Cute calendars 2019: Free 2019 printable calendars – 46 designs to choose from!


Free 2019 printable calendars – 46 designs to choose from!

I’ve been working hard to get my free 2019 printable calendars designed

extra early this year since so many of you have reached out requesting them. I’m so pumped to announce that they are now ready!

I designed 46 design options in both Sunday and Monday start dates (Sunday starts are letter size and the Monday starts are A4 size). Yes, I know that is a super overwhelming amount, but I got on a roll and just couldn’t stop, ha!

I have one huge favor to ask of you. I spend about 100 hours designing these 100+ calendars each year completely free to you, and I’d be so very thankful if you’d sign up for my mailing list below.

I only send my email newsletters occasionally, so I promise not to annoy you. And a perk—you’ll receive my subscriber-only freebies!



Download your free 2019 printable calendars here!


Download your cute and free 2019 calendars here!

I hope there is something in there for everyone, and as always I provided a couple super minimal options as well.


Without further ado…’s a peek at all 46 free 2019 printable calendars before you go to download:

Monday start options are not shown, but are included in the download link.

Download your free calendars here!

A couple of changes to note this year:

  • I removed the notes section to make room for larger day boxes
  • I removed the USA national holidays since people all over the world use these calendars. 🙂

What I kept:

  • The mini calendars of previous and past months
  • The darker colored numbers

The only request I wasn’t able to get to was vertical formats so people can use them with their vertical clipboards…so sorry, but I did some research and they do sell some good horizontal clipboards.

I’m going to be buying one of these horizontal clipboards to use with my chosen calendar:

horizontal clipboard 1

/ horizontal clipboard 2 /  horizontal clipboard 3 / freestanding horizontal clipboard

Some people like to download and print different free printable 2019 calendars and mix them together.

I’ve done this before as well—lots of options this way.

I like to print a few calendars to use for various things—blogging scheduler, family calendar, workout tracker, etc. They also make great gifts for friends, teachers, etc.
I’d love to know how you use them!

Download your free 2019 printable calendars here!

I hope you find something you love, and as always, let me know in the comments if you have any requests for next year.



I know many of you are trying to stay motivated through those New Year’s resolutions! With that in mind, I thought I’d share these beautiful, printable to-do lists from Shutterfly. Whether it’s a small task or a long-term goal, writing things down can be a great motivator – not to mention how good it feels to cross off what you’ve accomplished.

Not only are the designs great but the lists cater to many needs and working styles. They include everything from a reno/home project task list to an hourly to-do list. There’s also a very cute printable for kids to keep track of their own homework and chores. I hope you all enjoy these and that they help you achieve an organized and productive year. Let me know which one’s your favorite!



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FREE 12 Monthly Calendars To Love!

Excited for your FREE calendar 2019 printable as early as now? You should be! There’s nothing like planning the year ahead to get you all set and on the goal! This is why, I am truly delighted to present to you an entire pack of beautifully designed 2019 monthly calendars… and I think you’re going to love them! Scroll down to view the designs– they’re all cute and darling! It also comes with a spot for your goal-setting to help you make your year productive. Ready to view them?

How do you find the January calendar design so far? It looks refreshing and it’s beautiful. Isn’t it? A little sharing here before I show you the rest of the designs of your free calendar 2019 printable….

Ever since I opened the Shining Mom blog in 2009, I started to share the calendars I personally use. To my surprise, several readers followed along. Just like me, they love the calendars. They say that my calendars help them get organized and eventually be extra productive.

Since then, the Shining Mom blog has slowly built its reputation as a convenient resource for pretty printable calendars. To this day, the blog has almost 30,000 newsletter subscribers and a strong number of daily readership. And it’s because of the calendars and later on all the organizers I share! For that, my heart is quietly jumping in joy and gratitude.

I have a dream here in Shining Mom. My dream is to be able to touch my reader’s life in the simplest way I can. I dream to help them stay organized and productive. This is why, I tirelessly share free printable calendars and planners weekly.

It’s my way of thanking my readers and the Lord.

