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Find the perfect tablecloth for any occasion. Choose the shape & size of your table along with the size of tablecloth you’re looking for to see how it fits!

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25 Hanging Candle Chandeliers You Can Buy or DIY

Everybody knows that before electricity was invented, people hung chandeliers with candles on them for light. You might think that this is an outdated and somewhat dangerous practice when in fact, it is a decor trick that can still be used to bring another element to a room. Candlelight is one of the softest most beautiful forms of light so opting for a hanging candle chandelier will give your space such an inviting feel. Take a look at these 25 hanging candle chandeliers you can buy or DIY and get ready to light things up.

Transform Your Room With a Hanging Candle Chandelier

1. Glass Hurricane Candle Chandelier

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This lovely candle chandelier uses glass hurricanes to keep your flames corralled. Plus you have those lovely crystals to help bounce and reflect your candlelight throughout the room. It definitely hints at lavish parties gone by. (via Walmart)

2. Hang Candles In Mason Jars From A Wagon Wheel

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Are you a big fan of crystal chandeliers but want something that feels different? Hang candles in mason jars from a wagon wheel and then deck it out in all the crystals you desire to create a real showstopper. (via Wedding Chicks)

3. Double Decker Votive Chandelier

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One of the very best things about candle chandeliers is that you can hang them indoors or outdoors. This double decker votive chandelier will look wonderful hanging in your dining room or on your patio. (via Pier 1)

4. Rustic Branch Chandelier With Votive Holders

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Are you looking for that fairy lights effect with real flame? Use a wreath and some twine to hang tiny votive holders at different heights in a circle. With an hour or so to get your levels where you want them, you’ll create a candle chandelier worthy of any fairy tea party. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

5. A Farmhouse Style Chandelier

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It doesn’t get much better than this when you’re opting for the farmhouse look. Rust and curlicues topped with creamy candles will be a sight that any room or outdoor space would be glad to see. (via Etsy)

6. A Scrap Wood and Mason Jar Chandelier

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You don’t need lots of expensive materials to create a candle chandelier. Just use some scrap wood and mason jars to make a very pretty and linear chandelier in no time. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. A Large Pillar Candle Chandelier

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Get that same lovely look for less with this candle chandelier DIY. With a little effort and less money, no one will know that you made your own gathered candle chandelier instead of buying it. Plus, you can use real pillar candles or fake ones. (via Frugal Home Ideas)

8. A Votive Chandelier To Hang Above Your Bathtub

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Here is a votive chandelier whose charm will help it blend into any room in your home. Hang it in your kitchen or above your sofa or even by your bathtub for a relaxing candlelit bath. (via Etsy)

9. A Repurposed Old Electric Chandelier

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Are you despairing for materials that you can make things with? No problem. Take that ugly old electric chandelier out of your attic and turn it into something new and lovely with a bit of spray paint. It’s so lovely, you might want to make one for inside and out! (via In My Own Style)

10. DIY Hanging Candle Chandelier With White Taper Candles

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Is there anything more perfect and beautiful than a glittering white taper candle? In just a few minutes, you can make this lovely chandelier to hoist those tapers high for everyone to enjoy their beauty. (via The Merrythought)

11. Gorgeous Rustic Candle Chandelier

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Most DIYers have some kind of crafting medium stash in a closet or shed. Rustle out your best barn wood and some chain to create this gorgeous rustic candle chandelier. It pairs incredibly well with those string lights on the patio. (via Remodelaholic)

12. An Inviting Candle Chandelier For Your Porch Or Patio

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Some of the very best DIYs happen when you use things you already have like wire and wood and vintage items. Use that thrifted ladder and some jars with wire to create this inviting candle chandelier for your porch or patio. (via Unskinny Boppy)

13. Budget Friendly DIY Outdoor Candle Chandelier

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An outdoor candle chandelier is the ideal way to offer a little more light for your summer barbeque or evening party. When you are having a great time with your family and friends, you don’t want the night to end just because it’s getting a little darker. An outdoor candle chandelier is a great way to add light without having to add electricity or wiring outdoors in your garden. Hey There Home shares how you can take an old electric light and transform it into a colorful outdoor decoration.

