neckline has a button closure at the front in a V-neck design. With some skin peek, this neckline is a sure shot to be added to your dresses.

13. Gathered Neckline

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This neckline has silhouettes all summing up together on the dress. Head out to the club with this street-style sexiness.

14. Peter Pen Collar Neckline

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This style has rounded ends that meet at the front of the neckline. The style stays fave forever and can reckon up your summer wardrobe.

15. Jabot Neckline

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The jabot neckline, most of the time, consists of fabric falling from the neck and makes itself an essential part of the dress. Inspired by the brogue period, this one stays put always.

16. Cowl Neckline

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The cowl neckline has a flowy design that looks very feminine and flattering. Make a fabulous impression wearing the style for brunch hours.

17. Mock Neckline

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The mock neckline is a high collar that goes all the way up and is not folded down. Apt for day-to-night wear, this style adds a spice always.

18. Pleat Neckline

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The pleated neckline is a fold-formed style that becomes the classic foundation of an outfit. Draw some attention during your cocktail night wearing this style.

19. Deep V Neckline

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The deep V neckline forms a V and ends usually a little above the waist. Accentuating your night glam, this neckline will be your mate for a perfect party season.

20. Convertible Neckline

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Just like the name suggests, the convertible neckline can be transformed. This neckline is trimmed with graceful appeal and stays put during your night with co-workers.

21. Surplice Neckline

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This neckline is designed with a diagonally crossed line on the neck. The surplice neckline makes an ideal point for casual as well as professional outings.

22. Keyhole Necklines

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Enhance your sensuous side even more by wearing the keyhole neckline. This style forms a hole-like design usually at the center of the neck area.

23. Scoop Neckline

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This neckline drops significantly more than the normal neckline. The low-cut design is an alluring addition to a pretty day outfit.

24. Halter Neckline

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The halter neckline has a knot style built-in for your convenience. The sexy style commands attention as you slay the upscale look.

25. Boat / Slash/ Sabirna Neckline

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This neckline is wide that forms a horizontal front and back across the collarbone. Featured onto evening wear dresses, this style makes some heads turn as you wear the super-chic neckline.

26. Scalloped Neckline

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This neckline is quite dramatic as it has a semi-circle-like design. The scalloped neckline is a charming piece that adds all comfort for an afternoon date look.

27. Sheer Neckline

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The sheer neckline is a transparent style that showcases the collarbones really well. Give a classic Victorian touch to your look with sheer neckline.

28. Illusion Neckline

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Be spoilt for a choice with the illusion neckline for your D-day. The on-trend style is attached to the body that extends from bust to collar.

29. Embellished Neckline

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Studded with a highlighting design on the neckline, the embellished style will be an add-on to your A-list. Look your best at an event with the new-for-the-season outfit.

30. Cutout Neckline

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The cutout neckline is a cut design constructed onto the dress. The peek-a-boo style lets you appear your best during weekend brunch.

31. Crochet Neckline

This neckline is designed in a way that threads get interlocked and a pattern is formed. The crochet neckline on a dress gets you vacay ready for sunny days.

32. Turtle Neckline

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A neckline that has a fitted collar and creates volume to the neck area is a turtleneck. Find your next signature style, for an apt winter day, clinging to a turtleneck.

33. Round Neckline

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A neckline that has always remained with us, a round neck, forms a semi-circle design on the garment. The graceful one gets decked up for a stunning party look.

34. V Neckline

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The V neck is one of the most common ones because of its vertical V impression on the outfit. Make an elegant entrance at formal affairs merging this style into your dresses.

35. U Neckline

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This neckline crafts a U and comes in various styles. Clean and stylish, the U neckline makes itself a foolproof choice for a dinner date.

36. Square Neckline

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Since collarbone is the essence, the square neckline has a straight cut that ultimately forms a square on the dress. Add this for timeless comfort and convenience for casual outings.

37. Diamond Neckline

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This neckline sculpts a diamond design as a neckline onto the dress. Delicate and dreamy, the diamond neckline will become your favorite on weekends.

38. Crew Neckline

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The crew neckline forms a circle that clings to the neck. Get ready to brighten up your 9 to 5 style wearing the eye-catchy neckline.

39. Criss Cross Neckline

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The criss-cross neckline forms a pattern that showcases an X. Let your attire look dynamic on dates as you slay this neckline onto your dress with grace.

40. Queen Anne Neckline

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The Queen Anne neckline is one in which part of the neckline is raised and has a partially open front. Sparkle often to holiday parties wearing the star of the show, the Queen Anne neckline.

41. Mandarin Neckline

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The mandarin collar is the one that has a stand-up style design constructed on the garment. Send out laid-back vibes wearing this going-out glam.

42. Shawal Neckline

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The shawl neckline has a rolled-over fabric that falls a bit lower than normal necklines. Rich and romantic, this style will reckon you up for dinner parties.

43. Lapel Collar Neckline

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The lapel collar neckline has folded flaps on the dress. The style fuses a dose of the fashionable cue on the attire for a so-sexy look.

44. Hug Shoulder Neckline

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This neckline has the ability to accentuate the collarbones and stays firm on the body. Achieve a sweet look with this designated beautiful neckline.

45. Shirt Collar Neckline

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Just like the collar of a shirt is designed, the shirt collar neckline speaks the same. Enhance your day out wear by merging this neckline onto your dress for some fun vibes.


Low Neckline

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A neckline that lowers more than usual is a low neckline. This style is very sensuous and is a flirty-wear for every chance you don’t want to miss.

47. Spaghetti Neckline

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The spaghetti neckline is the one that has thin straps and appears gorgeous due to its U or V neckline. Flaunt this neckline the next time you head to a beach as it has comfy call stuck to it.

48. Grecian Neckline

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Inspired by the ancient Greece style, the Grecian neckline features an astounding design that crafts the collarbones well. Add a feminine flair to your wardrobe with this neckline.

49. Raglan Neckline

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This neckline has usually raglan sleeves that are joined to the bodice diagonally into the neckline. Add casual vibes to your attire clubbing this neckline in your style.

50. Portrait Neckline

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The portrait neckline is a wide neckline style that accentuates the collarbone with sleeves resting on the shoulder blades. Captivate the date night look adorning the portrait neckline.

51. Chinese Neckline

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A Chinese neckline has a standing collar crafted on the garment. This style magnifies the look and makes it a sheer choice for prom nights.

52. Ascot Neckline

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This neckline has a neckband with pointed wings and the elaborated tie around the neck adds more drama to the look. Wear your formal attire in a modish way constructing this neckline.

53. Cage Neckline

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Rock this little number that features a cage neckline. This style has cut-out details done and looks flattering when you chose to wear it on the dance floor.

54. Cut Way / Racer Neckline

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The racer neckline is designed in a way that covers the front part and leaves the arm area open. Dress to impress wearing this beautiful evening neckline.

55. Pointed Flat Neckline

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Amaze everyone at work wearing the pointed flat neckline. The neckline comes in a collar style that is an absolute add-on for your formal wear.

56. Crumb Catcher Neckline

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This neckline has scrunched neckline where the entire fabric comes in a gathered form. It’s the one that channels endless classy vibes as you adorn it on your wedding gown.

57. Fold Over Neckline

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The fold-over neckline has a folded design instead of a straight neckline. Revamp your sophisticated style by laying your hands on this splendid neckline.

58. Tucked Neckline

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The tucked neckline is the one that sticks to the neck area very closely. Apt for office hours, this neckline onto your dress will be your sparkle to work.

59. Sailor /Middy Collar Neckline

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The collar forms a deep V-neck in front and no stand and has a square back. Taking inspiration from the sailors, this style is a statement maker always.

60. Petal Neckline

Petal neckline forms a petal-like design as a neckline on the dress. Sweet meets sexy is what it speaks and becomes a clear choice to wear for brunch time.

61. Choker Neckline

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Give your outfit an added benefit with a choker neckline. The style has tucked neckline near the throat which truly promises a too-hot-to-handle trend.

62. Double Collar Neckline

An outfit looks more eccentric when the double collar is designed onto it. The style is layered with two collars joined together to form a perfect piece for day glam.

63. Puritan Collar Neckline

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For a ladylike appeal, design your dress with the puritan collar neckline. This neckline falls off the shoulder but still stays put as you wear it.

These necklines are for sure a style stealer and will upgrade your look in no time. Know what suits you the best and opt for the ones that will be a game-changer for you. Necklines can give or take away the charm so decide wisely and be the center of attention always.

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14 Types of Necklines for Every Urban Women – Awarded as Top 100 Urban Lifestyle Blogger Worldwide

Do you have that friend who swans around the stores citing all the ‘official’ terminology of the
clothes and you’re left standing there thinking…but it’s just a top.

Whilst it may feel like you were missed out when it came to the fashion directory school that everyone else apparently went to, this is not the case. It just needs a little self education now and again to keep you up to speed. So, that’s where we come in. YAY!

These days, a tee is never just a tee. Often over-described in magazines, the ‘top’ has copious different names which all allude to the style of the neckline first and foremost, and then sleeveline after. So we’ve curated the complete guide to all the necklines that you’ll ever need to know.

No need to thank us, we’re all about spreading the love.

1. Asymmetric

Asymmetric tops are bang on trend for S/S ‘17 which is great news for all us females as they suit all body shapes.
Asymmetric is as the name suggests – not identical on both sides. Usually in the shape of one shoulder strap but can be voiced in other ways too, such as colour split or different fabrics.
The asymmetric top allows you to be more experimental and playful with your style and adds instant individuality too.

2. Bardot

The Bardot top is named after the iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot, who owned the 1950’s with her iconic style and sex appeal. 
So it’s by no mistake that this top shows off both shoulders giving that sexy AND classy edge to any outfit. It’s a timeless shape that will never go out of style (just like the starlet) and will always look pretty and feminine.
We love to team ours with some high-waisted skinny jeans, strappy sandals and an oversized clutch.

3. Off-Shoulder

Yes, you might get confused between this and the Bardot. We can totally understand why. The differences are subtle but they exist nonetheless.
The Bardot hemline goes straight across from the outer arm to the other outer arm. The arm cuffs are thick strapped too. The is off-shoulder top less rigid in its formula – the hemline can vary and the straps across the arm can be as thick or as thin as you wish. However, they both scream sexuality and femininity.