Little did I know that this dream has helped me design the life I love – blogging from home while looking after my two little boys. And for that, I thank you. Thank you for helping me live my dreams by following the Shining Mom blog! By enjoying my humble creations like this free calendar 2019 printable set, I get to enjoy more time with my family by working from home. Know that your every blog visit is a warm support to my family.


Excited to view the rest of the designs? I know you can’t wait to map out your plans to make your 2019 awesome. Feel free to print this entire set of the free 2019 calendar printable right away!

The calendars I included here are extra special as each of them is uniquely designed. You’ve read it right: You are about to enjoy 12 stunning designs of monthly calendars all in all! Thanks to Creative Market and Design Cuts where I purchased some of the graphic elements I used in designing your 2019 calendar printable. Print them away dear friends!

I love the whole idea of a new calendar design to use every month. It gives me this idea of having a fresh start each time. I don’t know about you but I am especially excited with new beginnings. A fresh start drives me to be my excellent self, and it motivates me a to stay in focus. How about you? If  this rings the bell, then probably this set of calendar 2019 printable is for you with new designs for each month is for you.

Let’s again take a closer look at one of the 2019 monthly calendars that I have here, the February calendar. Sweet and pretty, it’s the perfect calendar 2019 printable to use to celebrate the month of love. Pink on pink with a splash of green is adorable! Ahhh, it excites me to make my February amazing! This is definitely a great calendar to use for my daily overviews!

Write Your Monthly Goals and Notes in Your Free Calendar 2019 Printable!

I made sure that your FREE calendar 2019 will give you a good room for your planning and goal-setting. Right at the bottom of each and every calendar, you’ll find a special section for “Notes”. In that spot, you can write your monthly goals or major to-do’s for the month! Make use of that spot to keep your eye on the goal. So as you print out this 2018 calendar, start thinking about your monthly plans and yes, you can already pencil them in!

That’s about it for today! I hope you love the calendars and I hope that they will bless you as you walk through the upcoming year. Should you like to see other free printable calendar designs on the blog, hop over my clean and colorful calendar set. They come just as beautiful but 

waay simpler.

Additionally, I have amazing premium planners that are worth checking out. I think you’ll also enjoy a copy of the “My Wealth Binder” which will help you organize and GROW your finances. And for those of you who need basic planners, the “Back to Basics Binder” is definitely for you. This binder covers all the basic organizers you need to run your life blissfully.

Print These FREE 2019 Monthly Calendars!

To start using your calendars, get your copies HERE and print them out in standard, letter-size paper. You may also use A4, just be sure to adjust your printer setting. I hope you can use them to plan your year ahead!


Go ahead and pin the image below so you can always get back to this post. If you can’t print the calendars yet, save this post for later at Pinterest! It only takes a second. =)

Loving this free calendar 2019 printable? I am pretty sure you’ll also love the other printables I have for you.  Hang out with me for a few more minutes, I have a library loaded with pretty organizers that are all designed to help you stay productive. Perhaps you can start with ten readers’ favorites these days? Check out the following posts, friends!

Would you also like to receive this calendar in Monday- Sunday format?  Let me know at the Comments! If I get at least 30 requests, I will create one for you and will again share it for free. How about that?

Thanks for dropping by, I am so glad you’re here. I pray that you will have a bountiful and amazing New Year! Cheers for an awesome 2019!

19 Free Printable 2019 Calendars

I had big plans to publish my annual calendar post early this year. I even started working on it in October, but here it is December 18 and I am finally getting around to finishing up this post. (Ironically, the same day I published last year.) To help you get organized for 2019, here are my favorite 19 free printable 2019 calendars.

UPDATE – Find 20 Printable Calendars for 2020 HERE. 

In order to download the free 2019 calendar of your choice, please visit the individual blogs listed below. Please note, while all of the calendars are free, a few require an email list sign up. This is how bloggers grow their business so they can continue to offer free printables. 

How I Use Printable Calendars

While I rely on my digital calendar to remind me to get to appointments, for my blog and everyday tasks I rely on an old school paper calendar and checklist to keep me on track. My favorite calendars have space to write tasks on each day, and I use different colored pens to keep my calendar straight.

