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The best exercise leggings that cost less than $50

No, you don’t have to spend half your salary on workout tights (sorry PE Nation), you can still find cheapies that work/ hold you in/ look good and more. After many years editing Women’s Health magazine, I know how to spot a slipshod from a show-stopper when it comes to tights. So, I scoured the brands and took five through their paces. Here’s my verdict:

Cotton On Waffle Seamfree 7/8 Tight – $39.99

I basically lived in these tights during a week-long stay at wellness retreat, Kamalaya, in Thailand – the combo of the waffley fabric and chic, on-trend design was just my thing. Actually, the thicker fabric was as soft as a baby’s bum, and while they’re not uber-tight, they still held in all my squishy bits. Even in Thailand’s sticky heat, they withstood my sweat test walking up and down the resort’s thigh-burning hill. Now, I didn’t wear them for a full-blown workout as the heavier fabric wasn’t ideal in the heat, but during a yoga class, they were sweet. The high rise waistband hid my stomach so most body shapes could rock this tight – the style and colours make them quite flattering. Confession: I’ve always been a fan of Cotton On’s stylish tights, and while they’ll never outlive my favourite Lululemon’s (they get a bit saggy in the bum after a year or so of washing) for the price tag it’s a big win.

Best for: Yoga, Pilates, weekend wear, walking and weights.

Not so good for: Working out in the summer heat.

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Nike Women’s Power Essential Tight – Okay, so these are RRP $65 but on a number of sites I found them for under $50 so I had to include them

A big cheer for Nike as they were the only big sports brand which had an ankle-length pair for anything close to 50 bucks. From the moment I pulled these puppies on, I felt as confident as Kim Kardashian at a selfie conference (if there is such a thing). The drawstring waist sat nicely on my hips – no gouging of skin – and Nike’s trademark Dri-Fit fabric was thick enough to hold it all in. I am an OrangeTheory convert, so I wore these for an hour-long session (mostly HIIT training) including a 20 minute run, 10 minute row and 20 minutes of weights. My pet peeve is having to constantly pull-up tights while I’m running, but these didn’t budge a bit. I felt slim and sleek while I moved, lifted and stretched. Who doesn’t love a basic black leggings for this price tag and I’d buy three pairs of these.

Best for: The whole shebang – a HITT session to a yoga class or just mooching around on the weekend.

Not so good for: Women who like their tights on the higher (stomach) side.

ASOS 4505 Neon Colourblock Legging – $50

These retro tights look like they cost a bomb thanks to their chic design, shiny fabric, on-trend fluro colours and mesh detailing so I felt pretty cool walking pass the shredders in a hotel gym in Melbourne. I started with a 10-minute warm-up run on the treadmill, and after pulling them up a few times because they kept slipping down and sagging around my bum, I realised the lightweight fabric was probably more suited for the weights room (while admiring them in the mirror, of course). Back on the spin bike and after a 10 minute all-out, they withheld my sweat test nicely thanks to the ankle mesh panelling, which wasn’t itchy as often they tend to be. When I walked out of the gym and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I thought how impressive these would look on Instagram. Definitely the best tights for rocking your weekend.

Best for: Off-duty occasions when chic athleisure is required plus walking, Pilates and lower intensity training.

Not so good for: Thrashing it out during a HITT workout is not recommended.

Bonds Everyday 3/4 Leggings – $34.95

The fabric! Wow, this pair made me want to crawl into bed, not crank it out at the gym – talk about super soft. These black tights were another staple during my stay at the health retreat, thanks to the comfort factor. From a yoga class, to TRX ropes and to an all-out at the gym, the fabric kept me cool and the tights stayed put. After two days (hey, I couldn’t wash them in Thailand) they did loosen up a bit around my bum and thighs so they didn’t feel as flattering, but for the price it didn’t faze me.

Best for: Having another black pair on hand … just because.

Not so good for: Lasting for years.

Kmart’s Anko Active Leggings – $14

If Kmart can do must-have homewares then surely they can sell must-wear activewear, too. I picked-up these for 14 bucks people – no, that’s not a typo – and was impressed with the simple, tasteful design. I put this pair through a 20-minute walk outdoors, a weights session and 15-minutes on the stationary bike beside my new shredder-friends at that Melbourne hotel. You know what? They were actually pretty comfy and somewhat supportive. Thanks to the thick waistband, they stayed up throughout my walk, and while I didn’t take them for an all-out session, all in all they didn’t bunch around my bum or front bits. Look, the thinnish fabric hugging my calves was a bit scratchy when I started sweating, but somehow the price tag made me more forgiving. For $14, these were worth every cent – makes you wonder whether sinking $114 on a fancy brand is money well spent.

Best for: Who cares for that price!

Not so good for: Anyone who has skin issues. Might be worth trying them on, too, as I’m not sure the cheaper-cut would suit every body shape.

Felicity Harley is whimn’s editor-at-large (follow her on Instagram). After nearly two decades working in – and running – Australia’s leading women’s publications, she now juggles desk life with cleaning-up-after-three-kids life. In her, er, spare time the health and wellness fan drinks coffee, exercises (to stay sane) and cheers the Sydney Swans.

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The Best Cotton Leggings That Won’t Break The Bank!

Whether you’re working out, running errands about town, or simply relaxing at home, leggings provide ultimate comfort and can expand your range of movement. And this review of the best cotton leggings for women this year.

Cotton leggings especially are a great wardrobe staple as they’re versatile and can be paired with a myriad of different tees, dresses, or shirts, and can even be dressed up with heels. 

The cotton fabric is perfect for everyday wear as it’s super soft and non-restrictive, but it can be a little tricky to find a pair of cotton leggings that aren’t see-through.

You’ll want a pair that are made from a high-quality, dense fabric that will flatter your body shape. You’ll also want to consider other elements such as fit, style and color, the thickness of the leggings, and of course their durability and care requirements. 

 With an abundance of different styles and brands online, finding the right pair of cotton leggings can be difficult, but that’s where we hope to come to the rescue.

We’ve compiled a list of the best cotton leggings on the market, along with a Buyer’s Guide and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, so you know exactly what to look out for before committing to a purchase. 

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Before we dive into our best picks, here are a few essential points to bear in mind when shopping for the perfect pair of cotton leggings: 

  • Look for a pair made from high-quality, dense cotton 
  • Additional spandex can be great for added stretch 
  • Choose your size depending on the manufacturer’s size guide, not your usual size 
  • Black leggings are great in terms of versatility and perfect for pairing with a range of outfits 
  • High-waisted, slim-fit leggings are the most flattering 
  • A wide, elasticated waistband is best for support and comfort 

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at our favorite cotton leggings of the moment…

Best Cotton Leggings for Women in 2020


No Nonsense Women’s Cotton Legging

These No Nonsense leggings are highly rated online, and it’s easy to see why. These versatile leggings are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex mix, and have integrated “Smart Temp” fabric that adjusts to your body temperature to keep you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

These leggings provide all-day comfort and great stretch without slacking at the waist and knees – they keep their shape and color even after frequent washing. 

We love the feel of these leggings and the combination of comfort and style: they feel great when on, but they’re also super flattering and look great smartened up, or dressed down and worn casually. They’re also durable and provide no-show coverage so you can be confident you look your best. 

