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Build Brand Awareness with Custom Notepads

Custom Notepads from Captain Notepad

Custom notepads from Captain Notepad make awesome gifts, marketing materials or promotional products for a wide range of situations and needs. When it comes to customized notepads, we’ve got something for everyone.

Customized Notepads: A versatile promotional item

Custom notepads make perfect  marketing and promotional materials. Not only will they carry your brand’s logo, but they’re a useful product that your clients will always keep within their reach.  Unlike business cards that often get thrown away, with custom printed notepads, your brand will be at the forefront of your clients’ minds whether they’re taking a message, writing a to-do list, or drawing a doodle. 

Whatever the type of organization you have, custom notepads can play an important part in your marketing efforts. You  can reinforce your brand’s message, increase your business’s reach and provide contact details, all in one handy item! From colleges to realtors, anyone can make use of customized notepads. Here are just a few of the many possibilities you can benefit from with custom notepad printing: 

  • Realtors can include a custom notepad in their direct marketing packages.
  • Organizations can order custom notepad printing for the office to give to clients and for employees to use.
  • Colleges can send custom memo pads to students in a welcome pack featuring their college’s logo to make them feel part of the school community.
  • If you’re organizing your child’s school sports team, you can design your own custom notepads for each team member to keep and represent their school!

Custom notepads are a thoughtful gift

Ideal for the organizer or stationery lover in your life, you can design your own personalized notepads for your loved ones. Choose their favourite quote to give them a boost each time they write down a note or get their football team’s logo printed on a notepad for them. From a personalized grocery list, they can stick on the refrigerator door to a mindful notepad with coloring activities on it, Captain Notepad is here to help you personalize your gifts!

Endless Personalization Options

Our custom notepads are designed to add form to function; each design is smart and stylish, and can be  tailored to meet your exact needs. With 38 standard notepad sizes to choose from, there are plenty of options available. And paired with your custom branding and logo, custom notepads are perfect as a part of your marketing strategy to keep your brand’s message at the front  in your clients’ minds.

Choose everything, from the design right down to the paper stock and page count! Create a truly unique promotional item for your business or organization.

Our art team at Captain Notepad will help you find the perfect design for your custom notepads, from color to design and layouts – all at no extra cost! All you need to do is upload your design and we’ll bring your ideas to life. And if you’re in need of a second opinion or have a vision you want to make a reality, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help! 

Want a particular notepad in a different color or design to better fit your business’s theme? Need to edit the layout? Not a problem! All of our notepads are 100% customizable! 

Quality and value for money, delivered

We are committed to providing our customers with the whole package. That means high-quality, unique notepads at an affordable price. Buy in bulk for an even better deal on your promotional notepads, with the discounts rising the more you buy. 

If you see a particular style notepad and would like the colors to reflect your business theme, or you would like to change the layout slightly, that’s not a problem at Captain Notepad. 

Contact us for more information on how we can customize your notepads to fit your unique business.

Custom Notepads: FAQs

What Types of Personalized Notepads Can I Order with a Name or Logo?

Pretty much any type of notepad you can think of! Some of our most popular types of personalized notepads include sticky notepads, magnetic notepads, grocery and to-do list notepads, and memo cube pads. 

Our custom notepads are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. You’re only limited by your imagination! 

What Are the Uses for Custom Printed Notepads?

Custom printed notepads can be used to make a good first impression through marketing, for useful office stationery, as a thoughtful gift to a loved one or even as a fun way of making a local team or social even more personal! 

Are Business Notepads Good Giveaways?

Business notepads are the perfect giveaway item. Not only are you giving someone a useful item for everyday use, but you’re getting your brand in front of them constantly. Every time they reach for a piece of paper they’ll see your business!

How do I Create Custom Notepads with Captain Notepad?

Simply upload your images or pre-designed layouts online using the ‘upload artwork/files’ button, add any additional specifications or comments in the ‘Customization instructions’ section, then sit back and let us do the rest for you! 

Do I Save More with Bulk Printing?

Bulk print orders that are over a certain amount will be at a reduced price of up to 19 cents per notepad in certain sizes. For more information, contact [email protected]

Can I Review the File Before it’s Printed? 

Absolutely! You’ll receive a proof to review within roughly 48 hours of your order!

Personalized Notepads | Shutterfly

With Shutterfly, custom notepads can add style to your personal stationery. In today’s busy life, it can also be more than difficult to keep everything organized. If you are someone that likes to make to-do lists to keep everything straight, a personalized notepad is a fun way to make sure you can get everything crossed off. You can grab a notepad and take it with you to work, school, or while you’re running errands to encourage organization in all aspects of your life. Customized notepads also make great gifts and promotional products that add the right touches of personality to one’s life. Learn how to design your own notepads easily with Shutterfly!

How to Create Custom Notepads

Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to turn your favorite memories, artwork, and photographs into beautiful personalized stationery pads. Browse through Shutterfly’s vast collection of custom notepad designs and choose your favorite. From watercolor and floral designs to monogram styles, there’s something for everyone. When designing your custom notepads, simply upload your favorite images into the easy-to-use templates. When creating your notepads custom, you can utilize the design assistant to modify your memo pad with custom design elements, messaging, and other options to make it truly yours.

