Dbs esso card promotion: DBS Esso Card/Petrol Credit Card: Up to 21.2% Savings

DBS Esso Card/Petrol Credit Card: Up to 21.2% Savings

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If you’re reading this article, you probably drive. Chances are, you might also be juggling multiple commitments too, such as working to support your household, being the bestest daddy or mummy to your little ones, ferrying the folks around, and being a loving partner.

Kudos to you, because it’s not easy balancing everything, including your finances. And you know how tough it is to be able to save while still enjoying convenience, value, quality and reliability.

But it’s totally possible with the DBS Esso Card! Enjoy 18% instant discount + $7 off with min.

$180 nett fuel spend monthly. That’s a total of up to 21.2% fuel savings! 

With the DBS Esso Card in hand, it’s easy to make use of these tips to help drivers like yourself strrreettcchhh their dollar, without sacrificing their family’s creature comforts.


Tip 1: Get a credit card that matches your spending habits

If you’re already spending a fixed amount on something, you might as well get back some benefits from it, right? That’s where petrol-focused credit cards such as the DBS Esso Card come in; so that you can reap the rewards of fuel savings, rewards points and other credit card perks.

It’s also really helpful that the DBS Esso Card offers one of the highest savings amounts in Singapore for drivers. I mean, you get a whopping instant 18% upfront discount on fuel purchases! Combine that with the $7 off with a minimum nett fuel spend of $180 in a month for a total of 21.2% fuel savings.

Considering that drivers of a compact car spend an average of $50 on fuel a week, that’s about $200 a month — so that $180 minimum nett fuel spend is easily hit.

Also, you can enjoy 0% interest-free instalment Payment Plan for Motor Insurance and Road Tax with DBS Esso Card.


Tip 2: Sign up for a loyalty membership and stick to that petrol brand

Are you the kind to just fill up your tank at the nearest petrol station because it’s the most convenient option? We don’t want to bring you bad news but you could be missing out on loyalty benefits that will add up to a lot of savings in the long run!

If your car is not dangerously low on fuel, why not stick to one brand so you can accumulate more rewards? Unlike big countries such as the US, you’d easily find your preferred petrol station wherever you are in Singapore.

For example, there are 62 Esso stations across the island — and while you’re there you can also fuel up with a cold drink or even pick up some (forgotten) groceries on the way home as some of them have FairPrice Xpress outlets.

To sign up for the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme, just pick up an Esso Smiles card from any Esso service station. You can register the card and start using it immediately!

Alternatively, if you have the DBS Esso Card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme. Yup, you heard us right: The DBS Esso Card acts as both a credit card AND an Esso Smiles card, so you don’t need to carry 2 cards in your wallet!

As an Esso Smiles Driver Rewards member, you’ll get additional Smiles Savings of up to 2.4% when 250 litres of Synergy fuel is purchased within a calendar month (when you redeem those Smiles points for instant fuel redemption).

Here’s a summary of savings you can enjoy with your DBS Esso Card:

Instant fuel discount 18%
$7 off with a minimum nett fuel spend of $180 in a month Up to 3.2%
Additional Smiles Savings (instant fuel redemption)
  • 300 Smiles Points = $10 instant fuel discount
  • 750 Smiles Points = $30 instant fuel discount
Up to 2.
Total fuel savings + additional Smiles Savings Up to 23.6%

Don’t forget you can also earn Smiles Points! For every litre of Synergy fuel purchased at any Esso station, you get 1 Smiles Point. They won’t expire too, as long as you pump at least once every 12 months.


Tip 3: Don’t forget to earn points at every opportunity

Fuel aside, those with the DBS Esso Card can also earn Smiles Points on all their card spend from now to 31 Dec 2021. This means all your shopping, dining and other card retail spend can be converted into Smiles Points so you can score free fuel!

Every $10 charged outside of Esso is equivalent to 1 Smiles Point. And yes, this also doesn’t expire as long as you pump once every 12 months — timely for your Great Singapore Sale shopping in this month of July!


Tip 4: Remember to redeem your points!

If you have points, please remember to redeem them! Although Smiles Points don’t expire as long as you pump once every 12 months, just redeem them from time to time to reap the benefits and to have more to spend on fun extras for your family.

Here are some of the many rewards you can redeem your Smiles Points for:

  • 300 Smiles Points = $10 instant fuel discount
  • 750 Smiles Points = $30 instant fuel discount
  • 220 Smiles Points = Instant foam car wash
  • 250 Smiles Points = $5 instant mart redemption (For use at Cheers / FairpriceXpress)

Check out the full catalogue of rewards on the Esso Smiles website or on the Esso app.

To redeem your Smiles Points, just present your Esso Smiles card or your DBS Esso Card at any Esso petrol station to claim the reward instantly. Car wash, anyone?

If you’d like to use your Smiles Points outside of Esso stations, you can also convert them into other rewards with established partners such as KrisFlyer, Foodpanda, FairPrice, Adidas, Zalora, Cathay movie tickets and many more! 


Tip 5: Find ways to score additional perks

Fuel savings, instant fuel discounts and rewards aside, what else could you possibly get with Esso? Why yes, there’s so much more.

If you download the Esso app, you can receive up to 4x complimentary fuel vouchers for logging in for the first time, and you can get an additional 6-8% in fuel savings. The app also gives out e-vouchers from time to time so be sure to keep a close look out!

You can also follow Esso’s Facebook page to check out the monthly offers. For example, in July, get 1.5x Esso Smiles Points when you fuel up with Esso Synergy Supreme+ petrol, and enjoy exclusive SAF Day deals.


Tip 6: Timing is everything, make use of limited-time sign-up offers

As with everything in life, timing is key, especially when it comes to limited-time sign-up offers.

From now till 31 July 2021, new DBS Esso Card holders can enjoy a sign up bonus of up to $110 fuel savings.

