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Original Crown Mill Stationery

Since 1870, the Pelletier Company, has replicated a line of cards, sheets, and lined envelopes commissioned by Belgian royalty. More recently they have also created innovative, contemporary lines. Each product is made with the same quality, elegance, and attention to detail that has made Original Crown Mill stationery the staple of every fine social paper department in Europe.

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Quick ViewPure Cotton Note Card Presentation Box – OCM40638

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Item #: OCM40638 –

Pure Cotton stationery is made from simple, natural white cotton in a soft wove finish. The 50, 4″ x 6″ flat cards come packed in a beautiful box with 50 matching lined envelopes. A wonderful gift. The cards could be printed with a name or monogram for a special gift. Recently reviewed enthusiastically by the Fountain Pen Network! Made in Belgium. Imported by OrangeArt.

Quick ViewColor Vellum Memo Blocks – OCM008

Availability: In Stock

Item #: OCM008 –

These note-cubes are made from 120g, “Color Vellum” papers. The cubes are gummed on one side for efficient storage and are designed to allow removal of one sheet without breaking the “block”. The cubes coordinate with all of the many Color Vellum products. In two sizes: 2″x2″ (312p) and 3.1″x3.1″(480p). Made in Belgium. Imported by OrangeArt.

Quick View100% Recycled Stationery – OCM80

Availability: In Stock

Item #: OCM80 –

These rich brown, 100% recycled A4 and A5 sheets and coordinating envelopes in 15 packs as well as 10 packs of folded, 4×6″ cards or place cards invite creative designers to write and print boldly. Banded without wrap. Imported from Belgium by OrangeArt.

Quick ViewColor Vellum Keyboard Note Pad – OCMKeyboard

Availability: In Stock

Item #: OCMKeyboard –

A horizontal, 16.5″ x 3.5″ top-gummed note pad with 40,120g sheets of beautiful, Original Crown Mill Color Vellum paper. The pad is gummed at the top and the edges of the pad have been “rounded” to prevent curling.

Quick ViewEngraved Note Card 8/8 Pochettes – FIRSTE55

Availability: In Stock

Item #: FIRSTE55 –

8, flat, 4″ x 6″ cream vellum Original Crown Mill cards are engraved on the top with original, hand-engraved, embossed designs, printed in full color.

The note cards are packaged in a paper “pochette” with 8 coordinating, tissue-lined envelopes. Made in Belgium, imported by OrangeArt.

Quick View”Bi-Color” Small Card 5/5 Packages – OCMBiSmall5

Availability: In Stock

Item #: OCMBiSmall5 –

The simple cello package contains 5, Original Crown Mill “classic” laid surface, bordered, 2.5″x3.75″ , flat cards and envelope (unlined) sets. A unique business card design, gift or place card. Suitable for writing or printing, including digital printing.

Quick ViewGold Icon Engraved Blank Cards – FIRSTE56G

Availability: In Stock

Item #: FIRSTE56G –

A natural white cotton flat card engraved and embossed with gold icons in multiple themes. Paired with a metallic gold tissue-lined envelope in a cello pack. Suitable for hand-writing or printing. Made in Belgium.

Quick View”Bi-Color” Note Card 5/5 Packages – OCMBiN

Availability: In Stock

Item #: OCMBiN –

Each package contains 5, Original Crown Mill “laid” surface, bordered, 4 x 6″ , flat cards and tissue-lined envelope sets. A unique business card design, gift or place card. Suitable for writing or printing, including inkjet printing. Also available in 25/25 boxed set. Made in Belgium.

Quick ViewBordered Color Place Card Pochettes (25) – FIRSTE-CVPCPOCH

Availability: In Stock


25, 1.75″ x 4″ bright, Color Vellum place cards with a triple bevel and bright white printed border. They are stored in a matching paper “pochette”. The place cards coordinate with all of the Color Vellum Stationery in bamboo, bougainvillea, mango, orange and arctic blue. Made in Belgium.

Quick View”Bi-Color” Small Card Box – OCM-BIBUSCD

Availability: In Stock


The 25, crisp, “laid” finish 2.5″ x 3.75″ flat cards have a handsome contrasting border in a large selection of colors. They are boxed in a silver foil-stamped box with matching, unlined envelopes. An extraordinary business or calling card! Suitable for all printers, including ink jet. Combine with a note card and letter set for an impressive gift. Made in Belgium and imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Quick ViewColor Vellum Place Card 10 Package – OCM382

Availability: In Stock

Item #: OCM382 –

10, flat, scored, beveled place cards are available in twenty colors.

 The place cards match all the other complementary Color Vellum products. Made in Belgium by Original Crown Mill. Imported by OrangeArt.

Original Crown Mill

Since 1870
The history of Crown Mill has its roots in the modernist spirit of the Renaissance. It all started in 1478 when Emperor Maximilian permitted the monks of La Hulpe Monastery in Belgium to build a mill on the banks of a tiny river known as the Argentine. Two centuries later, on the orders of King Charles II, this water mill became the Royal Mill for the production of writing paper. 1870 saw the arrival on the scene of our founder, Frédéric Pelletier. He opened a factory for writing paper and envelopes in Brussels, ordering from the Royal Mill a laid paper which was an authentic copy of the original handmade paper. And so “Original Crown Mill” was born.

But Frédéric Pelletier did not stop there. He was one of the first to create silk-lined envelopes that were packaged in intricately decorated luxury boxes imprinted with our decorative company label, created in true nineteenth-century style. His successors earned the privilege of supplying the Belgian Royal Family and some of the most illustrious families in Europe.

This tradition continues today, and Pelletier is proud to carry on the craftsmanship and quality that have made Original Crown Mill: The most distinguished writing paper in the world.

The three paper qualities:

Laid: The gold standard in the world of traditional paper. Lightly striated, this timeless paper is ideal for all traditional correspondence such as personalized stationery, social invitations, etc.

Smooth: This paper has a smooth natural matte surface, uniform color and durable weight. Contemporary in style, it assures a flawless finish on all your communication.  

Cotton: Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton paper has a natural, soft, felt finish that will bring an air of uncommon excellence to all your correspondence.

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The Original Crown Mill “Classics” line is a range of writing papers, envelopes and c..