My favorite pens to use are Pilot FriXion pens because they erase cleanly, and I often have to move items on my calendar around. Plus they come in lots of great colors so they are perfect for decorating your 2018 calendar printable.

Pilot FriXion Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

To keep my calendar pages together, I use a clear front report cover and rotate the previous month’s page to the back so I can always see my calendar at a glance.

I also love to use colored washi tape and planner stickers.

Download And Print Your Favorite Free Printable 2019 Calendars

There are so many great free calendars to choose from, but I narrowed it down to my favorite 19 printable 2019 calendars to share with you. Note that several sites listed have multiple designs to choose from, so there are in fact a lot more than 19 to choose from here.

I had a hard to choosing, but in the end, I decided the calendar from Short Stop Designs will be my calendar for this year. I love the different monthly designs of the calendars, and I was even more excited to discover the designs are available in both a landscape and portrait layout. Although I like the look of portrait calendars, I’ve found that landscape calendars work best for me. The design and flexibility of this 2019 calendar makes it a top contender in my book.


Botanical Paperworks has been in my calendar roundup for the last few years. Its calendar with tips on how to be more eco friendly is always one of my favorites. This year I am featuring its new design – a coloring page calendar. Perfect for my fellow doodlers. In total, you can find 5 designs from Botanical Paperworks – coloring page, eco friendly, inspirational, chalkboard and geometric.

The Shining Mom is another site I have featured before that offers multiple designs (scroll to the bottom of the page to see other designs). I picked this design because I love how it has a different look for each month. They are super cute and give you the feel for each season.

If you need more florals in your life, the FTD calendar might be the perfect fit. I love coloring monthly florals available in both a desktop and wall version of the calendar.

Printables and Inspirations is another site that offers a bunch of different 2019 calendar designs (scroll to the bottom). I picked this pretty in pink calendar to feature, but my favorite part is that this calendar is available with either a Sunday or Monday start. I prefer to look at my calendar with a Monday start, and every time I fall in love with a calendar with a Sunday start I spend the first half of the year confused. So I appreciate the options!

If you want options, Emerald and Mint has 43 calendar designs to choose from. Vertical, horizontal, desktop calendars and wall calendar options – there is a style for everyone. I almost couldn’t decide which design to feature, I ended up with another floral calendar because florals make me happy.

The built-in to-do list and notes section of the calendar from Frugal Fanatic makes my list-making self happy. Lots of room to write and make notes with bubbles to check off completed items.

I love the simplicity and large writing space available on the 2019 printable calendar from Wonder and Wildness. For those who don’t need a lot of space to write (unlike me) there is a version with a smaller writing area available as well.

The cheerful watercolor bubbles on the printable 2019 calendar from I Am Geetha are also available in coordinating cover pages, a weekly planner, divider pages, notes pages and more. There are even tips on how best to arrange your calendar for the best organization.

The calendar from Paper Trail Design is the calendar equivalent of the little black dress. Simple, yet elegant it gets the job done in black and while. Portrait layout and other simple designs also available at the bottom of the page.

The watercolor florals on the monthly 2019 calendar from Home Printables are dreamy. They just make me want to smile. Other designs, including the Happy Life Planner are also available on the site.

Miss Tina offers bright and colorful calendars with lots of room for notes. Available in several formats and designs, there are also coordinating pages for weekly planning. I also love the weekend planners.

Polka dots make me smile and so do the calendars from True Bliss Designs. In addition to note space, these calendars are also available with US or UK popular holidays and observances pre-printed on the calendars. If you like florals, check out the floral design options with important dates too.

I had such a hard time narrowing down the calendar I wanted to feature The Cottage Market – there were so many great ones to choose form. Last year, I featured the Harry Potter one (which I plan to print for my daughter this year), but this year I decided I had to feature the flamingos because they are just so darn cute! But there are lots of great character calendars like Justice League and mermaids.

Blooming Homestead offers pretty floral calendars in both landscape and portrait. I love peonies and the pink and black is a happy color combo for me.

For those who like to personalize their calendar, here is another 2019 calendar coloring page from Woo! Jr. Bonus you get to save ink and choose your own color scheme.

