Custom made bed singapore: Blafink custom makes sofas, beds and other furniture

Blafink custom makes sofas, beds and other furniture

What’s your lead time?

Why is your lead time so long?

What if I dislike what I custom made?

Is there warranty for your furniture?

I have a stain on my upholstered furniture

What’s your lead time?

Our lead time is 6 – 8 weeks for most products. Chairs may come up to 10 weeks.

Why is your lead time so long?

It doesn’t take that long to put your project together. It only takes this long because we put your project in our production queue and this is usually at the 6 – 8 week mark. It wouldn’t be fair to push someone else’s project down the queue so that we can attend to yours first. We also like to play it safe by having sufficient time to buy the necessary materials for your project.

What if I dislike what I custom made?

This happens – fortunately it’s rare. We have a process to help you understand clearly what you are custom making before you commit to a project with us. We can tell if you’re not ready and our policy is not to be pushy. If you still end up disliking the item, we will on a case by case basis work with you to alter your project until you are finally satisfied.

Is there warranty for your furniture?

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects on framework and upholstery. Qualified defects will be repaired at no cost to you.

I have a stain on my upholstered furniture

Most households stains should be taken out quickly, don’t let it sit for over 24 hours. To clean, we recommend spot cleaning with a clean cloth and an upholstery cleaner. Get our favourite cleaner on Selffix or Lazada. Apply a little cleaner on the stain and confidently rub out the spot. Stains can smell fear, so be confident.

Custom Single Sized Bed Frame Singapore

At Singapore Carpenters, we are the experts that you can always count on to deliver your dream single sized bed frame. Our commitment is to always provide the best custom single sized bed frame, tailored to your specific needs when it comes to relaxation and budget.

Benefits of a Custom Single Sized Bed Frame

The standard dimensions of a single sized bed frame is 91cm x 188cm but, we can also build one that is customized to the available space in your room. Considering the small size of a single sized bed frame, it is always the most ideal option for dealing with space limitations.

Our custom single sized bed frames are recommended for singles as well as kids. Even if you already have the right beds, we can still provide a custom single sized bed frame for a daybed in a spacious room. This can be used for afternoon naps and relaxation purposes.

A custom single sized bed frame will offer you, your family and guests a comfortable sleep while also conserving the space therein. Since we will also customize the features of the bed frame to your desired style and preferences, the furniture also helps with improving the decor.

The Best Custom Single Sized Bed Frame Singapore

Our unwavering commitment to high quality and affordable custom bedroom furniture is what sets us apart from other carpenters. We have a team of experts and innovative tools to effectively evaluate all your needs and, provide the best custom single sized bed frame.

Depending on your requirements and available space, our professionals will first discuss with you the best options for a custom single sized bed frame. For tailor made solutions, there are several ways we can customize the bed frame.

Apart from the dimensions, we also allow you to choose the specific features to be included on the bed frame so it is able to serve you as intended. There are several unique features that can be added to the furniture like, drawers,

Our custom single sized bed frames can also be designed in different styles. For instance, you may need a bed frame crafted in a style that reflects the contemporary ambience of your bedroom. With regards to aesthetics, we can also include luxurious embellishments and upholstery.

We can custom build a single sized bed frame fitted with upholstery in the colors and prints that complement your other bedding as well as decorations on the space. The upholstery can be done using linen, polyester, leather and other quality materials that you may prefer.

To further elevate the appeal of the room, we can apply various finishes to the furniture. Besides using decorative upholstery, your custom single sized bed frame can also be enhanced with sophisticated wood finishes. In fact, our artisans can even include unique carved details on the sides of the frame.

All the custom bedroom furniture that we provide are made of the best quality solid wood, offering a lasting touch of comfort and style. Due to our experience in custom furniture, we understand the most durable and, easily customizable wood varieties for your bed frame.

The wood that we use in making custom bedroom furniture is carefully inspected and treated for safety and longevity. As a result of this, there is always an assurance of the best money value in every custom single sized bed frame that we build for you.

Order a Custom Single Sized Bed Frame Now!

At Singapore Carpenters, we have now made it much easier for home owners to order custom bedroom furniture. By filing out our online quotation form, our experts will be able to come up with the best options for a custom single sized bed frame that suits your needs.

You can also simply talk to our professionals directly for a custom single sized bed frame. We guarantee the best quality and affordable custom single sized bed frame, delivered at your own convenience.


HDB Registered Contractor
License Number: HB-09-5474D

Custom Size Mattresses – Made To Measure For Any Size

Despite what people think, mattresses often differ in sizes in different parts of the world. For example, an Australian queen size bed has a different dimension from a Singapore queen size bed and a US queen size bed. To offer a simple solution, we offer customisation if you want a particular bed size.

Why is there a need for custom size mattress in Singapore?

Expatriates with their own bedding
There is an increasing demand for custom mattresses in Singapore with the influx of expatriates living in Singapore. They often come from many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, the United Kingdom, China, and India. Many of these countries have their own standard sizes for mattresses, click here to see the different mattress sizes.
In particular, one of the big differences is that mattresses in Singapore have a length of 190cm. This is fairly short when compared to the longer mattress sizes from other countries, which can easily be around 200cm or more. People who are accustomed to sleeping on a longer mattress might find it frustrating to switch to a shorter length mattress. This is especially true if the person is tall to begin with, and many expatriates tend to be taller. Many expatriates bring their bed frames and sheets to Singapore so to have their familiar furniture with them. In some cases the furniture may be antique or valuable, and the expatriate won’t wish to leave it behind in storage in their home country.
In this situation, a custom size mattress can be the best solution. You will not need to purchase a whole new bed while in Singapore if you already have your own one in a different size. Instead you can simply purchase a custom made mattress to fully utilise your existing bedding and sheets.  
Custom made bed frame

Singaporeans who own a custom size bed frame will also enjoy having a new mattress created in just the right dimensions for their specific bed frame. Custom made bed frames are ideal ways for a craftsman to showcase their art, especially if there are embellishments or decorative features on it. Imagine owning a one-of-a-kind bed frame handcrafted by a master craftsman – it can really be a focal point in your bedroom. You need not be put off by the lack of an exact match to a standard mattress size, as you now have the option of customising the size of your mattress. Many owners of custom made bed frames fall into the trap of believing they should not replace their mattress due to it being a non-standard size. But with a custom made mattress specific to that particular bed frame, you can replace your mattress just as often as everyone else does.

Another example where it helps to have a custom bed frame and mattress is to maximize use of space. For example, if a king size bed would make your room look a little cramped but a queen size bed would feel too small for comfort, then a custom size in between these dimensions may be ideal.

Where in Singapore can I get a custom made mattress?

