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Why You Should Buy Dark Wooden Blinds

Why You Should Consider Buying Black Wood Blinds

Let’s talk about dark coloured wood venetian blinds for a second.

We think black wooden blinds look alluring, smart and beautifully rich. However, many people believe wooden venetian blinds only come in one colour: white.

You would not believe how popular white coloured wood venetian blinds and faux wood blinds are. The wooden venetian blind has taken the country by storm. People can’t get enough of them, and we agree, they look mighty fine.

But let’s not cast aside the other colour of wooden venetian blinds. Our wooden venetians have no ugly sisters in the range, oh no! So today we’re taking a look at a personal favourite. The ebony wooden blind and it’s many variations.

The dark colour of these wooden blinds takes the blind in an entirely different direction to the white slat blinds that are so popular. They look less country cottage, less nautical or rustic. Ebony slat blinds project an entirely separate essence.

Classic and classy, these blinds could have fallen straight out of a film noir. The deep black of the slats adds depth and drama and helps to darken the room. Mixed with dark colour furniture, perhaps some splashes of gold, this blind takes on an air of sophistication in any room.

The reason dark coloured blinds are such a statement piece is that they are a contrast – the chances are you haven’t painted your room black. This colour looks great when paired with rich wood effects in a room, like mahogany and other materials like glass furniture.

 Sometimes, however, having a solid block of black in a window can be a tad imposing. However, we provide an option for colour fabric privacy tape, which is a game changer.

Fabric privacy tape is an easy way to inject a splash of colour, standing out against the dark coloured wooden slats. You can choose matching or contrasting tapes, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to finding a dark wooden venetian blind to match your room.

As you’ll see, all of our black wooden blinds are made from real wood and are painted, giving it a beautiful silk finish. Real wood is lightweight and resilient, made from basswood, giving it a natural feel.

Wooden venetian blinds are a great way to shade your room, giving you the ability to control how much light is entering the room simply by rotating the slats. With such fingertip control, you are able to shade the room but often still leave space to see outside, depending on the position of the sun. This makes wooden venetian blinds ideal for living rooms and dining rooms, where you may want some natural light in the room but not the full-on glare of the sun. These are also spaces where you most often want to have the most visual impact, and so a black wooden blind is just what the interior-design doctor ordered!

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection of dark coloured wood venetian blinds today!

5 ways to style dark wood blinds in your home

Where our obsessions have long lingered on the bleached woods and white finishings, 2018 is set to become the year of darker hues. Think mahogany sideboards and rich walnut tones – that’s where modern interior designers are finding their inspiration. So, how do you incorporate such bold and imposing colours into your home without overpowering the rest of your accessories? And, is it possible to use dark colours in a small, compact room? At Shop4Blinds, we have one suggestion – our dark wood Venetian blinds.

No matter the size of your home or the space that you’re working with, bringing this increasingly popular trend into your home needn’t seem daunting. We’ve pulled together our top 5 styling suggestions to help your home become the most fashion-forward on the street.

Small home? Think light walls. 

Don’t let living in a flat or smaller house stop you from experimenting with this exciting new trend. If you’re as taken with the dark wood blinds as we are, consider pairing them with lighter coloured walls. This strong contrast will keep your room bright, vibrant and spacious while injecting a touch of rich colour where it’s needed most. Think crisp whites against dark coffee brown wood and you’ll discover the perfect blend of opulence and practicality.

Accessories with matching dark accents

We’ve all been obsessed with light woods for so long, we’ll hazard a bet that most of your accessories fit in with that style too. However, a great way to ensure your dark wood blinds blend easily into your room is the accessories with similar coloured items. Think dark wood photo frames against bright walls or even rich brown chairs clustered around your dining room table. By picking out the warm hues in multiple points around your home, you’ll ensure that the blinds look like a considered and style-conscious choice.

Pair with bold dress curtains

For interior designers who love vibrant pigments (another of 2018’s emerging trends), pairing your dark wood Venetian blinds with full-length curtains creates a glamorous look. Whether it’s a pop of sunshine yellow or the silken beauty of pure red, these additional window dressings tie together a regal look perfectly. Think floor-length, display curtains in sumptuous velvets or even lighter linen options to help brighten up any room. This style would fit perfectly into high ceiling dining rooms in particular.

Choose the bedroom for relaxation

Dark woods are perfect for rooms where less light is desired – most importantly the bedroom. Create an environment where you’ll be able to get the deepest night sleep with blinds that filter through the light and warm up a room instantly. We love the idea of matching your bed frame to the darkened hues and then interjecting light with the help of white bedside cabinets and light accessories.

Overhead spotlight

For a truly luxurious feel and to bring extra light into your room, consider installing showcase spotlights on the ceiling above your darker blinds. This will not only flood your room with light when needed but help to accentuate the rich pigments and natural grains that these blinds are loved for. Also, who doesn’t love an excuse to heighten the mood with some carefully placed lighting?

If we’ve captured your imagination, Shop4Blinds has a selection of beautifully handmade dark wood Venetian blinds to choose from. With the option of corresponding coffee-coloured decorative tape for a premium finish and a range of different hues, you’ll find it incredibly easy to jump on this stylish trend with a bespoke window blind made just for you. Browse our range online today and start planning for your Summer 2018 renovation.


Wood Blinds | 3 Dark Wood Designs For Your Living Room

Are you looking to add dark wood blinds to your living room? Whether you have modern home decor, a contemporary look and feel, or a more rustic interior design, dark wood can add elegance and beauty to your home’s living room.


To choose the type of dark wood that would complement your home best, you will need to take into consideration your living room interior — how big is your room and what kind of color scheme are you incorporating? 

Why Choose Wood Blinds?

Utilizing wood blinds is a great way to control and moderate the lighting in a room easily.  Wooden blinds give you the privacy you cannot always get with treatments such as curtains and they are also easier to maintain than other window treatments, such as those made of fabric like drapes.


Living Room Designs


When choosing your dark wood, keep in mind the interior of your living room. Are the new dark wood blind installations going to flow with the way your room currently looks? Is your living room interior dark or light? Let’s compare a dark wood on dark design and a dark wood on light design, and see which would work best for you.

Dark on Dark Design

Although many people believe that having a room with a dark walls or dark furniture can make the room feel smaller, that is not necessarily completely true because dark colors recede. If you have a small space, painting your walls a deep blue or warm grey can trick the eye into not knowing where the walls end, giving it a sense of depth.

If your space is filled with primarily dark tones, you may have the sense of the walls being brought in a bit, but we have a solution. The trick is to paint your ceiling a white or light hue and just like that, your living room will appear much larger!

Dark on Light Design

Choosing to get dark wood blinds to use against a light interior design is a way to expand the feeling of the size of your living room. The dark wood blinds in your room become the focal point when they are set against a lighter hue, helping to open up the room. It is more likely that when you have visitors, they will focus more on the dark wooden blinds and less on the size of the room.

Popular Types of Dark Wood

If you are considering dark wood designs for your living room, you must first decide which type of dark wood you like. There are many different types of dark woods to choose from, and we have listed 3 of the most popular selections.




Mahogany is a tropical reddish-brown hardwood from South American.  It is great for carving and finishes well.



Cherry wood comes from the Eastern part of the United States and is sometimes called “fruitwood”. It is a moderately hard red-brown wood that is easy to carve and polish.


Walnut grows in Europe, America, and Asia. It is strong, hard, and durable without being too heavy. Walnut’s color varies from light to a dark chocolate brown. It possesses good woodworking qualities and also finishes well.

Incorporating dark wood blinds into your living room has great added benefits. Wooden blinds are easier to maintain, give privacy, and allow you the ability to control the amount of light that enters the room with just a twist of a handle.

