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Womens Robes | Cotton Bathrobes For Women


Lounging around at home just got a lot more glamorous with our stylish women’s robes and bathrobes. From crushed velour and ruby florals to breezy seersucker and comfy cotton robes, our luxurious women’s bathrobes will look great on any occasion. Whether you want to relax on the couch, do laundry, or keep yourself warm on a brisk morning, our women’s house coats will sweep you off your feet with the ultimate in women’s leisurewear.

Our women’s house coats keep you comfortable in every material

We know life has a knack for tossing unexpected challenges your way—that’s why you deserve women’s robes that go the extra mile. When you have the pleasure of slipping into one of The Vermont Country Store’s women’s house coats you’ll notice that they were designed with one aim in mind: to keep you comfortable.

The secret lies in the very fabrics running through our variety of bathrobes for women.

From super-soft velours and first-rate cottons to quilted flannels and snug fleece, our women’s house coats come in a wide range of fabrics designed with your relaxation and comfort in mind.

Our cotton bathrobes for women will turn up the heat

When it comes to trustworthy protection after a shower, our cotton bathrobes for women fit the bill. Our cotton bathrobes for women are ultra-absorbent and perfect after a steamy shower. Not only will they dry up excess moisture, these cotton bathrobes for women will retain it to keep your precious body insulated against the cold. When you reward yourself to our cotton bathrobes for women, you don’t have to dread that post-shower chill.

Stay productive, even while you’re relaxing

Although we pride ourselves in providing our customers with women’s house coats known for their elegance, ours are just as practical as they are fashionable. After all, what’s the point in wearing comfortable women’s robes if you can’t partake in your usual activities? Treat yourself to our Eileen West flannel or cotton robes if you want long, flowing comfort that leaves ample room for running errands around the house. Whether you want to do the recycling, tend to the plants, or wave hello to the neighbors, these beautiful women’s robes don’t get in the way. When you’re wearing The Vermont Country Store’s women’s robes, you’re no damsel in distress, you’re a woman capable of accomplishing her goals in style and comfort.

Cozy for Home or Travel

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A bathrobe is a comfy accessory to have, on or off the road. Check out our readers’ recommendations for the best womens lightweight robe styles out there!






Who doesn’t love a cozy robe to slip into at the end of the day or first thing in the morning? It’s an item you may not think of to take with you traveling but having one can actually be useful for more than just a shower. It can act as a cover at a pool or resort (not to mention help cut back on the use of towels), or be your personal robe for spa adventuring. 

The key for travel is to choose something light and packable, which won’t add weight to your carry-on. And, of course, is able to blend into your life when you return home!


Take a look at these reader picks for the most lightweight bathrobe womens styles (that are sure pretty too!).



Best Women’s Lightweight Robes


Shop: Amazon


SIORO Soft Kimono Light Robe 


The SIORO kimono is made from 95% viscose which is a soft, smooth fabric and the 3/4 sleeve means they won’t get damp if you’re applying beauty products. The kimono style, in general, is an invitation to lounge around the house, or by the outdoor pool at your Airbnb. 

One TFG reader says, “I got one of these hotel style robes on Amazon awhile back that I travel with occasionally.

It’s super soft and lightweight.” 

At under $30, with over a dozen color options, and sizes XS-3XL, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular style!



Shop: Amazon | Natori | Bloomingdale’s 


Natori Shangri La Long Lightweight Robe


Don’t let the length of this Shangri La long robe fool you, it’s made of modal, and users say it’s the opposite of heavy and is perfect for “sitting on the patio with morning coffee.” 

In fact, this is the most popular travel robe according to our readers! They particularly like the black and heather grey colors and love that this robe is available in over ten colors and ranges in sizes from 2XS-2X Plus. 

Another reviewer says, “I wasn’t sure about full length womens robes, but this is a thin, knit fabric that drapes nicely so it has a more elegant look than a typical bathrobe.”  Bloomingdales womens robes do NOT disappoint, but as a bonus, it’s also available on Amazon and the Natori website, too! Shop plus sizes here!



Shop Sizes XS-XXL and 1X-2X Plus: Amazon | Natori | Bloomingdale’s


Natori Feathers Lightweight Short Robe 


Lightweight robes for travel like this cleanly simple Natori hits every point for softness and comfortable fit due to the rayon/spandex blended fabric.

This quality brand is hyped by wearers, especially in this review. “Forget full length robes! This is wonderful! Soft and drapey—consistent with other Natori pieces I have.”


Shop the best comfy slippers!



Shop: Amazon | Walmart


TowelSelections Turkish Waffle Lightweight Cotton Robe


These womens cotton robes lightweight styles by TowelSelections are plush and will envelop you in pure softness and comfort. packable enough for a resort, the pool, or spa (and home, of course!). 

The style above closely resembles traditional hotel robes and is much loved by our readers! It’s available in over ten colors and ranges in sizes from XS-XXL. 

The Turkish cotton fabric is breathable and the adorable kimono style can be worn year-round. One user says, “The lightweight waffle robe fabric is soft, the robe seems to be of good quality, and it washed well.”



Shop: Amazon


OLDSHANGHAI Satin Kimono Robe


This beautifully designed OLDSHANGHAI robe is made from a polyester charmeuse, which is light and cozy, one of the best flat pack robes around really.

Inspired by art collections in Asia, you’ll feel luxurious from head to toe. One TFG reader says, “My daughters and I wear this lightweight kimono robe every day!”

They also have a short version, too! 



Shop Sizes 1X-4X Plus: Amazon


Allegrace Lightweight Robe Plus Size 


Luxury bathrobes like this pretty one from Allegrace is a silky material that’s super lightweight, with two side pockets. Totally designed to keep you feeling comfortable and chilled out at home or away. And so in the league of lovely and cute plus size robes!



Shop: Amazon | Walmart


Felina Modal Tank Chemise & Wrap


Women’s lightweight summer robes and chemise combos like the Felina are multi-use. Wear them as PJs, use the chemise separately or the wrap as a cover, or even a light sweater. Made of modal and spandex, this two-piece is stretchy, soft, and very breathable.  

One TFG reader has another use for it, too. “I really love the Felina brand, I turned the robe into a wrap and swimsuit coverup.”



Shop Sizes 16-20 Plus: Amazon


IN’VOLAND Plus Size Kimono Robe


The IN’VOLAND plus size bathrobes lightweight styles are described by users as ultra-comfortable and soft and is made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex. One review says, “This luxe robe was perfect for my vacation. I could take a shower and get dressed in the hotel room with my companion. Plenty of extra comfy room and soft feel.”

Fashionable robes like this are perfect for leisure time—vacation or home—the premium stitching and cozy pockets will mean you stay relaxed wherever you are!


These are the best travel pajamas!



Shop: Amazon


Back From Bali Caftan Cover Up


An airy caftan is a great substitute for women’s long lightweight robes because it can act as a swimsuit cover, robe, or sleeping gown. This elegant one from Back From Bali is made from a modal/polyester blend and is so easy to wear. A TFG reader swears by these extra long womens robes, saying, “I love caftans which weigh almost nothing and serve as both a nightgown and robe.”



Shop: Amazon


SIORO 100 Cotton Robe Lightweight


The SIORO light cotton robe will feel like you’re stepping into a spa with the soft fabric against your skin. And if you’re splashing around a resort pool or in a sauna, it’s also absorbent—yay! One user says, “This robe is quite cozy and lightweight. The material I would say is similar to that of a soft t-shirt.”