Shutterfly Personalized Notepad Designs 

When designing personalized notepads, pick a template that showcases your personality and fits what you’re looking for. Shutterfly’s small notepads measure 5×7 inches, so they’re perfect for use at home or on the go. Are you a fan of lists? Design unique custom notepads perfect for crossing items off to-do lists or grocery lists. If you love color, customize your notepad with watercolor, animal print, or flowery designs. From kids personalized notepads to custom notepads perfect for a teacher or coach, you can create the perfect stationery gift for anyone in your life.

Match a Custom Notepad With Stationery and Gifts

Once you realize how easy it is to create a custom notepad, you may be wondering, “What other products can I personalize?” Along with notepad printing, Shutterfly lets you easily customize all your stationery as well as unique gifts for your home or loved ones. Here are just a few ideas:

  • You can turn your favorite pictures or artwork into a reusable shopping bag that you will use every day. Reusable bags are perfect for carting the kid’s stuff between school, sports, parks, and the beach.
  • Are you a coffee lover, or is there one in your life? A custom latte mug is a fun way to greet each day and is guaranteed to help you start each morning with a smile.
  • Need to thank someone for all that they do? A personalized desk plaque is an elegant way to say “thank you.”

With Shutterfly, it is easier than ever to turn your favorite memories into beautiful gifts, decorations, and products that you (and the ones you love) can use every single day. Organization and list-making do not have to be boring. Whether you are looking for a way to spruce up your desk at home or in the office, creating personalized stationery is a fun way to add a little extra pizzazz into your everyday life. From personalized notepads and journals to monthly planners and more, Shutterfly is here to help you keep track of all the things you need to do while having a little fun as you take care of business.

Personalized Non-Photo Notepads | Shutterfly

If you love to make lists and keep everything organized, a personalized non-photo notepad is a simple and fun way to make sure you can keep track of all your ideas and keep on top of your to-do lists. Shutterfly’s non-photo notepad templates let you create personalized stationery using our easy-to-use customization options. Whether you are looking for a way to spruce up your desk at home or in the office or need a convenient way to manage all of your tasks, a custom non-photo notepad will simultaneously add a little extra style and organization into your everyday life. Custom non-photo notepads also make great gifts that are both thoughtful and practical!

Stylish Memo and Non-Photo Notepad Designs

Shutterfly offers a fun array of non-photo notepads in designs suited to various interests. Enjoy gardening? You’ll love our “Cheerful Gardener” design. Thinking you’d like a monogrammed notepad? Design one today! Gifting a notepad to a special child in your life? We have plenty of kid-inspired memo and non-photo notepad designs, from ballerinas and unicorns to spaceships and sports. In addition to blank non-photo notepads with unique designs, we have some notepads that were designed to meet specific planning needs. Need a simple way to quickly plan out your week? Our “Crazy Week” notepad offers the perfect amount of space to jot down the most important tasks that need to get done each day. We also have a non-photo notepad for your grocery list and one for weekly meal planning. Browse our collection to find the design that best suits your personality, style and needs (or those of your recipient).

Create Custom Non-Photo Notepads 

Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to design beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom non-photo notepads. After selecting your favorite non-photo notepad design, use our customization options to make it even more personalized by choosing colors, fonts and adding a name and custom message or quote. Notepads from Shutterfly can reflect your personality and provide a great gift for aspiring writers, new students, or that new job.

Personalized Gifts and Stationery Ideas

Once you realize how easy it is to create a custom non-photo notepad, you may want to design more personalized products and gifts to use in your everyday life or give as personalized gifts for your loved ones. In addition to your no photo notepad, personalized journals, calendars, and more make for a great tandem. Also, check out the wide array of personalized gifts we have available, including personalized water bottles, custom latte mugs, and more.

Custom Notepads | Personal Stationery


Paper Design Co (or PDC as you’ll come to call it soon) began in 2016. All we wanted then was to offer fine, beautiful-to-touch and visually delightful stationery to people like you. We also realized that India didn’t have enough to offer for typical stationery buffs. So in a bid to make the offline more aesthetic, we’re letting you personalize your own stationery – online. We even snail-mail it across to you. The old fashioned way.


In all probability, you’ll find just the thing you need on PDC. Start by exploring the home page and roll over the ‘It’s Your Signature’ section. Fill this section in and we’ll be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for kid’s stationery, then proceed straight to Junior Stationery. If you’re looking at stationery for adults, then go to the My Stationery section.
A printable birthday/anniversary/congratulatory card can be found in the Occasions section where you have a choice of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) cards. You can get creative here and put your own personalised touch to it.
You also have the option of choosing from Ready-to-Send cards where you can choose from a range of designs. All you need to do is personalise it and buy it. We’ll print it, pack it and send it to you.

For digital cards (cards that can be send as emails, text messages and whatsapps), then check the selection under digital cards. Here you can customise or choose from a range of pre-made cards that don’t need personalisation


Once you settle on a design you like, click the Customise button. Do note that there are different levels of customisation in My Stationery and Junior Stationery, so we encourage you to explore.

For Occasions print cards, there are fun options like borders, motifs, greetings and messages. Type in the message you want, select your colour, a font of your choice and you’re done.

For digital cards too, you’ll find that we have a range of borders, motifs, greetings and messages. Type in the message you want, select your colour, a font of your choice and you’re ready.

