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13 Best Chinos for Men 2021

Put down the sweatpants, folks. The sweats life has been sweet while it lasted this past year, but we have to accept the limitations of comfy loungewear and save it for cozy at-home occasions. As we move into this new normal in 2021 and transition from waist-up Zoom crops to IRL full-view encounters, it’s time to get reacquainted with chinos.

Chinos are without a doubt the most versatile pant a man can own. Shake off that image of dad’s unflattering, boxy chinos (usually sitting too high on the waist and accessorized with a phone holster to boot), because the modern chino is slim-fit, available in a variety of colors, and has great stretch fabric to move freely throughout the day with sharp style. Dress them up for work, or dress them down for a guys’ weekend, because the best men’s chinos are so comfortable, you’ll barely want to break out your favorite denim duds.

Before we get into the best chinos on the market, here’s a little breakdown of how to make sure you choose the pant that’s best for you, and how you can style them for any occasion.

What to Look for When Shopping for Chinos

Chinos are traditionally made of 100% cotton twill, but with technological advances in fabrication, along with the active guy’s quest for all-day comfort, your favorite brands now make chinos that have a hint of stretch with elastane. Though they’re not technically chinos, tech pants have become a popular chino-like option that can be easily dressed up and dressed down, ideal for polished and comfortable style for all your travels.

When it comes to fit, most men will want to stick to a slim-fit style. It’s the most flattering for all body types, skimming the body with a little extra room around the thigh area and tapered at the ankle. However, pleated, classic fit chinos have become a growing trend over the past few years, usually worn cropped to showcase your sleek sneaker game.

How to Wear Chinos

The beauty of the chino pant is that there’s (almost) no wrong way to wear them. Chinos are equally appealing to pair with a button-down shirt and blazer to feel comfortable during your 9-to-5, or pair your tailored chinos with your go-to hoodie for an elevated game day look. When the weather heats up, show off your cool footwear with no-show socks and cuff the ankle.

Here are the best men’s chinos to wear all-day-every-day this season.

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

Available in 21 color ways, 4 different fits, and even the ability to customize the pocket liner, Bonobos made the one pair of chinos that every guy will want to score with 2% lycra for stretch. Plus, they even have tech chinos in extended sizes for bigger guys.

Lightweight Stretch Chinos

Flint and Tinder


These lightweight chinos will be a welcomed addition to your summer wardrobe with a breathable, lightweight fabric. Wherever your day takes you, you know you’ll look cool and feel cool, too.

Lululemon Commission Slim Pants

Lululemon’s take on the tech chino pant is what guys have always hoped to find in their everyday slacks. Sweat-wicking fabric with four-way stretch and a comfortable ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) design—what’s not to love?

You can tell just by the look of these commuter pants that they’re comfortable, but let us confirm that for you. The Flex-Knit fabric has the 4-way stretch and recovery of a Stretch Armstrong action figure, and there’s a gusset inserted into the seam to keep your below-the-belt boys breathing easy, all delivered in a timeless silhouette that you’ll keep in your outfit rotation for years to come. Best of all, the brand offers these pants in a ton of color options, both staples you can get year-round and limited-time seasonal colorways.

J.Crew 250 Skinny-Fit Stretch Chino Pant

The stretchy chino fabric provides the comfort you need to move with ease, while the skinny silhouette flatters your physique. But muscular guys should be warned: having your chinos cling like leggings is not a great look, so switch fits if you never skip leg day at the gym.

Warning: these are nothing like the Dockers your dad use to wear. The go-to chinos brand made some major upgrades to their quality khaki pants with Smart Flex 360 technology that allows for comfortable 4-way stretch, without losing the pant’s tailored shape. Plus, these slim-fit tapered chinos are wrinkle-resistant, so you can travel for a full day and still look sharp for an afternoon business meeting.

Good Man Brand Tulum Tech Knit Pants

This option from Russell Wilson’s Good Man Brand features a snap closure, as well as an internal drawstring to provide the perfect fit for any guy. Plus, the brand is donating 3% of sales to Why Not You Foundation, which is launching a scholarship with the College Success Foundation to help students achieve their post-secondary educational dreams.

Vintage Canvas 5-Pocket Pant

Buck Mason buckmason.


Think of these as the chino pant for the rugged man. They have a great vintage canvas stretch fabric, a 5-pocket design like denim jeans, and a flattering slim-fit that makes them a prime choice for guys of all ages.

Dockers Alpha Men’s Chino Pants

Warning: these are nothing like the Dockers your dad use to wear. The go-to chinos brand made some major upgrades to their quality khaki pants with Smart Flex 360 technology that allows for comfortable 4-way stretch, without losing the pant’s tailored shape. Plus, these slim-fit tapered chinos are wrinkle-resistant, so you can travel for a full day and still look sharp for an afternoon business meeting.

The Tie Bar Classic Navy Stretch Chino Pants

The Tie Bar, your one-stop-shop for boardroom boss style, just launched chino pants. These slim-fit stretch chinos have the polished appeal you’ve been looking for, but with major comfort at a price that can’t be beat—it’s a no-brainer.

Gap Vintage Khakis in Skinny Fit with GapFlex

If this brand has fallen off your radar in the past few years, it’s time to get reacquainted with the Gap for their ultra-modern, budget-friendly chinos. Guys on the slender side looking for a more tailored silhouette will be happy to know these super-skinny khakis are the best chinos for them with high-stretch technology. It’s the look you want, but without feeling constrained.

Alex Mill Standard Pleated Chino Pant

The ‘90s are really back, but we’re not talking about grunge—more like JFK Jr. normcore prep vibes. Think collegiate sweatshirts, a worn-in baseball cap, slacks, and minimalist kicks. It’s one part Seinfeld, one part cool dad, and way more comfortable than an ultratailored look.

To wear the look well, you need these pleated Alex Mill chinos. To balance the relaxed fit, wear them cropped and keep it casual above the waist.

Polo Ralph Lauren The Iconic Khaki Chino

Like the growing patchwork trend we’re seeing on tops and jackets, rip and repair pants have a lived-in cool factor that might not be suitable for most work environments, but definitely makes a man stand out in a sea of khakis. The rugged distressing looks intentional (and luxe) when paired with a rich textured knit and high-quality leather footwear.

Pashko Ultrasonic Welded Seams Tech Pants

These are one of the most durable, innovative pants your closet is missing. The 4-way stretch tech fabric repels water, oil, and dirt; and it’s abrasion resistant, making them perfect for active city dwellers and backcountry kings alike.

Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant

Finding a pair of chinos that can match up to the comfort of classic sweats is a seriously challenge, but we found it. It’s all about the waistband—elastic and an internal drawstring lets you adjust the fit for maximum comfort. Add the moisture-wicking, breathable fabric of the pants into the mix and you have a home run for an everyday style flex.

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Should You Wear Cuffed Pants? A Guide to Trouser Cuffs

In recent years, cuffs, also known as turn-ups, have somewhat fallen out of favor with mainstream men. At the same time, it’s a very classic look that has been around for a long time and will likely also be a part of classic men’s wardrobe for the foreseeable future.

Basically, it is a folded edge at the hem at the bottom and it looks like a turned-up edge that it’s added to the pant leg. Traditionally, a cuff is not cut but simply folded from excess fabric at the bottom hem. Because of that, if you will let out the cuffs, you could always create a longer pair of pants or trousers. When you do that, you usually don’t have enough fabric left to put a cuff back on. In that case, you simply add a faux cuff meaning it is cut separately and then sewn on to give you a little more extra room when you’re short on fabric.

Cuffed Angled Hem

For bespoke trousers or suits, you sometimes also see angled cuffs which is more difficult to do and they are always faux cuffs because you cannot have a continuous piece of fabric with a faux cuff. The benefit of the angled cuff is that you don’t have a break in the front, at the same time, the back part of the trouser leg reaches almost the heel which is very pleasing. You also reveal more of the shoe. On the formality scale, cuffed trousers are always less formal than pants without cuffs.

History Of Turn-Ups

Historically, the origins of cuffs stemmed from a time where you would turn up the bottom hem of your trouser in muddy weather. In 1890, the then Prince of Wales who later became King Edward the seventh introduced the permanent turn-up which was there just for fashion reasons and was not a necessity due to outside weather conditions.

Cuffed pants became the norm for businesswear between the 1890s and the 1940s. During World War II, there was a fabric shortage and so it was decided to forego the cuff or the turn-up so you could save on a fabric and create more garments instead.

King Edward the Seventh

Ever since the 1950s, cuffed trousers have gone in and out of fashion but over the years, they’ve always remained, they’ve always come back and likely they will always come back even though they might not be super fashionable at this point in time.

By the way, the British refer to cuffs as things you have on your sleeve versus on the pants or trousers, they’re called turn-ups. Sometimes Savile Row tailors also call them PTUs or permanent turn-ups. At the end of the day, they’re all the same.

Raphael Employing Spezzato with a Suit Jacket and Matching Vest with Contrasting Yellow Pants with cuffs and Brown Oxfords

When Do You Typically See Cuffs On Trouser Hems?

