Cuffed ankle chinos: How To Cuff Pants – Men’s Fashion & Style Quick Tips


How To Cuff Pants – Men’s Fashion & Style Quick Tips

Lots of readers/viewers have been asking me to do an article and video about how to roll or cuff men’s pants, so I’m finally doing it! The article is great and all, but the act of rolling your pants is not something easily shown in still images, so do yourself a favor and watch the video below for the fully experience.
With the exception of jeans and boots, you should only be rolling your pants in the spring and summer, unless you’re in a climate where it’s warm all year-round. This is very much a warm weather flair to add to your dark wash jeans, chinos or khakis or even wool pants and trousers. But it is a little odd to wear during the colder, winter months.

Before we begin, let me show you a quick and dirty way to figure out the proper width of your cuff by using your finger joints. The each joint of your index finger is roughly an inch long.

So if you need the cuff width to be about 2″ wide, the top of the cuff would hit right around the second or middle joint, like in the picture below:


This cuff works especially well with slim fit jeans. I like to use this cuff when I’m going for a cleaner, sleeker look with a client. I’d caution against using it with chinos or other pants, as the fabric can be a little floppy around the ankles.

You also want to avoid using this cuff if you’re wearing straight fit jeans because your ankles will be swimming in a bunch of fabric. Use the pinroll cuff in the next section, instead.

Before you start cuffing, you should already have your jeans and shoes on. Otherwise, it’s harder to tell what the finished product looks like and if you’re showing the right amount of ankle. Hopefully you’ve already seen my men’s jeans fit guide so you know that your slim fit jeans should have a slight break at the hem. This cuff won’t look right with any other type of pant break.

How to Cuff

Low Top Shoes

If you’re wearing low top shoes, roll up your jeans’ cuff once.
The cuff width should be between 1.5” to 2”. If you’re on the shorter side, get the cuff as close to 1.5″ as possible. If you’re on the taller side, go for 2″. This will maintain the proper promotions for your body type.

Make sure that the roll is the same width or thickness on the front and back of the pants before you do the second roll. After finishing the second roll, the bottom of the cuff should just hit the top of your outer or inner ankle bone, like in the image below:

Boots or High Top Shoes

It’s the same as low tops: do at least 2 rolls and make sure to maintain the 1.5″ to 2″ cuff width, depending on your height.

The bottom of the cuff should either lightly graze the top of the shoe or boot or go a little bit past the top of the boot or high top. The image below, has the pants rolled up 3 times on the left and 2 times on the right. Both are equally acceptable lengths. I prefer 2 rolls, as 3 makes it look a little too military for my tastes, but 3 is just fine if that’s what you prefer.


This cuff is great for any cut of jeans, as well as chinos. I like this roll because it eliminates the issue of your pants swimming around your ankles when they’re cuffed.

Again, start with your pants and shoes already on. Check my men’s jeans fit guide and chino pant fit guide for details about the type of break your pants should have before cuffing. If your pants aren’t fitting properly or they’re too long at the hem, the roll will look big and chunky around your ankle, which you don’t want.

How to Cuff

Low Top & High Top Shoes and Boots

To start, pinch the fabric on the inside of your ankle so it feels slightly snug against your leg or ankle.

Now fold the fabric over towards your heel. The reason why we do this is because it hides the fold better than if you folded the fabric towards the front.

With your thumb still holding the fold against your ankle, start rolling the cuff up with both hands. Make sure the roll is between 1 to 2 inches wide. If you’re on the shorter side, keep it around 1″ and go closer to 2″ wide if you’re taller. This will maintain the proper proportions for your stature.

Now roll up the cuff a second time. You want to roll at least twice to make sure that excess fabric that we folded over won’t come undone. It won’t stay with just one roll.

if you’re wearing low tops, you want the bottom of the cuff to hit around 1.5 to 2” above your outer ankle bone, like the image below. If you need to roll 3 times to get there, do that.

The only exception to the 3 roll maximum is if you’re wearing boots or high tops. Then you need the cuff to just cover the top of your boot or lightly graze the top of your high tops when standing up. The image below has the cuffs rolled twice.

That’s it! Now cuff all the things!

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How To Cuff And Pinroll Chinos The Right Way – Ready Sleek

If every pair of pants I bought sat exactly how I wanted them to for each and every occasion, I’d be a happy man. In reality, sometimes you have to make some adjustments. So, can you cuff chinos? 

Chinos can be cuffed or pinrolled to maintain a better fit without having to get them tailored. It would also allow you to show off your ankles, socks, shoes, or boots. The type of cuff you roll for your chinos, as well as the height at which it sits, will vary depending on your footwear, the fit, as well as the weather. 

Although it is, in theory, a simple practice, it’s important to know how to cuff chinos properly depending on the specific circumstances. 

You may want a simple cuff at certain times and a deep cuff at others, for instance. I’ll be talking you through what cuffing options you have available to you, as well as how and when to do each one. 

I’ll also be discussing how to pinroll your chinos further down below, after explaining how it’s subtly different to cuffing. 

I’ll finish off by running through some frequently asked questions on the topic to really fine-tune your understanding. 

Let’s get to it. 

3 Tips Before You Start Cuffing Your Chinos

You’re probably pretty excited to get started. But before we move on to discussing how to cuff chinos in the coolest ways possible, bear these tips in mind. 

1. Ensure It’s Appropriate

OK, so we know you can do it. The next question to ask yourself is should you cuff your chinos. 

It may well not be appropriate for the setting or occasion you’re dressing for. It’s typically a more casual look, and so will work well for semi-casual but potentially not business casual dress codes. 

Cuffing chinos is also most appropriate with low top shoes or sneakers in the summer, or with boots in the winter. 

Showing ankle when it’s frosty outside just looks awkward. 

So, take the formality of the occasion as well as the weather into account when deciding whether the look is appropriate. 

2. Ensure Your Chinos Have The Right Length And Fit

If your chinos are already pretty short, cuffing them up will just make them look way too short. The pedal pusher look is probably not what you’re going for. 

If you buy your chinos with the intention of rolling them up, try to have around 3 to 5 inches of extra length to work with.

Bear in mind that some shrinkage will most likely happen over time; you should account for this. 

The best fits for cuffing chinos would be slim and skinny fit. In other words, tapering is your friend when it comes to cuffing. 

Straight fit, classic fit, and anything wider would generally look more awkward cuffed as there’s too much fabric around your ankles. The cuff will just look too wide and baggy. 

The best option here would be to pinroll those wider cut chinos instead of cuffing them. I’ll be showing you how to do that later on. 

But slim or skinny fit chinos with a slight break at the hem are perfect for cuffing.

3. Try And Keep It Crisp

This does partly depend on personal preference. Some men do like a messier looking cuff, but this generally works better with jeans. 

When it comes to chinos, a cleaner, crisper, and neater cuff will generally look a lot better. 

This is easier said than done, however. You’ll get better at it with practice. 

But if you want to keep it crisp once you’ve rolled it to your desire, ironing over it is a quick and simple way to do it. This will minimize the risk of it coming undone over the course of the day. 

Chinos from Bonobos cuffed to perfection

Once you’ve figured out the type of cuff you love and the height at which you want it to sit, consider getting it sewed in. Just head to a tailor and get it done. 

This has the benefit of peace of mind; it’ll never come undone. Plus, the cuff will just look oh so crisp and neat. It does give you less flexibility, however, so be sure you know what cuff you want before you get it done. 

How To Cuff Chinos: 3 Simple Variations

For each of these variations, I’ll be telling you how to do it, as well as when it would be most suitable. Remember, footwear, as well as the weather, need to be taken into consideration. 

This is going to help you decide the best way to properly cuff your chinos for your specific purposes. 

I’ll be talking about pinrolling chinos in the next section, so if you know that’s what you want, skip forward to that section.

1. The Simple Cuff (2 Inch Roll)

As the name would suggest, this cuff is suitable for most purposes. The size of the rolled-up cuff is around 1.5 to 2 inches. 

If you’re on the shorter side, go closer toward 1.5 inches. If you’re a taller guy, 2 inches should work well. It’s all about maintaining good proportions throughout. 

This cuff size will remain consistent – it just looks good. 

What can vary, however, is the number of rolls you do and the height at which the cuff sits up your calf. 

The more rolls you do, the higher it’ll be. 

But no matter how many rolls you do and how high it gets, the size of the cuff should be between 1.5 to 2 inches (depending on your height). 

Let’s talk through how to do it, starting with one single roll.  

Single Roll

When to do it – Low top shoes or sneakers in the summer. More rolls would probably show too much ankle and look disproportionate.   

  • Easy. Simply roll up the cuff from the inside-out once to between 1.5 to 2 inches in size. 
  • Press around the roll to make it nice and crisp. Try to ensure an even size at the front and back. 
  • If you want, you can tuck the very edge (hem) backward once you’ve finished the roll to get a nice and crisp outline. 
Double Or Triple Roll

When to do it – High top shoes or boots. 

  • First, follow the same steps you did for the single roll. 
  • Once you’ve got a nice and even single roll, fold it up once more to get a double roll. Maintain the 2-inch cuff size. 
  • You’ll probably find that the cuff bottom touches the top of the bony bit of your outer ankle. 
  • In the same way, roll it up once more if you want the triple roll. Once again, maintain the 2-inch cuff size. 

The question you may have now is, how high should you cuff your chinos? 

When choosing between a double or triple roll, think about the height your footwear reaches. 

Taller boots and high tops like lace-ups would most likely benefit from a triple roll and the cuff bottom would probably reach the top of the shoe. 

The shorter chukka boots, on the other hand, would probably benefit more from a mere double roll. 

But even double rolls can look great with taller boots and high tops. The cuff bottom simply sits around 2 inches below the top of the boot which can actually look even more natural. 

Try out both and see which you prefer. 

2. The Deep Cuff

This one is a little more old fashioned but does seem to be making a comeback. It can look pretty urban and masculine at the same time. 

It’s characterized by a big cuff on those chinos, unlike the simple, 2-inch cuff we just talked about. 

A deep cuff is around 5 inches in size. Go an inch smaller or bigger depending on how tall you are. If you’re on the shorter side, go for a smaller cuff. 

If you’re particularly short, avoid the deep cuff altogether and stick to the simple, 2-inch cuff. 

When to do it – Deep cuffed chinos work best with larger boots like lace-ups. A deep cuff with low top shoes, for instance, looks disproportionate. 

Here’s how you do it: 

  • Roll the chino cuff upward from the inside out
    to around 5 inches in size. 
  • Ensure it’s even at the front and back. 
  • Tuck the very edge in backward to get it nice and crisp. 

Sound familiar? It’s the same as doing a single roll Simple Cuff – you’re just making the cuff bigger. 

3. The Tuck In

This is the least common one but is a pretty fun one to understand. Who knows – it may well be for you. It’s technically more of a “hem” than a “cuff”, but here’s how you do it: 

  • Instead of rolling your chino cuff from the inside-out, tuck it from the outside-inward. 
  • Tuck in around 2 inches of length. 
  • This will leave a nice, crisp edge and a neatly cropped look. You won’t see any of the inner lining of your chinos. 
  • Iron over it to prevent it coming undone. 

The look isn’t for everyone. It can be considered a quick and easy way to shorten your chinos without having to go to a tailor. 

When to do it – Much like the single roll simple cuff, it works well with low top shoes or sneakers and is great for showing a bit of sock or ankle in the summer. 