14. A Fun Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

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When lighting candles outdoors, one of the top considerations should be finding a safe and sturdy holder to place them inside. This outdoor mason jar chandelier from Shanty 2 Chic costs just $10 to create, so it’s ideal for anyone looking to decorate quickly on a budget before a family event. You’ll find this to be a fun addition to put up in your garden before a summer party this year, and you’ll be impressed by how easy it is to make. Even a complete beginner DIYer will be able to put together this simple chandelier project. As mason jars are a little bit larger than some of the other holders on our list today, you’ll find you can easily add a wide variety of candle sizes to the jar to mix things up.

15. Vintage Shabby White Cast Iron Candle Chandelier

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If you are decorating for a wedding this year, why not consider adding a vintage white cast iron candle chandelier to your decorations? This stunning chandelier from Etsy is perfect for a wedding but would also look great outdoors in any rustic home. It’s made from white cast iron, which is a really sturdy material to hold heavier candles. You could literally place this in any room of your home, but we think it would look lovely on a covered porched. It’s painted white and has the popular distressed style to give you a chic and vintage-finished look. You can use real or battery-operated candles in this chandelier, and we always recommend going for battery-operated ones when you are going to be leaving the chandelier unattended for an extended period of time.

16. 4-Light Candle Style Globe Chandelier

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We understand that not everyone feels comfortable lighting candles in their home, which is why we’ve added this Wayfair candle style globe chandelier to our list today. The circular design of this chandelier gives it a very modern vibe, which makes it an item that you could easily add to almost any room in your home. The lights look exactly like candles, and from a distance, your friends and family members won’t be able to tell the difference between this chandelier and the real thing. This versatile item is ideal for more traditional homes but would also work well in a modern apartment or house.

17. Wrought Iron Fully Assembled Gazebo Style Hanging Candelabra 

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The summer is fast approaching, so why not start thinking about your summer barbeque and party plans. When it comes to hosting guests outdoors, one of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone safe and secure when the sun goes down. This gazebo style chandelier from Amazon is perfect for outdoor use and will allow you to add six candles to add a good amount of light to even the largest patio or outdoor kitchen. We understand not everyone has the time to spare to make their own candle chandelier, and so we think this is the perfect solution to buy online and have delivered straight to your home ready for outdoor gatherings.

18. Wrought Iron Mystic Sphere Candle Chandelier Lighting 

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If you are looking for a really unique chandelier to add to your home this year, check out this mystic sphere candle chandelier from Etsy. It’s 26 inches tall, so as you can imagine, it will be the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor event or party. You’ll find it adds a soft glow to your outdoor space and creates a rustic style for any home. While the chandelier generally comes in this original rusty finish, you can actually opt to brighten it up by adding some color to the design. They have twenty different colors to choose from, or they can complete your piece with a vintage-style brushed paint finish. The great thing about any of these chandeliers today is that they can easily be updated with a splash of paint if you do adjust your decor in the future.

19. DIY Rustic Outdoor Chandelier 

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Let’s take a look at another great DIY project. This time we have a DIY rustic outdoor chandelier courtesy of Crafts Unleashed. You’ll use some unexpected supplies to create this chandelier, but they all come together to create a piece you’ll proudly display in your garden. The basis of this project is a cheap medium-sized tomato cage, which you’ll need to be able to cut easily. From there, you’ll add chicken wire, a twig vine garland, various crystals for decoration, and any candles that can be hung. When it comes to choosing candles for your garden, we always recommend using citronella ones, which help to set the mood when sitting outdoors for the evening.

20. Elegant Black Chandelier 

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Chandeliers today come in a wide variety of styles to fit all homes and tastes. This elegant black chandelier from Amazon would look great in a large dining room hanging above your dining table. It is a stylish yet functional decoration that will add a sophisticated touch to any dinner party. We love the variety of beads that are used in this design, and you can use this as inspiration for your next DIY project if you don’t fancy purchasing a chandelier. Beads add more texture and color to any project and are one of our favorite ways to spruce up any piece of furniture or decoration in a home.

21. Christmas Candle Chandelier 

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Your new chandelier will come in handy at any time of the year, but one month in particular we love using chandeliers is around the holiday season. This Christmas candle chandelier from Home and Garden shows you how to make this pretty design which costs only about $15 to create. You’ll probably already have all of the supplies you need for the project in your home, so it’s a great option for recycling and reusing unwanted materials. You’ll love hanging this up before inviting your friends and family for a holiday gathering, and you’ll appreciate the cozy atmosphere it adds to your home.