You definitely see them in suits and in Italy, I’d say the majority of suits will have the cuff. They’re also popular in white-collar professions with lawyers, bankers, and the like. Cuffs can help to make a suit silhouette look more grounded especially when you have vertical stripes such as a pinstripe or a rope stripe.

In terms of the seasons, you can find cuffs anywhere from flannel suits or tweed suits all the way up to summery seersucker suits. In the collegiate realm, cuffs are favored by people who are interested in trad style. On the other hand, if you’re more a follower of the preppy style, you’re more likely to just manually turn-up your uncuffed pants.

Very tall cuff and very short pants – if the pants would have touched the shoe it would have been perfect

Cuffs are also often a feature on odd trousers or slacks that are worn to the office. Just think of the typical gray flannel pants with a navy blazer, for example, or other office outfits that are a bit more serious. When it comes to casual pants, you still may encounter turn-ups on chinos or khakis even though you can also find them without cuffs.

When it comes to traditional workwear such as denim or jeans, you will not find a cuff because that would simply be impractical. In this day and age, a cuff on a pair of jeans would simply look weird. That aside, you can also find cuffs on shorts, typically, they make it a little less formal so for most shorts, I don’t think they’re appropriate but it is an option that exists.

Tan Monk Strap Shoes with beige cuffed pants

To Cuff Or Not To Cuff?

That is the question!

The bottom line is cuffs or turn-ups are optional and it’s a personal style choice. For example in my suit collection, I have a bunch of suits with cuffs that are a little more casual, at the same time, I have three-piece suits that don’t feature cuffs whereas others do feature cuffs.

The big advantage of cuffs is that it adds a bit more weight to the bottom part of your pants thus creating a nicer drape or hang of the trouser especially if you have pleated pants. Of course, they also can help to create a visual balance, for example, for double-breasted suits or vertically striped suits.

Cuffs definitely give you a slightly more traditional look and if you want a contemporary look with a slim fit, oftentimes, it’s better to forego the cuff for a cleaner silhouette. That being said, there’s one area where cuffs and turn-ups are always unacceptable from a historical point of view and that is formal wear. So you’ll never see cuffs on a proper tuxedo, a black tie ensemble, a white tie ensemble, or a morning coat. Likewise, you also won’t encounter it with a stroller suit.

So if you’re buying trousers that are not for a formal occasion, should you add cuffs or not? At the end of the day, if you’re undecided, I always argue in favor of cuffs because you can always have them very easily removed at the alterations tailor. Think of it as an additional fabric that allows you to be creative with the size of your cuff but if you don’t like it, you can always get rid of it.

On the flip side, if you decide against cuffs from the get-go and you later realize that the fabric is too flimsy and you would like to have a cuff in there, it’s very difficult to add one back on because most of the time, there’s not enough fabric left even for a faux cuff.

Extremely short pants with paisley crazy socks

How  To Wear Cuffs Well

First of all, for a true cuff, you always need a plain hem and you want the front just to slightly touch the top of your shoe. In general, cuffs look best if they just slightly touch your shoe without creating a deep break or any puddling around your ankle. So when in doubt, a cuffed pair of pants is always slightly shorter than an uncuffed pair of pants. Having too much excess fabric at the ankle paired with a cuff can just look sloppy. Also, if your pants have cuffs as well as pleats, the break can interrupt the nice crease and the nice line of the pair of trousers.

When you wear dress boots, make sure that the pants have enough space so they go over the boot and don’t just get caught on it, otherwise, you always have some puddling going on that’s very unsightly.

Pants too long because they puddle

In terms of cuff size, there is again no right or wrong. Historically, there has been anything from under one inch to all the way up to two and a half even three inches. As with most things in menswear, it pays to stay in the middle which is typically between one and a half inches or two inches. In the metric system, that’s about 3.5 or 3.75 centimeters and 5 centimeters. According to Alan Flusser, a traditional cuff size is 1 and 5/8 of an inch for men who are 5’10” or shorter. If you are taller than that, you should go with an inch and 3/4.

Personally, I like it slightly larger so sometimes I have a two-inch cuff or slightly smaller something that’s also slightly bigger but it definitely is a bit more noticeable and if you want to go for a classic look, this guideline hits the nail on the head.

Of course, you can also pay attention to other aspects in your suit. Let’s say you have very wide lapels, you should not have a very slim cuff because it simply looks not proportional. Also, you can look at the height of your collar in the back of your neck of your jacket and try to match that to the size of your trouser cuff.

Fringed spectator suede tassel loafer with dotted socks and slim large cuffs

Get Started With Cuffs

So what are some good ways to get started with cuffs?

I suggest you maybe start with a pair of chinos because you can wear them a little more casually and otherwise, you can also wear them with a suit including a solid navy suit which is quite formal for a suit but nevertheless, it can be worn with cuffs. If you don’t wear suits a lot, you could experiment with cuffs on slightly more casual pants such as flannel pants, tweed slacks, or linen pants.

So in conclusion, it pays to have cuffed trousers in your wardrobe, whether they are really casual slacks, chinos, or slacks that are a part of a suit. At the same time, you never want to add cuffs to very formal ensembles because they are simply not meant for that.

When you opt for cuffs, go with a slightly shorter trouser length so you have a nice hanging pair of pants and at the end of the day, the sky is the limit and your choice or preference decides on whether you have a lot of cuffs in your wardrobe or very few but it always pays to have at least a few pairs of pants with cuffs because it just gives you a complete wardrobe.

Do you prefer pants with or without cuffs? Please share with us in the comments below!

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Men’s chinos – creating a stylish look

we recommend that you read

It’s hard to imagine a modern stylish man’s wardrobe without chinos. After all, they are typical representatives of casual, thanks to their comfort and practicality. These features allow them to easily fit into any look, the main thing is to know what to wear with and how to choose a similar model.

What are chinos?

Chinos are straight at the top and slightly tapered at the bottom with 3-4 pockets (two in the front, one or two in the back). Initially, for sewing trousers, they used Chinese twill fabric – a light cotton fabric of diagonal weaving. Modern trends allow the use of cotton fabrics with a small addition of synthetics, which improves the practicality, elasticity and durability of chinos.

Men’s chinos can have a variety of leg cut. Most of the models are tapered to the bottom to varying degrees. Among themselves, the trousers differ in fit: classic or low. A characteristic feature of chinos are buttons instead of zippers. However, modern designers allow both options.

In addition to the fit and the method of fastening, chinos are distinguished by the degree of narrowing: standard, wide, etc. “Slim-fit” and “superslim-fit”. In addition, designers present the bottom of the legs in different ways.The classic version is not decorated, but it is made so that, if desired, the trousers can be tucked 5 cm from the ankles. If you don’t have time to tinker with the ruler, then you can purchase chinos with cuffs.

A bit of history

The history of trousers begins in 1848 – British troops in India constantly complained about the impracticality of the white uniform, which quickly got dirty from dust and heat. According to one version, General Lumsden ordered to dye white trousers using natural dyes (coffee, curry, mulberry).The result is a shade that is now called khaki. Chinos gained the greatest popularity after the Second World War, when former front-line soldiers could not part with their uniforms in everyday life. Time only slightly changed the style and added new colors, leaving the essence unchanged – practicality and convenience.

The chinos trousers got their name from the origin of the matter. Then it was produced in China (eng. China).

Fabric and color

Men’s models allow only one material option – natural, dense cotton.Sometimes viscose or elastane is added when sewing, but not more than 5%. The color palette is also very limited. Traditionally, it is sand, beige, classic khaki, for the office – navy blue, black, gray and chocolate. In more informal versions, there are light pastel shades of emerald, orange, blue. As for prints, designers have bypassed them, with the exception of a subtle, subtle check.

What to combine chinos with?

Fashion reviewers and stylists recommend a variety of chinos.

  • The simplest look is to complement chinos with a summer plain shirt or a simple T-shirt. You can diversify a boring look with suspenders, a bow tie, or a vest unbuttoned. A fedora, eight-piece or baseball cap (if sports shoes are chosen) will fit perfectly here.
  • If it’s cool outside, put on a long sleeve top, a pea coat and a wide knitted scarf with a French knot. Chinos look no less impressive when paired with a plaid shirt, cashmere sweater and leather bomber jacket.
  • As part of Smart-Casual, chinos are complemented with a shirt, a strict cashmere sweater or a vest with classic English patterns. A jacket or blazer will put a fashionable point in the image.
  • When choosing shoes for trousers, pay attention to deserts, topsiders and trainers with thick soles. But you shouldn’t give up on oxfords or derbies either. Without them, it is impossible to create an image in the style of street chic or Smart-Casual. Loafers, moccasins, and T-shirts go well with casual. In cold weather, complement your chinos with chelsea boots.