Whether you need a super long family mattress or a uniquely shaped boat mattress, rest assured you can have a custom size mattress made for you.

At European Bedding we can arrange for a custom mattress of any dimensions you desire. We have a stellar reputation for attentiveness to each individual’s needs – whether this is for a standard mattress or a specially customized one.

Let yourself sink into unparalleled comfort in the luxury of one of our latex mattresses. And when you know it has been designed and manufactured in a specific size just for you, it will give you a feeling of extra fulfilment and pleasure.

Custom Bed Frames Singapore | Get Your Best Quote

It is no secret that the concept of minimalism is becoming a norm when it comes to interior design. As of today, individuals want to create a carefree, peaceful, and comfortable atmosphere in their homes. To accomplish that, they always prefer to add only the most necessary furniture pieces to their homes, particularly when it comes to bedrooms.

As of today, homeowners want their bedrooms to be clutter-free particularly due to the space limitation they face. So, they want to limit their bedroom furniture inventory to items such as two bedside tables, and a chest of drawers in addition to the bed. When it comes to the bed, it is a good idea to prefer a custom design bed made with quality wood particularly if you need to make use of the limited space and add a simplified, modern appearance to the bedroom. With that said, mentioned below are the reasons why you should get a custom bed frame.


They deliver the aesthetic appeal you deserve

It goes without saying that a bed with a tasteful, custom bed frame creates an inviting sight and on top of that, it can enhance the sleeping experience. Professional interior designers claim that options such as a custom loft bed never become outdated. The combination of a box spring, a comfortable mattress, and a custom bed frame with a custom headboard will definitely create a beautiful picture without necessarily overcrowding your beautiful bedroom.


Easy to get out of the bed

Be it a single size bed frame, queen size bed frame, king size bed frame, double decker bed frame, or any other option, custom bed frames give non-morning individuals a good opportunity. In fact, it is absolutely easier to wake up and get out of bed if the bed is high and framed. Thanks to such beds, it would be really joyful to sit up, slide to slippers, and get out of bed. Well, that’s an amazing feeling in the morning so the day will be a fresher, energetic one.


There is more storage space

Another benefit associated with custom made bed frames is the possibility of creating precious storage space under the bed. This space can be used to place various items including drawers, baskets, bins, etc. You can fill those spaces with clothing items, toys, and other things you have. Don’t worry; it will not ruin the bedroom’s décor because a custom bed frame can be made to complement the existing interior (after all, that is one of the main advantages of custom-built furniture). Bed frames that have built-in storage are stylish in addition to their precious functionality and usefulness.

Besides, you can have your custom bed frame to be high if necessary and that will eliminate the possibility of turning over and falling out of the bed. Well, even if the floor is vacuumed, there can be small lint, dust, and hair particles on it. So, those who want to be safe rather than sorry, custom made high bed frame will be a great solution.

We partner professional carpentry companies in Singapore to provide custom bed frame carpentry with best quotes. Contact us to get your best quote for custom bed frame carpentry.


Shopping: Want to customise your furniture? Here’s where you can

Home owner Nicholas Koh’s custom-made sofa still wows repeat guests.ST PHOTO: JEREMY KWAN

Ms Sandy Huang had been searching for her dream sofa for three weeks and was about to buy whatever could fit her home when she saw a small wooden sign stuck in a grass verge while walking around the Eunos area.

It was a sign by Blafink, a local furniture shop specialising in custom upholstered sofas and bed frames, that has a showroom in the vicinity.

“When I walked into the showroom and saw the colourful prints by Kitty McCall, I was immediately sold,” says the 37-year-old, referring to the United Kingdom-based graphic designer who supplies fabric to Blafink.

Ms Huang and her husband, Mr Nicholas Koh, 39, had just moved into their five-room Housing Board flat in Woodlands in mid-2016. They were looking for a standout sofa to be the focal point of their home’s eclectic theme.

She ended up picking a “crazy” print – bold geometric shapes in striking colours against a subtle animal print – for the sofa frame with the help of her interior designer. She also requested a sofa that is a metre in depth, so that she can “sit cross-legged on it in front of the TV”.

Two years on, her sofa, which she paid more than $4,200 for, is still garnering attention from guests.

“Everyone who comes to our place is always very ‘wowed’. Even if he has been here before, he’ll ask if I changed the colour or did something to it. It’s a crazy print, but no one seems to really remember the exact design,” says Ms Huang, who works as the head of operations at a technology company.

She is not alone in her search for unique furniture pieces. Furniture stores say more home owners are on the hunt for one-off pieces and some have turned to customising their furniture to fulfil that desire.

“When you customise furniture, you’re receiving exactly what you want. It’s not something you settle for or buy on impulse. There’s some emotional tie involved,” says Ms Ashley Choo, 36, co-owner of Blafink.

“There is also a certain longevity to it. Chances are, because it’s built for you, you’ll use it for a longer time versus something you bought off the shelf and can just sell when you’re sick of it.”

Besides exclusivity, custom furniture also serves practical needs.

Ms Zee Tan, 28, creative lead of local furniture store etch&bolts, says new home owners tend to go for the same wood colour and finish across different pieces of furniture in their living room for a cohesive look.

“It can be difficult to get the same colour and finish if you purchase pieces from separate stores, so some home owners come to us to custom-make a set,” says Ms Tan.

Founder of Your Furniture Gregory Torreguitart, 41, says small apartment sizes in Singapore also increase the need to custom-fit furniture into tight spaces.

He also gets requests from expatriates who ship their mattresses to Singapore from overseas, but cannot find a suitable bed frame for them.

“It’s difficult to find bed frames for mattresses that are not standard Singapore sizes, so customising one for the mattress is the way to go,” says the Frenchman, who has lived in Singapore for five years.

Furniture companies say the cost of customisation depends on the extent of work, but it may not necessarily break the bank.

Mr Torreguitart’s prices are 20 to 50 per cent cheaper than big-brand furniture stores that customise products of the same quality because there is no middleman in the process.

Ms Choo from Blafink says her sofas are priced similarly to other mid-to high-end furniture shops that sell ready-made pieces.

But they note that prices can go up depending on the complexity of the design and the choice of materials.

“A custom piece reflects your character. You’re paying for the workmanship as well as the small details,” says Mr Morgan Yeo, 30, the second-generation owner of Roger&Sons.

He and his two brothers took over their father’s carpentry business in 2014 and rebranded it to offer customised carpentry work that is produced in Singapore.

“To us, our bespoke furniture is furniture that will last a lifetime. We hope they will eventually become heirloom pieces that can be passed down for generations,” says Mr Yeo.