And reviewers also say this comfy piece can add a little layer of warmth in fall or winter. If you want more womens long cotton robes lightweight styles check out these.



Shop: Amazon | Zappos | UGG


UGG Blanche II Lightweight Cotton Robe Ladies


Talk about elegant robes! This pretty UGG lightweight cotton bathrobe is infused with elastane so it moves as you do.  

It has two pockets and one review says it all, “I recently purchased this robe for my mother-in-law for mothers day. It’s SO incredibly soft but also light weight.” Talk about indulgent, but hey—you’re worth it!



Shop: Amazon | Natori | Bloomingdale’s


Natori Ladies Lightweight Robes


Modal is an ideal fabric for travel and this Natori lightweight housecoat doesn’t disappoint. Its cozy long sleeves and soft feel means an afternoon by the hotel pool or at the spa will be blissful. One review says, “Purchased this for my daughter. Very soft, black lightweight robe, and comfortable. The fit was perfect and she loves wearing it!”


Shop: Amazon


MAXMODA Floral Lightweight Travel Robe


This MAXMODA light robe womens style features feminine, delicate flowers and luxe lace trim and is also available in a wide array of colors, prints, and patterns. It’s available in sizes S-3XL and is “super comfy and lightweight” as most reviews rave about. The perfect loungewear option if you prefer a longer length for home or getaway! 

If you want different material than rayon, check out this wide selection of floral cotton robes.


Choose the best travel bra!



Shop: Amazon 


NOVICA Lightweight Summer Robes


Womens short lightweight robes like this yummy-feeling NOVICA can be used for loungewear, sleepwear, beach or swim cover, and even something to dry off with. It’s made from 100% rayon and is a handcrafted fair trade product. 

One reader says, “I have traveled with one from Novica since years ago!” Support artisans and look amazing in this soft, comfy piece in your bedroom or hotel room. 


Check out more cute short robes here!



Lightweight Women’s Robes Comparison Chart




Compass Rose Packing Cubes


How to Pack Lightweight Travel Robes


Women’s robes have the ability to pack light, which is more than possible with slim packing cubes, along with fitting all the other clothes you’ll take with you. The video below demonstrates this more.


Learn our hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!



What do you think are the most lightweight cute womens robes? Share your picks below!


For more travel undergarments or sleepwear ideas, please read:





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24 Best Bathrobes for Men 2021

Breaking the fourth wall, Ferris Bueller talks to the audience, pleased with his ability to fool his parents into taking a sick day, his ninth that year. Indeed, there are many moments in this ’80s teen comedy that are forever etched in our memories—and many fantastic fits, for that matter. But this opening scene—where Bueller is wearing a red-and-gray striped bathrobe—is the one that stands out for me. This is because I couldn’t get anything past my mother, so feigning illness to skip school was simply a pipe dream. Some guys just have the knack for trickery. I don’t.

If, by some miracle of miracles, I were able to evade going to school, a bathrobe—or, if I wanted to be extra fancy, a dressing gown—is exactly what I would’ve been wearing. It exudes ease and comfort. It also has a kingly presence that is perfect for lounging in one’s castle, eating a boatload of pizza rolls, and ordering a pay-per-view flick. (It was an unfulfilled dream, I tell you.) Now that I’m older, the contents in my freezer are different and I have a bevy of streaming services to choose from, but on my days off, I take my pick from the three robes I have hanging on a rack.

The bathrobe I use the most is made of waffle-knit cotton in steel blue that I throw on when the delivery guy comes knocking. I also have a plush white terrycloth option for weekends when I want to pamper myself and turn my bathroom into a makeshift hammam. Finally, I have this silky leopard print dressing gown that I just had to cop after watching Cary Grant in My Favorite Wife. As you can see, the best robes are all relative. They come in every conceivable fabric, print, length, and color. The connecting thread is that they are no-fuss, tie-front wraps that are intended for easy living.

Essentially, pick the robe, or two, or more that appeals to you and caters to whatever leisure activity you have planned. If you’re a debonair dude that sips whiskey neat after dinner, take after Grant and opt for a dressing gown in silk-jacquard. Do you work from home and want something nondescript? There are plenty of cotton styles in neutral hues that you can wear all day. If you’re a self-assured fella like Ferris, a nifty pattern is what you need on those sick days, or pretend ones. To help you find the perfect one (or two, or three), we corralled all the styles that will make you the lord of your domain.

Waffle Shawl Robe

This classic waffle style from Amazon’s in-house label is an affordable, but cozy option. 

Long-Sleeve Plush Shawl Collar Robe

A bathrobe that evokes the lounging by the fire in a seaside cabin, by a brand that knows a thing or two about all things nautical. 

Full Length Turkish Terry Robe

If you’re looking for the hammam experience at home with something that covers you head-to-toe, this nearly floor-length Turkish terry style has it all.

Calf Length Terry Robe

And if you want something a little shorter, this Turkish terry robe will hit your body just right.   

Flannel robe

This navy flannel bathrobe with elegant white piping is seriously soft—almost downy, even. But that’s to be expected from a brand with the name Petite Plume.

Waffle Robe

Remember that steel blue robe in the intro? It’s this guy from the Bean. 

Cotton Fleece Robe

In case you need more Polo pony in your life. 

Tidings Traditional Plaid Plush Robe

Mad for plaid? Majestic International has just the thing.

Super-Plush Robe

A robe that’ll leave you feeling like you stepped out of an outdoor hot tub somewhere with snowy mountaintops in the distance. 

Hotel Robe

A thick cotton robe with delicate piping inspired by the hotel-closet staple.  

Wrinkle-Resistant Chambray Robe

Leave it to the die-hard classic menswear bros at, well, Brooks Brothers to render a robe in chambray. 

The Tropez Terry Cloth Robe

No need to go to St. Tropez (unless you want to) to imbue the sweet life when this sleek gardenia-printed robe can do just that in your own home. 

Belted Cotton Waffle-Piqué Robe

Trust that a German brand like Schiesser makes the best kind of waffles. 

Ultra Lux Robe

A high-twist cotton terry robe with all the majesty you need to feel like a king post-shower. 

Modernist Weighted Robe

A Gravity robe that is as plush and comforting as any of the brand’s beloved blankets.  

Heritage Comfort Robinson Double-Knit Robe

Lime Stripe Bathrobe

Add some zest to your life with this citrus-hued, striped bathrobe by the always-colorful folks at Dusen Dusen. 

Striped Organic Cotton-Terry Robe

Stripes, a hood, and organic cotton?  This robe by Tekla has the trifecta you need. 

Multi-Stripe Robe

A technicolor robe for all the Josephs and Andrew Lloyd Webber fans out there. 

Arrows Print Robe

All arrows point, well, everywhere with this graphic-laden silk robe.

Teenage Dreams Slogan Patch Distressed Cotton Bathrobe

A bathrobe by Raf Simons that Beuller and anyone who was an angsty teen (so, everyone) would fully appreciate.  

Silk-Jacquard Robe

It may not be a leopard print, but this silk-jacquard robe exudes the swagger of Cary Grant. 

Oscar Midnight Satin Robe

If you’re in the market for a robe that is pique elegance and made to measure, designer Adrien Sauvage has got you covered. 

Hooded Bathrobe

Let’s call this pricey, red, large-and-in-charge item what it is: The Clifford of bathrobes.  