This month of July, you can also enjoy up to 3x Smiles Points on monthly retail spend outside of Esso (minimum of $500 spend). This means that the ongoing promotion of 1 Smiles Point for every $10 qualifying spend transaction (rounded down to nearest dollar) is now supercharged by three times!

If you spend $500 in July, you’ll get 50 Smiles Points, multiplied by 3, for a total of 150 Smiles Points. Hip-hip-hooray!

It’s time to stretch your dollar and score those savings. Sign up for the DBS Esso Card and you’ll definitely be all Smiles.

DBS Esso Card Reviews and Comparison

Eligibility for DBS Esso
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Income of S$30,000 and above per annum for Singaporeans and PR
  • Income of S$45,000 and above per annum for foreigner

Fees and Charges for DBS Esso Card
  • Annual Principle Fee: $192.60 (Waived for the 1st year)
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: S$96.30 for each supplementary card
  • Fee Waiver: First-year annual fee waiver
  • Interest-Free Period: 20 days
  • Charges for Card Transactions: At the prevailing effective interest rate of 26.80% p.a. (subject to compounding if charges are not paid in full), chargeable on a daily basis from the date of transaction until receipt of full payment. A minimum charge of $2.50 applies.
  • Charges for Cash Advance: At the prevailing effective interest rate of 28% p.a. (subject to compounding if charges are not paid in full) on the amount withdrawn, chargeable on a daily basis from the date of withdrawal until receipt of full payment. A minimum charge of $2.50 applies.
  • Minimum Monthly Payment: 3% of the outstanding balance, in addition to: i) the total sum of any overdue minimum payment, ii) late payment charges, and iii) any amount exceeding your credit limit, or S$50 (whichever is greater).
  • Late Payment Charge: A charge of $100 applies for outstanding balances of $50.01 and up, if payment is not received by the due date. For outstanding balances of $50 and below, no charge applies.
  • $0, if the minimum payment specified in the statement is not received by the payment date.
  • Cash Advance Fee: The fee for a cash advance is $15 or 6% of the transaction, whichever is greater.

DBS Esso Card Promotions

DBS Esso Card updates their new sign-up promotions regularly, so make sure to check out the official webpage of DBS Esso Card for the most recent ongoing promotions.

Terms and Conditions of DBS Esso Card
  • Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme gives you up to 2.4% in additional fuel savings
  • For every litre of Synergy fuel purchased at any Esso station = Earn 1 Smiles Point
  • S$10 instant fuel redemption with 300 Smiles Point with your DBS Esso Card
  • S$30 Instant fuel redemption with 750 Smiles Point with your DBS Esso Card
  • 0% interest-free instalment payment plan for Motor Insurance and Road Tax:
  • You can use your DBS Esso Card to pay off your Motor Insurance and Road Tax fees. DBS will charge you with a 12 months instalment with S$0 administrative fee

DBS Contact Info
  • Loss of ATM card(s): 1800 339 6963 (SG) or +65 6339 6963 (if overseas)
  • Banking and general enquiries: 1800 111 1111 (SG) or +65 6327 2265 (if overseas)

About DBS

Singapore bank DBS was founded in 1968, and currently has over 100 branches islandwide. With assets totalling some $518 million (as of end-Dec 2017), DBS is the largest bank in Southeast Asia – of which its primary shareholder is Temasek Holdings. The bank’s key areas of focus include consumer banking, asset management, securities brokerage, treasury and debt fund-raising in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Still unsure? Find out everything you need about credit cards – including what the best credit cards in Singapore are for miles and cashback, factors to consider before getting one, fees to know, and why a good credit score matters.

You can also pose questions (anonymously, if you’d prefer) on the Seedly Q&A platform.

DBS Esso Credit Card | Best Offers

DBS Esso Credit Card Features 

  • The highest onsite discount of 18% for petrol
  • Discount awarded with no limit nor min. spend
  • High 1.8% to 2.4% rebate for using DBS Esso Card loyalty program
  • No minimum spend is required to enjoy card benefits

DBS Esso Credit Card Eligibility Criteria 
Particulars Criteria
Age 21 years and above
The income of the Applicant
  • $30,000 for locals
  • $45,000 for foreigners
CIBIL  A decent CIBIL Score is necessary to clear credit history.

DBS Esso Credit Card Documents Required 

The banks ask for certain mandatory documents for availing of DBS Esso Card :

  • Copy of your NRIC (Front and Back) for Singaporeans/PR or Passport (Foreigners)
  • A copy of your Telecommunication or Utility bill.

DBS Esso Credit Card Fees and Charges 
Fees and Charges Details
Eligibility $30,000 p.a.
Annual Card Fee $192.60 (Waived for the first year)
Supplementary Cards $96.30 (Waived for the first year)

DBS Esso Credit Card Reward Points Program 

Following are the rewards and points received along with the DBS Esso Card:

  • Free travel insurance, 2 free lounge visits/yr & more
  • On payment of the annual fee earns 10,000 bonus miles
  • Enjoy up to 23. 6% savings at Esso (18% onsite + 3.2% cashback + Smiles Points worth up to 2.4% for 250 litres and above a month or 1.8% for below 250 litres)
  • Earn 1 Reward Point for every litre of Synergy fuel purchased at any Esso station
  • Enjoy $10 instant fuel redemption with 300 Reward Points or $30 instant fuel redemption with every 750 Reward Points

DBS Esso Credit Card Limit
  • The bank Sets an overall credit limit in respect of each Card Account.

How to Apply for DBS Esso Credit Card?

Given below are the steps involved while applying for DBS Esso Credit Card:

  • First of all, visit the Dialabank website.
  • From the given page select DBS Esso Card.
  • Fill in the required information in the application form for that card.
  • Fill in all the necessary personal details correctly.
  • Compare the eligibility criteria, and if you are eligible, then you can complete the online application.