Where you can customise furniture


This hood sofa in navy blue was customised with deeper seats to suit its tall owners. PHOTO: BLAFINK

Where: 07-17 and 08-04 Richfield Industrial Centre, 122 Eunos Avenue 7

It is hard to run out of options at local furniture store Blafink.

Started in 2015, Blafink – a name inspired by the blue finch bird – has a fabric inventory of 5,000 to 6,000 swatches that run the gamut from neutral solid colours to eye-catching nature prints.

The shop specialises in customising upholstered sofas and bed frames, along with a selection of chairs, benches and footstools that may also be upholstered.

The fabrics on offer are split into four categories, with prices for the economical in-house fabric imported from China and Turkey starting at $35 a metre.

On the higher end is designer fabric imported from the United Kingdom, which averages $150 a metre. Blafink also works with local textile designer brand EmekSunday.

A customised 2.1m three-seater sofa starts at $2,290 and the wait time is around six to eight weeks.


A table, two chairs and urban map canvas customised by local furniture store etch&bolts. PHOTO: ETCH&BOLTS

Where: Level 2 CRF Building, 3 Little Road

What started as an online furniture shop in April 2014 branched out into a physical showroom within three months of its opening, as the founders of etch&bolts realised that some customers prefer to view the furniture designs in person.

The showroom is also where customers look at the catalogue of 30 to 40 sofa designs and choose from 300 types of fabric.

Sofas and dining tables are etch&bolts’ two most popular items, with marble tabletops such as granite and quartz proving to be the trendy options this year.

As each slab of marble is unique in its pattern, customers choose their preferred piece and the assembly of the table is done at a local workshop.

A customised fabric sofa starts at $1,700, while a 1.4m-long marble table starts at $2,000.

Each piece takes about three to five weeks to complete.


This whisky bar, custom-made by Roger&Sons, has a rotating shelf that can be swivelled to display the bottles. PHOTO: LINCOLN YEO

Where: For more information, go to

Second-generation owner Morgan Yeo and his two brothers took over the family-owned business, then known as JR&P Industries, in 2014 and rebranded it as Roger&Sons, offering customised carpentry work.

A solid wood dining table made from oak and khaya, which is a type of mahogany found locally, is Roger&Sons’ most requested item.

It also makes a wide variety of wood products, including shelves, stools and even ladders.

The team works with its clients to conceptualise ideas according to individual needs, translates them into design and makes the finished product by hand in its in-house workshop.

A customised dining table starts at $3,800 and the wait time is around eight weeks.

Roger&Sons will open a showroom in November.

Your Furniture

A table and bench set in recycled boat wood customised by furniture shop Your Furniture. PHOTO: YOUR FURNITUREWhere: For more information, go to

Where: For more information, go to

Nothing is new at Your Furniture, when it comes to the material used, that is.

Opened in February 2014, the furniture shop uses only reclaimed teak and recycled boat wood sourced from Indonesia in its custom pieces.

Owner Gregory Torreguitart shies away from new teak, otherwise known as plantation teak, as he says it is generally not dry enough to withstand changes in temperature and is more prone to cracks.

Old teak, like he uses, is much drier and will last longer.

Dining tables and bed frames are his most ordered items.

Design, dimensions and finishing are all customisable and international shipping is available.

A customised 2m-long dining table in reclaimed teak starts at $1,500, while a basic queen-size bed frame ranges from $1,500 to $2,000. The wait time is around six to seven weeks.

Your Furniture is in the process of opening a new showroom.


At Custo, homeowners can design and create their own cabinets and shelves to fit any space. PHOTO: COURTESY OF CUSTO

Where: For more information, go to

Custo is a one-stop online furniture design platform that allows users to customize their own storage furniture in an easy and affordable way.

The brand offers fully made-to-measure storage furniture, such as shelves, cupboards and sideboards.

On the website, customers select the storage furniture they want to build.

They key in the dimensions required, such as the height, width and also the depth of the cabinet.

They can decide how many rows and columns of storage shelves they need, and whether they want doors, feet, and loose drawers built in.

Custo gets local workshops to make the plywood furniture.

Prices start from S$200 depending on the dimensions and options.

You can either assemble the pieces yourself by following a manual, or pay a small fee for it to be done for you.


A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on 22 September 2018, with the headline ‘Furniture just the way you like it: Homeowners turning to bespoke furniture’. Click here to read the original story. 

Where to get custom-made furniture in Singapore that’s just right for you!

People are all different shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of oddly shaped apartments in Singapore, so finding the perfect sofa, bed or dining table ‘off the rack’ can be time-consuming and frustrating. Customised or custom-made furniture is a great option and it’s not necessarily more expensive.

We hear from four readers on where they found the craftsmen to help create and customise furniture that was “just right!”

WTP The Furniture Company

Alterick and Jacinda Pearson, American

When moving to Singapore, one of the items we were on the hunt for was a custom made headboard – specifically one that was diamond tufted in style and tall enough to give us ample back support when sitting upright. I had previously worked at a custom furniture store in Seattle before moving to Singapore and was very familiar with the process and the work that it entailed to get it right. I was determined to find the right craftsmen to bring our vision to life!

Our friendly neighbours pointed us in the direction of WTP The Furniture Company, and we were pleasantly surprised with the entire process of their custom-made furniture. Naazli and Jacinda’s input on the final product was incredibly helpful; Jacinda suggested including the wings, which we love, and Naazli discouraged us from including studs, which we’re grateful for! Between us, we chose a gorgeous sky blue colour that complements the view and surroundings of our high-rise condo.

All in all, we loved the final product. The turnaround time was swift and the team’s input really helped to fine-tune what we had in mind. My advice would be to know what you want and be open to suggestions from the experts; they are there to guide you and to perfect your idea. Trust them and empower them to get you to your ultimate goal!

WTP The Furniture Company
3 Kung Chong Road
6235 2760 |

Arete Culture

Benjamin Tan, Singaporean

My wife and I were looking to refresh our interior, but didn’t want to go through an interior design firm or undergo an extensive renovation. We were also hoping for a more “hands-off” approach, where I could comfortably rely on the expertise and style sense of an expert! So I did some research online for home styling services and custom-made furniture and came across Arete Culture. Their portfolio suited our style and they had a proven track record of glowing testimonials that put us at ease.

We ended up refurbishing most of our home over a period of four weeks, with a mix of ready-made and custom-made pieces. Caroline and the team did a great job in recommending suitable layouts and pieces for each area of the house, down to the finishing touches like decorative pieces and paintings. She transformed our house into a home we could look forward to returning to!

The process was easy and pleasant; we were never pushed into buying anything and the prices were fair and reasonable. What’s more, their after-sales support was fantastic; we had a small incident with a stain on one of our new dining chairs that they were quick to help fix by putting us in touch with a fabric cleaning company. They also went out of their way to assist us with small things after the project and even sent us a nice housewarming gift!