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The Best (And Fastest) Ways to Clean Wooden Blinds

Waking up to natural light slipping into your room through your blinds is an excellent way to start a day. Unfortunately, the beautiful moment quickly fades when dust from your wooden blinds reaches your nostrils. Keeping your blinds clean for daily use may seem like a boring repetitive task. However, it’s surprisingly easy to wipe down your wooden blinds once you have the right tips. Learning how to clean blinds improves the general air-quality of your home. Trust us; you’ll be grateful when your sneezes disappear.

What Type of Wooden Blinds Do You Have? 

How to clean wooden blinds the right way boils down to knowing the type of material your blinds are made of. Start by finding out if your blinds are real wood or faux before you start spraying and wiping. Faux blinds mimic natural wood especially when in a painted finish. This step is essential for you if you moved into a house with pre-installed blinds and are not sure if they are wooden or faux.

Usually, faux blinds are made of polyvinylchloride (PVC), vinyl, or composite which is a mixture of polymers. The materials are resilient and don’t warp. You can identify faux wood by the similar and repetitive manufactured grain patterns on each slat. Generally, you can use most cleaners with faux wood. However, it’s wise to avoid harsh detergents and soaking them in water. 

Real wooden blinds have different, natural, irregular grain patterns per slat. Because the slats are real wood. It’s best to avoid getting wooden blinds wet during cleaning to avoid damaging the finish.

How to Clean Wooden Blinds?

If you’re wondering how to clean blinds, schedule regular cleaning sessions. It saves time and prevents long, intense cleaning sessions. 

Dust Your Blinds 

  • Create a regular cleaning schedule that includes dusting your blinds. 
  • For this, grab a soft cloth, microfiber mitt or feather duster. If really dusty with pet dander or carpet fuzz, use a vacuum with an upholstery brush.
  • Close your blinds so that the slats are flat against the window. 
  • Run your duster or vacuum on each slat-end to end.
  • Rotate the blinds to wipe each slat from the other side. Ensure you take time to dust each slat without causing damage. 

Apply Conditioner 

If you live in a really dry climate or your blinds receive a lot of harsh sunlight, and your real wooden blinds are fading, restore them with conditioner. Use lemon oil or a wood conditioner to bring back the shine. Avoid applying your conditioner to the cords and hardware. 

How to Clean Faux Wooden Blinds?

Dust The Blinds 

Just as real wood, faux blinds require regular dusting. It prevents dust and dander accumulation over time. Use a soft cloth, or microfiber mitt weekly. Alternatively, especially if you have pets, you can use a vacuum with a brush attachment. 

If your faux wood blinds are in a very active area like your kitchen or breakfast nook, you may want to clean them beyond just dusting.  Periodically wiping them down with a mild cleaning solution will keep them looking fresh and sparkling clean.

How to Wipe Faux Wood Blinds with Cleaning Solution

  • Prepare a mild solution of water and a little liquid dish soap. 
  • Dip a soft microfiber towel in the solution. Wring the towel. 
  • While faux blinds resist moisture better than real wood, avoid soaking them. 
  • If you have faux wood blinds in a kitchen, use a disinfectant. A one-part water and one-part vinegar solution is excellent for the job. 

What Is The Best Way To Clean Automated Wooden Blinds?

Motorized blinds offer convenience and energy efficiency. Caring for them helps them last long and serve you well. 

Regular Dusting 

Regular dusting for motorized blinds is vital to retain their beauty. As you clean your home, run a duster or soft vacuum brush across the slats. You will want to be sure and use your remote to position the blind slats closed for cleaning, as moving the slats manually could damage the mechanism that controls the automation of the blind.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Blinds Without Taking Them Down?

  • Always dust your wooden blinds as you clean your home. 
  • Wipe real wooden blinds with wood cleaner and use a cleaning solution for faux wood. 
  • Avoid dipping your blinds in water. Wipe with a damp cloth instead. 
  • Use a vinegar solution for blinds in kitchens. 

What’s the Best Thing to Clean Blinds With?

Generally, wooden blinds have thinner slats and are lightweight. They require careful handling to prevent damage. It’s also best to avoid using harsh cleaners directly on your blinds. 

The best “how to clean blinds” tip is to do the regular dusting. It removes any allergens and keeps your window blinds clean. You can use a soft cloth, microfiber mitt, or a vacuum with a dust brush attachment. 

You can also use a wood cleaner to condition your wooden blinds or a wood soap cleaner to remove stubborn dirt. Use a microfiber towel and keep it damp instead of wet. Run the fabric across each slat to ensure maximum cleanliness. It’s best to flip the blinds and wipe the other side to remove all the dust and dirt.

Can You Clean Wooden Blinds with Vinegar?

While vinegar is an excellent cleaning product for faux (PVC) blinds, it is not recommended for wooden blinds. However, it works best, if you mix it with water first.

Mix one-part vinegar and one-part water to clean your blinds. Before wiping any slat, wring the sponge or cloth thoroughly, you want to use a damp cloth.


A clean window blind preserves the quality of air in your home. It also creates a nice environment for your family and shows that you care about your home. Incorporating regular window blind dusting and cleaning is the best way to reduce your workload. Keep your window blinds in top shape for the best performance. 

If no matter how often or how hard you clean, your blinds still look dingy or yellowed, contact Budget Blinds for new custom blinds for your windows. Your local design expert guides you through a broad selection of faux and wooden blinds, explaining their unique differences and helping you select the right product and style for your home. In the end, you’ll find the perfect blinds to upgrade and refresh any room. 

Venetian blinds Blinds | Argos

Window dressing is an important part of how your room looks and feels. But it also has a practical element by keeping the warmth in and the light out when necessary. Blinds are a stylish way to furnish your windows and sometimes, even your doors! With our fantastic range, you can pick out the style that best suits you; from clean lines and a simplistic look to patterned designs and stylish finishing to match your décor effortlessly. So why not check out our large range of styles and colours, there is plenty to choose from. And if you’re not sure about what to go for then our blinds buying guide is a great place to go for tips on measuring and choosing the right blind for the right room.  

Different Blind Types:

Venetian blinds 

Venetian blinds also often referred to as horizontal blinds (as they are made up of horizontal slats) that you can freely open or shut to allow you to control how much light you let in at any given time. There is also a cord that allows you to pull your Venetian blinds all the way up whenever you wish to reveal your whole window.  

Wooden Venetian blinds 

Choose from our wooden Venetian blinds for a natural and warm feel or opt one of our vinyl and metal options for a sleeker and more contemporary look; these horizontal blinds are also better suited to kitchens and bathroom blinds as they won’t absorb the steam from the room 

Roller blinds 

Roller blinds are the simplest type and the most popular out of all the blind styles and it’s easy to see why, the simplistic aesthetic is perfect for practical and minimal living. As the name suggests, they are a roll of material, fixed to the top of your window, with a mechanism that allows you to pull the material up and down. They are available in many colours and styles, providing a block of colour or pattern. Also, our ready-made roller blinds are easy to fit and clean, they look great in any room.  

Roman blinds 

Roman blinds hang flat on your window with a pull-up cord that creates large horizontal pleats when you pull up your roman blind. You can choose your preferred material and patterns to suit your space; whether you’re after a relaxed minimal look with an understated pattern or something a bit more decorative and luxurious with brighter colours and statement patterns, our roman blinds will play the perfect part in any room of the house. 

Blinds Features:

Blackout blinds 

Blinds offer a great way to add a decorative touch to a space whilst providing you with practical elements such as keeping the space warm by choosing thicker specialist material or keeping the light out with blackout blinds  for the bedroom; perfect for blocking the sun’s rays on lazy Sunday mornings. Another handy feature to look out for when choosing your window dressing is moisture resistant blinds; perfect for areas with high humidity and dampness like your bathroom blinds and Kitchen blinds for example; both areas that experience steam and warm air on a regular basis.   

