Cute conversation starters: 57 Killer Conversation Starters So You Can Talk to Anyone


57 Killer Conversation Starters So You Can Talk to Anyone

How can you have dazzling conversations with everyone you meet? I have a few tips and tricks to using easy conversation starters that lead to amazing and memorable conversations. 

A good conversation starter topic can make a normal conversation great. I have broken down this post into different types of conversational situations you might find yourself in. These conversation starters can help spark interesting, deep and memorable conversation with anyone.

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Conversation Starters for Any Situation

Let’s start with some killer conversation openers. These are great for simply opening a conversation with someone new or someone you haven’t seen in a while. And they’re far more interesting than the standard “Where are you from?” and “what do you do?” those are so boring. Try these instead.

  1. Tell me about you. This is a great one because it invites the other person to tell you something that they want to share. If they want to tell you about their job, they can. If they want to tell you about their kids, they can. And it’s a great way to know what’s at the top of someone’s mind.
  2. Working on anything exciting lately? This is my alternative to “what do you do?” Asking if someone is working on anything exciting helps the other person talk about something good in their life, as opposed to just giving you a boring update.
  3. What’s your story? This is an interesting conversation starter because it invites someone to tell you a story about them, and you never know what exciting thing they might tell you.
  4. What personal passion project are you working on right now? This is one of my favorites. You never know what secret side hustle someone has. I love asking this one to people I already know in one context, like work, but would love to know more about them personally.
  5. How do you know the host? This one can be modified to any kind of event. If you are at a party, hopefully you both have the host in common. If you are at a networking or work event, you can modify it to “How long have you been a part of this organization?”
  6. What was the highlight of your day today? This is a nice alternative to asking “how are you?” and it gets more interesting answers.
  7. What was the highlight of your week? This is a great one to ask instead of the standard question “How are you?” or “How’s it going?” It helps people share a positive story instead of just giving an autopilot answer of “Fine” or “Good.
  8. Have you been to an event like this before? This one can be modified for most types of events, from birthday parties (did you come last year?) to networking events (do you come every month?).
  9. What was the high-point and low-point of your day so far? This one is great if you have a talker. If you are speaking with an extrovert, asking questions for them to ruminate and expand on will tickle their fancy. Extroverts love this question.
  10. Has this been a busy time for you? I don’t always like to ask people about being busy, but I use this conversation starter if someone seems distracted or not engaged. Sometimes acknowledging their busy-ness can hook them in.
  11.  How’s that drink / appetizer / artwork / game? One of my favorite context cues is asking about whatever someone is holding or doing. Ask them about their wine. Ask them if they like the artwork they are looking at. Ask them if the food is good. These are very easy openers.
  12. Having fun? A really easy cold approach opener is to look for someone who is by themself, but looks like they are having an okay time. It’s easy to sit next to someone at a table, or stand next to someone at the bar and simply ask, “Having a good time?” or “Enjoying yourself?” It’s a nicer opener than just “How are you?”

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Keep the Conversation Going

Okay, those are my twelve killer openers. How about getting more personal? My next set of conversation starters are to help you continue the conversation.

  1. What are you doing this weekend? Ever had that awkward lull in a conversation? This conversation starter is always welcome. And, if it is a Monday or Tuesday, you can modify it to ask “Did you do anything fun this past weekend?” Sometimes, I also try “What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?”
  2. What are your favorite restaurants around here? I almost always ask for personal recommendations. They make great conversation starters. Why? I always get great tips! And if someone doesn’t have an answer because they are new to a city, you can talk about where they came from. Win-win!
  3. Keeping up with __sport / tv show / news__ recently? If you are up to date on news or sports, you could also ask your partner if they keep up as well. If so, great, you have a lot in common. If not, you can tell them about it!
  4. Can you recommend any unique cocktails / appetizers / desserts here? Another great way to get recommendations is asking what to order or grab from the buffet. If they haven’t eaten yet, you can go grab some food together.
  5. All the food looks so good… I’m not sure what to get! What are you thinking? Or what have you tried? A variation of asking for a recommendation is asking simply for advice on what to order. Even at networking events, you can walk up to the bar to get recommendations.
  6. What a beautiful / cool / ugly / bizarre venue. Have you been here before? One thing you will always have wherever you are, is context. Whether you are in a house, a restaurant, or a ballroom, there is always something unique to comment on and ask about.
  7. Did you see that viral ____ YouTube video? It was all over my social media today. If there is a great video you just watched, bring it up. If they have seen it you can laugh together. If they haven’t, you can show them!
  8. I’m making a coffee / going to grab a drink, does anyone else want one? This one is fantastic because you can use this to address an entire group–maybe your new team on your first day at a new job, or a group of people you are sitting with for a presentation at a conference. This can be a good way to test the water and open up further conversation with the people who join you on your coffee run.

When in doubt, if you feel a little awkward asking personal questions right out of the gate, use your environment and surroundings to create conversation. Comment on the food and drinks. Ask about the venue or location. You also can ask general interest questions, such as their favorite sports team or YouTube video.

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Take Your Conversation to a Deeper Level

Now let’s get to the deep conversation starters.

Let’s say you have been speaking to someone for a while, or it is a friend you have seen many times before and you need MORE to talk about. These are my deep conversation starters. In my book Captivate, I break down every interaction into 3 phases. The first 5 minutes — this is during your first impression when you are getting to know someone. The first 5 hours — this is when you start meeting for coffee, working together, or going on dates. And last, the first 5 days –that’s when you truly find friends, partners, and long time colleagues. These questions will help transition you from the first 5 hours to the first 5 days.

  1. If you had to pick any character in a book, movie, or TV show who is most similar to you, who would you choose? Why? This is great if someone has just talked about an actor or book or movie. It tells you a lot about a person to hear which character they feel most like.
  2. When you were growing up, what was your dream job? Is any part of that still true? I love asking this one anytime someone has just mentioned something about their childhood or growing up. It also helps you talk about whether their current job is similar to their original dream.
  3. What’s your biggest fear? Whew, this one is deep, but soooo good! It always sparks great conversation.
  4. What’s your biggest regret? Talking about regret can really help you get to know someone and their past. Only ask this if you really want to get to know someone!
  5. Who is your role model? If you are talking about an inspiring person, a boss, an author, or even a celebrity, you might be able to ask the person about their role model. This is a great way to talk about who inspires you too!

Remember: Be bold. Ask the deep stuff. If you are not real, the majority of conversations can hover on the surface-level topics. It’s refreshing to talk about more meaningful areas of our lives. It’s true, some of those conversation starters may be a bit forward, but if the conversation is progressing well, I encourage you to try them. You never know what you will find out!

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Conversation Starters for Work Appropriate Topics

The most successful professionals know how to both be productive at work and be likeable. How can you do this? You have to use the right conversation starters to open genuine, authentic conversations in the office. I love all of the conversation starters I have already mentioned for trying with your office colleagues, but here are a few more.

  1. Is there a charitable cause you support? Sometimes at work all you talk about is… well… work. This question is great to learn what someone is passionate about outside of work. Make sure you have your favorite charity picked out before you ask so you have a great answer too!
  2. I’m a bit nervous about the _____. Have you ever done it before? Sharing personal information to others can increase how likeable you are perceived to be, and can help form new social bonds. You can use this trick to start a conversation at work with a colleague, and get some good advice on whatever challenge you’re currently facing–whether it’s a new piece of software or a difficult client.
  3. What has been the best thing about working here? This is especially helpful if you are starting a new job. You can also use this one if someone new has joined the team and you want to share your favorite thing with them.

Have you learned any insider tips about working here? You never know what you are going to hear with this conversation starter! It’s a good one! I love to ask for insider tips and insider knowledge.

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Conversation Starters for a First Date

So you’ve ordered your drink and found a nice table. You know how to flirt, but do you know what to talk about on a first date? The best conversation starters for dating are ones that can give both of you an insight into the other’s personality and life.

  1. What job did you want to do when you were a kid? Maybe they wanted to be an astronaut, or a vet. You can ask follow up questions too. Are they still interested in space studies? What changed when they grew up. Do they love the job they are in now? This type of conversation starter can open up topics such as future goals and professional development too.
  2. If you had to pick one–skydiving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving–which would you do? This first date question is great to figure out if your date is an adventurer. It might turn out that they have done one or more of these things already. Or, they might be terrified of the idea of any of them. And if you are adventurous, good news: adventurous people are usually considered more attractive. Either way, you’re bound to get a great answer and an insight into the way they approach risk.
  3. What’s the most important thing I should know about you? On a first date, you are trying to really get to know each other. Basically, you are trying to suss out if someone would be a great fit for you (and you for them). This question is a great way to get to the heart of the matter.
  4. When you were a kid, what did you think your life would look like now? The ideal conversation starter for a first date is a Trojan Horse –something light and whimsical–and,actually, it’s a good excuse for you to share your aspirations with your date and open up potential conversations about your childhoods, education, or hobbies.
  5. Which of your family members are you most like? Are they particularly close to their mom, their dad, their great aunt? This question gives you an idea of their family setting, and also gives them an easy opportunity to describe themselves simply. They might say they are most like their godfather because they love books, or like their brother because they have a crude sense of humor. Their relationships with key people in their lives is likely to give you some insight into how their relationship might look like with you.

There are so many great conversation starters that can be used on a date. We even have a dedicated post on first date questions if you need even more ammo!

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Conversation Starters for Kids

“Sure, I don’t mind babysitting for the night.” The words kind of slip out before you can think it through, and you’re left with a kid you don’t know. Is Batman still cool? Are Dinosaurs? Is it even still cool to say cool?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. With these great conversation starters with kids, you’ll never run out of discussion topics. If it feels awkward, remember that research suggests back and forth conversations with children helps boost their brain development.

  1. Do you think there are aliens on other planets? This one is fun and there is no wrong answer; either way, the conversation will be great. If they say no, ask them why; if they say yes, ask them to think about what life on another planet might look like. Kids’ answers are usually surprisingly profound and creative.
  2. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Why? This is an easy way for a child to tell you about their personality. They might relate to a puppy because they’re playful and run around a lot, or a fish because they love swimming. Also consider, what would you be? They’ll probably ask you back, so make sure you have a good answer.
  3. When you’re a grown up, what type of house will you live in? This is a more exciting take than the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question. Loads of adults will ask that–b o r i n g. Instead, ask about what their house will look like. Do they want a swimming pool, a garden full of jungle plants, a slide from their bedroom into the living room? Encourage them to get creative. It might give you some fun home decor tips too.
  4. Who would win in a fight, a robot or a dinosaur? You can take cues from things around you–do they have some toys in the room, or a superhero on their shirt? Use this to form a question, the sillier the better. You’ll make them laugh, and they’ll rate you as the coolest grown up.

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Funny Conversation Starters

Funny conversation starters can be used in (almost) all of the situations above and they serve only one purpose: to make people laugh.

Laughter is important for bringing people together, so you’re sure to be the life of the party with one of these funny conversation starters.

  1. What was your worst fashion disaster? Everyone has a few outfits from their past that seemed like a good idea at the time. This conversation starter will help you get to know what the people in your life were like before you met them. It will probably come with a few great stories about their days as an early 2000s emo or 1960s mod. What makes this funny conversation starter especially useful is it can cross the age divide, bringing older members of the party into center stage with fashion faux pas from the past.
  2. What’s the most embarrassing thing you did at school / when you were a kid? This conversation starter works best in groups, when people will have time to think of their own story while laughing at the others sharing theirs. Reminiscing about the past can make people feel calmer (so it may be worth cracking open this conversation starter on a tough day at the office).
  3. If you had a reality TV show about your life, what would your theme song be? It’s a good way of talking about music without asking people what bands they like (which can be a bit stilted and boring), and it short-circuits any indier-than-thou posturing in the name of fun. Bring it to life in the style of a ‘90s sitcom by probing people on the cheesy clips that might accompany their montage bonus points if you get your friends to suggest your theme tune).
  4. What’s your plan if there was a zombie apocalypse? Honestly, you’ll be surprised by the amount of detail people can go into it while describing their remote getaway or elaborate escape routes. This funny conversation starter can turn raucous as you pick holes in each other’s doomsday survival plans.

It might sound counterintuitive, but despite learning some great conversation starters, keep it relaxed and natural. Keep these ideas somewhere in the back of your head for lulls in conversation and awkward silences;don’t try to crowbar them into a conversation that is naturally flowing in a difficult direction. Just be yourself, have a genuine interest in people and their lives, and try to learn about them.

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Calendar Specific Conversation Starters

You can also use time to help you think of great conversation starters. These are really helpful to have in your back pocket. Whenever there is an upcoming holiday or special event, I use these as a basis for fun and light-hearted conversations. Here is a calendar-inspired conversation starter list for you. Remember you can be creative with these as well. If there is ANY holiday or event coming up, be sure to ask about it!

  1. January: What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
  2. February: Do you usually celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you think it is a real or fake holiday?
  3. March: “I went to the coolest Irish bar last St. Patrick’s Day. Doing anything fun this year for it?”
  4. April: How long did you believe in the Easter Bunny?
  5. July: What’s the best fireworks display you’ve seen on the 4th of July?
  6. October: What’s the best Halloween costume you ever had? Or Do you like haunted houses or scary rides?
  7. November: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Dinner food?
  8. December: How does your family celebrate the holidays?

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Birthday Party Conversation Starters

If you have a birthday or are celebrating someone else’s birthday, I always ask these to get the conversation going:

  1. To the birthday person: “What was the highlight of your last year?” Or, “What do you want to achieve for next year?”
  2. To fellow celebrators: “How do you usually celebrate your birthday?” Or, “What was the best birthday you ever had?”
  3. To everyone else: “What was the best (or worst) birthday gift you ever received?” This is a great one to do around a dinner table. The answers are always hilarious.

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Tinder, Bumble and Other Dating Conversation Starters

Tinder can be a challenge to having deep conversations — but it can be done! The best conversation starters on Tinder or other dating apps isn’t always a cheesy pick-up line. Instead, you want an opener that works twofold. You want to communicate that you have taken the time to read their profile and learned something about them, and also to tell the other person something about yourself. It’s a win-win, and the conversation will flow naturally from there once you have found some common ground.

Choose one of these great conversation starters to open a conversation on Tinder, and modify it to show your own personality. You just have to fill in the blank:

  1. You have a ___? Me too! Tell me more. Anything you have that is similar to the person you are interested in is a great conversation starter on Tinder. We like people like us. This is known as the similarity-attraction effect. Fill in the blank with your similarity, and then ask for more details.
  2. Hey – you’re a _______? That sounds really interesting. What’s your favorite thing about your job? People love talking about themselves. Keep this in mind when you’re starting conversations online too. People are more likely to respond to you if you ask a question. It goes without saying, but modify this conversation starter depending on their profile.
  3. Sorry if this is a bit forward, but I’m going to try out that new _____ that opens downtown next week–would you like to come?  Straight to the point, this conversation opener makes it clear that you’re interested in a genuine relationship and would like to meet in real life. Make sure to keep your language casual and friendly, and you’ll ace it.
  4. Hey, how is your week / weekend going? This one is nice and simple, but can open a conversation to a lot of different directions–perhaps they’ve had a weekend stuck in the office working, or they’ve had an amazing week of sales. It’s important to give them some information to reply to, too.

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BONUS: How to Master Small Talk

Are you bored of the following questions:

  • “How are you?”
  • “How’s the weather?”
  • “The traffic here was pretty bad, huh?”

I used to dread getting these questions. But fear not! I now LOVE getting asked these normal conversation starters, all because I found one AMAZING trick to change them from boring to magical! Watch my video below to find out how:

Any and all of these conversation starters will work for you, if you are courageous enough to drop the boring ones and get to the good ones. Most people are so relieved to have you start and continue the conversation anyway! Remember, you also want to have YOUR answers to these questions ready to go. If someone doesn’t know their answer, you can jump in with yours to make them feel more comfortable. Good luck! Can’t wait for you to have your next convo.