I don’t think I have ever seen such bright and lovely succulents as those on the calendars at Pockets Full Of Wonder. Each month has a unique succulent design at the top and lots of room for writing.

On Sutton Place also has a great space for note taking and a different design each month. I tend to prefer calendars with a slightly different look each month because it makes it feel fresh and new each month. 

For those who want it ALL, the planner at The Handmade Home has everything. It is a full planner, available in multiple sizes and designs with contacts, birthdays, dividers, monthly calendars, weekly calendars, student pages, budget pages, meal planning, printable stickers and much more. Did I mention it is all really pretty too?!



20 Free Printable 2020 Calendars

Time goes by so fast and 2020 is almost here. That means it’s time to pick a new 2020 calendar to help you stay organized and keep track of events all year long. Here’s a list of

20 free printable 2020 calendars to help you make your choice!

You could buy one, but with so many free printable options available online, why would you?



The internet is a big wide space where it’s sometimes difficult to find what you need. You may not realize how many great free printable calendars are available online and that’s why I created today’s post.

I gathered 20 free printable 2020 calendars that you can instantly download and print. I hope this will save you some time and help you find a calendar that truly works for you.

(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.)

I’ve included many different styles to showcase the variety of calendars that other bloggers, and myself, have created and shared: monthly calendars, calendar on one page, quarterly calendar, month on 2 pages, floral, minimalist, patterns, seasonal, simple, etc.

Make sure to check out the great blogs included in this list as they share some really nice free printables.

To access each printable simply click on the button “Get this freebie” that appears under each image, this will redirect you to the printable creator’s blog.

Free Printable 2020 Calendars

This calendar offered by botanical paperworks is one of my favorite: you can color your calendar title every month! I love the idea of coloring it with seasonal colors depending on the month.

Get this freebie

This calendar mixes cute lettering and simplicity! 3 sizes are included: US letter, A4/A5, and Classic Happy Planner.

Get this freebie

I like that this calendar is lined! It’s very convenient if you have a lot to write.

Get this freebie

I’m a fan of the modern minimalist style of these 5 hand-lettered calendars. With 5 different templates to choose from you’re sure to find one that works for your lifestyle. You’ll simply have to subscribe to Lemon Thistle’s newsletter to be a able to get this goodie.

Get this freebie

Get a whole view of the year on one page. 3 sizes are included for each calendar: US letter, A4/A5, and Classic Happy Planner.

Get this freebie

What I like about Mom Envy’s calendar is that each month is on 2 pages (compared to 1 page for most calendars) and includes cute images related to each month. She also offers a more neutral version if you prefer.

Get this freebie

Filled with adorable patterns, Short Stop Designs’ calendar is so cute! I love that you can get this calendar in 2 formats: landscape or portrait.

Get this freebie

This calendex style calendar includes 4 pages with 3 months per page. This leaves you enough space to write down future events and be able to see a few months at the same time. Available in 3 sizes: US letter, A4/A5, and Classic Happy Planner.

Get this freebie

Each month includes a different motivational quote and seasonal background illustrations!

Get this freebie

Pastel colors and elegant fonts are a winning combo here!

Get this freebie

Sometimes, timeless simplicity is all you need.

Get this freebie

You can easily create your own photo calendars with these free templates! Simply follow It’s always Autumn’s the step by step.

Continue Reading

How cute is this floral calendar? Each month features a different type of flowers!

Get this freebie

I love how colorful, and yet simple, this calendar is.

Get this freebie

This calendex style calendar includes 4 pages with 3 months per page. This leaves you enough space to write down future events and be able to see a few months at the same time. Available in 3 sizes: US letter, A4/A5, and Classic Happy Planner.

Get this freebie

I like how simple and delicate this calendar is!

Get this freebie

Each month features a different pattern and they are all super cute and elegant at the same time!

Get this freebie

Organize your life with The Ultimate Planner Bundle

The Ultimate Planner Bundle includes 78 pages of printable planner inserts (divided into 6 themed packs) to help you organize all areas of your life: home management, health & wellness, budget, hobbies, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars. I also included 9 different planner layouts to help you decide which layout works best for you. To make it easy to print and combine with most planners, 3 sizes are included: US letter, Classic Happy Planner and A5.