Benefits of Custom Notepads & Stationery

Paper is infinitely useful, even with the rise of technology. When you need to make a quick note or jot down a sudden thought, you pull out your handy notepad and start scribbling. Unlike your cell phone, paper will never run out of battery when you need it most.

Now imagine that your business offered branded notepads to your customers. The next time they need to draft a grocery list, they’ll use your paper and notice your logo in the corner. It will remind them that it’s also time for a car tune-up/ dentist appointment/ haircut. 

Here’s how branded notepads and stationery can benefit your business:


They Impress Your Clients

Visiting a generic, bland office won’t leave much of an impression on your clients. However, one that’s customized and on-brand will. Even the finest details make a difference, like the paper you use to take notes during a meeting. 

Offer them a complimentary set of stationery as a parting gift. It will build your business relationship, and they’ll be reminded of your kindness each time they use the notepad.


Notepads are Portable

You can take a notepad just about anywhere. Slip it into your pocket or briefcase, and you’re good to go. The next time you’re at a conference or client meeting, pull out your branded stationery. Customized notepads serve as a travelling advertisement for your business.


Paper is Useful

Other forms of promotional material might look appealing, but they aren’t very applicable for daily tasks. You can use a notepad for your next to-do list, shopping plan, or sketchbook. 

This type of branding is practical, which makes it unique from other kinds of advertising. When you send your clients flyers, it won’t be long before they’re in the trash bin. But a notepad is something they’ll hold on to and use in their daily life.


Your Staff Will Feel like Part of a Team

You know how impactful stationery can be on a client. But what about your staff members? 

As humans, we like to feel that we belong to a group. Giving your staff customized notepads can help satisfy this need. It shows them your staff they’re more than just an individual—they’re also a member of your team. 


They Never Go Away

When you print posters and hang them in public places, they get torn down eventually.  The same goes for other branded products: mugs are broken, pens run out of ink, and billboards are replaced. But paper maintains its usefulness for years. It never expires, gets replaced, or becomes obsolete. 


Design It How You Want It

When you customize your stationery, you’ve got free rein to design it however you see it. If you plan on taking notes, lined sheets will work better, but if you prefer drafting sketches and outlines, you might opt for unlined. Keep it black and white, or add a splash of colour to make your logo pop. You might even decide to include your company’s slogan at the top of the page, which can remind clients of your core values.

Branded notepads and stationery can make a difference in your business, both to your clients and your employees. If you’re looking for a print shop in Winnipeg, give us a call at PrintPro. We’ll work with you to create a design that won’t go unnoticed.

Custom Notepads by 123Print®

Whether for personal use or business, custom notepads offer much more than just personalized stationery. Looking to add to your home office? A uniquely-designed custom notepad with your name printed on each page will make a nice addition. You can also send custom notepads as gifts to family and friends – monogrammed notepads are something they may not be expecting, but will certainly appreciate, especially knowing the additional effort you put in. You can even create photo notepads as gifts, adding the recipient’s photo or photos of you together. Photo notepads with pictures of pets make great gifts too.

Personalized notepads are easy to design but make a lasting impression. You can send custom notepads on behalf of your business to customers, clients, and colleagues. For promotional scratch pads to clients, include your contact information, company name, and logo.

Employees will also appreciate having their own personalized paper pad with their company name, logo, and contact information. A custom notepad that says “From the desk of” and the employee’s name will make them feel special and valued.

Having a large business meeting or hosting a focus group? Design and order custom printed legal pads for each person who’s attending. Custom tear pads are also great for tradeshows.

Do you have a business that carries out regular services visits? Include a checklist on your custom pocket notepads or tear pads to hand out or leave when the service is complete. Checklists will show all the steps you took to make your customer happy. They are great for routine maintenance visits where multiple services are required in one appointment.

You can create personalized order forms for your business too, design single notepads for a friend or family member or custom legal notepads in bulk for your business.

Buy in Bulk

Using any of our custom notepad designs as templates or our
blank design-your-own template, you can create custom pads to order in bulk. Bulk orders are great for businesses and large corporations looking to use custom notepads as marketing materials or office gifts.

Additionally, large custom notepad orders are great for creating a uniform look in large meetings. Design custom steno pads for clients, customers, and employees, while maintaining brand standards.

Create bulk tablets using or simple but thorough customization tools – adding your name, company name, logo, graphics, photographs, digital signatures, and a tagline or message. We offer numerous fonts and design elements to choose from.

Discount Notepads

While cheap custom notepads can sometimes lead to below-standard printing and durability, we offer discount notepads made with only the highest-quality materials and rich color printing. Our inexpensive corporate notepads are designed with the utmost care, rivaling our top competitors in price without ever skimping on quality. The more custom notepads you order for your organization, the lower our prices become. If you are looking for wholesale prices, we suggest increasing your quantity on all professional notepads for the best discount. See the table below for additional pricing.