225 Conversation Starters for Any Situation

What is your favorite way to start up a conversation?

Dinner parties and gatherings can be a little awkward, especially if you don’t know everyone in the room. These conversation starters are a great way to break the ice! And with all the holiday get togethers coming up, they’re sure to come in handy at the next party or event you attend. If you want to make sure to keep the conversation flowing at your get together, you can also create a conversation jar!

How to Create a Conversation Jar

A conversation jar can help you get beyond small talk and start a fun, unusual conversation! It assures that you have a few conversation starters in your back pocket. To create a conversation jar:

  1. Download and print the conversation starters below.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Place in jar or cup.
  4. Get talking!

Funny Conversation Starters

These conversations starters are good for people young and old! They are sure to spark some creative answers, get the group laughing and bring back some hilarious memories.

  • If you were in a circus, which character would you be?
  • What is the worst advice you have given?
  • What is one thing you should never say at a wedding?
  • What is the worst pickup line you have ever heard?
  • If you could only store one type of food in your pocket, what would you carry?
  • What is the worst present you have ever received and why?
  • If you were a farm animal, which would you be and why?
  • What is the worst first date you have ever been on?
  • Have you ever stalked someone on social media?
  • What is the best part about taking a selfie?
  • What is your favorite celebrity scandal?
  • If you could do anything illegal without getting caught, what would you do?
  • What is the weirdest food combination you’ve ever tried?
  • Did you have an imaginary friend? What was his/her name?
  • Have you ever had a dream where everyone was in their underwear?
  • Who’s your favorite comedian?
  • Have you ever been on a blind date?

Conversation Starters For Kids

As we all know, kids have big imaginations. Why not encourage them with these kid-friendly conversation starters? They’re sure to respond with unique (and surprisingly insightful) answers.

  • If you could make up a school subject, what would it be?
  • What is your very favorite letter of the alphabet? Why?
  • If someone gave you 20 dollars, what would you buy with it?
  • If you had a chance to eat dessert for breakfast every day, what dessert would you choose?
  • What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?
  • Which animal at the zoo do you like best?
  • If your friend is sad, what do you do to make them feel better?
  • If you had the opportunity to invent a new ice cream flavor, what would it be?
  • What is the silliest thing someone has ever said to you?
  • What’s your idea of a perfect playground?
  • What’s your favorite word?
  • Would you switch roles with your parent if you had the chance?
  • When was the last time you used the words “thank you”?
  • If you had a robot for the entire day, what would you ask it to do?
  • Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?
  • If you never had to eat one vegetable, which would it be?
  • What was the last thing that made you smile?
  • What is your favorite part about school? Your least favorite?
  • How do you make friends?
  • Who makes you laugh the most?

Conversation Starters for Teens

Sometimes teens can be difficult to talk to. If you have trouble relating to a teen in your life, try one of these conversation starters to get them talking about what excites them most.

  • What do you most like about yourself?
  • What hurts your feelings?
  • If you could be famous, would you want to? Why?
  • Who is a celebrity you admire?
  • What made you laugh at school today?
  • Did anything make you upset today?
  • If you could have more friends, would you?
  • What do you like most about your friends?
  • Is there anyone at school you’d like to know better?
  • Have you ever lost a friend? Why?
  • Where do you want to be ten years from now?
  • If you had $100, what would you spend it on?
  • Is there something you’d want to do as a family?
  • If you were to choose one way to be disciplined, what would it be?
  • What do you think are the best traits for a person to have?
  • Would you ever get a tattoo? What would it be?
  • What do you think is a good age to start dating?
  • Why do you think popular kids are popular?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
  • What is something you wish you could do everyday?

Deep Conversation Starters

Tired of talking about the weather, latest sports game, or what you’re up to at work? Get real with these deep conversation starters. Just make sure you’re ready for a serious conversation.

  • What are the top three things on your bucket list?
  • How do you think you will die?
  • What has been the lowest point of your life?
  • If you could ask for a miracle, what would it be?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
  • What would your ideal life look like?
  • If someone gave you an envelope with your death date inside of it, would you open it?
  • When have you been the most happy?
  • Do you know anyone who is living their life to the fullest?
  • What is your idea of the perfect day?
  • Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?
  • What book had a big influence on you?
  • Do you think your priorities have changed since you were younger?
  • What is the most memorable lesson you learned from your parents?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever done?
  • What scares you most about your future?
  • What keeps you up at night?

Conversation Starters For Couples

You may feel like you know everything about your significant other, but it’s easy to get in a routine and have similar conversations every day. Spice it up with these meaningful questions.

  • What do you think people need to know about each other before they get married?
  • What makes you very sentimental?
  • What do I do that makes you smile?
  • What is the best or worst trait you inherited from your parents?
  • What is your funniest memory of our dates?
  • Who was your first crush and why?
  • What three things do you want to be remembered for?
  • Is there a dream you’ve always had?
  • What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but are scared to?
  • What gives you butterflies?
  • What do you consider most romantic?
  • What motivates you most in life?
  • What things do you consider to be relationship deal breakers?
  • Do you think arguing is part of a relationship?
  • If we were to raise children, what are the most important things you would want them to learn?
  • How would you describe our relationship?
  • How would your partner describe you?
  • Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? How?
  • If you made a bucket list for us, what would you add to it?
  • How has our relationship changed since we started dating?
  • What do I do that comforts you the most?
  • In what ways are you most similar to me?
  • What makes you feel discouraged?
  • What is a significant event that has changed you?
  • If your life was a movie, which celebrity would play you?

First Date Conversation Starters

Let’s face it, first dates can be awkward. Start off on the right foot with these first date conversation starters. They’ll help you get to know the person and find out your common interests.

  • What’s something not many people know about you?
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What makes you laugh out loud?
  • What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?
  • Who do you text the most?
  • What do you like to cook the most?
  • What’s your favorite TV show?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • Who is most influential in your life?
  • What was your best friend’s name growing up?
  • How do you spend your mornings?
  • What’s your all-time favorite band?
  • What’s your dream job?
  • What did you study?
  • What did you want to be growing up?
  • What is the best pickup line you’ve ever used? Heard?
  • Do you have any nicknames?
  • What talent do you wish you had?
  • Where do you see yourself living when you retire?
  • What is your favorite weekend activity?
  • Do you have any pet peeves?
  • Who was your favorite teacher and why?
  • What makes you most uncomfortable about dating?
  • What is your favorite place in the entire world?

Dinner Party Conversation Starters

If you’re at a gathering with acquaintances, it can be hard to settle on a topic that everyone can relate and contribute to. Try one of these conversation starters to find similar interests! And don’t forget to show your appreciation to the host with a heartfelt thank you gift!

  • If you could have dinner with anyone living or not, who would it be?
  • Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  • What is the silliest thing you’ve posted online?
  • What was your worst wardrobe mistake?
  • What is the best restaurant you’ve been to?
  • What is your favorite kitchen smell?
  • When you die, what do you want to be reincarnated as?
  • What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?
  • What was your worst “foot in mouth” moment?
  • Who would you swap lives with for a day?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • What is the strangest gift you have ever received?
  • What is the funniest gift you have ever given?
  • What are three fun facts about yourself?
  • What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
  • Would you rather be invisible or have X-ray vision?
  • If you could only save one item from a house fire, what would it be?
  • What is the one food you could eat for the rest of your life?
  • How do you know (person hosting dinner)?
  • If you won the lottery, what would be your first big splurge?
  • What’s one movie you could watch over and over?
  • Where’s the most exotic place you’ve ever been?
  • If you could have picked your own name, what would it be?

Conversation Starters For A Family Gathering

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to talk about at extended family gatherings, especially if you haven’t seen family members for awhile. These conversation starters are family-friendly and are sure to engage everyone from children to grandparents.

  • What time period would you travel to?
  • What is one thing you can’t live without?
  • What is your least favorite chore?
  • What is your earliest memory?
  • Who are you most thankful for and why?
  • Where do you want to go on the next family vacation?
  • What’s the nicest thing a family member has ever done for you?
  • What was the biggest punishment you’ve ever received?
  • If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
  • What would be the first thing you would do if you traded places with your family member?
  • What instrument would you like to play?
  • If you could get all your family members to donate to a charity, what would it be and why?
  • Would you want to live on a boat, a mountain or an island?
  • What makes you most proud?
  • What three things are you most grateful for?
  • Who do you count on the most for help?
  • What would make you (if parent) most upset? A tattoo, a nose ring or a bad boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • What would be your ideal day?
  • What makes you the happiest?
  • If you could spend an entire day with a family member, who would it be and why?
  • If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?
  • If you could be any age, what age would you choose?
  • What’s one thing you’ve won and how did you win it?
  • What did you think was the most challenging part of being a kid?
  • When is the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?

Networking Conversation Starters

After you’ve asked “What do you do?” where should the conversation go from there? These questions will open up conversations beyond just discussing your job title.

  • How did you hear about this event?
  • What was the first job you ever had?
  • What’s a good place to eat around here?
  • What are you reading right now?
  • How was your commute here?
  • What fun plans do you have for the weekend?
  • What cool conferences have you attended?
  • How long have you been at your current job?
  • What’s the most fun project you’ve ever worked on?
  • Did you hear about (insert latest news topic)?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Have you ever won an award?
  • How old were you when you had your first job?

Conversation Starters For A Casual Get-Together

A casual get-together with friends is a good place to ask quirky questions. Find out fun information about your friends and acquaintances that you may have never known otherwise!

  • How long can you go without checking your phone?
  • Have you ever really kept a New Year’s resolution?
  • What bad habits do you wish you could stop?
  • Do you have a morning ritual?
  • Have you ever been stalked on social media?
  • Can you tell when someone is lying?
  • Are you a jealous person?
  • Do you prefer polaroid or digital cameras?
  • If someone offered to tell you your future, would you accept it?
  • Who’s your biggest hero?
  • Have you ever stolen anything?
  • If you were to remove one social media app from your phone, which would it be and why?
  • If you could have tea with a fictional character, who would that be?
  • What is your most embarrassing moment?
  • If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
  • If you could sit down with your 13-year old self, what would you say?
  • If you could only pack one thing for a trip (besides clothing) what would it be?
  • What makes you really angry?
  • What is your spirit animal?
  • What would be the title of your memoire?
  • What’s your guilty pleasure?
  • What would your theme song be if you had your own show?
  • What bores you?
  • What would you do if you were home alone and the power went out?
  • What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
  • If your plane was going down, who would you would call?
  • What would your rock band group be called?

Conversation Starters At A Bar

Whether you’re trying to meet a new friend or special someone, these conversation starters are a great way to break the ice! If you’re new to the area, they’ll also help you learn more about all the best spots to visit.

  • What drink do you suggest I get?
  • How do you get to X place from here?
  • Where is a good place to get food around here?
  • I’m NAME, what’s your name?
  • Are you having a good time?
  • Batman or Superman, who would win?
  • This song is so overplayed, I’d rather hear X. How about you?
  • What’s the worst thing one can say on a first date?
  • What made you laugh this week?
  • Are you having a good evening?
  • What do you think of this place?

See, striking up a conversation wasn’t so hard, was it? Whether you’re trying to meet someone new or just learn more about an old friend, asking out-of-the-box questions is a great way to break the ice and find out something new!

101 Great Conversation Starters

101 Great Conversation Starters

(Also see How to Start a Conversation)

Ice Breakers

  1. Where did you grow up?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. Do you have any siblings?
  4. Do you know what your your name means?
  5. What type of phone do you have?


  1. What did you do this past weekend?
  2. What are your plans for this weekend?
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  4. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
  5. What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
  6. What is your middle name?
  7. What was the last thing you purchased?
  8. What is your favorite holiday?
  9. What is your favorite day of the week?
  10. If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?
  11. What do you like to do to relax?
  12. Are you a saver or a spender?
  13. Do you play any instruments?

Childhood Questions

  1. What was your favorite children’s book?
  2. What is your first childhood memory?
  3. What type of kid were you (e.g. spoiled, rebellious, well-behaved, quiet, obnoxious…)?
  4. What is one thing you miss about being a kid?
  5. What did you want to grow up to be when you were younger?

School/Work Topics

  1. Where did (do) you go to school?
  2. What was (is) your favorite subject?
  3. What was (is) your least favorite subject?
  4. What’s the first thing you do after school/work?
  5. Were you the class clown or teacher’s pet?
  6. What do you do for a living?
  7. What is your dream job?
  8. If you had $10 million, would you still be working/going to school?
  9. What was your least favorite job that you’ve ever had?
  10. What is something that you have gotten in trouble for at school/work?

Relationship Questions

  1. What is the first think you notice about a guy or girl?
  2. Have you ever been in love?
  3. Do you believe in soul mates?
  4. What are your turn offs?
  5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  6. Do you prefer short hair or long hair on a guy/girl?
  7. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
  8. Who was the last person you called?
  9. Would you rather be rich and never find true love or be poor and find true love?

Sports Conversation Starters

  1. Who is your favorite athlete?
  2. How often do you exercise?
  3. What is your favorite sports team?
  4. Do you play any sports?

Vacation Questions

  1. Where was the last place you went on vacation?
  2. Where do you plan on going for your next vacation?
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  4. What countries have you traveled to?
  5. What was your worst vacation experience?

Food/Drink Topics

  1. What is your favorite drink?
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. What is your favorite meal of the day?
  4. Are there any foods that you dislike or will not eat?
  5. Are there any foods that you would like to try?
  6. What is your favorite restaurant?
  1. What is your favorite pizza topping?
  2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  3. What did you have for dinner last night?
  4. What is the signature dish that you cook?

Entertainment Topics

  1. Who is your favorite actor?
  2. What is your favorite movie of all time?
  3. What was the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
  4. What is your favorite TV show?
  5. What was the last movie you’ve seen?
  6. What type of music do you like to listen to?
  7. Who is your favorite music artist?
  8. What was the last book you read?

Personal Questions

  1. Who do you look up to?
  2. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  3. What are you scared of?
  4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?
  5. What do your parents do for a living?
  6. What is your biggest regret?
  7. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  8. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  9. What are some of your short-term goals?
  10. What are some of your long-term goals?

Fun Starters

  1. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
  2. Tell me about your first car.
  3. Do you drink coffee or tea?
  4. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  5. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could have only 1 item, what would it be?
  6. Do you believe in luck?
  7. Do you play video games?
  8. Do you believe people are inherently good?
  9. How often do you shower?
  10. What is your favorite board game?
  11. What is your favorite charity?
  12. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
  13. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
  14. Would you prefer to live in the city or a rural area?
  15. What is your favorite season?
  16. Do you speak any other languages?
  17. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
  18. What is the best thing that happened to you during the past week?
  19. What is the worst thing that happened to you during the past week?
  20. Do you sing in the shower?
  21. What is the most valuable thing that you own?
  22. What would you do if you only had 24 hours left to live?

102 Engaging Text Conversation Starters

via: Bigstockphotos / viewpart

You’ve got her number, you want to have a chat, but you just don’t have the right text conversation starters. Or, you didn’t, until now. 

One of the main tricks to how to get a girlfriend is simply figuring out how to text a girl in a way that makes her want to text back.

There’s a lot of advantages to texting over flirting in person. You don’t have to worry about looking nervous, you have time to think up the right comment, and you can get a lot more personal without feeling embarrassed.

For all that, you have to know how to start a text conversation with a girl and what to text a girl after you’ve got the conversation going to get all these advantages.

So, start where you need to start: use these conversation starters to make her eager to chat all day and all night, and maybe meet up in person for that big first date.


25 Best Text Conversation Starters

via: Unsplash / Maxwell Nelson

Below you’ll find some of our best conversation starters. If you’re going for a real banger upfront to get things started, this is where you’ll find it.

Here are the 25 best text conversation starters: 

1. What is something that is popular now that annoys you?

Sometimes those wacky, passing fads aren’t for everyone.

