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Top 50 Keychains For Women

Pearl Spring Love Symbol Key Romance Heart Star

Everyone carries a key ring. Along with our wallets and phones, it’s one of the things we always stash in our bags and pockets before leaving the house.

Here are our picks for top keychain:

1- Raylans Faux Rabbit Fur Unicorns Shape Keychain Pompom Car Bag Phone Pendant Key Ring

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2-DZT1968® Fur Ball Keychain With Ballet Girl For Handbag Key Ring Car Key

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3-Kissweet Cute Fox Pom Pom Fur Ball Rhinestone Keychain Bag Car Ring Keyring

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4-Joya Gift Jewelry Tortoise Shape Keyring Natural Gemstone Sea Turtle Pendant Keychain

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5-Kissweet Fashion Women Little Daisy Flower Ball Keychain Bag Pendant Charms

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6-Aibearty Cute Goldfish Crystal Keychain Animal Keyring Car& Bag Accessory Free with Gift Bag

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7-Clearance!Key Chain,Canserin Love Rhinestone Tassel Keychain Key Ring

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8-Kemilove Faux Rabbit Fur Ball + Cute Ears Keychain Handbag Key Ring

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9-DZT1968 Solid Color Imitate Rabbit Fur Ball Keychain Handbag Key Ring Car Key

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10-Motivational Fitness Keychains with Quotes, Weight plate, Dumbbell, and Kettlebell

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11-Owl Key Ring Chain, Nikang Handmade Leather Key Holder Metal Chain 

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12-Keychain for Women AlphaAcc Purse Charms for Handbags Crystal Pendant with Key Ring

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13-Bling Pink Crystal Heart Love Design Keychain Key Ring with Pouch Bag MZ802-1

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14-I’s Fashion Key Ring Silver Plated Charms with Rhinestone Crystal Keychains for Women

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15-Bling Rainbow Crystal 3D Crown Design Keychain Key Ring with Pouch Bag MZ849-4

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16-Bling Purple Crystal Pumpkin Carriage Keychain with Pouch Bag MZ893-1

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17-Bling Puffed Heart Love Design Keychain Key Ring with Pouch Bag MZ827-1

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18-AM Landen Rhinestone Lover Key-chain Bling Key Rings Handbags Charms

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19-Jzcky Shzrp Fortune Bag Crystal Rhinestone Keychain Key Chain Sparkling

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20-Bling Pink Style White Heart Love Design Keychain Key Ring with Pouch Bag MZ828-3

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21-Keychain for Women Rose Gold Key Ring Elephant Crystal Moonstone Purse Decoration

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22-Giftale Handbag Vintage Charms Backpacks Retro Key Ring Purse Indian Keychain

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23-Giftale Handbag Vintage Charms Backpacks Retro Key Ring Purse Indian Keychain

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24-Keychain for Women Gold/Silver Key Ring Monkey Crystal Moonstone Purse Decoration

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25-I’s Fashion Key Ring Gold/Silver Plated Charms with Rhinestone Crystal Keychains for Women

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26-Bling Faux Bow Design Keychain Key Ring with Pouch Bag MZ875-1

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27-Fashion Keychain for Women Gold/Silver Key Ring Bear Crystal Rhinestone Purse Decoration

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28-Keychain for Women Rose Gold Key Ring Cat Kitty Enamel Moonstone Purse Decoration

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27-Sewanz Women’s Handbag Key Chain Rings, Lobster Clasp Rhinestone Bag Decorations

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28-Sewanz Women’s Silver Blingbling High Heel Shoe Key Rings Key Chain Bag Decorations

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29-Art Attack Silvertone Rose Until The Last Petal Falls Red Bead Mirror Bag Charm Pendant Keychain

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30-Time Traveling Blue Police Tardis Box Enamel Metal Ring Key Chain Keychain

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31-MJARTORIA “Dad I will always be your little girl “Stamped Keychain Ring

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32-Sewanz Women’s Gold Rhinestones Bowknot Tassel Keychain Key Rings, Bag Deco Pendant

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33-Crystal Diamond Keyring Cute Turtle Keychain Bag Decoration Girl Women Gift

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34-Keychain,LandFox Cat Kitten Keychain Keyring Bell Toy Key Chain Rings

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35-Cute Pineapple Keychain Crystal Keyring Mini Bag Decoration for Girl and Women

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36-SBParts Cute Artificial Fox Head Pom Pom Fur Ball Rhinestone Keychain Bag Car Ring Keyring