Barry Samaha Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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21 Best Terry Cloth Robes for Men & Women in 2021


Terry cloth robes are one of life’s sweetest (and most practical) luxuries. Typically made of traditional cotton, their plush towel-like weave is super soft to the touch but works to keep you dry with plenty of absorbent layers.

And they’re not only great for helping you dry off after a long shower — terry cloth robes are comfy enough to serve as an entire outfit during lazy weekends or slow mornings. Or, if you have a little one at home, it can make bath time a lot easier. Forget toweling off a squirmy kid and let them dry off dressed as a character or animal instead.

Whether you’re looking for an absorbent plush robe that can sufficiently sop up water after a hot soak or a more luxe, lightweight option that’s better suited for sitting on the couch and sipping wine, we rounded up plenty of cozy options that’ll fit your unique needs and your budget. Once you have one, you’ll get why they can be spotted in so many luxury hotels and spas. Go ahead and create the same cozy vibe at home with one of these top-rated terry cloth robes.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below


The Affordable Pick

TowelSelections Women’s Terry Cloth Robe TowelSelections


• Available Sizes: XS-XXL
Available Colors: 20  

If affordability is what you’re after, this is an excellent option that won’t break the bank. It has more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.4 out of a possible 5-star rating, and users attest to how soft and absorbent it is. One buyer even said, “I have been using terry bathrobes for a good 30+ years, and this is one of the best I’ve ever bought!”

More: The Best Bath Towels for a Spa-Like Experience


Classically Luxurious

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe brooklinen


• Available Sizes: XS-XXL
• Available Colors: 6

Say goodbye to your social life, because once you slip on this combed Turkish cotton robe, there’s no guaranteeing that you’ll ever want to leave the house again. 

Deep pockets, cuffed edges, and a sturdy tie ensure that the wear is both comfortable and functional — and its plush but light 380 GSM weight feels buttery-soft against your skin. 

More: Read Our Full Review of the Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe


For Those Who Run Cold

Linum Home Textiles Herringbone Unisex Turkish Cotton Bathrobe Linum Home Textiles


• Available Sizes: S-XL
• Available Colors: 3

A herringbone pattern adds extra texture to this robe, which translates to extra absorbency. It sits at midcalf, and it’s even plusher than it looks, thanks to an ultra thick weave that’s great for holding in warmth when your house is freezing!



Skims Terry Robe

• Available Sizes: XXS-4X
• Available Colors: 2

Get ready to strut around the house in this luxurious robe from Kim Kardashian’s Skims line. Its shorter length will keep you from tripping or getting tangled in a long hem. The soft and lightweight terry cloth doesn’t only help you dry off after a shower or bath, but keeps you cool on days when you can’t be bothered to do anything but lounge. 

More: Kim Kardashian’s Skims Body Tape Helps Hold Up My Mom Boobs



Organic Luxe Turkish Cotton Bath Robe Quince


• Available Sizes: S-L
• Available Colors: 1

If you’re searching for something ultra plush, look no further than this midi-length robe. It’s made with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton that other high-price options are made from but rings in at nearly half the cost. Plus, it comes with a 365-day return period — a window that largely speaks for the quality of this terry cloth robe!

And, if you’re feeling extra bougie, you can even add a pair of matching slippers to your cart for half price when you get the robe. 


Best Baby Robe

Sun Baby Critter Robe pottery barn


• Available Sizes: 0-3 months and 6-12 months
• Available Styles: 3

Your baby needs a robe after bath time, too! This sunshine-inspired robe isn’t only cute, but it’s made of 100% cotton to help keep your sunshine dry and warm. Plus, how can you resist that adorable hood?


Great for the Whole Family

Company Cotton Women’s Turkish Cotton Long Robe the kids room


• Available Sizes: XS-XXL
• Available Colors: 7

Cozy up in just about any color of the rainbow in Company Cotton’s long-length robe. It has large pockets for all your necessities, and the front tie cinches you in at just the right spot. 

If you want to have a matching moment with the rest of the fam, you can purchase the robe in men’s and kid’s sizes as well. To make even more of a statement, you can choose to monogram the chest, too. 


Best Organic Pick

Organic Hydrocotton Robe Pottery Barn


• Available Sizes: S-XL
• Available Colors: 2

In addition to home furnishings, Pottery Barn features an amazing selection of bathrobes and towels. Their organic hyrdrocotton robe is supremely soft and plush, but more importantly, it’s extremely absorbent and extremely fast-drying. 

It’s as ideal for a lazy Sunday breakfast on the couch as it is for a rushed Monday morning when you’ve slept through one too many alarms.


Customizable Options

L.L. Bean Organic Terry Robe L.L. Bean


• Available Sizes: S-XL
• Available Colors: 3

From mornings sipping tea to laid-back lounging after a bath, this organic cotton terry cloth robe is one you’ll want to spend literally every minute in. 

And if you’re gifting it, you can personalize it with a monogram. Your recipient’s eyes will be sure to light up when they wrap themselves in a gift full of wearable, personalized comfort.


Perfect for Year-Round Wear

Parachute Classic Bathrobe Parachute


• Available Sizes: S-XL
• Available Colors: 4

You might have heard of Parachute for their luxurious sheets and bedding, but their towels and robes are just as high-quality. Made from 100% Turkish cotton in a medium weight, it’s the perfect pick for year-round use: just light enough to keep you cool in warmer months, but also heavy enough to keep you warm in cooler temps. It also has a super plush feel and a midcalf length.


For a Spa-Like Feel

Snowe Home Classic Bathrobe Snowe Home


• Available Sizes: XS-XL
• Available Colors: 3

We love Snowe Home for their luxe linens, so it’s no surprise that this classic terry cloth bathrobe is equally as cozy. Its super fluffy feel immediately soaks up moisture, and after a steamy shower, its airy composition dries off incredibly fast. 

Planning on gifting one? Opt for Snowe’s soothing spa set that includes a clean-burning soy candle!

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For Drying Body and Hair

Arus Classic Hooded Bathrobe

• Available Sizes: S-XL, as well as long sizes.
• Available Colors: 8

After a shower, wrap yourself in Turkish terry comfort with a plush hooded bathrobe that’ll soak up freshly washed sopping strands. Simply pull up the hood to keep yourself extra warm and cut your hair drying time down. A longer silhouette drops down just below the knees, and two side pockets will keep your phone dry and secure when your whole bathroom gets steamy. 


Multiple Color Options

N Natori Nirvana Brushed Terry Robe N Natori


• Available Sizes: XS-XL
• Available Colors: 7

If you’re looking for the perfect all-weather option, this breathable, brushed terry cloth robe is a dream for wearing in any climate or season. 

Its towel-like terry exterior is complemented by a lighter plush lining on the inside, making it luxuriously warm and cozy without making you feel hot.


For Cold Nights

Frette at Home Unisex Milano Terry Bathrobe Frette


• Available Sizes: S-XL
• Available Colors: 2

If warmth is what you’re really after, this extra thick cotton terry robe is ideal for keeping you cozy through the colder seasons. Its moisture-wicking, low-twist fabric is accented by unique stripe detailing on both sleeves and pockets, while a sophisticated shawl collar keeps the look classic.


Great Absorption

Ralph Lauren The Greenwich Terry Robe Ralph Lauren


• Available Sizes: XS-XL
• Available Colors: 3

This classic Ralph Lauren terry cloth robe was made for quick-drying convenience with an absorbent cotton construction — it’s the same fabric as the brand’s best-selling Greenwich towel. 

It cuts off above the knee but is still plush enough to keep you warm on nippy mornings.