4. Boatneck

The boatneck is more reserved than the Bardot, but still opens up the neck and shoulder area.
You can recognize a boatneck top simply by observing the length of the neckline: it will run from the inner shoulder to the inner shoulder. This style offers a very sophisticated finish to your outfit.
The boatneck is fantastic for office attire when you just don’t want to wear a blouse, as it comes across as formal and professional.

5. High Neck

As the name suggests (we do like it when things are kept simple) this style of top finishes high up on the neckline. Think rollneck and you’re already there. The sleeve length doesn’t hold any relevance here – as long as the top cups the lower half of your neck, it’s a ‘high neck’ style. I suggest, in our Manila weather, if you go for a high neck then perhaps make it short sleeved, to keep you stylish and cool (sweat patches are not the one).

6. Illusion

These tops will have, usually, a mesh panel or sheer fabric panel that contrasts to the rest of the top…offering you that enigmatic element to your outfit. The illusion panel means you don’t have to put too much effort into your outfit to make it interesting and unique.
The mesh panel also helps to hide any undesired flesh parts (for those of you who perhaps dislike their upper arms as an example) without resorting to just standard long-sleeved tops.

7. Straight Across

The straight across boob-tube style top is your standard hemline for most strapless tees.
A firm favourites for most modern day crop tops, the straight across is perfect for the effortless weekend style. With a decent elasticated hem, most straight across tops hold well and many have built-in support too, so no bra required. Now that’s what our Saturdays are all about.

8. Sweetheart

This is a favourite for bridal wear – the hemline gives a fuller bust by dropping low into the cleavage. With the right support it is often captivating and hugely sexy too.
We women do know how to work our wily feminine charms! Whether you’re well endowed or lighter on top, this style of top will show off your two great assets *ahem*.
If you’re looking to throw on something with your jeans to elevate the day outfit for cocktails, a sweetheart top is just the thing.

9. Semi-Sweetheart

As the name suggests, this is just a less severe version of the sweetheart neckline.
This works well for those who may not wish to reveal too much, but enjoy the idea of ‘suggestion’.
The line between sweetheart and semi-sweetheart is pretty blurred if we’re honest, but the key is to look at the dip in the cleavage and see just how much is revealed.
Also, a more rounded hemline across the top of the breasts implies full sweetheart; a less rounded is a semi-sweetheart.

10. Square

The square neckline may come off as rather ‘military’ on paper, but the exact opposite is true in reality. It is a perfect choice for work (or date night) and allows you to expose your chest but in a softer way than ‘all on show’.
For a professional finish to your ensemble, a square neckline never fails to deliver.

11. Scoop

Oh this one is easy. The rounded low scoop hemline of the top means it belongs in this category.
Don’t confuse with a v neck or a square – the hemline HAS to be rounded and reasonably low to be a scoop, but can be either revealing or conservative…depending on your predilections.
Super easy to wear and oh so practical (it will go with anything), a scoop neck is a staple for any girl’s wardrobe.

12. V-Neck

A great ‘office friendly’ neckline, the V-neck plunges from the shoulders straight down into the cleavage in a V formation. 
Can be as low or as reserved as you fancy, as long as it is a V shape it fits into this category.
This particular style can transcend from formal to casual and is thus a popular shape working women.

13. Halter

The halter is easy to recognize – any top in which the shoulders are exposed and the straps go around the neck.
The standard halter top will have the front of your chest above the breasts covered, which differentiates it from the halter strap top.
As the shoulders are usually our most flattering and feminine part of our upper body, this style of top showcases your ‘best’ bit and thus gives a beautifully feminine finish to any ensemble.

14. Halter-Strap

The halter strap is a notch up from the halter top – the shoulders AND chest area will be exposed and the straps stem from the breast line and will fasten behind your neck.
The halter strap reminds us of the Golden Era of Hollywood, complete with cinched in waists and large floaty skirts.
A popular choice for bikini tops and swimsuits, this style draws attention to your breasts *ahem* and oozes sexuality and feminine charm.

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8 Main Types of Sweater Necklines » My Fashion Galore

These days there are many different types of sweaters and the materials used to make sweaters are just as varied. However, we often overlook how the different types of sweater necklines (or necklines in general).

For example, everyone knows the all popular v-neck and crew neck sweaters. But what about the turtleneck and the mock turtleneck? Yes, these are two different neckline styles. Here are the sweater neckline styles you need to know.

Shawl Collar

The shawl collar is a cross-over style of neckline.  While the design is stylistic its main purpose is to provide more warmth around your neck area.

A turned-over collar of a garment that combines with lapels forming an unbroken curving line


Mock Turtleneck

The mock turtleneck has a narrow neckline that lies flat against your neck. The mock turtleneck reaches just below the Adam’s Apple.


The turtleneck is a high, close-fitting collar, that you can roll or turn down. The typical turtleneck extends from the collarbone up to the lower jaw.

Cowl Neck

The cowl neck sweater has a funnel neck and drapes to show off your neckline. It may resemble a turtleneck but the fabric around the neckline is looser and sometimes bundle.

Crew Neck

The crew neck is also known as the round neck and it is a popular sweater neckline design. It’s mostly found on pullover sweaters where it is wide enough to slip over the head and fits snugly around the base of your neck.


This is basically a V-shaped neckline in the front of the sweater. It usually reveals a small section of the upper chest right near the collar bones.

Banded Collar

These sweater necklines feature a small “band” or “tab” of fabric that gives a smooth, flat, dressy appearance to the neckline. Both V-necks and round necks can have this feature.

Scoop Neck

The scoop-shape neckline drops well below normal limits of what’s considered the neckline. It can also be used to show off a bit of cleavage.

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More Neckline Styles Than You’ll Ever Need

Just like the waistline, the neckline style is a defining factor when it comes to the overall look and feel of your outfit.  Your choice of neckline styles defines whether your outfit is formal or casual, feminine and playful or sophisticated and stylish.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right neckline style for your garment; including body shape, bust size, décolleté line, shoulder size, neck length/thickness and face shape.

Conventional wisdom might suggest that large breasted gals opt for higher necklines but this is actually a bad idea…the higher the neckline, the lower set it will make you lovely ladies appear so you should be going for medium cuts. Also, the wider the cut of the neckline, the broader your shoulders will appear –so you can offset a wide hip with the illusion of balance in this way!

Personally, I was surprised by the sheer number of necklines I uncovered which researching this article, the more I searched the more I discovered. Take a look through because there’s a clever choice for every body type and also quite a few unwise choices…you’re bound to get some new wardrobe and project ideas from this lengthy and hopefully very handy list of neckline styles.

I’ve also included some links to various patterns that utilize the several of the neckline styles.  And don’t miss the downloadable summary at the end of the article.

Sweetheart neckline:

This neckline is a popular choice for ball and wedding gowns, it’s extremely feminine and flattering on a variety of figures.  The heart-shaped bust line works great on full chested ladies; they can show off or accentuate cleavage without actually revealing too much.

On petite, narrow shouldered women this line will create the illusion of curves and widen the shoulders. Women with hard angled faces will benefit from the feminine balance this soft line provides.  The exposed décolletage balances well with the curves of a broad-hipped woman.  This style could be a standard sweetheart, ending on top of the shoulders, a spaghetti strap version or a strapless sweetheart, there are a number of other variations which we will cover hereafter.

Semi-sweetheart neckline:

This style is very similar to the sweetheart style, except that the heart shape doesn’t have that defined point in the center, instead it has a shallower curve.  This will work for the same body types as the standard sweetheart neckline.

Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern for this Easy Party Dress from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

Pentagonal neckline:

This is, in essence, a sweetheart neckline but instead of having a strapless sweetheart or the smooth curve of a standard one, this one combines a square neck with a sweetheart so it will finish on the shoulders.  The overall effect is one of drawing the attention vertically and so you can follow the same body type guidelines as you would for a v-neck.

Straight Across/Tube/Strapless neckline styles:

This neckline goes straight from armpit to armpit. This neckline won’t suit narrow shouldered ladies, only ladies with square proportions and broad or medium, toned shoulders. Try to avoid this unless your arms are toned or slim.  Large busted ladies should definitely avoid this as it will have the effect of making your bust appear low set.

Camisole neckline:

This is the same as a Strapless neckline only it includes spaghetti straps for support.

Bateau/Boat neckline:

The elegant and sophisticated boatneck neckline has the effect of broadening the shoulders so it’s perfect for pear shaped ladies, while ladies with broad shoulders should definitely avoid it.  Ladies with attractive collar bones should take advantage of this style.  It also tends to accentuate the bust so it can give the illusion of fullness to a small busted woman.

V-neck neckline:

This angular neckline plunges from the shoulders down to a central point. This is a popular choice among Hollywood stars, because of it’s miraculous lengthening and slimming effects.  Because the v-neck creates a vertical focus: drawing the attention in a vertical line, the effect is definitely one of lengthening and slimming.  This neckline is flattering on any body shape, except

This neckline is flattering on any body shape, except possibly ladies with a very long neck, it accentuates cleavage, lengthens short necks and wide faces while narrowing broad shoulders.  Large busted ladies, keep in mind that a high V-cut will make your chest look lower set.  Ladies with wide hips will benefit from a wider V, as opposed to a plunging one because the exposed skin will create an illusion of balance.

Asymmetric/One-Shoulder neckline:

This diagonal neckline will have one shoulder exposed and one strapped. Great on slim ladies with narrow shoulders and toned arms. This is a sexy way to show a bit of collar bone.  This style won’t suit broad-shouldered ladies.

Illusion neckline:

This gorgeous effect is created by two necklines, one higher and constructed of a sheer fabric and one lower. The sheer fabric may even feature embroidered detail or sequin work on a ball gown or wedding dress.  As for which body types can wear it, that all depends on the cut of the lower neckline.