22. Vintage Hanging Candle Outdoor Chandelier

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On Etsy, you’ll find another great outdoor hanging candle chandelier. This candle holder can hold a good number of candles, and you can choose to add colorful candles, as shown in this image. Candle chandeliers like these can often be found in vintage stores, and they will look great indoors or outdoors in your home. You can hold multiple candles in one holder, and we love the pretty scroll design on this chandelier, which is commonly seen on traditional decorative pieces. You’ll find this number of candles adds a nice touch of mood lighting to any space you place it in.

23. A Minimalist DIY Candle Chandelier

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Shine Crafts shows us how to make one of the easiest DIY projects on our list today that requires very little skill or effort to create. This minimalist candle chandelier takes items that you probably have floating around your home already and creates a fun light hanging for your home or garden. The video tutorial takes you through the project step-by-step, so you will have a great visual guide of what you need to use. The materials you’ll need include vine or an embroidery hoop, mason jars or yogurt jars, and then woolen thread or waxed polyester cord. Tealight candles will provide the light and create the warm and cozy atmosphere that any good chandelier should offer.

24. Jeweled Ivory Candle Chandelier

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As you can see from our list today, a candle chandelier can be as glamorous or as simple as you like. For anyone looking to makeover a room with a chandelier, this jeweled ivory candle chandelier from Etsy will do just the job. You’ll be surprised to learn it’s a pretty lightweight chandelier, measuring 11 inches in diameter and 15 inches long. There are plenty of sparkling crystals which create a baroque style and make a statement in any room in your home.

25. Huge Candle Rustic Tin Chandelier with Crystals

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If you really feel like splashing out on a candle chandelier for your house, you’ll love this extravagant rustic tin chandelier with crystals from Etsy. It’s a very large chandelier which looks like something straight out of a movie, and it would be perfect for a special occasion or celebration in your home. The polycrystals at the base of the chandelier add a pretty touch, and it’s completely handcrafted. This is certainly one of the most unique options on our list today, but as soon as it arrives, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a completely new room just by adding a single decorative item.

Candle chandeliers are the perfect way to enhance any space in your home. They look great in a dining room to create a centerpiece for your next dinner party but can also be placed outdoors. When you have a barbeque or dinner party outdoors this summer, add a glow to your party by lighting a few candles to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Whether you choose to DIY your candle chandelier or buy one pre-made, you’ll love adding this item to your home in the upcoming months.

Candelabra – Crystal Candelabra – Metal Candelabras


Look back at the splendidness and radiant elegance of ancient times by decorating your interiors and event halls with timeless candelabras. These splendid and spectacular inexpensive candelabras in bulk are an elegant substitute to simple candlesticks. The elegance of this candle holder is complemented by the warm candlelight bringing a classy, yet cozy ambiance wherever you place it for years to come.

Featuring our bejeweled 25″ Tall 5 Arm Gold Crystal Beaded Globe Metal Candelabra Candle Holder Set which is glamorous enough to cast magic upon all the spectators with its surreal radiance and regal design. These candelabras wholesale for weddings have five candle seats perched on top of metal ornaments, finished with a sparkling gold sheen for a glamorous wedding banquet table. Light up the night with the help of these romantic and regal candelabras for wedding centerpieces. You can also place it on your shelf or table and light the candles of your choice to get a spectacular shine!

Bring some eclectic elegance and majestic sophistication to any table or shelf with our choices of silver candelabras for sale and gold candelabras for sale. They are absolutely striking, a perfect touch of feminine style for your fashionable abode. This accent piece gives a bold statement in any ensemble, while its flourishing arm details and hanging glass crystals bring small scripts of definition and character to each piece. Add them in the middle of your dining table to attract attention with their classic, elegant look, or place them on the ledge with flickering pillar candles located in its hurricane glass vessels for a regal, timeless look in the living room.

You can exhibit these affordable candelabras in bulk as an emblem of luminosity and exoticness. These versatile candelabras wholesale for weddings and all other occasions can be used as an ornate decorative accent to embellish your party tables, counters, and even stage decor. They are also most splendid when used as candelabras for sweet 16, romantic night-outs, formal evening events, or to adorn your home with unsurpassed antiquated charisma. Also great as a gift for friends and family.

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New 26″ Crystal Chandelier Metal Candle Holder Centerpiece Best Seller! | Table Centerpiece

This brand new acrylic crystal chandelier metal candle holder is the epitome of elegance. Fully adorned from top to bottom with acrylic crystals, this chandelier candle holder comes with 6 spiked stands to hold pillar candles, votive candles or even chic round candles, as seen in photo. For daytime elegance, place floral poms on each of the spikes.