Different blind materials 

Choosing the right window blinds for your house is important in terms of functionality but material also plays a huge part in the overall aesthetic. Pick from our huge selection of fabric blinds to create a warm and homely finish, these material blinds give you the freedom to experiment with different materials and textures to create a harmonious living space. If you’re after blinds that are easier to maintain;  our wooden blinds offer a low-maintenance solution that you can simply wipe clean. Wood also add a touch of nature to your space with their wood effect patterns and warm earth tones. If you’re looking for the same cleaning convenience but prefer a simplistic approach then our Pvc blinds would make the perfect addition to a minimalist space. With an array of monochromatic colours and muted colours. Similarly, our aluminium blinds offer sleek simplicity with a contemporary twist. Add a splash of metallic style to your room with our metal blinds and bring you decor together with pure sophistication and class.

What To Know Before You Buy Faux Wood Blinds

Some people look down on ‘faux’ and think the real deal is always the way to go. While there are times we’d agree (faux cheese will never compare to a fine Stilton, for example), there are also times when faux wood blinds outperform their real wood counterparts. 

High-quality faux wood blinds have a wood effect that mirrors natural wood grain. The look of faux wood has gotten so good that often only an expert can tell the difference between it and the real thing. But style isn’t the only reason to love this window treatment. Here’s a look at the features of faux wood blinds, how they compare to real wood and how you can measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit.  

Features of Faux Wood Blinds 

Most faux wood blinds are actually a type of venetian blind, and they share all the same benefits and features of venetians. These blinds are made with slats that hang from a headrail via a cord or decorative tape. Most will come with a matching wooden valance to cover the headrail. In a faux wooden blind, both the slats and the matching valance will be made from either a wood composite (a blend of wood and plastic), PVC or vinyl.  

Faux wood blinds tend to perform better in tall windows than wide windows. When the slats on venetian blinds get too long, they start to bow in the middle. So, if you have a window that’s more than 240cm, you’ll need to install multiple panels of wooden blinds to cover the full width, and light may creep in where the two panels meet. If you don’t want to install multiple panels of blinds, you may be better off choosing vertical blinds for wide windows.

Unlike roller blinds, vertical blinds and roman blinds, faux wood venetian blinds don’t provide blackout room darkening. But they will block 90-95% of the light, depending on their slat width. 

Most faux wood venetians feature a wider slat size, which blocks more light than a thinner slat size. So, the 50mm slat on a faux wood blind will provide better light blocking than the 25mm slat on aluminium venetian blinds

While this window treatment won’t block 100% of the light, it does offer better light control than any other blind. You can raise, angle or lower the slats to direct the light however you want it. So, let’s say you add faux wood venetians to your kitchen and the afternoon sun hits your window directly. You can angle the slats down toward your counter to light up your countertops as you work and keep the afternoon sun out of your eyes. 

Faux Wood Blinds vs. Real Wood Blind

Real and faux wood blinds share the features of venetians listed above. The main differences are in the look, durability, care and price.  


Both real wooden and faux wooden blinds come in a variety of colours and wood grains, including dark and light wood stains, bright white, dark grey and driftwood. So, with either option, you can match your decor or use colour to change the feeling of your room. A white venetian blind will brighten a dark space, while a dark wood stain will make the space feel cosier. 

Faux wood has a natural look, and most people won’t notice a difference. But to the discerning eye, there’s nothing more beautiful than a natural wood grain. With real wood, every slat will be unique in the pattern of its grain. Real wooden venetian blinds will look especially beautiful next to the real wood furniture in your living room or dining room.


High-quality faux wood blinds can last just as long or longer than real wood blinds. Faux wood doesn’t warp or crack as easily as real wood. It’s moisture resistant so it’s a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms. 

The durability of faux wood also makes it a good choice for a kids room. Give yourself peace of mind by choosing blinds that come with built-in child safety mechanisms.

Neither faux nor real wood blinds are a good choice for conservatories because these rooms get so hot they can warp both materials. 


To clean both faux and real wood blinds, you just need to wipe down the individual slats. Faux wood blinds are slightly easier to clean because you can use any household cleaner to wipe them down. 

With wood blinds, you’ll need a wood cleaner to avoid drying out the slats. If your real wood blinds start to look dry, you can treat them with a wood wax or wood oil to extend their life.  


Faux wood is less expensive than real wood. If you want to splash out on real wood blinds but can’t afford them for all the windows in your home, consider adding them to a room where the windows are an important feature, like a living room with a bay window.

Window Blind Measuring Guide  

Good window blinds are made-to-measure. So before you can checkout with that set of white faux wood venetians you’re eyeing, you’ll need to measure your windows. First, decide whether you want your blinds to fit inside or outside the window recess. 

If you want your blinds inside your window recess, measure inside the recess in three places for both the width and the drop. For the width, measure across the bottom, middle and top of the recess. You’ll use the smallest of the three measurements when ordering. For the drop, measure down the left side, middle and right side of the recess. Again, you’ll use the smallest measurement when ordering. 

If you want your blinds outside your window recess, measure the width along your wall from where you want the blinds to start to where you want them to stop. Then, measure the drop from where you want to install the headrail to where you want the bottom of the blinds to stop.

Be careful not to confuse your width and drop measurements when you order. If at any point, you’re confused about the measurements: Stop. Take a breath. And measure again. Remember, you can measure your windows as many times as you want, but you can only have your blinds cut once. 

Go Faux for Long-Lasting Style

Faux wood blinds give you the look of real wood with added durability and a lower price tag. They’re easy to care for and allow you to control the light in your home better than any other blind. 

If you’re not sure how faux wood will look in your house, browse our large range of wooden blinds, select your favourite styles and order free samples. Our samples let you see how the blinds look with your decor and the natural light in your home. Plus, all our blinds come with a 5-year guarantee and built-in child safety mechanisms. So, your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Blackout Blinds: What are the best blinds for reducing light in my bedroom?

Most homeowners have bedroom blinds that let in too much light. We have sourced a range of blinds that really will reduce the light. Meaning you and your family will never be woken by the early morning sun.

A question we get asked on a daily basis, and if you are anything like my wife the slightest bit of light in the room and she is awake.

Over the years we have spent a lot of time looking at blackout blinds that we could offer that can block out as much light as possible because we know how important a good night’s sleep is to our health and well being.

If you have a style of blind in mind for your home there will be a version of that product that will make your room darker.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are available in many different fabrics including blackout, and a ‘standard’ roller blind with a blackout out fabric makes a pretty effective blackout blind at a reasonable price.

There are 2 main areas that light will still come through with a ‘standard’ roller blind and they are down the sides of the fabric and at the top of the blind between the roller barrel and the brickwork.

The gap at the top can be improved by adding a cassette over the roller.

There is a roller blind that is available that eliminates both of these areas of light penetration. It is designed to make the room as dark as possible, with a cassette at the top and channels at the side that the fabric slides into.

There may still be light gaps at the bottom depending on how even your window sills are.

The blind at the top in the photo is the blockout option, and the blind at the bottom is a standard blind with blackout fabric that shows how and where the light will come through.











Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a very popular choice, but could never really be described as the best blackout blinds due to how the blinds are designed.

Because they are made of individual strips of fabric there will be light coming through between each strip.

By choosing a blackout fabric for your vertical blinds they can still be reasonably effective. If you need to block out as much light as possible then they wouldn’t be my first choice, but if you just need to make the room darker then they do a pretty good job.

In this picture it shows the 3 types of vertical blind fabrics available.

On the left is a standard fabric, in the middle is a dimout fabric ad on the right is a blackout fabric. As you can see the blackout fabric will make a huge difference.





Wooden Venetian Blinds

As with Vertical Blinds the design of these blinds is not the best for blocking out as much light as possible, again there is an option that makes them  better blackout blinds.