No Nonsense Women’s Cotton Legging
  • Stylish and trend right for everyday wear, these versatile cotton leggings let you step out comfortably with Smart Temp fabric…
  • Easy to wear and easy to care for, the leggings keep their shape and color after washing, and won’t get baggy knees
  • Featuring a 29-Inch inseam, flatter your figure with its soft high-quality fabric and slim fit, giving you confidence with no-show…
  • Wear this wardrobe essential with a brightly colored tunic and a ballet flats on any casual occasion
  • These leggings are made with a 57% cotton 38% polyester 5% spandex blend

Last update on 2021-08-09 at 07:51 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Soft material made of 57% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Machine Washable and won’t fade or loosen with each wash 
  • Smart Temp fabric adjusts with your body temperature
  • Versatile enough for everyday wear 
  • Flattering, slim fit that complements all body shapes 
  • High-quality fabric for no-show coverage
  • Wide range of sizes 
  • Affordable 



Spalding Women’s Essential Capri Legging

If you prefer a Capri style, these leggings from Spalding are a wardrobe staple. These leggings have a high cotton content for ultimate comfort and a natural-fiber feel. They’ve also got a touch of spandex in them for that added 4-way stretch, to enhance your range of movement. 

The wide comfort waistband on these leggings lies flat on your stomach providing both support and structure to flatter your figure, while the stretchable cotton-blend fabric feels soft against your skin and won’t slacken or slide down your legs.

These leggings are great for a casual look during the summer, for wearing around the house, or for working out. 

Spalding Women’s Essential Capri Legging
  • 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex , Machine Washable
  • Wide comfort waistband for support and fit
  • 4-way stretch for comfort and full flexibility
  • Super comfortable and stretchable cotton blend fabric that is soft to the touch and never slides down
  • 18 Inch inseam

Last update on 2021-08-09 at 02:02 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex for combined comfort and stretch 
  • Wide comfort waistband for support and fit
  • 4-way stretch for comfort and full flexibility
  • Capri style for breathability 
  • Fabric doesn’t slacken or slide down
  • Great price point – plenty of bang for your buck 
  • Wide range of sizes 



Hanes Women’s Stretch Jersey Legging

These Hanes leggings are slightly thicker than your average pair of leggings, so they have enough weight to prevent that embarrassing see-through look.

These are made from a mix of cotton, polyester, and a touch of spandex for an increased range of movement.

The cotton mix of these leggings provides a soft feel that provides all-day comfort, while the added stretch molds to the shape of your body for a flattering fit.

The comfortable elastic waistband provides the perfect combination of forgiveness and support. These leggings are breathable and are a great basic for everyday wear or those days when you simply want to prioritize comfort. 

Hanes Women’s Stretch Jersey Legging
  • Soft cotton stretch jersey with a touch of spandex for move-with-you comfort
  • Heavier fabric weight to prevent show-through
  • Flattering fit
  • Comfortable elastic waistband
  • 29 inch inseam

Last update on 2021-08-09 at 02:21 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 54% Cotton, 36% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Machine washable 
  • A touch of spandex for move-with-you comfort
  • Heavier fabric weight to prevent show-through
  • Flattering fit and versatile style 
  • Comfortable elastic waistband


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HUE Women’s Cotton Ultra Legging with Wide Waistband

These leggings from HUE are made from a mix of cotton, rayon, and lycra spandex for a combination of comfort, fit, and flexibility. They’re ultra-comfortable thanks to the wide, non-binding waistband, while the added stretch provides a full range of movement for whatever your day throws at you. 

These leggings have a flattering, streamlined fit and the fabric is thick and non-see-through. They’re available in a range of sizes, including plus sizes, and the manufacturer’s size chart is great for achieving an accurate fit depending on your body measurements.

These leggings are of good quality and offer great durability. They wash well in the machine and don’t pile like many other cheap leggings tend to do.

HUE Women’s Cotton Ultra Legging with Wide Waistband
  • Hue Ultra Leggings with Wide Waistband offer comfort and style in the perfect essential legging
  • These leggings can be dressed up or down and are a must have staple in your wardrobe
  • The wide waistband allows for all day comfort and no roll down
  • Comfortable leggings that you will want to wear everyday
  • Inseam: 28

Last update on 2021-08-09 at 07:51 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Without a doubt, these are some of the best leggings on the market in terms of quality and affordability. 


  • 54% Cotton, 38% Rayon, 8% Lycra Spandex
  • Elastic closure with wide non-binding comfort waistband
  • Machine washable 
  • Comfortable stretch and flattering fit. 
  • Not see-through 
  • True to size and available in plus sizes too 
  • Affordable 


  • Not an extensive range of colors on offer


American Apparel Women’s Cotton-Spandex Jersey Legging

These leggings are an online favorite, and it’s easy to see why. They’re made from a mix of cotton and spandex, for a figure-hugging yet comfortable fit.

These have a four-way stretch to offer a wide range of motion and provide comfort throughout the day.

The high waistband is both on-trend and flattering, and the elastic closure means these leggings will stretch to fit your body without slackening at the waist, so you still get that figure-enhancing look and feel, but with added comfort. 

If you’re worried about your leggings being see-through – which is a common issue with cotton varieties – fear not, as these are made from a durable, midweight material for reduced sheerness, so you won’t have to walk around feeling self-conscious.

Last update on 2021-08-09 at 07:51 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

These come in a variety of colors and prints and are great for both everyday wear or yoga, plus they’re available in sizes extra-small to extra-large. 


  • 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex for added stretch 
  • High-waisted elastic closure
  • Machine washable for convenience and tumble-dry low 
  • High rise, slim fit style 
  • Four-way-stretch fabric offers maximum stretch for a wide range of motion and all-day comfort
  • Midweight material for reduced sheerness


  • Material isn’t as shiny as it looks in the images


Danskin Women’s Essentials Ankle Legging

If you’re looking for a more athletic-style legging for doing activities such as yoga or pilates in, this pair from Danskin is made mainly from cotton but has added polyester and spandex for increased durability and range of movement. 

These leggings come to the ankle so are perfect for wearing with running shoes or sneakers, and feature an elasticized waistband for additional comfort and support.

The moisture-wicking, gusseted crotch provides all-day comfort and keeps sweat at bay, and the 37% polyester in these leggings provide that added weight that’s essential for ensuring your leggings don’t become transparent or thin. 

Last update on 2021-08-09 at 07:51 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

These leggings are great for athletic types or for lazy days around the house, and they come in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X X-large to cater to a range of body shapes and sizes. 


  •  57% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 6% Spandex – good durability and comfort
  • Machine washable and easy to care for 
  • Ankle-length athletic style 
  • Elasticized waistband and logo at side
  • Wicking gusseted crotch to keep moisture at bay 
  • Durable, midweight fabric 
  • Perfect for yoga or sports
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Only 6% spandex means limited stretch

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Detailed Buying Guide for Cotton Leggings

With such a wide range of choices on the market, it can be difficult to identify the right pair of leggings for you, particularly when many share quite similar specifications.

To make your decision that little bit easier, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide containing all the points you should consider before purchasing… 


What percentage of cotton are your leggings?

While you may not think too much about the material of your clothes, small changes in fabric percentage can make a big difference. The percentage of cotton in the leggings will determine how soft they feel against your skin, so this is important if comfort is your number one priority. 

Polyester is a man-made material but it’s great for providing your leggings with that extra structure so they don’t go baggy at the knees or around the waist. It can also help prevent the leggings from appearing see-through, which is a common issue with cotton leggings. 

