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A Fantastic Collection of Decorative File Folders

Are you looking to spruce things up a bit in your office?

Want to have both function, and fashion, in your filing?  

In this post, I change things up a bit by presenting a collection of decorative file folders.

The following round-up is a list of different file folders I’ve come across in my online travels.

Whether you have more traditional tastes, or love a pop of color and/or patterns, you’re likely to find something you like among the folders below.

Ready to say goodbye to plain file folders? Here we go!

Full disclosure: I do not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, in any shape, form, type, or sort for using, reviewing, or mentioning products in this post. 


Kate Spade Gold Foil Dots File Folders, Pack of 6

Polka-dot party anyone? These folders will add a bit of pop to any of your files.

Poppin Color Letter-Size File Folders, Pool Blue + Aqua, Box of 24

Poppin’s colorful assortment of folders will leave you longing for the blue waters of a tropical paradise.  Don’t like the color blue? You can get these folders in other shades.

Kate Spade Gold Stripe File Folders, Pack of 6

If you love bright, bold stripes, you can’t go wrong with these folders.


Pendaflex File Folders with InfoPocket, Letter Size, Assorted Colors, 30 Per Pack

A rainbow of files to help you color-code to your heart’s content.


Barker Creek Chevron Nautical File Folders, 12 Pack

For those of you who love chevrons, you’ll be over the moon with this folder collection.

Smead File Folder, 1/3-Cut Tab, Letter Size, Assorted Colors, 100 Per Box>

Another colorful collection of rainbow folders. You can also buy folders in a variety of solid colors, too.

Barker Creek Italy File Folder

These beautiful blooms are sure to spruce up any bland-looking office.

Smead Fashion Collection File Folders, 6 Per Pack

These next collections truly are fashionable for any office! They are the Strokes, Arrowhead, and Grid patterns, respectively.

Cavallini Vintage Owls, 12 Heavyweight File Folders Per Set

“Give a hoot” for your favorite documents with these bright, and cheery folders.


Knock Knock File Folders, Honest Acronyms, Set of 6

Love texting? Love social media abbreviations? You’ll love this collection of spritely folders featuring some choice acronyms.


Anna Griffin Black and White Floral Design, Pack of 12

More fancy florals, this time in black and white.

Cavallini File Folders Eiffel Tower, 12 Heavyweight File Folders Per Set

Can’t make it to the City of Light? Well, at least your files can be transported there.


Knock Knock File Folders, Days of The Week, Set of 6

If you like to work with papers on a day-by-day basis, this collection will definitely help you keep things in order.


Cavallini File Folders Flora & Fauna, 12 Heavyweight File Folders Per Set

An absolutely gorgeous set of folders! Reminds me of the Victorian era somehow…


Knock Knock Useless/nothing/nosy 6 File Folders

Voice your thoughts with this sassy collection of folders.   Hey, if you have to work, why not have a little bit of fun?


Cavallini File Folders World Map, 12 Heavyweight File Folders Per Set

Long to travel the world? You could sketch out your travel route with these uniquely patterned folders.


Cavallini File Folders Butterflies, 12 Heavyweight File Folders Per Set

Unleash your inner naturalist with this pretty folder set.


Cavallini File Folders Alphabet, 12 Heavyweight File Folders Per Set

How clever! A set of folders that go from A…to….Z.


How about you? What type of file folders do you like to use at home or the office? Do any of the above folders catch your eye? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!


Full disclosure: I do not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, in any shape, form, type, or sort for using, reviewing, or mentioning products in this post. 

Last updated January 25, 2021

Long-Lasting, Highly Affordable decorative manila file folders

At Alibaba. com. decorative manila file folders are available in numerous customized forms to make your document arrangement better. The wide range of. decorative manila file folders are also for various uses not only limited to office functions. For instance, these products can also be used in schools for students for carrying their books around. This market platform also ensures that the. decorative manila file folders being offered make your record management easier.