With a ‘standard’ wooden venetian blind there are 2 main areas that the light will come through.

First is the holes in the slat that the raise and lower cord run through, this can be improved by adding tapes to blind that will cover these holes rather than having the ladder string.

The second is the gaps between each slat when the blind is closed.







The alternative to the standard Wooden Venetian is the privacy blind.

The way these blinds are corded means there are no holes in the slats, so eliminating one of the main areas of light penetration.

The other advantage of the way these blinds are corded is that the slat close much tighter to each other again reducing the light entering the room.

This picture shows the light that will come through the areas on a standard blind (at the top) and the better performance from the privacy blind ( at the bottom)













Duette Blinds

Duette blinds are something you may not have come across, but they make for very good blackout blinds as a standard product with no need to upgrade.

The duette blinds work like a concertina simply folding up and down as you operate them.

The blackout fabrics have no holes in the fabric itself as the cord run through the centre of the honeycomb fabric so are not visible.

The really nice thing about these blinds is that the fabric goes the full width of the blind, so reducing the gaps at the side that the light can come through.








Designed for bedroom where you still need privacy for getting dressed but still need some light coming into the room. This option allows you to still have the bottom part of the window covered giving you privacy, while the top can be lowered to allow light into the room.


I really hope this helps give you some idea of the various option available to you when choosing blackout blinds for your home.


Horizontal wooden blinds in Kazan

Wooden blinds are a sophisticated addition to the harmonious appearance of the interior.

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Horizontal wooden blinds are a practical and aesthetic element of the interior made from natural materials. They retain warmth well in the room and at the same time harmoniously fit into any concept of style. Today manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions made from wood.They boast a variety of hues, ranging from light beech to luxurious dark wenge tones.


Horizontal blinds made of wood can be matched to any window size. In addition to good wear resistance and attractive appearance, they are characterized by ease of operation. If desired, they can be equipped with an automatic opening / closing system so as not to make unnecessary efforts. You will be able to adjust the plates as you like, depending on how much sunlight you want to let into the room.The remote control has only a few function buttons and you can quickly figure out how it works.

Wooden blinds are produced in strip widths of 25 or 50 mm. When performing measurements, the master himself will suggest which option will be optimal. A minimum area of ​​0.5 m will be sufficient to accommodate the element 2 . If desired, you can make additional finishing with decorative moldings for cornices, lower fixing strings, a cane or a bell on a cord.Do not think that wood products are only suitable for decorating a room in a classic retro style. The use of different types of wood will allow for the implementation of innovative concepts.

How to buy

Our company “STELL” offers to get acquainted with a wide selection of products at affordable prices. We have launched our activities in Kazan, where since 1997 we have been delighting consumers with high-quality and productive solutions. Our wooden horizontal blinds are durable and don’t take a lot of time to order.After completing the application, our manager is ready to answer pressing questions by telephone, help with the selection of goods. You can call a specialist to take accurate measurements. He will offer our product catalog, calculate the cost based on your coverage area. Don’t delay the moment when you become the proud owner of a practical window decorating system.

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You can call our specialist with catalogs to take exact measurements and calculate the cost of products

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Price list

Wooden elegant blinds – an enduring trend

Today we have prepared an article on the topic: “elegant wooden blinds are an enduring trend”, and Anatoly Belyakov will tell you the nuances and comment on the main mistakes.

Elegance and aristocracy are in the details. Wooden blinds are a great way to combine comfort, sustainability and unique style in one piece of furniture. The undeniable beauty of natural wood gives the design a touch of sophisticated nobility, which is ideal for both spacious houses and comfortable apartments.

Dark wood in blinds, like chocolate, is never too much

Plastic and wooden blinds are a common attribute of offices, private houses and city apartments, the owners of which consider fabric curtains to be insufficiently effective means of protecting from excess sun.The wide range of roller blinds and roller blinds of the “inspire” series from Leroy Marlene allows you to choose the ideal product for any design.

Artificial materials delight with a variety of colors and textures, but the human soul often gravitates towards nature and wants to see the utmost naturalness around. Wooden blinds for windows every year acquire more and more adherents, delighting with natural beauty and unpretentious care.

They are used in a situation where the budget for the improvement of the premises is very limited. They allow you to refine office and retail premises, as well as decorate a children’s room. Bent parts are easy to straighten, and scratched paint can be easily repaired, making minor repairs easier if used carelessly.

Plastic materials are good for their low price, huge assortment (shades, texture) and durability. The blinds from the manufacturer inspire delight with durability – the old models, which fade under the sun for years, almost fully retain their presentable appearance.

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Plastic blinds are suitable for windows with a vent – due to their light weight, they are used for “point” closing of glass and can be combined with ordinary curtains. Also, plastic models are good for kitchens and dining rooms made in a rustic style (country, Provence), when it is important not only to create maximum comfort, but also to ensure ease of maintenance.

Wooden blinds are the choice of wealthy people who want to invest in home comfort. Natural materials create a favorable indoor climate, which significantly improves the quality of life. Usually wooden blinds are made from pressed bamboo or hardwood. Roller blinds made of linden, cherry, walnut or mahogany look amazing.

Blinds of light wood in a contrasting interior

Natural materials are necessary for decorating a high-status study, an aristocratic living room in an old style, an elegant bedroom or a child for a teenager who appreciates natural beauty.It is difficult to imagine other blinds for wooden windows, and expensive curtains go well with wooden materials, but often look out of place in a company with plastic ones.

Wood is a durable but fragile material. Small scratches on the roller shutters will be invisible, but it is extremely difficult and expensive to eliminate major breakdowns. But old wooden blinds look great – over time, the material only becomes more valuable, especially when combined with retro-style furniture. Responsible choice of these products guarantees a long service life and preservation of all the aesthetic qualities of wood.

Wooden blinds for panoramic windows

For a traditional interior, horizontal wooden blinds are ideal for controlling excess sunlight. Standard roller blinds delight with a simple control mechanism (manual closing, electric motor), beautiful weaving (strong cords or decorative braid), lamellas of suitable sizes. Inspire conservative blinds go well with simple furnishings and moderate colors.

Roller blinds made to individual measurements will serve as an excellent dimmer for windows with a small window or a ventilation mechanism.Do the windows open frequently? Install plastic wood-effect blinds to prevent unwanted breakage. Thick and translucent curtains go well with roller models – products are often combined in rooms facing the sunny side.

Venetian blinds made of wood of noble shades can become a continuation of aristocratic design

It is worth hanging vertical wooden blinds in rooms with an original design, which inspire incredible sophistication and visually expand the space. Vertical systems are demanding on the quality of the sliding mechanism and are equipped with an expensive hinge system.

Lamellas are made of mahogany or cork – manufacturers strive to demonstrate the beauty of natural material as clearly as possible. However, less expensive models please with successful castling for a wide range of other tree species.

Roller blinds made of veneer using the weaving method are considered budgetary. Thin lamellas are intertwined with discreet braid to create a continuous fabric.Such rolled products look great in combination with straight curtains made from fabrics on ethnic themes.

Inspire roller shutters and roller blinds are extremely unpretentious. Protective coating and special processing, reduces the intensity of dust and prevents fading of products. From time to time, the products should be wiped with a dry cloth or carefully vacuumed. In case of stubborn dirt, stains or fingerprints are removed with the help of special cleaning agents designed for wood care.

Unlike plastic counterparts, wooden products and curtains are perfectly combined with each other. Thanks to the successful combination of “sunscreen” products, it is easy to create the desired coziness in the room. Often, wooden roller blinds play a modest role and are not striking, and the curtains create the necessary color accent.

Curtains made of natural fibers, often of a rather coarse weave, go well with wood. Elegant, even too bright options from linen fabrics, or cotton canvases with original ornaments look incomparable.