Quantity Economy (Vert. 4″ x 5″) 25 Sheet Notepads Junior (Vert. 4″ x 5″) 50 Sheet Notepads Standard Vert. 5″ x 7″) 50 Sheet Notepads Tall (Vert. 5″ x 9 3¾”) 50 Sheet Notepad
1 $10.00 $16.83 $17.82 $19.80
2 $18.00 $32.67 $33.66 $37.62
3 $25.50 $48.51 $49.50 $53.10
4 $32.00 $64.35 $64.35 $70.20
5 $30.00 $79.20 $79.20 $86.40
6 $36.00 $93.06 $94.05 $102.60
7 $42.00 $107.91 $108.90 $118.80
8 $48.00 $121.77 $121.77 $134.10
9 $54.00 $134.64 $135.63 $149.40
10 $50.00 $146.52 $145.53 $166.00
15 $75.01 $215.82 $216.81 $241.20
20 $90.00 $283.14 $287.10 $316.80
25 $112.50 $346.50 $356.40 $390.60
200 $900.00 Quote Available
500 $2,250.00
1000 $4,500.00
2000 $9,000.00

Notepad Sizes & Dimensions

We offer several custom notepad sizes for both business and personal uses. We also offer both 50-sheet notepads and 25-sheet notepads. Our memo pad sizes include:

  • Economy (Vert. 4” x 5”)
  • Junior 50 Sheet Notepad (Vert. 4” x 5”)
  • Standard 50 Sheet Notepad (Vert. 5” x 7”)
  • Tall 50 Sheet Notepad (Vert. 5” x 9 3⁄4”)

How Long Will it Take to Get My Custom Notepads?

It takes about 24 hours from the time you order to print your custom notepads. Shipping usually takes up to three business days after your product(s) is (are) printed. For more information on delivery times,
click here.

Why Make 123Print Your Custom Notepad Printers?

123Print guarantees fair pricing, the highest-grade materials, and first-class printing on all of our customized notepads. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

It’s time to make your selections – design your custom notepads today at 123Print!

Notepad Printing Los Angeles Custom Memo Pad Printing

Notepad PrintingPrinting Fly2018-10-04T07:11:36+00:00

Notepads and memo pads remain an extremely well used and useful piece of stationery marketing. Notepad printing that promotes the brand of a business is an effective way to reinforce the presence of your business in the minds of customers. Printing Fly offers custom notepad printing and design services to Los Angeles businesses in conjunction with our full suite of print media services.


Los Angeles notepad printing by the graphic design experts

Producing custom notepads and other print media for a business is always an effective way to promote the brand and image of the business. Any business that takes the time to produce custom stationery is automatically held in a higher regard by customers as it shows that they care about their image. The promotion of brand image is also a promotion of the values that are associated with your brand, and customized stationery such as notepads helps develop awareness and interest in the business. It is also an important form of social proof, when people see others using branded products it shows that they trust and respect the brand in question. This is the reason that successful businesses always invest in a range of custom stationery items for both staff and customers, even if their core business is entirely digital. In short, the value of printing custom stationery is clear and notepad printing is a great place to start.

Custom Notepad printing services Los Angeles

Printing Fly works with businesses on a one-on-one basis to create solutions that adapts to individual needs. We offer the full range of size and print options using the latest printing technologies to provide outstanding results. As a full service print and graphic design company, Printing Fly can offer customers assistance at every step of the development process, from custom graphic design and logo design through to re-branding and bespoke production of print media. For more information on how Printing Fly can help your businesses create the perfect custom notepads, get in touch with us directly or visit our West Los Angeles location in person.

Notepad Printing Los Angeles

Please contact Printing Fly for help with printing and designing your custom notepads and memo pads. We offer free same day estimates and are happy to take your call, please contact our team today (310) 287-9982

Notepads with a logo on a spring on request. Printing house “Press-Inform” Cherkasy, Ukraine

Creating a notebook can be a way to a new level of development of your brand. From increasing his awareness to connecting with customers and hiring employees.

Your visual identity is the shortest path to understanding your brand. It’s all about the emotions that brand colors evoke, and the spark of association a customer experiences when they see your logo.

But building a strong identity isn’t just about finding a branded typeface or choosing the perfect palette, it’s about incorporating your brand into every aspect of your business.Big and small.

Brand Notebook can be a simple yet effective way to increase your brand awareness and even increase your bottom line. Famous brands always put their logo on the cover of their notebooks in an effort to forge close relationships with customers.

So branded notebooks are an impressive piece of corporate paraphernalia, but how can you use them in your business?

Attracting the attention of potential customers

Trade shows and events are a competitive space in which many different brands compete for visitor attention – and as soon as it appears, negotiations begin.Research conducted by Marketing Week showed that out of the interviewed more than 80% of potential clients, visitors to the exhibition, received a response from the companies with which they interacted.

Sending an e-mail may be your first impulse, but presenting a branded notebook is a non-verbal way of saying that you want to stay in touch with a customer. Plus, a well-thought-out design is a surefire way to show that you are serious about your brand.

Tip: Attach a business card or handwritten postcard to truly personalize your gift.

Onboarding new employees

First impressions are important not only when meeting customers, but also for new employees. Onboarding is an important part of connecting new hires to your brand by providing them with a set of useful stationery is a great way to get off to a good start in their first week of work.

Create your own corporate set, including postcards, logo notebooks and personalized business cards.

Notepads to order with a logo

Notepads to order with a logo – printing of A4, A5 notebooks in Moscow

Direct photo printing on a notebook from 1 pc.

Create your own design.

Many companies prefer notebooks with a logo as an advertising tool. This is not only a beautiful, but also a useful thing. All the necessary information can be recorded there. With the power of modern typography, printing custom notebooks will be a decisive step in the growth of any business. Modern equipment allows you to maintain the perfect balance between content and appropriate illustration. And you can also make a branded notebook A4, A5 with your own design on a spring with your own design, for example, with a photo on the cover for your birthday.

