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“On-Call Sales” Positions Driving Market – AgFax

Cotton picker dropping cotton module during harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson

Cotton prices have settled higher in at least one contract month for the past 11 days. Chinese prices have hit a 30-month high. That is just too much, but then the market is not actually trading cotton.

Cotton is being bought and sold alright, but a good portion of the price advance is a result of mills having to square futures market positions they established months ago. Thus, mills are paying for their promises made to honor past contract obligations. They bought the cotton, and in many cases, they have already spun it into yarn and even sold the yarn. Now they must pay for the cotton per the futures contract obligation.

Too, there is plenty of cotton being sold and shipped daily. However, it is these “on-call sales” positions that are driving the market. This is occurring during a period of declining stocks and, in particular, during the disappearance of high quality grades. China will buy every single bale of U.S. high quality.

The rapid increase in prices caused mills to postpone fixing the price (as is usually the case) as mills expected prices would back off somewhat. This year, prices did not back off and mills are being squeezed. Prices did not come back, On-call sales positions for May and July suggest mills will need to continue as very strong buyers and push prices higher.

Prices will continue to advance because so many futures contracts must be bought so mills can meet their futures market obligations. It is this buying that will drive prices higher. Prices are on track to move to the dollar level and beyond. Sad to say, but that is just too high, and it will eventually harm cotton demand.

U.S. stocks are becoming scarce. USDA has forecast a 4.3 million bale U.S. carryover, but many expect it to be as low as 3.5-3.8 million bales. Thus, the new crop December crop has also seen its futures price advance.

Chinese prices have bumped up against a price resistance level that it has been fighting for some five years. However, on one occasion the ZCE Chinese price resistance was broken to the upside. Expect to see that again. Action in that market is very important to New York, so we must continue to watch it.

However, both Chinese and Indian mills, as late as this week, reported good mill margins. Thus, demand, while possibly slowing, remains very solid.

At its annual outlook forum this week, USDA projected 2021 U.S. plantings at 12.0 million acres. Yield was projected at 840 pounds on harvested acreage of 10 million. Thus, 2021 production was estimated at 17.5 million bales.

On the demand side of the price equation domestic use was pegged at 2.5 million bales and exports at 15.5 million. Ending stocks were forecast at 3.8 million bales. USDA did estimate that the average price received by growers in 2021-22 would average 75 cents per pound, up from its estimate of 68 cents per pound for the current season.

USDA’s 3.8 million bale carryover projection is low enough to hold December futures above 80 cents for now. However, the market is currently trading on the belief that U.S. stocks will fall below 3 million bales, possibly as low as 2.3 million bales.

The uncertainty of U. S. and South American weather will keep the current fire under the new crop December contract into the U.S. planting season. An old crop rally to one dollar will pull the December to 90 cents.

While I hope every grower gets at least that price, that is just too high to prevent the loss of cotton demand. Yet, this is the present and December is trucking to 90 cents.

The Cotton On Group Customer Service Story

“We have a Ferrari, but we’re just using it to drive down the road to buy some milk.”

This was the analogy Luke Wallace used when he first dug into The Cotton On Group’s online customer service team’s use of Zendesk support.

The team had been using Support for nearly three years to provide email support to seven brands that fall under The Cotton On Group, plus a philanthropic arm, the Cotton On Foundation. But with requests coming in around the clock, and without visibility into what other teams were doing, the team was neck deep in inquiries from the different brands and regions, and it was challenging to make improvements.

Wallace, a digital product manager, explained, “We already had a really good, fast car, but we needed to learn to drive it appropriately and to start using all the functionality that is available.”

Established in 1991, The Cotton On Group now employs 22,000 people and operates over 1,700 retail stores in 20 countries, in addition to their online business. Along the way, it made sense to separate customer service between the in-store and online experiences and to move tickets between support teams around the world, chasing the sun. But today the company faces the same challenge as other major retailers: how to unify information in real-time across stores, platforms, corporate departments, and vast geographic distances.

