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Bay Window Curtain Poles, Tracks and Rails

Curtain Poles for Bay Windows

For decorative bays we offer a wide range of beautiful bay window curtain poles. Our two best selling ranges are pole kits for 3 sided bays and poles for 5 sided bays. In these ranges we have poles that are both wall fixed and others that are ceiling fixed, giving you choice and flexibility to get the poles that best suit your bay. All the curtain poles in this category are metal, with a large range of colours from Black Nickel to bright Chrome and Brass. Many of them include passing rings and passing brackets allowing your curtains to glide from the sides to the centre of the window area without obstruction.

Curtain Tracks for Bay Windows

In some cases a curtain pole isn’t suitable, whether from a interior design view or personal preference. An alternative to a pole is one of our many bay window curtain tracks. These curtain rails offer a practical and easy to fit solution for multiple bends and curves. All tracks within this section can be bent by hand at home to fit the contours your window, many of which can be fitted to the wall or ceiling and are either corded or uncorded to best suit your requirements. As these curtain rails are bendable, they are more adaptable and therefore suitable for use in 2 sided (“L”shaped), 3 sided, 4 sided, 5 sided, 6 sided and even a range of curtain tracks for curved bays.

Poles and Track Accessories

If you’re adding extra curtain rings, brackets, corner joints or gliders to your order or simply revamping an old and tired track, this section of our website has a huge selection of curtain pole brackets & accessories. Our accessories are supplied from all the top manufacturers including Silent Gliss, Swish, Integra and Speedy Products.

How to Measure and Fit Guides

If you are unsure which type track or pole will be suitable for you simply have a look at our guides section. Here you will find helpful advice about the types of products available as well as measuring and fitting information which will allow you to make an informed decision on which product will be best suited for your needs. At Poles and Blinds we want to ensure that you measure your bay window correctly and know how to fit it, that’s why we have our we have our bay window guide.

Comprehensive Range of Curtain Poles

If you wish to hang curtains on a straight wall please browse our wide range of curtain poles in dozens of styles, materials and colours. We sell traditional wooden curtain poles and a comprehensive range of metal curtain poles (chrome, steel, brass etc) . Please contact us if you need any help or advice or if you are having trouble finding what you’re looking for.

Curtain Rails & Curtain Tracks For Bay Windows

Our Range of Bay Window Curtain Tracks

There are a few things to consider when deciding which curtain rail to buy, below we have outlined for you a few key points for each of the two categories. Please note that both these categories have different capabilities so one of them will be ideally suited for your bay window.

Pre-packed and Ready to Go

   • Complete bay curtain track kits in one pack 
   • Metal, plastic, pre-corded or uncorded kits available
   • All bay window curtain rails can be trimmed to size
   • Fast delivery times often next day
   • Hand bendable, suitable for all shapes of bay window
   • Prices start from £14.50

Custom Made to Measure

   • Premium quantity bay tracks made to your specific requirements
   • Bay window experts on hand to oversee each individual custom bay track
   • Accurate measurements required of your window
   • Manufacture and delivery times around 6 to 8 days
   • Complete custom made bay poles from £150 including delivery
   • Matching straight poles available

Which Bay Rail Type Do You Need?

Step 1
Start by selecting your bay window shape from the above bay window styles.

Once you have selected your bay window shape you will find there are two product categories which can be selected for each bay window shape.

   • Made to measure curtain tracks
   • Pre-packed bay window curtain track kits

For detailed information on either type of bay curtain track category click on the green question marks to reveal a comprehensive overview allowing you to establish if that particular product category will be suitable for your bay window.

Step 4
Once you have decided which track category is for you, click the view all button to show all the products, if you need further help call our bay window experts on 08454650101

3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Tracks

3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Track

Three sided bay window tracks is our most popular category within this bay track section and as a result there is a wide choice of curtain tracks available. To help you decide which track will be most suitable for you need we have broken our range down in to two different category types.

   • Pre-packed 3 sided bay curtain tracks
   • Made to measure 3 sided curtain tracks

Pre-packed Curtain Tracks for 3 sided Bays

Purchasing a pre-packed curtain track kit is by far the easiest and quickest option when you want to get your curtains hung in your bay window. These curtain rails are supplied in various different types, everything from metal to plastic, corded to uncorded and all of which are hand bendable making them ideal choice for three sided bay windows.

   • Ideal for 3 sided bay windows
   • Fast delivery times, see products for details
   • Prices start from £12.50
   • Curtain rails available in plastic and metal
   • All you need in one easy to purchase pack

Made to Measure Curtain Tracks for 3 sided Bays

Made to measure tracks are manufactured and designed to function for years with very limited maintenance making them an ideal choice for 3 sided bay windows. So if you have a list of requirements that a standard pre-packed curtain track just won’t fulfil a made to measure track is certainly going to be the choice for you. Everything from extra wide windows openings, heavy weight curtains, corded or uncorded and many more can all be accommodated.

   • Made to your  window requirements
   • Delivery times between 6 & 8 day see product for details
   • Experts on hand to check each bay window order
   • Made to measure 3 sided bay tracks start from £74.12

If you require detailed information on individual product categories simply click on the green question mark to see a comprehensive overview allowing you to establish whether that particular product category will be suitable for your bay window

Curved Curtain Tracks and Rails for Bay Windows

Curtain Rails for Curved Bay Windows

On the face of it, a 3 sided bay window might look easier to fit a curtain rail to than a rounded or curved one. However, with our range of bendable curtain rails you won’t have a problem getting perfectly hanging curtains in your curved bay window. If you’re searching for a curved curtain pole, this is actually the product you need.

Bendable Bay Window Curtain Tracks

We have one of the UK’s largest ranges of hand bendable plastic curtain tracks from leading brands like Integra, Swish and Speedy Fineline. As with everything we sell at Poles and Blinds, we have on hand expert staff who can talk you though your purchase, so please contact us for help.