Unique Waffle Weave

The White Company Unisex Waffle Terry Robe The White Company


• Available Sizes: XS-XL
• Available Colors: 1

While a tight waffle weave is super spa-like, it isn’t a common texture for terry cloth robes. It has a distinctive textured cotton waffle weave on the outside, and soft terry cotton on the inside, so it looks less bulky than a traditional robe.


For Those Who Run Warm

Lacoste Classic Pique 100% Cotton Bath Robe

• Available Sizes: Large only
• Available Colors: 3

If you prefer lightweight robes, this is the absolute best you can get. The terry is highly absorbent, but it doesn’t feel heavy in the slightest — even when wet. Plus, it’s lightweight, which means you won’t be overheating while wearing it if you tend to run hot. 

The midcalf length is great for lounging, particularly when you’re not in the mood to put pants on. Sizing is unisex, and it’s available in one size.


Best Splurge

Hanro Hooded Plush Long Robe


• Available Sizes: XS-XL
• Available Colors: 1

This classic robe style gets an upgrade with deep pockets and an oversized hood that’s perfect for drying off short or long hair. 

The midi-length also helps dry you off faster and more efficiently, no matter your height. Plus, its long-line design will make your legs look like they go on for days.

More: Pretty PJs That’ll Force Her to Stop Sleeping in Oversized Shirts


For Hot Summer Days

Weezie Short Robe Weezie


• Available Sizes: XS-XL
• Available Colors: 6

This teeny terry robe from Weezie is a reliable option for warmer weather, thanks to its short-sleeved silhouette and lightweight feel. Lounge in it while you dry off after a hot shower, without feeling the urge to reach for the thermostat. It has deep pockets for storing essentials, and it hits just at the knees. 

More: The Weezie Short Robe is a Cozy and Cool Solution for Summer


The Minimalist Pick

Skin Micro French Terry Organic Robe Skin


• Available Sizes: XS-XL
• Available Colors: 1

Unlike bulkier terry cloth bathrobes that are fairly unflattering to the figure, this slim-style silhouette is ideal for wearing while drying off post-shower or putting makeup on pre-party. 

A self-tie belt cinches the waist at just the right spot, and double-sided slip pockets offer added function without leaving too much extra fabric hanging around your midsection.


For Him

Majestic International Ultra Lux Robe MAJESTIC INTERNATIONAL


• Available Sizes: XL to 6XL, including big and tall sizes 
• Available Colors: 1

This stylish striped cotton robe is a handsome pick any man will want to wear from morning till night, featuring a cozy long-staple, high-twist cotton terry composition that’s both plush and absorbent. 

Roomy patch pockets give a place to stash his glasses or phone, and a longer 50-inch length will hit just under the knee, so he can comfortably take on household tasks without worrying about coverage.

Zarah A. Kavarana Zarah Kavarana is the contributing editor at, where she spends her days hunting for shareworthy home, tech, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds, and resisting the urge to add them all to her cart. Sally Kaplan Sally is the former Lifestyle Editor at, where she spent her days covering sales and deals and then trying not to shop them while at work; she also writes about quirky, weird products and fun gadgets! Katherine Pittman Katherine (Katie) is the associate editor of Best Products, where she gathers unique gift ideas, tests out buzzy products, and puts too many items in her cart for research — her work can also be found on MyDomaine, Byrdie, and Oprah Daily.

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The Best Women’s Dressing Gowns And Robes For Comfort & Style

We weren’t necessarily mad about the temperatures still hitting the 20s in early September, but after an up and down summer of generally bad weather (or uncomfortably scorching – go figure), unpredictable travel restrictions and losing out on the Euros (remember that?), we’re feeling more ready than ever to put it all behind us and lean into this autumn. Luckily we’re just starting to feel a chill in the air, and we’re taking that as a sign to get all snuggled up in our best dressing gowns again. Sue us.

Call us crazy (sorry, summer-lovers) but we’re here for the new season’s darker evenings and all the knitwear, luxe PJs, roast dinners and cosy nights in that come with it. Mostly because it means lighting a candle or two, putting on our loungewear (think leggings and oversized t-shirts) and cosying up in front of the TV becomes perfectly acceptable again.

17 best sleep masks for that all-important beauty kip now that the clocks are going back and early sunrises are coming

We can hear all you gregarious types screaming ‘haven’t you had plenty of that in lockdown?!’ already. Well, no is the answer. We’re not saying we won’t invite our friends round to do it with us this time, but we’ve had a busy summer of socialising and now it’s back to our happy place in front of Bake Off, Strictly and Netflix new releases, thank you.

Anyone with us? If so, do read on because below you’ll find 19 super soft, comfy and chic dressing gowns and cotton robes you’ve ever seen to cosy on down with. Whatever your preferences, there’s one here for you. Squishy fleece fan? This Marks & Spencer number or hotel-like Soho Home version will do the trick. Love the feel of cotton terry towelling dressing gowns on your skin? Don’t miss this towelling robe from Zara Home. If you run hot (there’s always one), don’t worry you don’t have to miss out on comfort— try this cotton Liberty style or this satin La Perla robe. We’ve also got waffle robes, fleece robes, organic cotton options, cotton jersey dressing gowns, floral print robes for every price tag.

The best slippers for women to keep your feet cosy, because slipper season is well on its way again (sorry)

After more cosy content? If you’re looking to really treat yourself be sure check out this edit of luxury dressing gowns. Head this way for our edit of the best slippers, over here for the best pyjama sets for women and why not add sleep masks to the list while you’re at it? Hibernation season is here, people… so nightwear is too.

Scroll for our full edit of the best dressing women’s dressing gowns to add to your checkout.

6 Brands Making Ethical and Sustainable Robes and Bathrobes

Nothing says rest and relaxation quite like a cozy bathrobe. If you’re in need of some self-care or looking for an eco-friendly robe to gift your lover, bestie, or family member, we’ve found some great brands for you. Whether you wear your ethical PJs, eco undies, or nothing at all underneath, you’re guaranteed to feel comfy and snuggly AF.

So here are seven brands creating ethical and sustainable bathrobes that you’ll want to wrap around your body – and never want to take off!

1. Coyuchi

For luxurious unisex bathrobes, you’re going to love Coyuchi‘s eco-friendly bathrobes. Made of GOTS-certified organic cotton woven in Turkey and ethically made, its range of organic bathrobes comes in several styles and colours.

One of its most popular styles, the Unisex Organic Waffle Robe (pictured below) is priced at US$98 and features a waffle weave, flattering streamlined fit and belt-loops and comes in four classic colours.

Shop Coyuchi here.

2. Bed Threads

For beautiful, soft sleep robes that you’ll want to lounge in all day, there’s the ultra-soft 100% French flax linen eco-friendly robes by Sydney label Bed Threads. Designed with luxury in mind, this ethically-sourced, tailored robe is lightweight and perfect for both summer and cooler months. It comes in a range of six gorgeous colours: white, oatmeal, pinstripe, charcoal, rust and olive.

If you want to spoil someone for their birthday or get a divine robe for yourself, this high-quality, yet reasonably priced Bed Threads robe makes the perfect self-care gift.

Priced at A$100. Shop Bed Threads robes here.

3. ettitude

Having built its reputation on its ethically manufactured, silky soft, bamboo bedding, it’s no surprise that ettitude‘s affordable eco-friendly bathrobes are a hit.

Made with 100% organic bamboo lyocell, the ettitude unisex style bamboo waffle belted bathrobe has a honeycomb texture and is the ideal mid-length robe to throw on when relaxing at home or after taking a bath or shower.