Rules for choosing chinos

While the trousers are versatile, consider the following when shopping for chinos:

  • Height – the trousers are ideal for tall men, due to the tapered cut, visually shortening the legs. Those who cannot boast of long legs should take a closer look at models with a high waistline and not too narrow legs.
  • Fullness – men with full legs are not recommended to buy both cut and “super slim-fit” and overly wide trousers.
  • Stylistic focus – if you choose chinos for daily wear, take a closer look at dark shades: burgundy, dark blue, chocolate. In addition, the maximum closeness to the look of classic trousers refers us to Smart-Casual, but the rest of the styles are more suitable for relaxation.
  • Material density – the denser the fabric, the stronger it will define the silhouette. Therefore, in order to hide flaws and stretch the line of the legs, choose lighter materials.

The combination of cut and lightweight fabric makes chinos as comfortable as possible, and spacious beveled pockets add practicality. Such trousers will easily become an accent component of a stylish look and will attract the attention of others.

90,000 Men’s trousers with cuffs (51 photos): classic, joggers, cargo or jeans

Men’s trousers with cuffs are a stylish option that allows you to look attractive. To create trendy compositions, you need to choose the right style. This is done taking into account the purpose of the product and the characteristics of the figure. There are products for every taste in designer collections.

What are cuffs on trousers

On fashion catwalks you can find many variations of this clothing – cargo, joggers, etc. For each of these options, certain features are characteristic. However, all of them are complemented by cuffs at the bottom of the legs. This element can be a fairly wide knitted ribbon or be a barely noticeable fabric lapel.

The undoubted advantage of trousers is comfort and laconic cut. They easily complement sports bows and casual looks. Such products can be easily combined with any other things.

Attention! Such models provide amazing comfort during training and while walking around the city. If trousers with cuffs are made in an unusual color scheme or have an original decor, they can well be worn to a party.

Cargo models, in addition to cuffs, also contain stylish patch pockets.They are distinguished by their high capacity. Therefore, these products are perfect for hiking, hunting or fishing. You can put all the necessary things in your pockets.

Models of men’s trousers with cuffs

Today, fashion designers offer representatives of the stronger sex many variations of such trousers. They fit into different compositions, making them look fresh and attractive.


This is the optimal solution for creating office bows. Also, classic trousers, complemented by cuffs, are the best fit for festive events.

Often, such products are made of plain fabric, adding a little artificial impurities to it. Due to this, the models do not wrinkle and retain their impeccable appearance for a long time.

In addition to cuffs, such products are often complemented with pintucks in the front. It should be borne in mind that such clothing options are not as popular today as they used to be. But some of the stronger sex still choose such products.

Attention! These trousers are suitable for men with a tight build.The pintucks help hide the waist and hips. In addition, such products provide freedom of movement.


This is one of the most up-to-date trousers with cuffs. There is a wide elastic band at the ends of the legs. Thanks to this, the product looks very original. Often, joggers have a tapered cut and an emphasis on muscular legs.


Today narrowed products are very popular among fashionistas. Pants with elastic at the bottom have a longer service life.This is due to the fact that the legs do not lose their appearance. Therefore, such models are in demand among young men who are used to leading an active lifestyle.


These trousers organically complement military sports bows. Depending on the combinations with other things, it will be possible to get different compositions that differ from each other. The unifying moment is the khaki color.

The palette of such models does not differ in variety. The products combine several options for green and brown.In the manufacture of trousers in a military style, dense materials are usually used. They have high strength, and therefore are resistant to damage.

To emphasize the style of the composition, the trousers can be complemented with a khaki t-shirt. Also in this look, coarse boots, complemented by lacing, will organically look.


If you want to look unusual, you should choose leather joggers. Black models will become an actual option. If you want to stand out from those around you, you should pick up products decorated with pockets, fasteners and other details.


For hot weather it is worth choosing the lightest and most comfortable models. Cropped cargo pants are a great solution. They can open the ankle slightly. Capri pants that have an elastic band on the bottom also look very interesting.

Summer trousers with cuffs are a great choice for walking around the city. You can also play sports in similar clothes. Such products are sewn from lightweight materials that allow air to pass through perfectly. This allows you to feel as comfortable as possible even in the hottest weather.Most often, such products are made of jersey or thin cotton fabric.


Cargo is very popular with modern men. Patch pockets are characteristic of such items. They can be in front of the hips or behind. Such products are remarkable for their amazing functionality. Depending on the style and fabric, such models can complement sports or casual bows.


A pair of skinny jeans is a fail-safe way to infuse a touch of casualness into your look.Denim in different colors is great for all people. These trousers go well with casual wear, allowing you to look flawless. They can also be combined with sportswear.


Trousers with cuffs are often performed in a sporty style. These models are ideal for active workouts as they provide tremendous comfort. Products with elastic at the bottom are found in the collections of all sports brands.


These trousers are ideal for men who value comfort and laconicism.Chinos have a straight cut and are made of cotton with the addition of minor synthetics. Most often, there are models in beige and brown colors. Recently, however, you can find bright shades.

Color solutions

The fashion collections feature a wide variety of color options for trousers with cuffs. This allows every man to find the best solution.


This shade is basic. Black trousers go well with any item.In addition, they help to make the figure more slender.


These models are popular among fans of everyday style. Camouflage trousers allow you to create versatile bows. They can be used both for outdoor recreation and for walking around the city.

Dark gray

These trousers are ideal for men who find black very gloomy. The gray palette is also versatile. It can be combined with almost all garments.At the same time, dark gray trousers look much more modern.

Fashion materials

Most often, these trousers are sewn from dense fabrics. These include jersey or cotton. These products organically complement everyday bows.

Lightweight models are made from linen. Thin cotton can also be used for their sewing. These models are suitable for walking on hot summer days. In cold weather, you should wear leather pants or bikes, which provide maximum comfort.

How to make cuffs?

It is quite possible to make cuffs on trousers on your own.To get the current model, you need to measure the required length of the elastic and sew its edges.

You also need to take the main material. From it you should cut off a piece a couple of centimeters longer and 2 times wider than the elastic. Sew the fabric in the same way. Then place an elastic band in it, tuck the workpiece and sew to the leg.

How to wear trousers with cuffs

For many men, the question is: what to wear with these trousers? For active people, add-ons in the form of comfortable T-shirts are suitable.From shoes it is worth choosing sneakers. Sneakers or moccasins will be no less comfortable. From outerwear, you should choose a windbreaker or a parka.

For a trendy casual look, you can complement your outfit with a sweatshirt. A jumper or sweatshirt is also great. As for shoes, sneakers or boots are an organic option.

To look more masculine, these trousers should be complemented with a T-shirt or shirt, made in a military style. A leather jacket completes this ensemble.You can also wear a khaki windbreaker and lace-up thigh high boots.

If you have doubts about the organic nature of the onion, you can use the recommendations of stylists:

  • For a casual look, take light joggers and complement the striped jumper in a blue and white color palette. A dark blue jacket should be thrown over your shoulders. You can also wear sneakers in the same color.
  • If you want to get a composition in a sporty style, you should pick up gray knitted trousers and wear them with a white T-shirt.From above it is worth throwing a shirt in a cage. A pair of regular white sneakers will be the ideal accompaniment for this look. To make the bow look more holistic, it is worth picking up a voluminous brown backpack.

Men’s trousers with cuffs are the embodiment of impeccable style and amazing comfort. Such models organically complement everyday bows and can become part of a comfortable sports composition. In any case, it is important to choose the right style of such clothes.





Chinos – what are they? Female and male models.Length. Who can you wear? What to combine with in summer and winter? Top 5 examples

Trousers with the exotic name “chinos”, originally considered men’s clothing, appeared in the women’s wardrobe in the 20th century. The trousers are made of durable cotton or linen. Due to the softness of the material, they have a loose fit and are considered the most successful summer option.

What are these chino pants?

Cropped trousers, loose at the hips and thighs, made of soft, non-stretching material, and there are chinos.Correctly selected trousers, combined with a top and accessories, look seductive on a slender female figure. The fit of the classic model provides for a high waistline. Nowadays, manufacturers have added pockets, folds, and an overhead smell to trousers. Instead of a zipper, buttons can be seen on some models. Daring fashion designers decorate chinos with cuffs.

What is their length?

The ideal chino length is 5 centimeters to the ankle. Initially, such sewing was used to save fabric, since cotton trousers for a hot period were replaced by denim pants of American soldiers.When chinos settled in women’s wardrobe, the public decided that this length was sexy. Bare female ankles are the height of eroticism at the beginning of the 20th century.

Who can, who shouldn’t?

It is believed that this style is universal and suitable for any shape, but this is not the case. The loose fit is ideal for skinny, tall girls. But, ladies with curvaceous forms should not be upset. If you cannot boast slender long legs, it is recommended to wear chinos with high-heeled shoes.Such a maneuver will visually stretch the figure, and the extra centimeters on the hips will not be so noticeable.

Light loose trousers with sneakers or flat sandals are the image of a young slender girl. In addition, the owner of Kustodian uniforms should pass by chinos with folds and patch pockets that complement the volume. Pants with cuffs are not suitable for ladies of short stature; they visually shorten the height by a few centimeters.

So, if you are a crumpet, trousers do not suit you:

  • with cuffs, large patch pockets and folds;
  • with low or high waist;
  • light pastel shades;
  • in combination with flat shoes.

Chinos of any cut are suitable for a tall, slender beauty. Full ladies need to focus on classic straight models.