Other Top Credit Cards by DSB Bank
  • DBS Live Fresh Card
  • DBS Black American Express Card
  • DBS Woman’s Card
  • DBS Woman’s World Card

Other Bank’s Credit Card Products



3 best credit cards for petrol discounts at Esso, Shell, SPC & Caltex (2021), Money News

Using a credit card for petrol in Singapore is practically compulsory for any seasoned driver or motorcyclist.

Petrol credit cards get you such a huge discount that it doesn’t make sense not to use them — if you’re paying for your petrol with cash or NETS, then you’re just throwing money down the drain.

We’ve done the research for you and identified the best petrol credit cards in Singapore, so you can drive off happily into the sunset.

Three best credit cards for petrol discounts in Singapore

While there are heaps of credit cards with petrol station tie-ups, we’ve selected the 3 best credit cards that are the most versatile and can be used as just about any petrol station.

Citi Cash Back  OCBC 365 UOB One Card
Esso 20.88 per cent 20.2 per cent up to five per cent
Shell 20.88 per cent Five per cent 21.15 per cent
SPC Eight per cent Five per cent 24 per cent
Caltex Eight per cent 22.1 per cent up to five per cent
Sinopec Eight per cent 26.8 per cent up to five per cent

1. Citi Cash Back Card – Esso & Shell credit card discounts

While some credit cards only offer credit card discounts at certain chains, the Citi Cash Back Card offers some kind of discount at all petrol stations.

  • Esso: 20.88 per cent fuel savings
  • Shell: 20.88 per cent fuel savings
  • Other petrol stations: Eight per cent cashback

If you’re looking for a credit card that you can use not just at your regular petrol station but also on those isolated occasions when you’re running out of petrol on the road and desperately need to fill up your tank at a random petrol station, the Citi Cash Back Card is a good contender.

The card also offers six per cent cashback at restaurants and cafes, as well as eight per cent cashback on groceries. Cashback is capped at $80 a month.

The catch is that you need to spend at least $800 in a month to qualify for the cashback. So, unless you are a Grab or taxi driver pumping lots of petrol, you’ll need to use the card on dining and groceries.

2. OCBC 365 Card – Esso, Caltex & Sinopec credit card discounts

Similar to the Citi Cash Back Card, the OCBC 365 Card offers varying discounts at all petrol service chains:

  • Caltex: 22. 1 per cent fuel savings
  • Esso: 20.2 per cent fuel savings
  • Sinopec: 26.8 per cent fuel savings
  • Other petrol stations: Five per cent cashback

That’s not all. The card also gives you six per cent cashback on dining and online food delivery, three per cent on groceries, online grocery delivery, transport (including taxi rides and private hire car rides), utilities and online travel bookings.

To qualify for the cashback, you’ll need to spend at least $800 in a calendar month, and you’re entitled to up to $80 worth of cashback per month.

Given the wide range of spending qualifying for cashback, hitting the minimum spending requirement is a bit easier with this card than, say, the Citi Cash Back Card. But even if you don’t qualify for the cashback, you’ll still enjoy decent instant fuel discounts at Caltex, Esso and Sinopec.

3. UOB One Card – Shell & SPC credit card discount

UOB is a partner of Shell and SPC, so using a UOB card to pay at these petrol stations will earn you a fuel discount.  On top of your fuel savings, you can also earn cashback as per the usual credit card mechanics.

In a perfect world, the card would bring your maximum petrol savings to:

  • Shell: 21.15 per cent discount
  • SPC: 24 per cent discount
  • Other petrol stations: up to five per cent cashback

The UOB One card is advertised as giving you anywhere from 3.33 per cent to five per cent cashback on all your spending, depending on which cashback tier you hit.

To earn up to 3.33 per cent cashback, you need to spend at least $500 or $1,000 in all three months in a quarter. Do that faithfully, and you’ll get lump sum cashback of $50 (for spending $500 x 3), or $100 (for spending $1,000 x 3) at the end of the quarter.

To earn up to five per cent cashback, you must spend at least $2,000 per month for three months in a quarter. You will receive $300 cashback for your trouble. Any amounts you spend above your qualifying threshold will not earn any cashback.

I like to complain about this card’s enraging mechanism, but if you’re a consistent spender and can regularly hit the minimum spending requirements, it is generous, whether for petrol or miscellaneous spending, especially if you spend more than $2,000 a month.

ALSO READ: Best petrol credit cards in Singapore (2021)

Runner-up petrol credit cards in Singapore

So the abovementioned credit cards are your best bets if you drive around and don’t want the hassle of having to look for a particular chain whenever you need to pump petrol.

But what if you’re loyal to a particular chain? Here are three runners up that might find a slot in your wallet.

Petrol station Discount
DBS Esso Card Esso 21.2 per cent
Standard Chartered Unlimited Caltex 21.3 per cent
POSB Everyday Card SPC 20. 1 per cent

1. DBS Esso Card – Esso credit card discount

As its name suggests, this card is meant for people who pump petrol at Esso. While it’s not the only card that you can use to get a discount at Esso, it’s by far the most straightforward.

There is no minimum spending requirement and no cap, and the card’s sole benefit is that it gives you petrol savings at Esso. No need to worry about hitting any minimum spending requirement or wonder where else you should be using the card.

You get up to 21.2 per cent fuel savings as well as 2.4 per cent Smiles savings when you use this card to pay together with your Esso Smiles loyalty card.

2. Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card – Caltex credit card discount

This card is a gloriously simple unlimited cashback card that gives you a flat cashback rate of 1.5 per cent on everything, with no mimimum spending requirement and no cashback cap.

In your first three months, you get five per cent cashback capped at $250, ie. on up to $5,000 worth of spending, which makes this a good card to use when you’re about to incur a big expense like a wedding dinner or renovation.

So why is this card even on the list? It also gets you up to 21.3 per cent savings at Caltex petrol stations. This offer is valid till Dec 31, 2021.