Ex Tax: £5.42

The Original Crown Mill “Classics” line is a range of writing papers, envelopes and c..

Ex Tax: £7.50

The Original Crown Mill “Classics” line is a range of writing papers, envelopes and c..

Ex Tax: £7.71

The Original Crown Mill “Classics” line is a range of writing papers, envelopes and c..

Ex Tax: £5.21

Clairefontaine Triomphe vs. Original Crown Mill Stationery Write Off @BureauDirect

Mishka at Bureau Direct asked if I’d be interested in doing a little paper comparison between Clairefontaine Triomphe and Original Crown Mill – both fountain pen friendly, but both very different in style. This isn’t a formal review, just a little write off!

Writing a letter can be intimidating, because you don’t know where to start, what to say, and you may feel like your handwriting isn’t good enough. Poppycock! You can’t mess up a letter. The great thing about snail mail is even before your recipient opens and reads your letter, they’ll be elated that you even thought of them, and spent the time to send them a note. I know this because this is how I feel when I receive a letter. It doesn’t matter if there’s a few lines, or if it’s ten pages. I feel great.

So you’ve decided to write a letter. What can be done? A fancy letter? A fun letter? As InCoWriMo is upon us, why not do a comparison of two different styles of letters you can send with two different kinds of fountain pen friendly stationery?


Clairefontaine Triomphe A5 Writing Pad – 50 sheets – £1.95

Triomphe is the correspondence range from Clairefontaine and uses their exceptional quality paper, PH neutral and acid free.
Clairefontaine Matching C6 Envelopes – 25 envelopes – £3.95
Original Crown Mill A5 Writing Set – 40 sheets, 40 envelopes – £19.95
Crown Mill is generally considered to be one of the most distinguished writing papers in the world and this beautiful correspondence set is made from their flawless laid paper, perfect for fountain pens. The set contains 40 sheets of A5 paper and 40 C6 lined envelopes all presented in a gold or silver gift box with Crown Mill foil stamped on the front. Available in either white (silver box) or cream (gold box), this is a really lovely set, ideal for letter writing and a beautiful gift.
The Clairefontaine Triomphe stationery is minimally packaged in just some plastic shrink wrap, which is reflected in its low price.

The Original Crown Mill Writing Set is just that – a set! It is boxed up and packaged in a fairly elegant way. This set is more expensive than the Triomphe stationery, but it’s obviously a stationery set, rather than just a pad of paper and envelopes.

The Triomphe is a bright white paper, whereas this particular Crown Mill is off-white. It isn’t yellow, but to me, it gives it a little more of an antique look, which is romantic and classy – perfect for a beautifully written letter (which I do not demonstrate here, sorry).

The Triomphe is also very smooth paper, unlike the laid texture – which you can see and feel – of the Crown Mill. Guide sheets can be seen through both, although I find it a little easier to see through the Triomphe paper. If you use a guide with thicker lines, this will fix the problem! You can also use the laid pattern as a guide, because it’s pretty consistent. 

I thought the Clairefontaine Triomphe set had a more playful feel to it, because it wasn’t laid, and the simple way it was packaged. There’s nothing wrong with the packaging. I just thought decorating it with some fun washi tape (or stickers and stamps, if that’s your thing) would look neat. Pair that up with some colorful gel ink pens – like the Sakura Gelly Roll pens – and you’ve got a nice colorful letter and envelope!
If you use fountain pens, you can expect average drying times on the Crown Mill, but maybe slightly longer times on the Triomphe, as it is smoother. A blotting sheet can speed up your drying times, but it may alter the color of your ink. Personally, I’d just wait it out.
Both stationery sets will offer you a pleasant writing experience. The Triomphe line is just a bit more casual and playful, and works better with writing instruments other than fountain pens (should you wish to go that route). The Crown Mill writing set is very elegant and the laid paper makes it more suitable for fountain pens (than other pens) – although it works best with slightly wetter nibs, and not very finicky ones.

Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Writing Paper

We’ve just brought in some new things from Original Crown Mill! We have the Classic Laid and the 100% Pure Cotton.

I’m a sucker for the really nice writing paper. The Classic Laid in cream is what I’m talking about today, mainly because I love textured paper and having just a bit of feedback when I write – the sound and feel of the nib against the paper! If you’re going for smoother paper, you will want to look at the 100% Pure Cotton.

Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Writing Stationery – in cream or white!

We had been thinking about Original Crown Mill Paper and debating back and forth on it for a while now. We had been holding off on it because we had already had G. Lalo stationery in, but the recent delays in getting the A5 G. Lalo papers in spurred us to bring in the new line.

The paper is replicated from the very original handmade sheets made by monks in Belgium, which may be the ultimate in romantic beginnings. It’s now made by Pelletier, a Belgium company, who has expanded the line to include envelopes and cards and other paper things. The Classic Laid Paper is available in cream or white, with corresponding envelopes.

A sheet with guide lines on it for the neatest writing.

I love that a tablet or pad of this paper comes with a guide sheet of lines! It’s the first page you tear off, and it is very, very useful. You tear it off and place it directly underneath the sheet you’re writing on so you can just see the shadow of the lines underneath. I know school teachers are supposed to be able to write in straight lines, but it never hurts to have some help 🙂

However, you can see the grid of textured lines across the page, which should help you write neater lines even without the guide sheet. It has lines as the Verge de France paper from G. Lalo. They’re not quite as pronounced as the G. Lalo, but it’s still quite evident.

You can just see the texture of the paper.

Writing Sample on Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Writing Paper with a Serwex 362 and Sailor Jentle Ultramarine.

The writing sample is done with a Serwex 362 and a fine nib, and the ink is Sailor Jentle Ultramarine. The Serwex is quite a wet writer, and combined with the absorbency of the paper the lines look like a medium –and without any feathering! The paper really is quite absorbent, but handles the ink quite well. You can see the sheen of the ink just on the edges of the letters, where the ink has pooled slightly – nice and crisp.

The absorbency also means pretty good dry time – not that you would want to rush any of those letters. It might not fare so well with drier pens or EF nibs, as it just soaks up the ink. It’s nice and thick 100 gsm paper, so no bleed through at all from this writing.

The “vergeures” or lines are just slightly less than the lines from the G. Lalo Verge de France paper.