2. What was the last time you worked incredibly hard?

Push yourself daily if you want to always have an answer for this.

3. What were you really into when you were a kid?

I liked gems and minerals. I also collected keychains for some reason… Kids are weird.

4. What is a controversial opinion you have?

This can spark an extremely interesting conversation so long as you have an open mind.

5. What is the most annoying habit someone can have?

Bonding over dislikes is a surprisingly powerful way to get to know someone. However, if she never talks about anything positive… That’s a red flag.

via: Unsplash / Holly Mandarich

6. What do you bring with you everywhere you go?

Girls get purses so I’ve started carrying my new backpack with me everywhere. It’s ridiculously convenient and I highly recommend it.

7. Where is the worst place you have been stuck for a long time?

Airports, the side of the road, and inside an elevator with a bunch of wet dogs are all perfect examples.

8. What is something that really annoys you but doesn’t bother most people?

We all have pet peeves.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

What do you like that most people love to hate?

10. What trends did you follow when you were younger?

We were all a little confused in middle school.

via: Unsplash / David Grandmougin

11. What is the silliest fear you have?

Maybe you can help her overcome it!

12. What smell brings back great memories?

Smell and memory are two very powerful combinations. It’s been 10 years and Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret still takes me back to my first love in high school.

13. What are you best at?

Everyone has that one thing they’re awesome at.

14. What’s the best show currently on TV?

Impractical Jokers? Game of Thrones? Pawn Stars? Everybody has a favorite.

15. What cartoons did you watch as a child?

Childhood memories are fun to talk about because they bring you back to a time when life was much simpler.

via: Pexels / Pixabay

16. What do you do to get rid of stress?

How she deals with stress will tell you about how she’ll deal with you when you stress her out.

17. What is something you are obsessed with?

Hopefully not you.

18. Where is the most beautiful place you have been?

You should travel more. 

19. What weird talent do you have?

Everyone is a little weird. That weirdness is what makes us different!

20. What’s your favorite genre of movie?

A classic.

via: Unsplash / Yuvraj Singh

21. What is the most useful app on your phone?

Furthermore, how many apps do you have on your phone that you haven’t opened in the past 6 months?

22. What is the worst restaurant you have ever eaten at?

Hopefully not the one you wanted to take her to.

23. Would you eat at a restaurant that was really dirty if the food was amazing?

Dirty restaurants have the best food… But your stomach will probably hate you for it.

24. Do you prefer traveling alone or with a group?

Try solo traveling sometime. It’s hard to travel with people afterwards.

25. Do you prefer to go off the beaten path when you travel?

Or does she prefer sticking to an itinerary?

via: Unsplash / Holly Mandarich

6 Good Morning Text Conversation Starters For Her

via: Unsplash / Road Trip with Raj

Nothing keeps you in a girl’s mind like starting a great conversation with a good morning text for her. Try a few of these to start a tradition that makes you her favorite part of getting up.

Here are 6 good morning conversation starters for her:

26. You just popped into my head and I thought I’d say Hi

This is so casual and cute. I use it all the time.

27. Hey, good morning! I just looked out the window and saw what a beautiful day it was – it made me think of you.

Sweet, a bit flirty, and a great message to wake up to.

28. Rise and shine sunshine! Ready to make the world a better place? You have a way of doing that

Empower her and let her know how you feel all at once.

29. The whole world is ours, so let’s rock it. Good morning!

Tell her you’re a team and you can accomplish anything…together!

via: Unsplash / Artem Beliaikin

30. Good morning, do you have time to meet me for coffee?

Perhaps the simplest way to get a date right at the start of the day.

31. Good morning, how’s my favorite lady?

Cute, a little romantic, but not too committed.

6 Good Night Text Conversation Starters for Her

via: Unsplash / Rui Silvestre

If you and the girl you’re texting are more night owls than early risers, try some text conversation starters designed to be a good night text for her to send her sweet dreams of texting with you.

Here are 6 good night conversation starters for her: 

32. Always end the day with a positive thought and grateful heart. Good Night!

Good advice, and a great way to inspire her.

33. I know that you are busy, but I wanted to tell you to have a good night.

A subtle way to make her think of you without being a bother.

via: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

34. I just wanted to wish you a restful night’s sleep after your long day at work. How was work, by the way?

Give her the opening to unburden herself to you.

35. A good night has maybe a movie, some pizza and a couple beers; but do you know what will make it a great night?

Lead her into asking, and then invite her over for that great night.

36. Call me if you can’t sleep and we can talk all night if you want

An invitation you’ll be happy for her to take up.

37. Do you know my favorite reason to lose sleep?

An interesting topic she may spend the whole night chatting about.

7 Flirty Text Conversation Starters for Her

via: Unsplash / Samantha Gades

Texts are great partly because it’s so much easier to flirt for some guys. All you need are the right flirty texts for her, and you don’t have to stress about how to flirt with a girl over text or in person.

All it takes is a few flirty conversation starters. It’s just that easy.

Here are 7 flirty text conversation starters for her: 

38. I can’t even remember the last time we spoke. We need to change that.

A little coy if you were chatting recently, or a great invitation if it really has been ages.

39. I was going to wait another day or two to text you, but I can’t wait that long to talk to you.

It’s honest, makes her feel special, and starts a great conversation.

40. Stop sending me mixed signals and start sending me memes.

She’ll chuckle and know you like her, and you’ll get some new memes. A win-win.

41. My dog wanted you to know that he misses you.

A cute way to get her attention. Send pictures of the dog.

42. I suck at starting conversations. You want to try?

Put the conversation pressure on her, and get a smile while you do it.

via: Unsplash / Laurenz Kleinheider

43. You look so good right now. I can’t actually see you, but I assume you look good, because you always do

Sweet, silly, and a great compliment. An unbeatable flirty option for your conversation starters.

44. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. They were wrong. Whenever I see your pictures, I just think “Wow”

At least chuckle worthy, and sure to make her feel special.

8 Love Text Conversation Starter Messages for Her

via: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

When you’re getting serious with a girl, flirting isn’t enough when it comes to conversation starters. You need something stronger. That’s where love messages for her come in. Send these to show just how important she is to you.

Here are 8 love text conversation starter messages for her:

48. You’re Attractive, Gorgeous, Sexy, Intelligent, Smart, Charming, Sophisticated, Fit, Kind, and Generous. In fact, you’re becoming more like me everyday!

Flirty, silly, and full of compliments for her.

49. Your smile is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Put that perfect smile on her face with this one.

via: Bigstockphotos / deagreez

50. My six word love story: “I can’t imagine life without you.”

Nothing says love like this text.

51. You’re my paradise and I’d happily get stranded on you for a lifetime.

Poetry and romance in a single text.

52. The only time I stupidly smile at my phone is when I get text messages from you.

This one has the benefit of likely being honest.

53. I love all those things you don’t do: you never tried to change me, you never minded my quirky moods, you never laughed when I attempted to be serious, and you never turned away when I needed you most.

A twist on a text classic: tell her all the ways she has proven she’s the best girl out there.

54. You are my happy ending.

She’s like a fairy tale princess, after all.

via: Bigstockphotos / holbox

55. For once I don’t have to try to be happy because when I’m with you it just happens.

Make her happy by telling her how happy she makes you.

6 Text Conversation Starters to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

via: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

To take your text relationship to the next level, you’ll need conversation starters that show you how to ask a girl out over text.

Use these to open the door to that relationship you’ve both been circling around.

Here are 6 conversation starters to ask a girl out over text:

56. What’s your favorite restaurant or fast food place?

Get the answer and ask her to meet there.

57. Hey, I know these great places where they have (something you know she likes) Let’s go tomorrow!

The perfect transition to a date. Ask her to meet somewhere you know she can’t resist.

58. You are bored? Well, if you play your cards right, I could take you to a great place to have (something she likes) this afternoon.

Flirty and silly, but with a great opportunity to meet up for something she likes to do.

via: Bigstockphotos / JacobLund

59. Hands tired . . . fingers aching . . . all this texting is giving me RSI. Let’s carry this conversation on in person—after work good for you?

Get a giggle and a date from her in one text.

60. You’re ridiculously busy. I’m ridiculously busy. Let’s multi- task and do a study date. Just promise not to distract me

Start with books and move on to more fun activities.

61. You’ve never had Indian food? Well then, we have to get you some.

Start a potential relationship showing her you’ll open up new worlds for her.

7 Text Conversation Starters After She Didn’t Text Back

via: Pexels / Vlada Karpovich

The scariest idea when sending conversation starter is the panic you know you’ll feel if she didn’t text back.

There’s no need to panic, though, just throw out one of these texts to restart the conversation.

Here are 7 conversation starters after she didn’t text back: 

62. Wow! You’re playing hard to get already? Aren’t we moving a little too fast lady? We haven’t even dated yet!

Acknowledge the missed text in a fun way.

via: DepositPhotos / Khakimullin

63. I have to tell you a little secret: even my grandmother types a text message faster than YOU do.

Another one to make her smile at her failure to respond.

64. You seem to be busy right now, so I’ll leave you alone so you can do your thing!

A sweeter way to remind her you’re still waiting for a response.

65. Have you googled me yet?

She may just do it now.

66. Hey, I passed by that pizza place you were telling me about and thought of you. How are you? Up for a slice of pepperoni soon?

Turn the radio silence around and turn it into a date.

67. Oh so you fainted from excitement of getting a text from me? Totally understandable. Text me when you wake up.

A great way to move on from a good night text that she didn’t respond to.

via: DepositPhotos / sergio_pulp

68. I bet you’re having an awesome day.My day can beat up your day.

Now she’s curious.

12 Funny Text Conversation Starters

via: Unsplash / Austin Distel

It’s almost always great to start a conversation with a laugh! Whether it’s over text or in person, a sense of humor can really help let your guard down.

Next time you want to text her, break out one of these funny conversation starters! Expect a text back right away – these are too interesting to resist. 

Here are 12 funny text conversation starters:

69. There’s a spider in my apartment. Will you come over and get rid of it, or do you also have an irrational fear of bugs?

Sometimes it’s easier to be brave in front of others.

70. What’s your go-to video or gif for a laugh?

I love those bad lip reading videos.

71. What song has the best intro?

Are they good at knowing music from the first chords?

72. How many questions can you answer in just pictures?

Time to put those emojis to good use!

via: Unsplash / Markus Winkler

73. What app on your phone do you think I should get?

Which is the best time waster?

74. What’s the best photo you’ve taken? Can I see it?

Maybe one of them and one of something else.

75. Did accidentally sent a text to your parents that is something private?

What happened?

76. In your opinion, what’s the world’s most incredible job?

Would they do it without pay?

77. If you had the ability to break a world record what would it be?

Do they really want to be in that record book?

via: Unsplash / Marcel Heil

78. What’s the most bizarre thing you have ever eaten?

Would they eat it again?

79. Do you have a signature dance move that was posted on Tiktok?

Is it the floss, or something else?

80. If you were in a circus, what would your job be?

The Greatest Showman gave us all the ideas.

13 Deep Text Conversation Starters

via: Unsplash / Sarah Brown

Bored at night and want more than just a recall of the day? These deep conversation starters will get a meaningful talk started that may very well last until the wee hours.

Remember, if you’re going to ask, you have to answer! Make sure you are ready to put the work in when you ask a deep question. 

Here are 13 deep text conversation starters:

81. Do you keep in touch with your childhood friends?

Which ones made it this long?

82. What is your favorite item of clothing and why is it your favorite?

Do they have more than one of them?

via: Unsplash / Sarah Brown

83. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Did they need someone to help them get it done?

84. Have you ever had the opportunity to help someone?

Do they remember the details?

What would they want to replicate for their kids?

Has it changed as they’ve gotten older?

Or maybe they prefer private islands.

via: Unsplash / Chris Ried

85. What do you think determines happiness?

Can they be happy no matter the circumstances?

86. Do you fear change?

How do they manage anxiety around it?

87. Is there a relationship that you look up to?

What do they love about it?

88. Do you believe in other dimensions or parallel universes?

What is happening in the other timelines?

89. Do you believe in Déjà vu or synchronicity? Have you ever experienced it?

Is it real, or just our brain malfunctioning?

via: Pexels / Carlo Aguada

90. Do you think we create our own destiny?

Can we remake our paths to suit us?

12 Text Conversation Starters with Your Crush

via: Unsplash / K X I T H V I S U A L S

If you’re looking for a smooth way to get an exchange going, try out some conversation starters with your crush that are sure to get them interested. 

More than just, “how you doin’?”, these questions will have them wanting to tell you been more about themselves, and finding out about you as well.

Here are 12 text conversation starters with your crush:

91. What do you have planned this weekend?

Can you talk along?

92. What are you currently binge-watching?

What do they love about it?

93. I’m trying to pick a movie to watch and I’m curious: Is

Parasite as good as everyone says?

Maybe yall can watch it together?

94. Do you prefer coffee or tea, and why?

Can they take you to their favorite shop?

via: Unsplash / Harry Cunningham

95. Will you send me the best meme you’ve seen today? I need a good laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine.

96. What’s an emoji that sums up your day so far?

This seems like a great daily question!

97. What do you never leave your house without?

Is it chapstick? We all need chapstick.

98. What are some favorites on your playlist right now?

How often do they mix it up?

99. What is your favorite fast food?

Let’s go grab some!

via: Pexels / Caleb Oquendo

100. What talent do you have that people think is awesome?

Can you get an in person example?

101. What would make you stay up late at night?

Would you be bitter about it the next day?

102. Are you someone who likes to text people or call people?

Or are they more of an emailer?

Downloadable and Printable List of Text Conversation Starters

Here is a downloadable and printable list in jpg/pdf of text conversation starters (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

via: Mantelligence

How to Use Text Conversation Starters

via: Unsplash / Maliha Mannan

Now you have your conversation starters all lined up, it’s time to actually do some texting. Just follow these 5 steps to ensure a successful conversation.

Here’s how to use text conversation starters:

1. Get Her Number

via: Unsplash / Shawn Fields

You have to start with the obvious. You need her number. If she’s handing that out to you, you already know she wants to hear from you, which means you’re on the right track.

2.: Use What You Know About Her and Trust Your Instincts

via: Unsplash / Isaac Viglione

Choosing the right text conversation starter all comes down to building on what you know and trusting yourself. If she’s sporty, choose something in that category. If not, avoid it.

Work with what she has told you about herself and then make a call. You’ll find you’re usually right.

3. Choose the Right Time

via: Unsplash / Rachael Crowe

Texting her right before a big test is a great way to waste the perfect text. Choose a time when she’s likely to be available and eager for some text-based distraction.

4. Text Away

via: Unsplash / Hannah Busing

To get the conversation going, you’ve got to press “Send.” Don’t put it off. You’ve done the hard work choosing the conversation starter. Now use it.

5. Keep Extra Conversation Starters Close at Hand

via: Unsplash / Tim Tebow Foundation

You may or may not need more conversation starters, but it’s always good to have them ready. If she doesn’t respond right away or if the conversation lags, pick out another one and try your luck again.

More Ways On How To Talk To Girls

There’s plenty more to learn about how to communicate with girls beyond sending some text conversation starters. Become a conversation expert with these topics:

  1. Use compliments for girls to make her feel special when she talks to you.
  2. Find some things to talk about with a girl to keep the conversation fresh in person and in text.
  3. Make the feelings reciprocal with your excellent conversation by working on things to say to a girl you like to keep her interested.
  4. Avoid messing up a potentially good thing by learning how to tell if a girl likes you over text.

In Conclusion

To harness the power of the text for your potential relationships, you first need to figure out how to text a girl by working with top-notch conversation starters.

With the conversation starters listed above, you’ll always know what to text a girl and how to start a text conversation with a girl.

Once you’re texting away, the path to how to get a girlfriend will start to open up. So start texting, and get that little closer to your goal.

Funny Conversation Starters To Try Out

Feel shy and awkward? Or just fear being shy and awkward? 