You can see all the inserts included in this bundle, along with a special offer on this page: The Ultimate Planner Bundle.

Pin this image for later:

Free Printable Calendar – Clean and Scentsible

UPDATE: Click here for the new 2020 free printable calendar.

Download this 2019 free printable calendar to use on our desk, office, or even for cute little gifts!  They’re one of the most popular items on the blog!

2019 Free Printable Calendar

The 2019 free printable calendar is here!  I was hoping to get it up on the blog a little earlier, but I’ve been swamped trying to get ready for the Christmas home tours next week {which I can’t wait to show you!}. Don’t worry though – there’s still plenty of time to get these ready for Christmas gifts and New Year’s!


Every year, I create a free printable calendar as my little Christmas present to you.  I am so thankful for all of you and can’t tell you how much I appreciate every visit, comment, email, and like.  I know how busy we all can get, so thank-you so much for taking the time to support my blog and cheer me on.  It means the world to me!

How to download the 2019 free printable calendar.

I loved the new calendar so much from last year that I pretty much left the basic design the same.  I hope you like it as much as I do!  I’ve put the cover page and all of the months into one file so all you’ll need to do is download and save. If your’e having any difficulties with downloading, I find that Google Chrome tends to work best since the files are on Google Drive.

Once you have it downloaded, you can either print it off on your computer or send it to a photo lab for printing. I usually print mine four to a page {about a 3.5 x5 size}, but it works as a full size page too. If you print it as a different size, just make sure that check that you’re not cutting off any important information. Thick computer paper or cardstock is recommended for printing.  Use a paper trimmer to trim the borders to your desired size.


How to display your calendar.

There are so many different ways that you can use this calendar! I like to use it as a small desk calendar – usually right on my work desk or at our kitchen command center – but I’ve loved hearing about all of the different ways that you’ve displayed yours and packaged them up for gifts.  Here are some of my favorite ways to use my calendar…

  • Place it on a wood slice holder. A wood slice makes a really cute calendar holder!  Just cut off a 4-5 diameter piece of wood {I just found a big branch in my parent’s backyard} and then use a saw to make a small groove in the center to hold your calendar. You can dress it up with some ribbon or twine if you would like.

  • Display it in a frame.  Keep all of the months in the frame and then just rotate them around each month.
  • Create a mini calendar for your purse.
  • Use a clipboard. A clipboard is a quick and easy way to display you calendar. Just grab one in a similar size to what you print your calendar at and clip it on. {This is last year’s calendar!}

  • Pin it on a pinboard. 
  • Package it up as a gift. These calendars look really cute all tied up with baker’s twine for a practical, and inexpensive Christmas gift! Who can’t use a calendar? 😉


 I hope you enjoy them and thank-you so much for supporting my blogging journey! xo





Fabulous and Free Printable 2019 Minimalistic Calendar

We are rolling out all of our popular Free Printable Calendars from the years past and we will also be rolling out a ton of brand new ones… so keep your eyes peeled for both.   I know that you will find the perfect calendar for your New Year!  Today we have a Free Printable 2018 Minimalistic Calendar…just pretty type and the dates!  For those of you that asked for this one…we sure hope you enjoy it!  It comes in 5X7 and 8 1/2X11 and all you have to do to print them is choose the month and click on the size…then “SAVE AS” and print!  It’s that simple!  Sure hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out our other Free Printable Calendars … For Personal Use Only


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10


5×7 … 8×10






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Check Out the Rest of our Free Printables Here!


So…Fire up those printers and I highly recommend if you are going to print from home to use a high quality card stock…it’s the best quality!

Remember…you can resize these for any purpose you have in mind.  I always have to share that your local office supply store can print amazing lazer copies for you on card stock for under $1!!! Hope you ENJOY! 

If you are looking for MORE FREE Printables…Party Banners…Buntings…Graphics…Recipe Cards…Digital Scrapbooking Paper Packs check out our Freebies Gallery!