Spandex is also a good fabric to look out for in cotton leggings, as it can provide that little bit of extra stretch to promote a free range of movement and provide you with all-day comfort regardless of what your day throws at you. 

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Shopping online can seem like a bit of a risk when it comes to sizing, as many leggings run smaller or larger than usual. The best way to get the right fit for you is to check the manufacturer’s size guide before ordering and check reviews to find out how other buyers found the fit. 

With leggings, it’s important to get the right size as you want to achieve that balance between a pair that provides a flattering fit that molds to the shape of your body but has enough give and stretch to feel comfortable and non-restrictive.

At the same time, if you select a size that’s too big for you, you may experience gathering at the knees or slacking on the waistband, which defeats the purpose of the leggings in the first place. In other words – fit is everything! 

Durability and Quality

A good pair of cotton leggings should be well-made, with strong stitching at the seams, and made from high-quality, ethically-sourced fabrics. The quality of the material will largely determine the durability of your leggings, as cheap, thin cotton will wear down quickly and may even irritate your skin or cause chaffing. 

Poor materials will also likely be see-through, which is every woman’s worst nightmare when it comes to leggings, so always ensure the fabric is thick and dense enough to cover your skin and underwear.

Most cotton leggings are machine washable, but low-quality leggings are likely to fade in color or loosen the more they are washed. There is also the issue of fabric pilling, which can happen with leggings that are cheaply made and can’t withstand frequent washing. 


If your leggings aren’t comfortable, what are they good for?

While you want a pair of leggings that are form-fitting and enhance your figure, it’s equally important that they provide maximum comfort, too. When it comes to shopping for your perfect pair, lookout for a pair that has a high cotton content as these will feel soft and natural on the skin. 

On the other hand, the stretch is also important. Leggings with added spandex will increase your range of movement and will allow the fabric to move with your body.

You also want to pay attention to the waistband. Look for a wide, elasticated waistband that sits flat on your stomach so it doesn’t chafe or irritate the skin. 


The great thing about leggings is that they’re a modern-day fashion staple and are widely available online, meaning the prices have become more competitive over time, too.

While you can get more expensive cotton leggings, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you aim for the middle price point, around $15-$40. 

Look for a pair that are highly rated and combines all of the elements that make a great pair of leggings: comfort, style, high-quality fabric, and a good degree of stretch.

Avoid super cheap pairs that are likely to have a lower cotton content or be made of poor quality materials, as these will be less durable and may thin in places after washing, causing them to become see-through. 


Leggings are one of those clothing items that you can’t have too many of, and cotton leggings are by far the most versatile as they can be worn casually with sneakers for a workout, or dressed up with a pair of heels and a dress.

You can also get Capri styles, which expose your calves and are great for sports, hiking, or wearing in the summer months. Color is also an important factor to consider.

Black is great in terms of versatility as a pair of black leggings can be paired with endless outfits, however, you may want to choose several pairs, including a printed or colored pair, so that you have a variety of staple pairs to base your outfits around. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cotton Leggings Are Cotton Leggings Good? 

Cotton leggings are great for comfort and stretch thanks to their soft, lightweight feel. They’re ideal for wearing around the house or are a comfortable alternative to pants or tights.

The main issue people have with cotton leggings is their tendency to be see-through, which is usually the case when the leggings have been made from cheap, thin fabric, or when they’ve been washed multiple times and start to thin out in areas.

Your best bet is to choose a pair of high-quality leggings that contain a high percentage of cotton, and polyester is also great for adding extra weight and durability to the fabric.

Are Leggings Still in Style in 2020?

While trends come and go, leggings are one of those items of clothing that remain a wardrobe staple. The reason for this is that leggings should be treated as a foundation for the rest of your outfit, so how on-trend or stylish you look largely depends on what you pair your leggings with, rather than the leggings themselves.

In 2020, leggings are a popular choice among fashionistas when paired with oversized tees, sneakers, a denim jacket, or a long, duster coat.

Can You Wear Leggings Over 50? 

Yes, there’s no age limit to wearing leggings, despite certain people saying they’re more suited to the youth! The key to styling leggings well when you’re over 50 is to choose a high-quality pair that will flatter your body shape and are dense enough to provide full coverage.

It’s all about what you pair your leggings with, for example, they can look sleek and sophisticated with a long blouse or a shirt dress. Keep accessories to a minimum and for the most flattering style, stick to black, as it works well with a range of outfits and will also streamline your figure.

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Too Many Leggings, Too Little Time To Pick? Guide To Leggings Fabric

Leggings used to be frequently thought of as sloppy — a lazy way out of putting effort into how you look. Well, the times have changed: now we can wear leggings as pants. Leggings for women are now a fashion staple piece in any modern wardrobe. They’re no longer restrained to just gym clothing. Celebrities wear leggings on the red carpet and it doesn’t look out of place. There are yoga pants and even leggings specifically designed to be worn to work. Leggings can be trendy, comfortable, flattering, and arguably the most versatile pieces of clothing – if you choose the right ones. That said, shopping for leggings online can be really, really tough. Not only is it difficult to guess the sizing differences from store to store, but what’s the difference between all the legging fabrics? Leggings are available in a variety of fabrics and the most common reason you might be dissatisfied with your clothing has to do with it being made of the blend that doesn’t work for your style. Leggings keep falling down? The fabric may not be elastic enough. Leggings keep ripping? The fabric might not be durable. Don’t worry — we’ve got the basics covered to get you started in your journey.

Cotton Leggings

The great thing about cotton leggings is that cotton is very soft. It’s also a very breathable fabric (you won’t feel too stuffy), strong, and generally very comfortable to wear. The drawbacks to cotton are twofold: The first problem with cotton leggings is that cotton doesn’t hold up well to stretching. Although it’s strong, over time it can lose shape. By adding stretch fibers into the cotton like spandex, cotton can hold its stretch better over time, making it suitable for the gym, and way more comfortable for daily wear. The second problem with cotton leggings is that if you tend to sweat a lot, cotton leggings usually don’t breathe well. This is because cotton is pretty hydrophilic — meaning it hold up to 25 times its weight in water. Cotton is breathable, but not when it’s wet. So, if you’re shopping for cotton leggings it would be a good idea to find a pair that are mixed in with a stretch fiber like spandex, and are blended with a sweat-wicking fabric (like polyester, or grab a dark colored fabric so sweat doesn’t show).

Polyester Leggings

Polyester is a hydrophobic fabric that makes it water resistant and sweat-wicking, making it a very popular choice for activewear leggings fabric. However, it has a tendency to harbor smells pretty easily — so we’d recommend looking for a pair of leggings that’s described as a polyester blend, or that have an antimicrobial treatment.

Wool Leggings

If you’re living somewhere that’s perpetually cold, wool leggings would be absolutely ideal for you. They keep pockets of air trapped, holding in warmth. There are also wool knit leggings available, but they can be pricey.

Spandex Leggings

You’ll find almost every pair of activewear leggings with at least a percentage of spandex (also known as Lycra leggings, or elastane leggings). That’s because spandex is known for being stretchy, hugging the body to give a great flattering fit. Keyword is percentage, though, because it wouldn’t be very comfortable completely on its own. It would feel sticky and not very breathable. Like being hugged by an extremely affectionate rubber band.

Nylon Leggings

That brings us to the ever popular Nylon fabric! Nylon has many advantages as a legging fabric blend – it’s exceptionally durable, lightweight, it doesn’t wrinkle easily, and it’s easy to care for. That said, it has a tendency to shrink sometimes, which means it’s important to look at the specific wash and dry care instructions on the pair of leggings you’re interested in.