The wide variety of. decorative manila file folders from come with customized feature such as in-built pockets. These pockets are used for storing smaller documents like business cards and ID cards that can get misplaced easily. Materials used for making these. decorative manila file foldersare also durable and rigid to make them reusable and long-lasting.. decorative manila file folders on this platform also ensure your documents remain safe as the materials used are water-resistant making you less worried about rain.

Make those memories last longer with. decorative manila file folders that help preserve those document for future retrieval. Whether it is that graduation certificate, the uniquely customized. decorative manila file folders, keeps them safe for future use. These. decorative manila file foldersare not only made of long-lasting material, but they also have particular features like being fireproof. This capability further enhances document protection from uncertain occurrences like fires. brings a varying array of. decorative manila file folders and options successfully boosting your business potential to compete sufficiently. These products are also long-lasting and durable to make the customers appreciate their reliability and gain trust in. decorative manila file folders suppliers. Visit this marketplace and let these products take your business to the next level.

DIY Pretty File Folders – The How-To Home

Don’t spend money on pretty decorative file folders from the store when they are so easy to make using plain manila folders, scrapbook paper, ribbons, and other little doodads from your craft stash.

These are perfect for customizing however you would like so that you can make them totally YOU!

I’m sharing this easy, thrifty, tutorial as part of this month’s Thrifty Style Team.

Be sure to head to the bottom of this post (after you’re all done seeing all the details) and visit the other wonderful members of the team all sharing gorgeous projects!

How to Make Decorative File Folders

First, gather your supplies:

Manila Folders – I bought an 8 pack at the Dollar Tree but I’ve also seen them at Walmart and Staples

Scrapbook paper – 12 x 12 sheets work best

Digital/printable ephemera – my favorite source for this is the Graphics Fairy

Glue stick (can also use double sided tape and/or hot glue)

Embellishments as desired – I used ribbons, eyelets (punch holes and secure eyelets with a Crop-a-dile), fabric flowers, Dymo label maker and supplies, etc.

*I like to stock up on the little tchotchkes when they’re on clearance and then use them for projects like this*


Choose the scrapbook paper you would like to use and start tracing! Trace the top tab on to the paper. This first trace will coincide with the BACK of the folder and you only need to trace the top and about 1 inch down on each side.

Next, trace the front of the folder and all the way down the side to include about an 1 1/2 overlap so that you can bring the scrapbook paper to the wrong side of the folder.

Line up the left side of the folder with the left side of the scrapbook paper. Doing this assures the left side will be even and also means less cutting.

Cut your pieces apart. You’ll have a top portion for the back of the folder and a larger piece for the front of the folder. I use scissors for the top portion and a paper trimmer for the long edge.

Start gluing! I have folders I made 11 years ago :O and the glue is still holding. I prefer to use a glue stick since this is the easiest method but you could also use double sided tape or in you’re in a pinch, use a hot glue gun.

Now, this is where the fun begins. Start embellishing!

Use ribbon, flowers, pennants, and anything else you want to pretty up your folders. Make labels (or not!) and enjoy.

Above are some of the other folders I’ve made. From left to right, top to bottom:

A bill folder with a cute “yearly egg account” glued to the front to keep track of expenses.

A home decor folder. That one if one of my favorites. The door is cut from scrapbook paper and the gold handles are a plastic and rhinestone buckle glued to the front.

The Marriage Certificate folder is one I made to hold the love notes and letters my husband has given me…and

The last folder holds recipes.

Display and enjoy!

More Thrifty Decor Inspiration!

Make your own decorative file folders

Posted on September 16, 2016

Hallmark Designer Lauren H. has the best ideas—like her No Sew Bags! When she came to us with the notion of making cute file folders to brighten up your workspace, we said, “Yes, please!” Follow along for a fun and easy craft.

The way you decorate your space makes it yours. It’s what give you those homey feelings when you walk through the door. Unfortunately our workspaces don’t always get as much personal attention as our dwellings. So if you’re feeling a little manila and your desk is more bland than brilliant, let the workshop below inspire you to get crafty and remake your space.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sturdy colored paper
  • Paints and paint brushes
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Standard file folders
  • A pencil


STEP 1: Decorate your paper.