How To Pinroll Chinos 

Pinrolling is slightly different to simple cuffing because the bottom of your chino leg is pinched before it’s cuffed upward. This leads to a nice, slim, tapered look at the ankle.

 If you want to cuff those chinos tight, pinrolling is the answer. 

Here’s how you do it
  1. With your chinos uncuffed, pinch the fabric at the bottom of the inner seam (by your inner ankle). 
  2. Fold this pinch backward toward your heel. 
  3. Hold this fold in place while rolling your chino cuff upward from the inside-out. Roll it up and over the pinched fabric to around 1.5 to 2 inches in size. 
  4. Then, roll up the cuff one more time to ensure that none of the extra fabric you pinched and folded will come undone. 
  5. If you need to roll it up a third time, that’s fine. Just maintain a cuff size of around 2 inches no matter how high it sits. Mine sit at 2 rolls in this picture. 

ProTip: If you’re struggling to keep the pinched fold in place as your cuffing upward, keep it in place with a rubber band. This will also help prevent it from coming undone once you’ve finished.  

When to pinroll chinos – It’s a great way to fix a baggy excess of fabric at the bottom of your chinos around the ankles. This is a problem with straight and classic fits. Pinrolling the chinos gives a nice, tapered appearance at the ankles. 

If you’re wearing low top shoes, the pinrolled chinos should end just above the bony part of your outer ankle. 

If you’re wearing high top shoes or boots, you’ll want them to sit just on top or a couple of inches below the top. Feel free to add another roll if you need to in order to achieve this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions on the topic to finish off with. 

When Should You Cuff Chinos?

Chinos should be cuffed for the sake of either practicality or style. It makes sense to cuff chinos when they’re longer than you would like them or they’re simply too baggy around the ankles. 

As you’ve most likely gathered already, cuffing chinos is also a great way to make a subtle fashion statement. 

When the style of the cuff is appropriate for the weather, the footwear, and the occasion, it can look very impressive indeed. 

What Should You Wear With Cuffed Chinos? 

Cuffed chinos should be worn with casual or semi-casual clothing. This will vary depending on the weather. 

The versatility of chinos will allow you to wear them all year round, although heavyweight chinos would be more appropriate for the colder months. 

Just remember, cuffing is a pretty casual look. Don’t do it for business casual or formal events. 

During the summer, go for items such as boat shoes, white sneakers, suede loafers, T-shirts, open chambray shirts, or even a sports coat. 

Remember, showing some ankle under those cuffs would work well during the summer, so don’t be afraid to rock those low top shoes. 

During the winter, go for items such as chelsea, chukka, or lace-up boots. Wrap up with a nice merino wool cardigan and a parka. 

You’ve got plenty of options. 

How Do You Cuff Baggy Chinos?

To cuff baggy chinos you’ll need to pinroll them. Trying to do a simple or deep cuff would simply leave too much fabric floating around your ankles. 

It’ll look too wide and won’t look smart. The more tapered the chinos are at the ankles, the more impressive the cuff will look. 

With slim fit and skinny fit chinos you won’t have this issue. The pants are tapered enough to not leave too much excess fabric at the bottom. 

If you’ve got straight or classic fit chinos, you’ll need to pinroll them to make sure they taper enough to look good. 

Should You Cuff Or Hem Your Chinos? 

Hemming chinos works better for a more formal and dressier look while cuffing chinos works better for a more casual appearance. 

Let’s talk about the difference between the two. 

We’ve talked extensively about what cuffing is – rolls turned up on the outside of the chinos. 

Hemming is the exact opposite. The chino fabric is folded upward and inward into the leg of the pants. None of the inner lining would be visible. 

This is exactly what you would do in the “Tuck In” I described above. Getting your chinos “hemmed” means that you or a tailor would sew it fixed into this position. 

In general, hemming will give you a cleaner and crisper edge. Even well-ironed or sewn-in cuffs would still add some bulk. 

In general, if you’re looking to wear those chinos for more formal occasions, getting them hemmed would be more appropriate than cuffing them. 


Cuffing chinos is a simple and subtle way to make them better suit and fit your needs. It does add even more to the glorious versatility of chinos. 

Knowing how and when to do it is probably the hardest part of what is a pretty simple procedure. 

I hope that helped. Enjoy!

How to Cuff Your Pants

Cuffing your pant legs can bring style to almost any casual outfit and can perfectly accent your kicks. But there’s a method to a cuff, and it starts when you buy a pair of pants. Make sure to buy an inseam length that is one to two inches longer than your normal inseam, giving you plenty of space to make the cuff without turning your pants into capris.

Denim weights are also important to keep in mind. Denim weight refers to how much the fabric weighs per yard. So a pair of 12.5-ounce denim jeans is made from a material that weighs 12.5 ounces per yard. The heavier the weight, the thicker the material and the more durable. We recommend not going higher than 14.75 ounces when cuffing your pant leg (and that goes for duck canvas as well).

If you go upwards of that, the material doesn’t take the fold as readily and can bunch up. As for the cut of the pant, try to stay away from boot-cut or wider-cut styles. Although you can technically cuff any cut of pant, it works best with ones that are tapered. There are many ways to cuff many pants, but four, in particular, should be staples of your cuffing quiver.

The Pinroll

The Pinroll works best with shoes that are slimmer and narrower, like a driving moc or Nike Roshe Runs. Stay away from the pinroll with boots or bulky sneakers with a thick sole.

Step 1: Take about an inch of fabric between your thumb and forefinger on the instep side of your pants so that the rest of the hem is snug against your ankle.
Step 2: Fold the material towards you, against the leg, to create a diagonal line of material.
Step 3: Cuff the pant by making two folds of the hem. Make sure to smooth out the cuff as you make each fold.

The Simple Roll

The Simple Roll is likely the most versatile on our list. Good with almost any shoe, the simple roll works with most fabric types and weights.

Step 1: Take the hem of your pant and make one fold up about two inches.
Step 2: Smooth out the material to make a nice flat cuff.
Step 3: Take the top of the cuff and fold the hem in behind the back, towards the pant leg.
Step 3: Smooth out the cuff to create one uniform fold.

Recommended Jeans

501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans

The quintessential Levi’s 501 comes in all manner of shades, washes and distressing, but you could do no wrong going the old-school way with the straight-up rigid shrink-to-fit version. It gets better with every wear and every wash, which is really what blue jeans all about.

Straight Fit Stretch Jeans

Todd Snyder


The Stretch jeans feature zipper flies, suede back patches and oxidized rivets. They come in a range of indigo watches (from the dark Indigo Rinse to the light Beach Out) and both Slim and Straight silhouettes.

Slim-Fit Jeans

Uniqlo’s jeans are the cheapest well-made denim jeans you can get and they’ve also got a smidge of stretch for comfort straight off the shelf. They come in a variety of colorways, too, so you’re not just limited to the standard blue jean.

105 Standard Jeans



orSlow’s jeans have no overt branding, are based on classic jeans from the mid-1900s and are cut with custom-milled denim that would have anyone fooled into thinking you scored a pair of near-deadstock jeans that were hidden away in your grandparents’ attic.

The Skinny Roll

As its name implies, the Skinny Roll works best with tighter fitting jeans. Like the Pinroll, be sure to stay away from boots and wider-cut sneakers. Also, try to stay away from thicker fabrics, as they don’t fold as tightly and tend to bunch up.

Step 1: Take just the hemmed seam at the bottom of your pant leg and fold it up to create a thin, small cuff.
Step 2: Fold the cuff up again and smooth out the fold.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 until desired length is reached. (Don’t turn your pants into knickers.)

The Iron Worker

The Iron Worker is the perfect fold for long raw denim or heavyweight canvas pants. This fold looks great with boots and is best accompanied by a beard and a flannel.

Step 1: Take the hem of your pant and make a large cuff approximately four and a half to five inches in width.
Step 2: Smooth out the cuff. (Can also be ironed to create a perfect flat fold.)
Step 3: Repeat step two if desired, but never make more than two cuffs with the Iron Worker. Your pants should never be cuffed above your calf unless you are cycling.

Recommended Chinos

484 Slim-fit Chinos

J.Crew’s popular Stretch Chino goes a few steps further in quality with a lined waistband and chambray binding at the seams. Also, they come in the full spectrum of colors.

Angler Pants

Runabout Goods


Runabout Goods makes some of the best chinos around, regardless of price. The on-seam pockets are gently curved and bound for durability. The pocket bags are also self-bound, as is the fly, which uses melamine buttons.

Original 874 Work Pants



The Dickies 874 is made of tough, wrinkle-resistant poly-cotton twill in a classic straight fit and comes with a flat front and creased leg for a dressy appearance. 

Standard Pleated Chinos

Alex Mill


Alex Mill’s chinos have a single pleat for extra maneuverability, a relaxed thigh and a tasteful taper and are outfitted with corozo nut buttons, a welted rear pockets and a flap coin pocket.

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13 Best Chinos for Men 2021

Put down the sweatpants, folks. The sweats life has been sweet while it lasted this past year, but we have to accept the limitations of comfy loungewear and save it for cozy at-home occasions. As we move into this new normal in 2021 and transition from waist-up Zoom crops to IRL full-view encounters, it’s time to get reacquainted with chinos.

Chinos are without a doubt the most versatile pant a man can own. Shake off that image of dad’s unflattering, boxy chinos (usually sitting too high on the waist and accessorized with a phone holster to boot), because the modern chino is slim-fit, available in a variety of colors, and has great stretch fabric to move freely throughout the day with sharp style. Dress them up for work, or dress them down for a guys’ weekend, because the best men’s chinos are so comfortable, you’ll barely want to break out your favorite denim duds.

Before we get into the best chinos on the market, here’s a little breakdown of how to make sure you choose the pant that’s best for you, and how you can style them for any occasion.

What to Look for When Shopping for Chinos

Chinos are traditionally made of 100% cotton twill, but with technological advances in fabrication, along with the active guy’s quest for all-day comfort, your favorite brands now make chinos that have a hint of stretch with elastane. Though they’re not technically chinos, tech pants have become a popular chino-like option that can be easily dressed up and dressed down, ideal for polished and comfortable style for all your travels.

When it comes to fit, most men will want to stick to a slim-fit style. It’s the most flattering for all body types, skimming the body with a little extra room around the thigh area and tapered at the ankle. However, pleated, classic fit chinos have become a growing trend over the past few years, usually worn cropped to showcase your sleek sneaker game.

How to Wear Chinos

The beauty of the chino pant is that there’s (almost) no wrong way to wear them. Chinos are equally appealing to pair with a button-down shirt and blazer to feel comfortable during your 9-to-5, or pair your tailored chinos with your go-to hoodie for an elevated game day look. When the weather heats up, show off your cool footwear with no-show socks and cuff the ankle.

Here are the best men’s chinos to wear all-day-every-day this season.

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

Available in 21 color ways, 4 different fits, and even the ability to customize the pocket liner, Bonobos made the one pair of chinos that every guy will want to score with 2% lycra for stretch. Plus, they even have tech chinos in extended sizes for bigger guys.

Lightweight Stretch Chinos

Flint and Tinder


These lightweight chinos will be a welcomed addition to your summer wardrobe with a breathable, lightweight fabric. Wherever your day takes you, you know you’ll look cool and feel cool, too.

Lululemon Commission Slim Pants

Lululemon’s take on the tech chino pant is what guys have always hoped to find in their everyday slacks. Sweat-wicking fabric with four-way stretch and a comfortable ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) design—what’s not to love?

