Cotton on perls: Welcome to Perks! A lifetime of rewards.

Welcome to Perks! A lifetime of rewards.

    You can sign up to CottonOn & Co. Perks online here, or head in store.

    No, CottonOn & Co. Perks is a free program designed to allow us to thank you for your loyalty and reward you across our seven brands.

    You will need to provide your full name and a personal email address, and agree to our terms and conditions. We also ask for your date of birth, the brands you like and your mobile number, so we can send you a birthday treat and SMS reminders so you don’t miss out on rewards. But it’s up to you if you want to provide them. You can add these details later if you change your mind, just click the Preference Centre link in the bottom of any Cotton On & Co email and follow the prompts.

    Your account is linked to your email address, so you cannot be a Cotton On & Co. Perks member without one. This is how we’ll get in touch with any exclusive offers and how you’ll receive your perks Payday vouchers. We recommend signing up with a personal email address that’s not likely to change.

    You wouldn’t want to opt out of Cotton On & Co. Perks emails, as they keep you up to date on your exclusive offers, events and most importantly, your rewards! You can, however, manage which brands you want to hear from via the Preference Centre, which you can access via the link at the bottom of your emails. We’d love to keep you with us, but if you do need to cancel, you can follow the prompts using the Preference Centre. Alternatively contact our Customer Service team by emailing them at [email protected] If you choose to rejoin the program, you can do so with a new email address.

    You will receive a card immediately when you join in any of our five brand’s stores. If you join online, a member card can be picked up in your nearest store from any of our brands. Simply ask one of our team members for assistance. Find your nearest store here. You can also download a digital card via the link in your welcome email. We’re not able to mail out a member card; however, the team in store can issue one the next time you visit. You do not need a card to continue to earn points when shopping online.

    Let our Customer Service team know by contacting them on [email protected] so that we can cancel your existing card. The team in store can then issue a new one on your next visit.

    It is not possible to transfer rewards between accounts. Ideally, you’d earn all your rewards on one account so you can reach your rewards faster. Our customer service helpdesk can check which account has the most rewards on it for you. You can contact Customer Service by sending an email to [email protected] Please note, in line with our terms and conditions, customers are restricted to one CottonOn & Co. Perks member account per person.

Perks Terms & Conditions

Being a member of Cotton On & Co. Perks means that we get to spoil you just a bit extra! It doesn’t matter how or where you shop, you’re important to us and perks is our way of saying thanks for shopping with us, both in store and online. Want to know the best part? Cotton On & Co. Perks allows you to reap rewards across five brands – Typo, Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Cotton On Kids and Rubi Shoes. We call that Perks with the works!

By joining Cotton On & Co. Perks, you agree to these terms and conditions which may be updated from time to time. We reserve the right to modify, refuse or terminate a member’s account (but only if we really had to as we really want you to enjoy all of these extra benefits!). One account valid per person.

How to join

Joining is easy (and free)! You can join in store or online. All we need is your name and email address. We also ask you for your date of birth to determine you are over the age of 13 (anyone 13 and under isn’t eligible to join, sorry!) We may also ask for your mobile number, but this is optional information. You can update your details at any time by accessing the Preference Centre, which can be found via a link on the bottom of all emails from Perks and the Cotton On & Co. brands.

Sorry, but team members employed by the Cotton On Group and our VIP members are not eligible to join. This is exclusively for our customers who don’t get to enjoy all the other benefits of working with us.

Your account details

You can update these details at any time by accessing the Preference Centre, which can be found via a link on the bottom of all emails from Cotton On & Co. Perks and the Cotton On & Co. brands. It’s important that you keep these details up to date so that we can contact you about your membership, perks, special offers or entries into competitions! Trust us, you are going to want this info!

Your rewards card

Your rewards card, its membership account and rewards are not transferable (because why would you need to when you get the benefits for yourself to enjoy?) If you complete the sign-up process in store you will receive your card there and then. If you complete the sign-up process online, just pop into store and present your ID card and we will organise your card for you. You will also receive a digital card in your Welcome email, which can be saved to your Apple or Android wallet or Passbook. For in store purchases, you will just need to present your perks or digital card. For online purchases, simply enter the email address associated with your account at checkout. This is important if you want us to register your purchase, update your spend balance as well as redeem rewards – because you don’t want to miss out right?!

The perks

  • Earn a £5 voucher for every £50 you spend, excluding sale items (this is cumulative so it’s up to you – you can spend £50 once or £10 across five different shops, both in-store or online and you’ll get your reward emailed once you hit £50).
  • You will receive a birthday treat and little surprises throughout the year.
  • You will receive exclusive offers and information about sale previews and new launches.

How it works

Payday Rewards
For every £50 you spend in store or online across all five brands – Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Cotton On Kids, Rubi and Typo (this excludes any items on sale as well as the purchase of gift cards and any shipping costs for online deliveries) and you will receive a £5 shopping reward. These purchases will contribute to your spend balance.

Your spend balance is calculated on a daily basis and if you are eligible for a reward or multiple rewards, you will receive these via email the next day. Rewards will be issued in multiples of £5 and will list the expiry clearly on the individual voucher.

Rewards cannot be earned using other rewards as part of the transaction. For example, if you purchase items using £100 in cash and £10 in rewards, you are only entitled to earning on the £90 of the transaction value.

We will send you an email when you are entitled to a reward. It is important that you don’t unsubscribe to the perks member emails we send you or you won’t be able to know when you are entitled to a reward or your spend balance.

The Cotton On & Co. Perks program is for personal shopping only – sorry businesses & wholesalers, vouchers will only be issued to those we deem to be legitimate personal customers. We reserve the right to reject your Payday voucher/s if we know or suspect that you intend to resell some or all of the products specified in your order as a part of a commercial business.