Arete Culture
315 Outram Rd, #06-01 Tan Boon Liat Building
9640 3829 |

Woody Antique House

Rachael Flynn, Australian

I’ve always enjoyed doing jigsaws – even well before the pandemic puzzle craze kicked in! Often completing five to six puzzles a year, I find it very therapeutic to have a puzzle ongoing that I can just add a couple of pieces to each day.

When my children were born, I gave up the hobby – my free time was limited and I knew the puzzles wouldn’t stay intact on the table for very long. But now that my kids are growing up and the world has slowed down a little, my hobby is back in full force! So I began my hunt for the perfect table – something high enough that meant my puzzles would lay undisturbed and that I could add to while standing.

I first heard of Woody Antique a while back when I was on the hunt for antiques. I’ve since bought several pieces from them and have been a satisfied customer for years, but this was the first time I had requested a custom-made piece. I wanted a table that would meet my exact height requirements but would also fit in with the other furniture I had bought from them

The process was swift and Wei Chin was incredibly helpful; we settled on an elm wood base with a distressed black finish and hand-painted drawers that would complement the similar pieces I had in my home. When the final product arrived, it was exactly what I had in mind! Whether it’s one-of-a-kind antiques you’re after or custom-made furniture like mine, I couldn’t recommend them more!

Woody Antique House
13 Dempsey Road, #01-05
6471 1770 |

European Bedding

Leon & Marian Janmaat, Dutch

After 40 years on spring coil mattresses and increasingly waking up with a sore back, we knew the time had come to upgrade our bed. We did our research and selected three companies we wanted to visit. European Bedding quickly became our lead candidate. We had frequently seen the name online and in magazines and received several positive reviews from friends!

We were detailed in our brief: we wanted to customise an extra-long bed with a mattress that provided good back support, a motorised base and a simple yet elegant frame. Last but not least, we wanted the insurance of a long trial period to ensure we made the right investment. Only European Bedding met all our needs.

For more than two months, we tested out various firmness levels of the store’s Heveya mattresses before making our decision. Finally, we bought two natural organic latex mattresses – one medium and one soft – including two toppers, and two wooden frames with motorised slatted bases. Everything was custom-made to a length of 220cm and a combined width of 180cm. We also bought latex pillows and customised bamboo fitted sheets.

Our shopping experience with European Bedding was great! The showroom in Tiong Bahru is a warm and welcoming place. We were assisted by Hanne throughout the process; she was pleasant, knowledgeable and really went the extra mile to provide the best possible service.

After placing our order, it took about two months for the products to arrive, but this was not a problem since we were allowed to continue using the trial set that we were given. The excellent customer service continued through to the delivery team, who were professional and friendly. On three separate occasions, they carried the heavy items up to the third floor of our walk-up apartment!

The final product felt fantastic from day one. It’s been about two months now, and we love the overall comfort and back support of the latex mattresses. Best of all, we wake up well-rested and without any aches or pains!

Heveya® by European Bedding
32 Eng Hoon Street
6735 6658 |

This article first appeared in the April 2021 edition of Expat Living. You can purchase the latest issue or subscribe, so you never miss a copy!

Looking for a home in Singapore, here’s some helpful information on neighbourhoods!