As for men’s models, loose trousers are suitable for any type of figure. Men with age often become owners of a large belly, so when choosing chinos for everyday wear, it is important to choose the right top. In this case, T-shirts, T-shirts or oversized shirts will be appropriate.

Which is better – chinos, jeans, dress pants?

On hot summer days, chinos trousers are an indispensable piece of clothing for any wardrobe.Unlike jeans, cotton or linen, used as the main material for their sewing, is breathable and allows the body to breathe. If we compare chinos with classic models, then the former will be appropriate with T-shirts, shirts and T-shirts in casual style, while the classic bottom suggests a similar top. In the cold season, cotton pants are also appropriate, but only if you are not going to spend several hours in the cold.

In addition to the time of year and the weather, the place also matters. For example, at a business meeting or a socialite dinner, chinos will look ridiculous, the classic is more suitable.For a rustic party, either jeans or cotton pants are great.

What are the female models?

Modern fashion is moving further and further from the original cut of chinos, which appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, fashion designers experiment and offer fashionistas a wide variety of models:

  • narrowed to the bottom;
  • with high or low waistline;
  • with patch pockets;
  • with buttons;
  • with cuffs;
  • shortened more than 5 cm above the ankle;
  • wide;
  • with a cord instead of a belt;
  • with colored stitching;
  • jeans.

What colors are in fashion?

Since chinos are a summer type of clothing, the color scheme is mainly made in light colors. White, beige, light blue, gray, sand, mustard, coral shades are in fashion. For the colder season, dark colors are appropriate: black, brown, blue, green. However, young women of fashion, not afraid to experiment with style, wear colored chinos and feel confident and comfortable in them. Trousers in bright flashy colors or with large prints are increasingly seen on the street on hot summer days.

Women’s wardrobe: what to combine with?

Women’s chinos go well with shirts, blouses, tops and tunics. Whether it’s a delicate chiffon blouse or a T-shirt with thin straps, a fashionable look will be provided. In the summer, thin materials are appropriate: cotton, fine silk, chiffon. In cool weather, chinos look good with a pullover, cardigan, tight shirt, or a fashionable jacket. To make the kit look harmonious as a whole, do not forget about shoes and accessories.

Which footwear suits them?

Chinos go well with stiletto heels and flat shoes such as ballet flats, sneakers, sandals or moccasins. Shoes must be chosen for the occasion.

If you go for a walk with your dog, it is appropriate to wear chinos with ballet flats, high-heeled shoes are suitable for going out. This type of clothing is considered universal, and no one will be surprised by the look of chinos + boots or ankle boots. Ankle boots look good with loose trousers. But voluminous sneakers or wedge shoes are not the best option.

Loose trousers cannot be combined with boots.

Accessories to choose from

Choose your accessories responsibly.One of these is a leather belt, which can be wide or narrow. A classic brown or red belt is suitable for any shades of trousers. A black or white belt is also appropriate.

As for bags, clutches, bulk bags, backpacks are combined with chinos. In summer, fashionistas successfully combine an image with wide-brimmed hats or berets, in winter a warm scarf or snood is a good solution.

What to wear with chinos in winter?

Despite the fact that chinos are summer trousers, they are also appropriate in the winter season. For sewing such models, a denser cotton is used. What to combine chinos with in cold weather:

  • a shortened down jacket;
  • padded jacket;
  • mid-thigh length coat;
  • leather jacket;
  • short sheepskin coat;
  • fur vest;
  • lightweight fur coat up to mid-thigh length.

The only thing that the trousers do not go with are the lengthened clothes. Although, some fashionistas pair chinos with a classic knee-length coat.

Summer looks with chinos – details

  1. A winning combination of nautical style will be white trousers and a light blue blouse or light pullover with blue stripes. Complement the look with open flat sandals and a wide-brimmed white hat.
  2. Pants of light shades (beige, blue, pink, yellow) with a blouse in a small flower are suitable for a romantic style. As shoes for such a set, stylists recommend high-heeled shoes in beige or sandy shades. A graceful ankle bracelet and a clutch bag will complement the look.
  3. Casual style – light chinos with a lapel and a T-shirt with wide straps. Loafers, ballet flats or light sneakers are suitable as shoes for such a set.

Top 5 Women’s Chinos

Introducing the Top 5 Fashionable Chinos:

  • light trousers and airy top;
  • sky blue chinos and white blouse;
  • denim chino and lightweight pullover;
  • chinos and classic jacket;
  • Linen trousers and cropped down jacket.

What are the male models?

Among men’s models, there are casual trousers for work, for special occasions.
  1. Casual chinos feature a low waist and visible topstitching. Among male models, there are not only plain trousers, but also with a print. However, it is better to combine them with a solid top. For trips out of town or for travel, chinos in a dark brown shade are suitable in combination with a T-shirt or light cardigan.
  2. If the office has a dress code, this is not a reason to hide chinos in a closet. Trousers made of a denser fabric in a calm color combined with a classic shirt are quite appropriate at work. A strict leather belt and an elegant watch will complete the look and give it solidity.
  3. Beige, white or dark green chinos with a jacket in a harmonious color are a sure-fire bow for special occasions. A tie is also appropriate here.

How are they different from slacks?

Unlike slacks, chinos are made from lighter fabrics, while the former are made from heavier fabrics such as wool or corduroy.Slacks are a clear representative of the casual style, chinos are appropriate for any event, also suitable for country trips and attending a wedding ceremony. Due to the strength of the material, slacks are more durable and suitable for the cold season, while chinos are recognized as a summer type of clothing, however, they can be worn in winter.

How to combine men’s chinos?

Men’s fashion has made a leap forward a long time ago and to maintain a fashionable look, chinos can be combined with any type of clothing.Which top is suitable for such trousers:
  • T-shirt or T-shirt;
  • any shirts;
  • light cardigan;
  • Knitted or crocheted pullover;
  • classic or casual style jacket;
  • leather jacket;
  • denim jacket;
  • short coat.

How to choose your size?

It is important to remember that chinos should not be skin-tight to . This style is slightly loose and even baggy.Classic trousers should fit snugly at the waist, but not overtighten the hips and calves. Pay attention to the length when trying on. If the chinos cover the ankle, they can be shortened in the atelier or tucked up.

what it is, what to wear with, feminine images 2020 with photo

The most popular men’s and women’s clothing is jeans. They are so tightly stuck in our wardrobe that some will not trade them for anything else. And it is completely in vain, because in the summer in jeans, you see, it can be hot.You can pick up a lighter and more interesting, solid, but no less comfortable alternative to them, and these are chinos. Not everyone knows what it is. Sometimes even people who actively use this model in their wardrobe do not always suspect that this is chinos. Let’s find out in more detail what kind of clothes it is and what to wear with it.


Relaxed fit chino trousers, made of soft, durable fabric (linen, cotton). The product is comfortable and versatile, therefore it has become much more popular than jeans.

The thing sits freely, does not interfere with movement, and it is not hot in it. These trousers are in harmony with different products and shoes.

The pants are suitable for both work and festive occasions.

Manufacturers produce chinos with differences in cut, cut and some elements. The products have a classic and low fit, but there are also high-waisted trousers. A feature of the pants is the presence of tucks on the upper part.

Chinos: what is it?

In its original form, these are trousers made of 100% cotton.Nowadays, blended fabrics are widely used, a cheaper option, but of less good quality. Therefore, when buying, carefully study the composition, choose those that contain a very small amount of synthetics. Just like jeans, chinos (for women or men) can have a wide variety of leg cut. Taking into account the trends of modern fashion, most of the models are narrowed towards the bottom, and to varying degrees. Chinos differ among themselves and in fit, it can be classic or understated.The characteristic feature of the trousers is buttons instead of zippers, but at the moment there is both one and the other option. Chinos have two pockets on the sides, slightly beveled. They are also on the back, most often hidden, and not overhead, like jeans.


Chinos are available in several varieties. Each item has its own characteristics. But in any case, it is important to choose the right products for every woman.

With tucks

Products with tucks make your figure feminine.Visually, the trousers will narrow the waist and accentuate the hips. This model is preferable for slender girls, both tall and small. And if you want to increase your height, you just need to choose heels or a platform.

Tapered pants

It is better not to choose the product for the pear shape, as it strongly emphasizes the hips. But the narrowed version looks gracefully on slender ladies. Shoes with heels are more suitable for such a model.


This model has no drawbacks.She is chosen by slender and plump girls. Due to the peculiarities of the cut, it will turn out to disguise the wide waist and tighten the belly.

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Trousers with pleats look original on slender girls. They are chosen for small and tall stature. A heel is added if necessary.


This material makes trousers equally stylish.The product will help to emphasize the dignity of the figure. Only it is better for slender girls to choose them.

For full ones

The thing looks more beautiful on a slender figure. But what about the presence of feminine forms? Due to the peculiarities of chinos, it becomes possible to choose trousers for not quite slim figures. It is only necessary to determine the suitable fit of the waistline.

It is advisable for full ladies to choose an average fit. With the help of the folds on the belt, it will be possible to correct the volume of the hips, visually reducing it.The product, tapered at the ankle, can add lightness to the silhouette.