Redeeming your rewards

Rewards can only be redeemed once and they can only be redeemed at Cotton On Group stores in the United Kingdom or online at and A minimum spend of £15 must be reached in order to redeem each voucher.

You must present your rewards card, digital card or photo ID at the counter in-store, along with your perks rewards voucher to redeem your reward. To redeem a reward online you must enter your perks email address at checkout or be logged into your account using the same email address as you used for your perks membership.

Multiple rewards may be redeemed in one transaction (however the minimum spend for each reward must be reached first) and promotional codes may be used in conjunction with a reward.

When shopping online, you must reach the free shipping threshold after any perks voucher or discount has been applied. Vouchers cannot be redeemed against shipping costs.

When can’t rewards be redeemed? Rewards cannot be redeemed in conjunction with a Team Member or VIP discount or in selected promotions.

We will not be held responsible or liable if rewards are not able to be redeemed for whatever reason, for example the failure of software or hardware or a card terminal malfunction. But we will of course do our best to get it back on track so you get all the rewards you deserve!


If you earned rewards points when making your purchase these points will be taken off your balance when making your return. For example, if you purchase an item for £25 and an item for £15 you would have earned 40 points. If you return the £25 item your points balance will be reduced to 15. If you have already been issued a voucher for the purchase your points balance will go into negative.

If you return an item, any perks vouchers earned from that item will be cancelled. If the vouchers have already been used before you return the item, the equivalent amount of points earned from that item will be removed from your perks account (this may result in your perks account balance being in negative).

If you used a voucher when you made your purchase the total amount you paid will have been reduced. The refund will be processed based on the amount paid after any vouchers were applied.The exception is when the returned item is faulty, in which case you will receive a refund for the full amount of the purchase including any vouchers that were used  

If you have used a voucher to purchase multiple items, your voucher will be split across the items purchased, therefore any returns will have the value adjusted accordingly.

The voucher you used will be forfeit and our in store teams are unable to reinstate points on your membership at the time of the return. However, if you would like these points to go towards your next voucher please contact our customer service team via [email protected]

If you choose not to contact our customer service team the points will not be added to your account and a new voucher will not be issued.


If you have purchased an item using a Payday voucher and you would like to exchange it for another item, the exchange will be issued for the full value of item, regardless of whether a Perks voucher has been used in the transaction.

Gift Cards

Unfortunately you won’t earn points when purchasing a gift card, but you will earn points when you pay using a gift card. Your perks vouchers can’t be redeemed for gift cards or cash either.

Your personal details

We collect your details for the purpose of facilitating the Cotton On & Co. Perks Loyalty Program. By joining you agree to all of our brands contacting you via email with marketing information and information about rewards, other products or special offers. Your personal information will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

To maintain your membership

You must have made a minimum purchase of £1 within a 24 month period to maintain a valid membership. It’s our job to make this easy for you!

If you want to end your membership

You can end your membership at any time by contacting our Customer Service team by email to [email protected] or via the Preference Centre.

Cotton On & Co. Perks – How can we help you?

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    You can click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any emails you receive.  You can also contact our customer service team to ask to be removed from the program by choosing the send us an email …

    Read More

  • What is Cotton On & Co. Perks?

    Cotton On & Co. Perks is a free rewards program designed to allow us to thank you for your loyalty and reward you for shopping across our five brands. Perks members receive a $5 voucher for eve…

    Read More

  • What do I need to sign up?

    You can sign up to Cotton On & Co. Perks online here, or head in to store. You will need to provide: Your first name and last name A personal email address We also ask for your date of birth, the…

    Read More

  • Do I have to provide an email address?

    Yes, your account is linked to your email address, so you cannot be a Cotton On & Co. Perks member without one. We recommend signing up with a personal email address that’s not likely to change. If…

    Read More

  • Can I opt out or cancel my Perks membership?

    You wouldn’t want to opt out of Cotton On & Co. Perks emails, as they keep you up to date on your exclusive offers, events and most importantly, your rewards! You can, however, manage which brands …

    Read More

  • Where do I get a Cotton On & Co. Perks card?

    Pick one up in store from any of our brands. Simply ask one of our team members for assistance. Find your nearest store here.

    Read More

  • Can you send me a new member card?

    We’re not able to mail out a member card however the team in store can issue one the next time you visit. You do not need a card to continue to earn points when shopping online.  To earn points onl…

    Read More

  • My card was lost/stolen, what do I do?

    Let us know by choosing the “Contact Us” link below so that we can cancel your existing card. The team in store can then issue a new one on your next visit.

    Read More

  • Do you have a digital card?

    You will receive a link to download your digital card in your Welcome email when you sign up to the Cotton On & Co. Perks program. Simply, click the link in the email to save your card and open in …

    Read More

  • How do I earn rewards?

    Cotton On & Co. Perks Members can earn points online at or in any of our five Cotton On & Co branded stores in USA. To earn rewards online, just enter your perks email address at ch…

    Read More

  • Can I earn rewards when purchasing sale items or Foundation products?

    You can both earn and redeem rewards on Foundation items. You cannot earn points when purchasing sales items.

    Read More

  • Can I earn rewards when purchasing a gift card?

    No, you cannot earn points when purchasing a gift card. 

    Read More

  • Can I earn Perks rewards if I pay using a gift card?

    Yes, you can earn points when you pay using a gift card.

    Read More

  • Do I need a Cotton On & Co. Perks card to earn rewards?

    You don’t need a membership card to earn rewards. To earn rewards online, just use your perks email address at checkout. To earn in-store, let the team member know that you have a Cotton On & Co. P…

    Read More

  • Can my friends or family members use my Cotton On & Co. Perks account?