You can tell just by the look of these commuter pants that they’re comfortable, but let us confirm that for you. The Flex-Knit fabric has the 4-way stretch and recovery of a Stretch Armstrong action figure, and there’s a gusset inserted into the seam to keep your below-the-belt boys breathing easy, all delivered in a timeless silhouette that you’ll keep in your outfit rotation for years to come. Best of all, the brand offers these pants in a ton of color options, both staples you can get year-round and limited-time seasonal colorways.

J.Crew 250 Skinny-Fit Stretch Chino Pant

The stretchy chino fabric provides the comfort you need to move with ease, while the skinny silhouette flatters your physique. But muscular guys should be warned: having your chinos cling like leggings is not a great look, so switch fits if you never skip leg day at the gym.

Warning: these are nothing like the Dockers your dad use to wear. The go-to chinos brand made some major upgrades to their quality khaki pants with Smart Flex 360 technology that allows for comfortable 4-way stretch, without losing the pant’s tailored shape. Plus, these slim-fit tapered chinos are wrinkle-resistant, so you can travel for a full day and still look sharp for an afternoon business meeting.

Good Man Brand Tulum Tech Knit Pants

This option from Russell Wilson’s Good Man Brand features a snap closure, as well as an internal drawstring to provide the perfect fit for any guy. Plus, the brand is donating 3% of sales to Why Not You Foundation, which is launching a scholarship with the College Success Foundation to help students achieve their post-secondary educational dreams.

Vintage Canvas 5-Pocket Pant

Buck Mason


Think of these as the chino pant for the rugged man. They have a great vintage canvas stretch fabric, a 5-pocket design like denim jeans, and a flattering slim-fit that makes them a prime choice for guys of all ages.

Dockers Alpha Men’s Chino Pants

Warning: these are nothing like the Dockers your dad use to wear. The go-to chinos brand made some major upgrades to their quality khaki pants with Smart Flex 360 technology that allows for comfortable 4-way stretch, without losing the pant’s tailored shape. Plus, these slim-fit tapered chinos are wrinkle-resistant, so you can travel for a full day and still look sharp for an afternoon business meeting.

The Tie Bar Classic Navy Stretch Chino Pants

The Tie Bar, your one-stop-shop for boardroom boss style, just launched chino pants. These slim-fit stretch chinos have the polished appeal you’ve been looking for, but with major comfort at a price that can’t be beat—it’s a no-brainer.

Gap Vintage Khakis in Skinny Fit with GapFlex

If this brand has fallen off your radar in the past few years, it’s time to get reacquainted with the Gap for their ultra-modern, budget-friendly chinos. Guys on the slender side looking for a more tailored silhouette will be happy to know these super-skinny khakis are the best chinos for them with high-stretch technology. It’s the look you want, but without feeling constrained.

Alex Mill Standard Pleated Chino Pant

The ‘90s are really back, but we’re not talking about grunge—more like JFK Jr. normcore prep vibes. Think collegiate sweatshirts, a worn-in baseball cap, slacks, and minimalist kicks. It’s one part Seinfeld, one part cool dad, and way more comfortable than an ultratailored look.

To wear the look well, you need these pleated Alex Mill chinos. To balance the relaxed fit, wear them cropped and keep it casual above the waist.

Polo Ralph Lauren The Iconic Khaki Chino

Like the growing patchwork trend we’re seeing on tops and jackets, rip and repair pants have a lived-in cool factor that might not be suitable for most work environments, but definitely makes a man stand out in a sea of khakis. The rugged distressing looks intentional (and luxe) when paired with a rich textured knit and high-quality leather footwear.

Pashko Ultrasonic Welded Seams Tech Pants

These are one of the most durable, innovative pants your closet is missing. The 4-way stretch tech fabric repels water, oil, and dirt; and it’s abrasion resistant, making them perfect for active city dwellers and backcountry kings alike.

Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant

Finding a pair of chinos that can match up to the comfort of classic sweats is a seriously challenge, but we found it. It’s all about the waistband—elastic and an internal drawstring lets you adjust the fit for maximum comfort. Add the moisture-wicking, breathable fabric of the pants into the mix and you have a home run for an everyday style flex.

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How to Wear Chinos with Everything in Your Closet

Chinos are the definitive antidote to complaining that jeans are “all” you have to wear.

So, when you want getting dressed to be easy, reach for chinos!

They’re so easy to swap in as a substitute, and they’ll put you leaps and bounds ahead of your boringly bottom’d brethren.

They’re just as “neutral” as denim, and truly super-wearable.

Below, everything you need to know about how to wear chinos:

What are chinos? Are chinos different than khakis?

First, let’s start with some terminology. “Khakis” aren’t pants. Khaki is a color.

When someone says khakis, what they’re really talking about are chinos. A simple casual, cotton pant that exists in the middle ground between jeans and dress pants.

Think of chinos or chino pants (we’ll use them interchangeably here) as the oxford shirt of pants—versatile enough to be dressed up or dressed down, and always in style.

For example?

Khaki chinos are chino pants that come in a tan (khaki) color. Burgundy chinos are chino pants that come in a burgundy color. And so on.

Chinos are dresser than five-pocket twill pants, which look pretty much exactly like jeans except for the material. But! They’re not as dressy as dress pants, which usually have a tab waistband closure and are made of wool, or some other fancier material.

How chino pants should fit

Remember those wide-legged chinos that literally all of us (guys and girls alike) wore growing up? The ones that made us feel like the fourth member of Blink 182 and fit like your favorite pair of JNCO jeans?

Yeah, we’re not wearing those anymore.

Cut and fabric are key to versatility when it comes to chinos. Look for a chino with a medium rise, not too high or too low. Flat front is a must (aka, no pleats!!), and make sure the seat of the pants fit close but not too tight. 

And about your backside? A close-fitting seat is the cure for “dad diaper butt.” Brands have been built to address this scourge on men’s style; don’t be a victim of it yourself. Us ladies want to see your cute butt as much as you like to look at ours, so a shapeless, sloppy backside is a definite Don’t.

Make sure the leg is tailored close to the body, and the length falls somewhere between the top of the shoe and the top of the heel. Stay away from chinos that are too washed and distressed as this makes it harder to dress them up.

Shop the best chinos for guys

Of course, there are so many options out there for chinos for guys that shopping can feel overwhelming.

But don’t despair! Our team narrowed down your options for you. Shop our #SGapproved chino pants picks, below:


Why they’re great: J.Crew is affordable (as affordable as makes sense…you want these things to last through quite a few spin cycles!) and high-quality. The brand also offers several fit options and come in a range of hues, from neutrals like tan and navy to more interesting colors.

Styles to choose: The 484 slim-fit pant is great for guys with a “typical” build, while guys with bigger legs should opt for the 1040 athletic-fit style.


Why they’re great: Relaxing enough for the weekend, but still appropriate for a corporate casual dress code, Bonobos is a great option when you’re able to spend a bit more money.

Styles to choose: The chinos are available in up to five fits: Skinny, Tailored, Slim, Athletic, and Straight fits. They also offer extended sizes, which is great for a big & tall shopper.


Why they’re great: A personal favorite at SG HQ, the folks over at NYC-based Unis make high-quality chinos for a cool-yet-casual guy.

Styles to choose: Choose between the Gio and the Gio Skinny, depending on your build.


Why they’re great: The editors over at GQ put it best when they (also!) included fashion industry favorite A.P.C. in their “best chinos” roundup:

“A.P.C. gets a lot of shine for its denim…but it’s 2019 now, the Golden Age of Pants, and a man can’t live on raw denim alone. As it happens, A.P.C. makes a near-definitive version of that other most essential of men’s bottoms—khaki chinos…Add to that a pretty reasonable price—from a cost-per-wear perspective, anyway—and you’ve got yourself a baseline against which all other khakis can be judged.”

Styles to choose: Go with the classic chinos. They’ve got a straight cut and become slightly fitted at the bottom of the leg.

Interestingly, A.P.C’s chinos are made of cotton gabardine, a water-resistant fabric often found in raincoats.


The best colors for chino pants

Thanks to a very traumatic incident in my teens, I have a personal aversion to light, sand-colored chinos.

In the spring of eighth grade, I borrowed a pair of Gap chinos from my friend Kate. I wanted to wear them to graduation rehearsal at the church connected to our parochial school. Wide-leg with that useless hammer loop that no middle schooler needs, and stone-white, these pants were the coolest.

Sitting in a pew, waiting for my turn to walk up to the altar to fake-receive an invisible diploma from my principal, I suddenly realized I’d gotten my period for the first time.

Not wanting to call attention to the…situation, I yanked my sweater down towards my shoelaces. Then I walked up in front of my entire class, and accepted that invisible piece of paper with a firm handshake and pained smile. Thankfully, a clean pair of jeans sitting in my locker saved the day. Literally.

The whole experience felt (probably?) a lot like getting a boner during a spelling bee—you know it’s not your fault, that your body doesn’t mean to betray you in front of all your pubescent peers…and yet you still want to go home, hug your parents goodbye, change your name, and move out of state, never to return again.

Of course, men almost never ruin a light-colored pair that way!

So, if you’re all aboard the chino train, start with a tried and true khaki color.

Then, move onto other neutrals like olive, navy, charcoal, and even black.

From there? Don’t be afraid to experiment! Warm weather is great for lighter shades from salmon to sea breezy blue, while the colder months offer up the chance to wear darker shades like aubergine and rust.

How to wear chinos in your wardrobe

Like jeans, you can dress chinos up, or dress them down. The beauty of a great pair of chinos is that they go with literally everything.

Get preppy with a white dress shirt, navy blazer, and tie. Go for that simple Scandinavian aesthetic with a pocket tee and fresh sneakers.

You’d be hard pressed to come up with an outfit that a great pair of chinos won’t complement. We’ll share some outfit ideas below to hopefully inspire you!

SG Says:  Joggers are another great alternative to jeans. There are even jogger pants made out of chino material out there! You can read more about this athleisure trend here.

Styling tips for how to wear chinos

  • Avoid pleated khaki pants and opt for a more fitted style to avoid looking dowdy.
  • Don’t know what to wear? Reach for an oxford cloth button down and a cardigan in an eye-catching color or pattern. If you’re wearing chinos with a tie, be sure to tuck your shirt into your pants.
  • Chinos and sporty vests go together like peanut butter and jelly. Don’t be afraid to wear a fun pattern like the one below!
  • If you’re going to wear a belt, be sure it goes with your shoes. They don’t have to be the exact same color, but they should be in the same family (say, a maroon braided belt with brown suede chukka boots).

Outfit Idea: Khaki-colored Chinos

SG Says: Easy, peasy, right? The fun pattern on the fleece keeps the whole look from being too oatmeal-y.

Outfit Idea: Olive Green Chinos

SG Says: You can swap in olive green, or its more military-inspired cousin, army green, to any outfit that usually showcases denim.

The muted tone of olive green chinos makes them the ideal substitution for jeans or even your tan-colored chinos.

Why? Because you can style them as you would any neutral wardrobe staple. Want to pump up this color even more? Swap a swatch of olive green for an equally easy-to-wear camo print.

There’s something so manly yet dapper about olive green…especially when you see this color paired with cozy basics in cooler weather.

Outfit idea: Bright-colored chinos

You can choose a bright-colored pair of chinos anytime. We especially like them for guys during the winter months when so many wear dark colors all the time.