Rooms in African or Asian styles require blinds with thin slats (rolled or roller shutters), as if woven from reed (bamboo, veneer). Windows with a vent are most often covered with discreet plastic accessories under a tree, and the entire window group is draped into exquisite curtains.
Do you need guaranteed comfort? Decorate the room with wooden blinds!

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Blinds have been successfully used for a long time both in office and in residential premises. Particularly popular are wooden blinds, which can complement all kinds of curtains and curtains, or completely replace them. The history of wooden safety shutters began many centuries ago. And, according to legend, initially they served not so much as protection from bright sunlight, but rather from immodest prying eyes (in fact, the word “blinds” itself is translated as “jealousy”).And the inventor of this device was a wealthy Venetian merchant, who thus tried to hide his wife from envious people.

By the way, modern blinds perform their initial function of protection from indiscreet glances no worse than their distant ancestors.

Wooden blinds are sun-protection devices consisting of fairly thin wooden slats, fastened together with a chain or a strong thin rope. Structural slats are made from durable beech, cedar, linden, or cork. From above, they are covered with a special varnish that protects the material from negative external influences.

Some products can be supplemented:

  • Switch or remote control for automatic control.
  • Decorative lacing, masking the joints of the lamellas.
  • Various weights for manual operation of blinds (made of wood, metal, glass and other materials).

Depending on the design features, the blinds are equipped with runners, control chains and fasteners.

The popularity of wooden blinds is largely due to the advantages of the material from which they are made. An important role here is played by the appearance, environmental friendliness, strength and durability of wood products.

In addition, the pluses of wooden blinds include:

  • Good regulation of the intensity of natural light in the room .
  • UV resistant. Thanks to careful sanding and processing with a special varnish, they do not fade even in bright sunlight.
  • Functionality. In addition to their direct “duties” they also serve as a beautiful addition to the interior, giving it sophistication and nobility. Wooden blinds make any room much more comfortable.
  • Versatility. Such products harmoniously fit into any design and are combined with various types of windows.
  • Easy to operate. Maintenance of such blinds does not require large financial and time costs.
  • Security. Wood is completely hypoallergenic and does not have any harmful effect on the human body, so wood products can be safely installed in bedrooms and children’s rooms.
  • Wide range. A large selection allows you to choose the most suitable blinds for the surrounding interior.

Among other things, psychologists and feng shui experts argue that wood curtains have a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of those in the room.

The disadvantages of wooden blinds most often include their price, which significantly exceeds the cost of plastic counterparts. In addition, wood products can swell and deform at high humidity. However, modern manufacturers in most cases have learned to deal with this last drawback using various technologies for processing and coating wood.

Nowadays, designers often use blinds when creating modern interiors. The reason for this choice of specialists is simple – aesthetics and comfort. In addition, suitable blinds can be selected for any stylistic orientation of the interior. I would especially like to highlight the wooden models of such curtains, which are distinguished by their environmental friendliness, practicality and beauty.

Everyone knows that the main quality of blinds is their level of protection of the room from the penetration of excessive amounts of ultraviolet radiation. Of course, now this thing has begun to fulfill not only a practical, but also an aesthetic function. In particular, blinds made of wood are able to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room, dosing and “softening” the sunlight. In addition, they are an absolutely environmentally friendly product (as opposed to plastic models), if, of course, all the requirements of GOST were observed in the manufacturing process.

Wooden blinds will become a good decoration detail not only for creating the interior of living rooms, but also for classrooms or offices. They can complement the design idea for both classic and modern interiors.

Lamellas (strips, the connection of which is formed by blinds) in such products, respectively, are made of wood, after which they are impregnated with various protective substances. At the final stage, the blinds are assembled, that is, a certain number of lamellas are combined into a single canvas. The most popular now are wooden blinds with a slat width of 0.25 or 0.5 cm.

Advantages of wooden blinds over other similar products made of other materials:

Many people are afraid to buy wooden blinds, thinking that they will look too simple on the windows. This is a common misconception. On the contrary, they add a touch of sophistication and nobility to even the most ordinary interior in terms of style. Feng Shui supporters will confirm that according to ancient oriental philosophy, a tree is considered a symbol of constant personal growth and material well-being. Plus, wood is a classic that is unlikely to ever go out of style.

The cost of wooden blinds is relatively high, but considering all the positive properties of this item, the money spent will definitely pay off in the form of a feeling of comfort in the room and high quality of the product.

There are the following types of wooden blinds:

  • Horizontal. They consist of narrow slats joined by a ladder made of rope material or fabric. These blinds look very elegant. Another undoubted advantage of horizontal blinds is that they can be hung directly on the window. This greatly simplifies the installation process and saves space;

Although this type of blind is not cheap, it does not lose its popularity in the design of houses and apartments.All thanks to the luxurious, rich and noble appearance, which fills the room with coziness and warmth.

Wooden structures fit into any interior and decorate it, as well as perfectly protect from light. Wooden slats do not overheat, which means they do not increase the temperature in the room, moreover, they are very durable and hygienic.

Venetian blinds made of wood can be either vertical or horizontal, it all depends on your taste and ease of opening the window. To maintain the proportions in the room, it is recommended to choose the width of the slats in proportion to the size of the window (the larger, the wider).

The main task of sun protection systems is to protect the room from sunlight. Probably most of us think so. However, this is not their only purpose. Using blinds in the decor of a room, you can give it a unique flavor, emphasize its purpose, make it more comfortable and elegant. And, despite the fact that these products have already firmly established themselves in the modern market, and there are a huge variety of them, world manufacturers offer more and more new options.What are the trends in 2015?

Among the new developments in the field of window decoration include roller blinds, which are fully consistent with global trends in interior design. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection – reflective, light-scattering, or completely blocking sunlight. Roller blinds look great both independently and in combination with organza, light tulle, traditional curtain fabrics or curtains with lambrequins.

Another hit of the season is vertical thread blinds (they are also called rope blinds or string blinds).With their help, you can zone a room, separating one part of it from another. That is, by and large, it is a thread curtain. They can be shifted to the side and the lamellas can be rotated around the axis.

Pleated (pleated) – another novelty – a very practical, multifunctional and aesthetic option for window decoration. Their peculiarity is that they are suitable for absolutely all window openings, even for their non-standard forms – panoramic glazing, triangular, square, or round windows. They will perfectly fit into any interior style, as they have many textures, shades, images, and they come in different densities.They are controlled by a rotary-chain, rope or removable mechanism.

Considering new items, one cannot but pay attention to photo blinds. Decor with their help will make any room completely original and unusual. Thermal printing is used to apply the pattern, so the image always remains bright and colorful, even under the influence of sunlight and with frequent washing with synthetic detergents. There are roll and vertical. In the manufacture of the first, the pattern is applied to a single piece of fabric.The latter differ in that the elements of the image are printed on each vertical strip, which are collected during editing into a single composition. This is a great option, both for decorating residential premises and for decorating windows in offices and commercial spaces.

If we list the novelties in the world of blinds, then we should definitely mention the “wooden” models. They can be horizontal, vertical, natural and laminated (covered with a thin film). More and more often you can see on the windows and “fabric” wood – a material like a mat used for the manufacture of vertical blinds and Romanesque curtains.

In the manufacture of fabric blinds, manufacturers began to use special coatings – Teflon, Scotchguard (which are not contaminated), and especially for medical institutions – antimicrobial.

Despite all the functionality of systems so popular today, you need to decorate windows with their help very carefully, carefully selecting this or that model to a certain style of interior.

Wooden systems will perfectly fit into the classic interior, as well as the interior decorated in the English style.They will create a cozy atmosphere, emphasize the status of the apartment owners, their maturity and excellent sense of taste. Such models are usually installed in offices, living rooms and other rooms with wooden windows.