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2021 Free Printable Calendars – 20+ Designs for Monthly, Yearly Calendars

The new year is always a fresh start, and of course a new opportunity to get organized! I’m doing my highly-requested annual 2021 free printable calendars round up for you!  

I’ve searched across the web, Pinterest, and my favourite design sites to bring you 20 hand-selected FREE printable calendars for 2021 so you can ring in the new year!

Each of the calendars are beautifully designed and range from monthly to yearly views, so you can pick the perfect one for your needs. Check all these beautiful 2021 free printable calendars and find one you like and just download and print!

1. 2021 Free Printable Calendar

with Elegant Monogram

This beautiful calendar will help keep you organized while adding a pretty touch to your office space. Download at The Cottage Market.

2. Modern Minimal Style Printed Calendar

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this minimal monthly calendar is perfect for creating a well designed life. Download at A Piece of Rainbow.

3. Minimalist Modern Calendar Printable

Grab these beautiful, modern calendars from Love Create Celebrate.

4. Free Monthly Calendar Template

Reusable for Every Year!

Download at Thyme is Honey

5. Floral Design Monthly Free Calendar Printable

A beautiful floral monthly calendar that has lots of room for you to write down notes for each day and month.

Each month offers a different flower bouquet, just a reminder to take the time to smell the flowers and fill your life with beautiful moments! Download at A Piece of Rainbow.

6. 2021 Floral Water Color

Calendar Printable

Download at Paper Trail Design

7. 2021 Minimlistic Printable Calendar

Minimalistic calendar with script design. Download at The Cottage Market.

8. 2021 Boho Calendar Printable

This 2021 Free Boho Calendar is a really cute way to plan out your year. Each month has their own boho home designs! Download at Crafting in the Rain.

9. Reusable Undated Monthly Calendar

This printable is a useful one for years to come. It’s undated so you can just fill in the dates as you go! Download at Dear Chrissy.

10. Simple 2021 Free Printable Calendar

Get organized with this printable monthly calendar from Pj’s and Paint.

11. 2021 Free Printable Calendar

with Modern Leaf Design

For all you plant lovers out there. this modern leaves calendar is for you! Download at the The Cottage Market.

12. 2021 Printable Planner

and Organizing Pages

Here’s your Free Printable 2021 Planner 50 Plus Printable Pages with a beautiful floral design! Download at The Cottage Market.

13. Cute Monthly Llama Calendar

Llamas have been an adorable trend for a couple of years now, and this calendar is one that will make your smile! Download at Crafting in the Rain.

14. Free Printable 2020 Calendar Yearly

One-Page with Floral Design

Need the whole year at a glance. This pretty floral yearly one-sheet calendar is perfect for that! Download at Paper Trail Design. 

15. Cute Printable 2021 Calendar

Download at Keeping Life Sane.

16. DIY 3D 2021 Calendar

This fun DIY printable calendar is one you can leave on your desk as a cool decorative piece that’s function as well with 2 pages to flip!  A great little DIY craft to make and all you need is 2 pieces of paper, a printer and some glue! Download this template at A Piece of Rainbow.

17. One Page 2020 Yearly Calendars

A great way to look at the whole year along with a splash of color. Download at Paper Trail Design.

18. Chalkboard Style 2021 Calendar

Download this chalkboard style calendar from Botanical Paperworks.

19. Undated Customizable

Monthly Calendar Printout

Download at Smart Schoolhouse

20. Cute Colorful Monthly Calendar

With 75 design choices, you’re bound to find a 2021 free printable calendar that you love! Download at Oh So Lovely Blog.

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90,000 Fleece seals. Calendars
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    Funny cats
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    Depression and laziness!

    From the heart of all I am
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    Let every year kittens
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    In postcards, as a reward,
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    I liked the calendar very, very much.He’s even better than I thought. The cats are cool and very positive, I will look at them all year round and be happy!