Stick to rich, jewel tones (i.e., save the pastels for summer), and pair your pants with long sleeve henleys and sturdy outerwear. Weave in neutrals like grey, black, and navy to keep things from looking crazy.

  • When going for a bold-colored chino, make your pants the focal point of the outfit by pairing them with neutral pieces or tying the color in small details throughout the look.
  • Worried about looking like you’ve got the jump on spring or summer? Keep your winter hues to jewel and earth tones: turquoise, eggplant, forest green, brown, grey, burgundy..
  • Unless you’re making a point to color block or go all monochrome, it’s easiest to pair a bright color with classic wardrobe staples like solid henleys or sweaters.
  • Add a bit more visual interest to this look by keeping your jacket unbuttoned and henley peeking through.
  • Want to make this look work in the office? Swap the henley for a button down and the sneakers for brogues. Then, add a knit tie and mesh metal watch.

How to wear your chinos cuffed or rolled

There are plenty of ways to show off your own unique sense of personal style when it comes to your outfit. Those little tweaks that set you apart and make you stand out (in a good way!) from your fellow students or workplace peers.


A rolled cuff is one such stylish detail. If you don’t believe me, head to J.Crew, where I found the torso-less legs above. Approximately 99.99% of the models sporting chinos are flashing some serious ankle.


It’s not that you have to cuff or roll your chinos to look cool, but you certainly shouldn’t be afraid to at least try it. As the folks over at The Idle Man put it, “You’ll be surprised how drastically this can change up a look and give it new dimensions.”
1. Fold vertically, then horizontally.

No need to peg your pants, but if you don’t tighten the cuff a bit, you’ll never get the rolls to stay. Take the fabric at the inner ankle between two fingers and fold over itself, about an inch to two inches, depending on how wide the pants are.

2. Roll once or twice, but not more than three times.

We’re going for rolled pants, not capris. This isn’t Europe.

3. Rough it up.

The look should be a little rough, as if you quickly rolled up your pant legs before disembarking the schooner you sailed in to your private island. Casually elegant, you dig? Yes, you have to spend a little time perfecting the “I didn’t spend any time on this” look. But it will get easier.

3. Wear with a casual shoe.

This advice actually stands whether you’re rolling your pants or not. Chinos are not to be worn with an uber-dressy shoe. Personally, we like a nice low-top Chuck for this look, though chukka boots or a boat shoe would look nice, too, depending on the season.

When to roll your chinos

Sure, it’s easier to justify flashing some skin in the warmer months, but don’t be afraid to roll your chinos in the winter as well. Just add a tall sock instead of a no-show one. Just like it’s fun to see a glimpse of a colorful sock when a man crosses his legs in a suit, seeing some of your sock when you roll your chinos is a good look, not a faux pas.

But remember, guys. (1) you’re going for easy breezy, not military precision in your cuff. And (2) don’t cuff them too high: Us ladies want to see ankle, not calf.

How to wear khaki shorts

Chino shorts are a great option for warm weather. Head to this 5 Days, 5 Ways feature for stylish outfit ideas!

Best chinos for different body types

Ultimately, the best chinos for your body type are the ones that you try on and make you feel like a million bucks.

That might mean a little time spent shopping, but we’ve (hopefully!) made things easier with our shopping picks in this article.

How to wear chinos with the right shoes

The image above from Effortless Gent does a great job of showing you the variety of options you have when it comes to shoes to wear with chinos.

With a more dressed-down look, it makes sense to go with a sneaker – personally, I’m a sucker for a really bright, colorful low-top with an upturned cuff (like this) which adds a really modern vibe, but you could also go with something a little more on-the-nose, like a lace-up canvas sneaker or a boat shoe.

If you want to dress up your chinos, a loafer or desert boot will do the trick.

Shop #SGapproved shoes to wear with chinos:

Are you caught up on the latest wardrobe essentials? See how to style your wool dress pants, navy grenadine tie, navy blazer and OCBD shirt. 


Ready to update your wardrobe? Team SG can help!

So, if you’re ready to invest in your personal style but dread the thought of shopping…let Team SG create a personalized shopping plan for you!

If you’re ready for a style upgrade that’ll seriously improve your closet and your confidence, give us a shout.

The Ultimate Guide – Peter Manning NYC

This is an in-depth guide that covers everything you need to know about chinos for short men, including how chinos should fit and how to wear chinos.

Chinos are quite possibly the most versatile and underrated types of pants a guy can own. They walk the line between jeans and dress pants – a true sweet spot.

Like jeans, they can be worn casually, even with a t-shirt and sneakers. But, unlike jeans, pretty much all chinos are easy to dress up. After all, some jeans don’t look right with a blazer and tucked in shirt.

Like dress pants, chinos can be worn with tucked in button up shirts, blazers or sport coats. But, unlike dress pants, they don’t run the risk of looking odd in casual settings.

If you could only own one pair of pants, chinos would be a fantastic choice. They have you covered for a wide variety of settings and seasons.

Of course, if your chinos don’t fit, they’re going to look like your boss’s baggy khaki pants, which isn’t a great look.

It’s crucial that your chinos fit well, which presents a unique challenge for the shorter man. After all, most chinos are just too long (among other problems).

If you’re not sure how your chinos should fit, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. This in-depth guide contains everything you need to know to look like sharp in chinos.

The Summary

We think that most guys look great in straight cut (what we call “classic fit”) or slim/tapered (what we call “slim fit”) chinos.

This depends on personal preference and body type. If you’re a thinner guy, or if you prefer a closer fit, opt for slim fit chinos.

If you’re a bigger gent or want a more traditional silhouette, go with classic fit chinos. Whatever you do, stay away from relaxed fit, spray on or ultra low rise.

These don’t really flatter any body type, especially among men 5’9” and below.

And no matter what type of fit you prefer, make sure your chinos fit well in the waist, hips and rise.

How Chinos Should Fit

Here at Peter Manning NYC, we’re obsessed with clothes that fit well, and chinos are no exception.

Starting from the top, let’s go over each part of your chino pants to see how they should fit.

The Waist

Chinos should be snug enough around your waist that you don’t really need a belt to hold them up. Granted, it’s fine to wear a belt to get that extra ¼ to ½ inch cinch, or just because you like the look, but you shouldn’t have to tighten your belt so much that it causes the fabric to bunch up around the waistband.

If it does this, the pants are probably too big around the waist for your build.
On the other hand, the waistband of your chinos shouldn’t be so tight that it digs into your belly, especially when you sit down.

You shouldn’t need to unbutton your pants after dinner, although we won’t judge you if you do (we’ve all been there).

The Hips

Chino pants should be relatively fitted around your hips, which is basically the widest part of your lower half (where your butt and hips protrude the most).

Most guys wear chinos that are too big, which isn’t the most flattering look. Trust us on this, or ask your wife/partner. They know what we’re talking about!

Your chinos shouldn’t be too loose around your hips. The excess material will make your hips look wider and butt look, well, kind of saggy.

Instead, they should be fitted (not skin tight, just close to your body). If you prefer slimmer fit pants, you might even feel some light compression around your hips from your chinos. This isn’t a bad thing (again, ask your partner).

Of course, this can be taken too far. Your chinos shouldn’t be so tight around your hips that walking or sitting feels difficult. You shouldn’t feel any uncomfortable pulling of the fabric when you walk up stairs or bend over to pick something up.

The Rise

Pants rise is measured from the top of the waistband in the front to the top of the waistband in the back.

Rise determines how high up your chinos should be worn. Low rise chinos sit on your hips, while higher rise chinos sit up around your belly, closer to your navel.

Pants rise also determines where your waistline appears to be. Visually, lower rise pants will shorten your legs and elongate your torso. Higher rise pants have the opposite effect.

Rise is subject to trend. Some years, ultra low rise pants are all the rage. When that trend fades, higher rise pants come into fashion.

Here’s the thing: rather than chasing trends and changing your wardrobe every time some fashion designer changes their mind, we recommend sticking with a “regular” or medium rise.

Mid-rise chinos will never go out of style, and they’re universally flattering, no matter your body type.

The Leg

Just like rise, the way your chinos fit through the leg is subject to personal preference and trends. Depending on when you were born, you probably remember baggy pants being really popular, followed by the ultra skinny fad.

Again, we recommend sticking with a timeless fit. This means chinos that sit pretty close to your body (without being tight).

They should have a gentle taper, following the shape of your leg. Our thighs are bigger than our calves, so our pants should reflect this shape.

Remember, slim fit chinos tend to have more taper than classic fit chinos. If you’re a slender guy, you should definitely go with slim instead of classic.

The Leg Opening

The leg opening is the circumference or diameter of the bottom of your pant leg. It’s usually measured straight across the ankle, with the pants laying on a flat surface.

A more tapered chino will have a smaller (or more narrow) leg opening. A more straight cut (or less tapered) chino will have a wider leg opening.

The leg opening helps determine the shape/silhouette of your legs. Our actual legs are tapered, so it makes sense for pants to have a bit of pant leg taper through the leg too.

The opposite of tapered is boot cut, or taken to an extreme, bell bottoms.

The Length

For a detailed explanation of pants break (which is determined by pants length), check out our in-depth guide to jeans for shorter men.

Here’s the short version (pun intended):

We think all men, especially shorter gents, look great in pants that don’t stack up on top of their shoes.

So, if you’re 5’9”, you might look best in a 29 or 30 inch inseam. If you’re 5’4”, you might look best in a 27” inseam.

The point is, pants that are too long for your legs are never a good look. And when your pants are “breaking” over your shoes – when there’s a lot of excess fabric around your ankles – this only serves to make you look shorter.

For this reason, we recommend wearing chinos that have a slight break or no break at all. Again, if you’re confused about this, please read our section about pants break.

Cuffing Your Chinos

Chinos are great for cuffing. They’re generally made from sturdy cotton, sometimes with a bit of stretch built in, which holds a cuff nicely.

Some guys love the cuffed look, some hate it. We think you should cuff your pants if you want to, and that it can be a casual, laid back look.

We especially like the cuffed look over boots in the fall/winter, or to show some ankle over loafers, sneakers or mocs in the spring/summer.

When cuffing, if you have to roll your pants more than twice, they’re probably too long.

Common Chino Fit Problems for Shorter Men

Shorter men often run into a few problems when trying to find a pair of chinos that fits and flatters their build.

This makes sense because the vast majority of clothing manufacturers aren’t making chinos for short men, specifically. Instead, they’re catering to the average build.

In the United States, the average man is 5’10” and 190 lbs. He usually doesn’t have trouble finding chinos that fit properly. But what if you’re 5’6” and 130 lbs? Or 5’7” and 180 lbs?

If you’ve ever left a department store or mall feeling frustrated that you couldn’t find a pair of chinos that made you look and feel great, we feel your pain.

The most common problem is simple: most chinos are too long for men who are below average height. Even some 5’10” guys need inseams shorter than 30”, which are almost impossible to find off the rack.

Sure, you can cuff your pants to the proper length, but this is only appropriate in casual settings, and some people simply don’t like the cuffed look.

Another common problem has to do with the rise. While low rise is often in vogue, it’s not the most flattering fit for most guys.

Shorter men tend to buy low rise pants and wear them higher by pulling them up a bit. But this can lead to discomfort, and the pants will inevitably fall down to your hips throughout the day.

On the other hand, higher rise pants will often go up past the belly button on shorter builds. This isn’t a great look either!