Bamboo blinds are an excellent option for decorating rooms in the country style. Their models with prints will transform the room into something completely unique. They go well with plain linen and cotton fabrics. Horizontal aluminum blinds for plastic windows are more suitable for techno or high-tech rooms.

Using blinds for arranging a hearth, you can, slightly changing the situation, make it more comfortable and emphasize the sophistication and style of the interior. It is enough just to choose the right model, its type, color, size and suitable texture. It is not at all difficult to do this with us – among the wide selection of blinds in St. Petersburg, everyone will find what he needs.

What are the types of wooden blinds for plastic windows?

Wooden blinds for plastic windows are an indispensable attribute of modern windows, because they look stylish and aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, wood goes well with almost any type of interior. And it will look very harmonious when your house is decorated in an eco-style. In addition, the tree is also good for decorating a bathhouse, veranda or a guest house.

If you decide to install such blinds at home, then first you should study in detail the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent in these products. The advantages of wooden blinds include:

Bamboo blinds are always fashionable and modern

  • excellent appearance;
  • good protection of windows from intruders;
  • Excellent sun protection;
  • absolute safety for health;
  • perfect compatibility with any design;
  • the ability to quickly and easily carry out cleaning;

Heavy curtains with abstract ornaments – a good addition to wooden blinds

Important! Wooden blinds installed on PVC windows must not be washed with water.The tree tends to swell and deform under the influence of moisture, after which it will be very difficult to give the product its original appearance. This circumstance can be considered one of the disadvantages of wooden blinds.

Wooden blinds do not tolerate the neighborhood with a fireplace

The second drawback is the high fire hazard of such wooden structures. It is only natural that bamboo and other wood species catch fire very easily and can provoke a fire in a room. To prevent this from happening, they are equipped with rooms that have a dry, warm microclimate, and away from fire.In this case, the likelihood of a fire in the room will be the lowest.

Together with wooden blinds, use other decorative elements from natural materials in the room

It should also be noted that special cleaning agents must be used to clean wooden blinds, which must be applied with a dry or slightly damp cloth. It makes sense to periodically clean the product with a vacuum cleaner.

Original wooden blinds for a country-style room will reliably protect from prying eyes

As for the price, such wood products are not much more expensive than plastic ones.That is, they are available to the majority of the population, even with average incomes. At the same time, if the financial condition allows, it is quite possible to install wooden blinds made from valuable wood species on the windows.

Floral motifs on the curtains will add romance to the warm colors of the interior

In any case, in order for their positive aspects to manifest themselves, it is necessary to purchase only high-quality products. Therefore, when purchasing a product, you should carefully examine the appearance of the blinds.For example, the material of the product should not have deformations and mechanical damage. In addition, there should be no damage to the paint layer. You should not purchase blinds of unknown origin, as they often have a very short service life due to the use of low-quality wood in the manufacture.

Environmentally friendly hypoallergenic natural material is popular in the design of bedrooms and living rooms

Important! Wooden blinds do not emit harmful substances, unlike similar plastic products.

As a result, they can be easily hung in a nursery or any other living room. This circumstance must be remembered when arranging a room in an apartment for patients who suffer from diseases of the upper respiratory tract or asthma.

Wooden blinds made of elite wood species – the ideal solution for the little princess’s room

Despite the fact that all blinds have one purpose – to protect the room from ultraviolet rays, they have several varieties.So, today 3 types of these products are known:

Wooden blinds are quite easy to install and operate

  1. Wooden horizontal blinds. They are made from narrow slats of wood or lamellas, connected with a rope or cloth. Products made with fabrics look more elegant. A big advantage of this kind of products is the ability to attach them directly to the window. This allows you to significantly save space in the room.At the same time, horizontal blinds look best on dormer-type windows, since they can fit snugly against them, even at an angle. In addition, such products can be installed between glass panes.
  2. Blinds of vertical type. They are made from wide slats and are used in design styles such as Ethnographic, Oriental, Moroccan and Country. It is worth remembering that they are somewhat heavy, and therefore it is best to install them in living rooms or offices.Vertical wooden blinds go well with most curtains and curtains.
  3. Roller blinds. Here, strips of pressed bamboo are used as material. These products look great and can therefore be used in rooms such as living rooms and kitchens.

Wooden blinds are ideal for kitchen furniture made from good varieties of wood

In addition to the named division, there is a division into smooth and embossed products, into completely wooden and having metal inserts.They can be installed directly on the glass. Wooden blinds can have a pattern on their surface, which is important, as it opens up wide possibilities in the field of decor.

The choice of the most suitable option depends, first of all, on where you will use your blinds, because it should fit perfectly into the interior of any room. In addition, it is very important to choose the system that will fully match the features of your windows. So, the same attic windows are simply by their design not suitable for placing roller blinds on them, therefore, before buying, you need to clarify for which windows this or that product is best suited.

Natural blinds in warm colors are appropriate in a country house, in the country

As for the controls for these structures, they usually consist of a special cane or string. In addition, there are more advanced products equipped with a fixed or remote switch. At the same time, with their help, it is possible not only to start up and raise these products, but also to regulate the degree of lighting in the room.

Wooden blinds of different sizes will help to regulate the room illumination

If you want to install wooden blinds in your house or apartment, you will need to get a photo of them in advance.It is from the photo that you can decide how to use wooden blinds in the interior. For example, they can go well with formal classrooms. In addition, they can also be used to decorate the bedroom, kitchen and living room in the classic style.

Wooden structures are successfully used for room zoning

In the same case when you need to decorate a room in light colors, you can recommend a product made of white wood.It, unlike plastic, does not fade in the sun; such blinds can be made up to 2 meters wide. As for the material for such blinds, it usually comes from various exotic types of wood, such as bamboo.

Horizontal wooden blinds can be decorated with vertical inserts

Since wood is perfectly painted and varnished, you can choose these products for almost any interior. As a last resort, you will be able to paint the blinds yourself with various paints.The greatest chic in this case will be in the event that you pick up the blinds with slats of different shades from different types of wood. As a result, you will achieve a very interesting optical effect without using paint.

Wooden planks in various shades create an original visual effect

Note! It is worth remembering that the industry produces blinds not only from wood, but also from plastic, which completely imitates it.

Such “wooden” blinds look great, while they are not afraid of rotting and moisture, so they can be safely placed in the kitchen.These blinds do not collect dust and are antistatic. As a result, you get an almost ideal product for equipping utility rooms.

Plastic blinds imitate wood products, giving the interior a touch of home comfort

All options for installing the described structures in a residential area can be found on specialized sites on the Internet. In addition, you can turn to a professional designer for advice on how to properly arrange the windows in your apartment.In this case, you guarantee yourself an excellent interior that will look great even against the background of a standard layout.

Wooden blinds perfectly match rattan furniture

If you purchased blinds, you can hang them yourself. To do this, in the simplest version, you will first need to attach the pre-prepared slats to the guide so that the slats can move sideways. Next, 2 hooks are screwed to the ceiling and the cord with which you just connected the slats is passed through them.

Roller blinds in wenge color effectively set off the bedroom in beige tones

After that, it is necessary to release the cord down, making a loop out of it, while twisting its ends. In the future, with the help of this loop, you will lower and raise the blinds. At the same time, there are only 2 methods for their installation: above the window and inside the window opening. By the way, choose the installation method in advance, since the dimensions of the described product directly depend on the dimensions of the window opening, so try to determine them as accurately as possible.

Correct installation of wooden blinds will preserve their functionality

The installation process itself involves drilling holes in the wall and using various types of fasteners. In the case of placing the product over a window, you will have to sacrifice part of the area of ​​your premises. When carrying out installation, it will be necessary to observe accuracy and do all the work as carefully as possible, since a skewed structure will not work.

Wooden blinds on large windows will provide a good flow of light into the room

In the absence of experience in carrying out installation work, it makes sense to think about inviting a professional installer.This is especially true when you are going to install an expensive and complex blind system. Thanks to the work of a specialist, it will be correctly installed, which means it will work well and will serve you for a long time.