(To create floral poms, cover soaked styrofoam balls with flower of choice. Place styrofoam ball directly onto spike for an incredible floral spin on this crystal chandelier centerpiece. See photos for idea). You can even place miniature cakes on each of the spiked stands for a truly couture dessert table centerpiece!

Six long acrylic crystal strands hang from top to bottom, and each candle stand is beautifully framed with under-hanging acrylic crystals. This couture piece can serve as the perfect centerpiece to greet your guests as they enter the reception hall, or even as the focal point of any elegant tablescape.

The Crystal Chandelier Metal Candle Holder is easy to assemble. Packed as 3 separate metal pieces – simply screw together. All crystals are already hand hooked and attached to the metal pieces

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Candle Chandeliers – 132 For Sale on 1stDibs

There is a range of candle chandeliers for sale on 1stDibs. The range of distinct candle chandeliers — often made from metal, brass and bronze — can elevate any home. Find 310 antique and vintage candle chandeliers at 1stDibs now, or shop our selection of 6 modern versions for a more contemporary example of this long-cherished furniture. Candle chandeliers have been produced for many years, with earlier versions available from the 18th Century and newer variations made as recently as the 21st Century. Mid-Century Modern, Art Nouveau and Modern candle chandeliers are consistently popular styles. Candle chandeliers have been a part of the life’s work for many furniture makers, but those produced by Candle, Milan, Baccarat and Erik Höglund are consistently popular.

Prices for candle chandeliers start at $230 and top out at $56,417 with the average selling for $2,490.

Chandeliers — simple in form, inspired by candelabras and originally made of wood or iron — first made an appearance in early churches. For those wealthy enough to afford them for their homes in the medieval period, a chandelier’s suspended lights likely exuded imminent danger, as lit candles served as the light source for fixtures of the era. Things have thankfully changed since then, and antique and vintage chandeliers and pendant lights are popular in many interiors today.

While gas lighting during the late 18th century represented an upgrade for chandeliers — and gas lamps would long inspire Danish architect and pioneering modernist lighting designer Poul Henningsen — it would eventually be replaced with the familiar electric lighting of today.

The key difference between a pendant light and a chandelier is that a pendant incorporates only a single bulb into its design. Don’t mistake this for simplicity, however. An Art Deco–styled homage to Sputnik from Murano glass artisans Giovanni Dalla Fina (note: there is more than one lighting fixture that shares its name with the iconic mid-century-era satellite — see Gino Sarfatti’s design too), with handcrafted decorative elements supported by a chrome frame, is just one stunning example of the elaborate engineering that can be incorporated into every component of a chandelier.

Chandeliers have evolved over time, but their classic elegance has remained unchanged. Not only will the right chandelier prove impressive in a given room, but it can also offer a certain sense of practicality. These fixtures can easily illuminate an entire space, while their elevated position prevents them from creating glare or straining one’s eyes. Certain materials, like glass, can complement naturally lit settings without stealing the show. Brass, on the other hand, can introduce an alluring, warm glow. While LEDs have earned a bad reputation for their perceived harsh bluish lights and a loss of brightness over their life span, the right design choices can help harness their lighting potential and create the perfect mood. A careful approach to lighting can transform your room into a peaceful and cozy nook, ideal for napping, reading or working.

For midsize spaces, a wall light or sconce can pull the room together and get the lighting job done. Perforated steel rings underneath five bands of handspun aluminum support a rich diffusion of light within Alvar Aalto’s Beehive pendant light, but if you’re looking to brighten a more modest room, perhaps a minimalist solution is what you’re after. The mid-century modern furniture designer Charlotte Perriand devised her CP-1 wall lamps in the 1960s, in which a repositioning of sheet-metal plates can redirect light as needed.

The versatility and variability of these lighting staples mean that, when it comes to finding something like the perfect chandelier, you’ll never be left hanging. From the whimsical — like the work of Beau & Bien’s Sylvie Maréchal, frequently inspired by her dreams — to the classic beauty of Paul Ferrante’s fixtures, there is a style for every room. With designs for pendant lights and chandeliers across eras, colors and materials, you’ll never run out of options to explore on 1stDibs.

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Lamp Lampshade Fabric Art for European Crystal Chandelier Candlestick

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9 trendy interior items that turned out to be extremely impractical

Trying to arrange a cozy nest, we are guided by fashion, willy-nilly.But in trying to do everything with style and taste, we often fall into the trap and fill the house with seemingly beautiful, but not always appropriate things. Or, even more offensive, completely non-functional and impractical.