The thirds big problem shorter men run into with chinos is the leg opening. Oftentimes, the leg opening is so wide that it swallows up your ankles and makes your feet look small. When combined with excess length, oversized leg openings lead to a “kid playing dress up” effect, as if you’re wearing hand-me-downs.

Finally, shorter men will often find that the details are off. Back pockets will be too low, sitting on your hamstrings instead of over your rear.

Front pockets will be too deep, going too far down toward your knees.
These subtle problems of scale and placement are impossible to fix at the tailor, and they can really detract from an otherwise great pair of pants.

So, what is the shorter man to do? We’re glad you asked!

What Makes Peter Manning NYC Chinos Different

First off, we make chinos in a wide variety of sizes and cuts. Need a slim fit chino in tan, size 36×28? We’ve got you covered.

How about some classic fit chinos in navy, size 32×26? Look no further: we make those too.

From 28×26 to 38×30 and everything in between, Peter Manning NYC carries the largest selection of shorter inseam chinos in the world.

But our chinos aren’t just the proper length: they’ve been designed from scratch with real people in mind. So you’re not 6’2” and built like a fitness model? Neither are we, and we were tired of being ignored by the fashion industry.

Our chinos have a shorter rise (which wears like mid-rise on guys under 5’10”) and tastefully scaled leg openings.

Plus, the details are perfect. Everything from the depth of the front pockets to the size and placement of the back pockets was designed with you in mind.

If you’re not 100% happy with your current chinos, it’s time to give PMNYC a shot. Click here to shop Peter Manning NYC Chinos.

D Struct Chinos Cuffed Ankle Stone, $41 | Asos


This laid-back combination of a black raincoat and D Struct Chinos Cuffed Ankle Stone from Asos can take on different nuances according to the way it’s styled. Introduce black and white suede low top sneakers to the mix and you’re all set looking incredible.


This smart casual combination of a blue blazer and D Struct Chinos Cuffed Ankle Stone takes on different moods according to the way it’s styled. To add a little fanciness to this getup, rock a pair of brown suede tassel loafers.


Keep it casual in this functional pairing of a navy crew-neck sweater and beige chinos. Why not take a more laid-back approach with shoes and complement this ensemble with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers?


This combo of a blue denim jacket and D Struct Chinos Cuffed Ankle Stone is impeccably stylish and yet it looks easy enough and apt for anything. To bring a bit of flair to this outfit, complete this ensemble with brown leather tassel loafers.


Opt for a black short sleeve shirt and D Struct Chinos Cuffed Ankle Stone from Asos for a no-nonsense ensemble that’s also pulled together nicely. For a truly modern on and off-duty mix, complete this ensemble with a pair of black leather derby shoes.


Marry a tan harrington jacket with beige chinos if you want to look cool and casual without much effort. You can get a bit experimental in the shoe department and dress down this outfit with black and white canvas low top sneakers.


Pairing a black long sleeve shirt with beige chinos is an amazing choice for a relaxed but dapper outfit. Does this look feel all-too-polished? Let white and black athletic shoes spice things up.


If you prefer classic combinations, then you’ll appreciate this combination of a navy chambray long sleeve shirt and beige chinos. A pair of brown leather desert boots integrates perfectly within a myriad of looks.


A grey crew-neck sweater and beige chinos are must-have menswear must-haves if you’re figuring out an off-duty wardrobe that matches up to the highest style standards. To give your outfit a more relaxed aesthetic, why not add a pair of white canvas low top sneakers to this look?

as they are called, what to wear with

The undisputed trend of this season is ankle-length trousers. This model also has another name – 7/8 trousers, since they are shorter than the standard ones by exactly 1/8 of the length. The main feature of these trousers is that any girl or woman can feel fashionable, stylish and attractive in them.


When choosing cropped trousers, it is important to pay attention to the depth of their fit, it should be exactly along the waist line. When trying on ankle-length tight trousers, pay attention to whether they are too tight on the hips, especially in the groin area. Also, do not forget that ankle-length trousers should end at the thinnest part of the leg, and not at its widest part.

When choosing the material from which the ankle-length trousers are sewn, it must be remembered that the stretch fabric with a high elastane content is quite pleasant to wear on the body, but in reality it is quite inconvenient to wear such trousers, they will protrude all the existing irregularities of the figure, as well as highlight the underwear.

For 7/8 trousers, it is better to choose medium density fabric with a low content of elastane: trousers made of such material keep their shape perfectly, do not wrinkle or stretch at the knees.

Who are they suitable for?

Straight ankle-length trousers with arrows and small cuffs will suit exceptionally slender young ladies.Straight cut 7/8 trousers in dark solid colors will help to create the image of a successful and self-confident business woman.

Breeches, narrow at the bottom, but wide at the hips, with many folds at the waist, are well suited for ladies with wide hips, as their fullness can be successfully disguised in the folds of the trousers.

Ankle-length chinos can also be an indispensable option for trousers for curvy ladies.In order to avoid giving excessive massiveness to the hips, it is worth giving preference to pants with not too deep folds and tucks, but with ordinary darts on the belt.

Short girls and women can be advised to wear ankle-length trousers with light-colored shoes, thus you can achieve the effect of lengthening the legs, but black shoes, on the contrary, can visually make the legs even shorter.


The most common models and styles of this season:

Chinos .This model of loose pants with diagonally cut side pockets and small creases at the waistline is very popular. The legs taper slightly towards the bottom and end at the narrowest point of the lower leg.

Ankle-length chino trousers are a great alternative to the usual jeans.

Breeches – these are pants that are narrow at the bottom, but rather wide at the hips.There are many folds at the waist that smoothly go down. Such trousers usually have pockets inside, and they are usually worn with a narrow strap. This style of tapered trousers suits ladies with wide hips, as their fullness is successfully hidden in the folds.

The famous banana trousers are again on the wave of popularity, as in the 80s of the last century. Usually these trousers are characterized by smoothed frogs that visually lengthen the legs.

Gaucho trousers. This garment is reminiscent of cropped wide leg pants. These pants are distinguished by a wide belt and a cut that is softly flared from the hip line. Can only be recommended for young ladies with long legs and a good sense of style.

Pantaloons . This model of wide trousers, outwardly similar to a midi skirt, can be almost straight or widened, with a length slightly below or slightly above the mid-calf.They look great only on fashion models, the rest can be advised to try on culottes with ankle length or slightly above it.

Boyfriend jeans – a popular model with legs tucked just above the ankle. Classic “boyfriends” are usually without pintucks and folds at the waist. The easily recognizable shape comes out due to a rather low fit at the waist and tapering to the bottom of the legs.

What to wear with?

To make the ankle-length trousers look harmonious, it is advisable to select the top lighter than the trousers.In the case of imperfect proportions of the lower body, unnecessary emphasis will not be placed on it, since the attention of others will move to the face.

White, pale blue or yellow blouses, T-shirts, blouses and turtlenecks will look good with blue trousers.

The set, matched in monochrome colors, will also look great. The presence of arrows on the legs and high heels will also help make your legs visually longer and slimmer.

A formal blouse, jacket, pumps and modest accessories should be worn in an office with straight ankle-length trousers. On vacation, summer 7/8 trousers will look great with elongated light tunics. Classic ankle-length trousers made of denser fabric are also suitable for demi-season weather – in coolness they can be combined with loose pullovers and cardigans, and, if necessary, supplemented with a windbreaker or parka.

Sports models of ankle-length pants can be combined well with sports T-shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts.Cropped chinos go well with hand-knitted sweaters and pullovers, as well as patterned T-shirts.

Fashionable ankle-length tight trousers go well with light ballet flats, moccasins, slippers and loafers, but high-heeled shoes or sandals, nevertheless, will make your figure more slender and fit. Boots, ankle boots and ankle boots should be avoided so that they do not disguise an interesting length.

Culottes and a cropped skirt-trousers will look good with high boots – jackboots. Popular short pipe trousers look good with lace-up boots or flat boots.

Shoes with low soles in a man’s style, for example, Oxfords, should be selected only for the classic style of trousers with arrows.

Spectacular images

Within the framework of this review, it is rather difficult to present all possible ideas and options for combining ankle-length trousers, so you will find even more fashionable, original and fresh ideas on this topic in the photo gallery below.

90,000 Choosing ankle-length pants.Stylist tips and tricks

Cropped trousers, which expose the instep and ankle, invariably attract the attention of fashion designers, delight women and delight men. The reason lies in the fact that such clothes draw attention to the grace of ladies’ legs and give the image of lightness and sophistication. Women’s ankle-length trousers look very impressive on the stars of TV screens and photos of glossy publications. Therefore, it is not surprising that we also immediately want to put on similar clothes.But the insidiousness of trend models lies in the fact that in reality they can not only make legs slimmer, but also present them in the most unfavorable form. Who are cropped trousers for, what to wear and how to choose the right model? Let’s listen to the advice of stylists.

Slim ankle trousers

Models of straight cut pipes, tapering downwards, look best on women with the correct body proportions, not too wide hips and slender legs.Due to the shortened length, this style is also called 7/8. When choosing stylish pants, pay attention to several parameters.

  • Product width. Do not wear overly tight pants – this will deprive your legs of grace and give the model the look of sports leggings. In addition, tight fitting in the thighs and groin area leads to the formation of unsympathetic folds and creases in the fabric. Such clothing makes it difficult to move and spoils the gait.

  • Size. Buy pants only in full accordance with your physical parameters. In undersized clothes, you run the risk of becoming like a sausage in the dough. The large size will make the figure baggy and awkward.

  • Cloth. The material for sewing should be as practical and comfortable as possible. Stretch trousers in fine cotton create a pleasant feel on the body, but only look perfect on fashion models. In real life, such clothes are inconvenient. Covering your leg with sticky material, you run the risk of showing the world your cellulite folds and irregularities on the skin.Underwear is clearly visible under such a fabric, which generally gives the impression of cheap clothes. Medium density fabrics with a small addition of elastane (2-3%) provide a comfortable fit. Such trousers keep their shape well, do not wrinkle or stretch on the knees. Softly following the contours of the figure, the slim models at the ankle look elegant and feminine.

Choose trousers in bright colors for going to a party or for walks in the fresh air.A voluminous thin oversized sweater, an elongated tunic or a spacious cardigan look harmonious with them.

Chino trousers

The popular model is a loose-fitting style with side pockets cut diagonally, soft creases at the waist. The legs taper slightly downward, ending at the narrowest point of the lower leg. As an alternative to traditional jeans, the practical and comfortable chinos are popular.

This is a great option for overweight people.Choose a fabric that holds its shape well. The pleats or pinches at the waist should not be too deep – this makes the silhouette heavier and gives bulk to the hips. Small fan assemblies or regular darts look best.

To make trousers above the ankle look harmonious in any look, it is advisable to select the upper part in light colors. This will move the focus from the unfortunate lower torso to the face. For example, blue, white or lemon blouses are quite suitable for blue trousers.The set, matched in a single color scheme, also looks good. In such clothes, you will look much slimmer and more elegant. Cropped chinos are in perfect harmony with hand-knitted jerseys, T-shirts with prints.

Classic trousers ankle length

The model is suitable for almost any woman, representing an excellent element of a business set. The straight fit gently hugs the silhouette of the thighs and legs, correcting light imperfections. Trousers with an ironed arrow in the front and back look especially good.A clear vertical line visually lengthens the legs and gives the figure more slimness, which is especially important for petite girls.