    • Direct digital printing

      The drawing is printed directly onto the product, without intermediate steps, such as applying a photo to thermal paper. You can print any design! Digital printing allows you to fully convey the color palette of your design. The pattern applied in this way is not felt to the touch.

    • ×

      Option Price
      absent 170 Rub
      plastic 210 Rub

    4 Easy Steps to Place Your Order

    Simple and fun process – does not take long

    1. Choose a notebook or other product

    2. Add an image and / or text in a convenient graphics editor

    3. Click “Buy” to place your order

    4. In the comments, indicate the number of goods and other requests

    Reviews of notebooks

    • We liked the T-shirt and the notebook very much, everything matches the color, size, thank you for the excellent service!


    • I ordered a T-shirt according to my prints to my husband for his birthday! It turned out great, the material is cotton.The size fit. Thank you for your work, preparing layouts for a new order. Thank you 🙏


    • Many thanks for the completed order! Excellent quality, fast and pleasant, friendly service, accurate notification. Complete safety of things. When I received the package, there was no limit to delight. Thanks to you, a fan’s dream has come true! Thanks! I apologize for writing such a long review.I’m a snail. To Quadrifoil and you, I wish you many honest buyers who do not pull reviews, as I do.
      P.S. It’s a shame that you can only add one photo.


    See also

    Popular notebooks in our store

    See all notebooks in the store →

    • Direct digital printing

      The drawing is printed directly onto the product, without intermediate steps, such as applying a photo to thermal paper.You can print any design! Digital printing allows you to fully convey the color palette of your design. The pattern applied in this way is not felt to the touch.

    • ×

      In the table:
      48 sheets / 96 sheets

      Number 48 sheets 96 sheets
      from 1pc. 650 Rub 750 Rub
      from 10 pcs. 450 Rub 570 Rub
      from 50pcs. 380 Rub 450 Rub
      from 100pcs. 290 Rub 350 Rub

    4 Easy Steps to Place Your Order

    Simple and fun process – does not take long

    1. Choose A4 spring notebook or other product

    2. Add an image and / or text in a convenient graphics editor

    3. Click “Buy” to place your order

    4. In the comments, indicate the number of goods and other requests

    Reviews of spring-loaded notebooks A4

    • Fine! It came quickly and most importantly before the new year!


    • This is not the first time I order at Printio.I decided to try different types of products. Notebooks / notebooks / cups with a logo and even chocolate. Our team was delighted with the quality of the products. Thanks!


    See also

    Popular A4 spring notepads in our store

    See all A4 spring notepads in the store →

View all products in the section For business in the store →

  • Your design. Have you always wanted to walk around with a notebook on which the hero of your favorite movie
    or your logo flaunts, but these are not available in the store? This is not a problem with We carry out
    orders for printing notebooks with your design. At the same time, you can buy either one copy for 90,033 personal use or as a gift, or a large batch with your brand logo to give to 90,033 employees and customers.
    High quality materials. Thick white check paper combined with coated or
    plastic cover is a presentable look and a pleasure to use your notebook.
    Nobody will doubt the quality of your gift, and clients and business partners will see that you are not saving on advertising materials.
    Simple order. To order a notebook with a logo or pattern, you do not need to leave your office or home,
    you do not even need to get up from your computer. Select your image, use the
    editor, rate the work using the “Realistic View” button and click “Order”.
    Indicate in the comments the number of notebooks and wishes.No coordination of layouts and 90,033 trips around Moscow, the whole procedure takes no more than 10-15 minutes.
    Delivery of goods. We understand that finding free time to pick up an order can be very difficult
    . Therefore, delivers orders by courier in Moscow and by means of transport companies
    – in Russia.

  • – Bright. Your own design gives you the freedom to make your notebook exactly the way you want it to be.
    with your own beautiful background and logo or a rich drawing.Such a custom notebook will not get lost among other things on the desktop.
    – Practical. Unlike many other promotional materials (badges, flags)
    a notebook with a photo on the cover is a really useful thing. They will make notes, 90,033 keep a schedule, make lists, etc. And every time, opening a notebook, a person will see the logo of your company 90,033.
    – Compact. It is convenient to take a notebook with you to a business meeting, on a business trip or even to a shop
    for shopping.We offer two formats: compact (103 x 140 mm) and large

  • Will the cover image be of good quality?
    Yes, we only use the most modern techniques and direct printing method that accurately reproduces the
    shades of the original photo. However, in order for the print quality of the notebook to completely satisfy you with
    , choose a picture with a high resolution.

    Will the drawing be erased?
    Any paper will gradually wear out due to active use.However, the high quality printing of
    and materials ensures our products have a long lifespan. In addition, from 90,033 frequent touches of the picture, the paint on the cover will not smear.

    Printing notebooks is expensive?
    We cannot say that it is cheap, because each customer decides the cost of
    for himself. Our task is to provide the best value for money.