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37-Bling Rainbow Crystal Ballerina Dancer Key Ring with Pouch Bag MZ885-1

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38-Aibearty Cute Goldfish Crystal Keychain Animal Keyring Car& Bag Accessory Free with Gift Bag

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39-Aibearty Cute Goldfish Crystal Keychain Animal Keyring Car& Bag Accessory Free with Gift Bag

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40-Aibearty Cute Goldfish Crystal Keychain Animal Keyring Car& Bag Accessory Free with Gift Bag

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41-Horse Key Ring Chain, Nikang Handmade Leather Key Holder Metal Chain Charm with Tassels, Tassel key chain, Handbag Accessories, Fashion Item, Car Key Chain, Gift Idea for Woman

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42-King&Pig Hot Fashion Women Rose Pendant Rabbit Fur Cony Hair Ball Pom Pom Charm Car Keychain Handbag Key Ring Pendant

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43-Giftale Heart Handbag Charms Accessories Purse Keychain for Women,#41817

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44-ZOONAI Women Cute Owl Tassel Keychain Car Keyring Holder Purse Handbag Pendant

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45-ZOONAI Macaron Cake Eiffel Tower Keychain Bowknot Car Keyring Bag Purse Pendant

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46-Pro Acme Opal Rooster Sparkling Czech Rhinestone Keychain Crystal Handbag Charm Key Chain

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47-Elesa Miracle Girl Women Fur Ball Rhinestone Ballerina Keychain, Ballet Dancing Girl Handbag Accessories, Car Key Chain

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48-Sewanz Women’s Diamante Pony Ribbon Keychain Key Rings, Bag Decoration Pendant

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49-Lerela Soft Fur Ball Rhinestone Owl Keychain Bag Plush Key Ring Car Key Pendant

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50-Keychain Handbag Key Ring Car Key Pendant Inlay Rhinestone Key Chain

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10 Best Keychains for Women 2021

Keychains for women can be used as a bag accessory. The women girls use keychains as part of their daily accessories. You can also choose keychains with various designs and raw materials by designers.

In this article, I will recommend ten of the best keychains for you, especially women. Keychains are generally easy to use and have several designs, motifs, decorations, colors, and prices. Choose a key chain according to your taste and adjust it according to its use.

How to Choose A Keychains for Women

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First, I will tell you how to choose keychains for women. Keyrings not only can make you look fashionable, but some have additional functions and have a luxurious appearance. Find the right one for you!

Choose Hook Ring for Your Keychain Safety

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the shape of the hook on the keychain.

There are various forms of hooks on key chains, such as rings, ropes, chains, and so on. For hanging keychains, the ring shape is the one we recommend most.

The shape of the ring is generally made of stainless steel, making it more durable.

Your keyring will also not come off easily, as if you were using a keychain with a string or chain hook.

Once installed, this keychain will stay in place without worrying that the hook strength will decrease.

Therefore, use this ring-shaped keychain to hang your important keys. This keychain can also be used to hang several keys at the same time.

Choose What You Can Write A Name or Message for A Gift

If you’re looking for a gift for women or gift for friends, choose a keyring that can be written with a name or message.

Even if it’s just a key chain, the gift will feel perfect for him if there is a name or message that can be custom written or printed.

For the people closest to you, choose one that you can set yourself typeface and font size.

Although ordering the keychain takes longer, this key chain will be only the first thing you have. So, you can choose it to be a special gift for your loved one.

Best Keychains for Women

1. Stay Safe I Love You Police Badge Keychain

The big keychain reads:”stay safe i love you.” The little badge shape keychain reads:”waiting for my hero”. Both with a handcuff charm. What a great way to honor the heroes in our life! These can be for a loved one, spouse, friend, family member, etc.

Here is the perfect gift to give to your spouse that is a police officer. Remind them how much you love them and to always stay safe doing their important but often dangerous work.

2. Wristlet Keychain

Still worried about losing car and house keys easily when you are outside? With the silicone keychain, it is easy to find your keys and you can truly free up both your hands for outdoor joy, having fun with babies, carrying shopping bags or work need.

The wide array of beautiful beads color match, with fashion leather tassel and practical swivel metal clasp of gold color, the latest fashion designs are adopted on silicone key ring bracelet, a true actualization of combination between practicality and aesthetics.

3. Crystal Keychain

Something for everyone, show off your personality with one of these cute crystal keychains for women or girls. Ideal for attaching to your handbag zipper and using as a zipper pull charm.