Neat inner pockets and the complete absence of decorative elements perfectly neutralize excess splendor of the hips and fullness of the legs. It is not at all necessary to choose only strict black trousers. The classic model looks great in blue-blue, gray, green, beige. Complementing the trousers with a thin blouse, a tight-fitting turtleneck, and a short fitted jacket, you will get a wonderful set for the office, business and friendly meetings.Fashionable shoes and a stylish clutch will become the logical completion of a harmonious bow.

Other types of ankle-length trousers

In the world of fashion, there are many other styles of cropped models, from which you can choose suitable options for yourself.

  • Gaucho trousers – a wide belt and a smooth flared cut from the hip. The pants are recommended only for women with long and slender legs.

  • Culottes – wide-leg trousers that look like a midi skirt.

  • Boyfriend jeans – model with legs tucked just above the ankle.

  • Carrot – the model name confirms the external resemblance to an orange root crop. Wide at the top and very tapering at the bottom, trousers are great for women with narrow hips and slender legs.

Helpful hints

To make your ankle-length pants enjoyable and adorn your look, do not forget to follow the rules that will help make your legs longer and slimmer.

  • The high heel lengthens the figure and adds height.

  • The fit of the garment should be strictly along the waist line. A low belt shortens the legs, an overestimated one violates the proportions of the body.

  • The presence of arrows on the legs creates the illusion of slender legs.

  • The length of shorter pieces should only end on the narrow part of the leg. Pants can be ankle-length or slightly higher.

  • The hem of the trousers should be so narrow that the transition from it to the leg has a minimum value. The large difference between the width of the leg and the thickness of the lower leg leads to a visual imbalance in the figure and the illusion of short legs.

  • Lovers of loose and spacious trousers resembling a skirt should stop at a length that tends to midi.

  • If side cuts are provided in the trousers, then their depth should not exceed 30-40 mm.

What shoes to wear ankle-length pants?

Models at high stroke will help to reduce the effect of short legs. In the cold season, tight trousers look great with ankle boots or closed shoes. Make sure that the hem of the legs slightly covers the top of the shoe. If the legs are shorter, then wear beautiful socks or knee-highs made of natural cotton on your feet.

Boots with a high toe that goes under the legs are suitable for loose models of trousers.Beautiful ankles look great in pumps with a deep cut that reveals the instep. Sandals with intertwining straps or a narrow membrane look no less impressive.

Men-style low-running shoes should be worn only under classic models of trousers with arrows. Oxford shoes or boots look especially stylish. Loafers, moccasins or slips are more suitable for tall girls in tight straight trousers.





Chinos – what are they? Female and male models.Length. Who can you wear? What to combine with in summer and winter? Top 5 examples

Trousers with the exotic name “chinos”, originally considered men’s clothing, appeared in the women’s wardrobe in the 20th century. The trousers are made of durable cotton or linen. Due to the softness of the material, they have a loose fit and are considered the most successful summer option.

What are these chino pants?

Cropped trousers, loose at the hips and thighs, made of soft, non-stretching material, and there are chinos.Correctly selected trousers, combined with a top and accessories, look seductive on a slender female figure. The fit of the classic model provides for a high waistline. Nowadays, manufacturers have added pockets, folds, and an overhead smell to trousers. Instead of a zipper, buttons can be seen on some models. Daring fashion designers decorate chinos with cuffs.

What is their length?

The ideal chino length is 5 centimeters to the ankle. Initially, such sewing was used to save fabric, since cotton trousers for a hot period were replaced by denim pants of American soldiers.When chinos settled in women’s wardrobe, the public decided that this length was sexy. Bare female ankles are the height of eroticism of the early 20th century.

Who can, who shouldn’t?

It is believed that this style is universal and suitable for any shape, but it is not. The loose fit is ideal for skinny, tall girls. But, ladies with curvaceous forms should not be upset. If you cannot boast slender long legs, it is recommended to wear chinos with high-heeled shoes.Such a maneuver will visually stretch the figure, and the extra centimeters on the hips will not be so noticeable.

Light loose trousers with sneakers or sandals without heels – this is the image of a young slender girl. In addition, the owner of Kustodian uniforms should pass by chinos with folds and patch pockets that complement the volume. Pants with cuffs are not suitable for ladies of short stature; they visually shorten the height by a few centimeters.

So, if you are a crumpet, trousers do not suit you:

  • with cuffs, large patch pockets and folds;
  • with low or high waist;
  • light pastel shades;
  • in combination with flat shoes.

Chinos of any cut are suitable for a tall, slender beauty. Full ladies need to focus on classic straight models.

As for men’s models, loose trousers are suitable for any type of figure. Men often become owners of a large belly with age, so when choosing chinos for everyday wear, it is important to choose the right top. In this case, T-shirts, T-shirts or oversized shirts will be appropriate.

Which is better – chinos, jeans, dress pants?

On hot summer days chinos trousers are an indispensable piece of clothing for any wardrobe.Unlike jeans, cotton or linen, used as the main material for their sewing, is breathable and allows the body to breathe. If we compare chinos with classic models, then the former will be appropriate with T-shirts, shirts and T-shirts in casual style, while the classic bottom suggests a similar top. In the cold season, cotton pants are also appropriate, but only if you are not going to spend several hours in the cold.

In addition to the time of year and the weather, the place also matters. For example, at a business meeting or a socialite dinner, chinos will look ridiculous, the classic is more suitable.For a rustic party, either jeans or cotton pants are great.

What female models are there?

Modern fashion is moving further and further from the original cut of chinos, which appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Today fashion designers experiment and offer women of fashion a wide variety of models:

  • narrowed to the bottom;
  • with high or low waistline;
  • with patch pockets;
  • with buttons;
  • with cuffs;
  • shortened more than 5 cm above the ankle;
  • wide;
  • with a cord instead of a belt;
  • with colored stitching;
  • jeans.

What colors are in fashion?

Since chinos are a summer type of clothing, the color scheme is mainly made in light colors. White, beige, light blue, gray, sand, mustard, coral shades are in fashion. For the colder season, dark colors are appropriate: black, brown, blue, green. However, young women of fashion, not afraid to experiment with style, wear colored chinos and feel confident and comfortable in them. Trousers in bright, flashy colors or with large prints are increasingly seen on the street on hot summer days.

Women’s wardrobe: what to combine with?

Women’s chinos go well with shirts, blouses, tops and tunics. Whether it’s a delicate chiffon blouse or a T-shirt with thin straps, a fashionable look will be provided. In the summer, thin materials are appropriate: cotton, fine silk, chiffon. In cool weather, chinos look good with a pullover, cardigan, tight shirt, or a fashionable jacket. To make the kit look harmonious as a whole, do not forget about shoes and accessories.

Which footwear suits them?

Chinos go well with both stiletto heels and flat shoes such as ballet flats, sneakers, sandals or moccasins.Shoes must be chosen for the occasion.

If you go for a walk with a dog, it is appropriate to wear chinos with ballet flats, high-heeled shoes are suitable for going out. This type of clothing is considered universal, and no one will be surprised by the image of chinos + boots or ankle boots. Ankle boots look good with loose trousers. But voluminous sneakers or wedges are not the best option.

Loose trousers cannot be combined with boots.

Accessories to choose

Choose your accessories responsibly.One of these is a leather belt, which can be wide or narrow. A classic brown or red belt is suitable for any shades of trousers. A black or white belt is also appropriate.

As for bags, clutches, bulk bags, backpacks are combined with chinos. In summer, fashionistas successfully combine an image with wide-brimmed hats or berets, in winter a warm scarf or snood is a good solution.

What to wear with chinos in winter?

Although chinos are summer trousers, they are also appropriate in the winter season.For sewing such models, a denser cotton is used. With what to combine chinos in cold weather:

  • shortened down jacket;
  • padded jacket;
  • mid-thigh-length coat;
  • leather jacket;
  • short sheepskin coat;
  • fur vest;
  • light coat up to mid-thigh length.

The only thing that the trousers don’t go with are the lengthened clothes. Although, some fashionistas pair chinos with a classic knee-length coat.

Summer looks with chinos – details

  1. A winning combination of nautical style will be white trousers and a light blue blouse or light pullover with blue stripes. Complement the look with open flat sandals and a wide-brimmed white hat.
  2. Pants of light shades (beige, blue, pink, yellow) with a blouse in a small flower are suitable for a romantic style. As shoes for such a set, stylists recommend high-heeled shoes in beige or sand shades.A graceful ankle bracelet and a clutch bag will complement the look.
  3. Casual style – light chinos with a lapel and a T-shirt with wide straps. Loafers, ballet flats or light sneakers are suitable as shoes for such a set.

Top 5 women’s chinos

Introducing the Top 5 fashion chinos:

  • light trousers and an airy top;
  • sky blue chinos and white blouse;
  • denim chino and lightweight pullover;
  • chinos and classic jacket;
  • linen trousers and cropped down jacket.

What are the male models?

Among men’s models, there are casual trousers for work, for special occasions.
  1. Casual chinos feature a low waist and visible topstitching. Among male models, there are not only plain trousers, but also with a print. However, it is better to combine them with a monochromatic top. For trips out of town or for travel, chinos in a dark brown shade are suitable in combination with a T-shirt or light cardigan.
  2. If the office has a dress code, this is not a reason to hide chinos in a closet. Trousers made of a denser fabric in a calm color combined with a classic shirt are quite appropriate at work. A strict leather belt and an elegant watch will complete the look and give it solidity.
  3. Beige, white or dark green chinos with a jacket of a harmonious color are a win-win bow for special occasions. A tie is also appropriate here.

How do they differ from slacks?

Unlike slacks, chinos are made from lighter fabrics, while the former are made from heavier fabrics such as wool or corduroy.Slacks are a clear representative of the casual style, chinos are appropriate for any event, also suitable for country trips and attending a wedding ceremony. Due to the strength of the material, slacks are more durable and suitable for the cold season, while chinos are recognized as a summer type of clothing, however, they can be worn in winter as well.

How to combine men’s chinos?

Men’s fashion has made a leap forward a long time ago and to maintain a fashionable look, chinos can be combined with any type of clothing.Which top is suitable for such trousers:
  • T-shirt or T-shirt;
  • any shirts;
  • light cardigan;
  • knitted or crocheted pullover;
  • classic or casual style jacket;
  • leather jacket;
  • denim jacket;
  • cropped short coat.

How to choose your size?

It is important to remember that chinos should not be tight-fitting . This style is slightly loose and even baggy.Classic trousers should fit snugly at the waist, but not overtighten the hips and calves. Pay attention to the length when trying on. If the chinos cover the ankle, they can be shortened in the atelier or tucked up.

The length of men’s trousers: what should it be?

Men’s fashion is quite conservative, although it should be noted that every year it becomes more vibrant and relaxed. But the questions of choosing the right style are relevant for any trend. Today we will talk about the “correct” length of the trousers.

What is the length

There are four lengths. Each of them has an English name with the word break, which in this context means “hall, fold”. If you put on classic shoes, stand up and straighten, the bottom edge of the trousers forms a fold, along which the length is characterized:

  • Full break – full fold, the edge of the trousers in the back reaches the heel, a fold forms in the front on the instep of the foot.
  • Half break – half-lay, in the back the trousers cover the heel, but do not reach the heel, and a soft hall is formed in front.
  • Quarter break – a quarter fold, in the back it is almost like in the previous version, and in front there is practically no fold, there is only a slight bend.
  • No break – no fold, trousers barely touch the boot, but in front they are straight and straight.