Variety of chinos

Modern women’s fashion offers many different chinos, from classic with arrows to sporty. Because of their convenience and practicality, many people confuse this type of pants with jeans, thinking that this is just a colored variety of them. They are even mistakenly called chinos jeans, which is fundamentally wrong.

Chinos are easy to recognize thanks to their cut. Three types of trousers are relevant: free cut, tapered and ultra-narrow. In addition to the width of the leg, when choosing a model, you should pay attention to the decorative elements, the length of the leg, the design of the bottom of the product, the height of the belt. Nowadays, both low waist and high waist are fashionable.

Basic interpretations of chino trousers

  • with tucks;
  • with a classic or slightly low waist;
  • High Rise;
  • with folds, arrows;
  • for full (without pronounced volume in the hips and not fitting the figure).

Let’s take a closer look at some of the models that have gained immense popularity in 2020.

Loose fit trousers

Loose fit trousers with a mid-rise vaguely resemble men’s. But original options for jewelry, “tucks”, pockets make them incredibly feminine and sophisticated.

Loose trousers are preferred by girls in the body. These chinos easily hide the flaws of a full figure, allowing you to look stylish, elegant, restrained.By the way, wide-cut chinos turned out to be incredibly popular in several stylistic directions:

  • everyday;
  • informal business;
  • evening.

As it has now become known, in any stylish outfit, chinos take a special place, helping to create a unique and memorable image.

Tapered chinos

Tapered chinos are most in demand among young people. There are a dozen of their variations: from slightly narrowed downwards, to tightly fitting the entire leg.The signature touch of the style is the turn-up or cuffs on the leg. Tapered chinos are the style of men’s trousers most adapted to women’s fashion, which has received great recognition among the fair sex.

Sports chinos

Designers in each new season make changes to the familiar look of their favorite clothes. This also affected the model in question. Sports options have become a trending novelty. You can play sports in comfortable chinos. To create such a combination, it is enough to tuck the pants a little.Chinos are characterized by a high degree of compatibility, so they look great in an ensemble with a sports trowel and sneakers. Do not overlook one tip: tucking your pants should be extremely careful, given your body type and height.


Chinos are available in various colors. In addition to the classic khaki color, there are also brighter options that look no less attractive.


Blue garments allow you to create a classic outfit.The color goes well with a white blouse, which forms an office look. Due to the saturation of the blue, the image will be vivid.

Blue pants are best combined with a white top. Pastel shades (peach, pink) emphasize the tone favorably, making the image bright.


This color is especially popular in summer. Fashionistas look gentle and easy with him. Although white can enlarge the hips in ordinary trousers, this will not be noticeable with chinos.

This light product will help to emphasize the tanned skin of the legs.A different top fits under it. For a nautical look, you need a striped tank top. And the classic is created thanks to the black blouse.


This is the classic chinos. Since there are many shades, every girl can choose the best one. A bright top and catchy accessories are perfect for a beige product. The combination of orange and coffee colors looks especially stylish.


These pants should be in every woman’s wardrobe, as they are capable of creating a variety of looks.They are included in both a business look and a casual one. You can create a fashionable bow using a jumper of the same color scheme.


Black suits all people. It masks flaws, emphasizes female forms. The thing is perfect for the office. But in summer, black chinos are best avoided.

A few words about the history of chinos

Chinos trousers are a priori for men, and only the democratic twentieth century added them to the women’s wardrobe, where they successfully took root.Their story begins back in 1848. And like many classic menswear items, chinos have military roots. The British troops, being in their colony in India, complained that the white uniform was getting dirty very quickly from the terrible heat and the ubiquitous dust. Then, as one of the versions says, General G. Lumsden decided to dye white trousers, he used natural dyes for this: curry, coffee and mulberry. The result is a color that is now called khaki. Well, the fashion world got chinos.They gained the greatest popularity after the Second World War, when men returning from the front continued to walk in uniform. Over time, the style changed a little, bright colors were added, but the essence remained unchanged. The trousers owe their name to the fabric from which they are sewn. It was imported from China, hence the word “chinos”.


The following fabrics are used to create products:

  1. Natural. Linen and cotton are commonly used.
  2. Artificial.The amount of such material can be about 5% to make the thing elastic. These clothes are suitable for pregnant women as they stretch. Viscose is used as an artificial thread.
  3. Fine wool. These pants are sewn for coolness.

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Recently, more and more products are created from jeans and satin. Each material is original and beautiful.Which is the best choice depends on personal preference.

Suitable for

Pants increase the hips. They are more suitable for slender women. They are chosen for the “triangle” figure, then with the help of chinos you can give it roundness, emphasize slender ankles and ankles.

With wide hips, it is advisable to choose loose-fitting garments, but without the lush volume of fabric in the thighs. If you are short, chinos are fine too. It is enough to use a high heel.

The thing is not suitable only with full ankles. The shortened version is able to add volume, so the legs will not have a feminine shape.

Should I choose jeans or chinos?

The question has no clear and unambiguous answer. Can say one thing: choose both. Have jeans, chinos for summer and dress pants in your wardrobe. Well, of the advantages of this wardrobe item, it is worth noting the following:

  • more affordable price compared to the same jeans;
  • variety of colors; someone can argue and say that jeans can also be red and green, but, you see, the classic version is still indigo; but chinos can be chosen at least yellow, absolutely everything is relevant;
  • Versatility – Customize your chinos to suit any look: sporty, business, casual, etc.d.

What to wear with

Chinos are universal trousers and are in harmony with any clothes. It only takes an endurance of the ensemble in the same style to make the image look harmonious.


The overall image depends on the top product. Therefore, you should choose it depending on the situation.


This combination will create a casual look. It is advisable that the T-shirt is in harmony with the pants. The image should include 2-3 colors.


Top will make your look casual. Things can be either monochrome or differ in color. Chinos and a tank top are the best outfit for everyday wear.


They create an office look. But then the trousers should be classic – black or gray, especially if the blouse is white. If it is of a different color, when creating an image, you need to select a bottom that is suitable in tone.


The main thing is that the dress has minimalism of colors.The top can be matched to the pants or in a different color. This outfit is perfect for an informal setting in hot summer.


Different shoes may be required depending on the look. It is important that she makes the outfit harmonious.


If the growth is small, high-heeled shoes will help out perfectly. But even with a large growth, such shoes are suitable. For tall girls, shoes with medium or low heels are suitable.


These shoes are classic, the image with their help turns out to be elegant and fashionable.Pumps will be especially good under black, beige, white trousers. This combination works well as well.

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These are the best shoes in hot summer. Sandals can be worn under different chinos. Platform shoes are suitable for girls of small stature. And sandals with a solid sole are usually chosen by slender ladies.


They are comfortable and comfortable.A pair of sandals and chinos creates a casual yet trendy look. Shoes with a solid sole as well as a platform look great.


With them, trousers are worn for everyday outings. Ballerinas are beautiful and comfortable. Whichever shoe you choose, don’t wear socks.

Chino trousers – features and advantages of the style

Chino trousers are a versatile model that looks great on any girl. The main thing is to know the nuances and features of the ideal choice of trousers.


Today these trousers are the real middle: they are more formal than the usual jeans, but not strict enough like classic trousers. Therefore, the list of places and events where you can safely wear chinos is wide.

Chinos can be seen in any stylish outfit of a business lady. Heavy working days will be brightened up by a fashionable thing that can be easily combined with office-style clothes. However, this type of trousers should not be worn for pompous corporate parties and business meetings.Give preference to business suits, skirts, dresses.

Chinos are well suited for young people who do not accept any style restrictions. In the youth environment, this model has long become a symbol of the informal trend, which has a more popular name in the fashion world – casual.

A party is another place where you can showcase a trendy new thing. A piece with decor, decorated with rhinestones, is the perfect solution for an informal appearance.

This model of pants is designed for convenience and comfort.Therefore, chinos are appropriate for a walk around the city or outdoor recreation. Stylish versatility is an important advantage of these pants. But their other advantages are also important:

  • affordable price;
  • comfort;
  • compatibility.

Stylish women’s looks in 2020

All fashionistas will be interested to know what such clothes are combined with. Chinos can be used to create a variety of ensembles. It is important that the bow has a harmonious look.


Looking for a loose shirt that can roll up the sleeves. A T-shirt is also suitable for everyday outings. In cool weather, wear a jumper or sweater. A jacket, jacket is suitable for the off-season. The function of a belt can be performed by a fashionable scarf.

For work

A laconic ensemble is obtained by choosing a neat shirt and a fitted jacket. It is advisable to wear sandals or pumps with heels from shoes. To complete the bow, choose a bulk bag.Vests and formal blouses are suitable for work.

For celebrations

A smart ensemble is obtained by choosing a chiffon blouse. It is advisable to pick up stiletto sandals. Massive jewelry will do – bracelets and earrings. To complete the image, choose a handbag or clutch.