You’re not alone — 40 to 45 percent of all adults consider themselves to be shy, according to Bernardo J. Carducci, Ph.D. Being an introvert can make it hard to start conversations, since there are often many things shy people tend to worry about when approaching someone new, like the potential for awkward silences, embarrassing moments, and that horror of all horrors, pointless small talk. To make things a little easier on yourself, it can be helpful to break the ice with funny conversation starters (just keep topics in the clearly “safe for work” category). 

Unless you happen to find yourself in a situation where you know a classic cornball joke will work, stick to openers that are a little more on the creative side to help work your way into a meaningful conversation. Here are a few idea topics to get you started: 

Funny Questions to Ask—That Can Elicit a Humorous Answer

People love to talk about themselves, and so asking a question is a good way to break the ice and get the other party going (which means less work for you!). Here are a few examples to get you started:

1. “What’s the most bizarre thing that you’ve ever eaten?”

Everyone’s a foodie these days — they may tell you about the first time they tried a certain type of food or followed in Andrew Zimmern’s footsteps.

2. “What makes you laugh?”

This can be a great way to gauge their sense of humor (and how far you can take things).

3. “Tell me the thing that made you laugh most this week.”

This spin on #2 is a little more specific.

4. “What was the funniest movie that you’ve ever seen?”

This is a way to find another possible talking point, as well as feel out more about their sense of humor.

5. “What is the worst advice that you’ve ever taken?”

It’s a personal question, but not too personal, and it has the potential to result in a funny anecdote — perfect icebreaker!

6. “What is the strangest question you’ve been asked in a job interview?”

Openers like this one are especially great at networking events and can lead to an exchange of stories.

7. “What’s the worst date that you’ve ever had?”

This is a good conversation opener in a variety of situations — and nowadays especially, there are plenty of quality Tinder mishap stories to go around. It’s up to you whether this qualifies as a good conversation starter on an actual date, though.

8. “What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever been told?”

This is a similar alternative to #7—and something everything has experienced.

9. “What is the magical power that you wish you had?”

Questions like this one are whimsical, childlike, and thought-provoking all at once.

10. “Know any funny conversation starters?”

Hopefully, the irony of the question won’t be lost on your potential conversation partner.

11. “What’s your favorite celebrity scandal?”

Even people that don’t follow the daily antics of celebrities will likely have something to say about this icebreaker. A similar option: “If you could be at a dinner table with any five celebrities, who would they be and why?”

12. “Did you ever have an imaginary friend?”

People love conversational topics that let them reminisce about their childhood. Hopefully, this will bring them to the past, not present.

13. “If you could trade lives with one person, who would it be?”

Most people have fantasized about having a different life, so it’s a related way to open a conversation.

14. “How would you spend your winnings if you won the lottery?”

Whether the response is silly, earnest, selfish, selfless, or just plain weird, this prompt is bound to get people talking.

15. “Are there any TV shows you can quote in your sleep?”

Everyone has a favorite show, and probably one they’ve seen many, many times. This question can also help you establish common ground.

16. “What’s the worst gift you ever received?”

Bad gifts can make for great stories later on.

17. “What’s a funny thing you believed when you were younger?”

Kids say the darnedest things.

18. “Who would play you in a movie?”

You’ll learn a lot about how someone perceives herself.

19. “What book would you bring to a deserted island?”

The response may shock you.

20. “Do you have any tattoos? What are they?”

This can begin a fascinating conversation about personal decisions.

21. “What’s your spirit animal?”

Dog, cat, bear, rabbit…whatever the answer is, it can tell you a lot about a person.

22. “Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?”

Yes. Yes, there is.

23. “Who’s the best movie villain?”

A Bond villain? Norman Bates? Freddy Kreuger? Voldemort?

24. “Who’s the best movie hero?”

Luke Skywalker or Wonderwoman?

25. “What’s one thing you would tell yourself 10 years ago?”

Everyone wishes they could make small changes in the way the did something or behaved.

26. “What happens after death?”

This can get a little dark, but most people have an opinion.

27. “Who is your spirit American Girl?”

This works best for a certain age demographic, but every 90s girl has an answer.

28. “Who’s your favorite Disney Princess?”

…As opposed to this one, which works for everyone.

29. “If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?”

They just can’t answer “infinite wishes.”

30. “What’s one power you wish you had?”

From flight to invisibility, the answers are endless.

31. “What’s your biggest pet peeve?”

At least now you’ll know not to do it.

32. “Does anything good happen after midnight?”

This may make people think.

33. “What’s the best season?”

Fall. Period.

34. “Do aliens exist?”

This question can open some serious discussions.

35. “What’s your favorite word?”

It makes you think about language.

36. “What’s your favorite number?”

It makes you think about math.

37. “What about our society would surprise a time traveler from the future?”

People have a lot of different opinions about how society functions—and how it misfunctions.

38. “What’s your guilty pleasure?”

Late night ice cream, romance novels, anything—this humanizes your acquaintance.

39. “Which fictional character would you want to be?”

This not only reveals personality but also literary tastes.

40. “Which fictional character would you date?”

Who doesn’t have a crush on a fictional character?

41. “What’s a secret talent you have?”

Maybe you can fit your whole fist in your mouth.

42. “What’s a funny prank you’ve played on someone?”

It could be good.

43. “What’s one embarrassing memory you have?”

Time to relive it.

44. “What’s a ridiculous WIFI name you’ve seen?”

Some people have pretty weird ones.

45. “Do you have a signature dance move?”

Try to get her to show it to you.

46. “If you could, would you live on another planet?”

And if so, which one?

47. “What TV show was canceled too soon?”

Unfortunately, there have been some untimely cancellations.

48. “What reality show would you appear on?”

The Bachelor or Survivor?

49. “What’s a silly nickname you have or have had?”

You can’t always control what people call you.

50. “What’s a nickname you wish you had?”

But if you get creative, maybe you can change that!

51. “If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?”

You’ll find out what kind of people your acquaintance admires.

52. “Would you ever read someone else’s texts?”

Is it ethical if you have a very good reason?

53. “Where would you most like to be stranded?”

Travelers might not mind it too much.

54. “Would you prefer a grand, public proposal or a private one?”

Some people love a grand gesture. Others hate them.

55. “What did you last Google?”

It could be something really strange…or pretty normal.

56. “What food do you avoid at all costs?”

You don’t have to be a picky eater to avoid some foods.

57. “What’s a lie you’ve told to get out of work?”

Come on—everyone’s done it.

58. “How would you commit the perfect crime?”

This one gets the other person to think.

59. “What’s a funny excuse you’ve given to leave a party early?”

Sometimes, it’s just time to leave.

60. “How would you ensure that a video goes viral?”

Some people are natural marketers—and storytellers.

61. “Have you ever picked your nose in public?”

And would you admit it?

62. “Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?”

And would you admit it?

Rapid-Fire Funny Conversation Starters

63. “Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin?”

64. “Would you rather have the power of invisibility or flight?”

65. “Would you rather lose social media or television?”

66. “Chocolate or vanilla?”

67. “Organization or chaos?”

68. “Dogs or cats?”

69. “Snakes or rats?’

70. “Immortality or the ability to read other people’s minds?”

71. “Would you rather live forever or be happy until you die?”

72. “Would you rather be too hot or too cold?”

73. “Books or movies?”

74. “Stinky cheese—yes or no?”

75. “Physical books or ebooks?

76. “Books or movies?”

77. “Can you follow Ikea instructions?”

78. “What’s your least favorite app?”

79. “Would you rather have room for growth or be perfect as is?”

80. “Would you rather live on Antarctica or Mars, assuming both could accommodate life?”

81. “Were Ross and Rachel really on a break?”

Funny-Yet-Deep Conversation Starters

You can still be humorous while digging deep. These prompts will get the dialogue flowing while prompting your new acquaintance to think. 

82. “What’s one thing you’ve never told your best friend—but will tell me?”

(Sometimes people are more likely to divulge their secrets to strangers than friends and family.)

83. “If you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?”

Time to delve into dreams and goals.

84. “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

Everybody has a flaw—and chances are they know it.

85. “If you had to have an extra body part, what would it be?”

Useful or strange, it’s something to consider.

86. “Did you ever do something bad and no one found out?”

If they’re willing to admit it, of course.

87. “If you were to trade bodies with someone of another gender for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?”

Some people think about it.

88. “Does fate exist?”

If yes, does anything we do matter?

89. “What’s the meaning of life?”

Does someone know the answer? Let me know.

90. “Where do dreams come from?”

And on the same note:

91. “Where do thoughts come from?”

Makes you wonder.

92. “If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”

Maybe there’s a “right” answer to this one…or at least a debate in there.

93. “What should your gravestone read?”

A little dark, but something about which people might have an opinion.

94. “Is there life after love?”

Hopefully, the answer is yes!

95. “What would you do in the prisoner’s dilemma?”

This one can get a real debate going.

Situation-Based Funny Conversation Starters

96. Tell a funny (but brief) story.

Everybody has a funny story that serves as their go-to at parties or job interviews and first dates. Instead of waiting to slip it in later in the evening, use it as a conversation opener. Just adapt it to fit the situation — i.e., so that you’re never naked or doing something illegal in said story. And keep it short and sweet so that your conversation partner has a chance to share their favorite gem, too.

97. Make an observation.

Jerry Seinfeld became rich and famous for his observational style of humor. Follow suit and find something funny to comment on — just so long as your observation is not at someone else’s expense. It’s never good to make a first impression as a “mean girl.” Instead, start a conversation by saying something about the situation that you find yourself in, like a comment on what’s for dinner, the temperature in the room, etc.

If all else fails, ask if they’ve seen the latest viral humor video or who their favorite comedian is. Asking an open-ended question about funny people is a great way to nudge your small talk in a humorous direction.

98. Have a little fun at your own expense.

There’s nothing like a little self-deprecating humor to help put others at ease and leave those awkward silences in the dust. To start a conversation this way, look for ways to contextualize poking fun at yourself; if you attend a formal event, for instance, and are underdressed, cracking a joke about how overdressed you are works.

99. Start a round of truth or dare.

Try to keep this light if you attempt the game. For instance, you might dare someone to order a glass of milk at the bar or ask someone to reveal an embarrassing secret from childhood.

100. Start of a game of “Never Have I Ever.”

Read the room. Does it seem like a fun crowd? Are people willing to poke a little fun at themselves? This game can certainly get the party going and help you get to know one another a little—or a lot—better. 

Start Talking

Humor can help take the edge off a situation, and having a few funny conversation starters at your ready is a good way to skip the lackluster small talk and get straight to an interesting conversation. Now go get talking!

Carly Zinderman is a freelance content provider specializing in lifestyle including travel, food, fashion, beauty, home decor, entertainment, health, fitness and wellness, and green living.


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50 First Date Conversation Starters

IF THERE’S ONE thing that can ruin a first date and ensure a woman’s first impression of you is a bad one, it’s crappy conversation. You need ice breakers, light-hearted queries, questions that provoke banter, laughter, and thought, as well as questions that dig a bit deeper and go beyond the superficial. To save you from endless awkward silences, we’ve compiled 50 first date conversation starters that do all of these things. Plus, they’re backed by professionals who know what they’re talking about.

Meet the experts: Sarah Jones is a relationship expert, and founder and CEO of coaching website Introverted Alpha, and Sameera Sullivan is the CEO of Lasting Connections, an elite matchmaking service. Read on. Your future dates depend on it.

1. If you could hop on a plane right now, where would you go?

Who doesn’t love to travel? Hermits, that’s who. If she hates planes, road trips, or has no desire to leave her hometown ever, that’s a good indicator of her ambitions and desires (or lackthereof). Otherwise, this question will excite her and you’ll learn what’s most appealing to her, Jones says. It promotes a good back-and-forth between the two of you.

2. What’s something I wouldn’t guess about you?

“This is a great ice-breaker because it’s a little mischievous and flirtatious,” Jones says. “It’s a sign you’d like to know her beyond surface level, while still giving her the freedom to reveal what she wants to share—and doesn’t.”

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3. What are you most passionate about?

This question lets you get a sense of what she feels strongly about and whether she’s spirited and heartfelt. It’s also the perfect way to gauge whether her level of passion is compatible with yours, Jones says.

4. What’s your dream job?

“This is a great query because a dream job merges meaning, passion, and lifestyle,” Jones explains. Better yet, her reason will be incredibly telling. Is it the money, the impact, the enjoyment? Each of these explanations reveals something about her character.

5. What sort of things make you laugh out loud?

If things get a bit awkward or serious, divert to a more carefree topic. Everyone loves to laugh, and talking about the things that make you both fall into a fit—cheesy pickup lines, dad jokes, a particular YouTube flick—gets the conversation flowing… and both of you laughing. Lots of laughter on a first date is a great sign, Jones says.

6. If work was no longer an option and you had plenty of money, what would you do all day?

This conversation starter can bring a light, playful, untethered feeling into your mix of questions, Jones says. “It’s also fascinating to hear anyone’s answer,” she adds. If she’d watch every television series ever created, and you’re an active guy who can’t stand to be indoors, well, that shows you might not be super compatible.

7. What do you like most about living here?

This question rocks whether you’re new to a city or you’ve lived there for years. “You get to talk about local places she likes, see what you have in common, bond over the people, culture, and why you moved to the area in the first place,” Jones says. Better yet: “Many second date ideas can be born from this question.”

8. What’s been the most significant or best year of your life so far?

If you want the conversation to become a bit reflective, thoughtful, and meaningful, this is a great fall-back. “Not only do you get to hear about her life story, but the snippet that’s most meaningful and important to her,” Jones explains.

9. What’s one thing you did as a kid that you miss most today?

She’ll get a little reminiscent with this conversation starter. It’s playful. And who knows, maybe you went to the same camp or vacation spot each summer. “It’s fun to see what you might have had in common as kids,” Jones says.

10. Who do you talk to the most?

You’ll learn about the people closest to her in life. Good: You can see if she has a tight bond with her parents or siblings. Bad: You can see if she’s still hung up on an ex. “The five people we’re around the most, shape us the most; her relationship to any one of her closest friends and family members tell you a lot about her,” Jones says

11. How did you spend your day?

Waiting to be seated at your table or for your waiter to arrive? Break the ice with a simple, straight-forward question like this. “You get a glimpse into her day, her job responsibilities, how she deals with stress, her energy level, tone, and how she spends her time,” Jones says. Those small details and what she chooses to focus on—whether good or bad—clue you in on her personality big time.

12. Would you go on a cross-country road trip?

This may seem a bit odd and specific, but how she likes to travel is sometimes even more telling than where she likes to travel. Does she only stay in five-star resorts? Is she into sustainable locales? Is she a bargain traveler? Is she up for camping and RVing? All these alternatives offer “insight into her lifestyle, taste, and knowledge about other cultures.” Sullivan says.

13. In a new city, what attraction do you have to visit first?

Some say you never truly know someone until you travel with them. Odds are you won’t be traveling on a first date, but this question (paired with the above) can offer a ton of clues about her persona. “This opens the door for conversation relating to history, religious perspectives, art, and culture,” Sullivan says. If she’s crazy about museums and monuments, you can infer she’s a history buff—or better yet, ask her if she’s a history buff. Let one question lead to another.

14. What are 5 things you want to accomplish before you die?

You’ll get major insight on her goals and priorities in life. You can gauge whether she’s philanthropic, an outdoor buff with a killer bucket list, and everything in between.

15. What is your favorite dish to cook?

“Learn about her culinary skills, what food she likes, if she’s into healthy cooking, and has any favorite restaurants, Sullivan says. Food is always a safe topic of conversation—and an endless one, too.

16. What are your favorite sports?

“If sports are big in your life, this will take you into a ton of subtopics,” Sullivan says. Ask what sports she’s interested in, what teams she roots for, and if she played sports in college. Depending on her answer, you can see whether you’re up for some healthy competition or standing behind the same teams. And if she doesn’t care, then you can decide whether it’s a slight turn off or a deal breaker.