    No, sorry. The gifts and discounts are our reward for you, so they cannot be transferred. Your friend can sign up and start earning rewards themselves online at or by h…

    Read More

  • When will my rewards appear on my membership?

    All purchases made in-store are calculated at the end of each day, so any rewards you are eligible for are sent the next day via email or will also be available on your online account if you have o…

    Read More

  • What vouchers will I receive?

    $5 Payday Vouchers will be issued once you reach $50 spend across our five brands. You will also receive a Birthday surprise for your birthday if you have specified your date of birth.

    Read More

  • How and when will I receive my voucher?

    Your vouchers will be emailed to you. The Payday Vouchers are emailed the day after you reach your spend and once your order has been dispatched from the warehouse if you’re shopping online.

    Read More

  • Is there a minimum spend on vouchers?

    You must reach a minimum spend of $15 before redeeming each voucher.

    Read More

  • Can I use more than one voucher in the same purchase?

    Yes, you can use more than one voucher in one transaction both online and in-store, just remember to use them before they expire. If you use multiple vouchers the minimum spend will increase accord…

    Read More

  • Do I get change if I don’t use my whole voucher?

    Unfortunately, rewards vouchers cannot be transferred for cash, nor can you split a $5 voucher between two separate transactions. You will need to spend the whole $5 in one transaction and reach a …

    Read More

  • My voucher has expired. Can I still use it?

    You cannot redeem your voucher once it’s expired. We make an effort to send email reminders along the way, and the rewards from your next purchase will go towards your next voucher.

    Read More

  • My voucher is locked. How can I unlock it?

    If a voucher is locked this will automatically unlock for you after 1 hour. Please try again later. If you are still having trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ link b…

    Read More

  • I haven’t received or can’t find my voucher.

    If you have not received your Perks vouchers please check your junk mail & promotions folders. Our perks emails are sent from [email protected] so adding this email address to your safe senders’ …

    Read More

  • Can I use my voucher with other promotions?

    Yes you can, however Cotton On & Co. Perks rewards vouchers will be applied before other promotions. This may mean your basket value is altered before other promotions are applied.

    Read More

  • Can I use my voucher to buy a gift card?

    No, you cannot use your perks vouchers to purchase a gift card.

    Read More

  • How can I use my Perks voucher/card online?

    To use your perks voucher you can either enter the voucher code at the bag page in the box that says “Promo Code / Perks Voucher= Enter code here” or In the “Perks Voucher” section located above th…

    Read More

  • Help, my voucher isn’t working online!

    Sorry that you’re having trouble applying a voucher to your order. The most common reason for a voucher not working is that it’s been entered in the wrong place. Do not enter your Perks Voucher cod…

    Read More

  • What happens if I have used a voucher as payment and need to return something?

    If you used a voucher when you made your purchase the amount you paid will have been reduced. The refund will be processed based on the amount paid after any vouchers were applied. If you have used…

    Read More

  • I have two memberships. Can I transfer my rewards from one to the other?

    In line with our terms and conditions, customers are restricted to one Cotton On & Co. Perks membership per person. This is so that you earn all your rewards on one account and reach your rewards f…

    Read More

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    Does Cotton On – AU give birthday discounts? — Knoji

    Does Cotton On – AU give freebies or discounts if it’s your birthday? Does offer a birthday discount policy? Does Cotton On – AU require an ID or any proof to redeem a birthday discount?

    Birthday discount policies rating: 1.0 – 5 ratings

    Yes, Cotton On – AU does offer birthday discounts.

    We researched this on Feb 10, 2021. Check Cotton On – AU’s website to see if they have updated their birthday discounts policy since then.

    From Cotton On – AU’s website:

    Sign up CottonOn & Co. Perks and provide your name and a personal email address, and agree to their terms and conditions, date of birth, the brands you like and your mobile number, so they can send you a birthday treat and SMS reminders so you don’t miss out on rewards. read more

    What other pricing & discount policies does Cotton On – AU offer? Here’s their scorecard:

    Cotton On – AU FAQ

    Does Cotton On – AU offer military discounts?

    No. Based on our last check on August 2, 2020, Cotton On – AU was not offering veteran’s discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

    Does Cotton On – AU offer student discounts?

    Yes. As of August 11, 2020, Cotton On – AU does offer student discount policies. View the discussion thread for more details.

    Does Cotton On – AU offer price matching?

    No. Based on our last check on July 5, 2019, Cotton On – AU was not offering price matching policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

    Does Cotton On – AU offer teacher discounts?

    No. Based on our last check on July 21, 2019, Cotton On – AU was not offering teacher discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

    Does Cotton On – AU offer senior discounts?

    No. Based on our last check on July 26, 2020, Cotton On – AU was not offering senior discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

    Does Cotton On – AU offer birthday discounts?

    Yes. As of February 10, 2021, Cotton On – AU does offer birthday discount policies. View the discussion thread for more details.

    Does Cotton On – AU offer front-line worker discounts?

    Based on our records, Cotton On – AU does not currently offer essential worker discounts. Check the full discussion to learn more.

    Does Cotton On – AU offer AARP discounts?

    No. Based on our last check on July 21, 2019, Cotton On – AU was not offering AARP discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

    Does Cotton On – AU allow coupon stacking?

    No. Based on our last check on July 21, 2019, Cotton On – AU was not allowing coupon stacking policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

    Does Cotton On – AU accept competitor coupons?

    No. Based on our last check on July 21, 2019, Cotton On – AU was not accepting competitor coupon policies. Check the full discussion for updated information. View full FAQ

    How Cotton On is Winning the CX Game | Retail, POS, Inventory Management Systems

    Client Story + Press Release

    Justin Cohen
    Head of Marketing & Enablement
    February 20, 2019

    Elevating the customer experience (CX) remains a hot topic for retailers in 2019, with many investing in a range of CX programs and tools to keep up with the digitally-empowered consumer across all channels.