Stylist tips

Fashion experts recommend following a few rules:

  1. Original products with prints. A correctly chosen drawing will help to highlight the merits of the figure.For slender girls of small stature, trousers with vertical stripes are suitable. The print visually lengthens the silhouette.
  2. Don’t be afraid to choose bright colors. Most importantly, it is important to find the right combination for such a thing. Bright products are usually in harmony with neutral ones.
  3. Pants with a medium or high rise will help to make your legs slim.
  4. If you have difficulty putting together an ensemble, you can wear black trousers and a white blouse. You should add a clutch, glasses to look elegant.

Chino trousers are an elegant piece, thanks to which girls can create a variety of looks. All that remains is to choose the right products, shoes and accessories.

What things should be discarded

What should never be worn with blue trousers:

  • Long T-shirts and shirts, not tucked into trousers and going down below the belt.
  • T-shirts are too wide.
  • Sandals. The same goes for shale.
  • If the model of trousers is slightly shortened, then in no case wear long socks! Only sporty, short.
  • Sports jackets and sweatshirts.
  • Colors in other clothes are too bright.
  • Long ties below the belt. Bright ties.

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what is it and what they are worn with

Chinos trousers: what are they? In this article, we will talk about how they differ from others, how to choose the right chinos in size, and what clothes and shoes to wear with them.

Distinctive features of men’s chinos

Chino trousers are typical representatives of universal casual and even smart-casual. They are the personification of convenience, comfort and practicality.

A classic of the genre – trousers with a high or medium waist and moderately wide, slightly tapered legs. However, wide straight trousers, tapered and narrow options are also equally popular – each has its own zest.

Chinos are cotton pants. Initially, Chinese twill fabric was used for sewing chinos – a light cotton fabric of diagonal weaving.Thanks to this, the trousers were durable and not hot. Modern trends to increase the practicality, durability and elasticity of things allow the use of cotton fabrics with a small addition of synthetics.

The combination of light fabric and cut is a guarantee of convenience and comfort. The practicality of the thing is added by capacious hidden-type chamfered front pockets. The hand in them lies naturally and comfortably. There are vertical back pockets (one or two), often with a small button as a closure.

Today, chinos are available in a variety of styles and models, with a practical zipper (low-rise trousers, as a rule) or stylish buttons (mid-rise trousers).The range of colors in the assortment: plain options, trousers with contrasting inserts, chinos with original fashionable prints.

Who are chinos suitable for? They do not drive into frames – neither by age, nor by style, nor by complexion and features of the figure. You can always find the best option , which will be in harmony with your lifestyle, individual preferences and requirements.

Fashionable models with a tapered silhouette suit young people, while middle-aged men can purchase a calm monochromatic version with a classic moderately loose silhouette for their basic wardrobe.

The most suitable season for chinos is the warm season, because the trousers are lightweight. However, experiments with fabric (adding wool and synthetics to cotton) made it possible to expand the range of temperature conditions up to a thaw or the first significant frost.

Here are main features of chinos:

  1. Compatibility. Pants go well with clothes, shoes and accessories of various styles.
  2. Practical and durable. Chinos serve for a long time, without losing their neat attractive appearance, require minimal maintenance.
  3. Multifunctionality. They are appropriate not only for everyday wear, but also in the office, at events and meetings, indispensable for travel and long trips.
  4. Availability. High-quality branded chinos can be purchased for as little as $ 20-30, not missing out on seasonal sales in online and offline stores, and even cheaper.
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History of the origin of chinos

The history of chino began around the middle of the 19th century, when comfortable, lightweight trousers made of twill fabric took their place in the uniforms of British colonial soldiers in the sweltering and hot India. Even then, they owed their style to traditional Indian pants. The soiled and catchy white color was changed to a kind of khaki, having painted the fabric with a mixture of coffee, curry and mulberry juice.

chinos trousers owe their name to the origin of matter.At that time, it was produced only in China (in English, China is translated as China).

The end of the Second World War became the starting point of the beginning of the victorious procession of these trousers around the world. Returning home, the soldiers continued to wear comfortable and non-marking trousers in everyday life.

However, if earlier chinos could only be attributed to the style of soft, not aggressive military, then modern trousers simply cannot be recognized. The result of the versatility of the cut, combined with the imagination of the designers, can be seen today in the form of a wide range of chinos and their high popularity.

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How chinos differ from slacks

The variety of styles and models of casual (informal everyday style) and smart-casual (business informal style) trousers from time to time can be confusing and misleading.

A modern man who wants to dress stylishly, fashionably, with taste, is interested in the question of what to choose – chinos or slacks? Or maybe it’s the same thing, because slacks began to gain popularity at the same time as chinos?

Left – slacks, right – chinos

Both trousers are united by the fact that they belong to casual styles, have a straight or slightly tapered silhouette, are made of fabric based on cotton or linen, do not constrain movement and require minimal maintenance.

Some models are really similar, but there are some differences:

  1. Cloth. Slacks are sewn from dense fabric (mixed gabardine), chinos – from lightweight.
  2. Texture. Slacks are spacious and resemble jeans in shape and texture, chinos are a confident alternative to jeans.
  3. Compatibility. Slacks are less combinatorial and versatile than chinos – for both the choice of clothing and the choice of shoes, slacks are more demanding.
  4. Pints. Slacks are often sewn with folds on the belt (tucks), chinos – without.
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The basis of for chinos is cotton. This explains the lightness of the trousers, their high thermo- and steam-regulating properties, hypoallergenicity, pleasant tactile sensations.

Twill weave provides cotton fabric with diagonal movement. Moreover, the material is completely inelastic.Tapered models are uncomfortable without the addition of synthetic fibers to cotton or linen. Comfort and freedom are the virtues of chinos, regardless of the model.

For hot weather in , it is better to give preference to natural fabrics with a minimum content of synthetics (up to 10%). On the other hand, 15-30% of synthetic fibers in combination with cotton are better able to retain heat on cold days.

It is worth remembering that synthetics do not drain sweat away from the body well, and can be dangerous for allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive skin.It is better to refuse to buy a model with a high content of synthetic additives at any time of the year.

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The trousers do not hinder movement due to the peculiarities of the cut. There are three types of chino cut available:

  1. Straight – loose straight cut trousers with a medium waist, buttons are used as a fastener. Stylish, comfortable, functional. Straight chinos go well for middle-aged and older men, this model looks elegant and restrained, combined with both formal shoes and sandals or sports shoes.
  2. Slim – trousers tapered from top to bottom. They have a low fit, but there are medium options. The zipper is in harmony with this cut, giving the thing more style and practicality. Tapered chinos look good with casual shoes, classic and sporty jumpers, pullovers. Slim chinos are a good option for visually correcting imperfections and emphasizing the merits of the physique and figure.
  3. Super slim – ultra slim trousers with a zipper.Today, such chinos are presented in numerous options, up to tight-fitting trousers. Upper cut is different, fit and fly are low. Super-slims especially appealed to the younger generation of experimenters.

Left to right: Mid-Rise, Straight Fit / Low Rise, Tapered / Low Rise, Ultra Slim

Left to right: Mid-Rise, Straight Fit / Low Rise, Tapered / Low Rise, Ultra Slim

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The classics of the genre of men’s chinos are variants made in a monochromatic pastel palette: discreet khaki, beige, sand, white, coffee with milk.The advantage here is the high degree of compatibility with different colors in other garments and accessories. This range is most in demand and does not give up its positions for at least 5-7 years.

Proven color combinations are combinations of white and black, white with all shades of brown, khaki and sand, sea wave and coral, graphite with gray.

If you wish, you can experiment with ultra-bright colors , combining orange, yellow or crimson electrician trousers with blue cropped jackets, rich natural shades of jumpers and blazers, right up to bomber jackets.In this version, fashionable casual-pants look spectacular and piquant, harmoniously balancing several styles in one image (military, sports, casual, hip-hop, rock).

A win-win ensemble for chinos of any color is a contrasting but color-coordinated top: dark pants – light top, and vice versa.

Bold chinos with abstract prints look bold with solid, soothing colors on the rest of the outfit. The exception is accessories – belt, scarf, laces on sneakers, etc.These are bright accents that will emphasize the boldness and audacity of the image.

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What to wear with chinos: we select clothes and shoes

Chinos are bright representatives of casual and smart-casual style. A high degree of compatibility, the ability to combine incongruous (and it looks fresh and unusual), convenience – all this has made chinos a favorite item in the basic wardrobe of fashionable party-goers, managers, entrepreneurs, creative personalities and all those who strive to live life to the fullest and appreciate comfort.

Chinos are one of the few types of trousers that are comfortable and allow you to wear the same comfortable clothes and shoes. Pants go well with cropped blazers of a straight and slightly fitted silhouette, T-shirts, shirts (including classic ones) worn out or casually tucked in with rolled sleeves, classic or wide silhouette polos and jumpers. The length of the chinos worn outside should not hide the line of the front pockets. If you decide to complement the trousers and the image with a belt, then the accessory should be opened.

The business-casual fashion trend is a combination of classic straight or tapered chinos with a classic shirt, a fitted jacket and a tie or bow tie. In this form, it is possible for a graduation, and for a business meeting or an official event. Classic shoes or comfortable casual loafers are suitable as shoes.