Installing wooden blinds on arched windows requires some experience

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What is the difference between wooden shutters and shutters

The vast majority of interior designers quite rightly believe that windows in a room are quite an important area, and its design should be taken with all the responsibility.Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of blinds from various materials. Some of the most unusual and able to give the house a special look are wooden shutters. They differ from other types in that they give the window a cozy, well-groomed look.

Wooden blinds will decorate any room

In addition to external advantages, such blinds perform several important functions that many customers have already appreciated. Wooden blinds perfectly protect from sunlight in summer, in winter they are an excellent additional barrier against frost and snow, in autumn they will protect glass from rain or hail.In addition, they will protect the house from uninvited guests. This is especially important for country houses and summer cottages, where the owners are not often. Wood tends to drown out sounds, so such shutters will be excellent sound insulation for a room. Wooden blinds are considered ecological and can often be found both in the city and in country houses. At the same time, there is a fairly large selection of colors and designs that will give windows and the general interior an unusual, modern look.

There are several options for wooden shutters:

  • Blind;
  • Model view;
  • Domestic;
  • Book.

The materials for these shutters are pine, oak, mahogany and some others. The most affordable is bamboo, which is now very popular, especially when decorating Japanese-style interiors.

Look great on the window

Shutters for wooden blinds have some drawbacks, they include their high price, because they are made of natural environmentally friendly material.

You can do it yourself

Therefore, having certain skills, you can make wooden blinds with your own hands.To do this, you need a high-quality processed wood, beams or boards are made from it, which must be well fitted to each other. The bars are fastened with transverse strips or metal corners. The finished shutters are attached to the window with hinges. Before carrying out work, it is necessary to take measurements so that the shutters do not deform and look neat and beautiful.

Another disadvantage of this type of blinds is their fire hazard, they are also inferior in strength to metal structures.Among other things, wood is a rather capricious material, it cannot be washed with water, only a vacuum cleaner and in some cases a slightly damp cloth or sponge can be used for cleaning.

Despite this, more and more lovers of natural materials purchase wooden blinds. Wooden blinds can now be bought at any company that manufactures and sells decorative items for windows.

In Yekaterinburg, the well-known company Arsenal A offers a large assortment of wooden blinds of different designs and colors, from light beech to the darkest mahogany.

Company address: Yekaterinburg, Shaumyana, 73, 3rd floor

Phone: (343) 222-01-01

In St. Petersburg the company “Art Shutters” sells all types of blinds, including wood.

Company address: St. Petersburg, Melnichnaya street, 22

Phones: (921) 570-40-45, (812) 987-24-22

The Eurodesign company in Moscow offers its services for the production of custom-made wooden blinds.The company specializes in the sale of various materials for window decoration.

Company address: Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 157

Phone: 8 (495) 973-38-64.





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  • Description
  • Installation types
  • Office
  • Correct measurement
  • Types of fastening


1.We make a product according to an individual sketch
from abash material.

2. We select the control mechanism in
depending on the location of the system.

3. We treat the surface with a refractory,
dirt-repellent liquid.



The service life is over 10 years.The warranty is up to one year.


Regular discounts, bonuses and installments allow everyone to purchase the design.


The use of environmentally friendly materials makes it possible to mount shutters even in rooms with allergy sufferers.

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On the sash

Wired control

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Smartphone control

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Measurement when installed on the opening


[W] = [W opening] + 10 cm
[In] = [In the opening] + X

If the installation is in the opening, then the calculation is as follows:

[W] = [W opening] – 0.5 cm
[In] = [In the opening] – 1 cm

Measurement using the holders of the lower cornice:

[H] = [In the opening] – 3 cm, for 16, 25 mm
[H] = [In the opening] – 4 cm, for 50 mm.

Measurement when installed on a sash


[W] = [W by glazing bead]
[In] = [In frame]

Measurement on a sash with conventional brackets and a cable:

[W] = [W by glazing bead]
[B] = [B by glazing bead] + 8 cm

With lamellas 16 and 25 mm, we carry out along the inner space of the sashes:

[W] = [W of the interframe space] – 0.5 cm
[B] = [B interframe space] – 0.5 cm

The depth must be at least 27 mm

(wall / ceiling)

For opening

For inclined

Universal side bracket

We will design the structure
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Service list

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Expert Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What color range
should you choose?

The room located on the north side will ideally fit lamellas of warm shades: golden, flesh.On the south side, cold colors are appropriate: green, blue, silver.

How to properly care for

It is absolutely impossible to wash lamellas made of natural materials – the coating will be damaged. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth, use a vacuum cleaner. Lightly remove stubborn dirt with a damp sponge.

Is it better to choose a technology with or without drilling?

With technology without drilling, the structure can be easily removed.Installation does not take much time. Drilling technology offers a more reliable mounting method. Both methods preserve profile properties.

Photo Gallery

Photos of finished works prove the uncompromising quality of lamellas and installation. Customers got rid of
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90,000 What is wooden horizontal blinds?

Hello dear friends!

One of the very interesting types of horizontal blinds is wooden horizontal blinds.

What is it, how this type of horizontal blinds differs from other types of blinds, what are the features of measurements, installation, operation, aesthetic impact and interior value of wooden horizontal blinds? … Let’s try to figure it out together …

Undoubtedly, wooden horizontal blinds belong to the highest price category of horizontal blinds, to the elite, as they say now, segment of the blinds market, to luxury stile, in the language of marketing.

Wooden horizontal blinds – first of all, a status, image product, designed not so much to protect windows from the sun (although these blinds do an excellent job with this function as well), but to emphasize the solidity and high level of the room, and, consequently, the solidity , high level and confidence in the future of the owners of this premises. Such blinds will be more than appropriate in offices, meeting rooms, offices of managers of a reputable business – such qualities of wooden horizontal blinds as their ability to form a sense of prestige, prosperity, negotiability and general solidity will be most revealed there.In general, wooden blinds of dark shades, shades of natural wood are preferable for use in offices, but in some cases, if this is supported by a general interior solution in a “light key”, it is quite possible to use light or even just white wooden horizontal blinds – with the successful work of the designer of the general interior, this can give the room a feeling of real luxury.

At the same time, wooden horizontal blinds can also be used in private interiors (the owner’s office, veranda, gazebo, etc.), in these rooms the wooden texture of the blinds, the jute texture of the braid can be very successfully revealed, giving the interiors the features of a cozy and warm style “country”…

Wooden horizontal blinds are a rather heavy and bulky product, so it is not advisable to put it on each window sash. It is more practical to install wooden horizontal blinds in front of the window, or in the window opening – on the ceiling of the window slope.

Lamellas of horizontal blinds can be 25, 35, 50 and 70 mm wide. The lamellas of wooden horizontal blinds can be made both from natural wood and from MDF board with the application of a decorative film.

Maintenance of wooden horizontal blinds is easy. A vacuum cleaner and a damp sponge will handle almost any dirt on this product.

We will be glad to answer all your questions!

Successful and pleasant shopping!

Poznyak Igor Fedorovich,
Director of the company “Norma-S”

Window decoration: how to decorate a window with curtains, shutters or blinds

Apartment on Patriarch’s Ponds, designed by Daria Susekova. Photo: Sergey Ananiev.Stylist: Daria Soboleva.

Geometric curtains

How to arrange a bay window? Such a semicircular version with panoramic windows is a great luck for a Moscow apartment, so it should be emphasized and not hidden behind curtains. For this task, the designer Nadya Zotova chose unusual Roman blinds, which are made in the shape of a triangle at the bottom and decorated with tassels. This is visible only when the curtains are rolled up, but they immediately draw attention to themselves.