    One prominent retailer leading the way in this domain is the Cotton On Group. Last year it launched ‘Perks’ – a global loyalty program that encompasses all the Group’s brands under one state-of-the-art scheme.

    For most retailers operating at a similar scale to Cotton On – the business runs 1,500+ stores across twenty countries and seven brands – bringing a loyalty program like Perks to life would have been a major technological, procedural and financial challenge. But, not for Cotton On.

    For more than a decade, Cotton On has operated with a significant competitive advantage, which sets it apart from most retailers – it runs a single, dynamic retail management system that handles the bulk of its operations for all its brands, worldwide.

    Having a single source of real-time truth about products, customers and stores (still rare in retail today) was a fundamental reason why getting Perks up and running was fast and easy. The results speak for themselves: the velocity and volume of membership uptake has set a high bar for the industry.

    Cotton On’s global retail management IT infrastructure relies on Retail Directions’ consumer-centric software platform, which powers its stores and high-throughput transactional system, manages a vast customer database, and runs a whole spectrum of functions at head office.

    Group Director Ash Hardwick has commented that the software provides the business with a “reliable and agile IT base, which has enabled the rapid growth of the business.”

    Indeed, the Retail Directions platform has been an essential part of Cotton On’s expansion from a humble 53 stores in 2006, when the platform was first deployed, to its current enviable global footprint.

    The Perks program was made possible by leveraging the same technological dexterity that underpinned the business’s unparalleled pace of expansion, in conjunction with tight integrations to Cotton On’s e-commerce provider CommerceCloud and the Salesforce CRM.

    The results transcend providing customers with a seamless cross-brand loyalty experience. Perks data also allows Cotton On to truly understand its customers at an individual level, helping to enhance client interactions across all touchpoints and channels. This includes omni-channel facilities such as Endless Aisle and Click & Collect across the Cotton On, Typo, Cotton On Body, Supre, Cotton On Kids, Factorie and Rubi store networks.

    Cotton On’s CEO Peter Johnson said, “The Cotton On Perks loyalty program provides the data that helps us understand the products and experiences our customers truly love, while giving us insight into how and where they like to shop our seven brands.”

    To date, over six million customers have signed up for Perks in the past 15 months, with around 100,000 being added each week – a tremendous success story for Australia’s largest global retailer.

    About the author

    Justin Cohen has been working in marketing and media for the last 15 years, mostly in the digital space. He has augmented his journalist studies with extensive travel, giving him unique insights into commercial and social spheres of life. Justin looks after Retail Directions’ marketing direction, brand positioning, digital content and community. He is highly respected by his audiences, colleagues and the senior team at Retail Directions.

    Cotton On Promo Code & Voucher Malaysia | 90% OFF | July

    Cotton On is an Australian retail chain having its stores in many other countries as well. It is known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. It has almost 1,500 stores in 12 countries and employs 17,000 staff in Australia and internationally. Shop for some wide range of on-trend women’s clothing & accessories at Cotton On. Select from the different assortment, from jeans, dresses, tops, shoes and shorts. Free shipping available.

    Slay your dressing style wherever you go. Whether its work, weekend, party, sport or slumber, do it all in Cotton On fashions online. To enjoy shopping at more budget price, do not forget to apply Cotton On Promo Codes available at CollectOffers!

    About Cotton On

    In 1991, Cotton On was commenced as fine fashion merchandise in Geelong, Australia. Nigel Austin founded this amazing fashion brands and later it was outstretched by Cotton On Kids, Body, Factorie, Rubi, Typo, Supre, and LOST. Today, it has more 1400 store in 18 countries including Australia.

    This website has been the trends-setter since it has devised all segments of fashion. Pick amazing stationery items from a typo, sensual lingerie from Cotton On Body, and best footwear from Rubi. The popular themes like Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Star Wars, and Pusheen are all tacked on with your favourite fashion.

    Delivery Service

    The tremendous service which takes you quest for outstanding fashion nearest to you. Cotton On collaborates with notable logistics partners to deliver in Malaysia.

    There are majorly three types of delivery:

    1. Click and Collect – Get free delivery on all orders over RM90 and order under RM90 will be charged with RM5 fee.
    2. Standard Delivery – Order above RM125 and get free delivery. Otherwise, RM10 will be charged.
    3. (Please Note: Both Click and Collect and Standard Delivery, takes 1-3 business days for Peninsula delivery and 2-5 business days for East Malaysia.)
    4. Next Day Delivery – For this, RM15 will be charged. But if your order above RM125, only RM5 will be charged.

    Only Standard Delivery is available for personalized items and it will take 5 additional days.

    Cancellation, Return, Exchange and Refund

    To cancel your order, you call Cotton On. You can return your order if received items are different, missing, or faulty within 14 days.

    You can exchange the items with the size or variant issue. Underwear (except bras), cosmetics, earrings, personalised items, gift cards, charity items, and samples cannot be returned or exchanged.

    Refunds will be made in original payment mode or voucher after deducting shipping cost, within 3-5 days.

    CottonOn & CO. Perks Program 

    Cotton On is happily enriching joyfulness among its customers for shopping gaiety fashion. It does it through its loyalty program – CottonOn & CO. Perks. Under which, you get special reward points on your purchases. Perks program membership is absolutely free of cost for everyone. After signing up, you are entitled to get Perks Points on any of 5 brands online or in-store.

    Every RM3 spent will earn you 1 Perks Points each time you shop. On special occasion i.e. Payday, you receive Payday Voucher worth RM30. Spend minimum RM60 to redeem it. You can mail at [email protected] for any assistance. 

    Gift Card

    Gift Cards can be purchased from the special pay on-site under the ‘Gifting’ section. You can select the theme, colour, and also personalize the Gift Card with your message.