Perfect for a thank you or a note to brighten someone’s day.

In addition to the beautiful paper, the beautiful design of the Original Crown Mill name on the packaging makes me think that a set of paper and envelopes would make a great gift – mailed to a friend or family member, what a wonderful way to begin a correspondence across a distance.

Like this:

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Paper & Stationery – East Coast Calligraphy

B5 NOTEBOOK 7mm (7.17X9.92) Medium size and the A5 NOTEBOOK 7mm (5.94×8.23) – This notebook features 80 sheets of white acid-free 80gsm lined paper.

194A -(7mm lined) Measures approximately 7.4 x 9.9 inches and contains 80 B5 size (6.9 × 9.8 inches) micro perforated sheets. Ideal for creating your own planner or journal.  Of the 30 lines on a page, you will find that they are segmented into 10 line groups by a bolder gray line for better organization. 

195A – (7mm lined) Measures approximately 6.05 x 8.25 inches and contains 80 A5 size (5.8 × 8.25 inches) micro perforated sheets.

180A – (5mm Grid) Measures 9.1 x 11.6 inches and contains 70 A4 size (8.3 × 11.7 inches) micro perforated sheets. The front side of each sheet features a subtle light gray graph print, while the back side of each page is blank.

181A  – (Blank) Measures 9.1 x 11.6 inches and contains 70 A4 size (8.3 × 11.7 inches) micro perforated sheets. 

These Mnemosyne notebooks are an “it” product in Japan. They are perfectly designed with the professional in mind and are great for drawing down inspiration and ideas. Everyone from a college student to a working professional will find this notebook useful and particularly well-designed. Named after the Greek goddess for memory, each Mnemosyne notebook features a sturdy cover and is firmly bound with a dual ring system. Notice the manufacturer’s detail in subtracting one ring from each side of the notebook binding. This allows you to place your finger to guide tears in the perforation to make sure sheets are detached cleanly.

Each notebook has a black double wire, side spiral binding, with black plastic cover. The notebook paper features 7mm line spacing with an open margin at the top for the date, time and title. Every page is micro-perforated. Pages are acid-free so they won’t yellow over time. This product is made in Japan.  

** This notebook qualifies as one of  East Coast Calligraphy’s favorite fountain pen and ink friendly products.

Original Crown Mill 40140 A4 Pure Cotton Pad Stationery & Office Supplies Stationery

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Original Crown Mill 40140 A4 Pure Cotton Pad

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Original Crown Mill 40140 A4 Pure Cotton Pad

Original Crown Mill 40140 A4 Pure Cotton Pad: Office Products. Great prices on your favourite Office brands plus free delivery and returns on eligible orders.. 50 sheets of high quality paper in a pad . A4 Size 100g paper . pure cotton . Original Crown Mill pure Cotton paper has a natural, soft, felt finish that will bring an air of uncommon excellence to all your correspondence . embellished with the Crown Mill watermark . Product Description The brand name ‘’ refers to the Royal Mill originally built in 48 by monks on the banks of the river Argentine in Belgium. In 80, Frederic Pelletier opened a factory in Brussels making paper and envelopes using paper from the Royal Mill and so “” was born. The company went on to supply the Belgian Royal Family and still continues today with the craftsmanship and quality that have made the most distinguished writing paper in the world. . . .

Original Crown Mill 40140 A4 Pure Cotton Pad

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Original Crown Mill 40140 A4 Pure Cotton Pad

40140,Original Crown Mill 40140 A4 Pure Cotton Pad,Original Crown Mill, Stationery & Office Supplies, Office Paper Products, Paper, Stationery

Stationery Office Products Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad

Stationery Office Products Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad

Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad,Original Crown Mill,40125,Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad,Pure Cotton Pad Original Crown Mill 40125 A5,: Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad : Office Products. Pad Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton.

Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad

: Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad : Office Products. 50 sheets of high quality paper in a pad 。 A5 size 100g paper 。 pure cotton 。 Original Crown Mill pure Cotton paper has a natural, soft, felt finish that will bring an air of uncommon excellence to all your correspondence 。 embellished with the Crown Mill watermark 。 The brand name ‘’ refers to the Royal Mill originally built in 47 by monks on the banks of the river Argentine in Belgium. In 70, Frederic Pelletier opened a factory in Brussels making paper and envelopes using paper from the Royal Mill and so “” was born. The company went on to supply the Belgian Royal Family and still continues today with the craftsmanship and quality that have made the most distinguished writing paper in the world. 。 。 。

Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad

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Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad

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Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad

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Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad

Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad
: Original Crown Mill 40125 A5 Pure Cotton Pad : Office Products.

Europapier Cotton papers – PUR COTON

P UR COTON ( Zuber Rieder, France) is a smooth premium uncoated paper made of 100% cotton fiber.

PUR COTON is the very embodiment of softness, transferred to this paper from the fluffy cotton fiber. The softness and delicacy of design paper PUR COTON is manifested in a unique shade and silk surface. This wonderful paper is itself a work of art, created by man and nature together.You can hardly find more sophisticated material for those who consider image as an important part of their ego. Long-term experience of use by designers, artists, publishers has secured a solid reputation for this paper: PUR COTON – synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Original name


Density, g / m2

Format, cm

Sheets per bundle

Pur Coton Cocaine

Bright white










Pur Coton Absinthe

Natural white










Pur Coton Smoke











Pur Coton Poudre Noire






  • hot foil stamping,
  • thermography,
  • silk screen printing,
  • hot stamping,
  • folding,
  • lamination is possible.

Short-term vacation supplementary general educational (general developmental) program of artistic orientation “Cardboard Dreams”

Appendix 2

The production of postcards in the modern world is considered not only as a product of the printing type, but also is the subject of artistic craft. Even despite the fact that with the advent of postcard printing, it has acquired a template standard, a large number of people are working on the idea of ​​its implementation during production.After all, postcards are the subject of mastery in the field of printing, which means the mandatory principle of adhering to special technologies in their production …

The first ones to get to work are still far from the process of “printing postcards”, of course the artists. People are creators who create an idea, detail it and prepare it for the production of postcards.