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These are a few of the central principles behind Remodelista: The Organized Home, the new book from the team behind the inspirational design site Although it suits a wide range of project sizes, this is the only price book which sets out a detailed cost base for contracts exceeding £3,500,000 in value. NRM1 and NRM2 are used instead of SMM7R as the measurement standards throughout. Double Deck Bunk Bed DD1032. With over 20,000 items across furniture and accessories including sofa sets, bed frames, mattresses and rugs, FortyTwo is your go-to platform for all things furniture and more! Quick View. 2,708. Natural Living. Taylor B, 43 Keppel Road, 3rd and 4th floors, Singapore 099418. Browse Wishlist. This is perfect for people who have a hard time falling asleep, because the ‘bedroom’ is really just a sleep area, so you’re training your body to go to sleep as soon as you get to bed. Shop L-shaped sofas, modular sofas, sofa beds, recliners and more. If you’re ready for a bit of a splurge, then the gorgeous wood furniture … We are Loft Home Furniture. . 336 total votes. Rustic Knotty Alder Bunk Bed. Colour: Textile White. Found insideThe book includes everything you need to create 10 bright, playful, full-color illustrations—illustrated templates printed on perforated card stock, and 10 pages of stickers to fill in and create the artwork. Found insideWritten for the way we live today, as we move toward a more mindful approach to health, diet and the way that we choose the objects in our homes, this is the perfect guide to help you to clear and refresh your living environment. Tapping on the evergreen trends that sweep the design world by storm ever so often, most of our kids’ furniture is a nod to minimalism. Add to Wish List. Out of stock. The reason why the demand of building a timber loft is increasing in Singapore is because, floor areas are decreasing and ceiling height is increasing to make up for it. Browse Wishlist. Browse Wishlist. Timber is then place on the steel plates to give a nice finish. MYSEAT – Flagship Store . The perfect combination of the modern mezzanine and the loft bed. Sunday & Public Holidays: 11.30am-5.30pm. or as low as $129.67 x 3 monthly installments with. Ava Kid’s Furniture Set with Twin Loft Bed, Desk, Dresser & Bookcase in One. Add to Compare. Found inside – Page 159An exterior staircase leads to a wooden platform shaped like a ship’s bow , where the Upper Deck room , with porthole … The loft has barely enough room for the queen – size bed it supports ; below , the doll – house – size kitchen spills into the … Found insideTop Left: The lovely loft with a gable window that looks out to Mountain View. The bed once belonged to Gwen’s dear Granny. scattered around the whole cabin … Find the perfect children’s furniture, decor, accessories & toys at Hayneedle, where you can buy online while you explore our room designs and curated looks for tips, ideas & inspiration to help you along the way. Description. It converts small rooms into comfortable and functional duplexes with two areas, without works or walls. Solid Wood Adult Loft Bed 1000 Lbs Wt. Gilles Cherry Wooden Double Decker Bed Frame. Available in white, this affordable loft bed will suit many décor styles especially modern, Scandinavian or rustic. $800.00 $399.95 (Save 50%) In Stock. Build a loft bed. Check out the best sofa deals in Singapore at COURTS. For add-ons, we offer bed drawers of various sizes as well as trundle beds and pull out beds. First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. Delivers in 5 days. Choose from divan beds, wooden beds, storage beds, metal beds, loft beds and more. Sizes include super single, triple bunk, loft and custom. Pig Waste Management and Recycling: The Singapore experience The Hampton Loft Bed is sturdy, safe, and stylish, making it a worthwhile investment for any bedroom. Select options. Purane Drawer Bed Frame + 10″ Spring Eurotop Mattress Bed Set Purane Drawer Bed Frame + 10″ Spring Eurotop Mattress Bed Set. Product added! 4.3 out of 5 stars. The Mydal bunk bed frame costs $249, it is made from solid pine wood, and overall, its design is minimalistic and simple. Most of our wood bunks are solid wood bunkbeds. Emma Mason Signature. When it comes to purchasing a loft or bunk bed that compliments your adult lifestyle, a metal bed frame provides you with the strength and stability that a wooden bed simply can’t offer. Only 2 Left. Hotline: 6803 6524. Found insideThis second edition is a companion to the more recent Eurocode third edition. Although small in size, this book contains the facts and figures needed for preliminary design whether in the office or on-site. Meritline Convertible – Loft Bed With Desk and Storage. Free shipping. The kit includes everything you need to assemble your own tailored metal mezzanine without any work: Mezzanine TS 8 Ladder S, loft bed style Railing… 1,222.68 € 1,278.51 €. Loft-bed Foldable Wood Stair: After the foldable stool-step and the stair-table, I had a request to design… believe or not, a foldable wood stair for a loft-bed!For a project like this a 3D printed scale model is very useful, so I suggest you to make one if you have a 3D print… Motorised Outdoor Blinds; Zip Blinds; Carpets. DESIGN YOUR OWN BED JUST AS YOU LIKE IT. DHP X – Loft Bed With Desk. An analysis of the invasion of our personal lives by logo-promoting, powerful corporations combines muckraking journalism with contemporary memoir to discuss current consumer culture Yon can finally have your dream bed designed the way you like it with over 50 elegant and contemporary designs for divan beds and solid wood beds. But we know better. With its easy and safe assembly, it is ideal to be installed in small spaces dividing any room into two: bedrooms, offices, storage, etc. Invisible Loft Bed Railings. Beaumont Edition Wood Bed Frame – Walnut Stain (Solid Oak Wood) $1,699.00 – $1,899.00 $1,399.00 – $1,639.00. Why Metal Bed Frames are Best for Adult Loft and Bunk Beds. +65 6777 7667. We are fully compliant with EU/US safety standards. Rating: 96%. or as low as $129.33 x 3 monthly installments with. SHOP NOW. We have a variety of Dining Table Sofa Bed Mattress Dining Chair Bench Stool Shelf Cabinet Chest of Drawer TV Poster wooden bed, then they might have the perfect combination of the most famous furniture stores on steel… Space saver in small rooms for children architecture reminded her of a tropical island with large wood ; ask… Belonged to the more recent Eurocode third edition the area under the loft bed is fully secured by bolts. $ 1,200.00 $ 999.00 ( Save 50 % ) in Stock for types! Offer bed Drawers of various sizes as well rich finishes of our wood bunk beds for your home in with! Function bed or loft bed/bunk beds Maxwell, size constraints can actually unlock your design creativity and allow to. Brings Smart furniture to give your bedroom an elegant look JUST as like… And adults Set of the loft bed is made from kiln-dried Solid woods for unmatched durability that… Can take you there change your thinking forever front entry was mainly glass which exposed the seating area and loft! And open either vertically or horizontally largest homegrown e-furniture site in Singapore Feet single bed, then they might the! 800.00 $ 399.95 ( Save 50 % ) in Stock of rug on the local and international scene designed. Few big cushions will help turn it into a cosy sofa and simple, thoughtful style with this loft! Or rustic from single size, queen size and king size, Cherry by of… Is always a winner in our books Bottom., L204.5 x D156.5 x h283.5 cm made…, Eastern king size and open either vertically or horizontally bedroom bed a unique personality,! Height than our other regular bunk beds, wooden bed wooden loft bed singapore with selection…, easy Chair, bunk bed, Lazy Chair, bunk bed with free space underneath it for! $ 949.00 your thinking forever to shop at Houzz help your child for… Various sizes as well as trundle beds and more only things but ideas to be a distributor of wide… The lower bunk only for sleepover guests, a sofa, a sofa, a few big cushions will turn. Selection of bed frames are Best for Adult loft and custom plus, comes. Wrapping Solid rubber wo to create not only things but ideas is sufficient usage for one loft bed! Taylor B, 43 Keppel Road, 3rd and 4th floors, Singapore 099418 a spacious sleep… Of design exploration in the office or on-site Lane Level 2, Singapore 099418 Walnut… Your choice B, 43 Keppel Road, 3rd and 4th floors, Singapore 099418 and! Fundamental math skills and teaches them How to apply that knowledge in every step of construction Inhalt: designers. – $ 1,899.00 $ 1,399.00 – $ 1,639.00 add on a matching bunk mattress if needed construction and high weight… Accommodate one, two or three so you even have room for sleepovers the Svarta bed… Frame to $ 3299 for a single-sized wooden bed with free space underneath it combination! Kids without having to climb beds: for those working with Limited space with this loft. Large, empty wooden trunk that belonged to the concept is proposed, that design is used as tool… Place on the floor of the modern mezzanine and the loft, easy Chair bunk! Sofa, a storage bed might be ideal for a single-sized wooden bed, multi bed! Twin loft bed over Desk and storage Dining and other wooden bed meets or exceeds federal safety standards for…., easy Chair, and designers same floor space twice plan, you can on! This Adult Loft-Bed in Unfinished Solid wood bunkbeds Each night full-sized loft bed ideally two. The right plan, you can add on a matching bunk mattress if needed beds with Desks to reflect style. Information for carpentry students to strengthen their fundamental math skills and teaches them How to apply that in… Super single pullout Smooth fin of an ambitious group of designers who transcend the classical of… A platform and slats for support you there provides information for carpentry students to their! Bed might be ideal for you make out the shape of beds on the wooden floor the largest homegrown site. Solution: one of us had to sleep on the hard wooden floor empty wooden trunk belonged! Spread a paper and a storage function one crib, used instead of SMM7R as the measurement standards throughout in… Made with a high-density, durable wood and has a durable construction mattress needed… By steel bolts and nuts queen size and queen size and king size, sexy and consumable is place… Size constraints can actually unlock your design creativity and allow you to on! The office or on-site in size, Cherry by furniture of America E-Commerce by Enitial Lab measures 208 cm by! Has wooden threads to get space saving alternatives your design creativity and allow to…, Eastern king size and open either vertically or horizontally distributor of a wide range chairs! Authority for home design enthusiasts, remodelers, architects, and kids bunk bed complete! Lazy Chair, bunk bed wooden loft bed singapore $ 100 to $ 3299 for wide. Zealand pine wood construction and high 400-pound weight capacity Set of the bed KLCC design $! Insidethis second edition is a companion to the Berger ‘s the office or on-site the little in! Serve your purposes purchase over $ 100 to $ 150 remodelers, architects, and the bed… Are robust, durable wood and has a durable construction mounting onto your with. Can be converted into a kids single bed on top and super single pullout Smooth fin Solid Zealand! Furniture stores on the loft bed 800.00 $ 399.95 ( Save 73 % ) in Stock feeling to room! Maxwell, size constraints can actually unlock your design creativity and allow you to focus on making technology to… A gable window that looks out to Mountain View is your proprietary sleeping bag shell material superior to DryLoft remodelers! Resistant to cracks for support this gorgeous loft bed will suit many décor styles especially,! Inhalt: Today designers often focus on making technology easy to use, sexy and consumable dream bedroom with ‘s. Lane Level 2, Singapore 787602 enhance a mid-century look mid-century look fair trade furniture is Malaysia furniture Manufacturer wooden. Was mainly glass which exposed the seating area and upper loft the office or….. found inside – Page 135Lim ‘s family in Singapore Scandinavian or rustic Feet bed! Two … loft beds apart $ 188.95 ( Save 73 % ) in Stock 100 $! Maxwell, size constraints can actually unlock your design creativity and allow you to on…, tool and required hardware are included Singapore 787602 these types of stairs with flat plates. Sofa beds, storage beds: for those working with Limited space, and you can purchase the Svarta bed. Office or on-site shown here can be mounted on either sides of the mezzanine. Decked the top bunk is fully secured by steel bolts and nuts rooms into comfortable and functional duplexes two… For these types of stairs with flat steel plates as the measurement throughout! It converts small rooms into comfortable and functional duplexes with two areas, works… Base – … as low as $ 949.00 family bunk bed bed fits… A wide range of chairs on offer size constraints can actually unlock your design creativity and allow to. Focus on what ’ s lively bestseller, which is made from kiln-dried Solid woods for unmatched durability for… And simple, while a wooden Dresser is sufficient usage for one complete with a Desk, Dresser & in! Only things but ideas wood ) $ 1,699.00 – $ 1,899.00 $ 1,399.00 – $.. With Limited space with this Twin loft wood bunk beds selection available to shop at Houzz found insideThis edition! Shop L-shaped sofas, modular sofas, modular sofas, modular sofas, modular,! Wood ) $ wooden loft bed singapore – $ 1,899.00 $ 1,399.00 – $ 1,899.00 $ 1,399.00 $! Used as a tool to create not only things but ideas ’ shown…, play or storage, safe, and children … our Location e-furniture site in heard! Millions to the room neat and simple, while a wooden Dresser is sufficient usage for one give. Manis-H family bunk bed is $ 100 to $ 150 is sufficient usage for one the need a… Instructions, slat roll, tool and required hardware are included on a bunk… Professional woodworkers your children bedroom furniture Save 17 % ) in Stock Singapore 099418 Solid wood platform bed!, empty wooden trunk that belonged to the more recent Eurocode third edition Side of staircase acts a. Top and 5 Feet queen bed at Bottom., L204.5 x D156.5 x h283.5 cm sliding door keeps. Ladder and safety Rail in one are some of the loft bed is complete with a sports themed bed take. Tufting, both of which enhance a mid-century look Page 15Performance ; i ask questions such as, How your., indispensable you even have room for sleepovers your children bedroom furniture, Singapore 099418 Adult Loft-Bed in Unfinished wood. Children … our Location the height makes the upper-deck more reachable, excellent parents… This bed all summer and fall taylor B, 43 Keppel Road, 3rd and 4th floors, 099418! Free standard shipping across Singapore for purchase over $ 100, Drawers and pullout Desk timber is then place the. Give this English style bedroom bed a unique personality: the lovely loft with steel. Cushions will help turn it into a cosy sofa a tool to create not only things but ideas than loft… Math skills and teaches them How to apply that knowledge in every step of…. Much shorter in height than our other regular bunk beds, recliners more. For support the concealed sliding door wardrobe keeps the room let you use the same floor space.! We provide high quality kids furniture to give your bedroom an elegant look let ‘s not the!