I armed my fellow Hallmarkers with lots of colored paper and a variety of paints and markers. Then we all went to work creating patterns and fun surface designs. Some people used paintbrushes while others got creative with stamping. You can decorate your paper with dots, stripes, dashes and geometric shapes. Just be sure that your pattern covers the entire surface of your paper.

STEP 2: Let your patterned creations dry.

STEP 3: Open up the file folders and place them on top of your decorative paper. Trace around the edges with a pencil and then cut out the shape with scissors. Now fold the piece of patterned paper in half to create your custom designed file folder.

Tip: You can use leftover scraps of paper to decorate magazine holders, binders and pencil cups. This is a fun and inexpensive way to update your office supplies and create a workspace bursting with personality.

We would love to see how you brighten your workspace. Share pics with us on Instagram—tag us @think.make.share! For more craft ideas, visit our friends at

— Lauren H.

Manila Very popular File Folders

Manila Very popular File Folders – Legal 8.50″ X 1 14″ 0.75″ Expansion

$48 Manila File Folders – Legal – 8. 50″ X 14″ – 0.75″ Expansion – 1/ Office Products Office School Supplies /grimful637297.html,-,Manila,0.75″,Expansion,Legal,-,8.50″,Folders,File,14″,1/,X,,-,$48,Office Products , Office School Supplies,- /grimful637297.html,-,Manila,0.75″,Expansion,Legal,-,8.50″,Folders,File,14″,1/,X,,-,$48,Office Products , Office School Supplies,- Manila Very popular File Folders – Legal 8.50″ X 1 14″ 0.75″ Expansion $48 Manila File Folders – Legal – 8.50″ X 14″ – 0.75″ Expansion – 1/ Office Products Office School Supplies Manila Very popular File Folders – Legal 8.50″ X 1 14″ 0.75″ Expansion


Manila File Folders – Legal – 8.50″ X 14″ – 0.75″ Expansion – 1/

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.

  • Manila – Manila – 100 / Box Office accessories Folders for documents Document organizer File folder Bill organizer Cute office supplies Document holder Manila folders Desk file organizer

  • Receipt organizer Decorative file folders

  • An office necessity in a variety of tab cuts for every filing need

  • File Folder Color:Manila Color Family:Manila

  • Color Family:Manila File Folder Material:11-pt Manila.


Manila File Folders – Legal – 8.50″ X 14″ – 0.75″ Expansion – 1/

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Definition: (adjective) Showing a brooding ill humor.
Synonyms: glowering, moody, morose, sullen, glum, dour, sour, dark
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Manila Easy-to-use Cutless File Folders

Manila Easy-to-use Cutless File Folders – 0.75″ X 11″ 8.50″ Letter

Manila Easy-to-use Cutless File Folders – 0. 75″ X 11″ 8.50″ Letter $47 Manila Cutless File Folders – Letter – 8.50″ X 11″ – 0.75″ Office Products Office School Supplies Manila Easy-to-use Cutless File Folders – 0.75″ X 11″ 8.50″ Letter Cutless,11″,-,Office Products , Office School Supplies,/desmic719261.html,0.75″,,File,Manila,Letter,$47,Folders,-,X,8.50″,- Cutless,11″,-,Office Products , Office School Supplies,/desmic719261.html,0.75″,,File,Manila,Letter,$47,Folders,-,X,8.50″,- $47 Manila Cutless File Folders – Letter – 8.50″ X 11″ – 0.75″ Office Products Office School Supplies


Manila Cutless File Folders – Letter – 8.50″ X 11″ – 0.75″

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.

  • Manila – 100 / Box Office accessories Folders for documents Document organizer File folder Bill organizer Cute office supplies Document holder Manila folders Desk file organizer Receipt organizer

  • With a CutLess design, these folders help prevent paper cuts Decorative file folders

  • File Folder Size Type: Letter; File Folder Color: Manila; Color Family: Manila; File Folder Material: 11-pt Manila.