    Gift Cards are the way by which you can share your experience with your friends. You cannot earn CottonOn & CO Perks Points when you purchase Gift Cards, but you can earn when you pay using Gift Card.

    90,000 Ministry of Internal Affairs investigates “protest” of employees against sending for cotton –

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan denied plans to send students of initial training and advanced training of employees to pick cotton.

    A video posted on social networks shows dozens of young uniformed employees – students of the training center, shouting: “We will not go to the cotton harvest!”


    Watch on

    A voice-over reports that employees were sent to a one-month course of initial training, but they want to be forced to pick cotton for two months. It is also noted that 800,000 soums were withheld from their salaries for food, “and everyone has families.”

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that the video was taken by trainees at the training center who are attending a month-long training camp that began on 11 September.

    “There was no order to involve the students of these short-term courses in picking cotton.To date, all planned training sessions are ongoing. They will last until October 11, after which the listeners will return to their posts in the respective regions, ”the Interior Ministry said.

    The ministry clarifies that the footage shows that “the students are in an educational institution, not picking cotton”. It is easy to see, notes the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that “the recording was made deliberately, based on unsubstantiated statements in order to discredit the internal affairs bodies and damage the reputation of the employees.”

    According to these facts, an internal investigation is underway in the training centers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

    “Law enforcement officers are obliged in any situation to remain true to their oath and, above all, to serve the people,” the message says.

    At the same time, the statement notes that “law enforcement officers, among other things, on the basis of regulations and orders, maintain public order during the cotton harvest, prevent losses and looting, ensure safety during the transportation of the harvested cotton and other public events “.

    90,000 There is cotton harvest, there are not enough pickers

    During the cotton harvest, an Azattyk reporter visited the Maktaaral District of South Kazakhstan Oblast, where she met with local farmers.

    The fields along the road leading to the village of Esentaeva are sown with watermelons and melons, corn, and cotton. Here and there are tractor trailers filled with cotton. Some cotton fields are harvested, others have cotton bolls open and ready to be harvested. Several pickers can be found in the fields, but there are no large numbers of people on the cotton plantations.

    A truck loaded with cotton on the way to the raw material collection point. South Kazakhstan region, September 20, 2016.

    The situation is different in the cotton fields visited by an RFE / RL reporter. In one field, a rich harvest, in the other – unimportant. The owner of one of the fields, who introduced herself as Gulzhamal, is unhappy with the current harvest.

    – Not all is well with cotton this year. Eaten up by pests. Didn’t react to chemicals, says the farmer.


    Farmer Abdashim Abdubaitov is also dissatisfied with the cotton harvest.He has been growing cotton for 35 years. He explains the failure this year for several reasons.

    – Not all is well this year. We did not have time to buy fertilizers on time. If the care of the cotton was good, fertilizers were used on time, then three to four tons of cotton could be obtained from one hectare. Watered incorrectly, there was not enough water, so the cotton did not gain weight. Maybe we’ll pick two tons of cotton per hectare, he hopes.

    Women from Uzbekistan harvesting cotton.South Kazakhstan region, September 20, 2016.

    Abdashim Abdubaitov says that he bears a lot of expenses from plowing the land to harvesting. Therefore, he doubts that he will make a lot of profit after the harvest.

    – Despite the fact that we do all the hard physical work ourselves, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, equipment – everything cost 80-90 thousand tenge per hectare. Now it is necessary to pay for the labor of the assemblers, the rental of equipment is also a considerable cost. Meanwhile, the cost of cotton at reception points is 146-148 tenge per kilogram.It doesn’t justify the work. Local monopolists artificially reduce the price, Abdashim Abdubaitov believes.

    A dehkanin says that picking cotton is not easy. According to him, he cannot afford to rent a harvester for 40 thousand tenge.

    – Harvesters could be used if four tons were obtained per hectare, at least three tons. It is a pity to use a harvester when you collect two tons of crops per hectare, – says the farmer.

    Cotton pickers at lunchtime.South Kazakhstan region, September 20, 2016.

    Therefore, Abdashim Abdubaitov decided to pick cotton by hand, he hardly found pickers. According to him, there are not enough Uzbek cotton pickers in the village.

    – No collectors. Today I found three or four pickers in the village, and 17 pickers from Uzbekistan joined them. I pay 20 tenge for a kilogram of harvested cotton. The Uzbek pickers are doing well. Hardworking. Each of them collects at least 150 kilograms daily, he says.


    17 Uzbek pickers who work in the field of Abdashim Abdubaitov came from the Syrdarya region. Wrapped in shawls from the sun and dust, they pick cotton without raising their heads. They don’t talk much. Each has a large sack and one empty sack tied to his belt. One by one, they approach the scales at the tractor trailer, weigh the harvested cotton and go back to work with the empty sack.

    A cotton picker from Uzbekistan carries sacks of raw.September 20, 2016.

    A 28-year-old girl named Nazira has been coming from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan for the second year to pick cotton.

    – Now we live in a village in a rented apartment, there are 14 of us. We will collect cotton for the landlord for the rent. We arrived 15 days ago. It was difficult for us to cross the border. We left in the morning, barely arrived in the evening. Received a work permit for a period of one month. If we have time, then we will collect the second crop, – says Nazira.

    Sukhrab, a 24-year-old picker from Uzbekistan, picks 250-300 kilograms of cotton a day and receives 20 tenge per kilogram.According to him, the farmer who hired him provides him with housing and food.

    Most of the Uzbek pickers did not want to speak to the reporter, citing possible pressure upon returning to their homeland. A middle-aged woman from Namangan named Loborkhon said she has been coming to Maktaaral region to pick cotton for 13 years.