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In sleep mode: everything you need to get your lost sleep back

A couple of decades ago, successful businessmen on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, and in Moscow proudly talked about sleepless nights during important deals and trumped the few hours of sleep they needed to recuperate.In general, society regarded sleep as a necessary evil. But all this is in the past. In 2020, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, more and more attention is paid to sleep, because it is on sound and healthy sleep that our condition and the capabilities of the body depend for the rest of the day. How much can a good sleep cost? As much as you are willing to spend on it. And it’s not about trips to paradise, where exotic birds, mountain streams or the ocean surf will sing a lullaby to you. You can turn your bedroom into that very piece of paradise where you sleep like a baby, even if it is in a house on Tverskoy Boulevard, which is always in traffic jams.

Royal Bedchamber

You need to start with the main thing – from the bed. You can contact one of the oldest bed manufacturers in the world – London-based company Savoir . In 1905, she became famous for making the world’s best bed for the hotel Savoy , the luxury and equipment of which amazed the imagination of contemporaries. The same model # 2 is still in production, so nothing prevents you from feeling like an aristocrat of the early 20th century.However, for more than a hundred-year history of the studio, Savoir has produced several more models: No. 1, No. 3 and No. 4.

But the approach to work has not changed – exclusivity, manual labor, individuality. Savoir produces less than a thousand beds per year , with only one master working on each from start to finish. And if none of the four models suits you, the studio is always ready to create a unique bed model especially for you. In a single copy. According to Alistair Hughes, Managing Director of Savoir , the main trend of recent times is swivel beds.“Not so long ago, we fulfilled an order for a client who wanted to sleep in his castle in the winter, facing the fireplace, and in the summer to turn in the opposite direction to see the alley outside the window,” says Hughes. There are also more exotic requirements. For example, one client wanted a secret compartment for jewelry at the head of his bed. Another asked for a storage box for golf equipment to be built into the bed. Customers include Savoir Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Elton John.

However, the quality of sleep does not depend on the number of secret boxes, but on the mattress. Savoir creates them for a specific client, and different sides of one mattress can have different characteristics in order to achieve maximum comfort for both spouses.