And only after the artists have coped with their creative duties, we proceed to the next stage, such as “production of postcards”. For printing postcards, use thin cardboard or thick paper. Especially for the production of postcards, there is such a type of paper as postcard.Although sometimes postcards are printed with elements of metal, wood, fabric, plastic. Sometimes s can be created using any material. It can be a collage, painting, a product made of flowers, watermelon or pumpkin seeds. The main criterion for any postcard is to convey your feelings.

Postcard history

One of the most popular versions of the history of the postcard origin belongs to the French. According to them, the postcard originated during the Franco-Prussian war.Soldiers who took part in the fighting often ran out of writing paper and envelopes, so they used rectangles cut out of cardboard to convey the message to their families. There is little entertainment in the war, so many soldiers, in order to distract themselves from the hard everyday life and gloomy thoughts, painted their cardboard rectangles. One of these painted cardboard prototypes caught the eye of the bookseller Leon Benardo from Brittany. It is possible that this is how the story of the creation of the postcard began.However, the British have their own, original view of the history of the postcard – they believe that the first postcard was made by Sir Henry Cole. We can assume that the history of the postcard in Britain began with this one dedicated to Christmas. It depicted a happy family sitting at a festively set table, and the picture was complemented by the caption: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

However, the Chinese have their own versions of the history of the postcard. According to her, postcards evolved from business cards, the culture of which was very common in ancient China.According to the Chinese etiquette of that time, if a visitor could not find the person he wanted to congratulate, he had to leave his business card on the threshold of his house with the wishes for the holiday written on it. In addition, despite the fact that it is not clear where exactly the history of the postcard began, its further development looks much less vague. So, at the very beginning of the 19th century, illustrated stationery appeared in France. It was also around the same time that it became customary to send postcards in England.

The history of the postcard development continued in Germany. At a German postal conference in November 1865, the Prussian postal councilor Heinrich von Stefan proposed the issuance of an open “postal slip,” with one side for the address and the other for the text. However, this proposal was rejected. Two years later, several more similar projects appeared. The reason for such a high interest in such open postcards (by the way, this is where the roots of the word “postcard” come from) in Germany was simple and it lay in a completely practical plane – the fact is that sending these cards, like printed works, was not expensive to pay postage, and at a lower parcel rate, since they were not a letter. However, such an initiative for a quite understandable reason did not find mutual understanding on the part of postal workers for a long time – postal workers did not want to lose profit. However, in January 1869, an important event took place in the history of the postcard development – the Austro-Hungarian government accepted the proposal of the professor of economics at the Vienna Military Academy Emmanuel Hermann to create a “correspondent card” – very similar to modern postcards – which should be sent without an envelope. Already in 1871 the post offices of England, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark and Holland joined the Austro-Hungarian initiative.A year later, Sweden, Norway, Ceylon were added to this list, and in 1873 – France, Spain, Romania, Serbia and Chile.

In Russia, the history of creating a postcard began later – only in 1872 did the first open letters appear. They were not illustrated and were made on paper of different colors. Postcards printed on black paper could be sent both within the city and to other cities, depending on the stamps attached. Postcards on brown paper were intended to be sent within the city, and green ones were for out-of-town items.

The next important milestone in the history of the development of postcards in Russia was 1894, when the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia allowed the issuance of open letter forms of private production – before that the post office had a monopoly on the issue of open letters.

The first illustrated postcards in Russia were photographic postcards depicting Moscow sights. A series of five such postcards is known, on which there is an inscription allowing them to be dated: “Permitted by the censorship.Moscow. November 18, 1895. “

After the revolution, in the Soviet Union, postcards were first declared a bourgeois prejudice, but over time, their production began again, so we all remember the wonderful postcards dedicated to such holidays as New Year, February 23, March 8 , Victory Day, and May 1.

In the 90s, publishing houses specializing in the production of postcards appeared, which not only continued the history of the artistic postcard in Russia, but also brought Russian postcards to a new level of ideas and production quality.

Moreover, now a new page in this history has emerged. On the one hand, now few people use postcards for their intended purpose – now they are rarely sent by mail, other, newer and more efficient means of communication are successfully used for communication at a distance. However, postcards are often given in person. Therefore, postcards made by hand have become widespread. Moreover, not only private individuals are interested in hand-made postcards – they often become business gifts.After all, hardly anyone will raise a hand to throw away such cards, and therefore they will delight people for a long time with their appearance and at the same time – advertise the company that gave them .

Types of postcards

In modern times, there are a number of postcards that have one or another purpose. Let’s try to list the most popular types of postcards.


Greeting card

Today, greeting cards are so popular that today there are more than 15 billion pieces in circulation per year.Quite an impressive figure. The USA is the world leader in postcard publishing. In this country, more than 500 companies are active in the postcard business. The second country where the postcard business is popular is the UK. There are 250 postcard companies in this country. A well-known postcard brand is the Hallmark brand. Postcards are issued under it all over the world.

If we talk about the postcard business in Russia, then it began to develop back in the 90s. The first large, private company in Russia was Art and Design.Nowadays, the Russian postcard market numbers about three dozen operators. Having successfully started its company in the 90s, Art & Design now controls 60% of the postcard market. In addition to this company, 5 more companies can be noted that have achieved success, namely “World of Congratulations”, “Open Letter”, “Russian Design”, “World of Gifts”. Statistics show that 400 million postcards are produced in Russia a year. Experts say such numbers have double the upside potential. According to statistics, for every Russian there are only 4 postcards a year, while in the United States there are 37 postcards per person, and in the UK there are 48 postcards a year.Such indicators are not only economic in nature, but also sociological. In terms of the frequency of sending postcards, one can judge the state of society. Sociologists say that the more often people in a country buy and send postcards to one another, the better life is in the country today. However, unfortunately, Russia is still very, very far from stability. Due to some peculiarities, most of the postcard publications are located in Moscow. As practice shows, such publishing houses lack printing equipment.Therefore, such companies have to cooperate with printing houses located in Kaluga, Tula and other cities of Russia. The Stezia printing house is one of the largest printing companies located in Yoshkar-Ola. Development and creation of postcard designs is the main activity of this company. A postcard of one design, usually several months old. Accordingly, in order to be competitive, a Russian publication needs to create at least about 100 designs every month.This is not an easy task. After all, Russian publications are trying to do all the work on their own, and all over the world, the variety of the assortment of postcards and its frequent updating is achieved by acquiring copyrights for design from other publishers that are specifically doing this. For example, the publishing house “Art and Design” manages to develop more than 2000 newest designs for a postcard within a year. Of this figure, 90% of the designs are in-house.