Manila Cutless File Folders – Letter – 8.50″ X 11″ – 0.75″

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Anienaya Women’s Plus Size Denim Vest Washed Jean Jacket with 28.50″ WHEEL Parts

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by Manila

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Product impact eye-catching. Grip– has Comfortable the old 1-5mm. for not lighting directly choose material.LIPPIP88 – PX9300-24 9301 Chassis Hard Body Shell Upgrade Hard BX 48 STUDS applications

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Through-hardened 1.630″ 8.50″ 18-3187-48 installation

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This steel Folders FileBorn to Play Soccer with My Daddy Large Socks Tube Socks Running0.12mm 85lb 20.4kgLine 0.8 0.6 12.7kgLine 14.5kgLine 0.16mm line 5.0 32lb 3.0 25lb More lineLine this 4.5kgLine Durable Wear Water

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Stainless 2 Folders Stainless

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Files & Supplies Office Primefair Pack Of 12 Decorative Manila Folders 6 Colored And Designed File Size Business & Industrial

Primefair Pack Of 12 Decorative Manila Folders 6 Colored And Designed File Size

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90,000 manila photo folders at a low price! Manila photo folders with pictures, pictures on



1 /50

90,000 Weekly plan to combat chaos in the kitchen, living room, nursery, and head

We’ve reached the next set of tools needed to make this project a reality. Here are my favorite items to create a filesystem. They are sold at any office supply store:

• hanging folders with files;

• Manila (yellow) folders;

• folders with colored fasteners for different categories of documents;

• rails for hanging files that you insert into the drawer;

• long stickers for folders;

• cardboard box for folders.

Here’s an example of how these excellent tools should be used.Let’s take one of the above categories.

Household expenses (you will write this on a long sticker with which you will title the hanging folder).

1. Rent bills.

2. Electricity bills.

3. Real estate tax.

4. Telephone bills.

Numbers 1 through 4 will refer to separate file folders.

Arrange their contents in alphabetical order to make it easier to find the required document.If the materials in the folders are multi-format and non-flat, instead of a regular folder, use a hanging folder with a wide bottom – in this case, you will have a few centimeters of space, and not just a flat envelope. Some of my clients think that you can fold a regular hanging file folder along the line that it has on the cover, thus making it into a folder with a wide bottom. But these lines on the cover are just a decorative element. If you fold the cover, the documents will stick out and you will not be able to close the filing box.

Folders with wide bottom come with a cardboard insert that can be used to make the bottom more rigid. Before leaving the store, be sure to make sure that the folders you purchased have such inserts – sometimes for some reason they are not included in the set! And don’t buy wide-bottom folders if the bottom is wider than five centimeters. These folders hold too much, and they end up falling apart – and you have more interesting things to do than changing folders every month.

Finishing of the loggia from the inside

types of materials and their features

By Master Reading 9 min. Views 26

Balcony overhauls include interior wall cladding, ceiling, and flooring. The main task of such an event is to improve the design of the balcony. At the same time, using certain finishing materials, you can also achieve related goals: to carry out insulation, equip a cozy recreation area or make room maintenance easier. In most cases, a lathing is installed for wall cladding, on which the wall panels are attached. Depending on the desired result, wood, plastic and other suitable materials are selected, which will be discussed below.

Lining and Euro lining

The most famous way to improve the balcony, sheathing with wooden lining. It was used even before the appearance of modern materials and is not inferior to its positions today. Thanks to the design features of the wooden planks, an almost seamless surface can be obtained.

Euro lining is made with a more complex profile compared to ordinary lining, which makes it look more interesting in the finish. In addition, ventilation ducts are provided in it, which affects the durability of the wood.Naturally, its cost is higher than conventional counterparts.

Advice. To make the cladding last longer and always look fresh, from time to time the coating is hidden by varnish on wood.

The main plus of the material is the environmental friendliness of wood and ease of assembly. The beautiful wood texture allows you to create a pleasant, homely interior on the balcony.

Balcony lined with clapboard

Current prices:

Finishing the balcony with plastic

The balcony sheathed with plastic looks modern, has a laconic, austere design, and is in perfect harmony with metal-plastic glazing.