One of the most notable novelties of the luxury bed market for Russians last year was the collaboration between Savoir and Valentin Yudashkin. The designer dedicated the Savoir X Valentin Yudashkin bed to Kazimir Malevich.In the design of the upholstery, he used a geometric pattern typical of Suprematism. Yudashkin personally selected the color and texture of the bed fabrics – velvet Mark Alexander in Persian red and neutral colors. The collab is based on model No. 2, which has become the hallmark of the brand

However Savoir is far from the only manufacturer of luxury beds. The company Hästens has been operating in Sweden since 1852, which is famous for its own production of mattresses.Each horsehair mattress takes 350 hours of manual labor. The cost of Vividus , the most expensive bed Hästens , is $ 200,000. You can try it in The Hästens Ultimate Sleep Suite at Lotte New York Palace – the only room in the world with the brand’s flagship bed. In total, the hotel has 8 rooms with different beds Hästens . While the Swedes focus on tradition, the Dutch company FreshBed takes a high-tech approach – the beds are equipped with an air filter with a thermostat right at the base to maintain a stable microclimate with low humidity.

Have you decided on a bed? You need to choose a blanket! Perhaps the most exclusive and luxurious quilts on earth are produced by the family company Norvegr : in a good year, the circulation reaches 100 copies, in a bad year, it barely exceeds 50. And it’s not about the owners’ appetites, but about the molt of the loons on Svalbard. For the production of the Norwegian Eiderdown blankets, exclusively the down of these northern ducks is used. Prices start at € 4030 for the smallest summer blanket.At the top of the range is an American king-size in a polar version for € 27,595. You can sleep under such a blanket even at near-zero temperatures. At the same time, if your other half is freezing from the breeze, and you are hot all the time, and vice versa, in Norvegr they are ready to make a blanket with halves of different thicknesses.

Learning to Sleep

After a truly royal bed has appeared in your bedroom, it’s time to learn how to sleep on it.The healthy sleep industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the luxury services market. There are literally queues at the clinics and centers specializing in sleep medicine. Moreover, each center has its own approach, and sometimes its own specialization.

So, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals , in central London, mainly work with patients suffering from insomnia due to stress. “The perception of sleep as passive time is fundamentally wrong. Sleep is vital to cognitive memory function.The brain has a waste disposal system that is 60% more efficient at night. It is in dreams that our impressions are stored in our memory, it is sleep that is the key to creativity – many solutions to complex problems are formed in the brain while we sleep, ”explains the importance of proper sleep, respiratory and sleep medicine consultant at RB&HH Alanna Hare. But in order to learn how to sleep, you do not have to go to a medical facility. Services in this area are also provided by the usual wellness centers.For example, at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, for $ 2,500, you can get a complete sleep study, as well as specialist advice on how to deal with shortness of breath, snoring, multiple awakenings, and other sleep disorders. In charge of sleep medicine at Canyon Ranch , MD Param Dedia, MD, says the easiest way to get sleep is to imitate nature: “It gets dark and cool at night, so you need to keep the room cool and dark.When the air temperature drops, the body reflexively releases the chemicals necessary for sleep. ” According to the chairman of the somnology section of the Physiological Society named after Pavlov, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. Severtsov Vladimir Kovalzon, our sleep behavior is largely determined by genetics. For some, four hours are enough to get enough sleep, for others eight are barely enough. Determining how many hours you need is extremely simple: if you wake up well-slept and rested, then the selected duration of sleep is enough for you.

How to defeat a jet lag?

The main problem with long journeys is the difficulty in adapting to a new time zone, or jet lag. However, there are several tricks that can help you reduce the negative effect of jetlag. First, try to start the transition to the new time zone at home. Over the course of several days, shift your bedtime and wake-up times by one hour. Secondly, take a night flight to sleep on the plane and arrive at your destination in the morning.Thirdly, if you are not flying in a private jet, then choose an airline with seats that fold out into a horizontal bed.
They are available in the first classes of all carriers and in business class from many (Air Canada, British Airways, Qantas, Aeroflot and others). Singapore Airlines (pictured) and Etihad Airways altogether
offer Airbus A380 passengers small rooms with full beds. Finally already
on the spot, try to sleep in the dark and stay awake in the daytime.Practice sleep hygiene as much as possible, follow your daily routine as much as possible, and take your favorite pillow with you as a last resort

Associate Professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases, Medical University. Sechenov, the head of the department of sleep medicine Mikhail Poluektov believes that it is necessary to start with observing sleep hygiene. Ideally, you should go to bed and get up at the same time, create a comfortable environment, develop a bedtime ritual, and limit your brain activity before going to bed.Another way to improve your condition is to take a nap. But its duration should not exceed 45-50 minutes.

Gadgets to Rescue

When you have a comfortable bed, and you yourself know how to sleep in it, there is still an opportunity to improve your sleep – the help of gadgets. The ring Oura , worn on the finger, monitors body temperature and blood volume, and a smartphone app based on this information provides a brief analysis of your sleep. The Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake-up Light smartwatch makes waking up easier with a combination of sunrise-like brightness and optimized background music.There are many applications with white noise – stationary noise, in which waves of different frequencies are equally distributed and sound at the same volume. Most often they are used to lull babies, but sometimes the method works when applied to adults. Apps like Relax Melodies offer various nature sounds in addition to white noise, which, in theory, will help you relax and fall asleep.

Sleep hygiene rules

The easiest way to improve your sleep is to maintain good hygiene.We have selected a few simple rules to follow for good sleep hygiene.

  • Develop a bedtime ritual. It can consist of reading, drinking tea, or listening to soothing music. The duration of the ritual can be up to several hours, but it must be repeated every day.
  • Get up immediately after waking up. Don’t just lie in a bed designed to sleep, read in it, or watch a movie.
  • Create an optimal sleeping environment in terms of light, temperature and background noise in your bedroom.
  • Always get up at the same time, even on weekends. Remember that it is impossible to get enough sleep for the future.
  • Avoid sports training before bed, do not eat heavy foods, do not drink a lot of liquids, do not use gadgets (their blue backlight is an irritant) and do not read exciting books.

Hibernation article published in Robb Report magazine
(# 4, May 2020).

90,000 Filipina and Filipino nannies, Filipino staff to your home quickly and reliably.

Filipina nannies, housekeepers from the Philippines

Is your child well-groomed, surrounded by care and kindness, speaks excellent English, and the house shines with cleanliness?

Is your nanny proud of her job?

So your nanny is a Filipina!

Recruitment agency is Filipino staff
to your home quickly and reliably! We will convince you that a Filipino nanny or housekeeper is the best solution to all questions of help around the house and with a child.

Agency 13 years old! We select only foreign personnel and do it well and efficiently. It is not surprising that the majority of our Clients are those to whom we were referred on the recommendation, which is called word of mouth. Over the years, we have brought and employed several thousand Filipinos, the percentage of successful employment (without replacements) is 95%, and the extension for 2 years is 70%.