4. White Keychain

Made of soft silicone, these bracelets’ keychain will be the best accessory to organize your car key, house key, or your mini card wallet. The bracelet size allows easy slip to your wrist and even arm. The keyring, tassel can be detached from the bracelet by pressing the D shape golden ring.

Annabel bracelet keychain can be clipped to any handbag, backpack, cellphone bag, travel bag, etc. You can easily find your keys even in a bulky bag.

5. Bangle Key Ring

Let your hands-free, especially with having kids or always carrying too many things. Never worry about losing your keys! You can wear it to drive the car, shop, and travel, quick removal to own easy lifestyles. Bright colors bangle key ring, easy to find it.

3.7” diameter big round ring allows easy on and off, these oversized bangle keyrings can be worn on your hand or attached to your bag. Perfect for all women, girls, kids, and men.

Exquisite packaging with a creative hands-free circle bracelet keychain will be your perfect gift choice for your mom, lover, teacher, etc.

6. Personalized Leather Keychain — Custom Initials


  • MAXIMUM OF 10 CHARACTERS – ENGLISH characters only – Stamped on 1 side only
  • A-Z (CAPS ONLY), Numbers 0-9, and select symbols including (.), (&), (,), (♡) [Note: You can simply copy/paste the ♡ symbol.
  • Add foil to make your personalization stand out!
  • Please Note – Black and Chocolate leathers may be harder to read when stamped as leather is a natural material. Give your personalization an extra pop by adding foil!
  • If you have any questions, please message them.

7. Charm Keychain

A cute keychain makes changes and adds little bling to your keyrings and your handbags. The clasp and key ring holder are both rose gold-tone which are durable to ensure your keys safely.

The metal charm keychain has a rose gold plated lobster claw to attach to your things and a keyring to hold all of your keys. Sophisticated modern design and finely crafted details make this key ring outstanding and eye-catching.

This is a good accessory that organizes your keys or clips them to your bag, purse, backpack, and so on. Furthermore, it is very convenient to carry.

8. Crystal Alphabet Initial Letter

Update your everyday bag with this cute charm pendant keychain from AlphaAcc.

This charm keychain features a gold-tone pendant with a 1.20 inches ring trim for added flair.

With a spring clip fastening, this AlphaAcc charm can be attached to your bag or your bag strap, easy to clip onto car keys or purse. You can clip it on keys or add something extra to your bag as key rings charms. Super helpful when searching in your bag for your keys.

9. Macrame Keychains

Three styles with different braid patterns in a set for more choices. Best creative gift ideas for your families and friends who loved handmade macrame items.

Designed in simple natural color and texture paired with a geometric flair is sure to coordinate with any style. Each piece is unique adding to its individuality and character. Hang on your purse as a funky boho decoration or use it as a key chain for ease of finding keys in your bag.

10. Flowers Ball and Sweet Love Heart Rose Flower Crystal

Flower keychain makes changes and adds little bling to your key rings and your handbags. The clasp and key ring holder are both golden tone which are durable to ensure your keys safely.

Beautiful keychain with flower design and love heart crystal design which makes it a good valentine gift, Christmas gift, or even New Year gift.

50 DIY Keychains For You, Your Friends and Your Family!

Keychains are one of the top-selling souvenirs and gifts around. Which is why there are so many amazing DIY’s out there that involve creating rings of style for your house keys to dawn. Whether you need something simple to hand to your best friend as a thank you, or maybe even something for your child’s teacher as a gift of appreciation, these ideas will always come in handy. Check out these 50 DIY keychains for you, your friends and your family!

1. Leather Tassels

Miss Renaissance shows us how to make some gorgeous leather tassel keychains that would be wonderful as best friend gifts, wrapping toppers or even something to just whip up for yourself!

2. Ribbon

This YouTube video will walk you through the entire process of making these braided ribbon keychains. Perfect to represent favorite colors or even team or school spirit!

3. Plastic Animals

Ginger Snaps utilizes small plastic animals in such an adorable way! Add some color and then hook them on a ring to create something charming for your necessary keys.

4. Braided Leather

Here’s another leather keychain that you can DIY all on your own. Visit Thanks, I Made It to discover all of the details.

5. Jenga

All you need is some decorative paper, mod podge and a Jenga piece. Sarah Ortega gives us this inspiration idea. And we think it’d be great to add a bit of embellishments to them too!

6. Beaded

Sometimes the best thing is to do the simplest. Look how trendy and cute these beaded keychain are from Be Crafty, and there are endless designs to springboard from.

7. Colorblocked

The Crafted Life made these sweet and contemporary color blocked keychains. Made with leather and paint, they’re quite simple to recreate for yourself!