We at 5 Fun Facts decided to study what pieces of furniture and decor that seem attractive bring a lot of trouble and frustration over time.

Plump sofa

Currently, the variety of sofas is impressive, so many are drawn to choose something new, unconventional.However, designers, oddly enough, advise avoiding complex structures and giving preference to classic lines. The thing is that the wide pretentious armrests and the soft, like a cloud, the seat of the sofa quickly fail: the fabric on them stretches, sags, folds and scuffs form. While upholstered furniture of simple shapes ages more gracefully and retains a pleasant look longer.

Industrial luminaire

Matt, black and chrome products have been at their peak in recent years.This also affected lighting: loft-style lamps filled not only bars and restaurants, but also home spaces. However, now they have added to the list of anti-trends, giving way to eco-style, simple and concise forms. In addition, complex industrial lighting fixtures collect dust no less than crystal chandeliers, which is also a serious reason to think about it. Practical and discreet lighting fixtures, such as classic spotlights, are back in fashion.


In the 1990s and 2000s, ferns settled in most houses and became almost an obligatory attribute of a stylish interior.But in the current realities they look far from being so appropriate and rather make the room look like a greenhouse than fill it with coziness. In addition, it became clear that this plant is not so unpretentious. It requires special placement (no drafts and direct sunlight) and regular maintenance (such as daily spraying).

Boho style hanging chair

Hanging chairs have also become quite popular, because it is so difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of having a home swing for relaxation.But they are still more intended for outdoor use, like a regular swing. In addition, a particular boho-style armchair is demanding on the external environment, that is, the entire room must be decorated in this manner in order for it to fit into it. In the interior, organized in a different style, such a chair will look at least like a foreign object.

Bar stool

Organizing a small bar corner in an apartment is a rather seductive and quite stylish idea.And within the framework of a not too spacious room, of course, I would like to give preference to bar stools without a back, which will take up less space. But here the designers warn: the lack of back support is an extremely unfortunate decision. In addition, it is better if they have a classic swivel mechanism, otherwise getting on and off them will become quite annoying.


The popularity of bohemian style breathed new life into macrame and gave this handicraft another chance.After all, items woven from knots really fit perfectly into this style. But the problem is that they are also quite demanding on the environment and it is easy to overdo it with them. In a room stylistically verified by designers, pots, pillows or simply decorative elements of macrame will really look perfect. But in a room decorated in a different manner, they will seem at least inappropriate, and at most old-fashioned.

Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is quite suitable for hotels, restaurants or patios, for example in the country.But in an apartment such interior elements are extremely difficult to combine with the rest of the furnishings, and it is not easy to take care of them. One and the same wicker chair may well serve for a long time on the street, if it is used infrequently, and collapse in the near future in the house due to active load. Therefore, if you want to add style and brightness, it is still better to do it with the help of an accent sofa.

White sofa

A white sofa cannot but fascinate, because it looks sophisticated and just by its presence gives the room an elegance.Only in most cases is this an extremely impractical thing. Any stains, cracks, darkening in those places that are most often exposed are clearly visible on the white coating. It is difficult to turn a blind eye to this, constantly ordering cleaning or hauling services is expensive. Therefore, if the sofa in your case is planned to be used for its intended purpose, and not as a decorative element, it is better to take a closer look at the options with darker upholstery.

Decorative jars

In the 1990s, the practice of using jars for completely different purposes arose: they began to play the role of candlesticks, decorative vases, flower pots, piggy banks – the list is endless.Now this trend is gradually fading away due to its impracticality and the difficulty of bringing all this diversity to a single style. Plants received back their pots, flowers – vases, and candles – candlesticks. Therefore, jars can finally fulfill their direct function: serve to store cereals, canned foods, and so on.

What interior items do you personally pay attention to when you come to visit? Which ones do you think are too irrelevant or outdated?

The face of your house: features of the hallway decoration, walls, floor, light and photo examples

Features of the hallway decoration

When thinking over the decor of the hallway, you must keep in mind that:

  • The main thing in this room is functionality.We decorate the hallway, not forgetting about its practical purpose.
  • The hallway sets the tone for the entire apartment.
  • A small hallway space should be used as efficiently as possible.