Square Neck:

This is considered a sophisticated and formal neckline, exposing the attractive décolletage without revealing the cleavage.  This option is best for women with toned neck and chest areas.  This style will also elongate the neck and balance out narrower shoulders.  Because this style broadens the shoulders, it works great for pear-shaped women.  Slim, small chested ladies look great in this style, provided they wear a padded bra to create some curves.  Women with very round faces will benefit here because the square exposure will balance the effect perfectly.

Scoop/Round Neck:

This neckline plunges down in a half-moon shaped curve.  Scoop neck type styles work well for almost every body type but, depending on your proportions, the scoop neck proportions should be the opposite…so narrow shoulders goes with a wide scoop, a narrow scoop goes with wide shoulders.  This style can create the illusion of a large bust on a small busted woman or it can disguise the bust size on a full busted woman.

Halter Neck:

The halter neck is like an inverted v-neck which comes together behind the neck instead of ending on the shoulders so it will always be sleeveless.  A crossover halter is a combination of this style and the crossover style below.  The halter neck is a popular choice for sportswear, swimsuits and party dresses because of the support it provides in the bust area, while still being flattering.  This style doesn’t work on women with downsloping shoulders as it will only accentuate the slope. This makes big breasts look a lot bigger and doesn’t really flatter larger ladies. This is ideal for sporty women or slim, small busted women with slender arms.

Halter Strap:

This would be like a strapless cut, often with a sweetheart neckline with straps starting close to the armpits and coming together behind the neck.  This has all the benefits of a sweetheart or strapless cut but with the added support of the halter neck.

High Neck/Funnel/Built-Up:

This high neckline is made by cutting the shoulder seams in an upward slant or curve. It will have the effect of shortening the neck and the overall silhouette.  Big busted ladies should avoid this as it will make the breasts look lower set.  This one looks best on square or slender gals with long necks and slim or oval faces.

Off-shoulder/Bardot Neck:

Ending on the upper arm instead of on the shoulder, this neckline cuts straight across in a long line, exposing the whole collarbone and shoulders.  Off the shoulder/open décolletage styles work best for ladies with a medium bust, toned shoulders and arms and a long neck, they should be avoided by ladies who are top heavy set or have a full bust or broad shoulders.  Because of the shoulder broadening effect, this style balances proportions out on a lady with wide hips.

Cowl neckline:

Go to the Cowl Neck Top Pattern

Sew the Cowl Neck Top.  A great wardrobe builder, and versatile with the different sleeve options.  Video tutorial, as well as step by step instructions.

Flattering, comfortable, quick to sew – perfect!

This stylish neckline is feminine and flattering on any body type and it’s a great option for fuller ladies. It includes draping of excess fabric at the neck as a result of a bias cut.

Sabrina neckline:

A wide horizontal neckline, in-between a boat neck and an off-shoulder.  This neckline might be fastened at the shoulders.  For body type, follow the same rules as you would for an off-shoulder line.

Keyhole neckline:

This high or medium neckline will feature a keyhole-like opening or slit in front, similar to the slit neckline only this one will be fastened shut at the top of the slit. Body type benefits depend on the height of the scoop neckline.

Horseshoe neckline:

This style comes high around the back of the neck and then cuts into a low round curve in front, shaped like a horseshoe.

Turtleneck neckline:

Like any high neck garment, the effect will be that of shortening so this is a great option for offsetting a long neck or long thin face.  This is a good option for slender women with a small bust or women with a square shape, provided they wear a padded bra.

Surplice/Crossover neckline:

This neckline is common in wrap shirts and dresses, where one side of the v-neck garment is laid over the other. Follow the same body type guidelines as for a v-neck.

Gathered/Peasant/Gypsy neckline:

This is a full gathered neckline, in the shape of a scoop which may be low or high, depending. It may be elasticated or fastened at the back.

Drawstring neckline:

This neckline is exactly like a gathered neckline, only it is gathered with the pull of a drawstring.

Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern for this Boho Chic Tunic from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

Florentine neckline:

This is a variation of the square neckline, only it is very wide, exposing the whole collar bone. Body type rules are similar to those for an off-shoulder neckline.

Slash/Split/Notch neckline styles:

This style combines the round neck with the V-neck effect.  Essentially it’s a scoop neck with a split cut in the middle.  This flattering design is suitable for almost every body shape, provided you follow the rules for choosing your scoop neck cut.  This style is popular for tunics and long sleeve garments and probably works best on petite women, although it can be a great way for larger ladies to show an inch of cleavage without going overboard.  It’s very similar to the keyhole neckline, except with the keyhole, the top of the slit would be closed.

Jewel neckline:

This is a very popular neckline, especially for office and formal wear.  It’s high (at the base of the neck), rounded and modest, covering the whole chest and only revealing the neck.  This style is best on a long necked woman.  As with all high neck styles, it is best avoided by women with a very large bust as it will have the effect of making the breasts appear lower set.

Crew neck neckline:

Pretty much the same shape as the jewel neckline, except that this one will be finished with a band of some sort, you are used to seeing this neckline in t-shirts. The same rules apply as for the jewel neckline.

Queen-Anne neckline:

Formal, elegant and sophisticated, this is a sweetheart neckline or an open v-neck with fabric coming up over the shoulders from beneath the arms in diagonal lines so that the back is high and the full décolletage exposed.  The upper part, covering the shoulders will often be made of a different or sheer fabric and this is a style we will see mostly in ballgowns and wedding dresses.  Follow the same rules as you would for the open v-neck or sweetheart line.

Grecian neckline:

This stylish and seductive neckline extends from beneath the arms up to the middle chest where a circular strap will support and fasten it behind the neck.  It looks best on women with toned shoulders and slender arms, it will also make broad shoulders appear even broader so beware.

Here’s a summary of the many neckline styles available to you.  Click on the image to see the full-resolution version and right-click to download.

Keep this collection of necklines in mind next time you are looking for a dress to make.  In the comments section, let me know if I missed any necklines.  It would be great to include a picture and description if you have one.

Until next time!

Bridal Guide to Wedding Dress Neckline Types

How To Find The Perfect Neckline Type For Your Occasion

From sweetheart to scoop, there are so many dress neckline types for wedding gowns and party dresses. Here’s a look at what necklines flatter different figures best. Read on to find your favorite wedding dress neckline type!

Sweetheart Neckline

One of the most popular wedding dress necklines, the universally flattering sweetheart shape resembles the top of a heart and accentuates decolletage.

Straight Neckline

Often seen on strapless dresses, a straight neckline is clean and modern and offers a little more coverage than sweetheart styles.

Illusion Neckline

The Illusion neckline is when sheer fabric extends from the bodice edge up to the base of the neck, elongating the upper body without covering up too much. Appliques sewn on top appear to float across the skin.


The V-neck shape lengthens the torso, so this style works well for petite figures. The dip may be demure or dramatic, and it’s often mirrored in the back.


Flattering on smaller shoulders, the boatneck (aka bateau) skims across the collarbone and is often accompanied by sleeves, like Meghan Markle’s wedding dress.

Plunging Neckline

A deep V or plunging neckline is the dramatic version of a V-neckline. The lower dip may be covered with illusion fabric so there’s no need to worry about a wardrobe malfunction!

Scoop Neckline

With a dip in the front that gives the scoop neckline its name, this option lengthens the neck, accentuates the collarbone, and is a favorite for all body types.

High Neckline

Hitting at the base of the neck or above, a high neckline provides the most front coverage and looks marvelous on those with longer faces and necks.

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

Off-the-shoulder dresses put the focus on the collarbone and shoulders while beautifully framing the face and elegantly covering a bit of the arms.

One-Shoulder Neckline

Looking for a different neckline? Asymmetrical one-strap styles give off a goddess vibe and draw attention to your face.


A match for wider shoulders, halter necklines cut in from the sides, coming together at the neck and often tying in the back. Wondering what undergarments to wear? Check out our bra guide.

Keyhole Neckline

Typically paired with a halter or high neckline, a keyhole cutout is an alluring detail that reveals just a touch of skin while still providing plenty of coverage.

Fall in love with one of these wedding dress neckline types? Shop these styles and more trendy dresses online or visit your local David’s Bridal!

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90,000 how to choose the right one, who to wear

At all times, the neckline on women’s clothing admired men and aroused the envy of rivals. And if in the Middle Ages it was considered a crime to bare the chest, then over time, Puritan manners were replaced by modern views on fashion. The cutout on the clothes became deeper and deeper, gradually began to open the back and even dropped below the waistline.

What is a neckline?

“Decollete” – a word of French origin, translated means “without a neck.”In other words, this is a cutout on the garment that completely exposes the neck, as well as the shoulders and chest.

For the first time the name “neckline” appeared in the XIV century in France. But despite this, it is known that similar outfits with a bare neck and shoulders were worn by the ancient Romans and Greeks. The appearance of a deep cut on clothes was associated with the peculiarity of the cut of dresses of that time. Since the fabric that was used in their sewing was inelastic and greatly impeded movement, in order to make things more comfortable, exposing individual parts of the body became a necessary measure.

At different times, the neckline either came into fashion or was forgotten again. But in modern society, a deep neckline has become an indispensable element of an evening dress, and a day one too.

Types of neckline

There are several types of neckline:

  1. “Heart”. A bold, sleeveless, shoulder-strap dress with a heart-shaped top with a dimple in the center. Such a neckline always favorably emphasizes large breasts.
  2. “Heart” with a shoulder strap. Dress with a neckline in the shape of a heart, complemented by a halter strap or two straps on both shoulders.
  3. The straight neckline is a cut from one armpit to the other. A dress with such a neckline has no straps or sleeves, and also exposes part of the back.
  4. The V-neck can be very deep, down to the waistline, and the figure becomes visually slimmer. A dress with a neckline of this shape is suitable for owners of both small and large breasts.
  5. T-shirts and sleeveless summer dresses often have a U-neck of different depths.
  6. An asymmetrical neckline completely exposes one shoulder, while the other remains closed.
  7. Dropped shoulders. A neckline of this shape exposes the collarbones and shoulders. A dress with such a neckline can be long or short, with or without sleeves. Not suitable for every body type.
  8. “Boat” – a shallow neckline that only slightly reveals the shoulders.
  9. Rectangular or square neckline allows you to emphasize from the advantageous side of the chest of any size. Not suitable for girls with a square face and wide cheekbones.
  10. Round neckline is the most common of the other styles.It is presented in different shapes and depths.
  11. Notched neckline – usually a sweetheart neckline to accentuate the bust.
  12. “Drop” – a drop-shaped neckline located below the stand collar, fastened with a button.
  13. “Illusion” is a triangular V-neck or heart-shaped neckline, veiled with transparent fabric.
  14. The plunging neckline is a cut in the front that reaches the waistline and below. Most often it has a V-shape.
  15. The back neckline is a back cut of different shapes and depths.

