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Our wholesale name brand and designer jewelry category includes a selection of brand names you know and love! Retail ready jewelry, packaged and priced for the original retailers, brands, and/or designers.

Brand names include Target, Avon, Lia Sophia, Macy’s, Forever 21, Express, Aeropostale, Banana Republic, WalMart, JC Penneys, Ann Taylor LOFT, Anne Klein, Free People and more. Shop individual pieces at below retail prices or buy in bulk to get below wholesale pricing! 

  • Major Dept Store Jewelry Lot – 100 Pieces

    Just in time for the holidays! One of our best selling bulk lots is back and better than ever. You will receive 100 pieces of assorted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings from names such as Target and Kohls, there are many more name but we can’t…



    Lowest Bulk Price: $100. 00

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  • Wholesale Black Adjustable Necklace with Crystal Look

    Hugely popular name brand necklace is fully adjustable with a gorgeous and trendy crystal look pendant. Retail packaged and ready for resale! $18 retail price. The more you buy, the more you save with our bulk discount pricing.

    MSRP: $18.00

    Resale: $4.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.90

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  • Wholesale Gold Plated and Crystal Ring

    Beautiful gold plated rings feature crystal like solitaires and are available in your choice of sizes 7, 8, or 9. Retail packaged and ready for resale! $9.99 retail price. The more you buy, the more you save with our bulk discount pricing.

    MSRP: $9.99

    Resale: $4.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.90

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  • Wholesale Pink and Blue Bangle Bracelet

    Every bracelet set includes pink and blue bangles that are 2 5/8 in diameter bangle bracelets that are gold plated. Retail packaged and ready for resale! $18 retail price. The more you buy, the more you save with our bulk discount pricing.

    MSRP: $18.00

    Resale: $4.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.90

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  • Wholesale Super Stretch Choker Necklaces

    Wholesale super stretch choker necklaces make these necklaces able to fit most. Beautifully carded and ready for retail. The more you buy, the more you save with our bulk discounts!

    MSRP: $4.88

    Resale: $4. 00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.90

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  • Wholesale “Amazing” Nameplate Necklace

    Wholesale nameplate necklace says “Amazing” in an iridescent finish that sparkles and changes color at any angle. 16 inch chain is finished in an oil slick like finish which also has variations in color. 2 inch extender makes this necklace able to fit…

    MSRP: $5.99

    Resale: $5.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.


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  • MSRP: $34.56


    Lowest Bulk Price: $9.00

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  • MSRP: $70.56


    Lowest Bulk Price: $9. 00

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  • Avon

    Wholesale Envy Me Necklace

    A gorgeous necklace featuring sparkling crystals with a peridot crystal center and silver plated necklace. Every necklace is beautifully gift boxed.

    MSRP: $19.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $1.50

    SOLD OUT Compare
  • Wholesale Name Brand Infinity Necklace

    Beautiful wholesale necklace is silver plated and features an infinity symbol filled with crystals. Necklace measures 16 inches long with a 3 inch extender. Individually carded and packaged. 

    MSRP: $12.00

    Resale: $6.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.99

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  • MSRP: $9.99

    Resale: $7.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $1. 50

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  • MSRP: $29.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.75

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  • Lia Sophia

    Wholesale Sparkler Stretch Bangle Bracelet – Spring

    Gorgeous stretchy bracelet with silver accents, lots of sparkling crystals, and spring green design. Bangles measure 2 3/4 inches in diameter but stretch to fit most and are stamped ‘Lia Sophia’ – bracelets may or may not be boxed. 

    MSRP: $29.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.99

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  • Lia Sophia

    Wholesale Confidant Bracelet – Lemon

    Gorgeous features antique gold plating with sparkling crystal accents. Bracelet measure 8 inches long, with a folder clasp and is stamped ‘Lia Sophia’ – bracelets will be boxed.  

    MSRP: $29.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $1.50

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  • $0.75 Super Secret Sale

    Wholesale Azalea Ring

    Wholesale gold plated flower ring features sparkling, pink crystals in the center. Rings may or may not be boxed. Sizes 5, 6 available.

    MSRP: $19.99

    Resale: $10. 00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.75

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  • Lia Sophia

    Wholesale Circuit Ring

    Wholesale silver plated band is encrusted with lots of sparkling, clear crystals all the way around the band. Rings may or may not be boxed. Size 10 available.

    MSRP: $19.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0. 99

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  • $0.75 Super Secret Sale

    Wholesale Opposites Attract Ring

    Wholesale ring duos in abstract shape – one in silver plated and one in gold plated. Rings may or may not be boxed. Sizes 5,6,9 available.

    MSRP: $19.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.75

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  • $0. 75 Super Secret Sale

    Wholesale Silver Spool Ring

    Wholesale spool design ring in silver plating with hammered texture. Rings may or may not be boxed. Sizes 6,7,10 available.

    MSRP: $19.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.75

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  • $0.75 Super Secret Sale

    Wholesale Queen of Hearts Ring

    Wholesale heart design ring in silver plating with hammered texture. Rings may or may not be boxed. Sizes 6,7,8 available.

    MSRP: $19.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.75

    Choose Options Compare
  • $0.75 Super Secret Sale

    Wholesale Honeycomb Stretch Bangle Bracelet – Orange

    Gorgeous stretchy bangle bracelet with silver accents is available in an orange honeycomb pattern. Bangles measure 2 3/4 inches in diameter and are stamped ‘Lia Sophia’ – bracelets may or may not be boxed.  

    MSRP: $29.99

    Resale: $10.00

    Lowest Bulk Price: $0.75

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15 Famous wholesale fashion jewelry in Los Angeles 2021 – SOQ

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When looking for fashion jewelry downtown Los Angeles stores have to offer, you’ll find that you’ll be quickly overwhelmed by the variety available. The reason for that is because you’ll be shopping at one of the world’s top fashion jewelry wholesale centers.

It’s not just the variety of wholesale fashion jewelry Los Angeles that you have to look forward to; there’s plenty more reason for you to take a trip to this renowned area.


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Why you should choose wholesale fashion jewelry in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the largest centers in the US

Downtown Los Angeles has a section known as Jewelry District where jewelry of various kinds get sold. That includes precious stones, designer jewelry, gold, and silver items, only to mention a few.

According to data on the Jewelry District, it is considered as the largest jewelry district in all of the USA. The area boasts high sales as it has close to 5,000 businesses and vendors.


The Jewelry District has historical significance

The buildings in this area were made in the early twentieth-century and makeup what is now known as Downtown Los Angeles.

Here we also find the earliest jewelers to establish their stores, Laykin Diamond Company and Harry Winston & Co. , have been in the area since the early 1930s.

Jewelry was not a hot item until the 1960s when it was considered a safer investment with lessons from the recession supporting this. During that time, California Jewelry Mart was the largest jewelry establishment, with Saint Vincent Jewelry Center following right after.

Currently, most buildings are office spaces but have the floor at street level housing retail spaces. They were mostly made in the early 1920s and form part of downtown Los Angeles Historic Core.


You get fantastic discounts

As it stands, Los Angeles Jewelry District is famous for wholesale prices of precious stones, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants and other high-end jewelry. These come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

One can make savings of between 50 to 70 percent for this district because it cuts out intermediaries from the equation. These unbelievable bargains are what drive people to source for fashion jewelry downtown Los Angeles stores.