Greeting cards are very diverse in their format, designs and finishes.Small-format postcards, mini or as they are often called “little ones”, have a size of about 40 * 60 mm. As for the large ones, they can reach up to the A2 format, of course folded. The emergence of new standards for envelopes in Russia, the postcard in the Euro format, which has a size of 110 * 220, has become popular. In production, design materials such as foil, tracing paper, tinted and embossed paper were often used. These materials have replaced traditional coated paper and cardboard.

A modern postcard can be considered a unique, high-tech product that combines high-quality printing and various finishing methods. Glitter varnishing is considered the latest chic of fashion. It is carried out by screen printing. In addition, embossing, die-cutting, UV varnish, bronzing and much more are often used, which makes the product unique and beautiful. Recently, the imagination of Russian and foreign designers has reached the point that now the postcard is already an independent, separate souvenir.Folded die-cut and handcrafted, transform ordinary postcards into folded designs. Now it is in vogue to use various accessories in the design, in the form of ribbons, inserts and other things. The practice of making postcards from specific materials such as ceramics, leather, minerals, dried flowers and much more is gradually reviving.

Promotional card

It took about 30 years for advertising cards, which were distributed free of charge, to conquer Europe, Asia and America.A clear and vivid example can be traced in the Netherlands, where several large companies of the freecards operator have created and distributed about 7 thousand different postcards within 5 years. In 1999, a project was formed in Russia, which was named “FLYCARDS”. The development of the project turned out to be very successful and soon the branded stands were located in the most popular places of leisure in the major cities of Russia. An advertising card has a significant advantage over other products, it is not intrusive.The advertisement that is located on such postcards does not encourage buying anything; on the contrary, the initiative itself comes from the person who takes such a product from the rack. Often, it is also used in everyday life, in the form of a bookmark for a book, it can be used as a bright picture on the desktop, well, it will also find application in the form of a letterhead for an open letter. By their format, they usually have the size of a standard postcard, are made on thick cardboard, and are varnished on the front side.

A bright and emotional postcard design is often very important for advertising success. You can correctly calculate the distribution program, choose the most crowded places, set a date, but all efforts may be in vain and go to waste if the design does not attract the attention of people.

Business card

The very concept of a business card appeared just a few decades ago and is gaining momentum in our time.Such cards are designed so that with their help you can easily and beautifully congratulate your business partner, client, media representative, government employee or government official on your professional holiday. They can be called wonderful carriers of modern business culture, as they ideally combined all the signs of a greeting and advertising postcard. Such a postcard will not be thrown into the trash bin, like another advertising flyer, but will be placed on the desktop, where it will stand for a long time, letting you know about the donor.In addition, it can help you establish trusting relationships with customers or business partners, and even with employees of your own company.

Corporate cards – cards made in a business and / or corporate style may contain a logo, company name and other data along with a thematic image, are used as greeting cards, invitations. Such cards are an element of the company’s image, create a favorable impression on partners and clients, and increase corporate cohesion.

Cards-invitations – are used to notify about the imminent holding of any personal event (weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations) and business (openings, exhibitions, presentations, etc.), place and time of the event, contain an invitation to visit it …

Individual postcards, photo postcards – postcards with a specific addressee or sender, this is most often determined by the placement of their photograph on the postcard, in addition, there can be a personal approach to design.


Flat – flat image without bulges

Volumetric – flat postcards with bulges, pasted applications

Musical – with a musical mechanism.

Postcards – tunnels



Shaped (hearts, numbers)


Postcards – tunnel

postcard art graphic art

This type of postcards is more than 100 years old.The first postcard tunnel was made as a souvenir in honor of the opening of the first tunnel. The story itself is very revealing. This technique was forgotten for a while and was rediscovered 50 years ago. Compared to other forms of art, this is a fairly young industry.

When we open the postcard-tunnel, we observe the effect of perspective. It is this effect of perspective that was called the tunnel, because it is the very first association in humans. This is a spectacular toy that remains after memorable events.For example, after going to the circus, you can embody all your emotions in a postcard. memories, such as sticking a ticket.

In the postcard-tunnel there is a plot that conveys an event or memories in moments, the so-called slides.

Since the tunnel is a multi-layered postcard, before making it, it is necessary to prepare several blanks – thematic pictures. Next, a paper with a good density is taken so that the card would keep its shape when opening and closing. This paper can be any color you like.Next, you need to choose a background: it can be either plain or patterned, or decorated with any of the decoration techniques, for example decoupage. Next, the background is glued to the base of the postcard, that is, to the back wall with glue. The next step is to cut out the following base blanks, that is, slides. They can be of different shapes, but for better rigidity and strength of the composition, the edges should be even. And inside, you can cut out any shapes you like: a window, a heart, an asterisk, an arch, in order to see the background and decor of the previous slides.if you want to create the effect of distance, then the size of these holes in each slide is getting smaller and smaller. The next step is to make an “accordion” from a separate, more flexible sheet of paper of any color, onto which the bases are glued into each fold, thus, when opening the postcard, you must manually push this accordion forward so that the tunnel effect appears. The accordion is glued to the base of the postcard. The postcard can be made with the so-called doors, which are also attached to the base. back side only.

Postcard-tunnel can be used as a gift, as a memo after the event and as an element of the interior. Both adults and children love to practice this art form.


Stage I. Organizing time.

Teacher: Hello! I am very glad to see you today! We continue to study the cardmaking technique with you. I asked you to look on the Internet for the definition of the word “ Cardmaking “.So what does it mean?

( Estimated answers of children : Making a postcard.)

Teacher: Well done! Today in class you will learn about the very technique of “cardmaking”, make greeting cards using the technique of cardmaking “.

Stage II. Opening talk

Educator: Cardmaking is a hand-made postcard. This kind of applied design is very popular lately.Handicraft is exclusive, each such work contains a piece of the soul of its author, a unique style. As there are no two similar people, so, probably, there are no two similar handmade postcards. Another reason for the popularization of needlework (cardmaking in particular) is the need for creativity.