8. Colorful Carabiners

If you want to take a carabiner and make it a bit more stylish then follow along with this easy idea from The Curtis Casa. All you need is the right amount of thread!

9. Arrow Tail

She Knows shows us how to create these leather arrow tail keychains in such a simplistic way that even the most novice of crafters can follow along! And like the post states, these would be great gifts!


 Stitched Heart

This leather stitched heart is just too darling not try give a try at. Love Maegan has all the details on how to go about making this cutie from scratch, and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

11. Divergent-Inspired

Pitter & Glink uses her Divergent series fandom to create a keychain that’s not only chic but inspired by the popular books and now, movies too! Lovers of Tris will really love this DIY!

12. Gilded Horse

Earnest Home Co. gives us another take on the animal keychain we saw above. This gilded horse keychain is chic, it’s youthful and it’s so easy to make for yourself!

13. Feather

Of course, we had to throw in yet another leather keychain DIY – because leather is truly the best! Creative Bug makes this adorable feather piece, and we’re loving the splash of metallic gold!

14. Wine Corks

The Crafty Swedes  shows us how to upcycle some older wine corks and turn them into chic little keychains. A dab of color and you’ve got a personalized memory to hang on your keys.

15. Starbucks

Do we have any Starbucks lovers out there? Or any coffee shop, really! Everyday Dishes shoes us how to create a charm out of our favorites and have it jazz up our keyring.

16. Cord Organizer

Here’s a super innovative ideas that’s both smart and stylish. Monsters Circus gives you all the details on how to create this keychain that’s also a cord organizer – for your earbuds!

17. Glitter Heart

Flax and Twine shows us how to create a keychain with two styles wrapped into its design. With a bit of glittering glam and some rustic wood, you too can have this dangling from you keys.

18. Monogram

This too was made with the help of some leather. In fact, you may even be able to find an actual leather letter to use as did Thanks, I Made It did with this DIY.

19. Glass Orb

This project is all about personalization and we love that! Make Something Mondays gives us the complete breakdown and inspired for making these dangling cuties.

20. Pom-Pom

These pom-pom keychains will definitely give you a pick-me-up and a fun spirit. Plan B has the tutorial and all the know-how on making these cuties for you – and the kids too!

21. Macaroons

Once Upon Her Dream created a keychain that will have girls’ hearts melting everywhere. The “key” element in making this adorable piece is having the right kind of lip balm pot to get started!

22. Stamped Silverware

Have you ever wondered how to get silverware stamped? Well, with this DIY from Eclectically Vintage you’ll find out how and learn how to create a keychain from it too!

23. Fabric Scraps

Craftiness Is Not Optional shows us how to take fabric scraps and turn them into keychains! And we love how you can have an even more fun of a time by adding some embellishments – like buttons!

24. Baseball

Learn how to take the skin of a baseball and turn it into something useful outside of the field! These are really great gifts too! Just follow the tutorial here.

25. Conversation Chart

Polka Dot Chair shows us how to use leather (we love it!) and turn them into adorable and charming conversation hearts. Again, these would be great DIY gifts for your loved ones.

26. Stamped Brass

Over on the Etsy blog, you can learn how to make ones of these stamped brass keychains at home. These kinds of projects are great for getting your feet wet with more intricate crafting.

27. Personalized Blogger

The Benson Street has something special for our bloggers out there! Check out this tutorial and see how you can make one of these personalized cuties for yourself!

28. Maps

Check out these resin map keychains from Darby Smart! They’re so chic they look store bought, so hop on over and check them out!

29. Sailor Knot

Michael Ann Made shows us how to make a simple, sailor knot keychain. This is one of the most popular styles we see around about and now you can learn how to make it yourself!


Tiny Palettes

Look how adorable these tiny wooden keychains are! Mod Podge Rocks gives us this idea because of its ease of design. You can do some much on these little foundation pieces.

31. Chapstick Holder

Make It Love It has a super innovative idea as well. Create a chapstick holder that you can hook right onto your keys for easy accessed and a pop on color for your ring!

32. Lucky Penny

How does a bit of luck hanging on your keyring sound? Think Craft has everything you need to know when making a lucky penny keychain for anyone you love or needs the extra bit of karma.

33. Camper

Using perler beads you can create this adorable, vintage camper from The Scrap Shoppe! She even provides us with the pattern to make it right at home.

34. House

How does this minimalistic, tiny house look to you? It’s adorable right? Grab the details over at miniKUNST and make your way through the tutorial.