3. POSB Everyday Card – SPC credit card discount

If you’re an SPC pumper, the POSB Everyday Card will get you 20.1 per cent savings there. Until Aug 31, 2021, you can get an additional two per cent rebate if you manage to spend $800 in a calendar month.

Other than SPC discounts, the card offers a chapalang mix of benefits. These include five per cent on groceries at Sheng Siong, three per cent on dining and at Watsons and Pet Lovers Centre, and one per cent on electricity or Starhub bills.

If you spend at least $800 in a month, you can also get 10 per cent cashback on Deliveroo and foodpanda deliveries, and five per cent on certain websites including Amazon. sg and Lazada.

Making the most of your petrol credit card

While petrol credit cards can get you a great discount, you need to use them correctly in order to enjoy maximum benefits. Here are some tips:

  • Know which petrol station you’re going to be using most often, and use the right card for it. We’ve given you a broad overview above.
  • Always bring along your loyalty card (e.g. Esso Smiles, Shell Escape, SPC&U) and use it together with your credit card to get the maximum petrol discount. Hand over both cards to the cashier when you pay.
  •  You’re accumulating rewards points with your petrol station loyalty card, so don’t forget to check your balance from time to time. You can exchange your points for petrol vouchers.
  • If your card has a minimum spending requirement, consolidate other expenses (ideally those that are cashback categories too) on your card to make it easier to qualify for bonus cashback.
  • Pick a card with mechanics that suit your lifestyle, so you don’t feel compelled to overspend just to meet the minimum spending requirement.

This article was first published in MoneySmart.

DBS / POSB Credit Card Promotion

DBS / POSB Credit Card – Up to S$120 fuel savings with DBS Esso Card

Apply now!

Get up to S$120 fuel savings (in the form of Smiles Points) when you apply for DBS Esso Card today!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Apply for a DBS Esso Card from 1 May – 30 November 2017.
Step 2: Get S$120 fuel savings (in the form of Smiles Points) with minimum spend of S$200nett on fuel per month at Esso for 3 consecutive months from date of card approval 
Get S$90 fuel savings (in the form of Smiles Points) with minimum spend of S$200nett on fuel per month at Esso for 2 consecutive months from date of card approval 
Get S$60 fuel savings (in the form of Smiles Points) with minimum spend of S$200nett on fuel at Esso in the first month from date of card approval

Fuel savings will be awarded in the form of Smiles Points. Smiles members will be awarded Smiles Points equivalent to 1.9% (normal tier) or 2.6% (bonus tier) fuel savings when 250 litres of Synergy fuel is purchased within a calendar month. 1.9%/ 2.6% fuel savings is computed based on the pump price of Synergy Extra as at 22 June 2017. Terms and conditions apply. For details, please visit http://www.essosmiles.com.sg/ for the terms and conditions of the Smiles Driver Rewards programme.

Promotion Period : till 30-Nov-2017

Posted on 16-Oct-2017

Best DBS Credit Cards in Singapore

Last Updated:

DBS, formerly known as The Development Bank of Singapore, is one of the financial corporations that hold a strong capital position in Asia. And this strong capital position is a prominent reason why many credit card applicants in Singapore are looking at different DBS credit cards and DBS card promotions.

These credit card applicants have good faith in DBS, and they feel a whole lot safer with the corporation’s banking services. Aside from the promising financial nature of DBS credit cards, DBS credit card promotions are exciting and rather irresistible. DBS credit cards combine practical offers with amazing deals!

So if you’re considering the submission of a credit card application from one of Singapore’s well-established financial corporations, signing up for a DBS credit card will do the trick!

Below, you will find a table that features the top 5 DBS credit cards in Singapore.

Credit CardBest for…
DBS Live FreshCashback
DBS EssoPetrol
DBS AmEx TakashiyamaShopping at Takashiyama
DBS Woman’s World MasterCardRewards and points
DBS Altitude VISA SignatureTravel/bonus miles

1. DBS Live Fresh

Best for: Cashback

The DBS Live Fresh credit card is one of the top DBS cards due to its HIGH cashback offer. 5% cashback is yours for ALL online purchases. So whether you’re shopping for shoes, furniture, clothes, appliances, or books, as long as these are from a credible online merchant, you’re eligible for the 5% cashback offer!

Other DBS Live Fresh card benefits:

  • 1 DBS Point for all purchases
  • 3 DBS Points for online purchases
  • 3 DBS Points for VISA payWave transactions
  • 5% cashback for VISA payWave transactions
  • 5% cashback for transactions with FoodPanda, Amazon, iTunes, McDelivery, Uber, and more!

**To know further about the DBS Live Fresh Card, you may check out this review and discover the Top 4 Reasons to Apply for the DBS Live Fresh Credit Card.

2. DBS Esso

Best for: Petrol

If you sign up for the DBS Esso card, you can enjoy huge petrol savings! Particularly, you get 17% instant discount if you pay with your DBS Esso credit card upfront at all Esso stations island-wide!

Other DBS Esso car benefits:

  • SGD $20 cashback for SGD $250 for fuel purchases at Esso
  • 1 Smiles Points for all non-Esso transactions worth SGD $10
  • Smiles Points can be converted from purchases under shopping, dining, and more categories
  • Interest-free instalment plan for Road Tax and Motor Insurance

**You may look at this review that enlists DBS Esso as one of the Best Credit Cards for a First Timer.

3. DBS American Express Takashiyama

Best for: Shopping at Takashiyama

The DBS American Express Takashiyama is the ideal card for you if you’re a brand loyalist of Takashiyama Department Store in Singapore. If you spend SGD $10 at Takashiyama, you get 2 Takashiyama Bonus Points, and once accumulated into 100 Takashiyama Bonus Points, you’re awarded a gift voucher worth SGD $30!

Apart from that, you get 6% voucher rebates. You can also avail of additional 10% discount during sale events.