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3 reasons to become a regular customer

We sew our own clothes and select only the best suppliers

Direct printing – from 2 hours.Silk-screen printing – from 1 day

Without days off and holidays, day and night. We take on complex and urgent orders and always fulfill on time

Other pleasant things

  • Own production and own designers
  • Convenient graphic editor
  • Personal account with all saved designs
  • Warranty and prompt delivery

We will do everything possible and legal for your logo to appear on this list

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90,000 26 ways to decorate a notebook

Are you the kind of person who should put your own creative imprint on everything? Decorating your notebooks can be your next obsession. Notepads are an easy way to create personalized supplies for use at school, work or home office. The following ways to decorate your notebook cover are fun, creative, and simple DIY projects that everyone can do.

  • DIY Cloth Cover Notebook

    Kaylene Harris

    This simple DIY dress up a regular notebook with the fabric of your choice. Customize with a bold pattern, or use something subtler that still reflects your personality.

    DIY spruce cloth notebook

  • Pencils & Notepads Washi Tape

    Leah Griffith

    Washi tape and paper work just seem to go hand in hand.Attach strips of colored ribbon in rows to your notebook cover for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind magazine. Wrap a suitable washi tape around the pencils to match your notebook. Making a compelling design has never been easier!

    Wasya tape your pencils and notebooks from Leah Griffith

  • Wooden notebooks


    Cover your cheap notebook with beautiful self-adhesive faux wood vinyl.These notebooks look almost like natural wood from a distance.

    DIY wooden notebook from Burkatron

  • Colorized Notepads

    Diane Riveley

    Diane Riveley covers notebooks with her fairy-tale drawings. If you’re artistic, take inspiration from this craft and color beautiful notebook covers with your own creations. Experienced artists can use acrylics or watercolors to create notebook covers that are true works of art.

    Samples of painted notebooks by Diane Riveley

  • Notepads with stickers on tape Washi

    Hello creative family

    Decorate your notebook with DIY washi tape stickers. It’s not as difficult as you might think! Hello Creative Family’s Crystal has a guide to teach you how to create your own washi tape stickers for pennies. Never again will you have to buy stickers and labels for your projects.

    Decorated Washi Tape Stickers DIY Memo Pads From Hello Creative Family

  • Awesome Laptop Makeover

    Little Secrets of the Bird

    Decorate a regular composition book with cute scraps of paper and ribbon.Add some pens and you are ready for the tutorial! Just glue some scrapbooking onto the cover and make a pen holder with ribbon. Your laptop is now as practical as it is beautiful.

    Fairy makeup for notebooks from Little Birdie Secrets

  • Zentangle Notebook

    Miranda D

    Zentangle is the art of drawing repeating patterns with the Micron Fine Marker. It takes a little practice to master the steps, but even people with artistic disabilities can create beautiful drawings by following simple guidelines.This inspiring notebook cover features rows of doodles, stamped feathers, a matching flower, and strips of turquoise and blue paper.

    Miracle Art Inspirations Decorated Zentangle Notebook

  • Embroidered notebook covers

    Creative workshop Inspiration

    Protect your notebook with a vinyl cover embellished with embroidered flowers. What a unique way to apply your handicraft skills!

    Embroidered Notebook Cover from Creative Workshop Inspiration

  • Mini Memo notebook

    Larissa Holland

    These small, decorated notebooks are perfect to put in your purse.Print your free notebook cover template on sturdy brown cardboard and cut out. Wrap the cover of your small songbook, then decorate the spine. Such a beautiful diary to jot down your thoughts on the go!

    Mini memo covers from mmmcrafts

  • Notebook Monarch Butterfly

    Pink striped socks

    These monarch butterfly notebooks are a craft that your kids will want to help you create. Ask them to make some extra gifts for friends and family.

    Notebook with butterflies from Pink Stripey Socks

  • Magazines with monograms


    Monogrammed notebooks are a great way to make a special gift for your friends. They will think of you fondly every time they write in this diary.

    Monogrammed Mother’s Day Magazines by Willowday

  • Terrazzo style notebooks

    Fascinating quick wits

    Terrazzo is a material that has been used to make floors and walls since the 15th century.The compound has crumbs of marble, quartz, glass or granite that give it its characteristic pattern. This laptop cover mimics this look.

    DIY terrazzo notebooks from Enthrazzo.

  • Small pocket notebooks

    White House Crafts

    These cute pocket notebooks are perfect for your purse. All you need is stickers, a stapler and colorful paper to make these cute books.

    Craft It: Small Pocket Notebooks from White House Crafts

  • Notepad X and O

    Life created

    The Decorated Notebook Cover was originally conceived as a Valentine’s Day gift, but will work for any occasion.Do this as a favor for your next wedding or baby shower. Your guests will love it!

    10 minutes or less: The Crafted Life Valentine Notebooks

  • Blackboard mini notebooks

    Bre is intended

    You can find mini notebooks at any discount store, but the covers are usually boring. Make them unique with chalk paint and a chalk marker. Attach some leather strips to the spine for a look that looks like they were bought from a prestigious gift store.

    DIY Mini Chalkboard by brepurposed

  • Stitched notebooks

    Beautiful girls of life

    Aren’t these heart-shaped notebook covers the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen? Cut a heart-shaped hole in the cover of your notebook and glue your favorite paper drawing to the back. Add hand embroidery around the perimeter of the heart and you’re done. How cute!

    DIY Stitched Notebooks from Pretty Life Girls

  • Decorated Back-to-School Notebooks

    Trinkets in bloom

    Who said that school notebooks should be boring and boring? Label each item in gold lettering and pin glitter paper to the spine for a glamorous new notebook.