35. Fingerprint

With some oven clay you can create some fingerprint keychains of all your love ones. My Life of Travels and Adventures shows us how to make these and get the kids involved too!

36. Felt Friends

Repeat Crafter Me knows how to make adorable items for yourself and your loved ones. And these felt friends are no exception. Sidenote: They can double as Christmas ornaments!

37. Fruit!

Here’s another perler bead craft that we are swooning over! This fruit will bring a pop of color and personality to your keyring. Check it out at My Poppet Makes!

38. Shamrock

With some leather scraps, you can create this adorable shamrock keychain from Brit + Co. And you don’t even have to make it in green if you don’t want to!

39. Soda Can

Mod Podge Rocks took a soda can and made an adorable charm for your keyring! Hop on over and take a look at the tutorial!

40. Fendi Puff

Have you ever seen Fendi’s pom-pom accent? If you’re in love, visit Style Buddha and learn how to make one for your very own.

41. Diamond

Momtastic shows us how to create a stylish, geometric diamond out of felt! And the color combinations you can made will be so much fun.

42. Heart Baked

HGTV gives us a classic and fun project for the entire family to get involved it. Oven clay can be a real treat and it is so easy to work with.

43. Minimalist

Here’s a great minimalist-style keychain that will dress up your keychain but also make it to where you won’t ever lose your keys again! Brit + Co gives us this great idea!

44. Faux Banner

This isn’t leather but the idea is all the same. Simple, sweet and slick, check out how to make this faux leather banner from Francois et Moi.

45. Painted Beads

The Pink Samurai takes simple beads and turns them into something with so much personality and charm that we are swooning! Just look at this adorable little “bead” girl!

46. Mini Book

Have a place to jot down those genius ideas and moments by having a tiny book attached to your keychain that can be used as a diary to notepad. Wonderful DIY has all the details.

47. Geometric

Handmade Charlotte gives us the insight on how to create a geometric keychain for those that like contemporary styles but also more of a trendy spirit. Even your keychain can show off your personality.

48. Rope

Don’t you think these rope keychains are super sleek and chic? MyLifeBox Designs knows how to create these little beauties and if you hop on over you can grab the details too!

49. Macrame Lasso

For those with a more boho vibe, this macrame lasso keychain is definitely for you! Lebenslustiger gives us all the details and steps on how to make this happen, of course you can add some color too!

50. Mustache

Katrinshine gives us a keychain DIY that the men in your life are going to love. Learn how to make this adorable mustache keychain for your beau or even your dear old dad!

Handmade Keychain Doll | Cute Keychain for Backpack
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Whether these businesses are focused on clothing, jewelry, toys, or video games, cute business names are naturally powerful when it comes to marketing, precisely because of all the buzz the name could potentially inspire. Images that are made for “draw” are the best ones for engraving, but even cut out images looks great. It comes with: -Copper bar with her name. Now it’s even more attractive for a kid to wear! They keep your keys and other small items from going missing. Keychains & Lanyards … Bee and Honey Dainty Petite Simple Jewelry, Quirky Cute Animal Jewelry TheBonnyBoutique. 6. This is one of the best gifts for teenage girls out there! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Boys The Craft The Defenders The Dragon Prince The Elite The Emperor’s New Groove The Falcon And The Winter Soldier The Flash The Incredibles The Invisible Man The Land Before Time The Last Kids On Earth The Magicians The Mandalorian The Mummy The Office The Shining The Simpsons The Twilight Zone Thor Tinker Bell 95 Teenage birthday party ideas are tough because princess and pirate themes are no longer an option and you’re limited to what’s “cool,” which is an ever-changing thing. Regular price. Need a backpack that’s going to knock someone’s socks off? Shop Hot Topic today! Our Ita bag store is the perfect place for you to buy Ita bag in a variety of sizes and styles. With so many unique gifts, geeky merch & pop culture novelties – you’ll find something perfect for you. But we think it would work well for men. this was so wholesome so cute so everything that my teenage me in the past and my teenage heart now wanted all my life in the format of a book. 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Key Ring Clips Hoop,NOCHME 20 Pcs Metal Swivel Key Ring Hoop and Chain for Kids Men Women, Unisex Keyring Keychains for Car Key Family Key Hanging Toys DIY Accessories. Need a design that will store everything from a cell phone and personal documents to gym clothes and makeup? Boys Toddler Boys (2T-5T) Boys (4-20) Boys’ Shoes. So choose the best for that special man in your life and surpise him on his special day. 6. Long Hair Love_24 has uploaded 21950 photos to Flickr.

cute keychains for teenage girl 2021

10 things to put in a party favor bag for girls

These are the best gift items to put in a party favor bag

1. Jewelry – Girls love jewelry, they just can’t get enough of it. Be it a pink jewelry box or gold necklaces.

2. Lip Gloss: Lip glosses that come with sweet smelling favors are most preferred among girls. Present this item in a small and elegant case.