Four pants lengths

Please note: this is ONE fold! Do not create corrugation, this is completely unacceptable! The length of more than one fold can be worn only on joggers or breeches, but these are not trousers, but rather sweatpants.The photo below is an example of how not to wear pants.

How many folds have you counted?

How long should the pants be? It depends on what style they belong to. Let’s consider the most popular options.

Dress pants

Formal non-tapered trousers without cuffs can in principle be worn in all four styles. Conservative English style accepts only full break, freedom-loving Italians, on the contrary, accept only no break.Decide for yourself.

Trousers with cuffs, which are now fashionable, should not form folds. The bottom should be horizontal, then the arrows will be clear and straight, and the image will be elegant.

Cuffs on trousers are in trend today

Casual style

In casual style, trousers are most often worn narrowed and cropped. Such trousers are an opportunity to demonstrate your good taste to others; here you can create bright combinations and unique combinations typical of smart casual or business casual styles.Forget about quarter and half folds – cropped models are in fashion today. It should be noted that slacks and chinos that open the ankle are not suitable for formal formal events.

But in the club you will not be equal

Remember that by choosing cropped trousers, you are getting your “second tie” – socks. Learn their rules for matching with a suit. And do not overdo it by tucking the cuffs, otherwise you risk turning the trousers into shorts.

Summer more tight-fitting trousers are worn in different ways: chinos are often cropped, linen ones – without arrows and with soft free creases at the bottom.Here we advise you to focus on the dress code: if it is close to formal, there are no folds or there are half or a quarter.


We are sure that there are no such men who do not have a pair of jeans in their closet. Most likely, there will be at least five of them. Now there are many ways to wear them, but for classic models, the rule of one fold remains basic. The back of the jeans should not touch the floor. But now fashionable skinny jeans are not usually hemmed. They can be tucked up or gathered at the bottom.

Slim fit can be worn with pleats at the bottom

In conclusion, we want to note that the length of men’s trousers should correspond not only to style, but also to the height, physique of a man, as well as current fashion trends. Read our reviews, choose clothes for any occasion from our catalog, come to the Moscow Men’s Club stores. And be stylish!

Men’s chinos – styling your look

we recommend that you read

It’s hard to imagine a modern stylish man’s wardrobe without chinos.After all, they are typical representatives of casual, thanks to their comfort and practicality. These features allow them to easily fit into any look, the main thing is to know what to wear with and how to choose a similar model.

What are chinos?

Chinos are straight at the top and slightly tapered at the bottom with 3-4 pockets (two in the front, one or two in the back). Initially, for sewing trousers, they used Chinese twill fabric – a light cotton fabric of diagonal weaving. Modern trends allow the use of cotton fabrics with a small addition of synthetics, which allows to increase the practicality, elasticity and durability of chinos.

Men’s chinos can have a variety of leg cut. Most of the models are tapered to the bottom to varying degrees. Among themselves, the trousers differ in fit: classic or low. A characteristic feature of chinos are buttons instead of zippers. However, modern designers allow both options.

In addition to the fit and the method of fastening, chinos are distinguished by the degree of narrowing: standard, wide, etc. “Slim-fit” and “superslim-fit”. In addition, designers present the bottom of the legs in different ways.The classic version is not decorated, but it is made so that, if desired, the trousers can be tucked 5 cm from the ankles. If you don’t have time to tinker with the ruler, then you can purchase chinos with cuffs.

A bit of history

The history of trousers begins in 1848 – British troops in India constantly complained about the impracticality of the white uniform, which quickly got dirty from dust and heat. According to one version, General Lumsden ordered to dye white trousers using natural dyes (coffee, curry, mulberry).The result is a shade that is now called khaki. Chinos gained the greatest popularity after World War II, when former front-line soldiers could not part with their uniforms in everyday life. Time only slightly changed the style and added new colors, leaving the essence unchanged – practicality and convenience.

The chinos trousers got their name from the origin of the fabric. Then it was produced in China (eng. China).

Fabric and color

Men’s models allow only one material option – natural, dense cotton.Sometimes viscose or elastane is added when sewing, but not more than 5%. The color palette is also very limited. Traditionally, it is sand, beige, classic khaki, for the office – navy blue, black, gray and chocolate. In more informal versions, there are light pastel shades of emerald, orange, blue. As for prints, designers have bypassed them, with the exception of a subtle, subtle check.

What to combine chinos with?

Fashion reviewers and stylists recommend a variety of chinos.

  • The simplest look is to complement chinos with a summer plain shirt or a simple T-shirt. You can diversify a boring look with suspenders, a bow tie, or a vest unbuttoned. A fedora hat, an eight-piece or a baseball cap (if sports shoes are chosen) will fit perfectly here.
  • If it’s cool outside, put on a long sleeve top, a pea coat and a wide knitted scarf with a French knot. Chinos look no less impressive when paired with a plaid shirt, cashmere sweater and leather bomber jacket.
  • As part of Smart-Casual, chinos are complemented with a shirt, a strict cashmere sweater or a vest with classic English patterns. A jacket or blazer will put a fashionable point in the image.
  • When choosing shoes to match trousers, look for deserts, topsiders, and thick-soled sneakers. But you shouldn’t give up on oxfords or derbies either. Without them, it is impossible to create an image in the style of street chic or Smart-Casual. Loafers, moccasins, and T-shirts go well with casual. In cold weather, complement your chinos with chelsea boots.

Rules for choosing chinos

While the trousers are versatile, consider the following when shopping for chinos:

  • Height – trousers are ideal for tall men, which is due to the tapered cut, visually shortening the legs. Those who cannot boast of long legs should take a closer look at models with a high waistline and not too narrow legs.
  • Overweight – men with overweight legs are not recommended to buy both cut and “super slim-fit” and overly wide trousers.
  • Stylistic focus – if you choose chinos for everyday wear, take a look at the dark shades: burgundy, dark blue, chocolate. In addition, the maximum approximation to the look of classic trousers refers us to Smart-Casual, but the rest of the styles are more suitable for relaxation.
  • Thickness of the fabric – the denser the fabric, the stronger it will define the silhouette. Therefore, in order to hide flaws and stretch the line of the legs, choose lighter materials.

The combination of cut and lightweight fabric make chinos as comfortable as possible, and spacious beveled pockets add practicality. Such trousers will easily become an accent component of a stylish look and will attract the attention of others.

90,000 How long should men’s trousers be?

Home> How long should men’s trousers have?

Trousers should not only occupy a special place in a man’s wardrobe, but they should fit him perfectly and correspond to current fashion trends.There is nothing more detrimental to the image than outdated unfashionable clothes that do not suit you in terms of body type and size. This is why it is so important to choose every pair of trousers very carefully.

The classic of sewing art dictates the presence of one wide cuff, which is clearly located in the middle of the back and front strip of men’s trousers. The piping at the bottom should reach the heel – this way, the leg will lie correctly and maintain the required shape. Classic men’s trousers should have a length that should always reach the middle of the heel.

However, fashion trends continue to evolve. There are a huge number of well-known brands that manufacture modern suits. Their models are visually shorter and narrower than their predecessors of many years ago. So it turns out that even the exact rules have their own expiration date?

Fashionable, today, skinny trousers tightly fit the figure, and under the seam is done earlier, thanks to this cut, the leg looks visually shorter.The material no longer needs to be draped around the heel, so traditional rules are a thing of the past. This cut implies a complete lack of a cuff, or simply make it narrower.

These trousers from second-hand Moscow look great in summer and spring, allowing you to show fashionable socks or just open skin, as well as shoes. In general, this is a great option for those who like to use original combinations of shades and all kinds of accessories. In addition, you can abandon standard solutions in favor of something more original and individual.Although even cropped men’s trousers must strictly keep the shape conceived by the designers.

Cropped trousers for men

The shortened length of the trousers can make any model of trousers unusual and original: from the classic version to chinos. The main point is to reduce the amount of fabric at the ankle, but leave a nice drapery. It is also possible to shorten the leg by simply wrapping the cuffs, but we will talk about this method further. The length of men’s tight trousers is more flexible than that of wide models.

As a matter of fact, the task that designers and fashion designers want to bring to life by reducing the length is to create trousers with precise, typically masculine lines, which allow showing the shoes. Perhaps due to this, the look of the trousers becomes less formal; although if you choose the other elements of the ensemble correctly, then cropped men’s trousers will look very fresh. On top of that, the ankle length greatly outperforms cropped models that are simply tucked in, if only because it is much better combined with a formal top.Thus, a pair of loafers, short chinos and a stylish tie will be a great option for both friendly meetings and any formal event. In a second-hand store in Moscow, you will always choose for yourself the image or direction that will definitely suit you.

A similar length for men’s second hand trousers works great with tapered or straight models. Wide trousers, on the other hand, will only be severely affected by the short length due to excess fabric in the ankle area. If you are a fan of the Scandinavian style aesthetics, then you should opt for a model with tapered legs.

How to correctly determine the length of men’s trousers? It is necessary to make a start, first of all, from the shoes. Ankle-length cropped trousers work well with a wide variety of shoe styles, although shorter cuts are not to be feared, especially if you plan on wearing boots. Therefore, a pair of trousers made of 5/6 wool will be in harmony with sports shoes or high brogues from second-hand branded clothing.

Men’s trousers rolled up

In another case, there is a casual style with rolled-up trousers cuffs.This is the easiest way to adjust the length. In addition, this allows you to beat the second-hand thing if you like to wear open and high shoes.

Despite the fact that the wrapped cuff is associated with an easy attitude to life and relaxation, it is in perfect harmony with official bows. Although, to a greater extent, it is revealed in combinations for a friendly party at work or summer events.

Today, most brands use contrasting fabrics that make men’s trousers play in a different light.To be honest, the same goal is pursued by the images with colored socks. A contrast solution can transform any image in an instant. The same is true for denim with its light-colored hem and recognizable red stitching. This is a masculine classic style.

The optimal length of men’s trousers should be such that it complements the shoes. When wrapping trousers, always keep in mind the weight, size and style of your own boots. The taller the shoe, the less you need to make the gap between the leather and fabric.A wide gap, as a rule, draws special attention to the ankles, emphasizes their thinness, as a result of which men’s shoes visually appear more voluminous. That is why high-wrapped trousers look great in combination with summer shoes that fit snugly to the foot.

To summarize, the length of the tapered men’s trousers in combination with loafers, sandals and moccasins – to the ankle. In other cases, the length is allowed to rise slightly higher, up to the edge of the boot.

However, there is one more secret.The length of the trousers of a classic suit for men from a second hand clothing store should help that same classic suit fit well. Ideally, it would still be good for her to reflect the character traits of the owner, while presenting bright elements or, on the contrary, not allowing even the slightest lumen.

90,000 what it is, what to wear with, the rules
In the average men’s wardrobe, you can find several options for trousers from classic suit pairs to comfortable joggers.As for the women’s wardrobe, the assortment here is even richer, and pleases the eye of its owner not only with its “specific” variety, but also with all kinds of stylistics. And in such and such a riot, I think, there will be one, and maybe several pairs of actual chinos.

Photo from the site:

Don’t know what chinos are ?! We assure you that you have come across them more than once, and it is even possible that they are present in your wardrobe, you just do not know what chinos are. Chinos, what they are and how to wear them – we will consider everything in detail.

But first … what is chinos?

Chino is a cotton twill fabric. It is strong and durable, which is why it is also used to make denim. Chino pants are chino pants.