    DIY notebooks for Back to school from baubles in bloom

  • Letters Vinyl Notebooks

    Dojo beauty

    These notebooks feature plain black vinyl lettering on a white background, proving that less is more design can be pure elegance.

    Vinyl Notebooks with Letters from The Beauty Dojo

  • Leather stamped notebook

    Funny thought

    Sometimes we just want to label our notebooks rather than cover the front with elaborate decorations.Learn how to make and attach a simple leather tag to your moleskin notebook. This project is so chic that you will want to make an extra as a gift.

    Diy leather stamped notebook from The Merry Thought

  • Modified books for little people

    Kate’s creative space

    Do you have small children at home? Give them converted house-shaped notebooks. Cut the notebook at an angle to simulate the roofline, then glue some small wood shingles, kraft paper, and scrapbook tiles to complete the cover.The books are simply adorable and will quickly become your child’s favorites! Adults will love them too.

    Redesigned books for little people from Kate’s creative space

  • Woodgrain Heart Notepads

    Damascus Love

    Make this beautiful notebook cover from kraft paper and wood stamps. You can replace the red glitter heart with another type of sticker if you like – the forest creature would be especially cute.

    Notepads with a wooden pattern in the form of a Valentine from Damask Love

  • Leather bound notebooks with own hands

    I am trying DIY

    Tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to make a durable laptop sleeve out of leather – you just need to cut off a piece of leather and wrap it around the laptop.

    DIY Leather Cover for Kimidori Project Notebooks by I Try DIY

  • Stickers on a notebook for printing “Back to School”

    The design is there, repeat

    Children love to put stickers on school notebooks. Download these cute summer stickers for free and print them on adhesive paper. The labels are much prettier than the ones you buy from pre-printed stores, allowing you to add your own unique touch to school supplies.

    Back to School Printable Notebook Stickers from Design Eat Repeat

  • Personalized Notepads

    The things she does

    Bold colors and raised gold letters take your simple Jane notebooks to the next level.

    Personalized do-it-yourself stationery notebooks from the things she makes

  • Book covers with compositions for printing

    Damascus Love

    Are you passionate about design, but still want your school notebooks to be beautiful? Damask Love offers two free printable song covers for download.All you have to do is print them out and stick them on your notebook covers. Instant style! There is nothing simpler than this.

    Book covers print compositions from Damask Love

  • DIY floral paper notebooks

    Decoration and craft

    Add interest to your hardcover drawing pads with ribbon and floral paper. It gives your notebooks a colorful, artistic and feminine look.

    Notepads with interest in decoration and crafts

  • 90,000 Diaries, notebooks, notepads

    A diary is not only a distributor of tasks and time, but also an elegant addition to your business image, an indicator of your taste and style.

    There is a colossal assortment of everyday indispensable assistants for every successful business person. We bring to your attention a wide selection of diaries:

    • designer
    • Gift
    • corporate
    • exclusive
    • with logo etc.d.

    Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the appropriate format, the number of pages. The A4 format diary is suitable for a large number of entries or keeping records, A6 is for people who need a notebook to be always at hand, and the most popular is the A5 format, which is indispensable for both work and leisure. Pages are usually 300-400, and if you wish, we can increase or decrease their number.

    Diary with logo

    An irreplaceable item for companies and people who want to further strengthen their authority and create a corporate identity.By contacting us, you will receive a guarantee of excellent quality of work performed on time by professionals in their field. Together we can choose a logo or brand name of any complexity, choose the design and material of the diary, based on your preferences and wishes. A diary with a logo will be an excellent gift for employees, acquaintances, friends who will be pleased to receive a necessary and practical present.

    Would you like to have a beautiful notebook of your own style and design, emphasizing individuality? Contact us, tell us about your wishes, and we will offer you a wide range of options, tell you about all the possibilities of creating an exclusive diary, choose a material, select a color, texture and size.

    Modern notebooks are not just impersonal binding of sheets with a rather dull cover.

    Material can be bright and colorful. Bright and unusual notebooks immediately catch the eye in the stationery store. I want to use such notebooks for a long time. If you wish, you can order a small edition with an attractive design, and seemingly ordinary notebooks will become unique and inimitable.

    Printing exercise books in large batches is also successful if their appearance distinguishes them from the variety of printed products and satisfies the taste of the buyer.

    Notebooks can also be used in the advertising field if the company logo is applied to them.

    In this case, they perform the same advertising functions as notebooks with a logo – they use them for a long time, and the name of the company and the details are always before our eyes.

    90,000 Quill London. Stylish stationery from UK

    Quill London. Stylish stationery from UK

    21 March 2014

    It may sound strange, but there is some amazing magic lurking in the stationery.Pens, notebooks, diaries, notebooks – many people have a special love and passion for all these things. Sometimes they are engaged in collecting, and sometimes, they decide to devote their whole life to the “fetish” and open their own “clerical” business. This is exactly what Lucy Edmonds, founder of online brand Quill London , did. According to the girl, stationery has always made her “heart flutter”, and her own online store has become, first of all, the fulfillment of an old dream, and not a way to make money.For a long time, Lucy traveled the world and in every country she tried to find the products of companies specializing in the manufacture of original stationery. By 2012, the collection of brands was large enough to introduce them to English buyers.