3. Small purses or leather party bags are great options to fill with smaller gifts. You can get specially designed and personalized wallets to your liking.

4. Fill the preteen girl’s party bags with a coloring game. Crayons, colored pencils of different sizes and shapes will do. Girls love to draw. So why not bring out the artistic genius in her?

5. Temporary Tattoo Transfers: Temporary tattoos of flowers, roses, watermarks, butterflies are easy to apply and erase as soon as you want them off your body.

6. Art Products – Get the kids creative by having them make various art products that they can take home with pride. Children love their own things; gives them a feeling of fullness. Having children make a cute picture frame is a good example.

7. Toys and Games – Inexpensive but cute little toys like keychains and yo-yo’s can fit in preteen party bags. Colored balls and balloons fall into this category.

8. Books – Respond to the curiosity of the preteen girls by placing a good and informative book in the party bag. A very good example is “Growing Up It’s a Girl Thing by Mavis Jukes”. This is a very good book that covers aspects of the preteen’s changing body, shaving, perspiration, and her first period. Search the market for more good books of this nature.

9. Rose – A cute little artificial rose could be the icing on the cake. Top it off with some well-written words like “Thanks for coming” and you’re done. I’m sure you can find more creative words to make them feel good.

10. T-shirts: If you have a big budget for the party, go to and order some custom t-shirts. Or better yet, get some simple t-shirts and have the tweens design them at the party.

These are the basic items that are usually placed in a preteen girl’s gift bag. They are quite inexpensive, but you must take into account the number of children attending your little daughter’s party.

90,000 Wholesale Keychains For Girls

PERFECT cute keychains for girls


5 Reviews
+ More

Get incredible discounts on cute keychains for girls and take home the very best with DHgate has collected the items you have always been looking for.If you want to shop from us, then you will not be disappointed – especially in our high quality Keychains at incredibly discounted prices. Does anyone have prices lower than ours? Of course no!

It is not new for DHgate to reduce prices, so we have a special offer for the outdoor metal folding chair.To help you save money, DHgate is offering you free shipping. You will be overwhelmed by the range of prices offered for Keychains. Believe it or not, there is free shipping on DHgate too!

Many retailers work with DHgate, so we can offer you cute keychains for girls with absolutely no shipping costs. Get more product information and customer service by looking at some of our 56 reviews from our dear customers. cute keychains for girls products and 24/8 Customer Service Our goal is your shopping joy; We offer a wide range of blue long hair, which is the best proof that everyone can find something for everyone on DHgate.You are just seconds away from ordering keychain at low prices! Just use the DHgate search filters to find your desired product from a specific category!

When using our site to select and buy null at the best prices, do not forget to leave your positive feedback. Why pay more when you can buy at wholesale prices? Order your favorite Keychains, Fashion Sunglasses Frames on DHgate with wholesale discounts and more!com offers many incredible wholesale deals for cute keychains for girls, including low prices, secure payment, and keeping you on your way to growing your business. With 15 years in the wholesale industry, has been supplying new items throughout the year with everything you need to customers all over the world and making every season the hottest season with the latest collections for any customer.

Keychains OWN HANDS – 72 ideas for phone, backpack, keys.

Good day everyone and beautiful ideas – today we will make keychains with our own hands (someone says “keychains”).I will show you the nicest patterns for keychains made of leather or felt. You can even sew such key rings from any dense fabric, leatherette, leatherette, felt, fleece, and even sculpt them out of wool using the felting method. The general patterns and patterns that you take here can be realized in any technique (even cut out of thin plywood or glued from thick colored cardboard, colored plastic). I specially selected such options for key chains that you can make with your own hands – ANYTHING, using any material.You can even sew pillows according to these patterns, like enlarged key rings. Now you will see these beautiful handmade keychains and you will understand for yourself that the material (leather, felt, fabric, wood) is not important. From what you make, it will be. You are the author – you decide.

Key rings in the form of dogs.

With your own hands, made of leather.

The easiest way to make a keychain in the shape of your favorite pet is to find the silhouette of your breed on the Internet (ask spaniel-silhouette-template-graphics in a search engine).