With the help of the neckline, you can not only emphasize the advantages of the figure, but also hide its flaws from prying eyes. The main thing in this case is to choose the right style of the dress.

How to choose a dress with a cut-out according to the type of figure: useful tips

Going to the store for the next outfit, you should not rely only on the advice of sellers. It is necessary to determine in advance the type of your figure and, starting from it, select the style of a dress with an open neckline.

Useful tips for choosing are as follows:

  • For women with small breasts, narrow shoulders and wide hips, dress models with a rectangular, straight, V-neckline and boat neckline are suitable. With a pear-shaped type of figure, the emphasis should be placed on the upper part in order to divert attention from the heavy bottom.
  • For owners of short necks, we recommend a dress with a deep and narrow neckline. And vice versa, if the neck is long, models with a round neckline, as well as in the shape of a boat or a drop, are suitable for the girl.
  • A deep, revealing neckline can have a long dress with a neckline. This option is suitable only for an evening event.
  • Slender girls with small breasts should choose short dresses. It’s good if the shape of the neckline opens up the shoulders.

The general rule for all dresses implies that clothes should not only please, but also adjust or emphasize the features of the female figure.

How to wear a low-cut dress

To emphasize the beauty of a dress with a neckline, it must be worn correctly.What does this mean?

  • Evening dresses with a neckline necessarily imply the presence of jewelry on the neck. For a V-shape, choose long pendants; for a less revealing neckline and for women with small breasts, a bright necklace is suitable.
  • If the dress is embroidered with stones, sequins and other decorative elements, no decorations are required at all.
  • Don’t forget a good bra. Heavy breasts can ruin the overall look.Conversely, a lush bust will look harmonious in a dress with a neckline. Consider these tips when creating the perfect look.

Dress with a neckline for plump

Women with curvaceous forms, as a rule, can boast of a chic bust, which effectively emphasizes the neckline of the dress. What shape of the neckline will help to highlight all the advantages of their figure?

For a daytime look, overweight women should choose a dress with a rectangular or square neckline. In such an outfit, even very large breasts will look neat, but at the same time spectacular.

For an evening event, dresses with a neckline in the shape of a heart or a V-neckline are suitable for gorgeous ladies.

Dress with a deep neckline and open back. Whom to wear?

A frank and stylish dress with a deep neckline and an open back is preferred by slender women, but with a skillful choice of style, fat ladies can also afford such an outfit. To do this, they should give preference to cocktail models with a small cut on the back and a fluffy skirt. But for thin women, on the contrary, it is better to wear dresses to the floor, as well as clothes with a deep neckline to the waist.

Breast cut, how to figure out which cut shape suits you

Chest cut: which one is better to choose?

What details do you usually pay attention to when choosing a dress, blouse, jacket for yourself? Of course, cut and style, quality of fabric and tailoring, color, size are important. Have you ever thought about the fact that the shape of the neckline on the product can both emphasize beautiful breasts, give the figure femininity and attractiveness, and make the flaws more noticeable?

Correctly selected neckline shape can work wonders – visually enlarge small breasts, veil extra pounds, correct neck length, face oval, shoulder width, add height.If the choice is made with a mistake, then the effect may be exactly the opposite – such clothing will open and strengthen the defects that should have been veiled.

Knowing what criteria to follow when choosing a cutout on the chest, you will always easily determine whether you should buy the item you initially liked or you need to look for another, more suitable model for you. Taking into account the individual characteristics of your figure, face shape, breast size, height, you can easily determine the best option for the neckline.

How do you know which cut shape is right for you?

So, the main criteria to consider when choosing a chest cutout are:

  1. Body type;
  2. Neck length;
  3. The shape of the face oval;
  4. Breast size.

The shape of the neckline has 2 effects on the visual perception:

  • eye movement from side to side;
  • eye movement from top to bottom.

In this regard, oval, round cutouts are suitable for a narrow face, making the neck smaller. And the neckline with a narrow, elongated V-neck slims, makes the chest more attractive, neat, narrows the shape of the face, lengthens the neck.

Fit Type

Determine where the accents should be placed on your figure. It can be shoulder width, bust size, hip size. It is quite possible to create the perfect silhouette if you know the advantages and disadvantages of the figure.So, for example, you can adjust your image by choosing one of the options suggested by the experts:

  • narrow shoulders to make wider will help cutouts of a rectangular, square shape;
  • you can reduce the width of the shoulders by choosing curly or asymmetrical necklines;
  • if you need to make the upper part of the figure more slender and graceful, then V-shaped cutouts or deep oval cutouts are suitable;
  • for lush breasts, you should not choose too open or deaf neckline. Also avoid high-necked models.

Which neckline on the dress makes you slimmer?

The best option for the neckline for those who want to make the figure visually slimmer is the V-neckline. The deeper and wider the neckline, the more attractive the upper body. But it should be remembered that such cut-outs are not always suitable for women with a square and round face shape. Also, a large neck is not appropriate in every case. Such deep and wide cutouts are not suitable for office dress code, business meetings, active walks.


550 hry. UAH 1 100


550 hry. UAH 1 100

Which neckline on the dress lengthens the height?

A narrow cut on the chest in the dress will make your silhouette not only attractively slim, but also visually add height.When choosing a dress or a jumper, this effect is also recommended to be taken into account for tall girls who want to look a little lower.

Neck length and face shape

If you want to correct the length of the neck, as well as the shape of your face, using the cutout on the chest, then choose outfits taking into account the following features:

  • Make a wide face narrower, smaller cheekbones, and longer neck will help V-shaped neckline;
  • A narrow oval of the face will look wider and more attractive if you choose a sloping and high boat neckline for it.The same cut can reduce the length of the neck;
  • An elegant look with perfect proportions can create a deep and maximally open neckline.

Breast size

The shape of the neckline certainly affects the visually perceived breast size. Therefore, if, when choosing a dress, sweater, blouse, tunic, cardigan, you want to buy clothes with the required corrective effect, then just follow the recommendations of the experts.

Small chest

Small breasts are not a problem if the neckline is chosen correctly. It should be said right away that it is undesirable to focus on the chest. A boat neckline is a good solution, as well as a round high neckline and a neck with a collar in the form of a yoke. Moreover, if you want to add height to yourself, you can still choose a narrow, recessed neckline to make the upper part of the figure visually larger (longer).

For the effect of breast enlargement, it is additionally recommended:

  1. to select dresses, blouses, sweaters, sweaters with any decorative ornaments, bows, flounces, draperies, ruffles, folds, asymmetric elements on the chest line;
  2. to purchase models with a bustier in the neckline;
  3. Choose clothes with cutouts on the chest in the shape of a romantic heart symbol.

Medium breasts

For medium-sized breasts, almost any type of neckline is suitable, so it is best to keep in mind the shape of the face and the length of the neck. However, the above rules apply in this case as well – the V-type cutout will help to increase the volume of the breast, and you can make the breast less accented with a high rounded neckline.

Optimal cleavage for a lush bust

Owners of magnificent forms deserve special attention.Those outfits that are ideal for small breasts, for a large bust may be not only inappropriate, but even vulgar. Therefore, in order to make your image really attractive, aesthetic, stylish, it is recommended to adhere to the following conditions for choosing a neck:

  • A closed neckline will visually shorten the neck, and make the chest even more voluminous;
  • the optimal cut in this case is minimalistic;
  • Do not overload the neck and chest area with decorative items of clothing (ruffles, bows, a collar, a bright print), as well as accessories;
  • A semicircular or V-shaped neckline, which will end above the cleavage of the chest, will perfectly emphasize all the advantages of curvy shapes.

Type of clothing

The main issue is the appropriateness of the deep cut. Too flaunting beautiful breasts is inappropriate if you are going to go:

  • to the theater or philharmonic society;
  • to an expensive restaurant;
  • for a wedding, anniversary.

You can, however, use the seductively plunging neckline if you want:

  • to create a romantic evening look for a date with your loved one;
  • go to a bachelorette party, a nightclub, a disco;
  • visit the beach or relax by the pool.

In such cases, an open chest neckline is a great option to attract attention by choosing the type of clothing and neckline size that suits your figure.


The right cut on the dress helps to enhance the silhouette. Experts recommend choosing models with a V-neck for those women who have rounded shapes and need to be accentuated at the waistline. This shape of the neckline will give the figure proportionality and clarity.

Lush hips look more seductive if there is a round or oval boat neckline at the top of the dress. You can turn the broad shoulders of “fashion models” into an elegant feature of the shapes if you choose a style with an asymmetrical or curly neckline, as well as with a heart-shaped cutout.


The tips for choosing the neck of a women’s sweater are similar to those for a dress. At the same time, we can add that fragile girls who like to dress in an oversized style should be neat and pick up clothes “from someone else’s shoulder” with a neckline that is not too large.As for the fair sex with curvaceous forms, V-necklines are suitable for such women.

90,000 Decollete is … What is Decollete?

Portrait, XVII century

Décolleté (fr. Décolleté , “with a cut off neck, no neck”) – a deep cut in clothes, partially revealing the shoulders and / or chest.


The appearance of the neckline is associated with the development of tailor’s art: clothes from inelastic fabrics due to the cut began to fit the body, fastened with buttons, however, began to restrict movement more.This led to the fact that the previously tightly closed vests began to open first the neck, and then the chest. Often, noble women wore surcoats over closed clothes (outerwear with or without sleeves, with a large neckline, emphasizing the slimness of the waist, the width of the hips and the plasticity of the chest) [1] .