It means that on your end you’re able to make higher profit margins that if you bought from the middlemen and not the source.


15 Famous wholesale fashion jewelry in Los Angeles

Let’s explore some of the top wholesale fashion jewelry Los Angeles stores that you can check out when you visit the area. There are plenty more, but these make for a good start in your search for jewelry that is of excellent quality.


  1. LA Showroom

As the name implies, it is an online wholesale marketplace. They primarily focus on clothing but have a section for wholesale jewelry. What the company does is brings designers, manufactures, and distributors from around the world together with the buyer.

LA showroom offers prescreened collections in its visual showrooms. The site updates its catalog weekly. If you’re a vendor, the website offers professional fashion photography services, graphic design services, and also personalized email campaigns.

Overall, the brand is great if you are looking for clothing items. If you want jewelry, you’ll have to opt for H&R FASHION JEWELRY who has a small collection of jewelry that you’d have to log in to see.


  1. Global Rings Jewelry

The company was founded in 1983, making it a Los Angeles Jewelry District well-know and established brand. Global Rings Jewelry is family-owned and has nearly everything manufactured in-house.

As it stands, they have among the largest customer bases in the jewelry industry. They offer a vast selection of engagement and wedding rings made of quality diamond, selling them at affordable prices.

They also work with custom jewelry where you can reach out and ask them to make a replica for a fraction of the price. Global Rings Jewelry also offers rings under various designers. If you’re only interested in rings, this is the go-to place.


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  1. Fashion Bella

This wholesale fashion jewelry Los Angeles store is a jewelry and accessories wholesaler for top quality boutique-style accessories. It is located in Downtown Los Angeles since 1986 and specializes in the importing and exporting of products.

Fashion Bella offers everything from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, bags, brooches, rings, sunglasses, belts, and plenty more at wholesale prices.

The brand also prides itself with keeping up with the latest trends and styles in the fashion industry and deals as well. The site is updated daily by their dedicated professional web-team to reflect new items. For that reason, the processing of orders is fast and efficient.


  1. LA Jewelry Plaza is a wholesaler of fashion accessories and jewelry with quality boutique style products. They are found in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles.

One of their major selling products is rhinestone belts of which they provide somewhat of an unlimited offer. They also include rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, and other jewelry and accessories.

Their website gets daily updates to reflect new items thanks to their professional web-team dedicated to ensuring security and efficiency. LA Jewelry Plaza boasts most about is their business running capabilities, doing so with expertise.

A likable aspect about their website is they have jewelry for themes and occasions such as Mother’s Day and Halloween.


  1. JGI Jewelry Wholesale

This brand is among the largest and most reputable fashion jewelry manufactures in Asia. Their products get made of the finest parts and materials.

They create high-end pieces that are gold-plated or rhodium-places over brass and other base metals. When it comes to the quality of plating, it is renowned around the world.

Their crystals are sourced from Austria, along with other semi-precious stones used as the sparkle in the jewelry they make.

The prices at JGI are competitive and have a customer service team ready to help you when making orders. The company also offers private label, box program, custom designs and such like services.


  1. Art box

Art box has been around since 1989 and has since been creating high-quality jewelry and accessory product at the heart of Los Angeles’ Fashion District.

Their vision during inception was to have a wholesale jewelry company with values of customer service and product excellence. The Art Box is known for its fashion pieces that keep up with the changing trends in the fashion market.

They have quite an array of products on their online store which includes necklaces, bracelets, religious and textured bracelets earrings, rings, monogram, scarves, beauty products, hair accessories, belts and the like. You, however, have to register and log in to see the pricing.


  1. Fame Accessories

This company is jewelry and accessories wholesaler located the heart of Downtown LA’s Fashion District and has been operational for the past more than 30 years.

They are known for their wide selection of fashion, dress, costume, and everyday jewelry of different kinds. They have hair accessories, scarves, brooches, rings, and body chains.

Face Accessories had various collections for occasions, seasons, metals, and stones. Overall, they work to ensure they keep up with the ever-changing trend.

They also boast exceptional customer service that includes careful packaging and fast delivery. As with other sites, you’ll have to log in to see the pricing, which makes the process longer for you.


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  1. Andrea Bijoux

What makes this brand unique is the complicated design of the jewelry other accessories they offer. They are trendy and uniquely designed, that makes them stand out in any context. If that’s what you’re looking for them, you want to make a stop by Andrea Bijoux.

They are also a wholesale jewelry distributor focusing on trending accessories. They also have a showroom in Los Angeles. New products come in daily and reflect both at the showroom and their online store.

They have an assortment of products that include bags, scarves, necklaces, rings, broches, and other jewelry at different prices points. However, you’ll have to log in to know more.


  1. Jewelry Max

This wholesale fashion jewelry Los Angeles brand has been around since 2004. They are an internet based fashion wholesaler. It offers unique, high-quality designs at competitive prices.

Over the years, the company has proven itself based on the diverse clients they serve. They have a variety of designs that suit people’s tastes and pockets.

If you want high-end jewelry or cheap everyday jewelry, you can get it at Jewelry Max. They focus on the lasts wholesale designs but still maintain their classic pieces.

There is everything for every season available for purchase, including unique and high-quality earrings, bracelets, keychains, bags, leggings, and more.

If you’re looking to have your business stand out, their one of a kind piece will help you do that. The company is also big on their customer services, making client happiness a top priority.


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  1. Wholesale Central

This company is different from the other sites on this list because it is a B2B directory of wholesale suppliers and products under Sumner Communications, Inc.

The parent company is an industry leader in publishing trade websites, magazines, and websites. The purpose of it is to help resellers get access to prescreened wholesalers, importers, dropshippers, distributors, and manufacturers that fall in the thousands.

What makes it ideal if you don’t need to register to source for a jewelry and accessories wholesaler. However, to get access to bonus features, you’ll have to register.

It’s a good place to start because it eliminates the middlemen, helping you maximize your profits as well as giving you a large selection of distributors to interact with.


  1. La Jewelry House

La Jewelry House is a jewelry and accessories wholesaler. They have top quality boutique style accessories and are located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District.

The brand is big on having various styles of jewelry and accessories to fit every outfit. They cater to a wide array of people, whether you are girly, prefer dark pieces, or want something more classic or elegant to wear.

La Jewelry House also offers quality jewelry and accessories at affordable and competitive prices. There are also deals always running on their website where you can get items at a much-discounted rate.


  1. ICCO Accessories

ICCO Accessories by Pola Fashion is located in the heart of the Los Angeles Wholesale Fashion District. It is one of the few accessory stores that cater to both wholesalers and retailers looking for various accessories.

Pola Fashion has been around for 20 plus years. They created ICCO Accessories to bring future trends to the now so that they can always be relevant in the market. They source their items from different merchants from around the world that fit their fashion criteria.

They provide bags, belts, earrings, scarves, watches, necklaces, and the kind. A login is required to see the pricing.


  1. The Santee Alley

Santee Alley is the go-to website if you want to find where the best shopping bargains are taking place. It’s welcome to those living in Los Angeles or visiting.

The brand has been there since the 1970s and was intended to let local shoppers know where in the neighborhood the wholesalers are giving the best discounts.

They give tips and list stores that sell clothing, handbags, and accessories. You can use this site and find jewelry deals in the vicinity.