Other DBS AmEx Takashiyama card benefits:

  • Complimentary delivery service with minimum spend SGD $100
  • Special parking privilege at shopping centres with Takashiyama department store
  • Exclusive 5% discount at Takashiyama Japan
  • 1 DBS Point for ALL non-Takashiyama purchases worth SGD $5
  • Exclusive privileges via American Express Selects

4. DBS Woman’s World MasterCard

Best for: Rewards and points

As a DBS Woman’s World MasterCard cardholder, you get a bounty of rewards and points. This DBS card was tailored to pamper a woman’s needs.

For every purchase (worth SGD $5) with use of the DBS Woman’s World MasterCard, whether it’s a pack of bags or a coffeemaker, you can earn 1 point. These points can be 3x as much for overseas purchases. And these points can be 10x as much for online purchases!

Other DBS Woman’s World MasterCard benefits:

  • Priority taxi booking
  • Complimentary access to True Yoga and True Fitness centres
  • 30% (during birthday month) and 10% discounts on a la carte treatment; complimentary therapy (ear candling) — all at The Safari Spa
  • 50% discount on a la carte treatments; 10% discount on nail care services; special birthday deals (such as 50% discount on hairstyling service) – all at Jan Yip
  • JetQuay access
  • Exclusive privileges with DBS Lifestyle App

**To know more about this credit card, check out this review on the DBS Woman’s World MasterCard key features and privileges.

5. DBS Altitude VISA Signature

Best for: Travel/bonus miles

This makes one of the top DBS cards due to its deal for travellers. For every SGD $1 overseas spend, you get 2 air miles with the DBS Altitude VISA Signature credit card. And if it’s SGD $1 local spend, you get 1.2 air miles.

Other DBS Altitude VISA Signature benefits:

  • 50% off with the DBS Shopper App
  • 24-hour butler service
  • DBS Indulge deals
  • Global Airport Lounge Priority Pass
  • Altitude Travel Destinations exclusive jet-setter benefits
  • Complimentary travel insurance (max SGD $1,000,000 coverage)

**Looking at the list above, you’re actually rewarded with loads of travel-related perks. To know whether this DBS credit card suits your lifestyle, check out this review: DBS Altitude VISA Signature: Is It Right for You?


Overall, signing up with DBS and availing of their credit card offers is a brilliant idea. If you can afford it (i. e. keep up with eligibility requirements and payment of regular fees), you can sign up for multiple DBS credit cards. On the other hand, if you think that handling multiple credit cards can be overwhelming, you can limit the application to just a single DBS credit card.

Either way, you’re in good hands if you choose to trust DBS. Just be mindful of a particular credit card’s offers, as well as its unique feature.

More importantly, make sure that your selected DBS credit card’s offers suit your lifestyle. For example, if you know you can benefit the most from petrol discounts, you should go with a card that will make it happen for you (and in this case, this card would be the DBS Esso). Doing this is an effortless way of maximising a credit card.

So, what do you think of these DBS credit cards?

If you want to check out all DBS credit cards, you can visit the credit card section at the DBS main website.

Best Credit Card For Petrol

(Image credit: Joo Chiat, via Flickr)

When your car ran out of petrol, have you had problems deciding which petrol kiosks to go to enjoy the most savings? With four petroleum companies in Singapore – Exxon-Mobil, Caltex, Shell and Singapore Petroleum Company, you may at times scratch your head and wonder which petrol companies offer the cheapest petrol.

Owning and driving a car in Singapore is expensive, and it pays to find out how to save on your fuel expenses.

Using the right credit card to make your fuel purchase is important, as you could easily shave off up to one fifth of your petrol costs. The savings is huge! Imagine spending $2,000 on a petrol in a year – you could have saved up to $400 in a year!

There are many credit cards for petrol in the market and while some offer instant site and card discount, there are also cards that offer rebates and rewards to sweeten up the deal.

So which is the best card? Let’s find out! (Scroll to the bottom to see summary)


DBS Black VISA/AMEX Card & DBS Esso Card


If you own the DBS Black Visa or AMEX card, you can enjoy 18% discount off your fuel if you top up your petrol between 7pm – 7am. (4% cash rebates will end on 31 December 2014)

With the Smile rewards, you can redeem $30 worth of fuel for 750 litres of petrol pumped. That works out to be a 2.5% cut to your fuel expenses after taking into account of the 35% bonus Smile points.

And that’s not all – don’t forget you also earn DBS Points for your fuel top-up, at the rate of 1 Points = S$5 spent. That’s 0.31% on top of all the discounts and rebates!

Total effective discount = 20.81% (Until 31 December 2014)

DBS Esso Platinum Card

Besides their Black Card, DBS also carries the Esso Platinum Card in their product suite, which offers up to 19.81% off your petrol. The only difference is you don’t enjoy the 4% promotional card rebates that the Black card offers. It makes up with a 7% card discount which is higher than the 4% of the Black Card. This will be the card to go for if you don’t want to stick to 7pm-7am rule and if DBS don’t extend the promotional 4% rebate for their Black Card.

Total effective discount = 19.81%

OCBC 365


OCBC 365 is next on the list for Esso’s pump. You can enjoy savings of up to 20.80% effective discount which matches up with the DBS Black Card. Unfortunately, good thing don’t last and the cash rebates of 4.3% will end on 31 December 2014 and you will need a minimum charge of $600 with a $80 cap in rebates for a month.

Total effective discount = 20.80% (Until 31 December 2014)

OCBC Plus!

Good news is you can get a higher discount using a OCBC/NTUC PLUS! Card! That’s because you get Link points when you use the PLUS! card and a $300 spend will get you an additional dollar off your groceries at NTUC FairPrice. That is equivalent to an additional discount of 0.33%.

Total effective discount = 21.13%

Citibank Dividend Card & Other Citibank Cards


Citibank Dividend Card matches up with the PLUS! card of 21.13% for Esso station. As long as you meet a min spend of $50 in a transaction, you will qualify for the cash rebates. You will also earn Citi Dollars for your transaction and 1,500 Citi Dollars can be used to exchange a $5 Shell voucher.