Speedy Fineline Metal and Plastic Curved Rails

The Speedy Fineline range of wall fix or ceiling fix curved curtain rails are one of our best selling ranges. Every track set comes supplied complete including all necessary amounts of wall fix double or single brackets, gliders, endstops, standard screw fixings, fitting instructions and even a bending tool to make sure you get it right first time.

Each rail is made of strong aluminium which can be forward and reverse bent by hand to cater for all angle multi sided bays as well as straight windows. All lengths can be trimmed down at home using a fine tooth saw if required.

Integra Curtain Rails for Curved Bays

For those looking at both quality and budget, we have a range of bendable curtain rails from Integra. The Integra Aluglide and the Integra Premier hand bendable curtain tracks suitable for straight windows as well as multiple bends and curved bay windows. The supplied brackets are universal allowing this curved track to be fitted to the wall or ceiling. 

Looking for Curved Curtain Poles?

At present, we do not have any actual curved curtain poles specifically designed for round or curved bays. However, our range of 5 sided curtain poles will often fit nicely in a curved bay. Please call us for further assistance if you cannot find what you are looking for.

4 Sided Bay and Square Bay Window Curtain Tracks

4 Sided Bay Window Tracks

This particular section allows you to choose from two different types of bay window curtain track. Both types of curtain track are Ideal for 4 sided bays window. Below we have explained about each type of track which should allow you to make a decision on which track would be best suited for your bay window.

   • Pre-packed 4 sided bay curtain tracks
   • Made to measure 4 sided curtain tracks

Pre-packed Tracks

All of our pre-packed tracks are hand bendable so this will enable you to tailor your track to each bend of your bay window.  Within this category there are metal and plastic curtain rails, they are supplied in varying lengths up to 500cm which can all be easily trimmed to your required length with a hacksaw. Choosing a pre-packed curtain track is by far the easiest and cheapest way of getting a curtain track around a bay window.

   • Hand bendable metal or plastic curtain tracks
   • Easy to trim to length
   • Corded or uncorded tracks available
   • Fast delivery times
   • Prices start from £12.50
   • All you need in one easy to purchase pack

Made to Measure Tracks for 4 Sided Bay Windows

If you require a superior quality curtain track or find a pre-packed rail just isn’t going to be suitable for your bay then a made to measure curtain track could certainly be the answer. Each made to measure track is made specifically to your requirements allowing the bay track to fit perfectly and overcome any tricky areas within the bay. All made to measure bay window orders are checked by our ordering department to ensure all your specifications are delivered.

   • Made to your exact requirements
   • 6 to 8 day delivery times
   • Experts advice to hand
   • Simply fill out the applicable product measuring form
   • High quality products from Silent Gliss

If you require detailed information on individual product categories click the green question mark for a comprehensive overview allowing you to establish whether that particular product category will be suitable for your bay window.

DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod for Less than $10

We have a bay window in our dining area. And if any of you have priced a bay window curtain rod, you know that you pretty much have to take out a second mortgage on your house in order to afford one.

 It all started with these amazing curtains. I wanted them in aqua. So I went on the hunt.  I found out that they were sold at Target so I ran over there one day thinking I would pick some up. SOLD OUT.  I called other Targets in nearby towns. SOLD OUT. I thought surely I could order them online. NOPE.  Aqua was… SOLD OUT.  I called my mom who lives 12 hours away to help.  She was able to get a hold of one panel. After months and months of waiting and stalking Target every day that a new shipment came in, I FINALLY got a hold of another panel.  I bought two just in case. So now my curtains needed a way to hang in my window. Here’s how you can make your own.


  • Measure the distance along the wall from the outside of one window casing to the outside of the other casing.  Allow for any overhang that you want.
  • Purchase this length of metal conduit at your local home improvement store.
  • Measure from the outside of the casing to the first bend in the wall. Measure this distance from the end of the conduit and place a mark using a Sharpie. Do this for the other end of the conduit also. This is where you will bend your rod.
  • Make a template out of cardboard, a nail and a clip like in the picture below. Use this template to measure the exact angle of the bend. Adjust it to the correct angle and secure with the clip.




Now to bend the conduit:  you will need help with this.  Have one person hold one end of the conduit on the floor and the other person bend the other end. Use your foot for leverage when you bend it.  Bend it until it matches the angle of your cardboard template.






 Everyone needs a little helper 🙂



After you bend your conduit, hang it up to make sure that you have it exactly the way you want it. You may have to do some more bending to adjust it a bit.

After you have your conduit exactly the way you want it, spray paint it to match the other rods in your house, if needed.  I spray painted my conduit with Rustoleum Metallic (affiliate link) in Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the curtain rods in my living room. I LOVE this spray paint! It really covers well, doesn’t chip or flake and the metal conduit looks so much like the other “real” curtain rods in my house that you can’t even tell the difference.



The hardest part was finding finials to fit the ends of the conduit.  The finials that we had on hand were too small to fit over the conduit but the rod that they were attached to was just the right size to slip INTO the end of the conduit. We simply cut the rod and slid it into the end of the conduit. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box! We did not use anything to permanently secure the finials on because we wanted a way to take the curtains off for washing.



Here is my window before:



And here is my window after:



I think the window looks better all dressed up, don’t you? The cost of this DIY bay window curtain rod was less than $10!  A couple bucks for the conduit and about 7 bucks for the spray paint.  We had everything else on hand. But even if you don’t have everything else on hand, it is definitely cheaper than purchasing a custom bay window curtain rod. Now I just have to figure out how to revamp that ugly light fixture!












How to Choose the Perfect Bay Window Curtain Pole (Ultimate Guide)

Bay windows are a sought after feature in many homes, and often the focal point of any room they’re in since they act as the biggest source of natural light. If your property has a bay window then you’ll likely want to keep this attention-grabbing feature looking its best, which is why we’ve created this expert buying guide to help you find the ideal bay window curtain pole for your property.

The Ultimate Guide To Bay Window Curtain Poles 

Ready to transform your bay window into a stunning feature? From finding the right style, to properly fitting your bay window curtain pole, we’ve made it easy for you to create the perfect window dressing with our ultimate curtain pole buying guide.