  1. Diva Designs

Diva Designs has been around since 1987 and is an importer and wholesaler at the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District.

They also serve the global fashion accessory industry. Their focus in on the business-to-business community and therefore they don’t sell to the general public.

Diva Designs also only works with legitimate businesses that can produce permits to show that they are B2B companies.

Otherwise, new items get added to their collection on daily on weekdays. If you don’t have a business registered you can’t transact with them.


  1. Sun Jewelry

This company is an international fine jewelry manufacturing company that has been operational for the past 30 years.

They are also located in the largest wholesale jewelry district, Los Angeles. They also have stores in other cities.

The prices plainly shown under the jewelry on their site is what makes this company easy to work with. It helps you come up with a budget, especially if you’re looking to make wholesale purchases.

Sun Jewelry also has a 30-day return policy for retailers and wholesalers. Their jewelry is made in-house by their designers who have years of experience, and each piece is copyrighted. That means that all their pieces are genuinely unique.


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Custom Design & Wholesale

  • Home
  • Custom Design & Wholesale

Custom Design

We receive Custom Orders/Designs, OEM and ODM from sampling until bulk productions. The Materials available are : 925 Sterling Silver & Brass either with handmade or casted smithing techniques. Send us your design by e-mail. It can be sketches, photos, or computer drawings in 2D or 3D. Your design instructions can be based on your own drawing design, pictures from magazines, books, website links, or even a sample from actual items, rubber mold, or wax. If you need us to make the moulds, the moulds should stay at our workshop and can’t be withdrawn. In the case of Protective Designs, if you will not use these moulds again or no longer make order to us, we will destroy these moulds after we receive your written consent letter.

Our art designer will discuss with you in detail how you want your design to be made. Pls kindly provide the complete specification of designs, including sizes, materials and stones to be use, finishings, quantity for order, target price, and other details which are important and related to the designs. This is to be sure that we understand each other on how you want your own designed jewelry to be made.

We have variety stone in our warehouse or you can make your own stone shape with our stone cutter. For stones which are out stock, we can help to source it. Or if you have stone supplier or your own stone stock, you can send it to us for jewelry productions.

Lots of fun and good luck with making your own jewelry design!


From the passion of art, we have created many beatiful designs that are timeless and can be worn at any occassions. These signature designs can be ordered in wholesale. We welcome wholesale buyer for our jewelry products or for your own custom jewelry line. For wholesale buyer, the minimum quantity for handmade product is 15 pcs per items, and the minimum quantity for casted product is 25-50 pcs per items.

Since the production starts along with incoming order, please allow production time approx. 4 weeks and moulding time approx. 2-3 weeks. To check wholesale prices please register first in home page and give us your instruction. For custom design and wholesale purposes, please kindly email us at [email protected] We always hope to make a great co-operation with you.

Manufacturer | Wholesale – Indian Fashion | Traditional

The trend of Indian jewelry reaches its peak every month. Jewelry like kundan, meenakari, temple (South Indian), etc. have become the choice of women across the globe. Many jewellery manufacturers & suppliers are coming into existence because of the growing demand. You can find thousands of websites in the internet world to buy artificial jewellery online, but when it comes to the quality, it becomes difficult to find the one who remains on the expectations always. At EIndiaWholeSale (Also known as Jaipur Mart), we are focused on quality. During the process of manufacturing, we put special care & attention to make quality ornaments. This makes us stand out from the competition and the #1 wholesale jewelry supplier. We have been in the business for more than a decade and have some commitments such as providing quality products, offering competitive prices, and bringing the latest & trendy jewellery designs. So, if you are looking for Indian artificial jewelry online, EIndia Wholesale Jewelry will be your one-stop destination.

#No.1 Place to Buy Women Indian Fashion Jewellery Online On Wholesale

If we say “EIndiaWholeSale” is the #1 and one-stop destination to buy wholesale jewelry online, there are some reasons for that. Being one of the best jewelry vendors, we have an extensive collection of ornaments that includes maang tikka, women’s earrings, necklaces, anklets, rings, nose pins, wedding jewellery, toe rings, and more. At EIndiaWholeSale, you can explore these ornaments in countless designs and artworks, some of them are mention below:

Kundan Jewellery: One of the most trending Indian jewellery across the globe that is also referred to as Jadau jewellery. We have got ornaments that you may have seen in iconic Bollywood movies like Jodha-Akbar, Bahubali, etc.

Wedding or Bridal Jewellery: We have everything in our collection that a bride or bridesmaid requires on the day of the wedding. From maang tikka to toe ring, everything in various designs!

Temple or South Indian Jewellery: As far as South Indian imitation jewellery is concerned, we have got kamarbandh, haathphool, armlets, anklets, nose rings, and more.

Oxidized Jewellery Collection: Such ornaments are the choices of young women and girls. We have got countless beautiful oxidized jhumkas, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Apart from the above designs, we have a big range that you will be to explore by browsing EIndiaWholeSale.

EIndiaWholesale Empowers Jewellery Suppliers & Retailors

Being a reputed vendor of wholesale jewelry in the USA, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc. we empower jewellery suppliers & retailers across the globe. We offer quality products at cheap prices so you can earn great profit margins with us. There are many suppliers to don’t want to manage the inventory, if you are one of them, you should work with us. We will send the products to your customers on your behalf. People who have physical jewellery stores require beautiful display boxes to attract customers. If you are looking for such display boxes or boxes to store ornaments, click here to check our collection.

In case of having any queries, feel free to shoot an email or call. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 7339903357.

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies – Best Places to Buy [2021 Update]

If your jewelry business is growing, you’re probably starting to look around for wholesale jewelry supplies and which suppliers or distributors to buy from.

If you’ve been buying jewelry and other fashion accessories from local suppliers and are interested in exploring different sources to buy in bulk, this post will get you started.

Given covid, many offline events are likely not happening or are getting starting back up. So here are some online vendors to consider as well as a list of offline jewelry and accessory specific trade shows.

Updated July 2021

Buying Wholesale Jewelry Supplies Online

Many of you are probably already buying your jewelry supplies online. Shopping online for wholesale supplies can be tricky because when you’re buying in bulk, you want to see and touch the items before ordering.  Here are a list of sites based on popularity (Alexa rankings) that you can compare pricing and quantity minimums on.

Most online vendors provide a good collection of basic supplies like beads, chains etc. For the more specialty supplies, consider attending one of the trade shows listed later in this post.


Most people don’t think of Amazon for wholesale jewelry but if you are looking for small quantities like 1 or 2 dozen chains or a pack of jump rings or a bag of beads , Amazon is a great source. Many of the bigger wholesalers sell in smaller quantities on Amazon.

For example, try searching for the below keywords and you’ll see so many different options. And it’s Amazon so you probably already have an account there, it ships fast and their customer service is good.

On the flip side, Amazon may not have many unique styles or designs. That’s when you need a specialist wholesale store like many of the ones listed below.

I’m a photographer. If you’re in the US and looking to outsource your product photography, view my jewelry photography services.


Faire is a relatively new wholesale marketplace.  Per their site, Faire is “an online wholesale marketplace empowering small business owners and independent brands to buy and sell wholesale online.” Independent jewelry designers list their products in Faire’s jewelry marketplace to sell wholesale to retailers and boutiques. Given that sellers here tend to be artisans and indie designers, the collection here is very different from any of the other wholesalers listed here. 