It’s really simple. Card – card, postcard, Make – make, make. We combine two words and we get: “Making postcards.” So our lesson today will consist of two parts, in the first part we will talk about the postcard itself – Card , and in the second Make – we will directly do, manufacture.A postcard is the most enjoyable way to please a loved one. Soon we will be celebrating the International Day of March 8th. On this day, we congratulate mom and grandmother on the holiday. You can congratulate not only in words, but also give a postcard. The philosophy of cardmaking is built on a simple commandment: if you really want to congratulate a person from the bottom of your heart, put your soul into the congratulation. So today you have to put a piece of your soul into your work.

This requires a special invention and an original idea.How to ensure that the postcard is truly exclusive, unique?

( Estimated answers of children : choose the right color scheme, decorative material.)

Teacher: Correct. I suggest you complete the following task. You need to come up with and write down 10 words – associations about mom, words – adjectives. You are given a few minutes to work. Have a consultation. And now you need to exchange cards.

Now the fun begins, your written adjectives should correspond to some detail for your future work (delicate – color, beautiful – decor, lace)

Delicate – color.Colors of pastel tones, gentle tones.

Hardworking – photo with mom in the kitchen.

Beautiful – decor. Lace, beads, flowers, ribbons, contour, inscription, text with congratulations

Loving – use heart.

Attentive – any small decor.

Caring – mom with 7 arms.

Stage III. The practical part.

We thought of a postcard, what kind of card it will be for mom.And now we need to remember the secrets of a successful postcard composition.

Let’s play the game Decision tree . The trunk is composition. Branches are solutions. I will give you cards with a picture of a tree. Think, confer.

( Estimated answers of children :

1. Rule of three . The card should not have more than 3 large details.

2. It is better not to use more than three colors.

3. The most successful form of the card is a rectangle, square …

4. Stability. Observance of balance in the postcard.

5. Non-congestion . There shouldn’t be a lot of small details.

6. Repetitions. Flowers can be of different sizes, but the same shape. Beads can be used as a center for flowers and just as a decoration.)

Teacher: Quite right!

And now I want to introduce you to a new concept.

Sketch (from English Sketch – sketch, sketch, sketching) is a kind of scheme, layout of various elements, template.For example, in front of you I am holding a postcard, and the sketch for it is like this (I show the postcard and a sketch for it) And now we will play with you again.

I am posting a sketch on the board, for each team its own, you will have to find a postcard for it.

Teacher: Well done with the task. All this knowledge will be useful to you today to create your postcard. What materials and tools do you think will be needed for the job?

( Estimated answers of children : Various paper, glue, scissors, decor.)

Educator: Yes, all this is necessary. And we also need such materials.

Materials for making postcards:

1. Postcard base:

Thick colored paper for the printer.

Colored or white cardboard

Scrapbooking paper.

2. Tools for work:

Scissors are simple and curly.

Shaped and angled hole punches.


3. Adhesives:

Moment glue.

Glue gun.

Double-sided tape transparent.

4. Decorative elements:

Lace, ribbons, cords.

Beads, crystals, buttons, sequins.

Artificial flowers.

Groats, coffee beans, non-crushing spices, colored pasta.

Printouts of pictures.

Markers, pens, colored contours and glitter gels.

Texts congratulation, name of cards, wishes.

All this will be a source of inspiration for you today!

Let’s think over the work order together. The stages of work are mixed on the board. Help me put them in order.

Teacher: In order for the work to be successful. We must first of all think over what form the postcard will be. Then choose the color scheme in which the work will be done. You think over the composition, how the elements will be arranged in your work. I have presented one of the solution options – a ready-made sketch, and there can be a huge variety of them (I post possible composition schemes, various sketches on the board).

You can also create your own original sketch.

Teacher: Well done! These steps will help you to identify the criteria for self-assessment of your finished work:

1 – the postcard must correspond to the theme (for mom)

2 – according to this sketch

3 – the laws of composition (color, decor)

4 – adherence to technique safety in the process of work.

I will now give you cards with criteria. At the end of your work, you will need to evaluate it.Sign the name card, and put + or – in front of each criterion (“+” you did it, “-” no)

Think for a minute, imagine in your mind your already finished work. What colors, materials and layout did you use.

If the task is clear, you can start working. Wish you success!

Practical work.

Stages of work:

1. Selecting the shape of the postcard

2. Drawing up a sketch (sketch)

3.Selection of materials

4. Manufacturing of parts

5. Bonding materials to the base

6. Final decor

Summing up the lesson.

Our lesson is coming to an end.

Remember that a handmade gift is the best gift. And, of course, do not forget that you can (and should!) Donate them not only on holidays. Therefore, please your loved ones for no reason – call and say nice words just like that, for no obvious reason.Because the main reason is that you have each other.

Thanks to your work, a good mood is already in the air.

Try yourself to evaluate the work performed in class.

Do you like your job? How do you rate your work yourself? What would you like to change in your work? I really love your creative postcards. I think that now you will please your loved ones. Thank you for your work.

Cleaning of the workplace.

Appendix 3

To everyone who waits and believes and knows how to dream,
I will distribute a tree – let it warm you too.
Just don’t give up, just take care,
Warm with your heart and give to others!

Topiary is an artificial tree used for interior decoration. Moreover, the topiary is called the “tree of happiness.” In the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, the “tree of happiness” is a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Since ancient times, people have been carried away by the idea of ​​decorating the space near the house, their parks and gardens. Over time, they came up with the idea of ​​giving shape to bushes, and subsequently trees. The plants were given fanciful forms by a special worker who was called “topiary”.

The relevance of our days is such that the fashion for unusual and stylish plants has smoothly moved into our interiors, since not everyone has their own parks, and nowadays not many have the desire to take care of fresh indoor flowers, or they simply do not want to have on their windowsills there are standard solutions, and therefore topiary in the interior of the house is gaining a certain popularity.

Topiary in the interior has a round shape, and is made of all kinds of materials: fabric, wood, plastic.Natural materials give this interior wonder a special charm.

Topiary is good not only in the interior, it is also an amazing gift for your loved ones, to whom you wish prosperity and prosperity!

Purpose: to teach how to make topiary from napkins.


1 . Educational:

To acquaint with the history of the emergence of topiary.