That’s why The Cotton On Group decided to expand their use of Support to more departments—across the U.S., Australia, and Singapore. It’s a perfect example of ‘cottoning on’—which means to understand or discover the potential of a great idea, exactly what the company’s brands are all about.

To that end, they became early adopters of Zendesk Support’s Multibrand feature. While each brand maintains autonomy, especially when it comes to their social media support, being able to manage multiple brands through a single instance of Support has allowed for a more uniform customer experience.

“We’ve had to review our structure and our definitions of customer service,” Wallace explained. The reality of today’s landscape is that for every one customer, there are multiple teams they’ll interact with. That’s why the company is actively aligning their teams to respond to “any customer, anytime, anyhow,” with extra emphasis on being able to quickly respond in the channel the customer used. They’ve found that being attentive to social media has been key, but also that each brand’s demographics—and social channel of choice—are very different.

The Enterprise plan’s Multibrand feature helps avoid the creation of new silos of customer service.

Learn More About Multibrand

Multibrand has been key in helping to avoid the creation of new silos of customer service. The company currently has seven help centers, all using the same template, yet customized for each brand. The company also has new automations in place to help triage tickets within and between departments—formerly a very manual process. “Zendesk Support is really user-friendly software for configuring your workflow with triggers and automations,” Wallace said. “Automations have enabled us to run a tighter ship.”

The biggest win for The Cotton On Group is having a single view of customer service across the group. Wallace can now report back to the business the entire team’s performance across all channels and brands in one snapshot, but can also give managers an accurate view of their individual teams. “They can go in each morning and pinpoint issues, and start asking the right questions,” he said.

From headquarters in North Geelong, Australia, Wallace also appreciates that Multibrand has eliminated the need to make updates on each brand’s instance of Support. He no longer has to worry about introducing errors on the seventh iteration of an automation. “To have everything up and running in one instance just makes the way we operate so much easier,” he said.

Returning to the Ferrari analogy, no one drives a Ferrari like an expert without a few lessons or at least a lot of practice.

“Support has been really easy to use and the team easy to work with,” Wallace said. “I can ring up our account manager at any time and he’s always good for a chat. The time he’s spent getting us up and running has paid dividends, and now I’m an advanced Support user.”

“The biggest advantage of Multibrand is to have that single view of the customer—and a single view of our customer service, to really see where those spikes and drops are.”

– Luke Wallace Digital Product Manager for The Cotton On Group

Cotton On Black Friday 2021 Deals, Sales and Ads

I can guess that you must be a great fan of Cotton On store.

Am I right or not? I can feel how much love and respect you had in your heart for this store. You trust in this store and love to buy clothing and home and kitchen items from this store. Right?

Trust is the only factor to be regular with any store and you have that much trust for this store and that’s why you are looking for Cotton On Black Friday 2021 Deals, Sales and Ads at this page.

As you already know that Cotton On is a place from where you can buy Women’s, Men’s, Kids and Baby Clothes and much more you can buy from this store.

Cotton On Black Friday 2021 Sale

More Related Deals:-

About Cotton On

With its establishment since 1991, in Australia, Cotton On is now present worldwide, more than 1500 stores in many of the countries. You can find some cool clothing ranges for men, women, kids, and even for newborn babies, accessories like water bottles, flasks, masks, trendy tote bags, hair bands, and many such products, stationery items, storage baskets, and homewares. The online store delivers the products fast and the boxes received will be packed in a really good manner.  

The Cotton On website will give you another level experience more than the standalone stores. You can get many advantages by ordering from them like sigh-up bonuses, express delivery free of cost, and good customer support all the time. If you want to buy some best quality, pure cotton clothing ranges, then you can definitely trust Cotton On. The soft and feather-like clothes come at a very affordable price along with many offers and discounts.

How to Grab Cotton On Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday is the day when stores like Cotton On becomes very much special to their customers as the Black Friday discount is available on the stores for their customers. You can grab your discount on each dress or cloth you buy from this store.