What is a bay window curtain pole?

A bay window curtain pole is a device used to hang curtains over a bay window. A bay window is one where the window is not flat, rather it protrudes out of the wall either with 2 sides, 3 sides or 5.

Bay window curtain poles are ideal for fitting poles in otherwise awkward window positions, since they can be manipulated to the required unique shape of the bay window.

Bay window poles have revolutionised the way bay windows can be dressed, since previously you were limited to using either bendable curtain tracks or curtain rails. Now you can choose a bay window curtain pole in a variety of different colours and sizes.

What is the best way to use a bay window?

Firstly, think about how you’ll want to use your bay window area.

Will you take the chic route of creating a cosy reading corner, with some stylish armchairs and floral arrangements? Or will you opt for something more practical, like using your bay window area as additional seating for your kitchen table? Consider all your options to understand the best way to make use of the space, before you think about dressing the area.

Should you put curtains on a bay window?

There is some debate amongst interior enthusiasts over how you should put curtains on a bay window, or even if they should have them on at all. Some would argue that bay windows look better with panels or suite blinds better, but many people do opt for bay window curtains, since they provide some added oomph to an already stunning feature.

Can you get a curtain pole for a bay window?

You might be looking at your bay window frame and wondering if you’ll even be able to find a curtain pole that will fit its unique shape, but fear not! There are a variety of different curtain pole options for any bay window, to help you to get it looking its best.

What’s included in a bay window kit?

If you buy a bay window kit from the Curtain Pole Store, you’re guaranteed to get the pole alongside the robust and bendable cortner joints.

Most of our bay window curtain pole kits also come with ‘C’ shaped curtain pole rings. This is where a small section of the pole ring is cut out to allow all the rings to pass over the curtain pole brackets. When using C shaped curtain pole rings, we will usually supply special brackets that work specifically with these C shaped rings, allowing them to pass over more smoothly than a standard bracket would.

When you buy a bay window kit from the Curtain Pole Store, we take care of everything so that you have all you need to fit your curtain pole safely and securely.

Choosing Your Bay Window Pole

What are the main types of bay window curtain poles?

When it comes to choosing your bay window curtain pole, there are four main options to pick from. We’ll explain which one you should choose, based on the shape of your window frame.

5 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole
If you have a 5 sided bay window, you’ll likely have a large central window with two additional window panels on each side.

The 5 sided bay window is often seen as the most challenging for dressing with curtains, but this needn’t be the case. Getting a 5 sided bay window curtain pole kit allows you to hang your curtains across all 5 windows seamlessly, and pull them back neaty when you want to flood the room with natural light.

3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole
3 sided bay windows contain a main central window (usually the widest) and one smaller window at either side of this.

When it comes to 3 sided bay windows, there are 2 curtain pole options to pick from, depending on your frame.

You’ll either need the square (or boxed) version of the 3 sided bay window curtain pole (where each side window is at a 90 degree angle), or you’ll need the splayed bay, which caters to a more curved bay window frame, with the smaller side windows at a 45 degree angle to the central one.

2 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole
The 2 sided bay window pole (or the L shaped as it’s commonly referred to) is used for windows that have a corner style shape. These too can be seen as a tricky to dress, but there are plenty
of good options to get your 2 sided bay window looking the way you want it to.

Eyelet Bay Window Curtain Poles
If you want to give your curtains a clean, smooth appearance, then eyelet bay window poles could be your best option.

What are the benefits of an eyelet bay window curtain pole?

Eyelet bay window curtain poles are often a popular choice. This is because, unlike traditional curtain poles, eyelet curtain poles you don’t require the use of curtain rings.

Further to this, the brackets used for eyelet bay window poles are generally much more sturdy and durable, since each bracket has four screws to fit to the wall, giving them added stability.

Our latest unique range of eyelet bay window poles are ideal for contemporary interiors, and are suitable for 3 bay windows with three sides only. 

What size bay window curtain pole should I get?

Bay window curtain poles are typically provided in 28mm and 35mm diameters. The diameter you need depends on the thickness of your curtains. The 28mm pole is ideal for curtains up to around 11kg in weight, anything heavier than this will usually require the thicker 35mm diameter pole.

What colours do bay window poles come in?

The majority of bay window curtain poles are made out of wood or metal, and are usually supplied in the following popular colour choices: Antique Brass, Chrome, Black and Silver.

Which colour should I choose for my bay window curtain pole?

Wondering how to choose the best colour and finish for your bay window?. If traditional decor is your style, then you’ll likely want to opt for the antique brass or black curtain pole. For more modern interiors, chrome or silver can add a sleek and sophisticated touch to your bay window.

What are the best bay window pole brands?

If you want to find the perfect bay window pole for your window dressing, then we recommend using a highly recommended and trusted brand so you can ensure the utmost quality.

Size & Installation

How do you measure a bay window for a curtain pole?

Once you’ve established the colour and style of your bay window curtain pole, it’s time to measure up! To ensure you get that perfect fit to create your dream window dressing, you’ll now need to measure the space where the bay window pole will sit, above the window. To help you get the perfect measurements, we’ve created an extensive guide with diagrams, to show you the simplest way to measure a bay window.

How do you hang curtains in a bay window?

Your bay window curtain poles have arrived and you’re itching to put them up so you can reveal your final masterpiece, but how do you fit curtains on a bay window?

Our curtain pole experts have created an extensive guide on How to Fit a Bay Window Curtain Pole with easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions.

You’ll need your bay window curtain pole kit, a metal measuring tape, a screwdriver and a pencil to mark your fittings with.

Buying your bay window curtain pole

Where’s the best place to buy a bay window curtain pole?

Now that you know everything there is to know about how to find the perfect bay window pole for your property, we recommend you browse the Curtain Pole Stores extensive range of bay window curtain pole kits, and create a bay window that leaves a lasting impression in your home (and maybe even adds value to your property!).