The neckline in the modern sense of the word appeared in the XIV century, in Burgundy, at the court of Isabella of Bavaria [2] . Clothes became even more close to the body, in women’s clothing due to the high waist, the chest is raised high and protrudes forward, the deep V-neckline reduces the bodice of the dress and is sometimes covered by an undershirt (in fact, forming a neckline).In addition, at this time, the neckline begins to open not only the chest, but also the back [3] .

The fashion of that time was condemned by the guardians of morals, however, in the Renaissance, the neckline was preserved and became a common part of a woman’s dress. However, at the Spanish court during the Mannerist era, it was customary to hide the neckline with wide lace collars [1] .

In subsequent times, the fashionable shape of the neckline often changed, most often it depended on the new whim of the kings’ favorites [4] .The neckline was often decorated with ribbons, lace, bows, and powder.

In the 19th century, the neckline decreased, especially in day dresses. A double standard arose: a day dress had to be modest, an evening dress could be considered decent, despite the neckline.

Fashion changed a lot between the world wars. As a result of the abandonment of corsets and the introduction into fashion of bras that did not lift and flatten the chest, the neckline moved to the back, where it became deeper and deeper [1] [2] .

In the 1930s, the fashion on the neckline was temporarily superseded by the fashion for dresses with spaghetti straps (while their top was a kind of neckline), in the early 1940s, the neckline in all forms temporarily went out of fashion. However, in the 1950s the bra was invented in its modern form, and cleavage in sensible shapes again became a frequent part of women’s clothing [2] .

In the course of the sexual revolution, the boundaries of what is permitted in decollete clothes have practically disappeared.

In Russia, the code of a business woman, prohibiting neckline, cuts, which determines the length of the hair and the length of skirts, was developed in the 1930s-1940s; the neckline is still a forbidden part of a business woman’s suit [5] . Sometimes a ban on cleavage is introduced in other areas, for example, the organizers of the Wimbledon tennis tournament banned athletes from participating in cleavage and miniskirts [6] .

Interesting facts

  • Metressa Charles VII, Agnes Sorel, brought the idea of ​​the neckline to the full (not counting the transparent light fabric) opening of one of the breasts, which she first demonstrated in her public repentance.In history it has remained under the name moult belle contrition de ses péchés – “the most beautiful contrition for her sins of Agnes Sorel” [7] .
  • Catherine de Medici, who had a strong influence on modern fashion, came up with a way to deceive the fighters for morality: at court they wore dresses that decently reached the neck, with “windows” cut out in the neckline [2] .
  • Angelica de Fontanges began to decorate her neckline with flies after a rival tried to poison her, and the skin on her chest was damaged by poison [2] .


90,000 classic, casual, sports and others


What is a style of clothing and why is it important to find your own?

First, let’s try to define what a style of clothing is.

So, the style of clothing is a certain set of attributes by which many things, sets and clothing, as such, can be divided into certain categories or types.

Style depends on various factors such as age, social and material status, nationality and mentality, lifestyle and work, musical preferences, religious beliefs, physique and much more.

And yet why is it so important to decide which style is close to you? First of all, this is necessary so that you feel harmonious, so that your external “I” reflects your internal. Well, as a nice bonus, having found your own style, you will not get lost in the endless rows of clothes in stores and easily begin to make the necessary purchases, knowing what exactly you need.

There are a huge variety of stylistic trends in the world, below we will consider the main ones: classic style, casual, sports style, glamor, boho, ethno, grunge, romantic style, preppy, minimalism, eclecticism, new-look, lingerie style, pajama style, retro style and military style.

Business style

Business or classic style is characterized by restraint and conciseness, high quality and a certain basicity. Clothing of this style is especially good for teachers and office workers, scientific conferences and meetings.

The classic style does not accept the introduction of fleeting trends, such as choker, crop top, ruffles, etc. , as well as bright colors and challenging prints. Black, gray, beige, dark blue – this is the range of this stylistic direction.Simple cut and simplicity of details, stability and moderate modesty.

Perhaps the classic style is a kind of basis and base, it was so 50 years ago, and will remain now, decades later. This style is timeless and fashionable.

The classic style is characterized by: calm colors (beige, black, white), laconic forms, neat shoes with heels, exquisite jewelry with pearls.
Classical style is characterized by: calm colors (beige, black, white), laconic forms, neat heels, exquisite jewelry with pearls.
Classical style is characterized by: calm colors (beige, black, white), laconic forms, neat heels, exquisite jewelry with pearls.
Classical style is characterized by: calm colors (beige, black, white), laconic forms, neat heels, exquisite jewelry with pearls.
Classical style is characterized by: calm colors (beige, black, white), laconic forms, neat heels, exquisite jewelry with pearls.


Casual is perhaps one of the most popular stylistic trends among most fashionistas from all over the world. It is not for nothing that in translation it sounds like “everyday”.

What is he like? Firstly, it is always comfort and convenience, pleasant fabrics, not constraining styles, a certain softness and flexibility. The key elements among clothing are: jeans, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jumpers and hoodies, sneakers, uncomplicated comfortable shoes, ballet flats, etc.This style is sometimes also called American: this is how Hollywood stars go on weekdays, which are often filmed by the paparazzi.

As for the color scheme, it is much more varied than in the above-mentioned classic style, however, bright neon colors are also inappropriate, unlike the noble blue, grassy green, mustard yellow, etc.

For the casual are typical: simple shapes, calm relaxing range (gray, blue, black), jeans, cardigans, white T-shirts and turtlenecks, boots, laconic shoes and sneakers.
For the casual are typical: simple shapes, calm relaxing range (gray, blue, black), jeans, cardigans, white T-shirts and turtlenecks, boots, laconic shoes and sneakers.
For the casual are typical: simple shapes, calm relaxing range (gray, blue, black), jeans, cardigans, white T-shirts and turtlenecks, boots, laconic shoes and sneakers.

Sports style

Sports style is as easy as shelling pears, you think, they say that they go to the gym and fitness.No, no, and again no) Sports style includes sports elements, but not clothing for sports. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, baggy pants, walking shoes, sneakers, caps and backpacks – this is the basis of this stylistic trend.

Sports style is convenient and comfortable, this clothing does not hinder movement and does not fit the figure, it is created for active people who love movement and adventure.

Quite bright colors will be quite appropriate in it, but in moderation, for example, inserts on a sweatshirt, or stripes on sneakers.Jewelry, in turn, should choose minimalistic and small in size, although, if possible, it is better to completely abandon them, giving preference to the same sports watch – both an accessory and a benefit, so as not to be late).

Sports style includes: hoodies, sweatshirts, knitted pants, oversized simple bags, sneakers and trainers.
Sporty style includes: hoodies, sweatshirts, knitted pants, oversized simple bags, sneakers and trainers.
Sporty style includes: hoodies, sweatshirts, knitted pants, oversized simple bags, sneakers and trainers.
Sporty style includes: hoodies, sweatshirts, knitted pants, oversized simple bags, sneakers and trainers.


Unfortunately, in modern realities, when pronouncing the word “glamor”, many people in their heads imagine the image of a provincial girl with bright makeup, in a shiny dress, neckline and shoes with crazy heels. This notion of glamor style is false.

True glamor is chic, it is brilliance, but always moderate and knowing its own worth. Glamor is expensive fabrics, silk, precious stones, fur. Glamor is a hair to a hair, it is gloss and well-groomed 24/7.

Glamor loves feathers, fur, sequins, expensive fabrics, fitted dresses and impeccable styling.
Glamor loves feathers, fur, sequins, expensive fabrics, fitted dresses and impeccable styling.
Glamor loves feathers, fur, sequins, expensive fabrics, fitted dresses and impeccable styling.
Glamor loves feathers, fur, sequins, expensive fabrics, fitted dresses and impeccable styling.


The bohemian style of clothing, which was loved by actresses, artists, poetesses of the 20th century, became the ancestor of the boho style. Bohemian style means wide, loose silhouettes, long dresses and skirts.

Boho is the style of music festivals, the style of freedom-loving and creative people. This stylistic direction is characterized by: soft natural fabrics, lace, prints, tassels on clothes, headbands and hats on the head, large sunglasses, sandals or boots somewhat in a cowboy style, jewelry on long chains, belts with metal inserts and fringe. Boho does not tolerate deliberate sexuality, accurate lines, rigor and excessive accuracy, on the contrary, this style loves a kind of disheveledness.

Ethno style

Ethno vaguely resembles boho, but still completely different.Natural fabrics, spacious cuts and prints are inherent in it, which are a symbol of a particular culture. For example, it can be: embroidered shirt, kimono, jacket or bag with an Aztec print, etc.

Decorations in this style will become especially memorable, they are always bright, rather large, original and eye-catching.


Translated from English “grunge” sounds like “untidy”. For the most part, this is the style of adolescents and their youthful maximalism, the complete opposite of luxury and glamor, the style of riffraff and hooligans.

The main characteristics of this stylistic trend are: ripped jeans, plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves, T-shirts, often wrinkled, sneakers or rough boots, a slight mess on the head. This style will be appreciated by lovers of convenience and owners of a rebellious spirit, those who want to take a break from everyday tinsel and just enjoy life without worrying about protruding threads or a hairstyle spoiled by the wind.

Romantic style

Romantic style is the style of young and lovely girls who, even after growing up, believe a little in a fairy tale.These are delicate dresses, floral prints, lace, ruffles and flounces, pastel shades, small handbags and straw hats. These are feminine silhouettes, but without passion and deep neckline, this is modesty and coquetry.

The romantic style is characterized by delicate pastel shades (blue, peach, dusty pink), dresses with puffy skirts, lace and floral prints.
The romantic style is characterized by delicate pastel shades (blue, peach, dusty pink), dresses with puffy skirts, lace and floral prints.
The romantic style is characterized by delicate pastel shades (blue, peach, dusty pink), dresses with puffy skirts, lace and floral prints.
The romantic style is characterized by delicate pastel shades (blue, peach, dusty pink), dresses with puffy skirts, lace and floral prints.


Preppy is the style of an eternal student, after all, it is not for nothing that the very name of the stylistic direction came from “pre-college”, which translates as “preparatory educational institution”.The main characteristics of preppy are: calm deep colors, checkered and striped prints, tweed and cashmere fabrics, A-line skirts, moderate pleats, shirts with a laconic cut, jackets, vests, brogues, loafers, a satchel bag or a postman.