Teach the selection of material for the execution of the “flower tree”.

Teach the process of making topiary – a decorative tree;

2 . Developing:

Develop creative imagination, attention.

Develop the ability to work with hands.

3 . Educational:

Foster diligence, accuracy, perseverance.

Expected results of the lesson:

Must know:

The history of the emergence of topiary – an ornamental tree.

Manufacturing process.

Must be able to:

Select material for making a “flower tree”.

Make topiary from paper napkins.

Use the technological map

Age of participants – 9-14 years old

Venue – Central House (U) TT “Gefest”

Form of conducting: group

Lesson type: combined – theoretical connection and practical knowledge

Methodological recommendations for organizing and conducting:

This lesson was developed within the framework of student-centered learning.The lesson uses individual, group work, frontal survey of children. A lot of work is being done to enrich the vocabulary of children, visual material is used. Health-saving technologies are applied, 2 minutes of rest.

At the stage of communicating a new material, it is advisable to have an oral explanation, to show a ready-made sample on the topic, visual (folding and gluing parts). When doing the work, it is necessary to teach children to select material, work creatively: change the color scheme, size.

Equipment for children: colored napkins, stapler, scissors, glue, pencil, newspaper or foam ball, pot, bamboo sticks, plaster of Paris, sisal.

Equipment for the teacher: samples of topiary, technological map.

Lesson plan.

1.Initial step 2 min.

2. Post new material 5 min.

3. Practical step 33 min.

4.Summing up 5 min.

Course of the lesson.

Initial stage

a) organizational moment

b) checking the readiness of children for the lesson

Post new material on the topic: “Making topiary”

Practical work

parts of topiary, decoration.

c) physical education

g) making flowers for the crown, decoration.

Summing up

Scenario of the lesson

Stage I: Initial stage.

The teacher greets the children and notes the absent. The teacher offers to check whether everything is ready for the lesson. They begin to list together: colored napkins, stapler, scissors, glue, pencil, newspaper or foam ball, pot, bamboo sticks, gypsum, sisal. The teacher praises the children for their readiness for the lesson.

Stage II: Communication of new material.

Teacher: Guys, do you know what topiary is and where did it appear? (Answers of children).

If children find it difficult to answer, the teacher replies that

Topiary – curly haircut trees and shrubs originates in the gardens of the Roman Empire. Topiary was an absolutely integral part of garden design and was widely used to create long promenades and mazes, which were popular at the time. The crowns of trees should be geometric, or reproduce some figures.In a later time, the curly haircut of the crowns became widespread in Europe. Nowadays, Topiary is also popular.

Interest in topiary art continues to this day. In the landscape, this is a complex and lengthy process that requires constant care and attention to living plants.

Making a topiary with your own hands is a fascinating and interesting activity that can be useful for decorating and decorating an apartment or house. A large amount of natural material, the attractiveness of its texture, not a complicated technological process and the possibility of a quick receipt of the final result awakens great interest in this type of creativity.

Ornamental tree can be made of fabric, natural material, using felt, seeds, cones, shells, pebbles, etc. Topiary can serve as an imitation of a real plant, or acquire completely fabulous shapes and colors. The sizes of the topiary range from miniature dwarf compositions to the size of solid indoor trees.

In interior design, topiary is a small composition in the form of a small tree with a geometric crown. Such trees are created using mainly natural materials and serve as a bright detail in decorating any interior.

Teacher: – And today we will learn how to make a topiary from paper napkins.

Stage III. Practical work.

Educator: Before we start making our tree, let’s review the safety precautions.

Place the scissors to your right, closed.

Pass the scissors forward in rings.

Be attentive, not distracted or distract others.

Handle the adhesive with care.

Educator: – So let’s get started. To make about a new crown for the topiary, you can use cloth, paper, foil, styrofoam, an old Christmas tree toy, a tennis ball or a simple children’s ball. We will make a base from a regular newspaper. The crown of the topiary can be made of paper. It is only necessary to crumple it well, form a crown of the required shape and glue it together with high quality.

Now, insert the rod into the hole in the crown quite tightly. You can use glue or sealant for this.It is advisable to insert the rod into the crown up to the upper wall, otherwise the crown will not be securely fixed and may simply fly off. After that, the topiary pot is poured with gypsum or cement. Since the weight of the pot must be greater than the weight of the crown and stem. For stability, gently support until the gypsum is completely solidified. The decorative pot can be wrapped in foil and decorated with ribbon. Glue the sisal on top of the gypsum into the container.

In the course of work, I help children individually, reminding them of the accuracy and rules of safe work.

Educator : Guys, you probably sat too long, let’s take a little rest and do a little warm-up.

Physical education minute.

Trees have grown in the field.

Grow well in the wild!

Everyone is trying to the sky, to the sun stretches.

Here a cheerful wind blew,

Branches swayed right there,

Even thick trunks

Bent down to the ground.

Right and left, back and forth –

So the wind bends the trees.

He turns them, he turns them.

But when will the rest be?

Educator: Let’s continue. Now we will prepare flowers from napkins. To do this, fold the napkin in half and again in half, i.e. 4 times. we fasten with a stapler in the center. We take scissors and carefully cut out a circle. Now lift the top layer and twist it upright. Raise the rest of the layers in turn, give them a wavy shape. It turned out to be a lush flower. (It is necessary to fold 30-40 such flowers from napkins and carefully glue them to the base of the ball so that they fit snugly together).

In the course of work, I help children individually, reminding them of the accuracy and rules of safe work.

Making a topiary tree with your own hands is not at all difficult. As a result, we have received a beautiful and original product. The work is ready.

Teacher: Who completed the practical work, We clean the workplace.

Stage IV. Summarizing.

Teacher: Guys, what is topiary, where did it first appear, what does topiary consist of? Answers of children.

(The tree of happiness or topiary consists of a crown, a trunk and a pot. The basis for the crown is used: foam, plastic ball, paper, plasticine. To decorate the crown of the topiary, napkins, corrugated paper, ribbons, beads, coffee and much more).

We are holding an exhibition of children’s works.

The teacher explains to children this very beautiful decoration of the interior, and a wonderful gift to friends and family.

The teacher praises the children for the work performed and says goodbye.Goodbye! I am waiting for you in the next lesson.