All our bay poles are sold as a complete kit, with everything you need included – poles, corner joints, adjustable brackets and passing rings. We also make it even easier for you to find the best pole for your window, as you can filter through our collection by pole diameter, wall or ceiling fixing, curtain weights, colours and styles.

Curtain rods – 80 photos of fashionable design novelties

At all times, each person has furnished his home very scrupulously, so that further living would be comfortable and cozy. The capes and bedspreads on sofas and armchairs were very carefully selected, beautiful curtains were hung on the windows.

Indoor curtains serve not only as a decorative detail, but also to protect from prying eyes.

Today there are many different options for curtains and curtain rods, their assortment is so large that a person sometimes gets lost and cannot make the right optimal decision.

Wide variety of curtains and curtain rods

Curtains are designed so that the room space cannot be seen from the street, and they are also able to protect from cold air and bright rays of the sun, which are sometimes so unpleasant.

For fastening, curtain rods are usually used. Their design differs from each other in the method of mounting and the material that was used in the manufacture.

We also recommend:

The article contains a photo of curtain rods, each visitor of the site will be able to familiarize himself with and choose a suitable model for his home.The range of products for window openings in the markets is huge – these are Roman curtains, roller blinds and ordinary blinds, English curtains, Japanese curtains.

But in order for you not to choose any curtains you need to fix correctly. For this, a cornice is selected.

Depending on the classification of the curtains, the material of construction is determined.

  • Wooden.
  • Plastic.
  • Metallic.
  • Composite.

We also recommend:

The most important criterion when choosing is the type of cornices.They can be: profile, string, baguette and flexible.

Ceiling curtain rods should not only be beautiful, but also safe, especially if there are children in the house. It is better to buy string cornices, as they have long gone out of fashion.

If there is a stretch ceiling in the room, then the curtain fastening system must be appropriate. They must be combined together.

We also recommend:

Stretch curtain rod to be attached to the structure itself and to the wall.Each method is effective in its own way. Nowadays, there are a lot of different design directions and the cornice should fit perfectly into any of them.

When decorating a room very often, an ordinary straight cornice is not suitable. It could be a window with an unusual design. For this solution, experts recommend using a flexible curtain rod. This type allows you to use an unusual interior style in your home.

If you use curtains and light tulle, then opt for the curtain rods for double-row curtains.

You have already understood that the range of curtain systems can be very different and everything completely depends on your own preferences. The main thing is that everything is harmoniously combined.

Modern technologists do not stand still and if earlier they used metal curtain rods for curtains. And even today, even if you have just such a design, it can be easily hidden under the baguettes.

The material is used for decoration and hides defects in walls or ceilings.Baguettes can be used to complete the look of the entire interior.

And the decorative strip also covers the system parts – profiles and hooks. Baguette curtain rods for curtains are quite a beneficial use, allowing you to carry out a wide variety of ideas in the room.

What you usually need to look for when choosing a curtain rod

The first step is to determine the peculiarity of the ceiling, whether it is concrete, suspended or wooden. Further, it is taken into account which curtain fabric is heavy or light.

Under no circumstances is it necessary for the curtains to be connected to the surface of the heating system. Curtains should function freely and not cling to the windowsill.

Based on the information, the choice of wall curtain rods will not be difficult. Only you can make your own home as beautiful as possible.

Photo of curtain rods

Cornices in Kazan to order inexpensively from the Stell


The cornice, as a special device for fixing curtains, is not only a functional piece of interior, but also an integral part of its interior decoration. Today, two-row cornices are especially popular, the design of which is able not only to decorate a room, but also to visually enlarge it. But do not forget that there are no minor details in the arrangement of the interior, everything should be in its place, exquisitely emphasizing the general style direction. An improperly selected cornice can negatively affect the image of the entire room, giving the environment a tasteless look.

The variety of modern curtain fastening options is striking to the eye.And it is not so easy to decide on the upcoming choice. The method of fixing to horizontal or vertical planes is determined by the type of attachment. Let’s consider the most common ones:

Ceiling cornices

In contrast to wall structures, most of the ceiling cornices have a purely practical function. As a rule, they are hidden from prying eyes in a niche near the window. Ceiling cornices have a bus or rail structure and can be fixed at almost any distance from the window opening.

Advantages of ceiling cornices:

  • Visual expansion of the space, which is achieved by the curtain flowing to the ceiling.
  • Disguise flaws. With the help of a ceiling cornice, curtains can be used to cover most of the wall, thus hiding the imperfections of the finish.
  • Wide variety of products available. Thanks to the rich assortment that the modern market offers, you can find a suitable curtain rod for both heavy curtains and weightless curtains.
  • Protection against the ingress of cool air. The curtains fixed to the ceiling, due to the tight fit, prevent cold air currents from entering the dwelling.
  • Wall mounted. Wall cornices are structures that are attached directly to the wall above the window. In most cases, they have a significant weight, which, in turn, requires a strong and reliable base for fixing.

Advantages of wall cornices

  • Easy to install.You can fix such a product yourself, without hiring specialists.
  • A variety of designs, materials, shades and textures.
  • Combination with any style idea.
  • High strength. Wall cornices are able to withstand even very dense and heavy fabrics.
  • An excellent combination of decorative and practicality.
  • Perfect compatibility with tiered and stretch ceilings.

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question which cornices are better.The choice depends on many criteria: from the style of the room to the financial capabilities of the consumer.

90,000 what is it and what types are there, how to choose a bracket and fasteners for window decoration, which is better

Cornice often performs not so much its main function as decorative. And it’s not surprising: designers simply could not pass by such an excellent option for experimentation.There are various types of cornices, each of which is good in its own way.

What is it?

By and large, the cornice is just a crossbeam on which the curtains are attached. It would seem that nothing special, but now the cornices do not simply serve to hold the fabric. They are important elements that allow you to maintain the desired style of the room, decorate it, and also make the window opening a bright accent.Eaves are needed for attaching curtains to windows of different locations. It can be classic rectangular windows, ceiling windows, curly ones. Depending on the shape and purpose of the window, as well as on its location, the required type of cornice is selected.