If you’re looking for unique products made in small batches, this is the site to browse.


This is the biggest wholesale supply site out there – they connect you directly to manufacturers in China. This is not a jewelry specific site but there is a jewelry category along with fashion accessories, clothing, and everything you can possibly think of. There are two sites – Alibaba and Alibaba Wholesale. Alibaba has higher minimum quantities so pricing is lower. Alibaba Wholesale caters to smaller businesses – minimum quantities are lower but prices are a bit higher.

These sites are overwhelming in terms of the number of products on the site. It’ll take you some time to find what you need. Also, since most of them are overseas factories, this means that you may have to deal with import duties.

But if you find a supplier you like, the difference in prices can be well worth it. /

This is similar to Alibaba in that they source from Chinese factories. However, this is a store (not a marketplace like Alibaba is). So you are dealing with Panda as an online wholesaler who sells products from multiple Chinese factories. Similar to Alibaba, PandaWhole targets medium to large wholesale orders while Pandahall caters to small to medium volumes (still at very competitive prices).

And again, their listings can be overwhelming but the savings can make it worth your while.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

This is a popular US based wholesale supply destination. They have an easy to use site and a pricing system where they let you buy different quantity levels at different price points. And their site is categorized well.

They also cater to higher quantity orders through their Platinum Partner’s Program where you can get additional discounts on top of the wholesale pricing.


Jewelry Supply has been around for over 25 years. They are US based too and they have an easy to navigate site. Their collection includes wholesale everything jewelry-related including tools, beads, Swarovski crystal, gemstones, chains, metals, etc. And they sell display and packaging products too. If you’re looking for ideas on new products to make, there is a section with tutorials where they walk you through how to make different types of jewelry.

Rio Grande

As their about page says “we remain committed to supporting anyone who has ever picked up a piece of metal and made something wearable”. They have a great collection of findings, beads, packaging, tools and everything else you may need along your journey as a jewelry maker. They also have a great selection of in-person classes in their New Mexico location and also online courses on Craftsy.

Jewelry & Accessories focused Trade Shows

There are many jewelry trade shows out there – has a great show listing page here. Most of these shows sell wholesale supplies as well as finished jewelry. We picked a few of them to feature here but if you’re looking for shows near you, take a look at listing page. Another way to find these shows is to Google “jewelry trade shows near me” and you should see listings, if there are any.

MJSA EXPO: The Show for Professional Jewelry Makers

MJSA is an association of jewelry makers, designers and suppliers. They hold a regular trade expo with a huge floor of global suppliers wholesaling different types of jewelry supplies including tools, equipment, metals, findings, chains, gemstones, and even some finished jewelry for store owners.

Their expo is held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York. Non-members can attend with a minimal entrance fee.  Click here for the list of exhibitors to see if this is right for you.

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

This is one of the the largest and longest running series of simultaneous shows targeted for wholesale and retail buyers. The trade show kicks off every first quarter of the year at the Tucson Convention Center in Arizona and runs for two weeks.

Check schedules and learn more about this show here.

G&LW Trade Shows

The Gem and Lapidary Wholesalers organizes a series of trade shows all year round across the US. This show focuses on wholesaling gems and minerals. You can register here to attend. They have a lot of shows so check if their site to see have one near you.



AKS Gem has been organizing and managing jewelry wholesale events for more than 35 years. Their shows feature a variety of finished jewelry and supplies. Thes shows are also open to the public but wholesale pricing is only for those with seller permits. You can view their current schedule here.

Bead and Button Show

If you’re a beader, then this show is perfect for you. Aside from selling beads, they have a host of classes where you can learn new techniques and expand your collection.

Their show is held in May/June each year at Milwaukee. Show dates can be found on their site.


They have a big one in Las Vegas in June each year. They claim to be the largest jewelry trade show in the US selling everything from finished pieces to wholesale supplies and tools. Their Vegas about page has some impressive stats: 2300 exhibitors and 23000+ retailers in attendance.

They have 5-7 shows per year across the US. Click on the ‘Shows’ button on the JCK site for dates.

Wholesale supplier tips from our readers

In a recent newsletter, I asked for my readers to reply with tips on where they buy jewelry supplies and any jewelry related resources. Here are some of the notes I received. Some of the links here overlap with the ones above but there is some more context here.

Submitted by Carole from Indigo Turtle Art

We purchase the supplies we finish our handcrafted porcelain jewelry with from:

Submitted by Judi from Judi McCormick Jewelry

  • I get most supplies from the regular places that everyone already knows, i.e. Rio, Stuller, CGM, and Otto Frei.
  • As a source for pearl knowledge, the forum of is invaluable. Information is top quality and monitored. The search engines are helpful and well maintained. They don’t allow any outright plugging of personal sales, but sourcing is great. 

Submitted by Andrew & Trish from AGTG Creations

Fashion Chainmaille (Anodized Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel jump rings)
  • The Ring Lord – good quality jump rings, great prices, excellent resource
Fine Chainmaille & Fine Wire-work (including clasps, chain and findings)
  • Rio Grande Jewelry Supply – great quality, huge selection, fast shipping, we feel they’re just the best overall jeweler supplier we’ve found and we get all our wire and some of our fine jump rings there since we use Argentium® for 98% of our silver jewelry
  • Urban Maille (superb quality, fantastic prices on jump rings, all orders custom so 1-2 week wait time)
Fashion Wire-work, Beads, Clasps, Chain & Findings
  • Fire Mountain Gems & Beads – good quality, decent sales, a bit pricey unless you get unit discounts for higher volume orders, huge selection, fantastic informational resource
  • Artbeads – good quality, lots of worthwhile sales, cash back and points rewards are nice, good selection, free economy shipping over $25, note; can be unreliable on item count when purchasing larger quantities of items, easy to be shorted, MUST count all items, helpful customer service
  • Beaducation – good video tutorial and informational resource, good quality, a bit pricey
Wholesale packaging supplies, business supplies and more
  • Store Supply – large selection of all kinds of store display, lovely acrylic jewelry displays and lockable acrylic table displays, function and day to day business items for physical locations and events, fantastic prices, fast shipping
  • Vistaprint – good prices, useful sales, great resource for printed advertising such as signs and business cards
  • Packaging Price – good prices, large selection, great for corrugated mailing boxes
  • Fire Mountain Gems, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s Fabrics, Rio Grande, Amazon, Ebay – all of these are good resources for jewelry supplies & displays as well

This is information I would have absolutely loved having when we started our journey, so we hope this can now help someone else on theirs!

Submitted by Nicholas from Viva Latina

  • For gold chains, clasp and findings for gold earrings, I go to Otto Frei and also Cooks on Gold, I usually find what I need to one in one of these stores.
  • For hand tools for metal working, I go to Jets Inc. or PMC Supplies, they both have a large choice of tools at good prices.
  • For stones, I go to Alpha Imports, they have a very large choice of gemstones, with a lot of cuts, sizes and quality. Other sites I use are Stachura and Gem Rock Auctions.
  • I tend to buy diamonds from Brilliance as they have good prices and ship to Mexico. They are friendly on chat and respond quickly.
  • Israel Diamonds is another site I use for diamonds. It’s a bit more expensive than Alpha Imports or Brilliance but is a good option when I cannot find the diamond I am looking for on the other sites.
  • When I need cubic zirconia for silver project or cheaper pave jewelry, I use Wholesale Loose CZ. They are in China. The quality is good to excellent depending of your choice and they deliver fast.