The peculiarities of this room are the lack of natural light due to the lack of windows, often small dimensions, a large number of doors and things that can compress an already small space. All these problems can be solved with a competent setting and skillful decor.Tasks are outlined, go ahead!

Floor in the hallway

And let’s start with the floor: it takes on all the dirt and moisture that rushes from the street. But now we will not talk about the practicality of the floor – it is clear that it should be durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean, we will talk about the decorative component – the floor in the hallway has the right and should be beautiful.

You can put tiles, just choose the non-slip option. In a small hallway, tiles laid diagonally will make them visually larger.This is a good, but not the only option for hallway flooring. Laminate looks no worse, it can imitate different textures. Just choose a waterproof grade. Of course, artificial or natural stone is also cool, but very expensive, so we will not consider these options here. The color of the floor should match the overall mood of the apartment and match the walls.

Hallway walls

Walls are always in the spotlight.This is the first thing we see when entering the house. We choose the finishing materials for the walls in accordance with the chosen interior style, and, of course, taking into account the peculiarities of the layout. For small rooms, we choose a light range. What to choose for wall decoration in the hallway? Wallpaper is the cheapest and most versatile option. Can be plain, can be printed. A vertical strip, for example, will visually enlarge a small hallway.

It can also be a photo wallpaper with a perspective pattern.

Decorative plaster looks great, brickwork – for the Scandinavian style and loft, wood panels – for classics, country or Provence. Creative wall painting can also add exclusivity to your hallway.

Bright colors will look good in a modern style.

Glossy stretch ceiling in the hallway will add volume and look very stylish.

Furnishing the entrance hall

Finishing materials are just the first step towards creating a harmonious interior.The second step is choosing the right furniture. We remember that according to the conditions of the problem we have a small dark room. These are the ones you have to deal with most often. Convenience and functionality are now in the first place. It is the furniture that is responsible for ensuring that there is no chaos in the hallway. Therefore, we make a list of what must be there necessarily, for any volume:

  • Clothes hanger.
  • Bench or ottoman.

This is if there is no room at all.

Ideally, if the volume permits, the situation can be expanded with a wardrobe and a shoe rack.This is a necessary and sufficient minimum that will keep your hallway tidy. We select furniture so that it is in harmony with the walls.

We decorate the hallway with lamps

When the repair of the hallway is finished, and the furniture is delivered and arranged, the decor will help to give individuality to your hallway. From this place, as they say, further – in more detail. In the hallway, by definition, there should be a lot of lamps. It is they who can give originality to the entire setting.We select lamps in accordance with the style:

  • Classic – a beautiful chandelier, supported by a sconce with gilding, will flood the hallway with soft light. Only the chandelier should not be too large, in a small room it will look bulky.
  • Loft – lamps resembling street lamps will fit the brick walls of the hallway. Don’t be limited to just one ceiling light. Let them be several in a row, just like on the street.Accent lighting in the same design.
  • Hi-tech – only latest generation LED lamps, simple geometric shapes. And, of course, spots along the perimeter. Black and white is very suitable for this style.
  • Provence – lamps in this style are graceful and airy. Soft pastel shades and the same soft light, a touch of sophistication on everything. LED bulbs would be out of place here. The favorite decor of Provence is plant motifs.
  • Art Deco – this incredible eclectic style aimed at luxury is gaining more and more fans. Everything in it should amaze the imagination, and so should the lamps. Let it be an elegant, graceful chandelier, for example, forged, with gold and silver decoration, decorated with crystal pendants. Sconces, table lamps – in the same style. Keep in mind that Art Deco is not for small spaces.

Lighting fixtures in the hallway perform not only a practical, but also a decorative function.

Decorating a mirror in the hallway

Another very functional item in the hallway that can add exclusivity to the interior is a mirror. It is necessary in every hallway. And it may well become an independent art object. In addition to the fact that we will definitely look into it when leaving the house, its correct location can correct the geometry of the room.

The mirror in the hallway can be built-in, wall-mounted and floor-mounted.There are a lot of decor options for this necessary item. For example:

  • Framed – you can give the mirror an original look by simply placing it in the frame. The frame can be wooden – wood always has a unique texture and gives the room a special energy. The wooden frame can be simple – for a loft style or minimalism, or carved if your choice is classic or provence.

Leather, while leatherette is also suitable. Very elegant and original design of the frame.In this case, the leather can be smooth, embossed, laminated. Forged – and such will give the interior chic and luxury. A wrought-iron mirror will let the charm of antiquity into the house.