Cotton On store has released their Black Friday sales and now you can grab your sale before the sale get expired because there are so many customers waiting for it eagerly. so kindly be quick.

Below we are going to show you the product categories of this store. It would give you an idea about their clothing.

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Kids Clothing
  • Baby Clothing
  • Teenage Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Home Items
  • Kitchen Items
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Travel Accessories

& much more you will find here at the time when you will grab this sale. Keep in mind that the stock is very less and customers are high. So you must have to be quick If you want to buy clothes of your choice.

Do let us know about your experience with this store.

Benefits of Cotton On Black Friday Ads & Sales

It seems like you are planning to buy some clothes, shoes, etc from the Cotton On store on this Black Friday 2021 and here we will definitely help you out by sharing the money-saving offers with all of you.

We all know the importance of Black Friday Sales and how people get excited about it. It’s the only day when people get unbelievable discounts and save their money while buying anything they want online.

Here before sharing those offers. I think we should discuss some great benefits of Cotton On Black Friday Deals that you will get by grabbing the sale before the countdown ends.

This is the store where you can purchase shoes, clothes, travel accessories and much more. This is the best time of buying amazing dresses If you are going to attend the party and have fun with your family and friends.

This was the same sale that helped one of my friends last year when he was about to attend his cousin’s wedding. Just because the Black Friday Sales were running, he placed the order and saved a lot of money.

You too can get the benefits and claim your discount ASAP. Just grab the sale and enjoy buying anything you want this Black Friday 2021.

Cotton On Has Gone Rogue With A 25% Off Flash Sale In Time For Winter

At PEDESTRIAN.TV, we independently choose and write about stuff we love and think you’ll froth too. We have affiliate partnerships so we might get a bit of money from any purchase you make based on our recs, cool? Cool. FYI – prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.

Cooler air is very much settling in, the heater’s going on in the evenings, and it’s near impossible to get out of bed in the morning. It is time. Winter is coming. The changing of the seasons also means it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, and pull out all your winter woolies. Lucky for all of us, Cotton On has gone rogue and done a big, site-wide sale, which is the perfect opportunity to grab some new comfies to live in for the next few months.

The big Cotton On sale kicked off today and is a bit of a flash in the pan thing – it all ends at midnight on Wednesday. So if you’re wanting some new jumpers, jackets, trackies, slippers, pyjamas, anything, you’re gonna have to move quick to lock it in.

I’ve taken the time to pick out a few choice pieces that’ll be a noice new addition to your wardrobe (and mine) which meant that I absolutely got to spend work time online shopping. Sorry boss, hope it’s okay I spent the last hour chucking things in my online cart and called it “work”.

Recycled Mother Mid Length Puffer Jacket was $69.99, now $52.49 (save $17.50) Essential Recycled Puffer was $89.99, now $67.49 (save $22.50)

No use trying to work against the Puffer Jacket Agenda anymore, once you wear one you absolutely understand why all the bougie mums wear them religiously.

Curve Adriana High Crop Skinny Jean was $59.99, now $44.99 (save $15)Original Flare Jean was $59.99, now $44.99 (save $15)Tapered Leg Jean was $59.99, now $44.99 (save $15)Curve Knit Midi Skirt was $39.99, now $19.99 (save $20)

Truly obsessed with these slinky midi skirts, the whole knit vibe is such a mood.

Popcorn Pullover was $49.99, now $37,49 (save $12.50)Classic Rugby Fleece Pullover was $39.99, now $29.99 (save $10)

No longer will you have to pilfer dad’s wardrobe for a big, comfy rugby jumper. I want to live in this for the next five months.

Curve Lush Dad Cardigan was $49.99, now $37.49 (save $12.50)Zoe Polo Long Sleeve Top was $24. 99, now $12.49 (save $12.50)

So achingly 70s it hurts, in the best way possible. Someone get me this in a mustard yellow, stat.

Devon Tall Western Boot was $79.99, now $59.99 (save $20)

It’s happening, cowboy boots are back in, and now Cotton On has them on sale. I’m VERY about it.