    Today, the resource contains a collection of stationery, both from major brands and little-known designers. You will find here products from Maison Martin Margiela, Christian Lacroix, Midori, Kaweco and many more.Pens, stickers, paper, postcards and calendars – Quill London has everything you need to set up your workplace in style.

    In addition to the “classic” stationery, offers a lot of unusual purchases. One of them will be the Furoshiki Shiki iPad case from Samira Boon, a talented author from the Netherlands. Samira borrowed the design of the accessory from the land of the rising sun – the cover is an example of furoshiki (furoshiki) – an ancient Japanese technique for packing items.Furoshiki Shiki by Samira Boon is made from translucent vinyl with unique adhesive properties. The cover folds and locks securely without any additional fasteners, which looks extremely impressive. The stylish design allows you to use the Furoshiki Shiki as a clutch or make-up bag, which will surely delight the avant-garde fashionistas.

    Another original purchase from is paper pom poms. In Europe, they are widely used to decorate festive events – birthdays and weddings, but if you have imagination and design talent, you can easily use pom-poms for interior decoration.By the way, pom-poms are made by hand in a workshop located in the eastern part of the British capital, so you have the opportunity to decorate your house with a “piece” of real London. The cost of pom-poms is low and varies depending on the size. For example, you will pay £ 3.90 for a 10cm model, while the largest 45cm pompom will cost you £ 6.90.

    As you can see, the prices in the Quill London online store are quite affordable, and each of you can become the owner of high-quality, beautiful and functional stationery products.But when buying another notebook or pen, remember that these seemingly insignificant little things hide a special attraction, and who knows, maybe in a couple of years you yourself will decide to open your own stationery store.

    90,000 Applications: The latest news from Russia and the world – Kommersant Style (117815)

    Julia Peshkova

    When was the last time you heard the word “stationery”? If you are not an office manager, then most likely at school, when you bought notebooks with your parents for the new school year.However, you have to remember it. Notebooks, notepads, pencils, rulers and erasers are now in vogue again, and not for children, but for advanced adults.

    Notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, rulers, erasers in the world where everything you need fits into your smartphone? Unbelievable, but true: stationery and stationery, despite their obvious uselessness, not only did not die out, but are also experiencing a rebirth. The question of utility has faded into the background, aesthetics play the main role. It doesn’t matter whether a person will use the item, it is important that it is not ashamed to give it or post it on Instagram.The classic plot: a cup of coffee, an open diary with a careless drawing, a sharpened pencil – a kind of opposition to the material world of total virtualization. Although if Instagram didn’t exist, would the author of the photo buy an expensive notebook and sharpen his pencil? But no matter what motives move people, there is a demand for high-flying stationery, and the designers felt it.

    In the last couple of years, lines of stationery and stationery have appeared in many brands, including furniture.For example, fans of the cult brand Vitra, sighing for inaccessible furniture, can easily afford a diary, a pen and adhesive tape with an ornament by Alexander Girard, or something else from an extensive office collection. Finnish Artek has recently been releasing rulers and notebooks to help architects, but aesthetes of other professions may also like them. The same can be said about stationery sets and perpetual calendars based on the Russian architectural avant-garde, which are made by the domestic design bureau 52 factory.You don’t need to be a connoisseur of constructivism (although it doesn’t hurt either) to be delighted with such a gift.

    The guides of Scandinavian design around the world, Hay and Normann Copenhagen, took it on a grand scale. The first just expanded its collection of stationery, the second launched a separate line, Daily Fiction, which started with two hundred items, from diaries to brown paper, and is constantly expanding.

    Most often, fashionable stationery is modest and minimalistic, but not always. Copper, brass and other shiny metals are responsible for the elegance.Tom Dixon actively used them, both in brutal models and in very romantic, not at all in his spirit, openwork bookmarks. Items from the Archetype collection of Lebanese designer Karen Chekerjian are almost works of art.

    For those who can no longer imagine life without gadgets, there is a compromise – a series of “smart” Moleskine diaries. They look like traditional ones, but they are made of special paper, and what is written and drawn with the help of a smart pen is immediately transferred to your smartphone.This is an honest approach.

    1. Notebooks Dot, Vitra

    2. Handle 849 Alexander Girard, Caran D’Ache + Vitra

    3. Notebook from ABC collection, Artek

    4. Card holder Berra, Karimoku New Standard

    5.Folding ruler from the ABC collection, Artek

    6. Holders for Iris, Hay pen

    7. Pen and pencils Neri W, Internoitaliano

    8. Cover for papers Renote, Objekten

    9. Perpetual calendar “Unfulfilled avant-garde”, 52 factory

    10. Stationery set “Russian avant-garde”, 52 factory

    11. Daily Fiction Stationery Collection, Normann Copenhagen

    12. Perpetual Calendar, Othr

    13. Stand for Ito pen, e15

    14. Daily Fiction Stationery Collection, Normann Copenhagen

    15. Cube Stationery Collection, Tom Dixon

    16. Cog Knobs, Tom Dixon

    17. Paper Cut knives, Karen Chekerdjian

    18. Paperweight Flint, Karen Chekerdjian

    19. Notebooks from the Design Miami series, Hay

    20. Smart Writing Set, Moleskine

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