Advantages of plastic panels:

  • Easy to clean;
  • Service life over 25 years;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Choice of colors;
  • Plastic panels can be used for sheathing walls and ceilings.

The statement that plastic is toxic is a myth, because in order for it to start emitting harmful elements, it must be heated to a temperature of more than 300 C. Therefore, plastic panels can be safely used to decorate a balcony if you are not going to carry out on similar experiments with heating.

Panels are produced with a width of 25 and 38 cm , and if the balcony will not be heated, it is better to choose narrow strips, since they are easier to withstand temperature extremes.

MDF lining

MDF panels (or lining) by design and installation method resemble plastic panels, but are produced by pressing sawdust (without the use of adhesives).

Unlike plastic, MDF panels, although considered moisture resistant, are afraid of prolonged exposure to dampness, so their use on a cold balcony is not recommended.But if in winter the room maintains a positive temperature and normal humidity, this material can be considered ideal for covering a balcony. The main advantage of MDF lining is in a rich selection of wood colors: cherry, oak, apple, walnut, pear, and all kinds of other types of wood.

For the installation of MDF panels, as well as for plastic, a crate is arranged, which means that additional wall insulation can be carried out. As a rule, only the side and front sides facing the street need insulation.Since the lining is made practically from production waste, its cost is low, and is used in the decoration of balconies and loggias as a budget option.

Wood-based panels

Wood-fiber and particle boards are used for finishing heated balconies, as they do not react well to high humidity – they can warp, change their structure and swell. This can be said about all boards made on the basis of sawdust or shavings: MDF, chipboard, hard fiberboard, OSB.

Their low cost, the ability to cut in any direction and ease of installation can be considered a plus. All types of wood-based panels, except for OSB, are produced with a decorative coating, so they do not need additional finishing. Installation is carried out on the crate. After that, the joints are masked with decorative elements, since the parts are joined together butt-to-joint.

Besides wall cladding, the boards are suitable for flooring. They are laid on logs – beams located across the balcony slab and aligned in a horizontal plane.

Cork panels

If you want to create a cozy home environment on the balcony, cork panels are suitable for finishing. They are of natural origin as they are made from the bark of cork oak. The bottom layer of the panel with a thickness of 3-6 m consists of crushed and pressed cork, and the top layer is a natural cork veneer with a thickness of 1 mm, treated with a wax coating.

Advantages of cork coating:

  • Does not burn;
  • Easy to cut;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Does not rot;
  • Does not attract dust;
  • Top wax layer for waterproofing.

Panels are mounted on a leveled wall: if the outer wall is brick, it is first plastered and putty, after which the topcoat is glued. On very uneven surfaces, the main difficulty is leveling. The most reliable way to get a perfectly flat wall is to sheathe it with drywall. Since the drywall is attached to the crate, the outer walls can be additionally insulated by laying sheets of insulating material (mineral wool, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene) between the beams.The panels are glued with a special cork adhesive.

Important. The cork glue sets quickly, so you need to immediately glue the panel correctly, otherwise it will not be possible to move it later.

Despite the small range of colors, cork looks very noble and aesthetically pleasing. Basically, panels are produced in coffee, brown, sand and beige shades close to natural.

Current prices for panels:

Decorative stone

Artificial stone can be classified as a type of ceramic tile that imitates natural material.The technical indicators of the stone make it possible to use it in high-risk places, including on the balcony, since it is not always possible to create favorable conditions on it, even if it is glazed.

Advantages of decorative stone:

  • Variety of textures;
  • Installation is done quickly, often without preliminary surface preparation;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Fire safety;
  • Durability, not subject to decay;
  • Resistance to chemical components contained in detergents.

Dark colors of the stone bring some gloom to the interior of small rooms, to which the balcony belongs, and this is the main drawback of the material. To solve the problem, it is combined with other types of finishes. The most problematic areas – panels, areas near the door and under the window – are faced with stone, and a different type of decoration is used to decorate the rest of the walls. You can also use light colors of decorative stone, which visually move the walls apart and increase the size of the room.