Basic Ribbed Beanie $9.99, now $7.49 (save $2.50)

This is just a mere sample, a morsel, of what Cotton On has on sale until tomorrow night, so nip on over to the website and grab yourself a few new threads. You deserve a nice, cosy, warm treat.


Image: Instagram / @cottonon

30% Off Cotton On Coupons & Promo Codes

About Cotton On

Cotton On is one of the leading retailers of trendy apparel in the world. It was established in Australia more than two decades ago, with headquarters in Geelong. The Cotton On Group currently operates over a thousand retail stores in 17 countries. Shoppers can choose from homegrown niche brands like Typo and Factorie. Recently, the group acquired Supre, which sells women’s basics. The company never fails to offer products that all ages would love at affordable prices. The Cotton On Group is also committed to sustainable and ethical business practices. Continue reading below to learn more about Cotton On or use one of the great coupons on this page to save on your order today. Our mission here at Dealhack is to offer you the best Cotton On coupons because we want to help you save.

Comfort Meets Fashion

Cotton is famous because of its softness and breathability. Comfort is something you will experience in the clothing sold by Cotton On. Aside from being wearable, Cotton On products are the epitome of fast fashion. Everyday wear has never looked this good. You can shop for all your clothing needs from the skin out in the Cotton On website. Products are arranged according to size, cost, brand, and category. The Cotton includeOn brand features basics for men and women. Meanwhile, outfits for children and teens come with the Cotton On. The Cotton On body lifestyle brand and the trendy Supre line target women shoppers. T-Bar and Factorie focus on casual and stylish clothes for young adults.

Beyond Clothes

Cotton On is not limited to clothing. To complement their Cotton On outfits, women can purchase stylish footwear from Rubi Shoes. Meanwhile, Cotton On’s Typo brand offers artistic, one-of-a-kind items. Typo merchandise includes office supplies, DIY materials, travel gear, technology, decorations and other accessories. These distinctive products can help you stand out in a crowd. Typo products also make the perfect gifts. Find everything you need to look your best by using the “shop by category” pulldown on the Cotton On website. Plus, the search bar on their homepage allows you to easily find anything you are looking for.

How Can You Get The Best Deals?

Visit the sale page of Cotton On and save up to 60% off on selected items. Check out the student discount offered by Cotton On in partnership with Unidays. To receive fashion advice and exclusive offers, sign up for the email newsletter. You will also receive an awesome discount on your next purchase when you subscribe to their email newsletter. You can also follow Cotton On’s social media accounts for news about sales and promos. Cotton On also offers free shipping on select orders when you spend a minimum amount. Check this page for the minimum spend requirement required for free shipping. Check out our other great Cotton On coupons on this page for more great savings. You can also find great deals listed on the Cotton On homepage.

Social Media

Visit Cotton On’s social media accounts for the hottest styles and latest promos. The company regularly posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. See how celebrities are wearing Cotton On garments and get style ideas from these sites. You will also get access to exclusive online offers and information on new items available. By following the Cotton On social media pages, you will be the first to know about online sales and special offers. You can also reach out to Cotton On by visiting their social media pages or get in touch with others who love the brand.

Need Help?

For customer assistance, dial 1-888-719-9755 during business hours. You can also send a message on the contact page. What are you waiting for? Take a look at our great coupons listed on this page and start shopping. If you have any questions about how to use a Cotton On coupon, feel free to contact us.

Cotton On Try On Haul + SALE!

Cotton On is having a SPRING STOCK UP SALE! $30 OFF $90 $20 OFF $70 $10 OFF $50. From 4/13 – 4/15

 If you miss the sale, you can always sign up for their emails or text the word CREW + your first name and email address to the number 268866 for 20% off your entire purchase.  Since I bought my items in store I used the 20% off code since their sale is only valid online.

If you’ve never shopped at Cotton On, their clothes are really cute and affordable!  I always air dry my dresses and skirts and I have a dress from Cotton On I’ve had over 3 years that I still wear all the time.    It’s probably equivalent to H&M in terms of quality and sizing.  They always have free shipping and free returns on orders $55 and over so that’s a plus because I hate having to pay for return shipping.