Laconic shirts, red accessories such as belts, plaid jackets and skirts – all this is preppy.
Laconic shirts, red accessories such as belts, plaid jackets and skirts are all preppy.
Laconic shirts, red accessories such as belts, plaid jackets and skirts are all preppy.
Laconic shirts, red accessories such as belts, plaid jackets and skirts are all preppy.


Minimalism is the style of self-confident people and lovers of simplicity. Calm colors such as black, white, gray, beige are inherent in it, the absence of decorative elements, be it ruffles or embroidery.To make a really stylish and good image in this direction, you need to pay great attention to the quality of clothes, it must be at its best.

It is also worth considering that since minimalism does not tolerate brightness and an explosion of colors, then all attention will be riveted directly to you, and not to clothes, so you must always have a neat hairstyle and makeup.

Minimalism does not tolerate explosions of colors and prints; it loves calm colors, laconic models, uncomplicated cut and almost no accessories and jewelry.
Minimalism does not tolerate explosions of colors and prints, it loves calm tones, laconic models, uncomplicated cut and almost no accessories and jewelry.
Minimalism does not tolerate explosions of colors and prints, it loves calm colors, laconic models, uncomplicated cut and almost no accessories and jewelry.
Minimalism does not tolerate explosions of colors and prints, it loves calm colors, laconic models, uncomplicated cut and almost no accessories and jewelry.


You have probably seen street style photos at least once during fashion week, so most often you can find representatives of the eclectic style on them.

What is he like? Eclecticism is a combination of incongruous, this is sports pants and shoes with heels, this is a down jacket and shorts, this is a T-shirt and a turtleneck. It would seem that, having gone out into the street in such an absurd outfit, you will want to sink into the ground at once. Therefore, true lovers of eclecticism are always brave people who do not pay attention to the opinions and views of others.If you like to draw attention to your person and create excitement around her, then take a closer look at this direction.

New Look

New Look is one of the most feminine and luxurious styles for which we owe the fashion house Dior. New bow is always grace and a kind of aristocracy, these are fluffy skirts and a pronounced waist, these are gold clips or earrings and strands of pearls, these are gloves and wide-brimmed hats, boat shoes and neat styling.

Sun skirts, high waistline, contoured shoulders, pumps and flawless makeup – this is a New Look.
Sun skirts, high waistline, contoured shoulders, pumps and flawless makeup – this is a New Look.
Sun skirts, high waistline, contoured shoulders, pumps and flawless makeup – this is a New Look.
Sun skirts, high waistline, contoured shoulders, pumps and flawless makeup – this is a New Look.

Linen style

Linen style is relatively young, however, has won the sympathy of many fashionistas from all over the world.Based on the name, you can guess that the clothes of this direction are very similar to underwear – silk, lace, pastel embroidery, thin straps, deep neckline.

Definitely, this style is for brave and self-confident girls, as well as very athletic and fit, since it still presupposes the presence of a chiseled figure, so that the image looks harmonious and not comical.

Pajama style

No, you shouldn’t go out in your pajamas, but in suits that resemble this wardrobe item in their silhouette.In order not to look as if you are just out of bed, you should pay due attention to styling and make-up, choose laconic and neat accessories, for example, choose pumps from shoes.

Retro style

Most often, retro style is preferred by creative people and lovers of femininity, fluffy skirts, shirts tucked into a high-waisted skirt, berets, tweed and woolen fabrics, everything that was fashionable decades ago. Retro, like classics, does not tolerate trends and neon colors, excessive frankness and courage.

Black eyelashes and red lips will always be a great addition to your retro look.

70s-style A-line dresses, berets, high-waisted skirts, a reticule and a string of pearls characterize the retro style.
70s-style A-line dresses, berets, high-waisted skirts, a reticule and a string of pearls characterize the retro style.
70s-style A-line dresses, berets, high-waisted skirts, a reticule and a string of pearls characterize the retro style.
70s-style A-line dresses, berets, high-waisted skirts, a reticule and a string of pearls characterize the retro style.

Military style

This stylistic trend is characterized by elements of a military style, be it camouflage, shoulder straps, harness, epaulettes, patch pockets or buttons in two rows. The military color scheme is restrained and laconic: khaki, dark blue and dark green, olive, brown, gray and black. Bright elements of red and orange shades in the form of emblems or the lining of the product, for example, on a coat, are acceptable.

As you can see, there is a huge variety of stylistic trends in the world, and among them you can find your own, find harmony and, finally, feel complete comfort. How to do it? The surest way is trial and error, try everything and keep only the best!;)

Having found your style, you will find yourself.

Author: Ekaterina Malyarova
Image maker, creator of trainings on image and style, author of the Glamurnenko website.ru. Since 2007, over 500 clients have gone shopping with me. More than 5,000 people attended trainings and seminars on image and style.

90,000 30 main clothing styles: full review, description and 117 photos

Do you think dress styles are business, sporty, romantic and casual? Almost – there is also preppy, gaucho, boho, avant-garde, baby-dollar and two dozen others. The new collection contains a detailed overview of the main styles with a description and ready-made images in each of them.

1.Classic style

The main characteristics of the style are clear lines, laconic design, restrained decor or lack thereof. Classic style is not necessarily boring, predictable or prim: the current collections of clothing and accessories for women include modernized silhouettes and new colors. Style constants are impeccable workmanship and high quality materials. Choice for the office, important meetings and formal events.



Pencil skirt


Formal Trousers


Office dress


Neat boats


2.Feminine Style

Hourglass silhouette, pleating, airy shapes and translucent inserts: the most romantic style accompanies girls on dates and celebrations. Modern ways to adapt the popular trend to everyday life and the cold season are to choose clothes in a dark palette and balance flying fabrics with thicker ones, combining a flowing silk skirt with a voluminous sweater, and a delicate mini dress with an elegant robe coat. The basic rules are to emphasize the waist and open the ankles.





3.Art Deco

Draperies, sequins, flounces, an abundance of decorative elements, velvet, furs, lace, shining threads, bugles and more: you can easily recognize the style if you watch the popular movie “The Great Gatsby”. The days of jazz fever and crazy evening parties have sunk into oblivion, but women still choose evening wear in the pompous and brilliant art deco style.





Animal elements in clothes are a risky but justified way to grab attention and create a trendy look. To make the look look stylish and not defiant, animal prints – like any other accent inserts – should be used in doses and generously balanced with a base. For example, combine a leopard-print jumper with unpretentious black denim, and a mini-dress with cast leather over the knee boots.

Dresses and skirts










5.Linen style

Another clothing style that calls for a more conservative environment. A lingerie-style thing – a silk skirt, slip dress or lace top – there can be only one in the image, otherwise the outfit will seem pajamas and vulgar. To prevent a fashionable bow from being confused with real women’s underwear, the length of the skirt or dress should be below the knee. Throw a chunky sweater, jacket or cardigan over your shoulders and complement your outfit with stylish chunky boots.




6. Babydoll style

If you have an A-line dress or high-waisted a-line skirt in your wardrobe, you are already familiar with the playful girly style. Cheerful colors, airy shapes and an abundance of decor are suitable for casual spring-summer looks. Don’t forget Mary Jane’s shoes and a neat little bag.



7.Country style

Ease and comfort, natural palette and natural fabrics: designers declare that rustic clothing can be feminine and modern. Examples of colors – all shades of brown, beige, gray, olive, white, milky; materials – leather, suede, linen, satin and knitted jersey.



8.Oriental style

Flowing fabrics, graceful ornaments, intricate cuts, a variety of verified details and a restrained length: elements of oriental style in clothes envelop the image with mystery and elegance. The richness of shades and an abundance of prints can be gradually introduced into the wardrobe, starting with a neat silk scarf, noble kimono, airy blouse or tunic with an unobtrusive pattern.



9.Vintage style

The trend consists of authentic clothes of the past and stylized elements – for example, artificially aged shoes and bags. The style integrates references to cult fashion trends from different decades and requires meticulous attention to detail. Its main features are traditional prints (polka dots, stripes, checks), a muted palette, stylish retro silhouettes and mostly natural fabrics.

P.A.R.O.S.H. No21



10.Gaucho style

The style with an unusual name combines ethnic and cowboy elements. Appropriate clothing belongs to it: hats, capes, ponchos, wide belts, Cossacks, tunics, wide trousers and stylish culottes. It is dominated by leather and suede, tassels and fringes are encountered. Natural palette (beige, olive, terracotta), loose fit, multi-layered solutions are recognizable signs of fashion trends for bold girls.




Leather, rivets, metal inserts, brutal accessories and total black bows are indispensable attributes of a trendy grunge style. Rocker and biker uniforms are perfect for girls too – soften them with feminine materials and seductive lengths. We’ve put together three ready-to-wear looks, complementing Patrizia Pepe dresses with stylish shoes and outerwear.




12.Urban chic

High-quality clothes of a simple cut, complemented by unusual accessories, combinations of different textures, relevance and comfort are the key features of a modern urban style. It integrates popular classic prints and familiar silhouettes: the only condition is that things must be made from expensive materials (wool, organic cotton, linen, cashmere) and fit perfectly.





13.Preppy style

Originating in America in the 50s of the last century, the style characterized the clothes of students of prestigious colleges who were preparing to enter elite universities. Preppy is inherent in business style and smart casual. Woolen miniskirts, tweed vests, crisp shirts, pleated sundresses, polos, plaid blazers, sweatshirts, and cardigans are in keeping with popular American teen films.





14.Vanguard Style

The avant-garde is a deviation from the rules, a search for new things, experiments and daring combinations. Among other clothing styles, he is distinguished by non-standard colors, catchy accessories, intricate silhouettes, asymmetry and complex textures. Let go of ideas about compatibility and trends for women – trust yourself and choose what you want to choose.






In the absence of loud decor and accent color solutions, purity of lines and impeccable cut come to the fore. Minimalistic clothes are not necessarily ascetic: the style does not imply a rejection of a wardrobe full of things, but a conscious approach to fashion and one’s own choice. Monochrome palette, loose silhouettes and sustained simplicity are the main characteristics of the key trend of women’s fashion 2020.