  • zhizn_sovyi

    The calendar is wonderful! Very kind, sweet and cozy, take a look – and a smile appears) 🐱

  • ponchemorda

    You look at the pages of the calendar and the mood rises, immediately warmth in your soul 🔆🔆🔆 Fleece cats set you in a positive mood and talk about interesting holidays 🎉🎉🎉

  • t_bliznyk

    Thank you for such a wonderful, warm, cozy calendar! The cats are so cute and positive !! Separately, I want to say a BIG thank you for the opportunity to present this miracle to my loved ones on New Year’s Eve! After all, only thanks to your sensitive attitude towards your customers, I managed to get the calendar before the new year! Thank you for typing and submitting it for me before anyone else! Such an attitude towards people in our time is a feat! Thank you again and all the best for the new year !! 🌹🌸🌺

  • anya_fasonya

    I am looking forward to the start of the year to turn the page

  • cat_dastan

    Friends sent us your calendar as a gift for the New Year! 🤗 @warrior_of_the_roads, thank you very much, our dear Avdeyushka and Alyonochka! 💖😘 The calendar is incredible and wonderful! Seals are just lovely! Thank you very much for your creativity! 💖💖💖 We will admire your cute cats all year round! 😽❤️

  • 90,000 A spider scientist from Novosibirsk has collected a calendar with cute spider-cats see also

    Photos of furry spiders instead of furry seals: a spider specialist from Novosibirsk has released an unusual calendar for next year with a picture of her wards.The heroes of the calendar are not dangerous for humans, the arachnologist warned. She invites everyone to print the calendar. Novosibirsk residents lined up for cute spiders.

    Natalia Lavrichenko

    16:40, 30 November 2018

    Spider specialist, arachnologist Galina Azarkina from Novosibirsk has compiled an unusual calendar for 2019.Its heroes are elurillin spiders, which means “cat” in Greek. In appearance, they really resemble cats: the same cute, shaggy and with button-like eyes.

    The spider scientist published her calendar on Facebook and said that anyone can print it. Social network users are actively commenting on pictures with furry spiders and are already lining up for the calendar.

    The author is ready to send the original layout by e-mail.There were even a few foreigners among those wishing to get hold of a flip-flop masterpiece with spider-seals.

    As Galina Azarkina said, she photographs her spiders on expeditions. In fact, they are much smaller than in the pictures: the pictures are greatly enlarged – the real size of elurillins in nature is about 6-7 millimeters. The arachnologist added that the heroes of the calendar are not dangerous to humans.

    Photo: Galina Azarkina

    #Animals #Active city # City in faces # Ambition #Image #Society #Photogallery

    Calendar 2019: ondatra – LiveJournal

    Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a tradition in LiveJournal to lay out the outgoing year by months.Here, using my free minute, I spread my 12 months.

    January. At the festival “Primordial Russia”.

    February. In Zaryadye Park.

    March. Alexander Garden.

    April. Opposite the Kievsky railway station.

    May. Night. Street. Lamp. Moon. Moscow.

    June. Veranda of Zaryadye.

    July. For the whole month she was establishing Japanese-Russian relations in Gorky Park. First with a group of Japanese drummers “Sai”, then with a group of Japanese drummers “Asuka Gumi”.This is the Sai group, which means color. Flowers of Japan, cute, cute … very cute guys! Cool group!

    August. I flew to Königsberg and its surroundings. Very beautiful places, most likely because they are dear to me. People are wonderful, I have not spent a day without new acquaintances. In my opinion, I never spoke so much, my tongue even hurt. :-)) Very cool places, I will definitely fly there more than once. Residents of the Kaliningrad region – you are wonderful! I love you!

    September.After combing the renovated VDNKh on rollers (it was incomparable), I was still puzzled to come there with a camera.

    Oct. Rostov-on-Don. Graffiti by the talented artist Lida Zheleznyak.

    November. After the Olympian presented to me for my birthday, I started going to CSKA to see an international-class archery coach for training. So that on the way I now do not advise to get up. I shoot without misses. And, yes, this is serious.

    December.Festival “Journey to Christmas”. One casual baker in my life.

    What one word would I call this year, you ask me, my dears?
    And I will answer you like this: “This year has been AWESOME for me!” In the literal sense of the word. He shocked me in a way that I had never been in a year. And in a good way and in a bad way! And now, panting from the steep turns of this year, I understand that even despite the very difficult December in my life, this year was very interesting!