17. What are some of your favorite TV shows?

Her interests are reflected in what she likes to watch on a daily basis. Does she only watch educational shows? Is she all about news or talk shows? Is she an absolute reality show junkie? You’ll also find out how much time she spends on the couch.

18. What did you do last weekend?

If you’re going to be compatible with a woman, you need to have common habits and hobbies. Ask her how she spends her free time! From this, you get a sense of whether she enjoys relaxing or letting loose when she’s away from work.

19. What kind of books do you like to read?

Is she on the road to self-improvement and solely reads to better herself and her career, or does she read for pleasure? Get into a conversation about what inspires her. “This is a good way to know what her intellectual interests and passions are,” Sullivan says.

20. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

“Instead of asking how close she is with her family, ask: ‘Who’s the most influential person in your life?’” Sullivan says. “This will tell you more about her family dynamics and close relationships she has with friends.”

21. Do you still keep in touch with childhood friends?

Unless she moved around a lot as a kid (this should spark questions, too), asking whether she still talks to friends from childhood will reveal how she values relationships and loyalty.

22. If you were stranded on an island and could take three things with you, what would they be?

Catching her off guard is a good thing so long as your intentions are innocent and playful. Despite the quirkiness of this question, you’ll find out what’s most valuable to her and the significance of those items.

23. What’s your favorite animal?

Light-hearted questions like this one can stir up memories from her childhood. It’ll also let you know if she’s a pet lover. It may seem silly, but if she hates dogs and your Husky is part of the family, or she’s got two cats and you’re allergic, things might not work out.

24. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Is she a thrill-seeker or a free spirit? You’ll find out if she’s been running with bulls or scaled a mountain. “This is a great question to see how flexible she is,” Sullivan explains. You can see if your personalities and interests jive, too.

25. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Ask about the little things that drive her nuts. “Obviously you’ll get an insight on her temperament,” Sullivan says. But you’ll also be able to reign in any bad habits that might prevent you from nabbing a second date.

26. What’s your all-time favorite movie?

“Her answer will reveal whether she has a dark, goofy, nerdy, romantic, sappy, or quirky side,” Sullivan says. Plus, you won’t be blind-sided if you make a movie date and you’re stuck sitting through a rom-com.

27. How do you like to spend your mornings?

It might seem super particular, but her morning routine is hugely revealing. Does she wake up, get ready, and rush to work with minutes to spare? Does she wake up, lounge around, read a newspaper, then get ready for work? Or does she meditate, go for a six-mile run, shower, and make a gourmet breakfast before heading out the door? These scenarios are snapshots of three incredibly different people and personality types.

28. How do you like to spend your nights?

Like the previous question, this one clues you in on how she spends most of her time and whether you’ll enjoy the same activities. You may love going out to bars and clubs for karaoke on a Saturday night while she’d rather binge-watch the latest Netflix series. You’ll see early on whether you’ll clash.

29. What are your quirks?

Maybe she leaves the TV on when she sleeps or likes to eat ice cream with a fork. This gives you a chance to see if she has any quirks that are endearing… or a turn off.

30. What’s you all-time favorite song/artist/band/genre?

“Asking about her favorite song, band, or artist of course tells you about her taste in music,” Sullivan says. But you can branch off and find out what her first concert was, who she’s dying to go see, and if the cards work in your favor, these bits of information can turn into a phenomenal future date or surprise.

31. What are you most afraid of?

This question can go the trivial or serious route. Try both. See what childhood fear she still has: Maybe she’s terrified of spiders, darkness, and basements. And ask what she’s most afraid of in life: Is she afraid of failing in her job, never getting the opportunity to travel, mending a particular relationship? You’ll see a vulnerable side of her without being too forward.

32. Tell me about your family.

Yes, this is a popular first-date question, but for good reason. Go ahead and ask the basic questions about how many siblings she has and how big her extended family is and let the answers lead to deeper, more meaningful ones. It shows you care and are invested in learning who she is from her roots and where she came from.

33. Who’s your best friend?

This may or may not be the same person she spends the most time with, but both people are obviously key to who she is. If her best friend is someone she grew up with or someone she’s close with because of a particular incidence (good or bad), ask her about it. This is someone she cherishes in life, so it’s a sweet gesture to show a genuine interest in that person, too.

34. Are there misconceptions about yourself you wish people wouldn’t make?

This is a ballsy question, so use your discretion. In the right context, though, it can let her clear the air or dispel any frustrating assumptions people make about her. Let her take this question where she wants, and don’t be too pushy.

35. If you were to patent an idea or thing, what would it be?

This question gives you major brownie points for being clever. You can see how her brain works and how clever she is, too!

36. What do you wish you were better at?

Ask her what skills she wants to acquire or hone in her career and life in general. If she’s ambitious, that can be a major turn on. It’ll also show you she’s humble and doesn’t hold herself too high if she points out some areas she wants to improve.

37. What’s been your biggest regret in life?

Like some of the other questions on this list, feel out the conversation and only ask this one if the moment feels right as it could make her feel uncomfortable. Try to slip it in to conversation if she mentions a career path she could have gone down or a trip of a lifetime she never took. Just tread lightly.

38. What would you be doing if you weren’t in your current job?

This is a twist on the “dream career” question, but will result in an answer like “lawyer” rather than “movie star.” What she went to school for may not be the field she’s in now. Likewise, what she studied in school may not be her dream career anymore. This is a fun way to pick her brain and get her talking about what her interests and passions are.

39. What did you want to be growing up?

You can use this question as a preface or follow up to No. 38. Both of you get the floor to speak about your childhood. You’ll have endless stories… chock-full of embarrassing confessions and lofty dreams.

40. What was your yearbook quote?

High school is a time of awkward stages and thinking you’re funny when you’re really not. Ask her what her yearbook quote was. If she didn’t have one, ask what it would have been, or what she would make it now?

41. What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard/dished out?

The experts agree: There’s nothing wrong with getting a little flirtacious on a first date. Ask her for some of the worst pickup lines she’s heard. You’ll get some laughs and can try some cheesy ones out on one another. A little banter is a good sign that your humor is in sync.

42. What’s the last event you bought a ticket for?

If she’s going to dish out $100+ on tickets for a Broadway show, sporting event, or concert, it shows it’s important to her and something she thoroughly enjoys doing. It’s a roundabout way of seeing what her interests are in detail without straight out asking.

43. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

You want positive vibes only on a date. By posing this question, you get her thinking about some of the best times in her life. You’ll also get a peek into family traditions and dynamics.

44. Are you closer to one of your siblings?*

You’ll find out how close or far in age she is with her siblings, how many brothers and sisters she has, and how they interact with one another. If you’re big on family, this question is a must.

*Of course, this only applies if you’ve already asked about her family and she does, in fact, have more than one sibling!

45. Did you have any nicknames growing up? Now?

You’ll get her laughing with this one. Sure, it might be a little embarrassing, but the stories behind the nickname will make for perfect, light-hearted conversation.

46. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened t

Share a funny story at your own expense first. It’ll show her you have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself. Then, she’ll be more inclined to do the same.

47. Do you have any hidden talents?

Maybe she’s a classically trained pianist or was a champion cup stacker in her youth. When you ask the right questions—even ones as simple as this—it can unveil a goldmine of information.

48. What talent do you wish you had?

See what talents she admires. If she’s always yearning to learn something new, it shows she’s inquisitive. It can also open the idea of trying something new together—like cooking—on a second date.

49. Where can you see yourself living?

This question is more revealing than you’d think. If she has plans to move to Toronto next year, she might not be in a place in her life where a long-term relationship is feasible. Likewise, if you’re deadset on living in a city, whereas she’s dying to live on a farm, there are going to be conflicting desires that can spell disaster for a relationship.

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50. What’s your favorite way to get active?

If you’re on this website, fitness and health are obviosuly important to you. Instead of asking her if she works out, see what her favorite physical activities are instead.

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101 Text Conversation Starters with a Guy (Flirty, Clever & Cute Ideas)

Have you ever wanted to text the guy you like, but just stared blankly at the phone? Don’t worry: it happens to all of us! It’s like there are so many things you could say that you have no idea where to start. If you need some ideas for text conversation starters with a guy, we got you! Try using some of the suggestions below if you get stuck, or use them to spark your own creativity on what to text.

Before You Read: Did you know there’s a way to text a guy that’s psychologically designed to make him OBSESS over you? Watch this video to learn how to do it.


  • I liked the pants you were wearing the last time I saw you. They’d look good on my floor.
  • Tell me something about you that you want me to know.
  • Ask me something. Anything.
  • Hello gorgeous. What are you doing right now?
  • What would you rather do today: Keep texting back and forth? Or do something fun with me?
  • Would you let me hold your hand while we’re watching a horror movie?
  • What made you want to get to know me?
  • Send a couple of photos of sexy lingerie and ask his help choosing between them.
  • Have you ever received a really weird compliment? What was it?
  • There are squirrels mating on my balcony right now. Made me think of you.
  • Send me a song that makes you think of me?
  • Or, send him a song that makes you think of him. Like this one.
  • You look amazing today. No, I’m not stalking you—you just always look hot.
  • What would your porn name be?
  • Do you have any tattoos? Don’t tell me where they are: I want to find them myself.
  • Guess what I’m wearing right now.
  • What’s your favorite breakfast? Just so I know in advance…
  • Can you cook? Or should I send you a list of my favorite UberEats restaurants?
  • Send a picture of a sexy/romantic painting or sculpture with the caption “thinking of you”
  • What would you want to watch for a Netflix and Chill night?
  • Can you tell that I’m texting you while naked?


  • Two truths and a lie: one time I tasted dog food; I have a phobia of moths; I drool in my sleep. Guess the lie.
  • What’s the worst pick-up line you know?
  • What mythical creature is your spirit animal?
  • Tell me the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • What’s the worst joke you know?
  • Have you been injured in a ridiculous manner? Tell me about it.
  • What do you think is the most horrible name someone could give a child?
  • If you were a type of cheese, what would it be?
  • Which actor would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
  • What’s the worst pun you know? Mine is ______.
  • Is there anything you love that other people hate, or think is weird/gross?
  • What’s the most embarrassing drink you’ve ever ordered?
  • Tell me about the most bizarre date you’ve ever had
  • Have you ever received a really horrible holiday present? What was it?
  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a place you’ve moved into?
  • Do you sing in the shower? If so, what do you like to sing the most?
  • What would you choose as your band name, if you had one?
  • Do you have a favorite word? Mine is _______.
  • Are there any foods you absolutely hate? I can’t stand ______.

For Deep Conversation

  • I wonder what the other versions of ourselves in alternate universes are like.
  • If you could go back in time and give your 12-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?
  • What podcast are you really into right now? Why?
  • Do you have a favorite book? What is it?
  • If we had a zombie apocalypse, what do you think your role would be?
  • What would you say is one of your guiltiest pleasures?
  • Is there a food or drink you’d really miss if you could never have it again?
  • Which supernatural being or thing do you wish was real?
  • What’s an unusual or outdated skill that you have (or would like to learn)?
  • Do you have a particular goal or dream that you want to achieve?
  • Are you happy with your career/job? What would be your dream job if you could have one?
  • If you could spend a few hours with anyone in history, who would it be?
  • What’s something about your culture that you absolutely love?
  • Are there any cultural things from your background/faith that you dislike or disagree with?
  • What’s the worst piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
  • Do you have any regrets? Care to share any of them?
  • What superpower do you wish you could have, and why?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are the top five items on it?
  • Are there any writers or philosophers that have really influenced you over the years?
  • Would you consider yourself religious or spiritual? If at all?
  • What kind of relationship makes you happiest/most fulfilled?
  • Do you have any dealbreakers when it comes to partners?


  • So, sometimes I talk in my sleep and apparently it’s weird stuff like “oh, that cloud really does look like a bunny”.
  • What’s something that made you smile today?
  • Send a photo of your pet with the message “My cat/dog/ferret wants you to know that you’re missed”.
  • They say that a person’s favorite ice cream says a lot about them. Mine is _____. What do you think that means?
  • Do you have a favorite comfort food? What is it?
  • Find a ridiculously adorable meme and send it to him—see how he reacts.
  • Just so you know, I’m totally stalking your Instagram/Facebook photos right now.
  • What’s the most exciting pair of socks you own?
  • Send him a photo of you doing something fun, with “wish you were here with me!”
  • When I was a child, my favorite cartoon was ____. What was yours?
  • Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?
  • Just so you know, my favorite thing about you is ______.
  • What would you bring on a picnic, if we had one?
  • I wish you could see how hard I smile whenever I see a message from you.
  • What pet name would you want me to use for you?
  • Do you like to dress up for Halloween?
  • What’s your favorite costume so far? (To expand upon the above)
  • Suggest playing a game together, like an online Scrabble app (or similar)
  • What are three great things that you’re grateful for today?
  • How different are you now than you were as a kid?

To Keep Him Interested

  • So, what do you want to do with me the next time we get together?
  • If I invited you to go skydiving, scuba diving, or tornado chasing, which would you choose?
  • This will probably swell your ego horribly, but I can’t stop thinking about how good you smell.
  • Once upon a time, two amazingly people met. Your turn to continue the story…
  • I’m ticklish. Want to find out where?
  • You have such an amazing back. Looking forward to wrapping my legs around it.
  • Is there a type of food you’ve always wanted to try? Want to try to cook it together?
  • Guess what I’m thinking about right now?
  • Tell me something you want to teach me.
  • I miss you. Can we fix that?
  • Secret confession: I love (strange food that you adore). Still want to keep talking to me after learning that?
  • If you don’t tell me something awful about you, I might keep thinking about you literally all the time.
  • Do you prefer baths or showers? I’m planning ahead…
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? Let’s make it happen.
  • I ordered too much for dinner. Want to come over and share it?
  • Which Netflix show would you like to binge watch with me?
  • Are you adventurous? What kind of adventure would you want to go on together?
  • I want to know what you taste like.
  • Text me tomorrow morning and tell me what your dreams were like. x

As you can see, text conversation starters with a guy can range from intense and engaging to silly, fun, and delicious. Use a variety of them as you get to know your new boo, and see where your exchanges take you!

How to get acquainted. 30 phrases to start a conversation

When it comes to talking, you’re in your element. You can talk from three boxes with anyone, you are a professional listener and love to meet and make contact with new people.

But how about starting a conversation? This is a completely different story.

This is one of the most common problems in networking: at an event, how can you just walk up to someone you don’t know and start a conversation with ?

In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems.If you go up to someone and say “I am this and that. Nice to meet you ”, no one will turn away from you and run away. Moreover, the interlocutor may feel a great deal of relief that it was not he / she who had to start the conversation!

But, of course, the task is greatly simplified if you have a few phrases in stock to help “break the ice.”

Classics of the genre

When in doubt about where to start, start with the basics: ask what the other person is doing, why he / she is at the event, or just reach out and say hello.

“Hi, I don’t know very much here, so I want to introduce myself. I am (name), and I work for (company) “ . Ta-dam! The conversation began.

“What do you do?” This makes the person speak first, and you can think about how to continue the conversation or how you might cooperate.

“What brings you here?”

“How was your day?” This is my “golden” phrase in any situation, and it has never let me down.It’s simple, classic, and always works when you smile.

“Tell us about yourself?” It always stimulates amazing conversation.

Location, location, location

No matter what it is, you always have something in common with someone else in the venue, the place itself, or the food and drink. Use this to your advantage to start conversations with those around you.

If food is served at an event, I often use this topic to strike up a conversation:

“I can’t stop, these cutlets are so delicious! Have you tried them already? ”

How did you hear about this event?

“It’s so hot (or cold) in here” .Maybe this is true, maybe not, but the person you are contacting will either agree or not, which means that you started talking – about the weather, your favorite umbrella and career goals.