    – This year there are ten of us who came here. If they find out about us, they will be expelled from Uzbekistan, ”she says.

    Another woman from Uzbekistan said that she came to Kazakhstan to earn money for her daughter’s wedding.

    A woman from Uzbekistan picking cotton. South Kazakhstan region, September 20, 2016.

    – We are not allowed to travel to Kazakhstan during the cotton picking campaign. We are told: “Why go abroad when we have our own cotton?” There are police, district, rural biys, akims. Do you want everything you earned to go towards paying the fine? What if we are arrested tomorrow? Says an Uzbek cotton picker who did not want to give her name.


    Deputy Head of the Regional Department of Agriculture Turganbek Ospanov confirms that the majority of farmers in the South Kazakhstan region pick cotton by hand.

    – 70 percent of cotton is harvested by hand, 30 percent – using combines. Now farmers pick their cotton themselves and pay the pickers. Earlier, pickers came from Uzbekistan, now there are enough of their own local pickers, – the official says.

    Turganbek Ospanov does not agree with the words of the farmers that “taking cotton at 146 tenge per kilogram does not cover their expenses.”

    The harvested raw cotton is weighed. South Kazakhstan region, September 20, 2016.

    – 146 tenge justifies the work of farmers.For example, farmers spend 160 thousand tenge each to sow cotton and harvest. The state gives benefits, replenishing 35 thousand tenge. One hectare produces two and a half tons of crops, he says.

    According to Turganbek Ospanov, dehkans were no longer paid subsidies for a hectare of land, but they were provided benefits in the amount of 35 thousand tenge for seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, water and fuel.

    – We are now concluding an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture.If the agreement comes into force, from October 20, cotton growers will receive assistance in the amount of 15 thousand tenge per hectare and six thousand tenge for each ton of cotton handed over, – he says.

    Turganbek Ospanov admits that this year, while growing cotton, farmers faced a shortage of water.

    – Maktaaral district receives irrigation water from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. However, neighboring countries violated the interstate agreement. 81 hectares in the region were watered, there was not enough water for two thousand hectares, – says Turganbek Ospanov.

    According to the Department of Agriculture of the South Kazakhstan region, this year 109.6 thousand hectares of land were sown with cotton in nine districts of the region, and it is planned to harvest two and a half tons of cotton from each hectare.

    Cotton picking in South Kazakhstan. Photogallery of Azattyk:

    Photo gallery
    Cotton picking in South Kazakhstan

    Cotton growers in the Maktaaral District of South Kazakhstan Oblast say they have difficulty finding cotton pickers.There are not enough workers, and there are not enough pickers from Uzbekistan.

    90,000 are there any benefits or privileges? – Tashabbus

    Maholani Ozbek Tilida Sing

    Several articles have been published on our site about forced labor, in particular about being forced to take part in the cotton picking and the consequences of refusal. After that, we began to receive new questions from citizens on this topic. Here is one of them:

    “Hello, this year I entered the State Medical Institute in Bukhara.We are told that everyone should go to the cotton harvest. I told them that I was the only child in the family, my father had died, but they insist that all university students should pick cotton. Are there any privileges in the legislation? ”

    No one can be forced to pick cotton. This is forced labor and is contrary to Uzbek law. Consequently, there can be no privileges regarding actions prohibited by law. Anyone unwilling to participate in the cotton harvest can opt out.

    Forcing students to participate in the cotton picking and threatening refusal is forced labor. Forced labor is prohibited by article 37 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and article 7 of the Labor Code. According to our legislation, forced labor is coupled with the threat of punishment in case of refusal. In the definition of “forced labor”, the concept of “threat of punishment”, in our opinion, is very broad and should not mean the threat of only administrative or criminal punishment.Therefore, under the “threat of punishment” in the case of forced labor against will, it is necessary to understand any form of threat.

    If, when attracting students of educational institutions to pick cotton, they hear the threat of punishment in case of refusal, then such cases can be qualified as forced labor. Threats can take many forms. For example, if students refuse to pick cotton and / or pass the daily quota, a university employee may threaten them with expulsion. If you refuse to participate in the cotton harvest and you are threatened, then you are being forced into labor.Such an action is illegal and serves as a sufficient basis for a complaint to the relevant state authorities.

    In the following articles, we intend to provide detailed information regarding filing a complaint for such illegal actions.

    90,000 Cotton producers in Azerbaijan will receive benefits

    BAKU, Azerbaijan Mar

    “Companies that buy cotton from producers, when forming purchase prices, should take into account world prices for cotton and devaluation in the country. We are negotiating with these companies in order to offer agricultural producers more favorable prices,” Mustafayev said.

    According to him, the government also plans to increase concessional lending to entrepreneurs involved in cotton growing.

    “It is necessary to simplify the access of cotton producers to finance,” the minister said.

    Earlier, at a session within the framework of the conference dedicated to the results of the second year of the implementation of the State Program for the Socio-Economic Development of Regions for 2014-2018, farmers spoke about the problems that hinder the development of the cotton sector. In particular, the issue was raised of the cost of cotton, at which farmers sell it [cotton processing enterprises accept cotton at a price of 0.42 manats per kilogram, which is unprofitable for farmers].

    The Ministry of Economy told Trend earlier that cotton farmers will be supported in purchasing seeds, fertilizers, and carrying out agrotechnical works.The department noted that financing of farmers and processing enterprises on preferential terms will be increased.

    The issuance of concessional loans, allocated through the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support under the Ministry of Economy, will reduce the cost of cotton processing, and enterprises will be able to purchase cotton at a higher price. Work is already underway in this direction.

    According to the State Statistics Committee, in 2015, Azerbaijan harvested 35,000 tons of cotton, which is 14.6 percent less than in 2014.This is the lowest cotton production in Azerbaijan since 2010. The average yield in the country amounted to 18.7 centners per hectare, which is 4.5 percent more than in 2014.