Nylon-Spandex Leggings

So, the encore! The beautiful blend of durable, lightweight nylon and stretchy, flattering spandex makes these leggings the best of both worlds. They feel just as soft and cozy as cotton for casual wear while also wicking away sweat for working out. This legging fabric blend is a hybrid for both performance and style. Nylon-spandex leggings are the way to go.

Augusta Leggings are made with this ideal and extremely flattering fabric blend. They’re also high waisted and completely squat-proof, great for whether you’re doing squats at the gym, cycling to work, on a shopping spree, or lounging on the couch.

So go ahead — wear leggings everyday.

11 Best Maternity Leggings 2021 | Comfiest Pregnancy Pants

From cropped to full-length tights in under or over-belly styles, these maternity leggings will keep you comfy all the way through your pregnancy.

Embracing both style and comfort during pregnancy might seem like a difficult task, but with the right pair of leggings you’ll be set for both.

Athleisure is in, so it’s perfectly acceptable to walk about town in a sleek and sporty pair of black leggings – or you can dress it up a little with fun textures, prints and colours. 

But not all leggings are created equal – which is why we’ve scoured the web for the comfiest designs that will keep you supported during (and even after!) pregnancy to help you get your money’s worth. Read on for our guide to the best maternity leggings for every occasion.

Images: The Iconic.

Perfect for: Versatile daily wear.

Not only is this two-pack of leggings great for value, it’s also ideal for mums-to-be who want something easy to wear on the daily without hassle. Two pairs means you’ll always have a clean pair on hand, the lightweight and stretchy cotton jersey will keep you comfortable at all times.

Shop Now


Perfect for: Making a fashion statement

Who said maternity leggings need to be boring? These ones are just as good with a sweatshirt for a pregnancy yoga class as they are with a white shirt for Sunday brunch. These are made from performance fabric with a soft and comfortable stretch way stretch, can be worn pulled up over your belly or rolled down and are moisture-wicking to keep you dry.

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Images: Pea in a Pod.

Perfect for: Mums on the go.

Made in Australia, these leggings provide maximum support throughout all trimesters and postpartum thanks to a supportive and foldable waist. They’re perfect for exercise or lounging at home, plus they have side pockets to carry phones, dummies, keys, or whatever small items you want close at hand.

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Images: Bonds.

Perfect for: Flexible comfort.

These super comfy Bonds leggings will give you all the flexibility you desire during your pregnancy thanks to the waistband that you can roll up or down over or under your belly. The waistband is a Comfytops design that promises a no-dig fit, and the leggings are made from a breathable cotton blend that will have you at the perfect temperature no matter the season.

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Images: Seraphine.

Perfect for: Non-irritating, breathable comfort.

If you’re someone who isn’t usually a fan of leggings because you find that they itch or irritate your skin, these are the leggings for you. They use innovative bamboo viscose that is super soft, breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you comfy all day long. They come in three colours and can also be bought in a twin-pack for $99 – plus, they’re celeb-approved, with actress Amanda Seyfried being spotted in them during her pregnancy!

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Images: Emamaco

Perfect for: Extra belly support.

With its next-level high-waisted design, these leggings are specially designed to help your belly feel lifted and supported after you give birth. The four-panel support system is soft on your skin and won’t irritate any postpartum stitches, and is also anti-bacterial and machine washable –and perfect for growing with you and your bump.

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Images: Soon Maternity.

Perfect for: Those wanting a statement piece.

Brighten things up with a fun but still subtle print in these leggings. With breathable lycra and a tulip front waistband, you’ll have plenty of room to move and grow. And if you prefer a bit more belly coverage, you can shop the same pattern in an over-belly design too.

Shop Now

Images: The Iconic.

Perfect for: When you’re too hot for real pants.

In the height of summer, these support short leggings will keep you comfortable no matter how warm it gets. Made from super stretchy nylon elastane with contoured ribbing under the tummy for extra support on your belly and back, they’re the lightweight versatile style you need. Wear them under your outfit for some extra belly support, or on their own for a maternity take on the athleisure bike short trend.

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Perfect for: Stylish mums-to-be.

Looking fashion-forward during your pregnancy doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort. These leggings will instantly help you look (and feel!) more put together, even though you’re still wearing stretchy, comfy pants. They’re also designed to be wearable pre and post-pregnancy: winning.

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Images: Seraphine.

Perfect for: Postpartum support.

Ok, so we’ll concede that nobody looks like this model after giving birth but – speaking as a c-section mama-  these tights are the bomb. While there’s absolutely no way your guts will ACTUALLY fall out after giving birth, the reality is, you’ve just had major surgery and it can feel a bit strange for a while. These tights help you feel supported and secure and they also make it easier to move around because you feel like your tummy is being supported.  They come in four colours and are made of a medium compression material that will gently support and realign your body after birth.

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Images: Mamaway.

Perfect for: The cooler months.

These leggings are perfect for all your maternity exercise needs. They also feature an adjustable waistband to avoid digging or irritation, which means they’ll stay wearable postpartum. 

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Over or under bump?

Some pregnancy tights are designed to sit under your growing bump, others go all the way up – it makes absolutely no difference which ones you buy and neither is better or worse, it’s simply a personal preference. I was firmly an “over bump” girl – I just simply felt more supported that way – but a good mate found that pulling her tights up over her bump made her feel claustrophobic. It’s best to just see what works for you… maybe you’ll be happy either way!

When should I start wearing maternity leggings?

It depends on the leggings you buy and the specific way your own body changes throughout your pregnancy. Some maternity leggings are designed to fit you before, during, and after pregnancy, so you can wear them whenever you feel like it! In general, though, you’ll probably want to start wearing maternity clothes around the five-month mark, and you’ll probably wear some of them until about five or six months postpartum, simply because they’re more comfortable than your regular clothes. 

What size should you buy in maternity clothes?

Thankfully, brands don’t overcomplicate things when it comes to maternity wear. You’ll find that maternity sizing should actually match your regular size, which means that if you’re a size 12 in regular clothes, you can buy size 12 maternity clothes for the perfect fit. If you’re not too sure, just check the sizing chart on the site you’re purchasing from – but remember that most maternity wear is designed specifically to accommodate growing bodies, so you should be fine even with one size up or down!

While you’re here, check out the clothes your newborn actually needs, plus the best developmental baby toys for newborns. And for more great deals, don’t miss Kidspot’s exclusive family discounts and coupons. 

This article was originally published on July 6, 2020, and was updated on August 3, 2021.

The best black leggings: 13 brands rated in 22 categories

Lizzy Acker | The Oregonian/OregonLive

What are the best black leggings money can buy?

One of the best, maybe the best thing, about being alive in 2017 is that we have reached a point in human history when leggings can officially be designated as “pants.”

Sure, the struggle to reach this point has been long and arduous and involved a lot of mean memes. But today, people wear leggings to work with pride. And if there’s one type of leggings that are truly acceptable in all occasions, be it a job interview, a fancy dinner or a zombie battle, it is black leggings.

But now that we have accepted black leggings as an all-occasion clothing item, we come to the bigger problem: Which black leggings are the best black leggings?

Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian

In May, Girlfriend Collective, a clothing company based in Seattle, expects to release its new collection, which contains a pair of leggings that are in the running for the title of Best Black Leggings in the World (pictured). Over the last year, the company got the word out about their leggings using a pretty brilliant campaign that spread mainly by word of mouth, sending the leggings to customers for “the cost of shipping,” which was $19.95 here in Oregon.