“I am somewhat overwhelmed by the flow of information that was thrown out on us today. Are you really hooked on something? ”

“Amazing place. Have you been here before? ”


This is another common point for all of you, isn’t it? What happened today in the city and in the world.Of course, you are not trying to start a heated political debate, but a non-binding headline will always help start a conversation.

“What do you think about (topic relevant to the interlocutor or event)” . This is my weak point, news is an amazing way to connect.

“I can’t believe what was said on the news today. Well, a week, sheer madness! ”

“Did you happen to read today’s news? I missed everything, but I so wanted to know what was going on with (news topic of your choice) ” .

“Was it difficult for you to get here?” Transport and the location of events are always a hot topic for city dwellers. Expect some stories exactly.

“Did you watch the match yesterday?” It’s a classic, but with good reason.

Especially for introverts

If you are an introvert, just walking into a room full of strangers can be very difficult for you.One of our favorite approaches is to look at the “perimeter” of the room and find someone standing alone. Perhaps that woman sitting alone at the table does not know anyone and hopes that someone will come up to her and speak. Let it be you – and this is how you can start a conversation:

“These networking meetings are chaos. Mind if I join you? It’s a little quieter here “

“Since we’re both here (in the buffet, by the bar, in the waiting room), I think I should introduce myself.I am (name) from (company) “.

I like to compliment people – about their clothes or accessories. I think this approach is friendlier and less professional, especially at a networking event. I think both men and women can compliment their choice of clothing or jewelry and use that to start a conversation!

“I try to force myself to meet new people instead of chatting only with those I already know.Do you mind if I introduce myself? ”

“How I hate networking” . If you feel that your potential interlocutor is equally misanthropic, start the conversation by saying that you both don’t like it so much.


If you are meeting new people, a little humor can help to get over the first awkwardness and start a casual conversation.

I always start with the words: “I can’t believe that I look so inadequate for this event” .A bit of self-irony is always appropriate, and I really always dress anyhow.

Something humorous – “I personally came for these carrot sticks.” Then ask something like “How did you hear about this event?”

“Well, on a scale of 1 to completely inedible, how bad is Chardonnay here?”

“Have you seen the Japanese office prank video” Attack of the Dinosaur? ” A timely mixture of humor and intrigue can work great.

“To be honest, the only person I know here is the bartender, and I have already spoken to him. May I introduce myself? ”

The first thing that comes to mind (This may well work)

If all else fails, try something from the last list.

“Do you happen to know a good sushi restaurant nearby? I would like to have a decent dinner after the event. ”

“Aren’t you friends with (first name) by any chance?” It doesn’t matter if you really think this person might know your friend, just ask.He / she will say no, but the conversation has already begun.

“If you see a group of people who are clearly engaged in an interesting conversation, just walk up and say,“ Yours is clearly more fun than the company I spoke with before. ”.

“Is there a question you don’t want to answer, or are you already tired of answering it? What shouldn’t I ask? ”

“I am currently working on an article on the best and worst ways to start a conversation.Have you met something impressive today or, on the contrary, repulsive? ”

Starting a conversation is the first step in networking. If you add a personal brand and self-presentation skills, you can solve personal and work problems faster. Here free video tutorial and 4 lessons for comfortable communication.

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How to start a conversation with a girl who likes and get to know each other: TOP-100 phrases

It seems that the phrase “you can’t drive up on a crooked goat” was thought up about girls and how to start a conversation with a stranger.It is enough for someone to come up and say the first compliment that comes to mind, while someone will watch the girl for several days before they figure out how to start the correct dialogue with a woman in order to get acquainted. If you don’t know where to start communicating with the woman you just met – this article is for you. Find out what words to say when meeting with an unfamiliar girl, how to drive up to a girl using phrases, how to start chatting with a girl on the Internet. There will be not only theory, but also practice: I will share examples of phrases for communicating with a girl and words that they like.

Contents of the article:

Why it is important to start dating correctly

List of the best phrases for dating a girl

Examples of phrases for dating on the Internet

Original and unusual phrases

Funny and funny phrases

Beautiful and romantic phrases

Phrases for offline dating: anywhere and at any time

In cultural places

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Why is it important to start dating right

The answer is simple: because further communication depends on it. The first impression is impossible to make twice – and the acquaintance cannot be replayed. We form the primary opinion about a person in 15 seconds of interaction, and everything else is simply layered on him. Of course, there are situations when the first impression is deceiving, but you need to at least deserve a chance to prove it, if your acquaintance turns out to be crap.

The way you look, how and what you say is the main thing that a girl remembers about you at the very early stage of dating. For the first time, it is this image of yours that will be fixed in her consciousness. And if this image is not good enough, you will not get a chance to continue your acquaintance.

This is the importance of an original, literate and catchy first phrase. If she does not provide half of the success, then it entirely depends on her whether there will be an opportunity to show herself from her best side. Try to make a good impression on the girl right away – and it will be much easier to communicate in the future.

List of the best phrases for dating a girl

If you are at a loss and do not know what to say to a girl when you first meet, you have two ways. To navigate the situation, train communication skills and learn to get acquainted, or use ready-made template phrases. In the first case, you will certainly be cooler, but the second will give the result faster.

Here is a list of good phrases to start a conversation with a girl:

  • Keep smiling – I’m falling in love more and more!
  • You are so charming that I completely forgot what I wanted to ask you.
  • You have such a warm look – will you give me some tenderness?
  • I was so staring at you that I forgot to introduce myself. Let’s try again!
  • What is the secret of your always amazing appearance?
  • Can I walk you home? At least with a glance.
  • I’m sorry. Please tell me what is the shortest road to your heart?
  • Do you believe in love at eleventh sight?
  • Girl, please tell me what time it is? Free.You.
  • I thought my smile was irresistible, but yours seems to be able to compete with it.
  • Your name is the only thing that I could not read in your eyes. Help fill this gap.
  • I just can’t remember my phone number. Maybe yours will do better?
  • Which gods should I pray that you are interested in me as much as I am in you?
  • Wow! I did not expect to meet a girl from my dream in my life!
  • Do you tolerate being late? Because I am worried that I was late with a meeting and feelings for you, and someone has already taken my place.
  • I spent several evenings exploring the local cafes. And now I know where we can enjoy coffee together!
  • Help me, girl, what are you worth? Can’t you see I’m drowning in your eyes!
  • There are at least two people in this place who are lucky today. And this is us.
  • What stunningly beautiful legs you have, girl! I even envy!
  • Is it okay that I came up with such a self-confident look?
  • Oh, girl, do you smile so radiantly to everyone, or just to those you like?
  • You probably have no end to your boyfriends.But I’m the best of them. Want to prove it?
  • Girl, don’t look at me that way. I myself blush from my thoughts.
  • Smile, please, otherwise it’s dark outside.
  • What a beauty! Are these your feet?
  • Girl, do young people crawl at your feet on a regular basis?
  • Have you already turned off many today? I have four so far. Well, the arrogant girls are gone!
  • You are like a museum piece, girl. You can’t touch it with your hands – for now, but you want to watch without stopping.
  • Girl, want to get married? No! Great – then I’m at the right place.
  • Girl! Did you just pinch my ass? No? It’s a pity, a pity.

Examples of phrases for dating on the Internet

It’s easier to be brave on the Internet, but it’s often tense with reasons for dating. You will have to invent something unusual for a girl, because you will not work out to sit down with her and joke or ask what she is doing.

If you don’t know what is pleasant to write to a girl and how to start an interesting conversation with a stranger – this list is for you (and this one).I tell you how to meet a girl on the Internet, and what compliments to write to her when meeting in correspondence. For convenience, I will divide all phrases into three categories.

Original and unusual phrases

  • Hello, can I chat with you? And then all sorts of women stick here …
  • Hello. What are you going to do tomorrow night after our date?
  • Girl, only you can save me. I don’t know at all how to cook dumplings, and I’ll come to dinner with you if you don’t tell me.
  • Do you think I like you more than you like me?
  • Today is such a wonderful day that I cannot leave you without a good mood.
  • Tired of waiting for you to write first. Hey!
  • One glance was enough for me to understand that we just have to get to know each other.
  • You dreamed about me a couple of days ago, remember?
  • Shall we flirt?
  • Hi, for my research I need to know what it is like to be a totally adorable girl. Can you help?

Funny and funny phrases

  • Are we going to throw likes, or will we get to know each other?
  • Until I looked at your photos, I was sure that I was gay.
  • I offer you an exchange: I give you my free time, and you give me your communication.
  • Who is your boyfriend? Let it be me!
  • If I were such a sweet girl like you, I would certainly get to know myself.
  • Are you dating someone? Or maybe you need someone better?
  • You have very beautiful eyes. Especially the right one!
  • This is the mouth – I would look and look. You have a magnificent mouth.
  • They say, with whom you will lead, from that you will gain. I want to collect from you.Hang out with me, please.
  • Have you ever ridden an escalator? Let’s pump it, with a breeze!

Beautiful and romantic phrases

  • You look like a wonderful person. I always dreamed of meeting such a person.
  • I’m surprised what such a beautiful girl does in our city, and not in Hollywood. But I think it’s luck. Let’s get acquainted?
  • I saw a star fall from heaven yesterday. And today I came across your profile. I don’t think this is a coincidence!
  • This day seemed incredibly sad to me, but your photos changed everything radically.
  • I have a piece of happiness lying around here, looking for a beautiful girl to give. You seem to fit perfectly.
  • I assumed that on a dating site you can meet a dazzlingly beautiful girl – but so much! Defeated. Not expected.
  • I read a ton of tips on how to start a conversation with girls, but one look at your photos and I don’t remember anything. Let’s just get to know each other?
  • You look like the girl I’ve been looking for all my life. Let’s celebrate? I found it!
  • Girl, be careful! We almost missed the opportunity to meet a cool guy.
  • You know, you look a lot like my first wife! I haven’t seen her yet.

You can also see a list of affectionate words from which girls melt.

Phrases for offline dating: anywhere and anytime

Situational dating can be difficult, but in most cases it turns out to be the most interesting and fun. Check it out for yourself! And I will tell you what phrases to flirt with a girl, wherever you meet.

On the street

  • Girl, did you drop a smile?
  • Girl, did you drop a smile? Not you? And drop it, please, I really need it.
  • Well, you can’t with such legs – and on busy streets! Aren’t you ashamed to provoke an accident?
  • It doesn’t matter when the trees are in bloom – you will decorate any street a thousand times better.
  • I look at you and think: why are they erecting monuments to Lenin in the squares, and not a single one has been erected to your beauty?
  • Girl, it’s so cold! Can I walk next to you for a while? Your charm is warming.
  • I love charity. Can you donate coffee to the owner of the most radiant smile?
  • I was looking for something interesting to see in this area and I found you.Where are you going? I haven’t considered it yet.
  • Girl, I need your help! Be my navigator. The Navigator is a good start, don’t you think?
  • I have never seen such beautiful sights like you in any other place on the planet.

In public transport

  • Girl, do you get off at the next one? And after one? Or maybe you will get off at my stop?
  • This bus should be special after you ride it.
  • You look so stunning that I can’t figure out if the wheels of the train are pounding – or my heart.
  • My day will be wasted if I don’t pay your fare and buy you coffee.
  • Girl, you are so charming, but so tortured. Let me take you out of this stuffy metal monster and fix the mood and evening?
  • I would not be as happy to travel in the same limousine with the Queen of England as to travel in the same trolleybus with you.
  • Girl, be careful not to dazzle the driver with beauty!
  • What do you do in transport? I thought the heavenly creatures themselves float above the earth!
  • Girl, it seems uncomfortable for you to hold onto the handrail.Try my shoulder – it’s just as strong!
  • How do you wear these heels? Maybe you will sit down to rest? You can kneel directly to me.

In the store

  • Girl, help me with a choice, please. I want to trust you more than a consultant.
  • Do you know what is the most valuable thing in this store? No? And I’m looking at the most valuable thing right now.
  • Girl, teach a bachelor to choose vegetables.
  • Are you confused? The showcase is large.Come on, I’ll show you what’s the best here.
  • Tell me, do you know how best to boil risotto? …Thanks. Can I always ask you?
  • Does it bother you that such a nice guy is standing next to you in line?
  • Girl, there is no price tag here: how much is your smile worth?


  • Girl, see that table? Just look how many empty chairs there are. Help me fix the situation – take one of them.
  • If I were the chef in this cafe, I would feed you for free.Well, not really – for a smile before and after dinner.
  • I see you’ve already ordered coffee. Can you handle two portions? I can’t help but treat you.
  • Do you often visit this cafe? Yes? Then I found the best cafe in town.
  • Girl, what do you find most delicious here? I can see that the best thing about this cafe is you, but suddenly there is something worthy of the food.
  • If you were in my shoes, would you treat yourself to coffee?
  • Wow! I see the main course was served even before I ordered!
  • I came here so hungry, but one look at you – and I have no thoughts about food.Do miracles, girl!
  • I thought that the crema on coffee was the most delicate thing I could get in this cafe. But maybe I can get something a hundred times more gentle – your smile, for example?
  • Girl, you whet my appetite! And it seems that it’s not just about food.

In cultural places

  • Friends warned me that it is beautiful here. But until I saw you, I did not understand what they were talking about?
  • Girl, are you not ashamed to overshadow all the sights of this square with your beauty?
  • If I knew that people like you can be found in the museum, I would have loved to walk in them even as a child.
  • Girl, could you step back a bit? It is difficult to admire the Impressionists when there is something much more beautiful nearby.
  • Do you know which architect designed this fountain? I do not know either. But, not having met you, he did not really understand anything about beauty.
  • Girl, let’s help each other: you explain to me how to understand these works of art, and I will show you where the best coffee in the area is.
  • Did you accidentally pose for this portrait? In reality, of course, much better, but nothing on the canvas.
  • I don’t understand how and why to watch the play, if you can watch you for an hour and a half.
  • Girl, do you like opera? Do you know what is the best thing to do after the opera? Drink coffee in a cozy cafe with a new friend from the theater.
  • I was told that the architecture is excellent here. The architecture is really great, but you still managed to outshine it.

On the beach

  • Girl, you could work as a lighthouse – such a dazzling beauty is visible from afar.And ships as well.
  • Aren’t you afraid to swim? I would be spinning somewhere nearby, even if I were the most dangerous predator in the water.
  • Girl, help me squeeze my swimming trunks, please.
  • Girl, with such hips you would be more careful walking past the old people – you never know, suddenly a heart attack. Walk by me, my heart is strong!
  • I never thought that you could look so seductive with fins and glasses.
  • Girl, are you good at diving? I don’t know how at all, but my swimming trunks seem to have drowned.Will you help a forced nudist?
  • Oh, it seems, this is behind people like you running around to kiss the sand. Where did you go today? Maybe I should kiss there? Sand, grass, asphalt. Any rubbish I will go to kiss for you – even your husband I can.

Hope you now have enough good phrases to start a conversation with a girl. Now go to the ranking of the best dating sites and start chatting!

  1. Which ones did you like the most?
  2. How is it more convenient for you to get acquainted: to conquer with romance or make you laugh?
  3. Now you have the courage and ideas to experiment?

Let’s discuss in the comments 🙂

Best dating site October 2021

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Unique selection algorithm.

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Neither Tinder, Lovoo, Twitter, nor Instagram have become some of the best dating apps out there. Proof of this is the emoji that the app displays when responding to Instagram Stories. Did someone say fire? .But not everything is written in this love. Fortunately, there are dozens of 90,023 phrases with which can strike up a conversation on Instagram and flirt with . This time we made a selection of several phrases to break the ice and flirt on Instagram.

Best Instagram Flirting Posts

A bold phrase or hints might be enough to dazzle our virtual crush. Because breaking the ice on Instagram has never been easier.