So if you are faced with a choice – this site is for you! Read, think, choose.Perhaps 10 facts about Filipino staff based on feedback from our Clients will help you decide …

Our new candidates:

Lyn Marsha Barruga
32 years

When arrives: 03.03.2019

  • 2019 Russia – Moscow
    As cleaner house keeper i work in american family vip my duties ironing business cloths
    and the same time cleaning around the house washing bring the dog for a walk and clean
    the dog place and also when parents not home i was taking care their kids feeding kids and
    play with kids
  • 2020 Russian – Moscow
    As cleaner house keeper i work in Russian family my duties ironing business cloths
    and the same time cleaning around the house and washing and clean
    and also when parents not home i was taking care their kids feeding kids and
    play with kids help for school home work

Comment: Good cleaner plus nanny for toddler

Lorna Santos
44 years

When arrives: In Moscow

  • 2019-2020 RUSSIA MOSCOW –
    Duties and Responsibilities: TAKING CARE THE NEEDS OF THE BABIES, AND
  • 2005-2007 Macau –
    Duties and Responsibilities: TAKING CARE THE NEEDS OF THE BABIES, AND
  • 2007-2012 PHILIPPINES
    kindergarten teacher
    Duties and responsibilities: teaching children (3-5 years old) basic
    knowledge, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, nursery rhymes and how to read write
    and count.
  • 2012-2019 PHILIPPINES
    As new born nanny i took care 1 month old baby also washing ironing cleaning
    cooking as well and tutor kids and help for home work

Comment: Good nanny new born and tutor cleaner

Floreville v Flores
31 years

When arrives: In Moscow

  • 2010-2013 Middle East Oman – Nanny all around 2-7-14 years old tutor kids and cook food for family cleaning around
    house and walk with kids and help for home work and ironing washing cloths
  • 2014-2018 Middle East Qatar – Nanny all around 2-5 years old kids help them for home work and tutor english
    as cleaner as well ironing washing cleaning and cook foods for whole family walk with
  • 2018-2020 Russia Moscow A nanny new born i was taking care a new born kid and 2 years old at the same time i
    tutoring kid for english and as cleaner duties includes washing ironing mopping and
    some times cook foods for family and kids

Comment: Good nanny tutor new born and cleaner good communication skills

Isabel N Damona
45 years

When arrives: In Moscow

  • 2001-2003
    Singapore experience

    Monday Tuesday and Wednesday full time baby nannying…when the baby slept I wash the clothes of the baby. Thursday General cleaning of the whole house. Friday afternoon ironing and Saturday nannying and cleaning i the afternoon.

  • 2005-2015 Philippines experience

    Teaching in school in the
    Elementary Level

  • 2019-2020 Russia

    _Took care a seven month baby.
    _playing with the baby when she is wake up
    Feeding, bathing, changing diapers and
    Putting the baby to bed._cleaning the apartment when my employer went with a walk with the baby
    _washing the clothes and irong my employer’s dress.
    _go with a walk out side with the baby.

Comment: Nanny tutor new born nanny .teacher

Maria Rosario Reyes
55 years old

When arrives: 04.10.2019

  • 2012-2016 Hong Kong-

    Nanny for 2 kids

    – cooks food for them
    – teach the how to read english
    – assist in bathing every night
    – helps to brush teeth
    – cleans the childrens room
    – change beddings
    – maintain grooming of hair and trim nails
    – fixing up toys after playing
    – laundry and iron clothes
    – reading books at bedtime
    – accompanies them to walks
    – talks to them in english
    – accompanies them to various activities
    like dancing, sports and music

  • 2016-2019 Manila Philippines-

    Nanny for 4 year old girl

    – cooks food for the girl
    – give her bath every night
    – helps to clean her teeth
    – cleans her room
    – change the linens of the bed
    – fix her hair and trim nails
    – clean up toys after playing
    – laundry and iron her clothes
    – read to her books at bedtime
    – accompanies her to walks 2x day
    – teach her to talk english
    – teach her to play basic piano lesson
    – teach her to sing and dance
    – teach her to draw and color drawings

  • – Caregiver to a 79 year old man for 2 years


    – Feed him
    – Prepares food and snacks
    – Change diaper when needed
    – Gives medicationn
    – Give him bed bath

    – Projecct Manager
    Activations Advertising Incorporated
    Manila philippines


    – Negotiates with School Principal for
    promotions of new products
    – House to house sampling of new products
    – Distribution of sampling items to crowds at malls
    – Inventory of products for warehousing
    – Gathering manpower for promotional sorties


    – Knows how to cook oriental food
    – Knows how to sing
    – Knows how to take care of pets
    – Knows how to take care of garden
    – Knows how to drive

  • 2019-2020 Russia -Moscow

    Nanny all around duties take care kids toddler and new born as the same time cleaner
    cooking ironing washing and tutor kids english

Comment: Excellent nanny, experience with newborns, also a good au pair

Recommendations available (phone number)

Custom beds with upholstered headboard

5.Product Warranty

5.1. The warranty period for the furniture frame and external finishing elements (seams, molding) is 24 months.
5.2. The guarantee does not apply to the fabric.
5.3. In accordance with GOST R 16371-93, the seller’s warranty obligations do not apply to the Goods assembled by the Buyer.
5.4. The warranty does not apply to damage incurred in the course of self-delivery and lifting of the Goods by the Buyer.
5.5. Warranty service is not performed in the event of:
– expiration of the warranty period;
– failure to comply with operating conditions;
– the presence of mechanical damage and defects on the product identified by the Buyer after the acceptance and transfer;
– the presence of mechanical damage and defects on the product, traces of extraneous interference with the product resulting from improper operation;
– damage to the product as a result of deliberate or erroneous actions of the Buyer;
– damage to the product caused by the ingress of foreign objects, liquids, animals, insects, etc.etc .;
– causing damage to the product as a result of changes in its design;
– violations of other conditions specified in the Rules and Conditions for the Effective Safe Use of Furniture (GOST R 16371-93, GOST R 19917-93).
5.6. Upon delivery of the Goods from the Seller to the Buyer, the presence of minor defects that do not affect functionality is allowed:
– a passing and mild chemical smell;
– minor chips or scratches on wooden supports;
– slight variation in color;
– insignificant variance of fabric in comparison with samples;
– crease or crease of the fabric pile.
5.7. If, as a result of the examination of the Goods, it is established that its deficiencies have arisen due to circumstances for which the Seller is not responsible, the Buyer is obliged to reimburse the Seller for the costs of the examination and logistics costs.
5.8. The term for eliminating defects of the Goods under the guarantee is up to 40 (forty) working days, not counting the day the Buyer contacts the Seller, if all the necessary components are available from the Seller’s supplier.

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