But what other leggings compare to Girlfriend Collective? And where should you put your precious black leggings dollars?

To answer this question, I spent months wearing almost exclusively black leggings and spending most of my money purchasing more black leggings. Which, to be honest, I probably would have done anyway. But, since December 2016, I have done it with a singular purpose: discover the best pair of black leggings.


I picked which leggings to try in a variety of ways. First, I used the leggings I already owned. Then, I reached out on Facebook and asked for suggestions. I got a lot of suggestions. I decided to use only leggings, not jeggings (denim leggings) for this study. I purchased leggings based on these suggestions, combined with Internet research.

All of these leggings were bought by me (or in one case purchased by my parents as a suggested Christmas gift) because I wanted there to be no question that these were my unbiased opinions. I also wanted to keep them when I was done.

I created a spreadsheet, which you can check out if you want, with 22 factors to consider, including fabric, how they are washed, how they feel, the length, whether you can wear them without covering your butt, price, and, well, a bunch more things. After wearing each pair, I graded them, ultimately giving them a number score out of 10 possible points for work wearability, workout wearability, ethics of the company, and price. The total score came from these numbers.

I also made two of my friends, Jesse Price and Jade Santana, who wear basically the same size as me but are shaped differently and have different priorities, try on all the leggings and give their thoughts.

Here are my findings. And if you want a lot of details, check out my leggings spreadsheet here.

13: Old Navy Long Leggings for Women

Fact: I do not like these leggings. They are like American Apparel leggings if they weren’t as high waisted and fell down all the time and were made out of less comfy material. They are the cheapest leggings I reviewed, so there’s that. And since they are at Old Navy, you can probably get them quickly and in a pinch. But they just don’t feel good and aren’t pleasant to wear, which is really what black leggings should be.

Best for: Emergency situations that involve zero running around but require black leggings.
Score: 21 (out of 40 possible points) — Work: 6 | Workout: 2 | Ethics: 3 | Price: 10
Cost: $12.50
Friend thoughts: “Clearly see-through. Typical cheap legging. Very seriously attract lint.”
Would I buy them again? No.

12: Outdoor Voices Studio Skin Legging

If I could turn back time, I would buy a different pair of Outdoor Voices leggings. Because I have heard their more expensive leggings are sooo great and amazing. But these ones? Not great. Not amazing. In fact, very weird. The fabric is like a wetsuit, but a thin wetsuit. And the waistband, while compressive, is the same, exactly the same, all the way around. Like you can’t  tell which is the front and which is the back. So, if you have any sort of butt, the back of these is much lower than the front. It’s weird and uncomfortable and honestly, that’s just the beginning. These pants are hard to put on and after a few wears, the crotch seam seems to be giving way. Not awesome.

Best for: Looking good and feeling so-so.
Score: 21– Work: 6 | Workout: 7 | Ethics: 4 | Price: 4
Cost: $70
Friend thoughts: “These feel like a garbage bag.” “I hate them. I feel like there’s not enough room for my thighs.” 
Would I buy them again? No.

11: Lululemon Wunder Under Crop

Full disclosure: I used the crop version of these because that’s what I own and I feel bad purchasing another pair of Lululemon since the founder isn’t awesome. On the other hand, they started the athleisure thing, basically, so they deserve a chance. And I’ve been wearing them for a long time, mainly for actual yoga. They aren’t as high-waisted as I would like, which means on me they fall down, and they feel a little scratchy. But they last for a long, long time and they are pretty comfortable.

Best for: Fitting in at a hot yoga class.
Score: 21 — Work: 6 | Workout: 9 | Ethics: 3 | Price: 3
Cost: $88
Friend thoughts: “I like these because they’re comfy but they fall down immediately.”
Would I buy them again? No.

10: Two by Vince Camuto Seamed Back Leggings

I bought these a couple of years ago in a leggings emergency situation and they continue to be effective in a pinch. They cover your butt enough to wear to work and they are pretty comfy. But the fabric isn’t soft and can be a little scratchy over time, and they don’t stay up as well as other pants. Also, they’re a little loose, even in a size medium. And there are several awkward seams.

Best for: People who love seams.
Score: 22 — Work: 9 | Workout: 2 | Ethics: 3 | Price: 7
Cost: $49
Friend thoughts: “They feel nice. A good length and color but that butt seam is not good.” 
Would I buy them again? No.

Photos by J.S.

9: Betabrand High Waisted Work Yoga Pants

Betaband’s high-waisted version of their oft-advertised “Work Yoga Pants” are a major disappointment for me and it’s basically all because of the waistband, which is weird because other versions of these pants (which I haven’t included because I am going with one per brand), have a better waistband but a much worse rise. The waistband on these is thin and the elastic almost immediately twisted and bent over. I still wear these sometimes — I like the thickness of the fabric for not covering my butt at work — but only when all my other pants are dirty. I have actually tried three versions of these pants: these high waisted ones, a skinny leg version with a mid-rise and a cropped pair. I actually wore the crop pair many times to work last summer. 

Best for: Work on a laundry day.
Score: 22 — Work: 7 | Workout: 5 | Ethics: 6 | Price: 4
Cost: $78
Friend thoughts: “They go up so high I don’t like it. I think if they’re that high they have a thicker waist band.”
Would I buy them again? No.

8: Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings from The Loft

There are several people I respect who like these leggings a lot and my hypothesis is that those people have a flatter stomach than I do. For me, with these, the waistband flipped down almost immediately when I wore them, which was frustrating, because otherwise I liked the fabric and the feel and these are one of those pairs you can wear without covering your butt.

Best for: Skinny days.
Score: 23 — Work: 9 | Workout: 4 | Ethics: 3 | Price: 7
Cost: $49.50
Friend thoughts: “I have a long torso and it hits me at a nice spot. Soft, thick.”
Would I buy them again? No.

7: Torrid Slim Fix Pixie Pant – Black All-Nighter Ponte

Not all black leggings are available to everyone, and that’s why I wanted to try Torrid’s version, which goes up to size 30 and down to size 10. These high-waisted “slimming” leggings were a surprise hit, both with me and my friends, who tried mine and then went online to purchase their own. They are thick enough to wear alone, not remotely see-through, comfortable and have a huge waistband. I’m not sure if they are really “slimming,” but the compression feels nice and the ankle is a perfect length.

Best for: Feeling good about your body.
Score: 25 — Work: 10 | Workout: 5 | Ethics: 4 | Price: 6
Cost: $58.90
Friend thoughts: “These are great. Might be my favorite.”
Would I buy them again? Yes.

6: French Laundry One Step Up Legging

(Available at Fred Meyer’s, usually.)

I wish there was some information available on where these pants are made, beyond “China.” If not for that, they would be ranked above the Target leggings below. My sister-in-law swears by these leggings and I can see why. They are a super affordable option, usually on sale, with a high waist that keeps you in without compressing you at Spanx levels. The matte look and absence of huge seams is nice for a more work-friendly outfit. If American Apparel leggings are gone forever, these are a good replacement. Cons: I find them a teensy bit itchy and your underwear is definitely visible.

Best for: Layering during seasons when you don’t want to expose your knees.
Score: 25 — Work: 9 | Workout: 5 | Ethics: 3 | Price: 8
Cost: $34
Friend thoughts: “I feel it controlling me. I like how matte they are. See through (a little). I like the ankle.”
Would I buy them again? Yes.