Apartment designed by Nadia Zotova.Photo: Natalia Vershinina. Stylist: Natalia Divien.

Austrian curtains

Probably the most elegant type of curtains are French curtains, which were often used to decorate royal residences and theaters. In modern interiors, such window decoration will look inappropriate, but you can use their more modern version or what is now called Austrian curtains – folds appear on them only when the curtains are pulled together. And still, they will fit better into the classic style (for example, a bathroom in a house designed by Natalia Popova).

House in the Moscow region designed by Natalia Popova. Photo: Sergey Ananiev. Stylist: Natalia Onufreychuk.

Curtains for half a window

They are also called “cafe curtains” – in the 19th century, such curtains were popular in small European coffee houses, as they allowed guests to be provided with privacy at the table without having to close the entire window. Now such curtains are used for the same purpose, but in living quarters – especially true for those who live on the ground floor. They can be combined with ordinary curtains, as the designer Angelina Borodkina did.

Country house designed by Igor Kurkin in New Moscow. Photo: Evgeny Kulibaba. Stylist: Lyudmila Krishtaleva.

Translucent dark curtains

Agree, it’s not so easy to beautifully fit light curtains or tulle into a dark interior – it’s easier to choose window decoration options to match the main color scheme of the apartment. And in order not to get bored, experiment with materials and style: light curtains in metallic color in Harry Nureyev’s apartment are tempted to turn on disco music and arrange a themed party at home.

Duplex apartment of designer Garry Nureyev. Photo: Dylan Chandler.

Practical apartment in Moscow designed by Evgenia Nistratova. Photo: Olga Shangina.

Photo: archive of the press service

Selection of blinds

All of us, one way or another, are faced with the need to decorate window openings. Protection from direct sunlight and prying eyes, creating a cozy atmosphere and a harmonious, complete interior – this is exactly the list of tasks that curtains, blinds and roller shutters are designed to cope with.One of the most convenient and popular window décor options is undoubtedly a variety of blinds. They are not only easy to install, compact and very practical in terms of maintenance, but also allow you to adjust the level of illumination in the room, which is often not available with conventional curtains. Today we will show you how to choose blinds.

Blinds of light shades are better suited for small-sized rooms, while horizontal blinds are better to choose with narrow slats, and vertical ones, on the contrary, with wide ones – these techniques will make the room visually more spacious.Blinds are a great opportunity to add bright color accents to the interior, however, it is still not worth overloading the interior with a large number of different colors. In addition, if the windows face the north side, it is better to choose blinds in a warm range: different shades of yellow, orange, bright stripes of several different shades are suitable. For south-facing windows, cold colors are preferable: shades of turquoise, lilac, mint, etc.

Window geometry and measurements

Window geometry directly influences the choice of the type of blinds, especially when it comes to windows with complex and unusual shapes.For arched, round or dormer windows, it is better to call a specialist to take measurements and consultations. If you want to order blinds for standard rectangular windows, you can take measurements yourself, but you should be extremely careful and take into account a number of design features.

First of all, you should measure the height and width of the window and decide on the method of fixing the blinds. The curtain rod of blinds can be installed on the ceiling above the window, directly on the frame itself, in the window opening.

Tip: The curtain rail is the supporting structure to which the lamellas are attached. They are usually made of aluminum and plastic, but the latter are less reliable and can deform under the weight of the blinds.

Blinds will help where ordinary curtains are powerless

Fastening the curtain rod of the blind in the window opening

This option of installing the curtain rod allows you to save free space in the room, but you need to be prepared for the fact that for free movement of the lamellas, the window sill should be free.If you chose this installation option, you should subtract 2 cm from the measured window height so that the lamellas do not end up lying on the windowsill.

Blinds with an overlap attachment

Most often, the curtain rod of the blind is attached to the wall directly above the window or to the ceiling, as is the case with conventional curtains. In this case, the window opening is completely closed, but it is convenient to place indoor plants on the windowsill. In this case, it is better to order the blinds a little wider than the window opening – they should go beyond the window by about 15 cm.It is also important to remember that the distance from the blinds to the floor must be at least 5 cm.

In addition to the device of the cornice, a slider is of no small importance for the normal functioning of the blinds – a plastic device that moves along the cornice, to which, in fact, the lamellas are attached. The slightest gap on the slider can seriously impede the movement of the blind.

Memo: it is very important to immediately determine from which side your blinds will be opened and whether this interferes with the opening of the window itself.Horizontal blinds go up only, and vertical blinds can move from left to right, right to left, and also diverge in different directions from the center.

One of the key aspects when choosing blinds is, of course, their configuration. At the moment, three types of blinds are quite actively used in residential interiors: vertical, horizontal and roller blinds. Let’s consider their main features and characteristics.

Vertical blinds

Original vertical blinds with digital printing, “Creation Baumann”

Vertical blinds are visually more similar to ordinary curtains and are quite actively used in the decor of residential premises.They are especially relevant in small apartments, as they visually “stretch” the space. To neutralize the resemblance to office space, vertical blinds can be combined with lambrequins or light curtains, moreover, the variety of possible materials makes them appropriate in interiors of any style, both traditional and modern.

Memo: vertical blinds are quite diverse in composition and choice of materials. However, they are still uncharacteristic for rustic, Provence or country styles.

Most often, fabric vertical blinds that have been treated with special impregnations against dust, moisture, etc. are chosen for the house. Vertical blinds are more resistant to gusts of wind and temperature, they allow you to create diffused lighting and adjust the intensity of sunlight. Another plus of vertical blinds is the simple replacement of individual, damaged lamellas, if necessary.

Horizontal blinds

Various compositions of horizontal blinds.The external impression is influenced by the choice of material, the width of the slats and the type of cornice

Horizontal blinds are usually cheaper than vertical ones, although they require more effort during installation. They are very compact and are suitable for the smallest windows and any type of room.

Note: Often, for safety reasons, it is forbidden to hang fabric curtains in the kitchen in the immediate vicinity of the stove. Horizontal aluminum blinds can be a practical and safe solution to this problem.

Horizontal blinds go well with traditional textile curtains, tulle, lambrequins and, depending on the choice of material, are suitable for very different interior styles.

Solid dark wood blinds do not look at all “like in the office”

Horizontal blinds from different materials:

  • plastic blinds are the most budgetary solution, however plastic has an unpleasant tendency to turn yellow in the sun and deform under the influence of high temperature;
  • aluminum blinds of various colors – a more reliable and durable option, which is most often used in the decor of balconies, kitchens and bathrooms, if they have windows.An interesting option is golden or silver blinds made of light, perforated aluminum;
  • wooden blinds – not a budget, but very solid and visually attractive option. They are suitable for both a classic office and a retro kitchen and will delight your eyes for a long time;
  • Textile blinds are most often used in the decor of bedrooms and living rooms, combining them with translucent tulle or organza curtains. They provide pleasant, diffused light and help to create a cozy, romantic image of the interior.

Roller blinds

Lightweight roller blinds with a pattern, “Scaglioni”

Roller blinds, perhaps the most suitable type of blinds for private interiors, which is a kind of compromise between blinds and traditional fabrics. Roller blinds are a single, smooth canvas that covers the entire plane of the window, which is wound on a special horizontal shaft that allows the blinds to be fixed at a certain height.

Roller blinds will organically fit into almost any interior, due to the fact that they can be made from almost any fabric: plain, translucent, velvety, with bright prints, metallic thread, embroidery, etc. At the same time, they are perfectly combined with any curtains and curtains and do not cause “office” associations. Roller blinds with special impregnation can be used in rooms with high humidity.

A variant of the combination of roller blinds and asymmetric curtains, “Gruppo Carillo”

At the moment, you can choose blinds that are suitable in design and appearance for absolutely any windows, and the most popular among designers are eco-friendly, natural materials – blinds made of wood and bamboo.

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