    I have done very brave things.In January I came to a new dance school myself, I liked it there and I danced, in April I quite spontaneously bought myself plane tickets to Konigsberg to celebrate there in honor of the centenary of my grandmother, who took him with her own hands in 45, in May I chose good ones. American commercials (Dear friend, thanks for the tip!) and cut them through the embankments all summer after working on them. Then there was also a bow with arrows, and this is in such a very “round” anniversary year of mine.

    Therefore, I want to thank this amazing year for the many exciting events that he gave me.Thank you for everything 2019.

    Calendar 2019


    When developing the 2019 calendar, we took into account all your wishes. The calendar is aimed both at beginners who want to learn, just have a rest and relax, and for experienced yachtsmen. We also did not forget about cultural events – there will be many places of interest on our way.
    First, we will warm up in the Seychelles. The sailing will take place on comfortable catamarans along the picturesque islands.Anyone who wants to join the bounty is there! Paradise beaches, palm trees, azure water and white sands are waiting for you! By the way, there are not many places left, hurry up to join!
    Club yacht “Alpha” will start its way, as usual, from Rome towards Tuscany, then magnificent Corsica. Corsica is one of the trendiest destinations! And, Corsica on a yacht is generally something incredibly cool! A combination of towering cliffs, the Mediterranean Sea and very cute European cities. A bottle of Chablis and delicious French cheese, oysters, mmm…Very beautiful and tasty – the rest of the aristocrats.
    After that, the yacht returns to the base and starts in the Gulf of Naples, to the favorite places of the Skipper Club, namely: Capri, Ischia, Procida, Amalfi and other unusually beautiful islands. After that, the yacht will go to the bottom of the “boot” – to Calabria. And this will interrupt training and relaxation trips – we are going to Rhodes, to Greece. We still cannot live without her :). The ferry will be as much as 700 miles, so anyone interested in earning nautical miles is welcome! Such a dear, homely Greece will meet us.Their cuisine in home taverns is so simple and delicious: souvlaki, saganaki, olives, shrimp, octopus. Whoever has been to Greece at least once will not forget these names. And our yacht “Alpha” has a goal – to participate in the “Rhodos Cup 2019” race.
    Next – Turkey. Wherever our yacht goes, nothing can replace Turkish charm. These are cozy coves, forest restaurants, protected water area.
    After the Turkish coast, the yacht “Alpha” turns in the opposite direction and goes to Athens, then to Bari – many adored town where the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker lie.And then, the highlight of the 2019 calendar is sailing Bari – Venice – Bari. This is an incomparable route, very romantic.
    From Bari, the yacht “Alpha” will follow on the 600 mile race, who already guessed? Rolex Middle Sea Race 2019, the Skipperclub team will take part in it 9 times already.


    Fill out the feedback form, our managers will contact you!

    New Year 2019 Calendar Love Flamingo Cactus Dream Unicorn Cute

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    Australian Firefighters Issue 2019 Calendar

    Animals Entertainment October 13, 2018

    What you can not do to help small and defenseless animals. You can repost photos of pitying puppy eyes, you can arrange charity concerts. Firefighters in Australia decided the issue differently.

    Firefighters in Australia and New Zealand teamed up as early as 1993 to raise money for the treatment of severely burned children. They decided to create a calendar with candid photos that they sold on New Year’s Eve.


    The campaign is called the Australian Firefighters Calendar. Today they also support and financially help animal shelters. That is why the calendar has several editions: “Hot guys. Part 1 “,” Hot guys. Part 2 ”,“ Animals ”,“ Dogs ”, and by 2019 also“ Cats ”.


    By the way, the new calendar brought together firefighters from all over the world. This is the first, but not the last time, when it was possible to become a participant in a hot photo shoot. On the Australian Firefighters Calendar website, any firefighter who wishes can fill out a form that the organizers will consider.


    You can buy calendars on the official website of the campaign. Remember, this is how you help children and stray animals. Well, you have fun, of course.

    © © © © © © © © © © © © © ©

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