5: Freedom High Waist Leggings Long Length Black – C9 Champion

These pants from Target actually cost more than the Girlfriend Collective pants when the GC pants were on their super promotion price. But they feel cheap and the fabric isn’t as breathable as the GC pants. They are definitely going for the same market. They work fine for a workout and can be worn under other something for work, but your underwear will show through. These ended up with a higher score than I would have predicted — mainly because of their price — but I won’t buy these again.

Best for: Some sort of physical activity that might ruin your pants. Like, fully-clothed body painting or farm work.
Score: 26 — Work: 6 | Workout: 7 | Ethics: 5 | Price: 8
Cost: $27.99
Friend thoughts: “Too athletic. Very comfortable. Nice thick waistband. Fabric a little papery.”
Would I buy them again? No.

4: American Apparel cotton spandex jersey leggings

The future of American Apparel leggings is in doubt. American Apparel is closing all its stores and it’s unclear what Gildan Activewear, the company that purchased the brand, is planning to do with it. Still, I am including these leggings because they are the leggings I have worn for years, replacing every few months, and I am hoping that Gildan reads this and comes up with a plan to keep creating American-made, comfy, affordable leggings. These are definitely not to be worn without covering your butt, and they aren’t really good for working out, but they are great for everyday use and nice and light, so good for layering or warmer weather.

Best for: Wearing under short dresses in the spring.
Score: 27 — Work: 7 | Workout: 3 | Ethics: 9 | Price: 8
Cost: $28
Friend thoughts: “Decent legging. I would like a little more compression. I like the rise. Wish they had a wider waist band. Feel like they would get stretched out.”
Would I buy them again? Yes. I hope.

3: Girlfriend Collective leggings

My friends don’t wear these leggings to work because they are “too athletic,” which I get. They are are shiny with obvious seams. But, I am less classy than my friends and I wear them to work, with my butt covered, all the time. They are comfy and great for working out and are made partially from recycled material. They aren’t made in the U.S.A but they are made in “certified SA8000” factories, which is “an accountability standard set up by Social Accountability International as a way for garment manufacturers to guarantee that workers are being paid and treated fairly.”

Best for: Looking cool and being comfortable on the weekends.
Score: 29 — Work: 8 | Workout: 10 | Ethics: 7 | Price: 4
Cost: $70
Friend thoughts: “The crotch doesn’t smell as bad [as other leggings after multiple wears]. I love them. They are super shiny. I never wear them to work. They suck you in.”
Would I buy them again? Yes.

2: American Giant The Pant

These are the pair of pants I am most likely to wear to work without anything covering my butt. They fit well on the ankle, they are thick and durable and I think they look good. Also, they are made in the United States. And they have a funny little front pocket that magically fits my iPhone or a feminine product. In a funny twist, my friends didn’t like these nearly as much as I did.

Best for: Work that requires you to run from one place to another while still looking relatively put-together.
Score: 29 — Work: 10 | Workout: 4 | Ethics: 10 | Price: 5
Cost: $69
Friend thoughts: “They do feel a little scratchy. I like the waist band. Too much like a pant, not like a legging.”
Would I buy them again? Yes.

1: Beyond Yoga Take Me Higher Long Legging

These leggings are my all-around favorite for several reasons. One, they are the most comfortable — cotton-y and breathable but substantial. And they come in sizes up to extra large. Also, they are made in America. One problem: You need to cover your butt with these if and when you wear them to work. They are a little see-through so people will know if there are say, zombies all over your underwear.

Best for: Lounging, work if your butt is covered, basically anything.
Score: 30 — Work: 8 | Workout: 9 | Ethics: 10 | Price: 3
Cost: $88
Friend thoughts: “Feel great. Too light. They are a straight up yoga pant. The waist is super comfortable. 100% lounge.”
Would I buy them again? Yes.

Chart by Lynne Palombo

Lynne Palombo/The Oregonian/OregonLive

Top three stand-alone work-appropriate leggings that are more like pants

You can wear these without covering your butt with full confidence that no one is reading the days of the week off your underwear.

1. American Giant The Pant
2. Torrid Slim Fix Pixie Pant – Black All-Nighter Ponte (pictured)
3. Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings from The Loft

Dave Killen/The Oregonian/OregonLive

Top three under-a-dress work-appropriate leggings

These are best for layering but might reveal a bit more than you’d like if you wear them without a dress or long shirt.

1. Beyond Yoga Take Me Higher Long Legging
2. American Apparel cotton spandex jersey leggings 
3. French Laundry One Step Up Legging

Bonus if you don’t mind seams: Girlfriend Collective (pictured)

Top three workout leggings

These are what I wear when I am jumping up and down or imagine that I will at some point think about jumping up and down.

1. Girlfriend Collective (pictured)
2. Beyond Yoga Take Me Higher Long Legging
3. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop

Photo by Anastasia Greer

Top three lounge leggings

It’s important to stay comfortable while watching TV. These are the options I recommend.

1. Beyond Yoga Take Me Higher Long Legging (pictured)
2. Girlfriend Collective
3. American Apparel cotton spandex jersey leggings

Lizzy Acker/The Oregonian/OregonLive

Leggings we didn’t try, and why.

I couldn’t try every single pair of leggings that exist or were suggested to me. I didn’t try Lularoe leggings, because they are available only through a consultant and after several attempts to get them and no luck, I figured it wouldn’t be fair to recommend them. I drew the line at anything that was dry clean only, because, well, I don’t have the budget or time for that and I assume most other people don’t either. I didn’t include footless tights, which are anything, in my opinion, that are unwearable without butt coverage. And I didn’t include jeggings, because that’s a whole other category. Finally, as much as I wanted to, I didn’t try the $130 Proskins Slim High Waisted Leggings, which have silver and vitamins and all kinds of crazy stuff in them. I had to draw the line somewhere and $130 is just too much for me to spend on leggings, even if they make you healthy and fabulous.

And in related news:

Two girls barred from United flight for wearing leggings

90,000 Leggings with a real push-up effect, the effect is just a “bomb”, and the quality of the leggings pleases Hello. Have you heard about leggings with push-up ??? These leggings are now gaining popularity, sales are growing rapidly. Strange, but many people want to click their fingers, place an order and get a beautiful 5th point with the help of special “technologies” !!!)))

I suppose many of you will understand that making a snap of your fingers and hoping for a miracle is not worth it. These leggings will not emphasize thinness and will not make something sweeter out of very curvy shapes.To put on something like this and hope for a beautiful effect, you need to go in for sports or have a very good 5th point by nature, or rather its shape.

I will say right away that I didn’t hope to get something cool, because I just recently ordered jeans with a push-up effect and they did not meet expectations, and the size was very large …
Therefore, this time, I just ordered and waited, folding my hands, hoping that there would be no grief.

On hips 91cm, based on reviews, fluctuated between sizes M and L.I usually order R. S leggings, so I was scared to order two sizes larger. As a result, chose R. M.
The colors are different, there is plenty to choose from. I opted for blue leggings. I like the way this color looks on the shape.

The manufacturer is called “vansydical”. The leggings came in a branded zip-bag. All tags have a name. Also on the leggings themselves, both outside and inside, there are emblems of this brand.

There is nothing interesting in the front, so you will see such photos on me, but behind – the whole truth and essence of these leggings is hidden, here I will be more detailed.