Price starts at A$80. Shop ettitude bathrobes here.

4. Pact

One of the most affordable sustainable and ethical brands in the marketplace, American label Pact produces a range of wardrobe essentials and basics using only certified organic fabrics and manufacturing only in Fair Trade certified factories.

Its range of sustainable robes are budget-friendly and ideal for lazy days at home. With a starting price of just US$50, Pact organic robes comes in a range of styles for men and women, available in shorter to longer lengths, pockets or no pockets, and a variety of classic and bold colours and prints.

Shop Pact robes here.

5. People Tree

As the world’s first Fair Trade certified clothing label, UK label People Tree‘s Heart Print Robe doesn’t disappoint. Ideal for nightwear, this knee-length robe is made from 100% certified organic cotton and features pockets, waist tie and illustrated love hearts in shades of blue, pink and black on white background.

Match with a People Tree pajama set of trousers and camisole and you’ll have a complete set to sleep and relax in.

Price starts at A$54.73. Shop People Tree here.

6. Parachute

For a classic plush bathrobe to slouch around in you’re going to love this one by American conscious label, Parachute. The brand behind organic mattresses is now behind luxe Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified bathrobes made from the finest 100% long-staple Turkish cotton from the Aegean region.

Designed with two front pockets, a waist tie and snug collar, and available in four sizes and basic colours (mineral, white, blush, stone), this luxuriously soft bathrobe will make you feel even more relaxed in your own home. Team with Parachute’s classic slippers for a complete look. This bathrobe also makes the ideal Valentine’s Day gift or birthday gift for a loved one.

Price start at US$99. Shop Parachute robes here.

7. Maylyn & Co

Not your average robe, Maylyn & Co robes are sensual and luxurious, made from PETA-approved 100% Persian Lotus silk®, a cruelty-free silk made from Lotus plants that are organically farmed, the robes are responsibly manufactured and features embroidery detailing.

This is an ideal robe for romantic weekends away or if you just want to invest in robe that makes you feel sexy.

Prices start at US$295. Shop Maylyn & Co robes here.

Disclosure: Prices and details are correct at time of publishing. This curated list does not fully take into account all the ethical considerations that are unique to each individual. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. You can also check out online tools and apps that provide product reviews and brand ratings here. Click here to read more about our policies.

Recommending reading:

Feature image by Bed Threads.

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90,000 Togas Blog – Terry, Velor or Waffle? Choosing a bathrobe.

Terry, velor or waffle? Choosing a bathrobe.

Bathrobe – everyone’s favorite home clothes. This cozy wardrobe item is difficult to replace with something. Lush, soft, it warms us up after water procedures, gives a feeling of home comfort. Short and long, light and fluffy, with a variety of decor and collar types, with or without a hood, robes are made from different fabrics and have different textures.


What kind of fabrics are not made of robes! In addition to traditional cotton for warm winter models, soft plush microfiber is used, for summer ones – natural silk, delicate eucalyptus fiber or silky modal. For thin lace peignoirs, openwork polyamide, exquisitely beautiful and practical, is ideal.

Bathrobe – everyone’s favorite home clothes. This cozy wardrobe item is difficult to replace with something. Lush, soft, it warms us up after water procedures, gives a feeling of home comfort.Short and long, light and fluffy, with a variety of decor and collar types, with or without a hood, robes are made from different fabrics and have different textures.

Do you like natural materials? Then pay attention to cotton robes – this is a familiar and comfortable classic. Combining cotton with other fibers allows you to combine their best properties, for example, combining with modal creates a delicate, silky fabric. Modal, bamboo or eucalyptus fiber products are great options for summer, they are light, silky and cool.

Let’s consider several types of traditional natural cotton robes, which differ in texture, fabric thickness and nap. This fiber is extremely environmentally friendly, such products are practical to care for and will serve you for a long time.

Which model is right for you?

Terry bathrobes

Cotton fabric with terry loops is extremely cozy and warm. It will perfectly warm you on a winter evening, when you so want to wrap yourself up in a fluffy robe with a hood after a warm bath.Lush double loops perfectly absorb moisture and quickly warm, and this material is also very pleasant to the touch. Mahra is ideal for winter dressing gowns.

Terry loops can be straight or twisted. Robes with simple loops are slightly lighter and softer, more versatile for all seasons. Pay attention to the height of the loops, this is important. Lush loops create comfortable softness, which is why such products are chosen. But too long of them leads to the fact that they “cling” and stretch, deteriorating the appearance of the robe.It is not recommended to buy models with long loops if you like to take pets in your hands, which will easily hook them with claws. The optimum hinge height is no more than 5 mm.

Waffle fabric

The characteristic pattern, reminiscent of delicious waffles, looks attractive. But the main advantage of this thin matter is its amazing hygroscopicity. Waffle fabric absorbs a significant amount of moisture and dries very quickly. This material was invented by Turkish weavers back in the 18th century and quickly gained popularity due to its lightness, pleasant texture, and extraordinary hygroscopicity.It is also very durable and easy to clean.

Waffle fabric is perfect for light summer robes, practical and quick-drying, for models that are used near the pool or in the hammam, should absorb moisture well, dry quickly. Thin waffle robes are very compact and take up little space in a suitcase, they are convenient to take with you on trips.

Velor models

Velor bathrobes look expensive and stylish. These are also terry products, but with cut loops and a different pile structure, where splendor is created not due to volumetric loops, but due to short fibers that fit tightly to each other.Velor absorbs moisture well, it is also warm and durable. These models are soft and pleasant to the touch, reminiscent of delicate velvet. The luxurious texture and light shine of the fabric make the velor robes very attractive, it is not for nothing that the most elegant female models are made of velor. They will become beautiful home clothes and a comfortable decoration for an evening with your family.

Selection by type of female figure

If you have a large figure, try to avoid fluffy terry robes, they visually increase the proportions of the body.Look for velor or thinner waffle models. Choose robes with a V-neck that suits those with large breasts. Cropped models are suitable for short women, they will also look good on thin women.

Home clothes help you feel comfortable, relax and unwind within the walls of your home. If you are not very comfortable in the purchased dressing gown and there is no feeling of “homeliness” and warm comfort, you should buy something else.

Assistance in choosing a bathrobe

  • Do you need a bathrobe for winter?

    Then buy terry products with a hood.

  • Do you like soft fabric?

    The best models for you – in cotton with modal or bamboo fiber.

  • You are looking for a warm and at the same time very gentle, velvety product?

    If yes, select velor.

  • Do you need a summer bathrobe for the pool?

    Check out the lightweight waffle models.

Women’s dressing gowns: which material is better

The robe has become an irreplaceable thing not only for women, but also for men. It is convenient to put it on immediately after waking up, coming home from work, before going to bed, after bath procedures. And if earlier the main selection criteria were convenience and practicality, now the product design has been added to them.

In a modern fashionista’s wardrobe, you can find several sets of such clothes – at different times of the year or on occasion. Naturally, each has its own design, cut and material.And about which is better to choose from women’s dressing gown , we will tell further.

What should be considered before choosing?

Women’s bathrobes are made from natural, artificial and synthetic fabrics. In the first case, materials from 100% natural raw materials are used for sewing, in the second – artificially created from natural, in the third – completely chemical fiber. The more natural the material, the higher the quality of the product, the better it will perform its functions and the longer it will serve the owner.

Combined compounds are often found – the fabric for sewing consists of natural and synthetic materials. In this case, the product will have the qualities of both.