Total effective discount = 21.13%


UOB Lady Card

With the UOB Lady Card, get up to 20.75% off from your fuel! It offers a relatively higher card discount to make up for a lesser rebates as compared to the first few cards. Caltex also has it’s own loyalty programme – the Thanks! Rewards. 40 Thanks! points is equivalent to a dollar off and if you add this together with the rewards from UOB (UNI$600=$10 SPC voucher), it sums up to an effective discount of 20.75%!

Total effective discount = 20.75%

UOB One Card

Another product from UOB is the UOB One Card which has higher discount than the UOB Lady Card. With an effective discount of 21.54%, it is the best card from UOB for motorists. That’s because besides the usual Smart$ rebate of 1.68%, you are also entitled to the UOB One Rebate of 2. 80%. That’s massive even though you don’t qualify for the UNI$ programme.

Total effective discount = 21.54%

All other cards from UOB may get up to 19.07% off from their fuel purchase.

HSBC Premier MasterCard/VISA Infinite/VISA Platinum

HSBC Premier MasterCard, VISA Infinite and VISA Platinum offers a whopping 23.45% discount to your fuel – and that makes it the best credit card for petrol in 2014. (Ends on 31 December 2014 – This post may come a bit late, but we will keep it updated!) However, it comes with a few conditions to be eligible for the full discount. First, to get $4 off your petrol you will need to spend $80 on gross petrol. (Ends 31 Dec 14) That is equivalent to a 5% cut which is easily achievable should you need to top up a full tank on a RON 98. Next, to get the cash rebates of 5%, you are required to charge $800 a month for all 3 months in a quarter. Otherwise you are only eligible for 3% rebate.

Total effective discount = 23.45%  (Ends on 31 December 2014)

All other HSBC cards can get up to 15.06%.


HSBC Premier MasterCard

If you want to refuel at a Shell station, then coincidentally, the HSBC Premier MasterCard tops the list again with a total effective discount of 21.81%. This time round it offers a higher cash rebates of 6% with a min spend of $800 a month for 3 months in a quarter. Unlike in Caltex, you don’t get the $4 off petrol for a $80 pump, but there is a Shell Escape Rewards where you can exchange 600 Escape points for $20 worth of voucher and you get additional 1 point for every $5 charged to your card. For its own card rewards, you can exchange for a $10 voucher for every 2250 points.

Total effective discount = 21.81%

HSBC VISA Infinite and VISA Platinum gets 5% cash rebates so total saving = 20.91% and all other HSBC cards get 16.61%.

OCBC 365 & Citibank Dividend Card

You can also use OCBC 365 Card to enjoy 16. 54% or Citibank Dividend Card for 18.43% discount.


American Express Platinum Credit Card


If there is only SPC in your vicinity and you happen to own an American Express Platinum Card, you can enjoy the highest discount of 21.64% in SPC as compared to other cards. That’s because of a very generous 7% cashback on the financial charge amount and a 5% site discount. You can also get a $20 SPC voucher once you have accumulated 3,900 reward points from AMEX. (2 Reward Points = S$1.60 spent)

Total effective discount = 21.64%

POSB Everyday Card

Who say you need to be a high-income earner to enjoy exclusive discounts? With the POSB Everyday Card, you can get up to 20.10% discount for your SPC fuel.

Total effective discount = 20.10%

UOB Cards

All UOB cards get up to 20.33% off as there is a $3 petrol discount for every $60 gross spend.

Total effective discount = 20.33%


To summarise everything in a table:

Petrol Company Best Credit Card Total Effective Discount
Esso OCBC Plus! VISA & Citibank Dividend Card 21.13%
Caltex HSBC Premier MasterCard/VISA Infinite/VISA Platinum 23.45%
Shell HSBC Premier MasterCard 21.81%
SPC American Express Platinum Credit Card 21.64%


To see the complete list and calculations:

Best Petrol Credit Card

90,000 The Central Bank is interested in how banks in the regions are promoting the Mir card

The regional offices of the Central Bank are interested in how the Mir card is being promoted in their regions, employees of four banks told Vedomosti – the regulator sends relevant inquiries to credit institutions. In two banks, Vedomosti was told that in their inquiries they were asked to assess what hinders the dissemination of the national card. In some regions, the Central Bank’s agencies request information about the readiness of the infrastructure to accept the card and the payments made.

“Such requests come only to regional branches, in Moscow we do not receive such letters,” says an interlocutor in a bank from the top 100. With a frequency of about once a month, questions come from different regions about what has been done to develop the card, says a bank employee from the top 10. “We are already accustomed to such requests – we answer that everything is fine and we have everything ready,” he continues. And he adds that for territorial institutions it is more of a method of reminder and control.

“The Bank of Russia is constantly monitoring the situation with regard to the degree of readiness of the bank network to accept Mir cards,” said a representative of the Central Bank in response to an inquiry from Vedomosti.

“It is strange that the Central Bank branches in the regions collect statistics on individual banks, while the National Payment Card System (NSPK; operator of the Mir payment system. -” Vedomosti “) has a complete picture for each bank. from payment services. In addition, banks handed over their plans for the development of the network for receiving “Mir” and issuing them to the main department of the Central Bank, bank employees told Vedomosti.

Plans for the issue of Mir

2.5 mln.- so many Mir cards were issued by banks as of February 1, 2017, it follows from the NSPK data

There are inquiries in which the regulator is interested in what, according to the bank, restrains the increase in the issue of the Mir card in a particular region, which may increase emission, etc., say employees of the two banks. According to one of them, such requests are typical for regions where the promotion of the Mir card is not very active.

A representative of Sberbank declined to comment. Banks of the VTB Group, issuing Mir cards (retail business of VTB Bank and VTB 24), did not receive such requests, VTB’s press service indicated that “the issue of cards is going according to plan”.