As you can see, there is an assembly in the middle. Due to her, the landing of leggings turns out to be more profitable, they stick a little into the fifth point and visually it is rounded, due to the fact that the buns stand out more. Excuse me for this slang, but I don’t know how else to call all these places = D


Inside front view:

Leggings have low landing. Three silicone strips are glued along the edge. Thanks to them, leggings do not fall off and literally stick to the body.The elastic band on which the silicone is glued is very dense and tight. It seems to me that even without these stripes, the leggings would not have subsided, since the density of the elastic made me happy.

At the back you can see how the assembly looks from the inside.
You may also notice a strange thing under the buttocks. I don’t know what this piece is made of, it feels like a thick oilcloth, which has the property of elasticity. It stretches and returns to its place in the same way. This thing gives a push-up effect.It presses on the skin, the bottom of the buttocks, thereby pushing out everything that is above it. Something tells me that push-up is not eternal, but it still exists))).

All seams are flat, except for the one with the assembly.

More photo:

The tag is long, straight, like the instruction:

Material: 78% nylon, 22% elastane.
Wash at 30 degrees.

– waist 60cm,
– belt width 4cm,
– hips 73cm,
– landing height in front 20cm,
– length along the outer seam 85cm, along the inner seam – 67cm,
– shin girth 19cm.

By the way, these leggings have no gusset.

When I started trying on, I didn’t like the leggings at all. This same push-up, brazenly squeezed everything that I was pumping with such difficulty))). The buttocks looked completely awkward and, on the contrary, ugly. There are a lot of such photos in the reviews. The trouble is, they are real. Many girls choose the wrong size and instead of emphasizing all the beauty, leggings squeeze all the fat or their absence, and this picture does not look so hot.
After several unsuccessful fittings, the leggings suddenly sat down as expected. Looks like they were a little stretched, and it was these inserts that played with their elasticity, and the appearance changed. Now they sit really well and correctly, you can evaluate it in the photo below. Perhaps your opinion will be different.
Even R.L. would probably fit my thighs. And maybe then I would not have to try on the thing several times a day, hoping to see that very beautiful effect. Who knows …

The material is dense and of high quality.They write that the leggings show through, but I did not notice the super-clearance, which would be worth mentioning. Everything seems to be fine.

Photo on me:

Comparison: push-up leggings versus regular leggings

Of course, with push-pom, the buttocks look rounder, lifted and more expressive. Well, without push-up, as for me, it is no less beautiful, moreover, more natural))).
It was interesting to order with push-up, so I don’t regret it;)

Conclusion: I hope you will excuse me for some photos, because many readers condemn them.It’s just that these are leggings where I have to take not ordinary photos, but with demonstrations of how leggings emphasize the figure at the back and make the view of the 5th point more expressive.
If you decide to buy leggings, then I would advise you to take them one size larger than you usually buy. Or maybe two sizes. Look for a similar figure in the reviews and draw a conclusion yourself. Many photos from the reviews show that the girls dreamed of getting a push-up effect, but judging by their photos, where for some reason they admired leggings, they did not succeed.The pledge of a beautiful priests is not in new leggings with unusual technology, the pledge is in training and love for sports. So I do not advise you to hope for a miracle if you are “plus size”, or, on the contrary, are very thin.
I advise you to buy leggings, but not to everyone!

Thank you for watching.

What you need to do before training: 7 tips from the Olympic champion

1. Find your level of load

The first step is to decide on the purpose of training: for example, you want to gain muscle mass, lose weight, keep your body in good shape, make it more flexible or just having fun.This step will help you find motivation and choose your activity.

Then you need to consult with specialists. Check if everything is in order with the joints, heart and lungs, take a general blood test. The results of the examination will determine the level of the allowable load: you may find that you cannot jump, do very intense exercises, or add weights.

Final stage – meeting with the coach. He will conduct fitness testing, select a training program and correct mistakes in performing exercises that you may not even notice on your own.Incorrect movements can lead to injury and other unpleasant consequences.

Margarita Mamun

Gymnast, Olympic champion, seven-time world champion.

During the first lessons or after a long break, the feeling of fatigue cannot be avoided. You can start with five minutes of daily workouts – I think everyone will find time for them. When short sessions have already become habitual, their duration can be increased, for example, up to half an hour.Workouts don’t have to be long or very intense. If the current regime seems too difficult, it is better to change the training plan on your own or together with a trainer.

2. Sleep well

Illustration: Lia Koltyrina / Shutterstock

One sleepless night will also affect the quality of your workouts. It can destroy the very motivation to go in for sports and prevent the muscles from working at full strength. And you will also get tired faster: even a simple exercise, such as classic squats, the body will perceive as something heavy, like a burpee.

You shouldn’t deny yourself proper rest after training either. Classes of any intensity are a load for the body, and during sleep it can regain strength and recover.

By the way, there is also the opposite effect. Regular exercise helps improve sleep quality and even relieve insomnia. At the same time, the types of exercises, the frequency and time of classes do not matter .

Margarita Mamun

Sleep is the best recovery! When I was actively training, that was my motto.I didn’t give up on him even on the final day of the Olympic Games. A workout was scheduled early in the morning, but I asked the coach to let me sleep, because I understood that without normal sleep it would be impossible to concentrate. I usually try to sleep at least 8 hours. Even in a busy schedule of flights and work trips, I always leave time for sleep. He’s my priority!

Perhaps it is you who do not need to sleep strictly for 8 hours. This is an average of and is appropriate for most adults.For some, 7 hours is enough, while others, on the contrary, need 9 or 10. To understand your norm is possible only empirically.

3. Eat, but in moderation

A balanced diet will help improve exercise performance and feel less tired. On training days, it is worthwhile to slightly increase the intake of nutrients. In the morning, you can focus on carbohydrate food so that the muscles store up glycogen – it will be released during exercise and make you more energetic. Foods with a low glycemic index are suitable: buckwheat and oatmeal, Greek yogurt with berries, whole grain toast with egg.

But in the evening it is better not to lean on carbohydrates: the body is preparing for sleep, so it does not need additional energy. Protein foods such as meat and legumes are beneficial to all meals throughout the day to help muscles repair. Also try to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at least 3 hours before your workout. A large portion of food right before class will only interfere: it will be harder to work out, and with serious exertion it can make you feel nauseous.

Margarita Mamun

I try to gain protein from my daily diet.Gymnasts have no goal of building muscle, so I don’t use additional sources of protein. Unless sometimes I can eat half a protein bar to recuperate after a workout. Before starting classes, I recommend that you visit a doctor, get tested and see if everything is normal. When you start exercising regularly, also do not forget to periodically check the state of the body. It happens that athletes do not have enough vitamins B and D, and I, for example, faced a magnesium deficiency: during exercise, my legs cramped, so I could not do the full program.

If you eat right, but you still lack the strength and desire to exercise, this is a reason to check the work of the hormonal system, the amount of corpuscular elements and vitamins in the blood. For example, fatigue can be associated with a deficiency of vitamin D or iron .

A healthy diet is not just green salad and no salt chicken breast. In the iHerb online store, you can find products that will make any meal tasty and healthy. So, powdered peanut butter combined with an apple or whole grain toast is a variant of a nutritious protein breakfast, and edamame spaghetti is a side dish for lunch or dinner, rich in iron, potassium and calcium.