Flow chart for making topiary from napkins:

Pour gypsum into a pot and dilute with a small amount of water (2: 1), mix thoroughly. We remove the remnants of the mixture from the edges of the pot.

While the gypsum is hardening, stick a stick for the barrel into the mixture. When the mixture hardens, grease the surface with a glue gun and decorate with sisal.

Now we twist the tree trunk in a spiral with twine and fix it with a glue gun.It turned out to be a tree trunk.

Shaping the crown of the tree. To do this, you need to crush several newspapers, give the shape of a ball. Glue the ball with napkins and grease with PVA glue.

Then you need to make flowers from napkins that will decorate the crown of the topiary. We take a napkin, fold it in half, then again in half and fix the folded napkin with a stapler in the center. We take scissors and carefully cut out a circle. Now lift the top layer and twist it upright. Raise the rest of the layers in turn, give them a wavy shape.It turned out to be a lush flower.

It is necessary to fold 30-40 such flowers out of napkins and carefully glue them with a glue gun to the base of the ball so that they fit snugly together.

beautifully decorate a pot and a tree trunk with fittings and satin ribbons.

Appendix 4

What do we need to work? Everything in the photo and, in fact, the fabric itself and the cardboard itself. I took

I. Organizational moment of the lesson

Hello guys.Let’s smile and pass on a piece of our good mood to each other.

II. Communication of the topic, purpose, objectives of the lesson.

We all know that there is one tradition for different holidays. Who will say which one? (Giving gifts)

– Correct . Everyone loves to receive and give gifts. This is inherent in us by our parents since childhood. After all, they always knew what exactly to give for the holiday, because they perfectly understood their children.

-Guys, what is a gift? ) (children’s answers)

III. Learning new material

The very concept of “gift” appeared a long time ago. Building relationships with fellow tribesmen, the ancient man discovered the meaning of kindness, hospitality, felt gratitude for someone else’s care and responsiveness. A gift was the way to express these feelings. In Russian, this word also has a twin brother – “present”, derived from the word “guest”. This means that, according to custom, a person entered the house with a gift, and they were ready to present him in this house.
The ancients were sure that a gift has magical power: a thing presented from a pure heart brings good luck, and if not from the heart, with secret hostility, it will harm.
New Year and Christmas gifts have always been filled with the deepest mystical and magical meaning. On winter days, during which the sacrament of the liberation of the Sun from the underworld took place in nature, numerous good and evil spirits returned to Earth. These days were the most difficult and responsible time, on which the well-being and life of not only people, but also domestic animals, and order in the economy depended.Therefore, the Christmas-tide custom of caroling and generous gifts to caroling is a very ancient and mystical act. On the one hand, people seemed to be talking about the future, imagining it more well-fed and richer, and on the other, they expressed the conviction that a prosperous life is associated not only with abundance on the table and in the cellars, but also with obligatory generosity, a willingness to share and bestow upon others.

A gift is an object, a thing that is freely given, presented, given to someone with the aim of giving pleasure, benefit.
-How to choose a gift?
A gift should always delight the recipient and evoke positive emotions and pleasant memories.
Many people think it must be expensive. The more we respect a person, the more expensive we must choose this or that thing for him. In fact, this is not the case. The gift should be original and necessary, come from the heart and please the person to whom it is presented.
You cannot give certain souvenirs to all people. The presentation should be individual, like any person.Try to put in it as much understanding, love, tenderness as possible.

Gifts can be very different.

Making gifts

is an art that can and should be learned, as it is a manifestation of a person’s inner culture. It doesn’t matter at all whether you are giving an expensive gift or just a cute souvenir.
A gift should be an expression of our good attitude towards a person, and a holiday – a symbol of genuinely sincere relations between people.
The ability to give gifts anticipates the ability to love a person.All world history confirms that what is given will certainly return. Thus, the gift enriches both the recipient and the giver.

Where did the tradition of gift wrapping come from?

It is the Italians who have the tradition of wrapping gifts in small graceful bundles resembling boxes.
A wrapped gift that gives a certain charm, mystery and creates a pleasant feeling of surprise. Gift wrapping usually consists of matching the box to size, wrapping the box in festive wrapping paper, accompanied by a large bow.Nice and versatile. However, there will always be people who can make exclusive things from ordinary materials, including gift wrapping.

Gift packages can be of any shape – square, round, heart-shaped, cylinder-shaped and so on. You can choose in the store the most suitable box in size, shape and color, in which you will present your gift.

-And today in our lesson we will make gift wrapping with our own hands. We ourselves can give the packaging, design, shape, and decorate it.

IV. Fizminutka

Now let’s have a little rest.

VI Practical part: presentation

Safety precautions when working with scissors:

-The scissors are passed by rings forward.

-Stored in a case on the upper corner of the desk.

-When cutting, pay attention to the rings of the left (right) hand.

-Do not cut with scissors on the go.

-And now we will move on to the practical part of our lesson.We already have prepared materials for making gift boxes. Well, let’s get to work. You have all the materials for work in front of you. Let’s not forget about TB. We will work in stages.

1) From an A4 sheet we get a square with a side of 21 cm.

2) We divide each side of the square into segments of 7 cm.

3) Cut out the squares shaded in red, we get a figure in the form of a cross, with sides of 7 cm.

4) With the end of the scissors draw lines marked in red (this is done so that the cardboard does not break at the folds and bends exactly).

5) Bend along these lines, the base of the box is ready.

6) We start manufacturing the cover. From an A4 sheet, we get a square with a side of 11.5 cm.

7) We mark the sides of the resulting square as follows: from the edge we set aside 2 cm, then 7.5 cm and again
2 cm and draw lines.

8) We make cuts along the red lines and bend them, as shown in the photo, having previously drawn along the lines with the end of the scissors.

9) Grease the red shaded squares with glue and glue the lid.

10) Try on the cover to the base. Our box is ready. It remains to decorate it according to your taste

VII Lesson summary

Let’s take a look at our wonderful boxes. Here is some interesting packaging you can make with your own hands and give to friends and family. I think they will be very pleased to receive gifts in such wonderful boxes, into which you have invested not only your skill, but, of course, a piece of your soul. Well done! You did great!

VIII Exhibition of works and evaluation

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