These days these trousers come in all shapes and sizes and are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Smooth front (no arrows).
  • Concealed stitching.
  • Slant front pockets.
  • Zip back pockets.
  • Zipper fly.
  • Belt loops.

Like many garments, chinos are of military origin. They were designed for the US military stationed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.

Soldier’s uniforms were made from Chinese twill cotton, and the name “chino” comes from the Spanish “China”.

Thus, the first chinos were made from 100% cotton twill and dyed light brown (khaki).

Today, chinos are still available in sheer cotton twill, as well as in various synthetic combinations that provide performance characteristics such as elasticity, hygroscopicity and body temperature control.

Modern chinos are also available in a wide range of colors, sizes and designs.

Chinos VS. khaki

Khaki trousers and chinos used to be two different trouser styles. Both have Eastern roots and were popularized by the Western military.

The word “khaki” actually describes the light brown color that a British general named Sir Harry Lumsden developed while in India in the late 1840s.

Apparently Lumsden thought that the impeccable, bright white uniforms worn by Indian troops made them too easy a target for enemy snipers. So he decided to give the clothes a color that would blend in with the hot, dusty environment.

To this day, adherents of strict canons in menswear adhere to the distinction between khaki pants and chinos.They argue that khaki pants are simpler and rougher, while chinos are slightly more elegant and sophisticated.

But for a lot of guys these words are almost interchangeable. This is how most people use these terms nowadays:

So it would be wise to say, “I am wearing khaki chinos” or “I am wearing dark blue chinos.”

Chino is the material and khaki is the color. However, not all chinos are khaki.

If a man says he wears khakis or khaki pants, he does not necessarily mean chinos.We can talk about khaki slacks (loose-fitting trousers).

In general, remember: chino is material and khaki is color. Chinos are available in many colors, including khaki.

Chino pants VS. jeans

Which is better: chinos or jeans? Well, it depends on the circumstances. The two styles are often used interchangeably, especially in casual wear.

But chinos have one advantage over jeans:

They are easier to put on.

Of course, you can combine a pair of fitted, dark, fade-free jeans with a dress shirt and jacket. But jeans are for the most part a more casual outfit than chinos.

If men only had one pair of pants, chinos would be their best choice.

Almost any chinos will go with casual, smart casual and business casual, making them more versatile than jeans.

Chino trousers VS. dress pants

What is the difference between chinos and dress pants? Simply put, chinos are more casual.

But first, you should give a clear definition of classic trousers before moving on to the comparison.

When you say “classic trousers”, a product of a strictly straight cut immediately comes to mind. Such trousers can be both part of a suit and an independent unit, combined with various outerwear.

Classic trousers are mainly produced from wool or wool in various combinations.They are softer and thinner than chinos, but they also look more presentable.

Classic trousers, as a rule, are dry-cleaned, and the arrows are ironed on them. They can also have cuffs or folds, depending on personal preference and fashion trends.

Both chinos and classic trousers can be worn in a casual business setting, but unlike chinos, the classic is suitable for formal occasions. For this reason, most pantsuits are made from fine wool (although chino suits are available for spring and summer).

History of the origin of chinos

The history of chino began around the middle of the 19th century, when comfortable, lightweight trousers made of twill fabric took their place in the uniforms of British colonial soldiers in hot and sweltering India. Even then, they owed their style to traditional Indian pants. The soiled and catchy white color was changed to a kind of khaki, having painted the fabric with a mixture of coffee, curry and mulberry juice.

The name chinos trousers owe their name to the origin of matter.At that time, it was produced only in China (in English, China is translated as China).

The end of World War II was the starting point for the victorious march of these trousers around the world. Returning home, the soldiers continued to wear comfortable and non-marking trousers in everyday life.

However, if earlier chinos could only be attributed to the style of soft, not aggressive military, then modern trousers simply cannot be recognized. The result of the versatility of the cut, combined with the imagination of the designers, can be seen today in the form of a wide range of chinos and their high popularity.

How to choose the right chinos?

When choosing chinos, many are guided by personal preferences or fashion trends, so it is difficult to say how often they will be worn (constantly or only one season).

Although these trousers are fitted with a tapered bottom, they still do not look like a second skin.

Now let’s figure out how to choose them correctly:

  • Waist. Pants should fit perfectly at the waist.Then you do not need a supporting belt and you do not have to unbutton the button after a heavy meal.
  • Hips. The fabric on the back should be as close to the hips as possible, but not too tight (so that the seam does not come apart when bending or squatting, if someone has massive hips), and not sagging like a bag.
  • Landing. The fit of the pants cannot be changed. Therefore, when choosing chinos, make sure that it will be comfortable for you to stand, sit, bend over, walk in them.In this case, in the perineum, nothing should squeeze or squeeze. And one more thing: the low rise of the trousers is suitable only for tall men.
  • Outer thigh. The fabric of the trousers should be close to it so as not to create any restrictions on movement. Therefore, you should think about comfort, and not about being slimmer than you are.
  • Caviar. If you cannot put on a sock so that you can pull it on completely without removing your trousers, then they are too tight at the calves.
  • Ankle. Guys with slender ankles will look great in chinos, the fabric of which gathers in a light “accordion”, dropping below the knee, especially if the bottom of the trousers is not wrinkled. But big guys should take a closer look at the trousers that are less tapered in this part (a model of a looser cut is suitable for them).
  • Pants length. It all depends on which pleats on the trousers are preferred. It is better when the folds are small. In this case, men of short stature should completely abandon them.

High or medium waist, trousers sit strictly at the waist. The back fits naturally to the thighs. The side piece fits loosely over the thigh and knee. Light accordion below the knee. A slight crease in the lower part of the trousers (or lack thereof).
Considering the fact that the fabric of most modern chinos has an elastic material, you can choose a piece one size smaller. The main thing is not to forget about convenience.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with different models of chinos.But if you want to feel as comfortable as possible, you should take a closer look at loose-fitting trousers.


The basis of for chinos is cotton. This explains the lightness of the trousers, their high thermo- and steam-regulating properties, hypoallergenicity, pleasant tactile sensations.

Twill gives cotton fabrics diagonal mobility. Moreover, the material is completely inelastic. Tapered models are uncomfortable without the addition of synthetic fibers to cotton or linen.Comfort and freedom are the virtues of chinos, regardless of the model.

For hot weather in , it is better to give preference to natural fabrics with a minimum content of synthetics (up to 10%). On the other hand, 15-30% of synthetic fibers in combination with cotton are better able to retain heat on cold days.

It is worth remembering that synthetics do not drain sweat away from the body well, and can be dangerous for allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive skin. It is better to refuse to buy a model with a high content of synthetic additives at any time of the year.

Are chinos business casual?

Depends on how to perceive the so-called office ease. Everyday business style is a completely new direction in the dress code, which is gaining more and more popularity among office workers every year.

In the traditional sense, chinos are not casual business. In their place, it is easier to imagine something more formal, for example, classic trousers.

But as practice shows, chinos are an ideal option for modern business men.

A familiar situation: an office worker appears at work every day in tight thin trousers, a shirt tucked into them and leather boots (boots in winter, moccasins in summer, bluchers all year round).

In winter, wear a wool sweater and add a casual sports or wool coat.

In general, in 90% of modern offices this is a perfectly acceptable uniform that outperforms the ubiquitous combination of khaki pants / trousers – light blue shirt.

Signs of quality trousers

When making a purchase, it is important to make the right choice in favor of a quality product.To distinguish poor quality, the following criteria will help:

  1. composition and production of the material. Chinos should contain a minimum of synthetic fibers. Popular brands focus on natural materials, adding synthetics only to optimize some properties of the product;
  2. clear contours. The seams of a good product should follow the curves of the body and be even;
  3. clean lines. The wrong side and front side should look neat, no unnecessary threads and outgoing lines;
  4. clasp.Real chinos should have 2 or 3 buttons on the belt;
  5. label. It must be present along with all the necessary labels and the correct brand name.

Top 3 Best Colors

Without a doubt, the three most versatile chinos are:

  1. Khaki (or terracotta).
  2. Blue.
  3. Olive.

Probably olive green would be the best option. It can be paired with lighter or darker colors and goes well with just about anything.

If you want to expand your chinos collection, consider lighter shades of blue, burgundy or deeper browns such as tobacco or chestnut (different brands have different names for these colors).


The classics of the genre men’s chinos are options made in a monochromatic pastel palette: discreet khaki, beige, sand, white, coffee with milk. The advantage here is the high degree of compatibility with different colors in other garments and accessories.This range is most in demand and does not give up its positions for at least 5-7 years.

Proven color combinations are combinations of white and black, white with all shades of brown, khaki and sand, sea wave and coral, graphite with gray.

If you wish, you can experiment with ultra-bright colors , combining orange, yellow or crimson electric trousers with blue cropped jackets, sweaters and sports jackets in rich natural shades, right up to pilot jackets.In this version, fashionable casual-pants look spectacular and piquant, harmoniously balancing several styles in one image (military, sports, casual, hip-hop, rock).

A win-win ensemble for chinos of any color is a contrasting, but color-coordinated top: dark pants – light top, and vice versa.

Bold chinos with abstract prints look bold with solid, soothing colors on the rest of the garment. The exception is accessories – belt, scarf, laces on sneakers, etc.These are bright accents that will emphasize the boldness and audacity of the image.

Which shoes go with chinos?

From sneakers to wingtips boots. With these trousers you can wear almost any shoe model.

  • spring / summer – loafers, driving mocs, boat shoes, sneakers and sneakers, sandals.
  • autumn / winter – boots, chukkas, brogues, bluchers, moccasins with lacing (camp mocs).

Two types of shoes should be avoided when doing this: flip flops (because they don’t look good with any type of pants), and super dressy shoes (like patent leather oxfords or corduroy loafers).


The trousers do not hinder movement due to the peculiarities of the cut. Three types of chinos are relevant:

  1. Straight – trousers of a free straight cut with an average fit, buttons are used as a fastener. Stylish, comfortable, functional.Straight chinos go well for middle-aged and older men, this model looks elegant and restrained, combined with both formal shoes and sandals or sports shoes.
  2. Slim – Tapered trousers. They have a low fit, but there are medium options. The zipper is in harmony with this cut, giving the thing more style and practicality. Skinny chinos look good with casual shoes, classic and sporty jumpers, pullovers. Slim chinos are a good option for visually correcting imperfections and emphasizing the merits of the physique and figure.
  3. Super slim – ultra slim trousers with a zipper. Today, such chinos are presented in numerous options, up to tight-fitting trousers. Upper cut is different, fit and fly are low. Super-slims especially appealed to the younger generation of experimenters.

From left to right: medium waist, straight fit / low waist, tapered / low waist, ultra-narrow

improvisations on the theme

Classic chinos are sewn from 100% natural cotton in beige or khaki.They have a slightly tapered cut of the trousers, roomy beveled pockets in the front and 1-2 cut-in back pockets, the fly of the trousers is fastened with buttons.

But modernity has made its own adjustments. Synthetic fibers are added to the material, the color can be any, there are models with a zipper on the fly.


As you know from the basic rules of women’s fashion, short pants or trousers with turn-ups can visually shorten your legs, as a result of which the figure will not look better.This feature also applies to the male half of humanity, because no one wants to deliberately disfigure their body

Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor the length of the trousers, especially when it comes to such an element of the men’s wardrobe as chinos

In this matter, cropped trousers are divided into two types … The first option is considered when we mentally divide our legs into 4 parts, and the trousers themselves occupy only 3 of them, it is called that – three quarters.

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