  • “I’m sure you like pineapple pizza. Am I wrong? “
  • ” Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice. Haunted. ”
  • “We seem to be compatible, and nowadays the technologies are so smart that I will not resist them.
  • When will we meet then? “
  • ” Cat, dog or me? “
  • ” Do you understand what your name means? “
  • ” Do you believe in love at first sight? If you want, I can upload more photos. “
  • “Do you prefer it to be original and have funny or witty phrases written, or do you prefer that we skip this part and give ourselves a
  • number?”
  • “What’s the worst thing they’ve told you here?”
  • “I don’t have pictures with puppies, how could I like that?”
  • “Is it a matter of life or death: dark chocolate or a mixture of nutella?”
  • “Did you know that depending on the color of the chicken lobes, the eggs can be of one color or the other?”
  • “Can we skip the qualifiers and jump straight to what’s important? What’s your favorite reggaeton song? “

Very original phrases for flirting on Instagram

Originality is the mother of all art.It also can be a good weapon for getting 90,026 attention other people (or at least getting a response from someone you are interested in).

  • “I swear that until recently I was homosexual.”
  • “I try not to fall in love, and you leave me with that smile and that look.”
  • “Would you like to invite you to sleep, not sleep”
  • “Hi, beautiful. I am a clothing colleague, do you want the three of us to stay on your site so we can see how things are going?
  • ” I a retarded person who has no personality, and they told me to tell you that I think you are beautiful and that if we meet to talk and get to know each other better. “
  • “Do you believe in love at first sight or will I have to go through again?”
  • “I was going to tell you that I like you, but the truth is that I love you.”
  • “Don’t waste time looking for your better half. Here! “
  • ” What do you prefer between the superficial billionaire and the pot-bellied long-term unemployed? ”
  • “You have eyes … It will hit you in the back of the head with a shovel.”
  • “Maybe we don’t have a mutual friend who could introduce us?”
  • “I invite you to the cinema.At least if you don’t like me, you’ve seen a good movie. ”
  • “The roses are red, the wind moves them, I am 6, and you are 9.”
  • “Help me, I left my girlfriend a week ago and I don’t remember where.”
  • “Where are you going to go on our first date? I choose the area, and you – the restaurant? “

Instagram fun phrases

Humor can be the key to love. While it can be brutal at times, we have nothing to lose if we try.

  • “I don’t have threesomes because to disappoint two people in the same room, I’m having dinner with my parents, and that’s all.”
  • “I am choking with a toothbrush, so don’t get your hopes up.”
  • “I’m the only person on Instagram who doesn’t climb, but I make wonderful lentils.”
  • “I’m saving grandmothers and helping cats to cross the street … Or was it the other way around?”
  • “I read my horoscope this week and he told me that I would find someone special.Can I get your phone number? “
  • ” I’m older, but not older. That means I know how to make love, but I’m not really sure how to file an income tax return. ”
  • “I like to walk along the beach with my girlfriend for a long time until my LSD drops and I see that I am actually dragging a stolen dummy through the mall parking lot.”
  • “80% cook, 40% musician and 100% clown.”
  • “I have good news for you: I don’t take pictures of myself shirtless in front of a mirror.”
  • “Hello. I am a real person and I love real human hobbies, such as breathing or walking on both legs.”
  • “Every night I fall asleep crying and hugging my legs like an armadillo. I live in my father’s garage. Please give me match. I need it. ”
  • “Do you like bad girls? I’m doing terribly. In love, at school, at work … “
  • ” I am choking with a toothbrush, so do not hope. “
  • “ I save grandmothers and help cats cross the street… Or was it the other way around? ”
  • “I’m the only person on Tinder who doesn’t climb, but I make wonderful lentils.”
  • “I’m vegan. I love animals. “

Phrases and compliments for Instagram

Who would refuse a good compliment or an original phrase. By maintaining distance and respect, everyone can get the attention of a loved one.

  • “I know this profile is fake, but I want to know the name of the model you are using in the photos.”
  • “What makes such an attractive, funny and original person like me, without your number, ah.”
  • “I know that asking for your phone number when we hardly know each other is an exaggeration, but how do you see the wedding?”
  • “It seems incredible that it took him a while to get to know you.”
  • “I want to be your teacher in third grade, move to fourth.”
  • “I really like your eyes, especially the right one.”
  • “I wanted to know if you’re good at more than being attractive.You? ”
  • “ I like your face and I would like to know if your personality is amazing. ”
  • “ You are so beautiful that I forgot what I was going to tell you. ”
  • “ I’m not sure if you are more looks like a sexy aunt or cute girl. What do you think you are? “
  • ” I just asked Siri / Google what to say to such a beautiful girl on Instagram. ”
  • “You have a very beautiful face … It would be better if they hung it on my wall.”

90,000 Best examples – what to write to a guy in the first message

A guy should take the first step … A man should write first … A girl should wait for her betrothed … All these phrases from an early age are fixed in the female mind, completely discouraging the desire to meet her love.And if earlier they did not think much about feelings when creating a family: they liked the girl, came, wooed, played a wedding and the family. Now times have changed radically and this approach is completely irrelevant.

It’s time for modern girls to forget about the passive search for a soul mate and waiting for the weather from the sea, and take the position of a predator: brave, sociable, assertive. And the best platform for finding your “victim” will be dating sites. Here you can easily make any acquaintances. But first of all, you need to decide on their goals.

Purpose of dating

It would seem, what could be the purpose of dating on the Internet? Finding a future husband, of course. But it is not so! The goals of online communication are quite diverse, and here are the main ones:

  • Serious relationship – undoubtedly, this is the most important goal of dating on specialized services. To become a happy owner of a wedding ring and a noble prince in addition is the dream of every girl, and dating sites will help to bring it to life.
  • Friendship and communication – oddly enough, but this goal also takes place on dating services. After all, love is not the only joy, sometimes you just want to communicate with a person who is close in spirit, and it is not always easy to find such a person in a circle of friends.
  • Finding a sponsor – whoever said “You can’t forbid living beautifully” was absolutely right, and some girls know how to make dreams of a luxurious life a reality. To find generous men who are able to fulfill any wishes of the fair sex, there are plenty of sites on the Internet with sponsors and kept women.
  • Intimate relationships – where can we go without them! Only men do not always need such communication. Girls also want affection and tenderness in strong male hands. Starting a serious relationship just because of a lack of sexual satisfaction is simply stupid, because it is much easier to find a companion for the night on the Internet.

Having correctly set your goals, you can immediately cut off all unnecessary services that do not intersect with your plans and narrow your search by registering only on a few sites with the desired audience.

Where to start?

With the goals already defined and set, it’s time to take a step further and set the stage for future communication. And then the question arises “Where to start?” .

And you need to start with yourself. Indeed, without a proper wrapper, even the most delicious candy will be of little interest to anyone. That is why, having registered on the site, you should not immediately terrorize the search by looking through thousands of photos and profiles. First of all, you need to pay attention to your profile: is everything good in it, is the necessary information presented and, of course, are worthy photos posted? They play the most important role in “live bait fishing”.After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that they are greeted by their clothes, but they are already seen off by their minds. Therefore, if the photos do not lure the guy, then it may not come to conversations. Professional shots, shots that hide flaws, no selfies at home at the table, by the wall, by the Christmas tree, etc. – these are the main rules for choosing a photo to attract the opposite sex. If you are not looking for a sponsor, then you should also refuse to take pictures of an intimate plan.

Do not forget about the information in the questionnaire.Before writing to you, a man will definitely look into your profile, and if it is empty or any other stuff is written, he will simply ignore your profile. Briefly tell about yourself, indicate the true data and the purpose of dating. But at the same time, you should not shout to the entire web that “the girl urgently needs a husband, and is generally ready for anyone, and this is your last chance.” Such examples can be enumerated forever, but the result from them is the same – men run away from such women, run without looking back, “forgetting a dressing gown and slippers”, run.So don’t forget your dignity.

Do not forget about the guy’s profile. Do not write to men just by looking at their main photo, because it is a priori the best, so before the first message you should evaluate everything else in the user’s profile, deciding for yourself whether the game is worth the candle.

So, the profile is put in order, the portfolio also contains only selected photos. It would seem that you are already fully armed and ready to go into battle at any second, but you should play it safe and familiarize yourself with a few more rules of online dating.

Beginning of communication: several important rules of successful acquaintance in the network

Male profiles are selected, sympathies are built – now it would be time to write your first “Hello”. But before you send your first message, perhaps to your destiny, remember:

  • Brevity is not only the sister of talent, but also your sister. Men do not like many lines, so if in a welcome message you present him with a whole petition, with a story about your whole life, plans for the future and all your relatives, then do not be surprised that you will find yourself in the blacklist of your admirer without a single “hello”.It is better to refuse poetry and aphorisms too: men will not appreciate this.
  • “How are you?” – a magic wand for starting a conversation. No matter how interesting and unusual the greeting may be, further communication can get stuck on it, but the question of how a person’s affairs will be a reason to continue it. Moreover, the culture of the interlocutor will not allow you to ignore the answer question “How are yours?”, And then it’s up to you.
  • Grammatical errors – a concrete wall on the way to dating a man.Not all of us, of course, know our native language at 5+, but making mistakes in banal words and phrases is unacceptable. Some men may “close their eyes” to the gaps in the knowledge of the interlocutor, but there are only a few such individuals, and for the most part their cultural and educational level has not gone far from 0, and they simply did not notice your mistake. In most cases, mistakes from the first messages push men to say to such ladies not just “Goodbye”, but a loud “Goodbye!”
  • Concrete is the basis for fruitful communication.And this is appropriate even when meeting online. Men are not arranged like us, so all these poems, cute romantic stories about eternal love and discussions about beauty are simply incomprehensible to them. They are not interested in this, and, consequently, interest in a girl with such conversations will fade away instantly. Choose topics of conversation that are relevant to a particular guy and expand your knowledge about them a little. If this is just the beginning of communication, then discuss news, weather, interesting events with your interlocutor – anything not related to romanticism, household chores and ladies’ tricks.
  • Refrain from compliments towards men. Taking the initiative and starting the first acquaintance is, of course, good, but you should not get carried away with “trying on” male behavior on yourself. Therefore, as much as one would not want to win over the chosen one, one should refrain from praising him (especially his appearance). Do not forget that all men are hunters by nature, and if the victim melts from one of their words, then all the desire to conquer it disappears without a trace.

  • Down with worries. Don’t worry about what to write first, how to establish yourself. And certainly do not be discouraged if the first time does not turn out as smoothly as we would like. This is just a dating site, and chatting on it is not worth the worry. One guy will not fit, so even better will appear after him.

The first phrases that will not leave a guy indifferent

And here he is the moment of truth – the first phrase! How not to “fall face down in the mud” here, so that the guy you like doesn’t run away from you, barely reading a few messages.The banal “Hello” and “Hello” have not surprised any man for a long time, so you need to take it “by surprise.” We surfed the Internet and specially for you we have selected unusual phrases that will undoubtedly interest the guy and make him want to get to know you better:

  1. Good evening, mysterious stranger!
  2. Hello, are you by any chance the prince I have been waiting for?
  3. Of course, I am usually a modest person, but here I cannot be modest. Let’s get to know each other already!
  4. Hello, can you help me? What to give a guy who likes a lot?
  5. I am conducting a social survey on the topic “Dating on the Internet”, could you please answer me a couple of questions.
  6. Which shirts are in fashion now? I need to buy a present for my father, but I understand shirts like drills.
  7. Do you think you can build a serious relationship on the net or why are you here?
  8. Did you look for a princess? Here I am.
  9. Do you think you are nicer to me than I am to you?
  10. Hello! Tonight’s an amazing evening, can I cheer you up?
  11. Greetings, man! How is your mood?
  12. Do you know what a current discharge is? It was he who overtook me when I saw your photo.
  13. Hello! Do you also use social networks? And I. Do you play the trumpet? Me neither. See how alike we are!
  14. You are so thoughtful, serious and at the same time cute!
  15. You look like the guy in my dream. It was just the white horse that accompanied him. Isn’t that you?
  16. I bet you can’t guess my name?
  17. Hi, have you heard that you are good-looking?
  18. Can you help? Tell me how to change the oil in a “car brand”?
  19. Hello! I sell happiness! And I can give it to you for free.
  20. Hello! I am your fairytale fairy!
  21. What is such a handsome man looking for a girl on the net? I am sure that in real life there is no end to girls.
  22. I’m tired of waiting for your first step, so hello!
  23. Hello, have you registered as a prince for me?
  24. I want to dispel the myth that a nice guy cannot be an interesting conversationalist. Can you help?
  25. Now I look at you and understand that it’s time for us to get acquainted!
  26. What kind of films do you like? Especially after 23-00?
  27. I would like to ask a question – what to write in a message to someone who likes it?
  28. I looked at your pictures and forgot about meeting you.Hi!
  29. Hello! My name is … and you?
  30. What’s so sad in the photo? Do not be sad. Life is amazing and interesting, because I am in it.
  31. Can we already start a conversation or stop at likes?
  32. Hello, how’s your sense of humor?
  33. I also like this square (city, place). I wonder what else we have in common?
  34. Do you remember me? Did you see me in your dream!
  35. You know, somewhere I dropped my happiness … Longing in my soul … And at home you did not find it?
  36. Shall we flirt?
  37. Hello, do you mind if I appear in your life?
  38. It’s amazing how ordinary photography can convey so much emotion.
  39. Can you help me learn to talk to guys?
  40. Hurray! I found you!
  41. How much mystery in this look. Will you reveal at least one of the secrets?
  42. Hello, I am doing the population census and I want to start with you!
  43. How’s a guy like that not ringed yet?
  44. Hello. I’ve been looking for you for so long. And you, it turns out, are here.
  45. Hi, would you like to exchange my free time for talking with you?
  46. Have you ever loved? How was it?
  47. I came across your profile, and now I am haunted by one question …
  48. Will you forgive yourself if you ignore me?
  49. Hello, how does a wife let such a man go online alone?
  50. Can I start a light flirt with you?
  51. What’s new in your city? I was there, I once studied!
  52. Do you mind flirting?
  53. What are you doing tonight?
  54. Cheer you up?
  55. Did you come from a fairy tale?
  56. What is more important to you friendship or love?
  57. What is your attitude towards initiative girls?
  58. I saw you for sure, can you remind me where?
  59. How do you feel about love from the first evening? I am personally for!
  60. Why do guys like stupid girls?
  61. Hello! Amazing places in your photos.Where is it?
  62. You know, I think you and I have a lot in common!
  63. How about communication without obligation?
  64. Are you passionate about archery? I always dreamed of meeting a guy who resembles Robin Hood.
  65. Well, I got acquainted with the advantages in your profile, but what about the disadvantages?
  66. Hello! I am writing an article about what phrases are best to start dating a man. Can you help me decide?
  67. I am writing an article about web dating. Can you answer a few questions?
  68. Man, can you tell me, I’m interested in you?
  69. Man, would you like to meet?
  70. Is it true that men are polygamous or do I have a chance to become the only one?

How to keep an interest in yourself in correspondence

With the first phrases sorted out, now it’s time to fight! And now it has already been sent – an interesting phrase that decides everything.Will he answer or not? How long does the time last in these minutes of waiting … And here’s the answer … And then what? How to keep his attention so that that interest does not fade away? How to conquer it?

Arousing the interest of a guy is a task that most girls will cope with, but keeping this interest for a long time, translating online communication into real life is not an easy task, but if you try, then it can be realized.

Do not think that after the first phrases, the betrothed will fall in love with you and run to the jewelry store for a wedding ring.This, alas, does not happen. You will have to work a lot on yourself.