Here is my little haul plus some reviews on things I tried on in the store.  EDIT: I have been getting a ton of messages about the shoes I am wearing in the pictures, so I am linking them here.  They are so comfy and cute!


  1. Ruffle wrap skirt–  This skirt is so adorable! I normally wear between an XS-S and went with a small and it fits perfectly.  I love the lavender color and the ruffle wrap is super flattering.  I think it’s even cuter in person and my fiancee said it was a definite keeper.  You can wear it more casual with sandals and a denim jacket over or dressier with a white top tucked into it and heels.  I tried it on with a slight cropped top as well and it was really cute.

2. Culottes–  These are also definitely cuter in person I feel!  They are super super comfy and just are such a fun print and color.   The color I got was the Dani Floral Emberglow but the other colors are cute as well. I went with a small and it’s a little loose but fits well.  The back is a stretchy elastic so the sizing is really forgiving.

3. Kimono Cardigan– They have this in gray, cream, and pink.  This is such a great piece for spring and summer.  It’s a great layering piece to wear over tanks if you want to cover your shoulders but don’t want a lot of warmth.  It’s a really lightweight material that is a loose/drapey fit that would honestly look good with so many things!




4. Tie-front tank– I ended up not getting this because I have 1000 striped tanks already but I kind of wish I did because it’s so cute! I may need to do an online order and snag this in a few solid colors.  The material is more of a rougher cotton if that makes sense but still comfortable.  I’m wearing a small and it’s loose on me where I would probably have to wear a bralette under.  If you don’t want it as loose I would size down if you are in between sizes.

5. Off the Shoulder dress– Isn’t this dress adorable? I am wearing the XS and it is a good fit so if you are between sizes you can size down.  It runs pretty true to size and since you can tie the waist you can always make it more fitted if it is too loose.  This dress is so sweet looking!

6.  Blue shirt– They also have this in white and striped online and in olive in stores.  This shirt is super soft it almost feels buttery.  It’s definitely one of those shirts you will probably have to iron after wearing but it honestly is sooo comfy and cute.  It looks cute with dark denim, black, or white jeans, or tucked into shorts or a skirt.  I couldn’t resist purchasing this top just because of how cute and comfy it was.

7. Moto leggings– I ended up getting 2 pairs in both styles of black.  They run small so if you are between sizes size up or get a size bigger.  These are thin leggings so they are good for summer and spring when you don’t need a lot of warmth. The style really reminds me of the Brass Plum moto leggings that were really popular in the fall (and about half the price!)

8. Striped vneck- This was only $5! I sized up one and knotted it in the front.  The material is a little rougher but still comfortable.  They don’t have it online but my store had a lot of them left.

9. Cami– This is a great basic and they have so many colors.  I like how the length is longer so you can tuck it or leave it longer.  It’s a great layering piece to wear under a cardigan or to tuck into a skirt.  The neckline is really flattering and the spaghetti strap sleeves look so feminine and delicate.

10. Drape pants– I love the yellow print of these pants!  They are a cropped length and look great dressed up with heels or casual with sandals.  They are a looser fit but not too loose where they are not flattering.  The back waist area is a really stretchy elastic so they are comfortable.  I love how light they feel.  They are the perfect summer pants!

Yay or nay on these pieces?  Have you ever shopped at Cotton On before?





90,000 The requested page was not found!





















Veliky Novgorod



























































Naberezhnye Chelny









Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Tagil









Novy Urengoy






























St. Petersburg






Sergiev Posad






Stary Oskol

































90,000 Egyptian cotton: composition, description, properties

There are several varieties of cotton, they differ in quality and country of origin. Among them there is “Egyptian”, which has longer fibers than other varieties. For the past three hundred years, cotton has been one of Egypt’s competitive advantages. It has gained a reputation as the best cotton in the world for its softness, strength and superior performance. It is preferred by luxury bedding brands and some local brands. Let’s figure out why.