In accordance with the time of the year, the women’s dressing gown can be winter, summer and demi-season. The winter must be warm and soft, and the summer must be passable, light, it must be good for air to pass through. These qualities depend on the material from which the product is sewn.

Silk or satin robe – great for summer

Silk robe is beauty, sexuality, luxury.It is not very comfortable in everyday wear, but it is ideal to appear in front of your partner in a romantic way. Such a robe looks expensive: the fabric shines and flows, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

This garment is best suited for the summer season – it is pleasant to the touch, lightweight, quickly takes on body temperature, and has a long service life. Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting the high cost.

It should also be borne in mind that such gowns can be made from:

  • Natural silk.
  • Artificial silk.
  • Silk satin.
  • Armani Silk.

You can learn more about the advantages of these materials from our article: Satin or silk – the difference in fabrics.

Satin robe is a good alternative to expensive silk models. The uniqueness of the fabric lies in the special weaving of the threads, due to which the product is durable, has a good shine and has a long service life.

Such a robe can be made from 100% natural silk fabric, as well as combined or fully synthetic.On such home clothes made of satin, puffs are extremely rare, and the material itself does not require ironing after washing.

Brands such as Mia-Mia have proven themselves best as manufacturers of silk and satin robes.

Cotton bathrobes for women – warmth and softness in which you want to drown

Bathrobes are made from natural cotton:

  • Terry.
  • Velor.
  • Cotton.

Terry bathrobes can be either 100% cotton, or partially or completely made of synthetics. When choosing such a robe, it is worth remembering: terry is a type of fabric that consists of a set of loops (pile).

Generally, terry robes are best chosen for winter wear (with double-sided pile), but manufacturers also offer options for summer wear (with one-sided pile) They are very warm, soft, gentle to the touch, perfectly absorb moisture (ideal after taking a bath or shower) and heavy by weight.

Velor dressing gowns are preferred by many girls because of their appearance, unpretentious care and long service life. A distinctive feature of a product made from this material is a soft, velvety front side and a smooth, cotton inner side.

Such clothes look elegant and beautiful, retain their appearance for a long time, and depending on the thickness of the material, a velor dressing gown can be bought for any season.

Knitted bathrobes due to their airiness, imperceptibility, high hygroscopicity and air exchange are excellent for wearing in summer.These clothes are lightweight, pleasant to the body, and durable.

If you want to buy yourself a cotton robe, we recommend taking a closer look at the Violet deLux and Sensis brand models.

Plush & Fleece Robes – Popular Polyester

Plush robe with its appearance and tactile sensations is able to transfer to childhood. The material itself is synthetic – 100% polyester, but the quality is not much inferior to artificial fabrics.Models from L&L and Henderson Ladies are in high demand among customers.

Visually and tactilely, the plush robe resembles something between terry and velor. It is very warm and soft and provides excellent warmth (best for cold weather).

The pile on such clothes is high, medium in density and smoothed to one side. Because of this, there is a slight inconvenience – it is worth taking care of such clothes with a special brush.

Fleece robes are also made of synthetic materials.Such clothes are soft and pleasant to the body, warm well. Fleece clothing for the home is distinguished by its durability and unpretentiousness in care, it is perfectly breathable and does not cause allergies. Manufacturers such as Wiktoria and Key offer fleece robes in various and very beautiful designs.

Viscose robes – a worthy alternative to natural materials

Viscose belongs to artificial materials – it is made of cellulose (100% natural material), and micromodal is already a kind of viscose cloth.

Viscose dressing gowns are very light, soft, practically not prone to deformation during washing, wearing and drying. In terms of hygroscopicity, they are even better than cotton products – the moisture absorption rate is 1.5 times higher!

Our online store recommends viscose models from such brands: Donna, Babella, Eldar and De Lafense.

Micromodal robes have the same advantages as viscose models. But given that the micromodal itself is more durable, clothes made from it will last longer.

Women’s bathrobe – is there a universal fabric?

Summarizing the above, we can say that each material is unique and has its own advantages. When choosing a robe, first of all, it is worth determining for yourself – for what purpose and season it is needed, and only after that choose options, taking into account the properties of the fabric from which it is sewn.

More than 400 models of women’s dressing gowns from different materials from the world’s best manufacturers are presented in our online store are confident that each client will definitely be able to choose the ideal option that suits you in terms of design, size and requirements.

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Date: 11/27/2019

Silk robe – a luxurious attribute of home wardrobe

Any home clothing should be practical and comfortable. However, the beauty and attractiveness of a woman’s wardrobe is also needed.It is a silk robe that will give a feeling of lightness and carelessness, decorate your morning look and help you relax in the evening.

Features and benefits of a women’s dressing gown

Many materials are used for sewing dressing gowns. Some fashionistas give preference to knitwear, terry cloth or cotton models. But the undoubted leader in clothing for the home is a dressing gown made of natural silk, which has various advantages:

  • special elements of threads (proteins and amino acids) have a positive effect on the skin;
  • the fabric does not cause allergic reactions;
  • silk is a natural antiseptic;
  • The material naturally repels dust, so silk robes are practically non-staining.

Silk fabric is highly breathable. Light and delicate clothes are very comfortable to wear – it is not hot in silk clothes. And most importantly, the sliding smooth canvas gives an unusually pleasant tactile sensation.

Varieties of silk

Thanks to modern technologies, artificial and synthetic analogs of natural silk have appeared. Among them, each girl will be able to choose a dressing gown, based on her preferences.


Soft, exquisite fabric spun from silkworm cocoon threads.Beautiful play and shine of the silk surface of the material are provided by the triangular cross-section of the thread. Fabrics can have a dense structure (reminiscent of crepe), and thin gauzy silks are also created. Before dyeing textiles, silk is washed, boiled, and bleached. Mineral and vegetable dyes are used for dyeing fabrics. Complex shades of the canvas are obtained thanks to the technology of multiple coloring.

Natural material is very strong, well stretchable, highly hygroscopic and breathable.


The base material is viscose – a fiber obtained from wood pulp. Artificial silk basically has the same positive qualities as natural:

  • hygroscopicity and breathability;
  • lightness and smoothness;
  • does not accumulate static electricity;
  • beautifully draped;
  • dyes well and retains color.

However, there are some disadvantages.So, when wet, artificial silk loses its strength, elasticity, therefore it can break, easily wrinkle. In addition, artificial fabric is less breathable and has no bactericidal properties.


Polyester silk is made from synthetic fibers. In the production process, threads of different densities are intertwined. Silk fabric turns out to be shiny, with an interesting texture, beautifully draped. Positive qualities of the material:

  • when wetting and drying, the fabric is not deformed;
  • Polyester silk items do not shrink after washing;
  • the canvas is not afraid of direct sunlight and does not fade;
  • The fabric is hypoallergenic.

Silk is inexpensive due to low production costs. Patterns and prints are easily applied to the canvas. The fabric is available in different densities. The thinnest fabric (180-190T) is used for sewing clothes.

Silk acetate

Cellulose is used for the production of artificial fabric. In the process of complex technological processing of the material, vinegar (acetate) is used, which served as the name of the fabric.

Advantages of artificial canvas: less wrinkling, does not lose color under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, is slightly dirty.However, the acetate fabric also has disadvantages: it is non-hygroscopic, poorly breathable, so the body in such clothes “does not breathe”.


When choosing home clothes, length is not the last thing. A wardrobe for the home is formed from cozy things, so it is important that they are comfortable and suitable for everyday wear.