That’s it for responses from our readers.

And a plug for our own services: If you you need help photographing your jewelry for your ecommerce store or Amazon/Etsy and you’re located in the US, learn more about our jewelry photography services.


In general, if you’re buying in smaller quantities, buying from businesses in your home country is better because you don’t have to deal with duties or face communication hurdles. For larger quantities, where price becomes a key factor, it’s worth exploring suppliers in other countries, depending on what that region specializes in supplying.

And of course, there’s also Amazon and Ebay to browse through for bulk supplies.

Know other great wholesale jewelry suppliers or trade shows – submit your site here. I may update this post or feature your site in a future blog.

Top Jewelry Manufacturers and Companies in the USA

Image credit: faferek/

Many boutique storefronts and e-commerce businesses source ready-made jewelry from wholesale suppliers. These retailers can source a broad range of products from online wholesalers and can cut costs by buying in bulk. Other businesses may prefer to partner with custom jewelry manufacturers that can help them to design and produce unique products.

This article will discuss the top jewelry suppliers in the U.S.A., including both wholesale suppliers of standard products and custom manufacturers of unique pieces.

Top Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in the USA

Table 1 below ranks wholesale jewelry suppliers based on estimated annual revenue. [1] [2] The table shows the company name, city/state location, and the estimated annual revenue in U.S. dollars.

Table 1 – Top Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in the USA



Est. Annual Revenue (USD)

Stuller, Inc.

Lafayette, LA

$484 million [3]

Kole Imports, Inc.

Carson, CA

$10 million [3]

Zenzii Wholesale

Norcross, GA

$8 million [3]

Wholesale Accessory Market

Hueytown, AL

$7 million [3]

Wona Trading

New York, NY

$6 million [3]


Brea, CA

$5.4 million [3]

Godfather’s Jewelry

Las Vegas, NV

$4 million [3]

Fashion Bella

Los Angeles, CA

$3 million [3]

DDFL Import

Miami, FL

$2 million [3]

The Welman Group

Bethesda, MD

$2 million [3]


Company Summaries

Stuller, Inc. was founded in 1970 and operates in North America, Spain, and Thailand. The company manufactures standard jewelry pieces for wholesale purchase and is also discussed below as a supplier of custom pieces. Stuller holds a Responsible Jewelry Council certification and observes ethical sourcing standards. 

Kole Imports, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of imported items, including jewelry. The company operates a warehouse and showroom in Los Angeles and participates in trade shows throughout the U.S.A. Kole’s jewelry offerings include watches and children’s jewelry. 

Zenzii Wholesale manufacturers high-fashion jewelry for wholesale buyers. The company offers statement necklaces, pearl jewelry, and resin acrylic jewelry, including handmade products. Zenzii displays its products in its New York City, Atlanta, and Dallas showrooms.

Wholesale Accessory Market is a fashion accessory retailer that distributes products to small retailers. The company can customize pieces with logos and monograms via embroidery and custom-cut, adhesive-backed vinyl personalization. Themed jewelry accessory lines–including holiday, beach, and Western lines–are available. 

Wona Trading, founded in 2004, offers wholesale and imported jewelry products. The company distributes statement, wedding, and children’s jewelry, as well as apparel and novelty products. Wona Trading operates a showroom in New York City and offers drop shipping services. 

JewelryMax, an internet-based wholesaler, was founded in 2004. The company’s online selection includes jewelry and other products, such as scarves, gloves, hats, and hair accessories. JewelryMax offers domestic and overseas shipping, including drop shipping.

Godfather’s Jewelry has been in business since 1983, importing and distributing wholesale jewelry. The company offers pendants and charms, bracelets, dog tags, earrings, and other items. Godfather’s Jewelry also distributes display products, boxes, and bags. 

Fashion Bella is based in Los Angeles’ fashion district and distributes its products to boutiques and other businesses. Founded in 1986, the company offers products decorated with pearls, gemstones, beads, rhinestones, and charms. Fashion Bella also distributes apparel and handbags. 

DDFL Import is a wholesaler that supplies its products to domestic and international customers. In business since 2005, the company distributes jewelry, hair accessories, novelty products, and cosmetics. The company updates its website regularly when it restocks its products. 

The Welman Group is an online-only wholesaler. The company distributes products made from sterling silver, stainless steel, scratched zinc, and other materials. In addition to jewelry, the Welman Group offers gift products such as bookmarks and golf ball marks.

Top Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA

 Table 2 below ranks custom jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. based on estimated annual revenue. [2]

Table 2 – Top Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA



Est. Annual Revenue (USD)

Stuller, Inc.

Lafayette, LA

$484 million [3]

Au Enterprises, Inc.

Berkley, MI

$8 million [3]

Lee’s Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Providence, RI

$6 million [4]

3DM Jewelry Design Studio

New York, NY

$5 million [3]

Casting House

Chicago, IL

$5 million [3]

American Gemstone Group

Las Vegas, NV

$4 million [3]

Custom Fashion Jewels

Burbank, CA

$4 million [3]

Robert Bartholomew, Ltd.

Port Washington, NY

$3.4 million [4]

MKM Jewelry, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

$3 million [3]


New York, NY

$3 million [3]


Company Summaries

Stuller, Inc., introduced above, has a full portfolio of fine jewelry manufacturing capabilities, from metal fabrication to diamond cutting and stone setting. The company offers digital design services, as well as software that customers can use to create their own designs.

Au Enterprises, Inc., in business since 1897, specializes in casting, CAD, and CAM services. The company works with precious and non-precious metals and ensures that its materials are environmentally friendly and conflict-free. Au Enterprises’ projects have included recreating historical pieces and retro jewelry for television shows.

Lee’s Manufacturing Co., Inc. creates custom jewelry for designers, retailers, e-commerce stores, and wholesalers. The company can develop custom, precious metal alloys for its customers. Lee’s Manufacturing also offers design, stone setting, plating, and fulfillment services.

3DM Jewelry Design Studio offers jewelry design and prototyping services for fine, fashion, and concept jewelry. The company is equipped with CAD design and 3D printing capabilities and also provides mentoring and training services to its customers. 3DM serves private designers, retail stores, and online sellers.

Casting House, founded in 1987, serves customers in the U.S. and abroad. The company offers a collection of private label jewelry pieces, which can be customized with different stone and accent options. Casting House also creates custom pieces using its CAD design, rapid prototyping, and metal casting capabilities. 

American Gemstone Group is a subsidiary of American Gemstone Authority, LLC. Based in Las Vegas, the company operates a jewelry factory in Bangkok, Thailand. American Gemstone Group works remotely with its customers to design jewelry pieces and offers a full range of fabrication services. 

Custom Fashion Jewels is a high volume manufacturer of custom jewelry, including gold, silver, diamond, and brass pieces. The company handles all stages of the fabrication process, from design to casting and setting to finishing. Headquartered in Burbank, Custom Fashion Jewels also runs a factory in China.

Robert Bartholomew, Ltd., in business since 1840, offers jewelry manufacturing services through its subsidiary, RB Jeweler Services. The company offers both private label and custom manufacturing services, with custom capabilities from metal casting and pearl stringing to finishing and engraving.