16. Color block style

Color blocks – color blocks in clothes. The trend, popular in 2020, involves the stylistic combination of several different colors in one look – as a rule, there are three or four of them.The combinations are carefully thought out and verified; clothes are more often chosen laconic and monochromatic, without prints. We take inspiration from the streetstyle example given by the most resourceful girls and mix modern color ensembles. Clothing styles can change, but the skill of choosing successful combinations will remain and come in handy.






17.Constructive style

This style of clothing is characterized by sculptural forms, strict lines and clear silhouettes. Seams, cuts and trims emphasize the structure, construction and geometry of the outfit, as well as the figure of the girl who wears it.



18.Style “futurism”

The increasingly popular space and “steel” style combines metallic shades, non-standard shapes and exaggerated volumes. Shiny down jackets, voluminous sneakers, shining dresses that accentuate the curves are clothes in which you cannot go unnoticed.




19.Scandinavian style

Cozy, laconic and relaxed in a northern way, the style is ideal for women who want to spend autumn and winter in comfortable and solid clothes. Deliberate and thoughtful simplicity makes the Scandinavian style of clothing related to the already considered minimalism and oversize style, which we will talk about below.




20.Eco style

A style of clothing for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and care about the environment. Natural palette and uncomplicated cut are common but optional characteristics. Women’s outfit may well be bright and colorful – the most important thing is that the fabrics are natural, and the manufacturing process causes as little damage to nature as possible. Eco-style clothing is gaining popularity thanks to the development of a conscious approach to consumption and the slow fashion movement. For example, ethical women’s denim brand Boyish is committed to sustainable fashion while striving to minimize the environmental impact of production.



21.Oversize style

We’ve already noticed that clothing styles increasingly reflect popular pursuits of simplicity and comfort. You can spend the whole winter and autumn in bulky clothes – stylish oversized sweaters, coats and jackets allow you to create warm layered bows. A modern approach to the cold Russian realities is to acquire a stylish ultra-light vest and wear it under your usual outerwear.





22.Safari style

Some clothing styles remain relevant regardless of the year, season and fashion trends. Various models of clothing in African style appeared in the summer collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti, Max Mara and other famous brands. All shades of beige, stylish patch pockets and large buttons are recognizable elements of the trend. In addition to clothing, take a look at stylish accessories in natural shades – bags, belts, hats and scarves.





23.Boho style

Freedom of creativity and self-expression, carelessness and rejection of rules, memorable ornaments and patterns, ethnic elements are the features of timeless boho. You should not class it among the styles of clothing that are relevant only in the summer – in the cold, ruffles and lace are replaced by chunky knit sweaters, tassels and fringes. Collected two stylish looks, including boho-specific shoes and clothing.




24.Style comfort

Sweatshirts, wool sweaters, warming cashmere suits and oversized cardigans: in the colder months you want to choose the styles of clothing that will help you get through the winter in comfort and coziness. Style trends 2020 take home and sportswear beyond the pre-existing framework – in the trousers and suits that we picked up, you can walk in the park, go out of town and do business in the city.


25.Style “Lady Like”

Style with an English name and content: elegant suits, fitted dresses, a pencil skirt that covers the knee, stockings, hats, gloves and discreet accessories are its main components. Clothes in the spirit of the British queen will allow you to diversify the office dress code or create a stylish and feminine look for an evening out in a restaurant or theater.




26.Style “New Look”

Christian Dior is considered to be the founder of the feminine and romantic style of clothing. Returning to the perfect hourglass silhouette, New Look – one of the most luxurious styles of all time – has become a symbol of such a longed-for return to normal life after the war, the end of a period of hardship and forced asceticism. Light colors, verified silhouettes, some deliberate style of clothing and inspiration from 19th century romanticism are the main features of the style created by Dior.

27.Gothic style

Some clothing styles owe, if not the origin, then the popularity to the formation of a youth subculture – the Gothic direction can be attributed to just such. It is characterized by the dominance of black, drapery, and heavy forms. Aristocracy, the expression of decadent moods and emotional impulses with the help of clothing is another feature of the Gothic style.



28.Military style

Functional and practical clothing styles are popular regardless of fashion trends – the military direction has not lost ground for several decades. The predominance of green, beige, brown and khaki in the palette, a strict cut and an abundance of pockets make the military akin to the safari style. Military clothing is not necessarily a soldier’s uniform. You can start acquaintance with the style with a vest with a characteristic print, a parka, which will definitely come in handy in the coming season, or a brutal double-breasted coat.Pay attention to the ruffled Twinset parka, an example of a combination of completely different styles of boho and military in clothes.


29.Dandy style

Dandy style is definitely among the most charismatic trends.Basically, it is associated with menswear of impeccable cut and first-class quality. We already know that some styles of clothing – the same military – came to us from the world of men’s fashion, endowing the women’s with characteristic brutal elements. Textured blazers, tailored shirts, dapper ties and bow ties, hats, oxfords and loafers: the feminine interpretation of dandy clothing conveys confidence, grooming and commitment to personal values.




In recent years, this style of clothing has come to be viewed with disdain, and the name has a negative connotation. The time of outrageous glamorous looks with an abundance of sparkles and deliberate adjacent silhouettes is really behind us, but certain elements of style can bring status and irony to the wardrobe.




Style Selection Guide

Clothing styles are a relative concept.Your wardrobe may well combine minimalism and art deco, safari and futurism, gothic and oversized – there can be as many directions as you would like to realize with the help of clothes. Clothing in general is a way to declare yourself to the world, and if today you want to put on a laconic total black, and tomorrow – to try on the iconic silhouette of the “hourglass”, you can do it.
Distinguishing styles according to formal categories, you can divide them into several groups. When choosing office clothes, take a look at the preppy style, classic and minimalism.Going on vacation or family country trip, pick up something in the safari style, eco or charismatic gaucho; add animalism or oversized elements. Urban chic, New Look and boho are perfect for a special evening or romantic get-together. This also includes Scandinavian and feminine clothing styles. Art deco, avant-garde, constructivism, futurism and color block will quench your thirst for experimentation.

Whichever style you refer to most of the clothes in your closet, there is a universal set of basic things that will help you move from one direction to another and create images of different moods, setting the tone with the right accessories and shoes.Jeans with a perfect fit, a tight white T-shirt, pumps with the right shoe for you, a stylish coat and a functional bag are the necessary fashion foundation.



White T-shirt








Basic sweatshirt


White sneakers


Some photos from pinterest.com
90,000 💄💋👄 BODY: The Complete Neckline Guide

By Srijita Poddar

Hello my beauties,

How are you all doing? We all love to read and look at everything fashion-related. However, at times we are intrigued by some of the terms the fashion fraternity loves. But don’t worry, because I came up with an exhaustive list of all the essential words that should be included in your fashion vocabulary, and today we’ll start with the cutouts.Finding the perfect neck can make or break your outfit, so it is absolutely imperative that you trim your vocabulary words quickly.

Sweet Neck

Just as the name suggests, the beloved decor on a dress or blouse is a neckline that is low in the front and has the shape of a heart top. It’s the perfect decor for wedding or prom dresses, or in general when you want to achieve that feminine, flirty “sweetheart” look.

Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck is a rounded neckline that slopes downward to reveal a portion of the upper chest.This is the perfect neckline to show off these sexy collars. However, if you are heavily loaded on your chest, make sure you go for smaller scoops to balance the rest of your body. Pair it with a sign cutout and you’re good to go.

Straight Neck

This neckline is a strap with a tube cutout that runs straight through the neck area. A popular choice in evening dresses, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to flaunt those collar bones.However, if you have little or no definition in the neck area, avoid this style and go beyond the sweetheart’s cleavage instead.


The concept we are all familiar with, the v-neck is a versatile neckline where the neck is shaped like a v top. It’s a neckline that flatter almost all body types and looks amazing in all kinds of outfits, from tees to wedding dresses. It lengthens your neck and makes you look taller and slimmer.


In this neckline, sleeves or straps fall gently and gracefully across the shoulder. This is an obvious choice if you want to showcase those carved shoulders and also if you want to hide that extra arm. This neckline should definitely be your choice for all those times when you want to wear all your stunning necks as they will portray them beautifully.

Bateau Neck

The bateau neckline is a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points and across the collarbone.A very common neckline in sweaters and knitwear, this is one of the most elegant necklines to flaunt. It provides the perfect canvas for your long necklaces or chains. However, people with heavier weapons should avoid this cleavage as it focuses too much on your arms.

Decoration of the neckline

The decoration of the neckline is a smooth rounded neckline that lies just above the collarbone. The specialty of this neckline is that it makes any necklace or pendant you wear visible and hence it has been called a jewelry neckline.This neckline looks best in elegant evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

Square Cut

The Square Cut is a very common cut with two linearly cut edges that form 90 degree rounded corners. Square necklines are commonly found in blouses, tops, and salar suits. This is a very flattering neckline as it fills in the bust area giving a fuller look. It also provides ample room to put on these beautiful necklaces with excitement.

Silk neckline

Neckline is a neckline that is formed by clothes straps that are connected behind the neck. It’s an extremely smart and trendy neckline that can turn heads wherever you go. The perfect way to enhance the sexy factor in a saree is to wear it with a leash blouse, as our Bolly hotties have been doing for centuries. A nice pair of earrings and your hairstyle is what you need to complete the look.

High Neck

The neckline that partially covers the neck and completely covers the chest is known as the high neck.When the neck is high and folded, it is also known as the turtle neck. This is very common in sweaters and knitwear as it blocks out the cold. It also gives an elongated look if there is a gap between the neck and face.

Sabrina Neck

This is a bateau-like neckline, but it runs from one shoulder to the other with a straight line that runs over the collarbones, leaving part of the bare shoulders. Looks good on people with sharp shoulder blades and a certain area of ​​the neck.

Spaghetti strap

The cutout that leaves the shoulders bare and has very tiny and thin straps that remind you of spaghetti is known as the spaghetti strap cutout.Again, a beautiful neckline to showcase jewelry and the arched bones of the collar and shoulder blades, this neckline is best accentuated with hanging hair in loose curls.