This element is made from a variety of materials, which further influence the overall perception of the room. You can make it so that the cornice will not be visible at all. The so-called concealed models are popular lately due to the fact that they create an unusual effect. In order to independently choose a suitable option for curtains, you need to understand well the methods of fastening, types, materials from which the curtain rods are made. Taking into account each of these points, as well as focusing on the general style of the room, you will be able to buy a successful cornice and in the future you will never regret buying.


How this or that model works depends on its type. Below are the names of the main elements with description:

  • Brackets or hangers to secure the base . The set usually comes with 2 or more pieces, depending on the length of the curtain rod. Two brackets (hangers) are installed on the sides, and at least one supporting one is installed in the middle.
  • Base for hanging curtains . With regard to the type of cornice, it can be a rod, string or profile;
  • Fleurons (if provided). In general, curved lugs are installed at the ends of a round curtain rod with a rod.

In some cases, the structure will consist of only one solid part, for example, a tire when attaching a tire cornice to the ceiling.


All models can be divided into two large groups according to the mounting arrangement: ceiling and wall:

  1. Ceiling versions mount directly to the ceiling. Ceiling structures are able to visually increase the height of the room, make it more majestic. In combination with the large width of the cornice – from wall to wall – they create a truly solemn atmosphere in the room. Ceiling cornices are also installed in cases where it is not possible to fix the wall ones (for example, if the wall material is drywall or the distance between the ceiling and the window opening is too small). Ceiling options are inferior to wall ones in the ability to withstand a large weight of curtains, as well as in the choice of options for mounting curtains (ceiling models, as a rule, are installed only of two types – bus and profile).
  2. Wall-mounted options offer plenty of room for imagination . Such cornices have been popular for several years and do not plan to give up their positions. Most often, the installation of wall cornices is chosen in the presence of stretch or suspended ceilings. Depending on the curtain model, only ceiling or only wall curtain rods are suitable for fastening it. So, Roman blinds can only be hung on wall options in order to achieve their snug fit to the window. Depending on the configuration, both ceiling and wall cornices can be presented in the following variations.


Round cornices are the most traditional and familiar type. Currently, there is not only a single-row, but also a two-row round version with rods of different diameters, located parallel to each other. Round bars are supplemented with special tips – finials – on each side. At first, they did not carry any decorative functions, but after some time, designers began to make them curly: in the form of flowers, petals, animal heads, and not so long ago, finches decorated with rhinestones and enamel appeared.

The choice of a round cornice imposes certain obligations: the fastening elements of the curtains, as well as the various decor of the curtains, must be carried out in the same design with the tips and the rod itself. For example, when ordering curtains with eyelets, not only the eyelets themselves, but also the curtain hooks must be made in the same color scheme with the cornice and using the same materials.The cornice can be either straight or angled round. Corner is used for hanging curtains in the bathroom and is usually not used in the decor of living quarters.


String designs look very modern and minimalistic.They do not take up much space and are practically invisible, however, their presence adds the necessary shocking to the room. The design of the string cornice is extremely simple and consists of two brackets equipped with special devices for tensioning the string itself. It is a metal cable that can withstand a lot of weight.

The same cannot be said about the fixing devices, they usually loosen under heavy curtains, which leads to the “sagging” of the entire structure.Most often, string cornices are used in interiors of modern styles: Hi-tech, Minimalism, Modern. In traditional interiors, they will look more than out of place.


Shinny is a structure equipped with a special groove in which fastening mechanisms are installed so that the curtain slides between two parts of the cornice. This was often installed earlier in the USSR, so most people, by inertia, choose it.The number of rows is usually limited to two, but variations are possible. This is due to the fact that it is not customary to equip tire cornices with additional pompous details such as lambrequins or bandos: the insufficiently majestic design of the cornice itself does not allow this from a stylistic point of view. But the use of light curtains in combination with a thick sliding curtain is not prohibited.

A big plus is that the curtain is attached close to the ceiling on the tire cornice, and there is practically no gap left.Therefore, it is the tire ones that are chosen as ceiling mounts: so the ceiling of the room seems even higher.


Baguette is complemented by a carved strip. The plank not only covers the entire “filling”, which is responsible for the ability to move the curtains, but also acts as a decorative element. The relatively low price of a baguette cornice allows you to choose various types of coatings: from plastic wood-like finishing to genuine leather.Often there is a place under the bar for lighting, which gives the curtains a special charm.

The right lighting enhances their beauty even more. As a rule, a conventional bus structure is hidden under the bar, so that the baguette version is a combined type.


A profile cornice is in many ways similar to a tire cornice, except that the rows of a tire cornice are divided among themselves and represent, as it were, separate battens, while the profile is a single flat piece.Profile models are made of flexible materials, so that they can be installed even along the contour of a figured window. The huge advantage of profile options is just their flexibility. For example, by installing this option on the ceiling, you can round off its edges, “hiding” the unattractive appearance of the sidewalls.

Profile cornices serve as a good alternative to wall moldings, as they can also be equipped with a hood – a strip with various patterns that covers the curtain fasteners. The hood is not a very wide element, but the possibilities of decorating it are quite large: from embossed patterns with gilding to fabric coverings. The three-row profile version is usually supplied complete with a stretch ceiling. It allows you to hang curtains, curtains and a soft lambrequin at the same time.


As the name implies, telescopic models can be folded in and out.Unlike conventional tubular curtain rods, they do not need to be filed and adjusted to the desired size: you just need to fold them a little. This function allows you to use telescopic curtain rods not just once, but in different rooms after various repairs.

Cafe mini-cornices

Stained glass mini-cornice is attached directly to the frame. These models have a relatively small diameter and are usually supplied in pairs.They can be mounted at the top and bottom or in the middle of the window to achieve a cute, rustic room look. The ability to protect each of the shutters separately, as well as the unusual design type, makes the telescopic window design quite popular. In addition, this type of attachment can save space in the room. Often it is the stained-glass cornices that are installed on the sloped walls of the attic. A curtain fabric can be fixed between a pair of such elements. This design is also suitable for decorating a skylight.