    The main cotton growing regions of the country are Saatli, Sabirabad, Beylagan, Barda and Zardab. The highest yield in 2014 was recorded in Yevlakh and Barda districts – 34.1 and 30.7 centners per hectare, respectively.

    (Author: Azad Hasanli.Editor: Konstantin Shapiro)

    Twitter: @AzadHasanli

    Experts spoke about the prospects of the natural fabrics market in Russia

    According to him, the producers of wool and wool products also have a difficult situation.

    “Breeding in the field of sheep breeding has been violated, and if now the number of sheep is growing, it is mainly meat breeds. Today, we collect about 50 thousand tons of wool a year, but only about 10 thousand tons are suitable for processing into fabric.At the same time, a large amount is exported as raw materials to other countries. To cover our own needs of Russian textile industries, we need about 20 thousand tons of wool. What is missing has to be purchased in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, New Zealand, “Kruglik said.

    In his opinion, government assistance is needed for the development of sheep breeding. “We are still going through the period of the 90s, when breeding work was stopped. We had a famous breed of sheep – Romanovskaya, which was widespread throughout Central Russia, and produced good wool and meat.Now sheep breeding is mainly the North Caucasus, Kalmykia, but there are limited pastures. Again, the demand for adapted breeds must be returned. In general, the state is needed everywhere, “the head of Roslegprom summed up.

    “Based on the results of the recent meeting on the development of light industry chaired by the President of the Russian Federation, at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, it was decided to establish as a prerequisite for the sale of fine and semi-fine wool to the processing textile enterprises of Russia by agricultural producers receiving state support,” RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Evtukhov.

    According to Elena Ryzhenkova, PR-director of one of the largest natural fabric manufacturers in Russia, TDL Textile (takes a 70% share of the market for modernize production.

    90,000 Third party monitoring of child and forced labor during the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan in 2020

    Uzbekistan continued to show significant progress in eliminating child and forced labor during the 2020 cotton harvest.As in previous years, there were only a few cases where minors who had not reached the legal minimum age for employment took part in the cotton harvest. The proportion of people subjected to forced labor during the harvest fell by 33% compared to 2019.

    Executive summary

    The ILO continues to believe that systematic child labor is no longer used during the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan .Schoolchildren and students were not mobilized to pick cotton; however, some isolated cases of child labor did occur.

    No systematic forced labor was used during the 2020 cotton season. The reforms are being implemented in stages and continue to have a significant positive impact. However, in some regions and districts, there are still difficulties with their implementation at the local level. The monitors were able to operate in an unimpeded and confidential manner.

    In the country as a whole, the share of collectors working under duress decreased by 33% in 2020. The vast majority of pickers participated in the harvest voluntarily, but about 4% experienced direct or perceived coercion. In some regions and districts, there were very few or no cases of forced labor in 2020.

    A significant proportion of people subjected to forced labor did not face a direct threat from local officials or leaders, but rather perceived the threat of possible negative consequences, such as loss of rights and privileges, if they refused.Such situations are considered forced labor and should be addressed through human rights-based education and information .

    Evidence suggests that reforms continue to have positive effects and that the rate of reduction in forced labor even has accelerated compared to last year. The remaining incidents of forced labor may occur in “hard to reach places” or be associated with established practices that are difficult to change.

    Pay, working conditions and recruitment channels

    ILO monitors confirmed that pay increased compared to the previous cotton harvest season. Typically, cotton pickers received their wages on time and in full . Each picker received an average of 1.54 million soums1 in wages in 2020.

    60% of pickers said the 2020 cotton crop was their only source of cash income 90,177 for that year.Cotton picking wages were a critical part of most pickers’ livelihoods.

    Most cotton pickers said working conditions have improved compared to 2019. Only 3% said conditions were worse than the previous year. This applies to transport, food, access to water, sanitary and hygienic and other conditions.

    64.6% of pickers were women and 35.4% were men. 81% of pickers were from rural areas and 19% from urban areas.52.6% came to pick cotton together with other adult family members.

    The ban on the use of students, teachers, nurses and doctors was systematically enforced and monitored at the local level.

    messages appeared on social media about isolated cases of military conscripts and emergency workers involved in the 2020 cotton harvest. These reports were officially investigated, but could not be confirmed by due to a lack of detailed information and evidence.The use of military conscripts is inconsistent with the principles of the ILO Forced or Compulsory Labor Convention (No. 29).

    The context of forced labor

    Only 15% of the population aged 18 to 50 received an offer to take part in the cotton harvest. 7.9% of the population agreed to the proposal of , and 7% refused. In addition, 5% of the population have approached farmer or other recruiter directly for employment as a cotton picker.

    A total of 90,176 were involved in the cotton harvest during the 2020 cotton harvest 12.9% of the population 90,177 between the ages of 18 and 50. Each picker participated in the harvest for an average of 21 days.

    The vast majority of pickers participated in the harvest voluntarily , but about 4% experienced direct or perceived coercion. 90,176 three broad categories of 90,177 such cases were identified:

    pickers who were directly threatened;

    collectors who were not directly threatened, but perceived the threat of negative consequences if they refused;

    substitute collectors who were not themselves coerced, but it can be assumed that the persons they replaced experienced some form of coercion against themselves.

    Collectors who have been directly threatened fall into two subcategories:

    People who have been threatened with deprivation or reduction of certain social benefits / benefits by representatives of the mahalla;

    Victims of local mobilization efforts, usually threatened by their supervisors with job loss or financial repercussions if refused.

    These differences between the different categories are important because they require different measures to further reduce risks to the 2021 cotton harvest.