  • With bevelling – a mirror with beveled edges will give the hallway an extravagant and stylish look. Take this into account if you are decorating an apartment in the Art Deco style.
  • Mirror panel. This option has a ton of creativity. With this solution, you will fill the hallway space with incredible visual illusions.
  • Combined with furniture. Combine a mirror, for example, with a table on which you can place original lamps or figurines, and store any important trifles in drawers. In the same way, it can be combined with a shelf, with a curbstone, you get a very functional decor.
  • By applying drawings to the surface – either sandblasting – very original and durable images are obtained, or by photo printing.

You can make the mirror a key part of the hallway interior using all kinds of decor techniques – decoupage, decorate the mirror with stucco, mosaic or decorative stone.Don’t forget to highlight the mirror with a light accent. Illumination of the mirror in the hallway is absolutely essential.

Textiles for decorating the hallway

For a long time, people have used textiles to decorate rooms. And we have no reason to abandon this tradition. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about textiles in the hallway is the rugs. To all of us, the well-known carpet runners will not only take on all the dirt, but also make the hallway warmer and more comfortable.

Of course, laying carpets with fluffy pile at the very entrance is not worth it – here you need lint-free fabrics that are easy to wash. A deep pile carpet can be placed a little further from the entrance where you have removed your outdoor shoes.

Your bedside tables, ottomans and banquettes can also be decorated. Put beautiful capes on them, throw decorative pillows – the hallway will immediately have a charm. A warm and friendly attitude will welcome you right from the door.

You have nowhere to squeeze a wardrobe, but you do not want your outerwear to be in plain sight – why not block it with a curtain?

Decorating the hallway with paintings, posters, photographs

Paintings, photographs, posters are the traditional way of decorating an interior.Be greeted by friendly photos of your loved ones, or the brightest moments captured on film.

Place them in frames throughout the corridor – this method remains popular for a reason – it works. In the same way, you can hang just beautiful landscapes, city views, works of famous photographers. If the size of the hallway and the chosen style allow, hang a painting. Prints and posters are also a good way to decorate a hallway. All this can support the overall style of the apartment.

Let’s say graphics are for minimalism and hi-tech, modular paintings are for Art Nouveau, posters with plant motifs are for Provence. Focus on your taste and remember an important rule: the brighter and more expressive the image on the canvas, the more modest the frame should be.

Decorating the hallway with living plants

Plants will help to revitalize the hallway and make it hospitable – this is also a well-known technique. Is there little light in the hallway? So, choose shade-loving plants, succulents.Just let the flower pots be interesting and original too. Ordinary plastic will not work – they will reduce the cost of the interior.

Take an empty corner with a large palm tree in a tub – you will see how your hallway immediately comes to life. Place the plants on the nightstand, hang them on the walls. Ikebana will be very useful here. Even if you are decorating the hallway in the style of minimalism or high-tech, fresh flowers will not interfere, just choose the appropriate design for them.

A large bouquet in a bucket will add charm to the Provence style, ceramic pots will be appropriate in the classic style.

Decorative details for the hallway

What other decorative details will make your hallway original and welcoming? It can even be regular coat hooks. Let them be bright, in the form of animal horns, in the form of snags and plants. You can put a stylized tree in the hallway instead of a hanger. Hooks can be multi-colored, of the most bizarre and unexpected shape, you can make them with your own hands, as your fantasy tells you – go for it! And don’t be afraid of daring experiments.

Vases as a decorative element have also been known for a very long time. Large decorative floor vases add sophistication to the interior. It is not necessary to put flowers in them, they, in general, are not intended for this. A complex shape, unusual colors, lush decor – such a vase is itself a work of art. A bouquet like this is clearly superfluous. For flowers, it is better to choose a more modest vase.

What reminds us the most of home comfort and romantic evenings? Candles! Here’s another idea for decorating a hallway.Put candles in candlesticks on the console in the hallway, let them envelop you with home comfort and romance right from the doorway. Scented candles will enhance this impression.

A large selection of various candlesticks allows you to match them to any style. It can be a luxurious chandelier for a classic interior or a simple laconic candlestick for minimalism. Glass or metal loft-style.

Figurines are also always appropriate, for any style. The main thing is to choose the right design.Abstract figures, for example, will fit into a modern interior. In ethnic styles – images of animals and birds, the classic interior will be decorated with busts and sculptures. Place figurines on shelves, on a curbstone, near a mirror. The main thing here, as well as in everything, is to observe the measure.