Properties of Egyptian cotton

The length of the fiber allows the finest filaments to be produced without compromising their strength.

  • The fibers produce a strong and durable fabric.
  • Tactilely soft and pleasant material.
  • It is harvested by hand to guarantee a high level of cleanliness. Unlike mechanical harvesting, the fibers remain straight and not deformed.

These features led to the fact that Egyptian cotton began to be considered the best among the rest.

Whether All Egyptian cotton is quality

Egyptian cotton is grown along the Nile in Egypt. The region has fertile land and optimal climatic conditions. The demand for this high quality variety has always exceeded production capacity. Therefore, over time, the definition of Egyptian cotton began to expand and began to be considered:

– any cotton, including those with short fibers, grown in Egypt;

– Egyptian cotton blended with cotton from other countries.

The expanded definition led to a decrease in the quality of the very “Egyptian cotton”.Now, in some countries, producers are prohibited from calling cotton Egyptian if it is grown in another country.

Criterion for quality cotton

Thanks to modern farming methods, there are more countries producing long staple cotton. But only one grown in Egypt can be called “Egyptian cotton”. Instead of a geographical name “Egyptian cotton”, look for quality – “long staple cotton”. The longer the fiber, the thinner and stronger yarns it can be made from.The fiber quality is enhanced by the combing technique, which lengthens, refines and strengthens the threads. Today, combed long staple cotton is produced to strict standards from exported raw materials not only in Egypt. In recent years, Egypt has supplied to the world market about 55% of long staple cotton from the total world supply of this particular high-quality product.

Largest importers: India, Switzerland, Germany, Bangladesh.

Despite the many obvious advantages of long fibers, this cotton is produced in limited quantities and represents only 3% of world production.This variety requires special care for a good harvest. Typically these are vigorous plants that, with insufficient attention to them, grow too quickly, but provide little fiber. Moreover, the variety needs a special climate with warm days and cool nights. The combination of these factors creates higher production costs and risks than conventional cotton and limits production. Therefore, long staple cotton cannot be cheap.

Long staple Egyptian cotton is smooth, soft and silky without pilling. It is a durable, rare and valuable material that justifies its high price tag.

Product quality Tkano

Shown: Satin bedding sets navy blue and white Egyptian cotton from Essential

Home textiles may seem like a simple thing, but actually making them is a complex process that requires the best materials, accurate calculations and modern manufacturing.

Tkano guarantees the quality of all its products by carefully selecting the best long staple cotton from trusted manufacturers.

Shown: Satin bedding sets beige and gray Egyptian cotton from Essential

On our site from long staple combed Egyptian cotton produced in Pakistan, satin bed linen with a density of 300TC is presented.The Essential collection includes pillowcase and duvet cover sets with or without a sheet, separate sets of two pillowcases and practical elastic sheets. The color scheme consists of four basic colors: deep dark blue, beige, gray and white, which are easy to combine with each other.

Set of four trunks made of cotton DIM

Availability in stores

Availability in stores


The quantity of goods in the offline store may differ from that indicated on the website


On the map

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G. Moscow, Prospect Mira, 211, bldg. 2



More details

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G. Khimki, md. IKEA, bldg. 2



River Station

More details

Available sizes


14th km MKAD





More details

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G. Moscow, st. Okhotny Ryad, 2


Okhotny Ryad

Revolution square

More details

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Krasnogorsk, Novorizhskoe highway 23 km, vl2s1

More details

Available sizes


Moscow, Kutuzovsky prospect, 57

Slavyansky Boulevard

More details Reviews

Leave a review or ask a question to the consultant

This product has not yet been reviewed. Share your opinion if you have already bought this product. If you want to ask a question – write a comment. STOCKMANN Customer Support will reply as soon as possible.

D3664 VISCOSE COTTON SALE E PEPE 100g 3.29 € / 100g

D3664 VISCOSE COTTON SALE E PEPE 100g 3.29 € / 100g