Short clothes are the most comfortable. Such things do not create problems when doing homework. And sports hostesses can seductively demonstrate slender legs.

Silk dressing gown in an ensemble with pajamas (top and shorts) is a great option for a leisurely morning tea. Exquisite openwork short models will accentuate the seductive forms of the fashionista and add a romantic touch to cozy evenings.


Such models can hardly be called home clothes. Rather, these things are related to sexual products. Small slits on the sides, decorated with openwork inserts, complete with lace underwear, emphasize the graceful forms of the fashionista.

This is a great option for summer clothes for the house. Cozy robes are a great choice of attire for your morning beauty routine. Light things are nice to throw on your shoulders after a refreshing shower.


Silk maxi clothes will add aristocracy and respectability to the image. Such robes are ridiculous to put on for cooking dinner, but it is also inconvenient to vacuum in them. But the models will allow you to sit quite comfortably in an armchair in the evening after a busy day.

Floor length

This is a comfortable length for home clothes for the cold season.A long silk robe will add sophistication and luxury to your look. Stylish models decorated with lace will help create a festive mood. Pleasant touches of silk fabric will save you from the blues on rainy days.


This is the optimal length of clothing, comfortable for doing household chores. These robes are most popular because they are comfortable in everyday life and allow you to create an elegant home look. Business and practical housewives should give preference to button-down models.

If you are choosing a dressing gown for relaxation, then the optimal solution is simple cut models with a belt.


The robe is mistakenly referred to as a simple, uncomplicated type of clothing. A wide range of models create products of different sizes and styles, with interesting finishes and special national notes.

Plus size

Loose robes are a great homewear option for curvy ladies. Thanks to the ties, you can put on an oversized silk robe that gently accentuates your figure.Stylists recommend paying attention to the high-waisted style – such clothes will mask the extra centimeters at the waist.

It is advisable to choose a floor length model. Beautiful flip flops decorated with fur will look flirty while walking. And there will be no worries about imperfect legs. To cover full arms, you can choose a model with long sleeves. A great option is a silk robe with ¾ sleeves to show off nice wrists.


Fashionable solution – a set consisting of a robe and nightie.The original set will give a woman a luxurious, well-groomed look. As a rule, manufacturers offer a more modest version of a wraparound robe and a nightie decorated with lace.
Usually things are sewn from the same material. The ensemble of a silk robe and trousers with a top looks respectable and expensive.

Stylish set – silk robe and nightgown in muted wine shade. Black lace adorns the top and bottom of the nightgown and the sleeves of the negligee. The contrasting decor emphasizes the noble red hue and brings passionate notes to the outfit.


Cozy home clothes do not hinder movement and allow you to freely sit on the sofa or comfortably do your homework. An oversized dressing gown is the best choice for everyday activities. Most of all, short clothes in muted shades are practical.

With lace

Most often, home clothes are associated with stretched boring things of an incomprehensible color. A silk robe is an ideal option for keeping a feminine and well-groomed look at home.Products decorated with lace look especially exquisite and delicate.

As a rule, lace trim adorns the sleeves, the bottom of the robe. Stylists offer original models with an asymmetrical arrangement of lace inserts. Openwork sleeves give home clothes a smart, flirty look.


Garments with oriental notes are becoming more and more relevant. Graceful flowing silk is the best choice for sewing a beautiful kimono robe. Distinctive features of the cut of the clothes are wide sode sleeves.The classic kimono is not buttoned. The floors of the clothes are fixed with a special belt (obi).

The length of the robe can be any, the main reference point is comfort. A stylish robe is sewn from a plain fabric or patterned. The floors of the robe, the edges of the sleeves are sometimes decorated with lace and embroidery.

With buttons

The most functional and comfortable clothing is a dressing gown with buttons.

Unlike a belt, the fasteners securely fix the floors, which do not disperse when doing housework.The style of the dressing gown can be any: fitted, straight, detachable along the waist line.

Robes with turn-down collars, complemented by belts, look more elegant and respectable. If long models are chosen, then it is desirable to have cuts on the sides – for comfortable movement.


Most silk robes have a simple cut, often with belts. Of course, the belt is untied from time to time and the floors “creep”. However, this model allows you not to worry about extra centimeters that appear at the waist after a vacation or long holidays.It is enough not to wrap the floors of the dressing gown so tightly and tie it loosely.

Thanks to the belt, slim women of fashion can exquisitely emphasize the waist line. As a rule, such robes do not have collars, but some products can be decorated with small shawl collars.

For the bride

The bride’s festive morning begins with exciting preparations for the celebration. Taking photos allows you to capture the beautiful moments of the image. An elegant dress is put on before going out. While working as a hairdresser and make-up artist, it is better to wear an exquisite and cozy robe.A silk model is the best choice for a bride. The clothes are creamy, white, decorated with lace and embroidery.

Cozy silk robes (photo below) remain in the wardrobe even after the wedding. Therefore, a model is chosen in which it will be comfortable to do homework or just spend free time.

With dragons

Fans of Asian style will love the robe decorated with images of dragons.A beautiful non-standard item is great for a romantic home date with oriental notes.

The main drawing – a dragon – usually adorns the back of the robe, and the front shelves are decorated with ornate oriental patterns. The model of red silk, painted with golden images and patterns, looks most impressive.

With embroidery

A fashionable trend is to decorate home clothes with original embroidery. Romantic natures choose options for drawings with an oriental character (sakura, lotus branches).More active and dynamic girls prefer lettering embroidery. Common options are names (in Russian or English), names of your favorite bands.

If you do not like the models offered by the manufacturers, you can give a standard silk robe to the atelier, where it will be professionally decorated. Any embroidery will add originality and color to clothes.

For pregnant women

A simple cut dressing gown is an excellent choice of comfortable home clothes for pregnant women. Silk clothes are hypoallergenic and well ventilated.Such models will create maximum comfort for the expectant mother.

It is better to choose products with a high waistline. This cut will make it easy to tie a robe and is perfect for pregnant women with a big belly.


Silk models with thin lining are less common. However, these are quite comfortable clothes for cooler days. Sometimes manufacturers offer just two-layer silk items.

These robes may not look as elegant as the traditional ones.But you can only appreciate the cozy feeling of warmth on cool days. More versatile models with a wrap, complemented by a belt. These items can be worn over thin shirts or T-shirts with leggings.


Simple straight cut models can have long or short sleeves. Usually these are midi or floor length products. Bright contrasts of the main background and patterns make the robe a real festive home wear. But Chinese robes made of solid silk fabrics are also in demand.

Some styles are complemented by a high collar, and the robe visually turns into a stylish home dress.


Bright, colorful robes bring a touch of life to your home wardrobe. The robes have no special cut. Clothes of a straight silhouette, decorated with a national Vietnamese ornament, are comfortable in everyday life and are great for receiving friends.


A floor-length oriental women’s robe with unusually wide sleeves.Beautiful silk robes are decorated with patterns or even pictures with a Japanese theme. Wrap-around robes are tied with a wide belt. The leading color range is shades of red, blue, white.

Perhaps, doing household chores in such clothes is not very convenient. However, this is a great option for an evening getaway.


An additional detail in the form of a hood adds comfort to the clothes. It’s nice to put a hood over your hair, wet after a bath or shower, in a cool time.When airing the apartment, the hood will protect against drafts. The weight of the silk item is not felt at all. But it gives the dressing gown a somewhat sporty look, which not everyone likes.