MKM Jewelry, Inc. offers custom jewelry made from precious and non-precious metals, including recycled and environmentally friendly materials. The company offers design, welding, casting, engraving, stone setting, and plating services. MKM Jewelry takes on small and large-volume projects.


This article summarized the top suppliers of jewelry in the USA based on estimated annual revenue. To discover more about these or other suppliers, visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform, where you can locate suppliers of Jewelry and Metal Jewelry based on your criteria.



[1] “Top 15 Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in the USA,” SOQ


[3] Zoominfo

[2] Dun & Bradstreet

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Wholesale ring – Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Our top 100 bestseller collection of wholesale rings are the most sought-after accessories, pandora rings which feature intricate details and streamlined shapes that make a bold statement. From delicate dainty rings to eye-catching cocktail rings, you will find jewelry with classic touch of various time periods and those that are an epitome of style as well. With over2,000 in-house designs, wholesale jewelry, you will be impressed by the diverse styles that we offer.





























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Designer designer jewelry

Set “Astra”
ring, gold 585/750 8.7 g 12 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.12 ct, 17 chrysolite 6.5 ct.
earrings, gold 585/750 15.4 g 2 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.04 ct, 24 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.24 ct, 36 chrysolite 14.24 ct.
pendant, gold 585/750 6.5 g 16Br.Cr. 57 – 0.02 ct, 12Br.Cr. 57 – 0.12 ct, 18 chrysolite 8.01 ct

“Yesenia” set
ring, gold 585/750 11.0 g 4Br.Cr. 57 – 0.04 ct, citrine 6.92 ct.
earrings, gold 585/750 26.0 g 16 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.16 ct, 2 citrine 13.84 ct.

“Sunflowers” set
ring, gold 585/750 10.0 gr 24 diamond black – 0.24 ct, 16 citrine – 1.96 ct.
earrings, gold 585/750 14.5 g 2 Br. 57 – 0.04 ct, 48 diamond black – 0.48 ct, 32 citrine – 3.92 ct.

Set with pomegranates
ring, gold 585/750 12.0 g, garnets
earrings, gold 585/750 14.5 gr, garnets

“Time” suspension series
pendant, gold 585/750 10.0 g 1Br.Cr. 57 – 0.03 ct, 12Br. Cr. 57 – 0.12 ct, 1 ruby ​​- 0.12 ct.
pendant, gold 585/750 14.0 g 23Br.Cr. 57 – 0.23 ct, 2 ruby ​​- 0.04 ct, 15 ruby ​​- 0.15 ct.
pendant, gold 585/750 9.5 gr 21Br.Cr. 57 – 0.231ct, 1 ruby ​​- 0.03ct.

“Aurora” set
earrings, gold 585/750 24.0 g 6 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.04 ct, 10 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.18 ct, 6 ametrine 60 ct.

Brooch “Feather of the Firebird”
brooch, gold 585/750 20.0 g 22 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.16 ct, 12 Br.Cr. 57 – 0.15 ct, 22 citrine – 1.4 ct, 12 garnets – 4.46 ct.

Brooch “Bamboo”
brooch, gold 585/750 12.0 g 12Br.Cr. 57 – 0.12 ct, 14Br.Cr. 57 – 0.18 ct, 2Br.Cr. 57 – 0.04 ct, 1 topaz – 6.9 ct.

Set with turquoise
ring, gold 585 12.5 gr, turquoise, topaz, cubic zirconia.
earrings, 585 gold 13.5 gr, turquoise, topaz, cubic zirconia.
pendant, 585 gold 6.7 gr, turquoise, topaz, cubic zirconia.

“Kaleidoscope” set
ring, gold 585 14.0 g, amethysts, chrysolites, topazes.
earrings, gold 585 17.5 gr, amethysts, chrysolites, topazes.

Equi Collection
Ring, white gold 585/750 5.0 gr. 31 black diamonds – 0.31 ct, 5 Br. 57 – 0.05 ct.
Earrings, white gold 585/750 7.5 gr. 62 black diamonds – 0.62 ct, 10 Br. 57 – 0.1 ct.

Ring, white gold 585/750 7.2 gr. 16 brilliant black – 0.2 ct, 16 Br. 57 – 0.2 ct.
Earrings, white gold 585/750 10.8 gr. 32 diamond black – 0,4 ct, 32 br.Cr. 57 – 0.4 ct

Set “Golden Autumn”
ring, gold 585/750 5.0 g 5 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.16 ct, 4 citrine – 1.15 ct, 4 chrysolite – 1.43 ct.
earrings, gold 585/750 10.0 g 18 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.54 ct, 8 citrine – 2.30 ct, 8 chrysolite – 2.86 ct.
bracelet, gold 585/750 24.0 g 40 Br. 57 – 0.8 ct, 20 citrine – 6.5 ct, 20 chrysolite – 9.1 ct.
necklace, gold 585/750 40.0 g 50 Br. Cr. 57 – 1.0 ct, 127 Br. Cr. 57 – 1.27 ct, citrine – 6.29 ct, chrysolite – 7.25 ct.

Set “Apple on a platter”
ring, gold 585/750 12.0 g 29 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.29 ct, 12 emerald – 0.12 ct.
earrings, gold 585/750 14.0 g 10 Br. Cr. 57 – 0.1 ct, 12 emerald – 0.18 ct.

Japanese motif set
ring, gold 585/750 5.5 gr 6 garnet – 2.7 ct, 12 citrine – 0.48 ct.
earrings, gold 585/750 7.5 gr 22 garnets – 5.8 ct, 32 citrine – 1.2 ct.

Collection “Frontier”
ring, gold 585/750 8.0 gr 18 Br.Cr. 57 – 0.18 ct, 17 diamond black – 0.17 ct.
ring, gold 585/750 8.0 g 1 Br. 57 – 0.1 ct, 2 Br. 57 – 0.02 ct, 8 black diamond – 0.08 ct.

Savannah collection
ring, gold 585/750 14.0 gr 2 Br. 57 – 0.06 ct, smoky quartz – 4.4 ct.
ring, gold 585/750 14.5 gr 20 Br. 57 – 0.2 ct, topaz – 4.2 ct.
ring, gold 585/750 14.0 gr 6 black diamond – 0.06 ct, garnet – 4.5 ct.
ring, gold 585/750 10.0 g smoky quartz – 2.08 ct.

Any of the presented products can be made to order.
8 (4942) 32-73-91

Jewelry worth bringing from Tbilisi

We will tell you in detail where to hunt for jewelry in Tbilisi, and which of the precious trophies you should pay special attention to

Thinking about this list, we immediately wanted to be among the first to mention Eshvi – a brand founded in London by two girls from Georgia, Natia Chkhartishvili and Tamar Svanidze.But, although their jewelry is absolutely wonderful, the designers still do not live in Tbilisi and their brand is rightfully called not Georgian, but British. So Eshvi will not be on our list today. And yet, if you haven’t heard of the brand before, be sure to look for their jewelry online – and, of course, read about them on Buro. In the meantime, we will tell you about eight interesting Georgian brands specializing in jewelry.