Swivel is also attached directly to each of the leaves. Usually it is chosen for windows that sit very “deep” in the wall and for blind windows. The curtains installed on the swing-out curtain rods can be opened and closed like a sash. Usually only one curtain rod is required, the curtain hangs on it freely.


Spacer models are somewhat similar to telescopic models, with a few significant differences. Spacer cornice is a stick with a spring inside. The spring pushes the ends out. Thus, the installed cornice “rests” on the walls, without the need for additional support in the form of brackets. When choosing this type, you need to be careful, since if the wall material is not strong enough, it can severely damage them. For example, plasterboard walls will not withstand pressure. It is also not recommended to hang heavy curtains on the spacer cornice. Despite the fact that the design is quite reliable, it cannot cope with heavy weight.

For Roman blinds

Such designs are installed directly on the sash, allowing the curtain to be lifted vertically, like a blind. The size of the window frame must perfectly match the size of the eaves, otherwise installation will become impossible.

Which is better?

Depending on the functional purpose of the room and whether it is residential or non-residential, its general style depends on which option should be preferred.For non-residential premises, it is better to prefer simple reliable structures. For example, when choosing a suitable option for a balcony, decide what effect you want to achieve. To create a cozy home environment, you should give preference to round cornices. You can choose any option in a room that serves as a living room or a bedroom, it all depends on your preferences and the style of the room. In particular, modern styles are “friendly” with string or profile designs, while baguette or tubular models are suitable for more traditional styles.

Attic spaces are of particular interest. For a roof window located on the ceiling, you can choose both mini-eaves “cafe”, and for roller blinds. It all depends on how much you want to darken the room. Ordinary curtains will not fit as close to the glass as rolled curtains, therefore more light will penetrate into the room.There are no good or bad curtain rods, each of them has its own merits. There are suitable and unsuitable designs. If you look at the choice from this point of view, it becomes much easier and more enjoyable.


Eaves are usually complemented by a variety of fittings. There are two types of mounts: bracket and hanger.Their division is extremely conditional and depends on what exactly the structure is attached to – to the ceiling or to the wall. So, suspensions are used for ceiling structures, and brackets for wall structures. Brackets are of open and closed type. The open holder allows you to simply put the bar on top of the mounts and just as easily remove it. This type is generally not useful for ceiling mounts.

Closed hardware means that the rod will be threaded through it, then attached to the wall or ceiling and left right there. There is no talk of any disconnection. Therefore, this fact must be taken into account when choosing curtain fasteners. There are very different curtain fasteners: eyelets, hinges, ties, hooks, rings, magnets, and so on. The choice of each is determined by the type of cornice, as well as whether the closed or open type of fastening is used. For example, the curtain on the eyelets cannot be placed on a closed-type cornice, since it will not be possible to remove it for washing in the future without disassembling the cornice completely. When choosing tips, be guided not only by their attractiveness, but also by the diameter of the rod.

It is also important to remember about the general style filling: choosing a plastic tip for a rod made of noble wood, you run the risk of making a ridiculous duet.


Curtain rods are made of various materials, ranging from rather expensive to the most affordable:

  • The most economical material is plastic. Plastic curtain rods are quite in demand today, especially ceiling ones. They do not draw attention to themselves, allowing you to place accents in the room. Such models can even be hidden behind the ceiling, creating the illusion that the curtains are not attached to anything and just float on their own. A similar solution is applicable for simple, modest interiors, but bright solutions can also be found.
  • Recently it has been possible to paste over plastic structures with a special material imitating various coatings: wood, leather, even metal. It is not clear from a distance that this is a fake, but upon closer inspection it becomes obvious. Plastic and even more so metal-plastic curtain rods can withstand a fairly large weight, however, when ordering, it is worth clarifying this issue separately.
  • Wooden curtain rods are a timeless classic, allowing you to give any room a regal look.There are both tubular and baguette cornices made of wood, and both types look great. You need to be more careful when choosing a wooden baguette cornice. The design looks quite massive and is not suitable for window decoration in a small room with a low ceiling. Wooden models in themselves are a bright decoration of the room, so you need to plan their use even at the stage of planning the interior design in order to correctly fit them into the situation in the future. Wooden cornices are able to withstand quite a lot of weight (especially wall models).They go well with classic heavy curtains made of sturdy fabrics like brocade, jacquard, tapestry, but can also enhance the beauty of light curtains.

Metal curtain rods are the most expensive. They are distinguished by durability, an expensive look and a large selection of different options.

Metal structures are available in different coatings:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Gold Plated;
  • Brass;
  • Copper.

The texture can be matte or glossy: matte cornices are more suitable for modern interiors, and glossy ones for classic ones. However, there may be exceptions to this rule. Curly cornices are especially loved and popular. You can buy a ready-made forged cornice, or you can order an individual design. Individual models are more expensive for two reasons: they are made in an exclusive version and, as a rule, by hand.Iron curtain rods are heavy on their own, so they require high-quality, reliable wall mounting.


The length of the mini-cornices depends on the width of the window sash: the cornice should be slightly narrower than the sash. The same goes for pivoting and roman blinds. The diameter of the mini-cornices is approximately 1 centimeter. The diameter of the iron rods varies from 10 to 40 mm, depending on the purpose of the pipe.Single models are typically 25mm in diameter. In double-row, the bar for curtains is 28 mm, and for tulle – from 10 to 16 mm. Lengths usually range from 160 to 360 cm, but you can buy a one-piece rod 28-50 mm in diameter and 6 m long.

The diameter of the wooden rod is 28 mm as standard. Models are produced with a diameter of 16, 28, 25 mm and a maximum length of 2 m. You can make a bar up to 50 mm in diameter to order, then its length can reach 4 m.Plastic tires are up to 4 m long and can be up to 8.7 cm wide depending on the number of rows. The trim strip is standard 5 or 9 cm, but models with hoods have wider trims up to 300 mm. The diameter of a standard plastic rod is the same as that of a wooden rod – 28 mm. For kitchens or bathrooms, choose thin tulle models 12 and 16 mm. The length is from 2 to 3.6 m.