    Impact of COVID-19

    As a result of the pandemic, many Uzbek labor migrants returned to Uzbekistan , which in all likelihood contributed to an increase in the local workforce for picking cotton.

    Some schools and educational institutions have reduced their activities during the harvest. This meant that in some cases the children went to the cotton fields with their parents. Most of these children did not participate in the cotton picking, however, there were isolated cases of involving children.

    Many respondents expressed concerns about COVID-19 at both the qualitative and quantitative stages of ILO monitoring. Statements included concerns about health as well as concerns about the economic impact of isolation measures and travel restrictions. The respondents had a high level of awareness of the coronavirus.

    A minority of cotton pickers had regular and easy access to face masks, hand sanitizers and / or handwashes.

    Civil society and journalists

    Independent civil society activists stated that they were free to monitor the cotton harvest in 2020 and to conduct their activities freely against the use of forced labor. There were no reports of harassment or intimidation related to forced labor or cotton picking.

    In 2020, the dialogue between the government and civil society continued. Activists are members of the new National Commission to Combat Human Trafficking and Forced Labor. However, 90,176 activists continue to face obstacles when trying to register their civil society organizations with the Ministry of Justice . At the same time, civil society activists were registered by the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations and provided them with official badges, allowing them to freely monitor.

    In 2020, there were general reports of attempts to control or restrict the freedom of expression of independent journalists.However, these reports were not related to the forced labor of . The President and other senior officials have expressed a strong commitment to free speech and independent journalism.

    Responsible trade, investment and supply of Uzbek cotton, textiles and clothing

    The government is replacing the quota system with the market model and is taking the necessary measures to minimize the risk of forced labor through fair recruitment and fair pay practices.This is likely to end the practice of hiring pickers at the very end of the harvest, simply for the sake of quantifying.

    Government reforms can help eliminate the risks of forced labor while also creating much needed job opportunities. Economic growth will enable further reforms in education, health care, infrastructure, and other areas. These reforms must be supported by the international community.

    Trade and investment decisions made by responsible international investors are likely to further undo the legacy of a centrally planned economy. They can also have a positive impact on compliance with international labor standards. In addition, if the number of permanent decent jobs in the textile, apparel and other sectors of the economy grows, seasonal peaks in labor demand, which often fuel unfair recruitment practices, could be reduced.

    In some regions and districts, there were very few or no cases of forced labor in 2020 . This, coupled with the fact that some textile clusters have moved or are moving to mechanized harvesting , reinforces the view that when choosing suppliers from Uzbekistan, international investors or buyers will be able to manage labor risks in their supply chains.

    The ILO believes that responsible sourcing of Uzbek cotton, textiles and clothing should be supported and encouraged. The ILO is ready to pilot the implementation in Uzbekistan of tools and mechanisms to enable international investors, brands and retailers to make informed business decisions.

    New technologies or government subsidies? How Tajikistan is trying to support the cotton industry

    Every year, the amount of cotton grown in Tajikistan decreases, which, after aluminum, ranks second in the country’s export. This year, 162.5 thousand hectares of land were sown with cotton in the republic, which is eight thousand less than the forecast plan of the Ministry of Agriculture.

    The reason is economic. Farmers receive less and less profit from white gold, and many dekhans simply do not want to sow this crop. In addition, cotton prices on the world market continue to fall, while the cost of fuel and fertilizers is growing. And the cotton yield in Tajikistan is not the highest, as well as its quality. If in Soviet times it was 25-30 centners per hectare, now it is only 15-20.

    To bring the industry back to prosperity, the Tajik authorities are developing a new strategy to support cotton-growing farms.The document is likely to be adopted next year. The strategy includes providing tax incentives and state subsidies to farmers. But will the new measures help the peasants themselves?


    Razok Sultonov is a farmer and owner of a small farm in the Yavan region of Tajikistan. He has eight hectares of land, half of which is sown with cotton. Although the harvest is not over yet, Razok is already calculating future earnings.

    “We have already harvested nine tons of cotton,” says Sultonov.- But the harvest is still there, not all is harvested. In general, 10-12 tons will be released. The third collection will also be coming soon, we’ll get some more: the boxes are growing on the bushes. “

    Taking into account the costs of paying for water, land tax, arable work, renting a seeder, fertilizing, processing chemicals and wages of hired workers, in total, about 1,700 thousand dollars of profit should come out. This is not much, considering that the Razok family consists of six people and must live on the proceeds until the next cotton harvest.The only thing that helps is that the Sultonovs do not need to buy many food products: in the second half of the plot, Razok grows vegetables. At the same time, the farmer is considered a wealthy person: he has his own field and he gives work to other people.

    “Somewhere 700-800 dollars, 6-7 thousand somoni will probably come out in national currency, you need to spend on one hectare of land,” the farmer calculates.

    For the last month and a half, the entire Razok family and hired workers have been working in the fields from morning to evening. Mostly neighbors and their children, since most Tajik men are in labor migration in Russia.You have to collect white gold only with your hands: cotton has a high marketable appearance only with this method of collection.

    Experts say that the main problem of cotton growing in Tajikistan is that when sowing cotton, most farms use old-fashioned methods, although the whole world has long switched to modern technologies. If farmers in Tajikistan do not introduce new technologies in the near future, then cotton monoculture, which brought the lion’s share of export income, will be completely replaced by aluminum, fodder and grain crops.

    But there is hope for the revival of the industry.

    “Last year, over 3000 thousand hectares were sown with bare seeds. This is precision seeding, a new technology that is used all over the world,” says Sherali Safarov, head of the crop production department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Tajikistan. According to him, the department, together with scientists, is developing a strategy for increasing cotton production in the Republic of Tajikistan:

    “There are very good ideas there, both for grants and for state support.Despite the fact that all farms are private, the state should still help, “he is sure.


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