Actual colors

The color palette allows you to make the dressing gown a fashionable home wardrobe. Modern trends are pastel shades. The most relevant are things with a shade of dusty rose, mint, blurry blue, sand tone.

Silk can be attributed to whimsical fabrics, as there are traces of water droplets on clothes.Therefore, the most practical will be robes with patterns or ornaments. Popular options are peas, geometric prints, floral ornaments.

A beautiful play of shades is able to visually correct figure flaws. Products with vertical stripes are suitable for overweight women. And thin women of fashion will love models with horizontal stripes. Original options – decorating the cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom with floral fabrics.

How to choose

Natural silk products are not cheap.And the desire to have a quality item is quite natural. Therefore, when buying, it is important to carefully check the authenticity of the textiles:

  • Real silk feels very smooth and slightly cool.
  • The composition of the fabric must be indicated on the label. If in doubt, you can experiment with the product probe. The threads are set on fire, and real burnt silk should smell like burnt wool.
  • The price of the product also matters. A dressing gown made of natural silk is quite expensive; substantial discounts or unrealistic sales should alert you.

Naturally, floor-length items or those decorated with exquisite lace have a higher price.

Interesting models

Long silk robes with wide sleeves are the most popular. Products stylized as a Japanese kimono perfectly “fit” women of fashion with any type of figure. Noteworthy are the long models made of dark silk. Noble shades of rich blue will make the silhouette visually slimmer and taller.

Surprising options – dressing gowns with cutouts on the back.Such an idea will be appreciated by courageous women of fashion who do not hesitate to demonstrate the beauty of the body. Also, models made from different materials have an original look. As an option – silk robes with lace sleeves and lace hem.

In trend – robes made of silk with a metallic shade, decorated with oriental patterns, with hems of different lengths (slightly shorter in the front).

Helpful advice

When purchasing an expensive item, you should take proper care of it.If you adhere to certain requirements, the robe will retain its original exquisite look for a long time:

  • It is advisable to wash things by hand in cool water, separately from other clothes. In this case, bleach-free detergents are used.
  • Since silk is allowed to be rubbed lightly, the gown should not be heavily soiled.
  • It is advisable to add a little vinegar to the rinse water (no more than 2 tablespoons of acetic acid per 10 liters of liquid).
  • Things are wrung out neatly, not twisting too much. Dried flat, in the shade.

The robe can be ironed with an iron in the “silk” mode (at temperatures up to 110˚C). Do not use Moisture Mode as splashing water will stain the silk fabric. It is recommended to pick up a linen bag for storing white items. Otherwise, in a plastic bag, silk can accumulate moisture, “suffocate” and turn yellow.

Silk robe is a great way to keep both luxurious and elegant look at any time of the day.A model made of real material will help you to always feel comfort and coziness.

Simple summer bathrobes with your own hands: patterns and description | Self-sewing machine

A simple, comfortable and light summer dressing gown is an indispensable item in any woman’s wardrobe. Made of thin breathable fabric, it is able to give freshness and comfort, becoming your favorite home or beachwear. Thanks to a huge selection of different styles, it will not be difficult to sew a summer robe with your own hands.To do this, you just need to choose the necessary fabric, have a sewing machine available, as well as some free time.

Simple wrap dressing gown

For the manufacture of this model of the robe, a piece of light fabric (preferably natural) with a width of 140-150 centimeters and a length equal to the length of the future robe is required.

Cutting fabric is so easy that no additional paper sewing is required.

Having folded the fabric lengthwise, with the wrong side inward, mark on it: the neckline, the cutout line on the shelves and the armhole line.The length and width of the product have already been determined.

To draw the line of the neck of the back, it is necessary to retreat from the upper edge of the fold 3.5-4 centimeters down and 9 centimeters to the side. Next, you should connect the obtained points with a curved line.

In order to draw a cut-out line on the shelves, from the upper right corner you should step back 9 centimeters to the left and 44-48 centimeters down (this measure is equal to the length from the shoulder to the waist), after which it is necessary to smoothly connect the obtained points.

The armhole line runs exactly in the center of the folded fabric, and has a length equal to 24 centimeters plus a seam allowance.

Having finished marking, the fabric blank is cut along the marked lines.

Having straightened the fabric, it should be folded so that the shoulder lines of the front and back of the robe come together. After that, they need to be stitched and swept.

To complete the work, it remains only to process all the available cuts with a suitable tape or braid, and sew on the straps. A simple wraparound robe is ready.

Another version of the pattern of such a robe:

Simple robe – kimono with one-piece sleeves

For the manufacture of such a robe, you will need a light cotton fabric measuring 150 by 164 centimeters, taking into account hem allowances.

The canvas is folded in half along the length of the product, with the wrong side inward. Further, a marking is applied to the folded canvas, defining the lines of the neck, armholes and sleeves.

For the convenience of marking and subsequent cutting, the canvas should be divided in half by laying a vertical straight line.

Then, a neck is drawn, equal to 18 centimeters, and an armhole, with side lengths of 20 centimeters.

To mark the line of the sleeves, you need to focus on the width of the entire product.With a robe width of 90 centimeters, the length of the sleeves will be 30 centimeters. Choosing a suitable width for them, the last lines are drawn.

Another version of the pattern of a summer kimono robe:

Having cut the canvas according to the marked markings, the side cuts are processed – grinded and overcast. The bottom of the robe and sleeves are processed with a hem seam with a closed cut. The neckline and front shelves can be hemmed with an open cut, edged or sewn on.It remains to sew a belt and a simple kimono robe is ready.

Robe on the basis of an oval

This model of a robe is very simple, but when used for sewing a beautiful fabric, it can turn into an elegant dress.

To make it, you need any fabric you like, measuring 145 by 135 centimeters.

The fabric is cut without any pattern. Having cut out an oval blank from the canvas, the lines of the armhole are marked on it, the upper border of which will be 20 centimeters, and the length will correspond to the size of the back width.

When finished cutting, the edges of the product are processed with a bias tape or a suitable tape. A simple robe dress is ready. You can read more about it here, as well as watch cutting and sewing on the video:

So, quickly and easily, without making any special efforts, and saving precious time, you can please yourself with a beautiful new thing by making an excellent thing with your own hands.

Simple dressing gown with a deflated armhole

Consider sewing a dressing gown with a deflated armhole.The pattern is for size 46, length 102 cm – slightly covers the knee. You can sew a robe from calico or chintz.

  • Fabric consumption: with a width of 1.40 – 1 product length plus pocket length plus 6 cm for allowances; with a fabric width of 0.80 cm – 2 lengths of the robe plus 12 cm for allowances plus the length of the pocket.
  • Edge consumption 2, 2 meters (for a dressing gown with a regular armhole – 2.5 m).
  • To fasten the robe, you will need a 70 cm split zipper.

Pattern. Scale 1: 4

When cutting, add 1 cm to the seams along the shoulder and side seams and 4 cm along the bottom.

Since a robe is a garment that does not require a perfect fit, we sew without darts, and we can also increase the pattern using a simplified method.

Size 48 can be made from 46 – just add 1 cm to the side seams.Size 50 out of 46 – you need to draw a vertical line so that it passes over the shoulder, cut the pattern and move it 2 cm, that is, both the front and the back increase 4 cm. For size 52, move 3 cm apart. Larger sizes require finer adjustments.

How to increase or decrease patterns, we told here.

dressing gown with armhole

We do not make allowances on the neckline and armholes, since we process them with edging.

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