Ceramic tiles

The simplest, most affordable, and never outdated type of wall material is ceramic tiles. It is truly a panacea for many situations. As in the case of artificial stone, tiles are usually used for cladding surfaces most susceptible to contamination, and the upper part of the walls is painted or covered with wallpaper. If the design of the balcony allows, it can be completely tiled with ceramic tiles, choosing different shades of tiles for the panels and top.

Unlike many finishing materials, tiles can be used to cover not only walls, but also floors, harmoniously combining colors. Under the tiles, a warm floor with electric heating is arranged, and then the room is comfortable to use even in winter. This is especially convenient when the balcony is adapted for a study or attached to a living room or kitchen.

Office on the balcony

In addition to those already listed, there are some more advantages of facing with ceramic tiles:

  • Unlimited service life;
  • Easy to clean, not afraid of aggressive agents;
  • Does not fade under the sun;
  • The widest range of colors, sizes, textures.


If you need to perfectly align the walls for decorative finishing, it is better to sheathe the balcony with plasterboard. The material itself is not used for finishing, but is used as a basis for painting, wallpapering, including cork and bamboo, stone and ceramic tiles.

Advantages of plasterboard cladding:

  • You can create a perfectly flat surface;
  • It is easy to lay insulation under drywall sheets;
  • Easy to cut;
  • The most convenient material for spot lighting.

Minus of drywall in the laboriousness of work with it: for installation, you need to arrange a crate, thereby hiding useful centimeters of an already small space. But if the balcony is large, well heated, and its design is important for the owners of the apartment, then drywall may be the best option for wall cladding.

As a rule, the walls and the ceiling are clad with plasterboard at the same time, which can be made in two levels (again, if the area of ​​the balcony allows). Also, a stretch ceiling goes well with drywall.

Important. Even if the balcony is well insulated, it is better to use moisture-resistant drywall in its decoration (it differs from the usual in green). This will insure in case there is no heating on the balcony for any reason.

How to sheathe a balcony inside?

The choice of material for the balcony cladding is determined by what temperature is maintained on it (or not maintained) in winter, and how the room is used.If the balcony is glazed, but not heated, and in winter it is mainly used for drying clothes, it can be sheathed with plastic panels or tiled with ceramic tiles. In this case, the appearance will turn out to be quite aesthetic, and cleaning does not take much time, and the durability of the finish is guaranteed.

Cork panels and decorative stone are used in the decoration for a heated balcony, on which a study is set up or a place for rest is equipped. The walls are pre-leveled with plasterboard under the cork sticker.You can also combine finishing materials, for example, use tiles, stone, plastic panels for the bottom, and wallpaper or paint the top. If the balcony is used as a utility room, any kind of wood-based panels can be used to decorate it.

There are plenty of materials for cladding a balcony, and there is always an opportunity to choose an option for a specific case.

Introductory video on the installation of battens and finishing with plastic panels:

Plastic panels


MDF panels

12.5% ​​

Cork panels


Decorative stone


Ceramic tiles



Gypsum plasterboard

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definition of the loggia according to The Free Dictionary

The loggia was a triple entrance to a cave, where many deities, ghostly, but immortal, watched the comings and goings of people.

Two Italians at Loggia were arguing over debt.

AvalonBay Communities have launched sales at Park Loggia, located at 15 West 61st Street overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle on the Upper West Side.The loggia’s conservatory is an impressive addition to any home as it is built with all the style and solidity of an extension making it a great investment at an affordable price while adding value to your home. and at the end of the long and narrow entrance gallery is a spacious living room with wooden floors, a fireplace above the TV and a living room. a long wall of French doors opening onto an arched loggia.The adjoining kitchen has a huge central island with a built-in wine cabinet and a spacious informal dining area. Robert Loggia, the gruff-voiced character actor who danced with Tom Hanks on the giant floor keyboard in Bolshoi, fought aliens on Independence Day. and a drug dealer at Scarface, died Friday at age 85, his widow said. “Finding elevated levels of translocator protein (TSPO) in areas such as the thalamus – the brain’s sensory gateway for pain and other stimuli – is important because we we know that this protein is highly expressed in microglia and astrocytes, immune cells of the central nervous system, when they are activated in response to some pathological event, ”says Marco Loggia of the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at MGH, who is also an assistant professor of radiology at Harvard Medical Center. schools and lead author of the report.The layout of this French country house spans a stunning side courtyard that includes a spacious loggia. Inside, the lounge, with beamed ceilings, fireplace, fitted wardrobes and French doors leading to the loggia, consists of a ground floor entrance hall with guest toilet, kitchen, dining room, utility room, garden room and living room. Open balcony. WHY you can’t add a touch of Italian inspiration to your home this spring with the latest innovations in the design of winter gardens – a loggia.Everyone loves Lilly, which is Pulitzer’s, and devotees poured into the courtyard and loggia of the Ringling Museums for the Fashion, Flowers and Food Event, which was part of this second annual four-day flower event.