It is logical that the Central Bank is interrogating banks, but this is still a request from the regulator, there may be an element of discipline in this, an employee of one of the specialized associations believes. In addition, the Bank of Russia may want to find out what is hindering the development of the card, he continues. Previously, the Central Bank conducted polls quite often, it is another matter how this information will be used, he concluded.

Amendments have been made to the State Duma, according to which it will be possible to bind only the Mir card to the account of the state employee.Now the term is being discussed by which it will be necessary to provide all state employees with Mir. Thus, the option is being discussed, according to which the full transition should be completed by July 1, 2018, with an exception for pensioners – they will have to receive the card by July 1, 2020. Current amendments oblige to transfer all state employees to the Mir card on January 1, 2018.

According to the law on the national payment system, all banks recognized as significant in the payment services market must join the Mir payment system (all of them have already entered), and according to the law on consumer protection, every bank that accepts cards from other systems in trading points, must ensure the reception of “Mir”.In addition, according to the representative of the Central Bank, the legislation stipulates the obligation of banks to ensure the acceptance of Mir cards in their ATM network. According to him, as of January 1, 97.3% of the ATM network is ready to accept the national card.

90,000 State programs to promote non-cash payments stimulate the growth of the card acceptance network

By the end of 2025, the number of merchants worldwide will approach 100 million. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to contactless payments, which will lead to an increase in card acceptance.

India – almost a million new card acceptance points in 2019

According to the new RBR report “Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2025”, in In 2019, the number of merchants worldwide that accept card payments grew by 4% to reach 74.5 million. Much of this growth was driven by government initiatives, with some country markets seeing significant increases in card acceptance.Among them, India stands out, where the number of retail outlets accepting cards increased by 959 thousand, i.e. by 40% – mainly due to the initiatives of the state, which put pressure on banks, encouraging them to attract more merchants to acquiring services. …

Receiving network UnionPay grows in Europe and Asia Pacific

UnionPay has overtaken Discover to become the most widely used payment card system in the world.As of the end of 2019, UnionPay cards could be used to pay in 59.3 million merchant, which is 80% of the total number of retail outlets in the world. The largest growth in the share of merchants accepting UnionPay was observed in Europe, especially in Russia. Also, cards of this system began to be accepted for the first time in India.

Discover is the second most common card system. Its numerous agreements with other market players including UnionPay in China, JCB in Japan and BC Card in South Korea allow Discover cards to be used in all retail outlets in each of these markets.Visa cards are accepted in slightly more outlets than Mastercard, which makes Visa the third largest acceptance network in the world.

Visa and Mastercard are the most common systems outside of China

The high share of merchants accepting UnionPay can be explained by the size of the Chinese market, which accounts for almost a third of the world’s retail outlets. RBR analysis shows that, excluding China, UnionPay acceptance rate will fall to 70% of the rest of the outlets.

With the exception of China, Visa and Mastercard are the most widely used card systems, each accounting for 48.5 million retail outlets, or 95% of the world’s total. The sub-brands of these payment systems – Visa Electron and Maestro – are accepted in most markets by about the same number of merchants as Visa and Mastercard. The exceptions are China and the US, with none of the sub-brands accepted in China, and only Maestro is accepted in the US in almost half of the local retail outlets.

Number of outlets in the world by payment systems, 2019 (million)

Source : Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2025, RBR.

Acceptance of cards of payment systems operating under trilateral agreements goes beyond traditional merchant

American Express cards are accepted in 52% of retail outlets in the world, and Diners Club – in 48%. While they are commonly used in traditional tourism and entertainment venues such as hotels, restaurants and airports, a shift has begun to take place here as these systems extend their reach to the point of sale of everyday products and services. In most markets, Diners Club cards can be used at the same retail locations as Discover. China is a notable exception, as the agreement with UnionPay does not apply to Diners Club, which reduces the volume of accepting cards from this payment system compared to Discover.

JCB cards are accepted in 74% of retail outlets worldwide, higher than other tripartite systems due to their widespread acceptance in China.

Cashless payments drive card acceptance

RBR predicts further growth in the number of merchants worldwide accepting cards: from 74.5 million at the end of 2019 to 95.9 million at the end of 2025, mainly due to government initiatives to promotion of non-cash payments.The COVID-19 pandemic is driving the use of contactless payments instead of cash, which in turn will lead to an increase in the number of EFTPOS terminals.

As noted by Daniel Dawson, head of RBR Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2025, “COVID-19 has made contactless technology more attractive and has prompted some previously reluctant merchants to accept cards.

How to promote a company using geo

People use maps in different situations: find a pharmacy near their home, choose a place for dinner, build a route in another area.Yandex.Maps is used by 50 million people every month, according to the company’s materials, and 2GIS products are used by 47.9 million. Maps have become a part of people’s lives and have become an indispensable assistant in a big city. But maps are useful not only for users, but also for companies.

Why does business need map services

Advertising on maps is suitable both for large businesses with an extensive network structure and for small private enterprises. For 90,031 small businesses, placement on maps allows you to promote your own goods and services, replaces the landing page and distribution of leaflets near the metro.For large companies – fast food, medical center chains or FMCG companies – advertising on maps helps to solve image problems, and helps customers better navigate the location of offices in the city.

Maria Azletskaya, media director of the iConText agency (a group of digital companies iConText Group) :

From the point of view of large and small businesses, for small companies there is an opportunity to stand out from competitors, and for large brands registration of an organization on the map Is a great opportunity to remind potential customers of yourself, and even stimulate sales in lagging points.

The user refers to cards in certain situations, and they must be taken into account by the company when it chooses cards as a way to promote. If the trigger is a spontaneous desire to go to a movie or a cafe nearby, or if there is an urgent problem – you need a pharmacy or the nearest clinic, then when choosing a company, the user will focus on location . The client will not choose on this basis the company where he would like to buy a car. A person approaches such expenses consciously, he is primarily interested in prices and reviews , and then the address.