There is one important detail to keep in mind, however. The length of the legs of modern chinos slightly opens the ankle joint, and therefore it is better to wear high socks (there is no elastic band in the visibility zone) or refuse them altogether.

Pants go well with different types of shoes: trainers, sneakers, sneakers, lace-up boots or with buckles.




For more information on men’s shoes: classification, names, photos, see this article.

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How to choose the right chino for size

Chinos are difficult to choose based solely on the dimensional grid. Fitting plays an important role, because the fineness of cut and sizes vary from manufacturers.

Trousers should not cause discomfort when moving.

Leg length for chinos partially or completely opens the joint. If the pants are too long, it doesn’t matter, you can tuck the edges outward by 2-3 turns, although this is not necessary.

But if you really correspond to fashion trends, then in the turns it is worth observing a slight negligence – do not be afraid to allow asymmetry, folds. This will only add spice. In addition, by experimenting with the height of the sides of the formed cuff, you can visually correct the length and line of the leg.

Learn more about how to tuck the leg correctly in this video:

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Quality attributes

When choosing trousers, do not rush. Pay attention to the brand name , the appearance of the product and some points.

  • Composition and origin of the fabric. A conscientious manufacturer (brand) will not allow itself to use materials with a high synthetic content. On the contrary, the bet is on naturalness.A synthetic component is added to give the fabric and the finished product additional properties that increase usability without compromising comfort and safety.
  • Smooth cut lines, ergonomics. The silhouette of good trousers resembles the lines of the body.
  • Smooth, strong seams , both on the outside and on the wrong side of the garment.
  • Trousers fixing features. Number of buttons on the belt (2-3 is ideal).
  • Labels. Design, literacy and accuracy of tags and labels.
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Brands and prices

Mango has earned a reputation as one of the leading brands. These clothes are preferred by celebrities because of the high quality and original individual style of the clothing lines. Perfect quality and prestige can cost a chinos buyer $ 35 to $ 50 or more. Sale prices are nicer.

NEXT, GAP, H&M, Polo Garage, ASOS, ZARA are also worthy representatives of the fashion industry in the middle price segment.Depending on the model and collection, stylish men’s chinos can be purchased for an average of $ 25-40.

George, LC Waikiki, Burton, Kotton, Bershka and others, in spite of high-quality and attractive products, offer the most affordable and pleasant prices – from 15 to 30 dollars, there are cheaper and more expensive ones.

Wide horizons open up for contemporaries – to look stylish, providing yourself with the proper level of comfort. Wearing chinos means feeling comfortable, being trendy and not wasting too much!

Recommendations for the selection of men’s trousers – Printing House “Two Maples”

The right choice of men’s trousers.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Styles of men’s trousers.
  3. How to wear pants correctly?
  4. Conclusion.


Of course, the most important factor when choosing men’s trousers is the exact determination of the size in accordance with the parameters of the figure of their future owner.
The method of sizing and the system for applying them to sewn-in fabric labels and hanging cardboard labels is described in detail in the articles “Sizes for menswear” and “Sizes for jeans”.
However, choosing the right trousers is not limited only to the selection of the size. There are a number of very important rules that must be followed in order for this item of men’s wardrobe to look stylish, elegant and attractive on it.

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Styles of men’s trousers.

It is curious that most of our men distinguish only three styles of trousers: classic, sports and jeans.
Meanwhile, the modern garment industry offers them a significantly greater choice, allowing them to emphasize the uniqueness of each man in a variety of conditions – at work, on vacation, at a party, etc.d.
The most common now are models on hinged tags with the names of the following styles printed:
  • classic;
  • jeans;
  • cargo;
  • chinos;
  • slacks;
  • corduroy;
  • khaki.
(To enlarge the illustration, click on it with the left mouse button – the image will open in a new window).
Classic trousers.

The best option for trousers for office work or attending special events. Classic trousers are most often sewn from a plain fabric with the addition of a certain amount of synthetics, which significantly reduces the creasing of the trousers and allows them to retain their original shape for a long time. The composition of the fabric from which the trousers are sewn is indicated on special sewn-in fabric tags called “composites”.
Classic types of men’s trousers may have tucks in the front. Such models are not very popular now, but they are still in demand among men with a dense physique.The pintucks visually conceal the volume of the hips and waist. In addition, thanks to the loose fit, it is easier to sit in them.

This kind of men’s trousers hardly needs an introduction. They are sewn from dense cotton fabric with reinforced seams and riveted seams on the pockets.
Invented in 1853 by Liam Strauss, they have become part of our life as an extremely practical type of everyday wear. Suitable for men of all ages. They can be thin or insulated, i.e.e. to be worn at any time of the year.
Note that the designation system for jeans sizes on labels for size

Cargo pants are designed for walking and meeting with friends, as well as for men who are obliged to move a lot by the nature of work.
This type of pants is distinguished by its simplicity and convenience, due to the wide cut, which makes it possible for a man to feel free and comfortable in them. A feature of these trousers is the presence of large and capacious patch pockets on the sides.
Cargo is sewn from dense fabric, mainly of dark shades. They go well with sports shoes and knit sweaters, but not with classic garments.

Pants of this type are intended for those who like simplicity and convenience. They have a straight cut and are made of cotton fabric with a small amount of synthetic fibers. The most common chinos in beige and brown tones, but lately fashion designers are increasingly using bright colors.
Chinos go well with both classic shirts and modern raglans. Both jackets and knitted sweaters can be worn with them. Suitable for men of any body type

This type of trousers is designed to be worn mainly during the warm season, since it is sewn only from light-colored cotton fabric. Slacks have a straight and loose fit. The model is worn under classic shoes or sandals, but not with sports shoes. Slacks cannot be paired with sports shoes and brightly colored T-shirts or raglans.It is better to wear shirts or polos under them, but not bright T-shirts and raglans.

Corduroy trousers.

Corduroy trousers are usually made of dark fabrics. They are sewn from dense fabric and, therefore, are suitable for wearing in the cold season. The cut of corduroy trousers is similar to the cut of their classic counterparts and can be combined with both shirts and jackets. Corduroy trousers practically do not wrinkle and are very resistant to washing (recommended washing modes are printed on the composing labels in the form of special characters).


The trousers got their name from the color of the fabric from which they were originally sewn. However, now the shades have become more diverse, albeit with a gravitation towards darker tones.
Khaki have a straight cut and are made of dense fabric. Khaki pants are believed to work well for men working in offices. Such models are suitable for people working in offices.
Khaki pants may or may not have tucks, which are preferred mainly by respectable men, but not by young people.These pants fit the hips and are looser at the bottom. They are worn with a belt (mostly brown). Suitable to be worn with sports shoes and shoes, except for classic shoes with elongated toes.

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How to wear pants correctly?

Each of the styles of men’s trousers has its own specific requirements for the length, width and manner of wearing them. Compliance with simple rules will help not only to emphasize the merits of each of the models, but will also demonstrate to others the taste and sense of style of the owner of the trousers.
The width of the classic trousers at the bottom is ⅔ of the length of the shoe, i.e. one third of the shoe should be open. The length of the trousers at the back can be up to half the height of the heel or cover the heel by ⅔. From the front, the trousers should lie on the shoe, forming exactly one hall . If the trousers do not have cuffs, then the bottom line has a bevel, i.e. the trousers are slightly longer at the back than at the front. For trousers with cuffs, the bottom should be straight, i.e. parallel to the floor. The width of the cuffs in trousers can vary from 3 to 5 cm.

Chino, khakis and corduroy trousers
Since these trousers are considered less formal than the classic ones, they are allowed to fit closer to the body. In addition, they can be worn 3-4 centimeters below the waist.
If the trousers will be worn in an office setting, then their length should be chosen, gravitating towards the rules for wearing classic trousers. If they are intended to be worn in free time, then you can choose more narrowed and shortened or, conversely, elongated and wider models.In shortened trousers, the ankle may slightly open, and in elongated trousers, a crease may form on the shoe.
Of course, jeans are the most democratic type of men’s trousers. There are no unambiguous rules for fitting jeans, but on most men, models slightly tapered to the bottom look good. Jeans can slap on the body if you strive to look fashionable and beautiful, but they can also be loose if your main requirement is comfort.