And then, from a single piece of leather (white), make the entire silhouette in profile, and individual pieces of leather (brown and black) will go to the addition in the form of spots. We pierce punctures with an awl at the same distance from each other – and create a neat contour seam.

To make the keychain volumetric, put cotton wool or synthetic winterizer inside (when you finish the seam).

It is much more interesting to make a keychain dog not in profile, but in full face. Here we also find on the Internet the silhouette of our dog breed.We cut out two parts – the back and the front.

And here we add one more trick – the front legs sticking out of the slot on the chest. It’s simple. Cut out the paws in one piece at once – like an oval horseshoe arch. We split two slots in the breast – we put our horseshoe into the slots, so that its legs stick out from two holes like a dog’s paws.

The nose of the dog can be expressed with a CONTOUR SEAM – as it is done in the photo below (Chihuahua keychain).

For the collar, choose a brighter material so that it does not merge with the color of the dog itself.We put the collar in a layer between the body and the head, but so that it sticks out under the chin of the dog (as in the photo with the keychain below).

Usually we sew overhead details (eyebrows, front part of the muzzle) with the same seam (thread with a needle) – as in the example with the pug keychain below.

But sometimes overhead details (muzzle in the photo below) are inconvenient to sew – naturalness and similarity with the breed will disappear. And then reliable glue comes to the rescue.

Note that you can also sew a furry chest under the head of a dog between its front legs.

And sew a flirty bow applique over the breast with one stitch.

The more complex your breed is, the more interesting and multi-layered our leather keychain becomes.

As you can imagine, all these key rings can be made of FELT. Exactly the same principle.

Or create similar crafts but made of wood or plywood. And then it will be interior gizmos that decorate the veranda, apple orchard, playground.

Where to get material

for the manufacture of key fobs.

Each of us has old unnecessary bags with frayed handles, scratched clutches, torn backpacks. They are made of leather … or leatherette. And we usually carry them to the trash can, or store them for years in the mezzanine, because we once loved them and we can’t raise our hand to throw them away.

Why throw it away? Let’s give them a SECOND LIFE in the form of fashionable keychains on the phone, on the keys, on the backpack.

HERE FOR EXAMPLE: Mom gave me a red bag. Plus, I have a blue one with gray and white inserts in my closet, I won’t wear it anymore.Also, my favorite coffee clutch is already ashamed to be worn in public.

TOTAL: I have a leather-like material in several colors – red, blue, gray, white, brown.

On this basis, you can already come up with several options for key chains.

  • dog, gray with blue ears and red tongue)
  • parrot with beige body, red-blue tail, red beak and blue eye.
  • red bull with blue horns and hooves
  • gray dolphin, white breast
  • white hedgehog with a thorny coffee skin.

Leather key rings

90,020 in the form of animals.

Pink bag can give life to a whole series of beautiful keychains at once. For girls, this is just a good topic. It can be a pink pig, a pink cat, a pink pony, even a pink hippo.

As I have already said, you can make crafts-key rings from wood using the same “patterns”. For example, like this …

Leather key rings


Stretching cats, sleeping cats, jumping cats – there are many templates and silhouettes on the Internet that you can use as a ready-made pattern for a keychain.With your own hands, you will give life to new beautiful images.

Let the imposing cats sway on the backpack, in the form of key rings for the phone, for the keys, for the car. Sew a fragrant cloth to them – and this will be a fragrance for the interior of your car.

You can look for BRUTAL pictures, and use them to make a keychain for a man – as a gift for February 23 or for another reason.

From a white bag you will sew white rabbits, white cats, white snowmen for the New Year,

If you add black material to the white, then you will already have key rings with a panda bear, with penguins, with black and white spotted cows.

Ideas can be found in cartoons, in coloring books for children. Look around, even on a jar of antipyretic syrup, you can see a CUTE MUD and embody it in the form of a keychain with your own hands.

DIY charms


Of course, the main consumers of key rings are little girls (from kindergarten to university). They like to attach cute cute characters to their bags, phones and keys.

The theme of Unicorns and cute pink and lilac ponies is now in vogue – make such keychains out of leather or felt.

They do everything with their own hands, owls – sew and you will be an owl keychain. Be in trend)).

And if you are waiting for a miracle – then create yourself a goldfish – let your wishes come true more actively.

You can make keychains for the year of your birth – born in the year of the Mouse – we make a keychain-mouse with our own hands.

Keychains in the form of berries, fruits, flowers look very beautiful – bright and juicy.