Promotion with maps is more suitable for B2C companies : users can study basic information about a place, and this is often enough to make a decision. In the B2B space , there are more conditions to consider to attract customers.

In addition, it should be understood that placement on map services is suitable for companies that have offices or points of sale in the city. For online businesses, this method is less relevant.

Nikita Zuev, CEO Advark :

Map services are very effective for offline points.The advertiser gets priority when the user searches for something on the map or uses navigation. With proper placement, a great image effect is achieved. It is also possible to track the user’s interaction with the company. For companies that do business online and their product is not associated with an offline contact, the placement will be less effective. However, the reach ad hypothesis can still be tested.

Popular services and their capabilities

Previously, geolocation advertising formats on maps were limited to priority display in search results.Now services have begun to offer business audiences new advertising tools.

In “Yandex.Maps” display advertising is available – banners, logos on the map and pins along the route. A pin is a company label that is shown to a user if a company is on their route. Also, the advertiser can issue a prioritized placement. It will help to raise the organization in the search results on “Maps”, to attract the attention of users with the help of a green tag. Priority placement also allows you to fill out an extended version of the card – add a logo, a showcase with goods and services, information about discounts, or an action button.

MAPS.ME is aimed at tourists and is represented in different countries. The service develops partner integrations with companies whose functionality can be useful to the users of the application. So, the service works with Booking.com, thanks to which, right in the search, you can find hotels near your location, get directions and go to the website of the booking system. The service also provides standard advertising tools: banner ads, search ads, branded points on the map, push notification.MAPS.ME can be useful for businesses that are somehow related to tourism (excursions, places of interest, food).

Advertisers in “2GIS” have access to media (banners, videos and logos on the map), as well as geo-contextual advertising. Advertisers can fill out an extended company card: add there an advertising link (“Price list” or “Book a table”) and a detailed advertising message. The card can be made branded – add a header, logo, information about discounts.Advertisers also have access to advertisements in the competitors’ card, if they do not have a paid tariff.

In Google Maps you can enter the number, e-mail, photo and opening hours of the company. The range of paid promotion options is narrower than that of local competitors, but you can customize local search ads. The organization will appear at the top of the search labeled “advertisements.”

Maria Azletskaya, media director of the iConText agency (a group of digital companies iConText Group) :

If a potential client searches for goods and services in mapping services, then with a high degree of probability we can say that this is a hot client.The user will choose companies and organizations when he has a need to purchase a product or service, but there is no final decision on where to do it. Accordingly, map services come to the rescue here.

Also, mapping services perfectly help to solve problems related to the image and brand recognition, and fit well into the split of advertising channels for this purpose. When we link a brand to a specific location, we remind the user of ourselves, and, as a result, people who have seen the display advertisement can become customers of this brand in the future.

Rita Alykova, Senior Strategic Account Director, agency Adventum :

Paid promotion in maps allows sites to conveniently aggregate a large number of audiences with a clear formulated query. For businesses, this is the ability to interact with users using a variety of free and paid ad formats.

For small and medium-sized businesses in the service sector (cafes, restaurants, shops, showrooms, beauty salons) and medicine (clinics), promotion in maps is a very important channel where you need to be well represented and work with reviews.You can also buy paid formats that raise the priority of your card. For a larger business and B2B segment, it is enough to create cards with up-to-date information for navigation purposes. If this is a network business with many locations, then it is important to buy pins, priorities and advertising in maps.

Basic cartographic services is a must have channel in order to be visible on any navigation request and to receive a stream of requests and customers.

Sergey Dizhenin, head of SEO, Digital Geeks :

Finding an object on map services is a primary task for business promotion.For many queries in search engines, we observe a sorcerer (replies to a query in the search results without the need to click on the link – approx. Sostav ) in the form of a map with a description of organizations, and our goal is to make sure that the user chooses a product or service of the client … To do this, the information must be filled in as fully and correctly as possible: the nearest metro stations, operating hours and phone number, the ability to pay by card, reviews, and so on. A detailed description attracts the user’s eye, increases the authority of the resource, forms an opinion about the company and gives an advantage over competitors.

The price for paid placement in cards depends on the number of services, the selected tariff, city and other factors. But in order to understand whether the cards suit you or not, it is not necessary to immediately take a paid tariff. You can start by simply filling out information about your company in as much detail as possible and monitoring its relevance.

How it is possible to work with cards on the example of medical business

Case 1. Promotion of a private medical center in Yandex.Maps

The Scandinavia clinic network has 13 regional departments in St. Petersburg, as well as two departments of reproduction clinics “Scandinavia AVA-PETER”.The company was tasked with increasing the number of customers and revenue using new advertising tools, as well as comparing the effectiveness of contextual and geo-advertising.

At the first stage, the company issued a card, activated priority placement on Yandex.Maps, and also purchased contextual advertising in major search engines. According to the results for February – April 2019, it turned out that more than 40% of clients came to the clinic from Yandex.Maps, and from the context – 27%. In addition, the cost of attracting new customers on Karty was almost 20% lower, and revenue was 12.1% higher, the company said.

Case 2. Promotion of a network of medical centers in 2GIS

The Multi Clinic Tomsk network has been operating for nine years and has two branches. The main services are urology, proctology, dermatology, endoscopy and phlebology. The goal of the advertising campaign is to attract clients who need medical attention right now. To do this, the network of clinics uses advertising on thematic portals, Instagram and 2GIS. The advertiser constantly monitors statistics through his personal account: he looks at the number of transitions to the card and clicks to the address, the number of calls.It turned out that a large proportion of those who are looking for a competitor’s clinic on the next street, then go to them, because they see an advertisement in the card, Sostav was told at 2GIS.

The clinic receives more than 1200 calls and about 1100 visits to the website from 2GIS per month (data as of July 2019). Since August last year, they have recorded a constant growth according to statistics, which is associated with an increase in brand awareness and, in particular, with advertising campaigns in 2GIS.

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