Asymmetrical neckline

The asymmetrical neckline is also known as the Diana neckline or one shoulder neckline, featuring a bodice with one shoulder strap and a diagonal slit. Lingerie plays the key here as you don’t want to ruin your lovely one shoulder evening gown with sheer straps showing off the shoulder that was meant to stay open.This neckline is best decorated with earrings and hair.

Queen Anne Neckline

This neckline has a rising collar at the back of the neck and a V-neck of varying depths. The shoulders are covered here. This was a very common cutout in old dresses and gowns, it makes an impressive cutout for bridal trousers and perfectly accentuates any figure.

Illusion cutout

It uses two different fabrics to create an optical illusion.The overlay bodice ends with a cutout just above the chest or above the chest, which is connected with sheer fabric or lace to cover the sternum to the neck. This makes for a very striking and feminine neckline, especially if you go for lace. Necks with this trend should be avoided and used for stunning earrings instead.

Greek neckline

A Greek or Greek neckline is characterized by a piece of fabric that opens from the center of the chest to surround the neck.A slightly fancy neckline, this is best for your formal evening wear in solid colors as it will flatter your neck and draw attention to the neckline rather than the print on your suit.

Bonnet Neck

This neckline has a neck draped with fabric that falls gently towards the center of the chest. Very feminine neckline, it looks good both on the top and in dresses. Again, you can avoid overflowing the neck area by either wearing a very small harness or by leaving your neck bare and focusing on the ears.

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  • By Srijita Poddar
  • Sweet Neck
  • Scoop Neck
  • Straight Neck
  • V-Neck
  • Off-Shoulder
  • Neck Bateau
  • Neckline Decoration
  • Square Neck
  • Silk Neck
  • High Neck
  • Sabrina Neck

  • Spaghetti Strap
  • Asymmetrical Neckline
  • Queen Anne Neckline
  • Illusion Neckline
  • Greek Neckline
  • Bonnet Neck
  • 90,000 Types of Acne and What They Mean

    Problematic skin and acne are inseparable “friends”.Acne is submissive to all ages, if nature “rewarded” this type of epithelium. Unpleasant defects affect not only the face, but also open areas of the body – the back and décolleté.

    Experts say that each type of acne requires specific treatment. So, drugs that are effective in combating bacterial acne will be powerless in the case of cystic acne. Before choosing a face care, and before starting therapy, it will not be superfluous to get information about what types of acne are, as well as about effective methods for eliminating each of them.

    Why is it important to treat acne

    At first glance, acne seems to be a purely skin condition. The classic development scenario is as follows: excessive synthesis of subcutaneous fat, the accumulation of dead cells – blockage of the sebaceous glands, inflammation of the hair follicle – a pimple. In fact, this is an external manifestation of internal problems.

    Skin rashes serve as the body’s SOS signal. Acne and their localization is a kind of messenger through which information about malfunctions of organs is transmitted.Compiled a special map-guide “Types of acne and what they mean.” This is a kind of projection of the internal organs onto the facial areas:

    • forehead – small intestine;
    • eyelids and eye area – kidneys;
    • temporal region – gallbladder;
    • middle third of the face, cheekbones – stomach;
    • chin – pelvic organs;
    • nose – pancreas;
    • lower third of the face, lower jaw – lungs.<

    When blackheads are found on the face and body, several reasons are considered:

    1. Imbalance in sex hormones. An increase in the concentration of the male hormone (testosterone) leads to hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, hyperproduction of sebum. To confirm, an analysis is made for sex hormones, a consultation with a gynecologist is carried out to exclude diseases of the pelvic organs.
    2. Liver disease. This “filter” of the body can become “clogged” while cleaning the blood from toxins.A similar failure is reflected in the skin. It is possible to check your assumptions by donating blood for biochemistry.
    3. Digestive problems. Violation of intestinal motility and peristalsis, frequent constipation contribute to intoxication and the appearance of acne. There is a reason for visiting a gastroenterologist and taking an analysis for dysbiosis.
    4. Infections. Streptococci and staphylococci provoke acne. If pus is present along with serous fluid, a bacterial culture is done and antibacterial treatment is prescribed.
    5. Weak immunity. Often ARVI / ARI are accompanied by purulent eruptions.
    6. Allergy. A spontaneous rash may be due to an allergic reaction. So that it does not recur in the future, it is necessary to identify the factor causing hypersensitivity. For this, allergy tests are carried out.

    Types of acne and methods of treatment

    The word “pimple” is a collective term that people use to refer to the entire spectrum of dermatological imperfections.In medicine, the following types of acne on the face are distinguished:


    This is what a future purulent pimple arises from. Hair follicles (pores) become clogged with sebum, dead cells, impurities and / or cosmetics. Further development of the process is possible in two scenarios, respectively, which distinguish between two types.

    Closed comedones (whiteheads / milia / milia) – resemble dense, white, bulging balls (1-2 mm in diameter), covered with a thin layer of epidermis.Because of them, the relief becomes bumpy. The contents of the pore are localized deeply and are blocked from the external environment. Therefore, the color of sebum remains yellowish-white, for which they are also called wen.

    Typical for combination and oily skin types. There is no pain or itching from them. Inflammation occurs when tissue becomes infected. The result is scars, scars.

    Treatment. Various types of peeling are suitable: mechanical, chemical, vacuum, ultrasonic.For care, you should choose sebum-regulating agents (masks, gels, creams).

    Open comedones (blackheads) – unlike whiteheads, they are not covered with a layer of keratinized cells. The pores are open, and the sebaceous plug is exposed to air and oxidized by oxygen. Therefore, the fat darkens, becoming black.

    Treatment. First of all, proper care taking into account the skin type, regular chemical peels and other exfoliating methods (clay masks, warming masks, gommage, scrubs, rolls and film masks).

    Important! All skin care products and makeup must be marked “non-comedogenic”.

    When an infection enters a comedone, two types of red acne are formed: papules and pustules.


    This is the name of a full-fledged pimple in the form of a bump, tubercle or ball. These are monochromatic formations, the color of which ranges from red to cyanotic. During palpation, they turn pale, turn white due to compression of the vessels, and then acquire their original color.When pressed, severe pain is felt – a sign of inflammation. There is pus inside the papule, the adjacent skin is noticeably swollen. If they are formed in the upper layers of the skin, they dissolve without a trace. When deep, this type of acne leaves behind scars.

    Treatment. It will not work and should not get rid of them on your own, since the purulent focus is located deep in the dermis. When squeezed out, the infection can spread to healthy areas, and edema may appear, even sepsis is possible.The dermatologist will select the combined methods: revision of the diet, rejection of certain types of cosmetics, the correct selection of skin care products. The dermatologist will select acne spot treatments and drying lotions. They must contain components such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and zinc.


    Such a pimple occurs both by itself and from a papule. Unlike the latter, it resembles a strongly swollen ball, which at the base has a red inflamed border and a head with liquid or white / yellow pus in the center.This is the result of the multiplication of bacteria – streptococci, staphylococci – in the pores. When ripe, the pustules burst. The resulting wound makes the human body vulnerable to the penetration of new bacteria. They give their owner great discomfort, since they are painful even at rest. In addition, scars remain in memory of them.

    Treatment. With a tendency of the epithelium to form pustules, it is worth choosing sebum-regulating creams and serums as care products.Pharmaceutical drying and anti-inflammatory drugs based on alcohol and salicylic acid are effective for treatment. Iodine also copes well with the task.

    This is the name of a severe and painful form of acne. They look like several papules and pustules, connected by fistulous ducts deep in the dermis. The cause is hormonal changes, which are typical for adolescents, but also occur in adults. If extruded, they spread under the skin and cause widespread inflammation.After healing, keloid scars form.

    Treatment. It starts with a consultation with a dermatologist and a hormone test. Sometimes the sites of inflammation are injected with cortisone to stop the inflammation. Cold compresses help to slow down the spread of infection. It is important to maintain cleanliness and timely exfoliate the stratum corneum using chemical peels. In advanced cases, creams and serums with vitamin A are used.


    They are called “internal” or “subcutaneous”, ie.to. lie in the deep layers of the dermis. Not always red, they may not stand out in color. On palpation, a dense knot is found.

    Treatment. Shown are antibiotic therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs, balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky, zinc and ichthyol ointments.

    The types and degrees of acne are interrelated. Here’s how this addiction manifests itself:

    1st degree. The acne process occurs only in a certain area of ​​the face (for example, cheek, forehead, chin, nose).A rash in the form of comedogenic acne, sometimes papular and pustular acne.

    2nd degree. The affected area is larger than in the previous case. In addition, the body is affected. The types of acne are the same: comedones, papules and pustules.

    3rd degree. The number of papules and pustules prevails over comedones. The inflammatory process is “in its prime”, redness and itching are observed. Traces of post-acne are noticeable.

    4th degree. However, it is one of the most acute forms of acne.Cysts and nodes predominate, which are fraught with deep atrophic scars. As a result, the skin becomes mottled with pits.

    Before starting acne treatment, it is worth understanding what types of acne are present on the face / body. An easy way to solve the problem is to use a foundation and concealer. But this is just a disguise. It is necessary to put an end to the disease in the bud, since every inflammation on the skin hides a malfunction in the body. Such a thing cannot be entrusted to one’s own hands, simply squeezing out inflamed acne.It is more rational to seek help from a cosmetologist, dermatologist. Acne cosmetics should also be the next stage of treatment to consolidate the effect.

    In the fight against acne, Monomolecule No. 3 is well suited for narrowing pores, reducing oil content and inflammation ResedaOdor

    Applying a few drops of beauty product daily will help you achieve perfect skin texture. Monomolecule No. 3 consists of 100% active physiological concentrated substance.

    The beneficial active effect on the skin eliminates:

    • excess sebum;
    • enlarged pores.

    Improves exfoliation of dead cells. Does not clog the pores of the skin. Prevents the formation of comedones. This is a serum with peptides for the face with their 100% content.

    As an alternative to the 3 monomolecule, you can take a closer look at the ResedaOdor sebum-regulating booster.

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