It is easy to find the correct size of the curtain rod, if you start from the existing selection standards, as well as from several rules:

  • On each side, it is necessary to make the cornice 15-40 cm longer than the window opening;
  • When installing the cornice in the entire wall, it should lag behind the wall by 1.5-2 cm on each side;
  • Remember to install additional brackets every 1.5-2 m for wall-mounted cornices and every 30-50 cm for ceiling-mounted models.

Color solutions

White cornices are most common today. This color goes well with the ceiling and baseboards, and also visually adds height to the room. The texture options look interesting. Natural materials such as wood and leather look great in classic or colonial interiors. Light gilding will add pretentiousness to the decoration in the good sense of the word.Black curtain rods will perfectly fit into modern styles, especially if you want to make the top of the curtains as inconspicuous as possible, while leaving it spectacular.

Various metallic shades have not been ignored for many years now. Brass and copper curtain rods add sophistication and replace the slightly boring gold and silver.

How to choose?

Best of all, if you attend to the choice of the cornice even before the start of the repair.Then you do not have to then in a panic select an option that is more or less combined with the already finished interior. But it is necessary to build on not only the style. The features of the room also mean a lot:

  • For a narrow, long room with a window on a narrow wall, cornices are the best choice, covering the entire space around the window. The curtain rod must be hung just below the ceiling in order to balance the proportions of the room.
  • Wooden bulky structures or wide baguette cornices should be purchased for decorating large halls, as they will look bulky in small rooms.
  • Round curtain rods are suitable for framing windows in any room size. If you choose the right finials, the room will seem cozier and more harmonious.
  • String cornices create an interesting effect of curtains floating in the air. They are perfect for small rooms in which the window should not become the center, but only set off the overall composition.
  • The larger and more majestic the room, the thicker the rod of the round cornice should be and the more expensive the material should be.If your budget is tight, use imitations such as plastic curtain rail instead of wood or an inexpensive forged model.
  • Wrought iron structures should always be a bright accent, it is worth considering. It is almost impossible to “interrupt” the unusualness of the element without overloading the room. Even for professional designers, this causes certain problems.

Which ones are in fashion now?

In our age, fashion is very democratic, and each of the listed types of cornices has its actual embodiment. In particular, tire ceiling cornices, iron round and forged figured ones, are rightfully recognized as the most fashionable. Fashionable variations of the tubular cornice are mounted on the wall and equipped with simple attributes without unnecessary decor. They do not differ in bright colors: black is ideal. The given model of the cornice can be combined with any curtains, including the current classic models on the drawstring. It is also suitable for eyelet curtains, which designers use in almost every style.

In the case of forged options, the decor, on the contrary, is welcome. The most recent trend is the stylization of the cornice for a plant branch. It can be just a bare branch, or maybe with leaves. The small double forged mini eaves have a similar floral design. Colors for both small and large models should choose natural metals: blackened silver or gold, aged copper and bronze, brass.Black is relevant here as well, especially when choosing mini-curtain rods for ceiling windows.

Interior examples

Fashionable simple iron tubular cornice does not attract too much attention, acting as an addition to the existing interior. The unobtrusive color and matte texture allows you to emphasize the deliberate simplicity of the design, while at the same time focusing on the interesting design of the window itself. The tire cornice is almost invisible under the ceiling of this living room . This choice is successful for a small room, since it allows you not to block the access of light to the room, while visually increasing the ceiling. A similar effect is provided not only by the white color and smooth texture, but also by the fact that the cornice is identical in width to the plinth.

Baguette cornice acts as a bando. In a room with such high ceilings, this solution is perfectly acceptable.It does not look overloaded due to the fact that the cornice is chosen to match the color of the walls and ceiling and is made in a simple design. The geometric ornament of the plank repeats the general direction in the interior, and the color of the contrasting element is selected in the same shade as the floors. For a modern bohemian interior, there is nothing better than a string cornice. It allows you to in no way distract attention from the bright curtains, which act as an accent in the interior. The roller blinds are fixed with a hidden cornice with a lifting mechanism.Thanks to this, the overall look of the bedroom, decorated in a rustic style, is not spoiled by the modern look of the structure.

In this case, the cornice is hidden behind the ceiling , which makes the room seem even higher. It is quite possible that at night you can light up a special lighting built into the cornice. This helps to make the nursery atmosphere more interesting. An angled black iron cornice visually separates the walls and ceiling, made in the same color.Such small contrasting blotches are necessary to create a truly stylish interior. Forged finial perfectly complements the design, emphasizing its lightness. In this case, the curtains do not perform a protective function, but a zoning one. For the same purpose, small forged cornices were selected. They visually separate each of the “sofas” from each other. Reception allows you to visually lengthen the space without losing the functional component.

How to choose curtain rods for curtains, see the next video.

How to choose the right curtain rods

How to choose curtain rods

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Wooden, metal, baguette, string and round – our article will help you not to get lost in all the variety of cornices.


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With the help of a well-chosen cornice, you can emphasize the advantages of the interior or hide its shortcomings. The cornice should be suitable for the type of fastening, size, material, weight and method of control.

Configuration and material

If the curtains are dense and heavy, such as are usually found in the living room or bedroom, then the curtain rod made of plastic or soft metal should be discarded.It is better to install a more durable double curtain rod, on which you can also hang tulle. Curtains with a lambrequin need a triple cornice.