For effective training it is necessary to provide the body with vitamins and microelements. IHerb has supplements to help you do this. For example, iron deficiency can be corrected with capsules – one a day is enough to get the daily intake of a trace element. And if your diet lacks the protein needed for muscle growth, protein – for example, chocolate-flavored – may come in handy. It is convenient to take it immediately after training: to prepare a protein drink, it is enough to dissolve a spoonful of protein in a glass of water and whip the mixture in a shaker.

I want to eat right!

4. Drink enough water

Illustration: PH888 / Shutterstock

During exercise, the body loses a lot of fluid through sweat. To prevent dehydration, it is worth following the sports drinking regime:

  • 2-3 hours before training, you need to drink 2-3 glasses of water;
  • during training – half or a whole glass every 15-20 minutes;
  • after training – 2-3 more glasses.

Don’t be in a hurry to get scared.These are average recommendations that can be adjusted depending on the weather conditions, your weight and the intensity of the exercise. If you can’t drink this amount of plain water, add a slice of lemon or orange to it for flavor.

When a workout lasts more than an hour, water alone is not enough: due to profuse sweating, the body can lose a lot of electrolytes – these, for example, include potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Sports drinks (isotonic) will help to save the situation.They are able to restore electrolyte balance, quench thirst and charge with additional energy due to the carbohydrates included in their composition.

Margarita Mamun

I’m used to drinking a lot of water – when you do physical activity, the body itself requires it. You simply won’t be able to forget about water! During my sports career, I also drank isotonic, now sometimes I replace water with them in training.

5. Choose the right clothes and shoes

Pay attention to the fabric first.It should be air permeable, not retain moisture, not stick to the body, not fade from sweat and not deform from frequent washing.

Usually sportswear is made of synthetic fabrics: polyester, elastane, polyamide. The composition may also include cotton, but in small quantities. But it is better to refuse leggings or T-shirts made of pure cotton: they do not drain water well, as a result, the clothes quickly become damp and unpleasant to the touch. Plus, exercising near a window or outdoors can increase your risk of hypothermia.

Choose tight-fitting models: loose trousers and sweatshirts will affect the aerodynamic properties and may cling to the equipment. For intense workouts, you can acquire a compression form: it will slightly squeeze the body, thereby helping to perform especially difficult exercises. Mesh inserts will be a plus for sportswear – they will provide additional ventilation.

It is important for girls to choose the right sports bodice: it will support the chest and prevent the skin from stretching during exercise.The level of support needed depends on the type of load: light is suitable for yoga, medium for running, and high for crossfit.

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Clothes should be comfortable – such that during training you do not think about it. A good athletic form can additionally motivate you to visit the gym regularly and enjoy the way you look. If you do not know what to choose, contact the professionals: ask a consultant in a specialized store to choose equipment for the sport you are doing.

Not only comfort but also safety of training depends on sports shoes. It should fit well and sit firmly on the leg, but not pinch it. Each sport has its own models, tailored so that the load is distributed correctly, and the foot and ankles are protected from injury. So, for example, going for a run in basketball shoes or doing an intense workout with sneakers is not a good idea. To prevent injury and overstrain of the foot, you should find shoes with good cushioning and instep support, or purchase a special insole for your sneakers.

6. Energize

If you have not eaten for a long time before training, you will hardly be able to do the exercises at full strength: the feeling of hunger will shift the focus of attention to yourself, and you can forget about full concentration. In addition, intense training on an empty stomach can cause a sharp drop in blood sugar: darkening in the eyes and dizziness may occur. In the worst case, there is even a risk of fainting.

Small healthy snacks will come to the rescue. It is better to eat them not right before training, but about an hour before it.Smoothies, fruits such as a banana or apple, a peanut butter sandwich, a muesli bar, or other carbohydrate foods can help you recharge quickly.

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The choice of additives depends on the result you want to achieve. If you need to work on muscle mass, you may need protein, L-carnitine can come in handy if you need to lose weight, and amino acids can help maintain the necessary protein levels during active training.

After classes, energy is also needed, but this time to restore the body. A snack should be done within 2 hours and choose a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Healthy snacks include a turkey or chicken breast sandwich, a protein bar, and fruit yogurt.

iHerb has a wide selection of supplements for effective workouts. So, caffeine can energize before exercise: one pill can replace a large cup of coffee. And creatine can be useful for those who want to give all their best in training to the maximum.He is able to improve strength and accelerate recovery after exercise.

Image: iHerb / Olga Selepina / Lifehacker

The store’s assortment includes mixtures to maintain electrolyte balance during training, and sports snacks for snacks throughout the day. There are also protein drink shakers and sports equipment, including resistance bands and a gym wheel.

Select sporting goods

7. Warm up

A little warm up is necessary even before short workouts.A warm-up can be jogging, joint gymnastics or any other exercises, but always in a mild form: a sharp increase in intensity can harm the body.

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Remember the morning exercises, which we all did not like so much in childhood. Now I finally understand what it is for: the body requires awakening and stretching before the active phase of training. Every morning of my sports life began with a warm-up.For example, in gymnastics, we did ballet choreography at the barn – it is now gaining popularity. Yoga, jumping rope, Pilates, light treadmill and ellipse jogging – all this is also a warm-up. Try different options and look for what you like!

Allow 5-10 minutes to warm up. This time is sufficient to allow blood and oxygen to flow to the muscles, as well as to relax the joints – all of which are necessary for safety and prevention of injury. In addition, a warm-up sets you up for a workout: you focus on the exercises and do not get distracted by trifles.


Sleeveless turtleneck – City 342. Perm City Portal

The sleeveless turtleneck is one of those garments that come in many shapes and uses. In this article, we will explain how you can use most of them.

Sleeveless turtleneck has been one of the staples of women’s wardrobe for quite some time.The turtleneck fashion will never pass. A turtleneck is a piece of clothing with a high neckline, usually reaching down to the chin. You can fold the neckline in half when you feel comfortable, or leave it that way if it’s cold outside. Sleeveless turtlenecks come in many different styles and are made from a variety of perfect fabrics.

Tops, sweaters, dresses; wool, cotton, cashmere – everything is available in this type of clothing. Next, we will talk about the different styles and how they can be worn.


One of the widest applications of the sleeveless turtleneck is found in winter clothing. You can knit wool or cashmere sweaters using a sleeveless turtleneck as a reference. Start by pairing dark-toned turtlenecks with contrasting brightly colored clothing. You can also have lovely woolen turtleneck dresses. So, you can wear them with a pair of well-chosen accessories or with matching wool or lycra leggings and a jacket to cover your shoulders.For example, you can wear a black wool turtleneck dress, black leggings, and a black jacket with a bit of sequins for a more dressy look. With such a dress, you can safely put on boots with heels.


Few women will go for this, but sleeveless turtlenecks can be worn with evening dresses. Especially with a tall and slender figure. The basis of the dress is a matter of your taste. You can wear a straight cut dress or with a wide skirt.The straight cut, with slight undercuts on the sides, is the best choice if you want to create a passionate and sexy look. A flare dress will give you a more formal and serious look.

In addition to evening dresses, you can also have gorgeous summer sleeveless turtlenecks. They are made of light breathable fabrics. For those who fear that a high throat will create a feeling of discomfort, there are false turtlenecks. They will not constrain the neck and at the same time will be a great addition to any clothing.

Sleeveless turtleneck is an off-season garment. Plus, they can be worn in different ways for different occasions. Once you get yourself one turtleneck for each season, you can start experimenting and enjoy the infinity of options.


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