Sofio Gongli

Sopho Gongliashvili’s beautiful enamel rings and brooches are practically the face of Georgia when it comes to jewelry design.First, and obviously, it’s beautiful. Secondly, Sopho became the main Georgian designer, bringing the ancient enamel technique from history textbooks right to the shelves of the most advanced concept stores. She has been creating jewelry for about 17 years, and released her first complete collection in 2000. With all this, for so many years in business, the designer did not become a harsh business woman – she still wants to be called, first of all, an artist, and she speaks of herself that way.
In all the decorations that Sopho makes, the theme of nature comes up one way or another.Somewhere traditional floral ornaments are twisted, somewhere on a stylized flower – and sometimes on a carrot! – the jewelry itself is similar in shape. But in the new collection the same motive is embodied especially literally. The heroes of the plot paintings were a pair of animals, whom Sopho herself calls not even the inhabitants of the famous ark, but Adam and Eve. Leopards and horses, dogs and cockerels, rabbits and zebras appear in the roles of biblical heroes. Some – even against the background of the same apple tree, because of which Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden.So the artist asks the question why people themselves always put themselves in the center of the universe, perceiving the world around them and the living beings inhabiting it as a background and forgetting about the value of their lives.

Sidonia Nun

Behind the beautiful ornaments of Sidonia Nun is an amazing woman – Sister Sidonia, a nun from the Greek monastery of St. George. She spent 12 years there, having managed to enter the university, where she studied history, archeology and anthropology, and learn handicrafts – this, in her words, is a traditional monastery work.So other nuns became Sidonia’s teachers in this area. Although the base was laid by her own father – he was an artist and his daughter left a legacy of his sense of color. “The fact that my conscious choice,” she herself says, “is black, doesn’t mean that all the colors of the world are dead for me. I am delighted with the universe and its diversity. I, just like you, acutely feel the beauty – maybe even sharper. ”
This biography is certainly not typical, especially for a jewelry designer.But it was this unusual experience of its founder that gave the brand the identity that sets it apart from the rest. Sister Sidonia started making jewelry only three years ago, but they are unlike anyone else – they mix a variety of techniques and materials: traditional Georgian embroidery, enamel and filigree, silver and pearls. She was the first to make ornaments-sling, braiding her head.
Today Sister Sidonia spends most of her time in her workshop in Tbilisi. She was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, and she has been struggling with the disease for a long time – one course of chemotherapy is over, but the treatment continues.This does not prevent the designer from making big plans – although Sister Sidonia herself does not treat her work as a business, calling it primarily a way of self-expression and a consequence of her craving for beauty, already now her jewelry is sold in several stores in the capital of Georgia: in Canape and Roberto Bravo. And soon they should appear in Russia. One of the Russian designers, with whom Sister Sidonia is currently negotiating, just showed us her work. For now, perhaps, we will not name his name – do not spoil other people’s surprises!


Whichever local concept store you come to, be it the spacious Dots or the tiny vintage shop at Cafes O, Moda, Moda, looking at the display stand with decorations, you will certainly stumble upon Khoshtrik.Although this brand is very young – Georgian Tamara Khoshtaria opened it only 2 years ago, having met the founder of More is Love, Nino Eliava. By that time, Tamara had managed to be a journalist and graphic artist and was already engaged in jewelry, but her small business had neither a full-fledged brand, nor even a name. Acquaintance with Nino, who became the designer’s first buyer, spurred her on. The name took shape quickly: as Tamara herself says, Khoshtrik is her childhood nickname.
She did not study jewelry.And at first, for her products, the designer often used different metal parts, using the artist’s dictionary, “found objects”. But now, in her own words, she has moved away from this – Tamara now finds inspiration not in the world around her, but in her own head. And he tries not to follow what other jewelry designers are doing, so that he does not even unintentionally repeat anything and for anyone.
The first hits of Khoshtrik were bracelets and chokers made of bent metal bars with large balls at the ends.Tamara Khoshtaria herself was tired of their success – now she focuses on other things. For example, voluminous bracelets made of nested geometric shapes. Or rings made from flat plates cut in the form of large circles and hearts. Or square earrings, which are not attached to the lobe, as we are used to, but as if they go right through it, so that one corner is located at the temple, and the other – behind the ear. Or huge cuffs made of solid metal plates, polished to an almost mirror shine. Minimalism is the main principle of Tamara in her work, but in her jewelry it looks completely different from that of others.
In Moscow, Khoshtrik, like most Georgian brands, look for in INDEXflat – Anka Tsitsishvili, its owner, knows everything.

Materiel by Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili

Materiel, as you may remember from our previous “Georgian” material, has four fashion lines at once, developed under the guidance of four different designers. Each of them makes accessories for their line. In Lado Bokuchava’s line, for example, shoes are especially good.But earrings are the best for Alexander Akhalkatsishvili. For his spring collection, the Georgian designer has made jewelry as simple as it is spectacular: who would have thought that ordinary wooden squares and circles, painted black or red, could make such an impression? Moreover, the option that seems the most unobvious – that is, just the red squares – in fact turns out to be the most interesting. And these earrings also go, oddly enough, decisively to everything. The only drawback of the series is the weight of the jewelry.If you are not used to wearing heavy earrings, then you can hold out with these Suprematist masterpieces in your ears for no more than 2-3 hours.
But in the autumn collection this problem seems to have been corrected: the new earrings, the “wire” ligature of Georgian words, look completely weightless. There is no need to wait for autumn to buy them – a week after the show, the jewelry was brought to the Materiel store.

George Keburia

We already, like Materiel, mentioned about George Keburia in the previous article from Tbilisi, dedicated to the best collections of the local Mercedes-Benz fashion week.But we cannot do without it here either. Because even in absentia, sitting in the Moscow editorial office, we got to know what George is doing just through his wooden star earrings seen on the More is Love website. The jewelry, made up of black and white stars, months and comet tails, is from his second collection of accessories, created especially for the “space” collection of clothing S / S 2016. It mixes the Russian avant-garde and the American “Star Trek”, and earrings celestial bodies became a logical continuation of the theme.They, however, very quickly took on a life of their own and predictably became a big hit. Another important plus, besides the design itself, is their lightness. Such ones, even by the end of the day, will not make you curse yourself for your thoughtless desire to play street style diva.
Especially popular are those in which large months crowned with small stars play the leading role, perhaps because they resemble recognizable Muslim symbols. But we will not undertake to assert with certainty – the designer himself says that he did not mean anything special in this case.
Earrings from the first collection of Keburia, also made of wood, but made of geometric shapes instead of celestial bodies, can still be bought online. But he decided not to do the third yet, leaving the last show without designer accessories. Why? Simply because, in his own words, he has not yet come up with a single equally worthwhile idea – the stars have turned out to be so popular over the months that it will not be easy to surpass their success. But, we hope, by the next season, George Keburia will still gather his strength and, at least, will try.

This brand is the most mysterious of all on our list. And not at all because jewelry looks like magic amulets and has a mystical secret meaning. Quite the opposite: Lili’s things are so good precisely because they are emphatically tender and naive, like children’s medallions of friendship. Or buried in the sand, under glass, “secrets”. Just to find at least something about a brand on the Internet is an almost impossible mission.
But offline it is not difficult – when you are in Tbilisi, go to Dots to search.This is a store (so it’s time for a small excursion into Tbilisi fashion realities), where items of the most democratic line of the same house Materiel are presented, the name of which coincides with the name of the concept store. And it was Materiel’s PR manager, Salome Mikashavidze, who found Lili. The new name was found at the local flea market – not at a flea market, but at a meeting for more or less their own, like the Russian “Lambada Market”. And, as Salome says, whoever she looked at, they all had pendants around their necks with flower petals and dandelion fluffs inserted between glass plates.So when Dots launched (and this happened quite recently) and his team was in search of new accessories designers, the girl immediately remembered that brand. Lili was engaged – and still is – Lilian Buchukuri, who does not strive for fame and glory. But her decorations and without additional advertising in Dots disagree with a bang.