And closer to the New Year’s celebration, you can already with a dexterous and skillful hand make Keychains-Gifts for the New Year close to everyone.

But I will probably make a separate article on New Year’s hand-made keychains. And then the link will work here.

Here are such beautiful ideas with simple lessons for beginners you found today in the article about key rings.

Stay on the site Family Handful – and we will help you fall in love with this life.

Olga Klishevskaya, specially for the Family Kuchka website.

Read NEW articles on our website:

to your site.

Hairstyles for girls – 85 photos of cute and very beautiful styles

The desire to be beautiful is given to every woman from birth, so it is not surprising that even the smallest girls try to look attractive, dress up, do their hair and even try to put on their mother’s makeup.

Hairstyle is one of the ways to become prettier, that’s why moms do hairstyles for their little princesses. Special attention should be paid to festive styling, which can be very different.

The most important thing when creating a hairstyle for a girl is to take into account the personal preferences of the child and the age of the girl. So, for babies of childhood, you can make light children’s hairstyles for girls, but a more adult styling is suitable for a teenager.

Elegant hairstyles for 2-5 year old girls

All children and girls are no exception, at the age of 2-5 they move a lot, respectively, their hair should not be tightly styled, and the hairstyle should not crumble during active games.

Of course, this problem can be partially solved by various ornaments designed for children’s hair.

Small rubber bands have become the most popular children’s hair decor among mothers, with the help of which you can make light hairstyles for girls 3-5 years old.


It is best to use elastic bands of the same color for this hairstyle.

  • In the area of ​​the bangs, you need to carefully separate the lock and collect it in a ponytail.
  • Next, you need to make an even parting, while one side of the hair needs to be fixed for a while with a hair clip.
  • The rest of the hair must be divided into three equal strands.
  • Then the tail located in the center must be divided into two identical strands, after which one strand must be braided together with the neighboring one into a tail.
  • Therefore, keep braiding until one side of the hair is braided.
  • You need to do the same with the next side.

This rather simple technique will make beautiful hairstyles for girls.

Elegant hairstyles for 6-9 year old girls

Usually girls from 6 to 9 years old already have long hair, so they can do hairstyles for long hair for girls.

For most girls of this age, a desire to look like a princess is characteristic, which means, by showing creativity and imagination, a mother can create a magical image of her daughter with the help of a hairstyle.

Braids “Little Dragon”

This technique opens up scope for creating a variety of hairstyles. Moreover, in order to create braids “Dragons”, you can use both straight weaving and oblique, and even weaving round braids.

Depending on the number of braids and their thickness, the final look of the hairstyle will also change.


Curls are a winning option for women of all ages, including young princesses.In addition, such a hairstyle does not require a lot of time and special skills.

In order to create luxurious curls for a girl, it is best to use curlers or make curls with braids. But making curls with a curling iron is not worth it, because such equipment has a bad effect on the hair of children.

Your daughter’s curly head will become even more charming if you add beautiful hairpins, ribbons or, as in the photo of girls’ hairstyles, or braiding elements.

Elegant hairstyles for 10-year-old girls

At the age of ten, girls choose more adult hairstyles. If the girl has long hair, then you can try to make her hair from braids.

Bun with braiding oblique

Many girls prefer strict yet feminine hairstyles. It is to these that the most different options for “bumps” or “gulek” belong.

These hair styles for girls are suitable both for daily trips to school and for festive occasions.

The main advantage of a braided scythe is that you can easily make it yourself, and without spending a lot of time on it.

For this hairstyle you will need:

  • Large hair elastic – 1 piece;
  • Tight hair elastic – 2 pcs.;
  • Invisibles – as needed;
  • Hairpins – as required;
  • Hair décor – at your own request.


First, you need to comb your hair well and collect it at the top of the head, forming a tail, fixing it with a tight elastic band. You need to put on a large elastic band on top.

Then the hair should be carefully spread on top of a large elastic band and secured at the base with the remaining elastic band.

Next, the lower hair must be divided into 2 strands, then each strand into 3 more strands and braided 2 braids.

Next, the braids need to be wrapped around the base of the cones and fixed with the help of invisible pins and pins.

If the hairstyle is done for a festive event, then the hairstyle can be decorated with beautiful hairpins, thus you get a very beautiful, festive look.

In the event that a girl has medium-length hair, then this is not a reason to give up this hairstyle. In this case, not a braid will surround the bun, but a decorative elastic band or an artificial braid in the form of a chignon, the main thing is that it should be the same color as the girl’s natural hair.

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