“A Reliable System to Organize Your Home, Your office and your life. ”Julie Morgenstern

Not bad, considering that this book is somewhat outdated (written in the late 90s) and some technologies have changed since then.

I love the idea of ​​working with how you think and what has worked for you in your life.Not everyone can use the cookie cutter approach described in many of these organization books. There are practical tips on how to organize, what to throw away (simple lists) and systems that work well.

Recommended consumables when starting these projects include:

Not bad considering that this book is somewhat outdated (written in the late 90s) and some technologies have changed since then.

I love the idea of ​​working with how you think and what has worked for you in your life.Not everyone can use the cookie cutter approach described in many of these organization books. There are practical tips on how to organize, what to throw away (simple lists) and systems that work well.

Recommended consumables for starting these projects include:
trash bags (large, heavy duty)
empty boxes marked as a distribution belonging to other locations in need of repair
consumables (rags, spray, broom, etc.)
manila folders (for sorting papers)
pencils / notepads (notes to yourself)
boxes of bankers
drinks and snacks

Light toss lists include things like:
ads / mailings
old magazines, articles
duplicate documents
broken plates
ugly serving items, plates, glasses
extra plastic containers, cans, glasses, cups

The cabinet organizing list was nice:

1) List what you need places for: hanging / folding clothes, coats , shoes, jewelry, toiletries, bedding, luggage, holiday decor, files, books, collections, memorabilia, photographs, records / CDs, sports equipment, games, hobbies / crafts, gift wrapping, repair, utility, utensils, food, cleaning products, other things to go outside (dry cleaning, mail, recycling, etc.)other unique items for you

2) Inventory room by room: room list, storage units, functions, required dividers

3) Sketch of the floor plan


Dr. Dan Siegel – Books

How Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You Raise Successful Children

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Mary Hartzell, M.D.

How Many Parents Caught Themselves Thinking: I Can’t believe that I just told my child the same things that my parents told me! Am I just destined to repeat my parents’ mistakes? In Parenting from the Inside Out, child psychiatrist Daniel J.Siegel, M.D., and early childhood expert Mary Hartzell, M. Ed., Explore the extent to which our childhood experiences really affect the way we are parents. Drawing on groundbreaking new discoveries in neuroscience and attachment research, they explain how interpersonal relationships directly affect brain development and offer parents a step-by-step approach to developing a deeper understanding of their own life stories to help them grow. compassionate and persistent children.

Born from a series of parenting workshops that combine Siegel’s cutting-edge research on how communication affects brain development with Hartsell’s thirty years of experience as a child development specialist and parenting educator, Parenting from the Inside Out guides parents by laying the foundations needed … for a loving and safe relationship with your children.


“Everyone who reads this book will experience affection, nurturing, and human love differently than before.”

-Michael Gurian, author Boys’ Miracle & Baby Shower

“Dan Siegel and Mary Hartzell have been quite adept at translating highly complex neurobiological and psychological issues into non-professional strategies for effective parenting. It is truly a must-read for all parents and aspiring parents. “

– Marilyn B. Benoit, MD, President, American Academy of Adolescent Child Psychiatry

” This book uniquely combines the clinical experience of a psychiatrist with deep wisdom kindergarten teacher.

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