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Let us give you some tips for choosing trousers in the store.
  1. When buying trousers, start by carefully examining the accompanying labels and tags. First of all – from the labels on which the size of the product is indicated (the so-called “dimensions”). However, this is only a preliminary estimate. It is possible to finally understand whether the pants fit in size only after trying on. For this:
    – walk at least a few steps in new trousers in order to understand whether they suit you or not;
    – sit down – you will immediately feel excessive width or tightness.
  2. Sit on a chair and see how high the legs “jerk up”. Please note that under no circumstances should a bare leg be visible. You will either have to wear high enough socks or choose wider and longer pants.
  3. Dress pants should be worn at the waist, not at the hips. This is not just a requirement of classic fashion, but an aid in visual body shaping – for most men, the belly is slightly convex and the placement of trousers at the waist hides this flaw, while trousers “on the hips” will only accentuate it.
  4. If trousers have pockets, check to see if they bulge, giving the impression that they are stuffed with all sorts of things. Please note that only a handkerchief, a change of money and, in extreme cases, a purse can be worn in your trouser pockets. For everything else, there are purses and portfolios.
  5. Straight trousers without arrows are better suited for short, overweight men, and trousers with folds at the waist and cuffs are better for tall and thin men.
  6. If you sit down in chinos or khakis, then, unlike the classics, they may seem a little tight, since by definition they have a tight-fitting silhouette.The same can be said for pockets, which can bulge slightly when squatting.
  7. With regard to the girth of the waistband of trousers, then for all types of trousers there is a rule of “two fingers”, which should be sufficiently free to enter between the belt and the body.
  8. Check the number of belt loops on the trousers. It is desirable that there are at least six of them, otherwise the fit of the trousers will worsen significantly.
  9. Be sure to read the accompanying care label for your trousers to make sure you can follow them.The durability of the product decisively depends on this. Care instructions are applied to the composites in the form of special international badges, the decoding of which can be found in the article “Symbols for the care of clothes and textiles”.
  10. If the size on the size label corresponds to your size, but the trousers do not fit correctly, try trying on trousers from another manufacturer, as each of them has its own patterns, which can be very different.

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How to wear men’s chinos (detailed instructions)

Do you want to know how to wear chinos? This detailed guide has everything you need to know about these super versatile pants.

If you only had one pair of pants, chinos would be a smart choice. Because they are versatile, from casual summer wear to business casual winter suits.

This article has everything a man needs to know to look and feel great in chinos, including how to fit and wear them.

But first … what is chinos?

Chino is a cotton twill fabric. It is strong and durable, which is why it is also used to make denim. Chino pants are chino pants.

These trousers come in all shapes and sizes these days and are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Smooth front side (no arrows).
  • Hidden stitching.
  • Slant front pockets.
  • Zip back pockets.
  • Zipper fly.
  • Belt loops.

Like many garments, chinos are of military origin. They were designed for the US military stationed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.

Soldier’s uniforms were made from Chinese twill cotton, and the name “chino” comes from the Spanish “China”.

Thus, the first chinos were made from 100% cotton twill and dyed light brown (khaki).

Today, chinos are still available in pure cotton twill, as well as in various synthetic combinations that provide performance characteristics such as elasticity, absorbency and temperature control.

Contemporary chinos are also available in a wide range of colors, sizes and designs.

Chinos VS. khaki

Khaki trousers and chinos used to be two different trouser styles. Both have Eastern roots and were popularized by the Western military.

The word khaki actually describes the light brown color that a British general named Sir Harry Lumsden developed while in India in the late 1840s.

Apparently Lumsden thought that the impeccable, bright white uniforms worn by Indian troops made them too easy a target for enemy snipers. So he decided to give the clothes a color that would blend in with the hot, dusty environment.

To this day, adherents of strict canons in menswear adhere to the distinction between khaki pants and chinos.They argue that khaki pants are simpler and rougher, while chinos are slightly more elegant and sophisticated.

But for a lot of guys, these words are almost interchangeable. This is how most people currently use these terms:

So it would be reasonable to say “I am wearing khaki chinos” or “I am wearing dark blue chinos” .

Chino is the material and khaki is the color. However, not all chinos are khaki.

If a man says he wears khakis or khaki pants, he does not necessarily mean chinos. We can talk about khaki slacks (loose-fitting trousers).

In general, remember: chino is material and khaki is color. Chinos are available in many colors, including khaki.

Chino pants VS. jeans

Which is better: chinos or jeans? Well, it depends on the circumstances. The two styles are often used interchangeably, especially in casual wear.

But chinos have one advantage over jeans:

Easier to put on.

Of course, you can combine a pair of slim-fit, dark, wash-free jeans with a dress shirt and jacket. But jeans are for the most part a more casual outfit than chinos.

If men had only one pair of trousers, chinos would be their best choice.

Almost any chinos will go with casual, smart casual and business casual, making them more versatile than jeans.

Chino pants VS. classic trousers

What is the difference between chinos and dress pants? Simply put, chinos are more casual.

But first, you need to give a clear definition of classic trousers before moving on to the comparison.

When you say “classic trousers”, a product of a strictly straight cut immediately comes to mind. Such trousers can be either part of a suit or an independent unit, combined with various outerwear.

Classic trousers are mainly produced from wool or wool in various combinations. They are softer and thinner than chinos, but they also look more presentable.

Classic trousers, as a rule, are dry-cleaned, and the arrows are ironed on them. They can also have cuffs or folds, depending on personal preference and fashion trends.

Both chinos and classic trousers can be worn in a casual business setting, but unlike chinos, the classic is suitable for formal occasions.For this reason, most pantsuits are made from fine wool (although chino suits are available for spring and summer).

How to choose the right chinos?

When choosing chinos, many are guided by personal preferences or fashion trends, so it is difficult to say how often they will be worn (constantly or just one season).

Although these trousers are fitted with a tapered bottom, they still do not look like a second skin.

Now let’s figure out how to select them correctly:

  • Waist. Pants should fit perfectly at the waist. Then you do not need a supporting belt and you do not have to unbutton the button after a heavy meal.
  • Hips. The fabric on the back should be as close to the hips as possible, but not too tight (so that the seam does not come apart when bending or squatting if someone has massive hips), and not sagging like a bag.
  • Landing. The fit of the pants cannot be changed. Therefore, when choosing chinos, make sure that it will be comfortable for you to stand, sit, bend over, walk in them. In this case, in the perineum, nothing should squeeze or squeeze. And one more thing: the low rise of the trousers is suitable only for tall men.
  • Outer thigh. The fabric of the trousers should be close to it so as not to create any restrictions on movement. Therefore, you should think about comfort, and not about being slimmer than you are.
  • Caviar. If you cannot put on a sock so that you can pull it on completely without removing your trousers, then they are too tight at the calves.
  • Ankles. Guys with slender ankles will look great in chinos, the fabric of which gathers in a light accordion, dropping below the knee, especially if the bottom of the trousers is not wrinkled. But big guys should take a closer look at the trousers that are less tapered in this part (a model of a looser cut is suitable for them).
  • Pants length. It all depends on which pleats on the trousers are preferred.It is better when the folds are small. In this case, men of short stature should completely abandon them.
High or medium waist, trousers sit strictly at the waist.
The back section naturally fits the thighs.
Sides loose against the thigh and knee.
Light accordion below the knee.
A slight or no crease in the bottom of the trousers.

Considering the fact that the fabric of most modern chinos has an elastic material, you can choose a piece one size smaller.The main thing is not to forget about convenience.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with different models of chinos. But if you want to feel as comfortable as possible, you should take a closer look at loose-fitting trousers.

Are chinos business casual?

Depends on how you perceive the so-called office ease. Everyday business style is a completely new direction in the dress code, which is gaining more and more popularity among office workers every year.

In the traditional sense, chinos are not business casual. In their place, it is easier to imagine something more formal, for example, classic trousers.

But as practice shows, chinos are an ideal option for modern business men.

A familiar situation: an office worker appears at work every day in tight thin trousers, a shirt tucked into them and leather boots (boots in winter, moccasins in summer, bluchers all year round).

In winter, a woolen sweater is still worn and a casual sports or woolen coat is added.

In general, in 90% of modern offices, this is a perfectly acceptable uniform that outperforms the ubiquitous combination of khaki pants / trousers – light blue shirt.

Top-3 best colors

Without a doubt, the three most versatile colors for chinos are:

  1. Khaki (or terracotta).
  2. Blue.
  3. Olive.

Probably olive green would be the best option.It can be paired with lighter or darker colors and goes well with just about anything.

If you are looking to expand your chinos collection, consider lighter shades of blue, burgundy or deeper browns such as tobacco or chestnut (different brands have different names for these colors).

Which shoe goes with chinos?

From sneakers to wingtips boots. With these trousers you can wear almost any shoe model.

  • spring / summer – loafers, driving mocs, boat shoes, trainers and sneakers, sandals.
  • autumn / winter – boots, chukkas, brogues, bluchers, moccasins with lacing (camp mocs).

There are two types of shoes that should be avoided: flip flops (because they don’t look good with any type of pants) and super dressy shoes (like patent leather oxfords or corduroy loafers).

Should chinos be tucked in?

So, tuck or not? Actually, it all depends on the situation.

Chinos are great for creating cuffs at the bottom because the thick and durable material creates a thick and durable cuff that stays in place all day.

This is how jeans are tucked in, but not classic trousers.

It should be noted that it is not always necessary to do what is not prohibited in principle.

These chinos cuffs tend to simplify the overall look, which is why in some organizations it is unlikely that employees will like this option.

The thing is that the cuffs, shortening the trousers, on the one hand, expose the ankles and flaunt the socks. In the business world, this would be considered a daring trick.

In addition, some believe that the cuffs on the trousers visually shorten the legs, which is especially noticeable on short guys.

Perhaps there is some truth in this, but if done correctly, the cuffs on the chinos will not affect the visual perception in any way.

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