  • Wooden curtain rods are good because they can be easily matched to the tone of parquet, doors and furniture; they can be installed in any room without disturbing the harmony of the interior.
  • Metal curtain rods are successfully combined with modern furniture, they are more suitable for the kitchen, especially if there are a lot of metal parts in the interior.The most affordable durable aluminum curtain rods are used for all types of curtains and often as ceiling curtains.
  • Plastic curtain rods – they look very similar to wooden ones, but much cheaper. For children’s rooms, a plastic cornice is the best solution, because it can be easily combined with colorful children’s furniture.
  • Forged curtain rods , suitable for any curtain, are installed in rooms where there is forged or wooden furniture.They are varied in style and color and look more luxurious due to their decor; due to their high weight, they are more often attached to the wall.
  • Baguette cornices are made from a decorative strip – a baguette. They look spectacular and are distinguished by aesthetics: there are no hooks visible behind the bar of such cornices. The products are fixed to the ceiling or wall and have from 1 to 3 rows.

In shape, the cornices are round, flat, in the form of a bay window or an arch.Curved products help to shape openings by repeating their bends. The length of the bracket for any cornice should be greater than the length of the ledge at the window sill. Typical cornices have an elongation of up to 16 cm. If the ledge of the window sill is much longer than the cornice, the latter can be made to order.

Mounting types

  • Ceiling cornices are distinguished by their practicality. Metal products are more expensive, but almost invisible. The fabric can be hung on them so that it looks like a drapery extending from the ceiling.Plastic products are always visible, they can be equipped with a baguette.
  • Wall cornices allow you to attach curtains, lambrequins and blinds by means of hooks and other fasteners to strings or rods attached to the wall.
  • String cornices are easy to install and cheaper than analogs, they can be attached both to the ceiling and to the wall. Their purpose is to place curtains in rectangular door and window openings. String curtain rods have sufficient strength and are easy to use.Their main disadvantage is sagging during operation and the need to periodically adjust the string tension.
  • Round cornices (with a bar) is one, and more often several bars with a diameter of 10-57 mm with a circular cross-section, attached to one another and to the wall by means of a “leg”. Such products are suitable for any interior and are completed with additional fittings: decorative tips, curtain rings and brackets.
  • Profile cornices made of plastic or aluminum are equipped with tires, on which elements for moving the web are installed.

Ways to control cornices

  • Automatic control of via wired, radio or infrared channel. The advantage of electrically controlled cornices is their convenience. The curtains are moved along them by a special motor, controlled by a button on the wall or from a remote control. The curtain movement method can be horizontal, panel or lifting. One curtain can be connected to several remotes, as well as several curtains to one remote.
  • Manual control. Hand-operated products are equipped with a special mechanism: the curtains are closed or dissolved using a so-called pointer or cord. Manual curtain rods are used for lambrequins, bandeau and flounces, for relatively light curtains and light tulle.

Eaves finishing

The main decoration of the cornice is its tips, which allow to “revive” the product. They are made from ceramics, crystal, glass, wood, metal. The shape of the tips is varied.There are products in the form of a spear, ball, tail or head of an animal. Don’t be in a rush to buy a new curtain rod without making sure it can’t be updated with eye-catching tips.

Curtain rods – ROZETKA

Curtain rods have been complementing the interior for a long time. These are devices on which fabric products are hung. You can see such a product in any apartment. Their history goes back almost three hundred years. Previously, they were equated with jewelry work. They were supplemented with stones and gold, decorated banquet halls, luxurious bedchairs.Their purpose has not changed over the years. But now not all of them serve as a decorative element. Some curtain rods are hung for utilitarian purposes. The market for goods has expanded significantly, each buyer can choose a product within his pocket. Different manufacturers make these types of goods:

  • Sliding. Models with rope construction. Some are equipped with a special electric motor. But most often these types are hung in large office, concert rooms. They are not very convenient for the home.The length of such products can reach twenty one meters. Allows attaching heavy draped curtains.
  • Single row. Equipped with round rods or stretched strong fishing line. These types are characterized by constructive and aesthetic features. They are ideal for hanging fabric curtains in one row. Plastic is often used in the bathroom. For their operation, rings are used. They glide easily over the surface.
  • Double row. In particular, metal-plastic products.A more expensive option is wood. Can accommodate two layers of fabrics. The outer tube is thicker than the inner tube. They have rings or special hooks. There are ceiling and protruding ones.
  • Three-row. Places for hanging curtains are arranged in three rows. As in the previous form, they are attached in different ways. There are corners. Rarely found in everyday life.

Installing curtain rod

Always after renovation you have to hang curtain rod yourself. For many men, this is far from their favorite pastime.But in fact, the work is not difficult, anyone can handle it. The installation of the product primarily depends on the material from which it is made. Then the types of fasteners are selected. Their choice is influenced by the expected load. If the walls are brick, you can use plugs in the form of plugs. When the floors are crumbling, opened with a thick layer of plaster, it would be more reasonable to dowel a butterfly. It is better not to hang cornices in a room with plasterboard walls. They will not support the weight.

During installation, you will need screwdrivers of different diameters and sizes.Electric drill for faster work, perfect hole production. A hacksaw, possibly an electric jigsaw. As well as additional dowels and screws. Earlier it is necessary to prepare tools for measuring evenness. These are roulette, level and more. All parts must be fixed at the same level. The aesthetic appearance and how long the object will hang depends on this.

Some rules should also be followed. The length of the structure for hanging curtains must be half a centimeter wider than the window.Two hundred and fifty millimeters should remain on both sides. Fifty millimeters between the cornice and the window opening. This will allow the window to open without obstruction. After defining with parameters, a special markup should be drawn. It will show you exactly where to insert the brackets.

Tips for choosing

Before choosing a curtain rod for curtains, you must determine the desired type. Before purchasing a product, you should roughly determine the weight of the fabric. The blinds must be suitable for the selected curtain rod.This will allow the parts to move silently without clinging to each other.

Any type of fastening is suitable for air curtains. Curtains provide for ceiling fasteners. They can withstand a fairly heavy load. If the ceiling is made of suspended material, it is worthwhile to provide a compartment for the cornice earlier.

The placement of pipes for heating, the size of the area under the window also influence the choice. It is recommended to attach it so that all components do not interfere with free movement, hanging.

Do not forget that such an accessory will help to visually expand a small area.

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