  • Learn to generate topics : this way you will be able to switch from a boring conversation to a fresh one without hesitation, thereby maintaining the interest of the interlocutor. Study the most popular “male” topics in advance in order to conquer your admirer with your erudition and competence in such “non-female” matters. Better yet, ask the guy good questions and find out everything about him.
  • Ordinary correspondence is often rather bland and boring, so don’t forget to spice it up with interesting photos .
  • Even if you are an “iron lady”, in communication with a man, in no case show it. Guys don’t like strong women. Show yourself weak and defenseless, requiring his support and care .
  • Mystery woman – communication with such a girl not only arouses interest in the interlocutor, but also supports the desire to unravel all her secrets, which means that you will still correspond more than once.
  • Be interested in the life of the interlocutor , talk about him, about his hobbies, but without super-fanaticism, otherwise pleasant communication for a man will turn into an obsessive persecution, from which they will quickly disappear without looking back.
  • The same applies to endless messages like “Where have you disappeared?”, “Why aren’t you writing?” – if you make it clear that he is the last hope, then he will not be so.

You are now ready to fully interact online and find whoever you want to spend the rest of your days with, so go for it! Good luck!

20 topics for conversation with a girl

I will not be original when I say that regardless of the purpose of your acquaintance – from a quick affair to starting a family with five children, a summer cottage in the suburbs and an unbalanced Labrador – you need to talk to a girl.There are few ways to spend time together that do not require communication (to get to the most enjoyable of these, you again have to do a little bit of communication!). So let’s outline the main topics for keeping a conversation going with a girl!


If a girl does not drive a car and does not express a special desire to own such a vehicle, you should not load her with details such as the engine of your iron horse. But you can talk about the car of your dreams or remember which car appeared in the last Bond film.

Funny bad habits

Don’t talk about your habit of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, drinking two liters of beer at lunch, or biting your nails. Think of something sweeter that brings a smile to your face. About the habit of drawing funny faces on paper during a telephone conversation, for example.


How to make it better and how to spend it more pleasantly. The attitude to money among people from different countries. The main thing when discussing this topic is not to come across as a curmudgeon or a spender.


Sisters and brothers, nephews, funny toddlers walking nearby and mothers passing by with strollers. Children are a pretty sweet and enjoyable topic if not overused. For example, you should not immediately announce your desire to have triplets and share pre-selected names, just as it is not recommended to talk about your categorical rejection of children.


You can start with the simplest thing – find out if she is a cat lady or a dog lover, prefers colorful fish in an aquarium or keeps a family of guinea pigs at home.Pet owners willingly talk about their pets, show their photographs, and will just as gladly listen to a story about your iguana or talking parrot.


Even if a girl has been living in one place her entire adult life, with a little preliminary preparation, you can easily overwhelm her with your knowledge of local attractions, tell a funny story about an old house or what famous people lived on this street.


“Without men, the planet would be inhabited by cheerful and fat women.” This is me to the fact that even in the minutes when we are sadly poking around in a spring salad or decisively refuse the second piece of cake for dessert (because they suddenly decided that it was not a dress that had worn out, but we had gotten a little), we are still respectful and warm we are related to the topic of food. You can talk about your grandma’s favorite pies or the most exotic dish you’ve tasted lately. Or share the secret of the location of the café where the best coffee in town is brewed.With such a conversation, your invitation to dinner or a joint coffee party will be logical and, most likely, will be gladly accepted.

Healthy lifestyle

If you did not meet in line for shawarma or nutritious cheeseburger, you can talk about a healthy lifestyle – since there is a lot of information on this topic in all media sources, so anyone can be considered an expert in nutritional issues and correct habits Internet user.


Another win-win conversation topic.Favorite films, directors, discussion of the latest cinema events. And if you also manage to show off a phrase from her favorite movie, a trip to the cinema is guaranteed for you!


Be original – admit that you are reading more than news when you open your email. Tell us about your favorite book and promise to give it to me to read. Ask what she reads and which writer she loves the most. Or maybe recently there was a film adaptation of her favorite book? A reason to watch her together.


Compliments to her appearance and the selection of clothes and accessories will never be superfluous. But here, too, the main thing is not to overdo it. Personally, I am wary of men who understand fashion trends better than me and know more than one designer.


How a girl spends her weekend, her favorite places for a long weekend and your recommendations on how to diversify a short vacation. Listen carefully and do not criticize in any way, even if she does not get up from the couch in front of the TV for two days.It is better to offer something more interesting and, most importantly, joint.


Talk about general topics – what she values ​​in her partner, what kind of relationship she strives for, and which couples are an example for her. You shouldn’t go into the details of an unpleasant breakup with your ex-girlfriend, and you shouldn’t ask your ex-boyfriend’s chest volume either.


Favorite holiday, what gifts he likes to receive, whether he likes to give gifts and how he usually chooses them, the most memorable celebration in recent years.And many many others. This is a truly fun and inexhaustible topic of conversation.


Tell a funny story that happened to you or your friends while on vacation. Ask her where she prefers to rest and what kind of rest she likes best. Share useful information about the country where she is going to go or offer your services as a guide to the places she would like to visit.


Who doesn’t have a boss who makes you want to talk outside of work? And the stories from the last corporate party? Or a couple of gossip about employees? Our work unites us and gives us a lot of common topics for conversation, even if your areas of activity do not overlap.


Be careful not to hurt the feelings of a deeply religious person or to irritate a dull fanatic of some dubious sect. No matter how slippery this topic is, it is better to find out right away who you are dealing with. But neatly and having the ability to quickly retreat in case of danger.


The topic of sex is like a minefield, walking through which you can attract attention and intrigue with skillfully selected stories and relevant jokes or blow up once and for all, immediately informing in great detail about your sexual preferences using diagrams, pictures and illustrative examples.


Favorite sport or recent Olympic Games. Which is better – going to a belly dance or doing yoga seriously. When is the best time to go for a run – in the morning or in the evening. There are many topics – choose any.


Invite a girl to teach her how to roller skate, play curling, or invite her to see your collection, as was the case with the classics – lute music of the 16th century. Do not forget to find out about her hobbies – listen carefully, without interrupting, with an interested person and ask clarifying questions, no matter how strange she is!

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How to start a conversation in Tinder💬

Ah, how many days in the enthusiastic expectation of dates and passionate nights men took away from women with their laziness.And the tears of unborn children, due to the lack of creativity in men, could turn the Sahara into a blooming garden.

But men still start correspondence with a greyish nauseating "hello"

But men still start correspondence with a greyish sickening “hello”. We do not intend to tolerate this and therefore tell you how not to fail the correspondence.

Before a guy, in order to get a turn from the gate, had to go up to the girl and in a trembling voice ask “girl, can I meet you?”.Today, everything is much simpler – just write “hello”, and the guy goes to an imaginary daddy “spam”.

Comparison with annoying mailing lists perfectly reveals the inconsistency of such a greeting. Mail services, for example, have special algorithms that calculate spam from all incoming messages and do not allow it to go to the main inbox. It’s the same here – all these “hello” and “how are you” just fly past the target. The only difference is the taste of disappointment – after all, the girl has already chose the guy from the photo or description , and now she crosses him out.

Such greetings for a girl are a bright marker that the guy is lazy and does not want to strain to somehow stand out and attract the girl’s attention. He is inattentive or not so interested in the girl to start an interesting dialogue. Otherwise, he could play with the information from the girl’s photo or profile and find a good starting point for an interesting start of communication.

Previously, to get a turn from the gate, a guy had to go up to the girl and in a trembling voice ask "girl, can I meet you?"

Usually, girls in tinder are simply bombarded with “hello”.This “hello” looks very vague. It could be “wow, I know who supplies fresh spices to that Italian restaurant where you took your profile picture; I would love to cook you a Neapolitan breakfast. ” Or maybe “lol, you look so ridiculous in those tight-eyed pants.” Or “I’m drunk and I’m bored.” When you start acquaintance with “hello”, you not only shift the responsibility for the conversation onto the girl, but also do not declare yourself, your strengths – you offer the stranger a cat in a poke.

“Hello” is a cowardly transfer of initiative to the interlocutor, a way to check if she can take the dialogue into a more interesting channel after such a faceless greeting. Even if after the “hello” the guy writes that you admire Dostoevsky’s five books or that you are also crazy about Latin American jazz, this information is unlikely to reach your interlocutor. The girl does not know what will follow the “hello”. And if she did not fall from the moon, then experience will tell her that the most banal development of the dialogue will follow, and no one wants to waste time on banal.

Don’t write, just to write – take a few steps forward. If you started a conversation in any dating application, your task is to continue it. The first rule of online dating is: ask questions, because this is wonderful and requires a response.

Even if you are going to write to a stranger with an extremely meager tinder profile, you can always ask one of the universal questions. Only here you need to stand out. For example, “how are you?” or “what are you doing?” most likely they will fly away into “spam”, so approach the question with imagination and humor – for example, ask: “tell me, what would you ask a dog if you knew how to communicate with them?” (it will be great for a girl with a dog in the photo or if she mentions them in the profile).

Let’s follow your logic: if you write to someone on a dating site, you must have something of interest in that person. Maybe your interlocutor studied with your army friend at the same university? Tell her how they once had a riot in her dorm. Maybe you are in awe of her cute dimples on her cheeks? Compliment her and add some ridiculous question like “what did you dig those beautiful dimples on your cheeks with?” Are you drunk or did you accidentally like her account? Then just write “how are you?”It will turn out – good, no – well, okay.

It should be understood that the time spent in the creative agony and analysis of the questionnaire and a thoughtful, striking proposal to start an acquaintance do not guarantee that you will be answered. Let’s say you spent precious ten seconds trying to figure out the spelling of the name of the university where she studied, and you were simply ignored. I don’t want to look like a fool! But you will not look like them at all just because you approached the question responsibly. After all, failure is also an experience.

In general, try to put yourself in the girl’s shoes. Perhaps that classmate of her ex wrote to ask her out on a date, or just remember her student years and arrange a noble drinking party with all old acquaintances, or maybe he will cry about his recent breakup – this is a very popular tactic to restore communication with long-forgotten acquaintances. Anything can happen if you just get the other person’s attention. Don’t be foggy – don’t say hello. Get creative and show your best side.

It should be understood that the time spent in creative agony and analysis of the questionnaire and a thoughtful, striking proposal to start an acquaintance does not guarantee that you will be answered 91 094

How to write

Avoid obvious templates, the girl may feel the use of blanks and send you to "spam".

Be sure to write the name of the girl when communicating, notice some things in her description, appearance or details in the photo.

We exclude any communication on "you" with a girl.Both of you are not that old.

Offer to communicate in a cafe. Firstly, walking is not always comfortable because of the weather, and secondly, it determines what you will do when you meet, which eliminates the girl's uncertainty about you.

A universal technique - write to the girl that you liked her and add some kind of non-trivial compliment .

In some cases it works well, because you have already liked each other, although there are naturally exceptions.


Start from the description, for example, if the girl is passionate about something, bring up the topic and direct the communication in the context of that direction.

If there is no answer, you can joke in the style: "It looks like something with the application, messages are not delivered" or "Further it was assumed that you would answer such and such." If there is still silence after that, do not waste your time. It is also worth paying attention to the response time. If a girl answers you every 2 hours, and you in a minute, then in her eyes, you show increased interest in her or you have too much free time.We answer either exactly after the same amount, or not much longer.

Suggest a game form of communication

For example: "Choose a number from 1 to 9, and I will tell you a fact about myself that is associated with this number." Just prepare in advance the facts that are not in the questionnaire so that the person is interested. This technique will be remembered and will make your message stand out from the rest of the interlocutors.

Don't do this

The author of Swipe Life, which is dedicated to online dating, named four worst options for dating on Tinder.According to Danielle Kam (Danielle Kam), such texts are a dead-end path.

First of all, users are advised not to ask a potential partner if she or he has an Instagram account. Since you can link a profile from this social network in the application, it will certainly be immediately made available by someone who wants it. And those who are not ready to immediately show the rest of the photos should not be bothered about this.

Secondly, users are not recommended to communicate passively-aggressively in a conversation.Even if the user does not respond to your message for several hours, he is unlikely to like to receive a message like "ha, apparently you are keeping quiet." According to Kim, you should respect the other person's personal time and understand that not everyone can respond to every text at once.

Another bad option for correspondence was called trying to find out personal information too quickly, such as last name and phone number. The purpose of online communication is to meet in reality, but for this you must first establish a sufficiently trusting connection with the person.To do this, the author suggested asking about your hobbies in order to understand whether you are suitable for each other.

Cam considered the fourth mistake in online dating to be no less important - to give out a lot of information at once. According to her, there is a difference between trying to reveal yourself and tell in detail all your joys and sorrows. Users are advised to gradually communicate interesting information about themselves in order to arouse the interest of the interlocutor.

Another bad option for correspondence was called trying to find out personal information too quickly, such as the last name and phone number

Anyway, stay yourself

No matter how clever schemes you make, sincerity and humor work best. and it has always been so.If you are soul mates with a person, he will catch the wave and reciprocate. The interlocutors with whom we corresponded developed communication and thus “Hello, how are you?”. The main thing is not to try to seem like a different person. Such communication has no future.

What to talk to a girl about

Do you know what to talk to a girl about? This article will definitely help you! I will tell you what you can talk about with a girl, and what you can’t talk about and how to avoid pauses in communication.

Communication pauses

The first thing I would like to tell you about is pauses in communication.How would you feel when, after a long conversation, you had a pause in your conversation? I don't think it's very comfortable. However, pauses in conversation are normal. It is not possible to speak forever without stopping. Pauses in communication can be avoided, for this it is enough to have a couple of topics in stock or be able to quickly come up with a topic for conversation. Since it is quite difficult to quickly figure out in such a situation, I recommend keeping in stock a couple of topics for conversation. It's important to remember that if you have 5 themes in stock, you don't need to just use them.Do not talk about them, but take care of the moment when you have nothing to talk about.

Free time

Free time is a great topic of conversation. Nobody likes to go to school or work, everyone likes to have a rest, therefore they also like to talk, most of all they like about rest. Such a topic is suitable both for simple communication, and in order to remove an awkward pause in a conversation. Ask her what she does in her free time or how she vacationed last summer, what she did while she was on vacation, which countries or cities she went to.Anything! The topic of free time is very broad, which can be extended over several dates. It so happens that a girl replies that she is not resting, has not gone anywhere, and. etc. It's okay! Tell her about yourself. Tell us something interesting from your life. Perhaps you have traveled to some interesting city or country, perhaps you have some unusual hobby. Don't be silent about it. So you will have a topic for conversation, and she will be interested. It will be better than being silent for the entire date, or thinking about what to talk about.

Work or study

Not the best topic for conversation, but it is a good option to prevent pauses in the conversation. If, when dating a girl, you have an awkward pause, and other topics of conversation do not come to mind - feel free to ask how she is doing at work or school. You can also tell her some stories from your work or study. If possible, do not delay with this topic and try to switch to another. Don't forget that the transition from one topic to another should be smooth.


If your girlfriend is into sports, this is a great topic of conversation. At the same time, you may not understand sports at all. "How so?" - you ask. That's how. Ask about her favorite sport, and if she loves, for example, football, basketball or hockey or any other sport, tell the girl that this is also interesting to you, and you would like to know more about it. If a girl is truly passionate about this, her story will be long and interesting. And the main thing for you is not just to sit with a knowing face on your face, but to try in every possible way to maintain the conversation, ask her questions.If you do everything right, the girl will definitely like the date. So who doesn't like talking about themselves and their hobbies?


Family is generally one of the best topics for conversation, since they don't talk about it to just anyone and this topic brings people very close. Tell the girl about your family, your relatives and friends, then maybe she will tell you about hers. If, after your fascinating story about her relatives, in response she did not want to talk about hers, do not be upset and do not press on her.Each person trusts other people differently. Someone after the second date is ready to tell you all their secrets, but for someone a year of communication is not such a long time for such revelations.


Relationships are another good topic of conversation. By talking about this topic, you will have a lot of opportunities to show the girl that you are interested in her, in addition, you can find out about what kind of guys she likes and, possibly, some moments from her personal life. Do not forget to tell about yours, but I’ll say right away you don’t need to tell the girl how popular you are among them (girls) and you certainly shouldn’t brag about your large number of exes.Also, many guys, praising the girl, mention exes, throwing mud at them.

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