And here’s another functional idea for you – storage baskets. Instead of boxes or containers, use baskets, which can be made of fabric, bamboo, or rattan. They look very stylish, and you can store everything in them – from bags and shoes to small items such as keys, sunglasses and so on.Baskets of different sizes. Put the large ones on the floor, the small ones on the table. They look much more comfortable than plastic containers.

How and what to clean a crystal chandelier so that it shines like new

The ceiling source made of this material gives the interior elegance and respectability, enchants with the iridescence of lights on the numerous crystal facets. But during operation, the structure is gradually covered with dust, dirt, and loses its original beauty.A fair question arises of how to clean a crystal chandelier and restore its beauty. Each owner wants not only to choose the right means, but also to save energy and money for this procedure.

The online store “100 lamps” treats its customers with respect. Therefore, we will not only help you choose these luxury lighting fixtures, but also show you how to clean your crystal chandelier to maintain its quality for years to come.

How to clean a high quality crystal chandelier?

Housewives who decide to decorate the interior of the house with an expensive, chic lamp made of high-quality material, you need to know in advance how to clean a crystal chandelier of the elite category.Such products look amazing. But the requirements for crystal are quite high. It is important to observe them so that the design will delight you with its unique beauty for many years.

You shouldn’t look for funds, choose how to wash a crystal chandelier, if its elements, pendants are made of high quality material. Only dry cleaning is suitable for these luminaires, washing of crystal chandeliers for the Swarovski type category is not suitable.

Do not wait for the accumulation of dust, it is better to periodically remove it with a soft brush, napkin. Rapid contamination of the elements can be prevented by cleaning with the special Daster tool. This is a brush with anti-static bristles.

New cotton gloves must be worn before cleaning the crystal chandelier. This will help prevent fingerprints on the elements.

How to wash a crystal chandelier without removing the elements?

Most luminaires made from this material can easily survive wet cleaning.Therefore, the desire to understand how to wash a crystal chandelier without harming it arises in many owners. The use of correctly selected products allows you to remove even complex dirt, restore shine and beauty.

Not only the choice of compositions worries practical housewives. Explainable is the desire to learn how to wash a crystal chandelier, without spending time and effort on removing the elements, the structure itself. These luminaires are heavy and include many parts. You can wash crystal chandeliers without calling an electrician, painful dismantling of elements.

To do this you need:

  • Prepare detergent solution, soft, lint-free wipes, surgical rubber gloves;
  • under the chandelier, install a plastic container with water to preserve elements that may fall;
  • gently wash every part with a damp cloth;
  • Wipe crystal elements with a dry cloth until they shine.

If the dust is light, you don’t have to look for a complicated way to clean your crystal chandelier.You can take a spray bottle with a special spray, put a container or an open umbrella under the lamp, and thoroughly rinse all the elements.

How to clean a crystal chandelier with removal of parts?

It is unlikely that it will be possible to clean a crystal chandelier, which includes a large number of elements, without removing them. It will take a lot of time and will not allow you to achieve perfect results. It is necessary to study the specifics of the method of how to clean a crystal chandelier correctly, eliminating problems and damage.

Before doing important work, find out how to wash a crystal chandelier so that it shines and looks like when you buy it. Prepare the necessary equipment: soft wipes, rubber gloves. Those wishing to know how to clean a crystal chandelier should follow certain steps:

  • Place a soft bedspread or blanket under the chandelier to avoid accidental damage to the elements;
  • carefully dismantle all crystal parts;
  • wash them thoroughly with a napkin or old toothbrush;
  • Rinse them in a sink under running water;
  • wipe with a dry cloth until shiny;
  • to assemble the chandelier.

There are two expert recommendations.
Take a picture of your crystal chandelier before cleaning it. This will help you mount the parts correctly. When rinsing items in the sink, place soft textiles on the bottom or use a plastic colander.

How to wash a crystal chandelier to make it shine?

It is important not only to choose a method, but also to understand how to wash a crystal chandelier so that it shines and is perfectly clean.The shops have special crystal cleaners. These preparations contain all the necessary components to restore purity and attractiveness.

If there is no such remedy, you need to find how to wash the crystal chandelier so that it shines, you can dissolve in water:

  • ammonia;
  • Salt and Acetic Acid;
  • baking soda and soap;
  • dishwashing detergent.

All these tools can help those who do not know how to wash a crystal chandelier, to restore its lost beauty.

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