The Silhouette brand was invented and launched by three girls at once: Teko Urushadze, Natia Lagidze and Tamta Lazishvili – childhood friends, inseparable from elementary school.All of them, prior to its launch, were engaged in different areas, which, by a happy coincidence, perfectly complement each other when you decide to step on a dangerous fashion path. Teko was always interested in design, Natia worked in the field of telecommunications, and Tamta (who, by the way, became a friend of the Buro 24/7 editors by correspondence while working on the material) was engaged in marketing and PR.
Teamwork has borne fruit – although Silhouette is only six months old, inside Tbilisi the brand is already well known. Their enamel jewelry with silhouettes of graceful ladies’ heads and pineapple earrings can be found in almost any Tbilisi concept store – we talked about Khoshtrik just above, and in both cases this is not an exaggeration at all.
How do the founders of Silhouette describe their own brand? According to them, they use exclusively materials traditional for Georgian culture: enamel, silver, horn, brass, combining them and creating jewelry that harmoniously fit into the style of modern girls. Especially, as Tamta says, their horn products have recently become popular: “In Georgia, this material has been used since ancient times for the manufacture of vessels for drinking wine. We began to use it in an unexpected format – and I must say that the result is exceptional.Our horn ornaments combined with silver and enamel are luxurious. ” And we, perhaps, agree with such an immodest assessment.

Ketevan Saqareli

Yes, enamel is now popular in Tbilisi: here is another brand for which this technique has become a specialization – Ketevan Saqareli. This, however, is far from the only technique from Ketevan Sakareli’s repertoire. She has been creating jewelry for 13 years, since her student days, and the future designer studied to be a theater critic, that is, she did not receive a specialized education, like most of the heroes on our list.If in Russia everyone strives to get at least into British, then here they more and more prefer to study on their own, by trial and error. And this approach seems to work great for many.
During all the time that Ketevan has been engaged in jewelry design, she, according to her own words, has created many collections – each with its own individual story and concept. But the most popular is still “Mondrian”. This is noticeable even on Instagram – even there, large square earrings (but not as large as Materiel’s!), Made up of smaller squares and rectangles, are always in the spotlight.
Now Ketevan Saqareli jewelry is sold in Tbilisi Dots, Chardin One Concept and O, Moda, Moda. And in other countries you can order them through social networks.

Join offline in the audiovisual installation “Portrait of a Generation” on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of BURO. – get an immersive experience.

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Jewelry design studio Engagement in Moscow, professional jewelry workshop

Ekaterina Ulyanova


I decided to make myself a present. I have long wanted to order gold earrings. I looked through a lot of firms, salons, showrooms and stopped at this. I arrived at the salon with photographs of those earrings that I want. Almost a month later, I was able to pick them up. And yes, these were the same earrings, just like in the photo. I’m so glad that I turned to this particular salon, it’s nice when they understand you perfectly.

Elena N.


I liked everything from the decor to the polite patient staff. For a long time I had the idea to make a custom-made ring, but it stopped me that I could not explain what exactly I want. According to my long incoherent explanations, I was given a choice of several sketches to choose from. And now I have my dream. Thank you for your attention, patience and quality work.

Because of Covid, I rarely see my girlfriend.But I try to bring her joy. And this is not the first time I order jewelry from this studio. My first purchase was a ring from their other brand Thing Jewelry. Then I have ordered a couple of golden jewelry from OBRUCHALKI.COM. I have sent them a photo of what I want, we discussed the details of the order, they sent me sketches and pictures of the jewelery being made. Then they sent it to my girlfriend’s home adress. It was easy to pay via link they have sent to me. I have gifted my girlfriend a pendant and earrings from this brand.

Maria Vinogradova


Every time I try to buy a ring, I come across a dead end problem. Rings of the same size are sometimes small, sometimes dangling on the finger. The only solution for my non-standard fingers is a custom order. On the advice of friends, I turned to the Betrothal design studio and made the right decision. An amazing choice, I wanted it at once and that’s it! I settled on a ring with black diamonds.The custom-made ring fits perfectly on the finger. Thanks for the skilled work!

Lyudmila Tarasova


I have already ordered cufflinks here for my husband several times. They are practically absent in finished products in jewelry stores, and even more so it is difficult to find ones that you would like. Obruchalki came to the rescue this time too. Vintage, silver, one of a kind!

Advantages: Quality.Polite and sociable manager. Disadvantages: It seemed to me that a long time.
I ordered here a bracelet for March 8 for a lady. We did it for almost 3 weeks. If you do not take into account the timing, the service is very, very high quality. It’s just, it’s hard for me to understand how you can do one thing for so long. Probably, the deadline is just a queue, since there are many orders, and the jeweler himself copes much faster. The bracelet is great!

I ordered a ring for a man on February 23rd.Simple, cast, gold. Almost a piece of metal. We did it very well. Not rude, but ascetic. Nothing superfluous and at the same time it is clear that the work has been done seriously. Thanks!



Excellent! They made wonderful silver cufflinks with a black stone for my martyr. Not precious. Much more valuable are the feelings with which they were presented and the hands of the master who created them.Obruchalki did an excellent job.

Vladimir Grishechkin


Comfortable studio. There are mainly rings in the assortment, but you can order something from their catalogs, as well as come up with yourself, the guys will implement. This service is unrivaled.

Artem Vasiliev


With groove and small diamonds.We came to the Betrothal on the advice of friends who have already made purchases here. Now we advise ourselves. Only good impressions were left from communication and shopping. It is immediately evident that they keep the style, the brand, work and develop under their own idea, they do not copy anyone. Thanks! The wife is very happy!

90,000 Rings to order – production of rings according to your designs MAKING RINGS

We will develop a layout for free

Make a request

Production of rings to order according to your sketches

The range of wedding and engagement rings in jewelry studios (including Ring Studio) is extensive.But it so happens that none of them match the dreams and ideas of a potential buyer. And it’s good if there is a photo or image of the desired acquisition. However, it happens that a person only roughly imagines how his jewelry should look like. That’s when custom-made rings become salvation.

If you understand that buying ready-made products is not suitable for you, we are waiting for you in our studio. The jewelers of our workshop have experience in realizing the most daring ideas.This is confirmed by the photos of already completed works.

Having an idea is half the battle on the way to your dream ring. Based on it, we will develop a project for the future decoration, as well as provide several sketches to choose from for free.

How to place an order

The ordering system for manufacturing is simple:

  1. You send us your ideas as sketches or descriptions.

  2. Within a few days, designers develop the first layouts, then send them to you for approval.Development of layouts is free of charge.

  3. After the approval of the layouts, we inform you of the exact manufacturing price and offer to conclude a contract. How much your jewelry will cost directly depends on the complexity of the product, the materials from which it is planned to be made (gold, silver or platinum), as well as the presence of inserts made of precious stones (diamonds or moissanite).

One sketch is also sufficient to create paired rings.Our designers themselves will develop both male and female versions of jewelry in the same style. The production time takes on average 4–5 weeks.


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